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Local Happenings
Sl^HOk for the Blue and White Pump
^Tjawyer Donoven of Sioux Falls is in
the city on legal business.
alpf.^ Wanted—Typewriter desk and rlinir.
'Call at the Carnegla 1 abrary.
Mr. Anderson of the Variety Store
•has been reported as very sJelc.
Geo. H. Marquis, lawyer. (Ex-Judge
circuit court.) Heegaard Block. 21tt
Henry Wolf has been confined to
his home about three weeks with sick
for sale. Inquire of Mrs. F. P. Hop
kins. 4Slf
Alderman Ferguson is in Gary attend
ing to his business interests. He is ex
pected home today.
... Mrs. Bail.v and Mrs. Blaudette of
Naples were shopping and vislUng in
^JYatertown Tuesday.
"J Mrs. Wm. McLaughlin is in South
Shore to spend a few days vath her
..daughter, Mrs. E. P. Han 11 email.
Sadie Tarbell who lias taught the
last two years in Brookings has accept
„«d a position at the Lincoln school.
."i Josephine Stutenroth will leave in
about a week to take up her course at
JUie State University at Vermillion.
Misses Mildred Myers and Ethel
Erps, who were in the city for medical
attention, returned to Raymond today.
p- Miss Mary Keleveter was able to
leave the Bartron hospital yesterday
and has returned to her home at Good
Attorney ,J. M. Donavan sent Wed
nesday in the city on legal business,
returning to his home in Sioux Palls
last evening.
Judge j. H. Bottom has returned to
hia home at Faulkton. The judge was
here to hold court in the alssence of
Judge Skinner.
Martin Stanwood, after a ten days'
'furlough, visating friends in Watertown
sand Goodwin, left for Fort Rile}', Kas.
yesterday morning,
Mrs. KalberiBp C. Wafeh -was granted
icia (divorce yesterday before Judge Bot
tom. Desertion and extreme cruelty
provided the causes.
feSltfrs. SViiter Shaw, whose husband
•recently left for France, arrived in
this dty from Minneapolis, to visit
with heir brother, H. Dugan.
Andy Foley's relatives are expecting
jWm to appear^piny time now. He has
been stationed at Barron Field, Ewr
jtnan,* Texas. He is in the aviation.
Miv.and Mrs. K. £. Drake were auto
thru the state on a business and
pleasure trip combined. Mr. Drake's
•business takes him out of the city a
great deal, t--.
••-1 sa «5g£-
Miss Leotia Schlieatnan,' who "has
Ajeen visiting at Castlewood for a tew
plays' returned to Watertown, and will
with .hrnfeow_. VV
orchestra man.
ft. v*i
ARE YOU READY to avail yourself of die advantages and
protection of this law?
pf It costs you nothing individually. Tour State Government
provides the means of absolutely protecting you from chance.
It's Good if It Comes from Halbkat's
Chas. F. Halbkat
Jeweler and Scientific Optician
Watch Inspector for Four Railroad*
Gasolbte 25.4r at Watertown Motor
For Sale—Good gas range. Mrs.
Mabel S. Myers, 123 S. Broadway.
Phone 26(T. 1-6
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Erickson of
Oklahoma City, are in the city visiting
Mrs. Erickson's relatives. She was
Xell Xoonon. They made the trip in
their car.
Supt.. W. I). Lhvellyn of the South
Dakota division of the T'nited Express
companies has returr.ed 10 Sioux Kails,
having sjk-iu a few days in the city
on company business.
Richard Ropers, an Illinois man. nnfl
.Tim Rogers and Air. GOotches from
Iowa, are looking over Codington coun
ty farms with the idea of buying some
good South Dakcn soil.
A. II- Yickore. traveling salesman
for the Standard Oil Co., is just begin
ning to lie out again after a confining
illness. Mr. Yickere has not returned
to his work as yet, however.
Swedish S. D., No. 3-18 seed rye (win
ter) for sale. The rye with 14 years of
S. D. experience back of it and never
been winter killed. Yields from twice to
four times common rve.—Lee Stover.
Miss Gertrude Hauge will serve the
Liberty Loan committee in steno
graphic capacity, and has already en
tered upon her duties at headquarters
in the former Commercial bank build
"I want four more e\|erienccd men
to work on farms for next season, can
use one man with family. A fair, square
deal to men who know how, sure pay
and best of living conditions.—
Lee Stover."
