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The Washington Critic
22D YEAH NO. 6,80G.
For the Little Ones.
WE are doing more to
make the boys and chil
dren look handsome
and attractive than any
other firm in the city.
Fashion takes as much
note oi the embryo states
men as of their elders, and
whatever is new and stylish
you,are always sure to find
To-day we want to call
your attention to our
SUPERB assortment of
little fellows from 3 to 10
years of age. ALL colors
and combinations, in pretty
and ARTISTIC effects, at
OUR usual low prices.
' Also a full line of Shirt
Waists in Flannel, Cheviot,
Percale and Linen. Lots of
new, nobby patterns, some
of them exclusively OUR
OWN. All of them GUAR
ANTEED to be the best
fitting Shirt Waists made.
Proper prices.
Boys' and Ckildron's OutSttors,
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
Harris or the Noted forest City Home
George Harris, colored, the keeper of
tbo Forest City Ilouec on eleventh
street, between Q and I?, was again be
foio Judge Miller this morning charged
with using profane language. Harris
keeps a place patronlcd by a class of
disreputable people and Is In a neigh
lioi hood where desperate characters
Last night Sergeant Dunnigan and
Ofllcer Blaisdcll attempted to arrest
Hairis, when a gang gathered around
and the officers had to resort to lovolv
crs and nippers In order to act Harris to
the station.
Ontho stand Hairis said: "If I had
said the word I could have had this
ofllcer killed," pointing to Servant
Dunnigan who was in a chair before
the bni.
Harris brought up for his defense
John F. Lord, Dan Wllkins and Peto
Brown, three colored men. Wilkins is
the '"bouncer" at his place and Drown
has served two terms In (he peniten
tiary, so their testimony did not count
for much.
In summing up the case Judge Miller
said: "It takes pretty neatly the whole
police force to quell disturbances in this
section of 'Hell s Bottom,' and it was
hcie that a bravo officer met his death
a year ago. Tho officers must bo pro
tided In their efforts to preserve peace
and order, and Harris Is fined $10."
She Is Ordered to Prevent Violation
or the Neutrality Caws.
The Government had information bo
foio tho press did about the rumored
plot to capture Lower California, says a
Washington dispatch In to-day's New
"Yok JTei aid, and last Saturday Secre
tary Blaino oidercd tho cruiser Charles
ton to proceed front San Pranclsco to
tho Lower California Coast and In
stiuctcd the commander of tho troops at
ban JJiego to uisposo ills command so
as to iutciccpt all persons attemntlng to
vlolato tho neutrality law by a'demon
stiatlon against Mexico.
nit With u ltrlck.
Two small colored boys, named Rich
ard Heed and Wlllio Buckcn, became
Involved in a quarrol on Eleventh sticct
ytstciday afternoon aud tho latter
knocked Heed down with a brick. Tho
boy was unconscious for some time,
nnd friends took him to tho Frecdman's
Hospital, whoro his wouud was dro3sl
by Dr. B. P. Jones. Afterward ho
was removed to his homo on Elaventh,
betwefin U and V streets. Tho Injuries
were not pronounced serious, but IteoJ
will cany a scar during tho remainder
of his lifetime.
Army Intelligence,
Lieutenant Luther K. Hare of tho
Seventh Cavalry has been ordered to ro
poit to tho Governor of Minnesota, for
duly in connection with tho National
Ouaid of that Stato until July 81 next.
Major Georgo W. Balrd has been
gi anted a leavo of absenco for two
months from July 1, and Major Francis
S. Dodgo a loavo of four months from
May 31.
Tim Now Sergeants,
A number of pollco sctgeants were
examined yesterday at Pollco Head
quarters by Bnglnecr Commissioner
ltobeit in rcforonco to tho merits of tho
patties recommended to All tho va
cancies caused by tho dismissal of Sor
jeants Dnvall and Connolly. Com
missioner Iltne, who makes the ap
pointments upon tho tecommendatlou
of Major Mooro, has not as yet acted in
tho matter,
Interesting Decision or the United
States Supremo Court CliloT Jus
lice Fuller Delivers It Tlio Mur
derer' I,ast Hope Oono.
By a decision of the Supremo Court
of tho United States to-day, the
last hope for life afforded William
Kcmmlcr, tho New York murderer un
der sentenco of death by electricity, was
banished, and ho will accoidlngly be
executed In conformity with the now
law governing executions In New York
Tho decision was on an application
for n wiit of error inado by ltogcr M.
Sherman of New York, counsel for
ICemmlcr, argued last Tuesday. Tlio
Court was unani mous In denying tho
application. Chief Justice Puller
rtad tho decision in full.
Ho reviewed tho case and
severally went over the points made by
Kcmmlci's counsel, nnd ended by stat
ing that tho Court had no hesitation in
saying that they could not, on the rcc
Old as presented, rovcrso tho decision of
tbo New York Court of Appeals.
Tho court In Its decision first consid
ered tho question raised concerning
cruel and unusual punishment. Tho
first legal enactment In this regard,
It was stated, was mado when Wil
liam of Orango becamo King of Lag
land, andjls purpose was to pre
vent tho infliction of barbarous
punishment on cltiens. Tho New
l'ork Court of
AHr fn,..l rF A nnnnlii I
peals In its decision
stated that punishment of death bv
electricity certainly was now and tkcic
fore unusual, but It was undoubtedly
for the Legislatuie to say whether tho
mode fixed upon was cruel, the Legis
lature having all the facts after investi
gation by a commission before-thera.
It was" not true, the Court stated, that
the fourteenth amendment had mate
rially changed our theory of govern
ment. Citizens of the States were also
citizens of the United States. The four
teenth amendment simply furnished
an additional safeguard against en
croachment on tho fundamental rights
of citizens. The privileges and
immunities of cliizens of tho United
States weio indeed protected by It, but
there aio privileges and immunities
arising out of the nature and essential
character of tho national Government,
and they did not embrace tho privi
leges and immunities of citizens of the
The enactment of the State was
within iho legitimate sphcio of the
legislative power of a State, and tho
Leglsiatuic of the State of New York
detcrminid that clcctiicity was not a
ciuel ami unusual punishment and Its
courts had sustained that determination.
