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Hid Niilliiiml Capital Possesses Attrac
tion Superior to Ai y Otlior City on
tli American Continent.
AVafdilngton, tlio DMrlct of Columbia,
ns tho XMiitluti's Capital, Is the) pride of tlio
His tho most cosmopolitan city In tlio
It luia M0,(KK) population nud Israpllty
Moving emu mil.
It lm tlio tcftt-pnoil broad nvenues tint
Mrccls nml tho must dilapidated sidewalks
of ntiy largo city In tlio land.
It linn inoioiiiajtiilllceut natural suburban
rciicrj and surroundings than any capital
tit j mi lho ilolie,
Jtroiitiilus I he largest and finest public
buildings In tlio world,
It Is the most iittrncttvo city for ret
dciits, sojourucm and visitors on thojeon
tlncnt. It lias tlio most Intelligent population In
tLc aggregate of mi) rlty in tlio Union.
It In rapldlj Incoming tlio national ecutro
of Hlciuc, art and literature, ai it is
ulremlj I ho political nmUoclnl centre of tlio
It is one ol tlinlienltlilect localities llttho
ronntrj, nnd, when tlio Pototnle llatliii
proeinents nio rouiplctod and thorlvcr
trout put lu proper ordtr, will bo U16 bjit
fcanltary city of tlio land, i
It presents tlio host Inducements for In
vestment in property, as Its proapcrltv,
growth and giiuidour aro assured by the
entire nation.
It 111 riilltfttv lifpnmlnn, n t-AftMnnnrt nf
people of wealth, rctlneineut and culturo I
from all parts of our ruuntrv.
It lias nroadtr netiue, larger public
grounds and reservations and moro parks,
circles, triangles, open spaces and miles of
thrifty shade trtos In proportion to Its area
than any other ciu In tlio world.
It has tlio best future prospects of any
city in America.
In short, everj thing that pertains to tlio
greatness und niUnueement of tho Nation
increases the (lovemmcnt business to be
tiunsacteel ut Washington; and w liflo other
cities lmo special local nycnues of trade,
commerce and general business, tho wholo
country p.ija tribute to tlio progress ttud
properlly of Its Xatlonal Capital.
The rate of timtion in Washington is
csiablMird by act of Coiigreis flucl is lower
than In any other city on the continent. It
is lived at onh ono dollar and and ft-half on
tacli ono hundred dollars of .assessed value.
'lho Congress of tho United States appro
priates jr.irly an amount equal to tho sum
paid in taxes b) piopurty-lioldersfor local
iiupiotcmcnti) and the administration of
lniuilcliiol affairs of tho District.
In other words, tho National Government
paysono-half of tho amount annually ex
pended In conducting tho local altalra of
tbo Capital Cily niiilminoaiotlng Its future
progress and eleclopmciit. No other com
munity In tho world lias such resources be
hind It, or Is biched by such an indorser.
Washington has tho best public school
system in (he woild, and contains tho most
commodious and c on vcnlcntly-ai ranged
nubile school buildings.
A also has a largo number of thobeHprl
ate educational institutions In America.
As the seat ot tho Government of tho
United States Its propcrityJ andfutuio
greatness are assured bv tho irtowth and de
velopment ot the nation atlarae.
Tho departments, Institutions, asylums,
bureaus, museums, commissions, ofllces and
boards of tho Government now established
here aro being constantly Incieased by tha
rapid growth of the nation's Interests in tho
woudeiful progress and development ot tho
resources of tho Itepnbllc.
Us government Is entirely national in Its
character, being under tho cycIusIvo Juris
diction and control of the Congress of the
United States as trustee for tho people of
tho entire nation.
It Is tho only neutial district in tho Union
anil belongs alike to tho peoplo of tho
whole country regardless ot section, poll
tics, religion or nnj of tho peculiarities or
ims that to a moio or loss etent shape the
sentiment of all othei localities In the coun
try. It Is the faorlto placo In tho United
States for holding contentions, annltcrsa
llcs and public gatherings of tho various
societies and organisations cvlsttng through
out tlio counti v.
It is tho domicile of tho professional
lobb 1st anil tbo experimental ground for
the fresh Congrtssional icform Investiga
tor. Citbcns from nil sections can assemblo
here without exciting jealonsle", as this Dis
trict Is tho common herltago ot tho 00,000,
000 inhabitants ot tho Itepubllc.
It resident population is among tho fore
most in tho land in all tbo attributes char
acteristic of an enlightened Christian coin
nmnlU. Thciois moro Indltiduality of opinion
and less restialnt on tho freedom of per- ,
tonal action than in any other city.
In Its nst rcsomccs of hotels and restau
rants, boarding-houses and lodging-rooms,
It can entertain, absorb and comfortably
provldo for a larger gathering of people
than any other city three times its sizol n
us uroad, smooth thoroughfares present
tho most nttractlvo lines of march for mili
tary or cltle processions of any city on tho
it has the largest and best supply of
stylish carriages, cabs, hansoms, herdlcs,
phretons, etc., with polite drivers, always in
i racliucss, and at low cr rates of faro than in
any other city in Anierlca.
It is tho headquarters of tho Army and
Naty, nnd tho domlcllo of a great many
of tlio ofllccrs aud their families.
In the winter season it is the great society
i intro of the country.
It has tho most agreeable w Inter climato
of any city In tho laud.
It has moro churches and places ot
worship and a larger number of church
goers in proportion to population than any
other city in tho land.
It has tho most orderly and law-abiding
community, w ith few cr disturbance s of tlio
public pcaco of any city of its size ju either
itls the paradlso for children on uiller
skates and jotiug ladies on blej. les.
Its parks and places aio ornai leiilcd with
statuary in excess of any other city.
It contaIns.npwiudsof 75,000 shade trees
making Washington resemble a grand park,
Intersperse d with tho most magnificent pub
lic buildings In tho world, handsome prn ato
edlllces. monuments, statuary, etc.
As the capital of a vast nation, cosmopol
itan life exists here, as iu tho capitals of tho
Old World.
It Is tbo most nttractlvo city on tho
Went cm Heminphero for American visitors
and foiclgn sojourners, as It combines
moro objects of national and historical in
terest than nny other locality. And hero
enu bo si en tho noted men ot tho Republic
nnd the reprcentatlt cs from foreign coiuts.
It Is tho bower of paradlso for bridal
oiiulcs fibm all parts of the comtry en
Joking tholr none moon, and tho coining
race will bo impressed by its beauty, extent
nnd grandeur with a proper conception of
tho magnitude and resources of tho vast
'I ho natural beauty of tho suburbs sur
rounding iihhlngton excel Iu magnificent
Keneiy mi otlior largo city on tho globe.
Tho giand panorama of wooded knolls,
grassy plains, commanding hills, abrupt
and sloiing allus, all bordered by tho
broad, slit ei Potomac, presents a land
fceapo view sueh as tho losldeutsof no other
locality iu this country enjoy.
With tlio reclamation ot tho Potomac
lints now in rapid ni ogress over 700 acres
of land wilt bo added to tho mall now ex
tending from tho Capitol to tho Washing
ton .Monument, making over 1,000 acres in
ouo magnificent park, with Its drives, lakes,
walks, hluulo decs, green lawns, monu
ments, fountains, tliituary, etc., located lu
lho very heait of tho Capital City. No
other elt) Iu the woild has such a chaini-Itigcentro-plcce.
Yt Ith a ptukago of six tickets puichased
fur twent live cents n person can rldo iu
and about Washington on tho street-cnr
lines to the extent ol nearly tlility miles and
!;cta!ew of most all tho prominent ob
icts nnd plates of national and historical
uteiest which uiloin tho Capital City of tho
notion No other cit in thowi M fur
nishes Jsltors such un exhibition at so
email an expense.
