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The Washington Critic.
22D YEAH NO. 0,777.
few Pointers
THE dealers who do so
much talking about the
amount of money they
save to the purchasers of
clothing are the VERY
ONES who are making it
more expensive.
For instance, you cannot
get a whole page advertise
ment for nothing. Neither
can any man afford to sell
you goods for LESS than
COST and succeed. Those
who advertise goods at one
half or one-third of their
value, at the end of the sea
make an ENORMOUS
PROFIT now in order to
even up.
We never indulge in such
cut-rate sales, but prefer to
keep on as we have been
doing for yearskeep the
EXPENSES down to the
lowest possible NOTCH in
order to quote LOWER
prices on our clothing. We
can suit you with ANY
THING you need in cloth
ing for MEN or BOYS and
at proper prices. Call and
examine our stock.
Robinson, Parkerfi. Co.
The American Clothiers,
319 7TH ST. N. W,
Tho Testimony fthou by FInmeiibaum
Admitted to Jlo 1'nlso.
After Laving taken up much nt
Judge Miller's time in tho I'olico Court
for tbicc days, Isaac Grccnapplc and
Ills wife Boso wcro ycstculay after
noon vindicated of tho charge of arson
and both leleased from custody. Three
witnesses wcic called by tho defence,
who testified that Flamenbaum had
lold them after tho flic that ho knew
nothing about tho oiigin of it, but pre
sumed that It had boon staited by a
cnndlc which had been left burning on
the dining-room table.
After tho evidence was in tho Gov
ernment recalled Flamenbaum to tho
Bland, but thoy would not havo done so
bad thoy known what a surpiise thero
was in storo for them. After reiterat
ing some or his original statements ho
frankly admitted that howasthed of
lying about tho case and would begin
lo tell tho ti nth. Ho then said that he
know nothing about tho fire and that
bis origiual testimony had been falso
from beginning to end. lie assigned
as the icason for accusing Grccnapplc
that Mr. Goldman had told him that
unless ho accused Giecnapple of stall
ing the firo that ho Flamenbaum would
bo charged with it.
These admissions settled tho caso
and tho chaigo of aison was im
mediately dismissed.
Tho probabilities aio that Flamen
baum will bo arrested on n charge of
HitCEestlouii for nun. Frank l.awlor.
Fi cm the Xtio York llei uhl.
Essence of being, NTT; prior to, BI;
kindly, 159; Queen Elizabeth's favor
ite, SX; four score, AT; shabbily
dressed. CD; n foo, N1IE; process of
lot, I)K: void of coutents. JIT; funeral
poctty, LEG; an Oriental olllcial, KD;
a girl's namo, LN; vigor in action,
NBG; a student's composition, SA;
valuable quality, XLNC; extrcmo hap.
plncss, XTO.
ISiUlot Iteform Athletics.
Tiom the Otrmantoun Imltpmiltnt,
Ballot reform Is standing established
majorities on their heads'in all parts of
the country to such an cxtcut as to in
sure tho return at no distant day to tho
old-stylo methods. The politicians who
make Legislatures will not bo tobbed of
their only means of suppoit.
Editor Ulsmnrclc.
From the St, Louie rott-DlspatcJi,
Ilismarck's determination to express
his opinion on public nffalrs In tho
futuie through tho medium of tho press
shows that tho ox-Chancellor recog
nizes tho seat of power in those days.
Editor llismarck will bo n greater man
than Emperor 'William or Chancellor
AYoll-l'oumlcd Stories,
Xtom the St. Loult Republic
Tho stories of "a coolness" botween
Dudloy and IlarrUon aro no doubt
well founded. It is well known that
Dudley lefuscs to concur in tho opinion
that ho has boon sufllcicntly rowaulcd
iu being kept out of tho pomtentlary.
Oct Your Curds.
Ou Apill30 tho Hocbdalo Co-oporatlvo
Boclety will cuter on another joaroflts
existence. Tliu careor of this 6oclety has
been one of unexampled prosperity. It
now has over 4,000 members, who are dally
deriving pecuniary boncfltb from their as
sociation with It. Tho small foo which Is
i barged for ineiubor6hlp Is infinitesimal
compared with tho saving ono can accom
plish by possessing ono of Its trado cards,
liming tho year Its lists of houses havo
becu largely extended, ami those, togothcr
With tho now cards, aro ready to bo Issued.
What do vop want bettor to drink tlun
Itobcrt I'ortncr'a Ylenua Cabinet beer.
Tlio Hast llnnm Opened to n I'rlvnto
llntcrtalnnicnl for the First Tlmo
In ninny Yearn Tho I'ostmnslur
(IcnorrU's Jtnceptlon,
Tho gaieties for tho coming week will
bo as follows:
Chnpln will entertain friends at
Breckinridge will entertain a
party of eighteen Indies at luncheon,
which will bo followed by n reception
at -1 o'clock.
In tho evening President and Mr".
Ilanlson will give a lcccptlon lo the
Aimy and Navy.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Woodburv Lowcry and
Miss Lowcry will glvo a reception at
Mrs. Spinolawlll glvo an nftcrnoon
lea from -1 to 7 at tho Arlington.
In tho evening Mis. McKco will glvo
n ball at tlio White House fiom J) to 12
o'clock In honoi of Miss Shcpkard of
Now York.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilulchlnson will glvo a
lecepliou from!) to 12 at their residence,
1707 Massachusetts avenue.
General and Mis. Watmough and
Mis. Grifllth will glvo n tea at tho resi
dence of tho former, 1711 1 street.
Mrs. AVhittemorc will give a tea from
4 to 7 o'clock.
Satin day
Tho flist piomcnado concert of a
sciics will bo given fiom 4 to 0 o'clock
at the former rcsldenco of Hon. William
Walter Phclp3 on tho Boundary.
The East Boom of tho White Ilouse
presented a beautiful appcaranco last
cunlng upon tho occasion of tho musl
cnlc given by Piesidcnt and Mrs. Har
rison In honor of their guest, Miss Jessie
Shepard, daughter of Colonel Elliott
Shepard of Now Yoik. The window
recesses wcro filled in with tall giowlng
plants, while on cither sldo of tho
double doorway, leading to tho inner
eoiridor, tho niches formed by the
white and gold-fluted columns, wcic
filled with immenso palmetto trcc3.
President and Mrs. Ilanlson stood on
the right hand to lecclvo the guests,
.the thahs nnd sofas aiianged about
them in a semi circle, while dlicctly
opposite them was tho grand piano
used lor accompaniments throughout
the musicale.
