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22D YJ2AH NO. 0,822.
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cutta Seersucker. All
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tively preclude a cut
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at the end of the sea
son. Robinson, Parker & Co.
319 7th ST. N. W.
New York Stock.
To-days ?Tew York stock market quota
tlons, 'furnished by O. T. Ilaveoiw.
Boons 5) ana 11, Atlantic building, UK V
street northwest. CorrespoudaDta, M. H.
Jlenillnm, New York; Chandler, llrowu &
Co., Chicago:
bTOCKS. Omh3.90 stocks. 0wh3.90
A.TASFe 4M 47 Omaha
tn, South SO i pTd
t ul U. A Q lOul (13 Ore. Trans.. 4i 431
C'cu lias Iftt ltt! V. M.S.ti.Co ,31 41
(,UKt I'ac m Vli Heading 41 474
Del. L& W.1M '-40 jt, & W. Ft. J m
Del. A llud. lti loVl St. Paul 7e W
Krle .. . 271 Vi Tax, Pae.. .. 8U S
Jersey I'en.. I'M !4 Ten. Q, Jc I
I.. AN . Wl SO 'J. 1'ae tSui 6ttt
LaVo Shore, 1184 MS H'ab. pTd
Mo. I'ac...... 75 781 W. Union .. S&i S
M-S.NE. 41 tfciWetLKp'd
N A. Wp'fd. yetroiauw .. 90 Ml
N. V (en .110 !0 Atu. COCts
N Fac . 37! HaJ CGsa Trust 533 Mi
p'f'eb W
S41 XatLMTst Xli 911
Northwest 1!3 tti S. Haas. Co. &H S3
The Chloaeo SlarkuU.
To-dij's (.buago gram and provision
market quotation, furnished by O. T.
ll.iv enter, Kooum 9 and 11, Atlantic Kulld-Ji.tr-
'.OK street northwest. CurnsrisMtd
ciite, M, U. Meedhan, Nw York; Cbaad
H r, 1'iown A. Co., Chicago,
wufat. CW14 Ckmt iosn. Optx Clmt
JlU ti eni ulv .... 12 7S M 78
.All,; . . Si Wtliif.
C lit,.
Jul; . 841
Au. 35 32 Aug )H
tip .. 85 Ml W..... SI
July . 872
Aug .. W
WatlilBstaa btoeK Hxabanxe.
Sale-Kerlar Oats J o'clock as.
ti.ku.tuu and Soldiers' Horn Kmflrfi-1.
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Miscellaneous MoMte 0. A, Waearte
Itgbu lat.C. 1W; U. S. tUscttte Ughc
Jd, 6's, 1.13; W. Jr. U- K. R. H0 ,
-3. Masonic Hall Aaa'u. ft', Q ltsw, US,
a--h. Market Co., lt XoH., , lit;
M aub. Market Co., law., Vt, Wi m'i
beaboardCa.K's, CM), ; Waak. U.
Jufautry, lat,', 1M, W; Waak. U. Inr
t o , &er. A, B'a, Ul, WTaak. Oaa Light C
(Mr b, I)1, 433, Ujifleute lc Cuaipaaj.Ui
ilort , U, .
KatWual Bak Utockaitank el WaA
tu(rtou, 4',:., Baukot Btl)lfc, B; XcQr
poutau, JWO, Cttttcal, 300; Setoiul DM;
iaiiutrs aod Mehuka', Isti; dUMW.
lor, CulumUa, Ui), Capital, m; W
i.nd. ltMi
Kailriud Stuciw WaafcitoB aad
luwUa,7, Capitol aod rtTO MmH,
.,.-, JickUUftoo and, 8oidto anM t;
ueor(jaot and TwwwOljftwW". W; Britfte-
Moud, Mi .
xiwuraJjca BtHHfcii- Yicwaitt'a. 4; FEiil;
llu, So, Metropolitan, Si, Xatkattftl Uoaoa,
sii. Aiujuftuo, tsi, curcoraa, eo; uw
Ilia, li. tittrioaA-Allltflcaii
as. UK
TUhi IiiayraBi'a litfyk a ltftal
1UW, l'JJ, Colvjufcia TWt, 7, VailtlntfUW
aiu, .
Gaa aud B'lwrir I In atir ira Wajhtra
tou &aa,44i, UurtuwB Uaa, 40, 0. f.
th.Ltrie UUt, V&.
TUcpboaa toc-rVwlajita, US;
Cbcciiuoako aud Fotoujac, 75; twrBrtraJ
Oraphotdtojus 11
Mt.ellwoua atovk.--W-tthlngtoa Mar
ket Co., 11. Washing toa Brick MacWaa
Co., JSO, Great faUa ks Co-.Ktf; SuB
lUm Faiuuauta Co., -a, JiadOMA lab BM-itij-h.
4d a.-iiiiijt.j aafa TTnrrnlf 137.
WaaUUyctoit Luau aud Xruat Co., U H
liuiial T)pueraidiit:, -, Macamitifcajaf, ;
ruuuauc (juu CarrUme. -i. Aakocaa
bcurtti aud Trual Co., 55J. L.IjiloLu Ual,
0 HigtstOc !. Co., 50.
It Is Said William Walter Phelps
Will Come Back to Congress.
Carlisle's Suwessor Named Opposition
to the MeKintey Bill Increasing.
Kolb for Senator.
The fltixlely of the Hcpubllcfuis to
pass nn election law, say$ n dispatch
jrotn tliis city In to-tlny'a New York
Time, grows greater ns the conviction
strengthens that the liepubltoans cannot
get a innjotlly In the next House, tin
less tlu-y contrive machinery by which
this House may bo tho judge of tlio
election of tho next.