Its promenades along tho avenues and
ft net b ou a pluienut afternoon present it
charming sptituclo ot moro beaut if til
wumen Iu tlielr Juuiit and uttiactho attire
than an city on tlio continent.
Washington contains the handsomest
women, tho swectost girls and the prettiest
bibles of any locality on tho Western
Jlrnilsphero, nnd, finally
Thk Ciiitic, an independent evening
journal, Is only US ccuta per mouth de
livered by carriers, or 50 cents by mall.
TjieKvenimi C'jin'c Is Scents per copy
or J9.Mlr jear, and now is tho tlmo to
Have You Had
Thecrlppc? Is tlio question of do day. If tlio
Inflnoitra ir nnv ntlcr clloao or ovorwork
hnso put you into a wenr;, debilitated condi
tion you slmuM lininctllntcljr tako Hood's
Siirenimrllln It tones etury part 'of tho body,
inTlRornt tlio lit , r. creates nn appetite and
entlrily inrtnime's Ihiitilrod feeling
IN IMMCll .lit (lll
"lloiiil'tMiiratiirlllahas lenewed my jrrlp.
I am tfi years nt ana mid was all run down and
illscouriiKtil I bat o taken Hood't Sarwiua
llllnnmion looking injsclf otcr find that I
inn imicli better; In fact, quito a chap. Of
cmitco tho niedlilno will not discount my
yenis, but It corms nciirr to It than any
thliiR chu "('has. II, I,uMi Shronsbiiry,
Mass,, .Inn n, 1fd0
lli'mlni'liv, Ill.lni's
"Hood's Hainparllla piirlflecl my blood,
pntti rro strength nndotcrcuinotho hcadacho
aril 1II77IM ss, o that I am oblo to work
nftiln liceoinmend Hood's Snrsapatllla to
others w'hoo blood Is thin or Impuro and
who feel worn out or run down." LuTin n
Nason. towrll, llass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
bold by all dniuKlsts Sl six for SI. Prepared
only by CM. 11001) A, CO., Lowell, Mass.
100 lloirs liii Dollar
Totally Helpless ,
I'loni Sciatic- Illit'iiiiiiillsnt Vtliolty I
"iirrcil l,t IIimhI'h Smiumrlllii.
Tho fact that rheumatism Is caused by ac
cumulation of ucltl In tho blood, and tlio fact
that lloed's arapatllla has wonderful
power InpiiiirjIiiRtbo blood, oxplnlns tho
success of Hood's SarsnpaiJIla In curlns this
"In May, 188. I was t'nken with sciatlo
rheumatism in my legs and nrmsi It cntlrolr
prevented me from working, and I was con
fined to my bed entirely hclploss. I hadmed
leal attendance, and in Auguit Iwas,'Jitt
able to movoatuiind. I was reduced to ft
mcio 'kch ton and my appetite was entirely
Rone, It was thought by' all my friends that
I could not iiossibly lite. I took almost overy
thing I could hear of, but with no good ro
suits, during that winter. Ono day, reading
about taking Hood's Saraaparllla In March,
April and May, 1 concluded to try It. Ono
bottle gavo ino so much relief that I took
four bottles, and ulnco then I have not been
troubled with iheuinatNm, and mygeneral
health has never been better. Jlyappetlto
Is inci casing nnd i nm gaining In flesh. I at
tributo my whole ltnprotemcnt to taking
Hood's Sarsat arllla, nnd I earnestly recom
mend It to all whomo troubled wlthllko
disease. I consider It the grandest medicine
ctciputup." Wii. 1'. Ttxin, Emporium,
Cmneion Co., reiin.
"1 heicby ceitlty to tho foregoing fni ts as
stated." .Ionatiun On num, .Tustleoof tho
Tcace, Emporium, Pcnn.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
fcold by nil diugglsts. SI; six for $3. Pio
pared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell,
100 Doses Olio Dollar.
Is believed to bo caused by excess of lactlo
acid In tho blood, ow log to tho failure of tho
kldnoys and llvor to properly remove It. Tho
acid attacks tho flbious tissues, particularly
In tlio joint", and causes tho local manifesta
tions of tho dl-easc, pains and aches In tho
back and shoulders, and In tbo Joints ut tho
knees, ankles, hips and wilts. Thousands
of peoplo hao found In Hood's Sarsaparilla
apoMtito nnd permanent ciuo for rheuma
tism. This medlclno by Its purifying and
tHiiliIng action, neutriillcs tho acidity of
tho blood, and aNo builds up nnd strengthens
tho wholo body.
Woiicloifiil I'lopeilleH
ll"I hato taken Hood's Sarsaparilla nnd
found it excellent for ihcumatlsmnnddys
popsla. I suffered foi many longyears, but
my complete recoterj Is duo to Hood's Sar
saparilla. Iiecommcnd it to oteiyonobo
causoof Its wonderful properties as a blood
medlclno." .lous Kvii.jian, 85 Chatham
Street, Clooland, Ohio.
Inlliiiiiiiiiilors' Jllicimtnilsiii
"I just want peoplo to know that wo
think Hood's Sarsaparilla tho best remedy
for Inflammatoiy ihcumatlsm In tho world.
Sly husband had this terrible affection for
two years and nood's Sarsaparilla helped
him moio than anything clso. I am always
glad to tell what nood's Sarsaparilla has
dono." JIns. 1". Atkinson, Salem, Ind.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all diupglsts. SI; Mx for S3. Pro
paied only by C. I. HOOD & CO, Lowell,
100 Doses Ono Dollar.
ArrKul ot HullruHil Train In Well
ington. Arrivals at II. anil 1. Station.
From Boston 10.43 a. m. elally.
From Now York and Philadelphia 1:10, 8 00,
U. a. m . 1.4J, S.15, 8.10. 8.10 (limited) 9 85,
and lO.Siip.m. dally. 1.4.', 8.15, and S.dO
p. ro. dally oxcept bunday.
From Baltlmore-4.10, OUO, 8 00, 8.45, 10.45
a. m., 813, 2.85,1.10.5 53,0 fA 8.30. 8 10.0.23,
nnd 10 33 p. m. dally. At 8 33.0.85,11.10 a.
m 1.42, 3 50, 0.40, 8.15, p.m. daily except
From Annapolis 8 00, 0.55 a. m., 1.43, 155, 8.30
p. m. On Snndavs, 5 55 p. m.
From Niagara rails, buffalo, Klmtra and nor-
risburg Daily 8.43 a. ro. and 5 53 p. m. dally
except Sunday.
From Pope's Creek Lino 8.35 a m aud 5.5
P m, dully, except bunday.
From Hlohmond and tho south 11.24 a m
10.50 and 11.00 p m dally, 0.30,pm, dully, ox
cept Sunday,
riora Chicago and Pittsmirg-G.30, 8.15 am,
2.25, 6.61, 8.15 p m. All elally
From St. Louis fl.SO a m and Si.25 p m, dally.
From Alexandria 6.5.1, 8 80, D.-J0, 10 45, 11 !M,
a m, 2.50, 5.30, 0.80, 7.10, 7.2r, 9 40, 10'W,
10.50,11.00 p m dallv. At 0.23. 7.25, 8 20,
10 23, 10 35 a m. 1.40. 3 00, 3.20, 10.40. 11.23 p
m. dolly, except bunday. Oa bunday only
ut 2.20 pro.
Tiom Cincinnati, Loulstllle and St. Louis,
lu Chesapeake and Ohio routo 8 30 a. m.
dally; from Cincinnati and St. Louis I'T.
F V, Special") ut 2.50 p. m. dally.
Local train ou O. and O. from ViiglnU
bprlngs 7.13 p. m. except Sunday.
Flora Old Point Comfort, Newport News and
Norfolk 3.33 and 10 60 p.m. dally.
Fiom New Orleans, Montgomery, Birming
ham, Atlanta, Italelgh, Ljiichburg 0.53 u.
m. ami 7. 10 p. in. dully.
