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. . .
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, , r- o i -J I
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Youths' Clothiers,
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
Vliut Ilia Iter, Tkoniaa IJIion Saya of
Col, lilllott Y, tiliepard,
Nrw Yokk, June 3. The ltev.
TlKtuas Dixon, jr. spoke yeterday
waning to the members of the Twenty
third Street Daptlst Church on "The
f-ect!'-nal Newspaper," which he de
uciineed as a national curse and a dis
grace to Christianity. "It has no mis.
sln to perform." he said, "because the
t aitKS whkh separated this country Into
sections have disappeared. Talk about
the C i nfederate Hag ! 'Why, I was bora
In the South, and lived there twenty
tbrce years, and I never saw a Confed
erate Hag."
Speaking of the recent flag editorial
In Colonel Skepard's newspaper the
prcac her said
Ti ' Jfii.lQ,ul fc'.jur!i5oilltrUiu4fU
f jV$ t'ie ficts as (o make it appear that the
(t .- ',a to .e teeu was tiw Confederate
f'j, 'Ibis was done with tke deliberate
1 j-c se of deception. It daak in vilunera
ilrit. alu(, eitiiheta. Tl word traitor
anj mi. U are ever ready for use; toe
r :'U'u to death. Suck U the raort a
Eiturej, Hjilk of Abraham IJutola
-. iiia lutiut "charity toward all aul
,i e toward ooue.' Think of him, au 1
. tuiuk rf !bi foul tirade of abuse
i . of I, cut r.. l Gnat. Hear the ut4
Lc sends from Muuat Metirejtur- "I
ii "'
'il !
t a
V-:' ui'.K'l uiute uty ak'ktMMi Jtttt what
a L. 1 1 set-trarsiuic thenar -tuimuuy
a' i -J feeling between tha seethMM.
M i Mtll destroy tbj harmony aa
fi . if. eliag" The Bean who would seek to
, . tt, lii the face ot this mmwlge of
j.ji audof I raierntty that eomet to u
i 'n the lips of the great ehietUIu, to uo
v 'bv at the iuherHaaee ot such a saaa.
I fvi auib a ix-viler to dare to pay tribute
... . jc of Uraal i the height of aa.ri-
a paper attune a pious
1 . - Ah niuj! eitreuie, atta
ktreuie, and ms s I
Lhriathuttt). It could
1 iuUtle of
l,. : ViUtout I tie a.iUBMtttoB of
Ii, i j. iuft.1, it would ot U loirtd, ui
fc i ;, Ui lie liver) of heu. Jn the aame
it ulauduf truth, of hoatty aaul ollates
ii. 1 for ..ut, repudiate thU o-cilld
i . .. -, jix.-r a iu iioy aeaee reorewfiit Ui e ot
tL:.,i:iuii ILeUodthat preside over
tl iurul oUite of ihu Jfu.J uu '.'"JJ
,,! -.., Ii pper u uot ty Ciod. 1 do not
i, l. .. Uuu, I never kavew Htaa, I " atot
v ii i ... kuow Uuu. About M MM as I eau
i j . -i, hi. iiod i the devil, whom I ti-tu
. i d ur with tkto encepUoe. tktta Mat eafW
i- - u tder ud ummu artJaik La Ut aaetav
t . ApplaiUe
li.j the .juouiaia editor ahriekforaa
i 4i ui i auUiuu uieai to aaeavh m lakh
n For what To rob the d uuif of tho
t, v .... . .i of the dead. 6uU mee are tattther
in. uur huaaas: they are ghoul.
. . uve ear have folied wuy alace
i ,. iwfui la of the war. ieaee aai
j i . , crily ouwaid ttu-w eer DauBBtaJH atui
l .uiu Ami uoar lu the aakltt of all
i .- kiua ti4j littto Us toLiier wake up
. . ji aiid weurtea taw exo htavcu
u. 1 .nib with hi UUle U hues. Aw-
1, cl ; au.b i'jpt.-c from your hviaet a
, ..Id 4 pot if vou wan vkdou
i uiun uk the Lid valjxit of atoUt
i iLt. Uiit-d ltuiJikUiof Zolu Uti be
, J.tietou tUtta the haated and Uijtr
I ixu'i. t. j ud fakeboodef uvbWl
il t d Ui. ui a Jkiriptwe text.
y.ii.iilw North nadeato of theaouth,
, i t.iotkree. i.et u hear U-dy th
, ,,., uf tin; her oii; dead- They all vt
i . t.iii.ctuidfor barmoay. TtteUteavd
i ... uc.ct 8tht after the laUe ia (,'hMwl
't . i .ue a.3 u fer we tu lake earn
. tick to Bejnetoaae sMm far a
teuubW vwrBOae- Swathatf wtha
a-i he. l deed an4 tiwafc, on gton-
i.ulUd CiUOU.
i .4 foi i.dvirUM.Weit of lue t(4kj.Uit
-ui. i u p.i-e 4.
WftDV TO rnv
livnn. iu-uhii
To Ask All Sorts of People Imperti
nent Questions,
Mistaken for Book Canvassers, Di
rectory Men and Police Spies.
No Casualties Repotted.