The moiliflcd plan, that Is to bo n
combination of the Lodge and the
Kowcll bills, will keep In mind tho rule
of tho Senate by which tho Montana
Republicans Sanders and Power
were seated. Tho Kcpubllcans of tho
Senate declared that they would stand
by tho Slato Canvassing Hoard, right or
wronp. Tho I'.lcctlon bill is to croate
canvassing boards for all tho States,
and tho Clerk of tho present Congross
In making tip tho list of members of
tbo Fifty-second Congress Is to list tho
members certified by tho Federal can
vassers. Thu functions of the Stoto officers is
to bo destroyed. That law may croato
some iecllnc at the North, bat It Is cal
culated that the North Is io nut along
without It, and tint tho Republicans
will Ik; oblo to pick up asulllclent num
ber of Congressmen In tho South by Its
help to overcome whatever dissatisfac
tion with the Administration miy be
thoiwi at tho North.
All of the Southern districts do not
contain a larger proportion of negro
than white votes, Kvun If the Uopiib
llrans by tho aid of Imported election
dlllctrs aro able to capture all of the
districts In the South In which, accord
ing to tho theory govornlnjc tho Com
mittee on Klccllons In the McDuflla
Turpln case, they expect to seal their
ramlldaUB, tht-y may be still unable to
overcome the majority which thu Dem
ocrats rely upon getting from the un
disputed Southern district and the
Northern districts In wlilch the Demo
cratic vote cannot bo counted out.
Iltit the oxpetlment of a Southern bill
is to bo tried, and without much rogard
to cost. It Is estimated that tho Lodge
bill, if carried out as he contemplate,
would cot from ton to sixteen millions
of dollars. Tho deuieoof anxiety felt
about an election bill of some kind Is
manifested by the statement that Mr.
Lodge and Senator IIo. who cannot
agree on any other subject, arc under
stood to have joined hands for the pur
pose of pasting an election bill. Speaker
Heed Is represented as being one of the
moat anxious of all the Republicans to
have a "force" bill of some sort nut on
the b wks. lie Is very hopeful of hold
ing the Speakership for another term,
and, having no concern about the
chances of his own election, he Is con
triving ways and means for fettlng a
majority in the House.
Sir. Chandler, one of the ''leaders"
of the Senate, is urging the passage of
a rule to make It posalblti to put an elec
tion bill through the hitherto deliber
ate Senate under some such rule as tint
by which Mr. Iteed has been able to
control the House. Speaker lteed, Mr.
Lodge and a few more men are trying
to get the Senate up to the point where
the) will agree to the passage of the
bill. The ouly way they can do It is by
a change of the rules, and, unless the
rules of the Senate are altered In the
same way that Mr. lteed changed those
In tuu House, the rules will not ue
laodlAttl this session.
The sch i iimj made public Is to have
Vic President Mortou go out of the
illy aud for Senator IagalU to take tk
chair. A report will be brought in from,
tbo CotuHkitiee oa ltukts tixiug a Usui
at w hick uU bate shall clout aod tba vote
be lutea. The Democrats will ask to
dt tale this report, but Mr. IagalU will
pay no attentkm to tbew aswl the que
tU m uilt be put to the Situate. The Ks
pubJU'sM will auppott the report of the
committee. la the aatue way, wise the
vote is to be taken ott the passage of the
bill, the protests of the lkiuocrats will
be diaregarded asul the hill will be
passed by the Republic votes.
t A Republican member of the House,
who has been working very hard to se
cure the passage of the bill, said to day
that, if this prograMMse was adopted w
the Seuate. it was boutui to be suc
itsful. lie said that the beat aitthorl
ike ax reed that the 8etuUe cwuhl ebaage
its lules by the vote of the KMiority,
and. as the KetMiUL-an had a uiajortty.
it made no iifeiwiH if the lletstociata
aiiaUtai from votisg. Ko court, he
aid, could prevent Mr. lamils from
cutiicg oH debate, if he was wiatalnad
by the uiajorlty on the noor, and, as by
the tonatiiuiion each liouau a make
its ova rules, no court would attetupt
to bMetfew wfces the uueatioe waa ooe
aisildy tyiatfiig to ate p04Twnie o
IT te MfWWm m "- M 4 HKMlHBJt
SttV jjsey MtijUillSiliriaj of frrtipsjiOiSj
siocrlc sjis iualt eaiffMg a wttd aja)aataoja.
Huww ha It tha late lUpuiiiirsi) Wad
er, the paufiirnd atuck of the coruora
uWs, have lyiiueati-d the Uos. WUUaw
Waller Phlu to resign aa Mialater to
Gertttay They waat hue. to rua for
C'oiebs la the Palersoo dialrlct UUi
full. The haute reliable authority aaya
that Mr. Vhtflp baa grows wery of
the angular fonualUka of the court at
Berlin, aul that hi soul yeaxsa for the
hurrah of Awerteaa boUucj.
Mr Beckwkh, who uxcedcd bios,
had a mejorli v of a thouaaad votes, awl
baa wade as acceptable ssber. Yet
the Uader fear that there hi otm doubt
a to ih LertaiaU of the diauict this f JL
Mr Phelpe' tajftdUaiy. they aaauaM,
would auttle Hat Besides, they argue,
if Mr Pbeltf ijrotwae t reuida la
politics it will not do for him to remain
out of tho country too long, lest lie
gel out of touch with affairs here. No
one supposes for a moment that Mr.
Phelps lins any idea of relitrqulshlng
Hie commanding position he has sained
In politics and In his party. It he re
turns to Congress at Its next term he
would be the chief man In his party
aside from Mr. Reed. A number of
Hie strongest and most experienced
men of the Republican majority
will not be In the next
Houto. McKlnloy, Ilutlerwortli, Diyne,
ltrowne and others will be amon; the
alrtcnlees. A general requisition on
whatever of ability the patty has which
Is available for service In the House
will have to bo made. Hence the vio
lent laying of hands upon Mr. Phelps.
