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The Washington Critic.
22D YlDA.lt NO. 0,700.
n:th ur th: -itf,u i nninr.
Wotmlej'a Ilbttl bit to t t a
Tho shoplifters wet ewTtotl at f4
A KMK of robbers art epetiMm B
Sccrcisrv Traey will m9 UV trtf
(lie Despatch.
A 3olf gallon of iduinbr tailed oa tt
Commissioners today.
Tlio tV-hlnjton Jocky Glua hare d
cldcd to hold sprlnjr meeilnv.
Tlio School Hoard want ner ttHiUr L
crecicu si Bovenin ana r streets.
Tlio ttlal of Dr Dealt, the tllrgrd reattr
rcctlonlst, will couio up on Monday.
Tlio corner-stone ot tin new Herman Or
phan Asylum will he laid to-morrow.
The Pennsylvania lUilroad Company Is
said to he at the back ot the O. & O. Canal
Secretary Tracy hat expressed lilt thank
to Chief l'arls and tnembcr of the I'll and
Follco departmenta.
Senator Hltcock hat preclpltatrl re
in Iho Uurc&u of Engrsvin- and t'rlatlo
by having a colored girl appointed a plat
printers' assistant.
1'rcsldcnt Howltt hat leased the nr
baseball grounds on 81xtcontIi and V atretti
for llvo years and given tbo contract for
putting lb cm In condition. Twelve met
nro signed for tho team.
Tho majority and minority rcporta on the
proposed now codo of rule for tho House
havo been raado public. Tho latter vigor
ously opposes tho "counting In" rule and
mo one maKing iuu a quorum oi iu com
mlttce of tho whole
Democrats aro preparing for Iho next na
tional campaign.
The bill for tho rccolnugo of fillrar was
Introduced In tho Houso.
It Is thought thcro will bo a protracted
debato In tho United States Homo ot Hep
rcscntatives over tho adoption of tho rulct.
The Intprstato Comracrco Commission
has decided that a dtflcrenco In tho ratoson
corn from Indianapolis to tho seaboard I
Tbo Cnlcngo Anarchists' caso Is to bo
taken before tho United States Supremo
Court for revlow, In tho hopo of trying to
get 'a rclcasa from prison of Ncobo, Flolden
and Schwab.
In the House a hill was reported from
the Military Commlttco establishing tho of
lico of Assistant Secretary of War. Aftor
debate a bill was passed increasing to $100
a month the pension of General Abram
Duryca. Tho Houso then adjourned until
General W. T. Sherman is TO years ot ago
Tho Lenox Hill Bank of New York has
There were 205 business failures In tho
United States and CO In Canada the past
William M. Ayrcs has been nominated for
Congress in the Fourth Pennsylvania dls
tiict (Judge Kelley's).
Major Grant of New York has set hi
foot down lirmly on proposals for a deal I
tho Woild's Fair matter.
Ex-Bank President Peter J. (Jlnasscn o
New Yotk, charged with bank wrecking
has been leleased on $30,000 ball.
Fourteen hundred spinners and weaver!
ro idle by a strlko at tho Nashua (N. II.
Manufacturing Company's works.
Tho Reading road will build a now brldeo
ever tho Susquehanna at Ilarrlsburg, below
the piers of tho old South Ponn line.
Joshua Saxton, founder ot the Urbana
(Ohio) Citizen, and tho oldest editor in
Ohio, Is dead. Ho was an undo of Con
gressman McKlnley.
Tho West Vlrdnla Lcelelaturo na9sod a
joint resolution providing for tho settle
ment of tho boundary line between Mary
land and West Virginia.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis has written to a
friend In Richmond soliciting personal
recollections of her late husband for tho
biography which sho is preparing.
Alaska shaft, tho Philadelphia and Read
ing Coal and Iron Company's largest col
liery, closed indefinitely. Ono thousand
hands aro thrown out of employment.
The schooner Minnehaha, loaded with
crudo oil, conslgued to the Standard Oil
Company of Providence, R. I., Is, with her
captain and six men, believed to havo been
A widow In Brooklyn who persisted In
refusing $5,000 insuranco money on hor
husband's life has been declared Insane be
cause sho would scrub the steps flvo times
a day.
Tho worst blizzard In tho recollection of
the oldest inhabitants of Minnesota has
swept that State. A furious storm raged
turougu wcsiorn rennsyivania, Killing two
men al Blalravlllo and blowing down many
buildings. Freezing weather and snow aro
reported from Virginia.
Cardinal Pcccl, brother of tho Popo, died
this afternoon.
Charles Scrlbner & Sons will bo tho
American publishers of Stanloy's forth
coming hook.
Nato Salsbury says that thero Is not tho
slightest foundation for tho rumor that tha
Wild West show is financially embarrassed.
Emperor William has requested tho Brit
ish Government to send the English squad
ron to attend tho German naval maneuvers.
England and Franco havo Invited Italy to
consider tho conditions upon which thoy
will collectively recognlzo iho President of
The Niagara Falls Commission claims
that It has wiped out tho swindling hack
men who so long made much merchandise
of nature's great wonder.
Tho new British Ironclad Vulcan, which
is being built now, Is having put In a rud
der weighing twenty-two tons, tho largest
ever put on a British vessel.
Tho London union dockers and carmen
havo withdrawn their manifesto against
non-union men and a conflict between tho
two factions lias thus been avoided.
Riotous students smashed tho windows of
tho loading social club in Oporto. Portugal,
because it had not expelled uugllslimen oo
longlng to It and had admitted others.
A bar of Welsh gold has boon forwarded
to tho British Geographical Socloty, with
tho request that it bo used In the making of
the medal that tho socloty Is to glvo to
The City Council of Elizabeth, N. J., has
decided when policemen aro disabled by
sickness to allow them a month's pay, then,
if tbo men havo not recovored, their salary
will bo discontinued.
In the fight for tho championship Charles
Mttcholl beat Jem Maco, battering him
badly about tlio body. Tho pollco Inter
fered after tbo fourth round, but tho referee
gave tho victory to Mitchell.
A periodical for tho betrothed Is now
published in Vienna. It is published twice
u mouth. Every announcement ot a be
trothal of marriage Is Inserted gratuitously,
provided tho happy couplo will buy their
trousseau of tho tradesmen advertising In
tho paper.
