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The Weekly Expositor.
DEL T. SUTTON, Fublisher.
'Just before leaving his old ho,me,
Liberty Hull' Crawfordayille, for the
Executive. Mansion at Atlanta, Ga.,
the other day," the Hon. Alexander II.
Stephens went through the house with
the gentlemen who hail come to escort
him to the capital, and talked freely of
the history of the place. "I bought
this house," he said, "in 1812; and to
day for the first time it is to be closed
up. We are packing up everything
and the house will be closed except for
Mr. O'Xeil, an old friend of mine, who
is now approaching his ninetieth year,
and who will contiue to live here. . .
Tias room (i bedroom adjoining the
library) was occupied the nifcht it was
finished by Smith O'Brien, the last of
the line of the Irish kirgs of Munster
the grandest man in some respects
I ever knew. I never entertained a
greater man." ' Mr. Stephens was un
mistakably sad on leaving the old place,
and sadder still were ,his tenants
and neighbors to see him go. Crowds
greeted him at every station on the
way to Atlanta. Passing Madison he
exclaimed: "There is where I spent
the most miserable, part of my life. I
had just left college, and, full of aspir
ations and ambitious, had to settle
down into the life of a pedagogue. It
was intensely distasteful to me, and
the three months I spent at Madison
were the darkest of my life." The re
ception given him at Atlanta is describ
ed as one of the most imposing demon
strations ever known in that city.
. If the French nation had any con
science, the death of the Bey of Tunis
wmild ni!ik them uncomfortable, But
it is not likely to cause them a single
qualm. The Bey ruled his people with
good intentions, and for a Mahometan
potentate did pretty well. He made
numerous promises to his subjects of
religious liberty and equiliy before the
law, and he did not break them all. It
was an unlucky day for him when he
first began to indulge in financial opera
tions with France. The loan which he
negotiated In Paris in 18G3 gave the
French a grip on his affairs that they
have7 been tightening ever since. The
death of the Bry was undoubtedly hast
ened by the mortitlcatiou which his
troubles have caused him. He fails a
victim, first of the bondholders' greed,
and finally of French fioanclal diplo
macya diplomacy thoroughly unscru
pulous, mendacious and downright
A detactimlnt of ''harmless" luna
tics from the State Insane Aylum for
Convicts in Auburn, New Yoik, has
been tent under the charge of keepers
to a large farm in Fleming and set to
husking corn on shares. Their share
will ba used to fatten swine at the asy
lum. The work is agreeable to them
and profitable to the state, and the en
terprise will probably be succes&f ul un
less some ''harmless" busker should
suddenly develop a murderous propen
sity and make matters very unpleasant
for those about him. Recent ex peri,
ences have tended to confirm the belief
that there is no such being in existence
as a harmless lunatic.
It is believed that Mr. Alcott's illness
is, in a measure, due to the Journey he
recently took to Connecticut to revisit
the scenes of his youth, which was too
much of a strain upon bim, physically
and mentally. On returning to his
home he said that probably he never
again would leave it. Thereafter Bos
ton was the limit of his endurance in
traveling, and it was while preparing
to go there that he was stricken down
on Tuesday last. On Friday morning
he recovered consciousness so far as to
motion for his spectacles to be brought
to him, that he might see whether he
could still read.
Contrary to the usual experience
in similar cases, later reports of the
floods in Northern Italy are more dis
tressing than the first accounts. The
King contributed 100,000 francs to the
relief fund and the people in all parts
of the realm are nobly imitating his
example. The worst feature of the
calamity is that in many places its re
sult will be permanent. Charity will
keep the sufferers from starving, but it
cannot redeem the land which has
been burled beneath a deposit of clay
and rocks.
The grave of Emerson is kept con
stantly covered with flowers by the
young girls of Concord Hawthorne's
with a stone, at head and foot bearing
simply his name, is thickly overgrown
with glossy myrtle. Thoreau's is un
adorned, save with a thick sod of green
It is stated that certain difficulties
will prevent Sir Garnet "Wolseley ' re
ceiving any higher military rank in
recognition of his service in Egypt, so
that he will remain on the roll of
lieutenant-generals and enly be pro
moted when his turn comes in regular
course. He is now fifteenth on the list
for promotion to the rank of general. .
Nearly 400,000 immigrants haye ar
rived thus far in 1882.
State Thanksgiving Proclamation.-
The President of the Uulted States
bavlnir ty iTuci iuixLlon mt ni.at rt.ur-Ml,
Not. o IM. m a tl ty of public tluicEigiVinH
tbrotig'jnut the land;
Now therefore I.lUvid K. Jerome, G.vern-
or f the SUt of M chUan, li roiif.irun'j wltti
taiii iriclHiuaUn and wuu time iiouoien
mtom. d i rc inwod that the immm r this
S'.aU oil lht (My.lrymif axlile their ao5au u
ui r.tM.i b! i.tid iiittxt together and lender
ttiaukt to aloi'iTH'.jr Mod f.r the b it-tl Ria-
cehred Kt Hi hin1(S tor tti abutniaut bur-
vt, .or peace, bipiiliits, n cu itr, auu
for ib DrHttnt ot the curuuiuiiwraUb.
