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The Warner weekly sun. (Warner, Brown Co., Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1885, September 29, 1883, Image 3

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What the Colored Folks Sing at
Their Qaaaterly Gatherings.
The Wilmington, Del., Every Evening
describee an interesting negro revival,
recently held near that place. It reads,
n part, as follows:
At the conclusion of the afternoon ser
vices the graveyard ww» t_be scene of on
enthusiastic revival, and resounded with
the shouts and songs of scores of the
brethern and sisters who participated.
Two circles of penitents were formed in
different parts of the grounds, and the
preparations for the exhilarating exer
cises began. Coats, dusters, vests and
hats were doffed, neckties
were transferred to pockets,
and paper collar’s opened. One, more
enthusiastic and demonstrative than the
rest, took a position in the center, and
the exercises began with a solemn weird
sort of chant. The center figure would
sing a couplet, and the heavy chorus
came in on the refrain. The singer*
gradually warmed up to the highest
pitch of enthusiasm, and grew complete
ly absorbed in the work of rendering
the selections at the top of their voices
The excitement increased, the singers
beat the time with vigorous claps of their
hands and swayed their bodies and
heads in unison with the melody. A
hymn which they lingered over longest
11 once I get inside the door
You’ll never find me here n» more.
This was sung with a refrain, the sing
ers jumping into the air after each verse,
and for a moment their voices were
hushed until they could catch breath
again. Continuing in the same meas
ure with another hymn, they wrought
much excitement from its chorus, which
When I am dead and gone
I don’t want no one ter grieve after me.
A strange hymn with which all the
dingers seemed to be acquainted,had for
a chorus: “Another ran:
Dead sea beat np high,
But children of *Jod ;ass through dry,
What’s the matter now.
Don't you wish you were there,
Angels fl/ing through tne air,
Wnat’s the matter now.
Snatches of hyms such as quoted were
sung for more than an hour to the same
tune, varrving in earnestness and pitch
as the singers could*recover their breath
after the violent exercise of clapping,
jumping and swaying their bodies, re
sembling not a little an Indian war
dance. As they grew exhausted in a
measure, they were spurred up by a
minister in charge of each circle and the
singers dropping out after their
exhaustion was complete, but their
places were filled up by fresh
and vigorous penitents without inter
ruption. At long intervals one of the
penitents would express a de:-ire to
pray, and seemingly worn out, the oth
ers would bow in the dust and the
speaker would chant in solemn measure
part of a hymn that he had been sing
ing. Rising, the shout would begin
again with increased enthusiasm.
The revival is described as being pe
culiar to the southern negro, but it has
been greatly modified and is leasboister
ous than the big quarterly revivals ol
slavery days.
Services of a similar nature were kept
up, with occasional intervals for rest, un
til late *t night. The big quarters will
continue through the present week.
The attendance will be considerably less
than yesterday, as nearly all the visit
ors returned.to their homes last even
During one of the shouts a big, fat fe
male rushed into the tent and jerked a
small negro out of the ring in a hurry.
Planting one hand on his shoulder and
gesticulating wildly with the other she
argued as follows: “Now, Mose: what’s
mattah wid you, nigger? You’s breaking
yourself all up for work next week when
you knows you’s got to pay for dat shirt
an dis jersey. Now, don’t you shout no
mo’; hyar me?” Mose heard her.
Another negro woman became excited,
and grabbing a brother by the hand,
said: “Brown, I’se got bizness wid the
Lord.” “Dat’s right, sister,” said Brown.
“Brown, you live in Deleware an I libe
in Pennsylvanny?” You’s right, sister,”
“Ef you dies in Delaware jess report at
headquarters up dar and ask hab Lize
Jonsonarriv, an ef I ain’t daryet dell em
to watch out for me.”
Brown promised ner he would, intro
duced her to another brother and made
his exit.
Shortly after the train arrivals, while
two of the brethren were escorting an
immense sister up French street, she
suddenly threw up her arms and sank
to the ground in a fit. At this neither
of the brothers showed the least sign of
agitation, aud several seconds had
elapsed before one of them drew a cigar
from his pocket and said, “Pete, you
pick ’er up while I lite this cigar," and
Pete struggled with her while the smok
er prepared to burn the weed.
One of the female arrivals was dressed
in a blue catnbrick duster, pink jersey,
yellow skirt and a flaming red sash.
Her escort wore a full evening dress
suit under a linen dnster, and a black
slouch hat. They wore objects of admi
ration from the time they loft the train
until they turned the corner of Front
and Fourth streets.
