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WL XIX.-No. 2
B.F. IBTnn Editor
and Proprietor
J. Ho Harris
For the
Hany Receipts
Explosion Wrecks the Outlet
Fire Follows and Cuts of Min-
From Rescue Total
! ,1193 Dead. -
Of the very lat9st spring wash fabrics are to
be seen at our store. This spring brings the
prettiest and most attractive cotton fabrics
and the loveliest wool and silk dress goods of
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Prices are the lowest r-" o '" - o- C-- o
Pendlefon'i' b'r.; March 10. War
broke put last night between the
Paris, March 10. A mine catas
trophe of in.leijlable -iiprror and
magnitude has Btricken'the great
ceal center . of Northern : France. I
An explosion of fire jdamp at 7 o- ' miners who entered pit ? have yet 1 senior and junior classes of the Pen-
clock this morning "carried death peso brought out, , Of the $oo min- dleton High School and as a result
ana aesirucnon turougaoui tue utn-i c wuu uraucuuu tuie tuia ujuru-1 mus uiua uaeuiueis ui ino senior
mg, aoooramg to, a aispatcn trom l cross nave Deen spenaing tneir oat
Lens, 388 have been brought bat, arday 'boliday In scraping ' white
bat the rescue of the others ' is; im- paint and axle grease out of their
Dosalble.' r In Dlt"3 bnlv113 nifenout hair.: while theirvfond ! barents are
of 443 have been ,rescuedi'' and, as Lcalentating the cbSt.bf ''college edu-
, A number of the jaiuorr hoisted
I f"1 ny-Tr alii a -
"i T '
. i1
. - a
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LL '!-
i X
region rThe most agonizing scenes 1 f) A f lSIPrVTAHT'TR
are witnessed at the pit mouths . Xllll 1 1-4 U W 111 1 LZt
and the gendarmes . experience; the
Utmost difficnltv in reatraininc the
crpwas oi.peopie eager to , asoertain REVENGE OF JUKIORS ON
the fate of their relatives. At Lille
eetlmatea of the dead are from looo
to 12oo. which numbers, However,
are given, under ' all reserve until
more exact figures are! obtainable.
; pas is pouring into pit 2, "pre
venting an .entrance, and it is im
possible to 'succor the men ' impris
oned there., "'In pit 3 the cages will
not work, having been damaged by
tbe explosion'. The rescue work,
therefore, is progressin mainly in
;,lTn miners from pU' ll 'were re
moved alive, but none ' of the 858
Two Under.Classmen Had Previ
ously Been Coated With Red Z
Lead and Oil at Flag Fight , 1
-; Cut Halyards and
Greased the Pole.
owed revenge. - ----vJ,
The faculty: and . school .board
may etep in as a Hague conference
to prevent further disfigurement
of walks' and ' buildings. Parental
ire may also take a band.
Jl Things are HoiW5 Ready
Having secured the services of J. K. Berry,
who has eight years experience in bicycle
and general repair work, I am now prepared
to all kinds of repair work on short notice.
All Work Guaranteed
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speciaHist, or come and see us. We take pleasure in
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showing you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan and Insurance
Gor.vallis and'Philomath, Oregon.
work of coal mines jcentsred at Co'i;
ieres, and fire followed the "iexplo--sion,
making rescue" diffioulj and
almost Impossible,,.: :' ;r" V j t ' i
fusipio bet"vicinity prventeiJ ear
ly estimates of the eiact loss of life
butaVdisptc'h; received here'it:35
p3 "m-'gaveyi04 Vswre i ntoriibed
anfpf obahlyj lost? ;A t45 o'clock
th,is' evening a toriet&ipatoif' trom
Ule jmnouoced thetotal f of 1193
defd All I'rance has esil'pr6found
ly ghocked by the. magnitude of the
disaster which is' said ' t6'. be ' the
greatest in the history 6C,Continen-
iar mining ;, f resjuen. . raiiieroB
sent liis secrettry .accompdlnied by
Minister of Public Works .Qautleri
and Minister of the Interior Dubiefs
on, a special train, to 'the scene bf
me aiBaater. iae tuioiBiBriai uiisis
was .temporarily forgotten , "senators
Und deputies joining in the un ive-'
ai puouc manuesiaiione oi & criow
i;ne-scene oi me caiaairop oe
the mountainous 'mining region
near Lens, in the department of
Pas de Calais. Here, are huddled
sm all hamlets of ' the' mine workers
who operate tbe "most : productive
coal mines in France. - The subter
ranean chambers form a series of
tunnels. Six of .tbe . outlets are
near Lens. -'- - ! " ' ' 'i'-r;;
The output of these mines is par
ticularly combustible, and is large
ly used in the manufacture of gas
and In smelting. About 2,000 min
ers work the group of mines, and
with their families ". make a popula
tion of from 6,000 to 8,oco souls.