A ul I further reoonmiuid that the d he
obrM-rved hh a tiuie tor kindly dU of tbarlty
for heennVrlog an 1 ibe unrriun ite, that an
within the cuwmouwoalth may rem? inner the
un-at i iv -r of every so id ant parser ifff.
By th Mivrt-rnnr: U VVJD H. JKKUME.
Wm. Jenuki, Secretary of State.
Fotatoes are shipped from Grand
Traversa to Florida.
John Dean, a prominent man of
Hanover, formerly of Detroit, is dead.
Bert Hamlin, a shoemaker of Bloom-
ingdale, ie reported as mysteriously disap
Fhilip Mining, a farmer living near
Big Rapid, wan killed by a log train on the
D. L 4 N. rai' road recently.
The north woods are unusually well
stocked with small g?me this year. Tbe par
tridge shooting, etc., being especially One.
At Coldwater. Kay & Fowell's fruit
dryer took fire, and tbe dryer and a large
qaantlty of apple were destroyed. Loss about
$ 1,600.
It obert Hayes, of Clyde, while rais
lag a saw mill was struck by a falling timber
and killed, bit neck being broken aud head
W. II. Brewer sues the Flint and
Pere Marauett railway company for 25,iHJ0
damages for the Iocs of an arm while in tbe
employ of that company.
By the burning of a barn at Cold
water, ownel by Vrs. J. H. Buckley, sh lost
$2,000 aud GrfO.M, nirst lost 200 bu?hel ot
onions, some bay. harness, etc.
Anderson, a sailor on the
achooneer Wm. Joues, from Chicago, was loet
m;atA iff ffranJ Haven IfWJj. Fie WHS
a Swede, uu married aud 26 yi are oil.
Captain Fred King, of the tug Dick
son, has been arrested chargeJ with rob
bing a wjman na:ned Grace Hohnee ct a
diamond ring valued at $10J aad 13 lu
A little five-years-old boy named
Grant Foot went into one of the new tiuildinus
of thecuket factory In 0oso, to roll bis
hoop, and fell down one of the baiches, su-
taiiilug terrible injury.
Charles Munson, a Swede employed
at a livery stable in B;ff Bapidn, was killed ly
a tree falling across him and hie team as be
was drivlog in from a lumber camp 10 miles
north of th t place. He haves no family.
An East Saginaw youth of 10 years
named Jeree Grreo, was celebrating bis birth
day, aud in company with s ku of tbe bis lit
tie ffueats weat iuto a mill to play, wbere be
was c tught by a belt an 1 lastiatly killed.
Burglars broke into Haddrell's store
at LHpeer r.nd after dillllrg thrtpafe attempted
to blow it open with dynamite, but failed.
They also entered Mr. Havener's lioue aud
stole a pair of pantaloocs and $19 In cash.
A man named Welch tried to enter
the bouse of a Mrs. 3cutja at Pari, Mecosta
Ronotv. but as he w.is nt wiatel he
wts promptly shot, tbe bullet hitting
oini la tbe neck. Tbe wouad is not danger
Burglars broke into Webster's mill
aud KW hardware store at till, cracked tbe
tafts therein but found only some small
change. They tna stole a valuable hor?e and
buggy beloruin? to Cbas. II. Johnson of Flint,
from Bice's hotel, and es wpeJ. Tbe horse
and buggy were afrwards found hitched to
a fence near Eut Saginaw.
A former wealthy resident of Ponti
ac entered Fred Cutler' billiard ball at TpL
1 nJ, and took about 0 cigars. He alsitook
a satcbel belonging to the Janaudcbek petty
from the Central depot, and brqke Into sever
al packages. He Is eflJeotly demented, and
will he held until bin friends can be heard
from. He has been around Ypsilanti
nearly a week, having beeu formerly well
known there.
A fire occurred at Fort Gratiot re
cently which destroyed C. Baer'e two story
bnildirur: the Ojtario house: J. W. Kos'
grocery store; C.&. T. Fu'ler'a clothing store;
J. W. Caldweli'4 barber shop; W. D. Smith's
irrocerv store and El. Phoealx's resaarant.
Ihe McArlhur house and C. Smith's were
aleo scotched. Ihere Is some losurance n
the property, aDd tbe entire losses will agre-
gte about $15,0 J). Thi Are U duppo fto
have originated from an oil stove la u-k a
ltlchard Bolster of Newberry, fell
beneath an eaglne at th) St. Ignice ore docks
and lost an arm. His frieads live at Coburg
Kalamazoo manufacturers were the
only Michigan people exhibiting goods at tbe
Arkansas state fair. -
There have been over 9,000 bushels
potatoes shipped from Chesanlng In tbe last
two weeks, at from 30 to 5) cents.
While some workmen were at work
upon a scaffold at the Dexter mills, the aup
nnrta cave way and three of the mea fell
heavily. The foreman was aerlousty aud per
bans fatally injured. Another bad an ankle
brokm, aad tbe third escaped with slight in
juries. ,
There is a man in Blackman town
ship, Jackson county, named Henry Daniels,
wboce we'ght Is given at 4X6 pounds.
