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VoL 1, No. 20.
trico,$LOOa Year.
The Weekly Expositor.
A Rod Hot, Aggressivo and Pro
gressive Journal fur Livu,
Enterprising Headers.
. o
1 A Yeae COc Fon Six Months
30o rou Tiikk!: Months.
Dju. T. Bcrrox, Jak. A. Menzies,
Proprietor. Editor & Manager.
fethodUt IMotcstant Church.
ftarvloeaalleruutelv nt lOtfOoYWk a. in., aud
T .B. lk-v C. n. ULAllK.. rn:itur.
Sunday School at 2 jj. in. J. S. PUITIE,
BfuthodUt l'.pIcopal Church.
forrlccs altcrimti'ly nt 10.-:jo a. m. nnd 7 i. ni.
lii'v C. H. HAHSHMAX. Pmor.
nnday Hohool at 2 i. m. V. I'OOJ'Elt,
. Hiiporintcndont.
Church of Christ nt the A. V, Chapel.
Sendee at 11 a. in. Knhlmth School at 3 p. m
Itayer iiu-cilntf ewiy Tliurn lay evening 7;3i).
SL. BaLLENTINE & CO.. Whole'
, and Retail ilt-uler in Dry U vd, Koota
A fib Heady Ma'e Clothing, Jlau. Caps,
&0. Tea a SH'i'ty. No 7 Huron A rtoae,
ftai No 8 (jaay Sneot, l.rt Huron, Mich. 9
(Farnierly R;ip!y Hom.)
itEUiiicx emery, ip.
Thi bouse nan ri'er,t'y clianKl
lad fjn'ciil pains will bo lakci lo
1 puds
TlIOS. lUl'I.EY,
A general Invitation 1 extended t-j all to call
and eee me when in I wn. timid (ti'ciniiiiiodn
tiom for Coiuiiifrciiil Travrlers and Fanners.
A Choice Select imi if Wines, L,iipiora and
Cigar ulw.iy on iaiid.
Office Days, Tneddavs ami Saturdays.
0. W. MILLS,
Tlio Highest
kinds of Grain.
Prices paid foi
all '
If you want to know wl ere to get
the best Harness fr the !c.ist money,
go to
and lie will tell you to stop light at his
shop. All work win -ranted. Repair
ing promptly at tended to. Keep on
hand ti'full line of Whips, Combs,
Brushes, Harness Oil, etc. Carload of
Buggy Cushions just arrived.
mm wmv
All the latent and most de.ilraMo style U Ilata'
DonnvtH, T'lowcrs, Fcrtl'crs, Ijicch, KiIUs, Hh
bonn, U1"V?h, JI)m', I'd mm Ik, Kaua, llandker
eliiefn: La'o, M iiiin and Sill; Tick. Tlainlsomo
lini)roilenes. New Myle in CoiiiIjh. Kidn Combs
HandH, i'lvidn, Ih cel. i.;, u', Sani8li, Torchon,
Italian and Fi iinch Ti iinniin Lacos, at
Iadlc' liazaar, Mrs J. A. Smith,
lu the IIooiuh lately wcnpled by tho Atkuh ofTloe.
Jowolry, VJ" cfcclica.
Clocks, Knives, Forks, Spoons,
Pitchers, Card lloceivers,
Cold an.l Sliver Plated Ware.
W alwayi hare a pood Stock of
Yon re Cordially Invited and earnestly
rtqneated to rxamin? tur stock in thig I)-
?nrtment aud com pate goods and pric ba
era purehasicg. 9
Reports corrected evry Wednesday by O. W
Uhoat No 1 WhHc
Wheat No 2
"Wheat No :? whito
"Whe3t No 2 lied
"Whoat No 2 Spring
Oats white
Oats mixed
Bailey, 100 lbs
(0 ($ 1
Local Expositions.
Fair uoxt week.
Hush out your overcoats.
"Wm Totter, of Jeddo, was in town
on Saturday last.
Tom McArthur baa improved his
place by n oat of pfcint.
"Wood I "Wood! "Wood! Some
odo brir.;; us a load of wood.
F. A. Hill, of Fargo, spent a few
hours in our sanctum yesterday.
Tne gossipers of this place have a
Bcandal on their hands to U!k up.
