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VOL 3. NO. 6.
Full Stock at Lowest Possible Prices
Agent for the Jewel, Adams and Westlake Gasoline Stoves.
Lumber, Lath, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
We carry the largest stock of Lumber In Brown County
m* • • . r •
The Celebrated St. Patti Harvester,
Z, Than which no better machine is manufactured.
•«? ... -qu;r. A J
Monitor Plows, Sulky Rakes aiid Mowers.
■ *^ N *' , '»' ,krwrw w
Harness, Saddles, Whips, 3 Blankets,
Fly Nets, Comb*, Brushes, etc., etc.

Gasoline always on hand,
Building Material of Every Description
carries a full STOCK OF
E !
» f
What the'Constitution Makers are
Doing for a Lost Causer
Sioux Falls, Sept. 16,1885.
The convention still drags its weary
leilgth along, and, from present appear
ances, we should judge that it will con
tinue to drag its aforesaid weary length
for at least ten days from the present
writing. Action ujxm all matters is
slow, so slow, indeed, that many of the
members ar# becoming weary of the
monotony and propose feaving for
home the latter part of the week. For
instance, the entire forenoon session to
day in committee-of-the-whole was
consumed in discussing two sections of
the report of the legislative committee.
Verily it appears that there are men in
this convention who, fearing they may
never have another opportunity to be
come conspicious, are determined to
inflict themselves upon a long-suffering
audience on the slightest provocation—
and sometimes without any provocation
at all. But it should not be inferred
that the convention is composed solely
of this pestilential class. There are
men here who compare favorably with
any in the United States —men who
make their presence felt and whose
opinions, when expressed, carry more
weight with their associates than the
windy platitudes of the more ambitious.
We cannot but see that many of those
who have heretofore been prominent in
territorial affairs have maintained their
positions by sheer cheek and a persistent
pushing to the front. But tlieif days
are numbered and we predict for them
a speedy relegation to their proper
Since our last letter very little has
been accomplished, but one report, that
of the committee on hiilitary affairs,
having been approved and engrossed.
Several other reports are now in readi
ness, however, and the next few days
will see considerable business dis
patched. From present indications we
should judge that the constitution fin
ally prepared by the convention will be
a creditable document, the principal
regret being that it can be productive
of so little good. Its legislation upon
matters more directly effecting the
people will be satisfactory in the main,
a strong manifestation having already
been made in favor of restricting rail
road corporations, prohibiting special
legislation and preventing members of
the legislature fJtom accepting consid
erations to bias their official actions.
The prohibitionists are getting to the
front and displaying considerable
alacrity in the furtherance ofltheir
hobby, yet it is stiLL probabLC that the
question wiLL be submitted to die peo
pLe in a seperate cLause, many of the
more poLitic being afraid to burden
th§. constitution with anything that
might tend to bring out an opposing
vote. Yet there are not Lacking those
who want it engrafted in the consti
tution or dropped aLtogether, not be*
ing content that the peopLe sbouLd say
for themselves whether or not they de
sire to Live under its There
ate fanatics in every cause.
The democratic members are cLam
orous for a representation,
CLause, and it is not impossibLe that
a proposition to that effect will be
aLso submitted separate Ly.• To. this
there shouLd be no objection, for, as
the peopLe are sovereign, no body
shouLd take unto itseLf to say whether
they do or do not favor a particuLar
subject when their reaL feeLiugs can
be ascertained so easily.
By next week we hope to report some
thing more defiuate, but at the present
time any .assertion in regard to the
action of the convention is little more
than mere supposition. Mac.
Horses working in the field require
watering more than three times a day.
When, a horse plunges its head deep
into the trough to drink, it \s injurious
ly thirsty, and has been suffering. While
the owner visits the water jug kept In
the shade about once every hour, he
scarcely' ever th nks of his team, labor
ing in the dust and suffering from t first.
It is a good plan to carry a Supply of.
water to the field for the horses ou a
light drag which is as easily taken as
to drive the horses or lead them to the
field in harness alone, and it would Iw
a grateful change to carry a bunch of
fonder along, to give them a mouthful
when they rest*‘at times. Regularity in
watering "horses is a point which ought
to be carefully observed, because Mipy
will worry, When thirsty, until relieved.