A close friend of Mr. Phelps In this
city received a lotter from htm a Utile
time ago, In which that gentleman said
that he was satisfied with his position
and rather liked tho Way things were
done In tho Berlin Court. Ho declared
his Intention, however, of returning to
this country during his vacation
In September nnd October. He also
spoke somewhat vaguely of tho pleas
ures of politics. Whllo nil this was
beforo any idea of having him run for
Congress was bruited abroad, it ret fits
In neatly with tho wishes of tho Hcpub.
Hcan leaders, as aforesaid, Ho will bo
a very poor observer Indeed who will
be surprised nt seeing tho name Wil
liam Walter Pholps on tho roll of tho
next House.
orrosKD to Titn m'kini.kv him,.
"The peoplo In Iowa, Irrespective of
politics," said Judge Walter I. Hayos
or Iowa, In tho lobby of tho Ebbltt, last
evening, "aro opposed to tho McKlnloy
bill. I rccoivo letters every day from
all parts of tho Slato expressing a change
of sentiment as regards tho tariff ques
tion, and my correspondents express the
opinion that Senator Allison will obtain
relief for them In tho Senate.
"The Republicans In my district nro
up In arms against tho Tariff bill, nnd
they say Instead of lowor taxes tho Ro
publican party seems bent on increasing
tho cost of everything that the poor peo
ple uso. There Is ono tlilnn tho peo
ple in the West nro .thankful for, nnd
that is the passago of tho Hennepin
Cnnal scliemo through tho Mouse."
Hon D.N Richardson, editor of the
Davenport Democrat, nnd Major Marks,
a prominent wholesale merchant, havo
Uun here several days as representatives
r( the lluslness Men's Association of
Davenport In the Interest of the Henno
pin Canal. They returned home yes
terday, after securing an almost unnnt
niotts report In favor of the scheme
from the Senate Committee. There was
only ono vote against the proposition.
The race for the Gubernatorial nomi
nation In California is progressing at a
llvtly into, and tho Congressional dele
gations from tho Golden State are very
much Interested In the contest, as party
success deponds In a great raoasure on
the nominee.
"Morrow Is looked upon," said a
prominent Callforn'an last evening iu
the lobby of Willard's, "as the one who
will carry off the honor for the Repub
licans, and the San Francisco KtaukiMr
is telling the Democrats that they must
not underestimate his strength.
"Congressman Clunle, who has come
to the front this session, will In all
probability lead the Democratic hosts.
Clunle Is n worker and U said to have
ihe suppoit of Blind Buckley. The
Republicans in Callfornlaare dfsnloosed
with the McKInley bill, and that un
popular measure will result In Increas
ing the number of Democratic members
from the West In the next Congress.
Ahkhiikn, S. 1)., June 1?. At the
last st salon of the South Dakota Demo
cratic Convention resolutions were
adopted Indorsing the last national
Democratic platform and demanding
readJusttMeat of existing laws with a
view of cheapening article of necessity
instead ot iBereaiiBir, at proposed by
tLeMcKialey bill, favoring free raw
Material, free coinage of silver, s gradu
ated income tax; resubmission of the
Mate prohibition amendment, the Aus
tralian tystem of voting; service pen
sion for deserving veterans; laws pro
tecting workmen from pauper and eon
vict competition, and favoring liberal
appreciations for education. Nomina
lUn were made as follows.
Uoiarhor-Qeuerni Morris Taylor of
LmuUuu.iU- UuttTHor Fetar Coueninan of
of Cabm.
Jyhtur-l. S. Wk t Brut.
Trwiurcr Heary P. f Of swell of Haw-
JMMmntOmnti. X. Yinhnrtrrfc ef
W. XTVu&l4aa Dkf Wiflfffcjg
EAlM)tett irf LsHaWtt
Cummiumttr of Labor 1 V. aVeaney of
lotTctimulviwj Charts X. Thasna
ofjawrenee and W. H. Quisle ef Turner.
Tripp of Yankton. '
Otto V. Sillier of Yankton was etocUad
vfraffniff of tbn fitatw Cossuttatine.
dinrs tend MeMhoertt&s Unt&sril.
It hi reported fat BaltiisvoM thai John
K. C'oen, for so mmuc the lender of the
bulcpendeal Democracy of Maryland,
baa buried the hatchet, and is now
ascnlfattMaJ in eonmscticn wish the ebair
manshift of tba DestuasratjiC Intntn Ce
tral C'onuttiaWe. This chanjee of ftvihttt
fa said to have been brought about by
tbje atidatnavce the regular wing of b
party gave to the mmmom and Ohio
Hailxoad Ut perfecting the recent deaL
His friends deny the repxt, bus Mr.
Cowen would not deny It norgivay
aajissnfiipcy ajawnt n) uunaftloMM (Ng tja
Tkja tffttUkAIM VcjiVSkaMkaattA.
4ciby iy to Tw; Cfcuiu ttrUir
tu dav iknU Uu HiHaJnr would btf Eiaisly
s qtiqpj saaaajs mP iaii". saafB nppap ' W"fiss
to adjourn the early part of next
inftntbi but he coubl. noi any vbntaw
tbe abinnte wotdd be i$ady to avftVffttfn
"Ne.t week we will pans tbe National
Kite lion Uili and tbe Suudry ChUhtll
and tbe foUomlng week we will prob
ll dispose of tbe icuiamiug contested
election caacD." Mr Buxbana&bv'Ucv.a
there will be no division of sentiment
among the Republicans In the Hcm9 on
the Election bill, but he mraW not ven
ture an opinion as to what the Senate
would do with the measure when that
hotly came to pass upon It.
