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The Warner weekly sun. (Warner, Brown Co., Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1885, September 11, 1885, Image 1

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Full Stock at Lowest Possible Prices
Lumber, Lath, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
We carrv the largest stock of Lumber In Brown County
_____ __
N. I.
The Celebrated St. Paul Harvester,
” Than which no better machine is manufactured.
“Monitor Flows, Sulky Rakes and . Mowers.
Everything sold on Time (my time.)
. ~■ . .. .... , * x % * ;.. *
r * .
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Blankets,
e . 1
Fly Nets, Combs, Brushes, etc., etc.
• « 4 • f f STAj'.-. '•* .;.. .«*# .
VOL 3.
NO. 4.
* . .0
Agent for the jewel, Adams and Westlake Gasoline Stoves,
Building Material of Eveiy Description
* • 1
A * } 4 V* * ‘ *£* 2 War. it •*.
Gasoline always on hand.
• v v/7. r:
.' ** k-\
#. . U. \s-. ' * W
, v -
PnseenKer • 8:80 ff^rr.
Freight . , W: Gft.ttu
Freight ------ 4:48 p,m
Passenger ----- 8:12 p.tu,
BtfPl IS.*! AJML».
going io the fair?
—A, Green left hist Wednesday
for the oast on business.
—Don’t forget the fair at Aberdeen*.
Sept. IC, 17 bud 18.
—C. it. Bradford ,of Andover, was
fin last week on business.
—Frank Cate has been very ill the
past few days with throat trouble.
Miss Anna Roberts who has been
visiting Miss Jennie Williams, re
turned to Ipswich to-day.
—Miss Jennie Williams, of An
dover, came up hist week to look af
ter her farming interests in Warner
towusbip. mwl* ''TWTfrVi'ta..W
—Old soldiers, remember the reunion
at Aberdeen next week. It will be a
grand affair.
—W. X Stephens returned Satur
day evening to look after his extensive
real estate interests.
—A. S. Ohesehro left for Chicago
last Wednesdov evening. He will be
abseut about a weet
—The fad term of the Warner
school commenced hist Monday with
an attendance of fifteen.
—John Foster will shortly com
mence improvements upon the Foster
house preparatory toa re6pening t
—Harrison Stewart had an oye se
verely injured while bobhitinga box of
a threshing machine. The doctor ha.-
ome hope of saving the optic, however
—Robert Harley and Mrs. Wm.
Harley, who have been dangerous!),
ill for the past month, are both re
wccri% _» M
—A. W. White, of Rondell, informs
ns that his Saskatchwan fife wheat
yielded 31| ! ; bushels per acre this
season. * *5
—Mrs. Gilbert, mother of our post
master, has been very ill for the past
week, but, we are pleased to note, h
—Will somebody explain why, with
the greater rainfall, lakes and siougjC
are now dried* up that last year had an
abundance of water.
- All parties indebted to Dr. Cook
are requested to call and pay up, on or
before October Ist, 1885, as the Doctor
intends starting for Europe at that
- JKr
—lf The Sun does not appear as
bright.and witty as"usual, it is because
the editor is at Sioux Falls attending
tue oanvention, and we are left in
charge of the office; we will endeavor
to get all the news we can and when
it becomes scarce we will adopt the
“Armstrong Process,” of getting news
with the scissors. The ‘‘heavy* edi
torials” will also be thin this week,
hut gentle reader, please pardon us, this
is our first attemp. Thf Devil.
At The Convention.
Sioux Falls, Sept. 9th 1885.
Your correspondent, in company
with a number of delegates from
counties bordering on'the celebrated
fm ty*|ixth, arrived at the would-be
birth-place of the new stilt e of South
Dakota on the evening of the 7th,and
found that a goodly number of tie
self-sacrificing individuals who pro
pose striking terror, to the heart of
congress and plucking the tail-feath
ere from the venerable American
eagle, had preceded us.
Shortly after we arrived we could
plainly see that efforts to sectJre an
immediate adjournment of the con
mention wfiuld be in vain, but never-,
theloss it was decided to stand firm
pto those principles on which, we had
been elected,and to do what wo could
toward giving expression to the
wishds of the people of central Da
At nine Tuesday morning a cau
cus of delegates was held in Ger
mania hall for the purpose of select
ing imeumbents for the several offi
ces, and it at once became apparent
. EJpCIPS **.
that there wore not a few of tb
precocious individuals familiar!/
known as “kickers” inline ptursanbl
of the convention. It was also dwn
oQstrated that a few had determined
to make , themselves conspicuous
whenew and wherever the slightest
opportunity offered, among whom
may be mentioned Jridge Brooking,of
and Judge of Alia
nehaha, and T. J> Kanouse, of San
bbrn. After considerable wrangling
the following ofiieots were decided
upon: for president A. J. E lgerton,
of Yankton; secretary, John Cain, of
Beadle; assistant secretary, H. M.
