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The Daily Critic
T'e Onlf Ptmocrnttr P,ulff Pjvr Pih
Uhetf itt Wahtnfftn.
943 rfRgT NOrtTHWBSt,
WAtHWflffWI C ITT. ft. C.
Br mafl (taa prrM), I year jsoo
" " fawnta ... . se
CrrtWtlt, nwwth
aB B SCrWvt
WasMagtaa, ft.
tfttMNrtes, J). C, Mat 3t, 18W.
COit?L8to?t orrossp.
Tkt German Lutherans of WHdh
md hate determined to bttng nbout the
i peal of the compultory education lar,
which Interferes with the teaching of
Cerraaa In their parochial schools, and
to this end thejr are working to mke
tip next LetWatiire antt-Kevmbllcaii.
The Gttmaas of Chicago, also, at agf
tnilDg the question of a repeal of tin
Illinois corarmlsorr lw. The Vteoa
tn law Is not yat a ymt oM tt Illi
nois statute has hern on the books About
fifteen years, but i viritialtv a tleml
The Jfattonal grnnomito, the official
rjran of the National Fanners' Alliance
ml Industrial Union, published at this
i ity, Informs us that at the last meeting
of the Colored National Alliance. In
esston at 9t Lesils, a plan was formu
lated for the formation of land-Investment
companies composed exclusively or
i "loreil co-operators. Under this plan
iilte a number of such comitsnles Have
1een nrjranlaetl and are now in success
1'tl operation. The first was organised In
Texas. "The truth la," says th
jVnli-mol Kotnimtt, "the colored alli
ances recognise that the colored farmers
must help themselves, and It Is wonder-
tut how self reliant they are settlne- I
but doing It. The polltlolan is ills-
ardcd ami practical co operation called
In. with exchanges In several of the
tn"t renin! Southern markets, to attest
i' success."
Our esteemed contomporary, the New
York TViatia, Is once more hard at
wnk trying to explain, on yime
l-yr-ntheel consistent with the beauty
r! Itfnerlcence of a high protective
Uilff, how It Is that American maun.
r. i hirers ran atTntd to sell certain oT
M.i it t reluct cheaper In Kurnpe than
i. home. There is only one truthful
(iplanatiou of this phenomenon, how-
ver the Tribuut may writhe and wrig
:W to rind another, and that Is that the
'iHff enable the manufacturers to
harge more than a fair and reasonable
jront In the home market, and that the
jteople thug pay directly Into their
lockets a bonus outside the proper
cfiumerclal percentage. The plea set
up by the 2'rftifM, that they make
these concessions through patriotic mo
tives and in order to invite trade, is, of
course, absurdly falie. If they were
WHng at a loss, they would not want
any more trade. In such a case it
'would be the larger the trade the greater
hcloss. Tito simple fact Is that the
people are paying outrageous and ex
travagant prices to the manufacturers
tvfco are protected by thntarliT, and this
J the penalty they .suffer for their devo
tion to the Republican party.
The "friends of the farmers" ar di
vided Into factions Into two at laastt
hnd one of these factions, represented
by the XmtioiMil Bmnwmil, the
tttclal" organ of the National Farm.
er' Alllanee and Industrial Union, is
warning the puMie against the other fac
tion, represented by the -Vow Houut4td
and Jibe Jtrm and Jlimt, published
at.SprlDBileld. Moss. "The country,"
says the KetHowitt, "Is being iiooded
with circulars, beaded, 'The Farmers'
League, devoted to the political welfare
tf the farmers; Independent and non
partisan."" These circulars are designed
to organise the farmers Into a polities!
league, and they jive a coasUtutlan and
Irtcripttoa - of the plan. Tbay are
tfpBtd by Herbert Hayrick, as saesetary
r tlie National Faraujra' League,
The ircular shews.'' says the Meow-
' that lay proaow to unite all
'Lt fameis of Ataariaa, laio a laasji
t i ilitk'l purposM, aad charge ifty
liHcach." AadUtUUtite atitk in
Le o.JioaAUt of IMOSt Of tiMiM OV3
j. h'-. Tk tuuMtrs use Ummm for
t'-bry-HMklMc puruMM. to "fry Um
fa tu of tlw fanner, jetviitg hlsa
yfjmiim far Us cask sad ksadteg Mas
into th lefly af aMaasptiag to feats upoa
I toptaa noiitica dottrtaes Uut turn la
ftafcts oa kis Hpg.
i! What
-asakai a fasv
HHRAfitA lat lla
rrtat jfotiimt Aaaosasat m "Tk
fiit Fare," aad daciaces that WaB
'irt, CagrM4c Co. are atawnaUag
iu "taut ta tariff rackat a laad--.
issu la unset to kaep taa weaHa
4m1ikm ajawrt aaja asvkaail ta Has
old partias. om kali aowtta- lot
i'iaOte sad taa otaaf half for free
XL aUriinia bursas teas m my
) awcaskk tad atoHuaat dwuariariaa.
dixag ttetto to thai badote d bad
'buays. taawaaay yowar, to clan legis
iiuoii ud iu gtaak wk.lt ad asm, to
;-.imrRy elotaad ta purpla and aae
IU4U a,i ltukiatif ototaad ta rags, to
'i,c pry 4ckls that eacuatfear tae
1 iul t the aaofte, sad to osavat tkaad
i a laits Waaa ta OasaAeaaw are
iu 'he K.uj.jjrity." Meriiada rua oa,
VV'ii i-ij.t bringa ojm tk Hontea or
t-cMii-'ijl WaaattoWigiiaitraaj
-.c ia Mjmm, tit ww kam Mafi oit
lc McKimc batt.-'
that ihu uudHtoa of aCatasfaaMa
, : uxti ut u propoatkkw ujpoa which
akxdadd iweiu tlttUMt is daaajair. but
.t Ua iuu ouds cienoladoa ia Lia
bsvuB,; Vuu can foal all tae
, iupi a i n oi Uu: una, $ pact of tae
to(4 ail tiwi uaw. bat yau oaa toot
Jj taa ja,iiaaU taw
be fooled no! on ecr. Rfttrawhtlo.bnt wlil
(onoHf?atc upon their own platform
that Is to ay upon the RcouomlMir or
AlHanccrs' platform- (1) Mote money
hsired (llrwtly to the people; (S) free
and unlimited coinage of Ml ver: (3iabo
Iftrou of (rambllnjr In optfcms; (4) ao
Ilea owntrsWp of land: O) rec.ivery of
railroad and rorpwatlon land grants. ()
no cms ltahrt(oii;'(7) tranportattrtB
H s bwoWMtd by the aovermitcnt; (9)
sbolitkm of trusts, and (9) adoption of
llw AMstraHan ballot system.
