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Ia th '.lent hoar of the mldoiffbt
Wnen the drowj world was till ;
While the golden beams o! the atailight
Heated upon the hill;
I stood where the moonbeams quiver,
As themulcl waters flow,
Oa th banks f that sleeulo ilver
Where w parted years ago.
I remember the till tree's shadows
Made datkr the river's eldt
la it wouud through the haul meadows
Like a silverv rlhb tn wid;
And I thought of thos day of ifladness
When we waonerel looir ago.
With never a Ibnuaht f sadnesa.
Wbere the musical waters How.
Days that were free from trouble
And clear as a bright June sky,
Yet traunlQt as any bubble
That kkuies tne shore tn die.
Thus love with tbe jwus forever
Far out of our lives will fl
WhilH the waves of this same old river,
Drift oa and out to the ta.
A solitary.flgure, with few lines of
comeliness or grace, John Hollo way
sat upon the meadow gate, looking off
into the distance. He was whistling
softly, and yet he seemed to be in a
deep reverie, for his great tender eyes
had a far-away expression in their
brown depths as he gtzed out over the
sunlit meadows where the blood red
clover and the gokLn buttercups sway
ed under the soft, caressing breeze.
Suddenly an imperious voice broke the
silence. - .
kMr. Holloway, please let me take
down the bars. I'm in a hurry and
came the shortest way.'
The young man started; he had not
heard her approach, and there beside
him Btoodthe very object of his
Ah, clover blooms and buttercups,
paled were your charms now! A lithe,
graceful figure in the daintiest of cam
brie dresses, and underneath the wide
hat a sw3eU girlish face, with velvety,
peach tinted cheeks and eyes as blue as
freshly gathered violets". Such, was
Lily Lawrence, the prettiest girl -so
the popular verdict ran in all the
country round. A (lush rose to John's
sun-browned face as he quickly rose
and began to take down the bars.
Out for a walk. Miss Lily?'
Yes,' very briefly.
'So you are fond of quiet strolls? I
am, too.'
Lily drew herself up and looked at
the presumptuous speaker.
Really, Mr. Holloway, I don't see
what it is to you
Then she stopped. She did not mean
. to be rude, but truly " she thought to
herself, it was high time she should
show this young man that his openly
expressed admiration was exceedingly
distasteful to her. It had been going
on for some time, and everyone, even
Lily herself, had come to see that the
sun rose and set for John Holloway
where she was.
'He must be intensely stupid not to
know how utterly indifferent I am to
him,' she thought.
But Jobn was not stupid. He under
stood the unfinished sentence, and as he
drew Jback without another word, to let
her pass Lily saw that he did and a
shame faced, compunctious look stole
into her eyes. For from the richest to
the poorest, everyone acknowledged
John Holloway's noble sterling charac
ter. Lily walked slowly along the road,
half determined to turn back and apolo
gise for her rudeness, until a turn
brought her face to face with some one
whose handsome eyes met her own with
such a glad welcome that all other
thoughts were for the time driven com
pletely away.
It was Richard Blake, the most ad
mired and courted young man in the vil
lage. 'Ah, good afternoon, Miss Lawrence!
I was hoping I would meet you.'
And the wavy black locks were
bared to the breeze as Richard courteou s
ly lifted his hat and walked on beside
her. ' '
What a contrast to John Holloway.
And the contrast was great in many
other ways than Lily thought. But the
girl was -but yoirnft to read character
and that Richard Blake was very hand
some and elegant none could deny a
lover ot whom anyone might be justly
proud. -
When Lily's home was reached, and
with another graceful bow Richard had
left her, she did not go directly into the
house, but lingered awhile among the
flowers that tilled heir little garden.
Her thoughts were very busy. She
knew that ske had behaved very un
kindly to her old friend, and her
memory went back to the first time she
had met him. It was at a picnic, and
she had fallen and sprained her ankle.
She remembered how the great fellow,
so much stronger than his mates, had
persisted in carrying her all the long
distance back to her home. Since that
he had shown in more thau a hundred
ways what she was to hi in, and know
ing his noble nature perhaps her heart
would have gone out to him before this
if Richard Blake had not come back
from college.