The Couit thcrefoie could not per
ceito that the State thereby abiidged
Kemmlcr's privileges or deprived him
of due process of law.
District Matters Considered In Com
mittee Koutlne Proceedings,
In tho Senato Mr. Faulkner gave no
tice of an amendment to tho bill relating
to liquors imported Into prohibitory
States, providing that such liquors shall
be considered as Incorporated as part
of tho common mass of property within
the State and subject to regulation, con
trol or taxation in tho exeicise ot the
Slate's police powers.
Mr. Call oflered a resolution calling
on tho President for information as to
the landing of an aimed forco fiom the
revenue cutter McLano, at Cedar Key,
Fin., the forciblo entry of houses and
tho pursuit ofcltlzcns In the surround
ing countiy, and asked for Its adoption.
Mr Edmunds said he did not know
that it stated the truth, and upon fits
suggestion it went over.
The Senate then resumed considera
tion of tho Naval Appropriation bill.
The House, on tho motion of Mr.
Vandevcr of California, adopted a reso
lution calling on tho Secretary of "War
for Information relative to the
climate of Arizona, New Mexico and
other parts of the arid region.
Tho Houso then went into Committee
of tho "Whole ou the Hlvct and Harbor
District in Congress.
Tho House District Committee held
Its regular meeting to-day. Nino mem
bers w ere present. Chairman Groat Is
still kept away by sickness, though he
is on tho road id iccovci3
Mi. P. 0. B. Sands was heard bv the
full committee in favor of the Wash
ington and Western Uallioad bill. No
action was taken.
John Pope Ilodnctt's bills to have
the United Slates of America rec'lfy
ccnaln criors of tho ancient govern
ments of England, "Wales, Scotland 0"d
Ireland wcie ordered repotted back to
the IIouso with tho recommendation
that they go to tho Committee on
A petition was received fiom a mi
jorlty of the residents of Hhodo Island
avenue, asking that tho bill to Incorpo
rate the City and Suburban Billroad
be amended so that tho said corporation
shall be required to mako connection
with tho North Capitol nnd 0 St root
Hallway at tho junction ot Fourteenth
and P streets.
Tho DlstrictCommissloners returned
to tho committee II. B. 01811 concern
ing tho route of tho B iltimoro and Po
tomac Ballrnad, introduced by General
Leo by request, without recommending
Us passage.
Mr. Cutcheon. chairman CommlUco
on Military Affairs, to day mado a
favorable report on II. It. 171, to estab
lish a National Mtlitaiy and Nav.il
Museum In this city.
Tho Senato DIstiict Commltteo met
to day. It referred to tho Commis
sioners of tho District Senate bill 0100,
to incoiporato the Georgetown Unlou
Bildgo and Hallway Company of tho
District. Tho samo reference was
mndo with rcgaid to Senato bill 3183, n
bill creating the office of In
spector of liny, Gialn and
Peed. Tho same action was
taken with Senato bill 3891, to suspend
tho opciatlon In certain cases of tho
statuto of limitation in forco In this
Senato bill 3830, to prohibit book
making nnd pool-selling, was reported
favoiably with amendments by Mr.
Senato bill 2300, to regulate tho prac
tice of medicine In tho District, was
icportcd favorably with amendments,
ns was 32 1C, a bill for tho regulation of
tho practice of dcntlstty in tho District
and for tho protection of tho psoplo
fiom cmpiticlsm In relation thereto.
Senato bill 3143, concerning tho
Medical Society of tho District, was ro
polled adversely,
Tho commltteo was discharged from
further consideration of Sonato bill 3103.
Mr. Edmunds' resolution concerning tho
charges against street railway compa-
nles for the cost of pivlng between the
lines of their roads, was continued In
tho hands of Messrs. Inunlls and
a iti:roKTi:ti iiadev heaten.
Two Lawyers Arrested Tor an Alleged
AsnunY I'Amc, N. J., May 23. Not
a little excitement has been caused In
this place by an assault mado on Chas.
K. Carpenter, a rcpoitor on the Shove
Push, by John P. Hnwklnsnnd Samuel
A. Patterson, two prominent members
of the Monmouth County Bar, In which
tho newspaper man had decidedly the
worst of tho encounter.
The trouble is said to have originated
in the publication by Carpenter in his
paper of the testimony produced at tho
vnilous hearings in tbo dlvoico suit
which Is pending against Tallin A.
Patterson. Patterson claimed that he
had been misrepresented by Carpenter
in his reports, and bo had sevcinl times
threatened tho rcpoitor with personal
violence, but as tlio latter is something
of an athlete the attack was postponed.
Patterson's counsel is John F. Haw
kins. Carpenter went to Hawkins' office
for iufonnation in relation to another
case There he found both Hawkins
nnd Patterson, nnd hot words ensued,
Hawkins ordered Carpenter out of tho
room, and ns ho wns lcaviug both Pat
teison nnd Hawkins struck him re
peatedly, and, although ho mado a
lively resistance, ho wns overpowered
and nuito bndl v bruised. "Warrants were
ycstciday Issued against tho attorneys.
They were arrested and will be given a
hearing to dny.
Judge Maslerson Sticarg on'Ovqr Ills
; Wire's Dend Hody.
Nnw Yoitu, May 23. Of late the
name of Judgo Mastcrson has been In
the newspapeis frequently, owing to
his erratic course while under the in
fluence of liquor. Yesterday he swore
by the sido of his wife's dead body that
he would ncvei take another drink of
liquor. Drinking has caused all of tho
Judge's troubles, and now he says he
wishes that the bullet fired In the Grand
Central Flats last week had gone cash
ing through his brain. The rumpus In
the flat and the consequent publicity
given to the fact of his relations with
Mrs. Hopklnson, caused Mrs. Mastcrson
to come to New York. She reached hero
"Wednesday night, and, after having
nn Interview with her husband, died o"f
heart disease at tho Grand Union Hotel.