Well, In some of Its planks .Morllnda's
platform Is not objectionable, and we
key tMa mlwnthrophlral stttesoMn
Miry mtcreed In agontmf litem Into
In patting the House bill lo erect a
postofflre In this city tit SamMa has,
e trust, ettld the matter. The bill
ss amended so as to provide for
tl e purr-has of the entire Wock on
abb k the ftiotre Theatre now stands.
The amount, fflOO.000, fot the building
was adopted, but no sum was Axed as
the purchase price of the gromnt. If,
a Is contemplated, the building Is to
contain room for other purposes
than those of the pnstofflce alone,
the appropriation of t800,(W0
houl'.l he materially increased.
Why not make the proposed bnlhltng
one of the largest, as well as the finest,
In the city? The location isceotral
ami prominent, ami the structure
erected should be worthy the Import
ance of Its functions, especially as It
will doubtless work the beginning of a
movement which will end only -when
the Government occupies, with its own
buildings, the entire south side ol the
Avenue from the Capitol grounds to
Fifteenth street ami from the Avenue
to the Mall something it should have
done from the beginning.
The Toledo MinV, that most virtuous
of all tho Kepnbllcan papers ot the
West, Is reveling In Indignation Is en
joying a fit of Intense anger Is de
lightedly futlous because, forsooth,
Congress will make no service pension
law. ''We feel sure," the Jttmk de
clares, "that even the service pension
addition to the Dependent bill will not
go through."
But the Mule does not despair; and
with a kind of subdued anger, that is
almost sorrow, in Its tone, it assures the
veterans that they need not think their
case Is hopeless; and then it bursts Into
these Hashes of passion:
First flash a gentle one: "We need
not sit down and fold our hands !"
Second Hash more Intense: "This
Congress has shown Its contempt for the
appeals of the soldiers '."
Third flash a zlgaag one: "Now let
us use a stronger argument."
Fourth flash chain lightning, accom
panied by loud thunder, made be
hind the scenes by the manipulation
of a bass drum-stick on sheet-iron or
In some other theatrical way: "Deeds,
not words ! Organize, and do It at once!
The first thing to do Is to organize,
Organbc !"
All of this U In the manner of a, tra
gedian of the Henry Irvln? school,
crjlog. "Ha' ha' villain I havethee-I
have thee not'"
But the JllatU may be In earnest.
This movement may be something else
than a money-making movement In its
own Interest. And yet lt seems to be
only that, for the plan of organisation
suggested contemplates numerous asso
ciations, modeled after the Science
Hill, Kentucky, Association, one of the
promisee of whose constitution Is as
It-shall Imj tUe July ot tbeseccmd commit
tee to smbI at I eatt one da v f ner wk I iu
vjaerowi work eaiiTaMing lor the Toltilo
These veteran-lovers are, as a general
rule, leeehes that suck from the purses
of their victims much money, for which
they give Bothing In return but breath
out of rhetorical mouths or ink that
flow from venal editorial pens.
Senator Ingalls said, in the co ursc of
bis Gettysburg speech: "I believe that
these Confederates have only one r
gret, and that Is that they did not sue
csad." Poeh, pooh, Senator; you ouaht to
know better, or, if you do know better,
you ought to be ashamed of yourself
for saying what you don't believe
This thing of talking agaiast your con
victions fat policy's sake is mighty
hard work. Yow know it aoae bet
ter. Your speaea agaiast Seaator 3Iv
gaa's ptaaasttloa to depart the aagtoas
aad eoloaise taeas ia some far-oa Uad,
was eaa of tae paotaat yeat aver wails,
awl H was so beaaase you dfcla't be
tkwe ia wkat yat saW.
Ifeaeat IasHaa, aow, Sena tar, isn't
tkai true?
But, supjwsiag, for esaaipto. that you
tfcfofc iha Goaf aiiaia4as raasat aolaiag
savelkair failure, daa't you ttdak yau
are to biawte fa- aot kaewfa the eas
trery? X was of your pmoiaeai.
your power, yowr felicity of tfcetngk
aal faiea of sfaaaw awas anamhiwg to
taacawairy. Ha U uadar a aaacal oit
Mgastoi to telassa ais &iwwm with
fact. He has ao right to clothe ia all
the beauty of kk rkatoric and
tae "grace tad vSaacy ak
gttLHtua AAkiayM wkifik kagtaflli
"wajfB,ffa ejiesieaegep "wia ssiaaas 4eajpapdpa
aaa paeaaelftieaai vaa asa bsaaeasata.
kaow of 4w '-CaaJadefatea" as you
caM Unwar Wkat paias have you
takea to astartaia tkatr real swatiaaeail
ot to oktarva ika purpaae skat actuate
tkejai; &v you svw beat iettM,
kaxe you ay aaowMte of tka eaolu
ttoa tkat is la pruxcasa tkase; do you
kuww anytkjUs of eveaas duwa tkat
wejl ef oavi wkat you iar teas ooa
teatee, rkes tin cases .' You kia ton
aaasaat ao to every oat ol
Huatdaa Taea why do you
eeaftky yaw irtwmritoary gtfts to tka
aMaa1c ol aafJMn of wkick you
have m cartta toaatetp or, eke
taase qutioea tttrest yu aad fur
ah a wekswt vaMcie lor your ato
iueawe, why daa you taka aseae patea
to isJaxw youmetf ?
Jiobudy wia4 Uut ivtMu rM A
teiniii.irttaaFotaa.ir Tkaaslaaa
jk tkir Ttafcing
saMnM as taaaiSW vs. Jans lew
frrfnt. "ic.n arc i min nplnu in
exalteil p".itIon imd endowed with brll
llant and profound attainment. Ymt
owe mwh to aouT generation aod yon
oueht to he honest and pry 9m debt.