But he had, and Lily fancied his gay,
debonair manners, and his entertaining
t conversation, ana lite many anoiner
L young girl had begun to take for true,
L heart-deep love that liking which we
v all have for things pleasant, to the
And so she shook off her reproachful
xeeiings ana went; into me nouse.
Why, mother dear, 'what Is the mat
ter? Crying, and lout enjoying my
self! Tell me what it is, dear. Let me
share your trouble.'
Mrs. Lawrence lifted a face smiling
through her tears.
Yes, crying, Lily darling, but not
from grief. Sit down here beside me,
and let me show you what a load has
been lifted from my mind this morning.
Lily, I did not tell you, but some time
ago Mr. Burton, the lawyer, came to
me and informed me that the holder of
the mortgage was in need of money,
and intended to foreclose, unless the
mortgage was paid in full when he
should demand it. Now, child, you
know the trouble that has been weigh
ing upon me, for I knew that it would
be almost impossible for me to raise the
sum necessary, and that we must leave
the dear old home that we had loved so
well. And now this very morning,
Mr. Burton came and told me that a
kind friend hearing of the intended
foreclosure, has paid the amount in
Who is it that holped you mother?'
That is the strangest part of it, Lily.
Mr. Burton said he bad strictly prom
ised not to tell the name of my bene
factor. As to who it can be, I have no
But thouyh she did not say so, Lily
had; and when later, in her usual im
pulsive way she told John Holloway
now sorry she was that she had been so
rude to him, and then asked him frank
ly whether he was not the kind friend
who had come so opportunely to her
mother's relief, his manner confirmed
her suspicions.
It is said that 'gratitude is neighbor
to love,' and whether that be true or
not, it is certain that from that time
the manly young farmer was often in
Lily's thoughts, while Richard Blake
was just as steadily losing ground. But
John of course did not know it. He
was not one to wear his heart upon his
sleeve, and at length, after a hard strug
gle, had decided to abandon his hope
less suit and leave the field to that rival,
who evidently was the favored one.
Lily noticed the difference, but woman
like she eid not appear to care, and so
the months went by much the same,
until at length the crisis came.
The village iu which our heroine liv
ed was just on the shores of a little bay,
and many were the pleasure parties
that enjoyed a trip over its limpid wa
ters. One afternoon Richard Blake obtain
ing Mrs. Lawrence's consent, Invited
Lily to take a aail.
When they reached the beach who
should be waiting in readiness to man
age the sail boat but John Holloway.
Hollo, Holloway, are you turning in
to boatman?' exclaimed Blake in aston
ishment. Lifting his cap to Lily, John answer
ed: 'Not exactly; but Joe came to me in
great distress; he did not feel well
enough to go out, but had promised not
to disappoint you, and knowing I could
manage a boat he asked me to take his
place. Joe has done me many a good
turn and so I could not refuse him,' he
added, wrongfully interpreting the lit
tle flush that had risen in Lily's face as
she listened; 'and he said, too, that it
was your sister who was to be your
companion. Else I should not have
come; I would not for the world be a
mar sport.'
The bitterness in his tone touched a
like chord in Lily's heart. For some
little time back she had been slowly
but surely learning a lesson the differ
ence between real worth and mere glit
ter; and now Iter heart sank, as she
saw, or thought she saw, how com
pletely her conduct had driven almost
all affection towards her. from John's
mind, and that she had thrown away
her own happiness,
We 1, Holloway, I'm sure I'm much
obliged. It's very kind of you,' was
Blake s reply.
And the two young men soon had the
little craft in readiness for its fair
Blake had seen John's liking for Lily,
but his vanity had not been alarmed ;
he knew by experience the power of
his dark eyes, and Lily Lawrence was
like any other young lady, if she were
ten times prettier. So he reasoned.
They floated lightly over the bluo
Ijater, anchoring after awhile under a
bluff, and dropping their lines to fish.
