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. Final t*roof Notices.
Land Officfc at Aberdeen, D. T., Dec. i , 1885.
Notice is hereby that the fdllowing named
.ettler has filed notice of his intention to make final
yroofin support of hu claim ana that said proof
toHl be maac liefore the Register or Receiver of the
U. S. Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak., on January
18th, x 836, via:
JosEPit Bulu.H
nr the sw’4 sec. 25, twp. 122,
the following witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon and cultivation of siid land, via!
Joseph SHinsky, William.PaKerson, Peter.
nd Edward, Dean, dll of Mina. D. T.
' C. T. McCoy, Register.
Evans A Jones, Attys.
—r~ J
’Lfcnd Office at Aberdeen, Dak.,"Nov. _d*ißßs.
Notice Is hereby given that the following named
&tler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim and that said proof will
‘>c made before the register of receiver of the U. S.
Land Office, at Aberdeen, Dak., January 11, 1886,
V|z: FREDERICK Borchahd,
indA-h'is Hd. entry No. 1096 for the »w H of sec
fttwp. 121, range 65 He names the following wit-
to prqye bis continuous residence upon snd
cultivation of said land, vis: Henry Heiaenrelch,
Hedry Elsiiig, William Elsing and William Bier
mainn,all of • Northville, D T. . *
C. T. MdCoy, Register.
Britton & Moriarty, Altys.
Land Office at Aberdeen, D. T.«NoVi 30, 188 j,
, Notice is hereby given that the following named
ettler ha* filed notice of his tntehtion to make final
jfpoof in slipphrt of his claim and that said proof
w*ll be made before the Register or Receiver of the
(J. S. Land Office at Aberdeen, Dak., on January
30th 1886, vie!
August Sultz.
d,,5. No. 485 s for the 9-122-6*. He names the
flowing witnesses toptovems continuous residence
Upon urd cultivation of said land, vie: Chas. PoJ
epka, H. Poepka, A Kram and H. Rapp,, all of
Brpwn county, Dakota.
. C. T. McCoy. Register,
Lhmont & Narregahg, Attys.
■ — ■ "**»'■«'■ 1
Land Office v. Aberdeen, Dak., Nov. 16. LSs.
• Notice is herfrby given that the following named
ettler has filed notice of his intention to njake final
proof in support of hts claim and that said proof will
oe made liefore the register or receiver of the U. S.
hind office at Aberdeen, Dak., <tn December a 8,1885,
viz: Otto H. Dunkrk, -
©• S. 1693,f0r the ess sejiqf section 32, towrt 121,
range 63, He names the following witnesses to prove
his cortf in ueus residence upon and cultivation of
said land, via: Riley Powell, George W. Lupie,
Awon*M. Gearcy and John W. Wagner, all of Ron
<tetl, Dak. -* C. T. McCoy, Register.
’Ralph L. Brown, Atty,
Morig;utfO 8nle
• I Whereas Jonathan M. Hoag and Mary Hoag, his
wife, of Brown County, Dakota, did exfecute and de
liver to.’J- T. Kingston thefr certain indenture
of mortgage dated the i4tH day of February, A. D.
’BB3, and recorded in thebffice of the recorder of
deeds of said Brown County, on the ist day of Oc
tober, A. D. 188$; at 8 o’clock a.ra., in book T of
Mortgages, on p«#e 52V tipon the southeast quarter
of Section thiee (3), Township one hundred and
tyenty-one (lai'-north, Of Range sixty-one (6iV\v*st
P P. M., in Brown Cdunty, I). T., to secure
rtent of an indebtedness of seven hundred dollars,
d«efromssud Jonathan M. Hoag to J. T. KingstOh,
which said indebtedness is evidenced by his Pr ottl *
note for said sum of seven aundred dollar*;
note being executed and delivered by said
Jbwiathan M. Hoag to said J. T. Kingston, said note
'^firingdate February 14th, 1883, an 4. due. February’
Uh, 1888, and bearing interest at ten per cent pci
Wherea* it was provided in said mortgage that if
Wt ciid Jonathan M. Hoag, should fait to pay the
VOL 3. MO. 19.
publisher’s price of these goods is 81.00 and 81.25.
