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Txm Daily Critic
Tkt Qnty Bmeertitte iMily Ptytr TVft-
tmhedtt Wathinjhon.
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WMMttnttflt, 1 C, Jn 13. WW.
Hh I shame from a Republican
MMKffwtnt Thomas C. PlaM, Hie Jlew
Tflrt bos almost a duplicate of Qy
in methods, meanness and cleverness
H blackballed Inst Tuesday night by
Uarrem NeftiMtatn Club, fmt
teen sftble spheres locked the rtnnt
n tfte rettonbtaMe manager. He
nlways ntccemfnl In attempts to get
Mber men to, trot sometimes he cannot
fxt In hfntelf , and this wm one of
those time Fifty tire members were
present, aad fourteen of them would
hare nothing to do ltb Watt "When
I'retmVnt Colvln made the announce,
meat," says the 2ew York Jfernld,
"there was silence for a few moments,
and then the fifty Ays members were In
an nnroar. Slftnllkiant glances shot
from member lo member, to be M-
Ifmrd by a decidedly anritbk whisper
Iner "
Jaws, the Democratic candidate for
(Iovomhh- of Alabama so says a cor
repemlat of the New York 7tin
at one of the first Confederate dec
oration celebrations In Alabama,
rcrhans In 18MJ, delivered an ad
diese before Northern and Southern
soldkrs o replete with iatilotlc senti
ments, so manly and so aeneroiis as to
attract attention arid commendation
throughout the entire country.
This correspondent adds that the
Diinocntey of the South are placing
their best men at the head of affairs
soldlor-tlatesmen like Gordon of
((corgis, Seay and .Tones of Alabama,
Stone of Mississippi ami How of
Texas who have since the close of the
war been foremost In all movements to
heal animosities and restore fraternal
fiHnes between the lections, and to
make Northern men who have fmmd
1 ohms on Southern soil feel that If the
Southern people were enemies In war
iln'y ate Indrrd friewls In peace.
The Frederick Old ) A'mw'iw, a
H.lck-amltlilrt llepubllcsn paper. Is
I leased with the appointments that
have been made by the Harrison Ad
ministration In that State. The Krxm
irtrr says "In the appointments ab
ready made this Congressional District
has eertalnly been most liberally pro
vided for, and there should be no room
for eomplalnt against the Adminis
tration in the matter of its generous Ap
pointments. Among the appointments
from Western Maryland are the follow
lag. The Naval Officer of the Fort or
Ualtlmore, United btates Assistant
Treasurer at Ualtlmore. Cashier of
Customs, Deputy Naval Officer, Indian
Inspector, Special Agent of Internal
Hct emie Department, Chief Doorkeeper
of the House of Representatives, Con
sul at Marseilles, an important Consul
ate In South Amerlea, Supervisor of the
Census, Chief of Division of Bank Ex
aminers la the United States Treasury,
betides a most liberal representation In
the effice of the Collector of Internal
lleveaue, the Government Printing
Office, the Navy Yard, and the various
Departments at 'Washington."
Be the respective followers of Con
gressmen Ledge aad Howell In the mat.
tori at a Nalieaal Sleetlen law have
pooled their issues. There Is to be a
till of composite architecture
a cowUastloo of the stern
Doric simplicity of the Howell
hill aad the florid aad ornate
CosiBtblan splendor of the Lodge bill.
Each side has eeaeadad sometbiag.
Bach has yielded soaae pet expedient
for hairjiag the South, aad laws a
ret tat abd karaoaUtus futkw has beaa
.11 bit veil.
Speaker Haetl, lata teased with the
weraad aataotHy af bis paaitloa
wi k-p, by the way, h uses la a faeasoa
hat nowU have wade Xr tttingiari
i f hiH.tH iaealer Meed, we say, be-Jfe-ee
that he sees hs this jciat pedaet
i taw Ladfe aad Howell atiatis,
the wagie waad whereby Re
publics Majorities are to be per
petuated aad MtaaeM aachofed aa the
ikrae.v He is rushiag the Measure
tasetajiat the Heaae uaaer whip aad
-pur, aasi ariagtag Is hear tvery katiu
eeie he eaa iaaagiae or eoatrive to spur
the aeaateteaa tsttfeaatea of his des
)iotfc anogaace.
