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Copac Chips.
Mis. J, A. Smith Is taking a little
recreation, visiting friends at Flint
and Poiitiac, previous to tlie opening
of fall and winter trade.
S. S. Brooker is suffering with that
mo9t aggravating of maladie hay
fever and sighs for the return of the
"wee lady" of his home and fire-side,
who is visiting in the Kmplre State,
all unconscious of her forlorn hubby at
A. Finn of Tort Huron was in town
Monday evening.
J. E. Soults of Fort Gratiot suent
Sunday in town.
A number of Canaecrs drove to Lynn
Friday evening to see the ""Whitney
Family worlds combination troupe"
(wonder if that's the w hole of 'era)
which exhibited there on that evening
and if we may judge from the time of
departure to the hour of return to
Cnpac they evidently enjoyed themsel
ves exceedingly well.
Dr. D. Paterson met with a slight
accident th same evening at Lynn
owing to his horse taking fright at its
own shadow (a thing by the way that
some people are subject to) making
tilings rather lively for a few miniates.
No great damage done however except
ing the poiiey's a bruised, limb and tho
carriage somewhat demoralized.
Capac can no longer boast of being
a "Temwrenco town" as we have now
two places for tho accommodation of
men and--and beasts, the latter, of
which wo havo already several illus
trations. Rucmr hath it two weddiugs in
town shortly.
Ah! those- "Hand ConreiU" (?) are
too gorgeous. An levoir.
"SWIJliT J$ui.n".
Mliulca Murium Iiii;h.
Dog dayc in Minden last3 tho year
round. I think the nights are the
worst. I hope they will get the
Asiatic Cholera anl die.
The the sufferers ro-union in Min
tlen was well attended. The Governor
gave us a good speech this was follow
ed by a fine address from Judge Mitch
ell of Pt. Huron, afterward a dinner
was served in abundance on tho Fair
ground, iiut afterward soma of the
weaker ones came in contact with our
Minden Whiskey and caused a tight,
which ended in a stabbing allray
which was a dify.ra.ee to tho whole
Our looked-for flowing well did not
prove a success, but plenty of water
was found which will be brought to
the surface by niear.s of a windmill.
1qv A. P. Del. ry of Had Axe was
married this week, to Miss llattle
Brown of Minden it occurred .t? ti e
house of the brids pmviita in Miiidcn
ltev J. 1 Jetted o.'lk-ialin.. Thy happy
couple left on the afternoon train lor
Pt. Huron. Mrs ,1. Drown Mi.ss
Dette3, Mr. A. Delury and A.
Drooka accompanying tl;em as far as
Croiwell and ieiuin:iff on tho even
ing train. May In.ublo never cross
their pathway.
1 am g)ing away next week, tt uce
my girl, Mr Edi'or, so I cannot write
for your paper, but 1 am coming back
The Minden b.vs went cut to Tyre
last Saturday to play a mulch gme of
base ball. 1 think they jot Tyred.
Kev John Bcttes left this week for
Conference, held in Detroit.
That young man who slides out of
his chamber window, down the veran
dah after a cat which is making the
night hideous, and runs his abdomen
against the pump handle; then yells
worse than the cat, had better stay in
bed wheie life is more pleasant.
i'aro NotCH.
Having neglected you for some
time, owing to business, I now will
tell you what we aro doing down
here. First, wo are trying to get
Bom subscribers for your paper but
fail every time. Fanners say when
they sell wheat for GO and 80 cents
they cannot afford to take a paper.
F. A. Hill has got his new store and
dwelling finished and has moved in
to the samo. Thero is a shoe shop
in connection with tho store and
Mr Somes eays ho can give you good
fits. Try him and jnitonize home
industry. ...Our grist 'mill is a suc
cess and the farmers E.iy it ia uo
handy to go to mill after supper.
We have a boss blacksmith and now
wo want a wagon shop and wc can
get along very well. ...Clias Farr
Jr is getting his bonne pretty well
finished. ...The Grangers com
menco to buy grain here next Mon
day. Wc wish them success....
Fanners says the ground is so hard
they can hardly plow for fall wheat.
Mrs Sarah Jlradlcy, of Jcddo ii vis
iting at F. A. Hill's. ...Filling up
and grading in front of the new
tore adds much to its appearance.
Moro Anon. Moi.c.
Wales Corre Fpondciicr.
Tho samples of your paper have
como to hand and meet our approba
tion. Harvest is through and tho major
ity of farmer have a good crop.
Somo of tho oats were considerably
damaged by rain, but tho wheat was
mostly secured in good condition.
Many are now putting in fall wheat
while others aro engaged in thrash
ing. Two Sunday school g in connection
with the M. 1'. church met together
on Thursday last iscar the Mt. Fleas
pr.f c'-rjiol, rind b''M a very enjoyable
r -'Mt:--. Ab .ut . '..:, p-.-.--nf.