C. F. Peck's hardware store at Ma
ple fiipids was burglar zed recently w ith very
tmall financial results.
John Helmer, a blacksmith at Jack
son for 40 years aud one of the most promi
nent of tbe old settlers, died recently. He
leaves a wife, five ions aDd tl ree daughters.
During October 125,000 feet of lum
ber were shipped from Sagtaaw river, and
during the season 781,68 ),000 feet, the Urgent
ever kaowu there, and 70,000,000 greater than
the tame pet iod last year, bhlogle shipments
ror the season, 155,106,00, nd lath 30,163,000.
Warner M. Comstock, 80 years old,
for more than a half century a resident of
Lenawee county, and first station agent at
Adrian, died recently.
Wm. Maynard, of Lakeport, is sup
pored to be lrat In the woods near East Taw
as. He started on a deer bunt last week and
has not been b )rd from since.
Cyrus C. Cummlngs,one of the oldest
settlers In E ttnn Co.," died at Charlotte last
week. He came to that city 83 years ago, a
comparatively poor man, but by hard work
and economy had accumulated a large ftrtuae
tad wis refuted to b 4 tbe wealthiest man la
c uu'y at the tune of bis d-Mlh.
At a dancu held at Ciystal, last week,
James Kennedy of Grand Haven, ttabbed
Jam's W. O Huron, of Vestaburg, cutting hie
tegs aod groin lu a manner which cukes Lie
rt-covery doubttui. tt.eone.ay uas . saippeu
Horace S. Beach, an honored citizen
of Tr.t ibawasiee died one da last week, aged
7tf ye..r.
A Manchester man raised 13 tons of
Hat'bara tquashes front four acres of land,
and sold tliem f r $23 per ton.
Duaue Doty, formerly superintendent
of lbs echoiils la Detroit anl well known
thruukht ut MicMgau, bus rwHigued the super
iutendency of tne Fuilinan works of the Pull-
man car comyauy, and tbe orhce whicn he
held bas teen aoundoued, Its duties devtlvluf
upou Cuief O.erk Hendricks.
Burglars enterod Jacob May's store
at Fraukfort, tdew open the site aad got $20.
They tuen went through a similar perform
ance at Hall A Lincoln's lumber yard office
aud got $2,000 In cash and drafts, notes, etc,
for as much more. The papers were subse
quently lou'd, however. As this was the
second raid lu a week; the people bave become
very ma h excited and are eagerly looking fur
the rascals.
A company to manufacture buttons
has been formed at Ionia, to be called the Ionia
button company; capital stock, $60,000. The
factory will employ about fl'iy hands at first,
with a capacity for lncreablng the force.
Mrs. Lucinda LaCass, a harmless in
sane woman, whose heme is in Mspie Valley,
Sanilac county, wandered away from her
home about ten days ago and cannot be found.
She was last seen near Imlay C.ty. She had
on a check gingham dress, black and white
checkered shawl aud a rcarf around her bead.
A Michigan Contral Improvoment.
Detroit Krentng News, Nov. 1.
General Manager H. B. Ledyard of
the Michigan Central, returned from
New York after an absence of 10 days,
and was found at his office brim full of
business. The plans and specifications
for the
were adouted while Mr. Ledyard was
in New York, and are now to be seen
at his office. The desigu is by an east
ern architect, and provides for a build
ing that will meet all the demands of
the roads to occupy it, and at the same
time be an ornament to the city. Its
dimensions over all will be 180x400
feet and three stories high, and will oc
cupy that part of the present site imme
diately od the corner of Third and
Wood bridge streets. Adjoining tliis on
the west part of the whole will be a
two-story building ana a one-story
coach, or train shed.
will enter the depot, and instead of a
monster shed covering the entire track
room there will bo sheds covering the
passenger platforms between the tracks
and the latter will be covered. This is
the latest idea in passenger depots.
Passengers will pass from the wa.ting
rooms aud ticket oOlces of the main
buildine through a vestibule to the
trains, which will be separated from
the depot proper by fences for greater
security and regularity. The entire
building including sheds and annexes, is
to be built of brn:k, with brown etoue
trimmings, and in a thoroughly sub
stantial manner throughout, and is
The work of removing the present
building- to commence the new begins
at once, and the latter, with all Its ap
purtenances, will, it is thought, be com
pleted and ready for occupancy in lets
than 10 months.
froof tnat Floats in Air.
The Vaar Pioneer brother asserts
that Wesley Titswortu of Millington
give him two onions which measured
15 inches each in circumference; and
anybody who doesn't believe it will
please step forward and smell tne edi
tor's breath. This is the strongest
proof ever offered to the fraternity
Brother Trotter will please step out
doors while the janitor opens all the
windows the entire brotherhood will
swear to the truth of his onion story.
Brother Miller ot the Vassar Times,
also had two of tne.se unions; but we'll
all swear to his hiory, too he needn't
some into the hall.
A Sensible Suggestion.
Mr. Hodgmau of Climax has prepared
an alphabetical index of all the roads
in that township, with an exact descrip
tion and location of each, from the
legal surveys. The same thing is be
ing done in Kalamazoo township; and
the work shows that roads originally
surveyed and opened five rods wide
have been narrowed to three-and-a-half
rods by illegal overreachments by pro
perty owners. This is a work of so
much importance for the preservation
of legal records, maps. etc.. for the
future, that it would be a good thing
if it were reduired by law Id every
township in the state.