Mrs. Hopklnson nnd tho Judge visited
the hotel yesterday and tho widow made
tlio husband swear that ho would i over
think any more liquor. After the burial
of his wife, Judge Mastcrson will make
an extended tour of Europe, leaving ids
business affairs in tho hands ot his
cousin, who says the .Tmlec pays her
in.OOO it year for her services in this
It is said that Mrs. Mnsterson's sud
den death was owing to Iho excitement
cuuscd by her discoveiy of tho way
things were coins here in New Yoik.
He left his wife in Now Mexico last
Match, bringing his son with him to
New York. Since that time a number
of letters have passed between them,
but whether they were pleasant or
otherwise is not known. Mrs. Hopkln
son declared yesterday that her rela
tions with tho Judgo were only those of
a wealthy mnn and his employe, de
spite the rcpoits cliculatcd at the time
of the shooting affray in tho flat, when
each accused tho other of filing the
.SLICK nilt. KEIiUV,
A llogus Chcrk Causes Ills Arrost and
Joseph P. Kcrby.who has his pockets
filled with real estate papers and is a
Colonel Sellers sort of an individual,
claiming to own 100,000 acres of laud
In Gcoigia and about an equal amount
in every other Stato in the Union, was
arrested this morning, charged with
passing a worthless check ou the Co
lumbia Bank. Detective Catter gath
ered him in as he was walking along
the Avenue, and ho lldlculcd the Idea
of his being arrested, but was anxious
that the newspapers should not know
ot it. Some days ago ICci by cultivated
tho acquaintance of Captain Walter
Hallett, who boards at the Temple Cafe,
and tried to Interest him in some of his
so-called gleantlc real estate deals. Tho
Captain said ho would take tho prepo
sition under consideration.
Yesterday afternoon Keiby called to
sec Captain Hallett on Important busi
ness, but ho was not at home. The
Captnin's son, 17 years of ase, volun
teered to look him up, and Kerby Im
proved tbo oppoitunily of having him
cash n $10 check on tho Columbia
Judge Swn.i tie's Decision In the l'lor
Ida Election Frauds,
Jacksonville, Fi.A.,May23. In the
Mai ion County election fraud cases in
the United States Couit a motion wns
at cued to quash the indictments on tbo
ground of irregularity in tho calling of
the special term of court. Judge Swayne
said tho point was a very important one,
and he would reserve his decision until
a circuit j ud co should sit with him next
December. Meanwhile ho ordered the
juries and witnesses discharged In all
criminal cases, and postponed all such
cases until tho regular term in Decem
ber. This is regarded as a practical
ictory for the defense.
lirtuoitv mooue
Sent noun for Assaulting u l(l-Voir-Old
"Brooky" Mooro. who has a shady
recoid, was before tho Pollco Court this
afternoon for assaulting n 10-year-old
girl, named Annlo Wood, by knock
ing her down and dragging her In a
woodshed, whcio ho assaulted her,
Judgo Miller sent tho young lascnl to
tlio worKuouse tor sixty tinys.
More Itallwuy Talk,
Mr. G. G. Boteler saw Commissioner
Douglass this morning in roferenco to
Senate bills 3100 nnd 3770, for tho In
coiporntlon of tho Gcotgetown nnd
Unlou Brldgo Hallway Company. Both
bills were introduced by Senator Bir-
hour. Mr. Botelei is opposed to bill
3100 and In favor of bill 3770. Com
missioner Douglass seemed to havo the
same opinion, and to-day ho addressed
a letter to Senator Faulkner expressing
his views upon the subject.
Tho Slenmer Kuili to Clo to Alaska,
Instructions similar to thoso sent to
tho captain of tho "Bear" wcro sent yes
terday to tho commandor of tho "Hush,"
at San Francisco, to proceed to Alaskan
wateis and protect tho soal flshoilcs
To Succeed Olnrkson,
It Is said that Second Assistant Post
master General Whitfield will suc
ceed Mr, Clarkson, First Asslsttnt,
upon tho retirement of the latter July 1,
A Dlue-Cont Kills a Uoimade Jeal
ousy Causes Murder and Hulclile
A Murderer and III Victim I'ray
Together Other Tales or Woe,
SiitAcrsn, May 23. Jeremiah B'ntr.
n li(c-long resident of Eilcvlllc. n little
vlllago on Iho Syracuse, Ontario and
New York llallioad, In Madison
County, died on April I, nnd wns burled
on Aptll 8. Ho wns 03 yenrs old, and
had been sick nbout two weeks HI
attmdlDg physician wns Dr T. .1 Hum
linm of West Eaton, nnd he certified
that death was caused by ulceration of
tlio Intestines. On Tuesday last Dis
trict Attoi ncy II. M Aylesworth nnd
Deputy ShcilfT Moochlcr appeared In
Eileville and began nn Investigation of
rumors in regnrd to tho cattsoot Mr.
Blair's death.
The story was started that ho had
been poisoned by his wife nnd his
nephew, Frank Blair. The nephew Is
n married man and has two children,
but that did not prevent him from being
vciy nttcntivo to his unclo's wife for a
yeai and a half beforo tho unclo died.
The conduct of the widow and nephew
Is responsible for tlio In vcstleatlon which
bus been started. Tbedistrlct nttorncy
has notified Coroner Gnidcner of Ham
ilton to exhume tbo body and mako nn
autopsy. This will bo dono this week.
Blair's will bequeathed all his prop
city, about $40,000, to his xvlfo, and
appointed her sole executilx. The will
has been probated aud letters have been
panted to tho widow. Mr. Blair was
about -10 yeors old when he married.
Ills wife was only 10.
A STKANGE scene.
Murdered Ills .School Tcuclior An Un
canny I'rayor.
Si'iitxeirini.i), Mo., May 23. Sheriff
May of Stono County, Missouri,
brought to tho Oark jail yesterday for
safe keeping Fletcher Klrby, a youug
man of Carroll County, Atkansas, who
has confessed tho muidcr of an old
school teacher named Hogcrs, whosj
body was found about n month ago.