To day on army of heroes descended
tit on the unpiotcctcd cllbcnt of the
United States and, nrmed with stylo
graphic pens and n schedule of ques
tions, proceeded to Inflict upon their
dcvolcd hends Interrogatories concern
ing their past and present history and
such other Information as goes deel-
mal!y t0 make the census a thing of
heautj and a joy forever. The census
enumerators arc styled heroes not be
M11MlherinBVf.c;nMlhi111. ,...,
cause thty may face death, but because
of the moral courage it will tcqitlro to
nsk seme of the questions printed In
the schedule.
the cournRC of a man who will daro to
ask some Icnorant but muscular sons of
Erin If his offspring Is white, black,
mulatto, quadroon, Indian, Chinese or
Japanese; or who will tackle some Iras
cible old gentleman who has the gout
with the query whether he Is suffcrlnc
from nny acute or chronic disease. It
the enumerator docs not escape bodily
violence In one caso and a profano diatribe-
In the other. It will be because of
his discretion in tilling in the answers
to obnoxious questions himself.
IN this tm
there arc about ICO enumerators, and
since cntly this morning they have been
at work, and considerable pride cxttfs
among them as to whom Mi nil complete
his icport the quickest and turn It in.
All are required to complete the work
of enumeration wilhln two weeks, and
for the princely sum of two cents per
name, with a few perquisites, all of
which will rcalle them about $100.
TLctu men have taken the chances of
being bodi! injured.
of the city, where the pcoplo realUed
the necessity of answering the iiuhh
tlons correctly, the enumerators had but
little trouble. Occasionally one would
meet with an Indignant protwt from
some pompous Individual, who knew
hla rights, and, knowing, dared inaln
taln .'"who refused to answer certain
questions, and followed Ills refusal by
a long lecture which the poor enumer
ator had to listen to pro Ided he had
any further buslnces at that house. In
the main, however, the questions
and If tlioicwai any desire toovade
the questions It was done politely, but
The enumerators had many peculiar
Incidents happen to them during the
day. In many cases, especially among
the ignorant clasaes, they found It a
hard task to make the people under
stand what waa wanted, and, even
when they did, could get no answer.
Especially was this true of many of the
negroes, who could not tell
nor where. In many cases the men
were taken for emissaries of Commie
slotier llobert, espeelaily In the lower
classes of saloon, ami igaotfllnousiy
The men have no special time for
working. They can start when they
pleave and stop when they have re
ceived all the aeuUe they can Hand.
It U pretty geaerally understood that
so far m the
CKKXKI) the Census Otrke will Hot endeavor to
force answers, but to all other tiueat ions
au answer tuuet be returned, or the
patty will have to stead the coase
queneee of a refusal. There U a poaai
Mlily that number of the criminal
chuaes way take advantage of the tight
that has heea waged anaiaa. some of the
liu.atieM aad refuse to answer any of
theui. TliU will not be tok-rated, and
thoe who refuse to answer will be
Ugonntkly proeeculeU.
Many of Ike wen started out with the
aseeSMw's Hat to guMe Iketu. Wkeat
tkey got to a nouae, if the head of the
fataiiy was not at uoiue, the wife, or
daughter or son was asked to HI out
the blanks. A great uwmy of Use
enumerator had taken Uie by the
forelock, and kad previously diOriWutetl
the ackedule tnrougltout their diatriet,
so that all that waa ueceenary
to be done waa to collect tneiat. By tW
Deans the leiorwatioe was more cor
rect, for tkoae who answered the que
lions had ample tuiie tu which to pre
pare the aaawers. It siao Uuhteued the
work of the enumerator, and gave him.
an opportunity to avoid trouW ty ask
ing wnal twff wottui deem JHHrtflitff1P4
ime iir o iii tits
will not coaMKtence to come in for a few
days yet, 4n enumerator, who eeie
1 1 ii Lit aLout at. in oseferenice k)
ikileukd bv ids fiiendtv In unlre-
cuienaed sections U the c- and in the
sjainia the entiaarratcr is gtiimji io hairti
hard thM of it, and (or thavt mwm
that iMttrtnHf aues. who are tafriifinr
ao nMiavh for fhat satiiKaia6al htfttatat or se
country, deaerve ajl the sytutauthy and
fonakkradon that ca he showu thm.
6amn inamw ta Aiaaa.
ZvNiuAii, Juse Jtdvkoes frota
Mae -Fiench atssinnnrVs aj IganaVi,
(under dnte ot MVit tf. WI
Mwaada waa hi
of the Unadoau. Kafeawah hviwc keen
deteaAed aod rouUsd- Rr. Petawa. who
has been King iw' won tdtad
tm latvater, a
ancstind tmntli'i nn
mfiBiHjoraB in
favor of the fitirwafli
linuaii.oe.AJt. Ala., tvMt i The
.k State f'unTi'nniT hit njMM
the folio h no.
tenor, J If- riW
For So
SevreUr of iatte,
PktiiLk Tudver. Auditor. W O
Smith Supetiiiteadeni of Kducilioa,
Ir J 1 laaatexaott.
Tlio Capital City fltlnrn Sln f,lke W,
XV. Corcornn.
Vmler the above caption the ITew
York It'orM to day has the following
from Iti 'Washington cflrrespjitdent:
There is no local philanthropist In
Washington since '. Y. Corcoran
dll. Tlierc is no real local rmtrlotlfm
ami wo deep rooted Interest In Washing
ton. It Is largely a city of people whole
homes are elsewhere. The almost uni
versal aim here Is to lieggnryour neigh
bor and eet as much as possible from
With the exception of Mlm Gwendo
line Caldwell's donation of -iiWO.noO a?
a nucleus for the foundation tor the
PHb!k University the city of Washing
ton has not been the beneficiary of any
great act of philanthrophy or private
munificence since the late Mr. Corroran
founded the great art gallery which
liears his name and the home for
ladies in reduced circumstances, which
bears the name of his wife, Louise,
These two Institutions are among the
finest monuments of Individual philan
throphy in America.
