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JAS. A. MENZIES, Publisher. In the Best Interest of the Community in which we live. FOR THE RIGHT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
Vol. IX. No. 29. YALE, St. Clair County, Mich., FRIDAY, NOV. 28, 1890. Price: $1.00 per Year."
Free Trade
Is the Great Question before the
American People to-day.
There is another Very Important
Question before the people of
this vicinity. It is this:
Where is tto BEST Flacs to Trade ?
Where cau I get the Greatest
Value for my Money?
With us business is a matter of
Conscience. We have a Platform
which reads:
"Good Goods, Honest
Treatment and Low
On this Platform we stand spuarely
and invito you to meet us there.
Having had thirteen years experi
ence in selling goods to the people
of this locality, enables us to know
the demands of the people and we
are prepared to meet them.
Xhxr Dry Goods Department is full
of goods that will please the people
such as Dress Goods, Flannel?,
Cloths, Shirting,Ginghams, Notions
of all kinds, and a Large Stock of
Our Stock of Men's and Hoys'
.Boots and Shoes is Large and at
Prices to suit everybody. Ladies'
and Gents' Fine Shoes. A Full
Stock of
You will always find a good Fresh
Stock in this line at Prices as Low
as Possible. Bear in mind our 40c,
:K)c and 25c Tea; has no equal in
the village.
coo oaso9C959ec:; ;e;eo? o c o
Thanking .all our old friends and
customers for past favors, we re
main, Yours Truly,
SOOtS 11 Ml
ot II. It. NOI1L.E.
Responsibility $75,000.
Conservative, Responsible and Reliable.
All Ihislness Strictly Confidential. Good Notes
discounted. CertlUcutea of Deposit Issued and
Spercent.lnterestallowed where money remains
itmontiis, Money to loan on iceal instate at 7
and 8 iter cent, interest.
P. & P. M. E. R. TIME TABLE.
In effect May Mh'lSiX).
A.M. '. M.
... 9:. 7:.2
...10:00 ti:0t!
Tralnw Kast Depart
Trains West-Deuart
A Peep into the Workings of our
Grain Dealers.
By no means a just appreciation is
generally held of the magnificent facil
ities possessed by our people for hand
ling farm produce. There is no town
in northern St. Clair county which can
boast of advantages of such vast im
port to the seller as are offe red by the
natural position of our village. Yale
is situated in the midst of the richest
farming district in the county, and al
though deprived of the water-front
which other places enjoy, it amply
makes up for this, and we might say.
is given an advantage by having a rich
farming district spread all around it.
This gives our dealers the opportunity
of handling such immense quantities of
produce direct from the fanner that he
is enabled to do it on a very small mar
gin of profit and still succeed so favor
ably as to be thoroughly responsible.
Moreover, Yale is at the head of the
direct line of railroad to Tort Huron
and so has an outlet for its produce di
rect upon the lake-front, on which car
riage rates to the large produce empo
riums are very cheap. This, of course,
means just so much better prices to the
producer, as competition is bound to
keep the prices down to a fair remuner
ation. There are no towns of great im
portance between Yale and the lake
tront to intercept her influence, so it is
without a competitor.
With all these significant advantages
it would be strange if Yale did not
handle immense quantities of farm
commodities. In truth there is not a
village anywhere in this section which
compares w ith it in the amount of such
material handled. In the first place
there is
mcphkk's stkam klevatok.
Probably few villages of its size can
show a more complete elevator in ev
ery sense of the word LI' an is possessed
by Mr. Mcl'hee here. It is sure to be
almost the lirst building seen on
entering the village, and cannot but
leave a favorable impression as to the
enterprise of our villagers. This struc
ture was built in 1SS7 by Mcl'hee &
(Jrinnell. In lSS'.l W. W. (Irinnell sold
his interest to Mr. Mcl'hee; and since
that time its management has been in
the hands of .James Uisey.
Tin: nuiLDiNu
itself is large and commodious; and is
rendered practically lire-proof from
without by a covering of iron-plate.
Within the arrangements are models of
convenience. All the work is done by
elevation. The farmer merely dumps
his grain into a hopper, where it is
readily weighed. Then it is elevated
by a twelve-horse-power engine to the
huui bins above winch have a canacity
of 15.0UO bushels. This affords an easy
means of loading cars. The side-track
is close up to the elevator, and thus
2.1KK) tuT-Mfls can be loaded in an hour.
