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DEL T. 6UTTON, Pcbushbb.
yum; of the weesc.
A. A. Hemmlngway confessing im
plicatlon In the Cold water Incendlaty fin, has
been adinUted to 1 1,600 ball with two sureties.
The Question bas been eltfut months la the
the court securing the pi tweat etatus.
The Lee House at Oscoda, three
toriea nigh, baa Just burned at a loss of 10,
r 000 and lldbt Insurance.
Jacob Kite, at North Branch, suffered
two sonous hurts. While shingling on a b-une
roof a blow on the bead with a hammer s'un
ned him, and while oooonsoions be rolled off
the roof, breaking bis bick. His reooveiy Is
t doubtful.
Lucius Fitch, a prominent citizen of
FentoB, was stricken with apoplexy lastFrldry,
and diad from a second attack witliln three days
He was buried on the 25th.
The town of Deerfield, near Lapeer,
reports a cane of small pox.
Daniel Goggins of Grand Rapids, who
Is about ($5 years of age, committed the crime
at uxoricide on the 24th by stabbing bis wife
several times in the neck and breatt with his
' pocket knife. The offender had already spent
- several tortus In the peoltontiar for crimes
committed and be had not lived with bis wife
for about two years. A. fe w days before the deed,
Mrs. Uogglos sold her hous j and lot for $1,000
and commenced living at SLMark's Hone at
this place the buataud called on her and de
manded a share of the proceed of the bale.
The wife refused, to comply, wbeu the fatal
assault ensued. The woman's screams
brought assistance, and a desperate straggle
took place, the human fiend resisting airest
and attempting to murder others. He was
' finally locked up. Mrs. G. lived only fifteen
Augustus S. Johnson, one of the
best known citizens of Detroit for more than
forty years, died July 6th, at the residence of
bis son, Geo. A. Johnson, aged 83 yenrs and
five months.
IL Friedman, a clothing dealer in
East Saginaw, ran his buuiiitss craft aground,
and it will take $15,000 to pnt him afloat
Forest fires are raging in the vicinity
of East Tawas and to wihtln a mile of the to B.
Stock Is being driven to the lake shore. Already
several tons of hay hive been turned and much
fencing. Rosetta Lee, John Dills worth and
James Sullivan have' lost their dwell, u.
Travel is impeded on many roads.
Chester F. Randall, aged 6 years, was
accidentally shot by his older brother, Daniel,
aged . The children were living with thwlr
grandparents In the town of Adams, about 8
miles east of Hillsdale. The two boys were
standing In front of the door, the oldest on the
steps, and the youngest one In front on the
ground. The older onetn attempting to shoot
a bird, dropped the gun, and it went off, the
full cbBrge of shot strklng the younger brother
In the face, near the nose, killing him Instant
ly. J. B. K. Bratshaw a prominent citi
zen and temperance worker in Detroit, died of
firlght's disease on the 2tUb.
Andrew G. Olson of Whitehall has
been convicted the third time of selling liquor
without a bond filed with the county treasurer,
and sentenced to pay $100 flue, and Imprison
ment 30 days. He appe tie the case.
Burglars blew open the safe in the
office of H. Barrows at Armada a few nights
since, and stole $2,000.
Mrs. Cady of Mt. Morris, and a boy
named Alexander of Burton towoshlp, have
Just died of small pox.
The London English amateur rowing
association have ordered the Thames and Lon
dou crews not to compete with the Hills Ule
boys la the Barnes and Mortlake regattas.
Capt. E. P. Allen, nominated the first
. of the week, has already been confirmed by tLt
Senate as Iudian agent at the Mackinaw agen
ej. Frof. Sill, superintendent of the De
troit city schools, has been selected for a torm
of three year -, at a salary of $4,000 per year. '
Cbas. W. Clisbee of Cassopolis, Mich.,
reading clerk of the house of representatives,
Washington, was stricken with paralysis and
fell on the steps of the Capitol building, Fri
day, 28th. He was immediately removed to a
' hospital where be received every possible at
The New York World publishes the
following crop report from Mlchigan,July 27:
The wheat harvest in the northern counties
has commenced and the yield will be about
one-third better than last year. In the middle
and southern counties crops are progressing
.finely. Oats and corn are growing rapidly,
but all the spring crops need more rain.
