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The Washington C
22D YEAR NO. 0,78(5.
NEGLIGE shirts are
to be more POPU
LAR than ever this
season. OUR assort
ment is the PRETTI
EST we have ever
shown. Checks.plaids
and stripes of EVERY
conceivable COLOR
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ties to wear with
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In Lawn Tennis
goods we have a com
plete stock of white
and striped flannel in
suits or each garment
separately. Blazers
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ors, and Belts to
For Bicycle-riders
we have a lot of pants
made specially for
them of best quality
COLOR Middlesex
flannel, with rein
forced seat, straps at
waist for belt and fas
tened at knee with
buttons and buckle.
All size waists from
28 to 40.
Popular Outfitters,
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
Annual nicotine or tho Presbyterian
Missionary Society To-day.
The twentieth annual assembly of
tho Women's Foreign Missionary So
ciety of the Presbyterian Church began
lis sessions at the Church of tho Cove
nant this morning at 10:30 o'clock.
There was a largo number of ladles and
others intcrestctUn tho missionary work
picscnt, and tho audlcnco which
thronged tho auditorium of tho church
showed Its appreciation of the noble
work of the society by Us presence
A devotional meeting, which was
led by Sirs. C. P. Turner, wa3 held in
tho chapel at 8 o'clock. Tho regular
session of tho society boean soveral
hours later and was opened by 6lnging,
Srayer and tho rending of tho Scripture,
lis. Dr. Schcnck presided.
Mrs. D. A. McKnight of this city
welcomed tho delegates in a few well
chosen words, which were ably re
sponded to by tho president of tho so
ciety. Tho reports of tho treasurer, Mrs.
J. M. Flshburn. and tho homo secre
tary, Miss P. U. Nelson, wero
read. They showed a gratifying
increase In tho interest of tho
work, and that tho society was
in nn excellent financial condition.
Mis. C. N. Thorpo read a brief report
of the foreign work, and after Mrs. T.
S. Pond had related some experiences
of school work In Syria a recess was
taken for lunch.
At tho aflornoon session Mrs. S. C.
Peiklns read a paper entitled "Our
Second Decade," reviewing tho work
accomplished by tho society. A num
her of inisslonaiies wero present, Includ
ing Mrs. T. S. Pond, Syria; Mrs. Sam
iicl .Tessup, Syria; Mrs. John Butler,
China; Miss Anna Davis, Japan; Mrs
(3. S. Bergen, India; Mls3 Aunt
Scott, India; Miss Ireno Grlfilth:
India; Miss Lydia Jones, Africa;
Mrs. Isaac Boyco, Mexico,
and an ngrecablo feature of tho session
was a reception held in their honor.
Papers woro also read by Mrs. John
Butler on "Homes in China," and
Miss Anna Davis on "Progro3s in Ja
pan." Tho meeting will bo continued to
morrow, and two sessions will bo held.
A City I'oatoillce Employs Slashes
Himself With a I'cnUniro.
Benjamin Champion, who for six
weeks has been an employo of tho City
Postofllcc, mado a desperate effort to
commit suicldo nt tho olllco last evening
about 11 o'clock. His work has been
with tho evening force and just as ho
was finishing his. labors last night ho
-went Into tho closet and taking a pen
knife from his pocket attempted to
sever tho aitcilcs In his wrist. Prlvato
Watchman Gcorgo Harris fortunately
liappencd to enter tho closet about this
time and found Champion standing at
the catch basin with blood streaming
fiom n Blight stab In tho neel: and an
ugly gash in tho left wrist. Tho man
was taken to tho Twelfth-street Station
and from thcro to tho Emorgency
Hospital where Dr. Middlotou dressed
his wounds,
Champion is 20 years of ago, and
gives as an explanation for tho foolish
act that ho was seized with a sudden
pain In tho head and had a presentment
that ho wanted to dlo. Ho yielded to
tho Impulse and proceeded with tho
Tho wounds aro not consldcrod
daugcroua mid Champion was taken to
his brother's homo. Ills friends say ho
was undoubtedly iusauo and that it Is
licreditnty In the family. Threo of
his Immediate relatives who wero af
fected with temporary aberration of
mind liovo attempted suicldo, and ono
was confined In an lnsauo asylum for
60 wo time
'J ho IMIl Fussed for tlio Classification
of Worsted Cloths m Woolen
Cloths Tho Sorvtca 1'onslon 11111
Mr. Carlisle's Protest.
The IIouso to-day passed tho bill for
llio classification of worsted cloths as
woolen cloths yeas, 133; nays, 0, Tho
loxt of iho hill Is as follows:
That tho Secretary of tho Treasury
bo and hereby Is authorized and di
rected to classify ns woolen cloths all
imports of worsted cloths, whothor
known under tho namo ef worsted
cloth, or under tho namu of worsteds,
or diagonals, or otherwise.
Tho Democrats did not voto and
again make their oft-reuowed threat to
make a caso on this bill to carry to tho
Supreme Court tho matter of tho Con
stitutionality of tho now rules of tho
Mr. McKlnlcy, from tho Commltteo
ou Rules, reported a resolution provid
ing for tho Immediate consideration of
tho Senate Service Pension bill,
to which tho Morrill Service
Pension bill may bo ordered as a sub
stitute; tho previous question to ho con
sidered as oidcrcd at 4 o'clock.
Mr. Carlisle protested against tho
adoption of resolutions of this char
acter, which took away from tho
Commltteo of tho Wholo tho
right to consider money bills, and
forced tho Houso to voto upon them
after a brief debate.
It was estimated, ho said, that the
Morrill. bill involved the oxpendlturo of
$40,000,000 and tho Senate bill $37,
000,000, and these bills it was proposed
to pass after threo hours' debate.
Mr. Carllslo spoke at length and
well He declared ho would not voto
for cither bill and expressed tho opin
ion that tho Republicans feared that
amendments which tho soldiers wanted
would ho put upon tho bills.
General Henderson of Iowa Inter
rupted Mr. Carlisle, and a spirited po
litical colloquy ensued, in which tho
honors wero easy.
