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His ilooommendations on the Vart
ous Matters tnat are of Na
tional Importance.
Congress assembled Dec 4th and the
Pretidecrt uiessaire wiisrexaiu im ariHrnooa
la it bft first cans atteiitlun to lb gratlruur
condition of !'' gn affairs. All relRtioni.
with other uut.wus nro most harraoulous,
llifbt differences Delnif already waled or In
fair way to early adjustment Tru arrest of
clctxan of the. uunl sunns ia Ireland Has lea
to xt0Dlr oorreioudeiici ami ths release
of tbs arrested ivrties. The discussion on
in)sii)rvif-lru u.i control of an Inter ocean
ic canal across ta American isthmus con
tinues, but will probably be largely Battled bj
tbe lape of time.
Toe continuance of f rleadly relations with
ttnssla bai ld ti prMldant to proffer the
earnest counsels, of our government for the
relief of the proscribed HaDrews in that coun
try, and ao far no American citizen, so far as
kuovnt, has there been Burnet to arrest. The
presldeiit rulers to the heQuency of lnterna
Uoiul Couventioiiit (or various purposes, and
requests that d'ecrotioDiirv power be lodged
with the executive- to appoint delegates to
such convention as he may thlrk best.
Thst;fft'iwifs hetvn the Uulted Slates
and Spain sa to the effect of a certificate of
naturalisation hs oit teen adjusted, but. It Is
thought a settlement will be secured satlsfic
tory to our irver jinnt. The same U true of
the ooer-ius flaes lately Imposfd by Syanleh
authortiles o;i Aroericia vesbels for trivial
Hs cf attention to the International ex
hbltin of d'vni'Stic cattle to te held at
Harnhurirln Jniy, 1883, and urges the Import
ance of an e irly approprmtiou if this country
Is to be represented. The deith of Mr. Mnrh,
late Miuister t )''y,lB alluded to, and the
attention of rB a railed to the question
raised by the Iw . J fovrnment as to wbeth
er his successor fmHba reco;nizel as both
secretary of leffaOon ami consol-Rneral at
Borne. To trt- list of xtraditatl crimes
etween the United Scales and Belgium has
been added that of assassination of the chief
ofatate. Nfirotlitlons with Switzerland have
led to a practical cessation of the former cus
tom of Ddlng paupeic and criminals to ibis
Country. The forte has not yet assentej to
our eoveruakeni' interpretation of the treaty
of 1830 relative to its Jurisdictional rights iu
Turkey, lint the prrs'dunt thinks this differ
ence will be dutel by a general revision of
our system of Jurisdiction In that coumry and
The preldeul trus's, in the In Went of jit.
tlce, thtttb.4 indemnity funds will be return
ed to Chill and Jspan.
The receu iegieUtioa restricting iinmlgra
t!on of laborers from China has given rle
to the qiesilou wielher Chinese prursed
Inz to or from aaottier country may lawfully
pass through our own. 1 1 construe ingthesct
of My fj, ll8J, la cnniA'Ctlon with the treaty
tttNoveuiN-r 7, 1880, the restriction would
seem to b limited to Chinese Immigrants
coming to tb Uoited Ut s ss Inhorers, and
v;iould not forma a met e trausit acn-bs our ter
ritory. The attentljn of congress la called to
the subject.
The Uulted states his lately attempted to aid
In the umlcab hruiemeiit of the boundary dis
cs ve t-till pending between Liberia and the
Bntliib prov iccrt of sierra Leone.
Tne tr-a'y with Hwl bejcin terminable
after September 9, 1883. and mod fl cations of it
la the iutrkt of our people are commended to
Diplomatic intercourse with San Domingo is
reommeud by enl ring the scope of the mis
sion at fort-au-Fnuce.
A recent agreement with Mexico provides
for the croeslng of the frontier of the aimed
forc-s ol either country in pursuit of bos He
Indians. The attention of congress Is again
called to the prevalent lawlessness npon the
bordtr, and the necessity for legislation.
A convention for the es'a'iiisunmnl of the
houcdry line between the United Stale and
Mnnc i will if ratified require auitabie provi
sion fonumy of the line.
Our claims sgaidst Venezuela remain still
unpaid. That govern men c proposes bold Id g
a centennial reiebtathm of the binb of ien.
B livar, the fouuder of outh American Inde
pendence, ntCmeca in Ju'y nex', which will
to open to American products. Provision for
a tunable reirt-seut ttUm i i recornnnvjded.
Iu the war between Chill end Peru this gov
ernment sought a year ago to Induce Chili to
accept a money Indemnity for the expanses of
the war but without success. Nothing more
Could be done without the assistance of a mil
tary force which would be at odds with rur
past policy and full of embarrassment. The
determination of Chill to exact such rigorous
conditions of peaci Is depiored.
About a ye-tr aro Invitations were sent to
the nations or tnis continent to be represented
at a peac.i Congress to be held at Washington
lc Novrnhr, 18K2, but hs thedist jrharoe be
tween the Soth Ame;ion repahlici weiestlll
unsettled and a-t cougrees bad made no pro
vision for thiexper.sftof suci peace congress,
the president bad postponed the fjmi. He
still h(ifs the timo is nlh whon international
differences will be settled without resort to
the tword.
The president renews his recommendation
for legislation which wl)J place the United
8tites in bsrmony with other miritime pow
ers in the adoption of rules for the prevention
of Cililniobs ai sea. He has directed the sec
retary of state to address ft-retgn governments
n the ad"pion of a common prime meridian
to be ured in reckoning loDfitnde and regu
lating time throughout th world. An agree
ment has nlso leen reached between this coun
try and tho different kurotean powers for an
exchaoge of official publications, which will
be carried on In behalf of this country by trie
Smithsonian Institution.
Hs also recommends a reorginizationof the
diplomatic aud consular service on a salaried
hasis, leaving fees to inure to the benefit of the
treanurr. this, he argues, would correct
abuses now existlnsr In thse branchee of the
public service, and a plan for eucb reorganiza
tion will be matured and sohmittod by the
secretary of state at nn arly day.