Mis. Hanlson's gown was a court
liain of Fiench giay faille, with sido
pantl of brocade, and peticoat of lose
pink faille. Tho squat c-ncck bodlco
wn trimmed with gold passamcnteilc3
and pendants and diamond ornaments
weio worn. The President greeted
encli of his guests with a heaity hand
shake, and wore in the lapel of his
coat a deep red rose. Miss Shepard
stood near Mrs. Uanlson In low-neck
gownof gold color faille, with gold passa
lncntcrics; sleeves wcro slmllatcd by an
artistic diapcry of gold color crepo over
each shoulder. A nairow sash of the
same color libbon was tied on tho right"
side and fell to tho foot of tho gown,
wheic it was finished with a deep bul
lion fiinge. No ornaments of any de
scription wcro worn.
Mis. McKcc stood next her guest, to
whom she made tho introductions.
Her gown was of whlto faille, with
point lace.
Mis. Bussell Harrison woro n low
neck gown of turquoiso bluo silk nud
satin-striped tulle, with clusters of
forget-me-nots on the shoulders.
Mis. Moiton wns among tho guests
piesenl and woro whlto ilowercd bro
cade, with panels and tilmmlngs of
daik giccn velvet and cmeiald orna
ment'. The musicale becran at 8:13
Tho President sat duiing a portion of
tho evening by Mis. Moiton. Tho pro
grammes for tho musiealo wcic pilntod
on broad pieces of white satin libbon,
fringed at either end, with tho insignia
of the Union emblazoned In gold at tho
lop. At tho conclusion of tho music
tho guests lemalned In the East Boom,
chatting for flvo or ten minutes, nnd
then, ltd by the President nnd Mr3.
Morton, passed down tho corridor lo tho
piivato dining-room, where a collation
of cakes, ices and confections was
spread. A lurgo bowl of heart's caso of
various colors foimcd the centic-plecc.
From a silver servico at ono cud of tho
table was scived coffee, whllo a largo
I owl of claict punch stood on a sldo
The conservatory was brilliantly
ligbled, nnd many ot tho guests enjoyod
their lcc3 thcio among the terns and
llowcis. Among the guests pioscut
wero Secretary and Mis. Pioctor, Secre
tary nud tho Misses Wlndom. Sccretaiy,
Mis. and Miss Miller, Miss Wanamaker
and her guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fox of
Philadelphia; Miss Pcttltt of Philadel
phia, Dr. nnd Mis. Brown of Utlca,
Mr. and Mis. Wilson of Philadel
phia. This paity was obliged to
lcavo at 9 in order to be picsent at
tho reception given by tho Postmaster
General. Secretary and Mrs. Noblo,
tho Misses Halstcad, Mis. and Miss
Halfoid, General Fullcrton of St.
Louis, Senator nnd Mrs. Hale, Senator
ond Mis. Dolph, Senator and Mrs.
Hcaist, Senator and Mis. Squire, Sena
tor and Mrs. and Miss Ingalls, Mrs.
nobson, Mr. and Mis. Jobn'W. Foster,
Miss Giaco Davis, Geneial Bcrdau,
Mis. nnd Miss Noidhoff, Judgo and
Mrs. Wyllo, Colonel and Mrs. Ernst,
Miss Sawyer, Miss Knthcriue Thomas,
Miss Anna Thomas, Miss Helena Mc
Caitby, Miss Ernst, Miss Alexander of
New York and Miss Nlmmo.
Postmaster-General and Mrs. Wana
maker havo as their guests Dr. and
Mis. Brown of Ulica, N. Y.: Mr. and
Mis. Fox, Miss Pcttlt, Mis. Wilson and
son of Philadelphia.
Mis. Mooro, wife of tho Surgeon-Gen-oral,
entertained a party of eighteen
ladles at luncheon to-day. Tho gucst3
weio seated at two tables, tho largorono
holding twelve, whllo in tho adjoining
loom, nbout a small tablo, sat six ladles.
Mrs. Mooro sat with Madamo Bomcio
at tho placo of honor on her right and
Madamo Bakhmeteff on her left. Facing
her sat Mrs. Noble. Tho other ladies at
tho same tablo weio Mrs. Ilalllday, Mrs.
McMillan, Mis. Thuiber, Mrs. Jlyrno,
Mrs. Williams, Mis. Franklin,
Mis. McCook and Mis, Parker.
Mis. Dolph sat nt ouo end of tho smaller
tabic, with Mrs. McKeover facing her.
The other ladles weio Mine. Giumau,
Mrs. T B. Musgravo. Miss Edes and
Mrs. Whlttemoro Tho rooms presented
u sniing time appcaranco, as tho deco
rations were all of wild flowers, violets,
foiget-mo-nots, buttercups, arbutus, ap
ple blossoms and heartseaso. These
wcro ananged In Hat ornamental dishes
on n squaro ccntro pleco of gold-color
talln damask. Bcfoio each plato was
a pretty basket of tho wild flowers, tho
gucEt's card lied to tho handles with
partl-coloicd ribbons.
Postmnstcr-Gcneial and Mrs. Wnna
iiinkercHtcitalncd a thousand gnosis nl
their reception last evening, which was
ono of tho most brilliant given this
season. Tho iloial decorations
wcro clnborato in tho ball-room,
wheio roses and lilies gave tho
needed touch of color nmong tho pilms.
Tho Postmnstcr-Gcncral and his wlfo
received alono during the corlicr por
tion of the evening, as Miss Wnua
maker, with her guests, Dr. nnd Mis.
Brown of Ullcn, N. Y.; Mr. and
Mrs. Fox, Miss Pctttlt and Mrs.
Wilson ond son of Philadelphia,
attended tho musiealo nt tho
Whlto Houso and icturned homo
at 0:30 o'clock. Tho music for the
tvenlng was furnished by nn orchestia
stationed In tho balcony of tho ball
mom. Tho guests included tho leading
poisons of prominence In olllcial nnd
social circles.
Mrs. 0. II. Tweed of New York,
sister of Senator Evarts, is in tho city
nnd presided nt a meeting held last
evening for tho purposo of raising
funds for the proposed stntuo of Wash
incton to bo presented lo Finnco. Mrs.
Field Is piesidcnt of tho association,
Mrs. Moiton nnd Mis. Tweed vice
presidents. Mrs. Fostcr-Baiham is In Baltimoie ,
nftcr a visit to Now York.
Mr. William C. Gunncll has returned
from abroad.
Mr. and Mrs. Bafocl Smcad havo
returned from a visit to Carlisle, Pa.
