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Ilielr ) nicer ami Dolecatea .What
Was Dane To-Day,
The National Conference of State
Itallroml Commissioners In connection
villi ibo Intorstata Cotnmoroe Commis
sion convened at 11 o'clock this morn
ing In the Sun Building. The del
egates assembled pursuant to u call
made at the annual convention held In
Washington In 1880,
The reorganization of the convention
Is as follows: Chairman, Hon. Thomas
M Cooler, vice-chairman, Eugene P.
Jervey of South Carolina; secretary,
Edward A. Mosely.
The delegates who responded to roll
call by the secretary are:
C'ouuectlcut-fioorgti SI. Woodruff, Wat.
I). Seymour.
Illiuois J. It. Wlvseler, Itaae N. Phil
Ill, J, II. Paddock, seerstsry; Charts
llauwrl, Con. Kag.
Iowa Sneuesr smith.
Keutueky I. A. Spalding, W. B. FUrn-
Jlsliie-D. N. Morthmd, A. W. Wllde.
Jtotroe 1 Hourers.
Maacbuetu George (1, Croeksr, Kit
ward V, Kinsley, Everett A. Steven.
MU ulgau Jota T. HWb.
Mluutwta Joku 1'. YVUIUum, A. K. Tst
lire, secretary.
Atisouii-J. B. llrestbiU.
NtUaka-t W.UUebrist. W.S.OaMwr,
New IIauipWre John SI. Mitchell.
Nf w York lsc V. Bsksr, jr.
ujtU Dakota DevU IUrtJ4t.
Ohio Jams A. Norton.
l'riiusylvauia Isaae H. Brown.
KlUMia Island K. L. Fraemau.
SoutU Carolina Milled - Beasnai
Eugene I'- Jervcy, D. f. Dnaesn.
youth Italota Jena King.
VeruuMU X. J. Ormibsa, .Ufratl H. WaV
tou. clerk.
W joining J. Vi. lltmmtml, aeting wn
J Whitehead, comptroller, Atchison.
Tupcka sad Santa Fe KaUruad Cumnany;
A IluuglaM, auditor, St. Louis and San
1'ianciwo Railway Coutysay; J. C. L'ourt
iiev, auditor, Western and Atlantic Rall
rojj Company; Oliver W. Mink, eoaip
truiUi, 1'iuuu Paciav Railway Company.
tltl'ioguliug Executive CusiMltle, Aa
fc.HiatU.u uX AiBtrlcau Railway, Account
lug Officers - C. S- PUUUpt, secretary, Asso
cieilou ox American Ball way AaTotinHag
Ofluet, 8. I. Stnrrts, nulstant gsusrsl
auOitor, C. B. Jc Vj.Tt K-; A. T. HadWy,
cw liaveu, Conn.
The meeting Is called to 1 urthsr the
Interests of gnasyal uUoHiiy is Um
icguLatiou of Stale raUroMb 09 leiaU
TIUS COflattltte OA OAlf ot tMW&Q6a0
KiHMted ttw aubje4: "Haaart ol Cur
iut' "liufoBaiy is Railway Ac
countings," asMl "Hallway Letela
ttt'U "
The c(mftimm wwoavwad al
p uj.. keit wtinlwrtnai yusjuasii by
the laikuad vommim vmi Ulwa Mf
atKl diac uaatxl.
tiauaral Hcaies'a Xmiluiw MUtlair.
Suiniiuiu. Cal.. May 8.
FikucU i.f WUliam H. Bxa. tht
i.iiiaJ, ate vttry auws) cosyraraad omr
lu 1 J.U-. 11 cmc W U April aod
s uUt euipioyutiwt. as faikai to
ui 1 niuluaaces Itoaa kis ftosw in Mo
bi.e. Two weeks ago k ausUaaly IU
aj j cred asal to is faacwl bee !
o. iual: away with, as ao trace of bint
b-" Ueu fwiM atakcu.
vii vwc taiiiiijai' i'a.
bAit Lak. Vtaw, May T tfe
Ln.ai.iae of a roe la. law Daly
Nuidar F B. Ocaamkaf.
V heeler as4 laasv SswU w iicial
iuuJ 4M iat doa a iiaiaoa la
M.iaiiy kiUal-
It Will Open Up Every Schedule to
Mr. Springer's Little Joke and Mr.
Hatch's Amendment Mr. Reed
and "Cold Tca"0ther News.
Harmony failed to reign yesterday In
the Senate Committee on Finance to an
even loss degree than wa thought. The
effect of tho nctlcn of Senators Sherman
and Jforrlll, upon their colleagues, wai
so surprising as to daze all of them tem
porarily, except Sir. Aldrlch. He
rallied suniclcnlly to Unit histamine
and read the riot act to his venerable
lenders. He declared that tho Cold
Sherman and Iho venerable Morrill
were doing a highly unwise and emi
nently Improper thing In voting with
tho Democrats 'and against their own
G. O. P.
31r. Allison sat a silent and amazed
auditor and spectator of all these wild
doInts. There wcro the two old load
ers, chiefs In the caucus and foremost
In the fray, violating all the tradittons
of leadership. There was tho young, but
wary, Aldrlch proving himself n very
Hotspur and charging full tilt against
his leaders. What did It all mean?
So far as tho company then present
wns concerned, It meant that Mr. Sher
man became very tired during tho last
Concrcis of the bumptious aertlveneM
of Messrs. Allison and Aldrlch lit
Ignoring him In thu framing of a tarllf
measure as a substitute for
the Mills bill. Mr. Morrill shared this
feeling, lie was tho rather of the war
taillT and he objectod to being set aside
for anybody. So the two old pirlla
mentnry foxes set a snare for their ag
gressive colleagues. And they tripped
them up.