Clean away tie rubbish that has
accumulated ubout your premises.
F. Nash and wife, of Bad Axe.
visitad at J. S. Duffle's this week.
Bring your wheat to Brockway
Centre aud receive tho highest market
The premium lists for the fafr are
out and can b had of G. W. Bell or at
this otlice.
Tho only man that can't sleep
theso beautiful nights, fa the man who
wants oilico.
Tlio Oakland county democrats
and greenbackers, have fused on
county ticket.
C!eo Lawrence has contracted with
Mrs Wm McKenuey to build a resid.
ence on her lot in town.
Plumbs are froquent Peaches are
seldom Apples are wormy, scabby and
ridiculous attempts to be fruit.
A. J Holmes has been assigned to
the Brock way circuit by the M. E.
conference for the ensuing year.
Dr W. IV. Gowan and Henry
Pearce, of Brock way, made a short
visit to this oilico on Wednesday.
A now dray has bt-en placed on
the road between the station and vil
lage. J. J. lb:.d, is the d ray man.
It rmy surprise some of you. but
you can be a man and not drink whisk
ey. 1'asto that in your hat please.
Bev S. C, Bettia was elected sup
erintendent of tho M. E. S. S. on Suu
day last. Mahlou Beara; resigned,
Ve notice by the Iralay City
Herald that .John S. Duffle and wife of
Brock way Ceutro spent Sunday in that
Tha axTursion last Thursday was
not very well attended on account of
thi) cold weather but was a success
James Kerr, a brother of Natlmn
iel Kerr, of Grant Centre, was drown
ed on the ill-fated. A8ia, teg(t!:er witl
inn wf ilu family. '
Any persons wishing t piivchaso
tho liflit to havH a stand on tho
grounds during the fuir can do so by
ai'plyms to J. S. Duffle.
North Branch, Lexington, Capac
and Eat Saginaw fairs this week.
Brock wav Centre. Old Brockwav and
Armada fairs next week.
The Bchool house in District No. 1
Emnift. was burned to tho ground ou
Thursday night of last week. It is
thought to hav,A bfcen fctut;ra.
Bev John Biltis paid us a friendly
call ou Monday last. Ha has again
bt en stationed at Mindu and White
Bock by the M. E. conference.
The young lady who took thoia
kid gloves from oil the show case in
thp Post Offlce U known and to save
trouble had bcttt r return tiiem.
"It is not necessary for a man to
bep'tortoto honest." Certainly not.
But it stems sort o'lmlf way necessary
for a ui;-.n to be poor if ho is honest.
Parties indebted to the undersign
ed cither iy not or book account are
requested to call and settle pefore Oct
let. D. MoARTiirn.
Voters should bear in mmd that
they must bo rc-rogistered this fall.
They can not send their names but
must gj ia person. Don't forget this.
A sunday f.chool pic-nic was held
in M. ilolcomb'a grove three miloa
west of her? last Friday. There was
a large attendance aud good time had.
B. Piicival of the lirni of Porcival
& Son, Ft Huron, presouted each of
the members of thoBrockway combin
ation corr.et band with a brush-broom
on Thursday last.
We notice by the Pt Sanilac Be;
porttr that a terrhtc gale swept over
that place on Tuesday morning last
tearing down a libeitypole which has
stood the storms of IS years.
Many Democrats in this vicinity
swear by tho sacred viemorv of Gener
al Jackson that they will never par
take of tho mixed beverage they are
now Invited to swallow. Oxford
J, S. Dufflo has given the uao of
his hall to tho Brockway Centre Agri
cultural Society on Monday and Tues
day, Oct 2 and a ss a floral hall. Thoso
bringing anything to exhibit will pleaao
bear this in mind.
It is reported that a Garman girl
twelve years old, who lives north of
White Bock, has given birth to a child.
Her step-father, named Musstnan is
said to be the babe's father, and ho
has ll.i l. Vt Sanilac Beporter.
G. W. Waring & Co contemplating
closing out their large, and well select
ed stock of gcnsral merchandise offer
at cost for cash their entire atock.
Call early and secure bargains. Notice
their change of adv in this issue.