Wheat No. 1, wbtte I 9M (A 98
Hour 4 74 0 I
Corn 14
(eta S3 9 39f
ilorerteea V bu.. 0 63
Feed Kran. V tun 19 50 a 13 75
Middlings, V ton ....13 50 4 IS 7
Applet bbl t 60 I 7
urea, eM a
Cranberrlea V bu I 35 9
Butter 2tJ
I 60
RRira Si
( beee 11
1'outoea f bu 45
tiweet, Vbbl S 60
Hone? IT
IMatere can 20
Bean-pick eJ I 46
' unpicked 1 60
liar 13 oo
etraw T 00
Pork mea 23 TS
faiullr 25 0D
Beef extra meaa II 60
Wood i eeoh and Maple
Coal Egg......
2 00
a 15 oo
34 60
0 25 69
it It 76
T 00
I 26
6 60
Who? There lrvts an old gentle
man who is famous for the soiled con
ditiun of his linen. An old friend who
had been looking fixedly at the bosom
of the old gentleman's shirt, rpoke
out thus: I say, Major, I've known
you for the last twenty years, and
there is something about you that has
puzzled me very much. 1 would like
to ask you about it if you have no
objection. I hope you won't ft
" Well, no ; I reckon not."
"Well, then, Major, do tell me who
wears your shirts before they get dir
ty VNy'i Boomerang.
Tbe following thankajtlTln proolamat.on la
Us tba Preldent of tne (Jutted BUtea of America.
A procii nia lout
In oonfoiin ty w tb a cuatum tbe annual obaer-
ranee of wtiitb Juill; bold In honor by tun people,
I, liexter . Arthur, President of tbe 1,'nited -tatea,
do hereby set apart Thursday, the th day of ft-
rember next aa a day of publ'0 thanksgiving.
I be blessing demanding our gratitude are numer
ous and varied. lor tbe petkue and amity which
subs tu between th republio and all nations of
the world; for freedom from Internal discord and
violence) fur Increasing friendship between differ
ent sections of the land, of libortf, Justice and con-
it. tutlonnl government; for tbe devotion of the peo
ple to our free Inntitut ons and their cheerful obedi
ence to ui.ld laws; for tbe constantly Increasing
strength of the republic while extending Its privileges
to fellow men who come to us; for Improved menns
jf tntornal conuuun.catlou and Increused factllt es
of Intercourse w.th other nations: for tbe general
prevailing health of the year; for the prosperity of
all our Industries, liberal return for the inecbunic'e
toll affording m market for abundant harvests of the
husbandman; for the preservation of the national
faith and credit; for wise and generous provision to
effect the Intellectual and moral education of our
youth; lor tbe Influence upon conscience of res
training and transforming religion, and for the Joys
of home; for those and for many other blessings we
should give thanks.
Wherefore, I do recommend that the day above
designated be observed throughout the country as
day of national thanksgiving and prayer; and that
tbe people, ceasing from their dully labors, and
meeting In accordance with their several forms of
worship, draw near to tbe throne of Aluilgbty Uod,
ottering to lliui praise and gratitude for the mani
fold goodness which lie bas vouchsafed to us, and
praying that Ills blessings and Ills mercies may
And 1 do further recommend that the day thus
appointed be made a special occasion for deeds of
kindness and charity to the suffering and needy, so
that all who dwell within the land may rejoice and
be glad In this season of national thanksgiving.
In witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set my band
and caused the seal of the United cUtes to be si -
Done at the eity of Washington, this twenty
fifth day of October, In the year of our Lord,
one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-two,
and of the Independence of tbe United b tales
tbe one hundred and seventh
cuuyrinK a. artiiuu.
By tbe Fresldent:
Becretary of btete
The sublect of the indemnity of $G0,-
OCOfor outraged American fiabermeula For
tune Da, came up la the Iloase of Commons
recently, when Mr. Antley, political ecretarj
of the board of trade, etated that the money
had not yet been pait over by the colonial gov.
eroment uf Newfoundland, but audi payment
would be recommended at th next mentlng
of the Newfoundhnd chamber.
Says a London dispatch: Continu
acei ft havy rains in the Thames valley bas
canned luundatlons in every direction. At
Haruptor.the villas are only approachable by
boats. Thenuburb of Wiadon, Eaton and
Stalas are rl-wtfed and Somerset, Lincoln antf
Midland couctits are InuDdated and railway
traffic largely suspended. The damage dnoe
to rop'-rty is Immense anl much suHning
will ecsue.
gray's raruisi'NMENr.
The committee authorized by the
Hiuse of Commons to investigate the lmpris
cntnent of K. D wyer Gray, of which committee
Mr. GladtttooM 1 chairman, and Includes IS of
the inos. prominent meoitars, haedeciled that
to its dellb rations the prees repreNsnt.ttires
hill not be admitted. At the first sertsioa Mr.
