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DEL T. SUTTON, Publisher.
MJiiua Wi'.'J.i heqlT
Lawrence & Chapln, at Kalamazoo,
are manufacturing tbe largest puddling ma
chine la the world for the Cbapla pnuematlo
works at Chicago, (or the manufacture of steel
and lion bj the new procoss, directly from pig
Burdick Potter of Fen ton, has been
oonrloted of assaulting his wife, and fined f 60
and costa. The case baa bea appealed. The
parties were married only last December.
A Muskegon dog, last week, attacked
lrcular saw, which he thought was putting
n too man airs, la a saw mill. The fight was
Jfels for a few seconds: when the dog retired
with one leg sawed off, hla throat cut, his note
split, his teeth all gone, with t her Injuries.
A son of L. V. Curry, Fenton, while
playing around a freight train fell and broke
both bones of his leg.
A fire in Fort Qratiot destroyed
f 15,000 worth of property. The McArthor
House, Wyman's grocery, etc., are among the
buildings burned.
The bodies of Mrs. Wilson and her
little son, who died while lost in the woods
near Newberry, were removed rrom tiieir tem
porary resting place in the woods to the cem
etery at St. Ignace a few days ago, at the ex
pense of St. Ignace citizens.
John Bugg of Kalamazoo has been
sentenced to 90 days at the Ionia house of cor
rection for attempting to make an Illegal bed
Bugg of himself.
West Branch is happy in the posses
slon of three flowing drive wells.
State Oil Inspector Luce decides that
he has no right to prohibit the use of gasoline
for heating purposes. Iq a tree country why
should not people blow themselves ap if they
want to?
Fifteen cases of small-pox are report
ti at Westwood. Kalkaska. Co. No malls are
received and trains are not permitted to stop
CoL A. T. Molteynolds has recovered
the list of Mexican veterans which he supposed
had been destroyed, and there will therefore
be no necessity fur survivors of that war to
send him their names, as has been requested
generally by the press of the State.
The Soldiers' and Sailors' Association
of Southwestern Michigan will hold its en
campment for 1882 at Three Elvers, commenc
ing August 23J and lasting three days. Ail
honorably d.scharged soldiers and sailors of
the Ute war are invited to attend this encamp
ment, where they will be provided with rations
and quarters free.
J. M. Eaton, of Ohio.has been taken to
Ionia for three months, for abusive treatment
and threats to kill his wife. lie has Just
served 8J days la the county Jail for the same
offense, and was no sooner out than he got
drunk and drove his wife out of the house,
threatening her life.
Bev. A. T. Fierson, of Detroit, has
accepted the call extended to him by the Sec
ond Presbyterian church of Indianspolis.
J. II. Munson, a young man in the
employ of Capt S. & Grnmmond, Detroit, fell
through a hatchway producing fatal lojury.
It is estimated that 1,000 persons are
picking huckleberries on the Gregory marsh,
three miles north of Homer.
The farmers are rery much worried
about their wheat, owing to the rain that has
now continued most of the time since Sunday
night. Much of the crop is still unsecured.
Two sisters living in Cheshire, Mrs.
Gbeeseman and Mrs. Houghtaline, became in,
sane last Wednesday on the subject of religion
On the afternoon in question, Mrs. Honghtal
lng called upon her slater, when they eucg and
prayed, throwing themselves on the bed and
shouting "Glory to God." The same evening
they became perfectly Insane, and have re
mained so ever since Steps ar being taken
te have them removed to the Kalanuzuo insane
A Saginaw City man got on top of a
barrel to fix a hammock on his porch. The
barrel head caved In under him: then the bar.
rel upset and rolled down the steps and clear
across the yard with the man In it. When this
trouble began it was only a common salt bar
rel, but when the man got out Its inside was
so thoroughly lined with hair, pieces of skin,
clothing and profane language that it Is
thought petroleum oil wouldn't leak through
For embezzlement Charles Stickney
has been sentenced to be confined at hard work
la the Ionia prison for the full term of two
Clara Lee, the missing girl at Ben
ton Harbor has been found. It is thought the
young woman did not care to be found.