-'i r C::r!, "r !.. ?'t. )':. -in.
cliool was marshal of tho day, and
W. K. Chute acted as chairman and
chorister. Dr. Stephens was loader
in the castor school. Fach school
sang 0 or 7 piecVs a dozen or more
pieces wero read or recited by tho
scholars, and teachers of classen. A
good dinner was enjoyed, a good
speech from Bev. G." Sharp, and
some good organ music by Miss Ella
An ieo cream social is to bo held at
Mt. Pleasant on the evening of the
20th inst.
Died, in Wales, on the 2nd, Fred
W. Keopfgen, aged 70 years. He
was lorn in Prussia in 1812, came to
New. Jersey in and married Ann
Lawior there. He was a blacksmith
by trade and worked several years in
Now York. He moved to 'Canada
in 1819, and to Michigan in 1850.
Ho left a valuable property, consist
ing of farms, well stocked and
equipped, a wife, .5 eons and 2 daugh
ters, all of which except ono son
were at tho funeral, which was at
tended by ltev. G. Shary, at Mt.
Pleasant. Steel Pex.
Oli Low dusty.
J. II. Urown has our thanks ft)
a basket of those most luscious
plums which he raises on his farm.
The d 1 savs they aro line' and we
will not contradict him. Yum, yum.
Cliilck Relief.
Hamilton's Jaiuaica G'Dr Toole unci
Paid Cure i hot ouly vnlbts internal
ri.tni..lu t.,r nil utriiiiiifth anil ilit!l(V.iltl
uch ft l)rr'iiiu, lndiptttien, Henrtbun-,
KItii'ur', Diarrheal, Pysenrsr, C.iini;
and Colic, nut cauiioi o x-fuea lor an
outar) applioHtinn in UhttuiuxtiMU. Ku-
:"' sirtii'i n any n wtiy. i sj
fre y wttn wnnuth and ruhb'.cir it gira
quick re!'r. I'rifl 2- nl 5)rtDU per bot
lie. SuKt l.r C. A. Well & Co.
One of the Invallda.
1'. M. Pakmeieb, Dr Sir: I have ben
fakini; your JF:rpaia, Diahter, Kidney &
Liver Cur for tome time paak and buve re
ceived morw lentfit frota it lhan from all of
the $500 wirth of Doctor's mclicin that I
have used iu tt Jht few yenr. Before tak
ing the cure I wan wen It sad tirnl out all tbe
tiroe but uow I can work ail day without
fatigue. Would uot be. without it in tbe
house. Believe it it one ot' tho but medi
cines in th? woi!d.
Yours, Kobert A. Loughsikye, Jr.,
SoDieta Lane, Pa.
Almost Marvelous.
The way Tame lev's Blood Purifltr worki
upon the homim ivMeio. It is euch a
thorough Purifier, it a'rikca at the toot of the
difieap and by it prfct workings elites a
onr aliucht before ptt imt U aware. It
M-'zfs upnn erty micle of poisonous nd,'.'
ter io th Britain, tTT'fl-it aud instill re
health aud viitor through the entire Ixvly.
$1.00 i.er bof.ltf. Sold by A. W'elJs k Co.
Came to the enclosure of tho un
dersigned, fcec. 11, Township of
Urockway, on the '4th inst., two
hogs, one white and one black and
white. The owner is requested to
come and prove property, pay
charges and take them awav.
Aug. yoth, '82. 10 Levi Mokmlt,.
To the Ladle of Urockway Centre And
I would beg leavo to announce
that I havo engaged tho services of
a First-Class Dressmaker and am
now prepared to do all kinds of
work in that line.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
MRS. g. yr. HELL.
Tho White
Is to-day King Imperial ovep all
Sowing I.Iachincs. It utauds at the
front iu points of durability, in fov
tnrcs of mechanical construction, in
new and valnablo improvements, nvr
Anlomatio Dobbin Winder whioh
fills tho bobbin as smooth as a spool
of ilk, without tho guidance of tho
hand, causing it to hold .one-third
moro thread than formerly; also a
new attachment for put ting tho band
off and on. Full set of extra attach
ments without extra charge.
Remember, the phita to buy U the
first house north of depot.
Mrs L Fraser & Son
W. & J.
Carriage and
Tako this method of informing tho
on hand a very largo stock Carriages ana Wagons, open ami top liug
gies, which they will dispose of at prices and term to defy competition.
Our work ih all hrst-clas anil warranted in every respect, l'leaso givo us
a call before purchasing elacwhere. Wo will endeavor to suit you both in
quality and price. "NVo alao do repairing, repainting and rtttriinnung in
ail its brandies. I'lease remember
45 Bays
Bartleff &
Will for the next 45 days Hell any kiud of Gravestone, Monument or
Cemetery Fence at a Great Reduction. All who need such should call
inrraediatelv at their Marble Shop and leavo their order. All work war
ranted to givo entire satisfaction.
Brockway Centre.
I extend t all the readers rf tbia f aprr a
not wish anyih ncr ti-luy, you mav aooa no t
aud ive us an opportuuity to show you our
vince you that we deserve your patronage, aud
tneni, the ladies nigh for ifcera, and whole laimues are made nappy ty tne sibt er tne
and tie bargain cow being offered at the store of
Wm. h. ballentine,
Geo W. Waring & Oo.