Gray read a long 'let of documentary evidence
sapportini tbe charge t,t pekid jury at tbe
tnat, and also that the jury were drusk the
niRt't bjfore tnn verdict. Mr. Sexton asked
that Justice Laweon, who pie ilel at the trial,
he tainmooed to defend the committal of Mr
Gray forcoutemitof court Aitorcey-Generl
Sir Hrfury Jaav ud that J ue'.ice Lawsou
could only be Fkd to sUte th law or con
tfuiptof court. Mr.Gladstone reminded the
committee of the instance of Justice Holt de
clining to attend the Houe f Lords when
s imtnmel to give trlilcm-A 1) defense of n
Jjilgiuent. Aftvr further detiatn the commit
tee abided againtst calliog Justice Lawson to
derecd tbe comnaitul of Mr. Gray, leving it to
his discretion whether to crme tor ward or
An official dispatch from Manila
states that twtnty merchant shirs were lot
aud over 100 sa.l ri were drowned during the
terrible tjp'ioon which occurred October 20 in
tbe Fhilliplue llan.1e.
The armament ol the Russian armies
against Germany and Austria is being carried
o with great activ ty and without lntermls
tn. (if n. Todlfben overlo ks tbe constrac
t on of formidable fortificatu ns at Brestlaof.
near Grodna. There In apparently a largi and
sllfqilip-d ca rep upon tke right bank f
the E'.ver Bug. The manipulations of mill
Ury forces, and tbe d .rinjr, open manner In
which the preparations are beiog coaducte J,
creates th utmost nneaslnes's among all
Japanese finances are staggering
since the ejection from the cabinet of tbe best
tre sury nnnager the country has produced.
Currency is at a dUcuunt of sixty per cent.
There is no systematic f ffort to reetor It
Several national backs hve failed under dis
graceful circumstances, lb whole banking
syptein is under popular suspicion. Many
great departments are governed by notoriously
unsuitable heads, who hold their places through
political intrigues. Tb postomce department,
for years one of the finest succeesea In the
country, a year ago was put under one ot the
Bcramtling politician-. Already there are
complaints from all quarters of th expend
turea exceeding tb Income. It la reported
that tbe navy department bas petitioned for
f 10,000,000 to purchase new ships of war. Tb
money could not D raised witnout to nor
moos sacrifice, but something will probably
b don. With an empty treasury, disordered
finances, a discontented community and In
efficient government, Japan continue In i
course of extravagance calculated to Jostlfy
the most anxious forebodiegs.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says A
revival of nihilist activity baa beea observable
lately. Tbe other night tbe police broke op
meeting of 200 members of a secret society that
was being held at Pottowa. A cumber of
those present were trresteJ but many escaped
through tbe windows. The object of the
eoclity appears to be unknown to the aathori
ties, although suspected of being revolutionary,
as an rgan of the nihilists has declared re vol u
tion to be imminent.
The United States legation at Pekin
has received a formal request from tbe Oorean
authorities to convey to the government at
Washington their desire that an American en
voy b sent to Zul.
Considerable bodies of Chinese troops
are gathered along the Russian boundary, lb
building of arsenals is commenced near Klrtn.
A supposed Eusslan encroachment Is appre
Quay mas, Mexico, dispatches say
tb gcveroor of th provlnc has left th city,
his troops revolting on tb way to tb depot
and surrendering their arms tetol. Garcia.
Only 82 soldier sect mptnled tb governor.
At HermrMllto tb troops urrenderd to Geo.
Reylo, and tbe latter bad to giv tbe governor
on his arrival a guard to protect him from th
populace, who shouted 'Down with the ty
rant," "lie atb to tbe goTtrrtr." Lattr two
bouae be was In were attacked by a mob and
his life only save 1 by the interference of the
federal troop.
Several pashas. Implicated In tha
oumlng, pilUg and nuaeacreat Alexandria,
who escaped to Crete and were arrested there,
will be surrender 1 to tbe Ejyptlin govern
ment for punUbrarnt. .
Alarmed at Russia's repair and re-
equipment of fortifications along the front'er
Germany bas hastened to pot her own frontier
forts in good fighting condition. Bath powers
seem ready for "businens."
People in county Clare, Ireland, are
in danger of starvation, owing to the failure
of tho potato crop, "epidemic" among pig
and hltfh prices demanded for food.
The action of the German govern
ment In prohibiting th Imputation of Anaer-
can pork into that country Is causing a great
deal of comment among pork dealers ot the
N.Y.produce exchange. Mr.LD.Grarit.a broker
in pork, said: "I do not think th position
taken by the German government In regard to
American pork will bave much tSu-t apen the
market here. When the French government
made war upon our pork some time ago there
was cau:: for ; apprehending that our trade
would be injured and such was the case until
the prohibition was removed. We don't send
aa much pork to Germany as we do to France.
The Germans do not call upon us rs much for
high products as they do for beef. I do not
think there la any good reason for the German
government resorting to extreme metsures.
There la no ground for alarm In regard to our
The case of John A. Cockerel!, of St.
Louis, for killing Slayback, bas bjen continu.
ed until the 2 st Inst, at the request of the
A Philadelphia despatch of Nov. 4th
Bald: Cot. MatthewS. Q iay, secretary of tbe
commonwealth, has resigned bis office. The
renlgnation was mad public through the me
dium of a telegram sent by Col. Quay to B F.
