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MltiUtrr lllrnclt SttncoetM In I'revont.
Inc tlio Nultnn'1 Tool J'rom Causing
Slnro 'Ml miry A Knotty I'roblom
Solved Satisfactorily to All.
London, Feb, il. Moussa Hey, tho
Kuuilsii clilcf who was acquitted byn
Turkish comt of charges of robbery,
outrago nml oppression In Armenia suf
ficiently srttvo nnd well based to have
cautcd his conviction on a moro pre
sentation of the allegations, has at last
been run to earth. At the request of
3rr. Illrstli, United States Minister at
Constantinople, who has undertaken to
right the alleged wiongs of two Ameri
can missionaries, tho Sultau has had
Moussa confined, not In a deep and
loathsome dungeon, but In hl9 own
palace, the abode of the Commander of
the Faithful.
This is doubtless satisfactory to Mr.
Illrsch, gratifying to the suffering mis
sionaries, pleasing to the sultan and it
source of unfeigned delight to Moussa,
for in whoso custody could ho be safer
than that of tho powor that has hith
erto exerted Itself to shield him
from the punishment his numerous
crimes merit? The end of tho Moussa
case is not difficult to foresee from this
beginning. Onco In tho imperial
palaco ho is beyond tho ken of tlic-out-sldo
Even Caliphs themselves have- disap
peared from that retieat without tho
possibility of discovery of tho time,
the means, or tho circumstances of
their exit. So it will bo with Moussa,
except that ho will ultimately turn up
In his old haunts. ITo has bcon too
useful to tho Porte In tho past and has
still exceptional elements of usefulness
that will commend him to tho mercy
of his master.
The intentions of Mr. Illrsch arc
praiseworthy and tho desire of the rev
crend sufferers to havo their barbarous
persecutor punished is laudable, but if
they, or anybody else, beliovo mat tho
discomfort of two Chilstlan missionaries
Is to weigh against tho work of a man
whoso delegated ,or at least passively per
mitted, function contemplates riddlnc
the country and incidentally tho earth
of Christians in as largo Installments as
possible, thoy will find themselves
grievously deceived.
a little i'oy's taxi:.
Lost on tlio Torrlblo Voj bro or the
JUltimoue, Fob. 1-t. Fourty four
days at sea, buffeting against head winds
und sweeping seas and beaten with rain
and hall such was tho experience of
the British steamship Doiulin, Captain
Wilson, which anlvcd yesterday at
Henderson's wharf from Gourock, near
Glasgow, Scotland, which port shcleft
January ii. ler Baltimore agents, tho
Joseph It. Foard Transportation Com
pany, had about given tho ship up as
lost. Her charter ran out January So.
Her log-book shows that sho en
countered southwest winds as soon a3
she left poll, Vthiuh increased in vio
lence, occasionally moderating into
what sailois call "fox dogs," only to bo
succeeded by storms moio tciriflc and
seas more danserous. When sixteen
days out, fighting the westerly gales
with all engine power, the Douilra was
but 800 miles from her port of dcpai turo.
From Januaiy 13 to 17 terrific squalls
of hall accompanied the misery of the
rolling and tossing motion of the vessel
in ballast.
On tho 10th the horrors of life on
board wcie intensified by the loss of a
blight little mess-boy named James W.
Laurie. Ho was 15 years old, and bo
longed to Glasgow. He was not washed
overboard, but was walking along tho
deck forward of the amldshlp houso
when a violent loll of tho vessel threw
him off his legs nnd carried him clear
of tho Ice rail and hurled him Into the
sea. It would havo been death to all
who undoitook to lower a boat, and
thoso who saw him disappear in the
hissing sea threw overboard whatever
was at hand that ho might clutch them.
Ho was not seen again.
P. H. Dllctt, tho steward of tlio ves
sel, was picked up by tho same roll and
followed tho boy in his death phrase,
but fortunately caught tho rail while
his body dangled over the ship's side.
He was rescued in an almost insensible
condition, as in his involuntary flight
ho struck some object and gashed Tils
forehead, tho mark of which will bo
(.ki:i:n was ai'haid.
One ltenson tilvuu VFlij He Married
Sirs. nicCren.
New Voiik. Fob. 14. Tho World
this morning devotes considerable spaco
to tho Grccn-Snell-McCrea marrlago
and (light to Europe. It seems that
Green was completely controlled by the
influence of Mrs. McCrea, It was
learned yesterday that about u month
ago Mrs. McCi ea sent a letter to Green in
which she threatened to shuot him If
ho did not get a dlvorco fioi i his wife
nnd many her. Green was thoroughly
nlarmcd at this lottcr and took it to
Police Inspector Byrnes. Tho hitter
went to Mrs. McCiea, and she promised
to leave tho city and trouble Green no
It is subsequently proved, however,
that Green was unablo to keep away
from the woman, and thov soon re
sumed their old relations. There seem?
lo bo no doubt but tho European trip
was proposed by her. A dispatch from
Savannah, where Green's wife Is now
tho guest of her brother-in-law, states '
Hint the deserted w lfo is prostrated with T.
SHOllTllNINO XIIi: 11 A. ().
Ciunrcle Said to Huo Turned Oter
ibo l'lttsburc nml Western,
Prrrsni'iKi, Pa., Feb. 14. Tho
Ohroniclc-Telfgrapli. states that Andrew
Carnegie, having secured absolute con
tiol ol the Pittsburg and AVcstern Rail
load, has turned It over to tho Balti
more aud Ohio Company, tho deal to
go into effect bofoie tho annual meet
ing of tho Pittsburg and Wostcrn Hall
road Company in May, In order that
picparationscan bo made for tho spring
lrclght traffic. This will give tho Bal
timore aud Ohio a shorter routo to
Clovcland nnd Chicago. It is also un
derstood that Mr. Carnoglo becomes
largely interested In Baltimore and Ohio
Ilril llrtiuiiHU Detents John Uckert on
a l'oul Alter llurd Fighting.
Aurora, Ills., Feb. 14. A vicious
six-round light occurred here shortly
after 1 o'clock this morning between
Hcddylliennan of Montana and John
!kert of Stiealor, Ills., for a puiso of
$','00 and a sldo bet of $500. Bronnan
won In tho second round on a foul.
