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" -iwyyw 1 1 imi;-iirnyiY'S
m nnrT nin'f r'iTfjqn'T'ir
I . '.
1 1 '
Vlvr of tjir Ministers ciT St. John's,
Ilio 1'lrnt CnngrrgMloimt unit
' l"om ilrj M. r, Clnirrlu' Sunday
Itciro.-itlnnn nnil Tlipnl re-doing,
Ttev. George "William Douulai, In
flllliifjtbe position of rector of St. John's
T.plicopnl Church, enjoys the prestige
ol ilelivcrlnc his scrmoni to tho moit
Jnhlonnl)lo HUillcnco nt the National
The church Is located on tho north-i-ast
corner of Sixteenth and II streets
Jiorthwoat. II Is one of tho oldest In
lhc city, and is famous for Ihc beauty
of Its Mnlncd glass windows, one pane
of class nlono costing $'2.",000. Tlie
jcsldcncoof the rector Is situated Just
norlh of the church on Sixteenth street,
and is a Mibstnntlnl throe-story, red
lulck building with nn English base
ment. The ha'.l, or ante room, Is handsomely
dccoraUd with rare old rhlnn and pni
trry, some valuable spiclnicns being
silmost us nnclcnt as Christianity Itself.
On tho first landing of the stairs can bo
hcen an old-fashloncd clrek neaily
f-cven feet high, and similar to tho heir
loom timepiece that stood In tho bouse
ol Secretary William (' Kndicott. Tho
"high mantel in this nntc loom Is orna
mented by tho figure of an Egyptian
unman In pottery.
Heavy curtains drape the entrance to
the parlor, which is the most richly fur
nished clerical reception-room in the
ity. The finished baidwood lloor Is
Mai lied h dark brown and piol'ii3oly
covered with nigs of the tlncst texture.
The wall paper is old gold and Iho fur
niture old gold and silver and a.uro bltio
to match. Two laigc plants of tho
lialm sptcics and growing ilowcrs of a
liright yellow hue appear In the bay
window, and tho tables and high man
tles are tasteful! decorated with raic
lirie-a-brnc. There arc no chandc
lieis In tho parlor, three handsome
lamps and a doen wax candles shed
iling a more pleasant light than that af
forded by gas.
l!tv. Gcorgo William Douglas, S. T.
i.. Is about Ave feet nino inches in
liclght, and of rather a slender build,
'lie has thin, blonde hair, and short
mustache and side whiskers of tho
same color. lie has a well shaped
mouth and good teeth, and his straight
noso is bridged by a pair of eye-glasses.
"Withal, ho has a pleasant faco and an
tirlstociatic one, and if Miss ICilmau
cgg, mado famous by poor Tom Hood,
ieie In cxistenco to day, and belonged
trt St. John's Church (which she un
doubtedly would), the Itcv. Mr. Doug
lass would certainly till the ideal or that
lemarknbly aristocratic young lady.
lie was born In Now Yoik In 18-10,
nnil Is of wealthy pai outage, his father,
who has slnco retired from business,
linvlng been president of the Mercantile
Jinnk there. Ills ancestors wci e among
the early colonists, the first Doimlas
coming to this country having landed
lierc in 1C20. This ancestor was a dea
con in the Congregational Church, and
another ancestor was a colonel in the
Revolutionary war. On his mother's
side he is related to the llathbonas of
Albany, N. Y. lluv. Sutherland
Douglass was his uncle, and he had an
early predilection for the Church. He
graduated head of Ills class in 1871, and
Unco years later graduated at the Gen
oral Theological Scminaiy of Now
York. Tho following two yotrswetc
spent in advanced theological studies at
Oxford and at Bonn, Germany, and at
the age of twenty six he returned to his
native city as a tutor In tho General
Theological Scminaiy. Six months
lifter he was called to be assistant lector
of Calvary Cbuicli, in jS'cw Yoik.
J.alcr lie became assistant of Trinity
Church parish, in pastoral cliargo of
Tilnlty Church, at the same time being
am active member of the famous Char
ity Organization Societv of New Yoik.
An 1B80 he went abioad" for his health,
lcturiiing In Kovcmber, 1888, to take
chaige of St. John's Chinch, in this
Dr. Douglass says that one of tho
fcicatcst dliliculties in the piopcr dis
pensation of charities is that of finding
the most worthy objects, many of whom
xievcrask for alms. It is his opinion
that wealthy people could find many
ilrservlng of their aid thiough inquiry
nmong old acquaintances on whom for
tune lias frowned and who have fallen
liy tho wayside. He is enthusiastic
ovei the system of the Charity Organ!
yjitlon boclcty in Now York and ox
plained how the status, character and
need of almost any worthy object of
chailly could be obtained by applica
tion to that society.
On being questioned relative to the
comparative morality of this cilv and
Kew York the reverend gentfeman
Mated that he could hardly give an
opinion. "My congregation is com-pof-cd
of the best class of people," he
Mild, "and having been brought in con
luct with no other class, 1 can hardly
make a statement as to the morality of
Wnsliiugtun geneially."
Dr. Douglass is agicat lover of Htcia
Jine, and speaks and writes a half
doen.langtiagcs Latin, Qicck, French,
Oennan, Italian and Knglish.
"It would be haul forme to name a
favorite author," he replied in answet
1o a question. "In a literary field the
nullmrs to whom I owe most are Goethe,
Schlcirmachcr, Lotzo, Sainte-lluve,
Matthew Arnold, Shakespeare and
Itlrlianl Holt Hutton. My favorite
American authors aro Nathaniel Haw
thorne and BretHarte."
Ilev. Stephen M. Newman of tho
First Congregational Chinch, lives at
No. 013 Rhode Island avenue, in an at
tractive lookinc bilek house, with a
closely clipped open lawn in front. Tho
lirownstono stops leading to tho portals
or tho house are flanked on either side
with tho brightest biass rails. The
fi out door Is of stained glass, nnd the
interior of tho house Is In keeping with
its stylish oxtcrior. The walls of tho
doublo parlor are papered with a light
design, and the furniture is red and
IjIuo plush. Tho ghandellcrs aro brass,
with orance, red and bluo globes. A
concavo French minor surmounts the
heavy black mantel, nnd an upright
piano stands' in a corner of the frout
parlor. Tho tables are tastefully dec
oiatcd with brie-a biac, and this recep
tion room presents nn inviting Interior.
Dr. Nuwraan is tall nnd slender, with
lodillsb, sandy hair and mustache ami
well marked "features. He has an easy
nddicss and a scholarly appearance
He was born in Falmouth, Mo., No
vember SI, 18-15, and graduated at
llowdoln College, Brunswick, Me., in
18(17 with tho highest honors of his
class. In 1871 ho graduated at Ando
ver (Mass.) Theological Seminary, and
wns oidalned pastor of Broadway Con
gregational Church in Taunton, Mass.,
wheie ho remained for seven years.
The next soven years wcro spent at
Hlppon, Wis., where ho filled tho posi
tion of professor of mathematics for
two years in connection with his pas
toral duties.
In 1886 ho assumed his present charge,
nnd received tho degree of D, D.
from Bowdoin College threo years ago.
JIu roan led In 1871, and has a family
of two Kit ppons and a daughter, "My
opinion if Washington, from a moral
Mandpolni, is very high, ho said.
