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PEL T. SUTTON, Publisher.
The ichooner Industry went down on Satur.
da within ten rods of shore at South Haven,
and all on board were lost. The boat was
owned by Capt. John King of St. Joseph, who,
with his son Edward was drowned. The
Captain was widely known, having naTlgnted
the lakes for forty years. The gale of Satur.
day was terrlflo all along the coast
Tht Hattle Earle went ashore at St. Joseph
with slight damage Louis Manicler, mate of
the tog K. M. Peck and fireman David Plant
were drowned by the capsizing or a smau
hnriL iLW.Howa. watchman on the steam
ship "City of Rome" was washed overboard
Sunday morning about 2:30 and drowned 15
miles from Long Point
A daughter of Mrs. Warrant deceased of
Kalamazoo, of small-pox Is U with vario
In the Coldwater arson case, Chief Drake of
the fire department Is held for trial with ball
fixed at f 1,000.
Mrs. J. Teed of Decatur was killed by ei press
train No. 15, Monday evening, In attempting
to cross the railroad track.
An aDoroDilation of 8100,000 for a public
building at Marquette was voted in the House
n the 5th. The appropriation of $75,000 for a
lighthouse betwsen Fort Gratiot and Point aux
Basques was referred to the commerce coin
mltteof the Senate.
. Th Hlllslale boat club, 4-oared champion
crew, left for Europe on Tuesday. The citi
zens accompanied them to the depot and pre
sented them with a purs of $550.
Mrs. Anna Stevenson of Cedar, Gladwin Co,
who had lived unpleasantly with her husband,
had locked and bolted the doors. The husband
attempting to force an entrance through a
window was shot and Instantly killed. The
woman is andr arrest
Gen. W. P. Imes, Chairman of State Ceutral
Committee of the National Greenback party,
calls a nominating convention to meet lu
Grand Rapids August 23d.
The Russel House, Detroit, is havings new
awnings put up. Over 1100 yards of canvas
were used In the manufacture.
The rolling stock of the famous Gerrlsli log
glng railway at Farwell has lu Blzd for
Hon. W. S. Wilcox tendered a reception to
Governor Jerome etal, In A drain, attending
the formal dedication of the state reform
school for girls.
Five new cases of small-pox are reported at
Grand Rapids.
E. L. Lovejoy, an art dealer in Jackson, has
made an assignment
John Laing, for 12 years connected with the
Detroit fire department, died of quick con
sumption, the result of a severe cold taken
while on duty last January.
In the Hamtramck races, Detroit, Weines.
day, Keno wins the 2 54, and ClingBtone the 2:17
John Katus, a young married man, examin
ing an old revolver which he supposed to be
unloaded, accidentally shot himself fatally.
At the 9th annual meeting of the Michigan
State Pioneer Society in Lansing, 68 ladles and
gentlemen were present Charles Grant of
Bengal, Clinton Co., born in 1792, and a reel
dent of Michigan since 1838, was received to
membership, with the followlngjadditlonal new
members: E. F. Uhl of Ypslianti: D. R. Corey
of Lebanon, Clinton Co., and A.'D. P. Viin Bu
ren of Battle Creek. A memorial of Chancellor
Tappan, the first president of Michigan Univer
sity, was read by H. M. Utley. In the evening
Major Hopkins read a memorial ef the late
Governor Bagley. Mrs. Roger Sherman an J
her sisters, daughters of the governor, were
The mammoth shingle mill of the Grand
Haven Lumber Company burned at a loss of
f 75,000. One hundred and sixty men and beys
would be thrown out of employment, bnt that
the company will run. one or more of their saw
mills donble time until the shingle mill is re
built They will, if possible, have the ne w mill
running about the first of September. Three
nigh twatch men on duty did not discover the
fire until the whistle of the midnight express
from the east gave the alarm. Although the
pumps were ready for use it was too late to
save the property.
Small-pox in Grand Rapids is increasing.