Lily chatted gaily in her own fascinat
ing away, and never bad she seemed
more lovely in Richard Blake's eyes,
while poor John who had thought of
late that he had driven her image from
his mind, felt the olh charm creeping
over him again stronger than ever be
fore ; but he hid his pain manfully, and
kept his part in the lively conversa
tion. Time crept on, and just as they de
cided on returning, to their dismay the
heavens suddenly clouded over, and a
peal of thutidar brought them to their
feet in alarm. Squalls were not com
mon upon the bay, but one was evident
ly upon them, and John saw the great
danger. A moment and they were dash
ing at a mad rate over the waves, while
overhead the awful darkness gathered
more ominously all the while, and
every now and theu vivid flashes of
flame seemed to envelop them on all
Suddenly there was a blinding glare,
then a terrific flash, and half the mast
dropped into the seething water. For
an instant John was almost stunned ;
theli his first thought was Lily. Where
was she?- A second more and he
caught the gleam of yellow curls in the
cruel waves among the tittered sails;
the ropes had twisted about her light
figure and dragged her over the bow.
He sprang to Blake's side.
'If she is to be jours, it is you who
ought to save her! Quick, or it will be
too late! Your chance will be gone!'
But Blake still cowered tremblirgly
where he was, unheeding the peril of
the one he professed to love.
Another instant John was struggling
among the sails; a few seconds of aw
ful suspense while the waves were tug
ging savagely at him; then, weak, al
most fainting, he crept back into the
boat with Lily's insensible form clasp
ed cbse to his brave heart. He had
saved her!
Then, still In imminent danger, tbey
remained clinging to the dismantled
boat, until, as suddenly as it had fallen,
the squall lifted, and a welcome hail
from the shore proclaimed that help
was near at hand.
Lily came to herself at last, to find
that John was holding her fast, with
her face close to his own.
In an Instant the memory of what
had passed came back to her. She did
not draw away, but raised her lustrous
eyes to his as if to . read Ms inmost
thoughts; then the cold cheek pressed
itself closer against his own, while her
arms wound themselves softly around
his neck.
John dear John!' was all she said.
And John knew that with the great-
eat peril the great blessing of his life
had come to him; while Rickard Blake,
looking on with pale, scowling face
comprehended clearly that John's words
bad been prophetic when he had said,
'Your chance will be gone.'
. "Count cr-Irritaiits.M
Not a little pain, disease, and sleepless
ness also, may bo saved by the proper un
derstanding und uso of countcr-irritanti. A
pain in the head, and often in other parts
of the body, can bo removed or modified
by putting the feet in hot water. How ?
why ? When the feet are irritated it causes
a rush of blood to them, their veins become
full and distended. This draws off the
blood that was before crowding into the
head or other affected part and producing
pain there. Even rubbing the scalp brisk
ly may attract outwardly tho blood prev
iously pressing the internal organs.
A rubber bag of hot water at the feet, or
other warm or gently irritating application,
will often bo draw down the blood lrom
the excited brain that one will noon fall
into a ouiet sleep. Ten to twenty drops of
aromatic spirits of ammonia swallowed
in half n tumbler of water on going to bed,
or when restless and wakeful during the
night, will very often put one into an easy
slumber. It is quickly absorbed into tho
blood, and carried to every part of the
body, producing a gentle stimulus. This
calls the blood to every point, equalizing
the circulation, and thus relieving tho be
fore excited brain.
A "cold" generally means that there is
or has leen unequal heat, disturbing the
blood circulation, and causing congestion,
pain, and disease. A gentle physic of oil
or calcined magncsiu, in passing through
the system, produces a flow lo the intes
tines of fluids drawn from the blood. This
reduces the blood as well as draws it from
parts affected by the cold. Almost any
cold taken before it becomes chronic, or so
"seated'' as to produce disorganization, may
bo relieved aud usually cured by such a
cathartic dose one not severe enough to
disarrange the digestive apparatus. 'Thysic
a cold" is more philosophical than "feeding
a cold," as tho adago has it. Tho latter
only aggravates the rouble.