Waata ata Ms. Reed' uteejosto ef
the latoaslrarttoa era? Old ao wata
log or pastaat of that baatrul tragedy
t i-ettraie to Fortlaad ia 1T4 with a
Mot that aught be of value laser? He
taietad Coagieti after Out exMuatry had
imnouaced its wejaUct ea juat such
li'fcasiues as h is mm eadaavartag
t-. levtve. Peraaiw ia 4m whlrt
f uwperattea poiaacs awaydowaia
the Jseet-efetea bewek of his native
Maiat, h dad aot hear er was aot tea
iuve safloga to hwd taw iasamt of that
tn nUlaWJalllal Waaaafalsatf IttiA IBaaUsr
"rwaa wgnm Fa wapayajajwaia
ie aM w aot, or
IfiaWaaaaat kaaaaa. lhji Maaal
i wJaetaer Ms atustalfkei
T""'wasajBja"r aw iaseaiejeaaaaai
Linnttuy aad Us vaaiiy has datiedais
ei. He Heed fU feel Ota tetaar
UKht- kdore ae gtt through vitk
ibis 1mm (taterprtae of his. Ue has sat
ii.,. wfiJlsJMM that etisatai
iicui i- to 174 Taa
(.wadtw - hiejh tiaaaral Oraat
tuua!. i. u Uyuad hit waarol, aad
wfcki. 'xi " hi. at hat raoqgasaed as
UU !.. uiuwiad fruit ef sictiMW aad
.Ifeuifi kcuuUUuu Dues thie fat
Uoan. t' - J iLiLA that he chjj acUtae
imoh vtUUii Uj Ofiiat the ioklicr
Mtrax ju. ulii U asaacasy
Let m hope 4wre viU b bettor
orirs and wler counsels In the Senate.
iCreu the tatlsfacttoti of setting Mr.
ftetri dtsmmrnted wmsM t ton dearly
pntrnascd at the ptlte of tlw rnimtry's
prosptrtty and peace.
speaking of tlm visit to Washington
cf the criimtHwe sptminted by the Mew
Tort Cnambter of t ommerce, to ntge
ft Cttgrets a suitable appropriatkm
Fr lh Improvement of the Mississippi
film aad the protection of the low
land, the New York Ttmtn says.
Congress, however, cannot fstriy be e
imtii of f honing tnoimteece to tlie neemt
tf the trrr-st river It has appmpfUtm
Sfy rnittrMis for tts tmpmtunrtt nl Is
twSr prepartrt for the upeftrlttuir ot mil
Irnes more. I he enonmnr sm! nnnrvr
Ceateddsmsgedone by Mhflm)thtsTfirin
pte f sit f m ontlnys, rmtntsUy smnt
aoM to the wttitom or t tesst the nf
ftrftiwy of the present levee system ss
srtofrHd by the Mltslppt River fwnml
Sffn for toDfitifng the river to Its mitrl
The Jfwrs Is too Intelligent aad high
minded a papvr lo make sweh a state
n enl at th sbow, etrertt In honest
n iMppnhensfon. The ds metre done by
the flood of this j ear was not enormous,
and It was not unprecedented. On the
contrary, although the flood ltelf was
vastly greater than any ever known be
fort, the Inundation of arable lands was
not mmparabfe to that of 187 1, or 1982
r,r llM. 9r far from tliere being any
significance unfavorable to the levee
sj Mem, the fact Is txactly the reverse.
The experience of this year proves that
the theory of the L nited States engineers
and the Hirer Commission is entirely
correct, ami the plan upon which they
have been proceeding wholly feasible.
The Mississippi Valley lias never known
a fl td tvtn approximately equal to that
of the present year, and yot it has been
abundantly shown that thedamagedone
has letn comparatively insignificant.
If this proves anything, it proves that
lems are rapable of confining the river
to Its channel, ami of absolutely pre
entlng the overflow of cultivated lands.
AVo bolluvc the New York 7rw.i to
lo incapable of wilful mlsrupresenta
lion, and, In that view of the matter,
wu vtntuto the hope that It will Inform
lUelf more fully In the premises and
lend Its preat influence to a good and
much misunderstood cauw.