Two new cases are reported making fourteen
cases in the city. Mrs. YsnDemale, one of the
cases reported on Wednesday has Just given
birth to an infant
On the 9th James Stevenson, of TUsonburg,
Ont. was killed by lightning while standing
in the barn of A. Mackenzie, in Austin Town
ship. The barn of J. Poiaskl, Paris Township,
was struck by lightning.
The Saglnawlan states. Never before have
we seen the fruit trees In this region ee load
ed with promises of a mammoth fruit crop
Apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries all
are getting right down to business..
Mr. Brlgham, of Three Rivers, thought he
smelled fire in his carriage factory and he
went threugh everything and at Jast. when all
other places had been searched in vain, he
opened the door ef the stove, which had not
been fired for a month, and there found a lot
of oiled rags burning by spontaneous comsus
tlon. McGraw mill property at Bay City has I been
old to Benjamin Blrdsall and C. C. Barkor, for
Another case of varioloid has developed In
the Woodhams' family, Kalamazoo.
R. 8. De Land of Memphis prosecuted for
libel by Ezra Hasan was convicted and fined 950
or 00 days In the county Jail. Mr. DeLaad was
again arrested npon the complaint of Mr. Haz
en for slander, damages being placed at $10,
000. Mr. De Land then asked the privilege of
retracting his slanders, Mr. Hazen consented to
suspend proceedings upon Mr. De Land's pay
Ing the fine, executing and signing a retrac
tion of his slanders, acknowledging the Justice
of the judgment of the tourt against him, and
fully Tlndlcatlni Mr. nazen's character. The
retraction wm wiUten and the $50 paid.
About the only person connected with the
New Havra murder for whom au alibi has not
yet beeo proved, Is the unfortunate Miss Cra
An effort was made on Monday to start t
Cleveland rolling mills with 500 unskilled labor
ers, but strange men and In a strange place
made bad work.
The court en banc refuse to re -open the Gul
teau case.
Assistant Secretary New and Supervising
Architect HIM of Washington will visit Detroit,
Mich., in a few days to decide as to location of
the new postofflce building.
Joel Barry the largest man In Maine, weighing
400 pounds has Just died. There were 10 pall
E. W. Olney, moderator of North Providence,
was fatally shot at a town meeting by an ex
policeman, who claimed he had lost his posi
tion through the influence of Olney.
The Corporation Stove Foundry at Rochester
Pa., burned at $25,000 loss on Monday.
W. J. Hutchinson has been expelled
from the New York stock exchange for
defrauding John Duff. The Hannibal fe
St Joe "corner" sent prices booming upward
at a furious rate, and Duff expressed pleasant
anticipations of almost boundless profit. But
Duff was disappointed. Hutchinson transfer
red to his own accounts the profits belonging
to hls.eustomer Duff, changing the firm's books
in order to serve his fraudulent purport.
Duff's losses were placed at over $1,50000.
F. J. Moses, ex-Governor of South Carolina,
pleading guilty to petit larceny, has beon sen
tenced to the penitentiary for six mont'as.
The flouring mill of Henry Rodie, Ogdous
burg, the largest In northern New York, burn
ed on the morning of June 7th. Loss $75,0JO;
insurance, $43,000.
A Jury in Little Rock, Ark., has awarded
Charles Gallino of Memphis, $34,000 damage
against the Hot Spring i railroad for putting
him off a train because a time excursion ticket
had expired.
The lady land-leaguers of Cleveland pro
pose .to set at defiance the threat of excom
munication uttered by Bishop Gilmore -hou!J
thy continue In their work for Ireland. The
breach between the Bishop and hli flock 19
widening, and Miss Mary Rowland, Prtsideut
of the ladies' branch of the league, has wnt'.u
a scathing open letter to the prelate.
A runaway locomotive on the Coney Island
elevated railway fell off the track at West
Brighton Injuring nine persona.
Edwin Burk", engineer of the express train
on the North Pennsylvania K. R. lost his head
by reaching out of the cab window as it was
passing through the doorway.
Mrs. Scoville, sister of Guiteau, has glveu to
the press for publication a copy of a petition
addressed to President Arthur, asking for a
stay of execution In the case of Charles J.