Potters Want the IJnty Retained.
Hon. J. Hart Brewer of Newton, came
In this morning and registered at Wll
lstds, Mr. Brewer and about twenty of
the pottery manufacturers of New .ler
svy arc here seeking nn audience with
tho Senate Finance Committee. Mr.
Brewer says li will not do for the Senate
committee" to lower the present duly on
pottery. Tho reduction of t her cent,
on the pottery schedule ho stud would
work great damage to that Industry in
tho United States. From Infoimatlon
gathered by Tub Cnmo reporter the
Trenton delegation will be agreeably
surprised If tho Senate committee will
give them a hearing.
Carlisle' Successor In the House,
CAnnou.TON, Kv., Juno 12. Hon.
W, W. Dtckerson of Grant County was
nominated for Congress on tho 20?th
ballot to succeed Hon. John 0. Carlisle.
Tho nominee is n lawver, 38 years old,
and n member of tho Kentucky Senato.
Ho Is a strong man of undoubted Dem
ocracy. It Is expected that ho will havo
a very largo majority over Wesley Rarl
din, the Republican nominee.
lteed Mossing tlio Senntors.
The bold manner in which Speakor
Reed is taking personal possosslon of
the Republican party and tho Federal
Government, says n dispatch from
Washington in today's Philadelphia
ltetord. Is provoking tho iro of soma of
the lending Republicans of tho Senato.
They nro annoyed by tho thought that
ho Is setting tho pace for them to canter
to, and it is n very rapid and danccrous
pace. They aro particularly mad about
his nctton on the silver matter, and de
nounce his railroading of tho Silver bill
through tho House as an oulrnco. Mr.
Reed Is determined to retain the bullion
redemption clause, nnd the Adminis
tration is with him In this-.
The rarmers' Atlliioce In Alttlinma,
Tho defeat of II. F. Kolb, the Farm
cr' Alliance candidate for Governor in
Iho Alabamn Democratic convention
was n severe blow to the order. The
Alliance is more determined than over
to control politics and now propose to
put candidates in tho field for the Legls
lulu 1 1) with n view to controlling that
body nnd electing n successor to Senator
It scorns certain that Pugh cannot lie
rc elected. Governor Seay is a candi
date for the seat and very popular,
whllo the Alliance people Intend to elect
Kolb if possible.
In Mr. Heed'a State.
The Maine Republican State Conven
tion assembled In Augusta to-day. A
number of visitors are In the city, and
tho Indications are that the convention
will be very harmonious.
Governor Burleigh will be renomi
nated by acclamation.
Hou. Nelson Dlngluy, jr., of the Sec
ond and Hon. C. A. Iloutelle in the
Fourth districts have been unanimously
CouEiemiiun Illtt Villi lie Itenom
lnuteil. G.w.kna, III , June II Judge W.
M. Spensely of this city, the representa
tho of the anti Illtt sentiment in thia
county, last night published a card
withdraw log his candidacy for Con
gress. This means that Illtt will secure
the Jo Daviess' County delegation,
which, with the other counties already
Instiucted for Illtt, Insure his renom
Inatlon. Still After ltauin.
It Is understood that the issue of the
A'ational Dtmoerat this week will make
an attack upon General Raum, Pension
Commissioner, based upon his adminis
tration of the olilce of Commissioner of
Internal Revenue. Considerable inter
est is expressed as to the nature of the
charges, whleh will be a carefully
guarded secret until the paper appears
on Saturday,
One or the faithful ltewariled.
Colonel William IXekey. formerly of
Maine, but now of New Orleans, ha
Anally succeeded iu securing recogni
tion, ami was yesterday appointed to
the position of commercial agent at one
of tb small ports of Cuba. For nine
months Colonel Diekey daily expected
the appointment of Consul at Santiago
de Cuba, but as a last resort coutpro
wised by accenting tbe eontnteteiat
sgmey. While the appointment U
charted up to Louisiana, it U really an
other patronage crumb for nenator
Hal and Krye. And tbe native South
ern UenubUeans are expected to whoop
it up for Harrison and tbe G. O. P.
-Where Sir. Usatatatut Witt SwawM,
S-U.-im.icm, Mass., Juan li. It is
understood that ex President Cleveland,
with Jan Jefferson, tbe actor, and a few
oifcwr gentiesnen, n rented Uotel
A lttttn . at Masbpee, for the last week
limn l'iir a Vtsjkt.
Paws, June li Dom Pedro, e
Emtwror of Brazil, will pay a visit to
tbe Cosnlesse Dnrrals. is tj province
ef Dauphin, in July, after which be
ulll letun to Parte to spend nnU
lto Same Wati tlwneaw Hcmwt Knte.
in a speech nt the Katiustai Liberal
Club, said thai, with the eeni on of
Mi f'btnshftTj.iit. 4Ni mna OMiuaed to
bHM rttte wnsn tbn aaajan ykaj onnoaed
tbe i ifa ninn of tbe f rancbiae In J-
TSla i&riuua yial QjuuaUitf 1 a..aia
tiom t kmutLtji M lMVtt' Cktmm 4u-cA.
Tbe Dutch paid tbe Indians 24 for
Manhattan IhIt'I That tbn i-uWh
id piub-penny Ub msm Lo upon
i Battery and won back that snoney.
fam ltia t.wi., tng eAaaffwaAaal hates-
naviBA flG nwSsaa :saw.r r-BBBBaaaisBaqvfseBjp iiwa
i)lkft liHshitlf 10 ikfi HTltfil nMHMl tlud
VrMSr-TMS saaPsPinT r SfJBF WanSJlSjnF TSjajBfafisaa w-
evils of gawbttng.
InVaaVsal IMkftaS snnnJ QaJ fa
im tkm tt Leal MtpuUi.