Tnr liriekmktrt a Chicago semi monthly
Journal devoted to the Interests of brick
manufacturers, devotss Ave pag of
Imiic of Juno 1 to the subject of brick road-
t lllnonilngton nmt Decatur, III.,
si em to have adopted the ue of hard-'
turned Mck as a paving material more
gem rally than any other cities, though Hie
new work on "Fa eioents aud lUwl," ptib
I'thed by the tCrigmttring nmt ll'mlilmff
lUcurti, (hows thst brick taetfieiits bare
Iwii In use In Ctirltoii. W. Va., stnc
1S73, while in Holland tliey lm bii em
plojMl for half a ceatury. Decatur miwr
uses a "down ill sua tit" brick which is
almost Impervious to watpr. and la mM to
be eiHsl to granite In vnear. The bakme;
proctM glsies the turfsee and remlsrs the
brlik WuMIke to the center, so that It
rings like metal, borne of these brick have
Wn used In Decatur since 1S6T. under a
lieavj trsffle without repairs. The .Major
of DIooinlBRtoo testlnes thst brick pave
ments hare Leeu In uie lu his elly for four
teen year, mid that nothing elfo will here
after lie used there. They cost Jl.tW per
square janl, Including grading, cinder bwl,
tied, lat or and hrkk. Hamilton street,
Peoria, was paed with brick six years ago,
and thecll) council has Just orderwl 118,000
square yards more, altout one-half of it be
ing contracted for at $1 S3 per yard. In
llurlltiKtou, la., whereabout 80,000 square
yards were lata In 1S, the brick patement
has proved so popular that the City Kuel.
lifer thinks wo uhkb granite will belaid.
He expresses the opinion that the
uie of Wick will not be coaflaed
to small places, but tbat It will be
adopted for tbe heaviest tramc,
though for mi eh purposes It must lie tbor
oticbly vitrified awl made of a elay con
taining enough iron to produce toughness
as well as bardie). Tbe HrickmuUr is
authority for tbe sutoment tbat a brick
pavetfiMt U to be tried In Webster and
Main streets, Toeswsada. A paner read
by Charles E (ireeu before tbe Michigan
Eas;iBeertng Society is Incorporated in the
work, "Pavements aad Rosds," already re
fernd to, tbe eoseliutoos of which are as
follows. '-The disadvantage of brisk pavs
jaents arise from buk of ULlformlty in the
matestal aad tbe liability ef lasorper&tiBg
ia tbe pavstaent Wick of too soft aad
porous stiueture, which crumble the first
winter under tbe astlea of frost, Wbea
laid oa a solid foundation tbe advantages
we ehaa pease, saiaatbaess and eleanllsess,
fruwixm frosa noise, and sanitary exeel
leneeaa a nes-absofbent. Taking all things
latoe oailiiefattoa.lt UwpMtorUmtqaadam,
weed, aad, for a auxisaesa trame of three
leas, superior to granite."
Haac tea urets seoar from the New
York wbtch possesies a eesuia local
ialsfest awe. "At a dtaaer party the esaer
Osy by a laeuHag rlteilelpta aa aid
geBtlesnaa wtth a good wesaery told tbi
stor): la th)ear MSTtwa aataata eseats
oeeaneii the death aad burial of Kli.su
K. Kaae aad the epeaiag af a small caota
hsg stose by yous Joan Wiswsaaker.
tawiag taa awath ef May the geaat -pteser
aU walk away tiosu hoia, aad bU
were arasudu to PWhideliiMa to
An sJMtifijBAf Qttlils2 asWasaalcaeea)
s BfsaansaesaaBji aaaeaaess sssaBaavsaaaBaaaasV
UltsOal s aatjKltitotiaa Maal aaWMasbaaBT f H DtJiaal
aattfal If9 sUaaaf 4Maal aaaaUaVy taaavVaattaasUfisaaft Ssaaaal
laeal irniattoi were iavaad to pirttrlaau
The asadef taa prosmtoa was totsssh a
aWaaaaF" VaplaafW ags 9 r wMfafiswa wp tHpfpasHaW
taroag stood expectant at this tea-, aad
eagerly wadta the approach uf thaiataata
eartega. A few tataates battue tsw aasese
aasespeeted there was heard a fadatts
ctettermy ef hoots sad wheats, aast sgay'y
pniatsd esases wagea osawa by saw as-
itefsf flat aaaaaataa sUaat smlksWat
to to
1 tiaats'
wear at half
tejlM t
aoalery,' wese atmesM taa
tteaa. vhteh waae eajaeaiT isa siveil be sSm
mj wae psw weaajpaapp asaaHaaiFwBsjap spgt saaav
stsslsajlamL astl ftaaaal WflHItaT Igaajii Sfaasa kaaaal A sUis?.
wr am ew a",,saB asajaa aajar aaaanp awp ssaisisr
GdflilllliV atSSafffid satat IHfiHral HaflttlBlatfCaaatt.