Guiteau until a commission of competent phy
sicians, acknowledged by the fraternity to be
above adverse criticism, shall be appointed and
shall examine into the question of his insanity.
J. W. Baylem, farmer, living about three
and one-half miles from Vienna, III., on the
Wabash Railway, was murdered by robbers
who ransacked the house. The victim had
been sitting by a small lamp reading when the
assassins entered, tied him to the chair in
which he was sitting and cut his head open
with an axe. When found his feet were burned
to a crisp by the lamp being held under them.
A grain elevator at Sioux City, la , with 21,
000 bushels of corn burns; eight loaded cars
were also burned.
A fire in Pocahontas, Ark., burned Ham
mels rtore, warehouse and other buildings at
60,000 loss.
A duel was fought on Wednesday morning
in New Orleans between MaJ.'.E. A. Burke, of
the Times-Democrat and C. H. Parker, editor
of the Picayune. Pistols were used. Five
shots were exchanged. At the fifth fchot Burke
was shot through the thigh. The wound is
not considered dangerous. The trouble grew
out of an article under the captlonuHow About
the Genera Fund?" to which Maj. Burke, who
is State Treasurer, took exception. He sent a
a peremptory challenge to Parker to fight a
duel. Parker accepted, with the above result.
John Curtis, who eloped with Mrs. Jennie
Dixon two months ago, has returned to his
parents in St. Louis. Mrs. Dixon is In San
Antonia, Tex. Curtis' family are trying to
arrange matters so that she can return to her
mother's house. Mr. Dixon and children are
in Iowa and a divorce suit is pending. Young
Curtis had tired of Mrs. Dixon and returned
The Sarah M. Packer Memorial parish Sun
day-school building of 8t Mark's Episcopal
churth, built by the widow ef Asa Packer at a
cost of $50,000, has been presented to the
church of Mauch Chuock in her behalf, by her
son Robert A. Packer, of Sayre, Peon.
An intoxicated man Jumped from High
bridge, New York, 145 feet nd came out all
right but tlll drunk.
The California Silk Factory and four dwell,
logs in South San Francisco burns at a loss of
Prof. MUo P. Jswett of Milwaukee, the first
president of Vassar College, has just died, aged
- The strike at the Cleveland Rolling Mill is
quietly drawing to a close. The places of the
strikers are being filled with new men. Mayor
Herrick's proclamation end a large force of
police have disheartened the unloa men, and
the backbone of the strike Is virtually broken.
Fred. W. Newburg, Columbus, O., who secur
ed some $20,000 from the State treasury, and
against whom 62 Indictments were returned,
has gone to the penitentiary for six years.
Jehn Wanamaker, the Philadelphia clothier
Is the choice for the nomination of congress-man-at-Iarge
on the Republican ticket.
June 8. The House resumed consideration
of the Alabama contested election case, Lowe
vs. Wheeler, the latter being allowed the floor
In his own behalf. At the close of the debate
In which Springer, Burrows, Randall and Calk
Ins participated, a resolution declaring the
contestant Lowe entitled to the seat, was adopt
ed; ayes 149, nays 8.
June & Mr. White offered a resolution to
discharge the ways and means committee from
an inquiry as to why the commissioner of In
ternal revenue favored the whisky bond exten
sion bill. After a long discussion it was referred.
Mr. Plumb offered a resolution directing the
public printer to report what ring, if any, runs
the public printing. Mr. VanWyck offered a
resolution of Inquiry as to what steps are neces
sary to protect government employes from
political assesmenta.
In the House Mr. Butterwortb introduced a
bill permitting the Southern Pacific and Hunt
ington lines to form a through line from the
Pacific to the Atlantic, and prohibiting consol
idation with parallel or competing lines.
June. 8. In the Senate, Mr. Slater Intro
duced a bill making it a misdemeanor to
solicit money, by any executive offloer, clerk
or government employ, other than the head of
a department or to give or receive the same,
for political or party purposes. Mr. Davis
offered a resolution, and it was adopted, re
questing the Committee on Poetofflcee to report
upon the propriety of reducing the rate of
postnge on letters to two cents, and on newB
papers and other printed matter to half the
present rate: also, Increasing the late on
merchandise authorized sent through the mails.