1 1 om Memphis, Now Orloans. Montgomery,
Natihvlllo, Bristol and Lynchburg 10.43 a.
m. and 10.40 p. in. dally
1'itim Llmilottestlllo and Way 2.53 p. m.
From Manassas, Strasburc and Way 10.21a.
m. nnd 10.45 p. in. dally except Siinduy.
1 rom Lccsbmir, Hound 11111 nnd Points on V.
O. It. H-B.S0 n. m. dally, 3 p. in. dally,
except bunday.
Airlt ill at II, and O. Station.
Prom New York- 8.40 a m., 2. 10, 8 00, 0 20.
11.20 p. in. dully, fi p. in, dally, oxcept
Piom Philadelphla-8. 10, 11.15 a. in , 2.40, 8,00,
0.20,11.20 p. m. dally; 5 00 p.m. dally ex
cept Bund ay.
FromBaltlmorc-8 03, 8 10, 9.13, 10.20 11,03 n.
in., 12 43. 8.40. 3 00. 5 20, 0 , 7 45, 8 00, 8 30,
ti.20, 11.10, 11.20, U 13, dully, II W, 7.30, 8. .10,
8.60, a. in.. Ltd, 1.30. 5 00, 7,03, p. in. dally
except bunduy. On bunday only at 8 20
p m.
FiomChleaJooud Columbus 11.13a mand
4 03 p. ro dully.
Fiom Cincinnati, St. Louis nnd LouUtlllo
8.60 n. m. nnd 2p in. dully.
FromPlttsbuiffiind Clot eland -7.10 a7mand
O.fo p. m. dully. ,
1 rom Deer Park and Oakland 3 5), 11,43 a.
in. and 4 03 p. in dally.
From Lexington, Winchester and Vlrglult
Vnllc O.JOu.in uud3p.ro. dully, except
Fiom 1 redi'rlnk- 8 23 n. m. dally, 1.59, 3, C.W,
7 30 p. ra dully, exeont bunday.
Piom llngcistintn-8 25 a. m dally, 0 ' a, m.
nml 1 U uiul 0.60 p ro. dully, except bilu-
Piom Washington Junction and Way 3.15,
7 10, 8 83. 11 13 a 111., IM, 8, 4 03. fl.30 p. in.
dallvi 0.80 a m and 7 30 p, in, dally, oxcept
I'loni Ilojd'sand Wny-823, 9 30 a ra , 3,
oni p in. dally; 8,20 a.m. and 7 3) p in.
dnll) , oxtept bunday,
Fiom tiulthersburg and Way-7 10, 8 23 am.,
3, 0 50, 10 23 p. in. dally; 7.20, H 20, 9.30, 11.20
u. m., 4, 7 'p m. dntly, oxcopt Sunday. Oa
bunday only, 10 23 a ra, and 8 p.m.
Piom Annul oils 10.20 it. m. dally! 8 30 a m.
and 1,30, 3 20, 7.43 p. tn. daily, except buift
day. oubimtlnyvftijtttfi.aflBiB.
TI WW Gill.
PnileK, Seiuiire, Stiitues, U.trdrns, mid
tlthcr Folnts of Attraction.
1111". WAY TO IIKACII Tiuni,
, Washington Is fast becoming tho most at
Irattlvo city oftho country. Astha npltalnf
tho Nation It presents more objects oflntorcst
to tho rlitor than any otlior on tboeomlncnr,
aMl a brief directory of Its prominent points
will hoof sen loo to tlio vast numberof per
tons who iiniuiallv reort In the political
metropolis. For It Is estlmutod that over throo
bundled thousand strangers pay a visit every
vrnr to this city to behold the var'cd obloeit
of Intercut which o thickly stud tlio historic
Ten Mile Squaio."
Tho Fatten of Numbering IToum.
NimuiM-sato dlsplniodotcr thoontrmees
to ull houses, nuil the decimal system, as
adopted lu Philadelphia, Isnsol una hundred ,
'numbers being allotted to each squaro or
block commencing nt Flist street wct, run
nlngwoit, First uliovt east, running cast, A
street uonhruniilng ncn th. and A stioot south
running south. Tho odd numbers nro always
on tho right-hand slcln going from tho Cnpttol,
and tho otcn numbers on the lcfUiand sldi.
Tho cly Is divided Into four quarters or sec
tions, norlhcast and northwest, southoait and
southwest, tlm streets being designated ac
coidlngly; those running north nnd south nn
mi rienllyi and thosoiunnlng cast and wost by
the letters of tho alphabet, tlio dividing linos
belie North and SnatliCnpIto) streets, running
on a lino duq north und south from tbo Capitol
and East Capitol street, and the continuation
on the eanie west or tho Capitol, running duo
cast and wesf,
This great building Is the central point of
tho original District, and is tho largest edifice
In the ton ii try. Its oentro marks tha Mo
rcdlan ol Wushlngtcn. Tho mlddlo iwrtlon,
Immediately tn tier tho domo, Is tho part first
built. It was partially destroyod by tha 1
British In 1811, hut was completely restored I
by 1827. It Incloses tho "orypt" whore tho i
remains of Washington wcro intended to bo
Placed, tho Llbtnry. tho Itotunda. the old
Jierrwvntatljes' Jlnll, now tho uallory of
Rlatuaiy, and tho old Semite Chamber, now
thoSnpicmo Conrtroom. Tho old Supremo
Court-room, In tho first story, Is now occupied ,
by tho Law Jlranob of tho Library. The I
corncr-stono of tho Capitol oxtonslon tho I
north aud south wlnis was laid July I, .
ItiSI, Daniel Webster doltvertng tha oration
of tho occasion fiom tho balcony of the i
Library The south wing contnlus tha Houso i
of He) rccntntlvcs nnu tho north wing tho
Senate Chamber, 'lho Potunda Is dlstln- '
gnlshcd for Its hlstorlo paintings, for tlio
tamousbronzo doors, with their alto rollofs, '
and for llnimldl's lresoolngs In tho Hall of
blatitary are thenalural ploturoslnPotomao
marble, representing faces of cortaln Ameri
can statesmen a picturesque freak of nature.
From tho llttlo rotunda, Immediately north of
tho great rotunda, tho st.tlrcasa to tho top of
tho dome Leglns its w lndlng way. From tho
top of tho como, or as far us the visitor oan
ascend, tho viowof tho surrounding country
is maLiiltleent. The Capitol grounds, which
formerly were homely and formal lnnppeir
ancc, liavo been transformed Into a beautiful '
pnik and ara now most exquisitely boautitul. ,
'1 he cast base of tbo Capitol Is 80fi feet
abovo ordinary low tide In the rotomao. Tho !
total height from east base to tho top of tho
temple covorlug tho domo Is 268 foot; tho '
ftatutoof tho Goddess of Llboity, 10J4 feet,
making tho total height to tho crest of tho '
stnttio 307J6 feet. This crest Is 300 foot i
higher than the west gato of the grounds, nnd .
MU7 lect abovo low tide In tho Potomac, ot'2 It '
feet lower than thoniioxof tbo Washington
Monument, which Is Immcdlttely west. Tho
building Is 751 feet long hy B'J I wide, and
covci s tied acres. It Is tho finest nud largest
public building In tho world, nnd In many ro
spcets the costliest nml handsomest. It Is
molt over the growth of loss thau a contury
h fact which adds to Its beauty and interest.