Iko Weir, tho "Belfast Spider," acted
ns referee. Lckeit opened tho first
i omul with a wicked nish and landed
on Brcnuan's ribs, tho lattor counterlug
on the face and neck, ' Desperate In
llirhting followed to a clinch.
In tho second lound severe punish
ment was inflicted on both sides,
l.ekcrt foiced Ids man Into his corner,
nnd both went down together, Tho
third louud was a repetition of tho
second. In the fouith Eckert landed
with telling effect several times on tho
jiccU nad body. Bjeuutin countered nt
every lead of his opponent, nnd did
good wmk. Moth men roinmlltcd fouls,
but tho claims of thrlrseconds wcronot
pushed, In this round tho betting was
5 to -I on UrciiiiiH). Not a blow was
Struck in the fifth round,
Tho sixth round was a flerco one.
Kckcrt lushed his man and lauded re
pcalcdly on his neck and body. lJrcn
nan fought gamely nnd got In some
good blows. Tho seventh opoucd like
tho sixth and It was hammor and tongs
for 2 minutes. Ten seconds of terrific
in-lighting was followed by a fall.whcn
Kckcit struck his man three times whllo
the latter was on tho floor. Hcfcrco
Weir nt once gave the light to Hrcunan
on a foul. Both men wero badly pun
ished. There was no altempt at inter
ference on thopait of tho authoiItloS.
cor, rurciinii's msnttAoi:.
Ilo In Simpouiloil l'rom llnnh nml Duty
for Three Ycnrs.
The President has acted in tho caso
of Lieutenant-Colonel Joshua S,
Fletcher, Second Infantry, leccntly
tried by couit-martlal on charges of
conduct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman, in having wrongfully no
cuscd his wife of infidelity with ofll
rers stationed at tho samo post, and
subsequently denylDg that he had mado
such accusations. Tho accused was
convicted of tho chaiges and was sen
tenced to dismissal fiom tho service
Tho Picsidcnt Indorsed the papers In
tho caso as follows:
'Die ccntcnco In tills caso Igconfirmod, but
In view of tlio judgment of tho acting judge
adtcoatc-gcneral, concurred In by tho
major General commandlne tlio army, that
tho findings upon tho first chaigo and Its
specifications nro not sustained by undis
putablo proof, and In consideration of ttio
excellent record of tho accused. It Is miti
gated to h suspension fiom rank ana ilutr,
with forfcitnto of onc-foui tli of his pay, for
a pciiod of three years.
iiomi: iujm:ks nuhimusud.
Tholr r.cmlnrn Onntlv Dnnlt With by
tho 1'ariioll Commission.
London, Feb. 1-1. Tho leport of tho
Parncll Commission is an agreeable sur
prise to tho accused Homo Ilulers, who
were led to believe that their viitual
conviction of all the offences with
which they weio charged was a fore
gone conclusion in viow of tho noto
rious leanings of the judges toward
Toryism and the oft-repcated state
ments that tho labois of the commission
ers would be ciowned with royal favor
In tho shape of elevation lo the peer
age, etc.
The report Ispiactlcallv an acquittal
of the respondent membcis of all tho
accusations connecting them with
ciimc, outi ago and association with
criminals, and foi lilies them In many
places In which they have hitherto been
vulnerable. "Ren tho government or
gans tacitly admit this, nnd henceforth
newspapers will be moio caieful in
their attacks upon political opponents.
The (lot eminent Wunts tho $l,:)00,O0n
1. (limed to Isoav Orluans.
Nr.w Youk, Feb. 11. Tho Tribune's
Washington correspondent says there Is
n possibility of the National Govern
ment biinging suit against thomanagors
of tho recent, New Orleans Exposition
to compel an accounting of the funds
of tho concern. To aid tho Exposition,
Congress appreciated $1,800,000, with
the undei standing that If there was a
surplus when the exhibition was over
the money should be turned into the
United States Treasury,
National School T.enctio.
Nr.w York, Feb. 11. Delcsates
fiom nearly cvciy Stato In the Union
will meet at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel
here next week.-thc occasion being tho
convention of what is known widely as
the National School League. This
organization, which meets on Wash
ington's Bhthday, Is in favor of equal
taxation of all piopcrty not classified as
personal properly, a revision of tho
emigration and natuiallzation laws and
amendments to the national and Stato
constitutions makine: Intelligence a
qualification for the light of the fran
chise. It has branches In many differ
ent pai Is of tho counlry, and professes
to be a thoroughly American body,
though it docs not g'o so far as to bo re
lated to the Know-Nothing paity of
years back. Tho league favors, also,
tho adoption of an amendment to tho
Constitution iirohibiling tho enactment
of any law respecting tho establishment
of any religion or the free exercise
thereof, and hat no public piopcity
shall be appioprlated for tho use of de
nominational schools.
Taney l'rlccs I'or Dock.
New Youk, Feb. 11. Some fancy of
fers havo been made for dogs exhibited
at the bench show. One man put a
prico of $10,000 on his huge St. Ber
nard, with tho expectation that no one
would miiko application to tho owner.
A number of offeis were, however,
mado to tho owner for his canine fa
vorite, but the dog didn't fetch $10,000.
Most of the purchascis appear to bo
women. One largo mastiff that looked
dear at j.100 was held at $500. The
buying of puppies was brisk, and a
number of hunting dogs wero olfored
for sale to men fond of tho spoil. A
dingy looking eoon dog was held at '),
and seemed to hae few fi lends. Many
of tho St. Bernards offered for sale were
old, but tha demand was in their favor.
There seemed to bo llttlo fancy for the
Itnbenatoln Now tin. Champion Slinter.
MoNTitnvT,, Feb. 11. A cablegram
fiom St. Petersbun: savs that Louis
Hubensteln, tho champion fancy skater
of Ameiica, won tho championship of
the world In that city yesterday, in tho
competition under tho auspices of the
St. Petcrsbuig Amateur Skating Club.
