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Urorkwiiy IUK
Tho M. E. S. 8. of this place, in
tend holding their anniversary and a
Concert in connection with it, throe
weeks from next Wednesday, (Oc
tober 2Sth.)
Dr Gowan moved into hi- new
house last week.
Tho whistle of the grist mill was
blown for the first time thii Buinmer
last Saturday, Tyro.
Found In front of my place in
the village of Brockway, a bridle.
The loser bv calling and proving
Drouertv mav take the same away.
llenry l'earce, residence in Davidson
Capac Chips
Tred Lock is home for a short time.
John Xehman (with the "Whitney
Family") was in town Monday.
Married, Oct 9th by the Kcv II. I).
Miller Harvey Caawell to Flora liurl,
all of Capac.
Married, Oct 9th by Ilev II. D.
Miller of Capac Jos K. Soulti of Fort
Gratiot to Cora launders of Capac.
Mrs Jos lehini'.n aud two children
Maggie and baby Jr-ft Capac Monday
evening accompanied to Lapeer by
Mike, en route for Dakota Ter there
to join her husband who has been some
time there.
Grand opening of fall and winter
Millinery Saturday Oct 21st at Mrs J.
A. Smith, 'Bazaar.'
Lost End found on tho morning
after .Sunday we., before the residence
of a well known citizen of this lovely
burg, and in clote proximity to the
gate (which by-tlie-wav bears sutlkient
evidence of having been overbended
some diulc hour.) A-pair-of-gents-cuiTs,
ahem! for further information
call on or address the liader J. I J.
Cavauaugh station .Agent. Yours
Swklt Ugiar".
Jllndtu M urmurlugs.
Mindcu fair" came o2 last week,
and w.'.s a Eurcets because it whs
"fair" wtci and fair wither,
the fair ladies were nrcnent with there
fair babies, r.ud tho men with their
'fair" horses, and all received a fair
prize, except a few who thought they
were uuf'airij dealt with. Tha. color
ed Gent fioui Pt Austin took tiie cake
with hia trotter.
Mr F, E. Uurbankfl and lady hare
returned to HinJeu. ilurbanka'
grinu, is as "broad as a trout door
Load of c'in aro com his iuto
Minden tud larniers are paying up
their accounts, while tho tanner aud
merchant rejoices together.
Mrs Mary X. Davis is ttepphig
with her brother Ktv J. Le.ti .. ?tw
days thin week, after wh.ca sh wV
go ID Pt Cre.M-ent, her husbuud's litld
of labor for this year.
Mr Shock christenr-d the cooler on
Saturday oveninR, becausu ho resisted
the officer who wis taking his grain
for debt. It does not pay to ubregam
an honest drlt v hiie uu have whi.at
in your barn.
Our new Pot OHIee is being occupi
ed, and wo have great reason to re
joice. A wedding procession cat no in town
on Monday about h.df a m;J in lengtu
and there rvro u-.orH to foll nv. It is
anion rati tig to an epidemic. I think
vre all had bolter take a holiday and
get married, hot then, I am a kmbu
widower, what is t'ao use of me
Mr V. Ferguson, father of Mrs
Clint Ilaviland was in towrn last week
visiting hia daiif-hier.
The Minden band is "go'nj on into
perfection". They have soared the
c:its all out of town. John Bene way
tukci Ji;rnv- il;u;l;t-.d's place.
Thejo ill ii a B-..(?ial on Friday
'evening of tin wck. Ti:e .lad;us
will y.ive us pex'-'iis, croam and cakn.
"We lire going to Lie a program con
Bisting ot eatin'T, then laugh, then cai
roam runic, ihn tl.r'.w peuchta at
each other unci lai g1:, then trtt again.
Pilchard O'Kn fe, our Ktati ni jgw.jt
is building r lmtini or t i r. ;i f. h
means soiiR-thin jr. liichurd cjiIs on
h:s bAe. tl';ait very JYeti ntJy, and
e!:e stini for hln Darling I ;.iu grow
Jug old" and Dl':k Iru hku?i the hiut.
Li.'? Tfvilnnd ).i:3 lfctuinfd from
Texvs Wilti JVky h-.-rsiM. Any pmti'.s
wishwijr, iv pui'jhfAfic a onvj-i cui fcatis
fy ihtujM-io.i in color aaapd .Mid sizo.
Tin pii.c!i aii'l Twain . cial at Me
.Kays Hull ml Friday evening wus a
Ker George S. I) tvh fro;;i Pt Cra
ce't was in town h.kt 'j huraday.