X lightly sore or irritated throat is usu
ally relieved or cured by applying an irri
tant to the outside. "Volatile liniment" is
good for this. It is made by shaking well
together any amount of sweet oil with one
fourth to one-half its bulk of aqua am
monia, or "hartshorn" the amount de
pending upon the strength of the ammonia.
It is a good, cheap counter-irritant to keep
on handwell corked, using a new cork as
the old one shrinks from the action of the
ammonia. It is also useful to rub well on
the chest when there is soreness in the
muscles. Alcohol or Btrong whiskey, rub
bed upon the throat (outside) a a counter
irritaut, often relieves A sore throat, and
the same of a sore chest. When using the
alcohol, cover the part well and quickly, to
prevent a chill from the rapid evaporation.
Liniment, alcohol, hot water, or hot wet
cloths, or mustard, on tho outside of tho
abdomen tends to relieve irritation of the
bowels, on the general principal of counter
irritation above mentioned.
For an Inflamed Sore Throat or tonsils, a
very good general remedy is to garglo the
throat every hour or two with a teaspoon
ful of chlorate of potassa solution. It is
well to keep in every house a good sized
vial of water with more chlorate of potassa
in it than will dissolve. The clear liquid
is then always of uniform strength, ready
for use a teaspoonful at a time, swallow
ing it after gurgling it against the inflamed
tonsih. .
A Ktrango Preacher.
There was once a minister of tho Gospel
Who never built a church.
Who never preached in one.
Who never proposed a church fair to buy
the church a new carpet.
Who never founded a new sect.
Who frequented public houses and drank
wine with sinners.
Who never received a salary.
A'ho never asked for one.
Who never wore a black suit or white
Who never used a prayer book.
Or a hymn book.
Or wrote a sermon.
Who never hired a cornet soloist or viol
mist to draw people to hear the Word.
Who never advertised his aennons.
Who never took a text for his sermons.
Who never went through a course of
theological study.
Who never was ordained.
Who was never even "converted."
Who never went to a conference.
Who never was surprised by a donation
Who was ho ?
Father is Getting Well.
My daughters sr.y: "How much
better father is since he used Hop Bit
ters. He is getting well after his long
suffering from a disease declared incur
able, and we are so glad that he used
your Bitters. A lady of Rochester,
N. Y.
A Woodbury woman accidentally
swallowed soine arsenic thai had been
got to destroy ants. As she was not an
aunt she was not destroyed. Danbury
Duty to Others.
Ciiambersburo, July 25, 1875.
This is to let the people know that
I. Anna Muria Krider, wife of Tobias
Krider, am now past seventy-four years
of age. H? health has been very bad for
some years past I was troubled with
weakness, bLd cough, dyspepsia, great
debility tnd constipation cf the bowels.
I was so miserable I could hardly eat
anything. I heard of ILp Bitters, and
was resolved to try them. I have only
u?ed three bott'.es, and I feel wonder
fully good, well and strong agaiu. My
bowels are regular, cry appetite good,
and cough all gone. I feel so well that
I think it my duty to let the people
know, as to many knew how bad I
was, what the medicine has done for
me, so they can cure themselves with
Anna. M. Kkidkk,
Wife of Tobias Krider.
When Mr. Edward Wvmper was on tbe
sldo of Chimborazo, in the course of an ex
ploration of the peaks of tbe Andes, in
Equador, he saw a grand eruption of Coto
paxi. Ashes rose in a column not less
than 20,000 feet above the rim of the crater,
and then expanded over an area of many
miles. Two millions tons oi mauer were
ejected in this simple eruption, and the
particles of the ashes were so fine that, in
some samples, it required not less than 25
000 to make a gn'in in weight.
Gone t Inflammatory rheumatism,
cured by St. Jacobs Oil. Ira Brown.
Chicago Tribune.
It would be easier to endow a fool
with intellect than to persuade bim
that he had none.
Mav the orood work becrun by St.