A disgusted and truly good brother
Baid to the reporter: “Mos ob dese
niggers will nebher see de church
dis day. Dey jess cum here for ter
monkey an 1 make a farce out ob soleme
Fashionable Tournaments.
Tournaments are still fashionable in
Baltimore, Howard, and Carroll coun
ties, Maryland. There was one that was
brilliant in Woodstock, Howard county,
on Saturday last. It was under the au
spices of the Woodstock College. Early
in the morning red-sashed marshals ana
decorated knights rode at high speed up
and down the streets, and multitudes
began to arrive in the trains from the
near-by towns. Later in the day a pro
fession moved to an elevated plateau
half a mile out of town, whare a .flag was
flying. Three arcs, from which the
brings were suspended, stood about thirty
Sfeet apart and were painted red, white
were ranged in parallel rows facing each
Other. arul tile inic.rvßr.ing Sptlee was
the tilling ground. In the carriages
were young ladies dressed in white and
Mother liubbards. The knights were
tastefully dressed in black and white cor
duroy, and most of them wore rtd sashes.
Some had fancy rosettes, and some wore
no decoration. The riding was begun at
noon. Dr. Keene of Ellieott City deliv
ered the charge. It is for woman’s
smiies/' he said, in conclusion, ‘ ‘that
you are here, Sir Knights. Spur,then the
panting sales of your steeds, and re
member that your bravest will crown
the fairest.” The course was one hun
dred yards, the rings were an inch and
a quarter in diameter, and the time to
be made inside of r'ne seconds. The
rest of the afternoon j spent in danc
Bill Nye’s Experience with Horn-
From the Detroit Free Press.
I have made a small collection of wild
western things during the past seven
years, and have put them together, hop
ing some day when I get feeble to travel
with the aggregation and erect a large
monument of kopecks for my executors,
administrators, and assigns forever,
Last fail I desired to add to my rare col
lection a large hornet’s nest. I had an
embalmed tarantula and her porclain
lined nest and I desired to add to these
tne gray and airy home of the hornet.
1 procured one of the large size after
cold weather and hung it in the cabin
by a string. I forgot about it until this
spring. When warm weather came
something reminded me of it. I think
it was a hornet. He jogged my memory
in some way and called my attention to
it. Memory is not located where I
thougtit it was. It seemed as though
wherever he touched me he awakened
a memory—a warm memory, with a red
place all around it.
Then time hornets came and began
to rake up old personalities. I remem
ber that one of them lit on my upper
lin. He thought it was a rosebud.
When he went away it looked like a
gladiola bulb. I wraped a wet sheet
around it to take out the warmth and
reduce the swelling so that I could go
through the folding doors and tell my
wife about it. Hornets lit all over me
and walked around on my person. I
did not dare to scrape them off because
they are so sensitive. You have to be
very guarded in your conduct toward a
I remember once while I was watching
the busy little hornet gathering honey
and June bugs from the bosom of a rose,
years ago, I stirred him up with a club,
more as a practical joke than anything
else, and be came and lit in my sunny
hair—that was when I wore mv own
hair—and he walked around through
my gleaming tresses quite a while, mak
ing tracks as large as a watermelon all
over my head. If he hadn’t run out of
tracks my head would have looked like
a load of summer squashes. I remember
I had to thump my head against the
smoke house in order to smash hiui,
and I had to comb him out afterward
with a fine comb and wear a waste
paper basbet two weeks for a hat. Much
has been said of the hornet, but he has
an odd, quaint way, after all, that is
forever new.
Don't waste jnouey on useieoia medicines: write
for pamphlet on certain ure of all diseases, by I
new method. HOME HEALTH CO., Minneap
olis, Minu,
cure for rheumatism. —Cure guaran
.in all cases. Use Per;y Davis’ Vegetable
jin Killer accord inpjto directions, and it will
cure ninety-one cases out of every hundred.
Try it, it surely will not hurt you.
Alniee has lost her plumpness, and <s as
thin as a shad.
“Rough on Rats”— Clears out rats, mice, flies,
roaches, bed-bugs, ants, vermin, chipmunks. 15c.
The white grub worm that is destroying
the timothy sod is working extensively near
Austin and is doing much damage.
The best cure lor diseases ot th* nerves,
brain and muscles, is Brown’s Iron Bitters.
The Americun Express Company-
Transfers money by telegraph between any
of it# 4,000 agencies in New England, Middle
and Western States, maxing delivery of same
at local address when rtqu^stfd.
The Chicago county ravither. Blumgren,
was taken to Stillwater and lodged in the
county jail lor safe keeping.
