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Corvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County.
The Corporation recently organ
ized in our city, with life perpetual,
is suggestive of the fact, that this
age is very progressive. Bodies
corporate, largely take and occupy
a field according to the standard of
its official heads. Few persons
comprehend the great sacrifice,
made by the philanthropic , gentle
men, who thus devote their time
and means to the social, moral and
athletic upbuilding of the commun
ity. The world is indeed slow, to
appreciate true greatness. The so
cial, moral, financial and intellect
ual standing of the presiding offi
cers of this new corporation, is a
sure guarantee of its intrinsic
worth. With such men at its head,
no better endorsement could be giv
en to the city, of its real merits and
durability. The social horizon will
be clear as noonday, and the moral
wave at its zeDith, when the club is
anchored on Pisgah's holy heights,
bv its official heads. Horab's rpck
t will soon be smitten by the wand of
President Geer, intellectual and
moral warmth will be focallized on
society by "Happy Hooligan" as
keeper of the seal, while "Mike
Kline" sitting as Master of the ex
checquer,' will generate a flow of
sociability, truly life giving. No
higher tests of the perpetuity and
stability of the body corporate
could be given. From no constel
lation could three brighter stars
have been selected; and with their
names-emblazoned in golden letters
01 the escutcheon of the club, ab
solute fruition is insured. The or
ganization is to be congratulated on
the personnel of its heads men who
in their own persons represent so
much of social, moral and intellect
ual worth. The sign in black let
ters, "members admitted only," is
too much suggestive of "close com
munion," and seemingly too re
strictive, while, "trepasser3 hand
lel according to law" is a stunner.
Is a poor "trespasser" in sore need
of moral and social development to
be deprived the ministrations of the
corporation? Is it possible, by
pure oversight in the "Articles,"
no chair of "Morals" was establish
ed, nor chair for the "Dissemina
tion of Ethics"? That the corpo
r ition may fully attain to the ob
jects of its inception, why not file
Supplemental Articles and estab
lish the Chairs omitted by the
Deacon McGee has thorougihly
established himself, and could well
fill the chair of Morals, with indi
rect powers as class and devotional
leader; while parson Blumberg in
t he chair of Ethics with full power
as dispenser would clothe the club
for aggressive' work in this world of
sin! To emphasize the athletic
objects of the corporation, why
would it not be in order to have
iHappy Hooligan appear on River
street next Sunday' at 2 p. m. in
equestrian form as "Buffalo Bill"
with Mike Kline, astride the trick
donkey called "Club of Diamonds"
with McGee and Blumberg, in f ac
cerdotal vestments bearing the
archives of the corporation?
The S. P. is selling round trip
tickets between Corvallis and Port
laud for $3 good going Saturdays
or Sundays and returning Sunday
or Monday following, either on
East or West side, but good, only
on afternoon train from Albany to
Portland on Satutdays if East side
is taken. Passengers to pay local
fare between Corvallis and Albany.
Lots of Fun.
Taking pictures. We have fine cam
Graham & Wells., ,
"I stuck to my engine, although every
' joint ached and every nerve was racked
with pain." writes C. W. Bellamy, a lo
comotive fireman, of Burlington, Iowa.
"I was weak and pale, without any appe
tite and all run down. As I. was about
to give up, I got a bottle of Electric Bit
ters, and after taking it, I felt as well as
I ever did in my life." Weak, sickly,
run down people always gain new life,
strength and vigor from their use. Try
rhem. Satisfaction guaranteed by Allen
Wood-eard. Price 5o cents. -
They Were Re-wedded on Their Gold
en Anniversary A Social
Sunday. August 5th, at 4their
home near Belief ountain, Mr. and
Mrs. William Rees celebrated their
golden wedding.
They were married in Jasper
county Iowa in 1855, and in 1863,
answering the call of the West,
came by prairie schooner to Ore
gon, where they settled in JJnicn
county. After a stay of six years
in Union county they moved to
their present home where they have
resided for 36 years. ,
Seven children were born to them
six of whom are living, one being
buried at the cemetery near Belle
fountain. There are also ten
grandchildren and four greatgrand
children. Many presents were given, chief
among which was a gold watch and
chain presented to the bride by the
eroom. The bride was attired
much in the fashion of olden time,
her hair being dressed the same as
when, a blushing young bride, she
went to the altar.
