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JAS. A. MENZIES, Publisher. In the Best Interests of the Community in which we live. FOR THE RIGHT AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
Vol. IX. No. 30. YALE, St. Clair County, Mich., FRIDAY, DEC. 5, 1890. Price: $1.00 per Year.
ruiffiin nini
A Large Stock of Goods to Select from.
Rock Bottom Prices.
First-class Goods and Honest Treatment.
We are here
Prepared to Fill the Bill to the Letter.
Our Dry Goods 'and Notion Department is Full.
We have just purchased a line of samples
in Gent's Silk Mufflers and Ties which
will be sold at one-third their value.
In the Shoe department. Full Stock of Heavy Rubbers.
Our Grocery Dpliit is Fall
of Fresh Fancy Groceries for the Holidays.
Choice Teas and Coffees.
We are Yours Respectfully,
We are Friendly with All !
We have added to our stock a fine line of
f marked and sold lower than ever before known in this vicinity.
Our stock ot general merchandise is still complete
and we are offering sonif Special
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
Groceries down fine. Good Butter and Eggs wanted.
f Respectfully,
Is constantly increasing which is evidence that our customers and the
public in general appreciate our efforts to furnish the Host Goods for
tho Least Money. The following drives are offered till after Holidays:
In PlnJliinrv 15 popular black Cheviot .Suit only $11.00. The
' III UI0IIIIH& $20 fine black Prince Albert coat and vest only 15.00
Men's wool suits from $.5.50 to 12.00; Hoys' wool suits from $1.50 to
$10; Heavy Overcoats reduced to $3; lioys' Overcoats from $3 to 7.50.
Our lino of Candee and Boston Rubber Hoots and Shoes is complete
and aro being sold at Hock Bottom Prices. Ask for our Set. Cotton
' Flannel and Set. Prints, a bargain. An immense line of Notions and
Fancy Dress Goods just received for the winter trade.
Call on us and convince yourselves that wo do business right and don't
Jew with any person, but give all a squara and honest deal.
McKcnna block. - J. D. MeKeith, Yalo,
in! bf It
ot II. It. NOI1LE.
Responsibility $75,000.
Conservative, Responsible and Reliable.
AUHuslnoss Strictly Confidential. Good Notes
discounted. Certlncates of Deposit Issued and
5 percent. Interest allowed where money remains
3 months, Money to loan on ileal estate at 7
and 8 ner cent, interest.
T. & P. M. R. E. TIME TABLE.
in effect Dec 1st, 1S90.
A. M. r. M.
Trains East Depart 9:2-2 7::io
Trains West-Denart :M 7:00
A Model and Successful Business
fcnterprise. ,
The Yale branch of this valuable
enterprise is but one of several con
ducted by James Livingston & Com
pany in this State and in various places
in Canada.
The business was organized at this
point in 1887 and lias been continuously
and successfully managed by those in
charge since that date.'
The new branch at Fargo was organ
ized by tho same company during the
present season, and is conducted by the
same management a fact that niake3
its success assured.
Doubtless few of the Expositor's
numerous readers realize the extent
and value of this institution to the
village and surrounding communities.
During the present season the Yale
mill has afforded employment for 45
hands during the summer and 23 during
the winter; while the Fargo branch
will employ about 40 in summer and
17 during the winter season.
Its use to the neighboring farmers
is indicated by the fact that the Yale
branch consumes the products of 000
acres of land that are aunually sown
to llax, and the Fargo mill will use
fully 400 acres more, making a total
of 1,000 acres of land annually used
and the products brought directly to
these places.
THE rA 110LL.
Although the present season has
been unusually severe upon this as well
as all other products of the farm the
value of this business as a means of
distributing money throughout the
village and surrounding communities
is fully shown by the fact that the
company have, so far during the pres
ent season, paid out money as follows:
Yale Mill, to farmers, S3,440,
" for Labor, etc, 88.444.
Fargo Mill, to farmers, $3,940. 1
" for labor, etc. ' 82,109.
Total, iioim
Uefore the product of the mill reach
es the consumer it passes through
many hand3 and processes and it is
surprising that the finished article can
be obtained at such reasonable prices
as they are sold at. In addition to the
plowing, sowing, and cultivation of the
soil, the flax must be carefully pulled,
bound, and cured; then spread out
over acres of territory and again turned,
bound, and taken back to the mill for
threshing, hackling, etc.