“Buchu-Pai3a."— Quick. complete cure, all annoy
ing Kidney aud Urinary Diseases. sl.
The grain stacks and stable of G. Genrer,
near Monticello, were burned by children,
recently who played with matches.
Mabion, Mass.— Dr. N. 8. Buggies,says: “I
recommend Brown’s Iron Bitters as a valued
tanio lor enriching the blood and removing
all dyspeptic symptoms. It does not hart the
One dozen small bottles of Swift's Specific
(S. 8. S.) cured me sound and well of a bad
scrofulous affection which bad baffled all
treatment, including Hot Springs. J. H.
Raiff, Denver, Col.
On th<; night of the 16th a valuable pair
of mares were stolen irom the stable of Mis.
Thompson, ia the town of Eureka, Dakota
county. ________
Skinny Men—“WalL* HealtfTjKenawer" restores
health and vigor. «uren dyspepsia, Impotence. sl.
A vessel bear] ng lour locomotives from
the United States for the South American
railway has been lost.
Humtovillb, Ala.—Dr. J. T. Ridley, says:
“Brown’s Iron Bitters is a good appetizer and
merits attention from sufferers.”
I have been very much benefited by one 50
cent bottle of Ely’s Cream Balm. When I
began using it my Catarrh was so bad I bad
headache most the whole time and dis
charged a large amount of filthy matter.
That has almost entirely disappeared and I
have not had a headache since to amount to
anything. Please send me two more bottles.
—John H. Summers, Stepney, Conn.
Davy Crockett’s youngest daughter, Mrs.
Matilda Field, Uvea in Oibson county,
Tenn., sixty-two years old.
Wells* “Bough on Cokms."—lsc. Ask for it
Complete, permanent core. Corns, warts, uuul&ns.
The habit of running over hoots or shoes
corrected with Lyon’s Patent Heel Stiffeners.
Wsrecommend Wise's AxleQrease.
The woman-suffragists of Boston invited
the members of the Massachusetts legis
lature to a reception at a private residence,
and five of the members only out of 280 re-
An itnerant preacher, who was hold
ing forih io a congregation on the east
ern shore of Maryland, composed most
of oyster dredgers, used the expression:
“If your right arm offend thee, pluck it
out; if your eye offend thee, cut it off.”
An old oysterraan who occupied a front
seat on hearing the above expression,
remarked in a stage whisper that was
heard all over the church: “Do yen
think we’ve got eyes like a crab?”
Every man talks the lingo of hie trade.
When a plumber wants to stop his ad
vertisement he says, “Shut it off,” and
the reporter who goes to write up a
funeral asks, “Has the last form gone
Good Men.
Plato says good men should not accept
presents from wick d men, but this dees not
refer to Allen’s Iron Tonic Bitters, which
wise men know cures all chronic disorders of
the stomach, promotes digestion and invigo
rates the whole system. All genuine bear
the si -nature of J. P. Allen, St. Paul, Minn.
Shift’s Specific (S. 8 8 ) has cured me of a
long-standing case of Eczema, wMch has re
sisted ail sorts of treatment. Kev. W. J.
Robinson, N. Ga. Conferenence.
itfciiKinanV IVntoii r.«*d rt«*ef Tonic, Iho only
preparation of beef containing its entire nutrition*
properties. It c. n tains
ting and life-»u>tait>mg properties; invaluable for
Indigestion, DjmiMipKiu. nervous prostration, and
all forms of general debility; also, m all enfeebled
conditions, whether the result of exhaustion, nervous
prostration, overwork, or acute disease, particularly
if resulting from pulmonary complaints. Caswell,
Hazard k Co., Proprietors, New York, bold by
Personal—M»*n Only.
Tbe Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall. Mich., will send
Dr. Dye’s Celebrated Electro-Voltaic Belts aud
Electric Appliances on trial far thirty days to uien
(young or old) who are afflicted with nervousdebility,
lost vitality and kindred troubles, guaranteeing
speedy and complete restoration of health aud
manly rigor. Address as rbove. N. B.— No risk
is incurred, as thirty days' trial is allowed.
Of the many remedies beforo ihe nubile for Nerv
ous Debility and weakness of Nerve Generative Sys
tem, there is nope equal to Allen’s Brain Food, which
promptly and permanently restores all lost rigor; it
never fails. $] pkg., 6 for $5. At druggists, or by
mail, from J. H. Allen. Ist Ave., N. Y.
Wise’s Axle Grease never gums.