Tho effect of the committee's action,
which could only have been taken by
thu help of two Ilopubllcam the com
mittee standing 0 Kepubllenns to t
Domccrals Is to open up every sched
ule of tho Mclvinlcy bill to amend
ment. Thu committee determined to
Klvo heatings to all who waut them.
Th or o will be many to be heard.
One result will bu delay, and In delay
there Is danger to certain able states
men now riding upon the highest
waves of popularity In the sea or lie
publleanlsm. Mr. Allison admitted
yesterday that this would be ono olfoct.
Mr. Sherman said he hoped to be able
to roport tho bill back to the Senate by
July 1. It will probably be July 13.
Mr. McKtnley admits delay rind
dreads It. Yesterday morning he felt
confident his bill would pass the Senate
soon and with but few amendments,
this morning he sail he failed to
comprehend thu action of the Finance
Committee, unless they lire to have
private meetings among themselves and
determine their course. That, he sahl.
was the only practicable way. Whether
It will be adopted or not remains to be
The real bottom fact In this matter
is that Senator John Sherman Is exceed
ingly tired of the "Xapoleon" business
In politics. He thinks them quite as
objectionable In polities as In tinance,
and he proposes to himself
effectually to clip the ambitious wings
of one of thorn. The Iluckeye Napoleon
was getting in the way of the grim old
veteran ami he Intends to teach him a
The relations among the leaders of
the ltepubltcans of Ohio are strained.
If there be a Napoleon among them his
marshals are sulking In their
teals. Uulterworth revolted openly
against the Mclvinley bill. A
Mt occurred between McKinley ami
Qrosvenor during the tariff debate
whleh showed their affection for
each other was hardly a deep
as that between Dawoa awl Pythias,
"PirebeU" Poraker is endeavoring to
erl his way again to the frost.
Truly they are a coateatkMu lot, aad
sdly la htd of the soatulag swrice
if a "Ueu the Costquefw."
lie 1'ult In an liarlr Avpearauea auJ
U bitora 1b.
After all the expected sosneiimas
kapiMM. It did this woralsvg. The
Hob. Itichard Vaux appeared a the
moor of tke House aa hour before tba
tiascof wartiag. He was cbjuMroaetl
by the Hon. Charles O'KeUI, the
Father of Um House. Fiout
ik tiaus Mr. Vaux' tall forat appeared
os) the Hoot uatil Sneaker Heed rawed
for order UUroducUosts were m osdar.
Members of bask akks erowded about
Out picturesque PkihtelsipUaa to shake
baads with hisa. Mr. Vaux was ia flaw
spirits, awl Us wit glowed and gtlatooed
lit host HStS
Colosel Isaac Hill, the lieuwcralk
"whip," had Wcted for Mr. Vaux
oawof Uit choke seal os the Ohemo
cralk aid), the one fotaaariy oflrHatatl
to Mr. Ellis, who takes Mr. CajrttatV.
Tide seat is la the first cttcte aad faces
tha skh) of the Sfwaksw's laaak.
Mr. Yaux's desk was Mkuraod with a
lowariag Horal enibkws, aesd by his
asacaHaies ou the Board of lasnocttirs
of the Easter Peoiteatiary of Payl-vaaia-
It rwrwayahrd use coats of
areas of Patutsylvaaia and PhibxirifMi.
and was a yeas of the oits' art. It
bore the word. 'PhiladlJaiM
aalo." There were also other torsi
j esubkaas, the dwsa. Uiag crowded with
I taesu.
' After thaseadiMt of taw Jouraai Mr
. O'aveiU w autmimmi, ad uiovod that
! Mr. Vaux he swora ia. The two the
I advanced to the bar of the House. Mr.
1 smi isyw. t awraa, wsMriaiUpMa tsba
1'iiiaomiarv alMraialiiiii was uludiMatf nwi
Appiauas frosa all osat the Houaa
tfraetod Ike new tueaahtf. who waal
through the ordeal with the courtly
grace which characterises his.
Mr- Spriugcr aaas up to the press
ivaliiery a johe. warraaton both smw aad
foi'd aad aptvoiriar to ha ocoaatoa-
i m UaAcst of Missouri also ladged
in jst. He smt np a note snylng
"Ills filcmls have been Inappropriate
with their floral emblem. They should
hare sent a century plant In frill
Peroral Philadelphia friends of Mr.
Van x came over to lend him the light
of their countenances and the aid of
their moral support. Among them was
Minor McKcnn or the Philadelphia
In the .SenMe
In the Senate to day, after transaction
of routine business, the Senate bill sub
jeetlng Imported liquors to the laws of
the several Stales was aealn taken up.
Mr. Morgan spoke lh opposition to
the lnermirP, basing his argument on
cDnstltutlonal grounds.
In the IIoiiio.
Hills were pasted In tho Home to
day as fellows: Appropriating fiao.OOO
for a national military park at the bat
tlefield of Chlckamauga; Senate btll
donating Lake Contrary to tho city of
St. Joseph, Mo.; bill amending the act
for the erection of an appraisers ware
house In New York, so as to provider
that the Secretary of tho Treasury may
erect the warehouse at any point within
the collection dlstilct nortli of Liberty
street on the west sidoof the city. A
conference was ordered on the Naval
Appropriation bill.
