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I'arco Notes.
F. A. Hill Is painting his store and
fixing up in general.
A sad accident happened one mile
west of here last Friday whilo widow
Lapeen was on the way to Greens
Corners the homes took fright and
started to run. The young man driv
ing undertook to run them into the
fence and Mrs Lapeen was thrown
from the huggy upon uotue logs and
receive! such injuries that she only
lived ahout oue half hour. She was
buried Sunday.
Mr Wm Easton lost an adopted
child Saturday and was buried Mon
day. Both families have the syinpath-
f act nt thft llrtiHlIiOfhood.
nnr mil mad had nuito an accident
at our station last Sunday, as the work
train was running by we swucn, nine
flit rnr laft tho track and in less
than nn time thero was a nile of brok
en wood and iron in the ditch. It took
wonriv nil ilav to clear the track. The
hraVMinon iumnttd and savod them
Bftlves. No one hurt, (so much for
Sunday work.)
linV for tho Excursion.
C. Wells starts a store nt Spring
Ilill this week, success ijuus
Re-Kcsltratim of Voters,
The laws of the State of Michigan
Avhia fnr n now reQ-iatration of
J'lVl.viw v - ----- o
voters, previous to the general dec
tlou in 1882, and every ten years there
after. "We give below a portion of ilia
law which refers to tb6 new registry
tiou and which is a part of Section 18
of the registration law, and may be
found on page 12D of the Compiled
Law of KsSi. That part which pro
vides for tho new registration reads as
l'rovidcd, That at the sessions of the
several boards ot registration nexc pre
the ireiieral election to be hold
in this btate in tU' year one thousand
eight hundred and t.ghty-uvo anl at
said tensions next preceding the gener
ni wtion everv ten vears thereafter,
there shall be had aud made an entirely
rcw regifitrutumortlie quai'iieu elec
tor nf t .c orzanized township and
city in this State, excepting in tho
county of Wayne, and except in those
Cities where provision is mauo oy ex
lotinir 1 iw for a new registration often
er than every ten years, the name to be
r.m.lp in tl.P manner hereinbefore sneci-
fil f.r iHiriaLiHtion of nualilied electors
in township: alter the year eighteen
lmmlipd anil 1 rtv-nina. Aiier me
nrtftkinc of ?:n-li of tho said new regis
trr.tions no other shall be uafid in any
manner at any election or townnnip
Tnpntiii'' liit l th mine shall no review
fd and corrected from thnn to time as
tiprfinln'iore imvided. L non the mas
trirr r,f r;ifh r.ew registration heio-
in, Inv H... f.ll nlHl' rporiatpra Shall to
securely realod up and filed with tho
township clerks respectively, and shall
not again to opened except upon mo
order of tho court ot ccmpeienu juus
r!lr-1 ion. i!m ipL-ifd.-iture.. ma duly au
thoried f ommittee of on or both of
th l.rii. thereof. NotlCO RhUll UP
given by the sev ia.1 township clerks of
t!ie rir.e and placo of each of said reg
istrations ty posting written or printed
tint ir p fhf-rfof in six of the most pub
lic places ia each township ut loist
ta-f.nl v fl-.iva liefove th SlfcSlOU U I lie
li.i:iriiMt. v.'hiiili tb same is to occur.
mm OB l mm
M P. lartorly t'ntcrei:oe.
t 11. miarifrlv conference of the
M. I church of Brockway Circuit
held at the West U rock way appoint,
rrifMif.. ss,tuvdav. Sent, lctii. Levi Mor
rill was eh cted trustee for three years
anil Jt3ftf A. (1(3 for tWO Yt.irS.
Win strnTifr. i v. McGreuory. A.
Goheen and Alex Timber committee on
v.. Mnrrr.in. Vm. St roust and C.
Nichols advisory committee.
J. 8. Duihn was elected conference
steward fur the ensuing year.
The next quarterly conference will
be held nt East Greenwood.
"About the best way in the world
toliili a g:od newspaper is for those
who" subscribe for it to loan it to their
neighbors, and for t!.o:o who like tho
pap"cn to run or send down town to
borrow it. A friend of a newspaper,
or newspaper editor never borrows
that paper, but subscribes for it like
n man. and thus h'dps the editor and
pr.plishf r to live and at the same time
proves by his nalronae that he is a do
fender (..' t' e principles it advances,
wh;.te ihey may be."