Tho contest took place on open air loo,
and among the countiies which had
representatives competing wero Aus
tria, Finland, Noiway, Swedeu aud
Russia. Fiom St. Petoisbur llubgu
Stein goes to Hamburg and Amsterdam,
where ho will compete at fnncy-skatlug
touinnmcutb to be held at those places.
New York'H (,'II, Hull Criimbllnc.
Ni;w row;, Feb. 11. Tho back of
the City Hall, which Is of biown sand
stono, Is crumbling away, and to pro
scivo it it Is to bo painted whlto and
sanded. There is a tindition that when
tho City Hall was built bio wn saud
stono was used In placo of maiblo llko
tho front because It was considered
that the city would never oxtend
fuither up-towntlmn Chambers street,
and that therefore no ono would really
notice the difference in tho material.
Going to tho l.epon,
Ni: Yoiik, Feb. 11, Tho youug
English woman who is going to uuiso
tho icpers, Miss Amy 0. Fowler, will
leave on tho next steamer for her field
of work In tho leper settlement of Mo
lokal. Tho society will co-operalu with
the English oiganiallon In assisting
tho lepeisand studying tho subject gun
ci ally,
(luinbort uill l'ltch for ltoston.
1'ittkiu no, Va., Veil. H. Pitcher (lum
btrt, of last season's Chicago Club, has ac
cepted tho terms nllered hlmbr tho lioslou
l'lajers' League Club, and will sign a con
tract Wtli lluit club In u few iluje.
A fad A llaltiiuoro turret has Uisn
aulit to e.i). "fulfil Dr Hull's Cough
Salvation Oil Is a genuine preparation for
the Uire of all pain, Nothing like It, 3v ct?,
AnniBiiiB incident nt tho Nntinnni I
I'oiinlnr CoiiKrcMiimn McCarthy
Uovornor Oharlln Foster lloro to
Tnlc About the bloux Indtain,
Colonel McK. Jones, now of Now
York, but always of Viiglnln, Is at tho
Hotel Johnson cu routo to his stock
farm In the latter Stato. Colotiol
Jones Is a traveled gentleman. Ho has
lunched on tho Pyramids, bathed In tho
HIvcr Joulan and is as familiar wjth
tho scenes on tho Nile as thoso on
tho Hudson. Colonel Jones some
llvo years ago paid $10,000 for
a grazing "patch'.' In Fauquier
County, Piedmont, Va., built a flno
residence thereon and stocked it with
the finest blooded horses and thorough
bred cattle. It is now considered a
model gentleman's home. Though a
Virginian fiom way baclt, he Is still In
tho prime of life, being on tho sunny
side of 00.
"Hello; I thought you dead a bun-
,i..i ... v, . -i.i i ,1.. tt
HaneV WaSr ho m t an old
r,mm nt itt in i,n ri.i,iit. iTmi. i,i
ciouv oi on
morning, aud ovldently an unadulter
ated Republican.
"Oh! I am trudging along. How are
you nnd how old are you?"
"Quito well; hearty as a buck. I
am H8 now. After a man passes 00 his
length of days depends upon how ho
takes care of himself. I always took
good care of myself, and Nature's book
keeper has placed somo years still to
my credit account," was the cheerful
remark of the old Kcntucklan.
"By tho way, you must call on Har
rison whilo you are here, tell him to
cheer up, and that ho Is not as bad au
egg as his Hcpubllcau friends would
have us beliovo."
Hon. Simon Lugg Matthews of Hazlo
huist, Miss., United States Marshal for
the Southern District of Mississippi, Is
at the Harris House. Mr. Matthews is
a sou of the lato Colonel Prentiss Mat
thews, who was shotdown at tho Copiah
massacre several years ago. Mr. Mat
thews Is one of the leading Republicans
in the South.
Mr. Ned Harris, formerly manager of
Willaid's Hotel and recently propilctor
of tho Tiemont Houso in Boston, is in
the city. He is stopping with his
biother, Mi. Jack Ilarils.
James K. Maddux, ono of the best
all-aiound steeplechase riders In Vir
ginia and master of the Wairenton
hounds, is at tho Hotel Johnson.
Hon. Ilcniy Kcinaghan of Mis
sissippi, who Is contesting the scat of
Representative Hooker, is stopping at
tho Hants House. Colonel Kcrnaghan
feels very confident of being seated
Ho says the fraud piacticcdin his dis
trict by tho Democrats wero so glaiing
and palpable that it was imposslblo for
the Democrats to cover them up. The
filends of Colonel Kcinachan say lie
has a very strong caso, and they don't
see how any Democrat cancondono tho
fi amis by which Hooker is alleged to
hao been elected.
A little man with nn immense big
diamond In his shirt-bosom strutted
about the coiridois of tho National Ho
tel last night, the eyes of half a dozen
daikies following him In silent admira
tion. His checked suit was cut in the
latest English fashion, and ho tried his
best, judging from his actions, to make
people beliovo that ho was a native of
the tight little Isle. lie could not keep
his monocle in place, however, and his
droits lo do so showed that he was not
used to wearing a single eye-glass, "no
was evidently new to Washington, for,
after ho found that ho did attract the
attention he expected to, he took a seat
on a truck and posed for the darkies.
He had been in this position only a
few moments when a Government offi
cial addressed him lu the most filendly
manner aud Inquired his business In
Washington. The llttlo man appeared
astonished and pretended not to know
the official.
"Don't know mol" the latter cv
claimed; "why, of couise you do. I
lived right mound tho corner from your
plumber shop in New York."
The little man gasped, and, after
giving a quick glance at the laughing
ciowd "arounil him, hurriedly left tho
hotel, for he was not even stopping
there, nnd went to his boaidlng-liouso
considerably crestfallen.
There are many new anivals at tho
National. Among them arc:.AVallaco
Cochrane of Harpei's Ferry, George L.
Remington of Philadelphia, and W. II.
Smith, Joseph M. Voso nml D. R. Mar
shall of New York.
Although Congressman J. Henry Mc
Caithy is not a new anival at Willard's,
one would think so, judging fiom the
ciowd which suuounded the 'Little
Giant" In the couldor of tho hotel last
night. Thgio seems to bo a sort of at
tractheness about "Mac," as ho is
called by his fi lends, that atliaets peo
ple to him wherever he goes.