In a public way "Washington people
hnve no chance to'do anything for their
city because thorc Is no local govern
ment. It Is now generally admitted
that Alex. It. Shepherd, when Gov
ernor of the District of Columbia and
President of the Hoard of Public
Works under the old form of govern
ment, did more for the Improvement and
welfare of this city than any other man
ever did, When no became Governor
somo twenty years ago he found Wash
ington n miserable village. Today,
thanks to his efforts then, It Is one of
the most beautiful cities In the world.
A Quarrel Settled on Dark and Gloomy
and Bloody Ground.
The T'lrnt i.AIUIr or Iloniit' In ICen-
tuchy for Blnnjr VeaM A I.aily
tVns the Cauir,
I.oriHriT.i,K. Kv., June S. At 10:10
o'clock last night St. Louis Cemetery,
daik and gloomy, was the scone of the
first dttol fought In Kentucky for many
a long year, says the Courier Journal.
The principals In the affair of honor
were Thomas Overby, an advertising
agont, who has been hero only a few
months, and Charles Sanders, a travel
ing man for an KvatiBvlllc tltid.) cloth
ing house. Sanders was engaged to lie
matrlcti to Miss Kmma '.onor, a hand
some young lady of Kvansvllle, who Is
now visiting In this city. Upon com
ing hero to see the young lady, Sanders
discovered that Overby had supplanted
him In her affections. A quarrel was
t'OM.OWi'.n iiy a riaitT,
In which Sanders was worsted. The
men afterward met at the Alexander
Hotel and resumed their dltilctilty and
finally decided to settle the alTair ac
cording to the code. Overby was
represented bv Frank Lattrall, a young
man who Uvea in IndianatolU, while a
travellne man from Cincinnati named
Harry Thomas acted as second for
Sandtrs. Accompanied by a medical
student named James White, who acted
as aurtceen. and a reporter of the
I'vuHer Journal, the party secured car
riages and drove to St. LouU Cemetery
in the suburbs. The principals took
their ponltions, armed with o'.'-callbre
Smith & Wesson revolvers, twenty
paces apart.
It waa too dark to see the men plainly,
except at a close distance, but they both
The secowl took their respective
positions, after arranging that the firing
should begin when three haul been
"One, two, three."
As the last number was called by the
physician who did the counting, a blaae
of tire liaabed from the muzle of both
pistole. liefc-reoHe coukl see whether
or not either man was wouaded, four
moie reports rang out and Sanders
T.Vl.llEKEl l ! lO THE ToMHeTOSE
near him ami su pi Hit ted himself by Its
cold skies. Dr. White hastily examined
him , and found that one bullet had pene
trated his right breast near the top of the
shoulder, while another had made a
slight tiesk wound in hla left arm. He
had tired two shots while Overby had
fired time. The man's wounds were
dressed as quickly a possible, awl be
was placed in hu carriage and taken to
Xew Albany, Ind.. where be took the
first train for bis heme in KvansvilW.
The otker pertk-ipanls in tkeaaTalr have
all left tke city. Sander wounds are
not contidered fatal
3IeUau I.ukarer MtMt tVar I'.taW.
Cm o' Xevuo, June 2. The City
Coumil has naased an ordinance com
pelling laborers on city works to wear
name, inetead of the loose oattom gar
asent generally worn by the laboring
ilaaae. riimllar legidavaow have been
adopted in several other citk of Ms
fco, and it is propoted to extend the
rum to ap)ly to all laborer, whether
employ td on publk works or not.
Uaa Atuwi Has Is a Welar,
CthithKATt, O., June 3. To one
arnsed mm Hull Xiavor aod Saau tta -nor
fought nix rounds on Sluly
aigbt near Brotviey. Ky. Thel-blng
wa very severe. Minor &uUly knotkiig
hie ooBMhwat uncoeaclous by a Wow on
the j. Both men live in OtxwfautaM
The liei4Hiiirr Hotjaaja.
n ! AtU I'Oil .i.
au: tot to aoi mitst.
Ceau Envmerater (to individual itb
luAurlant whtoker Vsvat U your m?
Imiivhftua) imdiyaaalb -You'd take m
far man, wouhtn t jou
'Answer the ii'iHoe' Yok twwhi he
the aearded womiB frmn hf l?aiijiilfft9aWi
for 11 1 ktaew."
W.lTEO .VlTNr.
t'iiu tnunMrafir tto W$l Tlihjn
bat i your aaw)
i eiuwu Twiwetttar -TO or MaV
n' o mm turn.
I'eiuu Sanaaawantw Tn'iatj plmait'
TkeOtieationee iJehn awawy ttmtm
CNi aay mans ehJUfeNWi aaM ysa I
Yowafg, jtontej
;beurf ortj&e.
its T,ijJBMtnpor SH j
Mr. tv
au son
l Mm iJiUliW
the Mwt sear or bdkuelhnt ttarnt
t'eaaua tuuaaeiatorviioCliicaso woaannj
Mai ried. uaun"
C ihjj laTomnnkeaw
ti.u-ia Cousserntor- ttov uui
hat u .. Wu aivo.t-editaice Juae. tin-
I'RBMlWrS liniiNBT
The Prasidsnt, He Says, Has Gone
Into the "Snubbing Bwiniss."
The Westerner is 0nvined tka Prwi-
dent is Not a Candidate, Even
In His Own Mind.
"Yes," satd a Western Heptibltcati,
at the Capitol to-day, "1 am now coif
vlnced that Pictldent Iiatrlson has no
Intention of becoming a candidate for
renomlnatlon. I have thought he might
tempt fate and the next ltcpubllcan
National Convention, but I no longor
think so."