Wm. K. Watts, who recently volun
teered for service has been stationed
in the State School of mines at Rapid
City. Mrs. Watts has gone to Minne
apolis and St. Paul for the week end,
on business and pleasure combined
The old part of tbe Vaux livery barn
is beine torn down and hauled away.
The old barn is an old landmark in
Watertown. Originally it was a roller
skating rink, then Mr. Bloom started
his livery barn, which later Mr. Vaux
Anne Stokes has accepted a position
in the State blind school for the blind
at Vinton, Iowa. Miss Stokes is one of
the most talented young ladies that
Watertown can boast, and all will join
the News in wishing her a happy,
successful year of work.
We have a new line of hats arriving
every two days from Chicago. Our line
of Gage hats in charming combinations
of dress and tailored models, are the1
most complete in tbe city. We suggest
your early inspection while lines are
vOpp!f»e at—Mis# Jwgenwms, Over
Tarbell and Williamsons.
te Bank Deposits Now
uaranteed By Law
Ail the advantages that can be offered you by other banks,
such as long, practical experience, conservatism, personal serv
ice, substantial directorate and ample capital, are offered you by
the PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK with the ADDED Guarantee by
State Guaranty Fund.
Peoples Savings Bank
D. RICE, President
CAPITAL $60,000.00
Pendl Sharpeners have become so cheap that
ilo home in which pencils are used can afford to be
this iittle mechanical convenience.
F. H. AUSTIN, Jashier
Is Home Without a Pencil Sharpner
-J T., *a Vffli
sires Oae for a Dollar
siz^d 'p^nal ^ED^be sharpened
a few turns of the crank. It may
screwed to the top of a
Teacher of Piano
Teacher of I'kelele
Studio Open September 2, Tarbell Blk.
I28!i South Broadway
Room 3 Telephone 26?"
Terms Reasonable
Municipal court will convene to
John Moodie has some "futuristic"
looking womens garments in the show
Chief of Police Bush is having a time
securing a jury for the municipal court
which convenes tomorrow.
Watertown Chapter Xo. 12 will hold
their regular meeting ill the temple to
night. All members are urged to be
Lieutenand Leslie Sheldon is visit
ing his mother. Mrs. If. L. Sheldon.
Leslie is in the aviation department
of the servce.
All roiorls from threshers Is very
encouraging. Practically all small
grain is turning out good not only in
quantit but quality.
Mr. Emelius moved Ifis family into
the W. 11. Stokes home. Mr. Emel
ius travels for the Morrell Packing
Plant of Sioux Falls.
Fay and Jennie Nicholson have made
application for government positions in
Washington, D. C. They are both
waiting to hear from their applications.
There will he a meeting of all teach
ers. Sunday school officers and friends
interested in the welfare of the Baptist
church, to-night, at the Baptist church
John Hentges is exhibiting a large
picture of Adj. Philip Stokes in the
west window of his store. Phil cer
tainly has the look of an old "cam
Ilejwrts had come in that the damage
done by frost was rather extensive, but
farmers around Kampeska say that no
material damage has come to them
from the recent frosts.
George H. Baker who has been at
the Luther hospital for some time is
able to be taken home. now. Mr. Baker
was operated ui»on and came through
the operation very successfully.
Mrs. Carroll Lockhart left this morn
ing for Camp Dix, N. J., to visit her
husband, who has been stationed there.
Her stay will be indefinite, as she does
not know when he will "go over."
St. Margaret's Guild will give a sup
per to the men of the parish this even
ing. Dr. Rolllitt will give a talk which
will do good to all who hear it. All
men are expected to attend if possible.
Mrs. Sadie Yaux Schwartx is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Yaux. Professor Schwartz did not come
back with her, being detained with his
professional duties. Mrs. Schwartz is
recovering from injuries she received
in an automobile accident last year in
Decatur, III.
Frank Slater's sons, Clarence and
Philip, feli from the roof of their home,
and Clarence broke his left leg, just
below the hip. Dr. Tarbell set the leg
and -Clarence is trying to be just as
happy as can be even if it does hurt,
Philip had a bad spill but was not in
jured, even with an 18 foot fall.
Martin Alworth is removing his fam
ily and household goods from Mankato
and will again make his home in Water
town. The many friends of the Al
worth family in this city and county
will welcome their return to Water
town. They Will reside in the Tim
Whooley duplex house on the north
Reports from the M. St. L. depot are
that train schedules will not be regular
for a few days. The bridge has practi
cally been repaired, but the work has
not been, finished. Reports had been
circulated around town that the fire
was the result of "German spies" but
the officials feel that the cause was
Wot Coals. which were discovered
too late.
