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Washington Secures Its Klcventh Con
acoutlvo Victory How Its flatnea
Arc WonJnek Hopper' Itenellt
To.Nlglit Kentucky Derby To-Day,
Tho Waehlngtons lmtl no trouWo at
all in defeating tho Wllmlnglons yes
terday In an uninteresting iramc. The
visitors fielded miserably, anil could not
lilt the ball when It was needed, whllo
tho local team played a fault'csi game,
and hit Gllmoro's delivery all ovot tho
fltld. Galllgan was put lu for tho first
Inning, but tho Washington batters
easily solved his curves and Gltmoro
was subslltutcd. Very much to tho regret
of his friends he made n very poor
fchowlng. Wan after man was sent to
his baso on balls, four wild -pitches con
tributed their shato towards run-getting,
and when tho ball was put near .tho
plato It was vlciously.diivcn all over the
Jordan mado a remarkable fly catch,
and so did Coogan. OuUldo of theso
two plays tho gamo was dovold of In
terest. O'Brien was struck In tho head
with a pitched ball In the first Inning
and severely Injured. Ho will not bo
able to play for a few days.
-To-day the eavno clubs will play aqaln..
Tho local battery will bo McCoy and
Nicholas, whllo Btcln and Corcoran will
ofliclato for tho visitors.
Thero will be.but four more games
played by tho local team before it goes
on its long trip.
Saturday will witness tho last of tho
local games until Juno 10, and during
that time the team will play each club
in tho Association. It goes upon this
trip with a good working margin of tho
lead, and If any disaster .should befall
it, it would have to bo continuous to1
puttho club out of first place. Tho
fact Is readily becoming apparent that
tho club. Is out of Its class and too
strong for Its opponents. Yesterday it
won its eleventh 'Consecutive game, and
there is no reason why it should not
beat all previous records in this direc
tion and .win moro games without n de
feat than any other club has dono of
lato years. Tho men have rapidly
acquired tho valuable art of team
work, and although it is often out
batted yet it continues to mako moro
runs usually than it has hits. This has
followed because the men arc clever
base-runners and thoroughly under
stand how to shovo a man around tho
bases by good sacrifice hitting when it
becomes necessary. To this fact alone
is a great deal of its success due. Tho
pitchers nre.all in good trim and play
ing crcat ball, and whllo there arc some
who believe that tho team should have
another twirler in reserve, yet the policy
of having too many pitchers some
times proves disastrous. It Is time,
ihough, to cross a bridge when you
como to it, and it will be time enough
to get other pitchers when the present
ones arc disabled.
Very few people-in commending tho
success of the team glvo the credit to
the persons to whom it belongs. "When
Ted Sullivan took charge he had secured
a number of individual good players,
who were Btrangers to each others "stylo
of play, and it became'his duty to weld
ibe men together and. make them team
workers. This he has dono in much ths
same manner as he did tho old St Louis
Browns. Every play that ,is likely to
occur, or every play which suggests it
self to the ingenuity of tho manager is
practiced at the morning practice, and
the result is that when such a play
comes up in a game the men kmow just
what to do.
It is seldom they are thrown on their
own resources, so to speak. So it Is in
batting. Each man Is told what to do
when he goes to the bat, and when
there is a man on first or second tho
play is made up on tho bench. By this
means head work cuts a bigger element
in the success of the team than most
ppoplo give it credit for. "Whatever the
team does toward winning the pennant
will bo the result of Ted Sulltvau'sJ
labors, and to him the credit belongs.
The attendance at tho grounds ls.be
ginlng to pick up. Popple are begin
lug to realize that wo not only havo a
"good team, but that tbegrounds aro not
so Incligibly located as they thought.
"When one speaks of Seventeenth and
U streets to a man on tho aveuue,
visions of borne point near tho District
line arise and an hour's prospective
ride to leach tho park. For this reason
a great many people have remained
away because they thought the distance
was too far, but after one visit, if they
can be induced to take that visit, tho
fallacy is removed. As a matter of
fact the grounds are. about as near to
the centre of the city as the old one
and it docs not take any longer to reach
them, while the accommodations far
surpass tliose at Capitol Park,
Tho Baltimore American several days
ago said that "wo aro now in second
place and a few consecutive games will
put us in first place." The able writer
for that paper apparently left out of his
calculations the Washington team.
"What did bo think It was going to do?
"Was It to be beaten thattho prldo of
tho Monumental City should step Into
flist place? Well, hardly. The Haiti
mores hayo had a, few consecutive
games, but alas they have been defeats,
and such defeats. Why .every hair of
the very few on the glistening pato of
Billy Bauiio assumed a perpendicular
attitude when he witnessed the slaugh
ter of his pets on Monday, and tho man
ner in which they failed to mako con
nections with a victory yesterday was
sufficient to retain Barnie's locks In a
rigidly upright position.
Paul Ilines is In the city, and, al
though ho denies that ho has been re
leased by Pittsburg, the papers of that
city have never denied tho hitherto
published statements to that effect. It
looks very much as If the veteran had
lecelved his walking papers. Ho ought
not to havo any difficulty In catching
on, for there are any number of clubs
to whom he would mako a valuable
Jack Hopper's benefit comes oil
tonight at Portner's Hall on Virginia
avenue, between Sixth ami Seventh
streets southwest, and there ought to ho
a larco crowd present to glvo him a
routing send-off. Twelve set-tos have
been arranged for between well-known
piofessionals of this city, and the bono
ilclary will wind up with Gcorgo
Theie came very near being two lights
In tho ring In whloh James and Dcma
icaux fought yesterday morning. A
match had been arranged to como off
r.fter tho colored lightweights had ad
justed their dilleienees, butono of tho
men backed out, and so tho crowd was
Thero weio a good many people at
yesterday's light that will bo con-i-plcuous
by thrir absence next tlmo.
They were soio to havo to remain up all
night and losu their sleep to seo a few
rounds of a fight that was only remark
, ablo for Its viclousncss, and eaoh of
them pledged themselves never to at
tend another affair that reoulred that
thev should start about midnight and
itmaiu up all nlshL For somo reason
or other there exists on Idea among the
Plize fighting fiaternlty that.it should
lo pulled nff at daylight and
that the spectators Bhould stay up
Ml nlghl and drink unlimited quan
tities of liquor In order to eco
it. Tho' twq go hand in hand, nnd
it's about time that n new codo of othlcs
should be Introduced, Havo tho fights
In tho tnornlng Or afternoon, or oven nti
night, but let us do away with day
break fights. It's ns wearing on tho
constitution of tlio spectator as It is' on
ilio lighters. ,
Tho gicat Kinlttcky Derby will bo
run this afternoon, and lUIoy, tho favor
Ito in the winter, betting, has been mado
tho favorlto In tho post hotting, with
Ilobespiorro tho second choice.
Likewise Itnrntim Si llnlloy's Truly
Greatest Show on Enrttt.
Wbot Is called and called most
justly tho "greatest show on earth"
arrived In Washington at 7 o'clock this
morning and Is now performing before
18,000 pcoplo at North Capitol and M.
