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i i
It has been OUR;
privilege during tha
past week to cloth (4
MORE young man
and boys than avur
before in the sam
length of time.
This week we want
to exceed even the
LARGE business of
the week just 'past.
Won't you help us?
WE have the GOODS
you want and at the
proper PRICES, and
are perfectly capable
of supplying you with
anything you may de
sire in Clothing and
Furnishing Goods for
men, boys and chil
dren. Do not fail to
see the SPLENDID
assortment of school
and play suits for the
youngsters who wear
short pants that WE
are selling at $4 and
$5 each, and every
one of them a GEM.
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
New York Stock.,
Today' New York itoek market quota
Mens, (uruitid by C. T. llvsiw,
llcctr-swaml 11, AtUktle bulbil kg, 900 F
fctrct northwest. CorrssjHHHlsuU, M. H.
Mr Hum, New York; Chandler, Browu V
Cc, tliltago:
MPIkS. OxuS.30 stocks. Oueu 8.30
A "I i'. S Ke -ISJ -IS Omaha 3.1 35
Can, routk.. 002 60f iiTd
I U , U. A Q S07J '07 Ore. Tram.. 501 511
tC'i. is I'.M.S.S.t'o lj tl
I , II I A Vte 96 WJ Heading 47 U
Jlc', LA W. !Wj m :t. A W. I't. 331 331
Ut' A Hud St. Paul.. .. 771 77f
r!e a4 5i Tex. le .... a9,
, asi ai
. sal ae!
. 07$ UTi
icrcv leu lea. U. A l
i A .N .... W MH U. I'ae
laU- Miore.liai'lSi Wall. p'tU.. 90 i
Ma I'ae 781 Til W. ChIou.. S5J S5
jm .v A k. mi w tv klk ia re
I A Wn'fd. (Hi mj BtroUiiin
tM rtr
974 00
A . Cea... 11M l!0I Aiu. CO C'U Sli 31)
is Vac
c . 37 4 L'.GaaTritot 55 j 5j
pTd. Il S5 XatLMT'W 33) 3U
uett..l!& lftj S. Italia. Co. Mi MJ
The Chicago Slurketa.
Tii day Chicago gram awl provision
i rUit iiuotatUxw, funuabail by C. T.
KaviiTier, Hoomiaua 11, Athmllt Hulhl-Itj-,
PaiF street uortkvtast. Corraapoml
it . M. It. Mwalbaai, Nw York; Ctuml
tr, llrowii ilc Co., Chicago.
wuk.it. Opm CU)t kwk, Off date
f I'
C ) s.
' .
AU ..
Kit VII Aug.
sal i! s-JS
8S .'uly ..
Ml 5M Aug...
m m sept..
w s wj
Wa.hlBeton btock Uxahanse.
yaloa-Kular (Mt Ut tfcluck w.
Aj-b L.I.,Ut, UMUtt). Wh.LMU
v 1 irott CoiitpiMjr, at 4i.
jHucellaaiMMM Maftli U. 8. iUaettte
It.Ltg lt,'(. U; U. 8. Stebia Ugkt
K y .(, 106); W. Jk a CMWitibfa, ,
MaMiik IUU Am'b, '. 0 Wi, 1;
A, ..-! . Market Co., Ut Hart., ', lilt;
A - -u HaUt Co., Ino., ', 1U: Ul'd &
t . aid Co., ', C 17, : Wh. IX
J uatry, Ut, ', UMM, 101. Waak. U. In
I i y, A r, mi, 101; 'iMk. Qw Uaht
t . ser. A, 6's. Ul, Waak. Ca UjATCoT,
t. r B, t'. 181 J; H)liite leu CotafnUty.Ut
NatluiulMk Stwka Htak ol Waak.
1 -i,4Tl;atiVoi KMaUte,8b5, Metn
i JU, ago, Caatral, S0O; Secoad, l'J;
ijiu.i-ia ad VwkaiUra', lb; Cwimu',
J - toliuuUa. Is j, Capital, 131; 'at
J.J Mi.
i.-njuad Stock Wmkhigion and
(., ,.,aoB, W, MtcouUUd, 165; Co
1 lMi, 75, Ciitol aiMt Vortk O iiMii,
i-ikluKloa and &uliliw' Uooa, SS;
I, ,aoinadTeiuuUlj'Uu, i, rit-
. i -uj auc Staaka KtW '. W; Frwak-
I 7. Mi-tntf trill, a. 83; yllfYia1 t'ido,
ArliMtOS, 100, Cofcofao, 65, CohWft-
j l-.. aeraiu-jaaricu. ISO, ItotOttMC.
- KufcW. Pwo'aS)
i : c laaujajaca tocfc Keui XataU
1 .. 1 .V, CuluwW TUU, 7i, WaUstok
'i -. .
i.t aud CUOdc Ltektitotka WaUo-
t . cu, b;; uoJo om, m, un
laci-koo Hiocka ywtHHrlTMte, -;
C .jpca.- aai rvtojuic. Hi, anttirtrak
L a.iiujJaoe, 12g .
Mi, elli"-ou Ktoeka. VuklAgtok Mw
I, u.,h VaAlMUw McTMacUu
i ..w, oewt TaUf let Co., H13, SuS
1. .. VajiorM Co., m Jtoyaaar
ii'uutatlc 6ub Carrtai
.- uiiy auJ TtuatCo., Sii, JUatoli Hall,
!i.,j;lmk let Co.. .
XnvUta it Um DimlMR With
Wlihk U Nuts to Ftabr
ia ft
TnttoMt lapmtift
TIm OM tmllM )mt fofftrjr tcamtut
Uoaiit Ih, Mt dlipAlck from ttilt
ctij riiHtii m knin'i Xtw York
A"n. KtrtwHtttdHMtlkX the tl magi MR
elranrtr nt Ut erldewv ngnirnl 9
Gorvtiiot Foinkr, In wtxm tn(nMt
tb fnrRtrjr wt erMttiUy rmmnlttad, It
1)M Iwm lb rrrAl1lni; otliilMi up to
llil time amowx iKow conrpmint with
the sltiMtlafl that the report of tb
Houm Committee wonkl contain a llt
cml nmmtnt of whtlrnah, ami that
I'orskcr wotihl tmwtk'nllj' get off soott
ucli, liowcver. is ttot to be the ciw.