It. D, Baiclay of tho Pennsylvania
Rallio.ul Company of Philadelphia, ar
rived at Willaid's" last night. Somo of
the other guests who got in during tho
evening were, O. Champlain of Xow
Yorl;, S. D. Cmr of St. Lonls and Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Swlter of tho Boston
Symphony Company.
Big blonde mustnehed T. II. Mco
woiycr, United States Pension Agent
of Altoona, Pa., put up at tho American
Houso last night. There wero number
of other new nirivals at tho hotel, but
none of them could spoit such a mus
tache as Mr Xlccivorycr does.
Some of the arrivals at tho Metropoli
tan were Gcoigo W. Mundel of Now
Yoik, J.L. C. Bird of Marion, N. C;
W. M. Bakcy of Now York, D. L. A.
Wilder, Chicago; F. L. Convcrco, Now
Yoik, and Samuel F. Hunt. There
were vcryfow new anivals at any of tho
other hotels.
Governor Charllo Foster is in town,
llo was so successful In negotiating
with tho Sioux that tho Indiau Olllco Is
now anlous to havo him tacklo tho
Chciokcc. Tho Governor has lost his
Nypeilon locks, a Now- Yoik baiber
having "laeod" him in the approved
modem stylo, aud ho looks joungor
and handsomer than ever
At the Kbbltt Houso are C. W. Colo,
Cincinnati; I). 11. Bcooh, Minnesota;
11, II, llanning, Now York; J. M. IJalo,
Philipburg, Va.; Mr. and Mis. Mo
livancy, lJoston; It. A. Kelly, Xonla;
I. 1). Cair, Salinas, Cal.; Mis. AV. II.
ltead, Miss O. M. "Whiting. V. "W.
Head. W. II. Whiting, JliooTdyn, nnd
A. M. Zonlko.
On tho register of thu Ailingtou are
tho following: Henry C. Smith, New
Yoik; Miss T. Gertlo Smith, Urook.
lyu; Miss Caulo Scarlott, Cincinnati;
Cieoriro P. McOlc.ino, Pittsburg; Miss
Cooko, Philadelphia; Jay Cook, Phlla
dclphia; Mr. and Mrs. John MoWU
Hams, Now York; Mr. and Mis. C
"Williams, lhooklyn, J, P. ltoulnsoti.
Anthony Kessclcr, Joseph Uyron and
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. BIdciiburg, Now York,
W. II. Eustl9, Minneapolis; Charles
Hlpglns. W, V, Bldwell, Mr, and Mrs.
O. 1?. Stoutcnburir and Mr. nnd Mrs.
Sibley, Brooklyn; T. Hobcrtson. Now
York; A. .1. Mcintosh, New York;T.
1?. Arthur nnd If. Lawrcnco. Maryland;
M. Kaufman, New York; B.O. Duncan,
South rnrollna; V, llopuinson, Man
Chester, England.
Ln Noimandlo ha9 as its guc?ts D. C.
Wilson, Beaufort. S. C; .John P.
.Adams, Philadelphia; Mr. aud Mrs. J.
Lynch IVndcrgast, Now .York; T.
Minock, Miss MInook and Miss Heir.
wood, Holyoke, Mass.; Charles" Illg
clns, Brooklvn; W. A. Foster, Boston;
Charles II. Cramp, Philadelphia; Mrs.
Oliver P. C. Billings and Jiiss E. W.
Hills, New York; Mrs. L. Piddle, New
York; W. Munroo, Now York.
Lpndloid Spoffoid of tho Biggs
House Is entertaining John C. Bullett,
1 St. Paul; Jame3 II. Imgc, Boston;
Mrs. Mi II. Hallowoll, Mis. S. F. Wil
I lis, Mrs. J. Willis and Mrs. G. A.
I Bcnlsb, Now York; II. Malcr and wife,
i New York; Mrs. M. H.Johnson, Louis
j ;illo; William J. While, Bridgeport,
, Conn., Chailcs C. Losby, Brooklyn;
iirs. iucuiciian urown. .miss v. Jirown
'SLM'Ifc S?iJi
!' Harris Lincoln and T. Adamson and
J. Adamson, New York.
ni:vt aitiAi. I'non.vni.i;.
Another Chnnco Tor the Tlmmim-Ott-Anthony
Siuco tho disagreement of tho jury in
tho -Mary Thomas caso there has been a
feeling that there ought to bo a new
trial for tho co defendants Indicted un
der this chaigc. Mary Thomas, who is
considered tho primo feature In this caso,
tho keeper for ten years of n disreputa
ble house on Seventeenth street, where
Marccllus West's money was taken, by
thevctdlct of this jury goes scot free.
Said one of tho men who has been very
active in the piosccutlon of this caso
today to Tim CniTio repoitor: "I
want to sec a new trial on this charge.
There is no question but that Mary
Thomas knows all about Marcellus
West's money, We don't want to see
Grace Ottand Anthony go over illo
way and let tho nest egg of tho wholo
business escape. From her testimony and
gcneinl appearance on tho stand thero
was cejy indication that she was a
very shrewd woman, and capablo of
tackling most any attorney that came
in contact with her. This was a
studied effort."
Mary Thomas has no criminal record
asainst her, but she Is too smait to al
low anything approaching a cloud to bo
lntioduccd in the trial of the case. To
what extent Giaco Ott and Anthony
were connected with this case thero Is a
question, and somo new developments
can be looked for should a new trial bo
granted. Aiqumcnts will be heard be
fore Judge Bingham on Saturday.
Stratum' YlcMimi Ordinttrn to Ito Al
lowed to I.nml.
Acting Secretaiy Batchellor has de
cided the question l.iiscd by tho Col
lector of Customs at New Yoik as to
whether tho membeis of Strauss' Vi
enna Orchesti a, coming to New Yoik
in May uext under contract to givo a
scries of concerts, can be pei'mitted lo
land as artists within the alien contiact
labor law.