Thtrfng the Cleveland administration
the ReimWiosns became Indignant be
nvm Dewwctatfc ofBcWs, foitowfng, as
they dM too ofteti, l the fvwtnritrtgof
their RermWIosn ptwdax;etii, neglected
or reftned to enforee tkw Right-how
One of the remits of this Indignation
was the etMotwtent of a law directing
the enforcement of tmt law in the
Government Mating Office. In obedi
ence to this Congtwsional order the
KIght-hour law was enforced In that
office until the Ilarrlwm administration
r-t It SMei And now. In the Govera
ment Printing Ofllce, and In other psrts
of the clvll-servloe, the Elghl-hwir law
Is being utterly disregarded flaeranily
Obervlng fhls action of the llewibll
can administration, the Federation of
Labor Union of the District of Colum
bia, In session Femtrary 18, 10,
adopted the following resolutions, which
"were forwarded to President llarrlsm
under seal of that orgnnlastlon:
tVhereas st the earnest solicitation of the
organized .worktngmen of the Pnlted
States a law wss pasceil by Congress In
1. and approved hy l'restitent Johnson,
Klabt honro "hsl! eonstttnte a liar's work
for alt laborers, wprSmen ami BMrtnntas
who may be emplnjetl hv or on behalf of the
fiovemment of the United States,
Ami whereas the spirit ami Intent st saht
law, as clearly hown by the petitions of
worMngmen ami the ilehotes In Congress,
ass to prohibit the employment of work
men more than elalit hours per day on Oov
ermnent work: ami
Whereas Hon. Henry W. Blair, chairman
of the Senate Committee on Kilucstlnii awl
Labor, In a sivee, h ilellvereil In the Senate
on March 5, 1S", said:
TMs Kluht hoe law, enioto.1 by the
rafted flutes and plaeil tin the statute
owm wun a tmiouuennuene ami tnlmn
plly m, law Hffalntt crlm, has been de
liberately and prltontly and wickedly
violated by the executive officers almost
from the beftlanlne. Nerer has there been
any considerable degree of success In ex
tortlnu from tlire unwllllnr exeeutlvn
otfleers of the Onveriimeiit rumpllanee with
their own duty In this regard.
And whereas this body has satisfactory
evidsivoe that the Elelit-botir law Is now
I-elng deliberately ami ierslsteutly atnl
wlekedly violated by the executive ollkers
of the llovernment;" therefore
fnioftr.', i hat the t edsratlon ot Lalmr
I'nlons of the District of Columbia respect
fully requests the President of the United
States lo order executive olilcers of the
Uovernment to euforce said law by pro
hlbllliig the emplojment of workmen on
public work more than eight hours per
day, except lit ease where It may be neces
sr to extend the time to savx or prevent
the destruction of life or property by tire or
In response to the communication en
closing tin resolution inioted above, Mr.
K. W. Hnlfnrd. prlvato secretary to tho
President, writing to thesecretnry of the
Federation, under dalo of February HI,
ISflO, stated that the President had re
eel ved the resolution, and had directed
him to say that should tho matter come
before him the President forhls olllclal
action it will have his careful atten
tion." The Federation, In Its Innocence of
Presidential methods and requirements,
had believed that by sending to Ills
Excellency the resolution heroin set
forth, lt had brought tho matter of (la
grant and persistent violation of the
Eight-hour law before him for his olll
clnl action; but, In abundance of dis
cretion, tho Federation concluded to re
main "at rest" for awhile and observe
tho effects of Its action of February 18.
No effects having become visible to
the naked eye of the Federation, it
prepared the memorial published in
The Critic a few days ago, and,
by this paper, called the Presi
dent's mind to specific violations of the
law in letter as well as In spirit.
This memorial was put Into the hands
of President Harrion by Mr. Thomas S.
Denbam, thq President of the Federa
tion, who was informed by his
Excellency that he would ascertain
whether tho law was being enforced or
violated and would take whatever ac
tion he deemed to be necessary in the
Apd now, the Federation is walling
again "at rest" to ascertain what effect
the second section of Its aetion In the
eight-hour matter Is going to have.
The Federation Is a patient organisa
tion, and it will not fail to permit pa
tience to do its perfect work,
Judging front the tone of tka admin
istration papers in Mexico, we fancy
there is a disposition to deal rather se
verely with young August! a de Ytur
bJde oa account of hk lodkereat publi
cation in Ml Tutttpe newspaper. We
Had this strangely at variance with the
general taadswey of Mexican policy,
aad feel a eutkaky as to the eause of
so uauaual aad eeamiagJy unnecessary
a departure.
Ko douat Yturbida uuue a grave
laktake ia criliekiag the govaraautat
o Mexico. IIekaaoeaeariatk.Hexl
caa amy, aad tka etkkkat, therefor,
k tkat of a subaltern dkaekal agalast
hk coutuuuuUag otHcer. Suck aa
oSeaee, foamittod by a Uautaaaat ia
our Army, woukVke pttakhatl by court
wartsa), of course, aad so oaa caa
reasaaaUy ohm plain of tka IHasfcaa
U they adopt a sbaUar plaa ia tka case
oi Yturbkk, but, as w have aW. w
taiak we detect a illspoarttoa to call far
aaraaer taea iu tea, Indeed, tka nana
mas already take have kaea eitraorOt
aaiy. vtisruda has bum
UmM A CeQijelaVaw- aMaaVenaBiOaTi eawT ft
eaaawi 4aaawW)awtfe IJawaUalteli MUa'watA Atttflly
lAaedl wid mm, a ot&w
HftUApy Is la tuck etiiifceV
we totojy mliiyuretoaii tka
caaca of m iatiiiterttag
iAea&tika uwauitoBaaiaasMe tka VMag
laaa wttk ''rreatwdiaj averiy
Tkare wall be much regret m tak
akkaf the Bk Graada skaajld tkats k
tifffrliiit be vaftfed to actual evttuia.