Ho Is to bo plllotletl by He publican,
Anil lils political rivals, headed by Gen
eral Grosvenor. who lmtee l'oraker In
tensely, will hold the bitter cup to his
line and make him drain It to theilrecs.
Fornkcr's foolhartllncse In crowtllnK 1
wmseil lonvani as clialrntan ot tlie
coming Btate Convention, ha', in the
opinion of tho gentlemen, rendered
heroic treatment Impemllve.
Sherman. Grosvenor, llutterworth
and McKInloy. the leaders of the antl
I'orakcr crowd In the lluckeye Plate,
Icllcvcd that l'oraker had been com
pletely done for as a result of the disas
trous campaign of 1911, supplemented
by the tubseqiient
M AM)AI.()I STATK tV Al'.in
developed by the ballot box Invesllgn
Hon, and they were dlpoel to let by
gones be br-ionci, privMeil Fornker
would keep in the backsround out of
their way. lint tho audacious e.tClov
etnor rciuied to be shelved. lie has a
host of young and enthusiastic follow
ers In Ohio, who believe he has been
the !ctlin of persecution at the hands
of the Washington leaders, and that the
latter were moved by a spirit of jealousy
toward the young Governor, who threat
ened them with political ascendancy.
Two weeks ago l'oraker placed him
self at the head of his hot heiuletl stiji
portors and captured the chairmanship
of the Itcpubllcau State Convention,
which meets early next month. This
will give him an opportunity to sound
the key nolo of the coming cimpaiga
and control tho convention for the pas
sage of such resolutions of Indorsement
for himself as he may deem necessary
for a full vindication. It Is true he dis
claims any such purpose, but his ene
mies do not place uny reliance In his
assurance, and they have accepted ids
election as a sort of a public announce
mint that
and ready to marshal his clans for a
last desperate battle to determine wbe
shall rule the Republican party In
Ohio Foroker or Sherman. Mclttittoy,
Grosvenor et al. The latter do not rel
ish a Ditched battle with the l'oraker
crowd, l'oraker controls the machine,
be Is a shrewd man'pulator. and never
since his advent into politic in Ohio
has he been outgeneralled. Notwith
standing the fact that his recent mis
fortunes have broken his power same
what, he is still capable of making a
name light, ami his enemies would
much prefer to bushwhack hint than to
rueet him in the 0ien.
The antl-Foraker leaders have there
fore resolved to nnish this bold fighter
before the convention meets, and Gen
eral Charles II. Grosvenor, who has
represented the men whose names were
forged to the fraudulent ballot box
coutract, has been selected to bud the
tight. Their schetMe U to secure from
the ballot-1 coiuwitiee
fomer, a report that will fore the Itf
itubltaiM of Ohio in com mum deeeaey,
as (he prite of their self-respect, to re
pudiatt him. General Groavenor's re
ii to the arguwesit of Foraker before
the ballot box coutnittee submitted
i bit! day os behalf of his dUUkguisked
cifekis. Sheraiaa, Kutterworth, McsCia
ley, etc , is absolutely uiereiless in the
diiectaeas with w hick he sikglee out
Foraker as the reapoiuibie axekt ia the
BtoductiiMi of the forgery. He rums a
hot trail up to the try feet of Foraker,
aad Use slop short, ajsd his coaclusio
is a direct msmI soleuui iajustetiosi to Use
eottuulstest so visarl ste putltkai morality
U Use C kited Statea by at kmsi resurti
istg a Scutch verdict--guilty, but wtt
proves. QsHseraJ GrosvekM
ik these ord.
Tkts paper itke lureery) was saadtf tor a
purtiose. It as an lulamuu iiurpcjse It
could serve so purpose of Wood uuloi it
purpose t
re a forgery.
as KtMtulk. Wood
destroyed his ckaaoc ol uruks tinder It. it
Mkiadtosaeet a ihwmnd Itwuiued
tor the mupoa of thai dcauud. It was
ut used Ik tke Interest of Wood. It was
used ia tie iktert! oaabod else. It
could uut iuure to the kood of Wood. It
tnisht inure to the great Ueaekt of Forakw.
By bat sort of reasoning do tk rules of
eubstruetlok wkick kr governed us trow
the i arlkisl uxriod of kssk'a study of ssak
seek to be set aside As eiplosluk of s
deadly uils.ile is traced tu ttu. tuutds of tke
UtdlviduaJ. The UuUvldual U to be btui;
kted by it. We look to huu a the author.
Couutt rli WMUty U put Into drculatluu
bf a crlokiual- He is to be beudUvd If But
dttceltd. We look to huu as Ike author.
Wvluok to iee wkat purpoao as to be
sutotivtsd by Um aet, aud, haviak diacov
etKl ttiat fact, iimnkiiiil has been tough to
say this i the teaooualUe sgout. KotUag
short of U will uiet the (JU-uUil of Ju-
vatdom euuteoiaatoB, abuse of opiwj
utat, crVisriass of touufl, UnuuaJiuutkat
dragktE ikos Issues csa ssCett uoSk
luf U tSe great bar of tatelttaekte- Wood
diil not coitxtvs it. They tsjs eould not
have " so. TkA deuia&d of Iustfi-Si aud
tkerukof all uiaoswd that has baao found
to U- the i;uid of kwuM jn'sguieut. poikt
aloag the aajsM pathwajr that if b
lee poiatioj for tkouaiind yeaM. The
bsat hkuiof this cotwattttee, kUhsd bf
skt.y of the heal eo of she couaSry,
bane ham put upon she ck of
the uic to did umpire sad urganued
itua i.t. me, and they Usti: iua U dusritauu
ply to the ft that It was msde for the
neneftt of one man. and lhir we leave it.
IWtmi bT the wish which wss father to his
thought, he new admits that he honestly
helttrttt these men jnlhy of criminality. A
mental romlftton ItHe that In namt snd
Spptember last cannot be trlert bv any ordl
nsTj stamlant of comparison.