Dr. N wmnn's vlowa as to tho best
method of dispensing charities Is In ac-
cordancc with those of all the other
local clergy. "Organized chaiity Is
more beneficial than private," ho said;
"but though I deprecate miscellaneous
alms-giving for tho reason thnt It en
courages fraud and Idleness. I think
theio aro exccpllonal cases, where the
giver may hnve personal knowledge of
the needs or the worthy poor, and he
should give to such objects of chaiity
direct. p
Di. Newman Is opposed to tho open
ing of the Smithsonian Institute nnd Cor
coinu Art Gnlleiy on Sunday, and does
not believe that the innovation would
be for tho good of Washingtonlans
pcneinlly. llelntlvo to tho nt-all-tlmes
absorbing liquor question, ho does not
think that prohibition Is the best solu
tion, but that more nmplu Congicssional
investigation should be instituted, with
a hv to tho gradual annihilation of
tho mm tialllc, except in the use of
medicine nnd the arts.
Dr Newman is fond of lltciaturc. his
f'lWiillo American poets and author be
ing John Gtcenlenf Whlltlcr, Henry
Wadsworlh Longfellow and Na
thaniel Hawthorne. Among the
foreign coutiibutors to literature,
his favorites ore Shakespeare, Itnbcr
Browning nnd Sir Walter Scott. Ill
favoiile passages of tho Bible nrc con
tnlned in the epistles of St. John.
Among the members of the First Con
ciegntional Church are ex-SenatorS. C.
romcroy, Gencial K. Whittlesey, Pro
fessors A. N. Skinner nnd II. M. 1'nul,
Dr. 0. F. l'lcsbiey, K. Moirlson, A. M.
Lolhiop, J. B. Johnson and John
Twiedale. Senator I'lntt nnd Kcprc
scnlatives Dinglcy and Giout nto reg
ular attendants at the sermons or Dr.
Ilov.Gcoige Elliott, pnstorof Foundiy
M. L Chinch, located on tho noilh
cast coiner of Fourteenth and G streets
northwest, lives In tho thrcc-stoiy bilek
lcsldcncc immediately oast 6f the
chinch. Exteriorly and Interiorly the
house Is a most unostentatious one.
Tho pailor is comfortably, but
modestly furnished, with vcrv llttlo
Mr. Elliott Is one of the youngest
niinistcis in the city, having been born
thirty-eight years ago in Licking
County, Ohio. His father, also a
Methodist minister of the Buckeye
State, was born in the same
county, ltev. Ocorgo Elliott grad
uated fiom Cornell University at
tho ago of 21 and spent two
yenis editing a country weekly
in Ohio. He was then appointed to
preach in various towns in northeastern
Iowa, where he remained until trans
ferred to the Baltimore Conference sev
eral years ago. From Baltiore Mr. El
liott was called to this city somo three
years ago to succeed ltcv. Hy. It. Nay
lor, who had been transferred to Unin
llnc M. V.. Church, and of whom a
sketch appeared in Ia-t Sunday's
Mr. Elliott was not Inclined to answer
the question as to the morality of Wash
ington as coinpaicd to that of Ilaltl
more.which lie considers a model city.
The morality of AVashlngtonlan proper
ho consideis "veiy good," but staled
that the miscellaneous temporary pop
ulation heie made it haul to compare
the two cities.
"My ideas as to thcalrc-gotng and
round-dancing arc conscivallvc, but I
don't believe in running a crusade
against them," he said in answer to an
inquiiy. "I believe tho wise course is
to lnleiest people in worthy objects, and
when they aieso Interested their lovo
of doing good will wean them fiom
Belatlvc to the dispensation of chari
ties Mr. Elliott is of the opinion that If
persons of means could devote sulll
cicnt lime to that object to seek out tho
worthiest of the nccdv that ptivate
chaiity would be preferable to public,
but generally speaking nnd in view of
the many demands on tho time of the
wealthy he shares the gencial opinion
of the clemy that moic ical good can
bo done through organized charity.
Mr. Elliott was questioned on the
topic of opening the Smithsonian In
stitute nnd the Corcoran Ait Oallcry on
Sunday. "I do not think that thoopen
lng of thec institutions on the Sabbath
would serve any valuable purpose," ho
bald. "It would necessitate tho labor
of certain employes on thnt day, and
there is no telling where personal service
will end If the wedge Is oncoiutioduccd.
'I'llO mWlnmil ftf enmn wr.,,1.1 .Inn. t..n
.w ...jwj ...w.v u. oitluu 1,111111, UUIfllU
others of n day of rest. I think the
better plnn would be to give all Govern
ment employes a weekly half holiday
in which to visit our treasuries of art.
Mr. Elliott is on Independent in noti
fies, nnd thinks that the ultimate solu
tion of tho liquor question should be
prohibitory legislation, aided by earnest
moial work.
His fnvorito American wiitcrs aio
I'alph Waldo Emerson nnd Nathaniel
Hawthorne; and his favorite foreign
poets, Shnkcspcarc and Itobcrt Brown
ing. Ho Is himself the author of one
book. "Tho Abiding Sabb.ith," which
took the Fletcher prl.o of $300 in 18S4.
Mr. Elliott has a wife nnd four chil
dren, and though he thinks Baltlinoro
a preferable field for chinch work, ho
prefers the National Capital as a place
of residence.
Ailriiato School I'liclllllfR Needed
Nucco8liil Untertulnment.
A select committee comprising four
members of tho Hoard of Coramlssluuers of
this town, Messrs. Jackson Italston, Jamos
Uuiusldc, F. II. Smith, and 1'eter Dully,
and three other prominent citizens, Messrs.
Charles Welsh, II. Hlckcy, and Charles
Drury, visited tho ancient town and couuty
seat ot 1'rlnco George, Malboro', on
WcdDCEday last, for the purposoof asking
tho Commissioners of tho latter place for
their co-operation In, and endorsement of,
a Mil which thoy proposo submitting to the
I.cglslnturo at an early day, for an appro
priation of J4.000 to bo expended In the
erection of a public school building
In this place, llielr commission was a
most satisfactory and encouraging one, and
no doubts can he reasonably eutcrtatued of
a fruitful outcome of their strenuous en
deavors to have this measure successfully
consummated. "No question," said a
member of tho committee, "so Instantly and
justly engages tho undivided attention of
those who contemplate migration to a new
town than that of adequate school facili
ties; and certain It Is that, In tho absence of
such a paramount Inducement, a newly-Incorporated
town, laboring under tho dlili
culties which are over concomitant with Its
endeavors, will find such a want a promi
nent stumbling block In tho pathway of
success. While theBe particular Insti
gators areatnork the citizens should not
allow their efforts In the premises to Ho
The musical entertainment held under
the auspices of tho "St. J. (J. C." at KJul
Vert Hall, College 8tatlon, on last Tuesday
ovcnlng, was replete with eujoyably re
ceived selections from the participants In
tlio evening's amusements. The perform
ance was opened with a quartette, "Where
Are You Going, My l'retty Maid," rcu
deiedln a fine manner by Mrs. Dcsscz,
Miss Tower, Messrs. Cannon and Reed, all
of Washington. Miss Corrlnuo MeKarland
of this town rendered the favorite old bal
lad, "Love's Old, Sweet Song," for which
she received applause.
Messrs. Lewis Holdcn, Clay Browning,
and Charles Wood have mado formal ap-
fdlcatlou for admission to tho Masonic
odgo of this place, upon which action will
he tal.cn at the next regular communica
tion of that body.
Mr. Thomas Faucett, who has, for tho
past two years, been au almost confirmed
invalid, appears to be no better, much to
tho regret of his numerous friends and the
entire community.
Vicuna IIech will be tho best for your
self and family. DtfuK It, instead of muddy
Fotomao water,
i i i
Ho 1'arniB JclXoron Dnvls, Clonarnl
Ornnt nnil Abruhnm Lincoln In it
lliiml-OlnppInc Circle, nnd anos
l!ncl to tlio I)n j n or tlio I'liiirnotm.