Mrs. L-ee Henkle of this city is a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rees.
List of Glaims Ordered Paid at August
h Term of County Court.
The following is a statement of
the claims allowed, and en what ac
count same were allowed by the
county court at its regular session
August 2d, 1905, to-wit:
' J. P. Court:
J. D. Wells $3.20.
Current Expenses;
Corvallis Independent Tel. Co 4.5o.
Corvallis Gazette $15.00
Glass & PrUdhomme 3.09.
P. S. T. & T. company 1.00.
Corvallis Times 20.00.
Court house expense.
F. L Miller 0.70. 0
J. D. Wells 40.00
Expense county poor:
George E. Lilly 5-50- -Mrs.
G. W. Fuller 6.00.
Moses Bros. 5.00.
Nolan & Son 2. 25.
E. Bennett, M. D., 5-00.
Mrs. David Huggins 129.C0
Expense ferries:
J. El Michael 53 5o. -O.
W. Beck with 1.00. .
Roads and bridges:
J D Wells 16.00
Benton Co. L. Co. 20.65.
Corvallis Transfer Co. o.5o.
Lynn Bailey I6.00.
James Bailey 14.68.
W C Corbett 6.50.
R. M. Gilbert 78.25.
Charles Bardwell 25.00
R W Jones 37.00.
Jacob Tevebaugh 6.60.
R R Gilbert 27.00.
Hathaway Bros. 81.00. '
J R Smith & Co. 20 30.
C W Cooper 9.90. ,
J W. Walters & Son 397.98.
A R Locke 62.50.
H M Fleming 67.50.
W A Schmidt 7.50. '
O L Davis 33. 75.
E M Dodele 25.00.
Jno Price 56.25. .
W M Clark 47.50.
A Cadwalader 47.50.
W P McGee 78.75.
J R Fehler 90.00. ' "
E A Buchanan 68.75, -
J E Banton 125.00.
. E N Starr 58.75.
D B Farley 118.75.
J MHerron I5.00.
Doke Gray 50.00.
S R Strow 29.37.
HenryJHector I8.75.
J O Wilson 21.25.
A M Gray 48.12.
M P Fruit 7.50.
A M Austin 3.50.
Benton County Cit. League 100. 00
Witnesa prosecuting Atfk.:
F R Over lander I.50.
Cal Kramer 6.00
Lewis & Clark Exposition: ,
S L Kline 6.16.
P E Johnston 195. ,
Virgil E Watters I4.35. . ;
H S French 50.00
H L French 81.60.
N L Rabsr 72.03. 1
Special road fund No. 13.
F L. Miller 18.00.
J M Nolan & Son 1 1.70. '
Willamette Valley Bank 45.I5.
County Clerk.
Bay It Now.
. . . m - 1 .
is tne time to ouy onamDermin s
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
certain to be needed sooner or later and when
that time comes you will need it badly you
will need it quickly. ; Buy it now. - It may
save life. For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Use Good Paint
S. W. P. the best. We have paint for
every purpose.
All colors.' .
Graham & Wells. .
New Gasoline Wood Saw. - .
I am now ready to attend promptly
to all orders. Ind. phone 835;
W. R. Hansell.
At Seattle 0. A. C. Football Team's
Thanksgiving Game This
O. A. C. wili play the Thanks
giving game of football this year
at Seattle, and with the University
of Washington team. Thanksgiv
ing day falls on the 30th of No
vember. It was the turn of the
Washington men to come to Corval
lis, as O. A. C. went to Seattle last
year; but the Washington men off
ered him so large a figure to come
to Seattle, that Manager
Fred Stimson felt compelled
to accept. The Seattle trip and
the California trip, including as
they do, a journey through more
than two-thirds of the Coast, will
give members of the team a lot of
sight-seeing and in part repay them
for the trouble of training.