Oewsral Grosvenor. In taking up the
arf rnnenl of ot Governor Foraker, com
ments thus ttfwn Foraker's aswrtion
that any ihllmallon that lie wanted a
forgery was so absurd as not to merit a
moment's cretlencc
W hen yon hare fonml a man In the State
of OWi,or In the brostl domain of the
t'BHftt Slstrs, who Is nlltlnsr to sy that he
honestly bellevrd st one time, or at any
time, that John Sherman ami lils associate
neon this paper hail been gntltr of felo
nies, yon have fonml a man who cannot
screen himself by nv of the ordinary rales
governing the sctlons ot mankind.
General Grosvenor Is sarcastic In
speaking of the vain regrets which
OffTBinor l'oraker pretended to express
at being Impotat tin.
"He regretletl," says General Gros
venor, "when he was calling Clements,
when he was trying to verify the signa
tures1, when he was searching for two
days In his library for letters he re-
& ret led to find that they were genuine,
ne hour devoted to sending n tele
tram to AtcKlnley. who was only a few
lours away, would have removed nil
that regret, all that trouble. ,The docu
ment was not of so momentous im
portance as that it should be considered
Improper to show it to nnybody ohc, for
he showed It to Captain Drown, Mayor
Mosby, Xt. Iinlstead, Goncrnl Ilushncll
and others, and yet he did not (olograph
to the three men who, of nil others,
knew all about It. Sherman In Wash
ington, McKlnlcy In Ohio, faithfully
advocating the election of Foraker, who
was willing that the service of a crim
inal should l available until nftcr the
election, and then he (McKlnlcy) should
be put to iho sword. This Is his case.
It reflects, like n calcium light. In every
"Gentlemen of the committee," Gon
crnl Grosvenor concludes, "the wholo
case Is In your hands. Your duty lies
right ahead of you. Your report nnd
the action of the House upon It will fix
the standard of political morality In the
United States. It Is for you tosay what
degree of public condemnation this sort
of thing merits. Long after you pass
off the stage of acttou this report will be
tiled ami commented upon. The peo
ple of England, jmt emerging from the
Tlchbornandthe 7'mtt I'arnell scandal,
Involving the 1'lgott outrages, will look
with some interest to oec what estimate
American statesmanship and American
morality puts upon transactions like
lie l.Mipi tu Ilia Dentil nn H Drunken
CixriKXATi, .lime 9. Dan Wilcox
lost his life yesterday Jumping from the
Newport Itailroad bridge into the river
below, a distance of ninety feet. Wil
cox, who had been drinking, was ban
tered by some friends to perform the
dangerous feet. He accented the lnter,
arrayed himself In a pair of swimming
tights, ami at 3 U0 p. m. threw himself
from the bridge.
He siruck the water on his stomach.
He was taken Into a boat, landed at
once ami managed to walk to ids home,
a short distance from the bridge. He
was there found to have been Injured
Internally, and he died within an hour
after ids foolish leap bad been taken.
He was a braxe fellow, UA years of age,
and bad been awarded a medal by the
United Slates Government for saving
eighteen lives during the great Hood of
I'rlure Mimit'a OutxTlme I'lanea
ltuturna to Nun turk.
Nr.w Yohk, JuokO. Miss Gwemlo
lln Caldw ell. the wealthy young Haiti
mote girl, who might have been the
wife of l'riuce Murat hsd slut been will
ing to part with a large share of her
fortune, arrived here from Kurope yes
terday on Ia ltretaga. She was ac
companied by her younger slater, IJk,
who is soon to wed Huron von KedwtU.
the Gernskk minister to the itepublic of
Mexico, and the aunt of the young
ladles was also with them.
They were met at the wharf by tiu
gene Kelly, the wealthy baakkr f this
city, who Is a trust of Uut Catholic
University, at YVaklkgUk, which thk
mukilketue of Mies Caldwell did so
much for. Then Ik putty westt so the
Fifth Avenue Hotel, whre they wtU
retstaik for a few days before taking
their departure for thk south.
Dratlt ot l'ml.i.r MmhM
I'kiktKiok, Jutw .H. James
ClesMtkt MosTkit. for tiur pss4 two ysssrs
professor rsawtitus uf i hunk Ustary hi
the Theotokicki kWsklkkry. stted f his
bosttk em KasMUi street us tmlkrdkjr
kfterauok. aged st yssua. lie wsi storm
Ik Scotland, ami tswae to, Akstrka Ik
1K13. lieektetcd tW juklor etas s
Ptikcttok kkd took Um ikgisw of A. ft
Ik la3. Ik 1M1 hk ww casswi to tk
chair of chunk history ia Ik setwi
kkry. This Utter k hesti ua In two
Uv duty. 1st. MosfsM was a volusk
Imhm Wfstkf , ktsd. tk&Mstt. kdk iIms
wojrkk sisyktsftusssi aoflMt ttussit gstlglik
I Id BakkTOikk twafkUssk.
AH .Itttt-lkKtttw sms tplsW kr tk
Kiuoauuo, Ksk . Juk 9.-0, W
Jokes, tk leader of Use atl lkfklls'
moveskkkt Ik the Karsswra' AlUessM ssf
svaaaaa, kkd tke kts who wreak ssi tk
trusjtafftt tkk kotofiotss kkli IkgiHlt'
Mkulutlok bs the state JtUhskce r
lgikUsusc by thk Buster t'oussty 41
er. k uokfty for IkfkUe, w Is list
FarsBcn' iJJiMc here, sad Josw Is to
be iuslruvtkJ, If rlswtoi. to voto sW tsk
Mtas he is tfkjhtikk.
(Tasatf bfaasssk to Stojskk.
Uukikkut., jusw I'bst Ia Ihk
GrkkdTrukk Kailsiky stuck yi y
terdky burked thirty twvek eHie to
ikktk kkJ tea othstra ao badly tkkt tky
will ptobtJUy kv to he skot. Tlsue
were over 300 hjtatiuf cuttht la the aksia
wk th Use alkrted. but all weressyMy
gi4tok OSSt CSXkkit thoak httXkSki V
afajteil svbove. The soss kksuuktikg to
klMMtt iltaki, fklla upoa Use stock
yurds eosMpkky.
ssi(swAftkfc lMt&Qitittoutf VMtf
lxk.it t'lTf, Mikk. J una) . Th
jhrtM (uills, Ah) Tk'Tlrt
tatiU ekty- oVstroyed hy k kg
Ksswsry fM ykatetjiay. Tkaar musw
Okued by O. M. Cikksftok of noeki.
ad were total lea. Ttwy com W.