I saw nn advertisement in tho Posl a
couple of weeks ago announcing Hint
Dr. 1'. 11. Hoscoc, llhodo Island's cele
brated clnlrvoj ant. who has given sittings
for Congressmen. Senators, Presidents, and
statesmen, as well as men of sclcnco and
prolcors of colleges and universities Is
now located at 171M I, street uorthwct,
where ho maybe consulted hctwoon tho
hours of 11 to !2 and ;l to 0 dally, except
Being intcicslcd In Investigating tho
phenomena of occult science, 1 called
at tho houso mentioned ono afternoon
and was lccelvcd byn round-eyed wo
man, who informed mo that tho Doctor
was engaged, but would bo at leisure In
n few moments. After nbilof conver
sation about the weather mid the cli
mate of Washington tho Doctor up
pcorcd. He was n pretty young mnu,
with white teeth and pompadourcd hair,
nnayed in n showy cloth dressing gown.
(1 have of Ion wondered what association
there could bo between velvet breakfast
jackets or elaborato dressing gowns and
tho spiritual woild, for all tho mnlc high
ptiestsof tho latter that 1 have overseen
linvo been arrayed In cither ono or the
other.) Ho Invited mo Into the back
parlor, and lcqueslcd mo to bo seated
at one side of a small stand, while lie
seated himself nt the other side. Ho
smiled sweetly nnd icinnrkcd, "Mv
terms for gentlemen nic three dollars.1'
I produced the amount, and tho Doctor
pocketed It without delay. "I do not
cliargo for what you may got. I would
not be allowed by my contiolls to do
so. but only for nil time." (The
young woman had informed inc Hint
n silting was Unco dollnrs for a
gcullcman and two dollars for n lady,
and I now began to wonder why his
time wns wortli one-third more when oc
cupied by a gentleman than by n lady.)
"I will try to explain my motbod as
clearly as possible. I sluill go Into a
trance and bo contiollcd by ono of the
following ." He rattled off
tho names of sages, scholars, foieigncrs,
acticsses nnd Indians. "They will un
fold to you tho book of your life not
only telling you the past nnd present,
but unfolding the future. When I
shall cease speaking you may ask any
questions you wish. I will thank you
to make n few downward passes over
my face, and when you have finished
your inteirogaloiies please lcvcrso the
motions to enable me to come out of
my trnuce."
Ho closed his eyes, I made the
downwaul passes, he gave n couple of
short gasps (like n chicken swallowing
n veiy lnige morsel), nnd began in the
loveliest falsetto voice (it would hnvo
dono credit to n Musio): "My friend, I
urn canied back to the huppv days of
your childhood, when life inn smoothly
ns the placid stream between its green
banks, spnrkllug in the sunlight nnd
rellcctlng evciy beautiful tree nnd
llowcr on its margin nnd each tlcccv
cloud that tloats in the blue ether above.
Oh! happy time!! How little appre
ciated while it is still ours, a time of
ln-no cenco, happiness and freedom
from carcl I will now pass onward
over the path of your life, even to tlio
present time. My filend, you have
bad some troubles, but your life ns a
whole has been lcmnrkably frco from
care. You hnvo traveled extensively and
will tinvel still more. (So true. I have
made several tilps to New Yoik and
been to Alexandria lots of times; or
pel haps my dally trips toTukomn Park,
whcio I livo, aio considered by tho
spirit woild as extensive travel.) You
aro thinking about n chnugo of busi
ness and wondering if It willbo for the
best. I say It will. I see many books
nnd papers and letters innumciable.
My filend, I sec two dork clouds (hero
ho became decidedly pathetic In voice
and manner, a sort "of 'I'm sorry for
you' tone); ono opens and I sco In it
the form of nn old lady -no! not old,
for her faco is illumined by the smllo of
eternal youth. As tho other opens I
see the form of nn old man, with ilow
ine gray hair, who leans upon a stnff.
These aro not l datives, but dear friends,
who will pass away within u year. (I
swan to gracious; I don't know nn old
man with llowing gray hair, who leans
on a staff. Ho must have imaeincd I
was n filend of 'Old Grimes.') "
"Thero ni o many filends around you.
Oh! so ninny; not only those or your
relatives and fi lends, but of thoso who
foim your band, for you nro very modi
umistle. You have wonderful healing
poweis. I see men of science, learned
doctois, philosophers nnd poets around
you; statesmen nnd military men. 1
see the form of Jeffeison Davis, of Gen
eral Grant and Abraham Lincoln.
They aro clasping hands nnd forming n
solemn compact that lliev will forever
work together for the b'encfit of hu
manity. I sco near you n flue, noble
looking military man, a goncrnl, and
you must have been veiy intimate with
him while in the eaith sphere, for he is
diawn very close to you. (lie must
have been promoted since ho passed
over.) I hear the names of Frank and
George, of Susan and Ucbecca, of Mary
and Henrietta."
My hands wcio lying on the table be
tween us, my right nearly covering tlio
left, on which I had n largo cameo cut
with a head, said to be Augustus Ciusar.
It was cut in Home probably about
twenty years ago. He continued; "I
seo, my friend, that you wear a very
curious ring (ho must hnvo been peep
ing); it takes me back to the dim ages
of the past, to tho days of Egypt
under tho l'haraohs (here I uncovered
my left hand a little moro to glvo him
n better view); I am carried to Homo; I
feel tho Intlucnco of Lucretius and
oh 1 what an Intlucnco ho is creating
over you. My friend, tho coming four
years of your llfo will be tho most
happy of any you have passed. You
will not dio by vlolenco, or by acci
dent, but your llfo will bo long, and,
when tho appointed timo comes for you
to pass to this sldo, it will corao grad
ually, like the going out of a cnndlo
thnt has burned down In Its socket and
expires when fully consumed, Now,
my friend, you may ask mo any ques
tions you wish."
Q. Who Is this to whom I nm
speaking 1
A. Chailotto Cushman.
Q. Ah I do j oil know what I havo of
yours nt home V (I had her autograph.)
A. Yes, indeed 1 One of your
family was very Intimate with mo
when I was in tho earth sphere.
(I oui nfrnld Charlotto was n bid spirit
given to telling whnt wasn't so, for my
Inmlly weronll Presbyternlns and would
havo thought thoy wero on tho high
road to perdition If they had oven
spoken to an nctrcss, much moio known,
ono intimately)
I then took from my pocket n look of
hnlr thnt was cut from tho head of a
very dear child (six years old) who died
about fifteen months ngo. I placed It
in his hand and asked.
Q, Can you tell mo anything about
the owner of this?
A. As I senso it, it bolongs to some
one In tho enrthspherc. Thero seems
to bo n weakness hero (clutching his
chest) nnd hero (indicating tho hack
of his head) but, that will bo ovorcomo
in time.
Q. Can you tell mo tho ago of the
person to whom it belongs. i
A. About 18 years old.
(J. Is Ihero anyone by the namo of
llobert (my fnthci's name) to sco mo or
near me? .
A. Oh' yes; but I hear tho, namo of
Frank nnd Augustn, of Sarah and
George, of Susan nnd Hnrrlettc.
(). Is there anyone by tho namo of
Julius (my child's name) near mo?
A. Ohl yes (cicsendo); but I hear
tho nnmes of John and James, of Mar
garet nnd Anna, of Thomas nnd Frank
Do you rccognlo nny of them.
Q. Do you think I will livo to nn
old age?
A." Yes' veiy old, you have gicat
work yet to do.