The Army Appropriation bill was again con
sldered, the question being upon the oompul
sory fettture of the retirement clauso. The
amendments to except Generals Sherman and
Shwidan failed, and the bill passed, 42 to 11.
In the housis the report of the Committee
on Way and Means submitted upon rvsolu
tlon relating to the passuge of the bill extscd
Inr the period for distilled spirits was ordered
printed and laldon the tahle. The
report submitted on the contested elec
tion case of Wttherspoon vs. Davidson, of
Florid , granting contestant leave to with
draw the contest was laid on the table.
The Alabama contested election case, Smith
against Shelley, was disposed of by In adop
tion of a resolution declaring the seat vacant
The bill was rejtorted to suspend the leue
of silver certificates and limit the coinage of
silver dollar to the requ remcuts of the people
Juoe 7. Iu the Senate Beck's bill to prevent
the certification of bank checks offered as an
amendment to the Crapo bill, was referred.
In the Hou the indication Is that the defi
ciency bill will take all the week. The House
Judiciary committee has reponod that all that
Congress can no v do about th Northern Pacific
land grants Is to Insist on the speedy comple
tlon of the road. lhy conclude that this
completion will be uioro readily accomplished
by con ioterferecce on the part of the govern
ment and they therefore recommend that no
further legislation Is nucessary or advisable.
The report I elative to the Kunmu Pacific rail
toad company, siiowa that the company since
July 7, 187t), has nude no payment to the gov
ernment on account of the cost of surveylog
selecting and convejlug the lands granted it;
a total of $99,855, which the committee sa.7
has unquestionably been due to the United
States by the company since 1875.
The President sent the following nominations
to the Senate as members of the tariff commis
sion: Wm. A. Wheeler, New York, chairman;
John L. Hayos, Massachusetts; Henry W. Oli
ver, Jr., Pennsylvania; Austin M. Garland, 1111
nois; Jacob Ambler, Ohio; John S. Phelps
Missouri; tobt P. Porter, District of Columbia;
John W. H. Underwood, Georgia; Duncan F
Kenner, Louisiana.
June 9. The Senate paseesthe bill to refund
the Illegal assessment against the Detroit
House of Correction, and the money therefor
is hereby appropriated out of any moneys In
the treasury not otherwise appropriated- The
amount involved is about $19,500. No doubt
Is entertained at the treasury department as to
the illegality of the assessment The bill for
government control of the harbor of refuge at
Sand Beaoh was passed with slight verbal
The Hones made good progress with the
Legislative, Executive and Judicial Approprla
tlon bill, bat it is doubtful whether it will be
completed before Tuesday. One of the most
important provisions of the bill Is the increase
of the pension office force by nearly one thou
sand additional clerks, the object being to 6ettle
the arrearage claims during the next four
years. The prospect of the reduction of tax
atlon to any considerable extent during the
next two or three years Is not promising, for
the pension payments would aggregate In four
years $450,000,000.
Elegance of Home.
I never saw a garment too fine for
man or maid; there never waa a chair
too good for a cobbler or a cooper, or a
king to sit in it; never a house too fine
to shelter the human head. These ele
ments about us, the glorious sky, the
imperial sun, are not too good for the
human race. Elegance fits man. But
do we not value these tools for the
housekeeping a little more than they
are worth, and sometimes mortgage a
house for the mahogany we would
bring into it? I had rather eat my
dinner off the head of a barrel, or dress
after the fashion of John the Baptist
in the wilderness, or sit on a block all
my life, than consume all myself be
fore I got to a home, and take so much
pains with the outside when the inside
was as hollow as an empty nut. Beauty
is a great thing, but beauty of garment,
house, and furniture are tawdry orna
ments compared with domestic love.
All the elegance in the world will not
make a home, and I would give more
for a spoonful of real, hearty love than
for whole shiploads of furniture, and
all the gorgeousness that all the up
holsterers in the world could gather.
Dr. Holmes.
