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The Warner weekly sun. (Warner, Brown Co., Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1885, August 18, 1883, Image 3

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gcftlly Accounted for, and
fteinote Causes that Produce
fful tte* ulUß Explained.
(kollowing synopsis of a lecture de
ribv Ur- Horace R. Hamilton be-
M e York society for the pro-
F of science, contains so much that
\ and important that it can bo
a*b both interest and profit:
is probably no subject of modern
ICI | lu t has caused and is causing
attention than the origin of torna
lists have studied it for the
Bjbum&nity; men have investiga
ibtl.e welfare of their families. It
vexed subject long considered,
tljougb all this investigation the
!e:hjis swept across th& land carry
ev iction to scientists as well as to
dwellers in its track. One
l«|owe ;, er, is certain; the cause of
mast be sought lar away
m e whirling body of wind itself,
'hvjts are powerful; its cause must
powerful. Let us therefore con*
facts. First, the appearance
felons is invariably preceded by
.Vv>t« upon the face of the sun.
i Lots indicating a disturbed eondi-
Xhe solar regions, necessarily af
,qJ atmosphere of our earth. An
of heat in one part
Heliosphere is certain to cause a
u'uurn in another portion. Air
l hin to fill this vacuum. Hence
trurbancos —hence the cyclone.
* irv finds additional cenfirma-
V fact that tornadoes come dnr*
*®ay and not at night. The dark
iC m the surface of the **un, w hat*
sdv may oe, seem to cause great
kbn in the atrnospheie of the
Hcid it is almost certain that the
an v wet weather of the present
neu be accounted for on precise
<bt )t .gis. Is it reasonable to sup
dil the marvelous effect of the sun
°%!ation and life in general shall
en ( wn upon the atmosphere itself
rjhirh its ruvs come? The cause
but the eftect is here.
I escribing some of the terrible
pthe cyclone, the speaker went
*i’le finds its application in nearly
oioartment of life. An operator
X.F ran cisco—the click of the in
a manipulated by his fingers, in
The president makes a slight
pen in his study at the
r juse, and the whole natiop’is
/\ the act. An uneasiness and
everything in life, com-
Vk*d home-sickness, is felt by
< * 6l ; ie, when the cause is to lie
llWl he distant home thousands of
V“y. An uncertain pain mav he
-id- head. It ie repeated in other
aye body. The appetite departs
is gone. Is the cause
l F*y oun< l * n head?
j* day the feeling increases,
eft.added symptoinsr They con
4iy become more aggravated,
way oains in the head increase to
'tfwrne nausea becomes chronic.
tkat t grows irregular, an 1 the
All these effects
finite cause; arid, after years of
a jp,grience upon this subject, I do
nape to say that this cause is to
later, some derangement of the
liver far away from thatpor
dg- body in which these effects
one may say, I have no
tver in my kidneys or liver.
Neither have we any evi
dlfcit there is a tornado on the
itadthe sun; but it is none the less
i odf it the tornado is here, and it
less certain that these great
the body are the cause of the
*®hough there may be no pain
One whereof I speak, for I have
foodough thievery experience my
ihwiy ten years ago, l was the pic
’»<Xlilth, weighing more than 200
as strong and healthy as any
knew. When I felt the /ymp
,jf;e above described, they caused
,r*Lnce,not only by reason of their
* Mice, not only by reason of their
I nature, but because I lmu
nv pain before. Other doc
wEie i was troubled with maia
h® treated my self accordingly. I
d(le 4ieve, however, that malaria
‘ 3 such aggravated symptoms
isS’ccurredto me that analyeis
solve the trouble, as I did
e#a*e my difficulty was located
gp« lion of the body. Bul l con
stattfow worse. had a faint aen
-IJr* pit of my stomach nearly
,b £* i relt a great desire to eat,
bathed food. 1 was Constant
in Jr 1 still I could not sleep. My
'raff mutually active, br-t I could
ktioJii connectedly. My existence
pll'; misery. 1 continued m th*s
1 or nearly a fear; never free
1 never for a moment happy.
