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The Washington Obitio
22D YEAH NO. 6,807.
DID you ever wear
a black or blue
serge suit? If you
have you know how
cool and comfortable
they are, how well
they wear, how long
they look well and if
they are made right
and are well sewed,
as OURS are, how
nicely they keep their
There are no better
goods made for sum
mer wear than the
ENGLISH serge. We
have a full and com
plete assortment of
all grades, from $ 1 5,
which is as cheap as
you can get one that
liable, to $30, for the
FINEST that is made.
All sizes and shapes.
Regular, long and
slim, short and stout,
and extra stout, from
32 to 50 chest meas
ure, in cutaway and
sack styles. Some
half lined and others
made skeleton.
Do not fail to see
Robinson, Parkers Co,
Finest Clothing Roady Made,
319 7TH ST. N. W.
A ceil Harrison Warner on Ills Trav
els Coming to Washington,
Harrison "Warner, tho 89-ycar-old
pedestrian, who la trundling a wheel
barrow from McConncllsvilio, Ohio, to
Baltimore, up to yesterday, when ho
passed through Oumhorland, had
traversed a distanco of 272 miles. His
wheelbarrow is painted a bright red
and attracts much attention. An in
scription on its sido reads: "Harrison
"Warner, nged 89 years, Malta, McCon
nellsvllle. Tho world's renowned pa
dcstiian, en route to Baltimore."
Ho will be received in tho latter city
by his aunt, Betsy Sands of 1303
Division street, who says she will cole
bralo her 102d birthday on his arrival
and prcpaio with her own hands n
sumptous repast for the occasion. After
that the aged pedestrian wilt coma to
"Washington to bco tho President, after
whose grandfather ho was named.
Washington Stoolc Exchange.
Bales Regular Call 12 o'clock m.
Metropolitan Railroad, 25 at 175. Ecklni;
ton nod Soldiers' Homo Railroad, 25 at 75,
8 at 75, I at 74, 15 at 75. U. S. Electric
Lieut, 10 at 130, 10 at 130, 10 at 130, 10 at
130, 5 at ISO. ChcsapcnUo and Potouue
Telegraph, 10 at 74. American. Orapho
phoue, 50 at 13J, CO at 18S, 50 at 13J, 50 at
131, 21 at 135, 29 at 131, SO at 13, 50 at 13.
Miscellaneous Honda U. tf. .Electric
Lights 1st, 0's, 105; U. 8. Electric Lieut
2d.0's, 123; W. & G. R. R. 10-40 C's,
K'03-'23, 103 J; W. & O. Convertible, 0's,
SCO; Jlasonlc nail Ass'n, 5's, O 1S03, 103;
Wash. Market Co., 1st Mort., G'a, 110;
Wash. Market Co., Imp., O'e.llS: Inl'd ife
Seaboard Co., C's, O 1897, : Wash. Lt.
Infantry, 1st, C's, 1004, 100: Wash. Lt. In
fantry, 2d, 7'8, 1004, 102; Wash, Gas Light
Co., Ser. A, 0's, 121; Wash. Gas Light Co.,
8er. II, 0's, 122; Hygienic Ico Company.lst
Mort., Cs, .
National Bank Btocks Bank of Wash
ington, ; Bank of Republic, 250; .Metro
politan, 285; Central, 300; Becond, 105;
Farmers and Mechanics', 100; Citizens',
105; Columbia, 180: Capital, 120; West
End, 1043.
Railroad Stocks Washington and
Georgetown, 200; .Metropolitan, 171; Co
lumbia, 73; Capitol and North O Street,
70; EcUlngton and Soldier's Homo, 03;
Georgetown and Tcnnalljtown, 51; Bright
wood, 54.
Insurance Btocks Firemen's, 44; Frank
lin, CO; .Metropolitan, 83; National Union,
21; Arlington, 100; Corcoran, 05; Colum
bia, 18; German-American, 180; Potomac,
88; Klggs.SJ; People's 5i.
Title Insurance Stocks Real Estate
Title, 128; Columbia Title, 0J; Washington
TUIo, .
Gas and Electric Light Stocks Washing
ton Gas, 45; Georgetown Gas, IS; U. 8.
Electric Light, 130.
Telephone Stocks Pennsylvania, 20;
Chesapeake and Potomac, 74; American
Graphophone, 13.
Miscellaneous Stocks. Washington Mar
ket Co., 18) Washington Brick Machine
Co., 350; Great Falls Ico Co., 200; Bull
Ilun Panorama Co,, 23; National Safo Do
posit, 240; Washington Safo Deposit, 127;
Wasblncton Loan and Trust Co., 3J; Na
tional Typographic, ; Morccuthaler, j
Pneumatic Gun Carriage, 11; American
Security and Trust Co., 55; Lincoln Hall,
50; nyglcnlclce Co., CO.
A Chance for Investment,
Who Is lt that docs not want to mako a
good, clean, safe Investment? That Is the
question of these da) sot business push and
enterprise. It can bo answered In a few
smiling moments by tho olllceis of tho
American Security and Trust Company of
1419. G street northwest. Tho capital rep
resented by this company Is $1,230,000.
Two per cent. Interest Is allowed on da
posits, subject to check ou sight. That Is
certainly a fair proposition, Security bonds
furnished and other business of that uaturo
transacted. Mr, A. T. Brlttou Is president
of tho company, O, J, Boll aud A. A,
Themas vice-presidents, Percy II. Motzgor
secretary aud treasurer. It Is a wide-awake,
reliable company.
Frank Ward usually bought a dozen,
leu buy one for tho excursion May 29,
City I'ostomre Slto Cam to lltin on
tho Avcnno All Nlclit Local Hills
To Ho favorably Itoportcd Monday
Other 1'rocoedlngs.
In tho Senato this morning Mr.
Blackburn presented tho credentials of
Mr. Carlisle, which wcro road
and filed. Tho ScniUo then re
sumed consideration of tho Naval
Appropriation bill, tho pending
question being to striko out tho appro
priation of $50,000 for Improvement of
tho plant nt tho Portsmouth, N. II.,
Navy. Yard, which led to along discus
sion of naval construction, private
yards and navy-yards.