Chandler, bis aeeUtant at Harristurg. The
telegram was as sollows:
Gov. Hon received my resignation by tele
graiih at 6:'i) yesterday evening, and lam no
longer secretary or the comtuouwHaitb. l pre
sume he will consult with Stewart & Patticon
and appoint a successor shortly who will at
tend to unsigned commissions.
S. M. QUAY."
Mr. Q'i ty days the resignation was caused by
Gov. Hoyt'a letter wpouslag the Independent
Republican Cause, which was published yeeter
day afternoon. Col. Q jay said: "As soon as I
had read that letter I telegraphs 1 my reeigna
tion to HarrUburg. I felt I could not continue
In cloee relations with the governor. In my
telegram I tendered my peremptory teilgna
tlen which was to take Immediate effect. It
stated that I woull beat Hart isburg next week
to settle up my accounts. I meant that the
governor, not I, rbould give the publicity to my
action. To- day I reelvtd a number of nc
signed comm'sMons frou Chaodler. My tile
gram to bim was not Intended for publication
Gov. tloyt's ac'loa will not affect the election,'
Judge Hunter, of Salt Lake, deliver
d bis declFion In the mandamus caws of
Doola and Pratt, to c impel the Salt Lake
betiff and auditor to surrender their books
and omis to Douglas and Pratt, appointed by
the governor to tbe respective positions under
tbe Hoar amendment to tbe Elmunds aw.
The Judge denied tbe writ on trivial ground
and bis decision has ciued many nacompli
menUry remarks and great dligust among
G mules, who think so plain a law should
have been put in force without delay or q lib
tie. Hunter, they ay, bas always sided with
the Mormons on questions at Issue between
Mornons and Americans. Many openly de
Clare on the street that be ha been bought
by tbe Mormon church, and as be Is not in
e)mpathy with any movement towards refor
mation of tbe territory, President Arthur
would be doing the whole country good er
vice by epeadlly removlrg bim. An Indigna
tion meeting Is talked of to publicly denounce
bim and call for bis removal. At Ogden, In a
similar ca?e Judge Emerson decided in favor
of the government's appointees, a nd they wil
beat once installed. Uls decision receives
tbe highest praise by law abiding people of
tbe territory, and is in mirktd contrast with
the shuSl rg of Hauler.
Assistant Poetmaster-General Ilat-
ton bas purchased an interest In tbe National
Republican newspaper of Washington, and
will asfcume business management Nov. IStb
Postmaster-General Howe has sub
mitted to the Secretary o'the Treasury esti
mates for 1883-84. 1 he estimated receipts are
f 5W70.4S6 27; estimated expenditure, f V
711,1 a 23, leaving a net surplus of fS.929,
S45 02.
John Harmon, of Detroit, has enter
ed suit against tbe Washington & Georgetown
Street Railway Company, at Washington, D.
C, clalmlcg 915,000 damages for injuries re
celved last April by being thrown from a car,
which bad paralyzed one of his legs.
Capt. DeLong is accused by Dr. Col
lins of Minneapolis, brother of tbe scientist
of the Jeanaette expedition, of having used
Lis official position a commander of the ex
pedltlon "to persecute In every conceivable
way some of the members of the com mis
William G. Russell of Philadelphia
for many years the paying teller of tbe Penn
sylvania life Insurance company, Is now bullet
Ined as an embezzler of 120,000, an anfalthful
buiband and a fugitive from Jostle.
The London Times commenting up
on the Longfellow memorial, saysdt cannot
think the form proposed a suitable one. West-
minster abbev Is preeminently an English
Institution, not an International trust. Th
dean of Westminster will therefore be com
pelled to consider tb proposal to place a bust
of the American pot theie with due refer.
etc to bis action being a precedent. There
are many phtces In tbe city of London where
a statue of Longfellow would arouse no dis
cordant feeling. The abbey should remain a
place ot natlenal, not of Cosmopolitan, memo
Commissioner McFarland of the
general land tf3ce Is In receipt of Information
that In II Cises of fraudolcnt pt emptlon en.
tries tried In northern Minnesota not on of
th pr emptors appeared at th hearing and
the case wer declared la favor of th gov-
vernmnt by default. Tblsmult la gratify
ing to tl department, and Mr. McFarland
thinks shows beyond qistlon existence) of a
conspiracy to defrau I tb government
Postmaster General Howe has made
ah orJer giving postmaster discretion In re
turning letter to writer upon application
aud production ot th proper proof. Hereto
fore th! power was vested only In th post
ing sr gen end.
Engineei Melville refuses to make
any statement toColUuV attack on himself and
DoLopg. He intimates that b will bave
something U say regarding It In hi elimina
tion by the board, but says the charges will not
affect him. LieuLj.baneobowor characterizes
Colllas' interview as a greis exaggeration, but
admits that there wascousl lerable excitement
oa the pait of ihe Collinses over thslr brother's
arrest. He told theua there was no criminal
charge sgulnst bim. Danethower will say no
more except to tbe board of inquiry. It is
understood that Mrs. DeLong has engaged
counsel to defend her husband's memory be
fore the naval board The Inquiry tends to de
velop many details of the relations between
DeLong and' Melville, which could not other.
wise have been brought out.