"Why this change of opinion?"
"Ikcamc the President has gone Into
too largoly."
"What do you moan by 'snubbing
business?' "
"You recollect that ho snubbed the
Duqiicsno Club of Pittsburg. Y'os.
then he snubbed the Notional Convctfr
lion of Charities and Corrections, which
met at Ualllmorc the other day.
Aia cltlcn of Indianapolis he took an
interest in them, but as President he
was too busy to go forty miles to see
them. Confound such rubbish"' said
the Westerner, with wild Western vigor.
"And lastly." ho continued, "the
President on his way to Cleveland de
liberately snubbed the Scotch-Irish
Congress then In session nt Pittsburg.
couiiln t stop oil at Pittsburg a few
hours, forsooth, because he wanted to
get back home early and didn't
propose to be delayed until VI.
He was bouud to lie at home by!)
o'clock, like a good Utile boy. No such
wicked hour as midnight for him. No,
indeed. Special trains and other nl
luting arguments were tendcreLhlm in
vnln. He deliberately snubbed Pitts
burg and the great Scotch-Irish race."
"Jlut he finally accepted and at-
tended, dldn
,'t iC
Yes, ho ilnnlly
accepted and at-
tcnditi. Hut
a si'M.i:x asi t miual intra coxiest
It worse than a courteout and gracious
refusal. And then note the hours of
his attendance. He arrived at PitU
burjal o'clock, breakfasted, and be
gan Ida reception at the unheard-of
hour of S:0. concluded It at 0.TO.
rushed to the dejKit, and at 10 waa off
for this city. That was a truly royal
reception to extend to the Scotch-Iruh
CmiRrets, wasn't II?"
"Htit it 1 clalmetl a.OOO people shook
hand) with him."
"All the worse. Tliat would le at
the rate of fifty a minute, or about one
a second a bare band touch. A nice
hop, skip and Jump reception that. It
only emphasized the snub."
"How does alt this prove to you that
the 1 'resident Is not a candidate for re
nomination r "
"My friend, do you think for a mo
ment that the man who received every
delegation that visited him during
weary months, ami made a jiollte
speech full of sweet sound, If
of nothing else, ami never
snubbed one of them, would go
into the UutiBeae now, not casually
but regularly, if he were a candidate
"Ho you suppose that the man who
stood by awl saw every picket of hU
fence carried away and only smiled
WOtt.ll AIT A TRUit
now if he were a candidate.
"Do you sup-iMse that the wan who,
after the picket were gone, looked
peacefully, if not gleefully, on awl saw
the very brkks which formed the path
whkh led from where bis gale bad
been to bu front door dUappear, would
snub a yellow dog now if be were a
candidate again''' '
Having jerked tbeee queatiotu out
with vociferoue viyor, the Westerner
tkicely puffed bis elgar, width, by the
way, was aUo vigorous and aaaerdve.
City Ortieial at a 1'rUe tlslit.
Xfcw Yona, June 1. A special to the
Wiitd from Kanaae City a': A bare
Vowtle prize fight nt Guthrie. Okla
homa, on Saturday night, was witnessed
by the Mayor, city tount'tlnien. army
otfeers, ana several territorial official,
Uddes a number of women. Only
seven rouud were fought, but they were
bloody enough to autt the utoat eager
utttres of the iUe ring. Hiaggatt,
an unbeaten Oklabowa ougitiat. wt
awarded the sgbl on a foul. iieOlaty,
an unknown, was bin opponent-
MnntoHMt l'w lv.
PAtt.r:Kiiio, W. Ya., June S.
Kenr the Jatkaon County line yesterday
James Snundern, a wealthy fanuer, wa
shot dead Iron ambush white going to
church HU asaaasin wa IuunediAtely
ar tested, and proved to be WUllniu
Stvaniblin, a young neighbor, who k
lout bees La tote with Saundm' dugk
Ur- anutfideta forbade their Meeting,
and a, bitter feud sprang up between tue
nwn. They bad a quarrel yesterday,
when iftbinibliu west to JMsunduV
V atsaNkte dnanaMir tuaajaa tei 4icaea
C'i3A.isiiTi, tiaw June 2. s-ieu
teeti vear old Joe Btiitrll of Lwilftw i
Ky., rtarttd out ywderday ajternoon to
jwp from all four of the bridge croa
the Ohio river here ithln throe hours.
At I o'ckAk he Blunged from the mid '
die iM of Ute Cheaayeekw ajnd Ohio '
Mu, fitt feet afcove iaW cbneL He
9tSr lHPnF faapaw pnl w w mtrft Wpiaw !
was ao tutined tltat he was aaanaad with
ihniyji awil tiw idea of juajfipg froiu
the other three bridge.
rt rrttjiaji tat (nidiaihtjaaavhw
Kh. Yokk, June . The were
l.Wtfr Uiuttigra-idk (it"fnl tt the barge
riMii- veatetdaw. 3stU ba the atraiurr 1
MamaaaalMli lUsEnl Hagllsa1IT'aT atnatti TAtai h& tkc
njsapnnnaMip aT rwfjat njas vv jp .'
ateaawr City of Cheater irons Uw
pool sat hy the rtwar VntheU f row
I H'. ftoiu I. 'j-i'in.
Tlie ,
Itr-ntihllean l'atlv Now Thtnk
Thy Have n New lna.