There in the elevator altogether 1.200
feet of I'oor-rooni. A great ileal of
this voom is utilized as store room for
lime, salt, hair, etc., for which they
have a good market. They also have a
Cleaner with a capacity of 1,000 bushels
per hour, which makes it altogether a
lirst-class elevator.
It is not generally known how big a
business is being done in our midst in
this line. More than i(X) cur-loads -of
grain are shipped yearly from this ele
vator alone. This" grain comes from
twenty miles around; from Capac, Em
met, Croswell, and points east and
west. Xo place else can afford to pay
the high prices paid here. The pre
liminary expenses have been reduced
to the lowest point; and the result is
proving their effort.
In addition they handle about 1,(KX)
tons of hay yearly, and from 2(),(XX lbs.
to oO.lXX) lbs. of wool. Their facilities
also warrant them in handling poultry,
dressed-pork and potatoes; in all of
which they do a large business. They
have shedding-capacity for 100 tons of
coal, which is a growing article of mer
chandise in this community.
Although Mr. II ickey does not pos
sess all the advantages for handling
grain, still the natural facilities of tho
country are his to an equal extent, and
he does in this one article a very large
business. Mr. Ilickey began buying in
1882 for P. 15. .Sanborn of Tort Huron,
and then for James Ferguson & Co. in
this same place. Afterwards, in 18Sr, .
he bought out (). W. Mills' grain-house,
and then also the Sanborn grain-house.
He has operated them ever since; but
for some time now in connection with
1'hil Walker, who now owns a one
third interest. Mr. Ilickey deals chief
ly in grains. IIe( shins yearly about 17."
car-loads. Hedeals'also to some ex
tent in lime, salt, furs, dressed pork,
game, etc. It is Mr. Ilickey's belief
that tho season has been very favorable
indeed for the farmer thus far. High
prices have generally prevailed. Ho
thinks that about half of tho grain is
in. Mr. Ilickey thoroughly sympathiz
es with the farmer; and is proud to say
that he himself manages exclusively a
beautiful farm of 212 acres near the
village. He understands tho wants of
the farmer and is most obliging in ac
commodating him.
Geo. F. Jones, an esteemed citizen of
Marine City, died last week.
Thos. A. Edison was in Port Huron
last week and viewed the tunnel.
Tort Huron elevators have been
bonded and are now receiving wheat
for winter storage.
Alvah L. Witherel, city Clerk of Port
Huron, has just obtained a divorce
from his wife Annie I. Witherel.
Palace Hall, a favorite place for
amusement in Port Huron, is to be con
verted into a furniture warehouse by
Mul ford & Howard.
A fire in the building, in which the
Methodists of Port Huron were wont
to hold service, last Sunday did about
$G0O worth of damage.
Alexander lloss and John Jones are
in jail at Port Huron for stealing jewel
ry and clothing from 1). 1'. Collins'
store in Wyoming Ont.
The use of the tunnel ferry has been
discontinued as the workmen now use
the tunnel itself for passing to and fro
between Sanaa and Port Huron.
There is a Marine City gentleman
who spent four days hunting on the
flats, and brought home but two ducks.
It finally appears that he bought those.
An effort is being made to raise a
purse for James Morden who was per
manently injured by a fall on the side
walk in Port Huron, Mayor Mcllwain
has already raised 200.
The Water Hoard of Port Huron had
komo little trouble last week in paying
their men. It was hnaiiy necessary lor
them to sign a note for 81000 for t0
days; but the men were paid.
The Commercial I'ank, of Port Hu
ron has purchased the Hush building
on Water street and will erect a three
story brick block on the site. It is
promised to be the finest in the city.
Lew. Purdy has been pardoned by
(iov. Luce on condition that he will re
frain from the use of liquor. His par
don will take effect in three months.
It will be necessary for him to sign a
The little two-year-old son of Martin
Mcllueh, of Port Huron poked the fire
while his mother went out to the gro
cer's; and when she came back the lit
tle fellow's legs and arms were burnt
to a crisp.
The electric cars of Port Huron have
been run by horses for a short time past.
Last week the houses draw ing one of
the cars became frightened and narrow
ly escaped precipitating the whole con
cern through the open draw of the
Military street bridge.
Charley Labell, who acquired some
fame in Port Huron two years ago by
smuggling opium across the boundary
and getting caught in the trick, was
recaptured in Seattle Wash, last week
by IT. S. otlicers. He was working at
the old business at the time.