Mr. McKlnlcy closed the debato on
this part of tho question In a few clear
remrrks, in which he charged that in
all tho years tho Democrats
wero in power in tho
IIouso no general pension legislation
had been enacted, except wltlTRepub
lican votes, and would not have been
i nactcd except for Republican votes.
Ah to limiting debate, ho said every
mrm In the House had mado up his
mind just how ho was going to voto on
t-L'iis-lou leelslatlon Tho gentleman
trom Kentucky had said ho would not
vote for cither bill.
Mr. Me-Kinley said in tho most em
phatic manner that the Republicans
were thcro to transact tho public busi
ness, and would do it. "What the
people wont," ho said, Impressively,
"nn- r oulis, not speeches."
Mr. McKinloy's brief speech was re
peatedly applauded by tho Republicans,
Tho IIouso decided to tako tho mat
ter up and to voto on It at 4 o'clock this
About lrortlllcUlons.
General Schofield and Secretary Proc
tor appeared before tho sub-committee
on fortifications of tho Sonato C.nnmlt
tea on. Appropriations this morning and
urged liberal appropriations for sea
coast defenses.
lien Butlers Ills ltulldlnc.
The IIouso Commltteo on Public
Buildings and Grounds has agreed to
recommend tho purchase of General
Bcnlamin Franklin Butler's big gray
house on tho Hill for tho sum of
250,000. General Butler has oxprcsscd
his willingness to sell it for $373,000,
though he has not ofilclally communi
cated this fact to tho commlt
teo. During President Cleveland's
Administration a commission appraised
the value of the building at 277,000.
General Butler is willing that tho prop
city shall ho condemned by the Gov
ernment and its valuo be appraised by
the Secietary of tho Treasury, and says
that ho will abide by the figures so ar
il ved at.
Tho Tariff Hill.
Tho Ways and Means Committee has
decided to call up tho Tariff bill for dis
cussion next Tuosday.
The Senate Likely to I'nss n Free Coin.
IIL'O 11111. .
It looks as though the Scnato would
pass the Teller Fieo Coinago bill or
something very like it. After the Cus
toms Administration bill Is disposed of
tho next business on tho calendar,
under tho order ananged by tho Steer
ing Committee, is tho Jones Sliver bill.
Tho alterant to get tho caucus com
mltteo together yesterday or last night
to pass upon the question was a failure,
and It does not seem likely that tho
caucus committee will be able to do
anything bofoio tho matter comes up
for consideration in tho Senato. As
was Btatcd in Tun Ciutio nearly a
month ago, tho Democrats In tho Senato
will voto for free coinago that Is,
enough of them will voto for freo coin
ago to put upon tho Republican mem
bers from tho West tho onus of rejecting
freo coinago, if It bo rejected. Tho
silver men, with tho exception of Mr.
Teller, aro willing to accopt a com
promise for tho sake of getting some
legislation on the subject through Con
giess and past tho Executive. As ono of
them said today:
"There Is no uso In putting through
n freo coinago measure to bo vetoed by
tho President, for then wo would havo
no legislation at all. Wo aro willing to
accept something which wo aro suro
tho Administration will approve and
which will increase tho yoIuiuo of cur
lency." But now 11 seems inevitable that tho
matter will como before tho Sonato In
such form that tho Ropubllcaus from
tho Western States will have to voto for
freo coinago or appear In a falso light
beforo their people. If a freo coinago
pioposltlnn Is mado in tho Scnato It will
command tho votes of tho Senators from
Oregon, Novada, Montana, tho Dakota?,
Ncbiaska, Kansas, at least ono from
Minnesota, Mr. Stanford of California,
Mr. Evarts of Now York, and possibly
both Mr. Cameron and Mr. Quay of
Pennsylvania. With a fow Democrats
these Senators will pass a freo coinago
bill. Tho Western Senators confidently
look for this result In tho Senato. Thoy
expect thu Houso to pass tho caucus
measure, and that, when both houses
havo acted, thoy will feel freo to voto
for a compiomlso proposition without
injuilng their political staudlng at
In Tennesson,
Fronutht MnnpMi Aralanclit.
Convicts walk tho streets of Nashvlllo
In plain clothes, and paint tho town just
as if they were tho first citizens of tho
l'reMrtcnt of Iho Renntn Du lllgnon
Talks Uon the Subject.
Hon. T. G. du Blgnon, president of
Iho Georgia Senato, a position equiva
lent under tho Georgia constitution to
Lieutenant-Governor, Is stopping at tho
Rlggs. Mr. du Blgnon is said to bo ono
of the most brilliant young lawyers In
his State. Ho lives at Savannah, and
In ono of a firm of attoincys who rcp
resent tho Southern Interests of the
Coa3t Lino or Planet system of rail
roads. Ho Is n very handsoma nun,
clcnn-shovcn, with strong, earnest fea
tures and hasjust attained his thirty
sixth year.
In reply to Inquiries, Mr. du Blgnon
snld that Colouol W. J. Northern,
piesldentof tho Stato Agricultural So
ciety, would succeed General Gordon
as Governor, and that Gordon would bo
Pent to tho Scnato as a successor of
Governor Joseph Brown. Mr. du Blg
non reports politics quite active in
Georgia, on account of tho agitation of
tho Partners' Alllanco people. Con
cerning Congress, tho scats of Blount,
Lester, Crisp, Stewart and Clements, ho
thinks, aro safe. In tho other fivo dis
tricts of tho State ho says thcro Is di
vision, and It Is qulto " possible that
Georgia will send soveral brand now
members to tho next House.
Ho Will Attend tho Dedication of the
Qurilold Monument,
A yeor ago President Harrison
promised General Henry II. Bingham
of Philadelphia that ho would visit that
city on Decoration Day (May 30) of this
year, as the guest of Mcado Post,
No. 1, of tho Grand Army of tho
Rupubllc, tho oldest G. A.
