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a live Paper makes a live town.
VoL 1, No. 5.
Price, $1.00 a Year.
The Weekly Expositor.
A Ked Hot, Aggressive and Pro
grcssivu Journal for Live,
Enterprising Readers.
$1 a Ykar (JOc? ron Six Months
30o kok Tiikkk Months.
- o
Dm. T. Sutton,
J as. A. Mkxziks',
Editor it Manager.
1 lneh card one yar 8 " 00
1-8 column adv one vear 12 00
1-4 20 00
14 44 30 00
15 " M . :!. 00
1 . 44 44 c..- oo
Buginea locals R conts per line.
Mrttiedlat Protectant Churcn.
r?lo alteruatelv At 10:30 o'clock n. m.. and
1 p. bi. ltcv V. II. L'LAltK ritHtor.
dayHchnol at p. in. J. S. DUKFIK,
Metfiodlat Episcopal t'titirrrt.
Trice alfc'rnatvly nt 1":) a. m. and 7 p. in.
licvl'. W. HAKSlIMAX. Pastor.
Sunday 8chiK.I Ht i p. m. ('. OOOl'KR.
Church fl'hrUt at the A. C, Chapel.
Iferrlceaat 11 a. in. SnWmth School at p. in.
Frayer bufUiii; erwy Thm-mlay evening T:-W.
Contractor and Builder,
aakea a apciahr of aubtantil work at
reaeonabU prieea. Etimate gi?u. J-ly
(F.rro.'ly R:p!y U.im.)
Tkla tiaata nil recently bmiared l and
mA mnA . 1 Ituifia l tftlijl IO lilt-UK t
Office Days, Tuesdays and Silurday. ;
0. W. MILLS,
The Highest Price paid for all
kinds of (J rain.
T. . McArthur,
Alao, Dealer in WATC11KS,
Oloolra, JTcftrQlry,
Spoc-fcaclo3, ETC.
Watehes, Clocks, and Jewelry rc-
C aired in tirst-clas stylo. Nothing
ut the bet material used.
If you want to Know where to set
the lst Harries 'or tho least money,
and he will tell you to stop right at his
shop. All work warranted. Repair
ing promptly attended to. Ke?p on
hand a full line of Whips, Combs,
Brushes, Harness Oil, etc. Carload of
Buggy Cushions just arrived.
Allth Infest and mottf desirable Ktylrx in Hits'
Bonnet, i'luwem, Keiifhci. Liu-en. Silks, UIih
bon, UIovcm. Hoh, rnrasols, Kana, Ilandkcr
rhtafii; Ijof. Minim oikI Hi Ik Tie. Hnn Nome
F.iuhrolderie. New hIvIcn in Coinhs. KidcComlM
Bandit, fiari. Drwi-lots, etc, Hpanisli, Torchon,
Italian and French Trimming Lace, nt
I.adleV Hazaa'r, Mrs J. A. Smith,
la the Room lately occupied by tlic Argu ofllcc.
nnotKWAV chxtrp. market. I
Report corrected every Wednesday by O. W
Wheat No 1
Wheat No 2
Oats white
Oats tnlxtd
Potato s
is 1
00 ;
d i
LI ;
1 ;.o C l
2 7" dh :;
1 10 C 1
30 fay
Local Expositions.
On July 4th,
At Brock way Centre.
A Big time anticipated.
Everything grand and magnificent.
P. B. Sanborn, of l't Huron, was
in town Monday.
J. L. Paldi last Tuesday re-surveyed
the Menerey addition.
William Rapley, of Yassar, son
of Thos Rapley, was visiting his par
ents last week,
Work on the Port Austin exten
sion of the Pt II. cS: N. W. R'y is pro
gressing rapidly. '
The Port Huron & Northwestern
Co. are building a station house at
Saginaw Junction.
Work is rapidly progressing on J.
S. Puttie's new block, also on Thos (
Rapley's new addition.
1. J. Ooodenow, editor of the Mar
lett Leader, paid us a friendly call on
Thursday of bust week.
