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Vol. l,No. 12.
Price, $1.00 a Year.
The Weekly Expositor.
A Red Hot, Aggressive and Pro
gressive Journal for Live,
Enterprising Headers.
$1 a Ykak G()(! vun Six Months
39c foi: Tiikku Months.
.Dei. T. SiTros, .T.vs. A. Mi:nzii:s,
Proprietor. Editor it Manager.
1 inch card one year $ 3 00
1-8 column adv one year 12 00
1-4 " 20 00
1-8 " . so 00
1-2 " :;r, 00
1 " " 0" 00
Business locals 3 cents per line.
church DiiiKcrouY.
.Methodist Protestant Church.
Service alternately nt 10::10 oYlork ft. in., niul
T p. 111. llev V. U. CLAltlv rastor.
Barwlny School at 2 p. in. J. S. IiUFFIE.
Methodist I2pi.icoal C'liurcli.
Service alternately nt lolOu. in. nid 7 p. m.
Kv C. W. IIAKS1IMAN. Pastor.
8andny ScIkh.I ut 2 p. in. V. COOPER.
C'liurcli ofl-'hrlat at the A. ('.Chapel.
Hen-ice at 11 a. in. Knhlmth School nt 3 p. in.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening 7:30.
SL. BALLENTINE fc CO.. Wholesale
. and Iteiail drater in Dr (J hK lloota
A Shoes, Ualy Ma4 Cl'titii. Mi". Cars,
Ac. Ten a Specialty. N 7 Huron Avniu,
tad No 3 Quay Sirert, Tor: Huron, Mich. 9
(Formerly flapVy Home.)
Tliia hfne . nai reeent'y changed hands
and p.cial puiiia will. ba taken to please
Ufl H.
Office Days, Tuesdays and Siturdajp.
0. W. MILLS,
The Highest Prices paid for all j
kinds of (train.
If you want to knov. wline to get :
tliH Imnl Harness f.n- the it i .L miiy,
go tt j
I 1.- .. Ml ....I . ) I. .1.1 .. l.ij I
uiei nu win irii ; "i i ui i i'ik ni m.- i
shop. All v.rk wMir.f'el 15 pair-;
ins promptly atter.;l-d I . Keep on j
JiaiMl a lull line n hips, iiuos,
llruslies. Harness (H, etc. Cailo.ul of
Bngy Cushions just arrived.
All the Infest nml niont desirnhle atyle In Hutu j
Bonnet. Flowers. Feathers, Ijicif, Hilks, Kill-J
linns, Ulnves, Hone, PurnsoK Finis, Handker-1
ehlefs: Lnce. Muslin mid Silk Ties. ll.imlsoine
Eiiiliroidcrics. New styles In C'onilis. Sidet'oinlm
Hands, ItciliU. Dnrelet, etf, Xp:ililsh,TolX-hnn,
Italian ami French Triiiiinhitf Lik-pm, ut
Indies' llnznnr, Mrs 4. A. Smith,
In the Room lately occupied hy tlie Argua office.
CAl'AC. - - , MICH.
wfowolry, Ta"tclis,
Clocks, Knives, Porks, Spoons,
Pitchers, Card Receivers,
fJold and Sliver Plated Ware.
We alwara have a (f'd Hik of
Ya are rnrdUll? Invi'ed a.1 .rn.ily
frequented to x'olnp ilr MiM'k In ih' D'
tnrt men n-t iiiHre B.tivU nd pri.-et h
for tnrr,haiiii;. 0
i'Ki:i: oi' ciiAitdi:. j
You c-tn tet a trid 1 !1 1 of !):.!
Bosiinko's pi'e itfineily ;st V. A. U.iker's j
drtiR rtore wliic'i ui'l comviu you'
that the n ilar r.o vcmI. hi'? will cumi
any case of Inten ji1. Exte nal r Itch-
ins l '-4, l''Mil d' i:ii !ra-aiit s n-'
nations, Si dey Kript o.ii. or-, Uoih,, :
Burns, .Sc iliN, jukI fur ,i g-nevil pm
P oiiitni'Mti !i hi' n i e.liu?, C.ill
jfor a tri.il Ihx tt oit .
Local Expositions.
ltaiu 1 11 dny ! Bainiest !
Suhsciibe for tho Expomtoii.
"Woodcock are rijo enough to
Brock way Centre has a population
of TOO.
Why don't somo one get up an
excursion ?
"We hear of a new livery to be
started soon.
A heavy rain visited this place
Monday night.