R. W. Krelser could have a service
flag of seven stars if he wanted to.
Since the war started Mr. Kreiser has
lost these young men who have helped
him in various ways in his drug busi
ness. Some of the boys are in France,
others are in camps in this country
yet. Fred Mandery is in France., hav
ing arrived some time this summer.
Albert Klabo, Walter Denning, Leslie
Gaelbert ,Ed Anderson, J. G. Walser
and I. C. Larson. The latter'a wife
is now living in Aberdeen with her
Quite a little excitement prevailed on
South Midway the other day when tbe
owner of a building ordered a crew of
men from a roof where they were do
ing some line. work. The owner of the
building claimed that -the roof had been
damaged by the men walking around
on it without removing their spurs,
tirus causing it to leak. The owner of
the building has served notice, on them
that hereafter if they invade this roof
without permission that they will be
treated tbe saine as any other house
The local chapter of the Red Cross
gave a dance at the Country Club last
night. Not many non members of the
Country 3ub were in attendance, but
a goodly number of dancers are report
ed. the chapter will realise about
twenty-five dollars from the proceeds.
The committee for the Aance were as
follows: Ruth Dougherty, Chairman,
Mrs. T. Morris, Mrs, M. W. Sheafe
Jr., Marip Foley. Mrs.
w. 8.
Peck, Mr*.
Countryman and Mrs. Philllpaon. Mr.
Schliesmann furnished a fear piece
In a tail^trltfk one oi'Jur ctdef rep*
resentatives Chief Water Tender Her
manaon who is the recruiting officer tor
tbe navy, Mid: "I expect that this
branch will toon be closed as I have
communications from Washington to
that effect take the namea and ad
dresses of all applicants who come with
t,he idea of enlisting. If the applicant
i|, fitting to pay hls own tare to Omaha
te^y would probably examine him there
and allow him to go into aervK*.
There is a Clause providing for the reg
istration of women for yeoman «ervi£*
in th« nayy. Since I have b•* her*
ML to vtBtkw
M«HI IwMiftr vtu* tiw
•o^Mi «m» wr o«»* m«*n.--*ra».
tor pm «nli
housekeeping rooms for our students.
capacity this year.
A. E. WADE, Pres.
W. N. SHRLEY, Mngr..
Dave B. Luce of Mitchell was in the
city yesterday.
J, R. Stevens and wife of Redfield
were in the city Wednesday on busi
D. H. Adams and A. N. Wethell are
in the city on Railroad business from
Mrs. L. E. Carff and Mrs. R. Bird of
Willow Lakes were in the city on busi
ness and shopping.
Mr. Hanson of the Hanson Garage
was In the Twin Cities two or three
days, returning yesterday.
Vera Nicholson has enrolled at the
South Dakota School of Business for
the course in stenography.
Miss Gertrude Sheldon has enrolled
tor the business course at the South
Dakota School of Business.
Vogue Millinery. New hats arriving
daily. Don't forget where we are.
Mrs. Smediey. East Kemp Ave.
Dr. Lyie Spencer has received his
call in the Medical Reserve but is
waiting his orders for encampment.
Mrs. Geo. F. Erps of Raymond
was in the city- over Tuesday to care
for her daughter who was operated
on at Bartron hospital.
Richard GSere is atfll at the officers'
training camp at Fort Sheridan,
Chicago. "Rich" had not yet receiv
ed his rank when hurt heard from.
Mrs. Sarah A. Cunningham is in the
city, visiting With her daughter, she
will be here until the first of October.
Her 75th birthday will fall on the 18th
of this month.
Mr, and Mrs. Peter A. Heinl. of this
dty, will depart thte evening for a
short visit with relatives and friends I
in the east. Mr. Heinl is foreman in
Nelson & Reed's tia- shop,
Wm. Cordeli, redding three miles
northeast of Watertown, wfll hold an
^auction sale of his stock and farm
will reinove with his family to Texas
where they will make their future
When Jas. Shields went to war. he
wished his faithful Jjlrd dog, "JackM,
on to Ira Woodward The dog has
made hia headquarters around .the
Smoke House" for 'the past year and
all the boys who are patron* of the
"Smoke House" nodr feel that they
have a legal right to use the dog dur
ing the hunting season. Now Frank
Busse comes in with a priority claim
of ownership ajxd we expect the ease
wlU yet landed in tfc supreme eoui$*
Miss Adah M. If&ratt, formerly
reference librarian the free library
at Pierre, has come to Watertown to
take charge-pf the ^BwimnrI* JUfenuy.