Attorney-General and Miss Miller
havo as their guest a sister of the
former. Mrs. P. M. Hull, of Wavcrly,
Miss Jcssio Shepard, daughter of
Colonel Elliott Shepard of New York,
is tlio guost of Piesidcnt nnd Mrs. Har
rison. Mr. Fioldcr B. Chow of Duluth,
Minn., is in tho city for a visit to his
aunt, Mis. Hunter, nt 1012 Seventeenth,
Tho Misses Henry gave n lunch party
on Thin sd ay.
Mis. Mackall has returned lo her
home on Georgetown Heights, after
spending the winter with rclntlves iu
Mrs. Wooton of Now York is the
uuest of her parents, Geneial and Mrs.
Admiral and Mrs. Harmony will leave
Monday for New York, where the
former has been detailed president of
tho court-martial board, boforo which
Commander McCalla will be tiled.
Miss Lucy Hunter lias returned from
spending tho winter with relatives In
Bichmond, and has as her guest Miss
Alice Herbert of Alexandria.
Mis. Stoning will sell at public auc
tion on Tuesday, tho 20th instant, tho
vnluablo collection of pictures, bionics,
carvings and bilc-n-brac gathered
during the couiso of joumeylngs In
every land. Should the tapestries and
other works of art fail to bring tho
piopcrpilco thoy will bo ictalncd and
looncd for exhibition In tho National
Museum. After tho sale Mr. Stairing
will make her home in Now York.
Atlho Now National Theatio next
Wednesday Mr. Wilson Barrett and
company will give n special matlneo
performance for tho benefit of tho
National llomreopathlc Hospital, on
whicn occasion will bo presented the
thiec favoiltc plays "Tho Color Ser
geant," "A Clcilcal Erroi" antl"OJiat
terlon." Mis. Hoy entertained nt luncheon
on Wednesday Mrs. Barney, Mrs.
Tiler. Mrs. McCaulcv, Mrs. Brndlev,
Miss Shenill, Miss Ernst, Miss Edfc,
Miss Bench, Miss Stlth, Miss Todd,
Miss Hoff, Miss Mitchell and Miss
Miss Fleming has recalled invitations
for the ten lo have been given this af
lcinoon in honor of her guest, Miss
Pciino, owing to the death of Dr. Max
well. Mis. Seaton Perry gave a beautiful
luncheon yestciday to Mrs. Towlo of
Philadelphia. Tho decorations wero
Ameilcau Beauty loses, with corsage
bouquets of the samo flowers. The
rooms wcic decorated with growing
plants. Among the guests were Madam
Bomcro, Mis. De Foul Webb, Mr3.
Outhwaitc, Mis. Hutchluson, Mrs.
retry, Mrs. B. II. Warner, Mrs. Soule
aud Mrs. Harper of Philadelphia.
Miss Giaco Davis entertained n party
at luncheon to day in houor of her
guest. Miss Alexander of New York.
Mrs. Heniy Strong will give a dinner
party to-night.
Miss Edith Lawicnco Black of New.
Yoik, tho guest of tho Misses Coudlt
Smith, will return to her home iu tho
North on Monday.
Mis. Griswold Giay of Now York
spent tho week In tho city with Judgo
nnd Mrs. John Davis, who, accom
panied by their two children, will Ball
for Euiope May 10. Mr. and Mrs.
Grisnold Gray will also sail on that
date. Judgo Davis will return to Wash
ington in the autumn, but Mrs. D.wls
and the childtcn will icmnlu abroad
for two ycais.
Senator Wolcott of Coloiado will
shortly bo mariicd to Mis. Bass of
Coloiado, formerly of Buffalo, and will
brlughis bilde to this city, wheio ho
has leased tho houso 1221 Connecticut
Mr. and Mrs. John Vinton Dahlgrcn
will sail for Europe early In June.
Mis. Ferdou, after a visit of several
weeks to her mother, Mis. Fiank
Beach, has lejoined her husband at his
lanch in Colorado.
Colonel Shafter, U. S. A., nccoin-
Sanicd by his wife nnd daughter, Mis.
IcKittiick of Now York, arrived In the
city Thursday evening for a short stay
at tho Eubltt.
Justice and Mrs. Flold, accompanied
by Mrs. Condit Smith nnd tho Misses
Smith, will sail from Philadelphia Juno
4 for Autwoip, to lcmain obioad until
tho late autumn.
Tho manlago of Mr. IIucli Nelson to
Miss Kato Petor of ltockvlilo will tako
placo in the early autumn. Mr. Nelson
hns purchased a lot on Stoddaul sttect
and will at onco begin tho erection of a
houso thcicon.
Mrs. Fox of Philadelphia Is the guest
of Miss Wanamaker.
Mrs. Bertram Iluehcs of Philadel
phia Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Leon
aid Chow.
Mis. Babcock, widow of tho late Gen
eial Babcock, after n visit of seveial
weeks to tho family of General Mao
feely, is now tho guest of Senator and
Mis. J. P. Jones. Mr. Campbell Bab
cock came from Chicago for a stay of
sovcral days not long since
Judgo and Mis. Oraugo Ferris aio tho
guestsof Mis. audMlss Wnito for ushoit
Mrs. JnmcsF. Barbour loft on Thurs
day for a week's stay In Now York.
Attoiuoy-Geneial nud Mis. MIllw
havo ns their guests tho sister of the
former Mrs. Hull ol Wavcrly, N. Y.
. It ai.wa.ys bianhs at tho head of tho list
of beers Itobcrt Torluor's Vienna Cabluot
favoring tho Hcnato Anti-Trust ltlll
'Jo lnrcstlcnta tlio CInj ton-Ilrcck-Inrldqo
Contented Ulecllon To
Kroct h Stntuo to (lonernl (I runt.
Tl o Sennto under tho rulo took up
the calendar, tlio bill under consldcia
lion being ono for tho lclicf of Sarah
K . McLean, widow of the lato Llcuton-nnt-Colonel
Nathaniel II. McLean.
Tho Houso ordcicd confcicnccs on
tlio bills for public building nt Lynn,
Moss., nnd Ashland, Wis.
At 1 o'clock public business was
suspended ami tho Houso listened to
eulogies nn the lolo S. S. Cov, tho flist
spenkcr being Amos Cummings of New
Unsnro Depositories.
Treasurer Huston lcccntly appeared
before tho House Commitlto on Ap
pioprlations and stated thattho safesand
locks of the vaults of tho sub-treasuries
throughout the counti v were unsafe. Ho
said a lock expert had lcccntly made an
examination of the locks to tho vaults
of tho Treasuiy nnd had succeeded in
picking seveial of them, ono taking
him fifteen seconds only to open.