1 he House then went Into Committee
of tho AVholo on the llivcr nnd Harbor
The KlRht-Ilottr t.nvr,
Mr. Gest's bill to provide for the ad
justment of accounts of laborers, work
men and mechanics arising out of tho
eight-hour law was today favorably
reported to tuc 1 louse.
The iillammorle'ii" Iltoir,
William C, Lockwood will this after
noon run the show locomotive from
this city tollaltlmorc, taking tho mem
bers of the llallroad Commlttcos of the
two Houses, that they may have a
C radical Illustration of the hammcrlost
low of tho locomotlvo driving-wheel,
and for which ho has bills ponding ap
propriating jJM.OOO to dotray thc.cx
penscsof a scientific Inquiry.
No Store oCiilil Tan."
Speaker ltccd to day ordered stopped
the sale in the rostaurant of tho House
of all alcoholic beverages, excepting
wine at meals, and then only In "origi
nal packages." All malt bovorasros are
tabooed, as well as the distilled liquors.
Nobody sympathizes with the
rcstnurant keeper because he kept vile
whisky. Nothing has boon done yet
to stop the sale of the stuff In the Sen
ate restaurant. When the order be
came known there was an oxodus to
thu north end of the Capitol.
An I.'clio from It Is llennt In
Mr. lferr of Iowa does not propose to
let the naync-llynum-'WIIson Campbell
row rest In the peaceful grave to which
it was consigned. He yesterday Intro
duced a resolution calllne on the Sec
retary of tho Treasury for tho evidence
In the trial of James Campbell, the
Pittsburg glass blower, for violation of
the law concerning the Importation of
labor under contract. Mr. ICerralso
wants to know what the opinion of the
Solicitor of the Treasury was, anyway,
about the prosecution.
It will be recollected that It was about
Campbell that the llayne-llynum liel
llgerencles arose. During the contro
versy Mr. llynum, "who had It In for
Campbell," as the boys say, not content
with denouncing Campbell as a "liar
and perjurer." referred to him as being
under Indictment for violating the con
tract laltor law. Mr. Itayne explained
the matter and said Campbell had been
tried and acquitted.
ftow the Hawkeye statesman Inter
feres. Does be doubt Mr. liynunVs
statement that Camrlxdl was Imlleted?
Ur does he doubt Mr Wayne's state
ment that Campbell has been aequlttedr
It looks as though another double act
of hostility and harmony would be en
acted la the House.
The Homo ltrJecU It Without Even a
Yesterday In the House, the River aad
Harbor hill being under coasideratloa,
Mr, Houk offered aa atueadMMt to au
thorise John Cowdoa aad his associate J
to construct the Lake Itorgae oulat
under certain coaditloae.
It caused a livsly debate. Id which
Mr. Houk admitted theplaa was ia the
nature of aa exper Iiaeat, but elaiwed it
would cost the UovstBuieBt nothing
unless the scheme was a shining suc
cess. Mr. Dunaell. who hails front the
headwaters of the stream, also favored
the outlet. So did Mr. Houuaa. These
were apparently all the friends the plan
Mr. Cokataa aad Mr. Hobettsoa.
both of Louisiana, Mr. Grosveaor of
Ohio aad Mr. Ilaadarsoa of Ilttaois. op
nosed it Mr. JUaachssd of Idwlslaaa
hotted that a wild, chiaserical scheme,
like the t'owdeu sckenw. would not re
ceive the serious lailorsesneat of any
member. Every araiy engineer, who
had had anything to do with the Mis
siasiptd had condemned the outlet the
ory as false aad without valise. Every
auouWr of the Ykksburg coavaatioa
had cuadeuiaed it.
The House then rejected the amend
nisat without a divisiutu It did the same
with a atndlar aateadaafal osfated by
Mr. Holsnan. Thus la taw outlet schetaa
oace wow given a black eye-
varal: (tea.
YKaaMtw, Mm.. May . The r
ttaioa of the Bus and tits Qray.
yestatday was a coaautma success an
asattes)dd by Uaoisaadsol paoolw.
Ia the iMwade, the Orsad Arsay occu
pied the noat of honor fottontad by the
Coaieaatate vtaraa. Hnamai wars
yn ky Governor ftiinat of Mlaaiailaai,
and a nMmier of nfoahassat Hoaifcary
aad Soushjata vaiasnBa.
! nal TctelM.
Stevs aw Wing taken to have U. H
Lee bfouht bach to this ctty. Me b
under arrest at Ktchuioad for forgiag
Out aaaaa of Editor Frank Uattou to a
cack While hate last wialat ha ea
caged ia several shady trheaawt, aad U
ia alleged pajed a bogu check oa J.
E. Uuasfisuey. the salooa kaeaar oa
Tbirteaata strtwt ABautag his other
achtu.i's was a wild cat town site .
Vasy u the State of WaahUgtoa. Lee
cla'w 1 be ftww tssio.
The Snprintendnl of the Census
Explains His Action.