Thousands have been turned away
and IhO streets In tho immediate vicin
ity aro a seething, surging mass of hu
manity. Tho great freo street parade
took place this morning and nil Wash
ington was out In force to witness it.
It was something stupendous. At no
time in tho history of tho-world wero
there so many costly objects, such won
dcrful vehicles or such elegant costumes
publicly shown.
Among tho largo number of now
chariots seen wero the golden ono of
Cinderella, inarino chariot of Slnbau
tho Sailor, tho Sleoplng Beauty of tho
Wood, Robinson Cruso, Bluebeard,
Mother Goose, Santa Clans and others,
some of which cost as much as $3,000.
Thero wero thirty golden chariots,
seven open dens of wild beasts, with
trainers in each, two droves of camels
and a herd of elephants, many of which
were harnessed to chariots.
Thero wero zebras, drawing fancy
chariots of novel designs; ostriches.
Hamas, guanogas. sacred cattle, white
mules, cages of ' birds, beasts and
reptiles, 400 Norman draught horses,
dancing-girls, Arabians) music nnd
other novelties, to enumerate which
would fill columns.
The parado stretched over a rallo of
ground nnd Its cost is placed at
$1,500,000. :
Thero arc thousands of delighted
children present and the schools of
Washington are evidently lacking In
pupils to-day.
Tho arrangements aro perfect and
thoso who witness the performances
to-nicht and to-morrow afternoon and
night will have a treat they will never
BABIES in counr.
One Little Tot Fined for Assaulting;
Anotlier Tot.
There was a kindergarten trial In the
.Police Court this morning. Neither
the defendant nor the prosecuting witness-were
over 8 years old, and tho two
witnesses who saw the affray were about
0 years old.
Judge Miller said he did not like to
to see cases of this description como
into court, for ho did not like to fine
childrcrf forpetty offenses of tho nature
In thiscasc,howcver,hc imposed aflne
of $2 on Eugene Anderson for striking
a boy with a stick, and explained that
he Only did so to demonstrate to the
father that ho must exercise a llttlo
more discipline over his little son.
A Captain "Who Hauled Down
Fine to Save nia Cargo.
Fiom the Xew York Star.
Captain Robert Watson Fuller, an
old-time commander of Amei loan sail
ing vessels, died In Brooklyn yesterday,
at the residence of his son-in-law, John
Gay, thepubllsher, 1121 Bergen street.
Captain Fuller was in his 93d year.
The last ship ho commanded, tho sail
ing vessel Metropolis, was seized and
burned by General Butler at New Or
leans during tho civil war. Tho Me
tropolis was loading at Now Orleans
when the war broke out and was seized
by the Confederates. She was re
leased upon condition that her captain
would haul down the Stars and Stripes
and replace them with Dixie's flag.
This he consented to do In order to save
1 ship and cargo.
, After he got out of tho Mississippi
River and into the Gulf of Mexico ho
j fell in with a Federal cruiser, which
promptly slezed the Metropolis as a
prize. Captain Fuller's cxplantfon as
to why the stars and bars flew at his
i masthead was unsatisfactory to the
I Union authorities, so the Metropolis was
burned. The identical flag which was
lowered at the request of tho Confeder
ates will be burled with Captain Fuller,
In accordance with his last wishes. It
contains only twenty-six stais.
University and Mcrldlau Clubs.
At a meeting of the University Club
last evening at tho lesidence of Professor
William D. Cabell, No. 1407 Massachu-
i setts avenue northwest. Mr. John II.
Voorhees presided, with Mr. Weston
Flint secretary, and tho question of ad
mitting tho Meiidlan Club to member
ship was generally discussed. No final
action was taken.
Medical Association Meeting.
Tho Medical Association of the Dis
trict held a special meeting last
night in the Georgetown University
Law School building. It was decided
that two weeks prior to tho election of
candidates for admission the list of the
candidates should bo sent by tho secre
tary to each member.
Change "I Tlmo via Gheitupenlie anil
Ohio Kallroad.
Ou ami after Sunday, May 11, tho F. V,
V. Vestibule Limited will leave U. it 1'.
station at 11:10 p. m. Instead of 11:25 p. m.
os heretofore.
Libel Suit Postponed.
It was expected that tho libel suit
against E. It. D. Moyno and E. W. Fox
would bo called up In tho Criminal
Court to-day,- but it was continued on
account of tho absence of Mr. Moyne
from the city,
To Settlo Their Accounts,
All the paymasters of tho Navy
yesterday wero ordered to report in
Washington in-order to settlo their
A Serious Mistake,
To "clean out" the bowels by strong
putgatlvc medicines, that weaken thorn, Is
a crave mlstakn. Tal:e thosu rellablo
llttlo sugar-coated "Pleasant Purgative
Pellets," prepared by Ur. It. V. Pierce.
. They are mild, but prompt In relieving
constipation, sick neaiiaciie. oiuous at
tacks, pain lu legion of l;Iilnej, torpid
liver, and In' restoring a healtliy, natural
action to tlm stomach and bowels.
Twenty-five cents a vial. Ono "Pellet" a
Mrdlcnl 1'upera Head.
Tho Aineiicon Medlcaj Association
leassemblcd this forenoon In thelibrary
of tho Army Medical Museum and two
fissions wero held, Interesting medical
Papers wero read.
Three of H Kind,
Tu New York In five hours. To Phila
delphia lu two horns and llfty minutes. To
liulllmore In foity-llve minutes. These are
the fastest trains lu America, anil they run
via I), A O. B. K.
A Visit to the Old Houso In which Ho
Had Ills Ilendqnnrters In 18U1.
Colonel Baxter Smith contributes tho
following recital of n recent Interesting
reminder of tho early days of tho war,
which Is an entertaining pen plcturo of
tho cmjncnt Confederate:
Having ibcen called to Bowling Green,
Ky., piofesslonally, a fow days ago, I
was Invited to dinner by Judge Du
lahcy, with whoih I had business. Upon
reaching' his residence upon one of tho
principal streets of tho city, tho sur
roundings seemed quite familiar to mo.
I paused a. moment nnd looked around,
and as I did so I recognized tho house
in which Gencrnl Albert Sldnoy John
ston had his headquarters during his
occupancy of Bowling Green nnd that
part of Kentucky, from September,
1801, till the middle of February, 1802.
I had not seen tho houso slnco shortly
before General Johnston's evacuation,
but It looked as natural as when I last
saw It, time having dealt gently with it.
It is nn unpretending, old fashioned
brick structure, ono story, with a base
ment, tho upper story being reached by
stono steps. In tho basement General
Johnston had his headquarters, and It
was from thero that orders wero Issued
of tho most momentous character relat
ing to tho movement of troops In his
department. Tho room was plain arid
plainly furnished when ho occupied It.
It was my fortune to havo a good deal
of business with General Johnston
whllo stationed there. Ho was a grand
man grand in appearance, grand in
character and in all tho qualities
necessary for a military chieftain. Mr.
