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Vol. 1, No. 3. BROOKWAY CENTRE, MIOEL, JUNE 1, 1882. ' Price, $1.00 a Year.
Tho Weekly Expositor.
Ji Red Hot, Aggressive and Pro
gressive Journal for Live,
Enterprising Readers,
c '
$1 x Taut COo yon Six Moxtus
30c fou Tiibkk Months.
Pju. T. Suttojt, Jjls. A. Mexziks,
Proprietor. Kditor it Manager.
1 inch card on year 8 & 00
1- column adr out year IS oo
1-4 20 00
1-C 30 00
1 . f 35 00
j " C5 00
Bullae local 5 cents per line.
. cnuBuu directory.
Hstliaaiat Pratwtaut Church.
SOTtcofl alternately at 10:90 oVIofk a. m.. and
fpwM. KT C. B. CLAliK. Patttor.
tvwUr Sokool Mly.BL J. R. DUrris,
JaTalaaalat Eplacapal Chareh.
Mil iijm lurmtlr at 10:30 a. in. and ? p. m.
Rr C. W. HAK3HXAN. laor.
6ua4r School at t p. m. C. OOOPK.R.
SuparintMwWn t.
Charea f iftrtat at tha a. C, Chapel.
SarrMaa at 11 a. . Sabbath School at S p, m.
fratr BMtaic vry Thorlay roning T:).
Contractor and Builder,
aaakaa apvciaJtv of ubUatial work at
taaaaaaala frittt EctU&atta fivco. Mr
(Formtr)y JUplty Hwum.)
TMa ! taa reantty ehafl naadi
ad aaarial palaa viil b lakau to jiUaaa
Z3oJtor c Confopionor,
keeps a full line of goods such are
generally kept in a Bakery, which
he will tell at reasonable prices.
Keep a full line of
Priced always Reasonable.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
0. W. MILLS,
Hie Highest Prices paid for all
kinds of Grain.
T. McArthur,
Practical watchmaker.
Also, Dealer in WATCHES,
Oloolso, CTo-wolry,
Spaoiaclca, ETO.
Watches, Clocks, ami Jewelry re
paired in first-class style. Nothing
but the best material used.
Tlotnv of New York with $fl.70O,G05
Assetta, ami Pbcenix of Hartford with
tx,993.163.02,are represented Jn Brock
.way Centre and vicinity hy James
Browo. Office opposite tichool House.
Also a pent for St. Clair and Macomb
Farmers Insurance Co., a spjtndld,
safe company, devoted to farmers in
terests exclusively.
Insure at home with a home agent
whose earnings all go to help build up
home interests.
Local Exposition.
-Moonlight nights.
Things are growing.
The tress are all in blossom.
Tuesday was Decoration Day.
St Clair tas an I. N. X. L. E. club.
Monday was a busy day In town.
-Publishers' association at Vaisar
The oyster is now enjoying its an
nual vacation.
Forepaujrh's mammoth show was
at Saginaw Monday.
Robt Lake tiie contractor Is about
to start house-keeping.
-W. IT. Palmer the live merchant,
has 9 new adv. this week.
C. E. Itoswell, has a change of
advertisement this week.
-Do not fail to notice II. F. Leon
ard's change of Advertisement.
C. F. Misluels is building an ad
dition In rear of his new store. ,
Hoskins, the tailor, has moved in
to his new shop pn Main street.
The Brockway Agricultural So
ciety held its annual meeting Monday.
James Wye, shoemaker, will make
boots and shops for the people at Min
den soon.
A. Q. Brown is going to make an
addition to Ids now extensive furni
ture building.
A free opening dance was given at
the Brockway House, Old Brockway,
last Tuesday evening.
The temperance lecture spoken of
in last week's issue did not occur for
some unknown reason.
Henry Uapley, of Strathroy., son
Thos Uapley arrived here this week
to work on tho new hotel.
The foundation to Thos Rapley's
addition to his hotel has been laid and
work to progressing finely.
