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JAS. A. MENZIES, Publisher. In the Best Interest! of the Community in which we lire. FOR THE RIGHT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
Vol. IX. No. 28. YALE, St. Clair County, Mich., FRIDAY, NOV. 21, 1890. Price: $1.00 per Year.
T . .. .
II , - .1,1 I.. ! ' ." ' ' ' -. I I I , . . .. . , . I , . - -I I I ' I .,, - , , , . ,
ree Trade
Is the Great Question before the
American People to-day.
There is another Very Important
Question before the people of
this vicinity. It is this:
Where is lie BEST Plies to Trade ?
Where can I get the Greatest
Valuo for my Money?
With us business is a matter of
Conscience. We have a Platform
which reads:
Good Goods, Honest
Treatment and Low
On this Platform we stand spuarely
and invite you to meet ns there.
Having had thirteen years experi
once m selling goods to tho people
of this locality, enables us to know
tho demands of the people and we
are prepared to meet them.
I u.
Our Dry Goods Department is full
of goods that will please the people
such as Drees Goods, Flannels,
Cloths, Shirting,Ginghams, Notions
of all kinds, and a Large Stock of
Our Stock of Men's and Hoys'
UootH and Shoes is Largo and at
Prices to suit everybody. Ladies'
and Gents' Fine Shoes. A Full
Stock of
You will always find a good Fresh
Stock in this line at Prices as Low
as Possible. Hear in mind our 40c,
i)0c and 25c Tea; has no equal in
tho village.
'ooooeooo 00000000003
Thanking all our old friends and
customers for past favors, we re
main, Yours Truly,
I Sill u l06L
Responsibility $75,000.
Conservative, Responsible and Reliable.
All TlnslnMn Strietiv Confidential. Good Notes
discounted. Certificates of Deposit Issued and
5 per cent, interestallowed where money remains
3 months. Money to loan on Ileal Jistate at 7
and 8 ner cent, interest.
P. & P. M. B. R. TIME TABLE.
In effect May 18th, 1S90.
A.M. 1M.
. 0:I 7:32
.10:00 6:00
Trains Fast Depart. .
Trains West-Ieiart.
When the census enumerator cives
the ollicial count of the people of our
village, the figures will probablv show
something near 1000 inhabitants, and
for a village of this size, it would not
be easy to find a more enterprising
place in Michigan or elsewhere. Our
village is the ceutre of a rich agricult
ural country, and its advantages as a
business place have attracted to it good
business men and enterprising manu
facturers, among the latter is the firm
This firm located here in 1881 and is
composed of Chas. Andreae and his
two sons Rudolph and Wm.V. Andreae.
They built at once a substantial woolen
mill, and since have done a prosperous
business both for the community and
for themselves. They purchase from
the farmers of tho surrounding country
an average of 45,000 pounds of wool
per year, nearly all of which they man
ufacture. At the end of the wool-buying
season this year the Detroit papers
stated that Yale buyers had paid bet
ter prices than had been paid in any
other place in Mich. llesides manu
facturing the wool they buy, this firm
do a large amount of custom spinning
and wool-carding.
The mill contains five looms and is
well supplied with all the machinery
required for a successful business. The
amount ot lioor space occupied is 11,2b i
square feet, besides a dyo house twenty
feet square. The proprietors are now
building a brick store room eighteen
by forty feet in size. This building is
to be furnished with an iron roor and
is to be made perfectly fire proof.
Many of the inhabitants of this vil
lage and township will be surprised to
learn luliy, the extent or the business
of this mill. An examination of the
books in which are recorded the sales
of the past lew weeks, shows large
orders shipped to many parts of Mich
igan. The cities and villages along tin
lakes seem to be excellent customers of
this firm, and large bills have recently
been sent to Mason, Oceana, Manistee,
Emmet, Cheboygan, Alpena, and losca
counties, as well as to many other
counties in every part ot this Mate
The orders thus shipped during the
month of September of this year
amounted to tf(,200.