I xistence is far worse than
Liaollhich I confess I earnestly
treSlsißtance. He furnished me
;s o#dy, simple yet palatable and
w*f*ys I observed a slight change
t«refU xhis awakened my cour-
I would not die at that time.
)fferl[the ns© of thei remedy, tak-
with directions, un
not only restored to mv
l, Ifh, and strength, bnt of great-
I have before known.
•R Son has continued up to the
rf HB. and I believe I should have
f *Baerably as thousands of
Xfihave died and are dying
bttiS Id it not been for the simple
laxiof Ttil power of Waruei’s Safe
rrcf,%nedy I employed.
rig™| tjy then described bis means
>n inbre in detail, and con
\ l pws:
VilSte recovery bas caused me
ISj the subject more carefully,
fi! • I have discovered the key
faith of our modern civihza
m fully confident that *our
■ diseases which hu
gt. ' * SOfciCMtt
the system that of purified \ f
poisoners. That this fc c .
compUshed largely by to\ T 4 the
remedy I have named I 4 i nave a
doubt, and I (eel it my m W o make
this open declaration for t* * nlighten
nient of the profession and foj'fche bene
fit of suffering humanity in 4fl parte of
the world. ’ f
late marklFjs/port. p?
„ BT. PAPL. Uf
Busincsß has been very doll fc? tbs
wee*, but bolder? have bee*' steady In tbeii
aakins Scares that have no changes.
Quotation?: Patents, Omnf* lfoswm, $6 50®-
1' Cro **« straigi/.*® $5.75; Capitol
family, $545.25; Bakers’, XXH*L $4: in barrel
-5c extra; outside brands. 25(45®per bbl less, ac
cording to (juality; low grad*® s2® 2.50. Hr*
>ar, s4® 4.25 per bbl.
■Wheat— There ha;* been bO>|MF4 fair inooiry fot
hard wheats, the spot prices If which have gTsd
ua.ly increased, showing sll»!»f advance forth#
week. Ilrceipts have been litrWld and movements
generally have been light, tbof felpinc to sustain
value? in the presence of ipfT'ffued crop reports.
Prices have been regulated uiuinly by the real
merits of the market, irrwsoectlve of outaide in
fluences. Tie market on Tnewlfty was rather Quiet,
closing at the following: Nb. l hard. $1 ’l*
August, $1.06: September, #1.05: October asd
rear. $1.04: No. 1 si»#,sl.oßx No. 2 hard, $1.08;
No. 2,96 c; No. 3,95 c; No. <s, 67c; ail bids.
CORN - The market baa be®s dull, ‘.be demand
having fallen off since a vreek ago. Receipts have
been moderate. Buyers and sellers have been
wide apart, and sales have consequently dragged
Cloe.flg figures: No. 2, 44cbid, 48c asked for spot
and August; year, 44c bid, 47c asked; No. 3,40 c
bid. 41 (442 c asked; rejected, 40casked.
Oats—The demand for consumption has been
fairly active, but the 'eeling is weaker, price* dot
ing lower after a slight adyaoce during the woek,
and settling down to the values of a
week ago. Stocks on hand are fair.
During a part of the week there was considerable
activity. On Tuesday morning reports from Chi
cago of lower quotations for year oats made buyers
weak here. The market closed with fair demand at
easy figure-. No. 2 mixed, 32c bid. 33c asked; Au
gust. 32(433 *4 c ashed; September, 28»g(429c
bid, 30* ftsked; October, 28c bid, 29c asked; year,
27c bid, 2t*c asked; No. 3 mixed, 30c bid, 32«
asked; No. 2 white, 34c bid, 35c asked: No. 3
white, 33c asked: rejected, 28c bid. Tuesday's
sales: 1 car No. 2 white, 35c f.o,U : 2 cars No. 2
mixed, 340: 2 oar? do do, 33c; 1 car No. 2 white,
34c: 1 tar No. 2 mixed. 39c sackod.