Tho Urst number of the Memphis
paper will be published to-day. It
will be called the Tribune.
Miss Cotton, of Brockway. who
was visiting at Jos Middleton's hut
week returned home on Monday.
N. C. Gray, of Speaker, went to
It Huron, last Wednesday on business,
was knocked down and robbed of 75.
Upper town Is going ahead still,
and if we don't look out they will have
a separate burg, and u king of their
- The freight train ran off the
track liHiir Brown City, Monday, caus
ing a delay of the mail train about two
The re-union of tho Array of the
Potomac, will b-j held at Detroit, June
14 and 15. There will be a grand
J. C. ITolden, juror for the town
ship of Brockway, left on Monday for
Port Huron where the circuit court is
in session. "
The social which was to be held
this evening at the residence of Mrs.
Caroline Iloldrn, has been postponed
for the present.
- Hold en Bros, have received dur
ing the past week a large invoice of
dry goods. Watch for their advertise
ment next wek.
The question now Is, Shall we
celebrate ' " Yes, let us celebrate and
have a glorious good time. Soma one
start the ball rolling.
Itev. II. D. Miller, cf Capac, oc
cupied the pulpit in the M. P. church
last Sunday evening. A largo con
gregation was present.
The supervisor, town clerk and
highway commissioner are busy mak
ing out road warrants. Work will 1?
commenced immediately.
Improvements are still tho order
of the day. Paint has been daubed on
some of our buildings mnking'them
shine like a brand new pin.
David Brown, son of Jas. Brown,
who has been clerking at Deckerville
for the past your, returned home on
Monday to spend tho summer.
Rev J. W. Jenkins, of Ohio, for
merly a teacher in our school, and
graduate of the college at Bethany,
Virginia, was la town last week.
The Pt Huron Mall says, "The
Times editor is terribly worrlfd over
tho Democratic Daily, but we under
stand it will be started all the tame."
" H. Manning has given np the con
tract for building the Duffle block. R.
Lake has taken it in han and, we are
informed, wilt have it completed at ,
the end of six weeks.
Wonder what the drain in front of
the school house is kept open so long
for? Somebody will get lost in a hole
in ttie road In front of J. Brown's es
tablishment. Where is the path
master? Palmer & Brown are making pre
parations to do an extensive business
in wool this season. They are report
ed as having bought 35,000 pounds last
year. A pretty good business for a
small town.
A warrant was issued last week
for Mrs Ann Murphy, of Kenockee, 1
for slandering a neighbor named Curr.
Mrs Murphy accused Curr of having
murdered a man and the trial will be
held Saturday.
Mrs Thos Chatman, of Roseburg,
shaved out 1,000 shinglea In one day,
which she donated to the new church
being erected at that place. Not a
common occurrence among the ladies
of the preueut century.
The work on the fair ground was
commenced yesterday, by six men, a
yoke of oxen and a span of horses.
They have finished logging and stump
ing and start grading the track to-day.
A bee is spoken of for nextTussdsy.
- A good thing may sometimes be
converted into a nuisance, as is the
case on the railroad crossing on the
north road whereby teams are compell
ed often to remain on the road until
the freight cars are unloaded. Gentle
men can this not be avoided ? ' '
A subscriber writes to- the Even
ing News the following, 'Rev. Samuel
O. Bettis is producing inore excite
ment with his grove meeting outfit
than a managary.' in this county.
His large yacht, seats, gospel stand,
pulpit and organ, everything grand
and peculiar, aud all his own making."
James Wallace, of New Balti
more, was in town last week looking
up a site for a new harness shop. He
started on Monday tor Detroit where
he intends buying his stock. Mr. W.
will open out this week in the build
ing formerly occupied fcy C. F. Mich
Kls. Read his advertissmaut in an
other column.
An invitation is extended to all to
come and give a day's jyrork on the
fair ground in order to have it in shape
for a fair this fall. Everybody should
take hold with vim and in a short time
Brockway Centre will have asgood a
local fair as can be found in the state.