James Hnrku of Sand Heach had a
narrow escape last Tuesday night, not
only from being burnt to death himself
but from having his whole family suffer
likewise. They aw oke to lind the whole
house ablaze under them. The four
children asleep upstairs were barely
The St. Clair Light and Fuel company,
which created such a breeze in Port Hu
ron a few years ago. finds itself some
what pinched for funds and will sell
the whole plant at auction on Jan. 10.
It is said another company stands ready
to take it and make artificial gas for
fuel purposes'.
Win. Pelett, who brutally assaulted
old man Ha rear, was sentenced last
Thursday to four yean at hard labor at
Jackson. At the same time. Henry
Ingraham, the boy w ho robbed W. W.
Camplield .V Co. of Port Huron, was
sentenced to two years of imprison
ment at Ionia.
Mrs. Frank Hobadeau. of lluby, de
clared she was tired of this cruel world
and so jumped into Heard's Pond and
was drowned. Some men saw her but
before they could reach her she exclaim
ed "Farewell cruel world" and made
tho fatal jump. She leaves a husband
and four small children.
One of the sailors on the propellor
Samuel F. Hodge had a dream, so he
says, of a white horse and rider. It
was at once interpreted by his com
panions as portending danger. So they
all left tin? boat. A new crew was ship
ped and sure enough on the way to
buffalo there was a light and one man
was drowned.
There was a domestic row in the
Kane family of Port Huron last Thurs
day. The father (leo. W. Kane, it is
claimed, made an assault upon his wife.
His son Lon objected and choked his
father until he said he would behave
better. Afterwards, his neck becom
ing painful, the son was arrested and
placed under 200 bail.
Mrs. Mary E. Tripp, a well known
lady of Saginaw, died last week.
Ed. Arnold, leader of the Homeo Cor
net Hand, fell recently and broke his leg.
I) u rand farmers are talking of rais
ins beans next season for shipment,
but not necessarily to Uoston.
1). S. Shaw, a Saeinaw merchant who
has been confined at the asylum at Pon
tiac, was released last week, but imme
diately shut up again.
The business men of Imlay City have
organized the "Imlay City Investment
and Improvement Company with wai
ter Walker as president.
Imlay City's Holly water-works sys
tem is progressing finely. All the mains
are laid; and it is thought one week of
good work may finish up the job.
Tho tug (Jale, stationed at Sand
Heach, was stovo in and sunk one night
last week, and tho three men sleeping
on her narrowly escaped drowning.
Horse thieves made a raid last week
on Monday upon Imlay City. A fine
carriage horse belonging to Mrs. L. Cal
kins was stolen. They have not been
seen since.
Ulysses Sailer used to live in Cass
City. One day he was missing; and has
never been heard from until last week.
Xow news comes that he lives in Dallas
Texas, and that, notwithstanding he
was a single man when he went away,
numerous little Sailers are now living
with him.
Cant. Al. Mitchell, of the Edward
Smith, was asked to call at the office of
the Anchor line while he was in Huf
falo last week. When he arrived
there he was presented with a hand
some gold watch for saving 13 lives olf
the steamer Annie Young, which was
burned off Lexington recently.
Here's a new one on Holzhay, the
train robber now doing time in Mar
quette prison : "( Jood Clodl What do you
want V exclaimed a frightened passen
ger as he awoke from a nap and found
himself looking into the muzzle of IIol
zhay's revolver. "I only want to ask
you a conundrum," replied the bandit in
mellow and kindly tones. "I want to
know why you are like a man sitting
upon a snow-capped peak of tho Hocky
mountains?" "I I dont know" falter
ed the frightened passenger. "Uecause
you'll die if you don't come down," re
plied tho bandit, giving his voice a shade
of fierceness. It is needless to add that
the passenger did what was necessary
to avoid death.
Sheriff! Mann was in the village last
J. 1). McKeith has been in Port Hu
ron this week.
W. II. Hollins went to Saginaw the
first part of the week.
Lew Middleton, of East Saginaw, is
visiting in the village.
John Zavitz made a hurried trip to
Port Huron on Monday.
(Jrant McArthur was in Port Huron
Wednesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hoice are visiting
in Port Huron and Sarnia.
(Jeorge Waring and wife have been
in Detroit during the week.
lieorge Allen went to Sand Heach on
Monday for a visit of a few days.