From figures furnished by the treasury de
partment it appears that the revenues of the
goveruinenf fi'om allourcss for the year end
ing J'ine 80, U82, wrat From customs,
220,41U,73J; from internal revenue, HIK
197,695; irom sales of public lands, 4 7' 14 );
t?x on deposits of national banks 18,156,704:
repayment of interest by Pacific railroad
companies, .f 84) 5."4; from sinking fund for
Pacific railroad cimoanlo, 9791,?7l: customs
fees, fines, penalties, etc., tl34.S31.800; and
from various other sources sums sufficient to
awell the grand aggregate of government
reveuues to $4V 3,526,250.
The ordinary expenditues for Him same time
were: For C.vll t-xpens, l8,042,8so; for
fnreisra Intercourse, f 1,287.583; (or Indians,
tljM,747: for insiori", 61,345,183; for the
military estsblishnent, end river and harbor
imrrovemeats. 4.3 ft7 494: for the mval es-
iaMU!mn, 15,82,'4rt; for interest on tbo
jt.:ic debt, $71,.77,2.6: and for other Items
making ih grand tolal of expenditures.
be president enumerate the d ffsrent Cal.s
for the redmptioa of government b nds and
the amount paid under each call, tbs total
appT'O 'rm toe treasury for u.ts purpoee,be
The export of tbe yesr were, in goods,
750.74 -'.27: n snecKt49.417.479; Imyorte,
gooos, f i.i.OJV.aVi: sue1- HUATiSW. ex
cesc of exports, i.9.902,533,,whicti is less than
ny excess or s'X yea
There are 2.2ri9 national baoks 171 organ
lzsd rtuting the year, a larger number tbu
ever bsfoie. foUs in cliculatlno, 524,6ifl,
458 ftere have b-en 1.8 mlMlou sliver dollars
coinel to date, of which 20 millions were
olned In the year: tut there fast ben aa
Increase of only 6 millions In circulation. But
25 rotlilous are In circulation altogether. The
aoioont In the vaut's are tsxlngthe storage
facilities, and becoming a troubirsoiue eu
cumhrance. The president repeats his ncom
sneudaMou of last ear that this coinage be
topped and ths rllver certlfiMlea retired. The
letter ate made still more annecs'sry by the
apply of gold certlfliite for whose tssumcs
eouviess has provided.
The meMige dlscnws the snrplns revenoe
at some lenrth. Whatever may be the differ
ences of opIoUn regarding methods of raising
revenue, all will ggree that taxation of the
boat sort Is burdaosoma, and that tho burden
shonM bs retJt.cd to h lowest point consls
tr t.' ths iirooer matnteusuce Of govern-
.4nt t he surplus year before last was 9100
(WJ.uUO; that for the year ending J une sj last
was more than HG0,(0:),tHj(). i hese enormous
urns have Iteen applied to the reduction of
the national debt, but so rapid a reduction Is
by no intana delrat!e. If the surpluses con-
tluue the government will soon be oompeilea
to expend them in tb puri'hnse of Immature
bonds at,enoimous premloms.or letthem lie Idle
id me treasury a prey in an tne exiravagani
expenditure "which, as experience has taught
us, ts ever the tana of an overs wlng truss
ur. Dur1nif the las' nosslon the majority of
lbs houses were favoiabl to reduced ta tut ion;
but owing to a divergence of ilows, uo Dieaa
uie tsswd with th.it end In vibw. The pres
ident recalls his recommeudallon of last year
of the abolition cf all internal taxes except
those on tobacco ar.d spirits. He now recom
UK'uda tie repeal of all but those on spirits.
TLU would table the government to reire
from LiiOJ to 2,', CO pisouB fiv.m office, and
reduce the coat of collection by tfcbOO.OOO.
Kxciee taxes were atwsys unpopular, and have
never been resorted to in this con b try except
in exigencies wherein import duties urovel
Inndeauate lor the public needs. The public
sentlii.ent would giudly see all internal taxes
abol'sned, but so sweeping a
mensute would at preeut be nuwlse.
It is doubtful if the present Important
dm.es would alone supply the government's
necitlet; tha pensions will require 100 mil
lions during the coming year, r.nd probably
till more the following years. The total ab
olition of the internal taxes woe Id also be au
unsmmtuntahle obstacle to a thorough revi
sion of the tariff.
1s In many respects unjust. It makes un
equal distributions both or Its burdens and Its
benefit. The reooi t of the tariff commission
will be placed before con cress r', the begin
ning of this session and will aid action upon
this icrportaut subjsct. After showing the In
crease of revenue from customs for several
years past, the pre11eut say: ' If the tax on
domestic spirits 1 1 to be retained it is plain
that larue reductions from the customs levenue
are entirely feasible. While recommending
this reduction, I am far from advising the
abandonment of the policy of so discriminating
In the adjnstuieut of details aa to afford si and
protection to dome stic labor; but the pienent
sytem f-houl.l be so revised aa to eq'ializ the
public burden among all classes and occupa
tions, and bring it into closer harmony with
the ireseut needs of industry."
Without entering Into mluute detail, an en
largement of the froe list Is reenmrnended so
as to Include within It the numerous ar icles
which yielt incotiBiderabla revenue, and a
simplification or ibe complex urd inconsistout
schedule of duties upon certain manufactures.
particularly those of cotton, iron and steel.
and a substantial reduction of the duties upon
those articles, and upon sugpr, molasses, silk,
wool MUd woolen gooda. It a general revision
of the tariff shall be fourd to be iu Impractica
ble at ttls s-siod, the i refldent hopes at least
some of the mdra coop(dcuius inequalities of
the present law maybe oorrected before the
The president shows that there have been
only a few and quickly quelled outbreaks of
lunians during the esr. The quietness In
other Darts has enabled the military strensth
ia the Indnn country to b strengthened and
no fears are expressed of future trouble there
of great magnitude.
The oft told tale of the worthlessness of our
sea-const defenses, Is, again repeated, and
the president Invitee the attention of congress
to them and the re I rt thereon, made by a
"beard appointed to xim ne them.
Attentlou tscaSiel to the need of mora ude
quaie rrjvleions for snn'og and equ ppiog
me militia. The only laws upon this are tht st
enacted in 1806, whic h are cow entirely ob
solete. There 1-t a biil locking to a remedy for
this now on the senate calendar.
aBMT betikement.