Now don't be backward in coming
forward to work for a good cause.
An excursion will be given orer
the Pt Huron t Northwestern R. R.,
on tha 14th of June, to Port Huron,
connecting there with the side-wbeei
steamer M. D. Ward for Detroit to the
re-union of the Army of the Potomac,
returning the next morning, thereby
giving plenty of tme to attend the
different places of amusement. The
fare from here for the round trip is
A remarkable case of longevity is
reported to us, in the person of the
father of Peter Conael who resides in
the township of Brockway. He is
said to have attained to the extreme
age of UC years. The old gentleman
is a highland Scotchman, can not
sprak any other language than his na
tive O.-elic, is quite harty, and does
the chores round the farm of his ?o?i
Peter with whom he resides. Brock
way must be a healthy town.
An Amoraas Bceadjek Clrea Away.
Towaros durk, a few evenings ago,
a low sized beauty from the west
country, was seen loitering around the
school house eomers, as if looking for
something lost. By a remarkable
coincidence a ton buggy arrived on the
scene, the driver of which seemed as if
he also was looking for something lost.
A similarity of occupations no doubt,
soon ripened into warmer relation, as
our sheroine and her gay Lothario
were soon making rapid eed, as if in
desperate hurry, towards the writ.
A wide-awake citizen happening on
the bridge at the time espied the rig
coming dDwu the hill as if th DAI was
after them, and thinking the brldga
was unsafe for such furious driving,
brought the business to a halt, whnn,
lo and behold, we wont tell this time
but look out how you go that road
again my mau
An article which appeared in the 1st
No. of the Expositor, suggesting the
forming of an association of tho busi
ness men of the place for united action
in securing certain adrantsces tending
t the welfare ami substantial growth
of our village, is well worthy the
earnest consideration of every citizen
who desires to prosper und see others
prosper. It has suggested many
thoughts to the writer as to what are
the best means to securr that end.
The old song is true that it takes peo
ple to make a town, but the kiud of
town depends a gA deal upon the
kind of people. It may be a rather
Utopian idea, but nevertheless until
the principle is recognized and acted
upon, we will see very little substan
tial growth, that is, the selfishness dis
played in many ways will have to be
directed into channels that will result
in general good. Not tlnt we are dis
posed to find fault with any one in
particular but we should all be willing
to learn by experience. It is admitted
by all, and in some places the impor
tance of manutacturing institutious is
so much valued that a bonus Is offered
for their introduction, and yet we
have a very valuable establishment
here, and which would add much to
the material growth of the town under
favorable tircumstancus, yet is lan
guishing n consequence of keen com
petition by wealthier establishments
elsewhere. We have flour mills man
ufacturing upon whose existence a
large portion of the trade of the place
depends, and yet they are forced to
compete with foreign production. We
have merchants, mechanics, agents
and shops of various kinds all helping
and depending on each other for their
very existence and vet notwithstand
ing this mutual relation to each other,
some of our citizens are ahort-aighted
enough' to help support and build up
other places, forgetting in the mean
time that every dollar spent in that
way just takes that much away from
your neighbor, npon whom yoar own
welfare more or less depends.
More again, Ckx.
Over 100 new loxes to let at the
poet-otfioe. Save yourself timo and
trouble, also keep the post-mastar from
getting vexed by securing a, box.
1 Please ask the p. m. to lick your
stamps, s If the Postal Clerk Is in
the office please call him on the other
side of the store and ask it there is any
mail for the Watses. 3 Do not offer
to pay for your stamps until you take
time to put them on, as the clerk s
time is of but little value when busy.
4 Never bring in your mail until the
mail bai: is closed, because the p. m.
is very fond of opening the pouch after
It is locked. S If at any time you
should not iret your letters when ex
pected. then tell the clerk to look and
see for this is cunning. 6 If there is
any more than twelve children In your
family, please do not let them all call
for mail in the same day.
Corn 10 eta per can at Gordon's.
Ge to Gordon's for a good cigar.