P.LOPB—Nothing has occurred daring the week
to break the dull monotony of the market-
Minnesota patents are quoted in New York at
$5,60(47.25. and in Chicago at $5.30(46.90.
Local quotations are; Patents, $6.75; straights,
clears, $4.65(4510; low grades,
MmLSTUFF—Has been firm, with an upward
tendency, but an early break in Drices ie pre
dicted. Quotations: Bran in bulk, $6.75<£7:
sacked. $8150i<39. Pine shorts, #9.so<<t 10; coarse,
$9g99. 25. Mftted teed, f 17#|20.00, according to
quality. Coarse corn meal, S2O.
Wheat—The chief events of yesterday were an
advance of 3c < n 1 hard and ou No. 2 hard,
with no ofleri!-i*s, and an advance of 3c ail aronnd
by the Millers' association. On 'chance $1.12 wat
freely bid for No. 1 hard, and S3.OH for No. 2 hard.
The only sales were of No. 2 northern, at $1.02.
Quotations: No. 1 bard, spot, $1.12; seller the
year, $1.04*9: seller December, $1.04: seller Feb
ruary, $1.08; No. 2 hard, $3.08: No. 1 Northern,
$1.00; No. 2 Northern, $1.02, No. 1. $1.03: No.
2,99 c; No. 3,95 c: MiUers* assoc ! aticn prices: No.
1 hard, s3.lo;'No. 2 bard, $3.05: No. 3 regular,
$1.03: No. 2, $l; No 3. 9oc: No. 4. 80c.
CORN— Has been very dull all the week, quotable
at 47c for No. 2 spot; condemned, 41(546c, by
Oats—Have been In the same condition as corn
duriujr the week. The highest bid Tuesday was
25c for No. 2 mired. Quotable nominally at 31 c
for No 2 mixed: white, 33c; rejected, 284*30c,
by sample.
Chicago Market-Flour unchanged. Wheat
is in fair demand and closed easier at $1.01(3
1.01*4 July: $1.01Ml«1 013 b August: sl.o3Ht<s
1.038 p September; sl.os*i*d*l.Gs}4 October;
sl.o6&fa 1.06*a November; $1 the year: No. 2
spring, $1; No. 3 wring, 87c; No. 2 red winter.
86c. Cote, quiet and easier; 5b V«slc cash ana
July: Auvust, September and Octp
ber: 459fec the year. Oats dull and easier; 27*4®
27A»e cash: 28c July; August: 26%c
September; 26 7 ee October; 26*4<£26 3 bc the year.
Rye unchanged at sf>*gc. Flax seed, quiet at
$1.31. Barley is ii fair demand at 70*i?C<i77c bid
for Sep ember. Fork is in fair demand, bnt un
settled and lower; cash;
$13.40 July and August; $13.02*2 September;
$13.75 October; the year. Lard
in fair demand, but unsettled and lower: $8,603
8-62*s-cash, July and August: $8.72*9® Septem
ber; $6 60«J8.72J4 October; $8.30®8.32*9 the
year. Bulk meats in fair demand; shoulders,
#£.so; short ribs, $7.40: short clear, SB. Eggs
farm at 10%<£17c. Better and whisky, unchanged.
Coro io Buffalo, 2%<Sf3c. Receipts—Flour, 10,-
000 bbls; wheat,46,ooo bu; corn. 262,000 bo;
oats, 154,000 bn: rye, 7,50 U bu; barley, 540 bu.
Shipment*—Floor,B.ooobbls: wheat, 5C.000 bo;
corn, 181,000 bn; oate. 88.000 bu: rye, 64.000
bo: barley, 20.000.
Milwaukee Market.— Flour, quiet bnt ateady.
Wheat, quiet bat steady;- SLOIJ4 cash; slOO*f
August; $1.0312 September; $1.0514 October.
Corn, lower at 50*40 for No. 2; 4114 c for re
jected. Oats, doll and lower; 27%c for the best
bid; 33c for No. 2 white in store, Rye, no trad
ing, *t 57c for No. 1. Barley, doll end lower; noth-
U>g donu Provisions weaker; mees pork, $13.70
<913.75 <asb and August; $13.90 September.