Miss Pratt held the ^fcosltioti to sierra
for three years and la admirably aufr
edf to take the librwry In hand and
develop it Mr*. 9fcal Schmlt «IU
still be in the library Miss I^ratt.
It .Will talc* time to getth* catahfrain*
done, get tbe booljp placed to Mi
"reeling placea". bit the
wm be more than
Fall Term
Monday and Tuesday
NO ENROLLMENT FEE is charged in advance and you may pay as you learn.
IF YOU are going to school you owe it to yourself to investigate our proposition.
with an enrollment five times as large as we had in
September of last year.
GIRLS never before stood face to face with such wonderful oppor
tunities as they do now.
OUR CONCENTRATED courses fit you for patriotic service and
give you a training that will be of great value for life.
Clinton Meadows has left the city to
be with the band on their tour.
R. F. Thomas bought the Barney
Cunningham home this week.
Judge Nicholson was out on his
farm threshing yesterday. He reports
good crops.
F. R.'i Meadows is out of the city
on business. He autoed up around
Kampeska and Henry.
"Billy" Kallemeyn of Castlewood
was in the city Wednesday visiting
Miss Ethel Cunningham.
DID YOU KNOW that we are the only school in the state giving a complete course in the operation of the Burroughs Adding,
Calculating, Posting and Bookkeeping Machines? This course is well worth your investigation and consideration.
THE TUITION RATES ARE REASONABLE and we secure boarding places, places to work for board and room, and light
NEW CLASSES start again the first week in October, and arrangements should be made early as the school will be full to
South Dakota School of Business
Mr. Morton Barrows of St. Paul will
arrive in the city for a few days hunt
ing in McKiQigan Pass which he has
recently purchased.
Mrs. E. P. Hopkins has gone to
Henry to attend to the threshing on
her farnjs located near that town.
Oats and wheat are both excellent
this year.
Lydia Warner will hold her fall
opening of millinery at the balcony of
Murphy's dry goods store on Friday
and Saturday, where she will show all
the latest creations in high class
millinery at moderate prices. You are
respectfully invited to attend this
opening. (Adv) x#?-
Isabella Brown had the Misfortune
to catch her nana in the electric-wash
ing machine wringer. Isabelle was
alone, when the accident happened.
Her hand was drawn into the wringer
and although she reversed it as quick
ly as possible, her hand was badly
crushed. To add to the discomfort,
she had two rjngs on her hand. Mrs.
Brown had to summon Earnest Prey
to file the rings from her finger, then
rush to a doctor for medical attention.
The Little Boys\
and anew automatic 1
care ofifeeBarn,
old Brindle Cow f'Uiif
1 the bill—as Beef.)
Hagna Lbr. Co.
Seat sale commences Friday at
Kreiser's Drug Store *or "Oh Boy"
Musical Comedy Co., showing Monday.
Si G. Walser, a nephew of R. W.
Kreiser of this city, had a rather in
teresting experience. While on the
"way across" Mr. Walser's boat was
ordered to life drill. The men got into
the life boats and put out. They had
to wait for some other boats from one
of the other transports and Mr. Walser
met an old friend of his—Will Budgett,
both of them being Sioux Falls boys.
Needless to say, it was a happy meet
Metz Touring
excellent condition
TfTT^ THURSDAY, SEPT. 5, 1918.
My turn tSrrean outt"
Here is a Genuine Bar
gain in a Good
This is the best deal I have seen for
a long time on a good house and barn
in Watertown Read this ad. over
carefully and then if you are in the
market for a home in Watertown come
in and investigate it. 0-
Here it is:.. A full sized" lot, size
165 feet, facing the east, high and dry
mid in good neighborhood. The house
is a seven room cottage, built eight:
years ago, built in good shape and
warm. Good cemented basement city
water In the house and sewer in the
street. The" house is all wired for elec
ip property also has a good barn,
16 20 feet, all in good repair.
,Terms and'Price:. This property can
be sold for $1,300. $600 cash and bal
ance at the rate of $10 per month
WITHOUT INVEST,-tjCan you bea*
ft? {StsSi
If you are thinking about buying a
home in: Watertown it trill pay you to
investigate thte snap at once because it
won't he on the market long at this
2 will wager any man thatJbe cannot
buy the lumber alone that is In this
house and bfrTn for what 1 am aablwg
for tbe whole property.
8. Mkhn^r

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