Tho original Capitol, or centro bill ding. Is nn
lmitiitfon, tLouLh no not a slavish one, of tho
Mul'ouCarruut Nismes. Thovlew lroinlh.)
wi't fortlcont iilt-Ht. when thn lumps aro lit
In th o ubllc gruueds and thelightsol tho
city lllumiuiite tho ilnrBiioas, is one ot the
rmt peiiuiuiii nnu rie'uros.,uo in ttm
woild and Is well woith 4 Jjarmiy of u tlmn
sand miles to see. E3j
The White House.
irom the west balcony of tho CapltoiriiioiT- I
Ing down Pennsylvania atcnue, tho Whlto
Houso la teen tearing Its snowy-hacd walls
abovo tho dense mass of follaga that em
bowers It, like a glgantlo calla Illy springing I
up amid liB enfolding green blades. Were It j
not for tho partly Intervening Treasury
building tho view of the Whlto Houso from tho
Capitol would bo lull and complete. Tho
Whlto nonso is the center of "Up-town," as
tho Cupttol Is tho center of "Down-town."
It Is beautifully located, tho view from tha
south windows covering the wholo southern
lront of tho city, as tho view fiom tho north
up Sixteenth street wost exhibits tho boat
part of tho Northwest section to tho gaze.
One White House Is a copy of tho palace of
tbo Duko of Lelnster at Dublin, with the
addition of a largo porch on the noithfiont
which was ;addcd during Andrew Jackson'
WWII , n .itoMMTC
Zafaytite Square.
Duo nortu uoui the Whlto nouse Is Lafayette
Square, tho first publlo reservation In W.tshi
lni,ton that was improved. It contains the
equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson, by
Clatk Mills. Many of Its trees aro old
forest monarch!, hundreds of years old. It Is
In pott a specimen of the old formal landsoapo
gardening so fashionable In England two
undred years ago, a stylo that was Imported
into this countryi LnfayettoSquaro was, ono
hundred years ago, part of a graveyard that
enclosed the squaro north, on which St. John's
Church Is built, and the square east on whlon
ore situated the Attornoy-General's o.Doo
(formerly tho Froedrran's brink), tho Surgeon;
General's office end Biggs Bank (both In tbo
building formerly used an lho United States
Bank), Commodore Decatur's house, comer
Fifteenth and a-lmlf nnd II streets, and tbuold
Club Houeo, near which Philip Barton Key
was killed by Daniel E. fileklos. Member of
Congress flora New York. Tho last bodies
from this gmeynrd were not removed until
181U. sr:
bt. John's P. E. Church.
St. John's P. K. Church, which has oiten
been called tho State Churoh beoauso moro
Presidents bare worshipped there tban at
any other, stands at the corner of II and
Sixteenth streets. It was built In 1810 and
enlarged In lSUO. In It hao worshipped
Presidents Madison, Monroe, John Qutncy
Adams, (though tho latter was a Congrego
tloualht) Martin Van Burcn (though ho be
longed to tl 0 Dutch Rctormod Church) Har
rn-cn, Tjlir, Polk, Taylor, Fllmoio (thongb
thplnltir was n Unitarian), Pierce, Buehaniin
uuu Attl ur. Presidents LlncolnTJobmson aim
Giant bao abei attended Divine serovloe",
nltlciipb not steadily. Its interior reminds
erne teiy loulbly of the old, dim English
count i) Eph-corul chuichos.
The Tieamry Department,
Tho Treasury Department Is east of the
Whim House nnel extends tbo whole length o
fi ironl between 1'ennsylvan'a ana Now
York avenues. It Is 582Iong by 300 teet wide.
Tbo central east portion Is built of frcostono,
rebuilt In 18U0-41, while tho other parts were
commenced In 1S55 and built of granite. The
Cash Hoom in tills building Is a beau
tiful apartment In tho north wing,
the entranco to which Is from tho north
porch. Tho vaults aro under the Cash Hoora
and can bo seen on a written permit glvon by
tho Treasurer of the United Statos, whoso
ofllco Is In tho notthcast anglo on tha first
floor. This permit must bo shown t he cashier,
who will detail guides to take the visitor Into
the great bullion chests of the country. Tbo
old State Depot tment used to boon tho site oc
cupied by tho noitheast corner of tho Tieas
ury. llretr, Karyand State Department.
This edifice, once named by a Washington
Journalist tho "Triune Building," occupies
the wost side of the President's rossrvntlon,
Immediately wost of tho White House. Tho
btato Department occupies tho south part,
w hllo the War Department occupies tho ontlro
northern half. Itlsanowandtcryhandsomo
structure The most beautiful room In the
wholo building Is conceded to be the library
of tho State Department, with south front,
from whoso windows thocyocan sweep un
Interruptedly down tho rotomao to Mount
Vernon und far over tho Vlrglnl.i hills. Tho
building Is iu Itnllan ltennlss.ineo. It Is t07
feet, long und U1! feet wide. Its gieatest
height Is l'J8 feet, nud the ling, floating over
tho central pnitlon, flnunts In tho breoio
higher up than any other Hag In the city, nut
excepting tliOio abovo tho benata and Houso
of Heprescntath es, Tho cost of tho building
w ns fit e millions of doll.il 4, about throe times
ns much as the Whlto House, ami, we think,
us much as the Capitol,
Dejnu tment ofJubtice.
Immediately noith cf the Tre.isuiy building
and Just across tho street Is tbo Department
of Jtiitlce, This building was originally
crec ted ns thu Froedinau's Bank. Tho squaie
In which It la elected is a hlstorlo ono. On
tl o suinu btieet, nt the oust corner, stunds
lllggs' Bunk, whlili wns built for the noeoin
datlon of the Washington brauuh of tho
old I nltcd btates Bonk, Just niouud the cor
ner Is thu resident" of becretary of State
Blaine, who octuple thu houso whhdi
Tins founcrly tlm old aihliitju Ua'i
House in fiolil ot which rhlllp Buton
Key was shot by Slekcls. Tho troo. under
which tho ilcud man's body lay, Is still stand
ing, althomh Its bark had been completely
rtnnoVidbyr Ho hunters. At the northwest
corner of tin' siuiivc nlmvothe Cumtnlssiry
(loiiernl's ofllc,. Is tho llousu rotdo famous
by tho ownership of Couunodori Doeatur,
wrcro "Dolly" Mudlsoii lived nnd relcnoil so
long a social Qiieon after her husband's term
us rresldcni expired.
The Wimhi ifftun Monument.
Irnni '-'v south of tho White llouo
stands th. U lilhgtou Monument, tho loftl
est ktrti' turn eri-oted bv man, aud tho most
imposing" be'Ik over constructed. ltlsB", '
lect iibove Its base, whldi Is 4'J feet abovo
tide wnli r. Its corncr-stono was lall July
-I, IS 18, and the capstone, forming the apex,
was placed lu poiitlou December 0, 18MI, In
It aie 1H1 blocks of Inserted stones or copper,
gifts from various countries nnd societies. I
Tho tutal cost will be overJl.mo.Ool. It Is
situated In what will ultimately bo a beauti
ful park.
The JYiit: tl t?ii-niA)i7, ,
To the west of tho V ashlngtoii Monument ,
ou the highest elevation tint borders tho i
north bunk of tho river, between st. Eliza
beth's Heights and Georgetown College, i
stands the Jwival Observatory. Tho hill on i
witch It stands Is famous for having been I
the eamihu ground of Washington Hrtd-
dock and tho lattcr's army, when on their
maroh'totiia fatal field, whero the Kngllsh
General fell n victim to his sclf-coucelt and
vaulty. Tradition also points out this hill as '
the dtcMto battle-ground between tho D(s I
trlct Indlins nnd the mysterious Susnue- 1
hanr.as. This observatory contains tholargost
refracting teloscopo in tho world, next to tho
ncwcqoatoilal Ju-t built for tho Ltok Ob
eertatory. By Its aid that most iutere'stlue
If not greatest, astronomical ellssovry of tho
country was made, tho moons of Xfurs. lho
eatrnnio to the Observatory Is at B and
Twenty third streets northwest. Tho Herdlo
cubs (.0 to Twenty-second and G siu-ets.
The Ay ('cultural Department.