This firm manufactures several
grades of cashmeres, llannels, blankets,
yarns, etc. A large custom trade, mi
doubtedly the largest done by any sim
ilar mill in Michigan, is done here
The custom not only consists of the
work done for the surrounding farm
ers, but wool is sent from other parts
of thebtnte to be here manufactured
and th' product returned. (500 orders
for cii'i.n spinning alone are received
per ye.n . Over 1M0 dozen pair of socks
and i ii. (ens are knit every year by
women oi' the surrounding country, the
yarn being furnished from this mill,
and the labor paid by this iirm at a
lair price per pair. 1 hirteen persons
are employed to run tiie nun.
In a business like this the keys to
success are honesty, reliability, special
adaption to the work, and industry and
strict attention to business. 1 hat
these qualities are p-ssess;'d by the
proprietors? of this mill will be attested
by all who have dealt with them, and
who know what they are doing; more
over they are kind, genial men who
make menus wherever they are known.
They illustrate the prineplc that the en
terprise of this kind can be conducted
so as to benelit the proprietors and be
of the highest importance to the com
munity in which they are located.
The managers of the telephone com
pany of West Day City object to hav
ing "the electric light and streetcar
wirea fastened to their poles, as the
proximity of highly charged wires to
the telephone wires interferes with their
Thomas Murphy, of West Hay City,
was thought by his father to be a very
disorderly boy; ho was sent to the state
reform school for six years.
Together with the present of the
Sage library to West Jiay City there is
to be !?2.000 spent yearly for new books.
The Lapeer Democrat will print the
tax-rolls this year for the first time in
20 years.
Samuel Leticq, of West Hay City,
had a watch and a sum of money stolen
from his barber-shop some time ago.
Young Charles Duggan has been appre
hended for tho theft and arrested.
Stephen 1). llussel, formerly of Sagi
naw, was caught in a railroad wreck in
Missouri and seriously injured.
Eddie Ilobb, a little Hay City boy di
ed recently from the effects of a wound
from a tlobcrt-riflo in the hands of his
The West JJay City Post, which has
been hitherto a daily, will henceforth
continue as a semi-weekly.
The merchants of West Uay City
have petitioned the Michigan Central
for a new depot.
Duke Snell. of Speaker, recently lost
a pocketbook containing $50, and it
caused him a great deal of worriment.
One morning when he went to reed his
horses he noticed that one of them
seemed to have a pain in his foot. On
lifting up the foot he found the pock
etbook imbedded in the horse shoe.
Another case where a horse shoe
brought good luck. -Evening Neios.
In spite of the general Democratic
gains, in Huron county the Itepnbli-
cans awoke this year to secure for
themselves a victory such as they had
not dreamed of. The candidates for
Prosecuting Attorney, Chipman; Cir
cuit Court Commissioners, Thompson
and McLean, and Coroner, Henderson
were all elected. This is a decided suc
cess, and proves that where the Repub
licans turn out they are sure to make
a good showing. This also speaks well
for 1802. Huron county will then
doubtless thoroughly reprieve its name
under the Republican standard.
St. Clair county has 463 pensioners.
The recent election by the booth sys
tem cost Port Huron S792.
James Morden slipped on a Port Hu
ron sidewalk and fell down a flight of
stairs. He sued the city for $20,000 and
has just been defeated.
Mrs. Frank Kilsch, of Port Huron,
undertook to make a planter of gun
powder and lard. It is thought she
may live.
ltayraon Dopp stole al out 8300 worth
of type from the office of the Port Hu
ron Zeitung and went to Saginaw.
There he found a call awaiting him to
go to Port Huron.
Mrs. llonora (Jilmartin. of Port Hu
ron, died last Monday morning at the
age of 03 years.
Major N. S. IJoynton returned last
Saturday to his home in Port Huron
after an extended trip in the East a
mong Maccabee conventions.
Susie F. Dwyer. for nearly four years
money-order clerk in the Port Huron
post ofiice, received notice of dismissal
last Sunday.
Last week when the belfry of the
(lerman Evangelical church, of Port
Huron, was inspected, almost half a
ton of hay is said to have been found,
carried there by sparrows.
Wm. P. Edison of Port Huron, the
brother of Thos. A. the electrician, has
been very sick.
T. Tobin, Eugene Sullivan and D.
Moonan, cattle drovers, were arrested
at the Port Huron depot for disorderly
conduct last week.