Mr. Paddock introduced a bill to pro
hibit tho nllowancoof attornoys' fees la
writs for foreclosing mortgages brought
in Federal courts when forbidden by
tho laws of tho States.
Mr. Davis introduced a proposed
amendment to tho TaiilT bill striking
out tho paragraph which puts thorato of
H cents per pound on bunting twine and
inserted it in tho f rco list.
Mr. Morrill, from tho Commlttco on
Public Bulldlncs and Grounds, re-
Sorted back with amendment tho
louso bill for tho acquisition of certain
parcels of real estate in "Washington
city for a City Postofllco; and
Senate bill for tho purchase of a site for
a building for tho use of the Postofllco
Department and of tho City Postofllco.
Both bills were placed on the calendar.
Senate bills to regulate tho practlco
of medicine and dentistry, and to pre
vent empiricism, wcro reported and
placed on tho calendar.
This bill means the purcbaso of tho
square, No. 323, on which tho Qlobo
Theatre now stands. It includes the
entire block, and Is bounded by Elev
enth and Twelfth streets, Pennsylvania
avenue and C street. Tho prlco has not
been determined on.
In the Houso.
Tho Houso went Into Commltteo of
the "Whole upon tho River and Harbor
Appropriation bill Immediately after
the reading of tho journal. Tho pend
ing question was tho point of order
against the Hennepin Canal proposition,
which was overruled by tho chairman,
Mr. Turner of Georgia moved to
striko out tho movision for tho canal.
claiming that It was unconstitutional.
Air. lieruierson said that tuo question
of tuo power of tho Government to
build canals had been settled.
District In Congress.
Tl c House District Commltteo will
litvc its day next Monday. At that
limu it will present to tho Houso a
fitvornblo report on tho freo
bathing beach near tho foot
of llio Washington Monument;
nlpo, in rccard to tho Rock Creek bill.
The bill with reference to the unfinished
water-tax mains was refened back to
tho committee Tho Thomas J. Parker
bill was reported favorably, to repay
him about 10 for a sower tax which
had been assessed against him wrong
fully by the authorities of tho District.
Speaker ltced'n Mother Doail.
Speaker Beed received a telegram this
morning notifylne him of tho death of
his mother at Deerfield, Me. Mrs. Reed
had been ill for several weeks, but no
immediato danger was appieheuded and
tho news came ns a shock to the
Speaker, who has received recently oa
couraging reports concerning bis
mother's condition. Speaker Reed
will leavo for Deerfield to-morrow
llepuullrnn Congressional Campaign
Tho members of tho Republican Con
gressional Campaign Committee have
been selected from tho Senators and
Representatives with the exception of
those from 11 vo Stales and three Terri
tories. Tho commltteo Is composed as
Arkansas, Ilarman R. licnnell; Cali
fornia, Vaudcver; Colorado, Townsend;
Connecticut, Russell; Delaware, Senator
Illgglns; Illinois. Rowcll; Indiana, Chcadlo;
Iowa, Gear; Kansas, Anderson; Ken
tucky, Wilson; Louisiana, Coleman;
Maine, Boutellc; Maryland, McCoums;
Massachusetts, Walker; Michigan, Senator
Slockbrldge; Minnesota, Dunnell; Missouri,
Wade; Montana, Carter; Nebraska, Dor3oy;
Neada, Bartlne; Now Ilamshlrc, Senator
Blair; New Jersey, Buchanan; New York,
Bcldcn; North Carolina, Browcr; North
DaUota, Senator Pierce; Ohio, Thompson;
Oregon, Senator Dolph; Pennsyl
vania, BIngbam; Rhoso Island, Spoonor;
fcuutli Dakota, Senator Moody;
Tennessee, Houk; Vermont, Grout; Vir
ginia, Bow den; Washington, Wilson; West
Virginia, Atkinson; Wisconsin, Sawyer;
Wjomlng, Casey; Idaho, Dubois.
The States of Alabama, Mississippi,
Texas, Florida ami Georgia and the
Territories of Arizona, Now Mexico
and Utah are not represented on tho
committee as at present constituted.
Delated Ones Can Oct Homo Comfort
ably Alter tho l'lrst or Juno,
President Hurt of tho "Washington
and Georgetown Street Railway Com
pany has agreed to put on an all-night
service on the Pennsylvania avenuo
This was agreed to beforo tho sub
committee of tho Houso District Com
mlttce at n meeting held this morning.
Representatives Atkinson and Heard
weie present, as wero also several news
paper correspondents. Representative
Mutchlcr, tho author of tho bill requir
ing tho Washington and Georgetown
Juainoau uompany to run cars nil nigut,
sat opposite President Hurt and piled
him witlr various aud sundry questions
touching tho capital stock of tho
company and Its rapid Incrcaso In
value. Representative Heard suddenly
raised an objection to tho jircsenco of
members of tho press, saying tho hearing
beforo tho sub commltteo was prlvato,
and tho rule lcqulrlng such meetings to
bo prlvato must be enforced. Ills point
wns carried, and, though no ono else
objected, tho membcis of tho pro33
quietly walked out.
Tho motion was discussed at some
length, President Hurt contending
that there was no necessity for cars
after 1 o'clock at night, but that if
It was needed on any lino lt was tho
Avenue, and that while it would
bo a dead loss to tho company ho
would agrco to havo tho service go Into
effect by tho llrst of Juno. It Is not
known whether Mr. Mutchlcr will bo
satisfied with this or not. Ho may In
sist on tho bill which requires night
service on all tho lines.