Mokboi, Mich., Sept 25, 1875.
SlBt I have been taking Hop Bitters for
inflammation of kidneys and bladder. It has
done for me what four doctors failed to do.
The effect of Hep Bitters seemed like magic
tome. W. L.CABTKB.
An invitation to consider the Egyptian ques
tion has been received by the Austrian govern
I had been sick and miserable so long and
had caused my husband so much trouble and
expense, no one seemed to know what ailed
me, that I was completely disheartened and
discouraged. In this frame of mind I got
bottle of Hop Bitters and used them unknown
to my family. I soon began to improve and
gained so fast that my husband and family
thought it strange and unnatural, but when I
told them what had helped me, they said,
"Hurrah for Hop Bitters! long may they pros-
Eer, for they have made mother well and ns
ppy." The Mother.
Senator McPherson gets $1,000 In his libel
suit againt the New York Herald.
Hon. Sir Charles Hall, Londco, has been
seized with paralysis and has resigned the
office of Vice-Chancellor.
The municipal council of Rome ask for the
heart of Garibaldi that It may be deposited lu
the Pantheon with the remains of King Tic
tor Emanuel.
The remains of Garibaldi are announced to
be cremated on Wednesday.
The Italian chamber of deputies proposes
to pay the widow and children of Gnribaldl a
pension of about f 2,000 each.
Victor Hugo la raising money lu Paris to
abset Russian Jews to emigrate. to America.
A dispatch from London states that the
shareholders of the Grand Trunk and Great
Western consolidation will receive contingent
shares entitling them to all surplus earnings
ever the guaranteed three per cent.
John Bright, In a recent speech at Birming
ham, favorably noticed the growth of Utera
ture in America, and recommended the study
of the American poets and Bancroft's history
of the United States.
Beggars were picked up by the Berlin po
lice during the past year, aggregating 82,931
persons viz; 30,046 men 1,822 women.an 1 1,003
children under 12 years of aj-e.
The family of Garibaldi have decided not to
cremate the remains. They will be interred
for the present at Caprera.
England and France insist on a conference
on the Egyptian Question.
At a military meet'ng in Arab! Pasha's
house, Cairo, All Febml and Abdelkb P:isha
spoko vehemently against the Khedive, vow
ing that be should die before they would allow
Arab! Pasha to be driven out of the country
either by European or Turks. Arabl Pasha
continues recruiting and has sent instructions
tothe Provinces to quicken the mobilization
of reserves. Efforts are making to" excite the
population by stating that the Khediv had turn
ed Christian and sold the country to the Eng
lish. At Havana 24 deaths are reported a week
from yellow fever.
Signor Mario, the well-known tenor, is seri
ously 111 of pneumonia In Rome.
The ConsuU-General separately visited Dor
isca Pasha at Cairo, except the representa
tives of England and France, who called upon
him together. Dervlscb Pasha said he heped
to succeed la arranging the present difficulties.
Dervlscb Pasha gave an audience to the prin
cipal Egyptlau officer and afterwards to the
President of the Chamber of Notables. He
declared he was resolved to restore order, and
that If neosaary he would himself awuine the
Ministry of War. The military party attempt
ed ineffectually to Mtablls) a sort of espion
age over Dervish Pasha.