The case of the people against George
Knlll of the IBryant house, Flint, and his bar
tenders, for keeping open July 4, resulted in
disagreement, the Jury being equally divided.
Henry Davidson, who attempted to
carry off the young son of Bev. E. H. Teal of
Charlotte, was arraigned, charged with assault
and battery. Davidson pleaded not guilty and
was held to ball in the circuit court He was
drunk at the time, and makes no farther ex
planation of his having the child in his buggy.
The rainfall Friday afternoon and
evening was enormous. The Ionia
water-works reservoir burst, the streets are
flooded and the cellars and basements through
oat the city filled. A heavy washout a mile
west of that city, on the Detroit, Lansing &
Northern Railroad, will prevent the passage
of any trains over that road until Monday.
The washout Is about twenty feet deep and
sixty feel la length. Several culverts wlthla
six miles north, on that road, are reported
washed out.
The Detroit, Grand Haven & Mil
waakee Railway track, Just soath ot the above
mentioned break, was covored with sand, ties
and other debris. Locomotive No. 17, which
was returning from the west, ran Into the
ties and Is off the track.
The Detroit, Grand Haven & Mil
waokes Railway brldga at Saranao was car
ried away this evening.
The man who walked off the dock at
East Saginaw and was drowned, was Dennis
Judge. He was 84 years old, aid bis relatives
reside at Bedford, Ont. Hehasbesnat work
at a Bridgeport. It is supposed that he was
intoxicated when he walked off.
There is complaint among East Sag
inaw farmers of the wheat sDroutinir.
The July report of the State Salt In
speotof shows that there was Inspected daring
the month 818,697 barrels.
The strange disease which has ap
pealed la Portland seems to be spreading
rapidly in other sections. Thirty five or forty
cases are reprted in the Townships of Orange
Berlin and Sebewa, and the disease la oro-
noanoed small-pox by physicians and others,
while many call it only a akin disease.
The wheat and hay crop of the
vicinity of St. Clair, is turning oat splendidly
both as to quality and quantity.
The present outlook for the farmers
of Northwestern Clinton Co.. is surely dis
couraging. The abundant harvest of wheat.
If the rain continues longer, will be almost
entirely worthless.
Mrs. Mary Reading of Chicago has
been arrested with five girls who live with
heron Newbury avenue and whom she used as
Frank E. Webb, one of the principal
business men of Masslllon, O., formerly pro
prletor of the Union hotel la Philadelphia,
Baturaay or hemorrhage of the lungs.
The directors of the Home insurance
company, Coluinbu, O., have decided to make
an assessment of 120 per cent as required by
the state department and not have a receiver
appointed. J. a Hall resigned the presidency
and H. J.Jones of Zanesville was elected.
Saturday evening a foot bridge over
the canal at Manayunk, near Philadelphia,
crowded with people witnessing a tub race, fell
precipitating the people iBto the water. A
number of persons were badly hurt.
During the terrible rain storm Fri
day evening near Looinis, I1L, two men, George
Miller and Hiram W. Hartley, were Instantly
killed by lightning.
A lively time is reported in the grain
market. Those sort ou July wheat are out
some z,ouo,0OO. Of Detroit firms J. a Lap
ham is the "shortest."
Lawyer Keed thinks his services in
defending Gulteau were worth f 5,000, wants
the government to foot the billtnd the amount
has been Included in the sundry .civil appro
priation bill.
The President has approved the act
rermittlrg the shipment of a suitable supply
of liqcors to Sitka, Alaeka, for medicinal pur
poses during the prevalence of measles and
scarlet fever.
Charles II. Keed, a well-known bus
iness man of Boston, fell through a hatchway
at his aU r In tLatcity and vcas iostantly killed.