Tho Duke of Orleans, eldest son ot tho
Count of Paris, arrived In varlawltu a man
ifesto addressed to tho people ot France,
By tho abdication ot his father tho Duko
becamo tho pretender to tho tbiono and a
leader of tho Royalists. The youug man
-a as locked up at onco.
Professor Atwuter'a Lecture
Tho second of tho ecrlos of Baturday lec
tures under the auspices ot tho scientific,
societies ot Washington, and ot tho Smith
sonian Institute, will bo delivered at tho
National Museum at 4:15 this afternoon by
Profcseor W. O. Atwater. who has chosen
for his subject "Food and Health."
America Leads tlio World
lii tasto and tho refined customs ot clvlllza
tlou, tho evidence of which Is, that 2,45 1,
04 cases of champagno Imported Into the
United States during the last ten years,
over twenty flvo per cent, wat "G, If
Muuim's Extra Dry," whoso Imports wore
over 200,000 cases In excess of any other
braud, Quality will tell.
0WMMi Thin Printers in Kevolt
Apia aa AsttoUnU
87 Etvfag Htf Arpint4, tad H IniUU
Tint She Skill Remain.
Sat t'.t Civil Jrrf fttamlna
linn) I. laLlllctae nri rr.lt)-
KmfilMjea Camplntn of tho rismle
cuan fteleetUw r Their Aid.
Pcnsler Prank ltfeoook hi mlrrc 1 up
a hornet's nest and precipitated tho
drawing of the onlor line la the Hureau
of Engraving and Priming by Insisting
upon tho Appointment In that Inttttu
tlos of a handsome young colored girl
fiom hit State of New York.
The woman wi BMlj-ned to work
hit Monday at plato printer's ,
ablaut, but up to tlio present tlms hat
net iind an opportunity of doing any
thing In that lino or any other in the
bureau. When the reported for duty,
the printer whom the wat to assist re
futed to allow her to go to work, and
tlncatcrictl to rcslrn rather than
accept the new appolnleo at an atstil
not. Sho u In tuccculon awtgncd to
"lay tor - or ati aevcrai oilier print
o , all of whom Indignantly protected.
For the past three or four days alio hat
bet n t np on a lunch In a tmall room
occupied by tho main plato-tiriatlnir
room doing practically nothing, al
though tho l ostensibly acting In the
capacity of a messenger.
Chief McrldctU wan, not In when a
CniTic representative called at the
Ilurcnu this morning, and the other
oniclnls were disinclined to talk.
A visit to tho printing roomt
showed tho gltl waiting, Micawbcr
llko, for "something to turn
up." She Is a btlstil-colorod,
good-looking mulatto, Terywell edu
cated nnd drcitcs better than the ma
jority of tho hard-working white glrlt
of the bureau. Her name It
Frances Flood, nnd sho dclkhta In
being known familiarly as "Frank."
She Is somewhat affected In her actions
nnd speech, walking with a dainty,
mincing slcp, nnd invariably pronounc
ing her words with a drawl, such at
"cawn't," "shawn't" tind "wa'n.t."
Tho Plato-Prlnlcr' Union held a
inciting at their headquarters In G. A
II. I.'nll last evening to net upon matters
uoureclcd with tho appointment of
their assistants. A prominent plato
printer said to Tun Cumo man-
"Wo did not r ill thcmcollns for tlio
puiposo of drawing tho color lino. Wo
havo been cuusldeilng tho promis
cuous appointments of our assistants
without our consent for some time. It
is claimed Unit Iho woman Flood passed
a civil Keivlco examination nnd Is
entitled by law to work somowhero;
that thero Is no other vacancy, nnd
theiuforo sho must bo allowo.l to work
asapilntcr's assistant. Tlio relation
ship between a pinto printer nnd his
osslstaut nro very confidential.
"You will' notice," ho continued,
"that as soon as that woman thero at
your left pressed down that sheet of
paper on a dump pad with her hands,
sho will turn around and place it
upon the small bed of tho plato printing
pi ess. with her hands also, aud when
sho does the latter her bend will touch
thnt of tho plato printer." A plate
printer has also to bo responsible
for his assistant, and ovcry nickel of
htr salary comes out of his pay. For
these reasons we think we should havo
some voice In tho mattorof our layers."
Another workman said that ho did
bilievo there was n pi inter In the
bureau who would accept a ncro
woman for an assistant. IIo said that
tho proceeding was unprccodeutod In
tho history of tho Department
and no could not understand tho Sena
TP&STFy U1E ' S t - charge'wns "a'b u JSTour and
though," ho continued, "tho Scn!frePrti1jllry ictiretl.
has never been exceedingly kind to tho
piato primers.
"Our meeting Inst night," the samo
man said, "was not for tho purpose of
objecting to tho colored woman, but to
appoint a committee to draft n protest
against tho promiscuous appointment
ot plate-prlntera' layers aud to take
certain other action which I am not at
liberty to mako public."
He admitted, however, that ho be
lieved every plato printer in the employ
ment of tho Government would walk
out, if tho authorities insisted upon
having Frank Flood among them.
Ex-Senntor 'llruce Untors Upon Ills
Duties as ISocorder or Doods.
Things went on about as usual to-day
at the office of tho Register of Deeds for
the District of Columbia, and but few
would rcallzo that it had been trans
fer! ed from tho Trotter to thoBruco
Thcichas been one appointment of
Importance mado so far, that of Georcc
F. Schayer as deputy. Mr. Schayer
has been" connected with tho olHco for
eighteen years, and Is known to be
thoroughly well qualified to transact all
the ofllcial duties that are required of
him. No chances have been made In
the clerical foico yet, and tho samo
familiar faces that were to bo seen
duilng tho time that Mr. Trotter was In
the olllce are still to bo seen at their
Mr. Schayer, with whom The Ouitio
representative talked, said that ho was
not In a position to stoto as yet what
changes would bo made In tho ofllce,
but ho would ho better Informed on this
point in a day or two. Mr. Bruce was
to bo seen around tho oflico for a short
tlmo this morning, but was called away
by other business that demanded atten
tion. Last evening thcro was a very pleas
ant gathering of tho attaches of the
oflico to bid good -by to Mr. Trotter. IIo
was presented with a handsome silver
set, and Mr. Johnson was tho re
cipient of a gold-headed cano. After
the presentation snort specciics were
delivered by both Mr. Trotter and Mr.
Drucc, and tho evening was spent very
Conlllctlng Opinions Itocurdlng
lllll l'rovldlnir fur Them.