Jacobs Oil continue until rheumatism
and neuralgia have b?en banished from
the ertb. Albany N. Y.) rress ana
Thomrh fUtlnrv blossoms like friend
ship, yet there is a great difference in
the fruit.
A cheerful face is nearly a eood for an in
valid as healthy watbr.
If von AYOAriHmra bail taste In rnouth..alloW
tiM or vlinw color of pklp.r-! stupid and
drowij.-piettti ins e d, frq ent h a.iacheor
cuzz uriw", yu ar imuus," auo uoU.Idk will
aroune jour I iver to action and ntrangthn up
vur tisttn eaual to Dr. fierca's 'Golden
Medical Discovery," By drugglata.
Recollect thtttriflt maks perfection, acd
that perfection ia no iritl.
Is rood phUt ophy, but to d eo you must h&v
health. If bilious an1 con-tlpAUJ, or blood Is
out of order, us Dr. Fierce Tloaaaot mrga
Lv Pellrtta," which are mild, yet certain in
their operation. Of all druggists.
One does not reason with hU heart; one
either breaks It or yields to It.
of health Is to be found in Dr.E.V. Pierce's "Fa
vorite Pr s :riptlon," to the merit of which as a
remedy lor lemale weakness and kindred auec
tlons thousands testify.
The defects of the mind, like thos 3 of tho
face, crow woree m we grow old.
Respectfully Dedicated to the Bald
Headed of Both Sexes.
"My worthy friend and neighbor,
Whenci comes that smile serene?"
"0, 1 am now thrle happy
I've found It Carbolinje.
tft's Just what l're been looking for,
SI ace I've been seventeen
And getting balder every day
Till 1 got Cabboline.
"It's growing In right rapidly,
My bead can now be seen
Like other heads, In silken locks,
Ihauki to my Cahbolink.
I know a pretty, black-eyed malJ,
A. royal little qumd,
Who'll be as much rejoiced as I
To see this Gabboline.
"Shfc'tl throw away her twitches,
False carles and borrowed sheen.
And shake upon her shoulders plump,
Tbe wealth of Cabbounk.
"And when our heads are covered e'er,
As once tbey were, I ween.
We'll noise abroad th praises
Of wondrous Carbolinh
"as now improved and perfected,
No oil was ere eo clean,
Disease of tbe skin and ecalp.
Are cured by Cabbolixx.
"While kneeling at the altar.
With Father Uood between,
Wf'll call tbe world to wl'ce-s
A match from Cabboixnk.
And in tie happy aftertime,
When comes a change of scene,
With a little dear onr hearts to cheer,
We'll call it Cabbolike.
Judgment and reason have been grand jury
men since before Noah was a sailor.
An Important Discovery
lias been made whereby a successful vegetable
Combination bas been introduced, which acts
upon the bowels, tbe liver and the kidneys, and
at tbe same time lmpar.'s strength and vitality
to the enUre system. Bubdock Blood Bittebs
consUtutes this important discovery. Frlce
Promises hold men faster thau benefits, hope
is a cable and gratitude a thread.
Eoscuod From Death.
William J. Oougblln or Somerville, Mass.
ay: MIa the fall of 1876 I was taken with
BLEKDDin OF TOE LC5QS, followed by a severe
rough. I lost cuy apoeiit nd fleeh, and was
confined to my bd In 1877 I was admitted tn
the hospital. Tbe doctor ea'i I bad a bole in
ay lung as big as a half dollar. At one time a
report went around that I was tad. I gave
op hope, but a friend told ine of DR. WILLIAM
a bottle, wbeo to my surprise, I commenced to
feel netter, and to day I feet better toan for
three years past. ...
I wilte this bopiog every one afflicted with
diseased lungs will take DR. WILLIAM
HALL'S BAHAV, and be convinced tbat
poHittvely say it bas done more good than all
thai other medicines I bave taken since my sick
ness. Do you ever look at yinrself when yon
abuse another person? Platut.
A dry goods man says, I do not know what I
would do without Bardock Blood Bitters, It is
eo pleasant to take, and never fails to relieve
my headache.