Ux-Speaber Carlisle Writing and Vot
ing on tho Turin" in Iloth Houses,
Carlislo will havo tho unparalleled
prlvllcgo of writing as well as voting
on behalf of tho minority In tho Fl
uanco Committees of both Houses &t
tho samo session, for ho will, of courso,
prepare tho minority report In llro Sen
nlo at, In tho Houso, saya a Washington
dispatch In to day's Philadelphia
licrord. Ho will also head tho Senate
confcrrccs, and will load tho light In the
most Important battle-ground, namely,
the field of tho Conferenco Committee,
for tho Conference Commlttco In 1890,
as In 1883, will really frame tho Tariff
act, putting Into It (probably against tho
protest of Oarllslo and his Democratic
associates, os did his predecessor
against tho protests of Carlisle Bayard
and tho other minority confcrrccs) Im
portant provisions never submitted to
either tho Houso or tho Scnato. Tho
probability Is that tho Fourth of July
will como beforo tho Conferenco Com
mlttco meets, In splto of Speaker
Reed's prediction that Congress would
be at homo to celcbrato Indcpcndcnco
Speaker Carlisle having been born on
Friday, married on Friday, first nomi
nated to Congress on Friday and noml
natcd to tho Sonata on Friday, has no
superstitious dislike to beginning things
on Friday. Hcncn ho would very
willingly huvo takcrrtko oatjr of office
and begun his service as Senator to day
(yesterday), If his credentials hid ar
rived In timo; but thoy will not bo hero
beforo to-morrow morning, and so ho
will wait until Monday.
It will be gratifying to tho whole
country to know that Senator Vest,
having waived his traditional right to
the vacancy on the Finance Commlttco
(created by the death of Beck) In order
that Carlisle might bo appointed to It,
tho Democratic Senators havo unani
mously agreed to recommend Oarilslo's
appointment to tho Vice-President, who
will thereupon mako lt, a3 a matter of
Senator Vest and tho other Demo
crats are candid enough and courage
ous enough to admit that this placo, In
volving tho leadership of the Democrats
on tho tariff, belongs by right of cmln
ent fitness to Carlisle, and to set nsido
all Senatorial traditions of precedence
In order to glvo It to him.
Either Vest or Blackburn Is likely to
succeed Beck on the Commlttco on Ap
propriations. m
Why Thcoiloro Thomas Vurposely Ito
frnlned from Politeness,
Cincinnati, Ohio, May 24. -There
was ono marriago gift received by Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore Thomas at their
wedding in Chicago recently that was
never acknowledged, cither by letter
or verbally, according to tho Enquirer.
When the marriago was announced
several ladles In this city who are
identified with tho promotion of music,
the husbands of two of them being
quite prominent In musical societies,
resolved to do their share in making tho
wedding a joyous one, and agreed to
purchase jointly a suitablo gift. Being
wealthy, expense was not spared, tho
chief Idea being to get something that
would ho appropriate.
At Isbcll's tho ladies found tho very
thing, so they thought in their innocent
feminine way. A little cord was tied
to tho gift with a dainty white bow of
silk ribbon, and on it the givers indited
their compliments.
It airivcd in Chicago in duo timo and
was unpacked In Mr. Thomas' presence
When ho looked upon it ho grow pale,
then red, then he tugged at nls tawny
mustache, and in a low, musical, al
though slightly Halted tone, said some
thing that made tho angels who preside
over harmony blush for their earthly
counterpart. What became of tho gift
is not related. Tho ladies, conscious of
having done a graceful thing and serene
in tho expectation of a warm reply of
thanks, awaited the airlval of tho note
of acknowledgment. It never came.
Tho gift that the ladles had selected
was nn enameled brono bust, almost
life-size, of an aged darky playing a
rude banjo. It was a very pretty thing,
and thousands havo admired It for Its
brauly and truthfulness to llfo. With
the eyes half closed, tho mouth partly
open, as If humming a favorito planta
tion air, and the wrinkled hands poised
above tho strings, tho statue seemed tho
embodiment of true music.
Yet Mr. Thomas was peiceptibly an
gered when ho received it. Tho secret,
ns laid baro by tho husbands of tiro fair
donors of the bronze, is amusing. Mr.
Thomas was not always tho leader of n
great orchestra nor tho petted favorite
of tho American public. Indeed, it is
snid that in the dim past ho did uot dis
dain to assist at what Is known ns a
"minstrel performance." This was In
the days when Will Carleton, tho bari
tone, concealed his handsome faco be
hind n coating of burnt cork. It Is easy
to fathom Mr" Thomas' feelings. In his
hasto ho believed that his secret had
been discovered and that tho present
was meiely a clever way of reminding
him of his past.
lion, Simon Wolf Seoks Information.
Mr. Simon Wolf has requested of the
Commissioners to refer tho following
question to their attorney for his de
thion. "If a person who cultivates
tho gropo on his own placo, manu
factures wlnoonly thprctrom, and sells
such product to wholesalers and others,
is it necessary for such person to havo
a license to sell."
Commissioner Koljort Tired.
Commissioner Robert, after a hard
week's work, Includinghls tour through
"Hell's Bottom," and nn investigation
up to 1:30 o'clock this morning at
Pollco Ileadnuarters, In matters relating
to liquors licenses, and questionable
resorts, left this afternoon to join his
family In Philadelphia.
Liquor Licenses,
Liquor licenses havo been grautcd to
Michael V. Ticrney, 11154 Boundary
street uorlhwest, and Charles A. Bond,
105 II street northwest. Up to dato and
ending with to day, 1,007 liquor licenses
havo been nllowcd, 200 rojected, 0
withdrawn, 101 pending, making a
total of 1,380.
Whit-Monday will bo eolcbrated In
this city by appropriate church
scivlccs and numerous May parties.
The latter will visit tho pretty wood
lands and lawns about Washington,
whero basket paitles aud romping will
bo the order.
Tho Agent's ISrror.
From the A'ew York Sun,
Sho was a piquant-looking damsel, so
It was very natural when sho confronted
tho ticket agent with tho word3 "Aro
there " that ho should leply "Stay
there." Consider then his mortification
when sho pierced him through and
through with a glance, spitted him on a
tneer, and repeated:
"Aro there any through trains to Al
bany after 0 p. mt"
Generous Heed,
I'lOitJtnci Journal,
You can voto as you ploaso, saya
Speaker Reed, so long as wo do tho
registration, tho counting and tho
Some or tho Objectionable Intorrogn
torlen ncrllle" Importers Intor
vlonr Many OMrlals nnd Citizens .