R. organization on tho Atlantic
coast. Tho post, through Colonel
Clayton McMlchacl, who visited this
city for tho purpose, ascertained tho
Piesident's wishes as to entertainment
and arranged a programme accord
ingly, Later It was decided
to dcdlcato tho monument to
tho lato President Garfield, at Clove
land, Ohio, on that day. Tho Presldont
was invited to attend, and felt that ho
ought to do so, hut ho regarded his en
eaiicmcnt with Mcado Post as Irrevo
cable. Tho President was much pleased
with tho programme laid out, but
expressed his desire to bo present at
the Garfield monument dedication,
both ns a' matter of public duty
and because of tho personal
interest he felt in It. Colonel Mc
Mlchacl and General Bingham again
called upon tho President and tho matter
was ficely discussed between them.
Finally tho representatives of
Meade Post released the President from
his obligations to the post In order
that ho might attend tho dedication
ceicmonles at Cleveland, which ho
will do.
It was argued that tho Presldont
could visit Philadelphia at tho next
.dedication day, It being an an
nually recurring ceremony, but
the Garfield Monument dedication
would occur but onco. There
fore tho Phiiadelphlans felt in honor
and courtesy bound to withdraw their
claims, which they did. Tho Presi
dent, therefore, will assist in the dedi
cation of tho monument to tho memory
of his martyicd predecessor.
An Ex-Detectlvn Talks or tho n"anjr
lnnn's Ilnrvest lloro.
The probable doublo execution at the
District jail on Friday recalled to tho
mind of ex-Detectivo John L. Sargeant
some eventful years In this city re
garding hangings.
"District Attorney Harrington," ho
said, "had moro hangings during ono
year of his administration than any
other District Attorney beforo or since.
Ho convicted seven men and six of that
number wero executed during a single
twelvo month. Thoy wero Tom Wright,
Henry Young, Johnson, Jenkins, Shay
and one other I cannot remember tho
namo of. Ho also convicted Slatter,
but his sentence was commuted to llfo
imprisonment. I tell you, that was a
big year's work. CorkhlU's term was
also an eventful one. He sent Guiteau
off and mado tho road to glory easy for
Quecnan and Bedford, who'wero tho
pilncipals in a doublo execution, in
thosodays murder and disorder ran riot
under the very shadow of the Capitol
Hawkins unci Williams Will Not He
Hanged Next Friday.
Through the clemency of Prosident
Harrison Lewis Williams and Benjamin
Hawkins, tho two murderers con
demned to bo executed on Friday next,
havo been rcpiicved for twenty-seven
An appeal was mado to tho President
vcstciday afternoon by Revs. John
Roberts, William Howard and D. D.
Sloki'S, but ho declined to Interfero
unless tho request camo to him through
iho proper channol tho Department of
Dlstiict Attorney Hogo addressed a
letter to tho Attorney-General yesterday
favoring tho rcsplto of Williams, and
also indorsing tho application of Hawk
Ins. This resplto was considered as no
more than fair to tho condemned mon,
inasmuch as their execution would fol
low so closely the ruling of the Court
In General Term.
xltoamlnc In the Wlldwood."
To-morrow Is May Day, and, as has
been tho usual custom for years, should
tho weather be fair, tho llttlo folk and
their mammas and guardians will take
to tho plcturcsquo woodlands and mea
dows In tho vicinity of AVashlngton
and enjoy a pleasant timo In tho sun
shine and bracing atmosphere Lunch
baskets will bo a feature of tho day, and
tho tots will return to their homes in
tho evening bedecked with wild flow
ers and feeling all tho butter for their
romp with old Damo Nature.
Tho Illalno Clreus,
Ftorn tht Xew York Telegram.
Mr. Blaine's Pan-American circus has
collapsed on tho road and tho various
"features" will find homo as best they
can. This is a sad blow to tho child
like faith of tho nubile. Thoro may bo
6omo things Mr. Blatno can't do to per
fection, but wo all had tho most abid
ing confidence that no living American
could beat him as a circus manager.
Thus do our Idols bo crushed,
Ouin's Awful Uncertainty,
From tht A'ew York Sun,
Russell Bcnjamlnovltch Harrison Is
visiting Montana, whence his title is
derived, and consequently Benjamin
Harrison McKcevltch again grasps tho
rattlo of power. Matthew Stanley
Quay must feel an awful uncertainty at
such a tlmo as this, as to who Is tho
power behind tho Administration,
That Is tho Question His Tninlly nnd
tho 1'ollco Aro Trylnc to Oootde
Alexandria Authorities Notified
Homo Suspicious Clreumstnnoos,
"Clay" Giay Is still alive to-day anil
his condition Is Eomowhat Improved
compared to what It was yesterday,
although tho doctors glvo no hopes of
ultimate recovery. Ho was visited at
Providence Hospital last night by
"Doc" Austin and it number of
other friends with whom ho con
versed freely during tho evening,
Ho has no very clear conception of just
whnt did happen at tho Jackson City
gambling rooms, and tho mystery that
hangs over tho caso has not yet been
cleared up. Thcro wero twenty-flvo or
thirty pcoplo present when the shooting
occurred, and but ono of those has
been found who says emphatically that
Gray committed tho act himself. Soma
or tho others tell very contradictory
stories, and thcro is, ovidontly an effort
to suppress somo of tho clrcumstancqs
in connection with tho affair.
Walter Robinson, Gray's companion,
who caino homo with him, yesterday
afternoon turned tho watch and chain
over lo Clay Gray, the injured man's
son, but why ho had not dono so
sooner admits of explanation.
Detective Carter was offered tho watch
early in tho morning to tako to young
Groy, hut on Carter's advlco Robinson
returned it In person soma limo, lator.