F. T. li'i: ban.'ta losit his gold pen.
J. ii JJwMko:iM w.s the av cn.i l ,ur
tv. Thrt vive WW. tr ed DPfore Justice
Yil'l'S hnJ t.irt H;:-;icd lUiii gaiitV of
nuili'ig, i -'H5:i:;: to piy d..ia ..s and
cdt li w.is a nt to li'.'X'ngioii Jail,
lie n-pan led paid th ainoauw iM.d
Gt.ore HiD"iaM li U:o mn for
liprsentjivf t the rit.de Jcjiia
t .ir- from ti'i.x fd.vrlct. V M-b Bum
of h:s 'iviiiioiALiou :u d e-ott.on. Mr
l.fD Mi t'd in oi.o of Hittdens YmA fi:i:--fn,3
ur?n I in uvery nei;60 a tiun
n an.
:;.;innl C. .'.o'J Kn.i F.nrna Gylt of
ClKtrle'-loii were tnarri'kl k: l! hcmn
lf' th bride's p.i':il o i V.'o '.nosday
eve:.i:ig t:f la3t woes by lUv J. itled.
I.U- So.iy of Ca'-.y las a :i..t lt of
f!,uh'.d but h ins to TiHieii thorn
lii'lits wiilj a uii. Look ont b'jyn.
'i h'i ;!!k,,i:; of' the Uiocknav Con
tie .u.i. u tiir.ii S'-cinty v:i;l un?.t at
J. it.riii.'B en TiHal ty Oct, 17
1) A. M. Iuk'!t' .dl nr -I'.lei'a cnumct
.Cilwit.t Uit: f.ir. All piTooiiS Poldii.g
ti 1:; t. f( r f.a' v li p'r-a' e rrpi,:1, AH
ii.i; it ''.od p.iith j mo i'uvitcd tj attend
Additional iltpuhUloQB .
The Hoard of Supervisors of this
county are now in session at Tt Huron
Don't forget to call on C. F. Itos-
wcll'and get prices before attempting
to buy goods at cost.
The prizes awarded to tho differ
cnt exhibitors at tho fair will bo pub
lished next week, we failed io get it
ready in time for this issue.
-Ceorco "Welch was seriously, if
not fately injured by Griswold'a tame
bear to-day. It seems that a few boys
were teasing the bear when it broko
loose, caught young Weloh and tore
him in a frightful manner.
The following is the list of letters
remaining uncalled for iu the. post
ortice at this place October 1st; Miss
Annie Bullock, Mary A Mullaney,
Danil L. Weter, Murium Robert, John
Xebbett, Will Nesbttt, W. A. Judson,
James Mills, John Hodg3ou, J. K.
A lodge of tho Knights of Ilonor
was instituted hero last Friday night
by Deputy Grand Dictator, It. Ik
Conklin, of Lapeer. Thero aro IS
charter members. The following are
P. D. J. S. Duffle, T J. A. Morrill
I). 0. F. Itoswcll, G-W. Shields
V D II. Tcrnei Guard W Turner
A I L. Morrill S-D. Ilamshaw
It J. F, Holden C 0. D. Vanderlip
F K-M. T. Grandy.
T. Darcy & Co havo purchased a
turning lathe, scroll saw, etc with all
the machinery necessary to make
mouldings, brackets, Tcc. They are
goiug to erect another building and in
a short time builders can get all the
moulding, brackets nnd trimmings
they want without having to send their
money away lroai home. Live men
make a live town and Darcy & Co ar?
bound not to be behind iu pu.hiug our
home interests to the- front.
Always UfrCful.
If vcu huv fthtiuTjtiim, Nenrxlfi or r.n?
Pc.rpii'H. SiiflT r ', Bore Mnc)e, Urn;.,
Snro Tbro Ae , Pdrmelfce't Uf'lverml lard-
illicit will c-.urequU'frJy nj; inrMy. If your
Mt5 Iihm Hoi q pnTiu, Sweeney, Sfra'n,
rruktbr Lumne'K0l' r-or kin 1 luriutleti'd
Uoi venal Linimen? is tlie hunt pofWla remedy
that you can "so. lrge biailek bO cPrw, or
dinary t'i9 25 ssatH. For ale by C. A.
Well A Co.
My New Fall Stork of Carpets,
Oil Clothn, Hups, Matts, Upholstery
Goods, Fringos, Nt ttinglium Lact.-s
and Comfortables is now open for
inspection. The largest htock and
lowest prieea guaranteed.
All of the Latctt rnd
Most Elegant Patterns!
lOts. to $2.00 per roll.
lie. t) Mililary.St., lVat Iluroa.