A druggist states tbat he never sold anything
that gave such universal satisfaction for obsti
nate cases of Indigestion and dyspepsia as Bur
dock Blood Bitters. He guarantees every bot
tle and bas never had any returned.
A young lady, who has not been able to en
Joy a good meal for two years, who was trou
bled with eft recurring headaches, and who
had also face eruptions In the shape of pimples
that troubled her constantly, now lakes htr
three hearty m aU a day; her headaches bave
gone, and there are ne traces of pimples left.
This resulted from the effects of taking two
bottles of Burdock Blood Bitters.
A traveling man at one of the hotels says he
always takes a bottle of Burdock Blood Bitters
with him to aid him la digesting some of the
antediluvian chunks of bee! or leather-like
pieces of ateak which are too often served up
to the hungry and weary traveler. Sold by all
druggists, Farrand, Williams A Co., Whole
sale Agents, Detroit, Mich.
Those who live on vanity must not unreason
ably expect to die of mortification.
Deaf as a Post.
Mm VO T Tano T)..knn fn -lot-. It.
for fifteen months she was troubled with a
dleeiise In the ear, causing entire deafness. Ia
ten minutes after using Thomas' kclectbio
Oil she found relief, and tu a snort ilum she
wasentlre'y cured ard tier heirlna rtstored.
Tbe tongue Is never wary of speaking when
tbe words are rboeen by the heart.
A Friend in Need.
Time over and again Thomas' Eclectkic
Cil bas proved a salutary lrind to the dls
tressed. As a reliable curative for croup In
children, aore throat and bronchial directions,
and aa a positive external remedy for pain, it
is a never railing antidote.
Act well at tbe moment, and you hive per
formed a good action to all eternity.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of tho Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and o'l other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on earth eqnala St. Jacob On
a a anfe, lurt, imjl and cheap External
lt.inedy A trial entaila but tb coroporatirely
trifling outlay of 60 Cents, ana ewy one tffterin
with ain can bay cheap aud positive proof of ll
w!.;.m. q
Mrectiona in E1to Languages. 0
HalHmore, Hid.. V. 8. A-
Of PAY AN tt
WOFA'J r TO ux-
HULLS Aft Dt.ltKlUKllS.
Allot A it and 1th. iSSj.
OFFICES: I I'roit B.ilidlnn, Washington', I C;
C'aa Uulidlnir, CLEVELAND, O f Abotrict Itulldlnn,
Ihtroit, Mich.; Metropolitan Hlock Chicago, III.
VflllMf! MPM 1 J'Hi want to 'earu ieltKriiti ID
wwnu ft ipw montna ami nature or a mi
uatlou at good waKea, addreta VALfcN 1'lNK UlOH..
JlWWMTtllH. Wl.
Deftorlptlr circular & ri wrtie
TIIK Ai:i,r.MAN TaY1XIICO. Manafleld.Ohlo
rv -it l ir JI.IS.tIITII
K:'w',S?r Bryant & titration
lr-' MUSINIiSS Univebsitv,
' VVi' i.uit. la the oldet. laress,.
,..t thorou nr 1 practical, has
i!ie most able and experienced
teacher, finest rooms, and bettae
facilities ever way, than any other
usiiic&s college in ilicnican. ask
frauuatea and the ouineia men v
Detroit, about our School. Call or
end tor Circular. Shorthand by a
Practical Reporter.
Cured without operation or the Injury uiiimh ludi
by DIt. J. A. BilKHMAN'b method. omc
JA1 Broadway. Mew York, ilia book, with phot
rraphto Itkeneaaea of bad caaea before and after mi
tailed for lOoeoia
tomiw MlHlCtCf. aTHfcNuTMKN M4 INV1UU
AII Ifc. flAIH uMn k l.m-r'4. Try
.V. ftrMt PaM brrj bMk NtVXR Tl.T
'l(. HiWUVLI (MXCT8. Pr.Jl'AM OONiA.
jia. lnii Hi limnrftUiaiuuMa.
Sen for onr prlcee and Uluitrated catalogue.'
rtKTKOiT. men.