Thoy Aro Against tho Questions,
When tho toes of tho American peo
ple aro trod upon they generally glvo
vent to a howl, loud and long, with all
tho vigor of a full-blooded Comancho
Indian ono of tboso fellows full of war
paint and bent ou scalps and plunder.
From tho woy the press and pcoplo aro
howling now over somo of the printed
questions tho census enumerators nro
expected to ask farmer, merchant,
woikingman, housewlfo and all In his
dally rounds, lt seems as though somo
pcoplo think their toes aro under pres
sure. Tho work of taking tho census will
soon begin in Washington, a3 well as
elsewhere throughout tho country. In
view of this fact Tun Ciutio publishes
somo of tho questions to bo asked, and
tho ones, too, that nro mainly caus
ing tho howl. These nro fol
lowed by a series of Intcrvlows
with officials and others, nearly all of
which condemn tho proposed oftlclal In
terrogations as Inquisitorial and Impu
dent, especially thoso relating to tho
health and physical condition of tho
pcoplo. Thoy nlso regard them as use
less from a statistical standpoint.
Thcso questions aro In schedule 1,
and aro, first: "Whether suffering from
acuto or chronic disease, with namo o!
discaso and length of lime afflicted:"
and, second: "Whether defective In
mind, sight, hearing or speech, or
whether crippled, maimed or deformed,
with namo of defect;" and, third:
"Whether a prisoner, convict, homeless
child or pauper.
Schcdulo fi has to do with farms and
farmers. Thirty questions, subdivided
in many Instances, nro put under this
head. Thcro is nothing omitted. Ques
tion 29 Is: "If owned by head or mem
ber of family, is tho farm free from
mortgaeo Incumbrance?"
This prying question did not satisfy
the inquisitorial spirit of tho Census
Department, and the enumerators will
be instructed to ask tho farmers whose
lands and homes aro mortgaged for
what purpose tho monoy was spent for
which tho mortgagowas made.
Here is what somo of tho Washington
pcoplo had to say to Citmo reporters
to-day concerning the mntter:
Commissioner Porter had sono to tiro
Capitol when a reporter called ot the
Census Office this morning. The as
sistant chief clerk, James II. Wardle,
however, talked upon the subject of
the objectlonablo questions and very
vigorously defended both their neciJ3slty
and propriety.
"Every European census," said he,
"More 1810 has'contalncd similar ques
tions. The schedulo of questions asked
by the enumerators in both tho Ninth
and Tenth census contained similar
questions, although in tho present case
the questions have been elaborated and
made more specific."
"In the event of a lcftisal to answer
the questions would any attempt bo
made to prosecute tho offender?"
"I do not know what tho superin
tendent or tho supervisors would do in
such a case. Tho questions havo been
asked beforo and answered and valu
able statistical infoimation gathered
thereby. It is a misdemeanor to lefuso
to answer them and punishable by a
fine or Imprisonment. To bo sure there
has bceu a great deal of complaint
about them, but we cannot pay atten
tion to everything that Is complained
"Will thcro bo anything dono to take
thcso objectionable questions out of tho
"Why should there be? Tho act of
Congress gives us tho power to ask
theso questions nnd the people will havo
to answer thorn."
Mr. Wardlo further said that he
thought Commissioner Porter had gono
beforo tho Concrcsslonal Commltteo In
regard to theso questions, but ho added
that he did not desiro to bo quoted as
authority for that statement.
"I do not believe," said Mr. Law
rence Gardner, secretary of tho Bene
ficial Endowment Association, "tho
medical questions nre proper ones to bo
asked, lt is a matter that concerns
tho Individual, and ono with which tho
Government has nothing to do. I can
not sec how in census enumeration suoh
tacts can bo tellably ascertained. Tho
papers publish tho amount of taxes
men pay on their property, but I havo
always regarded such mattors as per
sonal aud private, both as applies to
municipalities and to a general census.
"Regardlni: the questions as to mort
pacts, I can readily understand why it
Is desirable to know how much of tho
farming lands of the country are mort
gaged. This could possibly bo ascer
tained from court recoids, but to bo
concct, would havo to bo cor
loboratcd by tho Individuals.
Tho question asking for what
purpose tho monoy was- spent, I
hclievo Is to ascertain why so many
farms aro mortgaged. Thcro could not
ho a distinction in asking it, so it has to
bo general. But, In my opinion, it is to
ascertain n possioio wny larmcrs aro in
worse financial conditions than over.
It Is an Interesting economic ques
tion just at present, and what
ever information can bo obtained
will bo valuable. I do not think any
attempt will bo made to force an answer
to nuy of them, becauso they
aro an Intrusion upon tho prlvato
affairs of a citizen, such as would not
bo tolerated In any other country but
this. For that reason tho Information
gathered would not ho trustworthy, for
Ft would be optional with one to answer
truthfully or not."
"Data on this subject," said Secre
tary Tlndall of tho Board of Com
missioners, "In my judgment, will
servo to satisfy public curiosity and
furnish material to public speakers and
writers In search of startling facts,
rather than to alleviate tho condition of
tho debt-burdened farmer, or keep nran
kind from Incurring chiouic and trans
missible diseases."
Captain of Engineers Lusk said:
"Tho questions as to farmers mortgages
aro bad enough, but thoso rolatlng to
chronic diseases, the condition of the
mind, and whether or not tho person
has been a convict, aro tho most foolish
I ever heard of. Why should a porson
crlmlnnto himself beforo a census
euumeiator, when ho Is not required to
do so In a court of justice?"
A gentleman who withholds his name
said: "I think tho questions asked as to
clnoulo diseases, etc., will have a ten
dency to causo parties who aro appll
cants for pensions to glvo such answers
to the enumerators as will assist them
In tho successful prosecution
of their claims. This, I think,
in somo instances, would bo a fraud
upon tho Government, Tho state
ments mado by persons and the cau
mcratlous, when compared with their
sworn applications In tho Census Ofllco,
may ho found materially different.