Don't say you are 4lthlrsty" as
that is not fashionable. Say that you
"sutler from polydipsia."
J. Saunders & Sons will have brick
for salo eek alter next. Notice their
advertisement on back page.
A meeting of the I. O. O. T. was
held last Monday evening. The order
has now a membership of :)G.
-Levi Morrill, Jr., left for Oscoda,
last week, to look after a loi of logs
belonging to L. iS; .1. A. Morrill.
Fred A. Baker has purchased the
drug stock of AV. N. McKenna and
will hereafter conduct the business.
M ah m i'i At Brockway, on Wed
nesday, June 14, Mr William Orson to
Miss jane Smith, both of this place.
Rev C. W. Uarshman, pastor of
the M. E. church, will deliver a tem
perance sertiiou next Sunday evening.
There Is some tulk of the Huron
House, at Port Huron, being opened
again with Amos James as mine host.
A few went from here Wednesday
morning to partake In the sports of the
re-union of tho Army of the Potomac.
Tiie Seventh District Press Asso
ciation which was to be held at Vassar
on the 2d inst, has been postponed un
til tho 2:1 id.
II. Kane, of Emmet, has been buy
ing up st ives for the past week in this
section of the country and shipping
them to Port Huron.
Philip Smith who has been hold
ing meetings at Roseburg, ha been
very successful, having converted
nearly forty person.
The gay and festive potato Img
now wipes the dusi out of his eyes and
merrily sings, 4,Vhen the springtime
comes, gentle Annie."
Rev C. B. Clark, pastor of the M.
P. church, will be absent next Sunday
attending the M. P. Association at
Clio. RevRobtOuy will occupy the
pulpit in his place.
If you want a go.nl crop of plums
this year pound your trees three times
a day, having previously spread a cloth
under tie tree to catch tho curicuiio,
then burn the insects which fall.
Dikd. At Strathroy, on Wednes
day, Juno 7th. after a severe attack of
congestion of the lungs, Arthur P.
j Hennessey, ag.id years. Deceased
was a sou-in-iaw oc inos napiey.
All parties indebted to mo aro re
quested to call immediately and settle
their account as they will be placed
in the hands .)f a collector at the end
of thirty days. W. N. McKkn'NA.
Win Creen, merchant and P. M.
at (liven's Corners has sold his store
and business to Messrs Clemens and
Sweetman, of Darlington, Ont. Mr.
Win Sweetman is the new postmaster.
S. r. Welsh, of Peck, ha.'i his
shingle mill running in full blat, and
Is prepared to furnish shingles in any
quantity and at reasonable prices. lie
has also a full lino of lumber and lath
on hand.
Bartlett & Yauderlip have their
i work shop and show room nearly com
pleted and intend moving into it this
week. They are taking ordvrs every
day for tombstones and monuments.
All their work is Warranted and can-
, not be surpassed.
Three boys, Sam Uolcomb, Ed
McEaddeu and Low Hall, were arrest
ed tlds week on a charge of letting the
water out of the tank northwest of
here. They w ere taken to Pt Huron
and on examination were found not
guilty and leleastd.
--The following is a communication
from Lynn: 4,Mr Charles Emery and
Miss Yiola McMai tin were joined in
wedlock by Rev C. B. Clark, ut this
place, on Sunday, June 11." Wo wish
them abundant success through life
and may their shadows grow continu
ously numerous.
Jas Wallace, tho new harness
maker, has icceived his stock of
Trunks, Yalises, Collars, Whips and
everything In tin harness line and is
now prepared t ) tak orders for light
or heavy harness. He. is also prepar
ed to do all kinds of repairing with
i;e-tt;;ecs and despatch.
A grand Masonic supper will be
given at the hall of the F. tS; A. M. on
Monday evening, Juno 2Uh. Rev iv.
B. Flower, of Marino City, will be
present and deliver address on "The
origin and progress of Freemasonry,"'
with some allusion t' St John the
Baptist and St John tho Evangelist.
A local newspaper man is gener
ally expected to be everywhere, see
evcrthing and catch every item afloat,
simply bec iusfl it is his profession.