Attention is called to the tAC of an em bar
rnsment growing out of the recent act of
congress making ihe retirement of t fflrs of
the army compulsory at the age of 64, while
au act of 1878 is still in force which limits tu
4 W the Lumber of those who can be retired
lor Usability or upon their own sp.ilicatioa.
These two acts when construed together seem
to forbid t?e relieving, even for absolute !nca
Daci'r. of Cicers who do not fall within tU
purview of the latter sratute except when
thoe thence to be less than 1 ' names on the
retired list. There are now 420. Ceugrees
evidently old not intend such a result, and the
law nght to be amentied.
Speaking of the river and harbor bill, ths
president M)s tne grounds on which he with
held his signature from It prompt him to
hope that no similar meaeure will be deemed
necessity during the preeei't session of con
gress. Ibe secretary of war informs htm that
most of thesum appropriated for the various
items remains unexpended. Of the new
works which It authoriU'l expenses have
been incurred upon only two, for which the
total M'proprlrtioa whs $ 210,'Mia The
Dre-liieut srives a tsoie showing the
available balance as 417.734,944. It is plain
thitno more appropriations will be need td
for inott of the items iu the bill until the end
of the present session. In case ary scion
shonid seem to be neivasary.ln respect to par
tiCuUr objects. It will be eutirelv feasible to
Strovide for them by acpMpnate legislation,
t Is p(;s-ihle, for example, thst a delay In
making3i4dition al.provUlon for the Mississip
pi river iotprovements might cause serious
coneauens. iu sucu a Chse a jusv mil
would meet with his approval. The president
suggests that to group In such a bill as the
so-cilled river and harbor bill Appropriations
for a great diversity or onsets wiaelj separat
ed either iu their nature, iu the locality wl.b
wh:ch they are concerned, or in both. Is a
coarse which Is much to he deprecated. Un
less It U irredeemable, It Inevitably tends to
secure the success ot the bill as a whole,
tboutih many of the items IT separately c nsld-
erel, could sc rcely fail of lej-ction. It is
urg Mt ou the other hand tbas there are s i
macr works or interrai luwrovement whlth
are entitled to governmental aid that separate
hills would be impracticable. Without argu
ing whether this oMcion is well founded or
not, the president submits to congress an
alternative plan which may not be open to the
same objection. It is provided by 'be consti
tution of 14 or tbe states that the items in any
hill for tho expenditure of money approved
by the executive shall stand as law, and those
not approved shall fail to bee me law unless
repass! over tbe veto of the ei-cutl ve. The
piesident thtDks an amendment or that rind
to the federal constitution would be a good
As a tribute to their heroism the president
gives ths names of all the men who lost their
lives in the unfortunate Jear.uette expedition.
The navy of the United States consists of
87 cruisere, 14 single turret monitors, i large
number ol smooth bore guns and 87 rined
cannon. The cruising vessels should be grad
ually replaced bvlrnn or steel ships, the mon
itors by modern armored vessels, and the
armament by high power rifled guns. The
reorgan xition oi the navy has already begun
by the construction or two large nnsrmored
steel v,:. Two more of smaller size are
recommended, also one fleet dispatch .vestl.
Appropriations for torpedo service and other
harbor defenses are recommended. He also
advistaths transf arrence of tbe Itght bouse
and coast survey service, and tbe crnUiag
revenue vessels from the control ot the ireaa
cry to the navy department
Attention Is called to the eontlifd deca
dence of the commercial marine of th's couo
try and congress is urged to give it lame llate
attention, but no definite plan Is proposed.
The posu mcs system of ibe country la in a
satisfactory condition. Changes In tbe pres
ent manner of fixing salaries an 1 allowances,
tbe extension of tbe money order system are
recommended, but from the adoption ot pos
tal telegraphy recommended by tbe postmas
ter general, ths president expreenly with
Lnlds bis c. incurrence.
The prsldert alludes to tbe bills bsfore the
last fusion for ths reduction of postage to
two ce:.tsthe Lalf ounce, and says he is
thoioughiy persuaded tbat such a reduction
would be for the beet Interests of the public.
Tbe report of the poatmnster general shows
there Is slrealy a large sorplns In Ms depart.
mnt. which sui pins will amount to many
niiMoris of dollars '.n a very few year unless
a reduction of rates is made. Us then passes
to a review of the history of former reductions
which shows that tnonirn they wrs followed
by a temporary loss of reveuue, a Urge Inflot
of MisiuefS substantially repaired the loss la
each case w thlD three years. He H coo
flue"! that the change now suggested would
result In an equally a Ivantaireous experience!
I be report of this deptrtment brings aoew
to the roitce or congress the receestty or en.
largiog the t resent system vt federal Juris
prudence so as to effectually answer the r
QtLXsmsnu of the aver Increasing litigation
with which It Is cajed upon to deal Atten
tion is also called to the suggestions of tbe at
torney general that better provUlon should be
made in certain Judicial districts as to the
fees of witnesses and J axles. The star route
trials are alluded to, together with the ract
that a new trial is soon to take place In the
case ot those c iBrernlng whom tbe Jury rs
Ci ntly disagreed, acd congress Is assured that
If any guilty ones escapo It will not be the
fault of the prosecution. The president bopes
ror a speedy national bankrupt law.
In referring to the IudLn trihet trn presl
dent renews his reoommeoditlou that toruch
Indians as desire It Innd ehall be nliottrjl iu
severalty, and that suitable provision be made
ror the education rf their Chlldreu not solely
lu intellectual training, but also in manual
labor Mid such simple Industrial ens vt can
be int.de practically available.
The president calls attentlou to the larue
amount of lilltracy in certain parts or tbe
couutry. as shown by the last census reports.
and be urges upon congress conbUeratlou of
ine question whether immediate national aid
should not bs extended where the provisions
for pubuc schools are grossly inadequate, and
whether tbe efforts of private beneficence and
of slPt and territorial legislation snould uot
he supplemented by congressional action.
The president says It is not probable that
any additional legislation in reference to po-
logamy will be deemed de-drahle until the ef
feet of eXHtlog laws It more closely observed
and studied, aud he congratulates congress
that the Utah commissioners cb trged with the
execution ef these laws, tielievi that the evils
against which they are aimed win cesuppres
ed without a resort to radical measures.
fhe president calls Attention to the rapid
and needless destruction of American forests
end urges congress to adopt such additional
legislation as may protect the fores still
standlog on the public d main.