Tho theory that there was no causo fqr
murder becauso Gray had no money at
the Jackson City placo has been ex
ploded.. Tho bookmakers at "Monps
Carlo" verify tho statement that njj
was thcro during tho aftcrnoou,"Thit that
ho was a winner, and not a looser. Ho
camo directly from "Monto Cario" to
his homo, ato his supper, and on tho way
out atO o'clock Mrs. Gray said, "Clay,
whero is your money?" "Why horo,"
and milliner a lareo roll of bills, en-
ciiclcd by a rubber band, from his
'pocket, showed them to her. Very soon
after this ho stnrted across tho" Long
Bridge, whero this unfortunate affair
An Investigation Is still In progress,
and wlllnot""be abandoned until tho
family and ofllccrs arc satisfied that
lhcro was no foul play. Mr. Robinson
has furnished tho family with a list of
those who wero in tho "divo" when the
shooting occurred, and they will be
turned over to tho authorities at Alex
andria. Tho statcmont some of tho
playcis make that Gray was "broke"
and did not play, and that money was
loaned him, is ridiculed by everyone
who has ever associated with him.
"I havo known Clay Giay for twenty
years," said a well known citizen this
morning, "and havo been with hlui
moro or less. I never can leeall tho
time when ho did not havo a roll of
money in his pocket, and the sporting
men all knew It. Ho novcr jumped tho
limit, and, if he found the camo wii3
running against him or that his favor
ites ou tho track were losing, ho would
Ho was a man of undisputed honor,
generous to a fault, aud too good a mau
to mingle with tho crowd in which ho
was found over in Virginia. Occasion
ally when drinking ho would become
irritable, but never vicious. To toll tho
tiuth, no one can bcfouud'vrho-haK
word to say acainst Henry Clay Gray,
and n good many of his friends nro
manifesting much interest In having
tho mystery solved.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon Mr3.
Gray was in consultation with her hus
band at Provldenco Hospital. Ho was
conscious and in a condition to explain
clearly what occurred on the
Virclnla side of tho bridge
ou Monday night. At his request the
newspapers wero to ho set light on tho
stories that had gained circulation. A
ttalcmcnt of this nature was deemed
advisablo by tho doctors this
afternoon, as it Is not thought ho will
bo conscious to-morrow. His indomi
table vitality and strong constitution
they consider tho only thing that has
pulled him through so far.
A Man Seriously Assaulted by an En
raged Husband,
Dennis Tinney, a colored man, was
assaulted last night by Stovo Burch,
alias Steve Mullen, also colored, in the
alley between Vermont avenue, Fif
teenth, M and L streets northwest and
dangerously injured. Yesterday morn
ing Burch was discharged from tho
Mount Vernon Livery Stables aud fill
ing himsclt with corn-jutco went to his
he mo and began abusing his wife.
Tlnnry, who happened to bo passing
through tho nlley, started for a police
man when ho was attacked by Burch,
who with a sharp-pointed stoue beat
him into Insensibility.
Dr. Mundcll was called ond treated
Tinney's wounds. The latter Is a ser-.
vnnt in tho family of Senator McMil
lan nnd is a brother of the man killed
bv "Frenchy" Ross scvon years ago.
Burch succeeded in making his escape.
A Omubllni: Caso Dismissed,
Tho trial of Fred. Dyson, charged
with keeping a gambling house, termi
nated lato yesterday afternoon and re
sulted In tho dismissal of tho caso by
Judgo Miller. Only ono out of tho
number of witnesses sworn testified that
he had seen Dyson In tho rooms al
though they all admitted that gambling
was permitted thcro, and that thoy had
participated. Judgo Miller explained
that tho chanro had been brought un
der tho wrong statute, and that tho evi
dence would not warrant conviction.
This caso will bo presented to the
grand jury for action.
A Treacher Steals Tinware,
Caiimbm:, April 30. George Harris,
a colored local preacher of Franklin
County, was arrested In Chambersburg
on tho charge of larceny. Harris was
employed in a tin store, and his em
ployer suspected ho was robbing him.
An Investigation revealed several wagon
loads of tinware at Harris' house, with
which ho had intended to start n storo.
Ho was placed In jail In default of-ball.
Senator lllalr's Dlmculty.
From the St. Paul IHowr Prtst,
Senator Blair will oxpcrlcnco moro
dlfilculty In making pcoplo bellovo that
tho defeat of his bill was a greater ca
lamity to tho country than would havo
been tho defeat of Meado's army at
Gettysburg than ho did In getting tho
newspapers to print tho full text of tho
Elko Our Congress.
Fran tht A'tw York Sun.
Notice has been given that 1,490
speeches aro impending In tho Austrian
Relchsrath. Tho Rcichsratk must re
semble our own beloved Congress In Its
Tho Conslllutlonallty ot tho Eleetrle
I.inv May He Tested.
Ni:w Yonic, April 30. Tho Time'
special from Albany says: W. Bourko
Ccekian, counsel for tho electrical com
panies In tho cxccutlon-hy-olcctrlclty
list case, nnd Charles S. Hatch, attorney
for Iho condemned man Kommlcr, had
n conversation with Governor Hill at
tho executive chamber last Thursday,
lclallvo to an appeal to tho United
States Supremo Court on tho constitu
tionality of Iho new death law. It was
understood that a reprieve was asked
for that tho counsel might get an appeal
to tho United Stales Court, and that tho
Governor denied It.
At tho cxecutlvo chamber this theory
wns not confirmed. It was asserted
that tho conversation was purely a per
sonal ono on tho merits of tho case. It
Is believed, however, that word was
pent from Albany Friday to Warden
Durston to hold off tho execution as
long as posslblo that tho appeal to tho
United Slates Court might ho effected
aud a stay secured.
Tho II orld quotes Judge Wallace as
saying: "The Kcmmlor writ was
gi anted to Kemmlcr's Buffalo counsel
on application of a well-known Now
York lawyer. It was dofecllvo In that
it did not bear Kemmlcr's signature nor
tho seal of tho court, but tho situation
was such an urgent ono that I could not
justify myself In stopping to dellborato
over tho technicalities. Tho man was
llablo to bo executed at any moment,
and having In my mind a doubt of tho
constitutionality of tho law by which
ho was to meet his doom, I signed tho
Judgo Barrett of tho Now York
Supremo Court, says Judgo Wallace's
action Is unprcccdcnt. "When tho
Chicago anarchists wero convicted,"
ho says, "their counsel went beforo
Justico Harlan, who was, tho United
States Sunremo Court Justico for tho
Illinois District, hut ho refused tho writ
and referred them to tho full bench at
Washington. I novcr heard of a dis
trict judge granting such a writ as tho
present one."