A 15-year-old girl of Marine City is
sueing lor a divorce. She was married
in Canada two years ago.
A new insurance company has been
organized in Port Huron, named the
American Home Protectors. . C.
Anderson is president.
One of the engines used in the exca
vation at the mouth of tho tunnel was
badly smashed last Wednesday owing
to the carelessness of the engineer.
Wm. A. Mallory, a well known citi
zen of Port Huron aged 75 years, met
some friends on the street and was tell
ing them how well he felt when he fell
Angus King, of Port Huron, used to
call hitnsell a slugger, and one of the
beat in the state. Last Saturday he
slapped Peter Pound's face. So Peter
retaliated; and when Angus came to
himself he had much supcrlluous nose
his eyes were closed and altogether he
looked as it he had been in a light.
The band and thosu who accompani
ed it from Women to ;t. Clair at the
time of thu grand Democratic celebra
tion there, had a sad experience. They
evidently arrived a little late at the
station; for thy were favored with see
ing the rear end ot the last car silently
disappear as they arrived. It being
the last train on Saturday night their
experience in St. (.'lair over Sunday
was varied to say the least.
We learn the following facts from a
report of the last inspecting party. It
is thought that, from the magnitude of
the work to be done on the approaches
the tunnel will not be ready for use be
fore next May or .June. It required
six months to dig the jut from whence
the tunneling began; so that a fair esti
mate may be made of the length of
time necessary to grade this back so
that the slope shall not exceed 80 feet
to the mile. This means that the ap
proaches will have to be about a mile
long on tin American side and even
longer on the Canadian side. The big
tube itself is made up of segments of
iron one foot thick, 4 feet J inches long
and 18 inches wide. Thirteen of these
are nee'essary to make one ring of the
tube. There are 3,852 of these rings in
the tunnel, which make in all 52,128
pieces of steel in the lining.
Wood Foh Sale. I have for sale
any quantity of dry wood at from 1.25
to per cord. .1.11. Paisley. 23
i tr - n -
Por Sale or Exchange.
A house situated in the village of
Memphis, with two acres of land, two
orchards, barn etc. a desirable piece of
property, owner will sell or exchange
for property in the village of Yale,
terms low. Call on or address J. A,
Menzles, ExrosiTOit, Yale Mich. 20tf.
Farm for Sale Cheap.
The east half of the south-east quar
ter of Section five Greenwood, known
as the Cuthbert farm, consisting of 70
acres cleared, and 10 .acres woodland,
with good buildings and orchard, will
bo sold cheap on easy terms. For fur
ther particulars address, M. W. Smith,
Marlette, Sanilac Co., Mich. 18m3
Editors : Cooper, Efferick, and Darcy.
Motto: Work to tela.
Another holiday Thursday Thanks
Tena Drown visited the High School
Room last Wednesday.
The Chautauqua Circle meets in the
School-house Reading Room Friday
Stella Darcy was absent Monday
Mrs. Darrett visited Miss Cole's
room Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Uurch was sick ono day last
week. Lette Effrick filled her place.
Dert Newated's name counts one
more on the roll this week.
Miss Armitage has threo new schol
ars this week; Albert Death, Orleyand
Tom Morrill.
Miss Durch lbst one of her scholars
this week, Edna Hayes.
The quotations given last Tuesday
morning were all taken from Long
fellow. Herbert Hennessey has left school
to clerk in the drug-store in Drown
Every scholar on the roll in the High
Schc V room Wednesday morning.
.TeSsie Drown a former teacher in
the school visited the rooms one day
last week.
The Reading Room table is well sup
plied with reading matter.
1. It was from (Joeffrey's habit of
wearing a sprig of broom of which tho
botanical name is planta genesta.
2. It was a plot to burn the city of
New York in 1741.
3. a Read no books that are less than
a year old.
b Read no books that are not stan
dard. c Read no books you do not like.
4. a Snow is watery particles congeal
ed into white or transparent crystals
or fiakes, in the air, and falling to the
earth in a great variety of very beauti
ful and perfect forms.
b Hail is frozen rain.
5. Decause red apples are longer keep
ers and are generally better navored.