CATARRH Ely’s Cream Balm
when applied by the
* t* i fi-ager into the nostrils,
£2 fLPCAki DMWIW will bo absorbed, et
feetually cleansing the
•Be Vml * Jeatl °* catarrhal vi
j£k ftQs***/r&* l m». canting healthy
ntADI secretions. it allays
. ,* U J inflammation,protects
FHAVFEVEft fi) u jm the membrane of the
FL* *“• 1 " I nasal passages from
LJ \y ,<y /SM additional colds, com
pletely heals tlie Bores
HF / and restores taste and
BS£ S _r<" trlfl smell. A Sew applica
' •=>■**Bl tions relieve. A thor
oun/1 treatment will
V" <j v stp Nh positively cure. Agree-
BWmpjyS. N anle to use. Hena for
\ lI.SA. j circular. Price, 50
L rn —wavawwp m ce nts . mail, or at
IfAY -FEVER druggists.
H W eusM»Ti» S *ls S&J&hESS:
9 indoad in
M J I I W generally.
From these sources a rise three- dmrtns ol
the diseases of the human race. These
symptoms indicate thoirexistence: Low ol
Appetite; Bowels costive, Sick Dead*
ache, fullness after Mtlns, aversion to
exertion of body or mind, Eructation
of food; Irritability of temper, Low
spirits, A feeling of having neglected
some duty, IMzzinear, Fluttering at ths
Heart, Dots before the eyes, highly cola
urea Urine, CuAHTIPATIOiV, and de
mand the usa of a remedvthat acts directly
on the Liver. As a Liver medicine TTJTT’i
PILLS have no equal. Their notion on the
KidneyscndSkinisalso prompt; re moving
all impurities through these three “ scav
engers of the system,** producing appe
tite, sound digestion, regular stools, a clear
skin and a vigorous body. TCTT*S FILLS
cause no nausea or griping nor interfere
with daily work and are a perfect
Gray Hair ok Whisker* changed to*
•tantly to a Glossy Black by a single ap
plication of this Dye. Sold by DruggisU,
or sent by express on receipt of Sl*
Office, 44 Murray Street, New York.
dj*Q H \ Invested in a Certificate in the Uniou
tJPOtJ.IJV/ Trust Company will bring you SOO.OO
v.-ithin a year. Send for references. Agents wanted.
Home office, 37 Monroe street, Urand Kaput-*, Mich.
This Company paid 700 members $40,000 in divi
dends last year.
Q C TO S2O per day at home. Samples worth 95 tree.
Address Stinson k do.. Portland, Maine.
lIMTrUTft rsu r»um. nu hah"
HO I |s M I Sr. s. A A. P. rJICKT. Putunl
I “ I Im In I \o Attorneys. Washington, D. 0.
full instructions and hand-book on PATENTS IKKT rasa
■ ' ~ ■"
PJI Best Cough Syrup. Tastes good, ra
Mri Use In time. Hold by druggists.
—* ’Em* ws awiewsmse.
-n o - (1-iLjA^— Lumbago,Rhenmnumn, par
( ahrtds, Neuralgia, Sciatica.
t" Kidney, Spine and Liver
disease, Dyspepsia. Constl-
J ' patitui, Erysipelas, Catarrh,
v/rv 1 Pile*. Epilepsy, Impoteney,
Dumb Ague. Prolapsus Uteri, etc. Only sclentlnc Elec
tric Belt in America that semis the Electricity and mag
netism through the body, and can be m-hargisi in an in
stant by the patient, fiend Stamp for Circular.
l>r. W.J. lIOItNK, Inventor, l&l W ba*,h Av.,Chicago.
Takes like wildfire Any one ran work it. Standard
TION, Fort Wayne, Inch, or Grand llapids, Mich.
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to poor. Dr. Kruse. 2844 Arsenal st„ St. LoaiMla
• ... •‘’V-'-’tf; ■■
Do yon want a pore, bloom
ing Complexion! If so, a
few applications of Hagan’s
ify you to your heart’s con
tent, It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Pimples.
Blotches, and all diseases and
imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatigue ana ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY ; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect its effects,
that ft is impossible to detect
its application.
l|ja Rhuimallim, ;
For Sale by all Druggiete.
“ I had suffered twenty years with severe dis
ease of the kidneys : heiore using Hunt’s Rem
edy t»o days l was relieved, and am now well."
“My physicians thought that 1 was paralyzed
on one side. I was terribly afflicted w'ith rneu- 3 S
matism from 18t>y to 188<). I was cured by Hunt’s
“ My doctor pronounced my case Bright’s Dis
ease, and told ine that I could live only forty
eight hours. 1 then took Hunt’s Remedy, and
was speedily cured.” M. GOODS PEED.