This building Is sltuutod cast of tho Monu
ment. It Is Induced by tho most beautiful
and glowing Bower garden In tho country,
arid tbo grounds contain tho most complete
Mboretum prohably In tho United States.
Attached to thla Department ore tho Experi
mental Gardens, whoso ofllces aro Immedi
ately west of tho main building. Tho Belt
Line cars go right past tho grounds.
The Smithsonian- Institute and National
The visitor may obtain considerable onlcr
telrimcnt and Instruction by spending several
hours in tho Smithsonian Institution and
National Museum. These aro two handsomo
big buildings, situated In tho Immcnso park
lying f outh of B street, between Seventh and
Tw clfth sttccts. Thcte Is simply a mammoth
free museum, owned and operated by tho U.
S. Government for the collection of every
thing In nature, sclenco, litorature, history
nnd art that "--- Interesting and valuable,
and the displaying of them to the publlo. As
ono enters tho ha' 1 of tho National Musoum
tho first object r Interest is a collection of
the personal efcts of Goorgo Washington,
including his clothing, family china and camp
utensils. Bcjoud this stretch row after row
of glass show-cases, In which aro displayed
collections of almost every coacelvablo ar
ticles. Tho artist will find raro etchings,
specimens of tho engraver's art In Its perfec
tion. Tho suigeon will seo wholo cases full
of keen and gllstcnlug Implements of his
calling from tho smallest and most complex
to the largest and simplest. The numismatist
mayrovel In a collection of raro colus, from
the froshly coined dollar of tho day to tho
copper cast that bears tho stamp of tho
Ca-sars. Tbo geologist will find himself In a
maze of specimens dug from overy section
of the country. Tho othnologist may poro
for hours over tho models of the Cliff houses
nnd the homes of tho Aborigines. Tho loer
of antiquities In gcncial will hato an un
bounded rango of subjects, from tho Kgyp
tlan mummies, a thousand years old. and
relics of Pompeii to the arms and Implements
of tho early dwellers irr America. Tho lover
of brie a-brao and lino china will discover a
paradlso of earthen productions. The dain
tiest wares from Limoges, Baccarat, Hungary
and Germany will pleaso tho oyo, and tho
ptoccss of manufaotura is displayed. In tho
bmtthsonlau Building tho studont of tax
idermy will find case after caso of birds,
beasts, fish and reptiles stuffed and in Jars of
alcohol. Back of the Smithsonian Building
Is a "Zoo," w'loro aro a numbor of livo wild
animals. Several bears, a cougar, a Jaguar
and groups of smaller animals and birds
comprlso tho collection. Tha Smithsonian
Institution and National Museum buildings
aro open from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. to visitors,
and may be reached by tho Sovonth street,
Belt lino and Ninth street lino of street-cars
The Botanical Uardcni.
Passing eastward from the Museum, over
lho railroad bridge that spans Sixth street,
and through the protty park lytag between
Maine and Missouri avonuos,the visitor comes
to the entranco on Third .street, Just south of
Pennsylvania avenue, of tho Botanical Gar
dens. These Interesting grounds aro open
dally from O In tho morning to 0 In tho oron
ing. They were established fifty years ao.
lie conservatories aro filled with tbo
choicest and rarost foreign plants. Around
the gardens aro extensive collections of trees
and shrubs. In tho centro of the lawn facing
tho centre conservatory Is tho famous Bar
tboldl Fountain that attracted so much at
tention at the Philadelphia Centennial.
The 1'cace Monument.
Just half way across tho Avonue from the
northeast angle of the Botanical Garden and
ut tho west foot of tho Capitol Grounds Is tho
Ptwcc Monument. This was deslgnod by Ad
mnal Toiter In honor of tho dead soldiers and
sailors of tho latowar. It 1s of marble und
cost, with pedestal and phttform, 3-11,000. It
is proposed to remove this monument to one
of the squares on tho northwest suction.
llctraclng ours tops wo And
The Printing and Kngraiing Bureau.
The great money mill of tho Government Is
located at tho corner of Fourteenth and B
streets southwest, southeast from tho Monu
ment and (southwest from tho Agricultural
Bureau. It Is reached by tho Belt Lino Curs
ond Is opened to visitors nvcry day.
Davy Burns' Cottage.
Ono of tho curiosities of Washington Is old
Davy Burns' t ottage, on Seventeenth street,
mar tlio llvor. It may bo reached by tho
drive south ot tlio Ptoshlent's Homo or by
the Metropolitan or Avenue Huo of cars. Noxt
door to It Is General Van Ness' onco statoly
mansion, where ho brought his bride, Marcla
Burns, ono of tho original holressos of Wash
ington. (Jjrcouin Ait Gallery.
Tho Corcoran Art Gallery Is at the corner of
Penusylt aula in cuiio and Seventeenth htteet
opposite the War,Nay and State Department.
It Is open Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Satur
days free; on other days (except Sundays) a
small admission fee Is charged. This g illery,
ultl ough not to be computed with tho great
Old Woild galleries, 3 notortholess a very
cicdltablo institution for so now a country
us tho United btutes. It contains among other
original objects Powers' gicat statue of tha
"Greek Slat o"
The Louise Home.
Tho Loulso Homo is it bountiful building at
tho corner of Massachusetts avenue nnd Fif
teenth ttrcet, near Scott Circle. It has ex
tensive grounds, beautifully erabolllshod, and
Is a tinlquo establishment, It Is a memorial
to tbo wife nnd daughter of Mr. W. W,
Con oi un, and Is Intcidca as a home for
ladles offctducatlflii and birth and refinement,
w ho hat o hi eu lodueed to poverty from af
fluence The Columbian Vnirerm'ty.
Coming down Fifteenth Btreot from tho
Loulsollomo, at tho corner of Flftoenth and
H streets, tho visitor sees the ( olumbtan Uni
versity, which occupies tbo of tho old
Gilswold Jlunsloii. This university wusin
corpornted as Columbian Collor.e In 18J1,
and Is under tho spa!ut supcrvliluii of tho
Baptist Church. It Is nn Institution famous
for the discipline and thorotighncis ot its
Instrui ttnn.
The Pustofflce J)ejai tment.
1 ho Genernl Postofllco Dep irtment Is ou tho
square bounded by K, F, Soventh and Eighth
streets. It Is a handsomo building, although
Its ptoxlmlty to Its larger nnd bolder brother,
) the Patent Ofllco, somowhat obscures Its grout
I sire and tends to lessen Its beauty. It differ
ent buiouus possessor gteut Interest to tho
I visiter, but tho Dead Lettoi Office Is particu
larly tho ono to bo obsui v I. Tho colleet'o i
of ouriosltlcs taken from tha malls In transit,
as specimens of the uoi to which the Nation's
postal conveyances aro put, Is both varied
aud unique, Kverythlu: ttiiinailablc, from an
Indl nt '"l itwli toa stiirTtl kauguoo, Is ti
bo ncn ,ii his i oUt-oliuli. and li Is -Ull .raw
ing. 2h frfir'or Pspaf1nrnt.
or ns It Is popularly Ifcn d, tho Patent odlco,
cxi uplcs I ho t w n square " twe.-n oerniith ami
Ninth und Y and ll slrcoi It Is built in tlio
Doric s(ViCi aml , n,, 'nltlb'o "ii I"
men of tho boldost an I I'm lest ol
tho i.rwk styles. It i ltni'ts dnnly
with the General Postofllco, w hl h Is t'nrln
thlfin, tho most ernato of tho pure Greek
modes of architecture. The cm losltlos of tho
Patent ofllco aro tho model rooms, wheto
trany thousitids of Idi-as have Ih-oii mate
rialized and exhibit themselves to tho gazo In
every stage of Invention. "Ihts building, llko
most of the Government ofllcos, Is open to tho
visiter from ll n m. to 2 p. ro. Tho libraries
of the Interior Department are well worthy
of a llt. Tho great Inauguration lull at
Lincoln's second teim took placo In tho
Pntant Office
Marine Bai racks Xaty- Yard.