OtH) ttud weie Uuted for fiX99i
The Ce ot I'ranlc K. Want tmnllnneit
I'ntll Then.
The Criminal Conrt room was
crowded this morning in antrcipatlan
that the case aaimu Frank K. Wahl,
whleh was on Use earemwr, wwwM be
At ten cwlock Frank Ward, accom
panied by bis attonwys, .Imlg Wilson
ami Ptnatnr IHnckmirn, enleretl the
conrt room and took seals before the
bench. Ward nrescnted a somewhat
changed appearance from what he did
when In the same court on appli
cation for ball. He had evidently
gained a few pounds of Hesh, wore a
stubby beard and manifested by his
actions the effect that several months'
close confinement had had upon
him. District Attorney Hoffe And
Assistant District Attorney Mps
comb represented the Government,
and II was explained that as another
cape was on trial whleh had not been
dltposeil of, that the trial would have
to be deferred until Wednesday morn
ing. .
Children's Day Appropriately Observed
in the Washington Churehes,
llenutttul I'lnrnl Ilerornttnn Cannrles
Sine nn Olillgnto tn tlia Itymna,
tVorils nt Advice (liven.
Ycsterdny being the second Sunday
In June was children's day, and a mag
nificent day It was. It was a day
especially olxcrvcd In the churches to
hear the Sunday-school scholars sing
ILclr ptclly urols amhUt the fmgrancc
of ilowcrs within the sanctuary and the
warbling notes of birds without.
The children wctc happily nddressed
nt this church by Scnntor Colquitt,
whose remarks both nmuscd ami In
structed them. The awkward nge of
boys nnd the ugly side of a man's Ufa
were referred to by the Senator, who
said Hint home was the best place
where a man should show his best and
purest chnrnctcr.
rumen ot nm K.vriiF.n.
At the Church of Our Father the
pnstor, I lev. Alexander Kent, preached
a sermon especially to the children.
kmt.iix fnr.fiirTKiirvN (inmir.
Al the i'.astcrn Presbyterian Church,
Northeast Washington, the lloral deco
rations were beautiful, Including it large
archway of evergreens, from the centre
of which wore iupcndcd bird cages,
with sweetly warbling birds. On n
largo bank of evergreens was the In
scription: "Feed My Itmbs." Two
services were held, al H a. in. and In
the afternoon. The ixittor. Dr. Corne
lius, addressed the children In the
morning, and In the afternoon the exer
cises consisted of singing, recitations
and addresses.
The large Bunday-tohool of this
church assembled in the auditorium at
It a. in. The church was redolent
with its perfume of (lowers. The e.ter
cisc consisted of singing ami recita
tions. iMMi.ixr. m. k. miliar.
At this church the work of the chil
dren's day services was divided Into
rite divisions of a grand army, which
were reviewed by Mr. T. II. Towner.
Major Hall pleaded for I lie work of the
commissary division. I .sit year, he
said, $43,000 was advanced toyouna
men studying for the ministry, ami
SOU were aided. He believed that the
collection for the fund would be greater
by flfly per cent, this year than last.
I lev. Dr. Naylor spoke upon the work
of the pastoral division.
On the niatform of the Foundry
i Church au evergreen cross, with the
legend, "Iiy This Sign We CotMiuer,"
I was the moat couiplcuous of all the
floral decoratkius. Canary cages ami
biids wer tdaced at dilferent points lu
the auditorium, ami their singing made
the saddeat heart more hopeful. The
work of the chuuh was divided into
I leu tlivlaiok. but only Ave of them were
pretest. The exercise coexisted of
maiclMM. slngikf and dialogues.
1 1 TMfck fl,H E MkMOkl KL Htl m II.
At Luther liaee Memorial Church,
Iv lr. MulUr preached a sertuou to
the ihtldien at 11 a. ui In the course
of Us remarks he said he dUapproved
of tire uwt heckusu h regarded the cok
ftkctMtkt of kkiiukl ik rages a cruet
ard ukkkCktaary. A children's owning
serske was held, at which addresaM
wne made by MUs A- KugkWr, U
ahkary frosk Indi. Jtr. A. A. Hundley
of kkikkfikhl tthjo. ktvd Dr. Butler.
W tt t.H M K. UI IUU.
A Kikf Imvhl's dotal harp sevek
ftel Ik klght was Us trowkikg glory
WkUgfrM t. Ckurrh. Thkalkglkgby
pressstreiy kekuttful. kkd a ktsmhtr of
tkihirek were hkotia.d by the pastor,
kl OTMkk IkUIUkfc.
tkiktr ssrrvikks waw hehi M the
ffpsmssis pgsswswVs Vmmp sMPp"(p tjjsmpg
tmliaslisii ssrikk v
hjNt kight ! tk Ktrkt '''kgffs'gtTT
Ckuaek. I iliiwissse warns ktadk bv
Hrpwatklrtlek Matsk. Doctor Preahrey
kka irkjrm '
'.w ukK JuswK VisWkSHO Ver
gml"sw kpssui krmkV kMPmHl Vm ssmHr jffsRP ssmk
wife bjkt k4 tk fktkkrs -
vwWket slur kM takm iff ug
klta-r uitasfftlkl.
of kts
ist. TM youkg
k Asf al smu ik
kstsir skkksaf titf tsirsiklgufossi oj the
. w
by muauM eWukiuot fkkkiaij Uut
ikkut U trtug t turn hi aback ikto cb
Ttw auttske anew, too gnat lor tjkesu- Wt.
can't u tu iMbiiik Mk keod tiu
eh. Tb hh ttkta itatkirs are tryi
to v-ruUUt IU uk. But shSkjk't be Oouc.
is tog as sou i an bus gaMsV kt fkty cut
uu tfev- lolk.c you WIS KUkW. Evtrv 4.U
stent soU srub the gusxakSkk skat if -,J
aatUtaiWry we nrtuad th skoswy " il
Uuul kUkiu tkue its. U eeatne. '"
cloihiug mm a all vustsal at iW i.
ol trA kkst thebuse SkUWHI of tUcu
mow takjkbom tksmtMl istare tux.