Prof. W. W. Dayton gave an alleg
ed "expoo of Spirtualism" to a small
audience in G'encoo Hall on Monday
evening. Tho entertainment, however
was nothing more nor le;i tlian a second-rate
sleight-of-hand performance,
nn.l none of tbo audience were any
ith tho doctrine of
Spiritual bni when ho got through
than bef. r.T Marlctle Leader. The
tiovi it'n i true in recard to the en-
toitaiimicnt. The 1'rof gave an en
tertainment in Dutlie a Hall on .Vttur
day evening, Sept. lsJtli, to a large au
d'n uce who were very much disiatl3rl
A frw weeks a:o. Mary Schick, a
oung vinnmiried woman, residing
v.ith her fatlier and brothers about
tliieo mihs northeast of Winden, gave
birth to a lifeless monstrosity, having
tlm limbs una )niiy ot a numan ueing,
with a perfectly formed bullfrog's
head and neck. Doctor Johnson,
the al tending physician, attempt
ed to obtain it a a specimen for tbo
medical mr.;;eum at Ann Arbor, but
the mother's rmision could not be
rbtaincd. The Doctor says it wa3
the most hkle-ou object Ii3 ever be
held, and as a freak of nature, is a
cuih'f-ity of noc "lumoii order.
--Every e-t ddihed lo -al rewtpiper
rpceives f-ub-erij tioin from l irge cities
Tvh1; ..i77V the publishers, but which
' the N;.'W Vo.k Tini w explains as fol
,,: A wh-dsale merchant, in tnh
ti:A,'v.ho Ucon5 licli t the bus
iness, days his rule is that when he I
pells a bill of goods on credit to im
mediately subscribe for the local paper
pf his debtor. So. long as his cus
tomer advurtised Rberallv and vigor
ously, he rested, but as soon, as he be
gan to contract his advertising space
he took the fact as evidence mat mere
was trouble ahead and invariably
went tor the debtor. Said he: The
man who is too poor to make his bus
iness known is too poor to do business.
The withdrawal of an advertisement
is evidence of weakness that business
men are not able to act upon."
frenuentlv ineccded by a
pbt in the back, loins and
lower part of the abdomen, causing
the patient to suppose no nas some
all'QCtiou of thekldueys or neighboring
organs. At times, symptoms oi mui-
gestion are present;, asnaiuenuy.unc.w
iness of the stomach, etc. A moisture
lib-a iorani rat.loil. nroducine a very dis-
agreeable ttctiing,.pariicuiany at iukuu
at Ler cettimr warm in ueu, isa vci
fnmmnn iittenilant. Internal. Lx
ori!ii nmi ttf.hins nlle.a vield at once
trv un nmii fat. on ot nr. uosanKO s one
remety. which acts directly upon the
paits alTected, ausoruing me tumors,
niiAvinp the Intense itchinir. andaflect-
Jnor n. nprm.ment Clire where all other
rpmerflps have failed. Do not delay
until the drain on the system produces
permanent disability, out try n anu ue
nocents. Ask your
druggist for It, and when you can not
obtain It or mm, we win senu u, pre
paid, on receipt of price. Address the
Dr. Uosanko Medicine Co., Piqua,
Ohio. Sold by F. A. Baker.
Carriage and Wngon Works,
Take this method of informing tho public of this vicinity that thoy hart
on baud a very large stock of Carriages and Wagons, open and top Bag-
...i.:vu .llcnntut nfnt trirr nnd terms to defv competition.