Lard, priue steam. $8 80 cash and August;
SOUK) Bentemher. p: Butter, nominally un
changed. Cheese, steady. Egsrs. unsettled. Re
ceipts-Flour. 20,000 bbls; wl eat, 12,000 bu;
barley, 500 bn. Shipments—Floor, 3,000 bbls;
wheat, 800 bo; barley, none.
Then and Now Toong Man.
A pal id and th in young man,
S'A kaggard and lank young man,
A greency. yallery, grosvenor, gallery,
Foot in tli« >r**ve young man.
But he took a few bottles of Dr. Halli
day’s Blood Pu rifier and other remedies,
and now he says;
I’m a gay ana restive young man,
A happy, contented young man,
A big, fat and chunky, all girls are hunky.
Go try it yourself young man. |
Sold by all Western druggist* or by
the proprietor, 8. Blackford, 274 East
Seventh street, Si. Minn,
The Testimony of a Physician.
James Beecher, M. D., of Sigourney,
lowa, ssys for several years I have been us
ing a Cough Balsam called Dr. Wm. Hall’s
Balsam for the Lungs, and in almost every
case throughout my practice I have had en
tire success- I hare used and prescribed
bundrer’s of bottles ever since the days of my
army practice (1863), when I was surgeon of
Hospital No. 7, Louisville, Ky.
Henry’s Carbolic Salve.
It is the best Salve for Cuts, Bruises, Sores.
Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns and all kinds of Skin Erup
tions, Freckles and Pimples.
One greasing with Frazer Axle Grease wiil
last two weeks, all others two to three days.
Try it
Straighten your old boots and shoes with
Lyon’s Patent Heel Stiffeners and wear
I’itre Cod IJvcr*Oil mxdft from Mlected liven,
on th# W'»-fch<>r*, bjr Cxswai.l* Hxxabp * 00.. New
York. It ie absolute*/pure «*d sweet. Patient* who
ban <mre token it prefer tt to all others. Physician*
have decided it superior t* any of the other oil* In
< y oau* or cW wbe ere anncteawi th nerve as debUity,
jl ; . kinored Aronblaa. gnwruni.*!**
Humanity’s great hope for the future Is
atone to be realised in improved conditions
oi matrimony. Wbat a profound obliga
tion does this tact involve. Those who rea
lly £ac re-po risibility can hardly do better
than take ad vice from Mrs, Lydia®. Pink
ham whose wonderful remedies for the cure
of all disease? peculiar to women are sc just
ly celebrated. Send for pamphlet.
Telephone communications are to be es
tablished between Mankato and Bt. Peter.
Paralytic strokes, heart disease, and kid
rey affections, prevented by the use of
Brown’s Iroa Bitters.
A new bank baildingis being erected m
W ells’ "Rough <jn Cohns."—l6«. Ask lor it
aompletn, permanent care. Coras, warts, bunions.
A new elerator is about to be built at
Sauk Centre.
Wben fashionable lassitude is established
to the destruction of healthfnl emotion, and
the s offerer longs for death, rathur than life,
there is no better remedy than Dr. Benson’s
Celery and Chamomile Pills, which brace up
the system and give to sleep its blessed re
posefulness. _
Mathias Paulson, one of the pioneer set
tlers of Meeker county, died in Acton re
cently, aged seventy years.
Asamosa, lowa -—Dr. J. G. McGuire says:
“I know Brown Iron Bitters is a good tonic
and gives general satisfaction.’.’
Foot-pads attempted to rob Mrs. Whel
don, while driving in Elk River, but she es
eai»ed by whipping up her horse.
Shinn's Men— -wHTs' BcaluT'iiMiewer” raatorea
health and vigor, cures dyspepsia, impotence. $2.
- "«MI- *
Jacob Mueller, a respected pioneer ef
New Ulm, died suddenly.