turoiw ourjoe otdy -to eoktt !"--
toik of kke cloUdkg iAo essv t a)i a
Mfciakafv nngflsf tkfi vytt lui tu
eiotMikg m h tWsk tts ivkawsel the :!
kkkruft sWe. SsT mnkkth stosot u.,rtu
kest- Iksu't kdastk eiikihar 3li '
alkcttisv'uiiii i-hj (ourtk uas.
urnriAW nr tub
Drilish Tailors Ckrp Theif Gns-
tomers Tor tu
In Talc Ossfl it DM !ft Swksd...ArTwt3
Ia4ePnM"iiMnt Pwple
Are Inrnlrs,
The mime of the consignee of the
cart Irmd of clothing selrcd here by
Chief Wilbur and his men of the lilted
Ptalea Treasury service on the latt trip
of the Inman steamship City of New
York has never been made public, says
today's New York Sn. When the
clothing was seized three stewards,
Hart, Baker nnd Hughes, and a sup
posed outldo confederate. In the shape
of n boy named liaxtcr, were arrested.
They wtro Inkcn before United States
District Attorney Mitchell on tho chnriie
that they brought the clothing over nt
tho dtrcttlcn of the Kngllsh tailors, and
It was subsequently learned that for
every package delivered free of duty
to the consignee they wcro to receive an
ample fee. American tailors had
Hooded tho Treasury Department with
Information nnd protests against this
trnfllc, nnd Collector Krhnrdt and Chief
Wilbur were directed to Investigate.
Those who remember the plan on
which Allard A Co. did their smug
gling, chnrglng duties to their cus
tomers, paying none themselves, and
leaving the customers In daneer of the
will see how It may have happened that
It was the tailors or their agents here
who profiled by the smuggling of these
clothes. It may have happened this
wa The ngent takes tho customers'
orders at so much, duty pnld, telling
the customers that to save them the
trouble of going to the custom houte
the goods will lie shipped to the agent
and distributed by him. Then the goods
ate stnugglul, marked for Identification
with Hie customers' names, and are
K'lcd I cforc they reach the smugglers'
(llsitibutlng bureau.
Only fifteen of the packages of cloth
ing smuggled on the Cliy of New York
bote names and addresses. The others
were distinguished by numliers, and
this goes to support the supposition that
all woe going to one consignee to be
distributed, nnd that the smuggling
was, like Allard A Co.'s, a little private
undertaking ot the tailors on their New
i ork agents. X iiougu two weeks nave
nastedslnce the seizure, no customer
(of course no tailor's agent either) has
called at the seizure room to identify
and claim his clothes. The customers
If they do not come forward promptly
now, "for It was learned yesterday that
Collector Krhardt has determined to
sell the packages at public auction.
The Collector was at Lake Mahopac
with his family, but It was learned that
the determination to sell the package
will necessitate giving publicity to the
names ami oilier marks mai mey near.
Soitlsjustaswellto print X':Xu,rVomSTMViA
ftfJifHr '.JiS! . SeMnlohshewllfhe
a i ibbsb ssa saiiiii an muu-u Lie ramsHTiaar iiirii
clothes. These, are the names, follow
ing the spelling on the address tags,
which seems to be occasionally
Dr. Morrow",ltiO Second avenue.N'ew York
i tty, ot suit of clothe and ait extra pair
of trousers,
0. YV. Mcdarrairk, Xew York Produce
Exchange Hank, one suit of clothe.
C. T. Colllakt, no address, one suit ot
Hotbc aud aa extra pair trousers.
II. Collins, the saw.
K. L. Tailor, no address, twelve white
Frederick E. UUbsH, S3 Irving Ptsek,
Ne York city, four suits of clothes and an
extra pate of trousers.
J. 1.. kll.b, W LaJtesitte building, Chi
csgo, one suit of clothes aed au extra pair
uf trousers.
11 Godwin, care of ('outturn lot Adtrr
htr, Nw York clsy, three suits of tlutbci
and oee overcoat.
r'icdaikk Ijtfubert William, rare of
Hiewtter, I'obb X Eaterbrook, 35 Congress
atrect, Huston, one coat and waistcoat.
J. H. Ottie, SS Broadway, X York
ill), two suit of elotbk.
J. Laule CockrajM Vii Ooers buildikg,
C bitsico, oak suit of clothe and oue extra
pair of trousers.
Walter T. Edmund. 3tw York rily, one
H. C. Andrews, 16k Kast kertktse&th
atreat. Kear York ctty, osvs overeukt, throe
kkkkki altHs, one ikackintosk. aij( uits of
elsithes skdlour extra pairs of trousers.
Pr. ituteblksok, IU3 Mate street, I'W
cago, oskt suit of ehdkcs and two extra
palm ot trousers
H. Palmer, sw addra, osvs suit of clothe
Sk4 two bottles of tors-oiler water.
x tttau ovruiAL ikvolei.
TW other Mekkge "urkkd by
nuksbers. tssw ol ib krseMkd mea say
that oave of Ihk kuisdstfs was for a wtb-
lk- omt-ikl ot this coujsty. but thes i
no pkwris to hack klBt up. The othr
goktht to he oil ajt:
EWtcu wootek sbtrs.
Tswutecf wall teost etoth.
ikhsek vsms of tekktt mhi?ts
Tvu kkukki tkkkis ahirts
Sitm overceata,
t'tktcek lAiiik of tsousess.
forth W suit el cluthta.
Ftosu th Tkimtn mwrnkf i wks Iksrkfid
that k cahlegtSMW hS hM Stsst to Ut-
OstksMt Alliko th City o fWer U
ssVos ilMMsf rOsUWtt Wfty Twiitwyy Jbt
hiTafftosti rMLi" a uUatattT of ladisK sUlv
Fyssvak-SasffW SfsSsmsBFSSjV sgp SSSfSSSsmsSf saifa 4sajBBBBBasBj "Ssass1-
psjcei k4 mUsrl doth ad other duti
ablegoodk. kkk iHUbX Ml Vt.lKk.