L'ie, Hiiiu wtj ii "",i,uuv v- - j.w-.. VkV
7 ' 1- ! II n-nrntn.l in nudlTT rMllfPt. J'le.lSO PlVfl HI
JUT WOrit IS all 111 M.-Viaoo nuu naunun-i i v,v.; ,r- . P X. i
a call before purchasing elsowbero. Wo will endeavor to suit you both In
quality and price. We also do repairing, repainting and retrnnmmg In
all its branches. 1'icaso remeiuDer uie piauc. xwum,
aulck Relief.
lUtnibou's jHiatica GJneer Tonifl nd
P. in Pnrjt in II Tit
rebK'dy for all ktnih nd bowel difiiealI
moil fc Dyspfptia, inoigoaunD, Jjenruiuru,
Fiatnlence, DUrrboea, Djrkcnterr, Cramps
and Colic, but canaot bo txcdUd for an
ani'iiBlirn 111 IlhUtni t!fIU. Nfll-
ralgin, Sciatica, Sprains, Side ami Hackaeba
.,.,1 Ulraim In CII IWlt fit th Ik.iIT. L'tMl
frely wltb wanuth and rubbin? it girts
quick rftJiti. l'rica ana du udw per uv
lie. Sold br C. A. Well fc Co.
One ot the Invalids.
v r Pii!i.BB. rKar Sir: I hv tfn
ta4tTnaytur l)vpepli IibiM, K'kIjT k
LiVtr v'urs icr fcome iiin n ru i '"- -fit
frnra it tliau irou all
tie i500 w r;h of Doclor's inndio'nn tlmt 1
i ,.nn,. i vita vMt ana urea out u
ime but row I cao wcik all day without
-..ticne. Would not bn without It lu It
l.oui,e. Buliere It is oae or me t)t uieui
..no. in Hi. varld.
Yours, r.olrt A. lyucbfiiKyo, Jr.,
Suoiets Lane, Fa.
Almost Marvelous.
Tt wav Parnales's Blod Purifier woiki
. . - . . . I. J- . ...U m
tna unman BTtium. it ! ruju
thorouib Turifier, U airikes at the loot of tie
t- it PA a. 1 in Ok t before ih fiAVint is awtre. It
m zc upou vry particle ot pfiDon nut
ter iu the ay stem, expi u- mm nu.i
htalth aud viaor tcroun iae nmre wiy.
il.00 per bottle. Sold by V. A. en a to
flame to tho enclosure of the un
deretened, Sec. 11, Township of
Tlrnr.ku-Av. on the '-'4th inst., two
hnrs. nna white and one black and
white. Tho owner in requested to
come and prove property, pay
charge and take them away.
Ancrsoth. '82. 10 Lkvi Morrill.
45 Bays Notice 45
BertSett & Vanderlip,
Will for the noxt 45 dav8 sell any kiud of Gravestone, Monument or
t. l?.A1nr-tinn. All who need such phould call
: t timir Afnrlde Shou and loave their order. All work war
. i .. . ..i!JnAt nn RVinr noitt ilnnr tn Uunio 8 OlllCO.
ranieu vo gvu uwro umi.uu"i "vf
Brockway Centre
iyi Michigan.
. m ,i : ..t.1 U.Wnitnn in paII and aa in. Ifvoudo
I extend t an tne rtaorrs ci vom i ' " 7 . r.'.l 7
KSm. the ladies alga fr them, and whole families are male bappy by the tight ef the
and the bargains iiow beinjj, oO'ertd at the store of
Wm. h. ballentine,
Has rcinoTcd to new store in the Duffio Blook and is proparcd-bottM
tl'an .veHXVto.upplytl.o Wanfaofl1j9 numerou, customer.. Our
store is full to oveniowing wuu a nowwta
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Choice Groceries,
Mammoth stock of Clothing,
immense stock of Boots & Slioes,
Hats & Caps of every style and
quality. Notions without end.
n Vrannnannr rtnnift. Got our Tjiicos and satisfy TOUT
W v un a vuiii ijAimuuv vv.. q - i
1 (Vat tan mvn Vrtll lwtfrr vnlnA for vour moncv than VOU can
get anywhere else. Our carpet exhibitor ia a curiosity that everybody
should see. Don't go by. No trouble to show goods.
Romombor tho Plaso cor ELlaln & North Ot.