For oaa tkiag, Mr. Yuurbida k, ua kk
awaaer's aid, ol aa oaa Aa(tsuw
large aad laJtaautial faaafly cooaw
tkw but koak ul wm f rkada baaU-But-
apart bom tk tad without Ota
SeaiMeat refeceoi:e to aaraiaui mUmi.
l'"ii' ' ' w VSW JISiliM.
tkeiaeajas etf Maatott'a akaeeat veM
wkkars at ooaelusas tkat aay xtra
oceajuarjr dsrwoaatrsrioas ay t oaera
Mdat sratotii Yturkkk utut .i
Twr sp w fws tes-sw pairweaaieai
frogs a vkk u wake a terribk UMa
of kks, aad U. tkaaaavca, tivakat to
a ujafaaaioa oi waalnwej IauiBatcaUy
Ytuili'di's .if wis rvro of Indiscretion
nothing ri'tc The frif nds of Tree In
stltntions in Mexico will nt t e
rcwraged hy a successful effoH Ml Mag
nify n. ':
It h within two months of impm
since the city of New York, by aawr.
arteristrc game of bluff and ,sraWc,
rterpetflttetl the most stnnendmK aWe
of body-snatching on record, In .nrTWI
tnrtlng to Its own uses ami aitirettMM
enwdnment the mortal remains of Gen
eral Grant. Before the wastexl bdy of
the great rentier was fairly cokl In lh
cottage on Mount McGregor such mnnln
cent promises of monnmentni fulfil,
wrent had been advanced bf the
plutocratic metropolis on the Harlem
lhat the juster claims of the Capimt by
Ihe Potomac were quite overslfHiflred
and set aside. Now, after Ihe laiwe of
a futile ami fruitless lustrum, multi
mllllotied New York, by her prweaet'a
ami, Mr. lloswell P. Flower, eittrtas
whining into court with a idea for as
aistance as urgent as It is conlempllWe.
In other wools, after all her magnilo
quent promises, followed by an squatty
plsmlrUh performance, the great, rich,
penurious city crawls, hat In hand, to
the back door of Congress, begging for
1980,000 or any other crumb or uncon
sidered trlflo that may fall from the
Nation's table. In conscience's name,
then, and In the language of Hip Van
Winkle, let us give the beggar a cold
potato ami show him Ihe door.
it will bo remembered that when the
people of France, not the great and
rich, hut the peasant and artisan, from
his hard and scanty savings, had given
to this self-samecity a monumentas Im
pressive In artistic execution as It was
touching and beautiful In. sentiment and
conception, It lay long In bond or
"hoc," or whalother disgraceful limbo,
because that city was too poor, forsooth.
to afford It a bentliug pedestal. At
last, by, the persistent drumming of a
newspaper, which Its rivals delight to
decry as a "gift enterprise" sheet,
enough "enterprise" was evoked to en
able the country to accept the "gift."
There on Liberty Island it stands n
monument alike to tho generosity of the
poor ontrter of Franco nnd tho Ineffa
ble meanness of the mill Ion olres'of New
The same disgraceful history mftto
nomtnt, may ho recited of tho me
morial arch which, with such n flourish
of glided, but brnan, trumpets, was an
nounced to be erected iu Washington
Square. It Is a history that repents It
self with monotonous dlsguslfulness
in the annals of our boastful, but ever
frugal Gotham.
In the meantime, the little capital of
Virginia, a city whose aggregate wea'lh
won'd be but as a forgotten iwtiuy In
the cast off trotuers of New York a
city ravished and Impoverished by war
and slowly tecoverlug from the blight
that derailed the entire South Hloh
mom!, wblch'alroady possessed the finest
group of heroic statuary In the country
In Its monuraont lo Washington, has
quietly, but effectively, secured the
second finest In Its splendid memorial
to Lee.
We trust that this $850,000 Flower of
Incal acquisitiveness which has sprung
to life on the calendar of the House
may not be of tho variety that blooms
In the spring, with a "Ira la" or other
wise, but rather of that other sort which
Is said to be born to blush unseen and
waste Its sweetness on the desert air of
a committee room. If Congress is ap
propriating money for a Grant monu
ment at the present session, let it be
the 100,000 for a proper memorial at
the National Capital already provided
for in a bill liefore the Senate, and not
the scheme of Injudicious charity so
oheekily proposed to the astonished
Thomis Rbed hah gu too far. TUe
bsndwritlBg U on the wall, and we feel
eoMtnUBeu to sing at Mia:
Ok, Thomas JUm.1, Tpwtiuul
Thou was of craft and gullet
We've bW our peae this many a day
With rneok ami patient stntkt
We've su our rights drop oae by oaa
In (hy capacious iaw
Our privilege ot felttiug uihui
Wlmu w bou!d work our Jaw;
Our right ol braying lsd aad loug,
tVbau we should ilit be,
Uut bow wVU stag adiffsreat seag
Vou're strillag at "eJd taa,"
Tak "quoraau" aad "Bukwkia,"
Take "tettre.n "yaw aad a),"
Cut short our -'Hattoawy" swag
.tad Oavern aunt hnuipiOt;
But, Titomm Uml, we wm you,
you're gasag sie tou far,
Your ikhMu la on the safe watt
Waa you eioae up the Mar.
"' -'"" - Sfcl !
Ths New ioK Kttmw W thought
fully remarks:
It is six weeks to-day steea the Hk-u-iu
titU cksrgttl that Malhaw S. tuay
ku4aM)Ge tre-Bi tae aate TrMauryot
Petnijdvauia aad loat it lu psatilsnea.
Ute ttantM to tks etiuM Ua "Cktk"
Msaae t FHUtuuv, U ukoat Oaav utada
Loaksstoa. Seaator Dua t'iuierea, wau
furaiskad the uiusey U save lb State turn
Ums, sad -ttoraa-uMiurJ Wayae Me
Veagh, turougjk whom the mlthanaBf wu
aia Keputiikaus. Quay has uud ao eaaial
ot taa iluirjri, iuul be reiatua his vhtee as
t-halruuui. at taa RuaitblU-nB XaUoaaI
Coauutttaa aad bead of the party. Aad
yet Mm. Clarksaa waaaar that tae Jse
publicaB party la luoalag U hold upuu the
pre td tu country!
Oar estastnai coateaiBarary asaau; to lur
gattaat vn day uakas ttaaaVer. His
ouly tka gsttuart of a aaakefattaaas wait
enasas hard.
Ukaaa Jtauas wsanoiw saauifhiag
Uku taia attW OAeiic bHktam wuuai ius
sad ytt asataasj-
" wkat w your sgjeH aaM ye caasas
Aad j aasatat sfaia aaaar a stuta.
uAxm iOM foaelBk. faBuau). anrntitiflnVii
nr lsiaaf "
-iad akt sasttad st a Ukatucai su aiMuaL
HtejBuwjs or uaia 4 aar U
agrew tuit.