Perry Davis’ Pam Kilter is an excellent
regulator of the stomach and bowels, and
should always be kept on hand, especia’iy
at this season of the year, when so many
suffer from bowel complaints. There is
nothing so quick to relieve in attacks of
cholera. ■£
L. Williams, ac old and respected citiae*
of Big Lake, died at his borne in that place
on t e2sth inst., of cancer cf the stomach.
Wadley, Ga..—Dr. B. R. Doyl« says: “I
consider Brown’* Iron Bitlerß superior as a
ionic to any preparation now in use.”
Mr. Hall the recently appointed stwas po
ter at Jonesborough, Fillmore county has
already resigned, on account of ill health.
Irritation, imlarun. ation all Kidney and Urinary
Complaints, cored bj ‘Buchu-l'aiba.’* $1
♦Allen’s “Iron Tonic Bittcre” will supply
the blood with iron, and buiJS up, strength
en, tore and purify the whole system, create
a healthy appetite, aid digestion, and invig
orate the liver. A single dose is sufficient to
show it* ,’ood effect. Look out for counter
feits. Every bottle bears the signature of J.
F. Allen, 6t. Paul, Mins. .
Having us«d Ely’.! Cream Balm for Ca
tarrh and ( old in the Head. lam satisfied
that it is a first rate preparation and would
recommend it to any one similarly Affected.
R. W. Cheever, Editor Herald Cin top, Wis.
Wise’s Axle Grease never gains.
A steeple is being placed m the
Catholic church in Delano. It is to be 100
feet in height.
IKm’T die in the bouse. “Koufh on Rate.” Jeans
out rats, flies, roachoc, bed-bnffA. 15c.
The New Western University.
Those who are well up in matters ec
clesiastically assert that Detroit has a
favorable chance for sectoring the new
Catholic university which is about to be
established in America, f The leading
spirit in this matter is Moasignor Spald
ing, of Peoria, 111. This gentleman has
already secured an endowment of near
ly lI.CfrO.OOO for the projept, and ie now
engaged in finding an elgible site for the
institution. New York City has made
strenuous efforts to have the university
located there; while the Catholics of
Chicago are expectant that it will be lo
cated at that point. Both of these
places, however, have disadvantages
which can not be easily overcome. It
behooves Detroiters, therefore, to push
forward the claims of this city for the
honsr. The prestige acquired by a
university town is not small, while the
pecuniary erain resultant from the in
flux of hundreds of siudents is an item
not to be neglected.
Tbe proposed plan of the institution
would include schools of law, medicine,
and divinity, besides the regular classi
cal and scientific departments. The
more noted Catholic colleges of the
country would be affiliated with the
institution. Detroit has already ac
quired some little fame as an educa
tional centre. Why should she not try
to secure tbe r.ew university?—Detroit
Cholera has already captured 110 British
soldiers in Alexandria.
fie. TO riopar 007 at bom*. Hampia* vmrth «0 OrwT
V* Addrmm Briaaon 4 00. Portland. Mama.
a week m your own tovn, Taraia and $H owM
u frea. Addraw B HiiumtOo, Portland, Mo.
v H. MoAxvxr, ionacrly Tax Ouu*ct<yjLowell. Mom.
Bhknnet seionart. Minneapolis' minn.l
Homo School lor Girl*, Preparatory, Collegiate.
Superior advaotapas. Address Principal. *£,
ahsemann fbj»
great Homonciiatliic School. For Catalogues, ad-
IreM $. 8. Baiux.
AhQEXTS WANTAd tor the hast and taste at sal)-
ing Pictorial Books and Bibtev Pnc« reduced 33
per cent. National Publiohiog UjL. Chicago, ill.
Best work In the V. 8. fer tbs money.
DtUMIWW-rrwpppfay oO.,Csncto
aas. Write for Catologne No. 10.
m-f For Baslnrwket tbs Oldest A hoi
17 2 ft S'HTffffi'SuS
******mmmmmmmmmm ■ HMHHnMVWBMaaHi mrnmrnm
Servous, Sick, Biliocs or Congestive,
:■' CURED. ; s
"I Had tick htadach* for 40 pour pm tig**
uu." JLney A. Warren, Iteerflaid, ». 1.