Avery, of Minnehaha; jerge.nt-at
arms, M. B. Kent, of Elk Point.
At 12 m. the convention proper as
sembled and ratified the nominations
■ c
of the caucus. Upon taking the
chair Judge Edgerton read a very
dignified and appropriate address, in
which he characterized the honor j
thrust upon him as unexpected, un
sought and so the
show begaa. Those opposed to the
convention having previously met in
caucus and formulated a resolution
expressive of their views, now seized
the opportunity of making them
selves heard, more for the purpose of
>eing placed upon record than with
tie hope of accomplishing the end
desired. Accordingly the following
was presented:
Wh*£oas. The sixteenth legislative
assembyof the territory of Dakota
assumed the right to authorize the
calling of a constitutional convention
for that portion of the territory south
of thd forty- sixth parallel, a move
ment which ought to have its origin
irom the people themselves of that
pdHion of the territory affected
ohereby, arid
f w
Whereas, it is hot the desire of the
people of this territory that the same
should be divided and said portion
admitted seperately to statehood,
but that they desire admission as a
whole; therefore, be it •
Resolved, That this Abstention do
now adjourn sine die.
During intelligent discussion,
Kanouse, of Sanborn, moved that the
resolution be laid upon the table, he
and his colleagues having determined
to choke the matter as speedily as
possible without giving central Da
kota an opportunity to be heard.
Upen request the vote was called on
the motion to lay on the table, the
motion prevailing by a vote of 59 to
12. Those voting in the negative
were: Mason, McLeod, Dow and
Lay bourne, of Brown; Neill and
LouThien, of Grant? Andrews, of
Hamlin; Cranmer, of JQEdmunds;
Gault }of McPherson; Porter, of
worth; Tousley, of Lincoln, and
Westfall, of Coddington, the latter
explaining his vote by saying that lie
wanted the resolution discussed in-,
stead of tabled. Judge Moody then*
moved that the motion to lay upon
table be reconsidered and the motion
to reconsider be laid upon the talkie
thus forever precluding the possibil
ity of its being rferrectedyrnd also.
(** the minds of mririy, preventing
the convention from at any time
passing a lega| motion to adjourn
sine die. Tfifs was gag riile ad
ministered rin the most arbitrary
manner, and it goes far toward show
ing what we have to expect irStn our
friends in the south in the event of
being left at their mercy. It'will be
observed that the delegate from
Campbell county, Frank Alexander,
was the only member from central;
Dakota voting with the majority. At
this point an adjournment was taken
until 4p. m. r after a {sfommittee on
rules and order of business had been
appointed. ■
jUpon reassembling the committee
submitted a partial report embracing
the names of ral committees
journed untis9 a. in. in order to give
the president an opportunity to select
the mrilribers of the several commit
tees. This morning the president
#1.50 A YEAR, IN ADVANCE, 'I «
’ • J _
v C 3 o.
had but partially performed thi.4
duty arid another adjournment was
taken until this afternoon at 4 o’clock
when the task will be completed. I > t
| The drift of opinion among the dele
gates be pretty under
stood arm it is probable that the ses*
sion will be a busy one. The older
members have a decided leaning to
wards the constijfjjfcm adopted two
years ago and it wST doubtless bcilio
nucleus from which the new one will
be built. Judge sounded the
keynote this morning by asserting
that “we should profit by the worC
of those who precedednis. Woman
suffrajre will awaken very little in
terest, but. prohibition promises to be j
a loading issue. The majority of the
work during the next few days will
be done almost entirely in committee
and until the time comes to disensri
- 4
ine repots the session will be de J
’ gf
Qj- # &
Decidedly damp this week.
Examine those nobby dress
at Humphrey Bros.’
Joseph Rayment is nursing a shat
tered finger, fcho I'esulftrgettingit into
too close proximity to some portion of
the separator while in motidw.
Tea from Japan, canned pears, apri
cots, and green gages from
California, chow chow from Lottdoif,
and all each articles in the grocery line
at H umphrey Bros/
A brotner-in-law of J. E. Proper
arrived in town Tuesday. He has
traveled about all over the territory
and pronounces this the finest place
of all. And that is the verdict in
everv case.
■y |
lical Prorif Notices. Jjjb;.
LanC Office at Aberdeen, Dak., August 31st, is2e.
Notice Littreby given that the following nalried
st ftler has filed notice of his intention to make final*
proof in support of his claim and that said proof will
be made before the register bnfrecejver o&jttefe U. S.
land office at Aberdeen, Dak., on OctqbtpHc, iSSv
viz: Davi» Leu*m<,
for the 11 w % of sec 20. town' 141, range Vv
lie names the following witnesses to pror!F»^j{A)n Ti 7
tenuous residence upor and cultivation of said krtdil
viz: Joseph Baker and Alex Smith of S ,' or , . , ’
P Wtag»nd Charles Raven and William Wiazmer df
Mlw? O. C. T, McCov Reglittcr.^
•11. R. Blanding, A tty. * J}
Land Office at Aberdeen Dak. Ajip lOj ,30..