But he can't do it. His friends can
help him through by sending or bring
ing such items as are of interest. All
manner of legitimate local news goes
to make up an interesting payer.
The Woolen Mills have commenc
ed operations. Two as good roll card
ing mach
chines as can io found in the,'
avebeeu placed in the mill andf
state hav
Messrs Anureiu sons aro now pre
pared to manufacture all kinds of
woolen goods. The proprietors hav
ing had a long exuerienoo in the wool
en business, we ft el conlident in saying
they will give entire satisfaction to
all who may favor them with a call.
Piuldy Carey and wife from the
vicinity of that classic burg called
Hogtown, wero on a visit to the Cen
tre this week, and in their endeavors
to draw themselves outside, too larga a
slice of barley juice, Paddle's legs be
came so entangled that the narrowness
of our roads h id a very serious elftct
on his locomotion. Mrs Carey was
somewhat differently effected, her
tongue iissumcd the alasticity of a
streak of forked lightning and the pro
fanity indulged in would do credit to
any Billingsgate lhh wife. None of
our professionals could hold a candle
to her.
The School exhibition got up by
Prof Brown and MUs Mary Brown,
came olT, as announced, last Friday
evening. The school house was packed
and many could not get in. The pro
gram as originally gotten up had to be.
varied on account of failure on the
part of some in attending to practice.
But, notwithstanding, the exhibition
was a decided success. To maka par
ticular mention of any of the acts or
actors, would be iiiidduous, sutllce it
to say that all acted their part well,
and was well appreciated by the
audience, as evidenced by the hearty
applause which greotjl them at the
end of each performance.
It is now a certainty that Brock
way ('entile will celebrate the Glorious
Fourth in line style. A meeting of,
the citizens was held Monday evening j
at Thos Rapley's sample room and
otlicers ekctea for the day. A com-t
mittee was atao appointed to make out
a program. The day's proceedings !
will open at 10 a. m. with a trade pro-.
cession comprising the different trades
and business places of the village, also
a grand calithumpian parade, all to be
headed by the Brockway Centre Comet
Band. 0 dollars will be expei:d-tl
for horse racing and asthletic spoits.
A magnificent display of Fire-works
in the evening. Do not miss this op-
poilunity but come und haven goed !
time. j
Ath'etic sports aro being revived!
in our village. The manly art if shIi
defence induid in by our bys on th i
streets, aUrieU about as large audience !
as our papular preachers. Jumping'
has its attractions ;il, and, no doubt,
has a benelicial rflect on some at
least, 'tis sai of uu large bodied man
who has been aid ctcd wifn a crotiic
disease called dontw.mltnwork (latin!
for laziness) Hi it at the setting of the
sun his Ion legs it dax into a nimble
ncss that outsteps -ail competitors in
the jump. The disease is very pecu
liar in tiiis case, as tho attaeks come
on generally about 7 in the morning
and last- until 0 in the evening, allow
ing a few minutes for refreshments.
The bread-winning for the family is
done by too wile over the wash tub.
A sad case.
A very sad accident occurred here
last Sunday evening whereby Mrs
Menerey, mi old lady of "3 years got
both les and one arm broken, Samuel
Carson and wife and Mr Menerey
were returning from a meeting in
Ciroen ood and when on the R, R.
crostdag just east, of the village the
h'orses became frightened at a locomo
tive standing over tlio cattle guards on
the road side, and jumped to one side
upsetting the whole party in the ditch.
Mr. Carson having the lines fastened
around his wrists was dragged quite a
distance and considerably bruised and
battered. Mrs Carson also received
very serious injury, but no bones
b' oken. They were taken to the bouse
of James Brown and Dr Mitchell assist
ed by Dr Ney, set tho broken limbs
and made them all as comfortable as
possible under tho circumst inces. The
question has been asked lrr.quently
since, have tho R. It. authorities any
right to keep their engines in such
positions for any length of time, ob
structing the highway and endanger
ing the lives of tho public?
Good suits of clothes for $3 at C. E.