The hackled ilax is used in weaving
linen goods and for carpet warp.
The tow made from the same is spun
into shoe-thread, sail twine, and many
other articles which require a strong,
enduring fiber. Tho green tow is much
used for upholstering purposes, and
the coarsest tow for manufacturing
strong paper, rope, etc. Thus it will
be seen that the green ilax that is seen
growing by the road-side passes
through the various processes employ
ed In the business until nearly every
particle is manufactnred into articles
that are wonderfully beautiful and
The products referred to are shipped
direct to New York, Jloston, Detroit,
Chicago and many other important
cities throughout the Union where
factories are located.
James McCall, the active member of
the firm at this place and Fargo, has
been closely identified with the busi
ness from its beginning. Every de
partment undergoes his careful in
spection. There is nothing out of
place around the institution. Every
farm, place, or building that comes
into use in connection with the busi
ness immediately undergoes a change
for the better, so that, taken as a
whole, the success of this valuable
enterprise is a marked illustration of
the fact that, integrity, energy, thrift,
and "Stick-to-lt-iveness" will make any
legitimate business enterprise a success.
County Teachers.
Tim fnllrtwlntr x n. Iit of Ihfi n.irnr
and post-oi'lice addresses of the persons
who were granted third grade, eertili
eates at tiie teachers' examination held
in Capac, November J2d.
Charles IJlack, Algonac.
Judsnii X. Churchill, Capac.
Edith Edwards, Kiley Centre.
J. E. Ilinkson, Wadhanis.
II. 1'. Mowerson, P.ello Itiver.
Julia O'Connor, Mt. Salem.
Nellie O'Connor, Mt. Salem.
Nettie II. I'rendergast, Capac.
ILF. Smith, Uelle Hiver.
H. J. Willert,-Capac.
J. F. Weber, Emmet.,
Wood Fon Sale. I have for sale
any quantity of dry wood at from 81.25
to 81.40 per cord. J. J J. Paisley. 23
Jas. Brown went to Detroit on Wed
nesday. '
Chas. Ash was in Peck last Sunday
on a visit.
Uenjamin Lane went to Port Huron
on Monday.
Ed. Lutz was in Fort Huron on last
Grant Ilolden spent last Sunday in
llrown City.
J. T. Waterman, of Peck, visited here
on Tuesday.
Lute McDonald returned last Thurs
day evening.
Jas. C. McKeuna was in Port Huron
on Wednesday.
Carrie ltapley is making a brief so
journ in Sarnia.
E. D. Wieman Jr., of Armada, was in
town last Tuesday.
Mrs. Thos. Kapley visited in Jlrown
City on Wednesday.
Lyman Cray, of Croswell, was in the
village on Thursday.
Sheriff Mann has been in the village
several times this week.
Mr. Stanley, of Valley Centre, was in
the village last Monday.
J. F. Umphrey, of Iloseburg, was in
the village last Tuesday.
A. W. Ferguson returned on Monday
after a brief stay in Almont.
C. A. Wells and family have been in
Port Huron during the week.
Rev. F. II. I'ennett has made a short
visit in Toledo during tho week.
11. W. Menerey went to Port Huron
last Friday and returned directly.
Ed. Kyes. the station master at Jeddo.
visited his brother here on Sunday.
31 rs. rage is making a brief sojourn
with her sister Mrs. Judson Elack.
George W. Allen returned Saturday
after a short vacation in Sand Beach.
C. II. Niggeman, who is now banking
in Croswell, revisited Yale last Tuesday.
Fred Farr, of Fort Gratiot, has made
a short sojourn in the village this week.
Mr. and Mrs. X. 11. Mann spent
Thanksgiving with W. II. Gillett and
Lou. Chamberlain, of Petrolia Ont.. is
making a brief sojourn with Jennie
Mr. and Mrs. Deo, of Petrolia, are
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Foster
Cr. A. McKay, of Valley Centre, spent
last Saturday with his cousin Phil Mc-
Mrs. S. 15. Culp is absent in Detroit
enjoying a visit with relatives and
John D. Jones went to Port Huron
last Monday morning returning in the
Mary Drown went to Port Huron on
Friday. She will assist D. 11. Drown in
his store. .