Lx-Commlsstoncr of the Land Ofllco,
Luther Harrison, said: "Tho questions
nro an Invasion of tho privacy of a per
son's life which tho Constitution guat
antccs him. Congress has no right to
mcddlo with my prlvalo affairs, and If
tho matter Is over tested by an attempted
prosecution for falling to answer such
Impertinent questions, tho courts will
very speedily dccldo that such a law Is
unconstitutional. Moreover, what bono
fit is such information, My prlvato ail
ments or dobts are no concern to tho
general pubHc, nnd tho Census Com
mlssloncr exceeds his nuthorlty when
ho tiles to gain information on thcso
Mr. Hnllet Kllbourn said: "Tho
questions nro absurd and unanswer
able. No ono can forco mo to divulge
my pcrsoual affairs. It is an attomptcd
Infringement of our constitutional
rights that ought not to be tolerated."
"I think," said Mr. A. T. Hcnsoy,
editor of tho Sunday Herald, "tho
Commission has gono n llttlo too far
and exceeded tho bonds of propriety.
Tho census Is for tho Instruction of tho
public, and tho private affairs of cltl
7cns do not concern tho general public.
Such statistics would not bo reliable,
and henco of no Importance."
Alexander Britlon, tho lawyer, said:
"What right has tho Government or
anybody else to know what diseases I
may bo afflicted with, or how much I
owe. It Is a matter that only thoso
directly Interested In arc concerned.
1 would not nnswor tho questions
and I do not think any attempt
would bo mado to forco mo to do so.
Congress has no power to authorizo tho
asking of such questions, and, by in
cluding them in tho schedule, Com
missioner Porter simply puts a pre
mium on lying, for nbbody will cor
rectly answer his Impertinent questions.
Henco tho statistics gathered by tho
enumerators will bo valueless."
"Tho asking of such questions," said
Lawyer O. II. Herring, "Is absurd, and
the Information obtained will be worth
less. Nobody Is going to confess
to a prlvato disease that only
concerns him and his physician. It Is
tho rankest kind of folly. Constitu
tionally considered, every ono Is In duty
hound to defy tho enumerator and ro
fuso to nnswer, and tho courts will pro
tect him."
Mnny other citizens and officials wcro
Interviewed to day, but the above will
show tho general tenor of the sent!
metits expressed.
I'lnshlnc nnd Thiinilcrlnc
ments In Several Sections,
Cincinnati, May 24. A severe elec
tric stoim passed over this city last
evening. By 7 o'clock communication
with almost every point in Kentucky
was crippled, but all reported a dan,
gerous storm. At Berry Station, Har
rison County, the deluge of water fell,
and hundreds of acres of fine tobacco
were either ruined or generally
damaged. Near NicholnSvillo, 75
miles away, sevcrol houses were
unroofed and ono porson slichtly hurt.
At Versailles, Woodford County, tho
river rose three feet In an hour and tho
current was so swift that It carried all
before It. Scveial buildings wero de
stroyed at Robinson, Harrison County,
aud the steeplo of tho Baptist church
blown down.
"At a lata hourlast night nil communi
cation with tho points named was cut
off and tho storm was still raging. In
coming trains last night bioughtnews
of c) clonic winds, torrents of rain and
all prophesy disaster for the northern
counties of Kentucky.
Bkeckhniudge, Minn., May 24.
Labt evening a heavy wind, coming
from the southwest, passed over this
place, carrying so dense a cloud of dust
as lo make it for a short timo dark as
night. Just north of town tho wind
completely wrecked the biidgo across
the Otter Tail, lifting it bodily from tho
piling aud throwing it into tho river.
'1 EltliE HAUTE, INI)., May 21 1'arU
Osborne, a well-known farmer in Sulli
van County, and Kcrschell Rlggs, who
was wilh him, wero struck by lightning
yesterday. Rigtts was killed instantly
and Osborne badly injured. Thero was
several severe thunderstorms In thlspirt
of tho Wabash Valley yesterday and
last night.
St. Louis, Mo,, May 21. A severe
electrical and rain stoim broke over St.
Louis last evening, completely demor
alizing tho telephone nnd telegraph
service and starting several fires in dif
ferent parts of the city.
Serious Dlfllrultles In tho London Trndo
New Yokk, May 24. Tho Herald's
Quebec special says: "In consequence
of over speculation in limber and de
cline in prices in England, Smith, Wade
fc Co., leading dealers in lumber In this
city, are in financial difficulties. Their
liabilities are about $2,000,000 and llro
print ipal creditors nro London (Eng
land) and Canadian banks. Western
lumbermen aio creditors for $700,000.
Unlcsss a settlement can be made, it
will I o a serious blow to the lumber
Tuolvo Hundred Allies on u Illoyclo,
Indianavolis, Ind., May 21. F. E.
Weaver arrived here yesterday from
New Haven, Conn,, having ridden from
that city on bis bicycle. Ho started
April 21, and is on his way to San Fran
cisco. His cycle-meter registots 1,200
miles. Ho goes from hero to St. Louis,
following tho Vandalia road closely.
Weaver is a member of tho New Haven
Blcyclo Club. In coming ho crossed
tho Allcghanics, and thut fact, coupled
with tho uad wcathor and tho roads ho
met with, mado his task a hard one.
Ono More for Ganndn,
New Yoiik, May 21, Tho Titbune's
Plttston, Pa., special says that W. E.
Hart, agent for William and James
Ocelli, Thomas Wnddcll and other
coal operators, Is missing, and that he
Is Indebted to tho Onellls to the extent
of $2,500 and to Waddcll In tho sum of
$11,000. Ho is believed to bo in
Fiirthirunko Shoclut In Montana,
Bii.linus, Mont., May 24, Thero
wero thrco sharp shocks of earthquake
hero at 1 o'cIolI; yesterday morning,
Some walls wcro cracked, and ono
building w hero n danco was In progress
was eo shaken that somo of tho dancers
wcro thrown to the floor. A loud uolso
accompanied tho bhock.
(Irate UIccium II mo u IIusvTlme.
Baiuiouhsmlli:, W. Va., May 21,
A distressing situation exists hero.
Flux, measles aud typhoid aro prova-.
lent. Two bundled persons aro 111.