'Ooyttsae, MM, sad aawyuaeaai
aaaMusu yet saasuaaa uut, sm ast.
But ya ssaa k tag dead ta ye street.
WM444, aa ViWWm. wku
i We waatsaaaet's UaaJM mi 4mm
tmm at tasus, btgtaad, ka mm
ahasttf so Jsuiice ( catcaau bwauae
MswMtaateaee uaaWss ktsa- 8 WUtiasas
had had a hole woe. kasrt aesvouMaat,
at OM late day, hue kad tu lre 4 oxat-
s "'"a" saaWejeaspHp
T Vm.iuXI. "atet CteBMu U
tmm mm at aaid at Hmhiiuau JuJy
I5uw,t, aaafCouetliiSiAstrAwtdUer
iWcatwa U la ..ouHBUlAio tut Uut
aaaakja ut CeMU J wis JTutarwu m
1 candidate for Uovrrnor. In gfvtng this
1 'ruptiow, the rowoty conventton de
I'rcd Mt. ratterson totw a fatthfni ad
vKHte and fattlrfal expounder ot IJemo-
rrat.rc nt!, recently herd at
.MimpMs toeonsMet the question of the
in provement of the Mississippi, resolved
stainst the Cowtten owlet sehente, and 4e
risred that the mere faet that the 'owthrt"
syiem Is prosecuted hy Eastern or Hew
York cspftal. shonM of Itself excite swspt
ctf.r that other mteresttwertairtagowtimg,
In thi, the interests of the Mississippi
TnE M vo or initAoo, who has been
on a hip throwgh Tests, made a speech at
Fort Worth, in which he IMwpotated a
(oka, The Fort Worthfans toe the lotte
In earnest and sett-rely crftietsed the ilts
tingnlsheii visitor before he was treM oat e
town. The Mayor is at home, sate", ami
announces his determination to never again
heaifnnny as he can.
It mii tost fun, )n , the son and name
sake of Ueneral Oram's Secretary of State,
and Frederick S. (MM have been formally
rrarl out of the Republican party of Sew
Tork by the Republican Shite Central
tons U, Ftt.n, treasurer of the Lutheran
Orphans' Home at rwiadelphhi, Is safe! to
be an emhetsler. Something about that
Institution's gnawing a File appears to be
In Order.
Tmr rvtcu, heaoem o Mr. Exptorer
Stanley's On-to-Africa literature tnh(ht In
fer that he wae keeitiag open a line of re
treat to be used after tlve honeymoon.
Ots v o5Bjn boodle Aldermen are
trhskMng back lnk New V'ork, Why
sheuhln't they f It's perfectly safe.
Tun Vasdbmiii.ts are taking steps for
the ereetkm of a slxmlll(on-lollftr rest
Ueaee at Aslwvllle, N. C.
Tmk Woma.n's CnntSTUN TBMrnH-ca
t'nlou contains one humlrwl ami wveiity
ftve tbewsand nismliers.
Tub xahkkt rfr.i'onTS say that Iron te
steady. They wight have added, and rigM,
Kx-i:oiigrennti Felton of California,
otie of tho flirewJest. llepubllcan polltl
clane 011 the raelflc coast, geld to The
Chitic reporter In Cbambcrlln's thla morn
ing that there was 110 truth in tho report
t lint lie was a candidate for the Guberna
torial nomination. "I am not an aspirant
for the nomination," eald he, "nor have I
ny desire for the ofllce. I cannot say who
will be the lucky candidate. .Mr. Morrnn
and Mr. -Morklmni and several other good
men have been spoken of, but It's too early
to name the winner." .Mr. Kolton said In
reference to tho Senatorial contest that If
the liepubtlcana were successful Senator
Stanford would, In all probability, lie
his own successor, but If the I)omierata
should win, then the fight would be io
tween Senator Hearst and .Mr. White, u
very able man from Iam Angeles, nirli th
jirreemBjse in lavoroi Hearst.
W. 8. Thomson, New York; Thomas
.Mitchell ami wife, Lexington, Kv ami
F. I II. Noah aud wife, .Montreal, fan
aila, are at the Sliorelmm.
John lt. Proctor, Kentueky; II. K.
l.yneh ami wlft, Itoston; l)r. W. E.
llastklns, b. S. Army; F. A. Campbell mt
nun. itoanoKC, anil u. II
delphla, are at the HhMtt
Oeorge B. I.emmou, Virginia; U. I.
Lamrlols and K. V, Stanlou, Boston, ami
A. II. Williams, South Uarotlna, ate at the
H. N. Fuller, ltoolisster; Mrs. French,
Vlorlda; Joe JI. Stewart, New York, nud
A. I). Payne, Warrenton, Va.. are refls
tered at the National.
lr. II. (1. Ilnrke, the obliging rbief
elerk of the ltlgi; Home, left this after
noon for Coney Ulaud, to take eliaree for
tbe summer of the Urlghtou lleach Hotel.
Mr. llurke Is one of the most popular hotel
clerks In tha elty and hlsinauy friends wish
him a prosperous neasou.
H. S. Oantlaml, Nashville; Clark O.
I. b, Oantlaml, Nashville; Clark O.
apn, wife and daughter, Albion, N. Y
t If. O, Smith, NorrUtown, la.,arestay-
Ing at the St. James,
Oregrow E. (lonraler, from the City of
Mexico, arrived thU morning ami regis
tered at the Howard House. Mr. (lonzolez
Is bore on buelaeu connected with the
Mexican Legation.
Mrs. E. K. Wright, accompanied by her
daughter, Miss Addle, of Clover, 8. C are
at the Howard House.
The following members of the Suburban
Tress Auoeiatfon of New England arrlred
berejesterdayou their annual excursion
sou are registered at the Jtlges House:
A. atarbuek and sou, L. O. Williams and
wife. It, W, Waterman aBd wife, (Jeoree
W. DttMNi, Mrs. I- A. rbillliw, W. II,
Cook and wife, J. H. Campbell and wif,
Mrs. G. N. Kendall, II. H. McQuillan and
wife, E. U Harry aud wife, U, y, p0fr
and wife. Mrs. H. W. Waterawn. W. M.