Soft water for drinking purposes is
preferable to hard water. —Avneritoh
AtfriouUuriaL , x /
Passenger -
—Batting at G., M. & Co's.
.—Rom, on the 15 inst., to Mr. and
Mr-;. S. M. Wright, a boy.
—Pickled codfish, the first sold in
Warner, at G. M. & Co’s.
—A fine assortment of horse blank
ets just received at L. U. Hanson’s.
—Mr. Martin McDonald, of Alma,
Wis., was in town Sunday visiting old
—Rev. G. A. Brandt will preach in
the town hall {Sunday afternoon at
three o’clock.
—WanteD-t-A good servant girl at
Warner House. Wages guaranteed
to be satisfactory.
—A full liue of boots and shoes
just received at Green, Macleod & Co’s.
Call and see the bargains.
—Last week was exceptionally porn
one for threshing, but machines started
up agaiu fresh Tuesday morning.
—Fancy glassware at G., M. <& Co,s.
—L. A. Hubbard is erecting a resi
dence oh thfe east sidtf, which lie will
occupy during the winter mouths.
—Sngars are going up and it will
pay you to lay iu your winter’s supply.
For prices call on Green, Macleod
& Co. ■-
—Thanks to President C. A. Bliss
for a complimentary to the second
annual fair of the Brown county Agri
cultural and Industrial Society.
—Honey, 10c per lb., atG., M. & Co’s.
--All parties indebted to Dr. Cook
are requested to call and pay up, on or
before October Ist, 1885, as the Doctor
mteuds starting for Europe at that
time. 4 ,
—Swan Kelson hasn’t said anything
about it himself, but, nevertheless, he.
feekJ awfully proud of the little daugh
ter -which arrived to brighten his
—Stanard prints, from 5c to 8e At
G., M. & (Jo’s. W-,
—M. Cole urgently requests those
having accounts with him lo call and
settle at once. He helped folks out
uurmg the summer and now wants
folks to help him out.
—The Westport Watchman is again
in the arena and this time, we hope, it
lias come to stay. liro. Spence s ex
tensive experience insures W estport a
newspaper that will do it proud.
—T. J, Lawrence, Sen., of Koudeli,
is in receipt of a letter containing the
gratifying intelligence tnat he lias
iaiieu heir to a snug fortune*
Tom is to be oougratulated and is cer
tainly deservnig oi his good luck.
—W. B. Burdick returned from
Huron Friday night after playing in
tv/o ball games tietween that town and
Calliope lor $ >OO a side each. Calli
ope won the first game and Huron the'
second, Burdick pitching in the latter
—iSiow is the time to pay up your
subscription. We have carried many
delinquents for over a year past and
expeet them to couie to the trout now
that tuey are able. Besides this we
have just ordered a large supply of
new type and other material to effect
a decided improvement m The Sun,
all of which puts us under heavy
—A. S. ChesebrO returned from
StPaul Monday morning with a
newly wedded wife in the person of
Stella Miller, formerly a resident
of this place, and has been industriously
setting up the cigars ever since. Mr.
Cheaebro has kept batchleris hall for
fours fears and? is certainly entitled to
the happiness which falls to his lot.
The bux extends hearty congratula
—A very pleasant party of the im
mediate friends of Mrs. A. M. Galloway
of isewhope, met at her residence or
Thursday, Sept. Iff, to tin
marriage of her only sou, Win. A
Galloway, and Miss Alta JL). Brooks
formerly of Chenango Co., N. Y.
daughter of Henry V. Brooks, now o
Kewhopo. After the union of thes<
two most promising •of Newliope’i
young people by Key. *S. T* Brown
pastor of the M. F. Church of Aberdeei
a bountiful repast was well enjoyed
and, altogether, it wasa hagpy ottmiov
jyiqcli joy and a long and pleasant hf
together is tho wish of the friends c
Mr. and Mrs. Gfclioway.