Mr. Sam. A. Robinson, Inspector of
Plumbing, has mado tho following re
port In regaid to Senate bill 20, con
cerning tho appointment of a sanitary
engineer for tho District of Columbia;
"Tho present law governing plumb
ing and houso drainago is uellclont,
both as to tho duties of tho Inspector
of Plumbing and tho authority
to mako regulations, but tho
accompanying law or proposed sub
stitute docs not meet tho require
ments. Wo need a law authorizing tho
Commissioners to make now regulations
and to provide not only for tho manner
In Thlch plumbing work should bo
done, but by whom done. Wo ncod a
law to protect tho peoplo against tho
Ignorance, tho criminal carelessness and
bad men In tho plumber's trade.
"I suggest that tho form of law so re
cently submitted to tho Commissioners
by tho Mnslcr Plumbers' Association
bo forwarded to tho Hon. James Mc
Millan. Tho paper was drawn up with
a great deal of caro by t)io Attorney
for tho District, nnd after duo consid
eration was approved by tho Commis
sioners, nnd has only been opposed by
tbofo jieonlo nnd plumbers who nro
afraid of It. Such n law, If passed,
would cover tho entire ground nnd give
the protection so much needed.
"If the United Wales public build
ings In this city should nlso bo em
braced In tlio law much good would bo
accomplished. It Is not necessary to
dignify tho Inspector of Plumbing with
tho title of Banllnry Knglncer to havo
his usefulness or Influence better np
prcclslitl orlomake his work moro ef
fective. "
Dr. Fmlth Townslicnd says: "Tho
Inspection of premises, as suggested In
the accompanying bill, Is already pro
vided for by oxfstlnglaw; nnd itsit would
bo very dlfllcult to find n person who
ha graduated as sanitary cnglncor, in
event of Its passage, I do not think
such legislation cither necessary or ad
visable"' The Coinmtsstoco'fl this morning
gavo tho .Master Plumbers' Protective
Awoclatl in a hearing regarding Scnato
bills eleven and twenty-six and re
quested them to put their opinions in
Ha and Koine Frlond. Will Boon TAUo
a Trip nn til Despatch.
It hsd been nrranged that Secretary
Tracy would take a trip doVn tho
river as far as salt water to day on tho
Despatch, accompanied by his son
Frank Tracy and several friends, but,
owing to tho Inclemency of tho weather,
this project had to bo abandoned.
Whllothc Beet clary continues to lm
proro physically, tho effect on his mind
of tho shock bo recently underwent Is
becoming moro pronounced, nnd ho
would undoubtedly bo greatly benefited
or sucn a inn as me ono proposed.
Should the weather prove propitious, It
will probably bo mailo early next wcelc.
Mrs. WHdcrmlng nnd her daughtur are
making rapid progress toward recovery
from their Injuries.
Tlio Secrerarjr' Orntltuilo.
This morning Secretary Tracy sent
for Chief Pants, Howard Wright, pri
vate of No. 0 engine, nnd Policeman
C'uttell and talked over with thorn tho
nhilo slory of tho lire, bearing It with
vu.mUrftil fortltudo until his daughter
was mentioned, when ho broko down,
but soon milled. As tho three de
parted Mr. Tracy said: "Gentlemen, I
owe you a debt I can never pay."
Iimptctlnsr the Ilou.e,
Today Mr. Norman Wlartl, tho
mcchnnlcal expert, so noted during tho
late war for his patent cannon, visited
the Tracy mansion with Flro Marshal
Drew nnd Inspected It generally. Con
cerning tho steam pipes he found a
patent covering burnt nearly through
from tho insldo. but not hnrmrd upon
tlio outside. Ho said that the covering
would stand 000 degrees heat; therefore
tho pipe must have been ucaily red hot.
Couulu.lnn or tlin Hliopllflor.' Uaio
Now Trial Allied l'nr.
The arguments were concluded in
tho shop-lifting case before tho court
adjourned ycMcrday afternoon, nnd
with tho opening of court this morning
Judge Iilnghom gnvo his chargo to tho
jury. This chargo was given quite
fully nnd covered all points In tho caso
In which there might bo any posslblo
controversy in tuo minus oi ino jury.
f I ! I I in fk j-nAtn.l l.i Alin faltn trv
After being out less than half an hour
they returned n verdict of guilty of
grand larceny, as charged In first aud
thlul Indictments, and of petit larceny
in tho second count.
Tho defendants received tho verdict
with utmost composure, and it was very
evident that they . anticipated exactly
what they received.
Mr. Carrlngton gavo notice that ho
would ask for a new trial, and asked
tho court to allow him tho customary
four days in which to flloa bill of facts.
This was granted, and tho fair criminals
retired from tho court-room with smiles
on their faces.
Many Culler on tho I'ri-.ldont.
Private Secretary Halford stated to a
Cuitic reporter this morning that no
nrrangements havo yet been mado re
garding President Harrison's projected
tilp to rittsburg next Thursday, to par
ticlpato In the opening of tho Allegheny
City Frco Library, which has been pre
sented to that city by Andrew Carnegie.
It is believed that tho trip will bo aban
doned on account of tho President's
disinclination to mako It, owing to tho
recent deaths in tho Cabinet circle.
The lack of any session of tho Houso
to-day gavo Representatives an oppor
tunity, of which thoy were not slow to
avnll themselves, to call on tho Presi
dent. Among thoso who did so were
Representatives McComas, Henderson
of Illinois. Qcst, Conger, who was ac
companied by Colonel F. F. Dultonof
Illinois; Cutchoon, with Major O. D.
Hlno of Vienna, Vn. ; Silvers, Mason,
Lodge- and Nledrlnghaus.
Among tho President's other callers
to-day wcro Senators Fryo, Hlscock,
Cullom, Piatt, Allison and Plumb; Gov
ernor Hovoy and Hon. 1J, F. Posy of
Indiana. D. Hupstcr, president of tho
Ohio Wool Growers' Association, and
Thomas II. Cavanaugh, lawyer-general
of Washington.
Grave Chargo Aculn.t nn Undertaker.
Tho case of Arthur Sims, charged
with violating tho health regulations in
burying thrco infants under au old
shanty In southeast Washington, wat
called In tho Pollco Court this morn
ing. It Is claimed by tho nollco that
Sims, who Is on undertaker, mado
a business of burying children, nnd
would tnko thorn away to tho commons,
instead of tho cemetery, strip them of
their clothluir and burv tho uodv. tak
ing tbo coliln and clothing back to hit
shop, where thoy served tho purpose
again. This morning tho cvldonco of
tho police was heard and tha caso, by re
quest of tho defendant, was continuod
until next Tuesday.