Arrangements have been made
with the Port Huron & Northwestern
Bail way Co.. by which tickets for
passengers will ba issued from all
IJailway stations to and from Brcck-
way Centre at reduced rates during tin
l air, October 2 and y. v
Gpo M'.istanl Intend:! soon toniov
his family to Port Huron where In
has seemed a position as salesman in
the store of C. B. Strttto. The it
wishes of this community go with fcim
and his for tteir prosperity whene'er
they may bn.
J. II. High has left on our table
some of the finest grapes wo have
seen this season. Tim vine they wtro
picked from Is one he set out in his
garden a little over a yeai ago. It is
of the champion class. Wo acknowl
edge our thanks for tho same.
The excursion latt Thursday was
the boss. The only regrets we hetrd
expressed was the loss, by some, of a
good dinner ou the lake and the very
cold weather. The management hc
by careful nursing to bring their puraea
through tho shock they received.
- I. J. Goodnow has purchased the
Marlette Leader of Trotter iN: Sons.
Bro Goodnow lias won the good opinion
of all with whom ho lies dealt and we
now say, may ho so advance In journ
alism tiiat ho may at some future tim
write his name on the highest pinacle
of fame.
S. G. Bottls will give a term of
lessons in b ok-keeuing and penman
ship, commencing Monday ovenjng
Oct 0th and continuing five evenings
eacli week for two months. The price
to join tho class Is -81 per month.
This is a good opportunity for those
wishing to po3t themselves In book
keeping and writing.
The following is clipped from tho
Port Huron Mail: "Mr. J. S. Duffle,
of Hroekway Vntre, declined the nom-
inatiuii for B -ulster of Deeds, on. a
combination ticket, as ho was person
ally fpp:;ed ti a combination, bit
would support tho ticket, and if, ho
ever accept- d a nomination on any
ticket it mitsi he on a straight Green
back ticket."
The folio k nig are the county Bep-
ubllcau no nin itions made on Thurs
day Sept 14t!i :
Senator I. 11. McGurk.
Sheriff -W. B. Morse.
Prosecuting Attorney Goo. P.
Treasurer B. C. Rfcor.
Begisli-r of deeds II. C. MansilaU.
Cleik II. Buker.
Circuit Court Coin missionors Al
beit A. Csrletou and W. L. Jeuks.
Tho iron hoop ami velocepede
nuiisauco h.is reached tliat point where
someUiing should be done to prevent
serious accidents which will surely
happen if this prasticn is cairied much
farther. As it is now people we
compelled to et off tho slde-walka or
fear of being run over, and farmers
are actually afraid to leave their teams
for tear they will get scared and break
loose and run awny. We hope to see a
stop put to this nuisance as soon us
Scandal in ll)h l.Itc.
Last Suinlaj rovcalcii ono of tho
most shocking bcamlal we havo
Iieanl of for some time. It scorns
lli;t while ouo of our respected ar
tisans Ins been plying his profession
through the country, as is his cus
tom during tho tmminor months,
leaving his better half to mind his
interests here, which trust, wo aro
sorry to say, she sadly betrayed.
As the balmy days of spring gradu
ally lengthened into summer, her
gentle nature longed for companion
ship and it comes to light that many
of her lonely hours were wiled away
in the company of eomo of our most
influential citizens, with an occasion
al Hying trip with somo affable trav
eling man to relieve tho monotony.
Wlnle sho thus killed dull time, ho,
on the other hand, was improving
every precious moment to win the
"almighty dollar" with which to
make homo pleasant and life more
happy. As time wore on in this
way, bringing no news to him of his
homo and children, having placed
the utmost confidence in tho wife of
his bosom, whoso integrity ho never
had causo to question, h at once
concluded to hasten home to find tho
cause of this neglect, when all of his
fond hopes were blasted by finding
that the treasure of his life was tak
ing a holiday trip with an amorous
blackleg in some neighboring town.