Ed Rice of Detroit, is again under
arrest, charged with being Implicated in the
;8treogson robbery.
Miss Clara Lee of Dowagiac, while
working In Benton Harbor, suddenly disap-
peared, and It is now thought she bas been ab
ducted. She was last seen in a buggy with
two negroes.
Ex-Aid. Wm. Brown of Jackson, was
run over by a traction engine and badly hurt
His left ankle was In J ared and the right leg
crushed from the foot to the body. No bones
were broken hut an injury in the right groin
xcUes apprehension.
. Charles E. Backus of Detroit, former
editor of the Detroit Poet and Tribune, now cf
the immigration commissioners' office, has
been ill for a month. He is Improving.
J. Huff Jones of Detroit has just
paid taxes amounting to $11,525 on property
which be represents in that city.
The large Union Hall at Manistee,
built by Bichard G. Peters at a cos', of $25,000
and dedicated t the cause of temperance the
fore p ait (t last month, was destroyed by fire
on Saturday. There was an insurance of $15,.
John McNulty, of East Saginaw,
aged 63 years, in attempting to get off a Flint
APere Marquette Railroad train, while la
motion, fell under the wheels and was ran
over, crushing his left leg. ,
Corn is ninety cents per bushel at
Litchfield, and farmers state that they shall
co omence feeding wheat, unless there Is more
difference In prloe between the two, as
bushel of wheat will go farther than a bushel
and a half of corn.
Air. biewart, or uaeooygan. nas a
Jersoy cow tLthas bveu pi log a game in
the neighborhood of late. Nearly every cow
in the vicinity that was allowed to run ap
pareutly went dry. The Jerer wu caught
the other day, milking one of her ulster
bovine, when she whs promptly muzzled with
a spiked collar (around her nose), and now
there's a bovine disturbance every time the
cow tries her old tricks.
July 24. In the Senate, the bill to
refund to the estate of John W. Forney $27,.
684 paid by him when Secretary of the Semite,
to cover a defalcation in his office, was past-ed.
Mr Allison presented the conference report on
the legislative appropriation bill, which, after
debate, was adopted as to ail the Items agreed
to, and the Senate Insisted upon its disagree
ment upon the points referred to and ordered
a new conference. Messrs. Allisoa, Da we
and Davis, of West Virginia, were appointed.
The Senate took up the revenue bill, which
was discussed to the hour of adjournment.
In the House, Mr. Cannon submitted
a conference raport on the Legislative, Ex
ecutive and Judicial Appropriation bill. The
report announces agreement on all the items
of the bill except the transfer of the records
1b the Surgeon-General's office to the office of
the Adjutant-General. As the bill originally
parsed the House It appropriated $19,760,273;
as It passed the euate it appropriated $20,
276,800; as agreed upon by the conference
committee it appropriates $29,088,000." Tht
conference report waa agreed to and a further
conference ordered.
July 25. The Senate, after debating
the quer tlon of printing the report of the 10th
census, adopted the cenference report on the
river aid harbor bill. The revenue bill was
then discussed, the question being on Mr.
Hale's ainscdment to tho sugar duty section,
to strike out the requirements for government
tests of the saccharine strength of sngar In
delermloltig dull s. In tbe discussion which
followed, Mr. Vance opposed a protective taiiff
an' Mr. Hoar advocated it, and the Senate Ad
journed without a vote on the amendment.
In the House, the Speaker announced tsln
order tbe further consideration of the bill Al
lowing a drawback upon imported material
used in connecUon with domestic materials
lu the construction of vessels for foreign ac
count and the pending question to be the mo
tion of Mr. Kitll-y to recommit the bill to the
committee on wcys and means. A motiou by
Mr. Tucker 'to amend, so as to instruct the
committee to teporta bill which will allow a
drawback equal to the whole amount of duties
paid or charged thereon, on any or all import
ed materials used in the construction of sail or
steam vessels lor any citizen ef the United
Swu-s, or forelgu citizen or subject, was dis
cussed and rejected, and Mr. Kelly's motiou to
recommit was agreed to. A resolution to in
vestlgate, by court of inquiry, tbe loss of the
Jean nette was introduced and referred. Mr.