No Increase I'or tho Asylum.
Concerning tho request of Hon. J. J,
IngallB for information regarding the
Washington Asylum nnd tho application
of Us superintendent for un appropria
tion of $10,000, instead of tbo present
$0,000, the Commissioners reply that
thoy think tho $0,000 Is sufticlcnt and
cannot consistently recommend an
Viowsof Messrs. Reed and Carlisle on
tho Proposed Changes.
Tho Counling-In Rulo Dangerous and
Revolutionary, Thinks tho Spoakor.
Sinking 'One Hundred Quorum or
tlin Committee or llm Whole Is Alno
Rtroncly Opposed by tho Domo.
emtio Iteport,
Tho majority and minority reports of
tho now codo of rules for tho govern
ment of tho Houso prepared by Speaker
Reed and Mr. Carlisle, respectively,
revlow tho rules from tho standpoints
of tho gentlemen named.
Tho majority report Is in detail, while
that of tho minority deals only with the
radical changes to which tho Democrats
Tho majority, In its report, does not
discuss and dufend all of tho radical
changes made by It. In regard to tho
rultB directing tho method of asccr
4nlnlng a quorum, when mombcrs re
fuse? to vole on roll-call, tho report
"Tho process of ascertaining tho
presenco of a quorum to do business
under tho Constitution would or
dinarily bo under tho control of
tho Speaker who would deilvo
his Information from his own senses or
by tho aid of a 'clerk, or any wuy which
would satisfy his mind of tlio accuracy
of tho count."
Concerning the new clause, providing
that no dilatory motion shall bo enter
tained by the Speaker, it is stated that
tho clause Is merely declaratory of par
liamentary law.
"Thcro ore no words," the report
says, "which can bo found, which will
limit memuers to tuo proper use ot
ptopcr motions."
"To-day the nbuse has grown to such
proportions that tho parliamentary
law which governs American as
semblies has found It necessary
to keep pace with tho evil,
ond to enable tho majority, by tho in
tervention of the presiding officer, to
meet, by extraordinary means, the ex-
liaordlnary aouso ot power on tue part,
sometimes, of a few members."
In defenso of tho clause reducing a
quorum to 100 members In Com
mittee of the Wholo, the report
.has this to sny: "So far as this
constitutional or legal question is con
cerned, it has never been denied or
questioned thnt It wns entirely compe
tent for tho House to select any number
It might please as n quorum of tin
Committee of tho Whole."
Tho report submitted by Mr. CailUle
enters Into a discussion ot tho changes
mado by the majority. In re
gard to tho clauso which pro
vides that when a motion
is made by direction of a commlt
tco to suspend tho rules nnd fix
n day for the consideration
of a bill previously reported
by It, a majority vote shall be sufficient
to agicoto tho motion; but in cascan
Individual member makes it a vote of
two-thirds is required, tbo report states:
"Wo ore unable to discover any suf
ficient reason for this discrimination
against members who may not
bo fortunate enough to scenic tho
co-npcrnllon of committees. In
making their motions, In
fact, under tho proposed rulc3, the indi
vidual member will scarcely have
power to make a motion of any kind,
except when ho acts as tho representa
tive of n commlttco and by its direc
Tho lules concerning the Committee
of tho Wholo are dealt with as follows:
"It is proposed by tho majority to
mako a quorum of tho Commlttco of
Iho Wholo House on tho state of tho
Union consists of one hundred members,
or considerably less than one-third
of all the members of tho House.
Every bill appropriating monoy or
property or raising revenue must have
its first consideration in this
Committee of Ono Hundred.
Slnco tho organization ot the
Government It has required the same
number of members to constitute a
quorum in tho Commlttco of tho
Wholo as In tho House that is,
a majority of all tho members
elect and that Is manifestly tho true
rule, because tho committee is com-
Foscd of nil tho members of tho House.
t Is, Indeed, tho Houso itself deliber
ating as n commlttco.
It has always been so universally
conceded that a Commlttae of tho
Wholo House was simply the House it
self that It has never been considered
neccstury to prcscrlbo In tho rules what
number of members shall bo necessary
to constitute a quorum In such
ccinmlltce. Tho Constitution requires
a majority of all the members
elect to constitute a quorum to do busi
ness In tho Houso nnd without nny rule
on the subject. Tho samo number has
always been recognized as ne
cessary In a Commlttco of tho
Wholo, and whenever It found Itself
with less than that number present nnd
voting It has been compelled to suspend
its nrocccdlncs."
"Tho "counting In" rules that caused
so much bitterness during tho recent
struggio in tho Houso over the Smith
Jackson contested election caso Is thus
"This Is the most radical, and, in
our opinion, tho most dangerous, Inno
vation proposed by tho majority.
If agreed to, It will not
only overthrow tlio construction
that has been uniformly given to the
Constitution for more than n century,
but It will enable less than a majority
of tho representatives of tho peoplo to
pass the most Important laws, affecting
llio inicreMS oi uiu wiioio country.
Tho pergonal and property rights
of tho citizen, protected here
tofore by laws enacted by tho
votes of a majority may bo Impaired or
destroyed by the voto of a mere frac
tion of tho membors of Congress,
for If less than a majority may
constitutionally pats measures In tho
House, ot course tho samo thing miy
bo dono In tho Scnato. In tho samo
way enormous sums of money may
bo appropriated from tho public treas
ury for tho most unconstitutional
and Improper purposes, and the In
terests of tho taxpayers completely
subordinated to thosclllsh demands of
private Individuals and corporations.
"Without entering hero Into a ills
cuttlou ot tho constitutional question
Involved lu this proposition, wo
most oarnoatly protest agalmt it
It as a measure ot tho moit
dangerous and revolutionary character
Any iide or practice which enables tho
Speaker or tho Clerk to piss
bilis by counting membors present
and not voting will inevitably
result lu destroying the confidence of
tho peoplo In tho Integrity of leg
ltltllon and engender controvcr
slcs and litigations which might bo
easily avoided bv nn ndhcrenco to tho
mandato of tho Constitution as hereto
fore Interpreted."
