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Local Happlfings
Carl Heu for Sheriff.
Dr. Mort Henkira&W&t^S
a polls the first of the .week.
Mrs. James Kiley has returned
a winter soujourn in southern .'cli
H. G. Andrisen and O. G. Frlnk,
business men of South Shore, were
in the city Friday.
Alderman and Mrs. A. H. CornWell
have returned from a visit with their
daughter at DeSmet
Miss Almeta Luck has returned from
Texas where she had spent the win
ter with her parents. .'-j
Martin Shale, manager of the Meth^
odist gymnasium, reports A total at*
tendance of approximately l.flfoo per
iSThe high school glee clubs ^rill
present a musical entertainment to
morrow evening in the high school
"Food demonstrations are being* hpid
each Saturday in the rest ..room of the,
public library, under, the supervision
of the county food administration.
th v"-lpersorial
Jack enlisted he wanted io ge
into the scrapriwd tt lMWtois. fi
wish be gratified, as
A Liberty Loan meeting arranged
for' the benefit of the traveling men
was held at the Elks club Sunday af
ternoon, and was quite liberally ait
tended. »r.
The Revillo paper speaks as follows
concerning a patriotic meeting held
in its city last week: ?*Mr. A. L.
Sherin delivered a patriotic address
which vas the best ever given in the
village." »i:
Mrs. E. P. Hopkins and Mffc. C.
Cannon, representing the local chap
ter of the Daughters of the American
Revolution, have gone to Washington
to attend the continental congress of
that organization
Mrfl C. A. Heaton, who for several
years has been connected with the
Watertown Plumbing and Heating Co.,
has! severed his connection with tjjalf
company and has announced his fcaja
did&cy for the republican nomination
for the office of county auditor at the
May primaries.
State Game Warden H. S. Hedrick
has been devoting considerable time
and attention recently to the fish
hatchery at the .outlet of JLake Kain
peska. Pickerel, pike and pwch_j^awn
are being coirected' Andl!he*"purpose is
to run the hatchery to, its. full capac
ity for, the remainder pf tfae hat.ching
The Protestant churches of thp
city, on next Sraday/Vlll have tijiii#
consideration ,the feute.^jWm!ent of
the expected 1.20Q delegates in' at
tendance upon the state Sunday ££hfw,
convention, to be held in Water toy
on May 14-16. Tlie jpeople of'Water
town will open their homes for the
It costs you nothing individually. Your State Gov
ernment' provides the means ]of absolutely protecting,
you from any chance. ...
All the advantages that cak be offered you by other ,,
.t' banks, such as long, practical ^xpe^pp^, conser^ism,.
this side
lirirtted, compared
been very
given most
It Cww.^m, Malbkifi,
ChaiF. Halbkat
Jeweferawi SciwtifkOpticua
^tcxrrowN» o.
Carl H«afr for Sheriff.
service, substantial directorate and ample cap-
tf/^tfltal, are offered you by the PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK
~m^-vvith the ADDED OTTARJMT^|.L^ iihe•B^'-OTTARAA^*:
..Mjiiu- Fund.
"a Peoples Savings Bank
H. D. RICEj President 4
CAPITAL $#,000.00
occasion. Lodging and breakfast will
constitute all the household attention
that will be» required.
a» Ward chairmen have'been appoint
ed for the promotion of the planting
of war gardens, as follows: First
ward, Mr. John Clegg second, Mrs.
J. D. Brown third, Mrs. Qhas. .Bar
re trte, and fourth, Mr. C. E. Fowler.
Government seeds will be in the hands
of these parties for the use of those
who wish to use theift. An endeavor
is benug made to secure the nise" Jf
all available yacant lots for this pur-.t0
Clyde Sheppard \wre
in -the ftty Friday from Wallace^!
Will ishanWs mftde a busin^fe^ J™*
*®jit|l»*this week.
6orn, to fclr. and Mrs. Clinton C.
Veeder, Saturday, April 13, a daugh-
invH-. ConleyandArtKnapp left
Saturday evening for a rrtsit to the
d®*1 4#tf~ •«,' v-:
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Luck have ar
rived home from California wiie-re
.they had spent the Winter.
Following- a visit at the .home of
Mr. &nd Mrs. P. C. Green, Mm. A. E.
Steere returned Monday to Goodwin,
S: IX.V'
Mrs. G. H. Peck left' last Week tor
Minneapolis, in. response, to informa
tion of the illness of her sister, Miss
Florence Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I1. koble, £tter a
visit W the home 'bf Mr. Ana Mrs. H.