Thk Produck AMD Photision market is sup
plied at rates as follows: Mess pork, $20.75;
family, $22.00; deal, 423.00. Lard, 12
for tierces; 12c for kegs; hams, 12313c;
shoulders, 11c; bacon, 14c; dried beef, 13
15c; extra mess beef, $14.50. Chickens were
sold at l&314c per It), white fish and trout
7 8c
Vegetables -Jobbing prices were as fol
lows: Per doz bunches asparagus 65(3
70; cucumbers, 60(365: onions. 30O 40c:
pie plant 80(3 35c; jadlshes, 80(3 35; vegetable
oyster, 80S5c. Per box string beans, 2 50
2 75; peas, $2 752$3 per bu; lettuce, 60(3
White wheat roller process.. $6 75
While wheat pastry 6 00
Seconds 4 00
Minnesota brands 7 25
Minnesota patents 8 U0
Whkat white V bu 1 25
Clovkr Skkd V bu 4 00
Corhd bu 70
Oats bu 50
Strawberries y qt 25
Barlxt v bu 2 00
Cheese Ohio dMichnVIb.. 11
Dried Fruit Apples V so . . 6
" evapor'td 12
Peaches 18
Pitted Cherries 20
Onions -V bu 2 25
Beans v bu 2 50
Butter y 1 b choice 18
Beeswax v lb 20
Egos V doz 17
7 00
C' 6 25
C 4 50
( 7 75
( 9 25
($ 1 80
t4 70
(d! 67
2 25
C4 12
( 13
(A 23
dt 21
C 2 50
Op 3 00
(d 21
( 22
3 20
(gift 00
(flp 7
(3 25
ri 1 60
hat per ion..... if w
HiDK3 Green
Potatoes bu....
Sheep Pelts each .
1 00
(co 1 75
ta.low y n
Wood y corL, 4 00 f, 5 )
Live Stock Market,
Steers extra p-r cwt $7 00(38 50
Steers shippers 8 00(38 15
Steers butchers 5 00(35 50
Steers common grades 2 50(34 25
MUchows .....35 00(a55C0
Per 100 lbs. clipped 4 00(35 20
Per 100 lbs 0 Jya 7 50
Mr. Emerson, in the days when his
mind was most darkly clouded bver,
never forgot two things his exquisite
courtesy and his love for his friends.
At one time when memory had failed
him a visitor happened to mention Dr.
Furness.of Philadelphia. "Yes, to be
sure," said the old mau.with an awaken
ing of remembrance and delight, "Fur
ness is my dear friend, a most lovely
gentleman." And all his animation
ame back in talking of his friend.
Porfectly Amazed.
In the San Francisco Evening Bulle
tin, we observe that Mr. Rosenthal, of
the well-known printing firm, Rosen
thai & Roesch, 538 California street,
that city, said to one of their reporters:
"We all know of St. Jacob's Oil, and
are perfectly amazed at the suddenness
of the relief it affords. If you know
of any one who is suffering with rheu
matism, bruise or sprain, tell them to
use St. Jacob's Oil.
In the first week of June 1500 Jews left Bra
dy for America.
Certainly an elegant remedy for all
aches and pains is St. Jacob's Oil, says
Dr. J. Turner, of Shirrell's Ford, N. C,
In the Ravens wood (W. Va.) Newt.
Gen. Uaribaldl'a will orders that his body be
cremated and the ashes preserved In a por
phyry urn near the tomb of his dead child at
Oaprera. He Intrusts the execution of his
wishes to his wife.
Tony rastor.of N-w York, who U now
with his iuiniiluUe Varluty c-ombiua-
li'u muting a tour of the CuKn, Is re-
COKUlHtl 111 KOUlllg u.v.
TiXMUMt nl Tsny iriKruicr hi
tue muca tiuie. iiwwmciui
,luls article iuvt nr. imtior re
cently, and found nun an g-
1 iu private a ne iuu-
public. Dur-
Mulled .bat it was
excellent, lie bad oc
casionally severe pa Uu,
either t be retiuUofrheu-
tnaUO uav vi vuiun.
tut any complaint of
that character never
trouble him long, at he
tad foundout a remedy
fur all aucb annoying
affections. I sked What tho remedy
whs and he reilled,"ST.JArBsuiu
Mr. I'aMoronid that be considered the
Great German Remedy au excellent
reparation lor the cure or relief of
.iu. .m.ti.n tiiat it was the on It
thlnsr used among professional people for that
him whenever he went traveling, and would
.i ...;. 1. ,.., It o. L.u, Ihut it U AM VITV IMJOU-
larwlth a number of members of b n own com
pany. The foregoing, irom me nrw u
Ende, recalls to our mind an item wherein the
editor of the Cairo (111.) Eveing tun, in paying a
tribute to the enterprie of the fcU LouIb timt-Vi-rxUcK,
and expretwing hlB sorrow at tho loi-s by
lire which the latter pnperhuMuined.wiy: The
whole office was knocked Into ten thousand
pieces all except the Kt. Jacob Oil advertise
nient, which waa mercifully preserved. Hie
closing remark in the abovoand the following
Incident are a true Index or the unexampled
popularity the Great German Kemedy enjoys
everywhere: At a t. Loula theatre recently
whilst the play was iu progress, ono of theladr
performers met with a painful inihhap, which
uulte disabled her. The hero of the Piece, equal
to the emergency, called out to one of the ushers
to "bring a bottle of KT. Jacobs i Oil quick v.'