I could not then think of nnythlng
more to nsk and ns tho wholo thing hnd
been t-a decidedly unsatisfactory I sat
still a few moments to awnlt develop
mrnts. I did not make the upward
passes, but ho came out of the trance
nil the same nnd, arising, opened the
door for mo to pass out and then pro
ceeded to open tho front door, nnd when
I had leached the step ho asked: "Did
you get anything satisfactory?" When
Iropllcd: "Not tho slightest," ho hur
riedly said: "I'roUnulv tho conditions
wcro not favoiable. ft Is not my fault
if the conditions mo unfavorable. Good
evening"' and hastily closed tho door.
I went away, thinking of the old
provcib which ends, "nnd soon parted "
This was but a small portion of the
stuff thnt bo rattled off, as If learned by
lole; may bo not tho exact words, but
not exnggciated, n lot of tilvlnl gcnoi
nlillcs, abundantly lutcisporsod with
ilnltrry. Diox.
Since wilting tho above I hnve met
two persons whoso cxpcilences hnvo
been similar to mlne.J
- m -
in; kkit ins Hi:citnr.
JCenl Jtoinrtnco In tlio Fnmllr of ox
(iovenior Mrofm of IlllnulH,
Ex-Govcinor Bross of Illinois, who
died Moudny night, had n brother who
dlcdinMny, 1888. Thero was nstrango
story conucctcd with this brother says
an exchange n lomanco that read llko
pno of Chnrlcs Iteado's novels. The
brother was Stephen Decatur Bioss. In
183-1, whllo toachlnt; school in New
Jersey, ho packed lils vnliso one day
and told his wife that he was obliged
to go to Now York to attend to some
business. Sho never saw him again.
Efforts were mado to find him, but in
vnln, and the family mourned him ns
dead, believing Hint ho hnd been foully
dealt with in tho metropolis.
About seventeen yenis ago a man
called on Governor Bross at the Tribune
ofllec and nsked him if he had a brother
living in Colorado. Tho Governor said
ho had not, and then tho caller told
about having met n ninn soracwhcio in
the ininiug distiicts who bore such a
striking resemblance to the Governor
that he felt almost ceitaln that they
were biothers. This incident had cs
enped the memory of Governor Bross,
when another man fiom Colorado asked
him n similar question nnd iravo fur
ther details concerning tho mysterious
double. It was not till his name was
mentioned thnt Governor Bross became
Intel cstcd.
When he learned Ihat the Colorado
man was known as Stephen Decatur ho
began to wonder whether it might not
be his long-lost brother. Tho moro he
thought nbout it tho moro curious he
becamo to see nnd talk with Decatur.
Finally ho resolved to go to Colorado.
Ho did go, and found that tho man wns
fninous throughout the State. Every
one ho met called the object of his
search "Commodore" Decatur. Thoy
know all about his life in the West, but
not ono could find tho slightest account
or Decatur's antecedents.
When they first heard of him he was
ninning n lorry ncross the Missouri
ltlvcr at Omaha. Ho had come to Col
oiado in ISo'J, nnd has fought thiough
all the Indian wars since. lie had
been a successful miner and a member
orthoLegislaluio. At the time of Gov
ernor Bross' visit ho was living on a
ranch in tho Interior of tho State.
This information whetted the Gov
cinoi's nppetite for moic, and after a
pciilous journey across the mountains
he reached Decatur's ranch. Judgo of
his astonishment when ho wa3 met at
the door by a buxom Indian squaw,
who told him that she was Mis. Deca
tur. Mr. Decatur wns not nt home, but
tho Governor, now sorclv perplexed.
resolved to await his arrival. It was
not long before a stuidy mountaineer
came striding up tho load. Oneglanco
confirmed Governor Bross that it was
indeed Ids biother, nnd he ran out with
open nrms to meet him.
"Stephen, my brother, my long lost
biother," almost sobbed tho Governor.
Decatur stopped, and for a fow
minutes stood perfectly Mill, ctuiously
eyeing tho man who had accosted him.
'lhcnho grutlly said: "Who aro you?"
"Why, don't you know me, Stephen?
I am William Bross, your oldest
"I never saw you before in my life."
"Why, Stephen Bross, how "
"I tell you, sir, that you aro mistaken.
My name is not Bross. I never heard
tho name heroic. My namo is Decatur."
"Yes, brother, 1 know it is Stophcn
Decatur Bross."
"No. sir; it is Stephen Decatur."
Governor Bross was dumfounded.
Ho kuew thnt it was his brother to
whom he was speaking, nnd ho finally
asked the man if ho did not havo n
largo scar on his left nrm, n fewinchos
nbove the wrist. In response to this
question Decatur coolly rolled up his
slecvo and displnycd the scar. Dcsplto
this, however, Decatur stoutly denied
his identity, nnd, nlthough ho treated
Governor Bross with marked kindness
and hospitality, ho would not ncknowl
edge him as his brother. For several
days tho Governor lemniucd at tho
ranch, pleading with Decatur to un
bosom himself, but entreaties wero
fiimly repulsed. Saddened in heart
with the result of his long journoy,
nnd realizing that nothing could in
duco Stephen Decatur to confess tho
secret of his life, Governor Bross ic
turned homo.
In 1870 Governor Bross learned thnt
"Commodore" Decatur had been com
missioned to represent Colorado ot tho
Centennial Exposition, nnd on his way
to this city Decatur oven stopped oil nt
Chicago and visited tho Governor for
Fovernl dnys. Thero ho met other rela
tives, but to them, as to his brother, ho
denied Hint ho over heard tho nnmo of
Bross until tho Governor enmo to his
ranch. Whllo ho wns in tho city
Stephen Bross' children nnd some of
his old townspeople called upon him,
but nover onco did lie betray himself.
They identified him boyoud n shndow
of n doubt, but to nil ho simply leplled
that thoy wero mistaken. Ho finally
died In poverty, nnd his secret died with
him, for" so fnr ns known ho ne cr told
It to n living being. Somo of his chil
dren nro married nnd living in Chicago.
Don't Ilmvlc, Spit, Couch,
Suffer dizziness, indigestion, Inflammation
of tho eyes, headache, lassitude, Inability to
perform mental work and Indisposition for
bodily labor, and annoy aud disgust your
friends and acquaintances with your nasal
twang and offciislvo breath and constant
efforts to clean your noso aud throat, whep
Dr. Sago's "Catarrh Itemedy" will promptly
relieve jou ot discomfort and suffering,
and your frlonds of tho dlscustlug and
needless lnlllctlons of your loathesome (lis.
"I 611 u.i. oiideii I'onTMin'B IlEEn," said
Mr. Smith to Mrs. Jones, "Why? llecime
t Is healthy and pure,"
CuiniiiiuilcHtlonn nnd Dccroo Work of
Iho lUnsonlo llnillos Independent
Older of Itocluilillcn nnd Other
JUnellcln! OrRiitilrnlion,
M tho stated communication ot Btans
bury Lodge, No. St, Monday ovcnlng, tho
third decrco will be conferred. A member
of this lodge says thnt n new lodge, under
tlio Jurisdiction of tho Statoot Maryland, IS
now being oreanlzcd nt Tnkonm I'nrlt. Iho
location of tho latter will bo very closo to
tlio District line, but as tho degrees will bo
conferred In conformity with tlio ritual of
Marj laud ninny parties will bo formed
during tho coming spring and summer to
visit tho new lodgo and compare tho differ
ences of tho degrees which, In theso two
jurisdictions, however, vary very slightly.
Armlnlus I.odgo, lso. S3, will confer tho
first degrco at tho 6tatcd communication of
Monday evening.