Mf Hipjte ''tiuatana abftaaato'' of
erecting statues to r nfnifairsii Oen
eiak. It U altojjiitbftt i nUoa of
taste. Perhaps Mr. Bontelis may uc
ceed in educating the wbote country up
to the hhfh stabdard of tbe New Vork
cHilUaXion which would raxhii Weep
its ui mu- ihau w put it into a ui - i-
auv geueral
Affidavits Predated to Show the
Accused's Mental Condition.
To Allow the Proseeutlen to Investigate
the Allegations of tho Defense.
A Big Crowd Present.
Thoro were a hundred or more people
back of tho rail, and nil the seats were
occupied In the Criminal Court room
this morning when tho United States
colled tho case of Frank K. Ward, In
dicted for the murder of Morris Adler.
Tho defendant nnd hlscounsel occupied
seals beforo the bench. Judgo Wilson,
tho leader, was most conspicuous, and
ho was seconded by Senator Joe Black
burn and nsslstcd by Messrs. Coleman
nnd Du Hnmcl.
As intimated yestonlay In Tiik
Ciutic, tlio case was opened with a
motion for continuance nnd ball, nnd
Judge Hogo and Assistant Attorney
Lipscomb paid careful attention to tho
Judgo Wilson opened with the read
ing of nflldavlts ns to Ward's condition
to undergo n trinl. Theso affidavits
were mado by Doctors James Stanton.
W. W. Godding, Hamilton Leach and
Baldwin, and they wore to tho effect
that after a careful examination ho was
in co mental or nliyslcol condition to
withstand tho ortleai of a prolonged
tilul. In contents these nllldavits were
carefully prepared.
C. B. Ctusor. J. W. Graham, Robert
Strong, J M. Jones and Arthur Payne,
guards nt the jail, made alrldavlts that
tho. defendant's action at the jail dem
onstrated that his condition wit not that
of n man who was clothed with a clear
WAtin TttOt'llI.KD WITH insomnia.
These guards all stated that Mr.
Ward did not on an average sleep more
than an hour aud a half or two hours
In twenty-four, and that since last
February he had been continually suf
fering from Insomnia. At times they
did not consider ll safe to have him
retained In his cell alone, and In conse
quence his cell door was left unlocked
and he was allowed the freedom of the
corridors and oftlce, nnd a continual
watph was kept upon him. It was
further stated that nn numerous oc
casions it was feared that he would
do himself bodily harm if not care
fully watched.
Following tbea.tidavitsof the guards
came the Nflldavlts of his counsel, on
whom depended tbe solemn responsi
bility of prelecting the defendant.
Judge Wilson, Senator Blackburn and
the others explained that Mr. Ward's
shattered intellect did not permit of his
aiding them In any way In the defense
of the Indictment against him. Out of
duty to him as his advisers they were
thoroughly well satUried that he was
menially Incapacitated to afford them
any assistance or advice In conducting
the case. To put him on the stand in
his present condition, said his attorneys
in Ibi'lr alrldavlts, would be extremely
hazardous. In support of these atn
davlls Judge Wilson argued that It
was only justice to his client In conse
quence of his mental impairment that a
continuance begrtntetl and that he lie
admitted lo bail.
District Attorney Hoee, in response
to Judge Wilson, artcued that practice
would not permit of tbe motion for con
tinuance and ball being coupled, and
he insisted that la answer to the atH
davils read that the Government he
given proper time to tile counter attt
davits, and by a thorough examination
properly inform themselves as to the
actual condition of the defendant. The
Government bad been given no notice
of the procedure on the part of the de-
lense, and were tntretore not quaiined
to draw any conclusions as to whether
Mr. Ward's condition was as set forth
in the affidavits
In answer to Judge Iloge, Senator
rUaekburn said that be wis not aware
of the existence of an rule in tbe Dt
Ulct, r any other court, which pre
vented the presentation of a duplex
motion. I f these was such a ruin be
would like to be informed. He main
tained that tbe counsel bad the right
to present tba case in tbe manner in
wbkb they did and ask for a ruling on
tbe part of tbe Court.
Attorney Coleman, in support of bis
atfidavli. said, "it if only out of justice
to my client that I have stated what I
havelnwrarhda.lt. I was only re
tained in this case tbe latter part of
May. and from a number of interview
that I nave bad with Mr. Ward al tbe
tail, 1 have come to tbe eomlusion that
be ts in no mental capacity to inform or
assist me in preparing his defense. I
atn satisfied that in conaeuuencn of bis
ronHnffaacnt that bis nasad is beconiing
more and tnote weakened every day,
and is asking for bail it is only a nuta
tion of giving him bit freedom or plac
ing bits where be can regain his rccol
lection and fae in condition to assist his
arguments, held that be was not gov
erned by any speciac rules fas giving a
dee iskw. but be felt that tbe question
of a conuauame ana the question of
bail ought to he considered aeparately.
tin considered that tbe Government
eugh to be given time in which U
satisfy lhutelves that tbe ai&iaviu as
presented could be vcrtued, and at tbe
beheld tbe case open until meat Man
Senator Blackburn argued that tjbe
defense h subaMtod ibsd" evblnnice
and if any aUuesses were to be heard U
e Ujibt only to be for eras eaAoaiAou-
Judge Bingham decided he would
listen to evidence and wctMHans on the
questjii'-n of bail on Monday, and the
Vim ... mum excused until Tuesday.
a Priitae
Tbe prs?tiee ahip Constellation, Cona
uxodoie Henry Glass in ceHtunand, left
Au&apoli at noon yesterday bbe U1
iruist in the Chesapeake B,t tor sjuie
A l'releht Onndnctnr JtMM Ills Dentil
This Morning:.