The thundering applause throughout the entire
bouse which promptly followed this happy sug
gestion was an unmistakable proof of tic fact
that the audience " had been there themselves,
as the expression goes, and experienced the bent-fits
of this wonderful ar.ii le.
Mr. Charles A. Whitney, advertising. agent of
Tark Garden, 1'rovldeiice, It. I., writes; "lor
three vears I had inflammatory rheuuuttlsm in
my right hip and knee. I employed man noted
physicians, and tried numerous remedies for the
aliment, but found nothing to help me until I
used the Great German lleniedy, Ja 011s tut.
which cured me at once. lam now entirely wclL"
.... w,
A scientific preparation for removing Moth, Tin,
Frsoklas. and all discoloration of the skin, leaving
it clear, smooth, and unblonsishad. It is hsrmUsal
ploasant, and absolutely sure. If you have tried
an otner preparations upon tne market wiuiout sue
cess, do not be discouraged, but trv Marie Fon
tsine's Moth and Freckle Cure. IT NEVER
FAILS I There is not thst case in eaistene
that this Drensrstien will not euro.
1'rire 50 cents. Sold by all Druggists; or will U
sent Dy rouu, upon receipt 01 price, Dy
is. a s
Dtraorr. su 11..
Offers superior kdvantxt'l tf
students. The are thorough It
drilled in office work, letter wniini
and the execuiine of business Daner.
1 hoi e wishing a thorough busnw 1
education should enquire of the bu-4
1 c men of Detroit where it can U'
be htd. College f"cr wailed fiee
. --.-r.!U..
.... ;3iaji
WILLIAM REID.Who ; c.-il.lwt
in French and Americsn w"li'rjv i. 1", Ha
0U63, Ribbed and Rough Tluu- f 1 ky I .shtf
Cut and Enameled Cass. Silver 1 M .-1 :.h
French ind German Looking G!a-; I ; tcs. Lta '
and Oil, Colors, Putty, Points, etc- 1 & 14 O-a
frets St. East, DaiaoiT. Mich.
rjr If building and in want of anything WItlTA
Above is ao exact portrait of
A preparation which is vnequaltd for
Purifying the Blot far.d Toning
' Up the FemaU System.
Iaotf s'Towto ts Dirnard br Mrs. Van Th.rpn
at liM Franklin Bt., Buffalo, N. Y., and has been
used successfully br ladies f.rivftt s. Itlaaaur
cure for all Female Complaints. Low Fever, Ague,
(Scrofula, Sick Headache, and all weakness
caused by those irregularities which are so co a.
mon to womankind. This is no I'ulent Medicine.
but Is prepared by Mrs. Van Bureu after years
of experience, and recommended by her. as she
knows it will give newlifu toony broken down,
worn-out or over-worked member of bersox.
Wivia AND Mothkhs need Momotiiina' to amtlnt
Datura In holding her own tinder the conatant
strain which Is constantly drugging tbeiudown.
Mrs. Van Burea answer all loiters rc bend
for Circulars.
For sals by prugglets. lTlce, f 1.00 per bottle.