“ Having suffored twenty years with kidney
disease, aud employed various physicians with
~ "SuFlinilisrsiirrrrl_ I was then cured by flunt’S
“ 1 have been greatly benefited by the use of
Hunt’s Remedy. For diseases of the kidneys
and urinary organs there is nothing superior.”
Albert Holt, Esq., paymaster Boston A
Albany Railroad, writes : “I have used Hunt’s
Remedy, ami my exjieriencp with it has been
such th’at I can cheerfully say that I am satisfied
that it will do just w hat it promises to do.”
“1 was unable to rise from bed from an at
tack o? kidney disease. The doctors could not
relieve me. I was linally completely cured by
using xiunt’s Remedy.”
“I have suffored extremely with kidney dls
easo; after using Hunt’s Remedy two days, I
was enabled to resume business.”
GEO. F. CLARK, m |
One trial will convince you. For sale by all
Druggists. Send for Pamphlet to
HUNT’S REMEDY CO., Providence, s*. I. j
Prices, 75 cents aud §125. (
EYE WATER. Thu article is a carefully prepared
physician’s prescription snd has been in constant 1
use for nearly a century, and not w. that and in l- the j
m*n£ other preparations thst hsve beeu introduced
Into the market, the sale of this article is constantly 1
increasing. If the directions are followed, it will 1
never fall. We particularly invite the attention 1
physicians to its merits.
Troy, M. Y.
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<?*>°fres. Address H. Hai-LSTT* Co ..Portland. Ma.
lift fITIR Y RETURN MAIL- Full description
§■ K P P Moody's New Tailor Nystem Of
* UntttfagAOOPY A CO. Cfa.hsatl. 9» 1
Th© Peculiar Old Mystery!
It was one of the peculiarities of the old-fashioned Doctors that they
never would tell patients what they were prescribing for them. They said
it would do the patients no good to know, and that it would only be grati
fying a foolish curiosity. In order to keep patients from knowing, they
would write the prescriptions in dog-Latin, so that most patients could not
read them. All that sort of thing is now over. Th “.patient wants to know what
he takes. He is weak, and wants to be strong, or he is dyspeptic, and
wants to digest well. Or he has a troublesome liver which he wants to
put to rights. So he takes Brown’s lrcn Bitters about which there is no
mystery at all. This is the best preparation of iron in the world, in com
bination with gentle yet efficient tonics. It gives strength. It builds up
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A Treat Problem. |
Kidney & Live
And Indigestion Cures,
Ague, Fever,
And Bilious Specifics,
Braii& Nerve
Force Revivers,
Great Health
ties of all these, a&d the bent qualiti** -«f all
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tive qualities and powers of all concentrated
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all of these, singly or combined, fail. A thor
ough trial w ill ifive positive proof of this.
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Land Commiss u.. -*
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The Triumph Shelf.
griwlg i I±.. VENIENT MADE.
nl immense P*oftta To
MSSpWe m« to.
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Boring Wells |A I
Well Boring and Reck Drilling Machine m
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Often_Made! a
Machines Made to Run hr T»orse, iIiMKII E
Hand or Steam Power. g.
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LOOMIS & NYMAN, riFFiM, dkio, WM f
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sued March and Sept., each
year: 21ft pages,
inches, with over 3,300
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ture gallery. Gives whole* |F|l
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tain information gleaned from the mar
kets of the world. We will mail a copy
Free to any address upon receipt of Use
postage —7 cents. Let us hear from yoo,
ssr A IM Wstwh AveaM, Chicago, Dl
I have known and watched the uae of Swift's Spe
cific for over fifty years, and have never known or
lieurd of a failure to cure Blood Poison when proper
ly taken. In all my life I have never known a ren*
edy that would so ful y accomplish what it is recom
mended to do. R. L. DENNAKD, Perry, Oa.
Ve have sold Swift’. Specific (8. S. S.) with moet
astonishing result* One gentleman who used half
a dozen bottles says that it hat done him more good
than treatment which co&rhim SI,OOO. Another who
hae used it for * Scrofulous affection reports a per*
manent cure from its use.
Will bo paid to any Chemist who will find, on anal-§M
ysis of 100 bottle. B. 8.8.. one particle of Mercury,
lodide Potassium, or any mineral substance.
Drawer 8. Atlanta. Ga.
Onr treatise on Blood and Skin Disease, mailed
free to applicants.
y. W. N. U. No. 39.
When writing to advertisers please say you
saw their advertisement in this paper.

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