Farmers when you are in need of
Lubricating oil call at Hollywood &
Cnmo to the enclosure of tho nndef
signed, rf.c S3, township of Speaker, a
yearling heifer, color roan. Tho own
er is requested to come and proyo pr
pertv, pay, charges and take her away.
June 13, JSS2. Dm. Wat.dohple.
Capac C.'hlpu,
Mrs II I). Miller and daughter
Ada, have jjono on a visit to old
friends and nejuaintences at Pair
John' Brink and Harv Caswell
went to Port IIur;n Saturday night,
on fishing bent. ' Think Harvey
must have tired himself out, as he
returned Sunday night, leaving Ins
partner to shoulder the "hig fish"
and come home later. Wonder if
that .same Brink would like to buy
a dog ?
J. E. Soults of the Port (Jratiot
Sun was in town Saturday last on
business for the firm and in all pro-
Lability gathering a few items to
da.zel the eyes of the reader of the
A well known physician of Capae
called down nameless anathemas on
his defenceless head, one day last
week, by innocently (?) decorating
his wife's hat with a couple of feath
ers plucked by the wayside com
monly called burdock leaves just
previous to her calling on some
friend at the farther end of the vil
lage. Now he is in mortal terror,
or, that is, he would be, if we were
his wife.
Miss Minnie Lown, of Riley Cen
tre, spent Sunday in town the guest
of Miss Ida Locke.
"Wonder what's the matter with
our village dads, that we cannot cel
ebrate the 4th of July. Where is
all their boasted patriotism of yore?
Quite a number of our towns peo
pie are going to "take in" the sol
diers' re-union at Detroit tho 15th
of June, all determined to have a
squint at President Arthur, who, if
he were a dashing young lady,
would better appreciate his popular
ity and chuckle in his sleeve at the
mash I made in Detroit.
Ice-cream social at Dr. Ross' Fri
day evening, and that makes us
think Mr Editor, could you not lay
aside ceremony and drop down to
Capae ami into tho Doctor's parlor,
and enjoy a dish ?
The village hall has been under-
going the repairing process, prepar
atory to being placed nt the disposal
of the soon-to-be resurected Amateur
.Dramatie Club.
Query. Did Christ come to bring
sinners to repentance, or was it as
I some seem to think only to pet
the righteous? If that be the ease of
what use art our ministers, our
churches etc., may we ask?
At last our prayers are answered
and we are once more blest with
two markets and one beef, yum, yum.
News are like hen's teeth this
! week, else we are too wicked to
J write. An Revoir, Swket Bkiak.
S. B. Hushes, the barber, wishes to
inform the public that he is prepared
t snl them Organs cheaper and on
easier terms than any agent that hasj
ever visited the county, on one year's
credit. Instrument was ranted to giv. !
satisfaction or no sale. Brockway Cui-j
tie, Mich.
Everybody Rea:3 This !
Lew tho man with the mule,
Takes everything cool,
But he k-eps moving about.
II is wairon runs easy
When hu keeps it greasy,
And the little mules are stout.
He draws g ioJs by the load,
Ail I can be found on the road,
Between tin city and station,
lie Is hot a dead beat.
But will work so cheap.
As to almost surprise the Nation.
Hollywood & fMiiinoii,
The Live Grwerc,
Beg to announce tlu't they are still in
tho'f ront rank with a full stock of
We take this opportunity of thank
ing our many friends and patrons, for
their very liberal patronage heretofore
and hope by fair dealing and strict at
tention to business, to lueiit a contin
uance of the same.
Our stock will always be found very
complete and wtll assorted In both tho
(Jrocery and Crockerv Departments.
Tho highest market rrlco paid for
farmers produce.
In tho old McDonald Budding,
Brockway Centre, Michigan
fnsur Your Homo At Homo In
Rates 3z Low as Id
Business Principios.
p 2v vy a
Five Thousand Dollars worth of Goods to be sold within the next GO days.
IN ALL LINES OF GOODS Our Stock is Complete.
we have some choice selections in both domestic and fancy, a nice lot of
trimmings and buttons to match. Table linen, Damask, Hosiery, ite, fcc.