Acting on this tho Houso Cominlttco
on Appiopriatlons prepared and to-day
repotted favoinbly a bill appioprlatlng
$33!J,G0O to piovfdo for the better se
curity of tho public money in the
custody of the Unlttd States treasurer.
Capitol Notes,
A sub-committee of tho Houso Com
mittee on the Judiciary to-day dlrcctod
Mr. Culbcrtson of Toxas to mako a
favoiablo report to tho House on tho
Sennto nntl-Trust bill.
Tho sub commltleo of the Houso
Commltleo on Elections to lnvcsllgato
tho Clnyton-Brccklnrldgo contested
case from Aikansas nnd the assassina
tion of Colonel Clayton, will leave this
city for Arkansas on Tuesday night.
Mr. Mnndcrson introduced in tho
Senato a bill to buy Matthews' portrait
of Abraham Lincoln.
Mr. Nest, from tho Commltleo on
Llbiniy, 6totcd tho committee had this
morning ordered a favorablo report on
n bill to accept the G. A. B. equestrian
statue of General Grant to be elected
in this city.
I.AHUU jjirncuivrii:s
Aio Heine Knrddl Adjusted Concos
hlons Granted on Doth Sides.
Chicago, Apiil 1!). There Is cveiy
piospcct that the carpenters' strike will
soon bo settled. Yesterday the
master caipcntcrs ot Kensington,
tmploying flvo huudicd men, decided
In join tho now bosses' association.
This gives that association sticngth
enough to make the settlement of tho
stiiko at to-night's meeting a foiegone
How ox, Apiil 10 The sulking
clectiotypcrs nt tho Biversido Press
will probably be taken back In a body
at once. Tho typogiaphlcal nud clcc
liotypcis' unions agree not to dictate to
the concern how its management should
bo conducted.
Pi'iTsnuiKi, Pa., April 10. Thero
is no important changu in tho thicat
ened stiiko of switchmen. Two meet
ings weio beld by the men to-day, but
what action was taken is not known.
C. II. Kilmoudbou of Frcderltlcsbursr,
Vii., Narrowly Escapes Death.
FunDEiiicKsnuno, Va., April 18.
It has just been mndo nubile that on
Tuesday night last an attempt was rnado
to assassinate 0. H. Edmondson at his
home near Bellalr Mills. Mrs. Edmond
son is postmlsticss at Bclfair Mills and
her husband is her deputy. One day
last week Edmondson had a dlsputo
with somo tough characters over the do
livciy of mail matter, and they
thieatened to force him out of office
Ho paid no attention to their thieats.
Last Tuesday night, hearing loud voices
near his houso, ho raised a window.
Immediately a llllo bullet whiz.cd by
his head. IIo jumped back just in tlmo,
for a volley was ponied into tho room
by the would-bo assassins. The party
then tried to bieak into the houso, but
IIo Ilccoiuoo TJdltor or tlio Brooklyn
Ni:w Yomc, April 10. Tho Biook
lyn Slamluuh Union in its issuo of to
day publishes the tollowing:
"In tho line of piogress marked out
for this paper under Its present man
agement it is n pleasure to make the
announcement that, beginning with
next Monday's Issuo, Apiil 21, Mr. Mu
ral Halstcad, known tho countiy over
for the past thirtyycars as editor of the
Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette, assumes
a like position on tho Stand'
aid-Union. Mi. Halstcad needs no
iiilioducllon to the reading pub
lic; his reputation is a national
ono: ho lnnks foiemost nmouir the
'gieat journalists of tho day. It is be-
causo oi mo tietermination to build up
n meat Bcpubllcan newspaper In this
city, and tho belief that air. Halstcad's
expeilcncc, ability, earnestness and
forco will mateilally aid such an un
dertaking that ho has been induced to
comoto Brooklyn hi tho prlmooflifo
with his pen at Its best and his heart in
tho woik."
Kotnrnlnc the Compliment,
An association of ladles of this coun
try, who aro endeavoring to raise nfund
lor n bronze stntuto of Washington, to
bo piesentcd to Franco as a mcmoiial
of tho good will existing for that coun
try among tho people of America, gavo
nn entertainment at the Misses TUley's
school last night, in furtherance of tho
pioject. Quito a largo sum was real
bed. Tho association is composed
of tho wives of many of tho piomlncnt
persons of tlio couutry, both in public
and piivato life.
Ainorltu's i:rl Iuhatiltnntu,
Hon. Georgo S. Boutwcll delivered
on inteicstlng and instructive lecture
at Columbian University yesterday
afternoon on "America Piovious tolls
Dlbcovciy by Columbus." Ho declared
that America was occupied by tho icd
raco of tho Asiatic woild before its (lis
covciy by Columbus.
- .
Indicted for Malpractice,
Davknpout, Ia., Apiil 10. Dr. J.
A. Beid wns indicted yostenlay by tho
ginnd jury in tho second dogieo. lie is
charged with peiforming an operation
upon n young woman from tho elloets
of which, it Is alloccd, hho dlod.
Thno Hundred Vim lltirned,
llAKDOi.nr, Mass., Apiil 10. A pi.'
gciy owned by Fiank Watson va
burned this mornlug, together with ' '
Mncnltudo of tho (Iraphoplinno Coin-
mini's lliislnoss Tho Fluctuation.
Though the tronsoctlons yesterday
On tho local stock board weio not Intgo
Ihero was somo Improvement in prices,
l'or 17 shares of Columbia Notional
Bank stock 182V was realized nnd 1."
smics biought 1811. This last sale
showed a gain of $3 per sharo over tho
lowest sale of tho week, which was fiO
shaics Wednesday at 180. Columbia
Ballroad, on a salo of 18 shares, scored
an advance of 1 point, bringing 78J.
the highest price yet reached.
There appears lo bo no Graphophono
M6ck for sale. A fceblo attempt to
icglstcr a low quotation wns made and
2Cj shares allowed to go for lilj. Tho
cl ising bid wns 1UJ, and CO shares of
fe nd at 14.
There aro few persons not specially
In crested In Iho Graphophouc Company
Mho hnvo any conception of the magni
tude or tho business which Is now de
veloping nil over tho United Stales.
Mi. E. D. Boston, tho piesidcnt of tho
Columbia Phonograph-Graphophono
Cdmpany, a subordinnto company with
a capllul of $125,000, all paid up, and
who is n director in tho Graphophono
Company, hns been In Washington for
n day or two, after having spent moro
tlioh a month on a tour of Inspection in
the South, West and Northwest. His
flnril leport will not bo made until his
return from the East, whence ho started
Thursday night, but those who con
versed with him say what ho saw con
finned his conviction that the grapho
phono is as great an invention ns the
telephone and isdestincd to have a com
mensurate finnncial success.