Great excitement prevails in St. Lou
is, Mo, over a corner In oats. Some, 400,000
bushels were defaulted. Tbe receipts were
174,000 bushels, the heaviest ever known. The
receipts of wheat were also large, 818,000
bushels. Tbe stocks In tbe elevators were:
Wheat, 1,02392 busbela; corn, 800,407 bushels;
oata, 8,228.
Hecker's flouring mill in New York
was burned with fifteen buildings adjoining,
aggregating a lues of over f 1,000,000. Two
firemen lost their lives by faliicg walls.
A fire in the rag warehouse of Fat-
rick McNulty, Philadelphia, sprt ad so rapidly
that AcNmty and two other men had to jump
down a hatchway from the third to the firBt
floor. They were badly burned and bruised.
During the 24 hours ended at noon
Monday 158 deaths from heat were reported in
New York. During the afternoon and evening
a cool and refreshing brewe sprung up.
The special committee of the Detroit
Board of Trade announced the selling piice of
July wheat at $ 1.84 per buBhel The market
had bees oversold and the decision was a lee-
son to some speculators who got bitten.
A rise in the Licking river opposite
Cincinnati swept everything from Swift's land
lng and destroyed bargee, lumber, etc. to the
amount of 550,000.
Two freight trains collided Aug. 1st
on the Lake Shore R. R. west of South Bend.
Sixty cars were piled upon the engine and
burned. The engineers were rescued alive
from the debris, but four tramps out of seven
who were stealing a ride are supposed to have
been burned.
There are over four hundred cases of
yellow fever at Metamoras, Texas.
At Vineland, N. J the hands of
Charles Keeiglej's shoe factory are on a strike
and demand '-he re-employment of two women
dismissed for Joining the Knights of Labor.
In regard to the convention of the
Amalgamated Association, now in session at
Chicago, a member of the association said : It
makes no difference what Is said by some of
the ironworkers. The present strike will be
the principal subject for consideration at Chi
cago. Many of the delegates were there fully
determined to have the question handled there
and when once taken up it will be virtually
settled py them.
The coinage at the mints of the Unit
ed States for July was $3153,860, of which
f 2,160,000 were standard dollars.
The sugar refining firm of John Hil
gert's Sons, Philadelphia, has failed. Chan. M.
Hilgert, who has conducted tbe business can
not be fornd. A mortgage amounting to ovc r
9 aw,uuo recently foreclosed by Remsen & Lax-
aen on the estates precipitated the failure.
The hands in Keigley's shoe factory
Vineland, N. J are on a strike, demanding tbe
reinstatement of two women dismissed for
Joining the Knights of Labor.
The Keith paper mill, Turner's Falls,
Mass., was damaged ty fire from 140,000 to 860..
Farmers along the Licking River, be
tween Talmouth and Lovengood, four miles,
have lost all their crops by a freshet In that
space tbe loss of crops Is estimated at 180,000;
besides a number of cattle and horses drowned.
The loss at other points tlong the Licking Is
equally hesvy.
Judge Wylie of Washington informed
a Chinaman who arplled for naturalization
that the recent enactment of the Chines bill
absolutely forbids It.
A mob of 20 men attacked working-
men at McKeesport, Pa., who had taken the
plaoe or strikers at the Iron mills.
Damage by the storm in Milwaukee
aggregates f 100,000. Planking ton's packing
house was struck by lightning and some nine
or ten other buildings, two mo a were killed.
Miss Frances E. Willard of Illinois
has started a training school for female leetur
The tariff commission heard argu
ments jester day in favor of Dotting various ar
tlclea.on the free list, Including antiquities, ob
jects or collection, hatters' plush and sulphuric
The Board of Health quarantined
the schooner Henrietta, which arrived outbid e
Galveston, Texas, from Brazos, Santiago,
Doand for Lake Charles, La, huv lng on hoard
two casee of fever ot doubtful uatuie. She
will be allowed to proceed to her dlstlnatlon1
strict quarantine Is declared against Mata-
moras, Brownsville, Brazos and all points com
inculcating with them
Corning, Perry Co., O., was over
whelmed by a waterspout Thursday. Business
and dwelling houses were swept away. Peo
pie were rescued with great difficult.