Klrby was ni rested In Texas. He says
ho pursuaded Itogers to go to n lonely
spot on the pretext of showiug him n
store, Hogcrs wishing to buy such n
place. Klrby shot Hogcrs, nnd while
ho was yet alive began to rob him, but
was seized with remorse and contem
plated suicide. Tho dying school
teacher begced him to Ho and sjck
Divine forgiveness. Klrby asked the
dying man to pray for him, aud tho tvo
men clasped hands nnd prayed. Kiiby
alleges that another man plnnned the
murder and icclved half tho booty
fiom him.
Said line lot 'ii'ium Did It," Llspod
Another llahe.
Chicago, III., May 23. At 12:13
o'clock this morning Mrs. AVilhemlna
Thlescn, tho wife of Jacob Thicsen, a
saloon-keeper nt the southeast cornor
of Ilanlson and Jefferson streets, was
found lying on the floor in a rear room
or the saloon with a bullet In her head.
The woman was taken to tho county
hospital nnd her husband locked up In
Maxwell sttcet station. TUeli llttlo
dnucbtcr, aged fi years, saysher mother
shot hciscif. Their llttlo boy, nbout 3
j ears old, llpcd that his father shot
her. Both Thiesen and his wife had
been drinking. The doctor who was
called and diessed tho wound is of the
opinion that the woman cannot recover.
The Murderer ot Maiulo Murph Da
fore a Coronor's Jurf.
New Yoiik, Mny 23. First to nirive
at the inquest in the case of muidercd
Mamie Murphy yesterday was her mur
derer and lover, Charles" F. Buchanan,
alias Jackson, accompmicd nnd gu tid
ed by Policeman Sclford, her other
lover, ou account of whosi attentions
Pi inter Jackson, murdered her.
Mis. Jennie Wilson, who had wit
nessed tke tiagedy in Jounson's sa'oon
on the nleht of April 22, desciibed ita'l
for the Coroner's jury, as did also Eva
Eai), a pretty girl, who had likewise
seen Jackson when he did tho blooly
deed. Other witnesses, Including
Policeman Sclford, desciibed tho
murder. Jackson declined to testify,,.
ami uie coroner s verdict was against
l'ecullar Snlclde or a Hotel buperin.
tendent 1'robRlily Insane.
Fi oitEiCE, Aiuc, Mny 23. Yester
day morning Edward Kenna, superin
tendent of the Landale Hotel, was
found hanging to the transom of his door
with a ten-foot United States Han
wrapped around his neck. Mr.
Kenna was n nalivo of Philadelphia,
li., but came hero from New York,
and had occupied his present position
only n few days. Ho leaves a widow
nr.d several chlldicn. Deceased was
in good spirits Wednesday night and
showed no signs of melancholy. Tho
fatal act Is attributed to temporary
aberration of tho mind.
Her Murderer Arrested Ills Wire Is
Also Implicated.
P.vitis, May 23. Tho concergcrle of
tho house In which Mario Gagnol wns
murdered has been arrested to day with
his xifc and father-in-law. Tbo man's
name is Bilquct. Madame Briquet has
confessed stealing jewelry from Mario's
room after the muidcr was committed,
but all three deny nny knowlcdgo of
how the girl wns killed. Tho police
believe that cither Brirruct or his wife
Is the guilty party.
One .Soldier Makes a Human Turcot
of Another,
Hami'Tok, Va., May 23. Frank
Manning nnd James Tyo, enlisted men
at Foitress Monroe, had n dltllculty nt
Mill Cieck, and on their return to the
Pott, while Tyo was Eeated in his loom
prepaiing for target practice, Mannlns
came to tho door, illlo In hand, and
shot him tuiougn tuo beau, causing In
st ant death.
Killed Ills Moxlcan Mistress.
DrNMnt, Col., May 23. A special
fiom Trinidad, Col., says: J. B. Pra't
shot and killed his Mexican mistress,
Kato Gaicla, caily ycstcittny, and then
nut n bullet thiough his own head.
Jealousy Is supposed to havo been tho
cause. Piatt came from lotya a few
months ago.
Liquor Licenses.
The Commissioners havo npptoved
ihe liquor licenses for bar and samplo
rooms of Ernest Loelllor, Hock Creel:
Church road, nnd Chnilcs Kllllaii, 3J0
B street southwest,
Ml 1 1 1 tmMlllMMH (MlvrrrfcCrrM
In . ItMa fcnSHurr BwnWwimm for
IV.Mi.Tt. r May fa -J lliwi
SbetWatOTgrt ttw wet! known lossy er.
wbatt Iwr1aa bare cheated one
eoaeU. n In IM will of the
oflHMVfit iMMrtiBMii MA W
ftoitttr. o.nimt la Km
lVrri.nrr hj Jw YwtiM. T
coHtt m rw wm wtWtj tragla. Ml to
frllMMMr itfwfcs Mft MMwN- WHta
the twtn jf Mm ljtetn wl tW
tc-fltMfts wwHt T iWt )) Hi
tern to Mm m
lln rnWHMH tllWIIHv Ffff HMMMfifP, KM
when Judge TtrkM feaitM tWt wavi
whlcli ijMimrd HW'Uauhwii ta a Uj
(Icflth there wm not a dry ajr ta tit
couit room At the coiifalwi f I'm
fcnlrnce PheltilarpT fafotot la '
dock tml vrtu canted rmt I.M Nlt
he wsj Miff nlnj from (H-rrowt amalik
lion, nnd hl pliyakUn stolad t wa la
nrtitlcal condition. He wlHlwrawwrnl
to tbo penitentiary vn SatanUy TM
laiiicreinu nroiiicrei tuosinac ihbhi
had a farewell incetlHc with Mm la the
prison, and a lionnuroWo arM m
Ilaltlinore rarkin DUciim th Tariff
nn Tln-I'lale
IlALTiMom., Mn , May . Onto
is the chief centre of the oyster awl
fruit-packing Industry In this city, ami
when tho men employed In that tottl
nccs read of tho riicccm of the bkb
tariff people in mh!n the duty on lln
pinto it is no wonder thoy growled.
Most of the packers are Northern men
and Itepubllean. They arc, a n rule.
Protectionists, but they believe In free
rnw material, at least so far as tin plate,
which goes into tbo making up of
wrappers for their goods, Is concerned.