'safa'" caassa saaej BFasaisHaiaea saaaaaaaaaaaa
driTaJMf bJLft aVaMMa WatJsHMM aMffal sjala4 laUaV
tiirfUaMT MS ilstallittBllsaMllltst Wsftl, lta OtJaW
U iaicsuat' 41Aku ot Taa Csuru
VMIF latiatfais1ijHtf VtrQaTV labaMaar saaaWsWaaflsf ,f fii4sBal
aalatl ipaai Bisfpnf !$) ItlfiffiMQ Waist CBllaas9s &M
ttaaaasaaia. tO taM NttW V at, Vblttfi it W4
ia mn& a ifaMial " fekji a r ftmt nkumhmi
- i ii ii w wsaBaaa '"aa vBnsnpsjpMsaaaHaa
Hwhingtuu cnrpnuKiiideel ef Utst Slew
Turk Tum,. We aagast Uaeearalgbl, the
mute sapactaily, at u aaaae aha a a gasat
bad lahaur aad awte ilajiiiaifWil to He,
ClasesaDd aad Mr aajmed aJwa it
Twaaa sat aa yiihthsiad a
dstei eshUsw oi 1 tkaa gisease) Ifau.
Fsipasy w"aasr aapiar WSVajaeF -BBaeaaaiapesat rSBBjay
Clftltate ft SlWraflltOl jVQsiliaaatll Vtt4pl4 lb 1 fcH
furata, giviBg UifciraisLWD ua etaUi to base '
rnltntattons ts to tbe probsMe onteome t
the irtxt Jta'e election.
T. S Rradtey and Wtfe, Sew Tork:
latras A tttay, Sorth Carolma; R. D.
thsnonr, mllas, and & R. Jetmstnn,
see at the wetropoWtaa
T. A. Ppencer, BrWot,
? C . Walter F.
rwrev iisms,
H. S. VsTHtwhllt and
Ifcarres B. Allvrs, Jttw tor: 4. It. and B
M. Cntver, Shmt CRy, Iowa, atrd fhsrlea
Hovel, Sewatk, 2t. .)., are aitong the sr
rtvsts at the Satfonal.
A. ve. Bates, 1 mtfstana; W. H. Hall and
wife, Jt fjeth; r. w. Crston and wife,
(ribtstiew, Jt. 0 , and H. f. Hall, St. Pant,
ic regfatered st the St. James.
A h. Iltwey, ttttsbwg. Willte T. Mra
vatt, Sc Jersey, sad Havts Csssltt, Onon
dsaTt, Jl T, are registered st the Hotel
U 1. 8herrd snd t H. Whftley, Jtew
Tnrk. Ktljsh Momtford snd It. R. Alien,
Trenton, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Rnrr. Tor
oeto, Canada, and Edward Moore, rort
Iserl, are stopping st Wlllsrd's.
Mrs. E. R PsMwtn aad Miss Ids M.
Brtgge, Chteaart, snd E W. Rckfeldt, Sew
Tork, are stopping st the Randall.
Mr 1. T, Maek of Sandnsky, Onto, editor
of the Hr0Mrr, arrived last evening uml
registered at the Randall.
C F. MeKlne snd U II. Meyers, Jr., Jtew
mm; -. u. .veweiN sprmfseiii, msss ,
Henry H. fiofspp, Ogiten, Utah, Anthony
VtetoVln, West ,troy, X. t.; Daniel Half,
Sew Hampshire, and W. 11 Ontndr, 1'hll
sdetphts, are staying st the Rlggs House.