The committee appointed at Chicago
to fix a settlement of the price of July wheat
Friday overruled the objections of the shorts
presented and adjourned until Monday.
A beautiful display of the aurora
borealis was witnessed at Cincinnati Friday
At Cincinnati the Dental Convention
voted to offer f 200 for the best paper on Dental
Carles, to be read at the nex. neetlnff.
Hearing of a death in New Orleans
from yellow fever the Governor notified the
authorities at Orange, Texas, to be ready to
quarantine at a moment's notice.
A terrible accident occurred on the
Cranberry Coal Railway near Oil City. A
large train of freight cars was coming from
the mines and la descending the decline lead
ing to tbe depot the brakeman lost control of
the train and it dashed aloLg at a terrific rate
aud Jumped the track, killing six men and
wounding fifteen others.
July 31. The Senate passed the
sundry civil bill disposing of $25,764,000,whlch
Is 11,788,000 more than the House MIL The
House bill to regulate the carriage of Lassen
gets by sea was taken up and passed without
Tbe House bill passed granting the widow
of Henry H. Garnett, late minister to Siberia,
an amount equal to her husband's salary for
one year.
July 31. In the Senate Mr. Ferry
introduced a resolution calling upon the pen
sions committee to report the bill presented by
him March 2d. granting additional pensions
providing for monthly pay of f 50 to each
soldier of the first class, f 40 to the second class
and 180 V) each of the third and fourth
classes. Tbe first class are made to consist of
men who were disabled ro that they can get
no relief from artificial means; Vie second class
consist of those who are able to wear artificial
limbs, and the third and fourth classes of those
who have suffered a total loss of arm or leg.
The Senate amendments to the Sundry Civil
bill will aggregate at least 11,000,000, which
will give rise to considerable maneuverbff In
conference committees la order to adlust the
differences. The senate concurred In the house
amendments to the senate bill originally Intro
duoed by Mr. Hill of Colorado, providing fir
the extension of service on certain mall routes
and for temporary service on mail routes where
contractors fall to perform the required ser
August 1. In the Senate Senator
Morrill reported adversely the 2 per cent, bond
resolution. A clause additional to the sundry
civil bill regarding prohibition of the sale of
liquor at the soIdleV home at Togus, Maine,
was ruled out of order; changes were made in
the bill, and tbe senate agreed to finish It on
Tuesday under the five-minute rule. A new
conference committee waa appointed on tbe
naval bill.
bill, and lo approve others; the Joint resolution
passed for the temporary expenses of the gov
ernment till AugaetS.
August 4. Debate .on the tax bill
was resumed, Mr. Beck deilVerlbg extended re
marks. Mr. Hale presented tbe conference re
port upon the naval appropriation blU, and
explained that agreements ha 1 been reached
pon all tbe Items In dispute except that in
refereaoe to the temporary dotting of the navy
yards and the transfer of perUhable property
and stores therefrom, and one authorizing a
report to be made upon additional lands and
water front for the Norfolk navy yard. Tbe
tax bill discuaelou was resumed after Mr. HaJu'n
report was received, but no definite action waa
Iu the house Mr. Hutchins offered a reaolu-
tioa proposing a constitutional amendment
providing that It shall take two-thirds of the
members of each House to pass a bill over the
resident's veto instead of two-thirds of the
members voting as at present. Bef erred. The
House disagreed to the amendment of the Sen
ate to the bill providing for the Drlntin of the
agricultural report for 1881, and a conference
was ordered. The House took a recess for
half an hour and then the legislative bill waa
signed by the Speaker. Messrs. Hisoork. Rut.-
terworth and Blackburn were tppoiuted oon-
rerees on the sundry civil bill.
bunches; cabbages, 1 HU'i per ILL, and 2 50
1 per crate.