When the new3 of her perfidy fully
dawned upon him ho raved liko a
madman wearing vengeance and an
early death to tho ono whom lie had
promised to lovo and protect, and
lots of cowhide to tho fellow "who
enticed her away. It acorns tho trn
ant birds received news of Ins return
home when they dissolved partner
ship, sho concluding to throw her
nelt on tho tender mercies of her old
standby and he to get out of reach
of the cowhide. Tho meeting of tho
faithless wife and her forgiving hus
band, was an event long to bo re
membered by those who witnessed
it. Sho hambly begged forgiveness
saying, "I haden't heard from you
in live long weeks and felt liko run
ning off with most anybody." Ho
forgave, saying, "Tako tho pistol and
come to my arms my darling and we
will leave tho scenes of our troubles
thrco hundred miles behind and turn
over a new leaf." We sincerely
hope they v, ill.
J Notice ot Application' for the Iucorpo-
.l vauoiK. fci ine villa; or Ilrockwajr
' Contre.
NOTICE , U dirreby ' .given ,lo 111
we. tho undersigned citizens and resi
dents ot the Township of Brockway,
St. Clair County, Michigan, and, nsl
dents of that portion of said? oir nuhip
hereinafter described, will, on . the
Thirteenth day of October, A. D. 1362,
at tho hour of Ten o'clock iu the fore
noon.of said day, or as soon thereafter
as we can be conveniently heard iu
respect thereto, apply to the Board of
Supervisors of the county of St, Clair,
Stato of Michigan, for an order Incor
pot ating that portion of tho said Town
ship of Brockway hereinafter describ
ed, us and Into a village to bo x.no,vu
as Brockway Centre, to-wit: All that
part of the Bast half of the Southeast
quarter of section number Ten lying
North and Fast of Mill creek. The
West half of the Southwest quarter of
soct Ion Eleven. That part of the West
half of tho Northwest quarter of sec
tion Fourteen lying to tho North and
East ol Mill creek. . And all that part
of the Northeast quarter of section
Fifteen lying Bast of Mill creek, being
lands in Town Eight North of Itange
Fourteen East. Tho above mentioned
application will be inade and this no
tice is given pursuant to the provisions
of Chapter 127 of tho Compiled Laws
of Michigan of 1S71 as amended, and
tha census required by said Act and all
other steps preliminary to such incor
poration havo been taken.
James Urown. J. S. lufTl, Horace V. Leonard,
O. E. K Hvel). It. Kinerr, Thomai Darcv. J. K.
UoMhii. J. C. ll..lden. fied A. 1 taker. Mark T.
(randy, A. Mitchell, .1. II. Hart let t, Jainea
McArthur, A. i itrowu, C S Uilbort, W D Kam
ehaw, and oilier.
Medicine lor Children
Mair J not oily rdVctitra hat so cin
puuuded that no harm ranult from V
una. Such a frftr'kn fir worm (to which
alruot i-vtrr child iMihjeet) U l'nnwf l.'
Manmuine Worm Cnndien, Whica are ruv.'e
trui tha b-Mt dru, nirticaUrly dipt I to
thi une. Thy work quickly, sorely snd
harmlessly, pausing ott the worm after they
are dissolved. D inot n.lect tha children
evea taoujth they do not enUin. Worms
are a-inosl ilwaya priaent. Price 25 cents
ptr bjx. S-ld by C. A. Wtlla & Co.
What lO Cents Will Do,
By calling at F. A. Bakers diug
store, yon can get a sample lottle.cf
Dr. Bosanko's Cough aid Lung Syrup
which will relive tho most obstinate
Cough or Cold, and show you what the
regular COcont aizo will do. When
troubled with Asthma, Bronchitis Dry
Hacking Cough, Pains iu the Chost,
and all diseases of the Threat and
Lungs, try n sample bottlo of this me
dicine. Ask your Grocer for Port Huron
Brooms. Take no other. Every one
warranted. Manufactured by E. Per
clval & Son. lOmO.
mi HURON a ifttOTSSTEKH F,7,
Depot foot of Court St root, Tort Huron, Mich.
Trains run by Purt Huron time. Trains daily ex
cept Sunday.
a. m.
7 60
8 00
8 f0
9 00
10 00
10 46
11 WV
11 20
p. m.
ft. in.
9 20
9 25
9 0
10 25
10 40
10 49
11 00
11 25
12 08
12 45
1 60
1 30
Port IIu"n Leuvo
G. T. Junction
Saginaw Janitlon
P roc lc a Centre
Itrowu'a CPy
D Jit B C Junction
East Stgiua
Eait Saginaw Leare
I) A It C Junction
Rrown'a City
lirockway Cantre
Baxinaw Junction
O. T. Junction
Fort Huron
4 2('
4 2"
6 00
ft 40
5 S.V
d 04
6 15
6 40
T 20
7 51
8 00
8 40
. m.