Business is at a standstill. Physicians
and undertakers aro overworked und
gravo diggers havo not been so busy
for years.
llio Supreme Court Adjourns,
Tho Supremo Court of tho United
States yesterday adjourned until tho
October term.
Whllo n To unc Virginian Is Marrying
tho I'retty DiuiRlitor of a City
I'hyslclan a Itolatlvo lloldly Ilobt
Ills Store,
A lather abrupt and somowhal start
ling sequel to a fashionable wedding,
which took placo on Wednesday night
at St. Matthew's Church, corner of
Fifteenth and II streets northwest,
has just como to light, and Is causing
tho tongues of tho gosslp3 to wag
Tho story as told to a Cmnc reporter
Is to tho effect that after tho coremony,
which, from n social standpoint, was
ono of tho big events of tho season, tho
happy new-mado man and wlfo started
off on their honeymoon, which received
a set back when Baltimore had been
Tho bride, a young and beautiful
brunette, is tho daughter of ono ot
Washington's prominent physicians,
whllo tho groom, a dashing young Vir
ginian from tho historic town of Win
chester. Ho is barely 25 years of ngo,
but owns n largo and flourishing storo
in tho above town, which wns mado
famous by Sheridan's chargo away
back In tho sixties,
Tho wedding was attended by many
friends from Virginia, Baltlmoro nnd
other places, and after a magnificent
reception at tho residence of tho bride's
father the young couple left tho city at
10:30 o'clock fof a wedding tour. Now
York and Niagara Falls wcro tho ob
jective points, their Intention being,
however, to slop In Baltlmoro until tho
following afternoon and then resume
their journey. Tho pair registered at
tho Eutaw House. Whllo everything
passed off lovely In that city other
scenes wero being enacted elsewhere
It wn3 learned that when tho young
groom left his homo and store on Satur
day last ho placed his business affairs
entirely In the hands of n relative. He
trusted the latter Implicitly, but hardly
had ho started on his tour from this city
Wednesday night than a telegraph mes
senger boy dashed up to tho door of tho
bride's father with a telegram addressed
to his brand new son-in-law. The
doctor opened tho envelope, and was
birrprised and horror-stricken to find
from the contents that the groom's es
tablishment had been very thoroughly
ransacked by tho rclallvo who had been
left in charge. How to reach tho young
couple was the next question that en
tered tho doctor's mind. Ho know
they w ould stop over in Baltimore, but
where, was the problem that had to bo
solved. Soon to tho telegraph ofllco ho
rushed, and inside of an hour had
wiicd to cvciy person in tho Monu
mental Cily who ho thought would bo
able to apprehend them.
Theie was ono Ballimorcan who
know tho location of the young couple,
hut ho had gone to Philadelphia. Upon
his return to his office Thursday morn
ing, ho found numerous telegrams from
the excited doctor awaiting him, Thoso
failed to accomplish tho purposo de
siied and soon tho bride's father and
brother went to Baltimore and instituted
aseaich. After several hours of pcr
scverlngtoil they finally located tho
couple at the Eutaw House, and not a
moment too soon, cither, for thoy were
just about to start for Now York.
The news naturally put a chilly as
pect on thcothcrwiso roseate occasion,
and acted as n big set-back. Au hour
after the groom iccelved the nows he
wns on the cais speeding back to Win
chester, where he nnanged his broken
up business affairs temporarily. Last
evening ho took tho New York express
wilh his young bildc and is by this
time in the Empire Stato enjoying tho
delayed honcj moon and tho company
of his bride.
New Vonndland Fishermen Arming,
nnd nn Open Iletolt Looked Fur.
St. Johns, N. F. May 21. Tho
greatest excitement prevails hero, the
two last French outiages on the fishing
population hnvlng driven the people
almost to desperation. Along tho coast
known as tho French shore, which ex
tends fiom Cape St. John to Capo Ray,
the Ashing and farming population aio.
arming, ana agents have arrived hero
to purchase aims and ammunition to
supply tho crews of tho New Found
lnntlcr fishing vessels.
Unless tho British Government takes
immediato action to rescind the recent
agreement which gives Franco terri
torial rights for 10 miles inland on tho
const named, it Is not Impiobablo that
tho whclc colony will bo In open rovolt.
Open hostilities aro momentarily antici
pated between the armed fishing vessels
of New Foundland and tho French ves
sels. IlAtir-Ax, N. S., May 21. It Is ru
mored here that two of the English war
ships now In port have been ordered to
sail with sooled orders for tho scene of
the New Foundland trouble.
Tho Kxponso Hill Killed Tho Sneaker
Stricken Down.
Then-ton, N. J May 24. Tho 111th
Legislature adjourned sine die yester
day, after being In session nineteen
weeks, Tho House refused to concur
in tho Scnato amendment to tho Inci
dental Expenses bill, becauso It con
tained an item for $12.2G0, tho expense
of tho Hudson County Senatorial in
vestigation. This caused tho whole bill
to bo killed and none of tho extra em
ployes of the Legislature will bo paid,
Fred. C. Marsh of Elizabeth, who has
been acting as Speaker, was stricken
down ou tho floor vlth nervous prostra
tion and carried to his hotel in a pre
carious condition.
Appronclitnc ltetlslon,
Saiiatooa, N. Y May 21, At tho
meeting of tho Presbyterian Assembly
to day resolutions wore adopted ap
pointing a commltteo to select a com
mittee to revise tho confession of faith,
with Instructions not to proposo any
alteration that will In any way Impair
tho integrity of tho Calvlnlstlo systoir '
of tiocttlno taught in tho conression ol
World's I'ulr Committee Want Mnuoy.
Chicago, May 21. -Tho Woild's
Fair Commlttco have decided to ask
Governor Flfer to call a special session
of tho Legislature to submit a consti
tutional amendment authorUIng Chi
cago to voto 5,000,000 for World's
Fair purposes.
ltcmoed for Political lteusons,
Dknton, Mi)., May 21. Colonel
Philip N. Downcs, general appraiser of
merchandise for tho Baltlmoro district,
has been removed by tho President.