After referring to what be said on the
matter of appointments to the public service
m yerago, and to the fact that do legislation
hue been had, the president saysuctlou should
no longer be postponed. The civil list com
prises about loo.bto persons, of whom
tbe larger part must be selected
by tbe president. either di
rectly or through hit appointees. This burden
is greater than he can hear and give proper
attention to things that cannot bs delegated
to other bands. Much relief may he afforded,
not only to the presl lent and to ihe heads ot
the departments but to senatott and retire-
aenUUves in congress, by discreet legislation.
itiey would be protected lu a great meture
by the bill now peudlug before tbe seuat.
or by tnotbar which should emboJy lit im
portant features from the pressure of Per
son 1 importunity and from the labor of ex
amining coLfl ctlug claims and preieusioiai of
candidates. He trusts that before the close
of tbe present session nome declrive action
may he takeuf-r the correction ot the evils
which inhere la ibe rraeent methods of ap
pointment, and assures Conuress of bis hearty
co operation la any measure which sre likely
to conduce to that end. As to the met ap
propriate term and tenure of the offl.ial life
of the subordinate employee of tbe govern
ment, it teems to be generally agreed that
whatever their extent or charncter. ther
should he dent He and stable; that neither
should be regulated by zeal In tbe service of
party or fidelity to the r rtuoee ot an indi
vidual. It matters little to the people ..t
larre what competent iron Is at tbe bead
of t bit department or that bureau, if they
reel Hssuieti that the removal or oue and the
accession of another will not involve the re
tirement cf honest and faithfui subordinates
whose duties aro purely admlulstratlve and
have uo legitimate coocectiou with the tri
umph ef any political p-irty or faction. It is
to tuW latter clas of officers that the senate
bill already referred to exclusively applies,
while neither that bill nor any other prwmi
uewt scheme for improving cl service con
cerns the hi jhef wrade of officials who are
sppoiLled by the preldent tad coufirmtd by
tbe senate.
The president then proceeds to dsfend him
self from the charge of haviugmadean undue
number of removals from office, whi.'h he
says U a rnlsipprehensiou. Under Mr. U ties'
administration 2,696 appolLtmonts weteniAde
ana 241 removals, or 9 per cent. In the four
moti ths of ir. (iii field's service the ai'Ooint-
ments nurrhered 890. removals &9. or 22 7 ler
Celt. Iu his own 14 mouths the removals
have been bjso 89, but they constitute but 2. 6
per cent, of the whole number of appoint
oiei.ts, wtjich have reached 3,459.
He declares his approval of each legislation
aa may lie necessary f r a uxnlsntlng the pres
ent provisions of law lu relation to political
In July last the urtsldent authorized a Dub-
lie announcement that government employes
should feel at peifect liberty V. make or re
fuse political contributions, but he hs no
doubt that wleuEuch c mtrlbutlons are asked
by superior officers they have all the effect of
euforced contributions, and aa such should be
proMbitedbyliw. A UH to effectually sun-
press the practice will met his cordial ap
has interests to le considereJ, and the t resi
dent hopes cou rets wl.l note the fact that Its
residents tie deoied the treat right of suffrage
in all its relations to national, state, and mu
nicipal action
Attention Is called to the question r f ascer
taining the votu tor pi evidential electors and
the Intention ot the constitution In caes
where, from the disability of tbe president,
the duties devolve upon the vice-president. He
trust uo embarrassment may result from a
failure to determine these questions before
another Lfctioual election.
the president congratulates tbe nation on Its
peace, prosperity and freedom from sectional
aoimostty. aud hopes prudence, patriotism.
Justice and economy may mark the doings of
congress and himself.
Why Jay Gould Wants a Yacht.
The Capital says: Cramp is the man
who is building Jay Gould's new steam
yacht. lie says bis contract with
Gould is not to give him any definite
number of knots, but to do the best
that can be done with a vessel 212 feet
long, with a fixed breadth of beam. lie
says that Gould cannot bear to be tan
talized. There is a New York silk
dealer named Jarrett, who lives above
Gould on the Hudson. He has a yacht
112 feet long, which habitually passes
Gould's present yacht on the river.
Jarrett, it seems, has a vicious way of
coming down, and firing a gun as he
passes Gould's Landing. Then, when
he passes him on the river, he beckons
to him in s mocking and dreadful way
from the deck of his yacht. Gould has
no idea of going around the world, but
be does intend to stop this imperti
nence on the part of Jarrett. The new
yacht will be nearly all boilers and en
glues, and will probably be the fastest
veasel ever built.
Dressing tho Boys.
it is a problem with some
mothers how to dress tho
boys warm enough without making
their clothing burdensome to them.
All children now are supposed to wear
knit wiappers and drawers; then long
stockings, of the heavier grades of
yaru, and thick shoes clothe the lower
limbs. For boys from 5 to 8 or 9 it is
a good plan to utilize their outgrown
blouses of flannel, ltlp out the pleats
and make plain shirt waists; at the
skh seoms the buttons which hold their
stocklngTsuiiporters can be securely
fastened. Additional buttons can be
put on at the back and front and the
drawers be buttoned to his waist.
With a coat of ordinary thickness.
closed to the throat, the chest will be
sufficiently protected.
Some years ago, a Missouri farmer
In plowing fouud a rattlesnake which
had two perfectly formed heads.
On a Raft,
The following statement by one of
tbe survivors of the Colllngwood's
crew gives a wrtiiing account of tnelr
experience on a raft:
MThe Collingwood was loaded with
cedar posts, and was bound from St.