White, E. 11. Ttwadlke ad wife, Miss
Tartndl, Gaorge M. Barrowe, MJs K J,
Cook, Mrs. H. M. Barry, E. If. l'leree, W,
g. aears, K. S. Harrows, Miss Barrows,
P. A. Heyvtard, Dr. Jarvls and wife, Mrs-0-A.I.se,
Mfw Sbsttuck, G. W, Dtvlas
aad J. W. Catufer.
Frank Wood aud wife, Muskhron. Mich.,
Charles II. Uaauag, Madison, N. J .; E. II.
Belt aad A: W. Toksy. PhfladelphJa. are
ttoppiBgat the Hotel Joiiusuu.
J. F. Eraas, Cotorada; George Straw
sua Mark skauwd, Pittsburj:-, awl Jeau
pee, Oklahoma, ie rseiUwwi at the Hotel
Kit bard Guruar. Nsw Voik - Josui, rt
UaHttMl, mutajfg; I). C. Meefwea,
BruM&iyK, ami r. Jl. ru(Sllr
Yusk , am eta.ytug at Willards.
j.. Saw
It U. Kaauu, oaa the Uadtug Wutr
w sraaaat Xa near, Mkk., arfvl tats
uecatag aad ragHterad at tae JbudaU.
M1m Uray, Ssw York, asd It. H. Bakar,
XoffoJk, sm at the Haadali.
W. f. PttMMua, Ksasas City; A. UtJburt,
jr., Sum Turk; Q. S. Watawtadeac, Yt.;
Mr. sad Mm. a. O. Br ysu, Ckarisesaa, &
C , aad l 8. Ceak aad Wile, at. Louis,
stoypiag at taa Mggs Haaae
U. BodAiu aad wtta aad A. F. Ukudt,
Xw Yoitk, are at Wekk'.
a. U. Currier aad wife, Yeuagttowa,
Usjio; Mia. A. X. -- uid J-- --J
M V&tfSnZ SJ; jToatt
taaaBa. H. Ktuaoett, and T. a. HcLury
aad tatatty, Tasas, aad A. T. Boahora, New
lieu. Y. B. ajiy sad wile sad sarvaut uf
Mi. ad Mrs. L. LisUssla. Xev York.
jfe- A. Etoafffta aad Jirs. Higsoa-
yfcari Wsils arfpkfs, are rsoJitsreJ at taa
Aug. B, Masar,
TSIpWHaaattNBa at
111 ejr'l 1PB afiP
J, . tauuitieU
S,fCd t-t a.
a njsaa jBjfUtHf laU
Ran aaas sspsssssi sassw
Q 'taurauAaa, Hufftoa, aad
M JMAkV ate cisHuyrkiMl mhi itai lite
" seejf e"i"aispsB laisBBB nannR 'naW"
eteksVkiMir haaxea tkat ia aJuait tu assaa
jpipps fissj iui 1 psaii iHfaajaa sejp pjsjgasssp sbt sBsfsapsa
W sbj jBBBBjBsaBBpaaas r ssbpb aBpBjanjpj aj apppapap naBBa
iflf&ifi!sB ffirurte4f MaawfajMfwtf him rw
asah.o 4a tjt oata ssftuaa
vock. Turn thtm vmum W mqA
sismm svwtis a lajr.
Call to PorUittr s V
it u ta bast laay.
MMS MtUUjuijki tttafet
gpjHpa &ms Bursa, aaaaAssH aas ssasasar
Laudoa: V. V. Tidnn
"nisaiiifafcir ftrmk
iaaajwaar 9kaaafMLa
Cernposert or the LotA's Annotated.
From 'ii' 1 I F. ("" It rri'rt.
Mr. Clarkson's sudden discovery
that the I)rOCTatlc prrss has a rtroch
forget eircnmtlrm than the nerntWlenn
pttss will setfmtfth msnv worthy wgrawe
wh rdlhg to tl old FederalM Idea
that DesroCTatfl are Ignorant, ragged
nd Vlckms. Opposition to Democ
racy In thhj country has always had the
fftYvm fff mtttocratlc pildeaml "bettet
class" contempt for all such as have
hm n assrstsiree from family prestige
or fottnne. Ninety years ago this feel
ing on th part of the cvclusi Fed
eralists anrounted to a fren7.v.
They hail ami fearetl the people.
Fisher Ames, the spokesman of this
cmsB, went croaking to his grave in the
belief that Jefferson's triumph In 1900
bad made certain the death of the re
pnMfe ami that Its life under such
auspices was not to l desired. Liter,
under Whig and Know nothing leaders,
ami still later under Ilepublrcan
lenders, the same Idea has obtained, si
tlmugh it Is not now so freely pro
claimed In public.
Kot long ago Dr. Hscon mad" the
startling discovery that, while the He
rmbllcan party was the party of the
wise and good. It was led by the Igno
rant, the sordid and the vicious. Now
Mr. Clarkson puts on record Ue fact
that, while the Heimbllcan party is the
party of Intelligence and great moral
ideas. Its newspapers do not have much
more than one-half of the circulation
that Democratic papers have.
Tlktse are suggestive facts. Are we
on (he eve of a great discovery that the
Dem Dcracy, despised and maligned, Is
composed of the Lord's anointed? It
looks that way. Let some Uoston aris
tocrat watch ihe graves of the members
td the Essex Junto. Even a worm will
Hie I'nrmlatloii or ATrlen.
Lltmnt Ffettrr S. &mfln d in Iht Jtu JFrnm.
And under the name of the Independ
ent State of Congo Its government was
organized after the most approved
methods of lloleian administration, and
it entered fully equipped Into tho fam
ily of nations. There is within Its area,
which, as said, Is thirty-three limes that
of Holgium, a population or 150 whites,
about one halt State olllclals and em
ployes, and the esllmntcd numbor of
natives within Its Imrdcrs Is about 10,
000,000; and In tho whole Congo basin
Is estimated at about 50,000,000.
Africa is about three tlmos the area
of Kuropc, or 12,000,000 square miles,
and some writers estimate It to contain
about an equal population 85,000,000
souls. The enormous trade developing
there comes mainly from tho narrow
telvneo which separates the mountains
from tho sen. It is a great badn com
posed of plateaus, gradually ascending
to 7,000 feet at somo of the central lakes.