Quay's National Committee having
lecMerj at Quay's dinner party Friday
night, says ftdlrmteh from Winning
ton In today's Philadelphia Rrroni,
that a National Klertion bill must r
ptred, if not passed, although th
jwlfHiert of Quay, Clarksrm ami DmI
lty is that such a law would 1 prattl
cully a nullity. Speaker lhd has
called a eawtw of the House lletmbH
cans for tomotrow night, when the
whole Southern question I to be dis
cussed, or at least w mwh of It as falli
within the purview of Quay's Commit
tee. The National Klecllon bill ami the
reports In favor of Itepttbliean con
testants are both to 1 tweil to fins the
Notthern heart. Quay, Clarkon and
Dudley believe that there are more Ite
puWiean victories in the "bloody
shltt," or at least In the "rebel flag'
and they propose to make the most of
it. Tltcy rejoice over the Itlchmond
celebration as being a great help to
them in this patriotic endeavor. The
ltcpubllcan contestants will be sealed,
but it la not certain that any of the
National Kleotlon bills will liecome a
The Englishman Make3 a Clever Show-
ingMcCaffrey Tells How1
Corbett Defeated Him.
Hilly McMillan made n very credita
ble showing against Dominlck McCaf
frey at Kcrnan's Saturday night, al
though there was somo disappointment
that the go was not to be n knock-out
one. It was announced before the mill
began that the contest would be purely
for points and that no slugging would
be Indulged In. McMillan did excel
lently. lie. of course, was slower on
his fctt than McCaffrey, but he stir
pilied every one by his clever sparring,
ami showed that lie hud Improved
greatly In that respect.
ills tight with Northedge evidently
taught him u lesson In regard to de
fending his body, for he holds hit
guard lower, and this enabled him to
escape several very viciou upper cuts
that Mt Csffrey made.
The fighting was little more than jab
blag, but this was In accordance with
tueTuevlotitly announced Tognttnme.
McCaffrey was so impressed with his
opponent s cleverness that he made him
an excellent offer to accompany the
combination. Hilly accepted and will
appear this week in Haltimore.
A TM.K ttl'llt M'cVrTltEV.
Dominlck McCaffrey, the only man
of whom It can be truly said ever had
Sullivan on the run. was getting Into
his righting costume Saturday night,
when a CntTit reporter asked him what
kind of a showing Coibett woukl make
agaiiiHt Sullivan.
"L.xcelleBt," he replied. "Corbett U
young, strong and wonderfully clever.
1 think he is the coming man, and if
Sullivan meets him the champion will
have all he w ants to do to escate defeat,
even if be is capable of doing It."
"How about your recent bout with
"I'll tell you, I am not the one to
squeal when I am defeated, awl Cor
bett had the beat of me. I acknowl
edge his auperiority, awl have only
myself to blame for going Into the
match unprepared. The way It came
about waa this- Billy O'Hrien, my
former manager, came to me a couple
of days before ContettS benefit and
said tbev would elve me $330 to box
four rounds. 1 had been in the saloon
business for three years in New York
awt was in no trim lor a content w iiuu
kind witk a first class tnaa. O'Brien
argued me into it. saying I could not
wake that amount any eaaier or
quicker, and 1 consented. I bad ao
time to prepare nt self, and not only
that, but 1
I thought be eugbt Kilrain when Jake
was stale and managed to May the U
rouads, and I did not believe for a ut
wt at that even out of training that 1
could not wake a ratling bout
"Well, you know the reault. For a
round and a half I waa all right, but
then I toat wy wind and I saw that Cor
bett meant business and waa goiag to
do me if he could, lie had coawe Kaat
to gain a reputation, and I'm sorry he
gained it at the espense of ttdne. Of
cottrbe, he betted ae, and I have no
right to complain, for I weal into the
auucb with aty eyes wide open. I waa ,
imply caught napping. I should like I
to meet hint in a nnkb fight, aad I be- ,
ikve 1 could reverse to verdict."
The talk then turned ttpoa the tauitt- :
van JscCaftrey tpi4j'ttr at Cheater Park J
live years ago- I
"You vera there, I believe." said i
Mt-Caalrtv. "and know bow it was. If
Sullivan had fought it out that day I
would have whipped Ida to certainty.
1 toadied stronger than ha. aadva
wiUiag to go on, but he would t, and
ao it ended. I was aawar better i nay
life than oa that occasion, and J believe
John was t pretty good Uuu. i neter
in my Mi. The gkt was for the en
tire gate receipt, tad, vhaa Ike tefer.ee
taw away, we were noa-pluakad- No
Occbdoa was wade and for two day U
Lands weta buatiag blai, umtfl we
tioaWy located Mania Toledo- I be
ikv e the rulllvt crowd kee where be
baa goae. but they keit awat- Three
daitwwd hegavc kjgdH.iab)B la
Uo oA aVuiilvan. aad I ever $
wut of k waa ikh) for traiaiag I
petiec After payias Uaiuer sd
tuasaaer ad Ot&er evpcunv-. 1 has juat
f -y kit.
' 4rfokBghackloKew Vueklclul
i iead oliiva aud poaud atoaey to
nudut thai ight, halt we could sat pt
biwtolaiaflaw IMtawa 1 fc-
ueved ilt tee J bm
I than he. aid I TBtev i wM hte
1 pwiaw a Uht h) gi ate the
--' -"y
Uuii't u the baokrui-t a ', aae
li'j.j. i iw.x; e a'. s-'J
ItKrTM.tCAK ii(m
Coflmtfon, a Special Legfolalara
aad Other Will Events,
The Farmers' AUiante Makes a BM
Move A Third-Parly War Dsr-
ing the Campaign.