Successors to James Ferguson & Company,
. Are still in the old stand with a good selected stock of
In fact ttlmost everything kept in a general store. We intend to kep up with
the times in prices and ttyles of goods,
for p;ut favors and soliciting a continuance of thn saino.
Uutter and l-ggs taken in exchange for good au usual. 1
I will sell Groceries at cost for tho
3 pound Cans extra Peaches 22 Cents.
Salmon - 16 "
2 pound cans Cove Oysters 18 "
All tenon indebted to the firm of Ethic
persons indebted to the firm of JJrUreeorr. Ilolden & Co are Lerebr notttSd to call at the
office of tbe undrsifrntd and settle toe same at
Aid Dotes of the lowof.hips oi Hiockwsv. Greuwooi). Speaker and Man Va!lr. All
prrscni owing inch nofpf are requfhted to rail
aIfo toe aooounts of W.N. Urlvenna tor collection.
J. S.
Dealer la Real Etati. Collection Agent, J
aneer. Acent for the Contioeatal Icourance
villset lots lor tale on easy turns.
Mrs C. Van Wagner,
Invites the attention of the Ladios of
Urockway Centre and Vicinity, to her
stock of Millinery and Notions. Special
attention naid to Ihcss Makimr. Prices
Low as the Lowest. J utter and Eggs
taken in exenange ror (ioods.
American Sowing Machines on hand
and for Bale.
Informs tbe people of ttis section that bis
st ire is wU stocked wirh (irst-clitM foods la
all deiArtbiuts, including
IrjC::i:( lt She::, 1'cii:::,
Hats & Capf, Groceries
o fi?t, everTt"!rt; ki in a firsNetsss (tore.
iViftj" Hi -.ray a very reason'.;',
agon Works,
public of this vicinity that they hate
tho place. x ours,
ETotice 45
Shop next door to Duflio'fl office.
iyi Michigan.
sprrial invitg ion to call and see ut. If you do
we hope you will keep our luvitation in tuiad
e wds and quate you prices. We wish to coa-
think we can do so. Children cry for
thanking our friends and customers
& Bertrnnd bv note or boot account and all
once. I alo hold for collection the IUilroad
immcdiateiy and settle the same. I have
unties of the Pean, No!ary Tnblle and Convev-
ConiDanr. S over a 1 farms and a few rood
erness Shop
Brockway Contrc.
Tho undersigned will always koep
everything in tho harness linp.
And a fall lint of
Repalrins; done in the Neatest Manner,
Everything warranted tint-class.
Chesp as tho cheapest.
lletftYj Yoau,
JamcQ Wallace.
Um removed to his new How in tho Duffle Blook and is r-repared-better
than ever leforeto mpply tho want of hi i.umerou. cu-tomer-. Our
Ktore U full to overtlowing with a new Htock of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
(Choice (Groceries,
Mammoth stock of Clothing,
immense stock of Boots '& hoes,
Hats & Caps of every style and
quality. Notions without end.
Give us a call. Examiue our poods. (Jet our prices and satisfy your
selves that we can give you better value for your inonoy than you can
get anywhere else. Our carpet cxlabitor in a curiosity that everybody
bhould hoc. Don't go by. Xo trouble to ishow goods.
Romombor tho PInco
Call and
a t?r
Stock of
Ever shown in Urockway Centre,
New Store hi
jlUJU a
A Large Stock of Furnituro ia Great Variety
Coniistiug of
Chamber Suite", in AsU and Walnut,
Extension and Ureakfast Tables,
Buroaus, Lounges, Cribs and Beds,
of All Kind, Woven Wire Matt raises.
Spring Bed", Etc. Large Stock f Chaira
in Cane and Wood Seat, and Kvervthiiitf to Wei
found in any well-ordered furniture store. ( all and exaniina goodi
before purchasing elsewhere. Opposito J.S, Dufiio's.
J ly
of Brockway Cejitre and Snrroundingfcountry, I would iar that hi
connection with my store at tort Gratiot I have a storo here in the Catr
and am selling
Keady Made Clothing, Hats, Capo,
Kte.. at Bottom Price, and will
for Buttor, and can alwavs handle all that comes. Highest Market Prio
for Farmora1 Produce. Will also always buy all the wood you may hart
o sou. oioreon iam sc., opposite
Dry Goods, ISoots
& Straw Mats
At Greatly Reduced Prices to make room for our Fall Stock of Goods.
Call early and pccuro some of the bargain!. Five per cent, discount for
Cash on all sums of Fivo Dollars ($5) aud over. Highest market prioo
paid for Butter and Eggs.
SlollyvOQd &
Fino Teas, CofTees and
cor Main & North Ct.
See the
the Butlie 55 lock.
Boots & Shcso.
pav Port Huron Market Prioei
me orug 6tore.
r bTO Bx
i uumuiutu
H. WYMAN, Brockway Contra
Out Bale?
& Shoes, Felt
and Millinerv,
Tobaccos a Specialty,

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