Dawson Lodge, No. 10, will eonfer the
second degrco Monday evonlng in lodgo
room No. 1 of tho JlaBonlc Temple.
Acacia Lodge. No. 18, at the stated com
munication of Tuesday evening will confer
the third dcgiec.
All thrco decrees aro due In Federal
Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday ccnlnp. Tho third
dcercewill bo conferred at this communi
cation. Ilaunony Lodge, No. 17, will confor tho
third degree Thursday evening In tho
cathedral. At tho speclnl communication
held last I'rldny evening tho Worshipful
Master presented on behalf ot tho lod'go
a past master's jewel to tho Junior Past
-Master, Worshlprul Brother Dr. Frederick
K. Hwctt. A special communication will bo
held next week for Iho conferring of tho
llrst and second degrees, duo notlco of
which will bo given.
If any degrco work Is pcrfornicdln Gcorgo
U, hltlng Lodge, No. SI, Thursday even
ing, It will probably bo tho second.
Now Jerusalem Lodge, No. 0, will con
fer at tho communication of Thursday
evening tho third degree. Urcthron of
sister lodges aro fraternally invited to at
tend. On Trlday evening St. John's Lodge. No.
11, will confer the third degrco. This do
grco will also bo conferred at the first com
munication In Mat cb.
Hope Lodge, No. 20, will confer tho first
deerco Friday evening
Mount Vernon Chapter No. 8 will con
fer the past and most excellent master's
degrees Monday evening. It is something
of a coincidence that nearly ovory officer of
this chanter holds .m Important position In
other Masonic bodies. Tho M. E. II. 1'.,
John M. McKInnoy, Is tho lunlor past
master of La l'ayetto Lodge No. 10. Tho
Excellont Scribe, James H. Wardcll, Is the
present worshipful master of tho same
lodge. Tho captain ot tho host, William
Oscar lioomo Is Vencrablo Master of Mith
ras Lodge ot l'cifectlon, A. A. 8. It., Wor
shipful Master of Osiris Lodge, N. D., Pa6t
Muster ot Washington Centennial Lodcre,
No. 14, and III. I C. of Work, Washing
ton Council, No. 1, Rojal and Select Mas
ters. The principal soujourner, A. B.
Coolldge, Is Junior Warden of Mlthraa
Lodge of Pcrfcctlou, aud Senior Stewart of
La rajttto Lodpe, No. 10. Tho Itoyal
Arch Captain, L. II. Glnn,Is Senior Warden
of Harmony Lodge, No. 17. Tho Grand
Master I'hst Vail, Jos. C.Taylor, Is Com
mander of liobett Do llruco Council ot Ka
dosh, A. A. S. It., and the G. M. Second
Vail, Lieut. Hamilton Smith, is Worshipful
.Muster of Harmony Lodge, No. 17.
Washington Chapter, No. S, will confor
Ihc Ho al Arch degrco Thursday oventng.
It In expected that tho samo degrco will be
onfcrml at tho next convocation, in which
event the usual collation will be served on
both occasions.
L'urcha Chapter, No. i, will confor the
Maik Master degree Friday evening.
Routine business only will bo tiansacted
at the convocation of Potomac Chapter,
No. 8, Tuesday evening. Tho secretary,
Companion F. W. Storch". has completod his
history of the Georgetown Ma6onlu bodies,
and the inanuscilpt Is extremely Interest
ing to tho membership of tho lodges, chap
ter, and commandery of West Washlngtou.
At the regular convocation of La Fayetto
Chanter, No. C.Tucsday evening, tho Koval
..ircii ncgrco was conierrca oy mo -Most vjk
relltnt High Priest, L. Cabell Williamson,
assisted by tho regular officers ot tho chap
ter. Previous to tho degree, M. K. Com
panion Samuel It Bond presented, on bo
half of tho chapter, a Past High Priest's
jewel to K. I. Nottingham, who presided
ocr tho affaiis ot tho chapter last year.
Washington Commandery, No. 1, will
confer Iho "Red Cross" at the 6tatcd eon
clavo of Wednesday evening on a class of
l)e Kolay Commandery, No. 4, will not
coufer any dogrees Tuesday evening, but,
during tho conclave a very Interesting opl
sodo will occur. A short tlmo ago the
commandery recognized the services of
van commander llobert T. lllcston, who
for tho past two j ears has admlnlstcted tho
affairs of tho organization, by tho presenta
tion of a beautiful gold Jowcl, sot with dia
monds, and, ou Tuesday evenlug next,
they piopose to further honor tho Eminent
Sir Knight with another presentation,
which will this tlmo tal.o tho Torm of a
Pust Commander's sword.
It was with regret that the companions of
Columbia Chapter, No. 1, learned of tho
resignation ot tho O. W. Thst Vail, J. II.
Cunningham; but Masonic dtitlos else
where w ire so pressing that ho had no alter
native. Tho Washington Masonic Veteran Asso
ciation held their annual meeting and
banquet at Musonie Tctnplo last ovonlng.
Tho business of tho occasion was transacted
in the asjlum of tho Knights Templar and
the bouquet was served In lodge-room No.
'.', which was elaborately decorated for the
Tho monthly meeting ot the Masonic
Mutual Itcliof Association will occur
Wednesday evening, nt tho offices of tho
association, on Eleventh street.
Tho third year of the Gcoigotown Ma
sonic Aid Association opened very au
tplclously with a membership of about ono
hundred and fifty. At tho last meeting
the following officers wcro elected: Samuel
(!. J'almcr, president; J. B. Thomas, vlco
preshlcnt; F. W. Stoich, secretary; Charles
Becker, treasurer.
Almas Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., will be
tho recipient of an official visit fiom Illus
trious Deputy Imperial I'Otcntato II, K.
Hosleyon Monday evening next. As this
Is an ovent of unusual Importance, It will
lie rendered moro Interesting by tho con
fer ing of the order in full form, with all
Its wealth of Imagery and mystic coremo
nlal, combined with tho oriental splendor
appertaining to tho proper costuming of
tho degree. At tho conclusion tho usual
banquet will bo held In the dlnlng-hall.
Mithras Lodge of Perfection, ot tho rcg-
Special Attention. Low Prices.
1405 N Y. ave. n.w.,
fcJ.d.lm Washington. 1). C.
. Ella Trcadwoll, for rent, for Bale or ox
cliango for other proporty at Bennett's shlp
yard, foot of 11th st b w.
: rooms, with steam heat, for rent in the
Builders' ExchauRO building, 1131 Q st n w.
Apply on tho promlsos to the SUPERIN
1415 r Htreol. Member or"WUHlilut;tou
NtotU 1'jicliniiKe. All locul Htoclts
unit KcenrltU-H bought nnil hold.
Y'wIluam lee
(Successor to Henry Leo's Sons),
883 rSNN. AVENUE N. W..
Bouth Bldo.
Branch offlco, 41W Maryland ova. s.w.
ulor meeting of Tuesday ovcnlng last, con
forrcd tho ninth, tontb, clcvontii, twelfth,
and thirteenth degrees, tho vonerablo
uuiMcr, uiiunmuecar ltoomc, uiiriy-tuiru
degree, conferring tho ninth: Joseph C.
Tnvlnr. thtrH-.ti.ir.i .iArAn ! i,illi
TV-- it-. .... lit
AicianucruoiicnbrooK Molt, thirty-second
tecnth degree, the twelfth, and William
Uscar Itoomo, thirty-third degrco, tho thir
teenth. Tho fourteenth dozreo will shortly
be conferred.