Davis Is said lo have regarded him as
tho gteatest of his generals. But, great
as ho was, thero was no man moro ap
proachable. On ono occasion, late at night, and
after I had finished my business with
him, I asked General Johnston about
his Utah expedition, nnd ho conversed
freclybout it. Knowing that ho was
then iti tho cavalry service, and being
in that scrytco myself, I ventured to
ask him what branch of the servlco ho
preferred. Ho replied, the cavalry. He
then spoke about tho great efficiency of
mat arm oi tno service, it properly
drilled and handled, laying great stress
on the drilling.
Being a young officer, without mili
tary education or experience and, ns ho
seemed to take an interest in mc, I
asked him if ho would not put his sug
gestions In writing in tho form of a
letter addressed to mc, In order that I
might navo tlio ucneilt or. tuern in a
permanent form. This he readily con
sented to do, and wroto thorn witli his
own hand, which proved to be of great
service, and was n real vade mceum to
While at Judge Dulaney's he related
to me a very Interesting incident In tho
life of General Johnston that I had
nover heard before, ,11c said that ho
had heard It from his father, who had
commanded a troop In the Black Hawk
war in tho Northwest, Johnston was
then a lieutenant, and was thrown with
his command in an encounter with tho
Indians in a field or prairie, in which
there was very high grass. Thclndians
wero concealed, and; suddenly spring
ing from their ambush, drovo back tho
white men.
When the latter rallied at a point of
rendezvous, it was found that two of
the paity wero missing, a Swiss soldier
whose hoiso had gone back with the
troops, and Lieutenant Jphnston. Tho
wiiue iroops returned to iook tor uicm
'and found, the Swiss, but could seo
nothing of Johnston or his horse. At
this juncture, the Swiss suggested that
he canicd a whistle in his pocket, and
after going a short distance, he blew it,
maklnc a bird like noise. When this
was done, Johnston, who was at a dis
tance, raised his head above tho tall
grass, discovered tho troops and joined
them. When the Indians mado their
attack, they killed Johnston's horse,
and he escaped by concealing himself
'in the grass, and eluding the wlley sav
ages, and his life was thus saved.
Nntlonal Pawnbroklnc.
From the St. louts l'osl-Dlspalch.
If Uncle Sam is to open a pawnshop
and advance money without Interest ou
the product of our silver mines, why
should he refuse to advance money on
the products of our farms and work
shops? Why favor ono industry by
lending money to thoso cnaged in it,
without interest, while he charges two
per cent, or refuses to lend at all to
those engaged in other depressed in
dustries? Whatever monoy he lends is
the people's money, and they all havo
on equal light to bonow It on equal
A Disappointed Worker.
Fiom thtSjlgiUld llepuUlcau.
One of the absuid features of the last
Presidential campaign was tho Hani
sonian ball which one D. K. Brockett
rolled through thirteen States and the
Distiict of Columbia, winding up In tho
front yard of the Republican candldato
in Indianapolis, where the outfit was
photographed. This "plcturesquo fea-tuie'-was
lauded to'an extent that led
the oilalnator to expect an ofilco after
election. Ho went to Washington In
scaich of his reward, but this has been
so long delayed that Brockett bas been
driven to labor as a trench digger.
A Oncer Universe,
rithbuta Ditwteli.
There are some curious upa and
downs in this universe of onrs. A fow
nights ago a mighty meteor shot
athwart the heavens, startling the deni
zens of southern Minnesota and scatter
ing sparks and sulphurous smells in Its
wake. Now it Is a shapeless black
mass, tho subject of a replevin suit in
a country magistrate's com t. Thero is
the suggestion of a sermon In this.
Always Against the Poor.
From the St. Louis Republic.
'The Republicans propose to remove
tho tax fiom the millionaires' $30,000
painting, but they insist that it shall not
bo lowered ou tho pliotograph of tho
samo painting. Tho original painting
is a luxury for tho few. Tho untaxed
reproduction of it would bain tho reach
of all. This discrimination is what
Abominations McKlnley calls "encour
aging ort."
Tliu Turin' ou lleans.
Fiom Harper's Weelli.
"What's that, Soth not goln' ter
lalse aiiy boans this ycart"
'Not a bean, deacon ; au' I ktn jus
tell yo that If Congress passes that 'ero
McKlnley bill, which taxes beans nigh
onto uuu per cent., h won t ue long ue
foretime ain't a railway rest'ruut or a
Sunijay mornlu' breakfast In tho hull of
Now Enqlanil."
"l'EAciuiii.Y, If you can," hut, by till
means, keen Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup in tlio
Neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago aud
gout quickly cuied with alvatlou Oil.
25 cents.
One ClIrl'H Succour ou the Stage.
Ficm (lie 2llatltltihli Telegraph.
Miss Jusslu Oarson.'ilrlvcs tho stage
between Osage anil Park Kaplris, Sllnn.
She has done It for years, making threo
trips a week suinmer and wlnter'aml
.oit'ii llh tho thermometer down to 10
below vero.
Tur.EcKiM.ioN ltou ruusueaier
circus grounds than any other line.
Interesting Gossip for nnd About tho
Talr Sex,
You want to keep your skin nice all
summer? Well, thon. hero arc somo
rules for you:
Don't batho in hard watcrj soften it
with a few drops of ammonia or ft llttlo
Don't batho your face whllo It Is very
warm, and never uso very cold water
for it.
Don't wash your face when you aro
traveling, unless It is with ft llttlo al
cohol and water or a llttlo vasolino.
Don't attempt to rcmovo 'dust with
cold waters glvo your faco a hot bath,
using plenty of good soap, then glvo It
a thorough rinsing with water that has
had tho chill taken off of it.
Don't rub your faco with a coarso
towel; just remember it Is not mado of
cast iron, and treat it as you would tho
finest porcelain gently and delicately.
Don't uso a sponge or linen rag for
your faco; chooso Instead a flannel one.
Don't bellevo you can get rid of wrin
kles by filling In tho crevices with pow
der. Instead, give your faco a Russian
bath every night that Is batho it with
water so hot-that you wonder how you
can stand It, and then a mlnuto after
with cold water that will mako It glow
with warmth; dry It with a soft towel
and go to bed, and you ought to sleep
like a baby, whllo your skin is growing
firmer and coming from out of the
Won't rio-lntorvlowcd.
From the riilladeljihla Times.
With some public men tho aversion
lo giving out information is almost n
"Why, how aro you, Senator" said
a correspondent to a prominent states
man tho other day.
"I must firmly but respectfully de
cline to bo interviewed on that subject,
Hit the Nail on the .Bead.
' From the Wllkeebarrt Evening Leader.
It has been noticed within the past
few days that, when carpenters strike)
they generally hit the nail on tho
ii rail,
Nervous, Bilious or Congestive Forms,
L. R. BROWN, M. D.,
rawest Jersey St.,
Elizabeth, N. J., Juno 28, 1889.
This Is to certlly that I havo used for somo
months withnracli satisfaction, the combina
tion of remedies, for Ileadacho, known as
BrlKRs' neadacho Troches. Tho remedy
cures moro headaches, especially snch as af
fect Nervous Women. than anything lam
acquainted with, and It this certificate-will
bo tho means of bringing It to tho favorable
attention 'of sufferers from that troublo, I
shall feel that I hayo 'done them a service.