J. II. l.lpptnrott ami Alfred Stern, Xew
Totk, snd 0. A. Mrosdwaterof Helena, pro
prietor of the Rroadwater Springs ami
Hotel, Just nntetde of Helena, are at
N. P. Jonee. Ira 1VH ItL nod J. A f:hm
twrs, Plttslmrr; Kvan Thomas, Xew York,
James A. Trehy ami wtfe, Knoavllle, and
(JeiHral J. (. Fsrnswotth, Albany, are at
tbe Arlington.
A. It. ltetketl and wife, Miss Jessie
ami Mies Alice Haskell, I.eavemvurth; It.
II. Bjmm snd sob, New York; W. B, Deae
van, Philadelphia, and .1. fmlley Gary,
Niwark, N. J , are among the prominent
gueets etopjiing at the Armi.
Thomas II. Hall, Cleveland; It. Ten
broeck. New York, and C. A Lewis and
wife, Wsterbury, Conn., are staying at the
Among tbe arrivals at Chstnlierlln's are
II. II. Carr, lbiston, and B, V. Ulergue,
New York.
.Mr. 51. W Ungstreet, I.os Annelea; A.
II. Dennis, Philadelphia, snd J. K. (lent,
Columbui, Iml., are at the Shorcbam.
lllehnp A. A. Watson of Wllmlnrton. N
(' , arrlveil late last ivenlng ami resilstereit
at the Kbbltt.
(leneral M. I), l.eggett, ClevelatHl; I.lv
Ingston Kly, Jr., New York; W. II. Nave
and wife, tit. Louis; A. W. Harrett, Iloston,
and W. 11. Heater, N. Y., are regtstereil at
the Kbbltt,
Alrs. l)r llland ami bar niece, Miss tair
jfie Datls, started for the eeaslde teetenlay.
I let will spend tbe summer at Onslt Hay,
on the Maecliusetts eoat.
Mr. t; II Sharer, wife ami daughter
sslltd for boston from Hlinore on Moo
day. Mrs. tkbaferaml her daughter May will
be the guests of Mr. Hr.ltlaitd at Onslt
President Harrison, In company with
Mrs. Iliminlck, visited the Piseher Art
Store yesterday eveulag.
Carmenclts, tbe famous dancer, can
neither read nor write, but possesses a pair
of highly iducated feet.
Itudtard Kipling has been proposed for
Tennjecu's succeor ss poet laureate on
account of bis antl-Irlsh doggerel.
Countess de Kerealnt has tbe most tue
tessful (sluu In Paris. She will receive no
gcntltman unless be Is clothed In as gay
eolora and as fine stufTs ss the wonieu.
fientvleve Watd, who bas Iwen teschlnc
elocution In Paris, Is about to return to
tbe stage, and lias begun serious prepara
tion bt ordering a set of new costumes
from rellxof Paris.
"M. Quad," tbe humorist and sketch
writer of tbe Detroit V iVcw.fs paW
$125 a wetk for his work. He weighs 130
pounds, is ven- eccentric, and Is a perfect
child In all business matters.
Jay Gould bas resumed bis former habit
ot spending one or two evenings each week
lu tbe crowd of Wall street wen at an up
town hotel He does not do a (treat deal
of talking himself, but he Is a close listener
to what others have to say.
Miss Courtney Waltbal, daughter of tbe
Senator from Mississippi, Is described as by
all odds tbe prettiest joung women in tbe
Senatorial circle at ashlngton. She ts a
petite brunette with a well-rounded figure,
.., wMiuuiuuiuu iieauuiuinazeieyes.
Ckmiya Jlerald
The German Emperor alwajs bas a large
box filled with orders wbeu be Is on bis
travel, the value of which l some $0,000.
He Is fond of suddenly producing one of
these, with tbe needful diploma, and giving
It to somebody who U not expecting any
tbleg or the bind.
Mrs. John K McKlroy,lstrof tbe late
President Arthur, is a quiet little borne
body, and lives at Albany. Her love of
oomesUeitj, her eharw of manner and bar
beauty are still as notable aa wbea she was
tbe &et lady of the land, presiding lu tbe
White House.