New Youk, June 2. Nebraska pol
itics are In chaos, sayt a special from
Omaha In today's II orW. The farm
ers aro rising, demanding lower railroad
rates and calling for a reduction In the
tatliT. The Governor has called an e.x
tra session of the Legislature to act on
these matters. Tlierc It danger of a
split In the ltcpubllcan party. No one
dare say that an election called to-day
would find the State Itepttbliean. At
all events the great majorities of former
days have vanished. If affairs con
tinue In their present course till '1)2 tho
Democrats of Nebraska need load no
"forlorn hope" Into the Held. There
Is a golden promle that the farmer Is
awakening to hit ancient and long
chcrlshetl error; that "Tariff Keform"
will bethe war cry and that "Ihe Solid
West" is broken.
The people of Nebraska, who have
since the formation of the State
OlimXKD t'MIKU A ttEfClll.lt VH Itt't.K,
characterized by railroad and corpora
tion opprolons. are on the verge of re
xolt. The ltcpubllcan leaders are re
sorting to every trick Imaginable to
whip the rank and file Into line, but the
patty lash seems to have lost II ter
rors. The first move In the campaign was
made about May t. when five of the
most persistent oltlce-seekers In the
State met at Lincoln and lsued a call
for an anti-monopoly Itepttbliean con
ference "to devise the best method of
wresting the control of the Itepubllcan
party from the hands of the railroad
corporations of the Slate." This de
tture created a Hmsatlou for the lime
and was denounced by the railroad
press as a scheme for the foisting Into
oillce of the men who had planned the
conference. So
that the agriculturists began to believe
the conference would result In some
action emancipating ihe State from rail
road domination. Jutt as
the people
I had settled down to await the outcome
I of the conference the Grand Master of
I the State Orange tired a bomb which
t rreated another disturbance. A call was
Issued for a non-partltan conference of
Grangers, Knights of Labor, and Farm
ers' Alliance men and their sympathiz
ers, with the avowed object of talking
oer the situation ami discussing meas
ure to obtain relief for the (veople.
at once weal up, this time from
the a nil-monopoly managers. They
denounced the Grange movement as
simply a diversion to detract from the
I pn-iouly-announeed programme. Hotb
I sides used strong language, awl allowed
their temper to get the belter of their
In the midt of the squabble, three
days before the anil monopoly con
ference was to convene, the organ of
the Farmers' Alliance uuule a bold
move ami Ueued a popular call for a
lieople's Independent State Convention.
This call declared that the only method
of relief was to wage a third-party war
during the campaign.
The antt-inonopolv and grange con
ferences were failure, neither briugiuir
together wore than a handful, although
both iMtased rineiag reaoiutioas, de
nouncing the railroads and the Mc
Kinley bill and dt-wandlag ballot
Hut while these
TWO alike: n
wire making an exbibilioB of tbew
icltts. (be call for the people's convea
tioa was befawr eiicubtied all over the
Mate, and signatures were being secured
by the tbouaawU, Ooverawr Thayer at
once aaw the way aftaira were shaping.
He called iu hi priacipal advisers, and
the situation was thoroughly diacuaaed.
Church Howe, probably the shrewdest
railroad politklaa in the Slate, was con
suited, and gae it a bis opiaton thai
Thayer's oaly chance for a third terat
was to tali an eatra seasioa of the Leg
islature. The Governor graeped at the
straw, and the proclamation waitued.
Inatead of the acclawatioas of popular
favor with which it waa uppoid the
proclawatioa would be received, there
hat gone up a
froai the "attidgat" IWpublicaa. the
aati fftftaftfiftltslf are lawcntiatT aadl tha
Democrats are delighted. The general
opinion Is that Tkay er aa dug at ova
Vut mireadtr. TheOtweraor already
sees the folly of Uiuiove. but b) power
lew to rectify the blunder. Tie call
f or the ettra sesetoa apeciaes theaub
jects u b ccvtuidied -eaactiag tttati
wuna freight rate bill, abiliaaiag the
btate Board vf TraBtortatioe. adopt
deeiariaf lot aa iacceaMi i the volume
of currency aad the free colaage of ail
ver. There i ao ouattatNa that te
tMKi Tt 1-tlti.l MIOX
lifkUicd. TktR U ao hope, howener.
that tine praaeat legWator will carry
out th deakea of the pevi'W- Tip
record tkey atade at the lat mmkoa.
dot sot contribute to hope.
ProhlWiioii will alav' play aa import
aid pan ia the campaign. Already
aaars are UiMapiag Ute Mate "foe
IV al hoie and aaftve bad,' while
iheaatiaare fotadas aaaofialiiiiiri aad
prepariaj; to wgc a tbiorotta warfare,
erudlytbOMthil'aewipae. The
ligbt will be a tdone one. wiA the
chaaccs ia favr of the aatfadmatni
cawyiag. If la tatat aao af
UgWature dovu tiw i-uati li ltJtjot
law the bsuaretok U that the Ptofci
bKiotdats wHl b. giv ea a Wg Hit. The
high Uceaae jieopk will therefore.
rK-r aaljji '.-c utia-i ai.1 wi ' 1m- .
a Mg kM t A Capitol to tka'. It J
it beaten. . .
Another factor In tlw ewipmtn. aim
a trry HMtanaJn owe.hth posfthmof
ex !etitrtot Is. It. Yn Wjrck.
"otn tnrr rouse,"
at th General has been duWied, still
km a wry large following among the
famwraof lire State. He has imblipiy
ilwlated In favor of separate Mrty
action, ami there Is a strong poWiMHty
lhat he will lie "perMiaderT to head the
Alliance State ticket. In eaae he re
ceives the nomination the Democrats
may lHtJre him, although there It
some opposition to the proposal among
ihe old time leaden. They believe that
the ratfly Is In poMthm to win Ihl
cowing fall without ftnloti. amt tlwy
urge that no entangling alliance be en
letw Into.