Among tho sales yesterday wns that
of 10 shares of Bull Bun Panorama
Stock. This slock is rnrelv ofTeied for
sale. The par value Is 100, but owing
to tho fact that it is not paying divi
dends the piico has gicatly declined.
The lot went for 25J, nnd there appears
to bo more of It offering nt about tho
same value. It would pay any ono hav
ing money that can be" used where the
speedy icturn of income may not bo an
impottnnt clement of tho transaction to
investigate this entci prise. The manage
ment is conservative and reliable, and
perhaps at no distant day largo profits
can bo divided. The only other sale
iccoidcd was of 25 shares of Ameilcun
Security and Trust stock at 40L a de
cline of i sinco tho last salo. This
company is under able management
and Is believed to bo earning good
pioilts on its capital, which, with !I5
uaid in, amounts to neaily $410,000.
The possibility that no further assess
ments may be made, though tho nominal
par of the stock Is 100, makes It a do
thablo investment.
Theie was a much firmer feeling
manifested yesterday in U. S. Eicctiic
Light stock, nnd tho disposition to bear
this pioperly seems a Httlo too danger
ous to be continued nt much length.
The onlyoffcilng was nt 117, an ad
vance of 2J points over tho last lccordcd
sale. The action ot the Senate Dlslilct
Committee in tho mattei of eleclilc
lighting for the stietts of AVnshlngton
nnd Georgetown ought to advance tho
value of this stock. The commltleo
lefusc to allow "tho Commissloneis to
grant pcimi'-slon, under such icasoiinble
conditions ns they may piesciibo to
authoilcany tolegiaph, telephone or
electric light company to lay wiics
under any stiect, alley, highway, foot
way or sidewalk in tho District, when
ever, ln"thflr judgment, the public
intciest may icqulro tho cverciso of
such authority." This pilvllogc, which
an amendment to tho House District
Appiopiiation bill proposed to give the
Commissioners, Is left out of the Senate
bill. As tho picsent eicctiic lighting
company Is a local cnlerpiise, having a
largo capital aud under tho contiol of
some ot tho wealthiest nnd most re
sponsible men in the District, it is not
doubted Hint Congiess will grant them
tho pilvllego of extending their wires
to whatever portion of the cities of the
District public necessity may require
this method of lighting.
Tho Senate committee also struck
out fiom tho bill the passage giving
tho Commissloneis the power to sub
stitute other illuminating material for
electricity, and raised tlio appiopiia
tion for eicctiic lighting fiom !M5,000,
tho sum paid last year, to $10,000.
There is a good demand for the stock
of tho West End Nntlonnl Bank. This
stock lacks but $10 per share of being
full paid, nnd Is selling for 02 to 02.
This bank has recently becu a free
lender, and on best colfateinl security
has money to put out at 5 per cent, per
annum. On Monday, tho 21st Inst.,
tho new quaitcrs of the bank, adjoin
Ingits picsent location, will bo occu
pied. Tho growing business of tho in
stitution lequircd enlarged facilities,
nnd the handsome and substantial man
ner In which nil the appointments havo
been nnnnged has met with universal
commendation. Mr. Hairy C. Toweis
has rccentl' accepted tho position of
teller, nnd bis old-tlmo friends havo
accorded him n wnun welcome to the
place for which ho has such excellent
DKSTISUCTIVi; ltltUSU ruins.
lour Illllcs or Woods Alilue Duoll
Iiiks In Great Dancer.
Pi.Aixi ii:i.d, Co.NN.,AprIl 10. Brush
fires, started by farmers, weio fanned
by a heavy wind ycstculay and embeis
wtro carried into tho heavy timbor on
what is known as Mashentuck Bldgo,
four miles from this village.
For Four miles tho woods are ablaze,
and flames at points shoot heavenward
a hundred feet high. Tho bent
is so great that it is lmpossiblo to
fight tho firo, and gieat will bo tho
destruction unless theio is n heavy rain.
Tho grass and leaves aio very div
and aid tho flic in its progicss. At 10
o'clock lost night n newspaper could be
read by tho light of tho firo at a dis
tance of Unco or four milts fiom tho
foiest. A courier who rodo into town
Into last night said that some of tho
fanners' dwellings int that densely
wooded region wcro In danger of de
struction. Dead Infants I'ound.
Last night, James Thompson, a lad,
found in an alloy near 1!)1'J I street
northeast, a dead white infant thought
to bo about seven months old, Hoio
ported tho matter to tho pollco and tho
body was taken to the morgue. Coio
ncr Patterson is milking an Investiga
tion. A dead colored infant was also
found In BIchards' lumber yard at
Amieoslia aud taken to tho Fifth Pio
ciuct. Tho Coroner gavo a ccrtitlcato
. -
Vied from Heart Trouble.
Heniy M. Williams, a well-known
itsldont of this city, died nt his homo,
No. COS East Capitol street, last even
ing, at 7'UO o'clock, of hcait failure,
llo hos bton 111 for 6omo time. Tho
funoral will tako placo to-morrow, nt
2 p. in., nnd tho Inteimont will bo at
Book Creek Ccinolery.
Mr. T.nncjaton on nTho llllile."
Hon. John W, Langston speaks Sun
dnvnt Ebeno7cr M, E. Chinch Fourth
anil P streets southeast Sunday p. m, on
'Tho Bible nnd Its Characters."
Mcdlcnl Testimony that Confinement
In tlio District dull Would Itcsutt
Disastrously to tho l'rlsniiorVlR
tirous Opposition ortho Government
Piomptly nt 11 o'clock this morning
Cliatlcs E. Klncald, accompanied by
his counsel, General Grosvcnor, O.
Mnurlco Smith, Judgo Wilson and Don
W. Voorhecs, entered tho Criminal
Court room nnd look his scat befme the
bench, Juduc ICincaid showed the of
furls of his close confinement in the
District jail, but did not seem to mani
fest any nervousness.
District Attorney Hogan said that be
fore piocccdlng willi any nigumonts on
the motion for ball he would ask that
tho defendant bo formally nnolgned.
This wns conceded, nnd, with tlio" con
sent of Judge Blnghnm, Mr. Klncald
remnlncd seated while Clctk Clark read
the indictment charging him with tho
murder of W. P. Tnulbcc. When
asked as to what his plea was Mr. Kin
cold, in n clear voice, said "Not
Mr. Smith then piocccdcd with his
statement ns to the grounds on which
ball was asked. He sold that tho de
mand wns mndo on account of the sick
ness of his client, nnd that thev could
substantiate by the affidavits "of four
doctors the condition ot tho defendant.