In a letter to the Collector Mr. Batch
ellor says: "In reply, you are advised
tint, as the accepted definition of the
woid 'aitist' Includes musicians who
combine science and tasto in the manual
execution of thcii art, such mombeis of
Slrauss' Orchestra may be admitted as
aitlsts' under tho law. Whether each
member of tho Stinuss' Orchestra comes
up to the standard is a question of fact
to bo decided upon the best evidence
TT3I11C to Avoid 11 Scnmliil.
Ni:w Youk, Fob. 1 1. School Trustee
Tisdale recently removed Teacher Isa
bella F. Lewis fiom one school to an
other without publicly gl ing any rea
son. Miss Lewis objected, and there
has been a good deal of gossip about
the matter. The Times this morning
prints all the documents in tho case. In
cluding Tiusteo Tlsdalc's report to Su
perintendent of Schools Jasper, in
which tho reason given for the transfer
of the teacher is that Mr. Tisdalo found
her in the prlvato loom of her principal,
Mr. B. D. L. Southorland, after school
houisand when there was no ono else
in tho building. It was thought best to
quietly sepaiato tho principal and
teachcrby a tiansferand avoid scandal.
The Time severely condemns this
couise, aud says that if scandalous facts
exist they should bo exposed and
abated, not suppressed.
Trenton Jlnbber Works Sold.
T uiton, Teb. 14. An English syndi
cate hasoITcicd by cable $"50,000 for the
rubber Interests In this city. Experts rep
1 csentlng the a) ndlcato have been examin
ing tho works of tho Trenton, Star and
other rubber worl.s, and (Ixcd the alue at
inch a sum which was modified to tho
above. Ihe lubber men had a meeting
Weduesday night and accepted thooflci.
The works will be mauaged by the preieut
proprietor, nno retain an interest.
Jtlerellcsil) Whipped by Masked Men,
llLOOMINf.TOX, I.M)., Feb. 14. Phillip
Jlranuner, a weak-minded and InolTcnstva
farmer liring near I'atrlcksburg, was seized
Wednesday night while on his way homo
by masked men. Thoy took htm to an
orchard, tied him to a tree and whipped htm
almost to Insensibility. Braramcr was left
covered with blood ljlng on the ground anil
was nearly frozen before ho recovered suf
ficiently to go home, wherehe arrived about
Horned ln llronery i:ploslon.
Mn.w 11 Ki:n, Wis., Feb. 14. A brain
English, aged 31, and William Dledrlch,
aged 19, were badly burned by an explosion
In tho lllats! brewery hero last night. Thoy
wero varnishing tho insldo of a big cooling
at, nnd it Is supposed that tho heat volatil
ized tho varnish, which (suited from their
lamps and exploded. The vat was do
inolhbed. llefieiner Steol lt.ills,
Tho American Iron and Steel Atsoelatlon
hasasuiitulned that the total nuanUty of
llessemcr steel tails mado In tho United
States In lib!), by works moduclng their
own Ingots, was 1,044,3-1 net tons, or
1,403,000 gtoss tons, a gain of only 102,14r,
gross tons ocr the production of 1,305,9.21
gross tons In 18SS. Although tho Uosemer
steel rail production of lbS9 Is but llttlo
lnrger than that of 18SS, jet tho prodticttou
of Bessemer steel Ingots last j ear was about
400,000 gross tons lareicr than In 18S8, and
closely approached tho quantity produced
lu lhS7, tlio jearof tho largest pioductlon
In tho L'ultcd Slates of liessomor steel,
when thero w ore mado 3,930,0.13 gioss tons
of tiiL'Ots, thus ludlcatlue how rnpldlv tho
demands coutluuo to Incroaso for steel for
miscellaneous products
which were for-
merlv matlo 01 iron.
-Mr. Suann lluja 11 itullroiul.
Mr, James Sw ami of the firm of lntuau,
Swann it Co. of New York City, has bought
a loutrolllng Interest lu tho Augusta, (lib
sou and SandersUUo (G11.) Railroad, and
nt the aunual meeting Wednesday the
road passed Into his hands. Mr, Swaun's
purchase Is believed to have a been deal for
tho Riclnuoud and Danville- Road, for It Is
uudeibtooil that tho road, which Is narrow
gauge and only eighty miles long, having
bunderslllo, (la., ns a terminus, will bo
utdened aud tho line oxteuded to Thomns
lllo or somo point on tho (iulf Coast,
which will greatly enhance tho value of tho
Richmond Teunlnal Company,
Call up telephone No, 251-3 and order
'Inn Clinic delivered to you for Jo cents a
I.oicm' Spirits JlocelL n Dampor
Ciiphl'A l'ut roil Sail,!; llneomlns
t'lipoptilnr Denlnrn Complain or
the 1'oor Snto of Valentino.
A lovo to fond and true,
A heart of honest truth,
1 send, dear one, to you
An hutnblo gift, In sooth.
What happiness ould illl my breast
If jou would but put my love to test.
A thick black bank of threatening
clouds arose slowly and sluggishly over
tho cnstciu horl.on In placo of tlio
warm faco of Old Sol tills morning
nnd frowned down upon tho District of
Columbia. Like a shadowy octopus It
stretched out Its long tcndrll-llkc arms
over tho broad cxpauso of still giay
sky until tho heavens were shrouded
as If by a veil of mourning. Then a
driving rain began to fall, and St. Val
cntiuo s Day was fairly ushered in the
ono day iu the year when gallant boaux
nnd pretty, rosy-checked sweethearts
commemorato tho birth of tho lover
In the olden days, whon formalities
were unknown and tho young swain
and blushing sweethearts gavo them
selves over to unadulterated enjoyment
and pleasure, St. Valentino's Day was
looked forward to as th6 tlmo when
mirth and merriment reigned supreme.
As tho years rolled by and old Father
Timo swung his kccn-hladcd scythe
round and round over the universe, old
customs disappeared and now ones
sprung up in their places. Some wero
uprooted and died, but tho bulbs of St.
Ynlcntlno's Day wero nourished by the
lover offsprings of tho ptctty sweet
hearts of old-folk lore, and to-day tho
llttlo sprays shoot up, green and
Tho dav has chanacd. thouch. Tho
fight for supremacy, for wealth and
rh.hes by the people of to-day, has In a
wonderful measure swallowed up many
of tho old-tlmo pleasures and with them
Is rapidly disappearing good old St.