■ . m
4 . —TTj
Items from Armadale.
The little drl of J. B. Churchills p
has reforered from the severe attack
of cholera morbus.
Good male laborers readily command
$1.50 or $2.00 per day wages, or from
S3O to‘sso per month, and few can be
secured even -at these high wages. M
Have had a large fail of water dur
ing the past ten days, winch makes the
ground in good condition for fall plow-*
ing; but so mqch rain is detrurncptal
to stacking and threshing.
Our items for the Bun this weok J
will be like angola visits, few, and
fur between, as ye scribe has been quite S
indisposed for a number of days, but Ip|
hope to be “on deck*’ next, week with a
big batch.
We have two land lookers and-land
buyers here from St. Lawrence county
N. Y., and they expect soon to become
residents here and owners *of Spink *
county fertile soil. Wo extend a web
come to all such settlers.
Mrs. Mosher, of this towti, for some
weeks has been lying at tne point of f
death—a couucil of doctors having
been called on her case, and her child
ren bidding her a last good bye, as was
supposed, on several Successive nights;
but wo are happy to say that she isS
now some better, and hopes are enter
tained of her recovery.
The yield of wheat in this township
as far as threshing has been done, is
much below the estimates made a few &
weeks ago—w.e should say, as far as has
been reported to us, from 12 to 18
oushels per acre—a fair average would
be 15 bushels, some small patches ‘
may have produced 20 bushels, but it
is an exception to the general return
in large areas.
J, B. Churchill is at Sioux Falh, aft
delegate from this county to the Con
stitutional Convention. From a pri
vate letter from Jim, we learn that he
and “Mac” of the Sun, room together
at the “Cataract Ho use.” dele
gates will enjoy themselves hbgely—
make Romo howl—paint Sioux FaHfti
red—draw their per diem—vote yeb J
and no, and come home sometime.
The following paragraph which wo
transcribe from an eastern paper, bias
the merit of sound reasoning:
“Prohibitionists do not believe in the jf|
“taxation and regulation” theory. Tlieyfl
believe if a mad dog were turned loose
with a high license collar around his g|
neck, a big tax receipt on hm back, and
a revenue stamp tied to hrs tail, he
would be a mad dog still. Jlis uaturd
would not be changed, and his bite
would be as deadly as ever. Just sp
thqy believe the dram-shop is a dram
shop ever and always* and that it will
do the same deadly work .when plas
tered all over with tax receipts inside
and that it will when the siA®j
“free whisky” swings over the door. . lt£
nature will not be ehauged. Thcse
is but one way to render either mad
dog or dram-shops harmless, kill it—
Sept. 14, 1885. Lorenzo,
>t 1
The duck season has arrived.
Ttye fall plowing is progressing finely
since the late fains. >y
H. I. Slack submitted final proof oh p
his homestead last week. -i
Several of our youug folks took w 1!
the dance at Mellette last Friday
MrS. J. E* Prosser and children loft
for Clinton,lowa* last week to be absent
this fall and winter.,
W ' *
Humphrey Bros.’ can save you from
$2 to $4 on a spleudid fur coat, bee
their samples before buying. ,
C. L. Delaitte, representing the whole *
sale grocery house of Geo. R.
& Co., Minneapolis, was iu town .i
Friday. . AriMRS!
S. Wheeler was solicitiing subsciijL
tions to the farmers’ elevator,
last week and so far has met with good 1
■ success. . -Jl
The school board have rented 1b A A
, David house* th red-fourths of a mile
east of town and opened a term cr
school Monday morning. t
Tho Rondel! Signal is the title of, a i
new paper just started ?n this town,, v
b copy of which is before us. The pub|s
3 Ushers • are Messrs. Humphrey Bum.
, who occupy the larger portion oi the
a paper to advertise their business# All
1, Dakota towns of any importance^-hnt>
t. ever hav6 a newspaper ncrw-u-Liya feA'l
e that the field in houdcll was Jtdl’TU'
f cultivated so long has been a niystm
- 8:30 B.m,
- 10: , 6a.ra.
- 4:45 p.m.
8:12 JTft.

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