Many of them were too nii'jry to talk,
but some of them were not slow In de
nouncing Mr. Stockbrldgc for his con
duct on tbo tin nlnto question.
All were united in one thing thai
the tin-plate duty wns ruinous to tho
canncr. The Increased tost will fill
upon tho consumer, and that wl't
necessarily reduce consumption, and
thus the packers will In tho end stifTcr
tho most. One leading member ot a
canning firm said:
"Tho in nl; cis of cans will be forced
to about double their capital to keen
their business up to its present standard,
and their profits will be less. The me
chanics will be ground down, and every
method of saving money will be adopted
at the expense of labor. I think an ef
fort will be made to defeat tho tin plato
duty In tho Senate, though no steps
looking toward tho fight hnvc yet been
An IrlBhiuun Drler Justly Fined
J ml co Miller.
Michael Sullivan on Sunday laU
hlii'd a horse from Mr. Qulglcy, the
livery man, and drove the poor nnlmal
until it dropped dead nt tho cornc ot
Ninth nnd G streets. According to his
own testimony in the Police Court
to day, between tho bouts of 2 nnd 7
o'clock p. m., ho drovo to Cabin John
Bildgevrmd back, and then out to tho
Soldiers' ilome und back, covering In
nil n distnnco of about twenty live
miles. The horse was valued nt $203
and belonged to Congiessman J. V.
Cnndlerof Massachusetts, wiio apoearcd
in court and took much interest In the
prosecution of Sullivan under tho
humane act for oveidilvlng tho
Sullivan was defended by Mr. Camp
bell Carrington, nnd Judge Miller fined
him $50. His attorney filed notice of
an appeal.
Mr. Qulglcy, who hired Congressman
Candler's horse out, was also combined
in tho charge. He was dismissed, but
w ill probably have to piy for the animal.
The Concresslon.il Colonel from Alle
Chany In a Tight Hot.
PiTTSUUito, Pa , May 23. The
Baync-Shiias Congrcssiona' fight grows
hotter every day. Colonel Bayne, whoso
presence in the distiict ho represents
has been ureenlly demanded by his
fiiends, today telegraphed that ho
would not anivo In Plttsbutc until to
moirow morning. This, many of his
supporters think, may bo too latc, as
even his staunchest fiiends admit that
his fences arc badly out of repair, and
that as the fight now stands ho Is
George Shtras 3d, tho Colonel's op
ponent, has been making a wondeuul
campaign. He is backed' by many of
the wealthiest iron men of tho district,
lie addrectcd n largo galherlng of col
ored men in his district last night, and
In an Intel view he expressed himself ns
being sntisOed that he had tho battle
He 'Will ho Displaced on Account of
Ills Misdeeds.
New Yomc, Mny 23. A Toionto,
Ont., special to the Herald snys: Lieutenant-Colonel
Dcnlson, it is rumored
hero, is to succeed General Sir Pied.
Middlcton as commander of Canadian
militia. Denison, somo years aco, won
the prlo open to the woild offoied by
the Busslan Government for tho best
treatlso on cavalry tactics. General
Middlcton, It will bo remembered, was
found guilty by n commltteo of Investi
gation of having Illegally seized nnd
nppiopiiated part of Brimnct's furs in
Manitoba duiing tho Ilicl rebellion.
lllendlnr; the Colors and Harmonizing
the Dattlo Sonet.
WiNcnus'ii'.K, Va., May 23. Cap
tain Callwell Post, No. 201. G. A. P.,
of Carlisle, Pa., accompanied by a band
and a number of ladles, arrived hero
jestcrday morning. Tho visitors were
received by Mulligan Post, No. 0. G.
A. 11., and a committee from tho Win
chester Camp, Confederate Veterans,
both of this city, and escoited to tho
court houso hall, where thcro wero
patriotic exchanges of regard, enthu
siastic oiatory, and such now har
monious or harmonizing airs ns the
"Star Spangled Ilauner" nnd "Dixie."
Iluildlnc l'eriults.
Permits havo been issued toW. A.
Couit ci, to cicct six brick dwellings on
Unrwood avcrue, I.u Droit Park, to
tost $15,000, to M. B. Helmulh, to
eiecttwo bilck dwellings nt 1110,1118
New Hampshlio aveuue''orthwcst, to
cost $7,rC0;toBau & Banner, to erect
two brick dwellings nt 1721, 1720
Twentieth street norlhwcst, to cost
fU.OOOjto It. FShcpard. to erect ono
brick dwelling at l'!00 Eighteenth
street northwest, to cost $10,000; to
John Bojlo, to erect one bilck dwell
ing nt 1015 S street northwest to cost
i 0,500; to L. Statib, to erect a building
on Thirty-second street northwest, to
cost $2,000.
Ibvy llvllete Hi I'rraent Discontent
Wnlt IutoUb a Victory for Their
lily.-.Othr Nen nnd Gossip
l'im Arross the ttrn,
I,owso, Mar M Tlio MbtrnU nro
tttiWut In force a general
at m sriy a date a, possible,
awtag it ltt dlarsH(at amused nmong
raw 9tMM Ufver by tho hud pur
cWiK UN awl the belief that that tils
mirttat wmiM In voir a Liberal !c
tofjr. In erwy upmnh mmle by ttie
UWMliaaala tWr emi trf the land pur
rtwwr cWm hi luqtf prominently to
lb (rant, the ftjpWM tolng plnrod nt
l.MMtt fMla. Imrte-id of the Gov
1 1 at mart ctsttmate of 1)0,000,000 pounds
Lent dalMtBtry, Imwrver, shows no dl
auatllaii t fcntwpt advice from Id nn
UgauMs. lleha a Mfe working mv
JtHltr hi I'arMamctrt and a legal lease of
acHrW Ufa far three yours longer, tin
)m a fatlwra to mppott the mlnlsliy on
tame vttal MMtHm miohw Involve nn
tpfeal to um country Ilk partisans
Ms. ad by him on evwy vote and tho
tanks nTttta lAn I'tttmiltt show no
tgM ot a ttfaak, whatever may be the
sMillment of ranttllitrnclc
llcttori from ItarH reprewnt the
jmojp at well mIIsAmI with the pre
cm-c of Ihe HrltMi troop In that intin
try ami viewing with considerable fear
the prospect of evacuation and abtn
donmciitofthrMMintr to the Khedive's
authority. While there la nn Inter
ft'tenco on the pttt of the lltitUh with
tho administration of Justice among the
natltm themselves, pt the presence of
tbo IlriiMi Is rccsrdod as lmlng a
strong influence In preventing the out
rage and oppression which hav; trni
ally attended native government In tho
East Egyptian finance arc In n more
prosperous condition than for many
yenrs, while the Khedive's suteraln, the
Sultan, Is sunk In almost hopcloM
bankiuptcy und unable to pay cither
his trooivs or his imvv .