Independent Order of Ilcclinbltes
Purity Tont, No. 1 (ladlos1 branch), Odd
Fellows Hall, Navy-Yard, Is an Important
auxiliary to the order, and Is doing good
work In tho southeastern section of tho
clly. At tho meeting last Monday ovculng,
alter transacting considerable business, In
teresting good-of-ordor exercises woro held,
with Brother A. A. Allison presiding.
Kaglo Tent, No. 2, had a good attendance
at Its last meeting. The good-ot-ordcr ex
crclecs wcro enlivened with romarlis by
various grand officers.
Redemption Tent, No. M4, after Initia
ting thrco candidates and transacting tho
usual routine business, was entertained with
remarks by Orand Chief Itulor W. J. Webb
and other officers.
Friendship Tent, No. 7.1, Monday ovon
lng, after n very crcdltablo initiation and
transacting necessary business, wai enter
tulned with on Interchange of views for tho
good of tho order.
Annlrorsnry of It. of r,
Washington city Is tho mother Jurisdic
tion of tho order of tho Knights of Pythias.
Twenty-seven years ngo Justls II. Itath
bonc, with a few other men, organlzod
this order. Tlio membership now numbers
over noo.OOO, scattered all over the United
StateB and Canada. This order, which Is
beneficial In Its character, has paid out In
various mji slnco Us origin $li.000,000.
It is second to tho Masons in numbers aud
Is fast Increasing in popularity and wealth.
It pa s Rick benefits, burial expenses, takes
caro of the widow and educates the or
phans. A Pjthlan tcmplo Is soon to bo
erected here that will reflect credit upon
Iho mother jurisdiction and tho cutlro or
der. What is colu iu tho head? Medical
authorities say It Is duo to tinoven clothing
of tho body, rapid cooling when In n per
spiration, etc. Tho Important point is that
a cold In the head Is an Inflammation of the
lining membrano of tho nose, which, when
unchecked, is certain to produce a catarrhal
condition for catarrh Is essentially a "cold"
which naturo Is nolongor ablo to "resolvo"
or throw oft. Ely's Cream Balm hasprovod
its superiority, and sufferers should resort
to It beforo that common ailment becomes
seated and ends in obstlnato catarrh.
Do you wast linen? If so, order Port
ller's Vienna Cabinet.
Hervous, Bilious or Congestive Forms.
L. E. BROWN, M. D.,
23Wost Jorseyst.,
EuzAnETit. N. J., Juno 23, 1S30.
This is to certify that I havo used for somo
months with much satisfaction, tho combina
tion of remedies for Hoadaclio, known as
Brisgs' Hcadaelio Troches. Tho romody
euros moro hoadaohes, especially such as af
fect Nervous Women, than anything lam
acquainted with, and It this certificate will
bo tho means of brmRmglt to tho favorable
attention 'of snfforcrs from that tronblo.I
shall feel that I havo dono thorn a service.
Sold by all Druggists or sont by Mall on Ro
oolpt ot 1'nco.
Floncrs. horebv eUe. nntlnn tlinf. en
much of tho capital stock of tho Norfolk aud
Washington Steamboat Company has beon
pnbsorlbed as li sufficient to Incorporate the
Mibscrlbcrs, nnd wo hereby glvo notlco and
call a general meeting of tho said subscrib
ers to bo hold, at 11 o'olock, on tho 0th day
of Slaroh, 1890, at tho ofUco of Charles C.
Dnncanson. corner of Ninth and D streets
northwest, Washington, U. c.
FoblOiUSSw CommNslonors.
Tho convention of tho Woman's National
Llbornl Union will bo hold at Wlllard Hall
FEBRUARYS! and S3, at 1(30 n. in, 3 and H
Tho public Is Invited. Admission free.
By order of tho
Si; A. McKNIfinT.
Attorncys-at-Law, 1110 F St., Washington,
D. O.
Practlco beforo Committees of Congiess,
thoComtsnnd tho Executive. Iioiiar'monts.
mado bv ono of tho most celebrated
cutters In America? Prloos samo at thoso
thlrd-rato cutters thargo, P. T. HALL, 008 F
st n w.
Temporary ofilces. No. 1001 F st. n. w.
Loans money ou collateral and real estate.
Pays Interest on deposits. Has for salo se
cured Investments. Capital, 81,000,000. Call
and kco or wrlto to us. B. II. WARNER,
I'rcililcnt; JNO.JOYEI)80N,Tico-Pr09idont:
W. 11. ROBINSON, Secretary j W. B. GURLEt,
Acting Treasurer,
-ju ! st. n, w., wnsniDgton, u, c.
A General Banking Buslnoss Transacted.
Capital, 8250,000.
B. n. WARNER, rrosldont.
A T. BHITTON, Ylco-Prcsldont.
E.S. rARKEIt, Cashier.
1410 Ponna. avo., opposite Wtllard's nntel.
Thousands from far and noar visit Dr. White
for relief from and avoidance of corns, bun
ions, diseased nails and all othor foot
troubles. Hours, 8 a. m. to G p. m.; San
days, a to 12. Established ISfll. Foe. II.
Mrs. McG'affortv la tho onlv hat and
bonne t-framo manufacturer in tho olty. Call
and see her now shapes. Bleaching and
pressing. Straw and folt bats altorod to tho
latest styles. Orders promptly attended to.
1009 CI stroet n. w.
--K' cialty In curing nervous and mental
disease, spinal, ovarian und utorlne troubles,
paralysis, tumors, sciatica, hysteria, rheuma
tism, neuralgia, chorea, oto. Hairs removed.
Strictures cured. Statto electricity through
clothing. Dr. L. S. NICHOLSON. 001 Twolfth
st. n. w.
as' VKRTISING CO. Oflleo, 131S Pa.
ave., upstairs. Advertisements Dlsplayod by
4,000 Candlo Power Elootrlo Light noon ooa
Square Foot of Canvas. Jan'J7.1w.d&3
roit tiA.i,Ruuuiir,ii.
AdrertUtmtnU vtultr HI htaii, four Hnt$ or
ktt, 23 ctntt (or on ntertlon; CO cmtifor thru.
iranio nouse.just unisning; iiyurannn
yard; lot 10x115; snug homo; prloo, $300, Ap
ply to ROBERT J. THOMAS, Room No. 3, 013
! foot alloy, bet 0th and 10th nnd Q and U
ets s w; 7 rooms; ball on both lloors; closets
fronting tho 1'otomao; 15 per cont Invest
ment; lot 811 feet front by &.'i doep, 49 foot
from 0th st. Apply within.
' houses In Washington, 100, 103 and 110
11th st n o; two-story aud basement, brown
ttono trimmings; 7 rooms and bath; elootrlo
bells and gas: price, ZS.eoo each, 8500 cash
balance to suit or trado for good lots,
aiuvi ...V ...,
coo. Will soil at a sacrifice or ront low,
OWNER, Room SO, 810 F st n w,
AgiirtUnntnttvnder IhU htrut, fourllnuor
lit, 25 ctntt for ent Interllont 00 cnf for thru.
O good men to cell our goods by samplo to
jhowholcsalo nnd rotall trado. Wo aro tho
lnrget manufacturers lu our lino. Liberal
snlary paid. Permanent poltlon. Money
advanced for wagos. advertising, ote. For
terms address Centennial Jt'f'g Co . Chicago,
lib folS.w.s&S lot
dress, washing and Ironing to do nt
homo; rcforencos glvon. Apply 1810 MHay.
cral housework In a small family,
mnn.wltoand boy 8 years old; Gornnn pre
ferred; to tho right party a pleasant homo
nnd good wagos assured, Apply at No. 1003
Ost n w.