Tho tuatotu Uoua oduers issktued too
tU- tbkt, wtua the City of Ckkgo ws
lat to port, k lutg of cluhio wum by
kgttit tailor for Atucrk kn customers
wa muggWd user to New Jersey. Ik
sotuk wy, kot tkvkkkd, duu.VtiW by
tttektoklkg tbe Jert ic. civet of tsve
sutuggled goods, tkwy ohtkLuud atkto
kicut Uvkt JkfiM Ley tbktu, the hkad hsvr
tUttk of that (. vf Cbh . ki EWfckid
Huntosk. the stoceketHier. wse tk
ajgests kf Use tiUots, nod hkd brckuht
taw kusaa twrota saw wa. at m
i Hay 13 tbt th gcd were take iroat
j tksr itototbJ hut it wk kot tsto
, vcaarl kkd deoaxtsa Ok kft returu trlu
k thai the ftct M tyt askk&l-iaj: bovja
had to
wait nntll the vessel came hack.
They had rwwon to suspect Leytham.
Fire years ago Knglish tsllor-mtid
tnnrl (hat he had brnnsht over and
handed to a 'longshoreman for transfer
to the Inman Line's Jersey Citt dock
were nabbed in transit by Special Agent
nrllton. As the caplnre was msde In
New Jersey, I.eytham was tried by
I nited JHktes .Trnlge Nixon at Trenton
and fined. The Arte was psrtd pmmpily
ami the mailer ended there. When
the City of Chtawm was signaled at 1
a. m. yesterday. Special Aents Hnstey
and lhltton went down lite bay to her
on the mall boat Fletcher. Depnty
Marshal Adler was with them.
Itiilton made II lils special business to
arrest iytham. According to his ac
count of Ids experience he fonml this no
easv matter. The flrM officer of the
Cllv of Chltago, he says, while refus
ing to be responsible for the delivery of
I.tytliam ami Murdnck cm the vessel's
arrival at her dock, south! to deter him
from anestlng them at quarantine, and
Impeded him and Hnsey when they
went to search for them, llritton also
says that the flrt olllcer attempted to
prevent him when he finally Insisted on
entering a state room which had been
overlooked. He then found Leytham,
who seemed to l glad to see him, ami
snld, as If he thought he wasn't recog
nised, much less sought after
" by, llrlllon, don't you rememlwr
me? You took some clothes away from
me onre, four or five years ago? I
haven't forgot It, if you have."
"I haven't forgotten It, either," said
llritton. "and I want you now for the
same sort of Job."
I.cylham protested his Innocence, but
bolh'hc and Murdot k were taken on
board the Fletcher and lodged In Lud
low street Jail, lliitton says that there
nro more ntrcsts to follow."
I.eytham and Murdock will Ire ar
raigned before one of the United States
Commissioners this morning.
Chief Wilbur says that the Inman
Company's olllces, both here and In
New York, arc Innocent of all blame
In these smuggling oncs, arc working
with him to delect them and have de
clared unreservedly that they will dls
chareo every employe caught smug
gling. Nkw Yohk, June 0. Storekeeper
James Latham and his assistant, Archi
bald Murdock, of the Inmtn Line
steamer City of Chicago, who were ar
tested yesterday charged with smug
gling, spent last night in Ludlow Street
Jail. They were arraigned before
United Plates Commissioner Shields
this morning, ami their examination set
down for ibis afternxm. They pleaded
not guilty. An unconfirmed report was
In (ft dilation today that a number of
other arrests for smuggling were to bo
AH Anierlnun hiiialtlne Industry tu lis
Trumterreil to ."lnlco,
Kkwaiik, June t I'd ward ISilbsch
A Son of this city own the largest ore
smelting works in the world. The
firm are greatly disappointed ami exer
cised over the passage of the provision
of the McKlnlcy TarllT bill placing a
duty of w per cent, upou silver bearing
lead ore. The liallwch establishment
has a branch depot lit Sabluas. Mexico,
for the puros of mining, buying and
shipping the ore of that locality .wiilch.
while not as rich In silver as some
Western ores. Is a tiuxing ore and
consequently Is less refractory.
The firm spent nearly 300,000 ia tho
Mexican establishment, and half as
much more In fixing for the Mexican ore
In Newark two blast furnaces. They
expected to reflne from ten million to
i -
obliged to go to Mevho aud erect blast
furnaces mere insieau oi carrying out
the projected plans here. In tbat ease
a merely nominal buklnesa wilt be done
at the Newark works In reducing native
oie .hipped by rail from the West.
The prospects were that the Arm
would be employing 1,200 hands within
a year or two instead of 500 or too,
al present.
'rt:-uk of l.lgbtulmc In h New VurU.
frm lloiMv,
LccKyokT. N. Y-. Juke V. A most
remarkable phenomenon is reported
frc-m the outlying country districts re
gkidikg the electrical display during the
rect-kt severe storm. A farmer nawkd
Jasper Sown, residing forty-five mlius
northwest of this city, with kls fasally,
were singularly aftected. The house
seenud to be enveloped tu bluish.
hsuy light; the air was imprekkatod
with tSe ekclrU- fluid, balls of Hre
danced along the tops of chairs and
slid over maklcU or cbksei eatb other
up tkd down k hanging lamp-shjak.
It was a terrible sight to the simple
eouktry folk. There was no light to
the house kkd their terror was tocrekaed
by k total uarslyls of their muscle.
Thy were ukkble to move ami sat like
ksuakmiet, fearikg their end wtu near.
The storm laatrd four hours, kkd. ks it
tkpkrted, tbk ekctrklty vaklshed kkd
ik use of their Ustbs and arui re-turswd-
.V ? Titat Mm? CuWHt XlMUS TskkStto.