- Lt R. BROWN.
Sold by all Druggists or sent by Mall on Re
ceipt of Frlco.
mm; medicine go.,
Kxh act from a private letter:
"In reply to your requost for my advice as
to a good school for your daughter, I can
with confidence recommend Mr. and Mrs.
Cabell's Norwood Institute, In Washington,
D. C. The standard of scholarship thero Is
blgb, tho Instruction thorough and the Influ
ences good. L. li. C. Lamah,
Justice U. S. Supremo Court."
The school opens Sept. 30. auSS-d&Uf
rs s
Adzertltenunts unaer this fuad, four lints or
ess, 25 cents for one Insertion; BO cent for three.
dross, washing and Ironing to do at
home; references given. Apply 1819 N U av.
Bwork In a small family.
Vv. oral housework In
man, wife and boy 8 years old; German pre
ferred; to the right party a pleasant homo
and good wages assured. Apply at No. 1003
O it n w.
Safe, Lightning-rod- or Book Agent, or
Reporter, of great savolr faire, for literary
work. Large salary,
ford Pub. Co.. N. Y,
Write London & Hart-
room In the northeast part of olty
where. there will bo no objection to light
housekeeping. Address D. P. H., thlsofflcc.
Advertlsaients under this head, four lines or
less, S5 cents for one insertion; 80 cents for three.
steam power, good elevator service and first
olass Janltorshlp, in tho TOST BUILDING,
for rent at low rates to first-class tenants.
Apply to STILSON HUTCniNS, 913 Post
Building, or FRANK MAGUIRE, Superin
tendent. I'EKSONAL.
Advertisements under this head, four lines or
less, 85 cents for one inset tlons; 60 cents for three.
HARD.019 G St. n. w. Office hours 0 a.
m. till 8 p. m. mint
"big monoy" for gen'.i first-class seo-ond-liand
clothing. Address or call at
JUSTIPS OLD STAND. 019 D st. n. w.
Advertisements under this head, four lines or
less, 25 cents for one insertion; 50 cents for three.
pace Bonds aro offered for sale by
IS. LOl lltHUlj,
No. 1143 N. Y. ave.
! stylish Gray Horse, over 16 hands hUh;
lino harness and not much used: Landau
mado by Joyce; are offered at reasonable i
rntiw nn nopnuntftf owner tn.-lvltiff tlm i:tv.
E. B, COTTREI.L, 1113 N Y. avo,
I silent rauhet, I nickel, absolutely per
feet condition. Address or apply 223 A st s e.
ron RKNTuooais.
Advertisements under this head, four lines or
less, 25 ants for one Insertion; 50 cents for three,
, suite or single, at the Buckingham, 9.M
15th st n w, overlooking Mcl'herson square,
Cholco tabic,
J: suitable for gentlomon,
No.OOSMstn w.
. Statos and Territories, 458 La. ave,, opp,
Oitv Hnll
t william lee
(Successor to Henry Lee's Sons),
South bide.
Branch oHoo, 498 Maryland ave. s. w.
IF not remedied In season, is liable to
become habitual nnd chronic. Dras
tic purgatives, by wet kening tho bowels,
confirm, rather than euro, tho evil.
Aycr's Tills, being lull.1, effective, nnd
strengthening in their ncliou, aro goner
ally recommended by tho faculty as tho
best of aperients,
"Having been subject, for years, to
constipation, without being ablo to find
much relief, I nt last tried Aycr's Pills.
I deem it both n duty and ft pleasuro
to testify that I havo derived great bent
eflt from their use. For over two years
past I havo taken ono of thoso pills
every night before retiring. I would not
willingly bo without them." a. W.
Bowman, 20 East Main st., Carlisle, Va,
"I havo been taking Ayer'a Pills and
using them in my fnmlly slnco 1857, and
cheerfully recommend them to all In
need of a safe but effectual cathartic."
John M. Hoggs, Louisville, Ify.
" For eight years I was afflicted with
constipation, which at last became so
bad that tho doctors could do no moro
for mc. Then I began to take Aycr's
Pills, and soon tho bowels recovored
their natural and regular action, so that
now I am in excellent Health." a. u
Loughbrldgo, Bryan, Texas.
" navlng used Ayer's Pills, with good
results, I fully indorso them for tho pur
poses for which they aro recommended,"
T. Connors, M. D., Ccntro Bridge, Pa.
Ayer's Pills,
rniPAnxn dt
Dr. J. C. Ayer tc Co., Lowell, Mats.
Bold ty all Druggists and Sealers In MtdUlne.
Notlca la hcretiv clvon that tlio
transfer book of tho Metropolitan Invest
racnt and Building Company of Montgomery
County, Mil., will bo closed from MAY 15to
JUNE1, 1800, Inclusive and no stock will be
transferred during the tlmo specified, Dy
order of the Board of Direotors.
myH.lt . .Acting. Secretary.
l13 tlio Electric Cars at Now York
arenuo and Seventh street for tho circus.
For building purposes, for sale by
Dealer in Building Supplies,
908 to 014 G st. n. w.
taxca. District of Columbia. Wash-
lneton. Mav 1. 1800. Tho attention of I axoavers
Is called to the tax levied for tho year ending
Juno 30, 1800, on real and personal property.
The scoond half of such tax, where not pro
vlonsly paid, will becomo dup and payable on
the first day of Mny, and If not paid before tho
first day of Juno, ensuing, shall thereupon
bo In arrears and delinquent, and a penalty
of two per centum upon tho amount thereof
shall be added, and tho samo, with other
taxes duo and In arrears, will bo listed for
advertisement and tax sale lu tho manner
prescribed by existing law. By order of tho
Commissioners of the District of Colombia.
Attest: E. G. DAVIS, Collector of Taxoj, DIs
trletof Columbia. myl-dWt
? Formerly Washington Inn,
Tennallytown Road,
Will open about MAY 1,1890, for dally and
monthly boarders; also for tho convcnlenco
oi thoso who aro driving.
Luncheon and suppers served on a mo
ment's notice,
Driving partlos must positively have cards
of admission, Apply to
aplO.lm Proprietor.
Members of this society aro Informed that
tho new Trado Cards (and Lists), Improved
nnd extended, aro now readv for lssne.
Members will return tho old (green) card,
with their address written across tho faco,
to any of thoso named below and obtain the
new on payment of the proper feo. There
being pver 4,000 members who should obtain
tho new card before April 30th Instant
promptness is advisable. The old card is of
no benefit after A nrll 30.
J. W. HARSHA. Secrotary.
005 TJ st. Cash Room, Treasury Dept, and
at 705 15th st, at noon and at 4 o'clock p.m.
A.T. IngJcy.prestOffA stn o, Agr'l Dept.
Smith Thompson, V. T., IW9 Knw, A.G.
O., War Dept.
L. Vanderhoef, 931 French st, Bureau of
E. c. Fawcett, G03 Mass ave ne,4thAud.
,T. E. McCabo, 223d st n e, P. O. Dept.