White wheat, roller process., fa
YVhlft wheat pastry 6
Seoonds 4
Minnesota brands 7
Minnesota patents 8
Wheat White V bu 1
BAHLXY ft bU 1
clovbb Skid y bu 4
Corn ba ,
Oats V bu ..
Raspberries blaclu. ...... 2
APPLES Jbbl..... 3
Pkachxs y box l
Cheese Ohio and MlchiPlD
Dam Froit Apples, y ID.
-Pitted Cherries
Onions V bbl 8
Bkans bu ,. 2
Butter y lb choice
Beeswax y b
Koas y doi
Hat per ton 14
Hides y lb green
Hides y lb cured
Hops y lb
Potatoes V bu 1
Sheep Pelts each
Tallow y lb
Wood y cord 4
6 7
(ft 8 60
& ft 60
8 00
(d 0 00
0 1 22
4 70
2 75
1 5)
( 2 00
Q$ 4 00
U0 1 23
(6 12
(d 13
(4 21
(4 3 25
Ctt 8 00
( 21
(it 22
(h 20
15 00
i 7
7 (4 8
20 .25
25 O 1 65
OO (440 00
75 (4 1 75
X 7
00 2H 50
The report of the House committee on for
eiga affairs iDon the Chili-Peru Investigation
Is a voluminous document. In the main it
exonerates all United States otlclals from any
corrupt deings, but advises caution la all mat
ters of the kind. Mr. Belmont appends a state,
ment regarding the Landreaa claims. A long
discussion ensued on a resolution to adjourn
August 4 which was referred to the committee
on appropriations; the bill for printing census
reports passed, and the Ullfor printing reports
of the Atlanta exposition was defeated.
Aug. 2. In both houses the pro
ceedings were chiefly In regard to the vetoed
river and harbor bill. As soon as tbe House
met the members of the Commerce Committee,
having previously determined to ask the
House to pasa.the bill over the President's
veto, came upon the floor and durlug the
reading of the Journal were busy arranging
their plans of action. At the conclusion of
tbe reading or the journal Mr. Page was
recognized by the Speaker. He moved the
paselng of the bill, the objections of the Pre si
dent notwithstanding, and he called the
previous question on his motion. The motion
was carried by the necessary vote.
Among other remarkable things in
the Senate tbe most noteworthy was the ap
pearance on the floor of Secretary Teller, who,
when the message and bUl were received from
tbe House, the Senators and friends of the
measure were very Impatient. They had
counted the noes and they were content with
simply taking a vote, resulting 41 to 18. So
the President's veto was set aside and the bll
Is law.
August 4 In the senate bills were
passed for deduction from the gross tonnage
of United States vessels, and for the regulation
of steam vessels; a new conference was order
ed on the Japanese bill; a political debate fol
lowed upon the question of order ot business,
which question was finally settled by a com
promise on the tax reduction bill; then follow
ed another debate on the relative positions of
the parties on the tax reductloa question, and
the senate adjourned after providing for the
temporary expenses of the government.
In tbe house various reports ef oommtttees
were agreed to. One of the most Important
bills passed was that establishing diplomatic
relations with Persia; a absolution was offered
and referred regarding a President's power to
disapprove cf certain Items In an appropriation
Admiral Seymour will reconnoiter
the Abouklr forts as there aDDeara to lm
doubt as to whether bom bar dm ant of the forts
will take place, because It is supposed the
prisoners held by EsrvDtians are fttinfinAri
A large powder magazine at Mekber-
rom, from which It was said ArabI Paaha ha
recently taken stores, has been blowu up by
uie uruisn.
Mouktar Pasha has made arrance-
menta which will enable the porte to despatch
20,000 men to Egypt In successive detachments.
Arabi has issued a proclamation call
ing upon the people to obey him until tbe
propnei reveals to him who shall b khu
as Tewfik has sold Egypt to England and de
serted bis country to become a refugee under
English protection.
At a meeting of 2.000 Dt'rsons at th
Alhambra theater Madrid, Spain, It was decid
I ed to appoint a committee to urge the govern-
ment 10 increase and strengthen the naval
forces of the country
The unconditional surrender is all
that the Khedive will accept from Arab!.