Charges Against ltarroll of tho New
York LoaEUo CI til).
TiiENTON, N. J., April 30. Mrs.
Clara Farrell, wlfo of John Farrcll, tho
well-known baseball player, now with
the New York team of tho National
Leogue, has filed a bill in tho Court of
Chmccry heio asking for absolute di
vorce, counsel fees and'ollmony. Her
ground for divorce Is cruelty. Tho bill
sets forth that tho couple wero married
In Newark In November, 1887, and
slates that Faircll has repeatedly beaten
her fiom that duto until March 89 of
this year, when he drovo her from tho
house and shu has since been obliged to
11 vu away from him.
Tho cause for the abuse tho ball
player heaped upon his "wife, the bill
fays, was excessive drinking, ungovcrn
able temper, and unfounded jealousy.
On ono occasion a3 Mrs. Farrell entered
her apartments from a neighbor's, tho
bill alleges, ho struck her with his fist,
knocking her senseless. Ho was In tho
habit of spitting in her face, and when
she burst Into tears for this ho promised
her that ho would cut and break cvorv
pieco of furniture in tho houso and
chew her up If sho did not cease crying.
Mrs.Fatrcll owns a houso In Newark
worth 3,500, sho says, nnd hor hus
band thicatencd to burn it down. Last
March ho took all tho doors oil tho
hinges and broke them into splinters,
lie also uroko tho crockeiy and other
household goods.
Vlcc-Chancellpr Van Fleet granted
an injunction restraining Farrell from
destroying his wife's property. Mrs.
Fnrrell says her husband told her that
his salary this year was 400 per mouth.
Predictions ns to Its liosult on National
Ni:w Yonrc, April 30. Tho World's
Topeka (Kan.) special says: "It is pre
dicted hero by members of tho Supremo
Bench that tho United States Supremo
Court decision in tho Iowa package
caso will nullify tho licenso laws of
every State. One judgo predicts a third
piuty and national issue on the ques
tion. Tho Stato lcsubmlssion club3
held a meeting hero last night."
They Shoot an Operator nnd Hob tho
Ticket Olllco.
JASiT.it, Ga., April 30. Two negroes
cnteicd tho Georgia Southern and
Florida depot here about 1 o'clock yes
Unlay morning and called for a ticket.
"While Mr. Haley Frank, tho night
lelcgraph operator, acting as agent,
w as preparing tho tlcketono of tho
negroes shot him nnn then they robbed
ihe olllco and lied. Ono of the negroes
uns captured at Melrose yesterday and
the other is being holly pursued.
Itaro Historic Ilrlo-u-Hrao,
Thcro wa3 a goodly assemblage of
bilc-a-brac buyers today at tho resi
dence of Mrs. Olivia Conino Starring,
on Highland Terrace, tho occasion
being un auction salo of this lady's
valuable and htstoiic furniture and be
longings. Tho salo to-day included
tho collection In the studio. Mrs. Star
ring has traveled extensively In tho old
East and gathered a valuablo and his
toric collection of bric-a-brac. Many
of tho pictures In the studio were
painted by herself. Mis. Stairimr Is
selling out in order to removo to Now
Getting Ilcttar.
Mr. Jarvls Butler, tho popular mana
ger for Sanders & Staymau, piano
dealers in this city, who has been quite
sick for somo tlmo past, Is now much
improved. Ho expects, if this fine
weather continues, to bo at his placo of
business in a few days.
A Groat l'oi-m.
Fiwn tht NtW York Sun.
A lecent curiosity in llteratuio Is a
Gcunaii poem celebrating tho progress
of Congo exploration. It fills a book ot
700 pages, and tolls the wholo story
from Stanley's trip down tho rlvor to
tho latest researches far up tho Congo
tilbutarles. Tho snrpilslng thing about
it is that geographers aro praising tho
book for tho accuracy aud fullnos3 of
Itsiufoimatlon. Tho author's muso Is
rather hampered, however, by being
tied down to geographical detail, and
probably ciitics will not bo deeply Im
pressed with its poetic mot Its,
An Unfortunate Member of tho family,
lrcm tht A'tui York Sun.
"You may talk about his nepotism,
but their Is ono membor of Harrison's
family that hasn't mado much out of
this Administration."
"Who Is that?"
"Baby McKco's grandfather Ben."
Tho Nliortor Work-Day Movement In
Washington A Ilusy ltnlldlng
Honson -Labor Mattors Elsowhoro.
Mllllla for the Minors,
Tho eight hour movement In Wash
ington will bo governed largely by tho
action of the Dlstiict Assembly, Knights
of Labor, which will meet to-morrow
evening. Reports of tho subordinate
assemblies of tho scvcrafbulldlng trades
will l.o received and acted upon, and
the question decided of striking upon
tlo refusal of the employers to nccccd to
tho demand for an eight-hour day.
Tho boss bricklayers aro willing to
agrco to tho eight-hour proposition, but
they want a corresponding reduction
of pay. Rather than eucountcr a strike
nt this time, howovcr, It Is believed
they will concedo everything. A plas
terer said to-day that tho employers In
his trade would no doubt do thosamo
thing. Tho carpenters aro looking as
wise as owls while awuiting tho action
of tho District Assombly.
A strike nt this tlmo would bo most
disastrous to the building boom, which
Is rapidly reaching high-water mark.
Building Inspector Entwislo said
to a CrtiTio reporter to-day that
thcro wero an unusually largo
number of application permits.