The Superintendent Sajs No New Qhs.
lions Have Been Asked His In
structions to the Enumerators,
As quite an Interest has of late been
around concerning certain Inquiries to
bo made In tho forthcoming census, It
was deemed best to have an Interview
with the Superintendent of tho Census
for the purpose of obtaining authorita
tive Information relative to these sub
jects. 'With this end in view, a re
porter of Tun CiitTic was directed to
call upon Hon. ltobett P. Porter, Su
perintendent of Census, with the fol
lowing results:
Referring to the complaints alleged
lo be made concerning tho Inquiries
with respect to obtaining statistics upon
the mortgage Indebtedness upon farms
nnd homes throughout the country, the
Superintendent said that the bill pro
viding for the collection of these sta
tistics passed the llotno of Representa
tives February 10, with
having previously passed the Senate
with only four votes against It. Groat
stress was, at the time, laid upon tho
alleged demand by the fnrmors of tho
country for this Investigation. In fact,
It would seem from the amount of talk
upon the subject at the lime, that this
clans of our population was "sitting up
nlphls" list information on this sub
ject would not be gathered and tahu
latid In the results of the forthcoming
ccnnis. Notwithstanding, the Super
intendent said, that lio had pointed out
to the committees of Congress the dllll
cultles and embarrassments, as he
viewed It from no little experience ob
Islnid fiom his conuntlon with the
Tenth Ccnius, the clamor forlogUh
lion nf the character enacted may be
best Indued when It Is stated that n
penalty was likewise onacted for re
fusal to give Information with refer
ence to pilvatc and corporate mortgage
As a further reason why the Superin
tendent of the Census, as he said,
doubled tho wisdom, not to Hpeak nf
the propriety of the propose! legisla
tion, was tlmt the work of the census,
as a whole, had lieen determined upon
and outlined, and tho schedules based
thereon prepared. Ho did not think It
wlte to broaden, by additional leglsla
Hon. the work of the Eleventh Census,
as laid down under the provision of tho
act approved March 1. lHtiO. Tho Su
pcilutcndcnt said that his opposition to
this legislation was based more upon
the latter lesson, than upon any other.
At the same time the other reasons were
not without a controlling Influence.
l!i-Krter Mr. Porter, what have you
to say with respect especially to the
strictures recently named concerning the
Inquiries relating to vital statistics
which, as one prominent Gubernatorial
candidate put it. Is "enough to make a
man's blood boll."
Mr. Porter There Is not much to be
said on this subject. Yesterday I Issued
to the supervisors of the census through
out the country an important order
beating upon this subject. Here It Is:
umHnT tmriKK.
Cnmis Ucrus,
UA.HiNfaTox, D. C May SO, 13)0,
T buperi iturt it L'tutus:
You will tlM Instruct anuoutrators la
eatas nbare parson refuse toaastter h
Httfsttoai oa ta population wlwdul re
lating to physical aatt nuHttal ilkaMlHia
(98 aad tat), or the iUsUons rabliajc to
fa rua, homes and mortgage t'irt to 30, In
clusive), to enter lu ttw prooar column the
vkorUs "Ksfuswl to answar." No furtaar
ttm will be MMewary uutbe part of th
supervisor or anumarator, and all hsgal
ufuidiug will be iitotituted by the Wasfc
lugton oaW througb Ilia Departutsnt of
Very rssaecUully,
Kousnr f. roars.
SuarintutUBt of Ctusus.
You will sea from this that people
have only simply to decline to answer
the questions when it will rest with the
law Deaartateat of the Government,
upon the facts being reported to It, to
see whether the mandate of the law
governing the subject is enforceable.
These uuesioas concerning acute or
cbroaic dteeanmi were asked la the Teeth
Census, oaly ia a much more blunt
form than they are ia the forthcowiag
one. In fact, they have been asked ia
soaie form or other ia all censuses of
this country, from the afth down to the
runt. MtulUr questions are asked
the caaiusen of the more civilised
countries of Euroae, more especially
Great Britain aad France. Ia the latter
coualrv it has been developed by the
statistics that out of a population of
30,000.000, S.uuu.OOv. and over, were
unatted for self support by reasoa of
physical disability of oae kind or
another accute ot chronic. Thus, it
will be teen, ia this i eats ace, for ex
ample, thai oae eighteenth of this
poeuialtoa were absolutely, as it were.
so much "dead stock" oa hand, to use a
hetaeiy uhrase. In this connect Ion, let
me put what I consider unite a uertiaeut
iaqwry. It is this, what general of
aa army would undertake to go into
battle without tirat knowing ike eJAt
physical condition of Us enstre foite
as veil as iu auaaerkal streogtU
It seem i- to aae that such inforosatloo is
just as esaeatiaJ ia affairs of
government, for we are la a battle
rtruggaag for industrial awta-earny
bavtag ia view the greatest urospv-ri'y
to the whole people. Aside from tlu-
ciaid.-rntioas, scmnlists deaaaud tb?
iaiocmatioa- Greater &aa all ca
alderatioas, however, the lav evuu, 4
j it to be obtained- I have ao di. cutou
lader asy oath of oJke I asa obliged to
carry out both the letter aid sfarLi of
I the law Those who seek the 1 heap
I notoriety that coams from ilppaui -b
jtctioos to must snylhlag tlut i , -
poacd tsuat irst tusst their abtUiU" ui
1 the diitcUvu vi tvoealing that tv
they object, not by cottanrlng or eritlefs
lag the officer atipoinletl to carry out
the provisions of a law.
The object sought to be att!nl In
gathering this Information is not, M
sntire would lead the ordinary person to
Mipprfe, as a sort of "Paul Pry" bud
tits, or, as It were, an opening up of
"famllv skeleton closets." On tite con
trary, ft Is to wmlaln the number who
arc disabled from their ordinary em
ployment by reason of acute disease,
such as malarial or typhoid fevers, or
by reason of chronic lurg dlwsn or
eonsumpllon, or tumors of varlom kiwis
or chronic theumati'in nr the rwmltof
Injuries, such as fractures, etc. Siteh
Information has a value amounting al
mot to parammint Importance. W klta
Hip flgrtres that may Iw obtalnetl for any
one group cannot, as a matter of conne,
lie expected to be absnlutelyaecttrate, the
deficiencies wtll lie in altottt the same
proportion everywhere. Hence, the re
sults In different group will lie fairly
comparable with each other.