At the suggestion of a Radical mem
ber the formation of the new French cabinet
is delayed until the last of the week.
At Alexandria, the fears in regard
to the failure of the water suddIj Lm nUi.irf
The state of the town is causing serious dis
quietude. The natives who remain are incen.
diaries, and a majority of those who returned
are looters looking after concealed p.'uudar. It
is Impossible to mistake the bltterl htiu
attitude of this class and of tbe native police.
The number of christians murdered
at Damanhour, Tantah and Mlballa is now es
timated at 650.
The Czar of Russia and Sultan hava
exchanged autograph letters dealing with the
Egyptltn question.
The London Daily News savs there
Is a possibility of the dissolution of Parliament
either by Gladstone, or. fter hla a(vr,n ,.f
office, by the Marquis of Salisbury. Itdelarss
tin House of Lords to be an unrepresentative
chamber, and wishes to know If tbe country
will not do well to ask Itself how far th .i.f
ence of the House of Lords In its present shape
wuBiBiwit wun me interests of the realm.
Arabi Pasha ordered the houses nf
obnoxious natives In Cairn
Nineteen natives who refused to r.
ogniie the authority of ArabI PaM. h. h. .
Mussulman trades oeoDle at fionsfan.
tlnople attach labels bearing Araht ph'.
name to their goods. Articles thus ticketed !!
British men-of-war atronorlv oimv
the Sueg canal at Port SalJ, at Ismalla and
cuea. Ail Europeans have left Suez. Only
four men-of war vessels remain in Emf ;.n
It is reported that Arabi Paaha in.
tends to attack Alexandria with ir fr-
under Toulba Pasha.
There is talk of excludinir the corre
spondent of the London Dally Telegraph from
the British lines at Alexandria, heean. h. (am
of the stampede during the late night attack.
11 is rumored at Vienna that Arahi
is arranging for concerted action with Turkish
troops that may be sent to Egypt.
Fort bald has been occunied bv the
Seventeen pashas are lmDriaone,! in
the Cairo citadel.
The solicitors of Thomas Walsh, ar.
rested In connection with tbediuv.vr f .m,.
at ClenkenweU recently, Intend lo apply for a
postponement or Lis trial until the October
On the London Ilouse of Common
going into committee of supply, Moore, Home
Rule member for Clnnma!. nuj k. k.
paseeoger acta required retisloa and reform.
The motion refers to emlgrauts, especially
those going to America.
The President of the Board of Trade
said the charges made against foreign ships
had been received with caution. The irn.
ment could only do anything In cases of fraud,
and the law was already strong enough for
wai purpose. Moore's motion was negatived .
TheO'Connel statue was Dlaced on
Its pedestal last evening, amid the cheers of a
crowd of spectators.
Live stock Market.
8teers extra, imt rwi on? nn
Steers good shippers . 5 mat 00
Steers butchers 4 00(i5 08
sieera common grades a 50yi4 00
Mlichcow 86 00(355 00
.r 100 lbs s 404 5
1 " m 7 00 7 50
The Situation in Egypt
The chief change in affairs during
the week has been diplomatic. The
complications have become more' com
plicated, if possible. The Porte dM if
part to this end by at last agreeing to
send Turkish troops to Egypt, and mak
Ins a great show of preparation; yet
still declaring its hope that matters
could be settled amicably, and refusing
England's demand that Arabi should
be pronounced an outlaw and rhi hv
the Sultan. It was firmly believed that
the Sultan and Arabi were in communi
cation, aud England's position ws
made peculiarly delicate. To the deli.
cacy was aaaea discomfiture by the re
fusal of tbe French Chambers to vote
the credit asked by M. de Freycinet to
send a contingent force to guard the
Suez Canal. The Ministry at once re
signed, and this makes it certain that
France will have nothing to do with
Kliorlflnd in tha orau Tl..( 11
o ... j Ui cumb 1. lutccu-
oraie. naiy has also declined to act,
and England stands alone. She has
been forced to declare that at this stage
the aid of Turkish troops will only be
accepted as secondary and auxiliary.