I w'hIi to pnu tunce ll rt'M'of Hr.V
WAy !btr !:) v!cinvr. tb - ur A
; tilt cf all ihr- l);iri r' in Wt,(rfHo aiu,
1 fl I tchmhIu: m'.I tut l kuo all (bn I,
S li lbiglic-, Im-fl fiit.fi op HrrWr Shor In
the neat. el r:'anur i:laL", trh-.-r. I
at all t'.iu. ., rrti'y to jve to. id a -;i.Ut
cu'iuj; -Rfpiif.ii m cmpleti-lv div-l tovii
i!.fi.iiiji(m t natu t-'i nc.!snil r-rro a ei&
Nw iii?.N idj JZZi- Had tfc g't'Ht ril cf
uy rii-.'im tu 'j (.istot- in li: 3 J jur of Iiue
Ctit'l 18S2.
Sj hop - r-ftat,
My 'nwe! -r elf n,
lv i irfor- ra t.irj,
Hy mtan -r k:e.
Oppwit ili.i h tl Main t-1, pffdrwy
caiiw. t it a h nuriiicj
Tor rriner to bay their
l-loatsng:, Dtekaftd
Iron Uzrio'MQ,
Gang Povya
Good Drills
And all kind-j of Farming Imple
ment:!. Call and nee my fine a;
aortmont. O. V.T. VAILI
Evcrysjcdy Head Thlz I
Low th rflaa with MiO mule,
TnUe evrrytbiii enii,
Pt h ki-frt hMVim; nbu.it.
His WHpni n: .i evy
"Wlien he kfep i it iiia;iy,
Ami the litthj mnl. nre stot.
lie draws pro Pi ly tlc b'licl,
And can bo fontui ;i the roil,
Jbdwien tlM c-lty au-.UUtion.
lie f.i i)"t a ib'i'.d beat,
JJnt will v.orli .so che;ii,
arness Shop
Brochway Contro.
Tlje undersigned will always keep
everything in the harness line.
COLLAP.S, wnirs, blankets,
And a full line cf
Repairing done in the Neatoal Manier.
Everything warranted f rat-clan
Cbaap m the cheapest.
Eeap'i'y Youw,
Jan.c Wallaoo.
Mrs O. Van Wagner,
Invites the attention of the Ladies of
Rrookway Centre and Vicinity, to hoi
st ock of Millinery nnd Notions. Spc ial
ttteutio.i pahl to Dress Making, l'rices
Low as tho Lowest. Butter and Egg
taken in exeban-t' lor uoous.
American Sewing ilachlnes'on hanl
and for sale.
Iulftmu tYit peorle "rthis section that bin
Rfor a well fn ked wl lirst-claaa gooU In
U vlepMrtrjf-otr, ihcujh.
SrjEofll?, EjjIji Sloss, Mio:s,
Hats A Cap--, Groceries
in feet, ererrthing ki pt i i a firabelua ttore.
Piicci ahn.T v i reaannable
When you TiIt thf P.-ir, Oet 2nd and 3rd,
aud all the yenr arou:.I, do not tail to call bt
Tho Gsoira! Drug Store !
where ytu will fiurt & complete line ot
101 LI". '' OAP3f
In D'jul l P.'IntM yon c..i surly Rave monoy ly
f'ttliiK 'y l'l-tcpH Ix'fc'ro you buy No iiuittv-r
wl'.tt oUnTili'tilfn iniiy llf you, t'omt ami
m- lily ia!jii a aro wn'i'i' ,''', elantlc and wei
raatcd t war. nml i.i , cas where they uu
iioi, Ju,i;ic.itori will iwi" jii....UeJ free
To the Ladles ot lJro:!;ray Centre And
Vlcia tv.
I would beg Lave to announco
that I have engaged the services of
a First-Class Dressmaker and am
now prepared to do all kinds of
r."ork in that lino.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
This gpate belongs to
A, R. & J. FRASER,
Store in Jas Brown'a building.
W, & J.
Carriage and
Take this method cf informing tha publio of this vicinity that they har
on hand a very larp. stock of Carriages and Wagons, open and top Bag
gies, which they wi I dispose of at prices and terms to defy competition.
Our work is all first-class and warranted in every respect. Ploaso give us
a call before purcha ing elsewhere. We will endeavor to suit you both in
quality and price. Wo also do repairing, repainting and retrimmrng in
all its branches. Pi ase remember the place. Yours,
vj. &or. HAnnxa, Bnoaxsw.a.'r.
45 Bays ETotiee 45
iartleit & Vanderlip,
Will for the next 45 days sell any kiud of Gravestone, Monument or
Cemetery Fenoe at a Great Roduction. All who need such Bhould call
immediately" at thoir Marble Shop and leave their order. All work war
ranted to give entire satisfaction. Shop next door to Duffio's ofllco.