TlioMnrliioBrrracksnrosltiiatod!on Hhdith
sticet southeast, between G nnd 11. bovernl
squares futlhcr south the walls of the Navy
Yard rlio beforo tho gazo. 1 his Navy Yard
was In Its time tho most famous ono In tho
country, tho second largest ship of tho lino In
tho Navy-Yntd having been bnllt hero, as
well ns tho famous cruisers, tho Ksox, tho
Wasp and others. It Is to bo converted Into
tho irrcat ordnance factory of tho country,
and tho visitor will find bundled of ohjocts
herein to Interest him, especially tho making
of tho steel rifled cannon.
Medical Museum.
'Sha lnrgo brick building nn Tenth street,
between E and F streets, with a plastcrod
front, painted brawn, was onco a Baptist
thatch. It was converted ubont tho begin
ning of tho war into a theatre, known tho
country ocr as Ford's, and It was In a prlvnto
box thero in April, 1803, that John mikes
Booth killed Picsldcnt Lincoln.1 Tho latter
was carried to a houso Just opposite, whero
ho died. Amnrblotablct In front of tho houso,
No. 510 Tenth street, commemorates thl
fact. Tho theatro was then scqnostratcd by
the Government and turned Into the Medlc.il
Museum nltnohed to tho Surgeon-General's
office. A largo and handsomo building has
slnco been elected In tho Smithsonian Park,
Just cast of tho National Museum, whloliils
now used for tho Medical Museum. It lsl full
of Interesting surgical relies of tho warand
has the largest medical library Iu tho world.
Among tbo curiosities within Its walls Is tho
articulated skeleton of Gultcau, tho assassin
of President Garfield, Coming down Tenth
street from tho former Medical Museum tho
visitor will not fall to Inspcot tho masslvo and
beautiful Post Building, In which is situated
tho ofllco of 1 ul CxriTAL. This Is tho largest
nowspapcr establishment south of Philadel
phia nnd east of tho Ohio and Mississippi
rivers. Three of tho leading and most influ
ential Journals lu tho country ono morning,
one evening nnd ouo Independent Sun
day 'paper havo tholr homo In this, es
tablishment. The Ocological Bureau.
Tho Geological Survey Is located on Fstrect,
near tho Ebbltt Houso. Tho Interior Depart
ment building, Immense as It is, Is entirely
too small for tho accommodation of Its bu
reaus, tw o of w hlch, besides tho Eilueational
and Geological Burcans,(ACTleulturo and Pen
aloul'aro located In other quarters. These
two last bureaus aro among tlio largest under
T7ie District Buildings.
The visitor, after leaving tho Centre Mar
ket, will proceed down tho Avenue to First
street and northward up that sticet two
squares will como to tho District building,
whero aro tho ofllci s of tho Commljsionors
and other officials of tho District.
The City Hall.
Duo north of tho Avcnuoand cloilngup
Four-and-a-half sticet at that point, Is tho
City Hall. This Is n largo and commodious
building, built for tiso rather than show, and
now occupied by tho District Courts. Just In
front aud to the south of the City Hall Is u
column of whlto stono, surmounted by a mar
ble figure of Lincoln.
Judiciary Square.
The City Hall stands on tho south front ot
Judiciary Squaro, one of tlio finest parka In
tho city. The City Jail used to stand on the
northeast corner of the septate, which runs
from Fifth to Fourth and from D Btreot and
Louisiana avenuo to G slrcot throo long, full
The Pension Office.
Tho now Pension building extends nearly
tho eutlro width ot Judiciary bquaro, from
Fourth to 1 Ifth streets and from G, nearly to
V street. It Is by far tho largest building in
tho world devoted to tho examination and
settlement of claims for pensions. It Is built
of red brick, nnd cost several hundrod thou
sand dollars. In It was given President Cleve
land's Inauguration Ball. It can be reached
by tho Metropolitan and Bolt Line cars.
The Cent) e Market.
The Centro Murkct occupies squares south
of tho Avenue, botihdod by B st. on tho south,
Seventh street on the cast and Ninth street ou
west. It Is a very handsome market building,
excelled In beauty, and probably In size, by
none In the world. It Is the cleanest and
tho best, while also the cheapest market In
The Qoternment Printing Office,
Tho Government Printing ofllco Is In a
northeast direction fiom the Pension Office,
at tbo corner ot II and North Capitol streets
It Is by far tho largest printing establishment
In tho world, and Is full of interest to visitors.
Tbo cost of running It goos up Into millions
annually, and tho money Is woll spent. It
would take columns to merely outline the
glgantlo establishment, which employes lu Its
busiest season over 2,000 peoplo. It Is readied
by the Columbia lino of stt eet ours.
Iloieard University.
noward University Is tho first place In this
country to provldo for the higher education
of tho colored peoplo generally. It Is on
Seventh street extended, Just abovo
Boundary, and occupies a lilgh uud pictures
quo site, overlooking tbo wnolo city. It Is
bulltof large cream colored brick, specially
manufactured for the occasion.
The Old Soldiers' Home.
'1 ho Old boldlers' Homo lies about a mile be
yond Howard Unlv crsity, out Seventh street
extended, and Is reached by the same con
veyances, namely, tho Ninth and Saventb
street car lines. Its main building is of
marble, 200 feet front w Ith a very high tower.
'1 lie v lew from Its tower surpasses any similar
view In tho neighborhood. A statue of
General Scott adorns tho grounds. Thero Is
illso a National Cemetery with set erul thou
sand Union dead burled there.
The Deaf Mute College.
Hctunnng frora.Mt. Olltet the visitor will
pass near by and in full sight of tho Deaf
mute College, which lies on tho north sido of
Boundaty stieet, at the north end of Klghth
stieet northeast. It Is reachedby cab or tho
H street line of ears. It is tho most prominent
deaf mutccolhgoin tho world.
St. Elizabeth's.
Across tbo Anacosta Illvcr, due south from
tho Navy-Yard, Is St. ElUabeth's, or tho Gov
ernment's Hospital for thu Insane. It lies ou
tho top of a hill, having a boautlful vlow of
the surrounding countty. There are over ono
thousand patlentsln this asylum. It Is reaohed
by a plcasunt carriage drio.
Outside of tho original District uro several
1 laces of gteat Interest to tbo tourist, notably
Hladensburg. In Maryland.on tho B. & O, It. It.,
seven miles from Washington. It Is an old
town, famous for being a hundred years no
tho largest commercial city In Maryland; nlsir
for Its bpa bprlngs, and for Its associations as
n favorite duollln,; ground In tho days when
the "code of houor" was in force.
Ailing ton.
Across tho rotomio, opposite Georgetown,
and reached by cub noross either tho Lenj
or tho Aqueduct Bridges, Is Arlington, onco
tho homo of tho I ees, and now tho largest
national cometery In the country. Ovor 10,00.1
soldiers aio burled hero, Tho place Is exceod
Ingly beautiful and the view of Wiishlngton
Cabin John Ihidge,
Cabin John Bridge, spanning tho chism ol
Cublti John Creek, about eight miles from
Hock Creek Bridge, Is the largest single stone
an h bridge In the world, Fltomllos abovo
Cabin John Bridge aro the Groat Falls of tin
Potomao, The scenery Is magnificent Hoaehod
by cab.
jilt lell ((Wei.
Seven miles from Washington down the Po
tomac, reached by boat or by rail, Is tha old
elt) of AlvsRudrk,, It goutajp.1 atnous other
objects of Interest the churoh whore Wash
ttigton worshlptcd, tho boiHo hit Brtddnk
lived In before ho went on his filial twnipaUu,
tto lodge of Masons to whlev Washington wis
attached, lho stoiu whero tho famous ((mural
Turner Ashby sold dry goods for iiiauy years,
nnd many other objoets of Interest.