A narrow escape from drowning
w made by Gen. Benjimln F. Butler, near
Lawrence, Massachusetts. He went up the
river oa the C. L. Mather and Just at the up
per edge.of the rapids, four miles below Ijiw
rence, tbe steamer ran upou a rock and stuck
there. It was indispensable that Gen. Butler
should be at Lawrence at au early hour and
small boat carried by the steamer was bi ought
alongside and Gm. Butler, Mayor Breen, Hon.
Cabel Saunders and Capt. Homans took their
place In it. The water was running very
swiftly and a soon as the boat was loaded tbe
current began to suck it undjr the counter of
the steamer. In endeavoring to push it clear
th boat was partially swamped and each ef
fort to right matters only made them worse
The current was so wif t that only an extraor
dinarlly strong swimmer could escape being
drawn Into the rapids and whirled down the
river a mile or two before still water could be
reached. Fortunately the deck hands after
much e flirt succeeded In hauling each man oa
bo ard, tbe General escaping with a banged up
hat and a thorough wetting.
For the proper continuance of work
on the Mississippi river improvements during
the next fiscal year, the commission estimate
that about f 4,250,000 will b required. Tbe
labors of repaying the banks and straighten
lng tbe channel of tbe mighty stream at divers
points are now being pushed rapidly under
the direction of government engineers.
To Color Woods.
How to make woods, such as cherry,
mahogany, etc., look like ebony, is of
ten desirable. The following directions
are given: To imitate black ebony
first wet the wood with a solution of
logwood and copperas, boiled together.
and laid on hot. For this purpose two
ounces of logwood chips.withlj ouncea
of copperas, to tne quart of water, will
be required. W ben the work has be
come dry, wet the surface again with
a mixture of vinegar and steel filings
This mixture may be made by dissoiv
InK two ounces of steel tilings in one-
half pint of vinegar.. When the work
bas become dry again, sand-paper
down until quite smootu. Then oil
and fill in with powdered drop black
mixed in the filler. Work to be ebon
ized should be smooth tnd free from
holes, etc. The work may receive
light coat of quick-drying varnish
aud then be rubbed with finely pulve
izeckypuinice stone and linseed oil until
very smooth.
TriE Polite Xew Londoner. The
Providence Star i elates a pretty story
tfius: After ail, sincere politeness
the sweettst and most acceptable. The
other day 1 saw a Xew London man in
Providence a Xew Londoner not
noted for his urbanity, but rather for
his grisly au.iteiity. At bume, he nev
er lifts his hat to anybody. Well, he
was on tbe Paw tucket horse cars, when
there came throbbling up a poor de
formed girl, plodding along by the aid
of a rude crutch, bhe was hunchback
ed and had a hip infirmity; in fact, it
seemed sif all the corporeal afutctions
had devastated her delicate little body,
Xow what did this grim old Xew Lon
doner do, but dismount and help her
aboard, and what did he further do
but unpin his button-hole bouquet, and
hand it to her; and what did he still
further do, but raise his hat and make
hr theprofoundestof bows; in return
for all of which sne beamed upon him
one of the s iddsat of smilesa smile
so sad it seemed to have caught the
sweet melancholy of tbe Octoler sun
shine. He was a gentleman of the old
school a Fdiool that ought never to
have beeu dismissed.
The Fatiiek of a Family. A reg
ular poser a clincher is the case of
an Irishman named Dennis, if true; if
not true, the Annual Register must be
responsible, lie aiea at Atnenry in
1 804, at the age ' of one hundred and
seventeen; he had been married seven
times, the last time at the age of nine
ty-three, lie survived the births of
forty-eight children, two hundred and
thirty-six grandchildren, four hundred
and forty.four great-grandchildren
and twenty-five great-great-grandchil
dren. All the Tear Hound.
Prudence. Over-caution and over-
preparation do not seldom defeat their
own object. Washington Irving tells
us of a Dutchman who, having to leap
a ditch, went back three mile?, that he
might have a good run at it, and found
himself so completely winded, when hs
arrived at It again, that he was obliged
to sit down on the wroag side to re
cover his breath. ,
Hald-a-dozn of Baton's cultund
youths having risen to give a prety
tirl a seat iu a crowded horse car. and
t dead still when a poor old colored
w.iman. loaded down with a heavy
buudle, came in, a plasterer in the. jor
ner rot up, and motioning to her,aid
"Plaze to take this seat, num. I ffei
ed it to the young leJdy over yander
when she got In. but she took one that
one o' thim byfsaloDg-sideglve to her.
So you take this, for, begorra! if (
should knape it from yei afther offer
ing it to the other leddy, the folks
abaord the car moight think I was a
masher, and I've got a charackter to
sustain." There being nothing to say,
nothing was said.
Abdul Kerlm Pasha, an Intimate
friend of Arabl Pasha and one of the
best educated of orientals, is to visit
Ameiicain the interests of Egyptian
Immigrants to this country.
About Proachers, Churches and
Somebody has discovered that cati
are nowhere mentioned in the Bible.