Sir PrancU De Wlnton Sir John
Wllloughly and Captains Smith nnd
Williams will take their dupirturc
from London for Southeast Afilca
to night in the Interest of the British
East African Company, and It is ex
pected that active results will follow
their nrrlval there. It Is stated that
exceptional powers have lccn granted
by tho government to Sir Francis, com
piltlnc Riilliotitv to take any nctlou
that maysccm to him best calculated to"!
contcne the interests oi i.ngiaml in
Aftlcn, nnd nt the same time extend
her iphcrc of Inlluc.ici;. It is nn open
ttcict Hint till- step has been taken In
deference to the jecommendatinns nud
wnrnincs of Mr Stnnley. who bus per
rlstcnlly contended since his arrival
lietc Ibnt Germany's nctlvlty was rip
idly thawing to her the inllticnce in
Afilcn Hint England wns losing by her
Tho German Government, through
Its representatives In the Autl Slavery
Conference In llrusscls, Is cxcrtlnc n
powerful Influence In favor of tho
abolition of free trade in the Congo
State, and it Is understood that unless
the l'owcrs consent to the Imposition
duties upon imports, KIiik Leopold
will bo compelled to sell tbo Congo
country to England. The chief oppo
nent of the Imposition nl import tax
ation in the Congo Stato Is, singularly
enough, tho highly-protected L'nited
States Government, which Is contesting
Iho competency of the conference to
Impose tho proposed taxation.
The lecent predictions ns to tho np
polntee to the vncnnt Fee of St. Albans
bao been upset by the elevation of Mr.
Fcstlng, tho Prebendary of St. Albans,
to the Episcopal Chair. Tho appoint
ment was a complete surprise, and was
made, it Is understood, to avoid giving
oiTensc to tho fiiends of the largo num
ber of active applicants for the place.
Mr. Fcstlnc wns not icgnrded as n pos
sible appointee.
Tho government has gi anted nn nn
mini pension, during her lifetime, of 50
pounds to the widow of the famous
British naturalist, Wood.
It is announced in llerlin that Major
"Wissmann will arrivo In that city nbout
the end of June. Humor alleges that
his visit Is at the Instance of tho
government and with n view of ob
taining tho major's counsel in tho
orgnmation of an Afi lean campaign on
an extended scale. This report is sup
ported by the lecruiting operations of
Lieutenant GovcinorGravenuth.
The Chronicle advises tho govern
ment todiop both thcliisli laud pur
chase ami the compensations bllh, or
else modify them to meet tho objec
tions of the Glndstonians, otherwise tho
panel believes both measures will be
defeated in tho final division, If not at
nn earlier stage.
Labor ilots still continue nt Ntirs
chnu. Alieady sixteen men hnvc been
killed nnd a large number wounded.
'Ihe strikers nro spi ending, and tho
local authorities hnve confessed their
inability to restore order, nnd asked tho
nsslstnnco of tho military.
M. Hitrovo, tho Bussfan Minister to
Bucharest, has been summoned to St.
Petersburg to receive tho censure of his
government for tho bunding manner
in which ho managed tho I'anlla con
spiracy against tho llfo of Prince Ferdi
nand of Bulcarla. AYhen the plot was
discovcied M. Hitrovo was openly nc
cuscd of having lnsticatcd It and tho
accusation has never been refuted.
The ostensible icason for his recall Is to
enable him to exculpate himself from
tho chargo of complicity, but beyond
doubt the real reason is that he Is to bo
disciplined for falling to carry tho con
cpliacy to a successful Issue.
Will tho United States Join lu tho
Sugar Conoutlon?
London, May 23. In tho House of
Commons ycstciday E. S. Hill nskad
whether, in view of tho .opposition of
Amcricau refiners to tho proposed
abolition of duties in America on sugars
below 10 Dutch standard, tho Govern
incnt would rctnvlto tho Washington
Government to join tho sugar conven
tion t
Sir James Ferguson, Under Foreign
Secietftiy, icplled that it was by no
means certain that It would bo the filial
decision of Congress orftho tarlft". There
was no ground to think that a ronewal
of tho Imitation to tho Washington
Government to join the convention
would bo successful.
l'r.nsccl(y. Who Ilrcuiuo (totornor of
Ilorlln nt East,
Bi:m.iN, May 23. Genoral IMttard
Frledtich Fransecky of tho Prussian
Army, died at Wiesbaden yesterday.
Ho was bom on November 0, 1607. Aa
a graduate of military academies at
Berlin and Potsdam ho rose In rank
and position until In 1870 lie became.
Infantry of tho Second
Atmy Corps.
no was nrst engaged nt
After the capitulation of Bautno ho
appeared beforo Paris, where ho occu
pied n position between tho Sclno nnd
tlio Mnrnc, nnd commanded in tho
battlo of Chnmplgny, on the 1st and 2d
of December, besides his own army
corps the Saxon and Wurtcinburg
troopo, in all nn nimy of 50,000 men
and 200 cannons. On the 3d of Nov
ember, 1811. ho was named as Governor
of Berlin, lie has been decorated with
several ordeis,
l'our I'ersons Killed nnd Tvvonty Ito
relo hnrlous Injuries.
Df.iil.lN, May 23. Tbo vlllago of SI.