Paige presented and explained the conference
report of the Elver and Harbor Appropriation
bill, nd the House refused to agree to the
report, 96 to 82. The report comes up again
to morrow.
July 26. In the Senate, Mr. Conger
from the Committee on Commerce, reported
favorably the House bill to regulate the car
riage of passengers by sea. Laid over. As
soon as lh. loutiue luslue was disposed of
Mr. Hale moved to postpone all present and
prior orders, including the Revenue bill, and
take up the Naval Appropriation bill. A long
discussion fol'owed, In which the motion was
oonntrued on both sides of the Chamber as
having t'ie effect to dispose of the subject of
revenus and taxation for this season, and to
facilitate a probable adjournment In the course
of a few days. The result of the discussion
was that the Naval Appropriation bill was
taken up. The Senate then went into commit
tee of the whole, Mr. Harris In the chair and
Mr. Hale in charge of the bill addressed the
committee. He was followed by Messrs.
Cameron, Rollins, Logan, Beck, Hale, Wil
liams, and Vance. On a motion of Mr. Cam
eron to recemmit the bill with Instructions to
tbe Appropilatlon Comsuittee to eliminate all
Its provisions relating to the reorganization of
the navy. Pending executive session the bill
was laid aside until to-morrow without action
on the motion of Mr. Cameron. Mr. Fry in
troduced a bill to remit the import dutie on
the mateiials used In the construction and
equipment of vessels to be employed In the
foreign carrying trade.
In the House Mr. Hscock presented the con
ference report on the General Deficiency Ap
propriation bill, stating that the conference
comrrltt-e had bren nnuble to agree upon the
only matter in controversy, tbe payment of
mileage to senators for attendance at the extra
session. Mr. HIscock moved that tbe House
recede from Its dlFagreenwit as to that Item.
Lost, yeas 65, nays 115, and a new conference
was ordered. Mr. Page called up the confer
ence report on the River and Harbor bill, re
jected yesterday, and the 'House voted, jeas
114, nays 27, to reconsider tbe vote by which
it yesterday refused to agree to the conference
report The conference report was then agreed
to, yeas 111, najs 82. 1 Mr. Horr from the Com
mittee on Agriculture, reported back tbe bill
to regulate tbe exportation of Imitation butter
and cheese. Placed on the House calendar.
July 27. In the Senate, the Naval
appropriation bill was taken up, and Mr. Cam.
eron's motive to recommit the bill, until in
structlons to eliminate general legislation was
defeated, 29 to 84. The bill went over without
action. The conference on tbe Jananeee In
demnity bill reported disagreement and a fur
ther conference was ordered. After an exe
cutive session, Senate adjourned.
In the House a bill was passed fixing
the salary ef the Collector of Customs at Chi
cago, at $7,000 per annum. Mr. Dinghy's
bill adjusting the duty on imported hay at 20
percent advalorem waa referred to committee
of the whole. The Senate bill granting right
of way through the Choctaw and Chlcksaw
lands to the SL Louis and Fan Francisco rail
road Company was passed. The conference
coramltteee on the Japanese indemnity bill re
ported disagreement and a further conference
was ordered.
. July 23. The Senate passed the
House resolution requesting the President to
Call an International conference to fix a com
mon prime meridian. The House bill with re
gard to the pay ef Mter carriers was passed
Tbe Senate bill to provide for the publication
of tbe tenth census was pasted. The Senate
then took up the Naval Appropriation bill and
tbe bill was read for action upon committee
amendments. Amendments were dfocusned
until the hour of adjonrnment and the bill
went over until Monday.
In the House, the Senate bill was passed
establishing ports of delivery at Kansas City
aud St Joseph, Mo. A resolution providing
temporarily (until August 2) for expenditures
of tbe government was passed.
July 81. In the Senate the House
bill was passed granting the widow of Heniy
H. Garnett late minister to Liberia, an an ount
equal to her husband's salary for one year.