Helena to Chicago. St. Helena is near
the mouth of Straits.. During the gale
Thursday afternoon the vessel became
waterlogged, and we worked the pump
for all it was vorth. About 4 o clock
in the afternoon the pump got choked,
and things looked pretty blue, I tell
you. The gale was blowing from the
northwest, and about 5 o'clock the sea
made the vessel roll over. There we
lay right on the broadside till the top
mast wert out, when with a great
groan sne straitened up on her beam
ends and kept that way for about an
hour. Then ail of a sudden the deck
burst up, caused by the pressure of the
water against the cargo, and she rolled
over and went down head first. The
whole crew, eight of ns, were all hang
Ing for dear life to the taffrall, think
mg that it would be the last thing that
would give way. After she went down
the sea washed over us. The captain
and the three other men who were lost
were seen floating with posts under
their arms. There was a piece of deck
about six feet square, and three ot us
got onto that, bheldon got onto an
other raft, the one we three were on
when picked up. Four of us finally
got on that raft. We suffered terribly,
the air being biting cold, and a fierce
gale blowing. To make matters worse
during Thursday night, and it was
all two of us could do to keep the poor
fellow on the raft. All through the
night and during Friday the man
fought us, and several times he suc
ceeded in getting into the water, but
we dragged him out. About four
o'clock Friday afternoon his strength
gave eut, and after a last maniacal
struggle he died. We held on to the
body for awhile, but had to let it wash
overboard. Finally, as we had no way
of fastening it to the raft, we to 3k
some papers and things out of bis
pockets, and among them was a receipt
for a considerable hum of money that
he had deposited with a Chicago store
keeper named Jacobs. Early Friday
morning all of us became almost total
ly blind from tliu terrible exposure.
That, of couise, tended to aggravate
our sufferings. How we managed to
live ao long under the circumstances
the Lord only knows. But we couldn't
have lasted much longer. Friday
night we were so sleepy that it was
with difficulty we could keep our eyes
open, rue rait gradually began low
ering as the posts under it absorbed
the water, and from dark on until tho
time we were found we stood in water
the whole time nearly knee deep. If
there had been any place to sit dewn
we would have gone to Bleep and fro
zen to death. We continued walking
from one end to the other and
sone one would occasionally go
to sleep while walking and strp
overboard. The others would f ull
the unfortunate back on the raft
McFee walked off the raft three times
during the night, and I succeeded after
great trouble in getting him back each
time. For 31 hoars we didn't have a
thing tD eat I managed to dig a lit
tle bit of oakum out of the raft, and
the three of us chewed this for 12
hours. McFee would have died in a
couple of hours if we hadn't been pick
ed up. He was beginning to act
crazy, and was so numb that it was
with difficulty that we kept him on
his feet. If the Wisconsin hadn't
come along just when she dd it would
have been uood by with us, for we
couldn't have lived much longer, and
we realized also, that the raft was
gradually becoming water logged and
sinking" The names of the three
seamen drowned with Capt. Willis
are not learned. They hailed from
Chicago. Of the survivors Sheldon
resides in Chicago, where he has a
wife and family. Johnson resides at
Wallaceburg, Ont,, and McFee on Am
herst island, Ont.
Capt. Willis hailed from Kingston.
He was about 45 years of age, and is
stated to have been single. He was an
old and thorough navigator.
The Collingwood was built in 1855,
but had been several times rebuilt.
Her measurement was 253 tons. She
was owned by Capt. William Keith.
The vessel was worth about $4,000
and the cargo about $2,000.
The last dog story is told by a Geor
gla paper, the Americus Republican.
It is to tbe (fleet that a family in that
town, having a false grate in one of the
rooms of the house, placed some red
paper behind it to give it the effect of
fire. One cole day last winter the house
dog came in from out of doorp, and see
ing the paper in the grate, lay down be
fore it to receive the beat as it came
from tbe fire. Feeling no warmth he
raised his head, looked over his shoulder
at the grate; feeling no heat he applied
his nose to the grate, and smelt of it
It was cold as ice. With his tail curled
between his legs, the dog trotted out of
the room, not even casting a look at
the party in the room,evincing supreme
Lady Beautifiees. Ladies, you
cannot make fair skin, rosy cheeks,and
sparkling eyes with all the cosmetics of
France, or beautifiers of the world,
while in Door health, and nothing will
give you such rich blood, good health,
trength and beauty as nop Ititters.
A trial is certrin proof.
Of all the paths that lead to a wom
an's love, pity's the straightest.
Kahoka, Mo., Feb. 9, 1880.
I nurchased five bottles of your Hop
Bitters of Bishop & Co. last fall, for
my daughter and am well pleased with
the Bitters. They did her more good
than all the medicine she has taken for
six years. WM. T. McCLfJRE.
The above is from a very reliable
farmer, whose daughter was in poor
health for seven or eight years, and
could obtain no relief until she used
Hop Bitters. She is now in as good
heAlth as any person in the country.
We have large sale, and they are mak
ing remarkable cures.
w. h. Bisno? & CO.
Experience proves that less Injury
comes to the eyes from the electric than
rom gas light.
A World of Christmas Glories at
Itoehm & Wright's.
The well known Jewelry linuso of Ri.ehm A
Wright has etm canght the annual Holidays
fever, atd the salesrooms lit v for a wek been
thronged with eager and happy buyers. The
luminous trail of tbe Christ mea spirit la over
the establishment from ground floor to the
Aorkshop nearest the roof. K egatit and eost'y
goods, and Imps that are not so costly, but,
relatively, none the less elegant, are here seen
in great profusion greater, in fct, than wns
ever before In that establishment. Within h
llmiia of a Di'W'pnper sketch it Is not possible
to irlvs even H b'.rj'a ee view of the eideiHnrs
that meet the ey of the person who visits
i.'h Iuu A Wrbht'e with en hour's It.it u-. e da
voted to sight seeing; tieveilbeless, It ia pet.
ha prieiifnWe to ffee a reporter al knleldo
soop, jhnt ftcol rtirmenixniy arr't the atten
tion and determine; the choice of thoti pro
le-oMva burned Christ Bias presents whoreau
t''i Free frees.