Onr Homes
And Their
How to Build Flnlnb. Purnlah, H Adorn Home
Blm Author". Bis 8prat Departments.
Score of Intereetlng Topic. Floe
Illustration. On Volume.
AOKVT8 Wantbu. New Terr tory. a d Nw llookt!
If youareiMMiliiii a work thai does not pay Tut Thir!
IT you want to U a book that p. SH.L, litis IkxiK'
Write lot special lerma and prlcea, arirlms,
20 Bank Block, Detroit. Mich.
TTpoa which this Sheet is print!
Thorndike Nourse
8paclal alzat made to order on short
notice. Quality always Guaranteed.
fcN 1 LKMl'.N I 1 liaTtTuTuil liit. ilAKlkn's
twent'y-flve years In medicine, have never
v T,,w ,lr... In manv cases of Nervous
I no
F)P7 lffj7frt
rirverlshed rondltlnq or tho iiiooi, tin peerless renieoy iis, in my nanus, uiaue soma wooucmui enrw
sses that have bullied some of our most eminent physicians bave yielded lo this frreat aud lncoinar
We remedy. 1 prescribe It In refcrenee to any Iron preparation umle. In fai t, such a compouat
as Mb. iiahter'a litox Tonic Is a necessity In
bT. I,oi is. Mo.,
It ffivet rotor to the blootl,'
natural healthful tone to
the 0liffrttireorffanM and
sevroM vf em, tnaking
it mpplieahle to Oenerat
liebilitu. IyOK of Anne
tite, Prostration, of Vital
joimrt and lmjHttence,
.k'u Is! fci
Thrr " thA nw .r.,4 avnii,. 1-
for tbe toetu anl breath, bat a bouutlfully plated
metal aerew top. It la only S'cenu.
DentllLa who bard tried "Teaborrr nrnnnnnn
It tbt Unett turns on the face ot thii earth for th
WL.i.-'n iin.iar.lM.
All iiiifalllnir cure
f jr Seminal Wean
mh(w, Sprniatr
rhea, luiiHitmiry,
and All l)Uf HMrt
aru rZJ ouw a a
,TTV"' aiueiice i f 8elf-
JT V'jXw Iiuj ai lorn of
ax.. Me.imi y.rnlvursai
IEF0RE TAKINO. wsti vmiot. i,p ArTER TAtlin.
um ture i ld A, and luany other dnw-so thai ieaU lu
liit a lt y orCuiutuiiiptUm aud a I're-nmture Grave.
ir"'iili partl ulr In our pnui'ti t, which we desire
toitend free by uiail to every one. Ijy-ThBNpeclilc Med-
cine naohi by an uruuKUiH at f er parkane or an
Dackauen for 15. orvIIl bn aent free b mall on ttie re.
celptuf the money, by ailrtwwing
Itl IS UNAI JUCDIUIIMB uu., ouiTaio, w. x . ,
On account of counu-rfrl a. we have aiioutetl the Yl
low Wiapper; the only genuine. Uuaraiiteeaot cure
tied by Farrand Wililum Ai Co. Ixtiroli, Mich
In unfiiillntt and infal
lible In curing Epilep
tic Mta, fcpufiug. Con
vulsion. Kaint Vitiu'
Danc'P.Alrohol Ism , Up
lum hating, Hrmat
orrhcAa,HmimtlVeak. new, liiipotncy,Syih
His, Scrofula und all
NervouHKml Illood dis
eases. To Clergy men,
I.awyera.I.iterary men,
Merchants, Ua nk ers,
Ijidifjt and all wLntu,
' t eedetitary employment
i ruues jtyuus i rus
trail., n lrnnlarlM.
of the blood, stomach,
j bowels or kidney a, or
tfr who reriuire a nerve
Ulaut, Hctiuaritan Ner
vine is liirulsiilile
Thousands Proclaim It
Hie most wonderful Invljrorant that ever sustuiucd the
suiking avstem. J'or;il by nil Jrui?irlit.
Hole Proprietors, St. Joseph, Mo.