Mr. Beck offered an amendment,
which was passed, reducing from $1,000,000 to
$400,003 the amount of the appropriation for
completing the Miaatonomoh and launching
the other four monitors, prohibiting the com
pletion ef those four vessels until further or
ders from congress, and directing tbe Navl
Advteary Board to teport as to the advisability
of their completion.
Among the prominent persons who
have Just paeeed from earth are reported Mr.
J no. Church Hamilton, son of the Revolution
ary statesman, at Net York, in his 90th year.
Edward Arthur Wellington, second Baron of
Keane, in England, in bis 68th year; and Thom
as Guardls, president of Costa Rica.
The English Foreign Office confirms
the report of the arrest at Puerto Cabello, Ven
ezula, of one of the assassins of Frederic
Cavendish and Thomas Henry Burks.-
Herr Meiling, arrested at Berlin for
selling plans f the coast defenses of Germany
to the Rusian government, has been sentenced
to six years' imprisonment at hard labor.
The weather in Ireland has improved
considerably I he past few days. Though the
potato blight has appeared in badly drained
ground, there is a splendid crop in most parts
of the country.
A detective of the Irish constabulary
will be sent to Caracas to receive O'Brien, held
on eut-plcion of being one of the raurdereis of
Lord Frederick Cavendish. Tbeie Is strong
disinclination on tbe part of a Dublin detec
tive, specially charged with Investigating the
Phoenix Park murder to believe that O'Brien is
oue of the gudty persons. There is no doubt
two f the men engaged In the murders flld
wcape abroad, but not to Venezuela, and
neither of those men is named O'Brien. Tbe
arrests in connection with tbe Seville place
murder are more likely to throw light upon
the Phoenix Park tragedy.
From information gleaned at Dublin,
it Hppears Westgate or O'Biien, the men sr.
rested in Venezuela on bis confession that he
waa concerned la the Phceoix Park murders
is a Scotchman. On tbe day ef the tragedy he
sailed from Northwall for Swansea at 7 p. m.,
or ten minutes before the tragedy occurred.
Consequently be could not have been one of
the assassins. Some of bis friends were with
blm at North wall an hour before the vosel
sailed. The authorities at Dublin are confi
dent Westgate is innocent although detectives
will probably have to be taken to Ireland in
order to satisfy the public feeling.
The London Times, commenting on
the address of the Canadian Parliament t the
Qun, in favor of home rule for Ireland, says:
The respectful phrases In which the address
is coucbed cannot blind anyone to the fact that
it amounts to a vote of censure on the govern
ment and encouiagement to its avowed eno-
m.es. We are at a loss to determine whether
the circamstnre of the address, as simply a
dodge to catch the Irish vote, ought to be re
garded as an aggravation or excuse for tbe of
fense. If the more charitsble view be taken,
it condemns the Canadian Parliament as guilty
of levity of thought which must sriouly de
tract from the value of any oplulon it may
An elaborate funeral procession es
corted tbe remai is of the late Minister Marsh
to the protectant cemetery in Rome, where
they were burled, and will remain until Sep
tember. Mrs. Marsh will continue her resi
dence la Italy.
After considerable faltering the Khe
dive has dismissed the rebellious Arabi Pasha
from the ministry of war. He also forbids
Egyptian troops obeying the commaadu o
Arabl. the water supply of Alexandria is grad
ually growing less as the Mahmoudieh cunal
supply still remains shut off. The work of
condensing water Is progressing, and it is
hoped sufficient can be prepared to save the
populace. Occasional miscreants are plckd
up in the streets with cotton balls saturated
with petroleum.
Advices to the London Observer are
to the effect that thejthedlve's proclamation
asks the people to assist the English, who It
says are promoting the real Interests of
Epypt .
The country is drifting into anarchy,
Atrocities; equal to any ever perpetrated in
Bulgaria, are committed with Impunity. Two
Gei tnarjs at Tulkb, sheltered by the station
master until the train wu ready to start were
caught entering the cars, their beadi held over
the carriage door and throats cut Another Chris
tian wu placed on the rails and the engine
run to and fro over his body. Cairo la daily
threatened, and it is evident It will suffer the
fate of Alexandria unless Arabi's horde of fol
lowers is beaded off. 'Abouklr is also in
danuer, forces having been reported moving
In that direction.