Itcportcr In view of the criticisms
lhat have been made through many
promlnont journals and by many indi
viduals, as aliened, might I ask you, Mr.
Porter, If rctlecllon Indicates to you that
any blunder has been made In putting
forth or Insisting upon answers to these
Mr. Porter As I have previously
said, the law gnvcrntng the taking of
the Klcvr nth Census leaves me abso
lutely without any discretion on those
points. If. any blunder there be, tho
blamo must attach to the law and Its
fraintra. Our late lamented General
Grant nnco said, while occupying the
Lxccutlvc chair, that "tho only way
to repeal an obnoxious law was to en
foicc It." Hut ancnl this Inquiry of
yours, giving It as my personal opinion,
with the sanction of my olllclal posi
tion, I am at n loss to understand where
blunder can be made In following the
recommendations In this matter of
the most eminent statisticians nf
this country and of Lurope In
placing these questions in thoschcdulos.
And, 1 take it, that It was In view of
these recommendations that provision
was made In the law for this purpose.
In my Judcmcnt, tho people of this
country arc too Intelligent not to ap
predate the value of Information to be
uciivcd irom a comparison or answers
given and the Importance of making
such answers as accurate as possible.
It must nlso be borne In mind that the
answers given as regards each Individ
ual wtll be treated as absolutely confi
dential. Only the numbers will be
llcporter Then, Mr. Porter. In view
of what you have said, It Is safe for mo
to assume and to stale that this provision
of the law with respect to thu ascertain
ment of this Information in connection
with the volume on vital statistics has
your approval, the adverse criticism to
the contrary notwithstanding?
Mr. Porter It has, most unquali
fiedly. Similar objections, and equally
as strenuous, have been made lo like
Inquires heretofore, not only In Uils
country, but in othes, especially In
Great llrltaln. So great was the objec
tion to them lu the latter country that
for a period of nearly fifty years (from
lfOl, when the subject of taking the
first census of Kneland was under de
bate In the Home of Commons, to 1X11),
this Information was not Included In
the schedules of tho decennial censuses
of that country. Little or no objec
tions has been Interposed to them since
the latter date. In Prance, which Is
credited with being the greatest
civilised country on the face of the
globe, these Inquiries are taken as a
matter of course. Then why should
the United States, which, though In
-wlnl of years, Is the most youthful of
nations, but which In so many things
stands in the front rank of all the coun
tries, take an almost century backward
step in this matter which cannot but be
recognized as of vital Importance. Our
motto should be, in faot as well as in
name, onward, not backward.
QtveriMr hum E. (kntpeeU a ths
SiUtatua in His Stats.
lie Relieve the Democrat Will Hleet
their State Ticket unit a Major
It)' or the Uoaj;reiuen.
.1 Xh I'wt Mar luitrriitu aUk (ae.JautM
. CamjtUlt, Tr hut.
Pewoeratle prospects la Ohio are
good. Of eotwse, we are just getting
seiliad iato the aew order of thUgs, hut
Uetuoersls all over the State are wall
satliiwl. We have art elactioa before
us this fall, aad while the oDices to lie
filial are aot of extresae political Im
portance, ths election will be Important
ia show tag now the party is hold! tig an
to the grip it gained last fall. We sheet
a Secraiary of Stale, a Judge of Ike
Sutwnts Court aad a Costunisstoasw of
Public Works. I believe tnnt tnsrsls
not tna slightest doubt that Use Isasao
crats will carry the State, and I think
the Hepublksns expect it. We will
also have a smajorUy of the Congres
sional delegation, as we ought.
What an the causes which will htsd
lo a Democratic viUury, in your judg
ment, Governor?
Well, there are three. Usually the
swing 0 the aoBtical pendulum ia Ohio
is long enough to ive the Democrats a
second victory, and everything of a local
satura is ptxmitious for that this fall.
In the second place, the Faruuws'
Alliance is getting into shams in Ohio to
rierriss conaidaraino inliuencs). and that
will draw mot frosu the Ktfpiihih sas
than frons the Issiurs rats- These sis
more BafMhUcan farmers who are dis
atisnad with the tariff than the tariff
can draw away from us. The third
great eluawnl Ues la the conaarvatlva
and cool headed Republicans, who look
w ith nmfm and tHssalbtf action upon thn
ikpublkan attempt to Interpose Fad
era! authority is the South. The pct
nkkw policy of Federal istertafeatc
which she shpuUkaas are adopting to
hold themselves In authority does aot
krlu thn nsrtv amrm,ip csu thlaklny
pcufsVa. and Is a decMVd our of
sUenfsh, I kwlleve. to the Isetuocrata.
esM 44aaw4n.
Sk-w Yok, hlsy . The aalna
agents olth sis gceat cwal pducsng
cnnianisn wan yaoarday aad dncjdadta
advnMK th fdaes el stove aad cfeswt
out twenty-ive cents per urn. and egg
tifiean cents, hroheu remains ua
changed It was also do. Uc J tu re
uLct ths Hoductioa foi the oivlU (
Jue U t,V W Ua
WHItl rfiBT.
Evictions in Ireland That Did Not
The Three.Comered Fight Betwsen New.
funndlind, France and England.
Sarcastic CommenU.