Mnhlcn, near IUUlcshelm, lias been
IMlcd rccentlv by severe hall storms,
which havo done u great deal of dam
ngc. Yesterday Iho people gathered In
n church to prny for" n scssntion of the
storms. thlle the sctvices were in
progicss n thunderstorm enmo up nnd
the church was struck by lightning.
Pour pcHons wcro killed and twenty
were Injured, four bcln rendered com
pletely blind. Tho people were panic
stitck'eu, nnd, In the mad tush forl'io
doors, two children wcro crushed to
A Illiiir at Temperance.
I.omion, Muy 23, Mr. Gladstone, in
a letter expressing his views on tho
government's measure to compensate
publicans for loss of business tcsulttiitr
from Hie proposed decrease in tho num
her of licenses, writes that the mcfo in
troduction or the bill has already
Itirtcnsed the vnltto of the properly o'f
publicans JUnO.OOO.OOO. Tho bill, ho
enjg. Is the heaviest blow ever struck at
the cnuscof temperance.
rrlnrel) Enthusiasm.
OiiK'st, Mny 23. The Prince of
Naples nulvt'd lieiu jestcrday and was
received with great enthusiasm by tho
crowds awaiting his nrrlvnl. It ts ex
pected that his reception In St. Peters
burg will bo n phenomenally popular
andoflltinl demonstration.
Dr, ration's Hplcy Npecch Talk About
I hi' Kotlslon.
SusvTotK, N. Y., May 23. The im
portant business beforo tho Presbyterian
Assembly thU morning was cousidcta-
tion of providing a committee ou re
lsion. Two resolutions wcro before
tho botifc, oco by llcv. Dr. McCrnckcn
of New York, irnd the other by Elder
Heniy Day.
Dr. Pillion. of Princeton, who has
1k.ch regarded ns the leader of tho autl
ictlsionists, sa'd "This Is a most seri
ous moment In the life of this
Assembly. Wo icprescnt differences
of opinion. It is too late to raise
the ipiestlon ns to tho wisdom
of the last Astcmblv in submitting
the overtures upon which we r-c nbo.it
to net, but It Is my opinion thnt it was
n very unwise net. I will opposo
from tlio cry bottom of my heart
the submission of Mr. McCracken's
lcsoltition to the Assembly. Out of the
213 prcsbj tcrics of this Assembly only
eight nsk for nu nbsolutcly now crcsd.
I do not see tho necessity for nny altera
tion In tbo Confession ot Faith. But
131 Fresh terieh have expicssed them
tclus In favor of It, and I bow to tho
opinion of the innjotitv thus expressed.
Great applause 1
"I wish them to understand that no
change shall bo madu that will in
nny way Impair the Integrity
of the Cnlvanlsllc system. Applause.
1 will never confess thnt a tota' revi
sion of faith is necessary. Gicat np
plausc. I wish I had n voice that
would icacli nround the wor'd to re
nllltm that there never was nud never
can bo it jut foundation far tho charge
that wo I'rcsbyteilans have ever be
lieved in Infant damnation, or that the
docttino Is embodied In tho West
minster standard." Applause.!
Dr. Hcrrick Johnson moved that tho
Assembly bcsln debate on the appoint
ment of a committee on revision nnd
that it continue until n final vote Is
leached. Adopted with applause.
The CnctHncCeroiiionIesiit Klchinond
IIII I.co Will Attend.
Bitiii0Ni),V.,Mny23 A telegram
from New Yoik announces that Miss
Maty Leo, tho eldest daughter of Gen
oral It. E. Lee, has nrrhed thcro and
will bo present nt thcuntelling of tho
equestrian statue to the General. It is
stated that tho uniformed troops and
elcrans will be eiven position In Hue
In the order in which tho States seceded.
This will put South Carolina first. The
tinlfoimed troops will bo under tho
tommand oi Bricadicr-Gcncral Charles
J. Anderson of , irglnla. The h mn,
"How Firm a Foundation." will be
sung by the vast nsscmblagc, with a
full bra'ts band accompaniment.
H.i.o()N-Ki:i:i'i,its ot'vri:ti.
1ho Missouri Odd-Fellows tlo on l!ec
ord Aculnst Them,
St. I.oi.s, May 23. The Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows of Missouri
have gone on record for prohibition.
At jestcrday "s meeting the Grand Mas
ter's report advocates the oi elusion of
saloon-keepers from the order. A hot
debatcensued, after which a vote was
taken on tke question of excluding all
saloon-keepers from tke order, a ait tho
bide adtocated by the Grand Mooter
carried the dny. A number of saloon
keepers, principally In St. Ixmls, St.
Joseph and Kansas City, belong to the
order, ami the enforcement of me rale
will doubtleaa he a disagreeable Uk.
Nearly Eer) House In a Tmbsiim
luwn It.stHcM to Ashes.
Mkmi'iiin, TkN . May German
town, twenty ntllcs east of this city,
wasvUlted by a disastrous conflagra
tion ttetwetu 3 aud 4 o clock yaeumlay
morning. The Are origtaatad In a va
cant Morehouse ami opramt wits ffaal
rapidity, ami It wm not gotten untWr
contiol until nearly etrary nouaa In l
town had been rtducad to aanea. Ttsr
loss is eUmaUl at ftt.UOO. insured for
Father MfUsmiTs MUtV.
Joiikt, III., May . Patmw Mc
Cann, the mUatonary prtatt who r
tenth mode a Utter attack on taa pub
lic school here bat bean forbkUa to
apeak on that subject la Use future.
'I he order maats the hearty approval of
Catholics bare, most cf whom did not
indorse bU utterances at the time.
Another Mkh Uh Wrstac.
St. Pat i , Mian.. May t It k ru
moiwl that JWword J. UatwU. Ike
local manager of tee broberaaa house of
Walker A Co., of ('hlcgo.l abort In
hi accouHU and ha run away. Tbe
shortage Is plooed at flow MMv to
fSO.OOO. He It believed to Um sw
Iq Alaska
Gcneinl of
llntes nnd I'riunlsi Iltinih'y Wash
Each Other's reelA Uuafnt Oils
torn Whlih Attracts lliousands -
Tho l'ecullar Meetlnc-IIouse,
Heading, May 23 The peculiar re
llglous denomination known as the
Dnnknids nro holding their yearly love
feasts lu most of t'loGcimnn counties of
Pennsylvania In the eastern part of the
State. The meeting held last night nt
Zleclct's Mcctlng-Housc, near ltehrcrs
burg, was one of great interest. Tlieru
wcro thousands of people In attendance
nnd nearly all of them wero Dunkards.