A. W. Ferguson and wife are spend
ing the Thanksgiving in Almont.
Lewis Hobinson shouldered his "tur
key" for the northwoods on Monday.
S. H. Sohmers returned Monday from
Huffalo where he has been with cattle.
Wallace Halleutine, of Urockway,
left the station here for Port Huron on
Samuel (J ray, of Peck, was in the
village last Tuesday on his way from
Port Huron.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Hobinson, of Peck,
visited among friends in the village
during the week.
(Jeo. (Jrav, of Peck, stopped over in
the village on Monday on his way home
from Port Huron.
Charles Cray and wife, proprietor of
the Merry House of Unionville, have
been in town this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hlack returned
from Deanville on Monday in company
with Mrs. Judson Hlack.
Mark II. Xorman returned to his
home in Lexinaton on Wednesday
morning, to spend Thanksgiving.
Wm, Ilolden and wife returned on
Monday after spending a few days at
the old home of thft bride in Hurnslde.
The Hew Sam Hettis revisited his
old home here during the week and
addressed the W. C. T. U. on Wednes
day evening.
(ieo. II. Mustard, of the Customs
force Port Huron, spent Thanksgiving
with Dr. and Mrs (1. S. Xey and other
friends in the village.
Will Zavitz and Del. Dawson, of
Sanilac Centre, with mutually ex
changed sisters attended the I. (). F.
jollification last Monday evening.
David H. Hrown, who is doing a
hustling grocery business in Port Hu
ron, was in town on Thanksgiving with
his family visiting at his old" home.
Auction Sale The undersigned
will sell his farm-stock and implements
at public auction on Thursday Dec. 4,
at one o'clock on his farm in Speaker,
1 miles west and 1J miles south of
Peck. W. W. Lord, auctioneer.
John Kkkimoan.
Notice. Parties indebted to me are
hereby notified to call and settle their
accounts before Nov. 15, 18'JO. All ac
counts not settled before that date will
be placed with Drake & (lillett for col
lection. This means business, gentle
men. 23wtt J. D. (JUINXKLL.
Notice. A meeting of tho teachers
of St. Clair county will be held at the
school building in the city of Fort (Jra
tiot, on Saturday forenoon, Nov. 2., for
the purpose of forming a teachers' as
sociation, such association to be a cor
poration, a3 provided by Act no. 117,
Session laws of 1855.
Dy order of Committee,
i m
Electric Hitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Hitters sing the same old song
of praise. A purer does not exist and
it is guaranteed to do all that is claim
ed. Electric Hitters will cure all dis
eases of the Liver and Kidneys, will
remove pimples, bolls. Salt Hheum and
other affections caused by impure
blood. Will drive Malaria from the
system and prevent as well a3 cure all
Malarial fevers. For cure of Head
ache, Constipation and Indigestion try
Electric Hitters Hntlre satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded. Price
OOcts. and 81.(X) per bottle at (Jrant
Ilolden iV Hro's. Drugstore.
We have a big stock to unload before our fall stock arrive p, and in or
der to close out quickly, we have vit old prices all to pieces. You can
buy Men's and Hoys' Fine Wool and Silk Shirts Cheap for Cash.
Ail the New end lobby Styles
In Men's and
Dress Goods, White Goois, hhliq ad Laces at a Great Eeftclicr.
Brooks Bros. Fine Shoes.
It will pay you 20 per cent to buy your shoes of us. New goods arriv
ing daily. Odd lots and broken sizes at your own prices to close out.
Choice Family Groceries. Canned Goods, and
Farmers' Produce always in Stock.
Are the Best in Town.
Crockery and Glassware in Great Variety.
Good Butter and Eggs taken in exchange for Goods. No trouble to
show goods. Call and examine our Big Bargains.
Respectfully Yours,
1 Grand
When in town and wish to look at a Fine Line
of General Merchandise call at
Wo have just received an elegant lino of Dry Goods which wo will fell
at prices to suit the times. We also have a handsome lino of
Suits and Overcoats at
That will make you happy. Wc have a first class lino of Boots and
Shoes that lead them all in style, quality and price. We
Headquarters for anything kept in a general stock. Remember wo give
a handsome and valuable present to every person trading $25.00
with us. Our prices are the
Our stock tho newest. Call and bo convinced as wo will bo only too
glad to show goods.
W. H. Palmer,
-STIuIE, - - MICH.
rens Hi
Boys' Hat3.
MilS if illlj

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