We have also a large line of
| said note at maturity thereof, or the interest thereon,
according to the terms of said note, then the whole
of said debt should at the option of said I. T. Kingston
become thereby immediately due and payable and
it should be lawful foi* said J.*T. Kingston to foreclose
said mortgage and to sell and convey the said premises
at public anctior* in the manner provided by law for
mortgage sales, and
Whereas said Jonathan M. Hoag has failed to pay
the interest on said note due the 14th day of February,
1885, or any part thereof, and the said /. T. Kingston
has declared the whole of said indebtedness and inter-,,
est immediately due and payable, whereby the amount
of said indebtedness now payable and claimed to be
due is seven hundred dollars principal and otje hun-,
dred and twenty-two dollars and twenty cents interest,
amounting in all to the surti of eight hundred and
; twenty-two dollars and , twenty cents; also twenty
jive dollars for attorney’s fees for foreclosing said
mortgage, and . * > •
Whereas no suit at law has been commenced to
‘ collect saidtfiebt,'public notioe is hereby given that
by virtue of the power of sale Contained in said
mortgage and in pursuance of the statute in such cast
made and provided, the sheriff of Brown County,
D. T., will sell the above described premises flf pub
lio auction in front of the Postottice, at Warner, Brown
County, D. T„ on the twenty-sixth day of December,
A. D. 1885, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to the
highest and best bidder, and shall apply the proceeds
of said sale in payment of the said mortgage debt
and the costs of foreclosure of said mortgage.
Dated November 12, 1885. ' '
A. GREEN, Mortgagee.
Attorney for Mortgagee.
: r’ Hummoins,
In Justice Court—county of Brown j
Before C. N. Cooper, Justice of the Peace.
J. D. Floyd, Plaintiff, 1
v»; , t
Clarence Willson, Defend't.
Ihe Territory of Dakota sends greeting: To
Clarence Willson, the above defendant.—You are
hereby summoned to appear before nie, at my office,
in the town ol Warner, in said county, .on the 19th
day of January, A. L). 1886, at ten o’clock a, ( m. to
answer to the complaint of the above named plaintiti,
J. D. Floyd, who claims to reeovet of you the sum
of twelve dollars for work and labor done and per
formed at your special instance and request jdurmg
the year 1895,and for goods and merchandise sold and
delivered to you during the year r 8 and you are
hereby notified if you fail to appear and answer
as above required, said plaintiff will take judgment
against you for said sum of twelve dollars And the
cost of this action , ’ , , f ,
Given under my hand this 3d day of Deoember,
A. D 1885. A C. N. COOPER, •
Justice of the Peace in and for Brown Co , D. 1 .
A. Grden, PliintifTs Atty 16-6
~~-.11 ■■■■ -
„ Colljmuia, Decemicr 1,1885,
I will be present at Warner,
MONDAY and TUESDAY, JAN. n and ta, iB?6
to rcciv* taxes for the year 1885 for the townships Of
I will not have the collection of township road
and poll taxes, whet} the same have been paid' in
labor, therefore township road and pill receipt*!
will not apply on 1885 tMts. 1885 taxes become de~,
Hnquent February if 1886* The act extending thef
time to June Ist applied to 1884 taxes only.
M. P. Stroi*i»e,
I6tj - County Treasurer
Warner ScdUbol AiowrdU
M. Boardman Direttcr, ,
J. Boulais—Treasurer.
r Reg^laf H n!eeti«Vgs rtse -fir|t Saturday ,of each
month, at i p.iu., kt Fret! Tisher’s office. 1 eachers
ind others having business v>ith the board hre re
-1 nested to note the time ami place of meeting
Thf. Warner Sun
Entered at the postoflice at Warner, Dak., as second
class mail matter.