Tbe explosion took place shortly
after 1795 men had descended into
the mine this morning.,, There was
a deafening explosjoo, which was
followed by the cages and 'mining
apparatus being horled from - the
mouth of "the Courrieres mine: Men
and horses Jnear by . outside the
mine were -either stunned or kill
ed. Tbe roof of the mine office was
torn off. ..
Immediately after the explosion
flames burst from the mouth or the
pit, driving back those who sought
to enter, and dooming those witbio
The. families of the entombed
miners crowded the shaft seeking
fathers or husbands, and threaten
ing, in their efforts to obtain de
tails, to force back the. gendarmes
who kept them from the mouth of
the pit. The populace of the die
trict is appalled by the disaster,
which effects every household.
Those " persons who were rescued
were terribly burned.
,. The latest estimates place those
taken out at 59i. Throughout the
afternoon the efforts were continu
ed, but nightfall brought conviction
that the entombed men had been suf
focated, and the dispatch from Lille
at 8:45 p. m. announcing tbe cum
ber of the dead at 1193 appears, io
remove the last hope that others
may be brought to the surface alive.
The cages in which the miners
descended in to pits 2, 3 and 4 were
at .7 o'clock this morning hurled
about 30 feet from the mouth of the
shaft. A miner working near the
mouth was killed and a horse was
blown into the air. Some of the
imprisoned miners sought to escape
to the pits which remained intact
and several rescues were made.
The firet cages came up at 10 o
clock with about a dozen and a half
suffocated men, who were promptly
taken to the hospital.
. Toward noon wounded workmen
were "brought" in baskets and the
bodies of. two dead men were taken
from pit 10. - It was feared the re
mainder had been asphyxiated.
Assistance rfached Courriere
from al! sections of the department,
and a large force of volunteers tock
part in the (fforts made to rescue
the entombed miners, lecover the
bodies of the killed and help in the
work of the salvage.
A state of stupor and desolation
prevails over the Courriere mining
the ladders are broken and the cag
es jammed, the rescuers "despair 'of t
helping the, others.., ... ' ! . the plass flag to jlhe top of the high
The prefect of ras-de-Calais; .M.el school flagpole, cut tie halyards and
Airae. is directinathe work' of res-.Tttreaaed the Pole with" axle4 crease.
cde at pit 11, bear the scene of th: The baoner flaunted before the eyes
miu tnDirupno. 11 im pjiuuin i ui tuv iquiuis, an . uuiiug rriaay.
tnat tne rescuers may De aDte to ap-1 out in toe evening tne1 class plan
nroach the lateral ealleries. and so i ned for revense. 4 ' v u: " 'f f 1 .
have been formed into a relief gang! the, campus after dark, built a bon
and will make an attempt to reach fire and began to use" naif a barrel
7 -f Foreman Lecomte came on from F and buildines." The iuhtor flae' was
the mine this arternooa and . report- torn down and painted, while"' the!
ed a terrifying. scene below. vl, ; ' 'senior 'flag wM'ri8ed'u?1C'wi'-5un'i
The crowd surtoundlng the mouth lor,s, Charles Strickland and Clifford
of the mine is sbowine sieas of im- Turner, were captured and taken to
patience ?atT what it considered the J the campus where they ' werei!paint-
slow progress by" tbe rescuers, At I ed from bead to foot with the senior
a 6 clock tonight a reBCtie party at I red paint. .
Courriere btought seyeral engineersl The' juniors " in the mean time
two of whom; were upconscious, but I rallied'their clasamates.Jand 'after
were revived under medical attend-1 the girls had gone home' 'at mid
ance. '" . . .. ' ;i , jnight pounced upon the1 remaining
The attempts, at rescue have been guard of nine seniors. Elmer Sto
given up, as the galleries have fal- rle, Frank Pierce, a "son of Senator
Crowds still surround pit 4. andlniBh Slater, G-rbver Swaeeert "Law
the scenes are heartrending. ... rence ". Harris," Frank" Speltineir,
The chief engineer of the depart-1 Clarence Bollermao aod Herbert
ment - of ras-de-Calais, M. JUeon, l nompson, all , well-Known" young
says that the. fire broke put in ; the men, were captured by thef-juniors,
pit at x o'clock Monday afternoon The avenging cnder-classmen car-
Common Colds are the Cause of Many
Serious Diseases.