King Dinah Salifou, tbe dusky monarch
of the Nalous, who attended tbe Paris Ex
position accompanied by tbe sons of sev
eral political opponents aa hostages for
true ia bis absence, ts not dead.dasptte
lU repot! tbat be was poiataied or
teugicu lor umoducluk- European eus-
JadgeW T Newman ot Atlanta owns
a pewter coin or medal beariag o eae side
the refwesentatiaa ef lutMnaettce Hail at
Phtbuleipaia aad the date 1TH. Oa the
other sbteU tbe bUrVy bail sad taeia
MripiMMi. "Proclaim LAesUr TViriebcnit
the Lead. Vuto aU the lalsasiUass
Ihereaf," with tbe deatiatnittoB. "4."
I wtete my assas oae day upon the ssad,
Aad kaea a faet or two ta abase I stead
Taa saa easae saaaag o'er taa goMest stai ftJ
hawaatessaea Was aseyeaall la ugh
I don't wu anything iuauy ial
(fas a wbiaaetY lt'a old
-.. . . .i 't r." ... -
taa vrepwesor.
naewir, i
r, taars taUiag It.
lyV-sU, aa, as!
fwlfiaMW jVisJMMfV,
Th I rtiwk hi wliii asisUd-
Is tJjTjjiSf ijit jfMjr
Baa Isfcsl 0llf W1Wjlft0
sWIai aaattsratti aUMl
saMaaayasa ftaca.
n Ksss Yefc M- "- -
vaiaa' rr ia aasawssjaj aastysaa
Tka Casta ia Cbaaasso aan aM sv ihntt
1 ay" "T i laimii nsaapr vaai apsy ssassr BaaajiSFasB
111 Usm MAaMaft I T4tf UaQft jkat
-eaa; wew i ii as i i s sgpesafsai aasssasafaats
TstasWT saaaaaaaaU 06811 sW Lttkaa SaaUfctaT aaJaal
- T -. . -nmvnBjppp aRaaaavaBF assBap saaassi
Hat it's aeariy all spsesd oa aVe gaaMad,
paft ". raiaw that way fsw weeau
staakrescb Hen
Th girls oi btw yor mt m van tail.
sbb aBBBBj aBBgcaj sBljajnaB CsaHV aWF ajaraBss(plB
Tasar lamda are m sty kegBt has
aadsssalea'eaiait ap totsass) the sklas.
CHiraflo Umitlil.
This is tee wasua aaea you ask the eat
teadar to mix m a data to keep oat the
heat, sad as jses past the satat atawdp-
ij toef U srtater to kaapaas tie
! esavt aeaeas ts aaawer that ias
. WS aayariaiisi--fr-i awteas
naia aaaat
. ' "atjag mr spiasv aaRB
Blinrhir AlAfuu. aLudkkin. Tuku.
4 a.
Xuehiig, 1 JuTPuiasjl vaia avenue
Nwvel Metmnts tn Rid the frerrimenr
Iltntls or the 1'estst
Wathinirtcm THrfrl'h to thi Xnt fUMtSlnr
"Water snakes have rjeeofmi MKh a
Jwrttatite to I Ilessel cnraMr- f th.
carprmnd' snd cupertntemtwlllfaltad
propagation, thst he h deelarad a wa
of r-jttermlnatlon against ttrevlh Thev
are voracious dtvrmreTS of yowft foh.
lying In trait for thtm In ihe slairr-w
water near the banks, snd fllWImt Steal
thlly up behind each flntty vrctlnt, Wrh
finds itself swallowed before II mil had
tlr e to fairly reallre the nalnM of the
tragic occurrence One snake tvlll con
srrme, on an average, at least sis Uttle
carp or shad per drem, and at this rate
It will be seen thst a few of tlrefr), with
ordinary appetite, are likely to ahock
Ibgly depltte the stock In a ptawrve
tvlthln a comparatively brief prtod.
How plenilfnl these rrestrncttvw reptiles
are In Dr llesel's watery domain may
be judged by the fact that timing the
past twelvemonth he has himself killed
l,P0of them
The doctor's method of killing snakps
Is picnllar, he slays them with a parlor
tlfTe, which Is lost like an ordinary
rifle, save that the bore Is very small,
and the bullet ami charee of pmvtier
corresponding. Willi this formidable
weapon In hand, It Is the favorite pas
lime of his leisure hours to patrol the
shores of Hie ponds with cautions foot
step, garlng ahead wistfully until now
ami then nerchance he sees a reptile head
protrndlns; from the water. It Is a small
mark to lilt, hut the distinguished etira
tor'salmlstinfalllng.and Itlshls partic
ular pride always to break the snake's
neck between the base of the skull and
the first vertebra. This accomplished,
Ihe prey Invatlably gives tip the ghost,
and tho spoilsman looks out tot the net.