Judge Hogo objected to tho reading
of tho affidavits fiom tho resident doc
tors, na their own testimony could bo
heard on tho stand. As for tho two
non-resident physicians their deposi
tions could bo rend.
Dr. J. Byrtl Harrison stated that he
had been Mr. lvincald's physlclnn l'or a
number of years; that ho had been
broken down physically for a long
while, and that his present condition
was of low health. Ho was suffering
from mental dcpicssion and irritability.
In his opinion, tho oflect of n trial for
his lilo at tho present time would bo
exceedingly daugcious to his health,
and might lcsult fatally. Dr. Harrison,
in reply to questions from Dls
tiict Attoincy Ilogc, also added
that for six weeks previous to the shoot
ing Mr. Eincald had been confined in a
daik room and received nlmost constant
attention. Mr. Kincald's nervous con
dition to day was better than at that
time, but his physical condition was
inuchwoise. Dr. Hairlson maintained
ibat his patient's confinement in tliu
jail for a period of si- weeks or two
months, followed by tho excitement of a
trial, would without doubt culminate
"Why aio you of such a firm im
piession that this confinement in jail
for two months longer may terminate
fatally ? " asked Judge Hogc.
'Bccauso his ill condition is pro
grcssive. Ho was physically worso
when I called on him in the jail two
days ago than I ever saw him, and tho
confinement has pioduccd ngcravation
nnd operated very much against him.
Ho needs better food, moic checiful
sunounding nnd lellcf fiom the monot
ony oillfoiu jail."
"When, then, do you think he will
bo better able lo stand tiial than now?"
"Ghohlm n chance nnd sec what
benefit will come from It."
Di. Ilanlson, continuing, held that
tho District jail, on account of its closo
location to tho Anacostia Bivcr and tho
lack of sunlight, was not a healthy
place for ati unwell man.
Dr. C. Mnuilco Muirny tcslificd that
he bad known Mr. Kiucoid since 18S8,
when he was consulted by him In a
medical way. He had not attended him
professionally since, but had ficqucntly
seen him. Tho Doctor said tbat ho
could concur with Dr. Hnrrlson as to
the tffect of continued confinement In
jail for a man in Judge lvincald's con
dition.' This concluded tho tcstlinonv, after
which Mr. Smith lend the nilldavlts
of G.JW. Howell of Morristowu. N. J.,
and Dr Louis S. McMurtrle of Louis
ville, Ivy. Both aio eminent ph.ai
cinns and give ns their opinion that
closo confinement under tho ciicuui
stances might icsult disiistiously.
Mr. Smith called tho attention of
Judge Bingham to soveial law decisions
in suppoit of the position takon by tho
ueienso inai meir cueni was entitled to
ball in consequence of his unhealthy
condition. Other authorities wcro
read showing that tho judgo
could with all propriety exercise good
sound disciction In ndmittlng to ball
when it was thought that confinement
would jeopardize tho health of the
applicant. Mr. Smith said, futhermoic,
unit tho pioctlce of this Court was to
admit to ball In cases of this description.
Assistant District Attorney Lipscomb
denied that it had been the practice to
admit to ball iu cases of this kind, anil
hi did not think that in n single homi
cide ense bail had been asked for or
Granted. Mr. Lipscomb rovicwed tho
aulhoiltles cited by Mr. Smith, and
signed that he could not seo
how any of them ntiplecd to
this case. IIo did not dispute tho
discicllonniy power of tho judgo to
giant bail, but ho questioned whether
the icasons given woro good and suffi
cient. Had Mr. Klncald, Instead of
rtmalnlng dormant, shown some dispo
sition to havo tlio enso tiled, It would
be different. But ho had tiled to avoid
tiial, and thus been the causo of keep
ing himself In jail.
Gtnernl Grosvcnor of Ohio followed
Mr. Lipscomb briefly nnd differed ma
terially with the position taken by tho
Government, that tho law cases cited
did not apply.
District Attorney Hogo concluded
tho argument In behalf of the Govern
ment this afternoon.
Judgo Wilson concluded for the de
fendant, and Judge Binghum rcscived
his decision,
Sint Olisceno Letters to Ills Own Wife,
CincAao, April 10. A Wbunc spe
cial from Kalamazoo, Mich., says:
Mayor On in N, Standlsh of Grand
Bapids was nrrestcd hero yesterday
morning by United States Marshal
Clnik foi sending obsecno letters to his
own wife. Standlsh was taken to
Giond Bapids yesterday for tiial.
I'arlcy laperkL'o's, Mill Destroyed,
Gulukvium), Mass., April 10. Mill
No. 1 nf tho Failoy Paper Company at
Wendell depot was entirely binned this
morning. Loss on mill $10,000 nnd on
stock nud manufactured goods $3,000.
Total Insurance f 10,000. The mill will
bo itbullt.
. - i 'i
Harrison Committed to Jail,
James Ilanlson, tho colored man
who admits that ho shot Mrs. Julia
Barnctt at her homo, No. 815 Now
Jt rsoy avenuo, U still confined to Jail,
He was in tho Pollco Court yesterday
afternoon, chaigcd wlh assault with
altcmpt lo kill, but Mis. Bamctt's con
dlilon would not "permit of her btlns
licsont iu couiL
Tin: wjNNirrr iuv,
I'x-ticnator Annus Cameron Hnjs IIo
Would llmo Oppoied It.
Chicago, April 10. A Tribune
tpctlol from La Ciosso, Wis., says: Tho
Tribune correspondent yesterday called
upon cx-Scnotor Angus Campbell toln
quiro what ho had tosny icgnrding tho
use of his namo in connection with tho
nomination for Governor on tho null
Bennett law issuo. "There Is absolutely
nothing In It," ho lcplicd. "No one
has yet pioposed, suggested, or even
hinted that I should bo n candidate
My icason for declining lo servo on tlio
Chtiokcc Commission is fairly stated.'
In legoid to tho Bennett law tho Son
ntor snld If ho hod been a member of
the Lcglslnluic and hnd fairly examined
tho mcasuro he should havo opposed it
It is his opinion that when people cstab
Hsh and maintain schools wholly with
out governmental aid thev ought to bu
peimltted to teach Chlncso If they like
Ho did not deny, however, tho right ot
the Slate to legislate In such matters,
Bills Hurt rori.cd to Marry Henry
I'ooto Throucli I'car.
Ni.w Hami.s-, Con.v., Apiil 10.