It is elwsys an orderly thing to bepln st the
leginning. Thf, et Koehm A Wright, Is at
the very fnuartce to tneir malu salesroom,
where the visitor's eye it certain to meet a
collection of waiceee, the examination rf
wiaich may well engage tne h'-nr he hat sot
apart for a tour of tie puce. Ever) body who
k'lnws ec jthlt",' about ills phaso ol tbe jtwel-
I'd b'jsluebs knows that In an swollen mint
I'ks ki'iehm k Wilght's very po-i-Uile pm kt
ble timepiece is found. Repeaters tout bell
Ftnke the time whe-jeter you want it; chro
i.ouiftare, chronographs of all grades, tbe
wild renowned Faiek. fhlilppe & Co.
watctioe, of Geneva nuk (for which Boehm
& Wright ar tbe exclusive egeuts lu Michi
gan) costing All tie wny Ironi 120 to 5(J0
each; all the lower grades or Swiss watches, a
complete siock of Elgin and Wanh.ua goods,
and ladles' watches, with chatelaines attached
(the dhlutiebt and (laningest deiioes of the
kind ever put on the raarkei) mid to order
for tbe few and coveted by all. Some that are
set with gems surpass In exquisite beauty all
former importation by this ei terprlhiLg firm,
and are certain to be as much admired as any
tbii g the establishment can beast this year
t nd what it has noi is scarcely worth looking
tor elsewhere.
In diamonds thedisplsy Is dazzling Nofody I
Imys lower or eells closer than iWhru 4
vrrlgh , and no nner stones are r btaiuitble
than those they i.ffer, either mounted or
unmouutoU The saute general superiority is
ohst rvahlein their iaweiry deDartmeuL where
ure seeu endless pretty thicgsin rirus, chains.
bracelets sua me counter other ai lints that
belong to the category of jewelry.
A special fe-.ttre of this eeasoi.'s uoods lb
eoud silver, bHud eugiaved in eieiy nli:ie
kuowii m me ira , irom a tea eet u. t bab's
teaspHu. Ihe Free Press investigator wns
ebown upwards of sixty diffi-renl patterns iu
that line alone. Iu the same subdivision are
the nickel and tiible i lx eil wares, and con
vetihntly at ba"d arthe latest triumphs of
lireltioeee in cut gla,-, uot exactly Phi beauti
ful to last, but of such rare workmanoblD as
to excite alike be admiration of connoisseur
and novice.
The antiquary may also feast his eves utid
his Imagination on a splendid collection of
nntlaue brass goods, and the aesthetic soul will
exnand in the presence of large tablet indeu
with the flues, productions in art pottery;
while a combination of tastes is certain to find
ratification In a room full of clocks racglng
from that neatest of all time measuring sur
prisesthe Eoirlish Westminster chime clonk
to the French repea'er scarcely larger than
a lady's prayer book. It It a fact worth re
cording here that all the clocks In this entire
col.'eniwn are direct importations by Koehm &
Wright They constitute one of the most
interesting shows iu the rooms.
Another pecul arly pler.s'.ng department is
that devoted to porcelain fliwers and placqoes.
No adequtt descrlw'lon of thesscso be given.
The delicate beauty of the flowers, their sin
gular fidelity to nature and the rtflidd t&ste
with which they are disposed must instantly
attract every visit) i, but it would almost
anw'int to an m Just le t attempt to produce
a view of them at second sigbt. All who
admire such work i-hnutd mike a psrsoj.il
insrHy;tiou f fit; and while ou tbe ground it
would not com ambs t tirry for awbiie
imongth real bror.x-s, this year's gallery of
wMCh far exceeds Iq variety and artistic worth
my previous collection exhibited bv this Grin.
large crowd is esoectwd at Roehra
Wright's the next twenty five date, and every
m n and boy in the bm'.oing will first, Inst and
II the time a Id reus himself u tue service of
the public Detroit Free Press.
Have Sawed Wood, and Haven't
"Sir," said a lad coming down to one
of the wharves in Boston, and address
ing a well known merchant, "Sir, have
you any berth on your ship? I want
to earn something.
"What can you do r asked the gentle
"I can try my Ixst to do whatever I
am put to do," answered the boy.
What have you done?
"I have sawed and split all mother's
wood for nigh on two years."
"What have you not done? asked
the gentleman, who was a queer sort
of a questioner.
"V ell, sir, answered the boy, after
a moment's pause, Ml have not whisper
ed in echool once for a whole year."
"That s enough," said the gentleman;
"you may ship aboard this vessel, and
I hope to see you the master of her,
some day. A boy who can master a
woodpile, and bridle his tongue, must
be made of good stuff."
Foisonous snakes are not able, as a
rule, to poison themselves or each oth
er. The vanilla, as a living plant, was
imported into England toward the end
of the eighteenth century.
Tbe last dmn makes the run run over.
The Law of Kindness
Is universal: it affects all the human family.
all animals, and may be even found in patent
medicines. Some nr drastic, and the patient
is ohlige.1 to suffer pains worse than the dit
ease, but In caes of obstinate constipation,
dyspepsia, there Is no remedy so kind, so gen
tl In its tffrf't, and yet so sattsfhCtory, as
Burdock Hixxm bittkrs. Price f i.uo.
Ere fancy yu consnir, fO' t ut your purse.
Nearly a Miracle.
E. Asenith Hall, Binghamton, N. wrlies:
1 tuffered for several months with a dull pain
through left luug sod shoulders. I lost my
eplrltMppelite and color, and c uld with diffi
culty keep up an flay, nay mother procured
Bjrdock Klood Bitten; I took them as directed
and have felt no p -iu since first wek after
iielog them, aid am now quite well." Price
f 1.00.
A smooth see never niaoe n esiiltnj mariner.
Great Oil Boom.
R! HatMv PVirln lit., writ! "That IW
trying deists of patent liniments, without re-
llr, ror a rneumanc ana em xnee, i ieei i
I.., -atrnrlr nil" liiat fur ttr tismi throd
bottles of Thomas' Eclkctbio OIL, I am pre
pared to say It U the oest application I have
ever used."
Injure notanoiner's isiimiu-ii or business.
Deacon Smith buys Cart olive, medeodcrlx
e4 pstrnllom hair renewer and restorer, and
Irn. Hi Imnrniam.iil riirnmmtnili It In all
his friends st the perfection of at! balr prsj ar-
... oti i I - - Y". l
aiions. mis idowi um iu" israoua imn in
man and knows what Is what.
Join hands with the vkn nous.
Is the BE3 r SALVE for cuts, bruises, tires,
ulcers, salt tbaum, teltr, chapped hands, cbll
blalns, corns, and all kinds of akin eruptions
freckles and pimples. Get HENRY'8 CAR
BOLIC SALVE, aa al. others are counterfeits.
Price 25 cent.