Notice is hereby given that the foiloiSts
settler has filed notice of‘hfs irm rrtion to’make fioiu-1
proof in stiopon of his claim ami tha
t.e made l.efore Reg. or of U. gfiand office'a|(2
Aberdeen Dak ,on
Decatvr W. Fiu.suy, S
B e 3459 Aberdeen series, for the awj< spe. 34 tp, 18 .
range 63.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
Itnd viz: Peter Larson, Daniel WYadt, Arthur £.
Kingston and Andrew P. Hamerabure. of Warner
D 1'
C. T. McCov. j/iiglaier.
Ralftl L. Brown, Arty.
I.and Office at Aberdcgn, Dak., Julv.jJsUs.
NoitCe,is hereby given tt&t the named
died notice of her intention to make final
proof ffHOipport of her claim'ami that .aid ph of sip
be made before the register or receiver of the U. S.
land office at Aberdeen, Dak., on September 14.
ISBS, viz: Anna M. I.octjyf,
He No j 874, for the north we*t }i of section 3,
town 12! n, rapge #>s wof ;.h pmk She names tbb
following witnesses to prove hercontinugus residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz*. J. A,
Erickson, P. I). Sollie, Hans Erickson and Fraaik.
Leland, all of Rudolph, Brown Co., Dak.
C, T. McCoy, Register. :r
J. W Attv.
Land Ofhce at Aberdeen, D. T.,
Notice is hereby given that followin g named
settler has filed noticeo/ his intention to make tint’d
.Vproi.f in support of his claim ami that said proof
will be tnastle before the register or wteeaver.rif Ihe
land office at Aberdeen, D.T., on Scpttapbcr
viz: Wh,uam R. GallowaV, '
Homstead 93a for the neU£ sec. 25, towntai n. range '
6dw. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said lind, viz: Nichofe... Nev. t«ri P. W&UsL j
Horace Hempstead and Wa». Moak, aw of. Scatter-!®
wood; D, T c. T. McCpy, RegislMFl
Jno. H. Perry, Atty.

Land Office at Aberdeen, D. T.. Sept. 7, ,1
Notice is hereby given the'foUstHng turned j
settler lias filed notice d&his inrention ti» make final J
proof in support of l:i”daim, and 'tWsf said
will be made before the regi ter or receiver oi he <7. S. 3
land office at Aberdeen, J). T., on October . . : ?s. j
vi : Elbert F. Quigley,
Hoihstead 2436 for the nwj* sec. 20, town tax, rang* j
fs l . H nameatlfct following witnesses to prrvo, h»l j
continuous.residence upon, and duLLv4»aoti -£fy said |
land, viz; Newton P. Wells and Win. R. GaiioWay i
of Sduterwot>d,,D. T. and T. j* Shanley and S. A. f
Fleming of Warner L). T. C. T. McCov, Jh .or. 1
Raiph L Brown, Atty |
Lend Office at Aberdeen, PT, Pept 7, t? 3«. I
Notice is hereby given that the followu*js
settler has filed notice of Kb jotentnon mtike fnaH
proof in support offfi; claim, ami t'-.if said pfpof wj«
be made before the register or receiver Of ti;e U <1
land office at Aberdeen, D T. on October 2f
Louis F Hubbard : '•
Homestead 24-5 for the ncL' of see to, townx#ri,' rtfagil
65. lh names the following witneßsc
•roniinuous reswlepce* npttnV’tvmb.atltivation of, ..saidf
land, vi#:. • New»a J? W<j|La§d;\teri i .R Dallbv. ay, off
Scatte-wtiod, P-T, and T J S'panh vva,jßd».S AhfiatffcJ
inc of Warnei, I) X C T .1 , , j
Rhlph L Brown, ,
!.and office at Aberdeen Dak, Sept, 7, lffiMim
Notice is hereby given that the follmvtng’ naMl
settler has filed notice of his intention to. jfiar i .:
proof in support of his clwim and that rs ; ... pMof
will be made before the Register or
Land Office at Aberdeen, D T. oil October ex|
Charles A,.Tower I
D S for .he a w « of sec 1 TQi?i R 66
the following witness.; to ».ehjrs his ..fonttnuous pot
rJence upon and cultivation' 7> sftfd wPa' j 7
win Fisk, Edward Daniels, Samuel Punches bran*
I’iatt, alt of W arner nak, |
C T McCoyJ&crpst*#
Jno H Perry Atty . ;

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