While coupling cars In the Baltimore
and Ohio yard this morning George 0.
Lohner, a freight conductor . was caught
between the hnmpers ami Instantly
killed. The remains were remoretl to
the MoTgtte, ami tirmn Investigation
Coroner Patlerson gave a certificate of
stfctdenlsl death.
Ihner has been In the employ of the
Baltimore ami Ohio Company for some
years, ami was considered a touted and
fnlthfiil man. He resided at No. 16MI
Thirteenth street.
lie Suspends Ills Sermon to Wed n
Young Couple.
There was a sensational marriage In
a church al Avnndale, says a dispatch
from Birmingham, Ala. Miss Flora (1.
McCary, 15 years old, went to church
with her father and mother. At the
door she was met by J. W. Vander
bllt, her lover, who lifted her Into a
carriage, and they drove rapidly to the
house of the Probate Judge In this city
nnd procured a license.
The girl's father secured a hack and
started In pursuit. He was close on
them nt the probate olllce, but they
drove rapidly back lo the church at
Avondnle with the old man only two
blocks behind, the horse going his
best pace. The young couplo walked
up the church aisle in thu middle of
the sermon.
"Wc want to get married," they said
to the astonished mtnlster.
Tho minister read tho license,
married tho young couplo, nnd re
sumed his sermon just ns tho angry
father reached the door. Tho unox
peeled Interruption was much enjoyed
by the congregation.
Severe I!nrthiuakn In ,lurn Strlklnc
Weavers In AiistrlAn Mk'l t Itllli-
nine Down the Mlilllst.
London, June 12. The I'arnelllte
members of the House of Commons are
ptepating an address to be presented to
Caullnal Manning In honor of the sil
ver JulilUe of that prelate. In recog
nition of his services in the cause of
the freedom of Ireland. The Protest
ants among Hie Nationalist members,
Including Mr. Parnell himself, are
unanimous In Indorsement of the eulo
gies of the address.
Severe shocks of earthquake hava
occurred In the French Department of
Jura, IntUcllng great damage In the
vicinity of the Jura Mountains. The
people are panic stricken, and since
the tlrst of the shocks have refused to
re inter their houses. Thousands of
men, women ami children are camped
out in the open fields. No loss of life
Is ri ported, but a large amount of prop
erty ha been destroyed.
General Sllicerstoff, a special agent
of the Russian police, has arrived In
Paris for tbe purpose of obtaining In
formation concerning the Nlhliists re
cently arrestee! there and If possible
Identifying them. In an Interview to
day he expresses himself as confident
that the prisoners were couuected with
the most extensive and dangerous con
spiracy against the life of the Cnr and
the Institutions of the Russian Govern
ment that Nihilism had yet organized.
Iiuleed, tie had positive Information
that the French contingent of Nihilists
were la collusion with those in Russia
and Switzerland to murder tbe Cu
awl preclpale simultaneous outbreaks
In different political centres. The ar
rest of tbe Paris Nihilists aad tbe vigi
lance of tbe Russian police had frus
trated the plans of the plotters, but
they were still active, and a large num
ber of arrests, for which preparations
are now being made, would be neces
sary to their complete suppression. It
is understood that Colonel Silicerstotf
will uiakri formal aiuillr&tlnn for lha
r names of the Russian correspondent of
the Paris prisoners.
The weavers who are on strike at
L'emistb, Austrian Silesia, continue
their excesses, which are increasing in
violence. They have repeatedly at
tacked the factories and shops, destroy
ing ail tbe luncbleery la the one an i
Slandering tbe stocks of tba other.
I any buildings have been wrecked and
others have been destroyed by tire.
The police have been powerless to pre
vent the disorder and destruction of
property, although they have sue
aeeded in making an aggregate of lib)
aj rests. In many of tbe encounters be
tween tbe mob and tbe police, tbe tastef
have been netted with atone and other
missile and in some caaes drives front
tbe rkld of battle- It is now prooahle
that tbe owners will concede ine de
remaining ntonerty from etastxttctioit.
tA4Milier t?annsauese tar titssrSriMHiSton.
Kaw Yuan, June l a Daniel He
Xichol was shot and fatally wounded
is Brooklyn yesterday afwraoon by
Jamea Benson , his brother in law-
bad made arrajtgiSBints to separate i
from hi nife, McNkboi's sister, and
yesterday afternoon called for bis
truck, lie naked lo see his wife and
baby, ilia wife came down stair with
son saw then be drew a stated and at
tempted to shoot tbe baby. Tbe
to Ui&eharge. Young Mc&ichol
jusJtwd fojivaiid and altenasted to tajke
the aeaiais frftsji BanafHi bojt tbe la!
ter waa och tbe sUoagef of tbe two,
and pusasvd M sTb-boi a4y faust hits
ami aboi bbss tbnoMsb tbe body. Has-
The Mttatwtf, edstoM, with their la
dies and itknda, were given an eacur
sion yesterday afternoon to Mount Vw
nos and Marshall Had on boasdibe
steamer Corcoran tin the Uty down
tbe Pototnac Major Newman of St,
Paul snade as address is which be
tbanacd tbe Minnesota Cimgruaaifntitl
delegation and the H aabiBgton people
for the kind manner in which tbev had
been leeeivcd and entertained Dinner
was aeivid &l Marshall Hall an J the
WHt is e.Juyed UteUlavUe.3 Ih.K'uLIjf
Agent Unslmw Mnnlered Onttta
Killed lir Hnndretls.