It the best remedy for Dytoepsla, Biliousness,
Malaria, Indigestion, aad dltsaees of ths Blood,
Kidney. Liver, Skin, etc.
DURNO'S GArAdUH HNUtF wires all af
fictions of the maoons membrane, of the head
and throat.
DR. MOri'd LlVa.lt PiLLa are ths e
Cathtrtlo Regulators.
Learning mates mail fit company for
To keep apples from decaying, put
them In t mn.i place where thern is u
arge family of children.
Is one win does bis work qilckly and we' I
I his la what Dr. K. V. Pierce's M.!dn Me 1 -cal
D sco very" does hs a blood parifier u1
strengthened It arouses the torpid liver, pur
lfles the blo d, nnd Is the best remedy for col
sumption, whloh is scrofulous d'se&ne t the
Thelruiy ii-rous U iiieirii wise.
Is a crime: nnd lartie-i cii'mt l fiord to do with
.ut Dr. Pierce't "Favorite Pivecriptho," wiiioV
Dy preserving nnd restoring heiutn, preserves
and respires that beauty which Ueoewls on
Siltnce Co-s not aiwats iimiIc wicdntn.
r.re made pallid ami unattractive by function
al InvguUritie, which Dr. Piorce's MFhV rue
Prescription" wi'l InfalliMy cine. ThouBau'ls
of testimonials. By drngtsts.
His Imploiu In a g 'd ma i to teerd.
Luck will sir k oil, disc ver a gold mine,
hum dowu a house, Mink a ship, brik a leg
bHPg a man. A great many ciro!innaaces In
thli world result from pure chance. Luck,
however, was never known to cure a congh, a
jolil, u tore throat, asthma, or catarrh, hut
I'bonW Eclectric Oil has been known to do
it, and is doing it every day. Like an honest
aud faithful public officer, It wins friends and
has a rp jUti'm. P,ea obeerv what
Mr. N. McRw, W bridge,
Oit., wrltos: "I have soM
large quantities of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Ol; it ia uatd
for coids, s-ire tin oat, croup,
etc., aud in fact for aty ef
faction of the throat, and
it works relief like mas ic.
It la also a sure cure for
burns, wounds, aud bralart."
Urpha 31. Hodre, Uuitl Cieek,
Mich., eys: ' I upset a tea
kettle of boiling hot wa'er on
my hauci. At otic I applied
Thomas' EcibCtrtc Oi', ai d the
effect va p. ln.m di vA-ly ."llsy.
(he pain. I w is cured lu three
Taomas' Eclectric O. I can't eusd luh iq
terusily i.nd exteiiiail), eid ks a pain rrudi-
Cator Bi.d wouuu Le.vler mi knuw of tioihlug
so speed), b s.sfe, or so cei tain. FARB3.N1,
WILLIAMS A CO , Wholesale Apients, Detroit,
Without tne lifti tesit, weal in is an utfly
Patrpns looking for Holiday Goods will do
well to send for 1) tvid O. CookN Catalogue of
J hs. He is in the field this year with a
larger stock than ever, and from bis prices we
shojld Judge th n,ttiiu h i fallen clear out
before he purchased. See aav. in other chlumu.
The old time way of taking an ob
servation of the sun is when it is ovtr
the fore yard, but use a suitable glass,
and your eyes instead of your mouth.
siurravliwr represents ths Langs la a tealtb?
Br it faithful nse CONSUMPTION
tuts been CU R U when other rem
dies nnd Physiclane have
failed tu alfeot a cure.
William C. Dioors, merchant of Bow'lnar Oreen Va
wrires April 4. lH!ii,Uiattieiit-u to know tliat the
LCNO lUUAy houid bis mother of Oonautnp.
tion, sder the plslclsn tiatl Kieu ner up inrurali e.
lie xsys. ollien fcn"wiiis her wwi h.tve Ukn the Ua ssiii
and lHencunUi be Uiluka sllwanilctMl snould glvs It
trUl. f
William A Obahaw k Co., wholesale rtnir -ts
ZMievLle, (iln, wrue us of the cure of MaT'HIas
If'HkKMiN. a wll-knoii ciiii ii, who bud leeti silllc ml
lm Untnciilus n ltiwo-ht fonu tut t- y- srx. Tbs
l.UMl Bauam cursJ him. m It Du inauj ihers, of
Allkn's Luna Balsam Is s popular remedy In Du
buque an I ths surr .u.ill n oou trf. The UniifjIbU
whom we hsve Inc-rrlnwed In i"nl to the sale of on
forsiit reiiinlitM for Lun DIjhkh", all speak In hUh
U-rius of Allen's Lun Uiiiimii. not onlf as havliii Ihe
largxn said, butofKlvltiif xutf "-atlsfation whttivw
It 1, ud. In relation to Its rxoellent cur tllve tiroiMT
tle we ctn speak from eiuenence, having used U lu
our (amllji for s long time.
As an Expeotorant It has No Eonal.
Tor Bale by all Medicine Dealers.
Vfll IMH MrM" n1 ?0 !u'0 teirrairi n
lUUBU IVItn arsw niimths and b sure nf si.10
nation al ood wagss. ivldro. V AJ.fc.M INK KKOS
An unfalllns cure
for SrmlnalMeak
nfm, Simrnia'Mr-rii'-a,
and al! Dlmuiies
Ih t follow as a
squmK-e if Self.
Aliue; as lona of
MtuiMiry.Uiilwrial ,
IjUKtltUlt. I 'si ii lu
BEFORE TAKIXS.Mef vLdoii, FriTaf 1 1 TAEIIi
mature Old Affn, and iaST olhr diabases lead te
Insanity or Hoiutumptloa and a fminatur Urave.
tTKull particulars Id our pamphlet which we dealrt
to send trr by mall to every one. tT 1'bK 4:nclQc Mndl
dnels sold bv all drugtriHta at f 1 per packagu, or all
liackagm tor 15, or will ho xetit free by mall on there
oelptof ths mousy, by addrwwlrig.
Onaocouutof nonntxrfeita. webie adopteil the Yel
low Wrapper; the only genuine. Huarant ef cure i
.imnI n Kurraml William rn. lorrt vtleh.
.... ... ..i. .