Safe, Llghtnlug-rwl- or Book Agent, or
Reporter, of great snvolr falro, for lltorary
work. Lnigo salary. Wrlto London & Hart
ford Pub. Co., N. Y.
high class subscription books, ono who
lias an acquaintance nmong Vt nshlngton
canvassers, to take oxclnslvo control of tlio
salo of "A Library of American Lltoraturo"
In Washington. This Is ono of tho most
snlahlo works now on tho market. Nino ot
Its clovon largo octavo volumos aro now out.
This Is a grand opportunity for a (list-class
man nrd wo aro prepared to makosueh a
ono a very llbornl oner. CHAH, L. WEB
STER & CO., 3 East 14th St.. N. Y. city.
room In tho northeast, nnrt of cltr
ryS s- rs j
.- -vi.-
whoio tlaro will bo no objootlon to light
housekeeping. Address D. P. H., this oflleo.
lionse, with 7 or 8 rs, wit b all mod Imps,
on monthly payments. Address, with full
particulars, J. J. 1'., Board of Rovtow, Buioau
of Pensions.
VV dwolllngof 0 or 10 rooms, rood Imps,
betweon K and R and 12th and 17th sts n w.
Address II., this oflleo, xtfttlng forms.
Adieitltemtntt under tiU Mad, four Unit or
I'tt, 25 ctntt for one Imertlon; 00 cents for Utree.
WM. FRIEDERICK, Manufacturing
Jeweler, C03 7th st n w.opposltoU. s. ratent
Oflleo; lino clock nnd watch repairing a
Adrertltemtntt under this head, four lines ot
leet,sa cents for one Insertion: GO cents for thnt.
uulto or Elnglc, at tbo Buckingham, OOO
15th st n w, overlooking Mel'herson Square
Cholco tablo.
? eultabloforgcntlomen. No.003Mstn w.
A)Ai from E st Furnished rooms for gen
tlemen; rent low to rosponslblo parties who
Will bo permanent; convenient to tho Capitol.
Advertisement under this head, four line or
lets, mctnUfor one Inset tlont; CO cent for three
. s s Jt s sr sr j "
pleto tunos and nccomptnlmonts In ono
quarter. 80. McCaULEY & MOORE, 1743 S
st. 717 21st st.
JLN "big monoy" for gents' flrst-class sco-ond-hand
clothing. Address or call at
run sazezoth.
i5l -10' or riclit."
Mineral and Timber Lands for Salo.
Gap, Norton aud St. Paul, In Wise coun
ty, and Dunganon.in Scott county, Virginia,
Resident, business and farm property
bought, sold or leased. Address Wm. A. It.
Robertson. As "llfo Is short," put It," Vai"
Robertson, Big Stono Gap, Virginia.
: 18th; price, 8- CO por foot: terms easy.
felT.lw.d & S C'J-.'llthst
; With City Streots, Avonuos and Circles.
FOR SALE Wo havo about 100 Lots. 60x130
feet each, left In that beautiful subdivision
known as South Brookland, whloh Is in con
formity with tho plan of tho city, having
ctreetsOOfeot and avenues 130 foot wldo.
This subdivision is south of and adjoining
Brookland, convenient to tho Metropolitan
l'rnnch Railroad and Elcctrlo cars, near tho
University and Soldiers' Homo. Tho lots
now left will bo sold at tho low price of
from 4 to 10 cents por foot on easy terms,
ror pluts and fnrthor Information apply to
M. O. DENI80N. 023 V st n w, or to RED
FORD W. WALKER, 1007 F st n w.
: on Tennallytown Road nnd Woodloy
Lane, opposite Oak Vlow. Elcctrlo railway
tracks now laid to theso lots, whloh lwvo
sidewalks In front and gas mains. Prices
low er than asked for other lots In Immediate
vicinity Small cash payments. Monthly or
yearly tlmo given at 6 por cont. Interest.
BEALL. BROWN & CO., lfel F St.
poses. No dolay whensocurlty Is ac
ceptable. EMMONS & BROWN, 030 F St n V.
first-class securities at lowest ratos of
Interest. No dolay whore security is good.
303 7th St. n. w.
TITLE CO.. 470 La avo.
1118 Fat. -
thorized by tho United 8eourltv Llfo In
surance and Trust Company ot Philadelphia
to advance monoy on Improved proporfy in
Washington np to 75 por cent, of aotu.il mar
ket valuo, with or without llfo insurance.
Loans payablo In monthly or quarterly in
stallments, running 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. In
many Instances tho paymonts aro los3 than
tho rental of a houso. V. H. SHTfH A SON,
In snms to snlt
On ApproTod Real Estate Soonrtty.
QUI V st n. w
723 14th st. n. w.
810 a term. Trial lessons free. Send for
Branches In New York, Boston, Brooklyn,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Loulsvlilo, Paris,
1'raneo; Berlin and Dresden, Germany.
hstractfrom a private letter:
"In reply to your roquost for my advice as
to a Rood school for your daughter, I can
with confidenco recommend Mr. and Mrs.
Cabell's Norwood Institute, In Washington,
D, O. Tbo standard of scholarship thoro Is
high, the instruction thorough and tho Influ
ences good, L. Q, C. LiUAn,
Jnstlco U. S. Supremo Court."
The school opens Soot. 30. aass-d&stf
Pcrmanont and transient guests. foi,d,tf
O. Q. STAPLES, Into of Thousand Isl. House,
mUX EHlllTT.
Army and Navy Headquattora.
Fonr Iron Fire Escapes.
TERM3-sa,oo and tl.oo Per Day.
L. WOODBURY. Proprietor.
Corner lBth and I streets northwest.
Opposite MoPherson Square.
" U. M. CAKE.
Advertttemtntt under this head, four linn or
, m rrai ivr vrx in union; uu etna for thris.
now ltr.NT.
M and Pa ave, Sirs 3135 09
1737Nst,12rs 11007
pin k st n w, lcrs too oo
OH 17th St n W, lOrs 100 CO
1021t3Nstnw, !0rs ni 07 '
sos 1st st n o. 17 rs S3 oo
lias utiistn w. iors. .,......, hi m
2101st rtnc, I7rs 60
1011 N Hnve, lOrs 70 no
13311st no tra , 75 Oil I
v.!imiunw, iors , n , 80
iro3Fstnw, 14rs woo
mi .-Mil avono nrs good
1708 KM 11 W, 12rs 03 03
l(C3NHnon w. Ors r3 no
4238d St II W, Pis M 00
lOHWd st niv, Ors ro CO
13i:et n w, 14rs no on
1C23 Corcoran st, Ors 43 no
021 Pstu w. lDra 43 00
lt-ar, 13th st n w,6rs..., 43 03
ltosatststn w, 10rs 43 oo
a.127 P St. U'rs 40 00;
swo 1st tt s o. inrs 10 00
210 Ost n w. 13rs no 00
2d nndUstsno.Srs..... 3.3 00
1317 "Sd st u w, bra 1)3 00
018 net n o, Brs no 4.3
fcMTstn W, 8rs 27 Bt)
82."il Spruco st, inrs ao 00
431 Qstnw, Crs ;J CO
Ml French st,7rs 30 00
2031 Mhfct, era .10 00
414 lststn w, Or 27 00
1'Slthstn w.urs 23 no
2040 7th st. Ors 23 00
2V20 N st n W, Brs 23 I
2l?: M at nw, 7rs so mi
120811st no7rs 23 40
liosinthstn w, Ors 2.3 30
C23Lstll W i 2.3 (XI
G15SOac,0rs 23 03
CIO 2d st h e, 7rs 23 00
1I2.3N Juvo, 7rs 2.' m
nr.'W6t,Grs 22T0
430QM nw.Srs , 2i 5o
1027N Capst.Ors 20 CO
121520thn vr.br 20 40
HyattsTlllo, Crs 10 00
30iqnw,8rs is no
i.24Letn 3V 1.330
MOOstn w,4rs 15 00
233 Mass ave n 0, Crs 13 CO
UlKMn w.ers II :w
2235 Cleveland, Crs It 00
2211 Cleveland ave, Crs 13 00
413 Warner st, Ors 12 80
fj Mil w,4rs 12 30
Tempcrancoavon w, Ors 12 no
11200th stno.Crs 1230
2l31MSt,4rn 12 00
21101' st, 3rs 12 (X)