Inclose stamp for Circulars.
alitlVa'ents? theu wi Ito to or call
upon TJhos M. fcs'prtircuo
ioron wisatooDTa. trooa at..
Cwiiron St. Dctroi- illch.. .'J
rcvslu i'atent Ca-js--i. J-'al.;i
lUMOllf is. ct
I lSTcara- Sand for ur ztl :. "
Geo. W. Hill,
Detroit, Mich.
Seed and Commission
3X13 It CI I A. INT,
fycorreapondence and conslimmenta
XL Oe ntbuy 8 Lovely Ad. Card and a Son
x'such Cook Book. i0. Hanfohp Syracuse, N. Y
V l ffl n aoim-lancc-M Million P"u'?
ffii1 imported lut yesr.-Ir ces lower
r8 il than cver.-AKents wunteuDonl
s i iv r"u. for m.
iS IbS: Vino liuck or Wiled,' for 92.
10 Ib-tciiolco IIUclA or Mixed, lor 3.
pend for pound . ample 17 eu. it for
Then ajet -ut c I.. ta y.oidet Tea
Sht bnuess.-yaluB for money. -
T.A J.iaMAHE.Solic.iorof TiienU.WaAbjnkVjn. u
tr bmd fo f
rack ers the
.iifinil HranfL
rresh oysters. Canned Fruit', and Vegetables. Wuole-aa'ed-aers
In Foreiim and Domestic irulis. 6U,iS.
and 67 Jetleixm Avenue I etrt
T.xln TJlacTr, TJIiw Elru-Tc. and
tlopjinir, all of eujicrinr ;ua
llty. clalmimr Hnrriiil rx.
Jellrnrolnth'jesHonlialm'f li
In id it y. Color rtvl lu
raoiiity. circiuara j roo.
Ivlson, Blakcman, Taylor & Co., N. Y
at. K. P. -
ihe 1'ureKt and lieat Jlediilne ever Made.
Aoombinatlon of Hops, Ducriu, Man
drakleaud Dancielion, itUailtne best ant.
mont c aura Uve properties of ail other Bitters,
makes Vthe i" Blood Purifier, LIV r
Re? U tor, and Life and lllih Kta.urti)
Aent cVafc9aaBWB earth.
'o disease oan possibly ion ir erlrt where now
Bitters, re uscdoTand a4 perfect are tneir
Tit j gitt ht U t ai dzzt to ti iol ;nl laf ra.
To all whose mmployineotaeauie irrcfruiari
tyof tiieboirelsor urinary onrana, or who rw
qiUrera AppeUserVTonlo and mild 8U:nulant,
Mop flitters are lnralV.,,btowihOUt IntOX
Koni titer what your feUnrs or symptoms
are what the distuuieor ailwueut Is use flop Cit
'er Don't wait until you a re sick but If you
only feel bad or miserable , theia at once.
It may save your life.lt hal red hundreds,
$300 will be paid for a ral they will not
cure or he '.p. Do not suffer or 'et rnw 'rlRir
eulTcr.but useendunte them0 Hop D
Imembcr, Hon Bitters Is noV. rUo drufnred
drunken noxtrum, but the Purest Meet
Medicine ever made i thu "UriUDkV IXtll
an- Hone and no person or family
should be without tnetu.
f -.'rl"niMk!Uiics,UHe of opium, tulttovo andBti.V
tor Circular. Ua Bltlrrs Bra. Ca.. A
..nl t.-a AlJmlil hT OruirilHts. M,,n,l M ' w. .
toxiite of Iron, 1 rruvian
iiarkand I'h oupfioru
a palatable wrm. 17ie
only preparation of Iron
that wilt not blacken the
teeth.mo characterintieof
othriron reparation.
iuuN 'loNi; In my practice, and la an eierleoce of
found anything to irlve the results that Dr. II ahtrr'a
1'nislratloM. Female lllseases. Dyspepsia, and an Im
my practice
DK.' KUUtK B A Ml'tl.S,
Sim Wash. Avenue.
Nov. Sfith. Ihhi.

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