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VOL 3. NO. 8.
The Warner Sun.
Entered at the postoffice at Warner, Dak., as second
class mail matter.
Gen. Lew Wallace is again to the
front with a prediction that the Roume*
iian row will result in general European
The cold wave Sunday was general
throughout the northwest, snow falling
in North Dakota, northern Wisconsin
and Michigan.
Citizens of Tombstone, ArizonA, have
adopted a very effectual way of dealing
With the Apache question. Theyoftev
$230 for every Apache scalp;
A lawsuit in Jones county, lowa,
which originated eleven } 7 ears ago over
the alleged stealing of four calves worth
about S3O, has cost the litigants $20,000
and bankrupted several prosperous
The recent massacre at Rock Springs
appears to be but the commencement of
a bloody crusade against the Chinese.
An organized movement is now being
made to expel the celestials from Wyom
ing and Washington territories.
We publish this week in supplement
form the constitution adopted by the
late Sioux Falls convention. By a care
ful perusal our readers will be able to
form a conception of its merits or de
merits for themselves, instead of relying
bn hearsay.
The authorities have discovered a
way to deal successfully with the Mor
mon question and it looks now as though
polygamy had to go. The method is
simply to arrest individuals under the
United States law and fine and imprison
them for unlawful cohabitation.
, The Mitchell Republican says that
iown is not a candidate for the tempo
rary seat of government and intimates
that it will oppose the constitution
ilraftod at Sioux Falls. This virtually
limits the contest to Huron and Pierre
and the struggle between them will be
rather lively. • ,
; ■ Ai \
The small-pox scourge ip the cities of
Montreal and Quebec is unabated and
the authorities have the utmost difficultly
in enforcing any precautionary meas
ures to prevent the spread of the dis
ease. The ignorance of the populace
is an almost insuperable barrier to any
movement for their relief.
Prime's Crop Bulletin for October lays
great stress upon, the shortage in, this
year’s, wheat orop and says prices must
gradually increase from the present un
til another crop is made. It says the*
shortage is just beginning to be felt.
Prime is the best authority in the United
States on these matters and his opinions
are worthy the highest consideration.
j The present session of the diet prom
ises to be the most stormy the of
Denmark have ever witnessed. The re
lation of contending parties is strained
to the utmost and some violent scenes
are anticipated, as an attempt will be
made to force the king to comply with
the vote of the diet at the previous ses
sion and dismiss his obnoxious ministers.
A special telegram to the Pioneer
Press says the democrats of Beadle
bounty have issued a call for a mass
convention of democrats of south Dakota
to meet in Huton October 31, the day of
the republican convention, to take party
action on the constitution as adopted by
the Sicux Falls convention. It i.s re
ported that this action grows out of the
refusal! of the chairman of the territo
rial com mi fete to call a convention, al
though it is alleged he agreed to do so
at the late Aberdeen party meeting.
» «I W. Raymond, territorial treasurer,
passed through St. Paid Wednesday en
route from New York to Bismarck. To
h Pioneer Press reporter he said, the
feeling in north Dakota was soniewhat
divided on the subject of division and
admission of the territory. 80 far hi be
himself was concerned he would liko to
fcee the territory divided, in his opinion
the Sioux Falls convention had framed
& good document, and he desired to see
them attain their ends. As congress
how stands, hoWevdi*, there appeared to
him to be little hope of division. He
jjtos inclined to think the territory would
uh admitted as a whole the coming
* * " T: 1 .Ik
% •'••• ' , ■ : ,-sg* - f 'j,- •!rVKgqHre
* *
t i • ' ■>, , Jj fgf •. v■. ; »•'., ••*!•>.» ran
r | I V 1 \X¥ ■ A I "7 1 C fk I
1 I \i\i " *
fl M » W W a- m. I 1 ft « ■ a 1 A ■ W _
JML iU JHBmSKOK wt V# JuL JBA JB. cm Jtim jmaHHMP JMA HA yHHrfß' w ■
HP.,- " WJ'
. N
A delegation of Dakota democrats
is en route to Washington with a whole
trunkful of charges against Gov. Pierce.