Cardinal Manning has warned En
glish Roman Catholics against the Sal
vation army.
Dr. Moffat, the veterau African mis
sionary, is still in good health, though
la his both year. . .
The Itev. A. E. Ives, of Castine, Me..
has been elect ed to me" bf rbhip in tha -.
Maine legislature.
Mormon emissaries continue to se
cure many converts In Europe and
wherever they preach their doctrine.
It is proposed to erect a memorial
church to Daniel O'Connell in Cahir
civeen, Kerry, the native parish of the
They do say that the first question
asked by a deacon visiting Egypt was,
"Jnow, what were the ieal facts of the
Potiphar scandal?"
Prof. Gould leaves theXewton Theo
logical Seminary, a Massachusetts Bap
tist institution, because his views have
swerved from Calvinism.
St. Martin's, Canterbury, is believed
to be the oldest church in Great Britain
but the church in Dover Cab tie is a
candidate for the distinction.
A clergyman, in a lecture on temper
ance, was reported aa saying: "Last
Sunday a young man died in my neigh
borhood, while I was preaching in a
beastly state of intoxication."
Prof. Gulliver, of Andover Seminary,
complains that the institution is quot
ed in Universalist pulpits, grog shops,
and other low places as teaching a doc
trine which we abhor. He declares
that no Andover professor believes in
probation after death.
The London Guardian church paper
says that in some cases canons of
cathedrals whose salary was $4,000 a
year are now only getting' $2,000, in
consequence of the decrease in the val
ue of land.
In China there are two dozen mis
sionaries who are also physicians.
Eight of these are ladies. At Canton
the Presbyterian hospital has treated as
many as 60,000 out-door patients in a
A pretty sight in the evening service
of a church in Xewport, Vt., was the
unfolding of a night blooming cereus,
which was carried in by a parishoner.
The blossoms attained their full size
near the close of the service.
The Itev. Dr. Hay Palmer, the best
known of American hymnologists, will
shortly celebrate his golden wedding.
It is proposed by some of his friends to
present him with a suitable testimonial
of the occasion.
Dean Burgon, preaching from the
Cambridge University pulpit, recently
said : "Foi my part, 1 am quite content
to seek my ancestors in the garden of
Eden ; let others, if they choose, ask for
theirs in the garden called Zoological"
Dr. Xewman Smyth's opening ser
mon in his church at Xew Haven was
from the text, "Arise, let us go hence."
In the principal newspaper office of
Xew Haven somabody blundered to
such a frightful extent that his text
was rendered, "Amen, let us go home."
Thus are the best intentions of the
most eminent clergymen sometimes per
verted. "What salary do de Lord call you
from, Mas'r V" asked a clergyman's col
ored servant. "I get a thousand dollars
hei e," said the clergyman, meekly. "An
how much de Lord call you to?" was
tho next question. "I expect $3,000,"
was the reply. "Mas'r,"- said the ser
vant, solemnly, "whende Lord call you
back from t'ree thousan' to one thou
sand I spec He hurt He's voice before
you come."
Dr. Tresson, a Roman Catholic, was
married in St. Louis, to Miss Duncin,
a Presbyterian, and, in order to satisfy
their religious scruples, two marriage
ceremonies were performed by their re
spective pastors. This is not counte
nanced by tbe Roman Catholic official
journal of the diocese, and it says the
doctor has made "a covenant with hell
and a league with the devil for a Prot
estant wife."
It appears that Protestant ministers
are equally exempt with Catholic
priests, under the statutes of Quebec,
from revealing, in the witness box,
private and confidential conversations
with members of their flocks. Rev.
James Bray, Congregational minister,'
declined relating in court, something a
member of his church had told him, ,
when J udge Jette declared he was le
gally exempted from answering. The
reverend gentleman was a witness in a
divorce case.
Economy )a Wealth.
A father, accompanied by his little
son, called at a drug store on one of the
avenues and asked for a cheap sponge.
He was one of our rich citizens, and as
he spoke he fumbled with his massive
gold watch chain, and looked worth a
Tbe druggist put a lot of sponges be
fore him, and he glanced through the
lot ftnd asked how much they were.
"All the way from 50 cents to 81,"
said the drug man.
-Oh, but I want it for the boy's
slate," said the citizen;. "it is hardly
worth while to pay so much."
" Well, then, these are what - you
need," said the druggist, as he put out
a collection of small hard sponges.
"These are five cents each."
The wealthy citizen fingered them
over, and examined them one bv one.
and still did not seem satisfied.
'Here are some at one cent each "
said the druggist, who began to know
his man, "rou might find something
among these." ; : : ' ;
Tbe citizen examined each one and
still hesitated. At last he selected a
small dark fragment, and holdln? itun
said: . , .
"This one seems to be imperfect. How
much will it be?"
"Xothlng," answered tbe druggist
shortly, as he re-arranjed his stock of .
sponges. "Have it done up?"
Xo, said the citizen, handing it to
the boy and following him out, when
the youngster was heard to ask :
Say, pa, ain't you going to give me
the cent?"
And the mournful answer floated
back to the dragfctst:
Mv son, do you think I am made of
The exercise of the will has very
much to do in determining our physical

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