Tho permits Issued to-day woro to
L. II. Schneider, for tho erection of
a brick building at 1008 Pennsylvania
avenuo northwest, to cost 10,000; to
C. V. Trott, for tho erection of two
brick dwellings on Corcoran street
northwest, to cost 12,000; to P. Brink
man, for 'tho erection of a brick
dwelling on O street southeast, to cost
Yesterday permits were issued as fol
lows: To David Murphy for brick
dwelllncs, Second street southwest,
2,000;'to A. D. Dunnlngton for brick
dwellings, Now nampshiro avenuo
northeast, 5,200; to J. S. Brown, agent,
brick dwclllncr, M street, southeast,
2,000; to Mrs. "A. II. Longcloy, brick
dwelllncs, Massachusetts avenub north
east, 9,000; to E. A. Walter, brick
dwellings. L street northeast, 20,000;
to F. R. Brooke, dwelling. Ill F street
northwest, 2,000; to Mrs. Cros3 to
niter frame building 720 Seventh
street southeast; to John M.
llall to alter frame dwell
ing 2121 P street northwest; to
Gibbs & Loelllcr, to alter bilck build
ing 1411 G street northwest; to Jo30ph
Leockboclcr, to alter brick dwell
ing; to Alexander Freemau, to alter
framo building 1128 Third street
northwest; to Margaret Clear,
to build a two-story brick addition to
dwelling 2121 Seventh street north wo3t;
to M. A. Farquhai, to erect ot roar
finmo dwelling 1420 Seventh silent
noithwest a fuel shed; to John W.
Burns, to erect dwellings on Jumper
slieet, 7,000.
I'repnrlnc fur tho May-Day Coloura
tion The Connors' Demand,
Chicago, April 30. A meeting of
pneking-houso union men was held last
night. It was far from being a repre
sentative gathering, and tho Indications
all wero mat tuo men had wcaitenou
very much in their determination to
stiiuc. About 10 o'clock Gcorgo Schil
ling arrived and spoko for an hour
advising very strongly against a
stilko at this time. lie thought it
would be inoppoituno and very
likely to result in a failuro to accom
plish anything. lie did not think tho
men were well enough organized for a
successful move, ills talk was well
lecclvcd, and, after making somo ar
rangements for attending tho parade
and taking part on May 1, the meeting
adlourned until to-night.
The coopers employed at tho stock
yards held a mass-meeting last night
and after being iu scsslon-untll nearly
12 o'clock formulated tho following de
mand, which will bo mado on tho heads
of tho various packing houses this
Eight hours, between 8 a. m. and
4:30 p. m.. with a half-hour for dinner,
shall constitute a day's woik, in con
sideration of which we will accept a
ten per cent, reduction In tho present
late of wages.
A committee was named to present
tho demand, nnd, If it Is not acceded
to, tho coopers will not go to work
Thursday morning.
Illllltla and tho Miners.
Ottawa, III., Apiil 30. Company
D of this city has icceived word that it
n ny bo called out for service on May 1,
in caso of troublo In the contem
plated strikes at Chicago, as tho
Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy ltill
oad had demanded and will receive the
oi.liie output of tho Streator coal mines
for yesterday and to-day. However, It
It thought that tho coal miners nro pre
paring for a big strlkoon May 1, and
tint tho militia, instead of going to
Chicago, is intended for tho coal
Master Carpenters Itefuso,
rmhAiinu'iiiA, April 30. Tho
master carpenters of this city at a ineot
ing last night decided not to grant an
Incrcaso in wages.
Italian "Scabs" Assaulted,
Boston, April 30. The Italian
laborers employed In placo of tho
strikers ot Squires' packing establish
ment, when on their way homo last
night, wero severely assaulted, It Is
picbiimcd, by a gang of strlkeis. Many
of them were severely Injured.
An Editor Mlaslue,
New Youk, Apiil 30. E. D. Walker,
associate editor of tho Cosmopolitan Is
missing. Ho was last heard from at
Wcldon, N, 0., wiiero ho had been
sojourning for tho benefit of his health.
It is feared that ho was drowned while
on a fishing tilp.
A State Hank Suspends.
PiiiLADKi.i'iiiA, April 30. Tho Bank
of America, a Stato bank, suspended
this afternoon. A meeting of tho ill
reetois was called at ouee and thoy aro
uow in session going over tho books.
A Meritorious Act.
Fiom tin Memihli Avatancht.
Tom Reed's IIouso scored Its first
mciltoiious oct yesterday, when It voted
down tho proposition that one-half of
tho new circuit judges should bo ap
pointed from each of tho two parties.
When wo admit that a Federal judgo Is
necessarily a partisan It will Indeed be
tlmo to despair of tho republic.
Two l'octs.
From the lloslon lltrald,
William Cullen Brynnt Is to bo tho
next postmaster of Brooklyn. This re
minds us of tho fact that Honry W.
Longfellow keeps a grocery store la
Unity's Jlrnnd New Seheinnlo Increase
II rpn hi I can I'rospcrlty,
New Youk, April 30. Tho Slur
this morning publishes a special from
l'lttshurg, Pa., In substance as follows:
On the occasion of tlio Amcilcus Club
banquet last Saturday night, Frank
Willing Leach, tho prlvato secretary of
Senator Quay, disclosed to a number of
political f i lends n scliemo which ho
snld had been mapped out by Quay
looking to tho strengthening of tliu Re
publican forces In tho IIouso of Repre
sentatives. Tho plan is to have Hupjr
Intendcntof Census Porter greatly un-der-count
the negro voters of the South,
and thus decreaso tho number of Con
gtesslonal districts to which that sec
tion is entitled. By this method Ills
expected that tho Southern States will
lose 18 or 20 Democratic Representa
tives. In Iho Northwest tho census count Is
to bo as liberally computed as posslblo,
so that a gain of at least twenty Repub
lican Congressmen can bo depended
upon from tho States of Minnesota,
Kansas Nebraska, tho two Dakotas,
etc. Tho legislation necessary to mako
tho new apportionments wlllbo rushed
through with tho old of Speaker Reed,
In the House, ond Senator Ingalls, who
is expected to occupy tho chair in tlio
According to Leach's statement, tho
meeting of the Republican National
Committee called for May 7 Is for tho
purpose of ofilclally Indorsing the
Ho Is Elkely to Succeed Assistant I'ost-mastor-Gonernl
PiTTsnuito, Pa., April 80. James S.