London, May 2S. The application
made last fall lo the Swiss Inderal
Council by M. Kocchtln, the assistant
of M. Klflel In the erection of the
KlfTcl Towor, for authority to construct
a railway to the summit of the .Tung
frau Mountain, in the Swiss Alps, has
finally been acted upon. The Idea of
constructing such a railway has long
been a subject of spasmodic consider.)
tton by the Swiss authorities, and there
were several applicants for tho position
of chief constructor nnd controller nf
tho undettaklng liesldcs M. Koeohlln.
Although some eight months have
elapsed since the application was made,
the decision of the council was reached
in about as short a time ns Swiss oflldal
conclusions nrc usually arrived at. The
summit of the .lungfrau Mountain be
ing upwards of 111,000 feet nbovc the
starling point of tho proposed railway.
It may bo seen that the venture Is beset
wilh dllllcultlcs from the beginning of
the work.
Vcstctdoy was the day set for the
commencement of wholesale evictions
from the estate of Colonel Stuart at
"Watorford, iu the southern part of Ire
land. The tenants had dolled Stuart's
agents, and even the Colonel himself,
and the evicting party arrived on the
ground yesterday morning In full ex
pectation of having an exciting day be
fore them, which would probsbfy be
succeeded by several others opt illy
lively. The sight or the bailiffs and the
olhcr members of the attacking force,
liowtver, cooled the warlike spirit of
the delinquent tenants and forty of
llicin at once agreed to pay the full
amount of their arrears on condition
that they should be allowed to remtln
unmolested. Tho terms were accepted,
and tho c Ictlous did not take lace.
It Is likely that the remaining few will
pay up to day.
IS Till". HAIU A?
The '.- reflect In I In Its utterances
the general disgust which the actlou of
tho Newfoundland legislature, In ad
dressing itself defiantly to the Queen,
has provoked, gravely makes the sug
gestion that tho Government settle the
fisheries dispute by ceding Newfound
la ml to Trance, and granting lu addi
tion pecuniary compensation. Such
proceedings could not fail to settle the
dispute as far a Trance Is concerned,
and to settle the Newfoundlander as
well. It Is more than likely that the
Ciovernmoat will reply to the address
of the Newfoundland Parliament by
insisting on the compliance of that
colony with the term of Knglaad's
agreement with Trance, in default of
which sterner measures will be taken.
Cardinal Manning has warmly con
gratulated Mr. William O'llrlen upon
his approaching marriage to Mile.
IlalTalovlteh, and has promised that he
will personally administer to the young
lady the rite of confirmation when she
Is formally received Into the Church.
The prospective bride of the Irish
editor and Member of Parliament Is
now receiving the religious Instruction
necessary to her acceptance of the faith
of her Intended husband.
MiwEil. vsboi Tories.
A special commission ot military otH
cets, embracing representatives of all
the German Army Corps, is engaged in
the work of drafting a new penal code,
with speelal reference to military pun
UbmctiU. The commission is sitting in
Ittrlin, sad is in almost dally receipt of
sugxestlons from the Kuiperor.
Itoriag the stay of Msjor Wlssmann
In Germany, where he is to remain a
month or tvto. he wtll he reprssnntml in
st Africa by Lieutenant Schmidt,
whosa complete defeat of Kushlrt
stamped him as aa able and determined
Instructions hare been forwarded
from the Vatican to ths hands of the
Catholic Church in ths Dominion of
Canada to endeavor by all kmitimsts
means to allay the strife existing he
twtten the Canadian and French fisher
IMiuKaMUe ttf U
Mscokut, III , May . eVwidsnU
of the village of Industry, this eonnsy.
aw greatly e&cited over the mysterious
djssppeamacc of Ella Cortatrll. a hnml
some young woman, who left home tan
days ago to visit a sister at Bowest, ILL
She was traced oa the Wabash KaUtaad
to near Keokuk, whet all clues we
lost. X reward of fa) is offend tor in
formation as to her whawahotus. Shs
ia H years old and a blonde.
Ktut t
en-kusu-rnu u, lLL.,)lny - Police
Otsuer Kiilian Uum Inatnsght shot
and Instantly kb'Ud WitMnut Keech.
aged IS. Keech, who had hetta ar
reated by the osttcer tot a iiaetuesnt
started to run away. The omcer tol
lowed and after pursulag hint losmaiHs
tasfi Used a shot and Keech fell 'lead.
The oMcer claims that his pistol fell
out of his pucket while he was running
nnd was ncckJeataily dUcharged, hut
Kallsstt mW 2. TsmSssmmmm iLXAammmtemmW
sgisssim sr t t sni'(jssjsspse' sTSrstssW'Sr1
St. Farrsutsninc. May 9. Aaoslcer
and four sattar wane yesarnanj silled
by an gpostos whsch occunad in ttw
tonwdo Inctoty at Siholase. Ooaem
msmt of Khntson. in nouthieTU Killiis
VevybUi IteiUtmW' Hi iStostftWsi-lluvsmu-v
W Vs. May,.
saw tuill bviik-r exploded yesteadsy klU
iag KuasrU Ilyrc fatally injuring rlwyd
wLvk ojiJ ai-.fhUj Ut.icriuj, eccral
A Chinese (MM Iturnetl rrhm Immur
Illy by Itefflrter.
Xkw York, May ar-Lw KM, a
Cnlmman, was yesterday held In $8,.1W
hfltl In the Tonmba Pbllw Ctrorl n the
rhatge of buying Suen Yee, a I9yr
old Chinese alrl ami Iteeping hw for
immoral purposes.
The girl sas born In Amoy and earn
lo San Franclw-o about (Ire years ago,
And was employed as handmaid to the
wife of a rich Chine merchant lheit.