II. W. Smith. 710 B st s w, Q. M. G. O.
L. F. Hunt, 1310 S st n w, Cth Aud. Office.
L. E. Grldlcy, 708 L st n w, Reg. Ofilco
John Morrison. 415 Hst n w. Pen. Office.
Dr. Jos. Jouy, 2218 Pa avo n w. S. G. O.
John Finn, 518 83d st n w. A, G. O.
c. B. Sayer, Surgeon General's omce.
Edward Saxton, 225 Hst n o, Govt. Print
ing Ofllce.
J. C. Brown, 7th st and R.I. ave (Drug
D. M. Davis, 1C13 19th st n w, Bu. Eng. and
Oliver Dufour, Cashier's Room, City Post
offlce. John n. Jones, 1528 Ctli et n w. Signal Ofllce.
Dr. E. L. Corbln. Second Auditor's Ofilco.
J. M.Andrus, 1510 Columbia st, G.L.O.,
Int. Dept.
J . F. Page, 1210 F Bt n w (Grocer).
F. J. Young, 340 Spruce st, Sty. DIv. Trcasy.
w. ii. womersiey, 17b
II st nw, Office
Ttfiv. War.. Trens.
Frank Sibley. 705 15th st n w. Cigar Store.
By order of tho exectlvo oommlttce
apI7.1m J. W. HARSHA. Secretary.
1C01 F st n w, previous to tho erection of
the company's building, corner 9th and F
fits XI w
ON REAL ESTATE. Woll secured loans,
guaranteed by tho company, for salo. In
terest paid. Call on or correspond with us
W. B. ROBISON, Sec. B. II. WARNER, Pres.
Charles B. Bailey, Georgo F. Sohafer,
James I.. Harbour, Thomas Somerville,
GeoigeE. Bartol, JohuA.Swope,
Richard W. Clay, J. S. Swormsiodt,
Horace S. Cummlngs, Haltersley W. Talbott
J.J. Darlington, Georgo Truesdell,
John Joy Edson. II. n. Warner,
Charles J. Faulkner, A. A. Wilson,
Albert F. Fox, L. D. Wine,
O. C. Green. S. W. Woodward,
William B. Gnrley, Chas. BenJ. Wilkinson,
John B. Larner, A. S. Worthlngton.
f e27-90
E' Mrs. McCafferty Is the only hat and
bonnet-frame manufacturer In tho city. Call
and see ber new shapes. Bleaching and
pressing, straw and felt hats altered to the
latest styles. Orders promptly attended to.
1009 G street n. w.
1418 Penna. ave., opposlto Wlliard'a Hotel,
Thousands from far and near visit Dr. Whlto
for relief from and avoidance of corns, bun
ions, diseased nails and all other foot
troubles. Hours. 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.: San
days. 9 to 12. Established 1881. Fee.il.
;x' made by one of tho most celebrated
outters In Ameiioa? Prices same as thoso
thlrd-rato cutters charge. P. T. HALL, 908 F
st n w. .
. Bargains in all pans of tho city. Life
and Firo Insurance Corner 6th and F sts
n w. Lo Droit Building.
111 first-class securities at lowest rates of
Interest. No delay whero security is pooa.
S03 7th st. n. w.
TITLE CO.. 470 La ave.
1118 F St.
thorized by tho United Secnritv Life In
surance and Trust Company of Philadelphia
to advance money on Improved property In
Washington np to 75 per cent, of actual mar
kut value, with or without life Insurance,
Loans payable In monthly or quarterly In
Btallmenfs, running 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. In
many Instances tho payments aro less than
the rental of a houso. F. H. SMITH A SON,
18M F st n w.
In sums to suit
On Approved Real Estato Security.
Q1 V nt. n. w.
stnwmcw plumbing, new fnrulture;
20 additional rooms; personal attention to tho
table; location cential, near tho Arlington
and wormlei's. feJ7-90
riEOHGB W. ST1CKNEY, Auctioneer.
By vlrl uo of a deed of trut hoarliig dato
Stay 0, WM, and recorded In liber 1183, folio
137 of tho land records of tho District of Co
ltitnblo, and by direction of the party (ocurcd
thereunder, default lmlng been mado In tlio
payment of tlio debt tliorcby catirod. wo
will sell at pubtto miction In front of tho
premise on MONDAY, MAY 19, 1890, at 5
O'CLOCK P. M., tho rollowlng described real
Citato, In the City of Washington, Dlsti lot of
Columbia, lo wit: Port of lot. numborod
twenty OK)) In square ntimborcd tlilrty-even
(37), commencing for tho part of a!d lot
at tho southwest corner, ot sala
lr,t. liMnff tlin rear tinrt of laid lot on tho
thirty-foot alloy, nnd running thenco north
with laid
alloy iwonir-iwo - iei nu uvu
south twenty-two (it!) foot and Ave (5) Inchosi
thenco west forty (10) feet to tho placo of bo-
M nnhit. t idTipn rn.r. (nriviun
g nn ng. Iicmg tlio sumo land convovc
Inning. Being tho sntno land convoyed by
Wllllnm Thnmna rt ur. to John Smith Dun-
raoro et til by deed dated March 17, 1800, and
recorded In liber 739, folio 4'U et ttq.
Terms of salo: All tho purohaso money to bo
raid In chrii. a deposit of SM to bo mado at
tho tlmo of salo, and terms to bd complied
with in five days from dato of salo or doposit
to ho forfeited. Allconvoyanelngatthocoit
of tlio purchaser.
JAMES It. N. WARING, Trustoa,
TI10S. B. WARRICK, Trustee.
"VITEKKS & CoiTAuotlonccrs.
Ily vlrtno of a deed of trust, dated May 14,
1888, and recorded In liber 1317, folio 210, et
F.cn.,ot tho land records of tho District of
!UlUUlUllt, I will null Ub IlllllllU UUUUUII, 111
front of tho premlsos, on THURSDAY. THE
15TH DA.Y OF MAY. 1890, at 5 o'clock p. m
part of lot twenty-two. In section loven, In
Samuel C. Pomeroy ot al subdivision of
Barry Farm, In Anacoslla, I). C. lloglnnlng
for tho samo at tho southwest corner of said
lot on Nichols Rvcmio and running north
forty feet; tht-nco east ono hundred nnd
eighty-two feet six Inches; thenco south
forty feet; thenco west ono hundred and
eighty-two feet six Inches, to tho placo ot bo.
Sinning. Improved by a ono-story framo
ulldlDg suitable for a utoro
Terms of snle: 8350 cash, balance In four,
olght and twelvo months, notes to bear Inter
est from day of salo and to bo secured by
deed of trust on premlsos sold or all cash at
option of purchaser, $100 down nt tlmo of
solo. Conveynnoing, etc, nt purchaser's
cost. If terms aro not compliod with In Rovon
days tho property will bo resold at risk and
cost of tlio defaulting purchaser,
mv5.7.0.12.l4.l5 Trustee
ron saleiiocsi:s.