Very few dates in the. schedule
have yet been closed and but little
is as yet known as to what the final
program of games will be. A con
tract was signed Saturday for a
game at CorvalHs October 7th. with
Chemawa. An application has
been received from Pullman for a
game at Corvallis. Manager Stim
son is endeavoring to arrange the
financial end of the proposition so
the Washingtonians can be pro
grammed. They played in Cor
vallis two years ago, and were de
feated by a score of five to naught.
That is the only occasion on which
the two teams have met.
But Not a Has Been Hoof ed it seven
Miles for Hunter's License.
There are sundry persons here
about who consider, themselves
thoroughbred Nimrods. Not one
of them, however, is in a class with
Reuben Gant of Philomath, who is
87 years of age, and who journey
ed afoot from Philomath to Corval
lis Monday to take out a hunter's
license. The distance is seven
miles, and the thermometer that
day rose to g5, which two facts,
coupled with that cher statement
that Mr. Gant is, to be exact, 87
years and three months old, and al
so that he did the stunt to get a
hunter's license, makes the per
formance one which the ordinary
Nimrod may well contemplate with
astonishment. Where for instance,
will Burnett, Rennie, Callahan,
Huston, Kiger, Wilson and Bryson
be when each is aged 87 years and
three months? True enough, the
temperature at that place where
they may then be wayfarers might
be 95 degrees or even more, but
not one of the bunch will be hoof
ing it seven miles to get a hunter's
license. As a Nimrod, Mr. Gant is
in a class strictly by himself, and all
the other sportsmen about town
should doff their hats to him.
Engineer Miller to Make More Sur
veys of Rock Creek Pipe Line.
A letter to the Water Board re
lates that Engineer Miller left
Athena yesterday for Seattle, and
that he will reach Corvallis the lat
ter - part of the current week. A
re-survey of the route for the pipe
line, particularly that portion near
est the proposed intake on Rock
Creek, will probably be undertaken
at once. It is hoped that by going
further up the creek, the pipe line
may yet be gotten over the ridge
into the Woods Creek water shed,
with a resultant shortening of the
line and a lower estimated cost of
the undertaking. It is the hope of
the engineer and the belief of the
board that a good working margin
may yet be obtained between the
estimated cost of the work and the
limit of expenditure authorized, so
that the final operations may be un
dertaken with perfect safety. As
soon as it becomes apparent that
there is such a margin, , operations
will be pushed to the uttermost.
The regular meeting of the water
board occurred Monday night.
The report of the special committee,
consisting of F. L. Miller, S. L.
Kline and J. R. Smith, which made
the contract for the services of En
gineer Miller, was read and adopt
ed. The report of the ; election for
authorizing bonds was made by
Clerk Kline. .
All new wall paper at Blackledge's.
One Dollar Saved Represents
- Dollars Earned.
The average man does not save to exceed
ten per cent, of his earnings. He must spend
nine dollars in living expenses for every
dollar saved. That being the case he can
not be too careful about' unnecessary ex
penses. Very often a few sents properly in
vested, like buying seeds for his garden, will
save several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It costs
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor's bill of several dollars.
For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Which the Most Consistent The Sit
uation From one View Point.
Man ? Why, of course, he is in
consistent, a bunch, in fact of in
consistencies. But what of her, -amiable,
lovely woman! At the
Woman's Christian Convention,
she made the neatest, sweetest little
speech about the sinfulness of tale
bearing and gossip and, at the af
ternoon tea the next day she dis
pensed to the company more gossip
about tne neighbors than did all
the rest of the assembly put togeth
er. '
She belonged to a society for the
prevention of cruelty to animals,
but she made the poor dressmaker
work day and night to get her ball
dress ready on time, and then for-"
got to pay the dressmaker for week
and weeks.
She belonged to the society for
the amelioration of humankind, but
she was keen on hunting bargains
that were made possible by the toil
and sufferings of her sisters in noi
some sweat shops.
She reprimanded a small boy who
threw a stone at a cat, yet she drove
a pair of horses with docked tails.