The Khedive has appointed Omar
LuftL, formerly governor of Alexandria u
minister of war and marine.
The Khedive refuses to entertain a
propositi jq to extend amnesty totheprinci
pal rebel officers with the view to induce them
to abandon their allegiance to Arabl Pasha.
Retail trade has revived somewhat in
Alexandria. The center of the great square Is
filling with cafes and booths.
intelligence is received that Dervisch
Pasha on his arrival at Constantinople etatvd
that after the bombardment the English en
gaged in various acts of violence against the
Inhabitants and pliUged and burned the town.
It is believed Arabi receives daily
from friends in London accurate accounts of
measures organized to oppose blm.
Ismael Fasha who returned to Alex
andria from Arabi's camp, brought informa
tion of the tatter's peace propolis, wLlc!i are
regarded as preposterous. He seeks to fcave
his affairs condoned, and on this coudltlou he
consents to disarm a portion of the rebel un
der his command. MaJ. -Gen. Alison will not
listen to this demand, and is diawlng closer to
Arabi's position.
An unconfirmed report is received at
Londou that Arabl P6ha has proposed Urms
of peace, conditions beiug voluntary exile and
retention of rank aud pay of colonel for him
self and nine of his colleagues. It is added
that the Khedive bad submitted the proposals
to Geu. Archibald Aliiou. It is believed that
this step bss been taken at the instigation of
the Sultan. The report has caused a rieo in
Egyptlau stocks. Notwithstanding this report
war preparations on the part of the Brltluh
will not be stopped, as there is a current
belief that the tricky Arabl only wants to gain
A report from Alexandria is to the
effect that the cotton crop will be rained for
want of irrigation, which has been prevented
by tbe cutting of the Mahmoudieh canal. The
wheat crop prospect in lower Egypt is also on
the decline.
The English are reconnoitering at
Aloukir and bombardment Is postponed n 1;
h supposed European prisoners are confined
there. A member of the government stakes
that the reports of Arabi's Intention to offer
terms of surrender ere entirely unfounded.
Very little confidence can be placed in tbe cor
respondents at Alexandria.
The fort at Gabarie, Alexandria, was
destroyed on Saturday.
Fifteen thousand Turkish troops
have been ordered to proceed to Egypt this
Brother Gardner's Personal Expe
rience as Told to the Limekiln
Cottonseed White of Glenrose, Texas,
in a communication of a scientific na
ture, addressed to the President, asked
as follows :
'D11 you know that knowledge could
be obtained by experience, and that ex
perience is but another name for suffer
That about the time we grow wise
enough to live we must fail and die?
"That the most meritorious actions
are often followed by the most disas
trous consequences?
'That this universe is governed by
passionless, purposeless, inexorable,
eternal law?"
I know all about it," replied the
President, with a sad shake of the head.
I've been right dar. My fust knowl
edge about a mule was gained by pick
in' up one of his hind feet. I have in
my kindness of heart lent my shot gun
to a friend, to shoot a crow, an bin
obleeged to pay fifteen dollars fur de
calf he killed. I have not only obsarved
dat de universe am governed by pas
sionless, purposeless, inexorable, an'
eternal laws, but have diskivered dat
de man dat goes fish in' on Sunday mu'
buck agin de hull bizness. It am sad,
an'fyet we must brace up an' keep turn
in' de grindstone." Detroit Free Press.
Probably the wealthiest sexton in the
world is the one who, every Sunday,
ushers to their seats the congregation
of St. James Chapel, Elberon, N. J. lie
is a rather short, stout man, with a
round, full face, beaming with content
ment and benevolence. He lives near
by in a $70,000 cottage, has a bank ac
count of several millions, and is known
to the world as G. W. Childs, proprietor
of The Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Lieut. Danenhower'a eyesight is
gradually improving under careful
PiTTsroRD, MaSi., Sept. 28, 1878.
Slits I have taken Hop Bitters and
recommend them to others, as I found
them very beneficial.
MllS. J. W. TULLE it,
Sec Women's Christian Temperance
The practice of going to Europe to
travel and rest costs the United States
about one hundred and twenty-five mil
lion of dollars annually.