0. Personal Liberty bills secured to the
slaves the right of trial by jury, before
sending them back after they had es
caped into a tree state.
1. Who said "In the name of the great
.Jahovah and the Continental Con
gress" V
2. Who was the "Red King"?
3. What was the "bloody stick"?
4. Who was King Tom?
5. When was the first piano invented?
0. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiv
ing? We will publish the best list of ans
wers with the sender's name.
Lewis Row has a full laundry outfit
which he will sell cheap, lie wishes
any who would purchase to call first
and see him. 18 w 4
Last Friday evening a most enjoya
ble time was had at the residence ot
James Ilisey. The occasion, as was
announced, was a "chicken-pie social
Well; there was a great plenty of "pie"
and, despite the threatening weather, as
manv as the house would hold, to eat
it. In addition to the sujper there
were many other pleasant things, there
were tableaux, which were not only or
iginal in themselves, but most amusing.
and very credible to those who labored
to produco them. Then there were in
numerable games which afforded ini
monr.e amusement. Altogether the af
fair was a grand success; not merely
socially, however, but hnanciallv also.
The proceeds amounted to about 810.
1 lie society may heartily congratulate
We are bound to make a success of
the Expo.rroit. And, if we may judge
from our past success, wo will succeed.
Our circulation has had a wonderlul in
crease during the past few months
Exclusive of a large campaign circula
tion, we have increased our list of sub
scribers by over 200 in that time. Now
that the paper may be placed within
the reach of every body, we will send
it to any new address for live weeks
on trial for only 10 cents. We calcu
late that this aione will bring in about
201) more new subscribers. For to have
tho paper for n month will convince
you that you cm not do without it. So
send in your addresses and those ot
your friends with the ten cents inclos
ed; and you will do them all a great fa
vor. Or show this notice to a friend
who does not take the paper.
Notice. A meeting of the teachers
of St. Clair county will bo held at the
school building in the city of Port ura
tiot, on Saturday forenoon, Nov. 21, for
the purpose of forming a teachers' as
sociation, such association to bo a cor
poration, as provided by Act no. 117,
Session laws of 18).).
Ry order of Committee.
A Tremendous OU'er.
We have made arrangements for giv
ing to the public the Detroit Echo with
the Expositor; For 81.50 wo will send
you the Expositor for one year and the
Detroit Echo, the Evening News Week
ly, an eight page paper of solid reading,
full of news and stories. Send for a
Itucklpn'n Arnica tatvc.
The Rest Salve in the world tor Cuts,
Eruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fo
ver Sores, Tetters, ('happed Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Grant Hold en & Rro.
ii m
We have a big stock to unload before our fall stock arrives, and in or
der to close out quickly, we have eut old prices all to pieces. You can
buy Men's and Boys' Fine Wool and Silk Shirts Cheap for Cash.
A theft
In Men's and Boys' Hats.
Dress Goals, While Goods, Entroiiery ui Laces at a Great Emetic:.
we WAnriAiTT oim
Brooks Bros. Fine Shoes.
It will pay you 20 per cent to buy your shoes of us. New goods arriv
ing daily. Odd lots and broken sizes at your own prices to clone out.
Choice Family Groceries. Canned Goods, and
Farmers' Produco always in Stock.
Are the Best in Town.
Crockery and Glccsvcro in Great Variety.
Good Uutter and Eggs taken in exchange for Goods. No trouble to
show goods. Call and examine our llig Dargains.
Respectfully Yours,
n 9 mi h t r y
jfi & WJiILm
I Grand
When in town and wish to look at a Fine Line
of General Merchandise call at
We have Just received an elegant line of Dry Goods which wo will tell
at prices to suit the times. We also have a handsome line of
Suits and Overcoats at
That will make you happy. Wo have a first class line of Boots and
Shoes that lead them all in style, quality and price. Wo
Headquarters for anything kept in a general stock. Ilcmember wo givo
a handsome and valuable present to every person trading $25.00
with us. Our prices are the
Our stock the newest. Call and bo convinced as wc will bo only too
glad to show goods.
W. H. Palmer,
sr-duX-is, -
ew ana hoddv mv es

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