Bii.m:i8, Most , Jnne 12. Tire
Imltans are now killing cAttle by hun
dreds. Yesterday forty hetd were
found killed cm Pumpkin Creek. Four
comrwnieB of infantry and one troop of
cavalry have left Fort Keosrh fr the
scene of the tronble. Men just lit
from the llosenml country, report ttfee
ranch properties mimed by Indians,
and other houses tired into, mtl m
peotile killed. A posse of cowboys left
Rosebud last evening and said they
Would drive the Indians buck cm the
reservation without regard to the
troops. The Indians are camped only
eighteen miles from the station rm
Rosebud River. Tim cowlnys engaged
In the round up are expected down the
river today ami the pos, which left
Rosebud, expect to be Joined by them
near where me Indians are encamped.
RosKiirt), Mont., Juno 18. Stock
men from the Upjicr Tongue River,
report that the fllotiv from the Pine
River Agency are coming in to aid the
Northwestern Cheyennes, ami that the
two tribes are Jointly polng on the war
path, first killing UpshBW, agent of the
Rosebud Agency.
Transatlantic Strnmera Hhnuld Ttke n
Southern Itoute anil Nnrrlllce
Itcrnrds to Avoid DaiiRor.
Tho acting hydrographer to the Navy
Department (Lieutenant Richardson
Clover) was yesterday Intorvlowoel by
the New York JlemUl correspondent In
rcgntd to danger from fog and Icebergs
to the ocean urcyliounds in their efforts
to beat the record In the Atlantic lanes
al this season. Ills statement was sub
stantially ns follows:
"Anticipating from the nature of the
season that there would be much ice
coming down from the Arctic this sum
nur, Ensign Hodman was sent early
this spring from this olllce lo St. Johns,
N. P., to investigate the How of lee
from the Arctic.
"The ottlce receives on an average 300
reports monthly from vessels, stesm
ami tall, which pass over what Is nt
this Hkson, along the steam lane, the
region of Icebergs. Last month 171
vessels sent In detailed reports of Ico
sighted. This data Is skilfully iillllxed
In the Hydiocmphlf OMcij by the
marine meteorologist, Sir. Evereli Hay
den. "Mention Is made of four dangerous
collisions during the month of May,
and another report has come to hand
telatlve to the terrible disaster that waa
narrowly averted by the Normannla.
"The legion where iceberg are ns
txntiil In great quantities Issoutbeast of
New fnundlaml ami south and eatof
the Grand Banks, it region twice as
large as the great Stales of New York
and Pennsylvania, and Interspersed
throughout with enormous and
never stationary, but drifting at the
mercy of wine) ami current, ami often
euveloK'd In dense fog, which renders
them wholly invisible to the navigator.
"There are certain routes that we
recommend fur transatlantic steam navi
gation, ami these routes are south of
this dangerous reeion of fog and lee.
Many steamers follow these sfe routes,
but many others du not. preferring to
risk collision and disaster in order to
save a few hours in the race to break
tbe record. It Is not the province of
this ortlee to Interfere In tula matter,
other than by tllustraiiBg lite danger
ami advising caution, but It is extremely
desirous to arouse public latere', by
which alone effective regulations anil
control can ever be enforced. Icebergs
may be encountered throughout this
region for a mouth or two more, ami,
as tbe amount of fog Is now rapidly in
creasing and will soon reach Its maxi
mum, there can be no better lime for
"The all important fact to be con
sidered is that these enormous masses
of Ice dtift down past the east const of
Newfoundland and far down along tbe
easUtn edge of the Grand Hanks, but
upon approaching Ihe forty drat parallel
I hey reach the warm, easterly-moving
Gulf Stream current and their southerly
progress is arrested Many ot them
bang about the tail of tbe Grand Hanks,
about latitude forty tso degree thirty
kuisutes north, longitude Rfty decree
west, white others drift slowly off to
ward east northeast, gradually welting
and breaking up.
"There is very little or no ice south of
tbe forty second paraUel. and certainly
sons whatever south of 40 deg 30 mia.
north. Moreover, the further sorts, tbe
mom snsnerona, solid and missive are
tbe bergs; tbe further south, "lisn fewer.
smaller and teas compact- Kverv argu
ment save only the question of goal
bourn' time at tetttbte rias I in fatror
just now of as eatress souther rostte
fur eastward and westward bound
SlritSMTW "
.. ,
Kaw Yona, June 1$. "Sna"
Garrison bad a iiuimlou escape from
death yesterday at Morri Park. Ha
bad the mount on i T. Pukdier's
Brotber Skis is tbe second tare, and in
'iWlPiF iswVwP" WS " fc w st"swBsj
dryfd dead, pcobaMy ft -m ov er m
ertk'S. GarriseJn was thrown to tbe
ground, and, beyond a few bruises, was
uninjured. Luckily Brother lias
in the tear when tbe aecident occurred
Mad be Uen up with th buacb Qrrt
fm would KobsjUy have bees trampieai
TsWsa YattiTss tit Mff M sstMMMssnslsll IssNSsswsBntenCa
WSF flrsflP"psp"n SsssBP"nisiiBPe wr aavw jb sswsisssty
Th l sited skat utesjuwurr itespatcb
will leave tbe Savy Yard seat Monday
for We at IMt, Ya. . here it wiil e
ceive a sunaber of rentjajpscs. tndudlag
flspsT wwsflpbsn BspWswffnanw npsaa s"anKSHsp svspasy
tkti ii4iti4ii4ig im' Tutsntiy mxX ol
1B4 ItmiTnTl C4laKaBsWtUiBaisJc! t fftuffssj
jbUa fsTiitslsi sastJaA tit tssst KasAnsW
-gpasssi y wsinsW sm-nnjaipa wsr "SSBl WsjRSrtr
K Yosa. June li -tHabon Wig
ger of Newark, K. J , who dccliaed to
uenwit a publk' cekbrattos of sst juW
tee, has so sent to tba Pope stepeote:
agaisat btdsg promoted to tbe Jvb
biboprtc of Milwaukee lie does not
wish U U- at grated from tils people
aliJ ihe e'.uuale of WlaeonilU U I o
hjisL for his ie..teaiv, health
Hill, Rain, Snow and WW Gon
trikte to tk Damagi,
Bantam's Cirrus Kattkei' Oat at St.