They are said to have affidavits and
other documentary evidence of malfeas
ance in office and hope to secure his re
moval at an early day. Evidence of any
kind against a republican official is
easily procured at a time when demo
cratic aspirants are well nigh frenzied
with hope deferred;‘but, while we would
prefer seeing a Dakotain governor of
Dakota, we have every confidence in the
governor’s ability to preserve his repu
If the Sioux Falls convention wished
to economize and was non partisan, why
didn’t they let the printing to the lowest
bidder, instead of letting it to a republi
can office without bids?—[Watertown
We know something about the letting
of that same contract ourselves, Mr.
Democrat, having opposed it in the con
vention on the ground that the price
was exorbitant and that sufficient n6tice
had not been given. After further in
vestigation, however, we were convinced
that the work would be done by the
Sioux Falls Press as cheaply as by any
other concern in the territory, the sum
appropriated being merely the maxi
mum rate that could be charged, and so
hastened to do the contractors the jus
tice they deserved. We hope the Dem
ocrat will see the propriety of adopting
a similar course.
From a rather thorough investigation
of the movement of which the Sioux
Falls con vention was the initiatory step
we feel constrained to say that while
the people of Brown county may con
tinue to do all in their power to defeat
division of the territory they cannot af
fdrd to allow the county to be unrepre
sented in the convention to be held at
Huron on the 21st. The same reasons
why they wanted the county represent
ed in the constitutional convention hold
good in this instance, i. e., they want,
sentinejj there to guard their interests
and to do what they can to defeat any
little schemes that may and probably
will be concocted to place them in a
false light. Besides, there is just a
chance that the movement may amount
to something, and Brown county can
ill afford to throw that chance away,
slight as it may appear. At the very
worst the election of state officer? this
fall will be but a political pantomime,
as it were, as it ie not proposed to clothe
them with any power until congress re
cognizes the proposed constitution and
passes an enabling act in conformity
therewith —a contingency highly im
probable, to say the least. For these
reasons, and because no extra expense
will be entailed to the county, we hope
to see our people take such action as
will ensure them a fair representation.
cranberries at G., M. &
. —J.- Kayanaiigh, democratic candi
date, was elected city marshal of Aber
deen, Thursday, over H. R. Blanding,
the republican nominee. The result
was caused by a split in the republican
ranks, an independent candidate backed
byC. A. Bliss and others drawing votes
from Blanding. I The result was: |J.
Kavanaugh, 189; H. R. Blanding, 115;
Thos. Morrison, 86.
—Cor. Westport Watchman: Some
lunatic with his little match started a
prairie fire -south of Koto [McPherson
county] on Friday, which spread rapidly
to the northeast until about 4 p.rUi,
when the wind suddenly changed to the
north and brought it back. The wind
blew a gale and the fire assumed terrific
proportions, and at time forty miles
of fire could be seen. In its course to
ward the south it appeared to travel
nearly a mile a minute, and took grain
and hay stacks, claim shanties and
whatever loose property seemed to be
in its way. We have seen prairie fires
before, but never saw one like that. It
continued toward the east until Satur
day night, against an east wind, when
it went out, affor reaching the west line
of range 66. We are unable to give the
losses, but they are numerous, and sev
eral of them quite heavy. Grain, hay
stacks and buildings without number
went up in smoke. It was a grand sight,
though appalling, and from Willow
township could bo seen at One time
during Friday night two lines of fire,
One apparently above the other, One
being on the bills and the other in the
valley east of the hills, while In numer
ous {daces along both lines could be
seen bright tongues of flame, illuminat
ing tbit heavens, from burning hay,grain
and The future will ton the
damage doho, which at present it is im
possible to estimate
Jgoing south.
P&RAenger - - ».* - -7:08 a.m.
Freight - 9:45 a.m.
Freight ------ 5:20 p.m.
Passenger - - - - - 10:17 p.m.
—J. H. Quinby, of Nora Springs, la.,
was in town this week.
—Mrs. Wm. Flick is recovering from
a severe affection of the throat.
—Note the change in the railroad time
table this week. It takes effect Sunday.
—Dr. C. S. Cope apd family returned
to Edmore, Mich., Thursday morning.
—The cold wave the first of the week
made business lively for coal and stove
—The horse thief is on the rampage
again and farmers will do well, to look
a little out.
—Geo. Bechtel, of Alma, Wis., was
in town this week renewing old ac
—We are pleased to note that Robt.