By this it will be seen that the diplo
matic situation is a strained and pre
carious one, with all the international
Jealousies and self-interests at play.
For the military situation, the Eng
lish have made some advances toward
Arabi a encampment, and one slight
engagement iook place. Arabi has
more strongly entrenched himself. He
has been greatly helped by a large pub
lic meeting in Cairo, attended by the
ulemas, cadis, the Coptic Patriarch,
heads of the Armenian; Greek and
Maronite communities, various high
functionaries, mudirs, notables and
leading merchants in all 364 persons.
The meeting decided with great enthu
siasm to sustain Arabi,so that he might
uciouu me counirv until tha wmc in.
sion of a satisfactory peace or the total
extirmlnation of his forces. All de
crees to the contrary wera declared an
nulled, as the Khedive was beyond the
pale of Mussulman law. Arabi act
ually represents Egypt, therefore, in
his rebellion, and the Khedi
renounced by the leaders of his people,
he being described by his own cousins
as either a prisoner or puppet of the
English. Arabi has assumed the green
turban and robes of a descendant of
theProDhet. therebv
lng the religious aspect he seeks to give
the war.
Norwegian Galls' Eggs.
Lendoa Ofcbe.
A melancholy account comes from
Tromsoe, in the north of.Norway, to the
Oazette of Dronthelm. It Is said that
there has been a strange mortally
among the gulls and sea birds whidf
habitually visit this part of the world
in tbe summer months, and that a sort
of famine is therebv likelv fnh Mo
among the inhabitants. In order to
understand this dispiriting message it
Is necessary to explain that on these
coasts of Fin mark and Northland, the
sea-birds, and especially the highly
prized eider duck, come and take up
their annual abode in vast numbers on
the rocks and cliffs, where they lay
their eggs. The most notable "bird,
mountain" is the Spoetholtklubben In
Finmark, but many other favorite spots
are regarded with almost enuai
by the owners of tbem, who, so far from
killing the goose with the . golden egg
take extreme care to encourage the
birds by saving them from destruction
as they build aud lay. Thus in the pair
ing time even the flocks of sheep and
their attendant dogs are driven back
from the coast to inland pastures
where they cannot alarm th fMtur'
strangers. The ducks and gulls very
quickly build their nests, and the elders
are careful to line theirs with the val
uable feathers taken from their own
bodies. Then the eggs are laid in such
abundance that in some places it is dif
flcult to walk about on the rocks with
out stepping on them. A grand collec
tion is made at the proper time by the
fishermen, who carry away whole boat
loads and sell them tn th Vnro,0iono
by whom the eggs are highly esteemed
as articles of food. But this year the
collectors have come back with very
short supplies, and declare that there
is an amazing diminution in the num
ber of the nests, it is now supposed
that large numbers of the birds were
unable to contend against the violent
and protracted storms of the past win
ter, and that they actually perished in
their struggle with the adverse ele-ments.
Fighting About Trifles.
What a world of trouble, time, and
nerve irritation would be saved if boys.
.men t00 W0ll learn to never
mind trifling annoyances. Only the
other day (says a cotemporary) we over-
I "v."-""" uuj twang aaotner what a
third boy had said about bim, and urg
ing him to "lick him." -Oh," said the
second boy, "isn't worth minding. II
knows it ain't so, and I won't stoop to
his level by taking any notice of it,"
We inwardly thought, "that's a very
wise head on young shoulders." It re
minded us of two men, one of whom
started on a foot journey of 150 miles
or so. Two days later the other man
followed on the same road, and on the
uay overwoK tne first one. The
The latter remarked, "This is the worst
and slowest road I ever traveled.
There is the greatest number of snarl
ing, barking little dogs I ever saw, and
off. "Why," said the second man, "I
didn t pay any attention to them, but
4JKUU aiong as ir they wern't
there." Half the time of many boys
and men is wasted in fighting trifles.