Atikkiowsi, J., Jus Th cot
kevs jury ikvesthjatikg the death of
Heujkkdk Mojer. th foeblk-snikded
ssk wh r-otly died f ros a surfeit of
bad whiaky. sttuikcd a verdict that it
wa due to acute aifoholism. which.
tky stur. was produced by liquors fur
kisW by Oscar Werky. Dsuthd Mart
twaa. llkrvey "WerWy, WilUkW Snyder,
kkd Edvte UtumeiwAB. Uf ankkts for
thk wrest of the atvused have bees is
sued, aad will be serxed today.
rtfcs MisMbs Bsssmft SsMT ssMMssWML
Hat. Cm. Kan., June . At the
fcf cktag sesatok of the Farmer's &ltiB0
40kvtiMi to the iUtb district, htur
dy, YttMaat Baker of UacoU Coukty
was komikktrd for Coagrec. The Ac
libertttokk of the covkttok e
, ret. k4.wspkiH.-r tuem twins esx-ludcd by
u tote of the 4eiegitea.
fa 1 1 JSV ssltal ttsf 41. HamB
ssFpps mssssffr spss y f m,
tVt.ft.vi.i4ki. Usuo, Juaef. Wiltfe
Bovsukk, the 11 ycu old sou of Bditor
v. & Bowskkkoi tva vrt mmu.
estougdited suikUeyjwdy byttttog
a slase of rat potsws. The &Jy ktvokk
sfAUkkkl fe tit si sW4c Qiunlc MMtk ssO IhQkT
BnkrSSmr SfT sjpsssi msssssj" WfW Skssjj tssr ssksw
fsWsji MW sTk waTBWM aimpftj mwmJp flaw Wp
iPMpdrmrsTksMsswk sfrsssssssssj tfliV smsssssr-
MsmWe Wim dsmto Igst ssito lav
Uothkl of ntoikkf Ctekkektike of W.
giua to Priai ssaasVtUtt,
known. So the custom men
In Attcmfitine tn Kill Aimther Mnn
In a Ilrtnhm Unnrret.
Cnrr ago, June . A qtreer murder
was perpetrated etrly yeslerday -itig
In a saloon kept by a man named
Dalton. A paittler nkfMd Jasvtes
Johnsnn and a carrsstiier mtmed 'Tr'kjler
Jacotaon had been In Dalton's all Sat
nrrlay Bight drinking beer and shaking
About 7 o'clock, Johnson went to
sleep In a chair, ami a little later Jacob
son became entnged In an altercation
with Dalton. Jacobson tHww a heavy
knife and made a innge at the saloon
keeper, but, being quite drunk, he could
not maintain his equilibrium, and in
stead of slabbing Dalton he reeled ami
drove the knife Into the bod of his
sleeping friend Johnson, who tiled
shoilly after. Jacobson was arretted.
A Kmttirky- Mnn Kill n Prisoner In
n t:Hrt Itiinm.
DAsrtu.i.K.Kv., Jntve0. Irftstrelru
ary one year ago 11ml ltlffe, a negro,
engaged in a debt al Yosemite, Caeey
Counly. with Alonro Ilmwn, a white
man. Itoth men used knives, and
llrcwn was kilted. Itlffc was tried about
six months ago, but the jury disagreed.
During his second trial at Liberty
Saturday, ami while Hon Oeorge
Stone wns mldresslnt the Jury for the
Erosecullon, Inrencc Drown, a
rother of the deceaseil, stepped sud
denly up behind the prisoner ami fired
two balls into his head nnd one into his
back, killing him Instantly. Special
Judge John W. Yerkes ordered
Ilrown's arrest at once. Urown feigned
Insanity for some hours after the kill
ing, but Is perfectly quiet now.
A llinunnnil 3ln .Mli-inpt to ltpt
Sir. IIIiicc tu Donlh.
Dust t'.n. Cor. . June P. A crowtl of
about 1.000 people shw the worst um
piring over done In Denver yesterday
In the game of ball between Denver
and .Minneapolis. 1 Hogg did the work,
and exclttd the crowd" to such an ex
tent that at the conclusion of the game
a mob of about a thousand men jumped
out of the grand stand and attempted
to dust the plate with his form.
The prompt arrival of the tmllce ami
a number of deputy sheriffs saved
I Hogg from being beaten to death,
lllogg bad to be brought to
town In n tire marshal's buggy driven
at full sicl. followed by crowds hurl
Ink stones. Iat night ft was reimrted
that lllogg left town upon the advice ot
a few friends.
AVriiel troiii ltlci .Innrlrit Itrlnes t lir
I'etrr to r tlrtfllll".
Nr.w Out kn, June 1. The press
dispatches Friday night brought Intel
ligence of a case of yellow fever at the
Chandeleur Island Marine Hospital
Station. This station reports direct to
Washington and la not subject to the
control of the Murine Hospital here,
consequently little information concern
ing the case could be learned here. Dr.
Carter, who has charge of the Chande
leur Hospital, In a letter to Dr. Arm
strong of the Marine Hospital Service
at New Orleans, mentioned the case.
The essel came from It lode Janeiro.
The remarkable feature of the case was
that II developed thirty eight days after
leaving Itio. This I claimed to lie
most unusual and a direct exception to
tbe theory that the case must develop
within leu days after the Infection u
had. No further particulars ot the case
are yet known.
A llrltlili Syoilliiite SproaillHs Oat.
Oik ,o, June U. William Heed,
who Is at the head of a llrltUk syndi
cate, is negotiating for the purchase of
a packing-bouse in Lake. He recently
wade a proposition to Henry liotsford,
president of the Chicago Picking Com
pany, for the purchase of tbe com
pany's packing slauchter-liouses, tbe
Murphy house, ItoUfonl house, It. 1.
liutebiBSOk house and other smaller
houses controlled by tbat corporation.
The terms offered by Mr. Heed have
not been made public, but those who
are familiar with affair say they are
similar to terms propose 1 in the slock
yards sale. It is said that it l probable
they will be accepted.
A 3IjbIc' wt.
Cm t'twre, Ii., June !. At noon
yesterday Henry O'Urlen, a mechanic,
became suddenly iksaae kkd attempted
to kill his mother aad sister, who live
with him. He struck his slater with a
(hair aad Inflicted injuries that are
probably fatal. He then tore bis clothes
from his body aad rushed ikto the
street, lie was caught aad bound with
, great dlnkulty. lie is now chalked
! hand kkd foot ik a cell to the county
jail to prevent bi taking Ms osik life.
l4Ht- MaM I'M A
IU&iiue. Ill J uee 9. The Ladies'
baseball ilub. composed of ladie from
Chicago aad C'iucikkkd. defeated the
Dkaviile Brown yesterday by a score
of S to IS, to ak ktteadajaee of 3,utk).