She met a Chlnee gambler named Ah
l'hrwm while there ami fell In love with
him. They had several meetings, whlrh
catrml a staudal. ami the girl was tils
wlmti from her place.
She was taken In charge by n Chinese
mission In San rranelsco where she re
mained some time. Ah Plimin trial
to Induce her to leave, but she refused.
Ah Poon then told the superintendent
of (he mission he wantid to marry the
gltl. She then left there ami thai was
the last heard of them In San Fran
l'hron brought the girl to II Molt
sticel, New York, where thoy lived
some lime. Finally Phoon loM some
thing like $19,004) gambling, ami sold
Suen Yee to I.ee Ivltl for $000. Lee
Khl kept her on Hip top floor of 11 Molt
sticct anil compelled her fo meet China
men there, and when she refused she
was beaten and starved Into submission.
She was found al 11 Mott street by
Samuel London, n newspaper reporter,
who asked for Ibc arrest of Lee Khl.
When brought face to face with Lee
Khl In the Police Court to dny tho girl
ran behind tho Justice for protection,
and did not become calm until he was
taken from the room, lie will have an
examination to morrow.
A Racy Intorview With the Haey Re.
publican Headsman.
Will Itrtlre n July t Into a Nens-
isier He Ahn lloiton IMnn
Aovernl IJiientlom.
A .Vfte 1'OTi filar Mtrrfrtc iriM tlrtt Attlti
it foUwatttr- (itntmll'larkfwi, SWt In.
"My resignation," said Mr. Clark
son, '"villi take tlTcct on July 1. I
should have retired some time ago had
I consulted my own feelings, but I
consented lo serve out the remainder
of the piiiinl fiscal year, which emit
June 30. I am going on a tour of In
spection of the Postal Service through
the new Northwestern Slates, ami tlmt
will end my olHclal career."
It has licen reported that you were
coming to this city to take charge of
some newspaper?"
"There Is no foundation whatever for
the rumor. My ottlelal duties have
been .so pressing that 1 have had no
lime lo pay any attention lo anything
ele. I Intend to put on the newt.itcr
harness again, but I have not decided
While in Hoston Mr. Clarkson said he
met a Mr. Dans, the editor of a civil
service paper. "Would you," said
Clsrksoe, In the course ot their conver
sation, "accept a Government position
provided the President should oiler you
one high enough up say a Civil Service
Commlssionershlp 1 "
I "l presume 1 mourn, ' asm Jir. luna.
' ,,' ell. In that event would you," sahl
1 Clarkson. "continue to print la your
j paper a list of subsidized editors such
1 as tVhltelaw Held and myself with the
I addition of your own name?"
Mr. l iarktori says tlmt .Mr. Dana s re
ply was lost In the Hoston fog.
Mr. Clsrksou's experience has con
vinced him that office holding Is aot all
that It Is crocked up to be. The man
who tried it was sura to nml that the
honor sml gbry was always to be found
In some plsce other than the one he oc
cupied. "Thl Is the wsy I have been subsi
dized," Mr. Clark sob sdded. "liver
since 1 have been la the Postofttee De
partment I have worked from twelve to
fourteen hours a dsv. My sslsry Is
fi.000 a year. I pay ? 3,800 a year rent
for a house In Washington not half as
?;ood as tha one I left la Iowa, ami $800
or stable hire. I asked Mrs. Clarkson
what we should do wilh the remalnlne
$114). 'Put a telephone in the bouse,'
she sahl, 'and then you will have no
more bolus j with your salary.' I did
lite Cut Hall Iluun a ttMbaskweJU
The tlttultMtur Injured,
Colt ww a. . C, Kay S. Passenger
train No. St, which left hers on the
Atlantic Coast Line at 10:i3 Monday
sight for Wilmington, was badly
wrecked nftestn miles from Columbus.
A heavy rain undermined the track.
The engine passed over safely, but th
train kit ths track and rolkal down an
The only person seriously hurt was
Conductor Grubs, whoa legs were
broken and head cut. There was no
station near ths scene of th accident
and a hoy passenger ussiersook to walk
to this city through ths storm to sum
ntou sld. The boy reached heat alone
at o'clock yesterday morning, ths
tUgmsn having hmtaaa ahsushl on
the rood. It was a o'clock before as
sistance ranched the passengers.
tins Vutm Usnrf KUts A
St. LsMts. May -llenry Ball, a
farm hand working near mkeaton. Mo..
was shot dead yesterday by Wlo
farm hand namad Jacob tiaUiss. The
M iud &nAMeiw b ehtt fxiisneia.
SPSSSneeF SSJmjm SSJTJSPPVSessy m ves ereeer-
liaiaw naad without any warning. Xs
he aid h cried out He only came
hH to rind out what he could about
tu James boys." It U mggtmei that
llaincs had Mtdstanly bacon crasy.
UV is said to have well to-do eelsUves la
St. Louis. A posse is after him-
lhiMaimt llAX'g ImmsfjW BasWalelsmt
Spssjsess 51 w.sn ss 'masfsipisT isimsesvFFSRs'
Nnn Vons.May . Tha hady of
ssuaaet Cog van wasoicd yesterday
from the vault in tisecood CvassV
wry. La which it has rvpoetd sinos hk
Utnth. to the tutnb ol Cowmxloro
GsJilson, vhese a iu teat
haw Yo, May tflaelt to
the Wvritl bom Asnefhus. Oa.. says
The AuattMjtulUe piaon stork adi has
been putcksjwd by lh Georgia en
isuii'iucut O A It sxiin f. te
us '. . ' bi. d.
Was Hi SplriUi kmj and Mil
fur His Mwtj?