C3 Fcnton pliico n c, Ors 11 00
r, Columbia nvo ny, 4rs 0 30
118 Met s o 12 00
13 Snow's alloy n w, 4rs 8 30
2.312 10th st, 4 rs 8 30
1300 Sd s w,4ra 8 00
1731NY ao,Crs 8 00
1 Rnmscy alloy , b 00
1913 Tcinrcranco ave, 4rs 7 00
1510 It st, 2rs GOO
20137111 stnw 13 00
01221st t 11 V 10 30
B. II. WARNER & CO,, Bill F st n w.
Will bo for rent. Maroh 1, houso No. 1901 I
M n 3V, 12 rooms and cellar.
Real Estato Broker,
fel3 2t Hromon's Ins. Co.
1701RIavonw.l7rs SMO 00
1011 Conn ave, 15 rs 200 00
1413 Mass ave, 17 rs and stable 200 00
1411Kstnw. 13 rs 200 00
1022 Vt avo n w, 10 rs 200 00
Masnvo, nr 18th, 17 rs 175 00
KKOlCthstnw.llrs 133 00
1223M8tnw. 15 rs :. 123 00
1109 Mass avo, 15 rs..T lis 00
1737 Qstn w, 11 rs 100 00
1400Chapln fetn w, 13 rs 100 00
1742 P st n w, U rs 100 00
1402Chaplnst n w. 12 rs 7.3 00
1643 21st 8tn W. 10 rs 70 00
C07 M st n w, 10 rs no 00
16270 Bt nw, 10 rs co 00
tl412tht n w, 10 rs COCO
Mi s st n w, 8 rs 0000
lcX)121st stn w.B rs 00 00
1213 11th Bt a w. mrs 00 CO
I'M, ncar21st,7rt CO 00
1519 Corcoran st n w, 0 rs 43 00
2032 O stn W, It rs 40 00
3073 M st 11 w, and storo, Ors 40 CO
434NJaves e, inrs 40 00
U'i Stoughton st. 8 rs 33 CO
2X0QMI1 w,2rs 33 33
lUOSstnw.Grn 30 CO
Tho abovo houses can bo examined by per
mit Irom onr oflleo only.
13)1 F st. n. w.
1017 15th stuw. 12 rs, fnr 8150 00
1S02NM u w, 12rs, fur 150 00
lOO'l H st n w, 10 rs, fur 100 00
3327 N st n w, 13 rs COCO
732 21st st n w, 14 rs 45 00
8141st stn w, 10 r3 40 09
Oil Spruce st 40 00
1304 T Bt n w, B rs 40 00
1013 T stn w. Ors 30 00
71G9thstne,0rs 25 00
1819 6th Mnw.Ora and stahlo 18 50
With John F. Wnggamun,
N. w. cor. 14th und Q sts. n. w.
? room framo housos, hljh and dry loca
tion; near churches and publlo BChool In
Unlontown. Inquire of A. BEIIHEND, 43SH
8t n w
i nr
THOMAS. E. WAGGAMAN, 017 F strcot.
Changes mado Wednesdays and Saturdays.
1321 to 1329 Csts 0 and 1311 to 1322 Har
rison avo s c. b h,4 and Ors 512.000
1783 to 1743 E st n w, Ors 9,0(10
701 to 709 Farragut st n w, li h. 0 rs 9,000
1 to 0 alley bet 12th and 18th, M and N
Msnw G.000
1139 to 11511 23d 6t tl w, f h. 4 rs 0.000
1114 and 1110 cth st s w, b h, 7 rs, und 1
t U rear 6.000
4C0 nnd 408 11th stsw, lh, U rs 5,000
239 181 st s w. b b, m i, 8 rs 5,000
210 to 222 18th M and Ky a3'e, hot SO
ave and B st s o, f h 4.000
321 to323Detse, f h.Ora ,,... 3,000
C02mhst so.bh.C Id 3.000
404 and 4LG S Capitol st s w, f h, 0 ra . . . . 3,000
431 and 453 Rldgo st n w, f h. 0 rs 3,000
1839 8th st n w. b b. 5 rs 2. IX)
7352dstnw,b h.Ors 2,000
1818 and 1820 Lawrence stn w, fh, Ors.. 2,000
42l8thMsw f h.Ors 2.000
4131 Msw.bh.O rs 1,800
Alley bet Cth and 7th, G and E sts s 0,
bh.3 rs l,noo
12 Capitol alleys w,bh, Ors 1,150
Por foot.
K Bt, hot 16th and 17th stsn w $1 00
lSthst, hot Rand S sts n w , 2 00
Panvo, bet Gth and 7th sts so 2 00
10th st, bet M and Nstsn w 1 75
13th st, bet L and M Bts nw 100
O st, bet 1st and 3d sts n w 83
G st, bet 2d and 3d n 0 CO
Mount Pleasant 40
Brookland 10
Isttt, betOand Psts a w 10
Per month.
11l00thstnw,l0rs SI3 00
901 21st st n 37, 12 ra '... 40 00
707 ECap M.Ors 35 00
Ml II stn o,9 rs 3)00
231 10th stn 0,7 ra 2100
BIG N Carolina ave so, 8 rs 23 00
4307tll8tn 3V.3 rs 23 00
925 U 8t n w, 7 rs 20 00
GC7NBtnw.7rs 20 00
9t)Kstne,0rs 20 ou
23 1) fit 8 0, 0 rs 18 00
10308th stn W.Ol-3 18 00
1015 U stn w, 0 rs 10 30
S42.Taokson Hall alloy, 4 rs 15 00
KlHMno.Ors 15 00
Champlaln avo, noar Columbia road. - 14 00
1713 7th Mnw. Ors 13 30
131141st sw, Ors 10 30
078 Boumlnr) Bt n w, 4 rs 10 oo
Rear 8217th stn w, 4rs 8 00
701 Farragut Bin w, Ors SCO
Sato as U. S, bonds: 5 per cont,, , tyablo
quarterly; In sums Sl.ooo.
In snms to salt at 0 per rent.
Tho above is only a portion of tho proporty
on my books. For full list call at oflleo for
bulletin. Issued on tho 1st and 15th.
Advertltiments under thlt head, four llnetor
uti, 26 centt fot ons insertion; 50 centtfor three,
old brass candlesticks ami old furnltiiro.
two grandfather clocks nnd a lot of wall
paper; can bo told In lots to suit tho people,
at uny price. Innulro at 1721 l'u u 0 11 w.
shelving, now In No. 712 7th st 11 w; must
bo sold at onco. Apply 022 1 Bt 11 i.
1 silent raobet, 1 nickel, absolutely per
feet condition. Address or apply 223 A st a 0.
sou l'neumatm linllwav Stnuk." 1'ln.isn
address A, at this ouico, and mako a cash
SOS D street northwest,
Wat'ilngton, D, 0.
Wobater Law Building,
Basldano 1218 H street northwest,
Vfe..ti ' '.-Mirtjtj;

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