Gents' Furnishing Department.
Fancy shirts from 50 cents to $1.50. "White shirts laundried and unlaun
dried, all sizes cheap. Mens', Youths', and Hoys' Clothing in great varie
ty, and for price cannot he undersold.
Boot and Shoo Department.
In this class of goods we challenge the county, as to extent ot stock,
quality of goods and lowness of price. We would particular' mention
our tine stock of ladies kid boots and shoes. '
Our Groceries are always new and fresh. A. splendid lot of canned goo.ds.
Vo koop tho largest Stock of Confectionery In
i own.
In paints and oils"nnd windenv glass
ti 1 1 J PIA V A I i 4 liaiVi
We would invite particular attention to our Millinery Goods, always
something new, tasty and fashionable. At present we have a brilliant
display of Ladies hats and trimmings which we are fitting up to suit both
young and old, according to the varied tastes of our numerous customers.
' SPECIALTIES. Unbreakable Tampieo Corset 1; black and colored
kid gloves 1; linen lap robes 1; Ladies made skirts 50 ets to $2; mens'
suit of clothes $0; Extra fine suit 20; calf boot 2; good white lead, ent,
37; 3 lbs choice tea $1. Examine our stock before purchasing. No
trouble to show goods.
P. S. Grist mill constantly running and we guarantee 40 lbs if Flour
per bushel for clear wheat. Our saw mill is ready at all times to do cus
tom work. All planing and re-sawing done with promptness.
Oa 8'rck i row comnlet in all Its brar.cbe ai d w woqM lrojrfM upon the minds of
the public crrrally nud our cuatomtra n pa rib ulr the cewity cf calling early and niaka
yoor n-lf!tiotn while wa can give ou junf what, vnn whiiI at Pitrttuely low price. Dn't
tail to tznuiine our large atock o! SUMMER PRINTS jmt received. We are aelhng tbe
ever offered io the village fur the wcer. An (lamination of tlittu i all that la necenoary
to milxtantinln whnt we y. In Dria J Kd we cm fchow you a Kiod aairlmnt couiatlo
otGINOIlAXIs. MOMIES. CUETONKS. r.errrPd Soiiii-v, bawns, Munlii, Buiilmga,
Atpic(N ami ahiiitr. We Imts iue kkm! Htriini m Lrfilie aiul Miaes I.I.xie that we
arn effcring friu 5 U. 60n a pair. Etiouine our line of )!: tfpls.Wear, Liiiea elegant
tii-e' ii-i frota 101 In $1.73, b-hea elti;itit ! oolUra from l'lo t fl. O'lr lock in genl'a
furnivhitur i complete, cdCH.atii'g f (irta rhlriK, lauiiHril nnd tinUunitriftd, colored anirta
Giiuxe unrierwer, Ibwiery and nu excellent line of nxrl tit and bow in all the liat ttyletj
and tnakt-e, Luuudried ahirta only 40a bcM quality with 3 collar. a&d cuff's for $1.19.
Ladies', and Children's Shoes !
Iu tlm f'cpirtment we can o(Ter roma exwlLitt bargain 'i cheap or in warranted eooda.
Liutit-n.rtf C'ires $1. L-tihea aere Laee $1. Lnlifn grained buttoned 1.50 to 2 25, Calf
Pu'tntied $2.&0, genaine k'U$.'Ho4.00, French Kid 1.75, Walking elipieri St, 1.25, 140
and l.W, LiriieN Clipper frin 20 ola to $1.2), CIiMrfn ho-a all atylea and pricea from
25a to $2, Mn' fine aboi-a in buttoned, Jac-J or buckle from $1.75 to 4 73, Meu'a Plow
Suot $1.25 to 2.00.
A largo Stock of Union and Independent School
irAn Examination of our Oooda anl price la recpectf illy f ol icited.T
My. IIOLDEN JJllOTIIEKS, Erockway Centre.
consistent with Sound
James Brown, Agent,
trjy i y
we have a full stock.
Glas cut
127 ilDVAITCi:-

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