McKcan, postmaster of this city, Is Sen
ntor Quay's candidate for tho position
of First Asslbtant Postmaster-General.
While tho resignation of Mr. Clarkson
has been discounted for somo time, that
gcntlemau said to fi lends, whilo In this
city at tho Amcricus Club banquet, that
ho was tired of paying houso ront of
3,000 In Washington and living other
wise extravagantly ou a $4,000 salary.
Ho said a poor Towa editor couldn't
stand tho pressure. Ho is to re-enter
tho journalistic field In Now York prob
ably, hacked by tho Republican Na
tional Committee. Mr. Clarkson also
said whilo in this city that tho salary of
the position ho occupies Is nothing near
what it should be for tho work of the
As to tho appointment of his suc
cessor Mr. MoKean is backed by Sena
tor Quay, and ns tho Pittsburg post
master was mado a national character
by his Eelection against the rccom
mrndatlon of the local Congressman
and not the instance of Senator Quay.
Mr. Mclvean's appointment is consid
ered as good ns settied upon especlaliy,
too, as ho is a personal friend of Mr.
l'rlehluned by tho Child's Crte?, Ho
Escaped, Hut Was Captured.
LAJinniiTviLLE, N. J., April 30. A
man giving his name as Joseph D. Bar
ton, nnd claiming to bo from Philadel
phia, attempted to assault tho 7-ycar-oId
daughter of Alfred Rcadin of this
city labt night. Tho child's outcry
lilghtened Barton anel ho escaped, but
was captured by a party of men who
gftvo chasu as soon ns the. story of tho
assault wftsnol?cd 'nliuut. Tho' man
was given n hearing beforo Magistrato
Horn. Ho was fully identified by tho
little girl nnd in default of ball was
committed to tho county jill. Baiton
claims to belong to Colonci Baker Post,
No. 8., G. A. It., of Philadelphia.
Wltnessos Heine Examined by the Con
crcKHloniil Coiumltloc,
Little Rock, Auk,, April 30. The
Congressional Commltteo investigating
tho Claylon-Brcckinrldgo election
frauds, and also tho assassination of
Colonci Clayton, examined soveral wit
nesses ycsteiday, but obtained no infor
mation of impoitance. Mr. Brcckin
ildge has requested that tho fullest lati
tude be eiventhelnvcstlcntlon, nnd that
Judge McClnre1, counsel for tho Clayton
Interests, should havo aggressive assist
ance from the commltteo In hunting
down tho ballot-box thieves and the as
sassins of Colonci Clayton.
How Anionc Georgia Nccroes Ilesults
In tho Death ol One.
Macon, Ga., Aptll 30. A row oc
curred between twenty negroes while
they were returning from a prayer
meeting at Finchcrvillo, Monday
night, In which pistols, clubs
and razors were used promiscuously.
When tho smoke cleared away Sam
Fialey was lying on tho giound dead,
with a hole through tho left breast.
Frank Thornton was arrested charged
with tho killing.
Wnshlncton Stock Exchange,
Soles Hegular Call 12 o'clock ra.
U. 8. Electric Light 20s, $1,000 at 117J.
National Hank of tlio Republic, 13 at SCO.
Cnpltol ami North O Street Itailroad, 20 at
75. Cliesaiieako and Potomac Tel , 20 at
TO; 10 at 70. American Grnpuophonc, 50
at 131; 50 at 1UJ; 100 nt 13.
Miscellaneous UonUs U. 8. Electric
Lights let, O's, 100; U. 8. Electric L'Kht
Sd, O's, 114; W. & O- It. 11. 10-40 O's,
U'03-"J3, 1031; W. A G Convertible, O's,
1C0; .Masonic Hall Ass'n, 5'e, O 160S, 10S;
Wash. Maikct Co., 1st Mort., O's, 110;
Wafh. Market Co., Imp., O's, 118; Inl'd A
Scabonrd Co., O's, O 1SU7, ; Wash. Lt.
Infantry, 1st, O's, 1001 101!; Wash. Lt. In
fantry, '-M, 7's, 1001,100; Wash. Gas Light
Co., Ser. A, C's, 181; Wah. Gas Light Co.,
Per. U, O's, 122; Hygienic Ieo Company, 1st
Mort. Cs, 102.
National Uank Stocks Bank of Wash
ington, 405; Bank of HepuulIe.SGO; Metro
politan, 25.1; Central, 2S0, Second, 1S5;
Farmers and Mechanics', 1SS; Citizens',
107; Columbia, 18'J; Capital, US; West
Hud, 03.
Hallroad Stocks Washington and
Georgetown, 275; Metropolitan, 170; Co
lumbia, 70; Capitol and North O Street,
72; Ecidngton nnd Soldier's Homo, 83;
lieorgetown and Teuuallytowu,40i; lirlgut-
Ti'OOU, .
Itisuianco Stocks Firemen's, 4 1; Frank
lin, 57; Metropolitan, S-tJ; National Union,
i'OJ; Aillngtou, lt'0; Coicorau, 04; Colutu
Ills, ltl; GerniKn-Amerlenn, 160; l'ototnac,
b8; HlggB, S; l'coplo's 5j,
Tttlo Insurance Stocks ltonl Estate
Title, 120; Columbia Title, Of, Washington
Title, .
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Washing
ton Gas, 4!IJ; Georgetown U us, 4S; U. 8.
Electric Light, 115J.
Telephone Stocks 1'ennsylvanta, Ci;
Chesapeake and Potomac, Oil; Amsrlcan
Uinphophone, 12.
Miscellaneous Stocks. Washington Mar
ket Co., 18; Washington Brick Slaclitne
Co., H25; Great Falls leo Co., 210; Bull
ltuu Panorama Co., 23; National Sato De
posit, 230; Washington Halo Deposit, 130;
Washington Loan and Trust Co., 3; Na
tional T) pojn-nphlc, 25; Morgonthaler, 15 J;
Pneumatic Gun Carriage, 2; Wash. Loan
and Trust Co., 39; American Security aud
Trust Co., 4S; Lincoln Hall, j Hygienic
Zee Co., .