Harley is able to stir out a little after
his recent severe illness.
—[• H. Chesebro has a few pails of
pure apple jelly for sale. Call early
and get the genuine article.
—The young folks of Warner and vi
cinity enjoyed a pleasant dancing party
at Jas. Bassett’s residence last week.
—Farmers who have wheat stacks
exposed to prairie fires are likely to de
plore their temerity before the season is
—Warner is feeling the effects of the
general financial improvement and all
branches of business are lively accord
ingly- hi
—W. Wagner had a serious fall in
town this morning which rendered him
incapable of locomotion for some length
of time.
—Prof. T. M. Carter will establish a
music class in the near future, giving
lessons in both vocal and instrumental
—According to the Port Emma Time 3
a reverend living near that place has
been bound over to keep the peace for
ill-treating his Wife.
—Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Kingston cele
brated their wooden wedding Thursday
evening by pleasantly entertaining a
party of immediate friends. „
—D. H. Johnson is back from his ex
ploring trip to the Missouri and can tell
you more about the far west than ever
Fenmore Cooper dared to.
are very much behind with
their fall plowing and the indications
are that blit a small percentage will be
completed by the time it freezes up.
—Notice.?— All parties indebted to
J. D. Floyd for services of stallion Duke
for the season of 1884 are requested to
settle without delay. J. D.. Floyd; I
jSlparner does not take a back scat
for any town these days as a wheat mar
ket. Prices Saturday will be: No. 1 hard,
73c; No. 1 northern, 68c; No. 2 northern
—A meeting republican county
central committee be held in Aber
deen to-fuOi-rotsvfJf>i W purpose of ar
ranging for the holding of a county con
—Prof. McCool returned to his old
stumping ground iast evening after rus
ticating in Westport during the summer,
making the return journey by easy
stages cn hoof.
—Lumber dealers report great ac
tivity in trade and there are more sub
stantial building improvements going
on in the surrounding country than at
any time since its settlement.
—The first snowfall of the season is
reported hom East Tawas, Alpena and
Cheboygan, Mich. At the latter place
a fierce storm was raging Sunday night,
with the temperature below the freez*
in* point.
—The way citizens of Columbia treat
county prisoners these days is to bail
them out of the oat bin and set thetn to
work at good wages. Laboring men
werfc never before so scarce at this Rea
son of the year.
—Work has been commenced upon
the Farmers’ elevator and we may soon
expect to see the building rear sky
ward*. The company is in a prosperous
condition, about sixty-five shares of the
stock having already been taken.
—Green, Macleod & Co. have pur
chaseed a sample lot of ladies’ cloaks and
dolmans and are disposing of tb >m at
doubtodly the most elegant goods ever
offered for sale in this part of the country.
—New goods in every line just receiv
ed by G., M. & Co.
—Geo. S. Briggs, Clara Amley, Mae
Rose, Mina Anderson and Maude Ken
nedy, of Warner, and Sadie Fewens,
Nettie McCormick, Alice Putnam and
L. W. Putnam, of Rudolph, attended
the teachers’ institute at Aberdeen last
—A young man hailing from Water*
bury, Conn., got drunk in Columbia on
Monday night, stole Com. Boardnian’s
overcoat from the European hotel, sold
it for $2.50, got caught at it and was run
in. Depqty Sheriff Wilson recovered
the garment.
—Card of Thanks.—l respectfully
tender my most sincere thanks to the
kind friends who assisted in stacking
and threshing my grain this fall, at a
time when I was prostrated by sickness,
their extreme kindness saving a large
portion of my crop. Robt. Harley.
—An Arkansas editor extravagantly
exclaims: “You may hive ali the stars
in a nail keg, hang the ocean on a fence
to dry, put the sky in a jjourd to soak,
unbuckle the belly band of eternity anu
let out the sun and the moon, but never
delude yourself with the idea that you
can escape that place on the other side
of purgatory unless you pay the
—Ladies. —A representative of one
of the leading New York cloak manu
facturers will exhibit a full line of the
latest styles of ladies’ and children’s
newmarkets, plush sacques, mantillas,
etc., etc., of all grades, and will take
measures, guaranteeing a perfect fit.
These goods will be exhibited positively
for one day only. Remember the place
and date—Monday, October 19th, at
Fischbein Bros.’ dry goods store, Aber
deen, Dak.