J. S. Dullle has been rather under
the weather of late.
l)i-3 K. fc K., of Detroit, arrived
in town on Wednesday.
The base ball club here will play
the return game at Peck Saturday.
The tea-meet'n? in Du tile's hall
next Tuesday, promises to be a grand
Tom McArthur has the new build
ing for ids Jewelry store nearly com
pleted. J. S. Dullle received 144 chairs for
his new hall last Tuesday, from A. (i.
The otlice and bar to the llapley
House is being litted up in shape to
move into.
Wm Bettis now drives a fine rig
winch he purchased at the Carriage
A. (J. Brown made Squire Dtulia
a present of a cane bottom arm chair
for his olli;:e.
John Ilolden has so far this season
hauled in 140 tons of hay and still has
0 tons more to haul.
l'obt Murray, of Lvnn, has moved
his house near the road and placed it
on a stone foundation.
Mr and Mrs Horace Baker, of Pt
Huron, weie here visiting their son
and daughter on Sunday last.
J. 1). Vivian, nt the Carriage
lleposiiory, has disposed of six or
eight bug,'ies hinco opening out here.
W. J. HoMen and family, of
Southampton, Out., have been vi3itin
friends and relatives in town the past
week. .
1!. Emery lias ' placul a new
veramhh in lro.it of his samplo room
and improved de looks of it by a coat
of paint.
The Woolen Mills are having a
t ush of liicdiiestt at present. C. An-lr-U!
& .ni.s are doing Hrt -class woik,
thereby gaining a wide-spread reputa
tion. A. Haist furniture store and
stock at CnHWtdl were burned last
Friday luouning. about one o'clock.
Insured tor Si, oo ), The origin of the
lire is unknown.
Why do our citizen go nut of
town to buv furniture when we have
an establishment here where you can
buy ;is cheap as elsewhere? Eucuur
age home industries.
A new danger threatens some of
our unhappy agricultural fiieitls just
now It is feari'd tin hay crop is so
excessive lhnt their barns wil' be
Idled to oversowing.
John C. Hait fallowed two cradles
one day last week and hound '1, (SIS
shelves of wheat. Hi ha !?1(0 to say
that there is not another man around
hero who can be;t him.
We have a frw thren months
subscribers o:i our listwl.o.n we wish
to inform that their time has nearly
expiiedsind would h p!Msel to h.-ve
thrtr. call and let us know whether
they wish to continueor not.
Thomas St itey, a youm lad in the
employ of E. Bricker, of (ireenwood,
was thrown from n horse which he
was riding on Monday, and had ImiMi
bones of his left arm broken. l)r
Mitchell was called and set his arm.
A youth, not manv miles from
here, sat beside his girl for just one
hour, the other night, and during that
time kissed her ninety-six times out of
a possiole hundred. The other four
times she got in a hurry and kissed
Miss Magzie Jem (son's nchool
closes this week, and the teacher, scho
lars ami friends propose having a
luakct picnic on Saturday afternoon in
William Black h orchard. All going
from Brockw.iy Centre will be made
Joel Smades informs us that he
h:is a cow which trave birth t twin
calves a week sigo last Friday and in
Septenbor last give birth t: one mak
ing three in side of ten mmithi en I
she gave milk eight months of that
time. Next.
On Tuesday 1 tst, George Barker,
son of Wells Barker, tripped over a
1 fcyl he, receiving a severe wound In
the b;i' k of the neck. On- of h!
linger was also ptrtially severed. Dr
Ney w;is called in and dressed his
wound . He is now doin; splendidly.
The fullo ving I llp llt of letters
uncalled for Aug. 1st: Frank Whinp!'
Huh Mt Coi':buni, T!;m Meadman, C.
Iovcjov. Mr Brtdhw, Mis Ma-jgie
Hill. Fl'.n E. lliMv. Iiv.. i Walker,
Alviu A. I. -wi.i, dr I I t? r addressed
t' iVn v Click cue t 1). A. Cameron.
A serious accident happened Lewis
.Sccor hut Thursday. While riding oi
a sulky rake his horse got frightened
at something and ran away smashing
the rake ami kicking Mr Secor break
ing his leg below the knee in two
places. It will probably be some time
before he will be able to bo around
again but he is nov improving slowly.
-- The following is the names of tha
pupils of Miss Maggie Jemison's school
in district No 5 Green wood, who receiv
ed the highest number of marks in
each class, for punctuality find perfect
recitations during the month of July:
History class Amos Iteichard; Fifth
class Elia Schram; Fourth class
Emeline Beichard; Third clats Lucy
Terney; Second class Malinda Iteichard.