/ DnM.W. BENS ON*9 1
/ ** Mnrr#*so cxrmKtmur toom* //}
/a.jp mu cm*HEAJ3jRCMr w uI aj
. /jj
jt JL JP/
For Sale by all
From these sources arise three-fourths ol
the diseases of the human raee. These
symptoms indicate tboir existence: Low ol
Appetite, Bowel* costive, Sick Head,
ache, fullness alter eating, aversion to
exertion of body or mind, Eructation
of food, Irritability of temper, how
spirits, A feeling of having neglected
seme duty, IMulimw, Fluttering at the
Heart, Wot* before the eyes, highly col
ored Urine, CONSTIPATION? mu d de
mand the use of a remedy that acts directly
on the Liver; As aLiver medicine TUTT’S
PULJLB have no equal. Their action on the
Kidneys and £Lin is ulso prompt; removing
all impurities through these three “ scav
engers of the system,” producing appe
tite, sound digestion, regular stools, a clear
skin and a vigorous bod y . TtJTT'S PILLS
cause no nausea or griping nor interfere
with daily work and are a perfect
Gray Hair or WmsmRRS changed In*
•tanUy to a Biack bv a fiingle ap.
plication of tfcie I/ts. Sold by Druggists,
or sent toy express cn reoeipt of |l.
Office, 44 Murray Street, New York.
SR IhS ■ H onto t tor's Stomach
Kil I P |fl%bjttere.bynicr®aß»e
v wiiwuTfi 2£L*°S£ SJJS
9 ionc-ons r-»tuet
liyes compjamt,nerw
ronioviiip all traeet
|^ fc by dl
pC B a *L& Drape )!-fes am l . Deal-
I ors geuerally.
1* a Positive Cum ST ,
f»iß Ibsen PatafWl CiMßplafaito«al ViakaMW
PP PPfIMMMI flHMl# ppptfclplklpp*
A KtdMae ter Weeu. limto4bj«f«u»,
Prepared >7 a Woman.
lie kaM MM WiiiTie Vm the im sf Tirtßsp.
lYUrnlm He drooping opiHte, ln-rig btxSsb and
Ibi ■ net— tte argaato funotions, giro* alMeiuUy and
Otwti—■ la tbs step, rselorea tho unsure! lustra Mtk*
Vf, aadj*-.tt*on tbs pale cheek of womaa tt* Cm*
Hfa»« warHiw |nit pwinaf Mwif.
ISPTkrilciaw tie* II aad Prescribe It Frtefy."Vi
It ramovss talntnsw, OaSolenry, dnetroy* rtlwsileg
Cor attendant, and mitres weslmw of the stomeah.
that fooling of boaring down, causing pain, weight
aad hadOMba, le always permanently ourad by Ito eta
Per the oare «? KMaey O—loleto adf sit bee seat
tblo Oempsead to eesarpeaiaS
lymar PiHiniAira bum nrurm
wUMwnadl<a,to amry
AM the Oompoend and Mood Pnrtftcr are prepared
awahiWYeton Areatto, Ljna, Meat, Price od
t'jbm, $L SU bmsiim for Sant by mail lathe form
eftolla, or of loooagoe, onrwestptef pates, flyer has
brdbtr. In. Pbutbaaa freely answers aB lit an et
Kuvntry Cnclceo Jot- dai&p. lor jemphiet.
KstanOy thexhj be witbeei I/FTOt A KPOIKKAirf
nrai prut It*; km const:WbUcm. Mlfn ti
ioilmyiiiiaf tk»6r»
fOVjMUv BBS UOT il*Va« mm VPUW JP5*
\r 1
r> F , wnnFnmS^iTr.n,
* - - ■ ; * ■ ■' '■“
If yon are
In the inqsisy—Which is the
best Liniment for Man and
Beast?—this is the answer, at
tested by two generations: the
MENT. The reason is sin
pie. It penetrates every sore,
wound, or lameness, to the
very bone, and drives ont all
inflammatory and morbid mat
ter. It “ goes to the root” of
the trouble, and never fails to
core in doable quick time*
“I have suffered severely to?
the last ten years from Hay
Fever in early and mid-rammer
and in the fall. 1 desire in the
interest o£ my fellow sufferer*
to testify in favor of Ely**
Cream Balm. My short use of
it demonstrated its efficacy. J.