Valentino's Day. Probably it Is for
this reason that tho day is In mourning.
That the custom of sending these
little tokens of lovo Is yearly going to
tho wall was never more clearly demon
strated than to day. Dealers through
out the District claim that never In tho
history of tho day has there been such
a poor ucmauu lor valentines.
"Thero was a time," said a well
known dealer on Ninth street, "when I
sold valentines by the hundreds. Sev
eral ycais ago younjj lovcr3 would
think nothing of spending $5 for an
elaborately decorated valentine for his
lady lore, but gradually the demand
has fallen off until during the past
week I have not had more than a dozen
calls for expensive valentines. Tho
demand has been almost ex
clusively for cheap ones tor
children. The older lovers appear to
have come to tho conclusion that it Is
folly to in est their money simply to
follow out a pretty well worn out cus
torn. It has almost come lo be a oh 11
dicn'sdar, the older loveis seemingly
feeling that there are so many new nu'd
modem wnys of epressing their af
fection other than sending to their
sweetheails loc sick pootiy.
"There are but thiee wholesale man
ufactuicis of valentines left now aud
they have resorted to every known de
vice to keep up tLo demand by introduc
ing all soils of unique and pretty dc
signs to attract attention. Plush
covered albums, with gilded inscrip
tions, valentines of mother of peail,
with elnboiato hand-painted doc
oiatious, and silver and gold valen
tines have all had their turn
but, liko doctoring a dying hoisc, It
causes a temporaiy animation and then
lapses into even more quietness. It
will be -only a matter of a very few
years when St. Valentine's Day among
the older people will bo a pleasant
lcmiuisccuco ol the past.
"The children will keep It up for
vcais, thouch, and tho old lace valen
tine, which sells for live cents, and has
not been changed In design for twenty
five years, will probably be in demand
for many years. The comic valentines
have had their day, and now the only
demand for them springs fiom tho low
and unrefined classes."
Notwithstanding the great falling off
In tho demand for valentines, aud con
sequently the number of letters sent
thiough the postolllcc, the increase in
tho mails foi the past few days has been
astonishing. In fact, tho old death
trap at Sith street and Louisiana
avenue has brcn undeigoing n
pcifcct siege. It simply showed, it was
said, the absolute inadequacy of tho
stiucturefor cauying tho mails. Tho
distributing room is so small and dingy
that even with the falling oil In tho
sending of valentines many lovers and
sweethcaits will be compelled to wait
may ho two days before thoy receive
their little lovo tokens.
Mlnenln Tribe's Hall.
The second annual ball given by
Mincola Tribe No. 11, Independent
Order of Red Men, took place at Edel's
last night. Tho paity was a jolly 0110
and did not break up until a late hour.
Tho members of the several committees
Messrs. M Schneider, chairman; '.
Williamson, V. 11. Willlatnsou, Thomas
Oray, (!. V. Wecdon, W. II. Eno, V. If.
Rose, Ti., 1), N. Shank, James llrown,
Ilpury Cole, I'. Strangrer, Easl Chase,
Thomas Hrooku, II. E. Enos, W. C. Nichol
son, W. O. Dorsey, V. S, FleNhman, W.
II. Perkins, T. V. Williamson and .1. W.
Among those present wero.
Mr. anil Mrs. Ilarutsh, Mr. aud Mrs. John
II. Hogan, Mr., Mrs. und Miss Hipctti, Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. White, Mr. and Mrs. Dor
sey, Mr. and Mrs. Schneider, Mr. and Mrs.
Wetdon, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson, Mr. aud
Mis. Enos, Mr. and Mrs. Strangrer, Misses
Oliver, l.attlmer, Kcuuedy, Annie Blank,
Launagaus, Messrs. W S. Dodge, F. F.
Donnelly, lloulm, II. S. btow, Cray, Hose,
Julllan, J. II. Smith, Staugcr, I.. M. Han
cock, W. .1. (Jntteiuer, J. A. Williamson,
T. Read, William Padgett, J. W. Berkley,
Shank, Chae, Donlej, Smith, ilcndereon,
Alton and Charlton.
Nntlonnl Illllas' "At Home,"
Tho National Kiilcs gave anothei of
their pleasaut "at homes" last evening,
which was iruito in keeping with thoso
previously given, Tho llorul dccoia
tlonsoftho large ball 100111 were mag
nificent, tho dresses of tho ladles were
elegant and tho bright uniforms of tho
soldier boys made the scene picturesque
and complete. Much ci edit Is duo to
tho committee for tho perfect anange
ment of tho reception. Thoy wore as
follows; Lieutenant Gcorgo W Kvnns,
chairman; S. C. Tomlliison. J. A.
Kvans, WAV. McConlho, C W Htooks
M. J Qulnn and 11. T. Doyle
Mnnlngo l,lconeit.
llnny King and Ilattio llosi'iithal,
"Washington; William 11. Bean nnd
Mnttla i:. -Martin, Washington. Martin
llrent nnd Knilly K. YInsoti, AVashlng
ton; Charles Piper and Mary P.. Minor,
Washington; Simpson Y lllldebrand
and Silln A. Coiry, Kaston.
Not Tire llnglnes Wanted.
In his report to the Dlstilct Comuils
sloncis Chief Panis recommends the
mn ch aso of two additional steam engines
and a lire truck lor tho noithwcst sec
tion, and an additional enstno company
for the northeast section ottho city. Ho
cellmates thai $185, 11)5 will be needed
in addition to tho amount of the appro
prlatlon recently passe 1 by the Houso
In order to mpct Ills recommondatlous
and place the department in first class
condition. Tho ooininunlcitloti was
sent to Senator Alllon, chnlnivin of
tho Senate Appropriation Committee,
by tho Commissioners,
Dr. llllns T.eotttro.
After tho regular Thursday evening
puvyci meeting Inst night at Union
Chm ch on Twentieth street, Mrs. Dr.
Carrie Haines Bliss addressed tho audi
ence on tho subject: "What Will Wo
Givo Our Children V Tho lecture was
under tho auspices of tho Woman's
Christian Tcmperanco Union, and Mrs.