The D4 Man's &Mtrif4iit Tallks Wu'i
Tait f Laag-.-Tltfl Osrfas Will
Probably &9 IiktiRMJ.
The hotly nf an unknown msn Itss
licen found under a trestle bridge n
the IkltliHore and Ohio track near
IIIadcMbttrg. An Inquest was held be
fore Stjulre Hurley, the Coroner al
Illndcnsburg. In theiwcket of the uti
known man's clothes w found $!.
In money and a letter dated at W.uli
lm;ton, May 2'J, and addresseil to Mary
Clark, Newark, N. .T.
The deceased was aliout !t or l)
years of age, 3 feet H Inches tall lie
wore n navy blue suit, light Derby hat,
new shoes, while shirt, turned down
collar ami blue silk tie. His complexion
was sandy. Ills face was unberrded
lie was stout and well built.
THE rnl.lt i: lNKST10ATIvo.
An Investigation has been In progress
by the police of Washington for iwi
days past as to the Identification of tliU
corpse. No'tcstlmony was brought out
at tnc Imptest that would tend to show
who the man was beyond the teller ad
dressed to the Newark tady found In
his jKickct.
It was ascctlatncd last evening th.tt
on May IS a ceiitleman registered at
the American House as Kobert Lang.
Detroit. Mich. lie remained a'oul Itie
home until the morning of May '-'-'.
when lie disappeared and has not bt'eti
K'tn since. Ills baggage, clothing an I
ilTccts are still In the room he occupied,
and the proptlctor Is at a loss to know
what has become of his attest and U
beginning lo think the man found tin
dir the U. A- O. Utstle talllt .telly
Lang hedcsrrllMsas a man :M) years
of age, with smooth thiiveti face, live
feet. sir. or seven Inches In height but
ha tlhl not know how he was dri-ncd
the day be disappeared.
Lang teemed lo be a man In prosper
ous cltcuiiiMiitieeH. had pletity ot
money and cultivated the acititalntam
ot a number of peopla about tVie liou'e
lie gave certain hours of the day to
business, bill of what nature tin' v
prlitor was unable to say.
That ltnir and the man found urv!. r
the lllsdcnsburg trestle compare cl.Mi-lr
there Is no uuestlon, and It Is under
stood that the body which was hurled
Immediately after the lniet will k
exhumed with a view to clesrlng up die
disappearance of I.sng ami the lilcnilii
cation of the unknown corpse.
The body was found on the bank of
a small branch stream crossed bv t'te
trestle, and the lower limb were In the
There was an ugly contusion on the
head which may have been caue t bv a
blow from some blunt Instrument or bv
a fall from the bridge. Suspicion l
strong that there has been foul plir
and that If the body be lhat of Lang
!K WAS kftltlTEII AW T
aad killed for his money. lib finily
have been communicated with In
Detroit, for the purpose of ascertaining
whether they kne unythitis as to iL
whereabouts, or w t liter he would be
liable to visit friend In tbi locality and
remain say length of time.
Had be gone off on a visit or this
kind, however, he would have given up
bis room at tbe hotel or notllied the
proprietors to retain it for him.
A Muilel Morl.l' Fair ItHllillns
Jukswii.k, Yl., May 2. .V
model for the World's Fair building Uas
been forwarded to Chicago. It .m
templates a structure in thst shsw ot 3
pyramid I.'-Joo feet at the base and 1 Si
feet high, to be arranged in sixty storic,
each twenty feet high or In forty
stories, each thirty feet high, the tin
tstial to he eattrsly of steel, glss an I
iron. Two eUjcliie railway wind sb.,ut
the buikling on the outside from top t.t
Usatula Will Aet VlnwroiMljr
Ottswa, Ost . May . The Cm
adian Uovernasent has decided t i-j:
vljforoualy enforce the terms of the . a
vealiost of lata in reference to the At
Untie fisheries, except againt tb.w
Inilcd Stats Ashing vesU whhh tW
out tt iiniult lUense. The '
tective eruisers hate been ordered '
the Fisheries IV-partnutat to U' t
ready for saw immediately, sn.l tli
Vigttnnt will proceed from lUiiUv 1 .
the ththtng grounds this week
ant turn at Us lasts Hummi'"
Guam:, I. T., May - N .
has at bsst crowned the efforts ot the
Indian CoavsuUsloa, and an aiiotueat
contract has hem signtsd. tht.n,
own H.tU acres of the lows m .
bind The Commission atarts ti
spssps nesss SmwSSa7e"WPSSf'Ses "Sw se
Sac and Fo reservation to-uvrr. u
wimssi ttisiss it atgnstswratei
Th trial of ttswrgc Ijw. f.-i u t
lag asm killing Jams E- .!- '
front of a churcl est March '-&. ctu-.i . -,
In the Criminal Court to day. Lss, w .
repsessssted by Gcnetsl Carrtogtou a-. .
phaded guilty to the charge 01 mw
sUughtcr the charge of murder in, .
been withdrawn Scaiuaw-ewtU u ;
aounccd ost baturdsy Li ":'
years of c, aad may gs to the K.. ; 1 .
fechoul jjastead of the penivenibr
. vmwm yaMi mw u
Itiforinntlon has reached the 1 n '--u
Mr. Adam Refelager of York. Pa f
metlv etni4oyd in the Chjrk's ia. 1
the Isttol. died very suddeuly si U
maat In York on tiiiiamsy lat from iu
foraMthm of a clot of hiood on the bxaia.
n iht Uutru-t if CUumJ,u a id M v
,znf , 't uisr 'j

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