Henry Foole, a widower, aged 28 ycais,
lost Tuesday afternoon called at tho
homo of Miss Burt of this city and In
duced her logo ildlng with him. Ho
droo out into the country with her,
nnd, nccoidlng to tho stoiy sho tells, ho
thicatened to kill her unless sho mar
ried him nt once, when thiouch fear
sho consented.
Foote, sho says, proceeded with her
to tho rcsldenco of Bev. Nathan Hub
bell, n Methodist minister in Hampden.
Thero tho ccrcmonv wns performed.
After tho mnrrlngo Footo returned to
New Haven and left tho young woman
at home. Pioeccdlngs fordlvoico wero
immediately begun, and tho unwilling
btlde has gone to Brooklvn, where she
will be out of Foote's reach.
JUiMI'UD riio.ir Till! WINDOW,
A Water Tank Crashes Throucli a
Handing and Causes Great Damaco.
Patron, N. J., April 10. In tho
silk mill of Bumfoid Brothers, In this
city yesterday a new water-tank hi the
third story was being filled with water,
when tho supporting gliders suddeuly
gave way nnd tho Innk crashed through
the floor to tho second floor, nnd fiom
thcio to the engine room below. Tho
water, pouilngon the hot boilers, made
n great deal of steam, and a number of
employes, supposing the boiler had ex
ploded, jumped from tho windows.
One man, Peter Van Pel, had several
libs biokcn. The building was badly
dnmaced, and 00 hands will bo idlo
until it is lcpaircd.
iuuiuniiu:n hati:son cAi'Tui;i:n.
Cliiifcil by CltleiiK With lllood
houuds lie Confesses Ills Guilt,
BuiMiNoirvM, Ala., Apiil 10.
Daniel Bateson, who was suspected of
miudeiing his son-in-law, David Hun
nictitt, near here a few days ago, hns
been cnntuicd by n posso of cltlcm
with bloodhounds and has confessed
his guilt. Ho snjsho shot Hunnleutt,
because tho latter abused his wife, Bate
son s uauguier. no lircel into the house
fioin tho load.
Ncm loili htoclts.
'flic follow Ing mo tho prices ot the Now
Yoik and Chicago mnracts as reported by
spetlnl who to C. T. Havcunur & Co., P.ootn
U Atlantic bulldlne:
bTOCics. Open 2.30 stocks. Opcn2?J)
Chicaco Gas -Ibl tSJ .Voifhwebt ..111 ill?
Can. South. 513 V1J Omalm 33 SWJ
NatLcidTst l$i tJ ilo. lifd
., L. A V lS'JJ M01 V. M. S. 8... 402 ill
DO. itllutUMllKt Heading 41J 412
Eric 24? '.-. St. l't. 212 'JU
Jersey Ccn..ll'JJ '.20 C, It I & I'uc 014 'Jli
L. & N SCi S7 it. Paul 0S1 5Sj
L. S 1073 '073 To. l'.ic 201 20J
Sugar Tmst. GSJ W Vnion Vac. C3
Jlo. 1'ac 716 721 W Union... 621 32i
N.Y.itN.E. -I7J 174 Petroleum... S-il sj
N. Y. Ctn...l071 1071 Am. Cots'd
N. I'uc AtchtCTon. asj 1
do. pfd... 744 748 OUI.,.AQ.i03r.05
The Chicago Markets.
wncAT. Open Close pom;. Open C7ot
may yu ;;i way :;i i, i;i 15
June.... 004 fc!H June....1!! 30 13 31)
Jul) .. .. b7J b7J July .... 13 37 13 40
con:.. T.Aiti).
May !Vy S2J May C 47 0 47
June... SJ 3.1 June.... li SO (1 !50
July 33? 3Ji Jul) .... 0 57 0 57
May 215 21J
Juno.... 244 2IJ
Jul) 24J 214
Washington Mode Kioliunse.
Sales Regular Call 12 o'clock ra.
Bank of Washington, 5 at 475, West End
Nutlonal bank, 15 at 03. Eeklngton ami
Soldiers' Home ltallroad, 22 at 72. Wash
Inston Gas, 3 at 435. V. S. Electric Light,
10 at 112J; 10 at 1:2. American Graplio
pliotic, 50 at 131. BO at 13J; 83 at 131.
Jliscellaneous Bonds U. S. Electric
Eights 1st, 0's, 100; U. S. Electric Llxht
2il,G'6, 114; W. A G It. I. 10-40 G'a,
It'!i3-'23, 103J; W. A a Convertible, G's
175; .Masonic Hall Ass'n, G's, O 1883, 10S;
Wash. Market Co., 1st Mort., 0's, 110;
Wash. Market Co., Imp., 0's, US; InlM &
Seaboard Co., G'6, C 1807, ; Wash. Lt.
Infantry, 1st, G's, 1004 103; Wash. Lt. In
fantry, 2d, 7's, 1001, 101; Wash. Gas Light
Co., fcer. A, 0's, 120; Wash. Gas Light Co.,
Ser. II, G's, 1S1; Hygienic Ice Company, 1st
Mort., 0s, 1021.
National Bank Stocks Hani: of Wash
ington, 4W); Bunk ot llepubllc, 250; Metro
politan, 210; Central, 2;0, Second, lbo;
Farmers aud Mechanics', lSb; Citizens',
W!i; Columbia, 1S2J, Capital, 110; West
End, 02.
ltallroad Stocks Washington and
Georgetown, 27.1, Metropolitan, 170; Co
lumbia, 75; Cnpltol and North O Street,
70; Eeklngton and Soldier's Homo, 70;
Geoigttown and Tenuall)tou, 4Dl;Br!gut
wood, 40.
Insurance Stocks Firemen's, 41; Franlc
llu, 57; .Metropolitan, bO, National Union,
20; Arlington, 185; Corcoran, G3; Colum
bia, 18; German-American, lbO, Potomac,
b8; ltlggs, 0; People's SJ.
llllo Iusuraneo Stocks Ileal Estate
Title, 123; Columbia Title, 0J; Washington
litlo. -.
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Washing
ton Gas, 43; Georgetown Gas, 4S; U. S.
Electric Light, 110.
Telephono Stocks l'-cnnslvanla, 20;
Chesapeake and Potomac, 63); American
Graphopkone, 13.
Miscellaneous Stocks. Washington Mar
ket Co., lb; Washington Brick Machltie
Co., 1175; Great Falls Ico Co., 210; Bull
Run Panorama Co., 23; National Safe De
posit, 2J0; Washington Sato Deposit, 130;
Washington Loan aud Trust Co., 31; Na
tional T) pographic, 23; Mergonthalcr, !3;
Pneumatic Gnu Carriage, j; Wash. Loan
and Trust Co., ; American Security and
Trnut Co.. 40; Lincoln Hall, SO; Hygienic
Ico Co., 40.
l'or Govortior of Ithode Island,
Ftom the ft 01 Hence Journal.