Bliss was greeted by a veiy good-sUed
audience, who testified their apprecia
tion of tho many good points sho undo
by frequent and hearty applause. Tho
lecture treated moro particularly on
hygiene, nnd no points, such as pure
air, out-door cxnrelso nnd loose, com
fortable dress were omitted or slighted
by Mis. IJliss.
..Tho Wiro."
'iho return cngngemont of Daniel I'roh
innn'a company, presenting this most bril
liant of his Ejccum Thcatro successes, Is,
no doubt, looked forward to wllh Interest
by tho lovers of tha higher order of amuse
ment and patrons of tlio National Theatre
"Tho Wifo" has nchlovcd widespread pralso
everywhere as ono of tho foremost of so
ciety ptajs aud as a literary work of moro
than usual Interest found In modern drama.
Each character Is woll drawn, and deplete
life In Iho higher social circles at Newport
and Washington, Introducing a United
States Senator, a member of tho l'roduco
Exchange, a newspaper man anil politician,
nicternn major, a Columbia student, an
attorney, tho Interesting heroine, a New
Orleans clrl, a charitable widow, a debu
tante and minor roles. Tim cast will In
cludo many well-known players, somo of
whom havo been tccn here lu their original
A Tolocruph Tournament.
I seo that tho two great patrons of fast
telegraphy, Walter V. Vhllllps and Fred
Catliu, are arranging for a tournament, lu
which tho best known fast-sending opera
tors of the country aro to compote. Mr.
Vhllllps was a famous operator Just after
the war. He Is now at tho head of tho
United Press. Mr. Catliu Is a very fast
sender himself, and Is ono of tho chiefs of
tho Western Union Company. All tho
crack local senders, such, as John Koloson,
Flank .T. Kllun, Jnmcs Dradt, John U.
McCloskcy, William Gibson aud Charles
JHnler. havo already entered tho Hits. Au
effort will probably bo mado to have the
swiftest, of tho womou operators go Into
tho contest. Tho tournament will bo held
In tho Western Unlou building, nnd thero Is
a good deal of speculation among thothreo
or four thousand operators in tho city ns to
the result. Itoloson w 011 thollrst prize In the
last tournament three years ago, making a
record w hlch has nover since been equaled
fifty woids a inlnuto for ten consecutho
minutes. Years ago, when General Eckert,
"Bob" Martin aud Mr. Phillips were tho
"crackajacks," they told great stories of
fast sending. Martin, tbo only ono of Urn
trio who has held his "grip," went Into tho
last tournament, but, though bo mado a
good showing, ho could not hold tho pace
tho young fellows set him. Itoloson Is tho
fnorltefor Ihocouilng contest. A'eie l'oii
As mean a catastrophe ns we know of is
tatairh in Its advanced stages, 01 Influenza;
still they can bo cured easily and effectually
by Old "Saul's Catanh Cure, l'rlco only B1
Nervous, Bilious or Congestive Forms,
L. It. BROWN, Jf. D ,
SlW'cst Jersoy st ,
Elizabi.th, N.J., Juno 23, 1SS1.
This Is to certtly that I havo used for somo
months with much satisfaction, tho combina
tion of remedies, for Headache, known as
Brlggs' Hcadacho Troches, Tho remedy
cures rnorohcaaaohos, especially such as af
fect Nervous Women, than anything I am
acquainted with, and It this certificate will
bo tho means of bringing It to tho favorable
attention 'of sufferers from that troublo, I
shall f col that I havo dono them a sorvico.
Bold by all Druggists or sont by Mull on Fto
cclpt of I'nco.
.si'j.c.ir. xoticvi.
r - r ir wWAA -"XW r AWWV " J"
K' PAVING CO., No. 1 Broadway. Now
York. Jan. ss, IS1). Tho annual meeting of
stockholders of fills company for tha election
Ul U1III.U19. uiuviiuiu,; iiiu ifj'jaifo, liiviUAamK
tho capital stock and tho transactional any
biudmss that may como boforo tho meeting
will be held at tho oflloo of tho company. No.
1 llroailway. New YorK, nt 11 a.m., EU?
DAY, FUnilUAltY 111, lbTO.
A. L. I1AR11ER. I'roildoiit.
ROCK, Secretary.
: at Metiopolltan il. E. Church, Frlduy
ovenine. Fobnmry 11, at 80'clook.
SENA'IOR II. W. IILAIR will prosidu
SIRS. J. ELLEN FOSTEK will speak.
HON. J. N. STEARNS, will speak.
HON. J I). TAYLOR will speak.
REV. G. II. COREY, D. D will speak.
Allarolnxitcd. febn 21
elety, Rov.
Theodore L. Cnvler. 1).
u., piesmciti.
I'ublio meeting at Metronoll
tan-M. K
Chinch. Friday evening. February
H.Ul BO'CIOCK. AlKtrdtSOH iy
MltS. .1. ELLEN FOSTER of Iowa.
HON .1. 1). TAYLORof Ohio.
HON .7. N. STEARNS of Now York.
II LV U. II. COREY, D. D., of Washington,
D. a
Music by a quaitetto of malo oleos. Tho
public la invited. fol.'-3t
made by one of tho most celebrated
cutters In Ameilea? l'ricos samo as thoso
third rate cutteia charge. V. T. HALL, 503 F
Temporary oftices, No. 1001 F st n. w
Loan monoy on collateral and real ostnto.
l'ays Interest on deposits. Has forxalo se
cured lmeituionts. Capital, $1,000,000. Call
and fee or wrlto to us. II. It. WAHNEII,
1'icsldent; JN0..10Y EDSON, Vlco-ll evident;
W. B. ROBINSON, faeoictary; W.B.QUR1.EY,
Acting Treasurer.
3Sf Ull 1' st. ii. w., Washington, 1). C
A Central Banking Business Ti (unacted
Capital, SS0.000.
II. 11 WARNER, President.
A T. IlIHTrON, Vleo-l'reitlent.
i: S PARKER, Cashier.
141G renna. avo. oppo-!to Willard's Hotel.