Advertisements unaer this head, four lines cr
less, cents for one insertion; 50 cents for three,
houso at very low prlco? If so, call
on tho undersigned and you can getathor
ouchlv troll built houso at a groat bargain:
l houso Is in betweon a houso on tho cast of It
which is Hem nt $7,wxj anu a nouse on tno
west of it whlohls held at $5,000. I will soil
UiIb house for 34,000 spot cash, ns. owner
wishes to Invest the money In a different di
rection. JOHN B. WIGnT, 1408J G St.
onco; 2-story and basement brick houso;
1 rooms and bath; all mod Imps; situated at
No.430Istnw; prlco $1,100; terms one-third
cash, balanco 1, a and 3 years. Apply
to FRANCIS UUFTY, 1301 F stn w. fei7-90
JJ framo houso, Just finishing; nydrantln
yard; lot 16x115: snng home; price, 8800. Ap
ply to ROBERT J. THOMAS, Room No. 2, 813
foot alloy, bet 0th and 10th and G and H
Bta a w; 7 rpoms; ball on both floors; closets
fronting tho Potomac; 15 per cent Invest
ment; lot 34) feet front by til deep, 49 feot
from 9th St. Apply within.
houses In Washington, 108, 108 and 110
11th st n e; two-story and basement, brown
stone trimmings; 7 rooms and bath; electric
bells and gas: price, $3,500 each, &500 cash
balance to snit or trade for good lots.
AdvertUements under this head, four lints or
less, 85 cents for one Insertion; 50 cents for three.
1701RIavenw,17rs S200 00
1413 Mass ave, 17 is and stable 200 00
14llKstnw. 13rs 200 00
1011 Conn avo, 15 rs 175 00
14th st ex., 15 rs 150 00
1228Mstnw. 15 rs 150 00
1 ceo 16th stnw.Hrs 125 00
lS08nstnw,12rs Ill 00
1737 Q st n w, 11 rs 100 00
1400 Chapln st n w, 13 rs 100 00
1742 Pstn w,12ra 100 00
7014 21st n w, 14 rs 100 00
8 Lafayette Square, 15 rs
818 E st n w, 15 rs 8133
1402 Chapln st n w, 13 rs 75 00
2C22 Hillyer Place, 10 rs C 00
1613 O st n w. 11 rs 05 00
942NYavc,10rs 65 00
015 N Y ave, 14 rs COCO
1101 N nave, 10 rs CO 00
1404 Stoughton st, 9rs 55 00
1406 Stonghton st, 9 rs 55 00
1756 P st n w, 10 rs 55 00
1011 Rlggs Place, 9 rs 52 50
141920tlistn w,9rs 50 00
Pst, near21st,7rs M oo
1S0l2lststn w.8 rs 50 00
114017thstn w,7rs 45 00
1504 s st n w, 9 rs 45 00
lC0715thstnw,9rs 40 00
2032 O stn W.lOrs 40 00
1819 Corcoran stn w.Ors 37 50
1909 7th etnw, strand dwg 35 00
117Hstnw.8rs 35 00
2908Qstnw,2rs 31 33
1215N Yavon w,5rs 30 00
1828 R I ave, 12 rs
1014 26th stn w.Ors 25 00
915EstS W.Ors 2150
917 Estsw.Crs..! 21 &0
1354 4i st s w. 0 rs 18 00
The above houses can bo examlnod by per
mit from our office only.
room framo houses, high and dry loca-
tion; near churches
lurcnes ana puDiia sunooi in
Inquire Of A.BEHREND.433H
stn w
THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, 917 F street.
Changes made Wednesdays-and Saturdays.
9th st, bet K and L stsn w $30,000
0181 stn w, bh, m 1,12 rs 16,000
1013 10th st n w, bh.ml, 10 rs 12,000
207Gstn w. bh.ml, lOrs 8,000
1128 6th stnw.bb, Ors 8.000
223 Indiana ave n w,bh,9rs 7,500
1731 19th st n w. b h, 9 rs 7,500
1229 Mass avo n w, f h,8rs 7,350
381 stnw.bh, 11 rs 6.500
605 Cth stn w. bh.8 rs 4,750
2210 to 2231 Boundary st n w, b h, I rs. . $18,900
2024 to 2042 Boundary st n w, b h, 4 rs. . 15.700
S2U to 2229 10th stn w, b h.Srs 13,000
1733 to 1743 E stn w.Ors 9,000
701 to 709 Farragut st n w, b b, 5 rs 9.000
13331 stn w, f h.Srs 8,000
338 to 311 Jackson Hall alley n w, b h.. 6,250
1 to 6 alley bet 12th and 13th, M and N
stsn w 6,060
1139to 11511 23d stnw.f h.4rs 6.000
60 Lstn w, bh,m l,7rs 3,500
Per foot.
Part lot 5, K st, bet 16th and 17th stsn w (.50
Lbt, bet 15th and 16th stsn w 3 00
Q st, bet 15th and lUhntsn w 2 75
24th bt, bet Land M sts u w 1 50
19th st, bet E and Fbtsn w 1 25
Dunbarton avo and Beall st, 30th and 31-a
stsn w 1 25
30th st, bet N and O stsn w 1 25
O st, bet 1st and 3d stsn w 65
N e cor Va ave and 22d st n w 75
7th st above Grant avo n w 50
rer montn.
1711 13th stn W.lOrs
1319 Corcoran si n w, 11 rs. .
001 2lst st u w, 12 rs
1203 llth stn w.Ors
1105 N Have ii w.Ors
$55 00
40 00
40 00
35 00
;i5 00
30 00
30 00
30 00
25 53
23 00
20 00
20 00
20 00
111UTSLH w,7r.
Upper part 1408 P st n w, 7 rs.
taa -.'u st n w, u rs .
1617 5th stnw.Srs
sm u 81 s e, a rs
513E stnw.7rs
112 c sine, 7 rs
1221 Hbtue.urs
607 N st n w. 7 rs
Hall, 2d floor, 419 12th st n w 450 00
btr and dwtf 1331 lid avo no. 8 rs 27 50
468 La a o.ut floor, 2 front rs 80 00
Strand dwg 13C0 I) ts w, 7rs 25 00
Store 4IIIO tn w.2 rs 20 SO
Stoie4G stn w, 2rs 15 20
storeroom 1511 M st n w 15 00
Hall, 130041 slaw 1200
Storoioom4JI Lnt so 8 00
In sums to suit at C per cent. ,
Tho above Is only a portion of tho property
on my books. For full list call at office for
bulletin. Usued on the 1st and 15th.
7 n e extended, on the Hue of tho EcUng
ton ami Soldiers' Homo Rallwav. being a part
ot the estate of the lato Chief Justice Chase,
now called "Edgewood;" a good opportunity
for Investors. For particulars, price, etc ,
Inquire Of CHAPIN BROWN, Will stn w,
H-Etory and basement 10-roora brick
house; all modern Improvements; sltuato
Second strctt, between U and D se.
470 rrlco, tO.OQO,
2-story franiououse,wlth1arn;olol; sltuato
ou Blxth street, between B and O so,
277 Price, $3,000.
ii-6tory brick house, containing 0 rooms
and bath; stzo of lot, 18x75; sltuato on O
street sw,
4(18 Trice, $0,000.