Scrrio, N. Y., Dec 1, 1879.
I am the Pastor of the Baptist church
here, and an educated physician. I am
not in practice, but am my sole family
physician, and advise In many chronic
cases. Over a year ago I recommended
your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife,
who has been under medical treatment
of six of Albany's best physicians sev
eral years. She has become thorough
ly cured of her various complicated
diseases by their use. We both recom
mend them to our friends, many of
whom have also been cured of their
various ailments by them.
The forestry laws of Kansas have
been fruitful of permanent results. It
is said there have been planted in tha
state 93,000 acres of trees.
Spelling Reform is ever progres
sive in spite of all conservatism. With
or without authoritative Sanction, tbe
spelling changes for tho better, from
generation to generation. It may be
well enough, however, to say that the
Engliah Spelling Reform Association
has been considering sums seven dif
ferent scheme of phonetic spelling, ar.d
that it recommends partial changes
which may be immediately adopted,
pending Ike further coii.-jidtrut.ou of u
complete scheme. The following live
rules suggested by the American A
BocLitiou will commend themselves to
the approval of thousands who will
feel compelled to await the authoriza
tion of custom and tht) lexicon : 1. Omit
a in worJs like hed,helth,brest,plesure
2. Omit silent e in words hav, gio, Ho.
definit. 3. Write for ph in worn
like fantom jtlosufy, alfubet, camor,
telegraf. 4. Omit ttie last of the doub.'e
consonants in words like shal, cltf, ad,
eg. 5. Change ed final in t in woida
like aapt , chopt. prest, flrt.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swe
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, Genera Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on rarth eqnnli St. Ja(Ym Oil
n aft, turr, simple and -cheap External
Komady A trial entalli but tha eomparatlTaly
trifling outlay of 60 Oata, and every one nffering
with pain can hava cheap and poaiUte proof of It
I'irectlona in Keren Lang nagea. "
Haltitnore. Md.. U.9.J
Do roa wish to obtain ko1 nail T1l
.iiiti j'attatsT thu write to or Cuil UQ 111(1 f v
1 '"U Jl V ... E3i.
r, , . fc Moil, a,
I UiUlllLi 15 year. Scl
i"u I'Uos. M. HprtAuruu I II li., 10
cV. Moil, oi c-i
Detroit, J.i h., A t.i
l( JU'(, Ktai Im.
Setid for panophiOt- Ir.'i
Hnd fur our prteea and tlluatrated catajogua
in ahntidaiirp.
liiiiortfit lat i
;..i.il'.n porno
walc rime. i'en J f nr clriuUr.
10 !. flood IIIa-U or iwire-i, lor M
lO lb. S'lno lllnd. ot- :'ifc, t
10 lb. Choice Mat !i or :X. to.? Si
nd tt pound aitPi'ir. 1. ! .' -i jot r?
urn net ui a Mul. tfi'J.ie. I TCI I V. Til -
targeat vartrtjr. I'lcflf ivmic. ' t Tr:
HoiikS In Aui'Tlca. No "!,r. -r . ot'i. '
Krulrht bna.nen. . Vui:ti! ftit ; )' ;
UOIi'I WiLUsai ca J Sf ... t l.u :
ir.li.l. H.. .
OfTen uperor aUvunUje te
ittitlcnts. I ney ura thoroughly
drilled I-, office work, letter writing
i n-I the f xeoi.iir.a of hutinett paper
Those ikhing a thorough businew
education t'..old enquire of the buai
n-i men of Detroit where it can beat
be had. Collear oaoer -nailrd fre.
-- e9e- m'4''(
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T-"p:ii '.viiich this Sheet is printsd
Thorn-dike terse
s5rrnoT, MICH.
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twentv-tlve rears lo medicine, have never found
lint Tomr 'looi. In nr j ra-i of Nervous
iii hi r
TvoTprinhl eoillllllon f.f tl. .IiOihI. II,.. nwrln, Mm.H. h.. In .... I...,. I." .' i 1 "','l!'lal "'' "
tae tnst have bafflel some of our mo-t eminent
able remedy. I prescribe U lit i,rt-ft.renee i any
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6t. I,oril, Mo.. Not.