Thousands from fur and ucav visit Dr. Whlto
for relief fiom and moldance of corns, bun
ions, diseased nails and ull othor foot
troubles, llouts. 8 a. m. to C p. m.; bun
days, 9 to 12. Established IStd. Fee. tt.
Mrs. MeCaffurty Is the only hat and
bonnet-frame manufacturer In theolty. Call
and seo her now shapes. Bloachlng aud
pressing. Straw nnd felt hats altorod to tho
latest styles. Orders promptly attended to.
ol.iltv In mirliu? nervous and mental
disease, spinal, ovarian nnd uterine troubtos,
paralysis, tumors, sciatica, hyMorla, rlieumi
tlsm, neuralgia, chorea, etc Hairs removed
Strictures t ureil. Miitlo electricity throiuh
olothlng. Dr. L. S. NICHOLSON. C01 Twelfth
Bt. u. w.
K' VEHTlsINU CO. Ofllue. W14
avo., uiistalis. Adortlsunonts Displace I by
1,000 Candlo Power Ek tru Light umn me
Square Feet of iuuus tani, lw.i&s
1-lt Publishes All the dews
for I Cents.
2 It Favors the Best Interests
ot Washington.
3-lt Declines to be Bought
or Bulldozed Into Jobbery.
It Expresses
5-lt Criticises Men and
Measures Without Fear or
0-lt Courts Criticism of Itself.
7 It Fearlessly Supports Truth
and Justice,
8 It Gives Everybody a Chance
to Grow
10 U Awaits Your Subscription
35 Cents a
X Lvory uvenmR, Wod.nnd !at fn'l ki ,
Ci iT T V TlirepMrni
UiYJul l'offormsiico-
Mr. Nat. C.
GOLd'm I N E.
Next I Tho Lvteum
Week 7hoatroBiiece'S,
Heats now on nlo.
.Tim A. Mr.
rnull, solo
inoprlolor A
Every evening
(KitcptSil i
Also Sat Mut.
Sat. cvrnlnit
(only time)
Do Wolf Hooper.
.letr Do AimolN,
Jopcphlnc Knnpp,
Herbert Crlppi,
Emma Thomas,
Amiio Myern,
Clin. W. Duncan,
Carrie Button,
Edmund Stanley,
I.llllo Wost.
Adolph Nowalk, Jlnalcal Birectur,
In His Enthely New and Nntui.il Dnvmi,
Which rati Thrco Months at tho 11th stint
Theatre, New York.
Excellent Company,
Cur-Load of Scenery,
I'llnlimmon, the S3.0P0 Doff,
1 ho Largest and Handsomest Dea In tlio
Next w eok-McCAULI. OPERA CO
jvm9 wuijajsaiJAr ahubatuhuay
I'crformatico :
New York
Lyceum Theatre Wife
rrestntlnc tho Famous Orlrjliial Kour-Act So
eiety Comedy, by David Ilolasco awl llemy
C. Do Mllle, authors "Tho Charity Rail," Ac ,
"THE WirE."
Mrs. I'orlnn-Glbbi, ns Helen
And the follovsliiK' ladles nntl gentlemen:
Mr. Hoyil Putnam,
Jtr. Henry Herman,
.Mr.d Miller Kent.
Mr. Henry Talbot,
Mr. Thomas 11. Burn-',
Mr. C. U. Flild.
Mr, A.W i.icoiy,
Miss irauci" Gaunt,
Mls Ethel ISicybiooko,
Mis Etta Hawkins,
Miss L'7a.Lo:riii,
"Till; WIFE"
Presented with all tho scenery und acces
sories made from the original models and de
tail of raro perfection.
Sale of &eats piogresslngat tho box oflke.
Fiom thoTluono to St. HUoua.
Conclusion of tho Thrilling Stoiy of thu
Career of This Wonderful Man.
Tcb. IS. 17, BERLIN IN 1M3; Feb IS, 10,
Admission. Wo : rcsorreil scatx. rr,a.. nt
store of JohnF. Ellis Js Co., 0J7 Fa. .no.
By Special Arrangement With Mr Louis
Aldrieh, Hartley Campbell's
Great l'lay.
A Beautiful Di araa. Good Compaay. Flno
TRE, 11th Bt,. south of Tcnna. avo
Tho Talnoe Vaudeville Thoatro of Ameiica.
Ladles' Jfatlm.es Tuesday, Thursday and
Next wcek-1'ETER JACKSON, tho Col
ored Champion and Bennett Brod. Star spo
laity Co.
Edison's Wonderful Talking Machine
Day nniloenlns. In marvelous reproduction-!
of lull brass band overtures, cornet, banjo.
wliltllnsnndocal eoloa. Patrons nml tho
public arc Imitcd to hear this tho sieatesc
mention of the ago. full.diHS.lni
tt. Monday, February 10, and during tho
Matinees Monday, Wednesday, Friday ami
Satnrday. Admission at night, 10, SO, 30 and
00c. Matinees, 10, 20 and 30c.
J. T-illlth st-n. w.
SlOaterm. Trial logons fieo Send for
Branches In New York, Bo-ton, Brooklyn,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Louisville, Paris,
France; Berlin and Dresden, Germany.
hxtiactfrvm a private Utter:
"In reply to your request for my advice as
to n good school for your danshter, 1 can
with confidence recommend Mr. aid Mrs
Cabell's Norwood Institute, In Washington.
D. C. Tho standard of scholarship theio Is
high, thu Instruction thorough and thu Influ
ences good, L. . U. Iasun,
Justice U. S. Supremo Court,"
The school opens boot. 30. auJ8-dstf
M5 D street northwest.
Washington, D. C.
Webster Law Building,
WAttorm U1SH tr.wt nnrthw.t.
uxnxu r.t a- Kits.
(buccoesor to Henry Lee's Sons),
bouth side.
Branch office, -ion Maryland nvo.s
E. Kl'IiTZ JounN. A L. .1 '
OFFICESIAK i St. u w 1M5 7th -
UU uth st n w , kl and K U. n
i IJ
Pa au' u and 101 M st. u c,
Johnson Bros,,
hnr i s and Railroad .irds tori'
F.tnst.s w
-ole Agents for ule f W'a-!i'ngtn i
t?,d,Hai Coki.

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