3-story and hack building brick dwelling,
containing 10 rooms; all modern Improve
ments; situate on corner of Ninth and O
streets sw.
482 l'rlcc, $8,000.
3-story brick houso, 6 rooms and bath:
sltuato on I. street, between North Capitol
and Flr6t streets nw.
403 Prlco, $2,550.
3-story brick house, containing 12 rooms:
all modem Improvements; sltuato No, 021
K street nw.
423 Trice, $10,500.
3-story brick houso, 10 rooms; size of lot,
25x125; situate No. 1423 N st. nw.
281 Trice, $10,000.
2-story and basement; brick houso, 7
rooms and bath; sltuato on Now Ilampshiro
avenue, bet. L and M fits. nw.
4C9 Trice, $0,500.
2-story 6-room brick bouse; situate on
Cleveland avc.,vt)ct. 12tli aud 13th. W and
403 Trice, $1,000.
8-story 0-room brick house, on WallacU
481 l'rlcc, $4,300.
2-6tory 6-room brick house; sltuato on
Wallach Place.
442 Trice, 5,100.
3-story brick house, containing IT rooms
and-bath; and all modern improvements',
sltuato No. 1220 G st. n. w
450 Price, $15,000.
Improved property on tho north side of
U St., wtdo front.
444 Trice, $35,000.
A large stable, property In a desirable lo
cation; now under lease to good tenant,
paylne 9 per cent.
317"' Trice, $28,000.
404 Frame dwelling, Grant ave., Mount
Pleasant. Trice, $7,000.
4'J0 Four alley houses, containing 4
rooms; each rent for $15 por month. Trlco,
4S9 8-room frame hou6e, lot 20x75, on L
bt. ee. Trice, $2,000.
497 2-6tory and cellar brick house, 9
rooms and bath; sltuato on Columbia
Heights. Trice, $10,000.
Houses In Aloxnmlrlu, Vn,
3-story brlcR dwelling, 13 rooms, with
ofilco annex and largo tldo lots; sltuato on
cor. Duke and St. Asaph sts.; lot TSuS'J.
8-story and back building dwelling, con
taining 12 rooms and bath; lot 70x90; sit
uate No. 614 Trfnce 6t.
4C2 Trlco, $0,500.
3-story and back building brick house,
containing 13 rooms: sltuato ou southeast
cor. Prlnco and Patrick Bts.
452 Trice, $3,500.
4-story brick dwelling house, built In the
most substantial manner, containing 20
rooms; size of lot 52x112.
391 Trice, $0,500.
2-story and back building brick house,
containing 8 rooms, situate on Columbus
st., near Prince.
483 Trice, $2,400.
49S 3-story brick dwelling nouso, con
taining 10 rooms and all modern Improve
ments; large side yard; sltuato on cor.
Washington and Cameron sts., opposite
Old Chri6t Church, Alexandria, Va. This
Is the bebt situation in Alexandria. Trice,
$8,000. Terms One-third cash, balance
one and two years.
Houses at Valla Clinrch, Vn.
A new cottage, situate only 5 minutes'
walk from Falls Church stations. W. & O.
R. Ii., Va., containing 0 rooms, bath, pan
try, and trunk room; size of lot, 110x150.
feet. Price, $3,100. Terms easy.
ALSO A new cottage, situate only 5
minutes' walk from Falls Church station,
W. & O. H. 11., Va., containing, parlor,
dining-room, kitchen, 4 bed-rooms, bath,
servants' room and attic. Trice, $3,500.
Terms easy.
ucunt Grouuil Nortlieust uuil South'
All Of square 1094 25c
South 1092
" 1030
.. 35c
.. SOc
.. 90e
.. 23c
.. 30c
.. 30e
.. 35c
.. 20c
.. 35c
.. 37iC
.. 40c
.. -12c
.. 50c
.. SOc
.. 50e
.. 25c
.. COc
,.. SOc
.. 40c
Half of
4 lots
5 "
1 '
5 " '
1 ' '
4 it i
1 "
1 "
3 "
2 u
11 "
o II
Building Lots In all sections of tho City.
Real Estate Broker,
II 1301FMreet,WuHMuKon, D. C
IjRorosALs ron washing towe'
War Department, Supply Ilrlrlnn. M.-y
7, 18C0. Scaled ruonls In duplicate. i'i
Jcot to tlia iiMial condition, will ho rc-eiyi I
nt Mils office until VI o'elook noon ATUI''
HAY, JUNK 7, 1890, for WaMillig Towels for
uoof tlio War Department nnd Its bureau-
during tlio fiscal year ending Junoso, isoi,
Projofals phould state llioprloo pcriloreit,
l'lnnk forms of proposals nnd" Information
will bo liirnlrhed on application 'O ilil
ofilco Tlin Government rescrvts Hie i glif,
lorrlcet any and nil bids. Bidders an- t"
lined th tno award ir formal awCpiamo
of any bid unrtrthls ndvettlwmcnt will ba
mado until Consres makes nn appropriation
from which the servlcos colled for rnn bo
pnld. Bids must bo Inclosed In -ealfd en
velopes Indorsed on tho nutsldo "Proposals!
fur Washing Towles, nnd nd dressed to tho
undersigned. JI. II TI101II', Chief, Supply
DIUslon. ml I15LK),17,30, ii
X incut, I upply Division, May 7, 1810
calfd tirotals.
,111 iiupucuie, nuujt-ct in mo
. will bo received at thw
ufiihI conditions, will
office until 12 o'clock, noon, SATURDAY,
.JUNE 7, lbo, lor lurnltlilng tlio war uepait
mcnl wllh such quantities of Wood and Coal
ns may bo required In tho fiscal yearendhu;
June no, 1801. Propoals will boiecclvcd foe
thowholo or any part of tho fuel required.
The fuel (Coal and Wood) to bo dollvrrcd nf.
tho War Department Uuroaus or Offlcos In
Washington for which requited bythopartlm
to whom tho contract for contracts) may bo
awarded, In such quunlltlos and at. such time
as the convenience of tho Department may
require. Tho Government reserves therlglif;
to reject any ami all bids. Fuel for tlio State,
War and Navy Department Building Is not;
Inclndcd In this advertisement. Specifica
tions, general Instructions to bidders, unit
blank forms of proposals will bo furn!hcit
to established dcalcts on application to tliK
office. Bidders are notified that noawanl
or formal acceptance of any bid under tliH
advertisement will bo mado until Congress
makes nn appropriation from which tho f noI
called for can bo purchased. Bids must bn
enclosed In sealed envelopes and lnclnrcl
on the outside "Proposals for Fuel," and ad -dressed
to tho undersigned, M. It, THORP.
Chief Mipply Division. ml4,l5,l0,17, 30,31
1 mtmt, Supply Division, May 7, 1S0O.
bcaled proposals, In tluplicato, suulcctto tha
usual conditions, will bo reotslvcd at thH
office, until 12 otlock, noon, SATURDAY.