Mount Vernon.
Fourteen mltos below Washington down tlrt
river, reached by boat, Is Mount Vernon, tin
home nnd grave of Washington. Visitor osn
leach It by tlo ttcamer Corcoran, Captain
Blnko everyday,
37ie! li'tffii'iitff'cM Barracks.
1 hoWashlngton Barracks or tho Arsenal, ns I
It Is commonly called, are loetted nt tho toot
of Pour and a-half streol sonthwost, tho ,
Cioumiscxiciuiing over wnar. iiseu to UB 1110
lienltcutlnry. It Is Interesting nmoug other
reasons for being tho enolosiiro In which Mrs.
Surrutt nnd tho Assasslustlon prisoners wcto
hanged. Tho band which is stationed heie
glvo frequent concerts In tho summer thutnro
largely attended. Itoachcd by lho Metropoli
tan (Four-and-a-half-slreot branch and tlio
Seventh street Hue, via tho Anacostla lluouf
Qeorgeloim Uniecrrity.
Georgetown Unlvorsltr Is lho leading Catho
lic collcgo tn tho United States. It Is located
on the west sldoof Prospcot streol, George
town, on, perhaps, lho most boautlful site on
tho Potomao. Its buildings and grounds are
very handsome. Ileachcd by the MctroiwllUn
street ears.
The District Jail.
On tlio rcscrrntlon which lies Immediately
north of 15 street southeast and fronts on tho
Anacostla litter Is n hugo quadrangular pile
of red brick, known n tho District Jail. This
building Is especially nottcoablo for bcln tho
ono wherein tho assassin of a Prosldcnt was
hanged. Just south ot It Is tho City Asylum.
It Is readied by onh or nnrrlsgo, or on foot
fiom tho termination of tho railway nnd her
dlo 1I-0-.
" bo road &AM.T by all Interested, as
changes may ooour at anytime.
Letters for foreign countries noednotbo
APoclully addressed fordospatch by nny par
ticular steamer, except whon it Is desired to
send duplicates of banking nnd commercial
eloeumonts, letters not specially addressed
being sent by tho fastest vessols available
Foreign malls for tho wcolt ending Febru
ary 1. will closo i'itojtra.r In all cases at
this ofllco us follows:
MONDAY. At 3 o. m. for Bellzo, Puorto
Cortuz and Livingston, per s. . llrctk
watcr, fiom New Oricuns.
TUEBDAY.-At 10 a. m. foi Belgium direct,
per s. s. Ithvnlund, via Antwei p llotters
must bo directed "per Hhynland"; ntlp.
m. fur Be rmuda. per s. s. Trinidad.
WEDNESDAY.- At 11X0 a.m. for Belgium di
rect, per s. s. Ftlcslond. via Antwerp llettcrs
must bo directed "per Frlcsland"l;ut v. Id n.
in. for lroland, per s. s. Adriatic, via
tjiieenstnwn letters for Great Britain and
other European countries must be di
rected "per Adriatic"; at O.JO a. m. for
Europe, per s. s. Saalo, via Southampton
and Bremen letters for lroland must bo di
rected "per Sanlo"!: nt 1 p, m. for St.
Thomas, bt. Croix and Windward Islands,
per s. s. City of San Antonio letters for
Trinidad and Tobago must be dliectud "per
City ot San Antonio"; at 1 p. m. for
Caiiipeche, Chiapas, 'l abaseo and Yucatan,
per r. s. Niagara letters for other Mexican
btates and Cuba roust bo directed "per
Nlngnra";nt 1 p, m. for St. Domingo nnd
'lurks' Island, per s. s. Goo W. Clyde; at 1
p m. forTrlnldnd and Tobigo, per s. s.
Cobuu; at 3 p.m. foi Tiuxllto and Hun
tan, per s. s. S. Oteri, from New Orloans.
THUUSDAY.-.U II a. m. for Vcnozuela, Cu
racao and bnvanllla, via Curacao, per s. s.
Venezuela lottrrs for otlior Colombian
poits must ho directed '"nor Venezuela"!
at 11 a.m. for Fortuno island and llaytl,
pcrs. s. Athns letters for Savlnllln, eto ,
mast he directed "per Athos"! ut 1 p. m.
for Bermuda, rcr s. s. Orinoco; at 1 p m.
for Nassau. N. 1 , and hantlngo, Cuba, per
s. s. Cicnfiiegos; at 1 n. in. for l-avunllla.
etc., per s s. Vlcnya letters for bnntlaco
must ho directed "per vleoya"; at M-TOp.
m. for St. Plcrre-JIIeiuelon, per stoamcr
from Halifax.
PHI DAY. At 2 pm. for Jamaica, Giey
town, Truxlllo, Belize, Livingston and
Puerto Cortex, per s. h. Agunn.
SATURDAY.-At 10 a.m. for St Ciolxnnd
bt. Thomas, via bt, Croix, ulso Windward
Islands direct, per s. s Muriel: at 10 a. m.
for Central America and South Pacific ports,
per b. s. City of Para, v la Asplnwall, at 11 a.
m. for Port-au-1'rluca and Jaemcl, llujtl
nnd Sat unllla, via Curacao, per s s. Oranjo
Nassau letters for Curacao, Venezuela,
Trinidad. British nnd Dutch Guiana must bo
I ranco, Switzerland, Italy, Spain und Poi
tupal, per s. s. La Champag"o, via Havio
llctteis for other European countrlos must
bo directed "per La Champagne"; at 11.30
a. m. for Euroro per s. s. Bothnia, via
Quccnstown letters foi Fiance, Swit
zerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal must
bo diiectcd "per Bothnia": at 1 p m. for
Cuba, per s. s. Henoen, via Havana llettcrs
must bo'dlreetod "per s.enoca"; at 1 I'M) p. m.
for tho Netherlands direct, per s. s. Edm,
via Amsterdam letters mnst bo directed
"perEdam"J; atHlop. ra. for Scotland di
rect, pcrs. s. Ethiopia, via Glasgow let
ters must bo directed "per Ethiopia",!.
SUNDAY. At 3 p. m. for Costa Hlca, via
Llmon, i cr s. s. Foxhall, from Now Orle ins;
Mulls for tbo Hawtilltin Islands, per s. s.
Australia from Son Francisco, closo hero
Jnnuarj 80at 7 p. m. Malls for tho Society
Islands, per ship City of Fcpoltl from San
Iranclseol, close hero January JO, nt 7 p. m.
Malls for China and Japan, per s. s. Oeoanlo
from San Francisco closobero January J0,
ut 7 p. m. Malls lor Australia, Now Zea
land. Hawaiian, FIJI and Samoan Islands,
per s. s. Mariposa fiom ban Francisco,
closo here February 3, at 7 p. m. or on
arrival nt Now York ot s. b. Auranla with
British malls for Australia, Malls tor Cuba
by rail to Tumpn. Fla., and tlionca by
steamer, via Key West, Fla,, closo at this
ofllco dally at .M a. in.
Tho schedtilo of closing of Trans Pitelflo
molls Is arranged on tho presumption of tholr
uninterrupted overland transit to ban Fran
cisco. Malls from the East arriving on tlmo
at ban rrunclseo ou tho day of sailing of
steamers are despatched thence tho sarno
day. Heglstered mall closes at 0.30 p.m.
previous day.
COnNKI.lUS VAN COTT, Postmaster.
rosTiu Fict , Nhv YonK, N. Y., Jan. 81, 1810.
-IN 1TS-
Nervousi Bilious or Congestive Forms.
L. It. BROWN, M. D
23 Wost Jersey st ,
El irAHETii, N. J., Juno 23, lSsO.