She wrote a beautiful article for
the local paper advocating organiz-
uuon or AuauDon societies among
boys and girls, then donned a hat
containing three stuffed birds and
gaily went to an editor's sanctum to
submit the article.
She was chairman of the commit
tee on social science at the club,
and gave the servant girl a cheer
less garret with broken and marred
She was prominent in her church
kensington and read a paper de
ploring the fact that the poor do
not attend church more, and while
reaaing it she wore silks and satins
enough to defray the living expen
ses of the avenge workingman's
family for six months.
Something about the inconsist
ency of the men might be added to
this, but space is too limited to make
even a start on this subject.
Crops in Arkansas Season so wet
farmers Couldn t Work their
A private latter to Captain George
A. Robinson from B. J? . Butcher,
nephew, tells ot unfortunate crop
conditions in Arkansas. It says:
"We have made a complete fail
ure m almost everything this year,
in our part of the country. There
will not be over one-fifth of the us
ual cotton crop. Fifty to seventy-
five per. cent of the land is lying
out. and 25 per cent of what has
been planted the crop could not be
worked. I have not ploughed
three days on my farm in six weeks..
It rained much in April, nearly all
of May and has rained so incessant
ly since that the working of the
land was impossible. I can count
five farms south of me lying on the
prairie on Garland's Creek that
made last year about 175 bales of
cotton that will not make five this
year. Farmers are very despond
ent, and it is needless to say that
merchants are correspondingly
blue. Perhaps enough will be pro
duced for the people to live on, but
there will be nothing to pay debts
with. It is hard to see what the
just what the result will be. It
rained so incessantly through the
spring and summer that some did
not, bv actual count get to work
but four days. It stopped raining
the last week in May, and after
three weeks began again and has
continued until four days ago.
Nothing like it has ever happened
here in the memory of our oldest
people. The waters have been
higher and more washouts : on the
railroads than ever before. Every
thing is very high ana money so
scarce that it can scarcelv be had
at all." ;
Oregon's shortened crop is a dis
appointment to Oreeronians, but it
is abundant compared to the con
ditions described above.
' ' ' For Sale.
Wagons, hacks, plows, harrows, . and
mowers, driving horses, draft horses,
buggies and harness; fresh cows. If
you want to buy, come in.- lean save
you money. .
" H, M. Stone,
" Hay For Sale.
Vetch and alfalfa, best cow hay in the
Ind Tel 155. L. L. Brooks.
For Sale.
90 cords oak grab wood. Inquire
of F. L. Howe, Corvallis, Or., R.
F. D. No 1.
When in need of hay and grub oak
wood in 4 ft. 16 inch length. Telephon
L. L. Brooks
Pioneer Gun Store
Hunters' Supplies, Fishing Tackle,
Sporting Goods, Sewing Mach. Extras,
Keys of all Kinds, and Fine Cutlery
For Bicycles, Ammun
ition, Fishing Tackle,
Sporting Goods, Etc'
J Kv Berry, Salesman
The Right Prices.
Two Doors South
Sunday Excursions.
Taking effect Sunday and continuing
every Sunday throughout the summer
excursion trains on the Corvallis & East
ern will run sharp on the following
L eave Albanr.
7 130 a. m.
8:o0 '
8;50 '
9:5 '
9:25 '
10:00 '
10:13 '
' Nashville
' Eddyville
- Chitwood
' Morrison
Elk City
10:21 '
10:55 '
Arrive Yaquina 10:20 '
, Newport 12-00 N.
Leave 5-00 p. in.
Returning trin arrives at Corvallis
at 9-2o p. m. ; Albany 9-55 p. m.
Fare Corvallis, Philomath to New
port and return, 1.50. West of Phi
lomath to Chitwood inclusive, $1; all
points west of Chitwood to Storrs inclu
sive .75; all points west of Storrs, 50
Gen. pass. Agent.
To Lewis and Clark Fair Over the
Southern Pacific.
Individual Kates
Rate One and one third fare for the
round trip, 3.50.
Sale Date Daily from May 29th to Oct
ober 15, 1903.