It aires color to the blodj
nturat healthful ton to
gAe axrjeiniee orpins ann
nervous nttrm,tnmMn0
it appllenhle to General
Ifelnlittf, ljfins of A rve.
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"Teaberry," tha new and exquisite little gam
for tha teeth und breath, tana a baautif oily plated
metal craw tup. It la only US centa.
I ilJentiata who 6aa tried "Tnaberry" pronounce
It the tlneat thin on the face of thia earth for the
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tufion Fur urirM.e&
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l Huiak Uwa.rj. bak ku NKvfcR Y.T
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VflllNn MPN" you want to .mru untaMiiti m
lUUnu nH-if a(ew monthH and l eure of a alt
nation at grod wagne, addra TAXi.N1 ink HHOS
.IjMmrli4, Wla
e. A. Lkhmann, Solicitor of Patenta, Washington
U ir Mend for Circuit- -M.
V-K- Ef,vlor, 1' 'l:- " "'l.n. Jei.y huia, Ho,
JfllUin MlJlB All ': r M I! rl!..i,M. f illoa. ceu
li'tfue free, C. U. H A: .TtiX, Iitrolt, Micb;
uke si'periok jnsTi" COHPAH
Intended aalllngs ef ateamera from Detroit for
BaultOte. M arte and other Laka Superior porta:
Monday a, Tueadnya, Tharadaya, riidaya t dHatur
daya, 11 p. m.
For Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo: Pundaya, Mon
daya, Wedneadaya and Hatnrdaya at S p.m., making
railroad oonnecttona for polnu Eaat and rtooth.
Rail eonnectiona at lioluth for St. Paul. Wlnne
apolla, Blimarck, Manitoba, and other polnta north,
aouth and west, Kaiurage checked to deattnatton
Vor tlcketa and other information apply to J.T.
WHITLNU. Oen'l Au't. Itocti and offloe foot Of
Woodward ave. Detroit. Mich.
oi-ui" niiaiRui.
An unfailing rura
lor Seminal Wak
nma, SHrinair
rh a, liiiiMitiicy,
and all Jibteat
in t foilow an a
awjiirmow of SWf.
,urii or swr. y
AliiiMt; f) lima of
Ijkwtltud". t'aiu in
m.itiirr old Am; i!i) mar.jr oth r1U-ar,rM in tie. a to
InMNTiiiynrt'otiMi.inptloiiand a frviimtuiv ir re
i if Full particulars in our paiuphle', which we dfwlre
UnMOidfitH-liyuiailtorvfryoiie. Th-8 fflcMrU
cine ii sold b all druKtrlstii at 1 1 per package, orals
package. f 5, o will be neiit true b mail on there
ceiptof the (notify, by mldrtvNl' g.
On aocount of fount-rfmta weh e adopuxl the Te
lo Wrapper; the only genuine. Unaranu ea ef cure la
auedny rar-and willlHnnA l o. In-tr- it Mich.
7 tiOUD WAUK. lAarn Book
1 1 keeping. Telegraphy, or Short-
nana ana Typewriting, at the
Ma?hew RnMnraa nllcge. 160
Jefferaoi. a? . Ik er.J ,.f Trade
Entrance and Flei or and be
preparea rorg-md .n.ji'oni.
f or drcnlara, call at Jie ('ollen, or n-iorwaa
IHA MAVIIKW. 1,1 .. nmtorr:
Cored withont an operation or Jftj i- Jur" inm In
Ulct by Lr. J . A. MIEKVlAN'a method, ufilve ii
Broadwaj, New fork. Ilia bM)k. with Prtotograplf
lclikne- of bad r-anea befw anil after core
tnntled for 10 rente.
Our Homes
And Their
How to Build, Finish. Furnlah At Adorn Horn
Six Antborw, Wlx Separate Dep.rtreuta.
Boorea of Inu-ratlnv ToDloa. t in
IUuatrations. Uu Vol rime.
Ai.hsts Wantfd. New Territory, ana New Kiove!