Christmas day, 1883, two thousand
years after the inception of the holy
event which it commemorates, has
dawned upon a world rejoicing in all
the benefits which that great sacrifice
intended to cciufer upon the wayward
children of the Creator, and it is safe to
say that never before has the Christmas
sun rose upon a happier or more pros
perous people than the millions it
awoke this morning to a full sense of
the many benefits and blessings which
a merciful Providence has bestowed up
on them. Never before was the whole
world in a happier conditiop than it is
to-day, and never before had men more
cause to bless that holy one, who, two
thousand years ago, took upon himself
fill the ills and perplexities to which hu
manity is heir, in order to redeem a sin
ful world from the awful doom which
he only could avert. The story is old,
we have been familiar with it from our
infancy, but never will it pall upon the
Christian’s ear, and even those who have
no full conception of its impotence
think of it with an awe which nothing
else can inspire. If for no other reason
let us cherish it for the sake of those
dear lips which first told us of the Sa
viour’s love—how he came and taught
and suffered, and finally died, that we
might live. Christmas, of all festal
days, is the most worthy of observation,
and in comparison to the event which
it commemorates, all other jink into
insignificance. Think for one moment,
if you can, what our condition would be
if the Saviour had not come to suffer in
our stead the extreme penalty of death
for our What utter
gloom wonld pervade the earth with
out the refulgence of his pure light to
be a lamp unto our feet and a guide to
our path, to point onward and upward
when the weary pilgrim feit that his
load was greater than he could bear.
We, in this Christian land, have very
many things to be thankful for, but all
pale,before that event w hich we to day
commemorate. “Peace on earth aDu
good will toward all men” sang the
angels two thousand years ago, and the
retain has been caught up and echoed
down the ages in all those little neigh
borly deeds and charities which make
this world the Eden that it is to those
who use its opportunities aright. How
petty malice must writhe before these
: words, and how really miserable must
be the heart that cannot go out in glad
ness towards its neighbor and join in
the divine benediction that to-day re
sounds from pole to pole and speaks to
our better nature in all those enjoyments
which surrotmd us on every hand.
“Peace on earth and good will toward
all men!” Letiis in this little village, at
least, embrace the present opportunity
;to do our duty fto ourselves, our Neigh
bors and dur Creator by buryinfe our
petty grievances in the tomb of the dead
past and to day grasp hands *wjartily
and frankly and join in the jjfrand re
frain sung by the angels at Bethlehem,
when the bright star gleamea from the
heavens and the babe Jesus entered up
on that mission he only could fulfil. Let
us clasp bauds and, with our hearts, as
our voices, wish everybody . * T* -
A Merry, Merry Christmas.
■->T • ;
The weather enjoyed by the* people
of Dakota so far this fall is simply mar
velous when one considers the lateness
of the season and the ,storms which
have visited almost every northern and
western state. Here it, Is the last of
Decferaber and we have not had half a
dozen unpleasant days since early fall.
Overhead the sun shines brightly, un
obstructed by even tlie. ; slightest vestige
'of a cloud, and underfoot the dry, hard
earth is as free from sfnow as though it
was midsummer. Of course many of
our esteemed eastefncousins will doubt
the accuracy of thesh statements, but
they are facts nevertheless, and be
experienced to be appreciated m all
their loveliness. At the very worst wp
can now have but about ten weeks 'of
winter, hardly tibae enough to recuper
ate men and teams for the arduoY*s,du
ties of another spring; in fact we can
almost believe that but for the miserable
climate of neighboring states and terri
tories Dakota would enjoy perpetual
summer. Bo this aa it may, no one
could possibly desire better; weather
than we have enjoyed this fail. A de
scription of a Dakota day at this season
Congressman Fredericks, of lowa,
iias introduced a bill in the house to di*
'idi! the territory of Dakota on the Mis
ouri river, following the river as far
<orth as the north-west corner of Era*
nons county, thence running a line due
orth through the counties of Burleigh,
Sheridan and McHenry to the British
possessions, anti creating all the terri
tory west of the river and the line named
! a to a territory to be called Lincoln.