A Xtnmnn' Unity In n H"erTolr .
XVliere la Her Ulilld?
New ItniTAts, Costs., June . The
body of a woman who was beautiful in
life Ilea at the morgue in this city await
ing identification. The body waa taken
from the Walnut Hill reservoir on
Saturday evening. The woman had
been seen near the reservoir with a
little girl In the cir'.y part of the even-
Ine acting very suspiciously. Aimtit 9
o'clock Charlet Lddywat riding near
the cemetery with a friend. They were
suddenly startled by two piercing
shrieks, which seemed to come from
the reservoir. Kddv leatied from the
carrlugc and saw what he was rcrtaln
was a woman sinking into the dark
A shawl and hat were found floating
on the water, and near the bank a
woman's shoe was found. Kddy lost no
lime In Informing the police of the
affair. The reservoir was dragged, and
in lots than nn hour the body of n
woman was brought to the surface.
Several people of tills city say they have
frequently iccn the woman, but no one
seems to know her name or anything
about her. Whether II was suicide or
murder tho police nre at a low to ay.
What has become of the child who was
with the woman is unknown.
II Will
Court Next
Wiird 1 1 it- Sullitreri l'rniii Confinement
unit In Almot ii riilcil ami
airntal tVrerk.
The trial of Frank K. Ward for the
murder of Maurice Adlcr will com
mence a week from today It will
be probably one of the most celebrated
trials that has ever taken place In this
District, owing to the prominence of
the accused ami the many circumstances
of the tragedy.
It has been nearly a year since the
shooting occurred, awl during all of
that time, with ihe exception of a few
i davs. Ward has been Incarcerated In
i the District jail. He has changed won-
more like the genial Frank Ward of
a j ear ago than black is like white. He
baa agid perceptibly, and hU whole ap
pearance Indicates that of a man whole
rapidly breaking down under combined
physical awl menlat troubles.
He U no iouger the bright, energetic
business man, whose many enterprises
made his name a by-word in every
iiouseboid, but a wreck, awl aa object
of pity to even his worat enemies. He
has changed so much that his Intimate
friends coukl hardly recognize him.
Ward was talking to a friend last
Wednesday night, the night preceding
the execution of Hawkins, while sev
eral reiortera stood a little distance
away awl watched him. He appeared
nervous awl ill at case, and kept con
stantly chanting hla position in bis
reelleasaese. He looked haggard and
worn, and the stubby growth of beard
on hie face was ia marked coatraat to
hla fot mer smooth shaven, clear-cut
A man aituated as be is fecl his po
sition wore keenly, awl be tried to look
wore cheerful when be saw be was
being watched, but the attempt was a
wiaerabie failure.
He is also greatly troubled with la
hotunia. the guards aay, aad lhl. to
gether with bis anxiety, has contributed
towards the breaking down of the man.
i'or months be was oa the tenter hooks
of suspense, hoping acahast hope that
Adler would recover, aad for a waa of
his education that was the quintessence
of cruelty. A waa with a less vigorous
constitution would have succumbed tu
it, but the effect oa Ward has oaly been
to cause his mental aad physical break
ing dowe.
He baa a great uuny friends, many
of whom visit him daily, aad by their
eacouragmg words try to cheer hiru up.
But eves with ibis comajuttk attoa with
theoutsfde world Ward U growing wore
SKtoe every day, and it ia only a 4ues
tJoa of time before he breaks down
altogether. It is a pitiable case, and au
this unfortunate act they laaaot but
feel sorrow for Ihe present condition of
Use foreatoat buaiaess was of the dty.
Maaeasaa aaaniit tawaa Hiaa.
Cim ixsvn, June . The draad
Count il ot" the tatted CotasBeorial
Ttavtkr' Association has adopted a
vwrtpfilavtHrwlftpnp Wna?4waaWsawara'aw Ma afflpiaH a,
rUoo. ia the aaw of the S. travel
lag wea. the removal of Joh 4- Hate.
. JBapfl0WaMVnwWRRVia (aw aawaj w a a Siawa w w
fditor ut the Uswego J'i.t', aad edi
torially deacuaced the pnrfeasi as om
t ouipJsed of rake, ptvlbjate. mashem
1 aedtiera
t. itJifnter 1'raiiitilaHt tirtt aSeaVasMV
Kk Ttssaa. Jaae, Th Uvrhl pub
its a.-porte of a f tauduiat spirit uitstb;
wediuiii. The cspourc was brought
about by the aU -f iw suwiest eat ekefrb.
igats, with stofltf ba-ttcrie. The
lamps ami batterten were strajfnd
nionnrl '" hfuHes of the eesotteea awl
""""iu y "
4'aTniiawaair aawk ayaaatt llfialaf latawaawal.
SWHwplip F "W rnusjpaww"" aa"F
fWi, Fa . June ? -Over i.ww
people witnessed as opes-air weddiog
ywaday avawaswa- fa eteat was
atu A ajKalrkher . by atawai St. Isaav
oa the lawn at CheaAMl TalSka4ole
aUcwt This aa the ant weddls ol
'.a-- k 1 V W.J. !iv-C
nt pRrxKBr, m-fm&
How lk Athletic flclorjOTfr Tab
ma ii . -
taMfe Bm t the SxlMt f Tm Hoi
nad Mian The FmUy
lJoTos, SU , .fun 3. Harv.wd
I'nlvwslty has experienced ihe crttwn
log outrage at the ha mis of Its r tini
er red students. .Saturday night thj
whole collage celebrated a wild orgfe ttt
honor of Its victory over Yala at Ikwke
ley oval. There were suppers, bonfires,
tteh-horns. ami a general rmmleirroaluin,
but, save the insane arts of twt of tho
(indents, who, overcome wilk .en
thusiasm, delllierately threw their dres
cc-ats Into the bonfire while daneta
around the blare, no great overt act w-.n
then committed.
lAMimtllOK I'AfNTKn MlltntlT RtM'MlX.
