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Safford rattler. (Safford, Ariz.) 1896-189?, September 16, 1896, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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lit VOL. I.
9Hhf '
?K Hunter &
Jr. C. L. Wish,
'lijKlclun and Surge"".
Ileal Khbitu Agents.
W. B. Fonda,
liintlce dfllio I'euco,
Special nttcutinn k! i n tti t ollcUlons
Water rlglita bought ami Bold.
Draws deeds, lontraits and all kinds of lejjal
papers. Titles examined and abstracts furnished.
R. S. Patterson,
SAFKOKD. -practices AIUZONA.
In all Courts
L L McCoilum,
Attorney at Lnu.
I'rat tlces lnlj. .Srt"and Territorial Courts, and
Tnlted States Land Office,
John McGovan,
Dr. M. E. Brenner,
Is prepal ed to mako good plates from
810 00 up leeui positively cxiracteu wiuioui
pain .
wiii r
For Cash, Cattle or Country
Wholesale agents i'or tin famous
-- boor.
Special Attention
Given tO the receiving and
forwarding OI freight.
N. Porter, - Ft. Thomasj
The Leading Hotel of theGffa
Valley. '
jis. K. A. Unor.Mir.riv, - Sailoty
a.i I
To the many strong reasons a I
ready given (or lomoving the
county seat to SaiTord 011I3' the
stale and stupid slander has been
urged by the opposition that it is
sought after only by office seekers
and property owners of SufFord.
It will scarcely bo doubted by anyone
who is well acquainted in this
county that tlio removal is opposed
by very few indeed except the
property owners, or rather the
propcty owner of Soloinonville.
The count' seat was taken from
Saflbrd by the fraud and boodle of
that one owner, and ho and his
men endeavor to hold it by the
or tiio.v are indulging
,' ililicition of'SaJT'ord by
anon 11& letters.
Til ) 11 nty seat is far from the
cent' f population and business,
aim two miles from the railroad;
the, Icr sickens every one who
go jb the town, which has not
ev '. first class hotel.
the I'nw years that the county
se ,lnts been at Soloinonville, the
CJ, ity debt has been increased
nf than 8200,000 and what has
t' county to show for it? The
1 at legist er has been stuffed and
e county out of about
tlOO, while Solomoniles bold the
I rincipal olfiecs, but none of the
persons, committing tho crime have
been punished. And 11. L. bmith,
also an oflice holding
liu ridden out of the
counly on his railroad pass, with
818GG of the people's money.
Taxpayers of Graham county,
you can stop this extravagence
and speculation on the 3rd of next
Novembei, by voting tho county
seat to Saflord.
Don't forget that two-
thirds of the people of Clif-
nd JWorenci will vote to
LCOU nty seat to
Ten More Reasons For Moving the
County Seat to Safford.
1st. Because the county seat
at Saflbrd will be a credit to tho
county, to tho Territory and to
the United States.
2nd. Because it will act as a
magnet to home seekers and set
J)rd. Uecause the soil is unsurpassed
for growing orchards, vineyards
and shrubbery.
4th. Because our abundant veg
etation makes our climate pref
erable to that of Soloinonville.
5th. Because of the advantage
to builders in having brick, lumber
etc. at hand.
Otli . Because Saflbrd is nearer
totbe mountain resorts.
7th. Because there is a diversity
of interest at Saflbrd.
3th. Because our loads and
streets are kept in better condition.
9th. Because Safford is its right
ful homo. M
10th. Because God All Jlighty
never intended Soloinonville for a
county seat.
Don't forget that many
people in Soloinonville
will vote for the removal of
the county seat.
Principally About Buggies, j,
AVe saw quite recently a poor old
delapidatod buggy. Xothing particularly
remuikable in the appearance
of the buggy or tho fact
that we saw it, but you see the
buggy has a history.
It was one of thtee which
in this vicinity about sixteen
years ago.
They were valued at 250 each
and wore "owned" by three men
who assisted in removing the county
scat. '
Of course we don't know who
paid for those buggies, wo don't
caie, for that mattor. The point
is th:s:
-Tho county seat is about to bo
"N-'ain. Be on the lookout
; ,"'W
, 3&
NO. 4.
for buggies. When you see a supposedly
disinterested man
working against the movement,
showing signs of suddenly
accumulated weilth, remember the
three buggies.
It may not bu buggies this time;
it may bo silver "cart wheels" or
"gold bug twenties." They will
answer the same purpose and yet
not attract tho same attention.
The wheels will soon begin to
move; Look out for them.
Don't forget the fact that
ninety-eight per cent of the
people over the mountain
are enthusiastic over the removal
of the county seat and
have promised to vote for it.
Back of the Mountains.
Two gentlemen, in the interest
of the county seat removal, last
week made 11 trip "back 0' the
mountains." Up through Stockton
Pass to .Grant, Bonita, Hooker's
ranch, Eureka springs down
the Aravaipa and back to Cedar
The sentiment over there
the lemoval, s simply
astonishing as evidenced by the
petition bearing their names.
Ninety-five per cent signed the
pentition. three per cent moro
promised to vote for it and tho
remaining two per cent were as
yet undecided. Similar reports
arrive from all parts of thooounty.
As remarked by the gentlemanly
democratic nominee for Probate
Judge concerning the movement
on Satin day last: "There is no
stemming tho tide, it will sweep
tho county like a whorl-wind."
Gentlemen of the opposition, we
advise you to hold on to your
"buggies." They w'll be of no
avail in this campaign.
Don't forget that nine-tenths
of the people of this
valley want the county seat-
at Safford and will vote for
,' IS

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