This line of division would leave Bis
marck the capital of the new territory
>f Lincoln. The territory east of the
Missouri river would be formed into the
date of Dakota. Frederick’s bill, being
introduced under the lowa call, has
some advantage in priority over Judge
Clifford's bill and may get on the calen
dar first. Gifford’s bill calls for the ad
mission of the southern half of the ter
ritory as a state. It is probable that
Dakota’s fate will be settled soon after
the holiday recess.
The real objections to the admission
of Dakota into the union is made pain
fully manifest by the speeches of Sena
tors Vest, Butler, et al., and can be
set down as purely partisan. When the
chosen rulers of this enlightened nation
so far forget themselves as to make
public interest subservient to party it
may be that an appeal to that “higher
power,” of which we heard so
much a few years ago is the only rem
edy which can be successfully employed.
The candidacy of Ex-J udge Seward
Smith for senator from the proposed
new state of Dakota is an exhibition of
subliipe cheek stupendous enough to
startle even the oldest resident. The
idea of such a recent importation as Mr.
Smith aspiring to honors for which
Judges Moody, Edgerton, Campbell and
other old and honorable citizens were
anxious would be laughable if it #ere
not so utterly ridiculous.
San Francisco police claim to have
fustrated a plot to assassinate twenty
prominent citizens apd to demolish
Chinatown. .The conspirators were
members of an organization called the
Socialistic Revolutionary assocation.and
at their headquarter sa complete labora
tory for the manufacture of infernal
machines was discovered.
F. Id. Ziebach, late candidate for the
governorship of Dakqta,. has been nom
inated receiver of public moneys at
Yankton. This action on the part of
the president makes it pretty certain
that Gov. Pierce will be allowed tb servo
out his term.
A telegram received yesterday says
Commissioner Sparks is to be transferr
ed to the diplomatic service. It is hoped
the rumor will prbve correct.
----- /,
Township Institute.
Warner,. Dee. 19.
At the time pppointecl for meeting
there were but two teachers present and
the prospect for doing satisfactory
work was anything but 1 encouraging,
showing a great lack of interest on the
part of many of our teachers in their
professions * •»
At our ladt meeting the county super
intendent dropped the suggestion that
teachers attending these institutes
would find it to their interest in pro
curing certificates; also in obtaining
positions; In the latter case the school
board can give double assurance.
About an hour after work should
have commenced a few teachers from
adjoiniug towns came in and softie in
teresting work was done, both in gram
mar anaarithinetic. Mr. Alex. F. Collins,
of Gem twp., then entertained those
present with some very instructive
reminiscences of his trip fr<?m Canada to
Farope, thence to the scenes of war be
tween the English and the forces of
theElMahdi; he closed by presenting
tor inspection some relics nrbught from
the scenes of battle.
Program for next meeting:
History—F, I). Shane.
Geography—A. F. Colliiis.
Phonetics -C. M. Leedy.-
School Discipline—Frances Anderson.
25 words in spelling—Mina Anderson.
• Reading—Maud Kennedy.
Remember the date, January 2d, 1885,
at 1 o'clock p m.
F. D. Shane, Secy.
Jumbo is Dead, ‘ ! ( # -
but nevertheless I am ready to receive
orders. I have in my employ Charles
Bucklin, of New York. Mr. Bucklin
has had eight years experience in sever
al of the leading first-class harness shops
in New York and is without an .excep
tion one of the best harness makers in
the territory: All those wishing Work
in my line will please call and examine
goods and get prices before purchasing
elsewhere. In the future I intend to
keep constantly hand all elates .of
work kept in Ho in first-class shops.
L. G. Hanson.
Freight - - - - - 11:15 a. Hi*
Passenger - - - - 1:28 p.nn
Passenger - 12:85 p.mi
Freight p.m»
■ r,A fl'
i s, p
> v -a*
i .'
—Merry Christams.