If yon are arillng a work that doea not ray. kt Tgwl '
if y:ant tone ! a book that pays, This DojH
Write for MpeclaJ tenua and prlc, Ad.lr
J. t'. CHll.lu y(' )
2) Bank mock, Keui.ir, men.
i "D M'urrktaMil liewt .iledlri' tier i..tie.
A aeiln bliiMleii cf Hone. Durh.i. tA..r
l diaWleai.J Dani'ulion. "Uu ail n.-iH-.iaod
t!io-;t e ra lif o ; . iTtiei of : c-'u.- T itiu.
nmue thegrcaiust Bloou Purlflar, Liver
Re2 u l n or. "' i.i:ihi-i i.im lu.iuimg
Agent oueettntnt eai lit.
Jto dinruaeean porathly long elii !,., Hop
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Toallwhoie a Y"'ll.r'''ie lire-iiiml
tyortlielowelwi urinary oiiram. or tut ie
quire an Appctitcie.Tonln anil rnllil Stlin.ilnl,
Hop Hitter ore mtaiX. "' WlillQUt ltO(
foiouriiijourfr'!lMm er lymptom
are what the tlmeiueor a..Vnent la uee Hop Jti.
tera. Iion't wail until yoiiaia elck hut If yo
only feel had or mt-tiaul9a'ieiiiiii at once.
It may ea? a your lire.it hael' a 4 liuuiireds.
SSOO will e paid fore eal tiier m nn.
ure or help. Do not eufTer your frleii,
uffer.but uee and urge tUeiu t0,,e Hop B
lUmemtier.llor litter la nUt, drugged
arunuen iiomrum. imt toe Tureei n d iicj
Medlrlueefer made: the miJD7W HUgjIO
ana nori" ana nn prcon or fam
nouia lie wiiih iii iiietn,
D.I. O.I an almoin and lneift
foilniiiMeuiie. nieof oniiiiii, toiwcco anu
e.niaoiiiiin, toiwcco aooi I-.
lie-l-t hr aruri'lnta. eeai f 4
li. Rliim mi., r. i St
for ("ircnur
FCMMi(-r x T t- T-'"rt
lil I II s
During the month of Aufurt subscriptions will bo received for the
CHICAGO WEEKLY NEWS, extending from the date of rcceirt
to January 1st next for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Tho CHICAGO
WEEKLY NEWS U a large 82-column paper, editt-J with IwSS
reference to the needs of the iumily circle. It In especially complete
as t nwi paper, every iaiue presenUng complete telet-niphic reDorta
6T aU Important happenings the world over. Its ChirHxo ftrket
Quotations are full and trustworthy. It la Independent In Poll.
tic. LTivina-B.il IVllitlCftl lntolllMlmn fi IW.m ..A. .
questions without fear or favor us to partks (on-
" " . u ....1.J..r.iuir,.n irnre, Jiiunatrlea, I aahlona.
etc.. and SIX r(Mli'Lm:n (.rninri , ..". Sr. ..
Cheapen tiietroT1lt,n wreklr vi.Msl-d in Pic United Stat.' rnt!
ing onlv SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS A YEAH. e-. cost-
To ailonl all desiring it c-i onnnrttm'tv i hcpr-minir aonnalnt.
with the character of the CHICAGO WEEKLY NEWS fn
muke tbl gpvclal oOV-r for the MONTH OF
acini inir thi.
of sending tht. nnrspr from dnt t,-, Jr,111APw li
nrlm .f
fo'i'r '" In asti-ongenv.-i.T.).. a dull of five
a , on-IITnr Mil. Ad.lrVw VICTOH V! LAW
lg.t Fifth Ave.nio. ( liirngo. 111.
)u luilmu'.'ia y' .,')',.. Thl
?!lVt"?Trt.iina0 iron
Iftat trill not lttrl n th
teeth,;. rnrtcUrU:icot
ntherimn rrenarntlnmi
'Ionic; la my practice, and In anexiVe'rie iTce of
anything tog ve the rt-suita that l)i. YUuit fSm
phytlclana. have jln.ied to tills great in l in .t.
Iron preparation wade. In i f ",-f , ,rf, a r .mnV.
pr, r-Uc , Vim to)UVyT kamT. 7oua4
. a" '. ' . '1 1 "
nrzsr run rmrw.r
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