Ho was appointed by President Clove-
I rami ru rooo. 110 reason lurmurvwuviu
Is given except politics.
o.TAOlt, TIIi: INK-HMNOr.It."
Mnnln Wn to Throw Ink
I.ndlos Dromon.
New Yoiik, May 21. Tho pollco last
night enptured an Individual who had
gained for lilniBclf tho tltlo of "Jack,
tho Ink Sllngor." Ills mania has been
to throw Ink on tho drcses of ladles as
they walked along tho streets. Ho has
been operating both In tills city and
Brooklyn nnd during tho past fow
months has ruined many valuable
What ho gained by his strango ac
tions Is not npparent, and tho presump
tlon Is that tho man Is n monomaniac.
A quantity of ink was found In his
pockets when ho was arrested, aad ho
was evidently preparing to throw tho
fluid over tho dress of a lady whom he
was following. Ho gavo his namo ns
John Connors of No. 413 West Fifty
second street, and is an cmployo ot tho
Ninth-nvcnuo car stables. He Is about
33 years of age.
11 L" HAS NO IIOl'i:.
Kctnmlcr Snyx Ho llellornn lie Will
Suroly Ho Hlcctroetited,
AunuiiN, N. Y., May 21. Rev. O. A.
Houghton, Kemmlor's spiritual ad
viser, said yesterday afternoon that ho
had talked with tho condemned man
concerning tho writ of error applied for
by Counselor Sherman, and that ho
(Kcmmlcr) had no hopes of the coutt
grnnllne It. Tho most lie hopes for,
said Mr. Houghton, is that tho argu
ment on llro question of jurisdiction
will como up so into In the Stato courts
that it must necessarily go over until
the September term, when ho believes
that ho will bo again remanded to tho
custody of Warden Durston, to bo oxo
cutcd without delay. Hu has iris mind
made up to die, and believes that tho
death sentence will bo carried out.
sin, Lindsay ii:rs mo dauagus,
Tho City Kdltor of Ihn iltullotln" is
Awurdcd $0,000,
Piiir.ADEi.i'iiiA, May 21. Thomas
J. Lindsay, city editor of tho Ercninj
Bulletin, whoso suit against tho Thir
teenth and Fifteenth Streets Passenger
Rullwny Company for damages has been
on trial for several days before Judge
Haro, in Common Picas Court, No. 2,
was yesterday awarded $9,000 damigcs
by tho juiy.
While a passenger in ono of the cars
of the defendant company ou tho 15th
of December, 1888, Mr, Lindsay was
struck in tho cyo with a niece of glass
from a broken window and his eyestuht
so scilously Injured that he claims that
It is Impossible to work at night. The
defendants claimed that ho was not In
jured by tho nccident, but was consti
tutionally near-sighted.
'Hip Man Who I'rcnonliid llurrlion
With a Uliimnnd-Studdcd Cliulr.
Pan Antonio, Tnv , May 21. Thero
was dismissed In the Federal Couit here
yestciday a suit against Thomas and
Dennis O'Connor, involving tho sum of
$80,000 on a nolo which is piovento
have been forged by Tom O'Connor, n
cousin of the defendants, who aro tho
owners of COO.OOO acres of Texas graz
ing lands. Dennis O'Connor Is the
man who presented President narrtson
with a chair mado of steer horns
studded v.Hh diamonds, costing $3,000.
Tho father of Thomas and Dennis
O'Connor died in 1885, leaving a ranch
covering live counties in Texas to his
two sons, Dennis nnd Thomas. Tho
funeral was hardly over, when Tom
presented a note purporting to he signed
by his deceased uncle, for $ 80,000.
Tho Way Two lloslon I'emalos Tried
to hh.Hiio u .Mull,
New Yoiik, May 21 A special to
the World from Waycross, Ga., says:
Two whllo women en route from
Jacksonville, Flu., to Boston, arrived
lieio on tho 0 o'clock train to night.
They went into tho ladles' waiting
room at tho depot, nnd wcro soon after
joined by a coal-biack negro, who woto
a high hat. Their intercourse was so
familiar as to attract attention, and tho
negro escort was rotten egecd. Tho
women were very Indignant at this.
As ho was not going any further with
them, they kissed tho negro when leav
ing, to show tho rowdies In how much
esteem ho was held. Both women
were from Boston.
Clnrknon on Itopubllcunlsin,
Boston, May 2 1. There was a great
gathering of Republicans at the ban
quet given last night by tho Norfolk
Club. Many prominent men mado ad
dresses, but the star of tho occasion was
AsM&tont Postmaster J. S. Claikson,
who mado a long speech on Republican
ism In general and the tariff and civil
service reform In particular. Ho stated
that he was an ardent believer in civil
service refornr, but added significantly
that llio reform ho wanted was that of
a practical sort.
Denth of Sister Mury Stanislaus,
Vincknnks, Ind , May 21. Sister
Maty Stanislaus, Mother Superior of
tho Vincenncs diocese, died yesterday
of pneumonia after a fow days' illuess
at St. Roso Academy. Sho was In her
51st year. For thiity ycais sho has
been Mother Superior of thoso branches
of tho order at Indianapolis, Fort
Wayne, St. Mary's, Lafayelto aud other
points In tho Stato, Sho was an ener
getic, useful member of the Catholic
Ynlo Iloiitmen Victorious,
Nr.w Haven, Conn., May 21. Yalo
won tho Atalanta boat taco by eight
lengths. Tho timo of tho boats was
as follows: Yalo 20.17 and Atalanta
Tho shorlaco of J. E. Cattcll, the St.
Paul defaulter, will icach ijTO.OOO. Ho
has lied the city.
.Too Elllngsworth defeated Denny
Killcher in forty nine rounds last night
In San Francisco for a purso of 1,000.
An attempt was mado at an early hour
"this morning to blow up tho Haymarkot
Monument in umcago. it is thought
to ho the work of Anarchists.
J. W. Helm, a bucket-shop oper
ator In Danville, 111., has skipped,
lealng creditors to tho amount of
A conductor jumped from his train
near Hobart, Intl., yosterday, Into n
gully forty feet deep. Ills only injury
was a sprained ankle.