—Wheat is again taking an upward
—insurance in all the leading coni'
panics at Sun office.
—Mel. Stewart left Saturday to visit
relatives at Durand, Wis.
—Miss Emily Gilbert left Tuesday id
visit friends in Wisconsin.
—A handsome new secretary adorn?*
Agent Cook's office at the depot.
—Millett seed for sale at 60 cents pet
bushel. 17-3 Henry SctINORR.
—Miss Jennie Williams was in towii
over Sunday visiting old acquaintances:
—Money to loan on real estate in any
amount, for 10 per cent straight, at Sutf
—J. B. Churchill, of Armadale, visited
friends in Warner between trains on
. —Sylva Burk came up from Hurdii
Tuesday to spend Christmas with hi*
—Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Kingston left 1
Thursday to spend Christmas in Miii
—E. C. Payne and family left Satur j
day to visit their former home in Joffor PW
son county, N. Y.
—Thos. Lawrence, Sr., of Ilondell, ha|
been seriously ili for a couple of week':
past, but is now improving.
—Married—On the 18th Inst., by
Judge Green, Christian Erickson i
Miss Nettie Witter, both of Newhopc
township. . . |! A
—All those indebted to Swanson l
Lammers will please pay before Jan. lj
1886, to save trouble. „ ; , .
r Chas. A. Lammers.
•- • •
—Liheral first mortgage, farm loai\s
-rlO per cent annual interest—no com ;
missions. John Ackley & Co.;
Aberdeen, Dak.
-The Spink County News is tiie name
of a new paper published at Mellette by
C. A. Poster., We Welcome the Ne t w* ;
to our table and heartily wish it success.
—Soldiers, Attention !—All py.
soldiers residing in this vicinity are ur*
gently requested to meet pt the town,
hall, Warner, on Saturday, January 9,
1886, at. pm. . i.. |i<. . . ; ; flg|
—N. I. Gilbert comes to the frdrit this
week with a new ‘ ad.,’’ a perusal of
which will repay you. Mr. Gilbert will
henceforth keep in addition to his othef V ■
stock a full line of groceries had will
sell at prices nc ir w as the lowest. *
—Ye editor and wife \yere the victim,*
of a surprise party last Friday evening;
the oocasion being the? first anniversary
of their marriage. To say it was asur*
prise is putting it mildly, as not thd
slightest intimatibn of anything Of thi
kind leaked out until the
stormed our den nearly fifty strong, and
even then their object was not clearly
understood. We were not left long id
suspense, however, lor, after peeping
into the contents of numerous package®
deposited on the tables we realized that!
a cotton wedding was the order of thd
hbur. The presents were numerous apet
elegant and several articles ofljaavenilc!
apparel—decidedly juvenile—were laid
aw ay for future reference. Luckily, the
visitors brought an abundance of edl*
bles and treated us and therasqlves t<i
a good square meal leaving enough td
provide for our family in affluence for it
week—it fact, which greatly comforted
the aforesaid family and infused it wild!
a spirit, of independence it had hot
known since watermelon time. Th£
evening was a very enjoyable one ancf
our friends, and "neighbors have ouf
heartiest thanks for their demonstration!
of good will. We mean it when wt!
say that last Friday evening was
proudest hour we have known.since th«*
day when we donned our first pair of
red-topped boots. Among those pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. M. Kile, Mr.’
and Mr 9. A. O. Titus, Mr. and Mrs. L!
C. Turner, Mr. and Mrs.M. Boardmanf
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cook and Mrs. Ettej
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Childs, Mr
and Mrs. W. D. Fisher, Mr, and Mr."
F. D. Shine’and Miss Effie Sllllcy, Airs’
and Miss Wilkins, Mrs. I. I)! Bur kick
Mr. Anson Green, Mr. and Mrs. J. W\
Kennedy, Mr. H. O. Boyd and t&w
Mae Hartson, Mr. F. C. Kile and Mk
' Sar m 41 4yi
*s#'■ t ik
4 i ’ • f s,’ •'•
r .

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