It has four great river systems: on thq
west, the Contto. second onlv to tho
Amazon In tho volume of Its waters,
and the Niger; on tho north, tho Nile;
on tho eatt, the Zambesi. Thcso rivers
once formed vast Intornal seas, which
finally breaking through the mountain
barriers, have descended by cataracts
and canyons to the ocean, leaving groat
areas of rich deposits of wonderful far
lllity. Hut tin Never .Mitrilcil llnru.
Jri$m tAt KuHiim t'l'y Jttal.
"We never marry our first love," the
Kronch say, and Dickens was no ex
ception to tho rule. He himself tells
what a powerful Incentive this passion
was to him at n time when he was put
ting forth his severest efforts to obtain
n start in life. Hut ho never married
Dora, as did his hero of the novel; and
she, on htr part, did not die ouo or
those youthful, pathetic deaths that tho
novelist was so fond of depicting.
Some score of yoars afterward, when
ho was the husband of Catherine Ho
garth, whom ho did not lovo, he nnd
his wife made a formal call on tho Dora
of his boyish d roam 9. He found her n
comfortable, middle-aged Hrltlsh ma
tron who gave no sign that juvenile
courtship had left any lastlncr Imnres-
slon upon her. This visit seems to have
cured the amiable sentimentalist of tho
Infatuation which had haunted him for
a quarter of a century. The vision of
years was completely destroyed by the
reality. If young lovers were only
gifted with prescience what a host of
unhappy marriages would be prevented
In this world! Uut, on the other hand,
how much poetry would be precluded,
and what a set-back would be given to
the census. Benedict was a true phil
osopher when he morallred: "The
world must be peopled."
nA Necessary Mvll," unit uu ..InilB.
fensibla Hulibery."
Fim tkt CourUr-Jwrml.
The tariff is a tax, in so far as It !
for revenue, It Is a necessary evil; a
form under which the people surrender
to the Government a portion of their
bard earnings to meet necessary publie
expenses. When It goes beyond the
revenue limit; when It seeks to put a
check on commerce, and turn Industry,
by means of obstruction, into new ehan
ntrlsi wlies. it taxes a farmer to enrieh a
manufacturer, the tariff is an Indefeasir
Ule robbery. ad an impediment to the
aatural growth of the country, and, ia
stead Br increasing, it decreases the in
dustrial resources of the nation.
it Would ll a Carious OolnenUane.
tie .W yett Ttmtt.
Mr. Carlisle was yesterday assif aad to
a place ob the Ftaaaee Couuulltae,
which will have to du with tka IIoum
i ana htu. tie could have ao asaiga
aat that would be wore apasoariata.
Thar ta ao Metuber of the Saaaae wka
has a utore detailed aad accurate knowl
edge of tka facts baaiiag o tka UriaT
tkaa kt , if, lattead, tkase be any wka
m sa well injaraiad. It wuukl ba a
cujtiaua ftoIacMkafe if k akeukl fail ta
hie lot lo writ UtiuSsasata,aska tiki
ta tka House cotuudtiati, tka wlaftrin
report. Mr. TtHMuiwaa KefasM to Ua TrimUml.
JHmum Uy Xtm Ytirk futm.
The ratau-t of tka ratirewaut of Uuv
emar Tkispaaa froat tka Civil aervica
OausUriiaoH k daaiad. We caaaot but
be glad for tka sake of tka 8oafujuat
ejBstof tka uaoida tkat Mr. Tkasapaoa
raluaasto ha taatptad to iva uu work
for wkick auk ao well attad, but w
asa aarry fur kis take aad a little
aafcasaad oi our Goreraiueat tkat hat
taaat da kis work at sariuun sacrtsW.
t'ltm lAt UoOtu Uumbi.
Our risikakslhiulel fitaaiki mtiat kw
vaw of ia-ccaaiag tee fautHiar wink
tka taaaftastsa of uareauiaAaat, tku
uae of taoaey at elottluua. Tky are
w ve i.mm wasuau toe
mm caaiBsvlaa f uad for
km xaar la
KSjaaacaSuaaetaa wktia aasaa hi
Touis teasat tka hair .0 b4
SaMaaaaasAsaalf 1
4lrOfl tA Asu Wit .Wsw.
1st atdactsBir tka raiisst at-t-" tJout
" PMnpsisTspjP PSSBaar fa"aflsSB pibibpipjppsspv ' ap isajp
uiiasi'iiuTi foe tka Ckjkcaao Fifp tsiti e
t'riaklsi.pt Hfffffiig aaa saiMA oast ae-
vufHl iaji liblijr In eaujuaa tVf tka BJatrfciM
of tka Oaatrict uaaast
(kat devataad's ft dmlnlstrari-'n
DiuUtiv FwtMrtr'i Visual Calaastlkor.
New Assemblies Are Itelne Oretntied.
Fivm tltt CMmmo Xer.
The rehaWlImtlon of the Knights of
Labor -which was predicted by this paper
a year or so ago Is apparently coming to
pass. New assemblies are being organ
ised In all parteflf th country, old as
semblies whose charters had been per
mlted to lapse are reorganlr.Ing, ami the
membership is steadily Increasing In
almost all the districts which have re
mained faithful through the long period
of decadence that followed the disas
trous strikes of four or five years ago.
Last month nearly fifty new assemblies
were chartered, and then there was also
a large number of reinstatements. Lo
cally the order Is regaining some of Its
lost ground. Its membership Is said to
be of a betier class than formerly, and
a more enlightened spirit prevails In the
management of Its affairs. It is not so
much an army of conquest to day as a
school of political economy. It no
longer seeks Its ends through the sheer
brute force of numbers. It aims to get
the workingmen to think right, in the
assurance that they will then vote right,
after which things will come right of
themselves. Hence, strikes are less
popular with the order than In past
years, and lectures and discussions now
occupy the attention that was once
absoTlied In tho more or less wasteful
processes of war. Tho Australian ballol,
the reform of taxation, and the exten
sion of Government control to monop
olies are among tho objects to which It
Is devoting Its energies, and the atti
tude It has assumed on these Important
Issues IS commending the order lo the
respect of people who have not before
held it in very much esteem. Its alli
ance with the farmers has nleo strength
ened it v,ery greatly, and, If lt will only
resist the temptation of power, If It will
courageously pursue the course of edu
cation, rathor than run far afiold after
the doubtful prizes of tho strlko and
boycott, It will ultimately acbiovo sub
stantial lesulls nnd reach a holght of
power that it could never obtain by tho
old tyrannous methods, which so nearly
wrecked It In tho past.