In conclusion tho report deals with
tho action of tho majority members of
Iho committee in abolishing certatn
privileged motions nnd sums up tho
mailer as follows:
"A rulo abolishing all parliamentary
motions heretofore recognized in tho
Houso and simply providing that mom
bers mako such motions only
as tho Speaker may see propor to
permit, and take only such appeals
from Ills decisions as ho may sco
proper to allow, would at lotst
havo the merit of directness nnd
simplicity. Such n rulo would bo no
moro unreasonable or ntijust than the
one now proposed, and would prevent
conflicts upon tho floor by advising
members In advance exactly what their
rights aro."
Tlio names of Mr. Carlisle and Mr.
Randall are signed to tho minority re
port. . - a i. i
Huslnoss Ilelni; Generally llesumed In
tho Flooded District.
Portland, Oke., Feb. 8. Business
Is being resumed in tho flooded dis
tricts, tbo water in tho Wllllamctto
having fallen to something llko its nor
mnl stage. The damage In this city has
been comparatively light. Saw-mill
owners havo lost many logs, nnd much
of their lumber has been carried away.
Tho losses of merchants havo not been
The Union Pacific Is snow-blockaded
between here and tho dalles, connection
being mado by boat, but tho Northern
Pacific trains nro running all right.
Johnson's wharfj on East Portland's
water front, collapsed, and a fow other
minor losses are reported. Johnson's
loss will be obout $10,000. Tho South
ern Pacific Company loses largely by
washouts. A number of orfdgos
havo been washed out In Cow
Creek Canyon, and several miles
of track either washed away or covered
by Blidcs. A number ot small bridges
between here and Roseburg were
washed out and tho track destroyed In
many places. The principal loss at
Salem was the destruction of the wagon
bridge across tho river.
Two warehouses filled with grain
wcro carried away , at Indcpcndcnc
causing a loss of several thousand dol
lars. Tho west sldo division
was much uamagcu. At otuer
points along tUo Willamctto a
number of small warehouses havo
been washed away, with their contents.
Tho first loss of life by tho floods, so
far as Is known, occurred nt Oregon
Cily yesterday, when an unknown man
wns drowned.
It is reported that two linemen of the
Wcstcin Union Telegraph Company
were drowned at Oregon City yester
day. Tho water Is receding raoldlv.
The kcalest losses by tho flood aro W,
W. Wilder, logs, $23,000; Smith Bros.'
mill, $20,000; Pencycr mill, $23,000;
Morrison street bridge, $10,000; Oregon
Company's stono bridge, $10,000; Ore
con City Woolen Mills, $10,000;
Electric Light Company, $10,000; J. F.
Powers, $15,000; United States Gov
ernment boat, $7,000; Southern Pacific
Railroad, $15,000; Oregon City Lum
ber Company,, $10,000.
liceolutlons Favoring: It Adopted Willi
ISnthuslnsm in Montreal,
Moxtiieal, Que., Feb. 8. At the
close of a lecture here last niaht by Mr.
Uliic Batthe, editor-in-chief of
L'EUcleur, tho Mercicr organ, R.
Lcmoux offered tho following resolu
tions: Whereas the Chamber ot Deputies at
Ottawa 1ms adopted an address to her
Mnjesty tho Queen avowing, among other
things, that It Is tho dcslro of tho Canadian
peoplo to perpetuato tho political houd
which at present exists between this coun
try uud tho mother country, ho It
Jlcsohetl. That it Is tho opinion of tho
Club National that tho said address to her
Mnjesty tho. Queen was Important under
tho circumstances, and will havo no othor
rebult than to allonato from us American
6jrapathles at a moment when public opin
ion calls loudly and economically for tho
establishment of closer commercial relations
between tho United States and Canada.
That whilowo profess Blncero admiration
for the English constitutional Government
wc, the members of tbo club, desire, with
all our hearts, tho establishment of an In
dependent nationality In tho vast domains
of British North America frco from all
European attachments.
The resolutions, which wcro adopted
amid cheers, caused big excitement
among English residents of Montreal
to whom their tenor becamo known.
DnmoceDone Ily the LoaAnceloa "liver
Los ANam.ES, Cal., Feb. 8. Great
damage has been dono by tho Lo3 An
geles River. It has changed Its course
at almost right angles just south of tho
city limits, nnd nfter crossing tho
country for sis miles empties Into
the old San Gabriel River.
Tho inundation covers a largo area. A
lareo number of orange, walnut,
and other orchards arc almost ruined.
Growing crops In Its course are com
pletely destroyed. Tho total damage
In this locality is estimated at $700,000.
Lieutenant bcluvutku's Groat Capture,
Chicago, Feb. 8. Lieut. Schwatka,
noted as au explorer, and who mado
nn expedition In search of tho North
Pole, arrived in town at 7:25 o'clock
this morning from Mexico. Ho was
accompanied by clovou wild men from
tho mountains of Chlhuhua, nnd known
as cliff or cave dwcllors.tho last of their
lloburU iind Miirdorrd. Ily Ilurelars.
WcsTrouT, N. Y,, Feb. 8. Burglars
entered tho residence of Ransom Floyd
last night, shot Mr. r,nd Mrs. Floyd.
killing tho laltor and wounding Mr.
Floyd so badly that ho cannot recover.
Tho burglars escaped with $3,000. tho
proceeds of a farm Mr. Floyd had just
New Y'ork blocks Moderately Active
New Yoiik, Feb. 8. Money closod of
fered at S per cent., the only rato ot tho
inorulug. No transactions aro reported,
1'xchango closed steady; posted rates,
4.btrl.6S; actual rates, 4.8314.83i for 00
duyk and i.87i(T;4.S71 for demand.
(lovcrnmcnts closed steady; curreucy 0's,
l.lObldJ's, coupon, 1.231 hid; 4's, coupon,
1.011 bid.
l'acltlc llallroad bonds closed as follows:
Union Hts, 1.14 bid; do sinking funds,
1.10 bid; Centrals, 1.14' bid.
Tho stock market was only moderatoly
ottivo to-day, 180,000 shares chauj-lojr
hauds In tho two hours ot huslnoss until
noun. In the Drat hour tho concral list dls-
platd considerable firmness, and under tho
lead ot Lackawanna, Heading, lllchmoud
aud Terminal, and ltock Island, values ad
vanced 1 to 1 per cent, by 11 o'clock. The
sugar trusts n ere exceptions, declining 1.