F. IN. Schaller, returned the latter
part of last week to their home at
Clear Lake.
The Atklifton Paving c'&kpahy hafc
been awarded the contract for the
laying of approximately, three miles
of. Paving at yermpiion, The .material
used will be concrete..
Judge W. N. Skinned of this city
has filed a petition tor the offlcfe of
circuit judge for the third judicial
circuit, comprising Codington, Cl^rk,
flianiKn, Deuel and Brookings coun
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of County Audit
C. A. Heaton.
Battalion Sergteant Majof Alfred
Steichen is home for a few days leave
of absence. Sergeant Major Steichen
left here last, fall with the. First S. D.
Cavalry, which was subsequently dis-.
tribuled among many other ..organiza
Salesman. For general mercantile
trade in South Dakota, to sell a new
proposition, of merit. VajS§ni|y now.
Attraotive commission contract. $85
weekly fftr'i^eiisei "MiWs Ft BixleT
Co., Wholesale Jewelers. 25414 Carlin
Bl^g., Cleveland, Ohio.
rthW E." Anderson has purchased
A. ,gebring interests, in the
tei and coffee house on Kemp ave-
State^ B^nk Deposits Wow
Guaxanteed By Law
ARE YOU READY to avail yourself of the advan
tages and protection of this law?
•«r «»««. tMit "f*
AUS^I?r' Ca^ier
n%, |®:"Sebrlhg retiring yesterday.
Mi. Anderson, fwill continue the busi
ness at the 'same place, while Mr.
Sebring contemplates a brief lay-off
Eleven roistered men from Cod
iflgton county will be called to the
colors:'- undfeft'.thife dritfI Icall. .recently
issued by Provost Marshal General
E. H. Crowder, according to the com
pilation given out by the a,djutant gen
eral's office. These men will be en
t.ia«H™ uurtng tue' ierir»(l from May
Robert Haroldsou, of Brookings, has
been appointed to a cadetship in the
naval academy, as the following from
the Brookings Register of last week
indicates: "H. F. Haroldson ahd son,
Robert, acompanied by F. S. Minier,
autoed to Watertown Tuesday to see
Senator Johnson regarding thex ap-i"ess. Alarlcn A Benton.
Dointment of Robert to the naval acad-1 pourteen families have been brought
emy. They reo^ved the appointment
We have a large stock of automo
bile tires and tubes of the well known
G. & J. manufacture, that we wish
to dispose of within the next two
weeks, and will close them out at
cost, as we have not the time and help
to look after the *ire and sundry busi
by telegram almost as soon as they |ng
^ty for the purpose of assist-
in tl) care
returned home.' to be planted in this vicinity this
Jack Schdenberger, son of |*r. and. season. Mr. C. T. jJunktos,
Mrs. Peter W. Schoenberger, who en- moved to a faim northeast of the city
listed with the regular army some' last fall, from (lie vicinity of Thomas,
months- ago, has arrived in France,! will have th^
according to 9. cabl^ram received by the beet crop for the Minnesota guga
his parent* a few day. since. W co»P*g. ^fhpiX,edCOSr81g£dSBtc0
iat Ws' tion. Nearly 1800 acres of be^s *i»
wish is ,to be gratified, as his period te^planted tW» year in the neighbor
slde c« the ocean has
to 'i^lttiin-
The youns ladies fefei
paragraph local 0
Mi»i ot aaA WW
Ac#. 9** tactile
the sugar beet crop
hood of Watertown
Commissioner «f 8du^t and Pub
lie Lands Knight disposed of flftyrtwo
(oi^r««e teaeU of aehool lands in
«(, Codington county Uji# wee* at an
at the club rooms of the Elks lodge.
Mr, and Mrs. Henry Blais, residing
in the vicinity of Kamjpeska, are the
parentsjdf born Monday.
,jWfly llV)lW who jtoUsted some time
fSO' ih the aviation department of the
signal corps, has been transferred from
Berkeley, Calif., to pBlta«, Texas.
Salesmen Excellent permanent po
sition, Capable sale^aen in New York
Vacancy April I6th£\ staple line tat
liberal com
missions. $35.00 weekly advance.
Rice Co., 1017 William8\Bldg., Detro.f
Geo. H. Marquis, Lawyer. (Ex-Judge
circuit court.) Heegaard Block. 21ti
The Codington county local exemp
tion bo^rd has moved its headquac
ters to^the Gbss, block, and hereafter
wttlvbe in cUaifee of Mr. J. E. Bird
a member of the board, Mr E. B)s.