This Is to ccrtity that 1 havo used for somo
months with much satisfaction, tho combina
tion of remedies, for Headache, known as
Brlggs' Hcadacho Troches, Tho romedy
cures moro headaches, especially such as af
fect Neivous Women, than anything I nm
acquainted with, and It this ccrtiticato will
be tho menus of bringing it to thofavorablo
attention of sufferers from that trouble, I
shall feel that I havo dono them aservlco,
L. It. BltOWN.
bold by nil Druggists or sont by Mall on Ito
celpt of Price.
CAMI'HELI..-In llnltlmoio, Saturday. lVb
ruaiy l.baiab Maigaret Campbell, wlfoof
.IosIhIi Iuwq IlIuekvMill and daughter of
tho latu It. Hamilton Campbell.
iuneuil will take placo utOraco Chureli,
Baltimore, on Monday ultemooti, February
3, at 3.SU o'clock
VXJIKltr. lit ISU.H
(Successor to llonry Leo's Sous),
-TJIN-iDHl DRO?-flL.IS:iilt-
Ilranoli oftlev 411" Martini") v. a w
rooms, sultoblo foi light housekeeping:
references required. Cull ufter 2 o'clock, 420
Mh st lie.
; handsomely furnished raom rn first
iloor enltable for one or two KO'illemci
Utrs pass the doer,
HI Publishes All Hie Hews
for 2 Cents,
2--II Favors the Best Interests
of Washington,
to be
Bulldozed Into Jobbery
4-lt Expresses .Emphatic
Men and
t Fear or
6-11 Courts Criticism of Itself,
-It Fearlessly Supports Truth
and Justice,
8 It Gives Everybody a Chance
to Growl
It Publishes MARRIAGE
10 It Awaits Your Subscription
35 Cents a Month
A m i tl v r v r.s
Xs Ltery eviiiHiit Wit n i
Out Utile, IpLlnnlon M,
Clrcnt t Imractur Bin !r,
A Satire nn j-uiirstltlnii us I1t'S""t,t i I
Tlmcsat the bijou lhcutle,Ni tv Yor
Next weok-NAT C GOOOw IN In A '"" I)
Week Commencing SIONDAY, PC'S. 1
All! K
And tho
Monday, Tuesday ond Friday Evenlu;t nlo
t-atureliiy Mnllneu,
Preceded by tho Iixquisltn Pan r,
tilncsflay,Thurdnnnd Saturday Etvu'rujs
Tho New Three Act Comedy,
By Justin MoCarthy, M. P., and
Next week J. K, EMMET.
Tho Younrr California Acini,
In Ilia Unrltalcd Snece-s
A btroup; Cast. Mnrniitlccnl Cotim .
Hi or thu sweet sonjrs of tho Tyrol .
Mr. blnlcy carries his own sceii'-ry n I
t roi ortlus complete for this production
Jext wcuh-MY PAHTWER.
rioNajiEaATio.VAiiH wtcn.
Tnrsdny evontrrr. rob !, 1 tn p Tl rtrn
Wednesday ovenlnc, Fob. 5 f I "It ilici.
CharmlPR fecencs Artistically Illustrated.
Admlcslon, too.; retorted cnts, TSo.nt.T.
F. Ellis ACo's, 037 l'a. ato.
Feb. IS, 11. SECOND NAPOLEON l.fci T 'II C:
Feb. 15, 17. BEIIL1N IN 1S53J Feb 1", 11,
IlllltllITT A .MHITII IIilliMsris
St. Monday, February 3, and ilurlns tho
Matinees Monday, Wednesday, Frldiynnd
Saturday. Admission at nlsht, 10. so, 30 anil
51c Matlneos, 10. 80 aud 30c.
Niw.oi.ir. xur re j:s.
nrrsTTHH Washington io.w
Tomporary ofllces. No. 1001 F t n. w.
Loans money ou collateral and real 'l.itr.
I'ujs Intcru-it on deposits. Has for rale -"
cured investments. Capital. 81.000 000 C-ill
nnd seo or write to us. 11. II WAllNBR,
ITc-ldtnt; JN0..10YEDSON,Vlco l'ro-ldtnt;
W. II. KOBINSON, Secretary; W. B. OUKLE Y,
Acting Treasurer.
WSJ 11 Fst. u. w., Washington, D (
A Genernl Banking Business Trnn h t d.
Capital, $ao,m.
II. II. WARNER, President.
A T. DItlTTON, YkoPioslluil
E. S. l'ARKElt, Cashier.
1116 Tenna. avo., oppodto Wlllard's It i'el.
Thousands from fur anducar vHt Dr. iVtitto
for relief fiom and avolaanco of com. Min
ions, diseased nulls and ull other fiwr,
troubles. Hours. 8 a. m. to 0 p. in ; bun
days. D to 12. Established 1601. Fee. ii.
Mlsl. McCutTerfcv Id tho ntv hit An f
bonnot-framo manufacturer In tho city. CtU
and seo her new shapes. Bleaching aul
firos-lnc. fatraw and felt hats altered to tua
atost styles. Orders promptly attended to.
1O0J Q street n w.
--' clalty In curing nervous ami mental
dlscaso, spinal, ovarian and uterluu troubles
paralysis, tumors, sciatica, hystirlu, rheuma
tism, neuralgia, chcroa, etc. Hairs removed,
btrlclures cured, bratlc electricity thronsli
clothing. Dr. L. S. NICHOLSON. Wl Twelfth
Bt. n. w.
l121' VEHTI8ING CO. Ofllco, 13U Pa.
nvo , upstnlrs. Advertisements Displayed bv
1,000 Candle Power Electric Light upon GOO
Square Feet of Canaa. J.tnV7,lw,da
nr-ron yoitr full-dress supplies go
to P. T. HALL, 008 F street northwest.
Special Bargain, our $1.-3 Fall Dross Shht.
bhlrts to. Measure a Specialty.
JiS.'-aA- Sm$AsoXsC'
Jlirs I'Htrcot. Member of IViisliliiKfoie
Meitk llxvhanKC. All local Mock
nml xet'iirltlch bonctit unci isolil.
iiutjszh axj iir.srAVitASTs.
WAsniNtrroN, d r
0. 0. STAPLES, lato of Thomund Isl. HoueJ
Army and Navy Headquarters.
Four Iron Fire Escapes.
TERMS S3. 00 and 11.00 Per Day.
L. WOQDBUKY. Proprleter.
niuK noiimandieT
Comer lfitb and I streets northwest,
OpiKislto McPberson Bquarev
E, Kuiitz JouhcON. A. L. Jonvov.
OFFICES ISO! Fst, n. w., 1313 7th t n. w .
lllJOlhst. n. w., 3d and K sta. n, w., 1710
Pa. a e. n. w. and 101 M st. u. o.
Johnson Bros.,
MAIN OFFICE-1'JW F st. ll. w.
OfUce, Wharves nnd Hallroad Yards Foot of
l.'tb st. s. w.
Solo Accuts for sale of Washington Ois Co.'a
ocJ5,dib, Coke.
A Cliariului;
Alonir the
Sonir and storv
I Vivid.
I - Erloellttf.
I And
I Uoautlfu!
i llliistratluu-.
ioened Miul. 7Je . it I.
AdinUtlon, DCt
P Ellis .V tn '-, ''IT IVuut nvo
Feb 8 nnd 11. Ilrt Niiixileoii I eietun V, it.
1.' nud 11 Mi-olid NuiKileon Lootuio 1.
and I!, ikrlln In i 1 ill. 18 and 10, b
trlund DUltI)llT.t.N01tTll, Mdiu.ii
1' foniely (urnUlii'el neeond-stoiy front
room; northern aud southern expotuiv, prl-
1 vutefiiuilly
r monthly panucnts; 8 rooms, 1 atb ct -lnr.
lueidcrn IninroTCnients: near llutlnir.
I Tension nnd Capitol bnltdlugs, rd st 11 e,
i.fion. ai ci-.-liin. .i.coi. fmnm. sil
Ull fit BYi'.
s tV'ixJ vyVAV )

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