Andrew Currie and son of St. Helens
have been visiting recently with Ter-
rence currie.
Will II. Wear has been making his
parents, W. D. Wear and wife, a short
visit this week.
W. W. Lord and Mr. Driggs. both of
Peck, called at our ofllce while in the
village last Saturday.
Thos. Youngs, of Sand Deach. has
been visiting with friends and relatives
here during the week.
John C. F. Dohrman. of Lynn, and
N. W. Witmer, of Drown City, called
upon us last Monday.
Dan Smith, of Port Austin, who for
merly lived here has been in the village
looking for a residence.
Chas. Presley and Wit. Welch return
ed last Friday evening after a brief
hunt in Wexford county.
Mrs Ilaith is visiting with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Judson Dlack, and intends to
spend the winter with her.
E. E. Downian returned on Tuesday
from his tour through the woods in the
northern part of the state.
Miss Xewkirk. Albert Xewkirk and
her son Wm. Carter, of Avoca. spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Carter of this
James Livingston, of Baden. Ontario
has been visiting with his daughter
Mrs. James McCall. He returned on
E. O. Tennant. of Itosebure. and bro
ther, Walter Tennant of ltomeo. were
among those who called at our office
on Friday.
Aaron Stoffer and family, of Toronto
Ont. arrived here on Tuesday, and will
Rpend a short time with George Gard
ner or is-peaker.
Herman Elliot and wife, of Grant.
and Mrs. Harry Howard, of Port Hu
ron, spent last Sunday with Mr. .and
jurs. run jucuougai.
Among those from this place who
attended the Teachers' meeting at Fort
Gratiot last Frldav and Saturday were,
E. F. Law, Lvnn ll. Peck, Misses Itetta
Armitage, llattie Durch. Nettie Cole
and Maud Grinnell.
11. J. Orr and wif. of London Ont.
turned their bridal tour in this direction
and spent several days during the lirst
of tho weeic with Mr. and Sirs. V. IF.
Hodgins, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel White
and other friends. They departed
with many good w ishes on Thursday.
The New Discovery.
You have heard your friend3 and
neighbors talking about it. You may
yonrsell be one of the many who know
from personal experience just how good
a thing it is. If you have ever tried it,
you aro one of its staunch friends, be
cause the wonderful thing about It Is,
that when once given a trial, Dr. King's
New Discovery ever after holds a place
in the house. If you have never used
it and should bo afflicted with a cough,
cold or any Throat, Lung or Chest
trouble, secure a bottle at once and give
it a fair trial. It Is guaranteed every
time, or money refunded. Trial Dottles
Free at Grant Ilolden & Dro'a Drugstore.
lei Kile
We have a big stock to unload beforo our fall stock arrives, and in or
der to close out quickly, we have ut old prices all to piece. You can
buy Men's and Boys' F ino Wool and Silk Shirts Cheap for Cash.
All the New and Nobby Styles
In Men's and Boys' Ilats.
Cress Eoois, White Ecois, iabrci&ry aid laces at a Great k'sclicL
Brooks Bros. Fine Shoes.
It will pay you 20 per cent to buy your shoes of us. New goods arriv
ing daily. Odd lots and broken sizes at your. own prices to clote.out.
Choice Family Groceries. Canned Goods, and ,w
Farmers' Produce always in Stock.
Are the Best in Town.' . v -
Crockery and Glassware in Great Variety.
Good Butter and Eggs taken in exchange for Goods. 2?o trouble to
show goods. Call and examine our Dig Bargains. .
Respectfully Yours,
A Grand
When in town and wish
of General Merchandise call at
Wo have just received an elegant line of Dry Goods which wo will fell
at prices to fuit the times. We also have a handsome lino of
Suits and Overcoats at
That will make you happy. Wo have a first class lino of Hoots and
Shoes that load them all in style, quality and price. Wo
Headquarters for anything kept in a general utock. Renumber wc givo
a handsome and valuablo present to every person trading 625.00
with us. Our prices are tho
Our stock the newest. Call and be convinced as wc will bo only too
glad to show goods.
W. H. Palmer,
i Cliiog
to look at a Fine Line

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