Maidho t. 401 Broadway. N.¥.
KM pliod by the flutrer iuto the now
utx I trils, n«i absorbed, .>ff actually
uXv'.PEVFD cleansing the nasal passages ol
catarrhal virus, causing healthy
secretions. It allays inflamma-
KOSK-CGiLI). turn. protecte the membranal
, urujTTTVP rmfW of the head from cold*:
A POSHivt, v/biue cattl pi e teiy heals the sores and
ELY’S restores the sense of taste and
_ smell. Beneficial results in
CKEAM BALM, realized by a few applications.
A thorough treatment will cur*.
Uneqnaled for cold in the head. Agreeable to na*.
Bend for circular. CO cents a package, by mail or at
druggists. Elt Bbothebs, Owogo, N. ¥.
Bend for circulars showing extra large profits we maks
our customers on small or large amounts. J. J.
MARTIN & 00., 244 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis.
ICKNT will secure Knox’s Investor’s Guide,
teilmg all about 8 per cent, mortgages in EasV
era and Central Kansas. Send a postal, requesting
one. They have invested money lor 140 ministers,
and can give satisfaction. Address
JOHN D. KNOX A CO., Topeka, Kan.
nn I flrain onnirignmenta and I 11 if\ ■»
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Options on margins bought and sold. Koliabfllll
guaranteed. Correspondenc e solicited.
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fjl B«*t Cougb Synip. Tnnten good.
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Beautifully EJ unrated. 64 pages. SEIfT FREE to
fours*lf and musical friends. Send name'- and addressee
» . S.TOUBJEK, FranMinSy., Hosum, Mass.
The Larsen and best appointed Mutie. Literary and
irt Uhaol, and UOME/or young Unites in the world.
jffaiJißr AIL DEALERSTHnoucbourlHt WO RLEh
*M a -• 1 S’jrw WA«m BCAU, MOl JTOS, SMI
ftdßaSre~r>- .4 Ton MO, Beam Sox Included,
2*o lb. FA»MER*S BCALE,fS,
fin BIST rOKUK «/.,« 808 UUHT WORK, tie.
1 40- ib. Anvil and KitofToola,f 1«,
UM9 ] I Farntm hn ti«i* aad mimrj doing odd Job*.
T3BLJ Blowers. Anvlle. Vices a Other Articles
Vest In tba World, dec tbs genuine. Fr.
l-"n Lr-rra. S»«>i P-arinsa, YABr BEAM. I B
4UXSJS. UK TMk H £>.
jo.dcn i. )«l. Wa-'KuU # yaara AU kiawi m low, PI il H£s
for in* Look, iduittaa |B
nmuusTOx, h. t
Boring Wells £1
VeU Borins and Rock Bring Machine m\\
Ut Vnry FrofltaSld ! /li |T l \ |
$25 to s4o /ml]
A. CAY M/fH 9
oftm Usds: smSmSam ?
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Machines Mads to Run by Xlorso, g
Band or Bteam Power.
Send tor Catalogue. Address
LDOMIS A NYMAN, Tim*, mm WaM »
O Th« Bxmisaf Qtjtde la im
sued March and Sept., each
\ear: 210 pages, B|xlU
inches, with over 3,300
illustrations—s■%hole pic
ture gallery. Gives whole
aale prices direct to eotwugririrj on ail goods
for personal or family use. Tells how
to order, and gives exact cost of every
thing you use, eat, drink, wear, or have
fun with. These invaluable hooks con- 'm
tain information gleaned from the mar
kets of the world. We will mail a cony
Free *o any address upon receipt ©f the
• Respectfully,
MYSIM Wabanb Assuaaa. CNUeaa*. 113.
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