James McCluro, a ticket agent at
Cairo, HI., was declared insano yester
day. Ho has mado several attempts to
kill himself.
All of tho freight switchmen In tho
employ of tho Illinois Coutral Rail
road Company In Chicago went out on
striko at 7 o'clock this morning, but ro-
1 1 mncd to work two hours later,
Ho Writes nn Interesting Loiter lo an
Iowa Clergyman Slandlnt; Square
ly on nn the Constitution Ho
Ohnycd HI Conscience,
Dr.s Moines, Iowa, May 21. Tito
Rev. J. P. Tetcr, a Methodist clergy
man at Oskaloosa, a personal friend of
Justlco Miller, has received a letter
from him giving his reasons for his de
cision In tho orlginnl-packago case. It
contains tho following: "I venturo to
hope that I shall not wholly forfeit your
esteem because, In obedience to that
sense of conscientious duty, which I
havo no doubt promplsyou In this mat
ter, I havo felt bound to follow the de
cision mndo by this court nroro
than sixty years ago, and has
never been doubted nor disputed
from that day to this. Indeed, that
decision, In addition to being n decision
of tills court, was one which fell from
tho lips of tho greatest constitutional
lawyer that this Government over had.
It was based rrpon a construction of the
Constitution of the United States. This
construction lias not been altered since,
and tho judgment of tho court has re
mained without question from that day
to this, now sixty years.
"Many pcoplo Ilka you, I think, have
tho Idea that the Supremo Court is oath
hound In Its decisions by the vlows thoy
havo of abstract moral right. But wo
nro as much sworn to dccldo according
to tho Constitution of the United States
ns you are bound by your conscience to
a faith In the Bible. If my views of
tho truo meaning of the Constitution of
tho United States in n question
brought beforo mo as a judge
of ono of tho courts of the
country should compel rde to differ from
tho whole world I should do lt coura
geously, as I have no doubt you would
stand by any doctrino which you he
llevo to be taught by tho Holy Bible.
This is the only letter I havo attempted
to answer on Ihls subject, nnd however
my friends may think I havo erred on
this subject I must bear their censure."
Imprisoned lor Etc Months nnd to bo
lulled for Life.
Constantinople, May 21. The
Turkish officer and tho five students
who havo been hold by tho Russian
Embassy for assaulting tho wife nnd
daughter of its chief dragoman havo
been finally given up by the Russian
Ambassador, M. Nelldoff, who at first
declined to surrender them to the Turk
ish authorities.
Immediately upon their falling Into
the hands of the Tin klsh Government
nil five were at once tried, found guilty,
and sentenced to six months' imprison
ment. Following this speedy action
llio Sultan has Issued an order that
when the convicts havo served out their
sentences they are to be given life exile
in Tripoli.
M. Nelldoff has written n letter to the
Sultan, In which he expresses his satis
faction with tho government's action
nnd thanks tho authorities for thcrr
promptness in moving in the matter.
.IsscrtH Ho Will Onrimlzo Another
JCxpedlllon to Loiter Unlirorntii.
Los Anciei.es, Cal., May 21 Cap
tain J. T. Jaynes, one of tho filibusters,
who was at tho head of tho scheme to
invade Lower California, has not only
confessed tho truth of the story, but
openly asserts that ho is going to or
ann70 another expedition to Lower
California for tho purposo of founding
an independent republic In that coun
try. Jaynes names Augustus Merrill as
the man who betrayed the plot, which
has just come to light.
Jaynes asserts that the people of
Lower California aie ripe for rebellion,
and it would take but little to lousa
A Married Woman round Head In a
Hotel Hed-lEoom.
Pahis, May 21. Mme. .Tcantre
Wolocsky, wife of a broker, was found
dead in tho apartments of her lover,
M. Blovinsky, a commercial traveler,
nt S3 Ruo Dcs Mathuiins, Tuesday af
ternoon. There was a bullet wound in
her bieast. Blcvlnsky was arrested
while strolllDg along tho Ruo Roquo
plno. Ho was very cool, and said
Mme. Wolocsky had committed suicide
because ho refused her money. This
stotement fails to harmonize 'with tho
fact that thero wero evidences in the
room of a terrible struggle having taken
place, and tho pollco havo no doubt
that Blcvlnsky murdered tho woman
during a quarrel.
Missouri's Capitol Damaged.
Jnrrr.RSON City, Mo , May 21. A
severe wind storm struck this city last
night. A part of tho roof of tho cap
Uoi building was blown off, and a vast
amount of small damage to buildings
and crops is reported.
The Labor Situation In Austria,
Vienna, May 21. Advices from all
parts of Austro Hungary lcpiescnt the
recent industrial agitation as subsiding
and tho normal condition of tho labor
market as being rapidly resumed
throughout the country.
Her First Vojago Across.
London, May 24. Tho new steamer
Normannla, belonging to tho Hamburg
American Steamship Company, which
left Hamburg Thursday, sailed from
Southampton for New York on her llrst
trip jcsteiday.
Honors Tor tho I'rlnco,
London, May 21 Her Majesty,
Queen Victoria, has conferred upon
Princo Albert Victor, oldest son of tho
Princoof Wales, tho titles of Duko of
Clarcnco and of Avondalo and that of
Earl of Athlono.
Death or n Distinguished I'relato.
ISamiiuko, Bavahia, May 21. Arch
bishop Schrclber of Bamberg is dead.
Tho distinguished prclato was a matt
who had risen from tho ranks of tho
people, and was greatly beloved by
i i
Heavy Congo Stock Purchased,
BuubsuLS, May 21. Tho In-Upuul-enee
IMge says that Fronch Investors
havo purchased a million and a halt
francs woith of Congo Railway shares.
To' lie Hletated to the Ourdlnnluto, g
Rome, May 34. Tho Archbishop of
Ravcnna'wlll be elevated to tho Cardl
nalato InJuno. -
Local Weather Forecast
For the District of Columbia, ilarylaml
and Virginia, rlowUumandthowcr); slightly
uarmcr; generally toutholy Kinds,

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