The solid old farmers, attired lu the
ancient dres peculiar to their faith.
and humheds of women and children
made the occasion befoio the opening of
Ihe meeting a lively one. The meeting
house Is just as peculiar as the religion
nnd the people. The floor slopes front
both ends to the cenlre. This makes It
possible to look over tbo heads of those
seated in the central pot lion or the
On tho second floor arc two largo
looms. These wereoccuplcd last night
by iho biolhers nnd sisters who came
from a distance. One room was oc
cupied by the men and the other by the
women nnd children. These nptrt
menls arc furnished with bedsteads
nnd cradles. The cooking is dono in
tbo basement. Some sixty men, women
and children occupied these slccpiiuj
rooms Inst night. An ov weighing 581)
pounds wns slntighteicd to dny for tho
After a sermon or two tho Interest
ing feet-washing ceremony took place.
"VVhen the Bishop had finished reading
tho biblical chapter, which describes
Christ washing tuo feet of the Disci
ples, the Dunkards gave n very fair
Imitation of the ceremony. Ono
brother kneeled down nud washed
both feet of three or four brothers
sitting on a bench in n row,
while another biothcr, girt with a.
towel, followed and wlp'cd the feet.,.
The women, all of whom woio white
lnee caps, washed each othcr'ft
feet in tho samo way xvhile an nppro
priato hymn was being sung. Loaves
of liTead and lln dishes containing
soup motto ot rlco and beet having been
placed oh the table, all the members
partook" of the Lord's Sup
per. Every set of four
brothers and every set of four
sisters ate soup out of one dish, ttvo sit
ting on each side of a nanow table.
Tho members arose after eating and
embraced each other in a fervent man
ner. The salutation of the holy kiss
followed, when each imprinted a kiss
on tho lips ot the member nevt to him.
The loud smacks resounded through
tho meeting house. Communion ser
vice, the breaking of unleavened bread
and the thinking of unfermented
grape wine, was also observed.
The unleavened bread was in strips,
some 0 inches long, 2 Inches wide and
an Inch thick. A piece was biokcrt
oft by n brother, who broke another
piece oft" and handed the rcmainer to
tho brother next him. Tho meeting
lasted two days and finally adjourned
this afternoon amid warm embraces of
affection nnd the gh Ing of tho holy kiss.
Mr. Uunston Talced Issue With (ieorctt
Konnnn, tho Writer.
Si'itiNOHUU), Ohio, May 23. Mr.
Wm. II. Dunslon, a resident of Bussi.t
fot thlily years and ptcscnt Amctican
Vice-Consul General at St. Petersburg,
is In this city. Ho takes decided issue
with George Kennan, whom be calls a
sensationalist, given to exaggeration.
Mr. Dunston says tho Hussiah prlsom
nro ns humanely conducted as our own,
the prisoners being well treated and well
fed. The people of St. Petersburg love
the C7ai. The Idea which seems to
prevail here.thatthc Czar never appears
In public unless ho Is guarded by troops.
Is not n correct one.
With the Empress he can be seen
nenrly every day driving through the
streets with only n soldier on the seat
with the driver, and ho does footman's
duly. Mr. Dunston says somo of tliu
exiled women, whose cases are cited by
Mr. Kcnnan in his lectures as examples
of Ilussian cruelty, are Anarchists of
the samo stiipe as Spies, Parsons and
the other Chicago plotters. The Amer
ican colony In St. Petersbuig, Mr. Dun
ston says, deprecate the abuse of the;
Hussions and do not approve of Ken
nan's lectures, and he (Dunston) will tits
all in his power to counteract his In
fluence In this country.
Nearly Half a Million Captured In
terent In Ton learn,
Ciiic.uio, Im... May 23. Comptroller
Onaban has figured up tho ex-act
amounts of money that tho last five City
Treasurers got for tho Interest on tins
people's money. Ho says that during tho
two years and one month that HudolpU
Brand served he got i'O.SOO, J. M.
Dunphv made $!) 1,700 In the same time:
W M. Dcvino put $100,50:) In his Insidu
pocket in one vcar and ten months C.
Herman Blaut put !?12S,CoO to hi
cndlt during his term of two years, and
Iternard Boeslng. tho pres-nt lucum
bent, hag managed to get hold ot $00.
100 In nine months. These sums the
city Intends to btlng suit for against
the bondsmen of the city treasurers for
ten years back.
llrsukljn Man Vtlo Followed HU
I'letly lletter-lfair.
Xk YoHK,May2il At 1 o'clock
yesterday morning David ltanscy, ac
companied by two other Brooklyn men,
visited tbe hoardlug-housc at Xo. Yi't
Weal Forty fifth street, whore Hansey's
wife, who had separated from him, was.
living. I pon a pretext they gained ad
mittance, though not without arousing
all tbe hoarder, ltaaeey bioko don u a
door to follow bis prvtiy wife Into a
back parlor, ami then shot hei In iho
neek while she crouched in the corner,
after which Ibc three meu csciped.
Un. Iteuaey may recover.
Tuil.Uh Trouits Honied
loarrAKTiNoi'i.c, May 23. The at
urmut of tbe government to Install Knre
ham I'ocha as Governor ot Albania at
lalcbe, bos been forcibly resisted by
tbe Albanians, wbo aluuketl tue Tunc
lab troop sent to u,uell tbe disturb tnco
ami routed tbem. Many of tho soldiers
were killed. Additional troops havo
been teat to tbe scene.
Jewrtt the .lumper,
Uoero. May S3. It now develops
UW Clarence JaweU, president of tho
Jewett PtsMtoblng Company, did not ab.
tcond wits the m
large aiuQaat eluded.
M tint

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