Aftrr 11 o'clock, howover, tho strougth
entirely disappeared on some soiling, causod
by the unfaxir&blo hank st&tomcnt, tho ro
srrvt showing a docrcaso of $1,409,531.
Vrlcca reacted sharply, and at tho closo
vrcie only allghtly and Irregularly changed
from yesterday's figures.
Neglect of Wahington's Hihgways
by tho City Government.
Thoatre-Goera Splashed With Mud and
Pretty Costumes Injured.
Wlmt Miprrlntemlont Arnold Has la
Hay Imlinielent Appropriations
Cnmpthlnsit or Contractor lint
ne' Motley llroom llrlft-ailn.
Street cleaning is a big business lu
Washington and It gives employment to
hundreds of men. Thobsautltutstrcrti
oro tho prldo of the city, for thoy are
thu best In tho Now World nnd millions
of dollars havo been spent In making
them so. After this has been done they
should nt least bo kopt clean, but they
arc not.
A Cuitic rcportor baa mado a tour of
tho town with n view to ascertaining tbo
condition of tho streets, how they are
cleaned nnd when, and has talked with
many citizens rcgnrdlng the matter. He
also talked with Supcrrltcndcnt Arnold
and gave hltn n chnnco to explain tho
numerous complaints which have been
Tho appropriation for street cleaning
last year was $83,000 with nn addi
tional $5,000 providing for tho salaries
of garbage Inspectors. Tho Commis
sioners asked for $125,000, but they
never get what thoy ask for. This Is
on unwritten law with them, nnd the
old Board of Commissioner) understood
It fully, but tho new board didn't when
thoy got up the bill, so they simply
asked for what they wanted. Hnd they
known of tho cxistenco of this unwritten
lnw they would doubtless have asked
for something like $200,000.
Beforo tho District hill passed the
Houso the street-cleaning department,
which had for years been in charge
of tho Health Ofllce, was transferred
from tho control of Dr. Townslicnd
and placed under tho supervision of
tho police. Lieutenant Arnold, nn old
officer of the force, was made superin
tendent. On tho old principle that a new broom
sweeps clean, Iho now management
went to work with groat vigor, and
never before had tho streets been so
carefully cleaned. Tho peoplo were
congwitulntlng themselves on tho Im
proved state of tho thoroughfares, and
ovcry newspaper in Iho city remarked
it and mado favoroblo comments.
It was not lone, however, before
complaints commenced tn come In and
they have never since ceased. Many
of these complaints wore dlrecteil
m-aiust Contractor Drancy. He dig
claims that he Is to blame and says
he would sweep eveiy street in tho city
every doy if he were allowed aud the
appropriation would hold out. He is
paid by the square yard, and the more
square yards he sweeps tho more money
he pockets.
One of tho most numerous cases of
complaint is that along the curb along
ridgo of dirt Is left This is usually re
moved by the carts which follow the
wagons, but in u number of instances
it has been allowed to remain.
Washington mud is of n peculiar
composition. It is black and sticky
and slimy. In rainy weather the con
fident pedestrian, thinking that the
street-sweeping department has done
its wouc well, steps irom tuo sutcwati
curb In crossing the roadway and his
foot slides half wav to tho ankle in the
sticky, blnck paste, which clings closer
to tho shoe than n miser docs to his
When asked about this complaint In
spector Arnold claimed that thcro was
no foundation for the story. But there
Is, for, by The Cuitic reporter's own
obscivntlon, tbo mud has been allowed
to remain for hours aftor tho sweeping
machines had finished their woik and
been driven home. Anyone who will
take tho troublo to investigate will see
litis for himself.
Still another cause of frequent com
plaint Is that the sweeping Is com
mcLccd too early in tho evening. In
the old days of tho Health Oflico this
was not tho case. Sweeping was not
commenced until n lato hour, an hour
when the malorlty of good peoplo were
homo in bed. In thoso old days it was
nearly or quite midnight before tho
great brooms commenced their monoto
nous "swish, swish." Now, at times,
they can bo seen during tho day sweep
ing down the broad avenues and
thoioughfarcs. Play-goers complain
that thoy aro met at tho door of thea
tres with a cloud of fine dust stirred up
by tbo revolving broom. Tho streets
are, of course, sprinkled before they
arc swept, but this does not entirely
prevent tho dust. It settles on the even
ing garments of ladies, spoils wrap3
and makes the eyes of the theatre-lovers
smart and till with tears. It is not
nleasant or comfortable, aud the com-
I plaints havo been numerous and bitter.
vvnen ino reporter asueu -superintendent
Arnold about this ho said that
It could hardly bo prevented. Thoy
had to commence early, so as to finish
by morning. If they waited until tho
theatres closed they would bo kept
until after daybreak sweeping.
Tho superintendent did not say that
there wcro not enough machines,
though his remarks would so Imply.
Neither did ho say that thero wcro
fewer peoplo on tho streets of Wash
ington at 10:30 In tho evening than
thcio nro at 0 o'clock in tho morning.
But It Is a fact. Tho contractor Is paid
well for his woik and ho has practi
cally a monopoly, for when tho Com
missioners last advertised for bids, he
was the only bidder and got the work at
his own price.
Perhaps tho key-note of tho entire
tiouble, howover, was touched by a
man who knows something about tho
matter when ho saltl to a ckitio re
porter; "Most people Imaglno that tho
$B5,000 appropriated by Congress for
keeping tho s'trcets clean goes only
toward doing this. They do not know
of tho thousand nnd ono things that
help to reduco it. I doubt if much
moro than half of it goes toward the
sweeping and carting off of tho dirt.
"Back alleys como In for thelrsharc,
unimproved streets havo to bo looked
nfter, aud any number of comparatively
llttlo things help to reuueo uio surplus.
Then, too, thcro aro many officers. Tho
forco remiuds mo of tho armies ot some
of Iho llttlo South American republics
two generals to every private. A great
deal of money Is spent lu this way
that, without Incouvenlonce, could
go toward tlio real worn. wuy,
thcro aro men getting $ 3 a day who do
not do half an hour's work out of twenty-four."
"Tho streets havo had a harder
year," said Suporlutondcnt Arnold to a
reporter, "than over boforc. Thero
havo been so many improvements going
on on tho railroads that it has been
almost Imposslblo to keep tho atrects
clear of mud, and tho appropriation
has been sovcrcly taxed. You know
tho brooms nro useless when tho streets
nro muddy and wo have to wait until
they dry up."