Thn AiclihUhopofCiinlcrliurv llroiiKht
to TaskNaval Authorities Inter
ested In Our Wnr Vessels Tho
Mnj-Day Demonstrations.
London, April 30. Lord Victor Sey
mour, the rector of Corshalton, has
gono so far In expression of optnlon on
tho tilal of tho Bishop of Lincoln for
alleged ritualistic practices as to stale
publicly that It will bo Impossible for
the Archbishop of Canleruury, before
whom tho case Is resting, to condemn
Bishop King, This assertion is based
on tho fact that tho Prlmato has him
self been present, both ns bishop and
archbishop, at services whero every ono
of tho co-called Illegal ceremonies havo
been obseivcd.
Moreover, It is a matter of record that
tho Archbishop of Canterbury, while
bishop of Truro, permitted tho singing;
of the Benedictus and the Agnus Del nt
tho choral celebrations, both of which
were abolished when Bishop Wilkinson
came from St. Peter's, Eton Square, to
Tiut Truio. Tho belief is becoming,
general that tho bishop of Lincoln will
bo treated to a copious coat of white
wash, with a prlvato admonition not U
repeat his offense.
Tho evolutions of tho United States
vesEelsof war In tho Mediterranean have
been observed with no llttlo Interest by
tho naval authorities hero, and regular
leports have been received from British
nge-nts at the points whero tho squadron
has sojourned. Expert opinion Is de
cidedly favorablu to tho American Navy,
both us to skill in seamanship anil
effective equipment, nnd tho tone of the
English press in alluding to the subject
admits this. Just at present much dis
content is exhibited with tho large ex
penditures and poor results In tho Royal
Navy aud tho rogo for sea-going
Leviathans and guns of tremendous
cnltbio have been greatly dampened.
A letter from St. Pctetsburg says the
Czar was afraid to pass May Day at
Galschtnn, and that this fear was the
motive of his sudden return to St.
Petersburg. An intimation had
reached tho Imperial cars that whliu
there would bo no worklngmen's dem
onstration on tho 1st of May In Russia,
the date might bo made memorably
U'irible to tho Czar, and It was thought
best to bo Intrenched for the day among
the powerful gairlson and poilco of St.
Tho Popo Is said to feel deeply
chagrined over tho failuro to establish
regular diplomatic relations with Eng
land, for It is now conceded that Lord
Siilisbuiy's Government will take no
step in that direction, although deslr
iuw of maintaining friendly relations
vwm lue vnucan.
Extraordinary Military Precautions Tor
the Mnj-Day Demonstrations.
Bnni.iN, April 30. Tho mostextra
ordinaiy precautions uio being taken
by the German Government to moot
any emergency which may arise on
Mny-Day. In the capltnl and other
principal cities of thecmplro tho troops
are paraded through the streets and la
the thiuntened dlstilcts they are being
exercised In street drill and rlDt lactic.
Potsdam, April 30. Ball'cartridgcs
have been supplied to the various de
tachments of tioops which havo been
concentrated in and around Ibis city
for Iho repression r-iossiblc rioting on
May 1.
Engines with their fires banked, and
long trains of cars aro sido-tracked
lendy to convey relnfoicemcnts
wherever required on the Instant a call
is mode.
London, April 30 Tho police will
to-morrow piohibit the passage of pro
cebsions along any other route than the
ono already specified.
Buda Pr.bTH, April 30 The prefect
was yesterday waited upon by a delega
tion of workingmen who announced
the abandonment of tho Idea of a work
lngmen's procession on Mny Day. Thu
prelect was ossured that the mass
meeting to bo held in the park would
bo an orderly one.
Shiploads of luiiiilcrnnts Tor
Country Arrlo at Oiiohee.
Quinine, April 80. The immigration
season opened yesterday, when the first
two steamships of the year, tho Sar
dinian and Oregon, anlvcd with.ncaily
1,000 immigrants, who went West in
lour trains of twenty-two cars, thirteen
of which contained passengers for thu
American Northwest, via Chicago.
This is tho largest proportion of Immi
grants for tho United States that has
jet been canlcd bj' Canadian ships.
Most of the newcomers ate Scandi
navians. Jncrcnslnir the Sugar I'roduct.
ToitosTO, Ont., April 30. Experi
ments with German beet-root seed indi
uite a piactical yield of thirty tons per
acre. It is nsseited that this means a
possible ultimate annual production of
100,000 tons of sugar, or about tho
avciage quantity now imported into the
Death of a Venerable Editor.
Gnnuxsuuno, April 30. J. 1!. Mc
Afee, tlio well-known lawyer, editor
and politician, died at his homo here
yesterday, aged 00 years. He was
Deputy Secretary of State durlug the
term of Governor Hoyt, served four
years as a legislator, was County Super
intendent of Schools. A few months
ago he was alllictcd with softening of
tho biain, which resulted In his death.
Closed Its Duors.
New Youk, April 80. The Home
stead Bank has closed its doors and Is
now in the hands of N. A. Chapman.
Bad business Is said to bo the causo of
its suspension. The bank has a capital
of 5.100,000. It is said the depositors
will be paid In full. Bank Examiner
Tienholm will tako charge of tho Home
stead Bunk to-day and close up tho
conccin, relieving Mr. Chapman.
Charged Willi Heine a Hotel Thief.
Baltimore, Apiil 80 Edward G.
Nelson, claiming to bo fiom Philadel
phia, was nrtcsted last evening, charged
with being a hotel thief. Pepper's Hotel
whs robbed of $ 100 in jewelry and cloth
ing. Tho Carroltou, Eutaw, Howard
and Maltby woio tho other sutler
eis. Nelson had twenty-two pass keys.
A largo lot of tho stolen articles have
been recovered.
ltrewcrs til Meet Horo,
Tho Brewers' Association of tho
United States will hold a convention In
AVashlngton on Tuosday and Wednes
day, May SO and 31.
Local Weather forecast.
For the VUtricl of Columbia, Delaware,
Jart,lan(i and Virginia, fair slightly
ewfov southerly winds.

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