A certain circuit judge was always
sure of meeting stme cutting or sneer
ing remarks from a self conceited law
yer when he came to a certain town in
his rounds. This was repeated one day
fJiJ ?.?TneJ' wheun a Kn"eman present
5 ,? Jd5f' wh7 don't you squelch that
fellow 9" Tha j .
. .uvjuujo, ujuppmg nia jcnire
and fork, and placing his hands and his
elbows on the table, remarked, "Up in
our town a widow woman has a do
that, whenever the moon shines, iroes
out upon the steps and barks, and barks
away a it all night." Stopping 3K
he quietly resume eating. After wait
lng some time, it was asked, "Well.
?ge:,what ot the doS an the moon r"
Uh, the moon kep. oa shining," he
M. de Lesseps is cutting a figure, as
a by-play, in the role of defender of the
Suez Canal against English encroach
ments. He says if France will not fight
for the French interests in the canal he
will : charges that England'
Ject is to gain the canal's possession.
auu ueui&rea mat, x.ngiana shall only
land troops at Ismailia over his dead
body and that of his sen Victor. lie
talks, too, of engaging a regiment of
Bedouins to assist him. So the glory
of France has come to this, that her
lilies must be upheld by solitary M. de
Lesseps. Of course Europe is laughinir
uuk mo XrfUguau ieei anything
but pleasant over his efforts to keep up
a secret alliance between the Porte and
Highly intelligent darling: "The
robbers can't s,teal my mamma's ear
rings, cause papa's hidden them." In-
nrY '"v lor: 18 tnat so, dear?
S&w5?2?i"Put I won-
ay he's put them
there." 6,pects the w,u tay
There is hardlv an adult
ing but is sometimes troubled with
money aimcuity, which is the most
prolific and dangeroua cause of all dis
ease. There is no sort of need to have
any iorm or money or urinary trouble
it ixup .Diners are lajcen occasionally.
Taking things as they come Is not so
Tory tusiressing. it is parting with
them as they go that cuts one to the
How to Build. Flnl.h, Purely A AiETV-
81 Author. BIsbSmmL rwfL BOtam
Bpecuu larmi mad i
sod priced, address,
J. C. CHILiTin t. m
Z0 Bnk Blocfc. Petrol" glcii
The Great Michigan Family
plied at rates as follows: Meat pork
23 25; family. 92U5: clear, sm on. i.h
12c; for tierces; 120 for kegs; hams, 12
15c; shoulders, 9(3 lie: baoon lie: drld
beef, lS15c; extra mens beef. 15.00. Chirk.
ns were sold at 1214c per lb.; white fish
and trout 78e.
Vegetables. Tomatoes tl31 25 nr u
ba box; strin beans 751 25; wax beans
1(31 25 and peas 50700 per ba: cncnmhr.
8u35o. ; onions, 200250: beets 25aS0c: r,u
plant. 23(gS0c ana asparagus, 25 30c per dos.
A Voice From the Press.
I take this opportunity to bear testi
mony to the efficacy of your "Hop Bit
ters." Expecting to find them nauseous
and bitter and composed of bad whisky,
we were agreeablv sumrisH Bf. tutl
mild taste, just like a cup of tea. A
Mrs. Cress well and a Mrs. Connor
friends, have likewise tried, and pro
nouncethem the best medicine they
have ever taken for building upstrenirth
wuu wviuug fcUODjrOLCLU. X WaS IfOU 016(1
wuu cosuveness. neadacne and nf nr
appetite My ailments are now tOl ..mW.
irone. I have a year r contrar - J o. .:rP 72f -V1"" e,"b on pr
doctor to look after the health of myseif
and family, but I need him not now.
,JU!.7'25'1878- PiPv Advocate,
Pittsburg, Pa.
IiiUMitlng and eompi.ta to tWy apartB1,Bt
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free on. iT-V. V on! PT
off., la.t. from all pai MleSE
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