Limit Thirty days but not later than
October 31st, 1905.
Parties of lo or more
Parties of 10 or more from one point,
must travel together on one ticket both
wajs, party tickets will be sold as fol
lows ;
Rate One fare for the round trip, $2.60.
Sale Date Daily from May 29th to Oct
ober 15th, 1905.
Limit Ten days. .
Organized Parties,
For organized parties of one hundred or
more moving on one day from one place
individual tickets will be sold as follows:
Rate One fare for the round trip, $2.60.
Sale Date Daily from May 29th to Oct-
ober 15th, 1905.
Limit Ten days.
c For further information call on
W. E. Coman,
Gen. Pas. Agt. .
. E. Farmer,
Agt. Corvallis.
To co ntract from one to three carloads
etch teed if price is reasonable.
L. L. Brooks,
Telephone 155 Mt. View.
Gasoline Wood Saw.
: I have purchased the Boddy gasoline
saw and can execute orders for wood
sawing promptly. Indp. phone 339,
Link Chambers.'
- For Sale.
Fir wood for sale. G. H. Carl,
near C. & E. depot. jul-2o-4t
Good JJtorT Stomach.' Trouble and
Constipation. '
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets have done me a great deal of good,"
says C, Towns, of Rat Portage, Ontario,
Canada. "Being a mild physic the after
effects are not unpleasant, and I can recom
mend them to all who suffer from stomach
disorder." For sale by Graham & Wortham.
All Fresh Goods.
-of the Post Office.
Oak Wood for Sale
Enquire of S. A. Hall on P. A
Kline no. 2; or I. D. Bodine, Ind
phone 290.
Wood Sawing.
Done promptly. ,Satisfactio n
guaranteed and prices' reasonable
ind phone 349 or 692. T
Cummings & Cady.
Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man enduring
pains ot accidental Cats, Wounds. Bruis
es, Burns, Scalds, Sore feet or stiff joints
But there's no need for it. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and cure
the trouble. It's the best Salve on earth
for Piles, too. 25c. at Allen & Wood
ward's, druggists.
People who have a telephone need
only to notify Graham & Wells any
time they want drug store goods. We
guarantee to satisfactorily fill any tele
phone order yon mav s nd jr. "
Teachers Examination.
Notice is hereby given tha the coun
ty superintendent of Benton connty will
hold the regular examination of appli
cants for state and county papers at Cor
vallis, Oregon, as follows:
For State Papers.
Commencing Wednesday Aug. 9, at
9 o'clock a. m. and continning until
Saturday, Aug 12 at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday-Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, bookkeeping, phy
sics. civil government.
Friday-Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical
Saturday-Botany, . plane geometry,
general history, English literature, , psy
For County Papers,
Commencing Wednesday August 9, at
9 o'clock a. m. and continuing until Fri
dav Aug il at 4 o'clock p. m.
First, Second and Third wade Cert.
Wednesday-Penmanship, history, or
thography, reading,
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, physiology. '
Friday-Geography, mental arithmetic
school law, ciyil government.
Primary Certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthography
arithmetic, reading.
Thursday-Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, physiology.
Notice is further given to all appli
cants for county papers, persons not
known to the county board of examiners
will be required to furnish testimonials
of good moral character before certificate
will be issued. ""-
Notice is further given that the author
ity on -which answers in theory of teach
in g will be held is White's Art of Tea
Dated this 29th day of July 1905, at Cor
vallis; Oregon.
School Snpt. Benton Co . Ore. -
From Corvallis, July 22 a dark
brown horse, white stripe on nose,
one white hind foot, weight 1050.
Finder will be rewarded by sendin g
word or delivering tq Vidito Bros.
Leder Bros,
Have an up-to-date steam
Threshing Machine with self-feeder
and blower, and are prepared to
thresh all kinds of grain, at custo
mary prices They have been in
business for seventeen years and
guarantee good work. Your pat
ronage is solicited. - .
Write or call on them at Corval
lis; or phone to them at R. M.
Wade & Co.'s store in Corvallis.

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