—Some talk was indulged in this week
in favor of calling a district convention
at Warner to nominate a candidate for
county commissioner; bnt as the central
committee which meet* at Aberdeen to
morrow will probably arrange for a
county convention, it was thought it
would be more satisfactory to all com
cerned if the delegates from this district
would name their candidate in the reg
ular republican convention. This meth
od will prevent anybody from laying
any blame on anybody else.
• ••
Items from Armadale.
“The melancholy days have come, the
saddest of the year.
Another county fair at Ashton this
week. “The more the merrier.”
The most severe frost df the season
was found here on the mbrning of the
. • i .v ;*• ■ :
It is hard work now to do fall plow
ing, as the ground is very dry and baked;
but still many are engaged in the labor
and some have finished.
J. B. Churchill went to the county
seat at Ashton on Saturday last. This
visit may have some connection with
our forthcoming election. Who knows ?
Stacking is not all finished hero yet
and threshing is progressing slowly—
not more than one-fourth of the grain
being threshed in this vicinity. The de
lay is occasioned by the scarcity of help.
From this on we suppose we shall
have plenty of caucuses, conventions
and electioneering until after the new
constitution is adopted. Well, they may
come; we can stand a large amount of
grief. .?•
To the discredit of our county it is re
ported that the Spink County Agricul
tural Society failed to pay the, premiums
awarded at the late fair at Redfield, or
even a pro rata share of them. We hope
this is not true.
The elevator men at Mellette are dot
paying as much for wheat as they can
afford to, according to reports from
headquarters; indeed, farmers cannot
obtain as high a price there as at any
other market town on the line of either

A runaway accident occurred here a
few nights since, in which 4 young man
received a severe scalp wound. It
that some young bloods, in returning
from Mellette, thought to pass another
team, when the wagon was upset and
the lads tlfrbwn out. They didn’t gel
by the old driver, after all. . .
Great damage has been done by fire
throughout the country, and in nearly
every case these fires were oooasioneiJ
by the carelessness of someone—eithei
by threshers, hainmen or by setting oul
prairie fires. Someone should be re
sponsibld for these great losses. “Ex
perionce keeps a dear school, but fools
etc:' :
I Oct. 6lb, ; Uaassfti.
Slfeil i ' * 4 M
We have the Finest Assortment of
* *
Ever offered for sale In the county
and are selling them at less than
wholesale prices. Call and see
them before the assortment is
broken. It will do you good to see
them, even if you don't buy.
Dissloution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
tofore existing between J. K. Chandler ana R. W:
Wagner, nnder the name of Chandler & Wagner,
this day dissolved by mutual consent. J. K. Chan-,
dler continues the business and collects all debts and
assumes all liabilities of said firm.
J. K. Chandler.
R. W. Wagner.
\jVarner, Dak., October I, 1885.
Final Proof Notices*
Land Office at Aberdeen. Dak., Sept. 48, 1885.
Notice is hereby given that the following, namcq
settler has filed notice of his intention to make firaj
proof in support of his claim and that pfroof will be
made before the and receiver at Aberdeen,
Dak., on November 19, tBB<, viz:
Jasj’br L. Bostwtck.
Homestead application No. 4528, for the sel4 of
tion3,town 121,range 62. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: hrank W. BcckeH
iacob H. Anksman, Mathew Forkner and Frank
lurell, all of Rondell, Dak. ,
C. T. McCoy,Register.
J. Q. A. Braden, Atty.
Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak., Sept. 28, 1885. |
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has tiled notice of her intention to make final
iroofin support of her claim and that said proof wUi
je made before the register or receiver of the U. S.
and office at Aberdeen, D.ak., on November to, 1885*
viz: Lucy C. Shupp, mother ahd heir-at-law of
Charles Hunt, deceased, for the of section
town 122, range 64 She names the following wjt*.
nesses tr> prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation af said iand, viz: Charles R. Ballard;
R. A. Ballard, L. C. Turner and RobertSauftders,
all of Warner, Dak.
C. T. McCoy, Register,
Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak., Sept, at, 18S5.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of her intention to make final
proof in support of her clfti n and that said proof will
>e made before the register or receiver of the U. S.
land office at Aberdeen, Dak., on November 6th,
1835, viz: Jennie R. Williams,
for the .of section. 5, town isj ft* range 64 w.