It was during the small hours that the
vandals were abroad, ami in the morn
ing Cambridge awoke with a sensation.
The college and neighboring ortlont
of the clly were literally covered with
ted. Painting doean't sultlclently ex
press It. Doors, fences, house fronlt.
signs, all were splashed over ami daubed
with crimson paint. On the college
ground the handsome statue of John
Harvard was desecrated. His face,
hands, liooks and shoes were bright
crimson, and hit clothes striped like a
On the beautiful carved granite im
deslalwattlaubed the words.- "Harvard.
0; Yale, 8," in a dozen d I He rent place-,
the paint being absorbed lalo the porottt
stone, mining It. The stp ot Apple
ton Chapel ami the sacred interior went
painted and smeared with red. The
beautlfut mosaic pavement In tke hall
of Memorial Hall was rulacd by liuga
red letters spelling "To hell with Yale "
The free-stone carved points of Saavcr
awl 1 toy hton Hall were similarly ruined,
and tieens of other buildings were
TIIK t.Utl.T'k 111-NT ON 1 KWittAlfcK.
The dlH'ovcry "f all this raised
storm of Indignation In the olty awl
conMernatlon In the I'nlvBfttiy. The
faculty were In session all rtay yeater
day- They declare that the dntunratlon
Is tke-work of a bawl, pj. not over a
dorei aiwlents acting in coacari, wh
will lie hunted down and not only ex
pellet! but banded over to Ihe police
autliotltlee, for I He damage they U m
i tlow u lneil" T "
To reimlr the Harvard statue alow?
will coat over $ l.wK), while MeworUl
Hall will have to have the injured mo
saic replaced at double the cost. The
damage all told wilt reach oasihly
The students have ealled a mats meet
ing for to night to denounce Ute out
rage and to start a subscription to tie
fray as much as possible the cost of the
reparation. It is generally concede.!
that this will bethe death to sports, au 1
the Faculty will now prohibit any ooh
tests, athletic or aiiuatic, ouWde the
University. There is geaera! dlsia-tr
throughout the entire college.
Itev. Mr. Murrla .SeuatlHa
C ixxati, Ohio, June 3. At St.
Paul's M. E. tburxb last night Her.
George K. Morris, the pastor, and late
of Fhlladclphla. in the course of kU
sernton went for Mayor Mosby. lie de
aounced him as a traitor to hi country
in refusing to execute laws, a perjurei
because he intentionally violated bl
oat n, sad otberwiae excurtated the bead
of the city for the shocking vioiatbMtt
of law that disgrace the city. The au
dlence was thuaderstruck for a si"
want, tbea eatbusiastkally applauJtil
and tilled the air with shouts of
Sit.W Tkrw tfafamiaBer Tfca
XVwuUi-iui fteHTHor lii-iwu.
C'suti. June t. Ida Kwitb. :
years of age, engaged fat the dressmak
ing business, became despondent aiar
to reverses in business aad comadtel
suicide Saturday evealag by juwpin;
into the i-ake from Ftertoa avenu
pier. 4oung mm. name uakanwu.
leaped into the water awt attemitad t
save her, but, after swimaUag a short
distance, be was seen to suddenly thru
up his bands aad disappear Iltssuh
pcaed that be was seized with cram;
HA ? ( a ItSMt.
ATt-shTu Ciiv, S. J,. June "J
Before be eottkl tan oer for al
lag sap, yesterday, Iatid J. fcartraan
was atnuatd by a polkeman- Larrasu c
lto custody upon the receipt of a teW
tram from the police of that city, wlni
e is aaajted for forgery iarraace ie
inily ubtaiad a psw af fnw. it i-
aasd anil for the nast weak fn roiiiinarir
with a female eoaspaaJflft, has Ht Ui -tkoA
Uie is contliiUtMis deaauciny-
- -ar " "
Taiaat sav Stat Itht af Jtaw ataatsaw
EaiK, Fa., Jus Tt bodit. t
tu VaU. which had bawahwntalhc.
i acre found ia a grass plot oa the . .i
I skirts i Use city by the aa- f itic
j mHuriiay uigat aad cu-c- . u i
to the awe? of al i . v rli t
youajf Uerawu wvji- i. ma i
1 aa,4swa1itiawomai - n - k.
hls bees held lot . u-.. ti
' woun is giod iOwlfc 4 U '
boraeaood icpuiaiwa.
Ot-'Woe. l", isae . Thw H
sitti-!siiail, thasotgd laWheroo :;
prlist, has beeo elected presiktt cd tu..
aill mm Ms ftjtdlybamimaka
Ogd hjs f uMirt Waie. Tbls aec'c-.-UrnVs
taveriait bJ tMMtfcttewttt ike
Souihers aWb-daat mSpm '
amUaiiBii with tike lk.otoT Hrth
. , m
taaad. asaaaaar aaaaaaasaaV
tor M JhiSnal Chftawtet, awf-. -
i7 I iKfc -a I afc-'iii J'l t-T., a .At'-.

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