It 10
1 20,
'1 40
i 5e
4 If.
i. in.:
a. m.
11 44
12 30
12 41
1 45
2 40
3 13
3 30
J 45
4 00
5 25
5 SO
0 10
6 20
p. tn.
r. m. p. m.
7 41 A SO
8 20 7 16
8 2 7 20
8 63 7 60
0 30 8 25
0 60 8 60
10 CO
10 08
10 25 9 20
10 66
11 15 10 12
11 20 10 20
. m. p. m.
Going North. Going South
Clw clam
STATIONS clans r.l am
Sand Port I Mail
Mix'd Beach Hur'nfand
Exp' a Exp'alMlxd
S 10 10 15 Lr Port Huron Arr 10 nr 1 40
I 20 10 ES O T Junction 10 2S 7 20
SS 11 00 Oratlot Centra . 10 10 7 00
8 45 11 K. North Street 10 00 0 60
4 00 11 ST, KingHley 9 50 6 40
4 0.', H 8') Saginaw Junction 0 40 6 83
4 10 11 3S Grant Centra 0 So 8 25
4 20 11 4 Jeddo 9 80 A 13
4 30 11 M. Amadora 9 l. o 00
4 60 IK 10 Croawell o n.) S 43
IS 80
5 00 Vi Odlam S 6- 5 29
5 SO li 45 Andnnn S 4 ! 6 20
6 30 U BS Pack'a Mills S 87 SIS
R 43 I 04 raraonrllla 8 87 5 05
00 1 13 Wilbur Koad 8 If. 4 60
8 13 1 20 Downing 8 04 4 83
4 8", 1 23 Derkorville 7 60 4 SO
6 40 1 83 Cooley Road ' 7 43 4 90
A 60 1 40 Palma 7 SS 4 10
7 0: 1 33 Mindnn 7 Co 8 63
7 8 03 Adams' Comer 7 M 8 83
8 lu 2 85 Arr Sand Beach Lr 8 V, 8 06
r u r u AM F M
Kelarn tick eta ianncrl at reduced rates.
HENRY McMOKRAN, Managiog Director
,i .,.;.v. -. ,(!ooiimor jy, . i - ;.
' .)y A akes, risks sjid insures farm proporty arrilnst on by
Wind Storms . OyoJor.oo and
Our Entire Stock of
mm and
Will be cleared out regardless of
Sale price.
Buy our
Everybody that haa used it aay it is the best. Ott aumpla.
27ow Ha-fca,; now Clo-bliin, ITotct Soota Cz Ciicoo
rurniflhm Gooda J" -aat Xlocoi-vod-
JirOUR FALL STOCK OF DRY GOOD3 ill he purchased in NEW YORK fhii wtek
ETew Fall oods I
Boots and Shoes.
All of which have bn marked way d wa. Wa are prepared to rffr aorua extraorjlnary
Inducementa to clone hurcra in our iiua. V ha?a ooe atore deyitd xclutfre:y t- tha
boot and Hhott tral and mako thi branch of our buiue a ijx'cialty. An Ium'iou of our
goods iu th'n lice will convince thv Rioft skenticil tht thi is tho placo to buy lit t't aoA
22?Thc balance of our Summer Goods ami Remnants vr'iW bo cloioJ
regardless of cost.
Cottons vory ohoap by iho IVcb.
Havo mado another departure from their usual routine of ImsincBS, and
have made arrangements with the celebrated Ketcham Carriago Faotory
at ltomeo to handle their goods. AVo havo now on hand and for salo sev
eral very elegant Top Uuggies of thoir manufacture, which for beauty of
finish and cheapness in price cannot bo beat in the State of Michigan. All
of their work is warranted. Those who want cheap priced buggies 00m
bined with durability, Darcy & Co. can fnrnish them. Come and sea us
anyway before purchasing. T. DARCY & CO.
Aro now receiving their Stock of
all and Winter goods !
They will tell jou all about It next week.
Apply to :
Jame3 Brown, AgonL

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