Is unrauoiiir uki inraiw
1 1 ill curing Enllrntll
lf. Spasms, Conrul
loti, Vituc banoa,
!(! -M.Oilum tat
'ny, "tpv i unfoirho,
Iv mini.. -1 Ir.i
potriM-r,KTt h.ila, Bcrof.
u la ar.d all Nerroun acd
iDood UlaeaMX. ToClnr
Lawyr. Lller
rry Mnn, Mrrrhaats,
1. nira, Lad.r and all
vh'i edentary em.
ptomept rauma Nerr
oua HrortrhUrn, Inign
tartUoa of tb blow.
;t(i.ar, bowel or
Kidneys, er wU re
quire a Berne Spnle. ao
tWiwr o' Btlmolank,
la Invaluable Tbona-
Urvrafiira anaa proclaim If in.
HfcVlal FAILS. nn mnlwful n1g
urmin HMifT,rinRTain
ni Tj F 11 f iS? W,sU)irlii rysr-HU.
war aw i aw vrua
TBC DB. a. a. nicnv oivn mvtf 4t po..
twentT-flre year j la medicine, have aever found
III V. TI Ii III 'il 1 lillt UM-ll IlK. HklU
ow Toy ir iloe. in man v caaea ef Nervous l'rosrauon, remaie lieai'f, i')iivpiii, ani an tn
roverl'hed er.nomon oi ine oioon. una peeneaa rtnunj nua.
a-tt that have babied some ol our most eminent phyt'claiu
akir ranxlv. 1 nrearrlbe It In nreferenee to aav Iron nn tii
aa Ui, UAATaa'a iao Tome U a nereaaity In n
Ti 9 IvB eolr to i 7e Itlot J,'
nntunU hoUhjUt t-n Ut
th4 aNpeafir ervi ttrf
nro fttn,nmkini
it appUtmltlK to (Jraeral
tlt, -Vavafmf m of vital
itrre and Jmpotene
J Mr I I If ' II 'rnuilin in jiUnling, prun
1 k I II II ing, grallinir and cttltivatinn
I II R I II ol 1'ru.t 1 rct-a and I'liinU.
Inform vou aa to the kind of
Hii ailfptcJ to carh kinil, etc.
Every m.in (rrowinjf fruit
should have one. I'rirc bv nmil soc In Uni. Ad
drus, C. A. Maxvon, j I-cwi Slreel, iK-tro.t, Mich.
VISIITH is"i"inr. pf. mst km.
art l-,,ciMloriu, a.u. fcr ...u, .m u.. k.M,
r r t-1
I Sk W j.mr tnv.n kM4 n ..f., w
l,r lr'.t. H.i.J Moiru..! u til i..l Ml 'L
in tnu t kUniuM. fuUwiua, bum.
Hitl!ongh bynin. Tnwttvi gHKl.
line In t imo. H.l
.in nyiir
r.A. IiCBMann, -Jlioitur of faiefcu. wnhtuv.i.
D () aV -nJ fur circular -Mi
narks, etc. St-nd mrdcl
and kkctch; will examine and rejwi'rt if pntenlahle.
iM,mvrs pracure. 1'ainpniet iree. w. b,
GERALD & Co., Altorncys, Washington, D. C.
; "u v. -n i'or)iaiii C'O'i ami t-j,
,.U J':i CIltiiT tlliiQ V. I lie Ui or Lllll Jl
u 'Ilos. (4. Wtirnjcue
t Q I Til L 0 '"'' Bt- X' trvit. 11'rU.. Atto
Ill'Mi'li mp lu raUtntCaii-'M. Eftsblisi
i- uamiij ijyosH. acini V. ,.an"- Vt,frci
Cured without an oncrntton it the lujury truami.
inflict by I ft. J. A. S.iKRM method. OtBo.-
lit rlroadwty, New York. His book, with Photo
graphic l!kioerfs of bad cmub lioro and iftai
cure mailed for ia cnte.
or injury. Parents,
widows and children are entitled. Millions piro
priated. Fee $io. Incrensc pensiorvs. Ixmnty, hack
pay and honorable distiuirires orocurrd. NEW
LAWS. Send Ma trip lor inttruriioru and bounty La
me .-n. w. riiM,t.ujLdJ x tu., Attorneys, liok
M. K. J 414.
Irn c;nrrlTrfTH
l!ry..nt Snaltoa
most thoroncrh anA r,ri-'il k.a
lie moikf alila atiH v r...n.
leachrn fm.t rm. . .1 i
c 1 1 1 1 1 r ever way, than anytSa
Jt tincta coIIpvm in M;i.;, aTZ
Our cra.liiat. mnA I :
Detroit, al.ii.ii k..i i i' ii
tend lur f.r, ,,!.,. c'i...i.' j i ' .
I wuwiuuuai yva
'rt.uciIicAiwaor. .
"end for our nr;n aud niu riMi i
wnvi.r.snfao Jif-o to..
f APCUTO ",re ,TaP,nK ha
1?3j AU til 1 0 vest etlllng our
- Miuiit.i yus.ii UIilL,S
isnd otbr household articles.
- The VeM selling articles ever put
m .nr. Ko n.,t.i Vnr kumnlas
V TvJ ami Trm, address the
N.E, Cor. 7th & Walnut Sts., Cincinnati Ob
r t aiaw imn ar i o'is
Balila uaiar,a4pUltMirtaail
railiooa of ttw kxly. hll tha
1TJ VBiiaa J Wallia Iharanpraaaaa bark tka
E9 W TRUSSf latUo..l..ii.Mrawul4
Jr w jr wnh ua riaar. una lirht
BBSV mnihilWilililuMiM.!.
layan) Bl(ht, asil a radlralcoraearuia. itta , duaoj
&4 cbsip. &Bt by aaaU. CUculait fraa.
ifu'.Miiv I . vi . ..-JCard .lie to $100
Jut h I" ll.iki .1.' nn-p-r dox ic
tiifi l: in.- .... ,o ! .'. t ii-.hi . t.tli frames .I3c
TearliV li!-sv :.'i.. ..i. s I lin k Marks H toll U
Clint: u:iu ( u:.i ;i io i W ,,, .,uoea 'iSr.
Ainire pi .i 'r.cimli' poaiK'. . immense stock Of
Count from i' to m -t wni, fur i'i'y nnlcra. lOpaje
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