She names the following witnesses to prova her
continuous residence upon and cultivation of *aid
land, viz: A. Clemenson, J. W. Porter, M. Kile SB2
andC. J. C. Macleod.all of Warner, Dak.
C. T. McCoy, Register,
Land Office at Aberdeen, D. T., Sept 21, '* -
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler ha 9 filed notice of his intention to make finaj
proof in support of his claim and that said proof
will be made before the register or receiver of tty
land office at Aberdeen, D,T., on November 16, 188$
viz: John Vaaleh.
d s. No. for the neLf sec. 25, town my jl. range
6iw. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
said land, viz: Anders C. Hansen, Lars K. Hvam
men, George H. Anderson and Andrew H. Ander
son, all of Bath, D, T.
* C. T. McCoy, Register, ||||
Ralph L. Brown, Atty.
Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak, Sept, 7, 1885, <
Notice is hereby given that the? following named
settler lias filed notice of his intention-to msace trn4
proof in support of his claim and that said "proof
will be made before the Register or receiver of th*f
Land Office at Aberdeen, I) T. on October 31,
1885, viz:
Charles A. Tower f
D S No for the s H of s e % arid s % of
5 w if of sec 1, twp 121 n, range 66 w; He names
the following witnesses to prove his continuous res*
idence upon and cultivation of said land viz: Ed
win Fisk, Edward Daniels, Samuel Punches, Fran!<
Pratt, all of Warner, Dak,
’ - C T McCoy Register
Jno H Perry Atty
* J. .» ; «. ;
Land Offipe at Aberdeen, D. f., Sept. 7,1*85. I
Notice is hereby given that the fallowing naaatf£lu
settler has filed notice of his intention to make nna,
propf in support of his claim, and that said proof
ri-ill be made before fbe register,Or receiver of the U.
land office at Aberdeen, D. T., on October ar, rBS<;.
viz: Elbert F. Quigley,
Homstead 2436 for the nwjf sec. 20, town tat, range
65. He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said
land, viz: Newton P. Wells and Wm. R. Galloway
of Scattetwood, D. T. and T. J. ShanlCy and S. 'A. US
Fleming of Warner D. T. C; T. McCoy, Register.
Ralph L Brown, Atty
LancJ Office at Aberdeen, t) T, Sept 7, 1885. ;
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intentiion to make final
proof in supporj of his claim, and that said proof wifi
be made before the register or receiver of the U S
land office at Aberdeen,“D ,T. on October 21 1885 viz;
’ Louis F Hubbard
Homestead 2435 for the of 19, towniai, ran gt
65. He names the following witnesses to prove ha
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, saifl
land, viz: Newton P Wells and Wm R Galloway, dr
Scatterwood, D T, and T J Shanley and S A Fletn
ing of Warner, D T C T McCoy, Register.
Ralph L Brown, Al"y.

Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak.4 August 31st, ISSS. ,
Notice is hereby given that the following namecj
settler has filed notice of his intention »« ntako fima
pToofin support of his claim and that said proof wif
be made before the register or receiver of the U. if.
land office at Aberdeen, Dak., on October *5, 1885
viz: . David Lebahn. 'M
for the n w % of sec 20, town iai, range 66. -
He names the following witnesses to prove h» con
tinuous residence \x\mv and cultivation of said land,
viz: Joseph Baker a»d Alex Smith of Scutrerwootf
P O, and Charles Raven and William Wagner o
Mina PO. C. T. McCoy Register. jPi
H. R. Blanding, Attv. |.l
Land Office at Aberdeen Dak. Aug to, 18 5.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice- of his intention to make final
proof in suoport uf his claim and that saip proof will
be made before Reg. or Kec. of U. S- .iaqw office at
Aberdeen Dak ,on October 22, 1885, viz;
Decatur W. Frisky, . f 4
H e 3459 Aberdeen scries, for the sw% sec. 34, tp. up
ra 9s?’,- the following witnesses td prove hi>
land viz: Peter Larson, Dauie! W'-tidt, Arthuc jJSjwfl
Kingston and Andrew P. Hamershurg. of Waiy>eß.^p
* C. T. McCovw Rngiste

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