Croquet sets at A. G. Brown's.
Express wagons at A. (J. Brown's.
Woven wire mattrasses at A. G.
12 pounds good C sugar 81,00 at
Gordon s.
Drockway Contro.
The undersigned will always keep
everything in the names line.
Aadafulltina of
Repairing doaa la tha NeaUtt Mannar.
Erarjthlng warractcd firat-clau,
Chtap m tha chtapt.
Raap't'y Vonra,
Jamas Wallace.
Everybody Read This !
Lew the man with the mule,
Tuke everything cool,
But he kps moving about.
His wagon runt easy
WLcu lie keeps it greecy,
And tlm little mules are stout.
He draws guo:1a by tle load,
Aud can be found on the road.
Between the city and station.
He is not a dead beat,
lint will work so cheap,
As to almost surprise the Nation.
Hollywood & McKinnon,
The Live Grccers,
Beg to announce that they are still in
the front rank with a fnll stock of
We take this opportunity of thank
ing our many friends and patrons, for
their very liberal patronage heretofore
and hope by fair dealing and strict at
tention to business, to merit a contin
uance of the same.
Our stock will always be found very
complete and well assorted in both the
Grocery and Crockerv Departments.
The highest market price paid for
farmers produce.
In the old McDonald Building,
Brockway Centre, Michigan
In large or small lots, fresh from the
kll, cheap. Also, '
And for the convenierceof houseclean-
ers 1 have small sacks of nice fresh
lime put up
Brockway Centre, Michigan
Fivo ThQus and Dollars worth of Good to be sold within tho next CO days.
IN ALL LINES OF GOODS Our Stock is Complete,
we have some choico selections in both domestic and fancy, a nico lot of
trimmings and buttons to match. Table linen, Damask, Hosiery, &c, Jfco.
Gents Furnishing Department.
Fancy shirts from 50 cents to 91.50. White shirts laundried and unlaun
dried, all nizes cheap. Mens', Youths', and Boys' Clothing in great varie
ty, and for price cannot be undersold.
Boot and Shoo Department.
In this class of goods we challenge the county, as to extent ot stock,
quality of goods and lowness of price. We would particulary mention
our fine Ktock of ladios kid boots and shoes.
Our Groceries arc always new and fresh. A splendid lot of canned goods
Wo koop tho largost Gtock of ConfoIonory In
In paints and oils and window glass we have a full stock. Glass cut
any size without extra charge.
We would invite particular attention to our. Millinery Goods, always
something new, tasty and fashionable'. At present we have a brilliant
display of Ladies hats and trimmings which we are fitting up to suit both
young and old, according to the varied tastes of our numerous customers.
SPECIALTIES. Uubrcakablo Tampico Corset tl; black and colored
kid gloves tl; linen lap robes $1; Ladies made skirts 50 cts to 2; mens,
suit of clothes $0; Extra lino suit $20; calf boot 2; good white lead, cat,
17; 3 lbs choice tea $1. Examine our stock before purchasing. No
trouble to show goods.
Wo Ho PAOEEffi
P. S. Grist mill constantly running and wo guarantee 40 lbs of Flour
per bushel for clear wheat. Our saw mill is ready at all times to do cus
tom work. All planing and re-nawing done with promptness.
J. C. Il0U)KX.
J. P.
Holden Bfosoq
Bnereaaora to J. F. Holdea & Cro., Dealers U
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery.
Glass Stoneware, Koots &
Shoes, Mats, Caps,
We respectfully invite an inspection of our goods and prices before
TRY OUR' 1-2
aoknowledged to be tho
All Kinds of Farm Produce taken in Exchange
1-jy. HOLDEN BROTHERS, Brockway Centre.
Informs the people of this section
first class goods in all
XXaia s Gaps, Grocorica, .
in fact, everything usually kept in a first class atort.
Prices Always Very Iffieaaonable,
Come in and See Da,
best 50c tea in town.
that his store is well stocked with
departments, including

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