LMliKMKM 1 hav used 1)B. IUBICR'8
V,'. J
m r v . t m
1 viai
Mil II
r1 ft
twenty-flve year; In tneulclne, have never found anything to Jive the results that im.lURTXii's
laow Tonio dof-s. In many cmci of Nervous iTostratloD. l e ninle I)ieae!i, lyspepsla. in.l an lm"
tKverliihel eonIIUon of the blood, this peerless remedy, has In my han.is, mule some wonderful cure
Cases t hat have bauled some of our most eminent
atie remeny. 1 nrrnrnn it in preifrcnre k any iron preparauon naie. In fart, gtlrh comuuund
aslia. UAJtTUi's Ibom TOMic fs a necessity In my practice. Dm. Boltta hamcu!
It girei color to th blood;
natural healthful tone to
th digestive organ and
nerron vtem, tnakina
it applicable to General
Dcbillttf, Lomb of Appe
tite. J'romtratlon of Vital
Jowcr and Impotence.!
At Lower Prices than Ever.
we offer a LAKGE STOCK to salad from of all the
rei utile kinds, as well as everyUaug new, Inludlng
, we manufacture all our thlbltlon TSvOta, we axe
i"o not only to save the oacbaer iirtol.-00 the
f frelpht,but rUo to up wu slisrt taXue au
..J flmluiinr nutttn wunLud.
'.nil and see for fourselveo. (
20, 22 and 24 WoodbrUgt 8U AssW .
ilanaslne near Wtter Works, la Haattrtmek. , ,
gWte mm sullies sf i
llna ft eueiall I
PrUM-LlM ever? SftonUt
11 kind at Pkoer (Me
ad Frlntlna Jetal
hoald address P, O. la
Wonderfully simple and perfect la Its threaMna
. and separate? qualities. Saves A T.Ij the Oram and
clean It ready for Market. Buns easily, con
structed durably, finished beautifully, least expsrv
sive, and most economical and 8ATISFAOTOBT
handle wet g-nln 0 1 9" well as dry.
It has no TUDI7RUI7D eonsiln
1 nitaonuw & and
timothy 1 cleans itij Ct? botbaswellM
wheat; requires llw uCi no change ex.
cept the sieve, lias more square feet of separating
and cleaning surface than any other machine 1 oan
cot be overloaded. It is both over and under blast
(new and very desirable.) SEPARATORS of the
various sires fitted for Steam or Horse-Power. Th
Iloree-Powers, a made by us, aretmexoaQed.
CyUate TxU
We also make the HTIIX WATER Mo. 18 and
each having return-floe, and fitted for burning
straw, wood or coaL These Engine ar mad and
flnlHbedlnthesvMfpereeieiaiiiMr. TRACTION
ATTACH MENTS can to furnished with any of
them, tnf For PrieLUt and Circular, addre
Manufacturers, 8tlllwatar, Minn
Is not signing a pledge'
or taking a solemn oath that'
cannot be kept, because of
the non-removal of the cause
liquor. The way to make
a man temperate is to kill
the desire for those dreadful '
artificial stimulants that car
ry so many bright intellects
to premature graves, and
desolation, strife and un
happiness into so many
It is a Tact I Brown's Iron
Bitters, a true non-alcohol-ic
tonic, made in Baltimore..1
MJ.,by the Brown Chemical
Company, who are old drug
pist and in every particu
lar reliable, will, by remov
ing the craving appetite of
the drunkard, and by curing
the nervousness, weakness,
and general ill health result
ing from intemperance, do
more to promote temperance,
in the strictest sense than
any other means now known, f
It Is a well authenticated
act that many medicines,
especiall v bitters are noth
ing but cheap whiskey vilely
concocted for use in local
option countries. Such is
not the case with Brown's
Iron Bitters. It is a medi
cine, a cure for weakness
and decay in the nervous,
muscular, and digestive or-
gans of the body, produc
ing good, rich blood, health' "
and strength. Try one bot
tle. Price $i.oo.
-tiM' l, t '. ; v..,. pi0
Jlarltmiil Vhrmjlnrviii
a iHilatuhl fii .n. The
ft prrnarntion of iron
that trill not blacken tha
treth.ao character tie ef
other iron 1rrra rations.
nun i o.n 10 in my rracuce, and In an cxnerlpnceof
physicians, hsve U UIed U Uiis ri
rest an'l Inoompar.
or. th. lwt.
l04Wah Avenn.
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