James S. Kennifick civil engineer,
of St. Clair Co., hits been engaged late
ly in getting the level and making the
profile of the Mills Ditch, which com
mences a halt mile south of Patrick
Butts' and following the course of the
creek, enters Black river near the old
grist mill. Mr Kennefick lnis been
engaged for several weeks in such
woik, and has profiles nearly complete
for 40 mi!(M of ditch in this county.
Croswell Democrat.
Slice the cucumbers two hours be
fore they are wanted and sprinkle the
slices plentifully with sab. Set the
dish in the refrigerator. Just before
dinner drain away the salt liquor
from the cucumbers and mix them
with oil first, and then with vinegar
and pepper. This salad is very grate
ful to the taste and does not distort
the features of the victim as does tho
old style of cucumber salad. Death
is almost painless, and the remains
look about the same as they did in '
"It's a boy worth a thousand
dollars have been wishing for a boy
for eight years believe I could jump
over the moon" or something to that
elVect said Columbus 1'heuix as he laid
down before us a handful of prime
havanas Tuesday morning, and we
readily divined the cause of his joy.
Columbus Jr. made his debut Monday
night, and weighs eijiht pounds. Be
hu his ''daddy's only sonney" and
having two sisters t) pet him, it will
be a wunder if he ia not spoiled in his
bringing up. Fort (Jratiot .sun.
Wo have had a series of corn grow
ing days timing the past week to the
gratification of all h ) had e nn to
The weather has been somewhat dry
for the spring crop and pasture, but
we were greatly blessed Monday night
with a good rain which was very much
The Farmers have been very busy
in their h. tying and harvesting for the
past week an I have got along splendid
ly but the rain put them all back moru
or bss.
Fall who it that'is not rusted Is
going to turn out better than it ha
for years past, your correspondent saw
a field of 14 acres that was threshed
la.-t Saturday which turned out little
over oO'i bushhs which is about 3l
bushels to the acre.
William Hodgins met with quite a
loss Sunday, by losing a splendid mare
which was .ick but a few hours. We
understand he has refused 81"0 for her j
several time this season.
Mrs H. Darcy. of St Louis, Mich.,
sisier U Mrs W, H. Ba'.lentine, is here
visiting relatives and friends.
W. Harris have a Dne lot of
buggies and wagons on hand now
which they are selling very cheap ac
cording to the quality. Any one in
lined of a good job it will be to their
interest to call on them as their work
is all warranted. The purchaser is not
bu ing any experiment or risk. Be
niiinberthey warrant all their work
ami always stand by their warrant.
Kane Bios dealers in musical in
struments are selling a great many!
organs this summer. They are good
musicians and have had long exper
ience in that business, they know
what tneir customers need and claim
t handle instruments second to none
in this country. Yours, Sun.
The apple crop is a failure in
some parts of Canada.
Wm Yorks, Of Yorks Station,
made us a pleasant visit on Wednes
day last.
Mrs J. F. HoMen, left Wedncs
day for Port Huron, on a visit to
her parents.
The party who took Arviley
Reed's gold wristlet, had better
return it and save trouble for they
are well known.
I hose parties are well known
who are dicing up the potatoes on
my lot in the rear of O, W. Mill
house and unless it is stopped, steps
will be taken to expose the parties.
C. CoorEit;
A firo at Fort Gratiot on Mon
day forenoon destroyed about $15,
ooo worth of property including IT.
Wy man's grocery More, Thomas
Donans shoe shop, W. P. Smith's
dwelling and barn, b, H. Curtis
hohsus fM ward Stone's house and
the McArthur house, Lam and. ice
Ask your flrocer for Port Huron
Brooms. Take no -other. Every one
'warranted. Manufactured by h. Per
.tiVal & Son. . ' ' UOniO.
The Central Druse Store !
F.A. BAKER, PropV.
a lrjj;e wnd well selected tfi'k of Puis
Drugi, Ma lieiut-r, Di S'lif', S nifW, P r.
tuiuer), l'Vney mid Ti' i Artl-', RrmiiiM,
Patent MniieiurN, Pair tn auU Oil, Tobacco
and Civara.
A Jarc ttek of Candid. Pura WINES
iwi i mimes ... t.ai.i...i ..r...u.uu
ONLY, Ntid all that in ken a C' iii'l te utock.
livery miutt ,j ar reinhuin prirr.