A governor of Bhodo Island Js a
good deal like a ilium major ton brass
band. Ho attracts a good deal of at
tention, but docbu't contribute much,
to tho music,
No Quorum.
I'rom the Xew Vork Sun,
Mr, Becd has a slinip mathematical
e)e, butbo can't count a Bepubllcan
quotum this spring or next falL
.Secretary lllaliw' Clonlnc Speech
YUilltler'H Salutation nnd Itouo
diction I'rcnldent Harrison De
liver nuAddreftft to tho l'resident,
Tho International American Confer
ence nt 12 o'clock to day adjourned sine
die. Prior to adjournment tho delegation
from Chili offered a resolution, whlclt
was adopted, that to commemoralo this
conference U10 countiies represented
nsfeoclntc themselves with tlio United
States In celebrating tho four-huu
dredth anniversary of the discovery of
America by Columbus.
Besolutlons thanking tho vnrlout
oillccis of tho confluence were also
Secretary Blalno made a cloatnj
speech, which was delivered with much
lccllog and leceivcd with great enthu
siasm and chceis. The speech wa3 as
"Gentlemen: I withhold for a mo
ment tho woid of final adjournment in
order that I may express to you the
profound satisfaction with which tho
Government of the United States re
gards the work that has been accom
plished by tho International Conference.
Tho importance of the subjects
which hnvo claimed your atten
tion, the comprehensive ' intelligence
and watchful patriotism which you
hao biought to their discussion, must
challenge the confidence nnd secure tho
admiration of tho governments nnd
peoples whoinyod represent; while that
larger patriotism which constitutes tho
fraternity of nations has received from
you nn impulse such as tho world has
not before seen.
"Tho extent nnd value of all that has
been worthily achieved by your con
ference cannot bo mcasuied lo dny.
Wc stand too near it. Time will de
fine and heighten tho estimate of your
work; experience will confirm our
present faith; final results will bo your
vindication and your triumph.
"If, in this closing hour, the con
ference hnd but ouo deed to celebrate,
we should dare call the world's atten
tion to the deliberate, confident, solemn
dedication of two gieat continents to
peace, nnd to tho prosperity which has
peace for its foundation, 'We hold up
this new magna charta, which abol
ishes war and substitutes aibitration
between the Araericnn republics ns tho
first and groat fruit of the international
American conference. That noblest of
Amei leans, the aged poet and philan
thropist, "Whllticr, is the first to send his
salutation and his benediction, declar
ing 'If In the spirit of peace the Amcri
can Conference agrees upon a rule of
arbitration which will mike war in this
hemisphere well nigh impossible, Its
session will pioc ono of tho most im
poitont events In tho history of tho
"I am instiuclcd by tho Prcsldcut to
express the wish that before the mem
bcis of the confcrcnco shall leave for
their distant homes thev will accept tho
hospitolltv of the United States in a
visit to the Southern section of tb.12
Union, similar to the ono they havo
alicady mndo to the Eastern nnd Wet
em sections. Tho President trusts that
the lour will not only boa pleasant inci
dent of your fnicwcll to tho country,
but that jou will find advnntago in n
visit to the interesting nnd impoitnnt
part of our Bepublic.
"Jlayl expiess to you, gentlemen,
my dtcp appiccbition of tho honor you
did me in calling 1110 to presldo over
your deliberations. Your kindness has
been unceasing, and for your formal
words of approval I oiler you my sill
ccrest giatitudc.
"Invoking tho blcssinc of Almighty
Grd upon tho patriotic "and fraternal
woik which has been here begun for
the good of mankind, I now declaro
the American International Conference
adjourned without day." TChccis.
The delegates then left their ciuartcts
to pay their respects to the Chief ilagis
trote. Upon reaching the Incentive Man
sion the rnn-Anicrican delegates wero
ushered Into the Bast Boom, wheio
thoy formed a ciiclc. The Piesidcnt
entered the room on the arm of Sccic
tary Blalno and took each delegate by
thc hand, ns he was iutioduced by this
Ptcietnry. The delegates wero taken
by surprise when tho President, stepping;
slightly foiwnrd, addressed them as
"Gentlemen: I find In this parting
call of the delegates to the Conference,
of American States both pain and
plcnsuic. I participate in thoicsret
which tho delegates fiom tho United
Slates nnd nil our people fee! in pitt
ing from those who havo como from
other SUtcs to tako pait in this formal
confeicuce. I ilnd pleasure In tho
fatt that your labors have now
been brought to a happy conclusion.
Dillcrcnccs of opinion have been hap
pily leconciled. I exceedingly rojolco
that a proposition which will bo produc
tive of pence among the Amcilcan
States rcpiescntcd in tho confcicnco
has been agreed upon. It will be with
out cause If ono of them shall lift a
hostile hand against tho other. We
gave you tho other day a review of i
small detachment of tho American
Army, not to 6how you that wo
havo an army, but that wo
havo none; that our security
Is not an armed force but in the law
abiding loyalty ot people. "We re
joice that ) ou havo found In the organ
intiou of our Government something
suggesllvo and woithy of Imitation.
We shall bo glad to lccelvo from you
new lessons of self-govcrnmcut in ru
tin n.
"In conclusion I find much to approves
of the friendly purpecs of tho con
feicnce towards this Government, and
1 will uow bid each of you a heartfelt
Tho remarks of tho Piesidcnt wero
gicetedwlth npplnuse. The delegates
took their dcpaituio. About forty ot
them expect to goon tho Southern trip,
leaving 'Washington at 11 o'clock
John Waid'a Trouble.
PiTTsufiio, Pa., April 10. A special
from Philadelphia states that John M.
AVaid will letlic from baseball and go to
Euiopo, on nccountof his health, which
has bctn Unpolled, bccauso of his
domestic troubles. Ward denies the
Absconder l'opo Artosted.
Louisville, Kv April 10. A telo
gram wns lccelved this morning by the
chief of police, stating that AV. II. Popo,
teller of the City Natlonnl Bank, who
absconded with $r0,000 of tho bank's
funds, has been attested nt I.ntuy, K. 31.
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Local Weather Forecast,
l'or the District 0 Columbia, Velm a r.
Maryland and Virginia, fair Saturday qui
Sun lay; thohtln eooler, JollQhcl by u 1 itil
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