Call and See tho
Largest m$ lost taplete
lock of
ISver shown in Brockway Centre,
Duuucaauis iv tuuw H uH fi HLgl
Aro still In tho old stand with o good selected stock of I
dry goods, cinocKimw ORggKEBT a uuuawAMm jajew gtot'O ill the HJllltlO lUalOOK,
In fact almost everything tent In a general store. We Intend to keep np with
tne times in pncea ann siyies oi k"""3 ","uuD -
for past favors ana souciii'ig a coiuiiiuiinuw oixic.
liutter anu laKen m eicuauo im jjuuus as
ieo W. Waring & Go
nim ill
l mm
To the ladles cf Ilroeliw ay Ccntro And
I would beg leave to announce
that I have engaged tho services of
a First-Class Dressmaker and anw
now prepared to do all kind cf
work in that line.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
I will sell Groceries at cot t. for the
3 pound Cans extra Peaches 22 Cents.
Salmon - 16 "
2 pound cans Cove Oysters 18 "
. A Large Stock of Fnrnitnro in Groat Variety
Consisting of
Chamber Suites, !n Ash. and Walnut,
Extension ana L5ieaua3i iatica.
Bureaus, Loungea, Cribs and Bed,
of All Kinds, Woven Wiro MattraKees.
Spring liode, Etc. Large Stock or Chairs
in Caiio rtnJ Wood Sent, and Evoi vtliluj tQ V
lOl-ordercd furniture store. Call and exauu
Thia ppaco belongs to
A, R. & J. FRASER,
Storo in Jaa Brown's building.
found !n anv we
before purchasing elsewhcro.
ino eooJU
Opjosite J.; y. DulIieV
... i i n .1 .l. ,.f rr.lib t P.tnml K n.il h'.nk uprnnr.l and all
,1.1., ,ft,h.fi i..,-r M , J. II l !?n & Co are hertbf nottfii-d to call at the
office of tfa MtUi M-u.e ihe aaeHl oi.ee. I !o hoM f'f l'' the lUi.roftd
i. n nil iriimfiikttl aa:l aeitltt the saute. I uavK
!so ill acoounw of W.N. ilcK. na for collection.
nf "Rrnrkv.-.iv Cpntrn and Surroundins'Voimtrv. I would wy that U
lection with my fctore t-.t Fort Gratiot I havo a storo here in the Centra
and am Bolliug
. . .. ...... t Tn.t ns r.r th I'unnf. rvninrv .'urn c anu IOhtpt1
uaier in l.ai i'.. v-, ni '-rm, v -..c . i r j
ici'ci iu ' f r - si.v.rdl mm. tml a fpw irood
Tila?e lota :orsa'eon i-uj urm..
Mrs C. VanWagncr,
T.iis tlin uttnntlon of the Ladies of
Brockway Centre and Vicinity, to her
stock of MIHinerv and Notions. Special
attention paid to I) roes Making. Trices
Low aa the Lowest, nutter and r.jgs
taken in exchange for (ooda.
American Sewing Machines on hand
and for sale.
Iii?erm the p"!-!r) of tt.' ction t'nat hi
Mt'-r U Kr-it tKkl with Cut cluM gomln la
all deartiuf Dl, iuciuliis
IIat & Caps, Cirocerios
in fct, evrrviW:ir krl in a firt-clna .lore.
'f:cf rJr:.s rcry rAsinaVe
lacsvcjro, Eooto StKhces,
Keady Blade Clothing, Mata, Caps,
ot T?.-i4trtm Tr5pi and will ItIV Port Huron Hftikot Pxlc
for Batter, and can always handle all that conu.-s. Highest ilarket lrit
for Farmera' rroduco. Will also always buy all tho wood you may bATi
to sell. Store on Main Kt., oppo tiio tho dru Ktore.
y H. WY1VIAN, Brockway Centra
Clearing Out Sale?
Brockway Contro.
The undersigned will always koep
everything m tho harness lino.
And a full line of
Rf pairing done In the Neatest If anner.
r,fr jibing aarrabted fint-olaea.
Cheap aa the cheapest.
Ilesp't'j Yours,
rJameQ Vallaoo.
Dry (Soods Boots & hocs, Felt
& Straw Mats and Miilimcrv,
At Greatly Reduced Prices to inako room for our Fall Stock of Goodi.
Call early and secure some of tho bargains. Fivo per cent, diacouut for
Cash on all lumi of Fivo Dollars and oyer. Highest market prioa
paid for Butter and Eggs. XA. i-- LiirtJi.r JJ.
Fiuo Teas, Coffcee and Tobaccos a Specialty.
ollywood & lelCinnon

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