Drake having resigned his position a*
chief clerk to enter other lines of
A rain Monday night is reported to
have been needed in many parts of.
the county. Sotrife of the early sown
graiin *ae not ^efrminating as readily
,would have )jeen the case had there
been more moisture in the soil. The'
top coait har been" dry all the spring.
friends of
of Portland,
extend: sympathy to him in the
The jdbdingtjon,, county
r. Thomas A. (jiansen,
deatb of. Mr£f. Jei^en, which occurred
recently.' Tke deceased was a sister
of Elmer Eichhiorst of this city and
.formerly- reaided in Watertown.
If you've got any barberry bushes
on,your premises you'd do well to dig
them out, for harboring these plants
Is' rendering' aid and comfort to the
duetty* tfefeordifrg to agricultural ex
perts at State joollege. These bushes
are said to promote the spread o(
What is known as black rust, which in
past years has done great damage to
.the. grain, crops of the country, espe
cially wheat, which appears to be more
susceptible to damage- from this
I "h^i'eTjy announce my candidacy for
die office of Sheriff of Codington
county, subject to the result of the
republican primary election tq be held
May 28. The support of all republicans
solicited, with the assurance that
Shall be grateful, for. -any assistance
that may be accorded me.
thie Redpath-Vawter chautauqiia sys
tem, was in .the city a few„day% $gc
'miking aJ5»|igement| SV^er-
June 8T to July 3. A program or
merit has been secured, and Mr. Gra
ham believes that, despite the war,
the, people of the country are in need
of the Chautauqua as an educational
and inspirational institution^ Mr.
Graham is well K6wn m*Wa(crtAwn,
being a son of D!rV' and Mrs. 'W.l:Gra
ham, Dr. Graham for some yearS be
ing the superintendent ojt, tbi% .Water
town district of the Methodist Episco
pal church.
Special, this week. We hav$ ,Alice
line of trimmed hats, in bustle, and
poke effects, for $3.50. Also nice line
of new large hats from $5 to"$7.50.
Best values of the season. Mis* Jor
genson, over Tarbell & Williamson*®.
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Nisbet' ffeturned
the first of the week from a winter's
sojourn on the Pacific coaett.nWhere
they had a most delightful .vigit-with
friends and enjoyed themselves dur
ing the season. Among th&se's%hoin
they visited is their daughter/Miss
Mabel Nisbet, now l4sifiBuck,
wKo resides at Venlc^,,,i^
their way west they stopped o|f at
Fortland, .where t1i#y"iyyieii£
or, more with Mrs. Frank'SJeiiapp/who
"is -Connected with $ ladies' fuspishing
establishment. Mrs. DeLapp last
summer spear WW Yacflrtion-tn-ra-trip
to Alaska, and she is enjoying excel
lent health. ,Theyf«aso embraced the
«casidic to pay..a yjsft to the home of
and 'Stii:'Gto. A. Dodds, for
Mierly gf ,this city, now at South Pasa
'^ena ibklif.. arid called on Geo. W.
Richards at Los AngelesmAt AJlmm
bra, Ca,lif., they aay tjie ^|pkes broth
ers, formerly of Watej^^n., .They
report Mr. Oscar Stokes" as ^having
very poor health, but Colonel Dodds,
state, following *a pei-iod of. illness.
"The west," said Mr. Nisbet, respond
ing to an inquity by a representative
of The Saturday News,' 'is manifesting
a great desil of intet-eet in the wax.
The people out there, like those of
this locality, are determined to sup
port the. government in sverytbing
essential to the winning of the victory
in the cause of world-wide democ
We Make Victory
GraKam, Corn,
Rye and Oat-r
W'wI'Wletib- 'in^e
art we to fleaw
Just across from the Posto
Heasore Cans of WeH Rewpized
,r 1
Arthur Knapp returned Tuesday
frosoi Minneapolis ,.s
Mrs. C. Larson, following a visit
•wnth her daughter, Mrs. John Pettit,
Returned ,the first of the,week to her.
omp at Sioux Falls.
M*. and Mrs. Ben Wells, who have
$een visiting in this city at the. home
jpf Mr, Wells' people, eipect to leave
|omorrow for Hawarden, Ik
"LtST WE FORGET," a oreat 8-act
puperpicture, spectacular and VhrHf
uig..: Metropolitan Theatre, Saturday,
Sunday and Monday./. 10c and 15c,
I Born, to Mr and Mm "David Irfttle.
bfnWagner, S. D.,! Sunday, April 14
a (^daughter. Mrs. Little je. at .tbft
pome of her mother, ,Mrs. Frank.
ft6M- 4"
E«.'H, Prey returned the fifiat of
Ss^eek from Winona, Jtfinn,,,,whitherJve
jwaa called to attend the' funeral ofj
Mrd. Prey's mother, Mrs. 6. M. Clark,
'ifr& Prey is expected to return to a
ew-days ,1. 1
Mr. and Mr*. Prank Bjsrwiett
turned Tuesday mora ins 'from Hot
Springs, Ark., where they' h/"3 b??n
spending the winter. Prank, although
having been having quite a siege^of
sickness, is implying to some JBX-^
tefflit of late and says "that he now
feels comparatively fine.