JUNK, 7, 1890, for supplying till Deparmcnn
and Its Bui caus with loo during tho fiscal year
ending June 30, 1891. The Ico must bo of host:
quality, solid, clear nnd free, from snow ou
other Impurities, nnd must ho delivered at;
the sol oral burcans aud ofllcosnf tho War;
Department In Washington, and weighed
upon tho Department scales. Dallv deliver
ies, excepting Sundays and recognized holi
days, will bo required. Tho quantity re
quired Is estimated at 700,000 pounds, more)
or less. A bon.l, with approved security,
will bo requlrod In enko of award Tho
Government reserves the right to reject an?
and nil bids nnd to waive defects. BlddcM
aro notified that no award or formal accept
ance of any bid under this advertisement!
will bo mado until Congress makes an appro
priation from which the Ice called for can
bo put chased. Bids must bo enclosed In
sealed envelopes Indorsed on tho otitsldu
"Proposals for IccV'and addressed to tha
undersigned. M R. THORP, Chief Supply
Division. mll,15,18.17i-',31 mm
J Sealed proposals will bo received at tho
officoof tho Superintendent for turnlshlnc
supplies for uso ot tho Treasury Department;
In the city f Washington D. 0 for tho fis
cal ycurondlng Juno'0, 1891 Troposa'ts will
bo opened at 2 o'clock p. m on the following-named
days: For Removing Ashes, Clean
ing tarpcts. Washing Towels and rorlco,
MONDAT, JUNE 3,1890; for Lumber, Forago,
Fuel nnd tho Purchase of Wasto P.iper,
TUESDAY. JUNE 3, 18D0; for Fllo-Holders,
Palnters'JIaterla'sand Plumbers' Materials,
WEDNESDAY. JUNE 4, 1890; for Cabinet
Shop Stock. THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 161.1: foe
Miscellaneous Supplies, FRIDAY. JUNE fi.
1890. Printed schedules containing Instruc
tions to bidders maybe had at tho oDIco oC
tho Superintendent. Tho Department re
serves the right to reject any and rail bids or
parts of any bid and to waive dofects. Tho
acceptance of any bid Is contingent upon
Congress making the necessary appropria
tion therefor. W. WINDOM, Secrotary.
Wasto Paper. War Department, Supply
Division. May 7, 1890.-Scaled proposals. In
duplicate, subject to the usual (conditions,
will bo received at this office until 12 o'clock
noon SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1690, for tho pur
chase of tho Wasto Paper of this Depart
ment, Its offices and bureaus located In thej
State. War nnd Navy Department Building,
for the fiscal year ending Juno 30, 1691. This
paper to be removed by tho contractor?
promptly when notified. The Department;
reserves tho 'right to rejeot "uny or all pro
posals and to waive defects. Proposals musts
bo made ou Department foims, markeil
"Proposals for Waste Paiwr." and addressed
to tho undersigned. M, W. THOUP.CMct
Supply Division. myl4.15.10.17.,W.1l
Rendesvonu V. S. Army, Well
ington. D. C, May 5, 1890. Scaled proposals
In triplicate subject to the usuul conditions,
will bo lccclvcd at the Recruiting Rendez
vous, at 419 Tenth street northwest, Wash
Intton.D.C, until 12 o'clock noon on THE
16T11 DAY OF JUT E, 1SB0, at which time and
Rlaco they will bo opened In tlio presence oC
Idders, for rendering services as Indicate 1
for tho Recruiting Sorvice, U. S Army, when
ever required, within the city limits, dnrinc
tho fiscal year ending June 30, 1691, viz.:
Washing articles of Government equipage.
Tho Goveinment reserves tho right to reject
any or all proposals. Blanks and full Information-as
to bidding, &o., will bo furnished
on application. Envelopes containing pro
posals should bo marked "Proposals foe
Washing," and addressed to CAPTAIN V M.
GIBSON, Seventh Cavalry, Resulting pffieer.
Washington, D. C, May 13. 1690. Sealed
proposals, in triplicate, subject to usual
conditions, will bo received were until 11
o'clock a. m. FRIDAY. JUNE 13, 1600, and
then opened, for furnishing during tho n-cal
year commencing July 1, 1890, such fncl.
forage, straw, bran and mineral ell as may
be required. Preference will be given to
articles of domestlo production or manufac
ture, conditions of quality and prlco (includ
ing In tho price of foreign production or
manufacture the duty thereon) being equal.
All Information requited will be furnished
on application to this office. Envelopes con
taining proposals should bo marked "Pro
posals for Fuel, Forago, An., or Oil," as may
be, and addressed to G It, DANDAY, Deputy
Quartermaster-General, U S. A. myl3.'jt:
ington, D, C Mav 5,1690. Sealud pro
posals will be received by this Department;
until MAY 26, 1890, at 12 m for furnishing;
supplies for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
1690, and ending June 30, 1891. as follows:
Stationery, lumber, paints, oils, etc., ice.
flower.-pots, miicellaneous supplies and for
the purchase of wasto paper. Bids for sta
tionery opened at 2 p. m other bids at li
noon. Tho Department reserves tho right to
rojectanyor all bids and to waive any de
fect In same. Bids must be made In dupli
cate on blanks furnished by the Department.
For Information and blanks apply to tlm-Dls-burslng
Office. J. M. RUSE, Soerotary.
Publio Buildings and Grounds, War De
partment, Washington, D, C, May 10, 1690.
Sealed proposals. In duplicate, will be re
ceived at this office until 12 o'clock noon,
TUESDAY, JUNE 10, lVJO.for furnishing sup
plies required from time to tlmo during tho
fiscal year ending Juno 30, 1891, as follows:
Class 1, florist's supplies; Class 2, flower pot;
Class 3, paints, oils, &o,; Class 4, hardware:
( lass 5, agricultural Implements, Ac,; Cla-S
6, electric light and battery supplies; Class 7,
drain pipe; Class 8, stationery; Clas- fl, m,i
nuio; Class 10. sanfl and gravel; Class 11, soil;
Class 12, Ice: Class 13, llmoand cement; Clas-J
14, bricks class 15, sod, Class lti, fuol;Clasl
17, lumber &c , Class 16, uso of teams; cia-
19, park bcttcos; Class 20. bulbs. A'oblils irllt
be acctptal until Vonartts males the nei'esiavj
avptoprtatwns. A sepatato proposal foreaoli
class Is doircd Each envelopo should bn
Indorsed i-o as tolndlcatotho Class forwhlcli
tho Inclosed proposal wai mado. Preference
will bo glen to articles of domestic minii
faetme, conditions of quality and price (In
cluding In the price of foreign productions og
manufaeturcs tlio duty thereon) being equal.
Attention Is Invited to Acts of Congress ap.
proed l'ebruary 2H, 1885, and February 21,
1667, Vol. 23, page 332. and Vol.21, page 411,
Statutes at Largo. Tho right Is reserved to
roject any and all proposals. Forms anil
specifications can bo obtained nt this ofrko.
O. II. ERNST, Colonel, U. S. Army,
mvlO.ie.13.1 1.iu7.9.
No. 1223 F Street,
Where You Will Always Find
Fresh Pure and Delicious Candies
Butter Cups,
Nut Candies,
Fine Bonbons,

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