Ho bettor Beer thnn the ltobt, l'ortner's
VIenuaiCablnct Beer.
Center 11th and Fats. n. w.
last redueco about 90 vrfeees of Ilrooaded
Zephjrs to the exceedingly lowprleoof -'(So
per yard. Heretofore sold for We. This ex
cellent value will bo eonspleuouMy displayed
on centre table In frnt of Scotch OlnhaBM.
Meeand floor.
Men's AllMnen Colored Bordered llem
stltebed Faadkerehlef. Hedueed to Met 3
for Mo.
Men's While and Mnon llaad-embroldered
Hemstitched Initial llandkerehlefs, unolnoh
hem. Kedneed toaSe eaeh.
Men's White All-Linen Hand-embroidered
nenstltehcd Initial Handlorehtaff. twn-lnoh
hen. Deduced to3So;3forSl,
First floor,
NEWS IN LACE3.-eolered CbaJitllly
Lace, In all the new shades, for bat trim
mlDir, four Inebea wide. Wic per yard.
SPECIAL IIABOAtN.-Colored Silk Laees.
with tinsel, four laebss wide. Oaly 97e per
Colored and Embroidered Crepe Line
tare. Jour Inebes wWe, Oaly 75o per yard.
We have Just reeetved a new line of Uee
Tarasol Covers, Ih Imitation Brussels Feint.
. to HJ. Cheaper Erades In Tambour,
First floor.
NEW JEWEUtY.-EiiaiHsl Use Pins, In,
allstjle. Itednasd from USS.M and Si to
FaMTSbel! Flos far the Hair,, Me aud
Doa CQLLAKS.Hedawdi frem taa, jj,
JM.tl0toSe,(0e,laBd 81,
fwuer Ulb aud PSts.N. V,
An Appetite
There is uotluajc foe wanna we reeoauaaad
Houa's aaraauarluu wUh vtmtm "S-ttaf
taaa fw tu or wssitua, ladlatittea, kk
Hiani-ae aaa utaar uouuiswor dysaataki
sw. u iui ww natmat way una
auut aeatly toaai taa atuauusa, asststs
' Ia-
uua wui MaaasetM mnm real aaaavT
aias la uetfcaat aaatta, or vary datat
aesaastaateeleUisi e Hsls&4- tftstteW tsftaaaaaT HsTMut'
saaactita tow ar, aaa taunts, te
T sad
mmmmmmmg urn niaiiaui auwttii
t'haowta IlaaslurtHi
"ilm awsatNtriua kas eusadaM of a
aaasu kaaftaaaa east veaioujs sasv flnm
alaasts vaue aaalaaal uceatsaaat tatassi- t
base seat avssaai beatlaf el BuaaVs awauwa
tiUa ta zaiaUvas at aarsaw usl cwued
sjaay teast aasar Wsaos taara, who
"ti'sv atl ajunii r atceat, mi'lfagtfOft. aaui
auce, kkt
avut to uu dfuaawu. y lor at. fx
Pul ouJi by c t WOOS Ot., lowU,alaw.
Mst Appearance of
and, others,
vennqts at :1S. Matinee Saturday
In the Oreat New Yort Calno u t",
Inerraed Oretiestta. Grand Chtris f-n?.
General Admlsalon ?"
Berervedseats joard.-.-
Tune a-tast week of BRM1NIB.
TItB.lllh., oemth otrenna. sve
fosltlvely last Appearance 'if
Of DUtrtet of CMnmMa.
McMHIsm to reeeire S8& It he stays 4 Koun ;,
Week Coramenctot: MONDAY, JUNE J.
Grand Combination of novelties
Ladles' Matinees Tues.. Thurs. and Sat
Commcncrnicnt Exercises and Dramatic!
Rntertalnmcnt by the
Huraorons and Draniiitla Recitations; tins
slo l'antotnltrie: Fcnclixj Battle; urccK statu -arn
Contest In Oesiurc: Floating lon
Seenes; New and Beautiful Attitudes In Cot
tuma with oalelimi effects, aided by musl nl
seleQllons; "A i-alllne Seene." rntulo yirn
foMor tiousa.whn will persoiially lead tlio
creltcstra durlnx Its rendition, "lb wf.rand
mn Daceed Hie Minuet." "The Famine, ' wl'h
Tragedy and Comedy.
Scenes from the following jilayi Injw
roar" (flower scene); "Itomeo and Juii-t '
tea deelphered bv Ignatius Donnelly , ' Nrll
pwynn" (a stare upon a stage), M
Metllles" (entire); vMa-lith" (murder
seeiio); "Teali.tho Forsaken" (death scene;
"Hamlet" (Ophelia In the mad scene).
This college will graduate this year soma
of tho best iirores'lonal talent In the t'nlted
H totes.
Complimentary tickets must be excliaiiecd
for reserved seats.
Thelatler may be obtained for 2S and SO
cents at W. G. METZKItOTT A CO.'d, 1110 P
st. n. w.
Mummer courses In Elocution cost from tl
upward. Circulars now ready at the College,
Oil inh at. n. w. All persons who enter tho
summer elass on or before Junes ara fnr
nlsbett tho best orchestra chairs FREE for
tbeentertalnments at the theatre.
1st lie Greatest of All Musical Instruments
lleeause It performs any music
from a waits or a ballad to an
over tore or a symphony more
beautifully aad more nearly
tierfaet than any other single
The Aeolian Is not mechanical, but. the
manipulation of It la so simple that a person
can learn to play It with from one to three
weeks' practice. Tour visit to See this la
strument will be esteemed a favor at
Me FA. AVE.,
Sole Agent for Stetaway and Other Fir -Clajs
Piunoa and Organs.
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"In reply to your request for my advice us
to a good school for your daughter, I can
with confidence reeoramead Mr. and Mrs
Cabell's Norwood Institute, in Washington.
D. C. The standard of scholarship there Is
nigh, the Instruction thorough and thelaUu
eaees good. L. Q. C. Lixab,
, Justice U. S- Supreme Court."
The school opens gent, 90. a JS-dAstt
Directory of Lawyers and Law Firms
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Webster Law BaUdiag.
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