Brockway Centra
I extend te all the readere of tbia paper a special invitation to call aud see n. If yeudo
not wisb anythine; to-day, you may aoon and we hope you will keep our invitation in mind
and give ui an opportunity to ehow you our godn and qaate you price. We wish to con
vince you that we deterve your patronagfl, aod think we can do ao. Children cry for
them, the eadiea sigh for tbem, and whole fauiliee are made happy by the ththt of the
and the bargaina now being offered at the store cf
Wm. h. ballent ine,
The VndirsiijBed Snbseilbfrs bavine eonc!ad
will offer their entire stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE at
For CASH or
Part'e wishing to lay in their fall stock of
and see our price. We will commence our kIj on MON DAY, the 2od day of OCTOBER.
I8S2. Our BOOKS will be cloed at ttiat time and ao would respectfully request all partita
indebted to us by NOTE or BOOK Acuount to pleuse call and settle the baine.
Brocirway Con.tr,
Dated, September 25th, 1682.
I will icll Groceries at cost for the
3 pound Cans extra Peaches 22 Cents.
Salmon - 16 H
2 pound cans Cove Oystors 18 u
All p-ons irdehtel to the firm of Efrtk Jl Bertrand by note er booV aeconnt ard all
lrw)in iid4b:ed to the firm of MrUreory, II ibtari & Co are hertby ontifird to rail at the
(Ec of the nndemijned and aettle iiie sums t 03i. I a'10 htld tor cllectiot the Railroad
Aid notea .f tbn Tnthi(ts of Brockway, Ureeuwood, Seakrr and !tile Valley. All
ptrmrs owing u h rotet are requited tt r.a:l imuiedittly aud aeuio the sanie. I hare
tlso the accoums of W. N. iucKenoa lor collection.
Denier in Ral Ea. Collection Agent, Ja-tice f.f thePav. Notary Poblicand Onvey.
tt.e-t. Aymt f r the Couiifi tal Iiikurabce Couipauy. iiaveral farDjs at.d a few good
village lots for sale on easy eiuis.
Co Go Meisel & BfOo
"NVi.xh to inform the public that they are prepared for
Mew Stock of Drv Goods for Fall
and Winter Wear.
They cordially invito an inspection of their Gooil, attiuring their rat
ion that it is no trouble to show good, whether they are purchased or
not. All orders entrusted to them will receivo prompt attention.
Water Street, Port Huron, Michigan
Wagon Worlcs,
ui - Michigan,
t w ont of business in Brockway Centre.
its equivalent.
goods will find it much to their advantage to call
G - 77. WilUZITG 2s CO.
Has removed to his new store in tho Duflio Bloolc and is prepared bettor
than ever before to supply the wants of his numerous customers. On
store is fall to overflowing with a new stock of
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Choice Groceries,
Mammoth stock of Clothing,
Immense stock of Hoots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps of every style and
quality. Notions without end.
Give us a call. Examine our goods. Get onr prioos and satisfy your
selves that we can givo you better value for your money than you can
get anywhere else. Our carpet exhibitor ia a curiosity that everybody
should see. Don't go by. No trouble to show goods.
Rcmombor tho Placo
Call and See the
Largest and lost Oomplefe
Stock of
Ever shown in Krockway Centre,
I am
New Store in
A Large Stock of Furniture iu Groat Variety
Consisting of
Chamber Suites, in Ash and Walnut,
Extension and Breakfast Tables.
Bureaus, Lounges, Cribs and Bedn, .
of All Kinds, Woven Wire Mattrasaes.
Spring Beds, Ktc. Largo Stock of Chairs
in Cano and Wood Seat, and Kverythbi bo be
found iu any well-ordered furniture store. Call and eiainmo yo$ii
before purclusing elsewhere. Opposito J.JS. DuflioV
a. a BROWN.
of Brockway Centre and SnrronndingVountry, I would say tht ft
connection with my store at Fort Gratiot 1 havo a store hero in the Ccu.tr
and am soiling
Glassware, Daots & Shoos.
Kcndy Made Clothing, Mats, Capo,
Ktc., at Bottom Price?, aud will pay Port Huron llvrlcet PrtSM
for Butter, and can alwavs handle all that comes. Highest Market Pris
for Farmers' Produce. Will also alxaya buy all tho wood you may hav
to soli. Storo on Main St., oppouito tho drug store.
. H. WYMAN, Brockway Contra.
(bUtM! mm
Tho undersigned intends closing out
orv and atlOV GocdD.
Kalo. Butter and Kggs taken just the h-mvj as vash. Kvorythinij ti bo
Bold for ready pay only. Sale to romiMen-vj on .Mnnl.ty, 'l)jtj!r 10th
at which time our books will be ol.Mod. JT.irtiej indebte-d will plcaaa
call and nettle at once.
C K m a hk .1
Fine Tew, Coffees and Tobacco.i a Specialty.
cor Main & North CI".
the Buffio Block.
hia entire s'.oel: of Dry GSood.3-
This is no humbug i;t i -renuino

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