Looii Cattle Killed bj a Mwd-
bsrst--Grfal Law.
8t. Injurs, Mo , Jttne 13 It snowed
hele yesterday at least tlwl Is whst a
htimiretl people say ami then the city
was visited by one of the worst hail
storms on record. The proverbial hen's
ecg was laid completely in the shade as
n standard of measurement. One halt
stone was measured at the Signal Serv
ice Station that was 0 Inch es In circum
ference. Many skylights Were shat
tered. The day had been hot and dry, but
at H p. m. a storm arose, nnd the air
was cooled I n a short time. It besran
to snow, and according to several wit
ntssts, many large Hakes fell during n
period of ten seconds. Then the hall
came, nnd In places the stones were
piled a foot deep. The track of the
ball storm was confined to one (Ktrt of
the city.
Barnum's Circus tent suffered, and
10,000 persons were soaked to the skin
by the rain that followed. The per-fotniBne-e
of "Nero" under the tent had
to lie abandoned.
Ni.w Yohk, June 12. A Bpeclal to
the lliritM from Cincinnati says a storm
Inst evening almost devastated the town
of Klmwood. a small village on the
Carthage pike aliout live miles fr-im
Cincinnati Houses were unroofed,
chimneys blown do'wrntnd otithoues
dimollabed. Mr. Joseph Cook and his
wife and child w ere In their house when
the storm came up. The house began
to rock, and Cook called to his wlfi- to
save herself and child. She ran out
with the chllel In her -urn, and had
barely leached the open air. when tho
house collapsed. Cook was not seen to
come out, and It is believed be was
burled In the ruins. A number of costly
buildings were nil mil.
CiNiiNATt, June 12. An electrlctl
storm meed here from 5 to . n clock,
last evening. The rain-fall waa half an
inch ami ihe wind wits furious. Great
damage waa done iu the suburb and
adjacent towns. Two or three persons
were killed and several seriously In
J ii red. Part of tbe Longvlew Insmo
Asylum was unroofed. The storm
came from the Northwest and went
South. A dozen factories and churchci
were badly damaged, while the damage
to ptlvate property will run high up
into the thousands. Several persons
were struck by lightning.
Nnw II vvKN, Conn , June 12 The
thunder storm in WalllngsfonI yester
day afternoon was very severe. Tho
house of S. II. Granulsa, on Bristol
avenue, waa struck and Mr. Gr.uinuti
rendered unconscious for hours. The
street, waa shattered, but no one was
I. on S. P. North's house, on Centre
iiijuied. The chimney of Simpson, Hull
A Miller's factory waa struck ami linn
dretl of brick knocked out. Several
of tbe factory bands were knocked
down by the shock. Tbe telegraph
and telephone poles were shattered and
the old Brack House at North Haven,
built In 1750. was badly shattered.
Ci istos. III , June 13 The people
of Clinton were frightened yeatenHy
by the sudden shock of a terrific wind
storm from tbe west, a cloud of inky
blackness .having preceded It. Tbe
wind twisted and shivered trees, i a r
lied hose and planks into the air and
waa followed by heavy hail. Tbe tele
graph wires are down save to tbe north
and south, and fences and tree lie all
oyer the country. Report came la
last evening tnat several hired mm
working in tbe field were eeriou!y
butt. Tbe damage of tbe storm will
be between 3u.o00 and f 10, out).
Lin. Onto, June 13. Yester.Uv
aftsreuon a cloudburst over this city aid
a large amount of damage. Rin and
bail fell in torrents, flooding street' and
cellars and healing down crop. N rt U
of the city many thousand dollars' wrtU
of damage was done by tbe storm, and
a number of bead of cattle were hilled.
Tbe storm lasted about five minute
Its course waa from southwest to north
)0F taaftilfeAlisKtBsVswt tsUansl Aas SasVal Mdf
Members of Congress, Treasury odi
fjajft jssw uthet sfomiscst gentlemen
nest over to Baliiniore yesterday for a
day' enyof ntent on Chesapeake Bay
as tbe guests of Captain W U. Savitle
of tbe Kaltlaaore board of steamboat
tssftctoia. Tbe natty left yesterday
morning on a apsxial train over tbe
BaJiitooie' and Ohio Railroad. Afu-i
luncheon at tbe reaideeee of Capui i
nVnvUte they west upon tbe steauiei
Kamas Giles to f oMtenter Beach, an t
ttfos their return took tbe p. n. trm i
for Washington The lrty badav;,
daiiihtf ut time.
Postiu, Oui.., June if. At Mu
waukee, a small torn about ten uik
from this city, Panbd Harvey, a ""!i
and tfcen kilied himself. f siVi v
wa lyisf is bed when her ion c, -
' ibn etoot aad shot her ibroiubtJae '.-
It i suppeised tJsst Harvey va
BtarUy insane.
Jb; PBVs?Wspsw nBtPPP sssjn s fv
Saw Voaa, June 13- i ' t
febip Mosrfoof tb Umfl - - ' '
va btwaed to Ae v & iU
iunk in the umd at tbe -j l' "
iuoblyn. last night- Tba nt
started by the eaptoaton of a tarn.
tbe vngbw now Lo on mm
su ragvaig as KtnaaMas
4t Annapolis, MsV. but wbt u
was diacovemd o S0t4 tbe asoii
Ptuxate it originated Is the bed I -iul
vl.'iUlng iu the ward louse. '
'aUucs were e vtiueusbed tu .
..I U Nju JUideUij

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