Watei-town friends of Hon. N. B.
Knight, of Thomas, will.be interested
to know that he has filed his petition
jr'the nomination for the office, of
commissioner ^of school and public
lands. Mr. Knight is now serving his
first term in that office and his splen
did record practically assures his re
election He has no opposition for
the republican nomination.
Mr. F. J. Cory, of The SatuMttjr
News, drove to Hnron last Friday eve
ning to install an electrically-driven
mimeograph in the office of the South
Dakota Universal Franchise (L«ague,
of whfeh Mrs. John L. Pyle is the
magerv' The league is planning an
active campaign along the line of cir
cularising and correspondence. Mrs.
Pyle is aaMsted in office management
by Mm. McMahn and Miss Meyer. The
latter, by Uw iray, is the generalissimo
of the nStieoyeph!hgfcdtop8rt»e#t and
adapted herself to the mechanism
and. the operation of the machlne like
a dock taHes to water. Mr. Cor*
drove bmne SatWdajr erening by^ray
of B«iAeWI, fl^r^J» atopped tor
I»!JJ|M My •%1 |»ii*
George Hi BaSter1'riturfi'efr the first
the wcok from CKsadasi where he
advbeen attending .to busmess. imat-
tors. It is understood that Mr. Bax-j
ter ..haft cona'derable realty interests Chester
in -fee dominion. Hpilmaf N
pm Charles
(T4N.VR "Ir&f
'ifrrTi^ri- n-^-'f r- in
You are cordially Invit
tl^e tihow rQpms at any tinie or request a
The service statioii is in charge of a compi
tietitv expert direct frot^i the factory and
assures you oltfe£ best of service at all times.
Watqli fo^ further l&notincements in th^
A visit will be appreciated.
Just across from the Postoiice
Bin XHlfiP *1.1®
act business, reaching Watertown
aboST midn]gfitrnrrrT«i^^mre In
or Ies^ ,, roughness, ,ln snort
be called
leven men will
fijdnMnlmes ^p.the- list
fotlowiM: Qarl A£%ad,K$$^ Sohra,'
iwpstRfsj®:. I^rgainln' letter, "S
tv«4t, ^iUfeu]
i«v Redhn. Afrnti¥Torni'
Joan Fit.tje, John Guddal, Christ
Christensen, Free| W P^pies, ISlmer
C. SKluacas, Henry. Williates, Helmer
LoyaJd, Thomas A. Dalmag?. Accord
ing to the rales^laid down^bv eon
-gr#wt rn the Tkisf, "tTRfeif engaged ex
clusively in farming aire exempt for
the -present
call, but up to the present time this
rule has been ignored for the most
p&'irt by the military authorities. If,
however. It is to be applied in the
next draft, as reported in some, quar
ters, the following of the list of
eleven will b^ excused because ex
clusively engaged in fanning: Mese
berg,^Reedy, Bedlin, flttje, Kluscas
and Lovald.
Salesman For Wisconsin. Vacancy
April 15th permanent position old
house selling staple line on Exception
al terms high commissions, $35.00
weekly advance. Salesmanager 8uite
8101, 800, Woodward,, petroJU^^
$ ,41
'M* 7^ -4,Af W
Victory Oatmeal, Graham an
Corn Bread\
ection *!i6t 'tuffeday •••Whk
!e ai&ir, compf^^i^thj
In the city,
There was no opposition to the re-'
The S®le SI the
de!tnsaiiJl«8i®:ed as
p. w. Jtepdr.
L. W. Stoeckel ».
Majority tor Eeed 38
In the third ward the vote yrt& the
from the operation of th©
Max Johnson .-&il
Majority for Ross 28
On the question of repealing what f|i
is known as the Sunday theater ordi
nance the vote was comparatively
close, especially in the first and third
wards. The vote to. the city stands
as follows in the wards in the order
..... r's~ .'.i....^.^.-^ 81
Majority against repet
The present ordinance, therefore,
which permits Sunday theaters, will
be continued in force.

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