"But, superintendent, couldn't you
uro tho scrapers? They do It In other
lllos," asked tho reporter.
Tho superintendent smiled.
Colonel YVhltnmn TellH All About
Their Stitniirnoturn,
"Corks must be n considerable Item
of cxpenso In your business," said a
CntTic reporter to Colonel 11. 13. Whit
man, tho Washington partner In the
firm of l'ohndorft fc Co., the To-Kalon
wine merchants.
"Indeed thoy are," nnswercd tho
Colonel, "nnd that Is not tho worst of
It. Thrrc Is a movement now on foot
to Increase that expense moro than 200
per cent."
"Wha kind of n movement?"
"I will tell you tho whole story," said
Colonel Whitman. "Thcro Is not n cork
tree In tho United Btntes, and, with tho
posslblo exception of Lower California,
there Is no place In this country where
cork trees can ever bo grown. Wo
therefore havo to get all our cork from
abroad. Keep that In mind.
"Thcro Is only ono way to cut corks
without destroying their hermctical
quality, and that is to cut them by
hand. Tho tremendous pressure neces
sary to tbo process of cutting them by
machinery crushes tho life out of the
cork nnd makes It as haul ami unyield
ing n wood."
Colonel Whitman showed n sample of
each to tho reporter. The one cut by
hand was pliable, clastic and lively,
while the ono cut by machinery wns
stiff and hard, retaining dents mado In
It anil refusing to siinpo Itself to the
nptrturo Into which It was Inserted.
"Tho cutting of corks by hand," con
tinued the Colonel. "Is n slow, tedious
process and so unrcmuncratlvo that wo
havo no class of people in this country
who can alford to cngngo in It. Con
sequently wo hnvc to import our hand
cut corks from countries having large
classes of poor peasants who aro glad to
get tho pennies they can make at this
work. Tho cork-cutting machine Is a
Yankee Invention, nnd Yankee thrift Is
behind the movement to Incrcaso the
cost of hand cut corks. Of course, the
purpose Is to forco people to use tho
machine-cut corks."
"How nro they going about It? "
"Oh, In the samo old way that mo
nopolies havo so long been forcing
their Inferior wares upon tho foolish
people of this country by means of the
tariil, of course. Mr. John Robinson,
of tho firm John Robinson it Co,, of
Now Yoik, representing tho mannfac
tureis of mnchlne-mado corks, has made
n petition to tho Congressional Com
mittee of vv ays ana means asking lor
n higher duty on imported hand-mado
corks, and that instead of 25 per cent,
ad valorem as we pay now, wo should
pay 20 cents n pound, say 200 per cent,
more. At 25 per cent, nd valorem a
halo of corks cost now from $9 to $12,
according to tho quality. At 20 cents a
pound the samo bale will cost $25 to $35,
according to tbo weight.
"Of course," continued Colonol
Whitman, "this increased cxpenso
would not fall on us. Wo should havo
to increase the price of our goods to
tho consumer, kvery such expense
falls on tho consumer.
"And you cannot use the machine
cut coiks?"
"No; our wines would spoil under
such corks. Tkcv cannot be mado air
tight." "And the business of cutting corks by
machinery is a monopoly, is it ? "
"Yes, sir; two or three big houses
would control tho entire business of tho
country nnd could set theprico to please
Dcclilos to Itoltl n Hprlnc llacn
Meeting l'urly In niuj ,
Tho executive committee of tho
Washington Jockey Club held a meet
ing last nieht nt Willaul's Hotel and
decided to hold a spring race meeting
early in Moy. This action was vhtually
decided upon at tho last meeting of tho
club, when plans for Iho buildings were
considered, but tho final decision in tho
matter was loft nt that time to the execu
tive commlttco.
At tho meeting last nit"ht there was
a full attendance, and the affairs of tho
club were generally discussed. The
outlook for a successful meeting wo3
declared to bo exceedingly encouraging.
Tho details of tho proeroramo were
talked over, but not finally decided
upon, and Us completion was post
poned to tho next meeting. No trouble
in obtaining good entries is anticipated
uy any ot tlio memuers ot tuo commit
tee, nnd thoy bellcvo tho programme to
be offered will bo as attractive, both in
tho events ond tho character of tho
horses, as any meeting hold in Wash
ington for a long time.
Tilincs Hull's Narrow I'ncupo.
When tho case of James Hall, who,
on the night of December 2 1, whllo un
der tho Influenco of liquor, stolo a
bicyclo belonging to his employe, wns
called In tho Criminal Court "to-day,
tho prosecuting witness sent to the
couit n letter In which ho said that ho
did not caro to prosecute. Hall wus
permitted to ro on his personal recog
nizance, under tho promlso thnt ho
would rcfoim his habits nnd refrain
from drinking.
Steel Pluto Contract Anardoil,
The contract for furnishing steel holler
plates for certalu naval vessels has heen
uw arilcd to tho Linden Steel Company at
their hid of $20,SG0 for tho plain plates.
Harrison DIriKiimn la a itronf-lr-hackcd ap
plicant for tbo position of buptrvlsor of tbo
Census for tho District.
llcrtlo Shorter was hadly burned about the
body during a tiro yosterday In a framo
snanty nt 431 0 street alley
Thero was a largo attcnuandanre nt Mr.
rrank Heard's illustrated numerous lecturo
at tho Congregational Church lust night
Hev. Columbus Orcono of VB) Q street
northwest, who lias been seriously 111 tor
eomo weeks past, li becotnlug convalosocnt.
Tho first meeting of the Moinlug rlseon Fan
ciers' Association of Washington was hold
last night, when Krank Itecmer was elected
an honoiary member,
Mr.JI. M.Parker was last night proscntod
wltn a silver eervlco by Columbia Command
cry. No S, Knlghta Templar, at tho oloso of
his third ear us Eminent Commander.
Benjamin Moter. n colored man employed
at I'ollurd's wood yard at Twelfth street and
Ithoilo Island a-cnuo, had ono ot his hands
badly mutilated yesterday by contact with a
At a meeting yoterday of tbo gentlemen
composing the syndicate which recently pur
chased tbo Ivy City property, tho opinion was
oxprcsbed that It was desfrabloto makonn
curly subdivision ot tho racetrack ground
Into villa bites.