..Z"itPrecriotioncirefullf compounded.-
. .o
Mrs O. Van Wagner,
Invites the attention of the Ladies of
llruckwnv fViit.iM niul Vie.iititv. tu 1 itr
stoek of Millinery and Notions. Spet
attention paid to Dress Making, i'rices j
Low as tho Lowest. Butter tiud Eggs j
taken in exchange fur (h-ods. I
American Sewing Machines on hand '
and for sale.
Inform th iwitl f iM .! ion that liia
t r ia wll " k" wriih timt uU gU in
ail ileparliut iit, iucludiii(
Dry Cods, M: S;::::, frt:;::,
Hats Caps, (Iroeeries
In f.tet, evirytlun krj hi a llr.clM ftorf.
Priori alw.iyn vtsry r.iDahli
limt foot of Court Strwt, Port Huron. Sllch.
Traiiix nin ly Port Huron tinm. Trains Ualljr '.x-
l'lt tsllllllAV.
f'.irt ll'i ln ve
(1. T. Juio' ion
ag naw Jiiii'viou
lto:kajr ), rn
Hrowu'a Cur
H tie D C Jjuciio'i
V .Mtar
l'i Mt SJgiu i
r.t SiRioaw Iave
DAB r Junction
Itrown'a City
Hrockwav C'titre
Siirinaw Janrtion
(1. T. Juuctioa
Ptrt IIuiom
la j
in ;e
a. m, . in.
. ni.i a. ni. I a. ni.
7 4 lie I
8 00, A 2S . I
S Hi i Oo! !) .V i
! 1,1.
til n ! j 4i tn -h
in 4 a :: w 10
1 1 inn t! e to 4) ,
II --'"I K 15 II HI
li P'l . I II 2)
1 l I 7 !-. e.H '
I 4i 7 . IJ 4"
: ..! h I jVi
4 1,5; 4 1 :t i (
1. in. 1 e. 111. p. ui I
a. ni. . m.l a. nr.
7 M rt so 41
8 2 7 l.V I ' i!
8 23 7 ! M l'i
A3 7 I 4i
JI Mi ' ! 4l
!) .ill H .V .1 1"
to do 1 a
iuYs ; an.
K 2.i y 2e I '
I .i 2 I
lii a.i 5 ;t ;
11 15 in i j; pi
II 20 in :'( - ;
UoiiiK North. QolncSonth ,
s.nnd I "on I juTI !
Mlx'tl Heucli ' Jlur". I ami
ExpV Ex).Mix il .
r M A M am r M ',
a 10 HM'i Lr Port Huron Arr 1 " 70,
9 ait H sr. li T fuiu-ilon 1" 7 i t
X ST. 11 ini O rat lot tVutre 10 in 7 ml !
9 45 1115 North Ktreot lMNi It .VI ,
4 00 11 Ai KliiKsh'j' tt M 0 Kl .
4 ft') 11 SO Satrlnnw Junction 40 II l '
4 10 It 3s Urnnt Cntnj IS A1 j
4 II 4h Jeililo SM H 15
4 II 5K Aiii.uIoit Vis! li OO !
'4 5(1 12 10 Crotoveil tf oo 5 15
Vi 30
5 00 U 3.". Oillam . S .12 .1 S
A Sjo 1-4 l'i AiiiliTMoii S Vi W
5 80 U .Vi " 1'iu k'a Mill H 87 .1 15
, a 4' I o I'ni-Monviiirt a r; ft 05
fl 00 1 Vi Wlllnir lion! a iti 4 50 !
6 15 1 -JO Dowiiin? N 04 4 Vi
n A 1 3 Decken-illf 7 .Vi 4 So
0 40 1 CooU-y Uoal 7 4" 4 sM
fto 1 40 1'nlniH . 7 3s 4 10 I
7 Or. 1 Ki Mimlen T 20 3 M ,
7 A" i o: AriamH' Comer 7 10 3 35
R 10 2 35 ATr Hand Beach Lv fi 15 3 05
It-torn t 'clefs aul at redorrd rat.
HENRY McMORU VN, Vanarln Dlrtor.
Practical Vatcltniakcr and Jeweler,
Twi ntv-flve year exiHTlem-e In Mils Inislne.
Hntixr.ii'tion Riven or no fli.-irve. SiKH'tm'lea to
h'llt nil hI'IiIh. Kvtn tented Ii.v Mm Intent jiatent
Uotemoter free of rli;u;.'e.
A;:eut for the licntiino ttin,;vr Sum Machhio.
fhouro Your Homo At Home , In
-"HOME company:
Rates oo Low as te
Business PrinoipSos.