Last cvtateg State's-Attorney Blackburn
swore out k tsarrukt for their arreat fur
unlawfully d&turbikg the peace ad
food order of ouckiy . Oicer jatlersoo
aneated them as they were kaviug town
ik carriages for Covikgtok, lad.
HksssMkks Ptu Tbtotf.
CkEtkkk, Wvo , June U. Jskfte
Bartoo ami Win- Jobs, rsltlegkek.
who have beta active to the campaign
agatotckUie thieve, were gmbntbert
yetrdy by tleorgk McDokkid aad a
toujuakiok wstrtil Sittsi'uttii the lead
crs of the eaulc thine. Baitoa was
killed at tbe first ire. JMkon ea
earned wsiajored. Th kkuiderer ajre
betkt$ pursued by a pusie-
- -
4, Ntsktksv faskser Vswek t .
1-Litnjs Biiiv,t X. , Juae .
JakM-s U ii4r. ckiikUr ot the r.ritf
tliJffOikt f teigbt otttce akdbu4
tie to tbe resoet that be was short la
j bb kA-eoukto. ceturaed here smturdkf
khtht. kkd stowed tbe f airs of bis
, tWKce to he m tight- KoieaoaUgivea
for bis mysttriun 'ilrssiPifajstBAif
CoAUikkti. June ft Be S. Bar-
&TtamissiUp.wl short' to u tw-
ttsktmta ItTMt 4mf & stttJslkteir rnOst sVDmVU-
sssssssskjBf7 sartja 'S" sssssstsbbbb- SklP SfsJSSssjSss
ViUtvd f(H eipierw IjXCsVkfkk.
Terrible Suffenof? of Urt People in
Rnttal Oandact of milisk OfficiavU Ths
AetisVnil to iIm Sty f fern.
Other PfrtifH Xtws.
Lnnnox, June 9 The Kttrope.ui
powers do not seem to he making murk
progress in ibeir professed object of
supptesklng the slave trade, which Is
made the pretext for elrlng and ap
portioning Africa. Tbe lied !ea trmie
In kidnaped children continues In
flourish, without any attempt being
made for Its suppression. Several thou
sands of these children are kidnaped
from Africa every year ami disposed of
at various places along the lied 8c t,
where they ate subjected to horrlMe
Tbe fact that there Is no fertile tcrrt
lory to be scircd, under the pretext of
stopping this cruel trade in Innocent
and helpless humanity, probably nc
counts for the circumstance that ling
land does not spare any of her Im
mense fleet for thai object, althouu
the llrlttsh Station of Aden Is very near
the track of the slavers.
Po far from suppressing slavery on
the Kast coast and along the Congo, the
system Is rather encouraged by the
for the labor of their human ctialtcK
and trustworthy accounts from Africa
are to the ellcc t that tbe an.xlety of the
various Luropean Invaders of the Dark
Continent to realire on their Invest
ments has made the trnfrlc In slives
brisker than before
The most apmlllng accounts arc te
reived of the sufferings of Ue people In
Vppcr Lgypt and along the scene of the
expedition for the relief of Gordon. It
Is said that the Inhabitants, driven
desperate by starvation, feed on each
other, while all kinds of animals, hnw
ever loathsome, arc eagerly sought fur
food. The wretched jicople light wltU
each other for morseli and
111 MIHt.llx A lit. I'Mtl-lllM. HAM v
Failure of croim is said to cause this
awful misery, though the wars lit
which lirlilsli ambliion for Urnt rv
has prominently figured have duultlc
hd their Influence hi csuslug the fall
tire of the crops. Indced.lt Is sit 1
that the slaughter of a male population
kit the devested region without suf
Helen! male labor lo raise the crops
It is also asserted tbat at Sierra Lc "u
and on the Cold Coast generally tin
llrilish officials, being practh illy
irresponsible for their .condui t. im
mat biutal and tyrannical In their
treatment of the natives, who art-
Kl.ru. I. t.l AMI TOKTI'KEO
at the will of their white umtU-n
Meautime 1'agland Is building a duiii
bcr of gunboats for the work of I UrU
tiaaitlng Africa. The boats arc uf
shallow draught, so as to pass up tha
livers Into the interior, and will tx
mounted with a sulfhlent numM of
cannon to Impress the natives wlib the
advantages of clvlllstlou.
The accident to the steamer C it v f
Home, allhoukh attended by no injury
or loss of life to passengers or i riw
elicits general condemnation of th
practice of rating, which has beume
tbe rule rather than tbe exception wiiU
transatlantic passenger vessel it U
true that the passengers tbeiucUi
united la praise of tbe captain ami bU
officers, but that Is an act so Universally
indulged ia by the patrons of mci:i
liners that it has long since become- In
significant and in moat cases pcrfum
lory. Despite tbe complimentary it.
lutlons, it is beyond question tb;it th
vessel had
from going to tbe bottom. It is
also plain that tbe passenger w.-u-tborougbly
frightened aad adciu i'.Jv
estimated their danger. Theestt-u! f
tbe damage to the ship is believed t -
greater than was admitted at ljuiii
town. It is stated tbU morning tUr
tbe Board of Trade will take imiue iutt
sad effective actioa to repress oni
racing by tbe imposition of such pt '
ties for future ikf ruction of their p
hibitive measures as will deur o..
steaiuaklt) owner or oirkcr frai i-i
dulgikg in the iwaetke.
Several newspapers, cotupn u i -among
them the Ak A'rv, btui.
cekaure the conduct of tbe police on tjc
occasioB of the aatl compesuah :
publican dcmoiistratfoii to II 1
Park oa Saturday and Mr. M.ttU
will ctrtainly tie called upou to ma .
sou! cxplaaatiok of tbeir iutei;.
efice with the parade Krom bU p i
to Parlismekt. As the 1! -micreturv
and Mr Munrc. i -Chief
1'omudasiont.r of Metiup ' i . .
IVicc are already at varukce wl;U .
aaotber it U probable that the .
will te blamed for as much '
trouble a caa be attributed ( '.
The A t liken the acttok of th i
to the reprcash c aeurea taken ' "
Cbailts Warrek's polke at Tif-i-n
ittuare a to years ago, aad p. ;
that if their growing arsogaate u
cheeked sous tbe horrors of Miul
tovit U1 be ttuusfetred to tUc -t
Of llkdok.
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