Yesterday Commissioner Douglas refused
to sign tbo appointments ol J. II. Tlclier to
an Inspectorship and William J. Ilutlcrtoa
sub Inspectorship on tho ground that ho
kiiMW nothing of the applicants. Major Kay
inond had signed tho appoluttncnts on tho
recommendation of Captain lto-soll. Tho
necessary second Mgnuturo was subsequently
obtained from Commissioner llluo.
Vou can order The Chitio by postal card.
It will bo sent to your address every even
ing for 35 cents.
Thoughts Inspired by the Fire at
Sccrotary Tracy's House.
Isolation of Partitions and Other Pro
tective Measures Suggosted.
llulhllnc Innpector Knt-rlulo Talks or
HI Ile-mrlinont IIo, Too, Com
plain or an Innufllclcnt I'orco unit
Hampered I'acllltle.
Slnco tho burning of tho Tracy houso
Interest In architecture, and cspcclnlly
In tho matters of fire-proofing, modes of
construction and tho materials which
olTcr the best protection to Hfo and
properly In dwellings, has been intensi
fied, and Is now receiving tho thought
ful attention of city architects nnd citi
zens generally.
"I always uso terra cotta flues," said
Architect Harvey L, Page to Tin:
dime man, "oven in cheap houses as
well as tho fine ones. Uriel: masons
cnunol bo depended upon in so virtually
Important n matter as flues. Terra
cotta docs not mako a very much more
cxpcnslvo Hue than brick and Is very
much more desirable for smoke flues.
Ilcsldcs, tbls is an item that should not
be slighted In nn endeavor to cheapen
the construction of n dwelling.
"Wood, nroperly Are-proofed, Is more
desirable for dwellings than nny other
in atcrlal , because of lis slow combustion
when properly prepared. Iron doore
will heat and gtvo way to flames In
buildings, cither largo or small, where
wooden doors will merely char and
smoulder. As an example, I will cito
the fact that tho experience has caused
fire Insuranco companies to require all
factories they insure to havo wood
doors covered with tin instead of Iron
doors. Tho door which burns slower
than nny other kind is mado of two
layers of plank, sheeted on both sides
with tin.
"For roofing terra cotta Is flic-proof
In a greater degree than slate, aud I
think n terra cotta roof Is the best
known, yet tin or Iron makctia good
roof if laid in asbestos. All roofs
should be laid in this material. The
people of this city build substantially
enough, but moro attention should bo
paid to tho Item of flrc-prooflng their
Aichitcct J. G. Hill said ho favored
wire lalh for celling instead of the frail
pino affair usually found In dwellings.
This would have tho effect of retarding
thu flames until firemen could havo au
opportunity to operate.
"Isolation of partitions and 'fur
ring' the flist story also oiler obstacles
to flic, aud tho introduction of fire
proof mntcrlal in houses is desirable. I
mean such ns brick Hogging, which 13
a good fire resistor. I rcgurd the ordi
nary flat loot as affording reasonable
piotecllon from flic, because few fires
occur fiom the outside of buildings.
Tbo danger to bo prelected against is
fiom the inside. Floors over basements
should bo flic-proof, and so should
all partitions.
"In high buildings the grcatcsttlangcr
to be nppichcndcd Is from smoke which
might be generated in tho lower stories,
even in n fire-proof building, nnd
proper outside flro-cscapes form tho
best safeguard. I think the additional
danger from elevators Is overrated, be
couso a stairway is a necessity, and it
forms precisely tho samo opportunity
for flames to reach fiom story to story
that nn elevator docs."
Building Inspector Entwlsle says that
tho duties councctcd with his depart
ment are more laborious that tho forco
at his command can accomplish. IIo
bus been trying for n number of years
to cot nn incrcaso of force, but Congress
has failed to act. Ho said that his
work had Increased tcu-fold In a llttlo
more than n decade, yet thcro has been
no Incrcaso in thu force.
"AVhen Congress passed an act," said
ho, "way back In 1870, requiring tho
Inspector of llulldtngs to take charge of
tho construction and rcnalr of public
school buildings, it did not make any
provision for an increase of force. In
addition to tho schools I hnvc in my
charge nil tho market houses, police
Motions and flrc-cngino houses, num
bering In nil 109 structures. Tho
numbering of houses also comes within
my duties. 1 havo but two assistants,
and therefore thero are times and seasons
thnt wo nro wholly unnblo to cct
through all our work promptly. Our
present force cannot sometimes do tha
numbering alone.'
Tho Inspector said that he bcllavcd
tho Tracy fire was caused by a gas
pump in the basement, and that com
petent men should always be employed
when a new or complicated piece of
machinery Is used In a dwelling becamo
Ignorance of the worklug of "furnaces
and other modern improvements causes
hundreds of disastrous conflagrations.
Tho engine In use wns an I'rlcsson
pump made In Now York City.
A prominent builder, who requoted
that his namo bo not published, be
cause his views might cause unfavor
able comment, said, in nnswer to in
onirics regarding flro escapes, that he
did not favor them on dwellings, ns
they only offered facilities to burglars.
In fact, almost Invited depredations of
this chnracter and placed people at
their mercy. "Tho recent lire at the
Tracy mansion," said he, "is without
pnroflcl in tho history of such calami
ties in this country, and It Is not prob
able that another ono llko It will hap
pen again In the lifo of any one now
living. How persons could havo lost
their lives In tho second story of n
houso under such circumstances sur
passes my comprehension."
Thieve In Soutlieiut Washington.
A gang of thieve nre operating In
tho southeastern section of tho cily, nnd
during tho past week moro than n
docn reports havo been received at thu
dctcctlvo ofllce. Wlntleld S. Leo re
ports that his house at 215 Twelfth
street northoost was entered last night
through tho window nnd a lot of car
penter's tools stolon. C. II Sykes,l!K9N
street, lost his silk umbrella nnd hat out
of the hallway, and S. I). Webb or 20(1
A street reports that someone got
through tho sldo window of his houso
Thursday night and carried off n banjo
valued at $15 and an overcoat. Mr.
Webb says that thcro was over $100
worth of silvorwnro In tho house, but It
was untouched.
Wh) Governor' Island Was Selerled.
Borne very sound arguments can be mado
lu support of tho removal of tho landing
place for Immigrants from CaslloGarden to
Cio- eruor's Island. Perhaps tho most pop
ular one, however, Is the fact that on thu
Island tho Immigrants will he surrounded
hj water. Many of them need water both
Ineldo and out, and If its use can only bo
forced upon thom before thoy are landod.
tho country will bo better oft,
' I

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