Five Thousand Dollars worth of Goods to be sold within the next OO days,
IN ALL LINES OF GOODS Our Stock is Complete.
we havu some choice selections in both domestic and fancy, a ni'co"lot of
trimming ami buttons to match. Table linen, Damask, llosiory, tte, fcr,
Gents Furnishing Department.
Fancy hhirts from 50 cents to 1.50. White shirts laundried and unlaun
dried, all sixes cheap. Mens', Youths', and Hoys' Clothing in great varie
ty, and for price cannot be undersold.
Boot and Shoo Department.
In this class of goods we challenge the county, as to extent ot stock,
piality of goods and lowness of price. Wo would particulary mention
our line stock of ladies kid boots ami shoes.
Our Groceries are always new and fresh. A splendid lot of cifiincd goods.
V7o keep tho largost Stock of GdHfoctlonory In
In paints and oils and window gla&i we have a full vtock. (Has cut
any M7.o without extra charge.
We would invite particular attention to our Millinery (tood, alway
something new, tasty and fashionable. At present we have a brilliant
display of Ladies hats and trimmings which we are fitting up to suit both
young and old, according to the varied tastes of our numerous customers,
SPKCFALTIKS. Unbreakable Tanipico Corset $1; black and colored
kid gloves 1; linen lap robes l; Indies nrade skirts 50 cts to 42; mens
suit of clothes 0; Fxtraiine suit 20; calf boot 2; good white lead, ct,
7; ;l lbs choice tea l. Kxamine our stock before purchasing. No
trouble to hhow goods.
P. S. Grist mill constantly running and we guarantee 40 lbs of Flour
per bushel for clear wheat. Our saw mill is ready at .ill times to do cus
tom work. All planing and re-sawing done with promptness.
Oar Stock ia now roimlet in all itn brannhea and we would frarrms npoo tha rnimla of
ih public umiriilly and ur ruKtoDura in particular tha at cecity of ratline rarly ami oiaka
yoor election hili wn ran yiva tu jt what you want at Kfrni?ljr low priei. Dou't
tail to exatniue our lare utock olSUMilKU PRINTS juat nwtn. Wa ara atlling tha
rrrr offered la the villaire for tba raony. An examination of tht-ni U all that ia neepaaary
to fntxtantiata what wa nay. In Dretra Ooo1a we can ahow yoti a uool ftnrtmeiitrouitinf
olQIXUHAMg. MONJIES. rKETONKi, K-Tr.ibl Suiting, Lawn. aJukIU., BiDtiKjia,
Alpanaa and IUoliiiii-r V hsye oin good Btritiini in Ldip and MUe 11-e that wo
ara offering from 5' fr. Wn a pair. Ei.uiina our iiua of ladiea ninkwnarf Ladia elfvant
Ijhco ilea from 1.. 1.73, LU el-KHiit lara oollum from Mo $1. Oar rtock in vent's
liirnifchinxa lrfvnit'ie, coiiMiitii g of lrea i-hirta, laandrid and iinUnnilried, color.d khtrta
Qama nnd;rwirII iry and an pxollrnt lina ofacarftita and how. In all tli- lioat atytaa
au'i makes, Laumirird shins only 40u btt quality with 3 col J art and cn&s for $1.40.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes !
. .
In this department wa can ofT-r some eillnt hartal n in cheap or in warranted goods.
I.Hit aertro Omvre-$l. Lol'-aurr' Lce$l. Indian jrralnd hnttonet $1.50 to 2.25. Calf
H11 tinned $2.50. . miinr iront$.1 Franoh Kid $4.75, Walltinif ahpira $1, 1.23,'lt40
ad 1.75, Ladieo 8UMr from 20 ris to $1.25, ClnMrrn's shots all t?ie and pries from
25 tto$J, Men' fin ahora In buttoned, laoed or buckle from $1.75 to 4 75, Meu's Plow
Shoes $1.25 to 2.00.
A largo Stock of Union and Independent School
cT'An Exaiuloalion of our Goods and prices ia respectfully solicited.
1-ly. II0LDEN 11R0TIIKRS, Urockway Centre.
A nrtccial invitation is extended to all to call and xee those firnt-cla.ij
lhiggies at tho
We have also a full line of Single Harness, Fly Nets, Lap Kobe, Duster
and everything to complete a first-class turnout. Do not delay on?
moment but come immediately, for iiow is the accepted time. You may
not have a chance like this offered you again mo call early before they are
all gone. Kemcmbcr tho place next door to the Commercial House nu '
Main street, lirock way Centre, Mub. J. 1). VIVIAN, Fmp. '
conslotont with Sound
James Brown, Agent.
$5,000 !

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