Physicians who have rained a national
reputation as analysts of tne cause of various
diseases, claim that if catching cold could be
avoided : a- long Hat of dangerous ailment'
would never be heard of., Everyone knowt
that pneumonia and consumption originate
from a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
ana an tnroat and lung trouble are aggra
vated and rendered. more -serious, by each
fresh, attack, i Do not- risk vour life or take
chances , when you' have a cold. Chamber-
Iain's. Cough Remedy will cure it before
these diseases develop. This remedy con
tains no opium, morphine or other harmful
drug, and has thirty years of reputation back
of it, gained by its cures under every condi
tion. For Bale by Graham & Wortham.
and that the engineers coped with
It as best they could, but' that Fri
day, being unable to master it, they
cloBedall the outlete. . Fissures, he
thinks, must have formed, which
ned wmte paint and axle grease. :
The prisoners wer-j painted a
ghastly white," hair, faces and
Clothes, while what extra material
was not needed in greasing the flag-
permitted tne gases to escape, anal pole ana painting out. tnu senior
Shese becoming ignited, resulted in 1906, was poured down the" necks
an explosion.
; One of the engineers of tbe mine
told- the. Journal's, correspondent
that the cable was unable to de
scend more than 150 meters, while
the gallery where the miners are en
tombed is 50 meters farther down
Rescuers who descended in this
cage report having heard' distinctly
the imprisoned men tapping on the
water pipes, but the hopes tb at were
kindled, by this statement were ex
tinguished by an engineer, 'who es
timated that it would take eight
days to dislodge the debris in the
shafts and that meanwhile the thin
ers would die, either .. from starva
tion or asphyxiation. ' The latest
news received in Paris is to the ef
feet that rescuers were still at work
but were making slight progress
their work beinz most difficult and
dangerous. "."
Up to the present time I5O: bod
iea have been taken from pits 11
and I2, all the men havine been
of the captive eeuiors. .Today qui
et refgne, though the seniors ' have
The Aurora Botealis has the fol-
fowing under the head "The Man
to Represent Oregon":
A man without enemies is a fail
ure; and especially is it true' of a
politician. - lion. Walter L. Tooze,
who is seeking the. nomination.', for
congressman on the republican tick
et, has been In- business and poli
tics for, the past twenty - years,' and
he would not amount to much 'as a
man if; during that time he had not
made; enemies. He was" the. 'first
congressional candidate to annob nee
a platform, and theother candidates
trailed in and adopted "virtually the
same platform .he had built, up,
playing the game of "follow you
leader.". " Y'
. Mr. ' 'Toozeyis not a mkn that
waits for things to come his way
he goes after them. He is "a man
of action-f-a man who does "thiDga
a man who will get more forOre-
gon, as congressman, than any 01
the Candidates opposed to himbould
do. ' "-' "- s" I-1.
"Matfbif1 county '1 will- - give;'- Mr.
Tooze a large majority, and his
home town, Woodburn, willdoeven
better than they did in 1904 ' when
it stood by him and his friends 2OO
to Sg- '-' ' J " -'J -
! Jfbw the question is just this: If
you want a congressman who will
fittingly represent Oregon at Wash
ingtona man who U energetic and
pushing and will work for measures
that will benefit his district aod
fffit -them VOTE FOR' HON. s
. -'. :- ;
Cbamberlain's Salve.
This ealve is intended especially for sore
nipples, burns, frost bites, chapped hands, I
itching piles, chronic sore eves, granulated
eye lids, old chronic sores and for diseases oi
the skin, such -as tetter, salt rheum,. ring
worm, scald head, herpes, barber's itch,
scabies, or itch and eczema. It has met
with unparalleled success in the treatment
ot .tnese diseases. - r" nee zO cents per 001.
Try it.- For sale by Graham & Wortham-
Washington, March 7. General
J. M. Schofield was burled this "af
ternoon with full military honors,
The president and the highest gov
ernmental officials participated
the services.
Absolutely Pure
It makes the most delicious
and healthful hot breads
biscuit and cake
Child Not Expected to Live from One
Hour to Another, but Cared by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ami
Diarrhoea Remedy. . - .
Kuth, the little daughter of E. N. Dewey
of Agnewyille, - Va., was seriously ill-' of
cholera infantum iast summer. "We gave
her up and did not expect her lo live from
one hour to another," he says. "I happened
to think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle of ft
from the store. In five hours I saw a change
for the better. We kept on giving it and
before she had taken the half of one srnaH
botile she was well." This remedy is for sale
by GraTiam t Wortham.
lAlum baking p&Vders are junHealthfuI." DA: rictf USe tiEehS foil
raising food under any circumstances. So 'detrimental are alum
baking powders considered, that in most foreign countries then:
sale is prohibited. In many States in this country the law com
pels alum powders to be branded to show that they contain
this dangerous acid, while in the District of Columbia, Congress
has prohibited the sale" cf all food, thatcontains alum
!Alum baking powders are sold to consumers at from 10
cents a pound to 25 ounces for 25 cents, or 25 cents a pound",
and when not branded may generally be distinguished by theic

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