Sometimes he Invl tea frlrmls to foln
him In this manly cerc!e, but It Is
understood that none of them approach
tho doctor In accuracy of marksman
ship Ills success may bo estimated In
a measure by the fact thnt ho has al
ready cleared the ophidians out of nil
the ponds but one or two toward tho
west that aru appropriated to carp. He
says that people thereabout call them
"water moccasins," hut Ihnltlioynrc not
In his oplnlou actually such, llo knows
positively, nowever, tbat tbey hnve de
stroyed millions of his young fish,
which would otherwise have nrrlved
at ndtilt age In nil probability nnd
llted careers of usefulness In thn
Thej ItrsIM niiTcrnuient Acont Itont
on Killing Dlnenned Cuttle.
In obedience lo orders front Secretary
Husk, W. .lutlson Smith and Dr. A. K.
Itobertson, his subonllnnto officers In
theStntc of Now York, recently plnnned
a raid through Long Island for the
ptttmto of capturing and killing all
cattlo allllcltd or exposed to pleuro
pneumonia. Willi the sld of n Inrjse poe of the
Iliiicsti tmployts they Invsditl Khiits
and Quiuis Counties. The dairymen
were nronarexl for lanrnna iMliiinm
Thty launched paving stones and brick
bals upon the Intruders, hand to hand
encounters took place, and In soma In
slsncee pistols were drawn. Some of
tbe herds wire so strongly defended
that the Bureau forces were unable to
capture them.
Next day the headcdi (triers of the
bureau In Ilrooklyn were la n stale of
siege. Dairymen and dairy women
jolnul In a chorus of execration nnd do
nunclatlon, Some had obtained writs
of teiiletln, which were practically ttte
Use, because all tho captured cattle had
been Immediately slaughtered.
It is untleistood that there will be
mote raids, anil thnt Secretary Husk
will not modify tho stringency of his
measures until this last lurking place of
pleuro pneumonia be ciTeclually con
quered and cleansed.
It Is understood that Secretary Husk
has recently received private informa
tion that, unless this disease be effect
Ivoly extirpated, quarantine will be
proclaimed by England against the Im
portation of American cattle,
A O rout at the I'ollce,
It'aVfw Critic: Last night as we were
sitting on our porch onjoylngthe music
of a guitar played by n colored man
peaceably walking up tbo street three
stalwart policemen stepped up and with
much grandiloquence ordered him to
stop, I suppose because he hod no
"lkense." How does It happen, then,
that the Fourth of July boys are al
lowed to make as much hideous noise
as they like11 txutU or flro-craekors
might he forgiven, hut those Infernal
"baby wakers" no one but a savage
could tolerate, yet, although forbidden
In Ihe city limits, no "stalwart police
men" notice It- Our Government
might gather in a fen- more pennies by
Imitating a custom In China (as I have
understood), tiz A begcar Is allowed
to stand all day at your door and ring
a little bell until his wants are supplied!
Some folks will have to get a "license"
for a little ." if licenses ean pur
chase so mueh dUtraetlng noise. "It's
a bad rule tbat don't work both ways "
A Judge of Woiueu.
Fm Us tasaae Jj.aWia
Mary Anderson Is baaueame, Mrs.
Cleveland is pretty Mis, Lang try is
baadsesae (ia a taaaMue), Kate Caatle
toakprell). Cleopatra and Mary, tbe
a other of Jeaus, oral least their like
aeasee, are beautiful. LlIMau liueseil
aad Pauline Hall aw pretty
Pretty woasea are attractive, usaw
isg aad agreeable to Use sight, lively,
gtaeeiul, tMtfsUvatiag aad beautifully
Ht ads rime wesaaa aas beautiful,
eattsasja. atatidy, Halueavpia. saae
uaaes cold aad teetaal, faatfsaariasr,
though oftea dassaas. eageiaad aad
T a Ube aad toast heaattlui wataaa-
Haaaaesa vsosaea we admire aad
MshJms CnrUssasttty.
Jftnm las Scat rr i'riSeas.
Aa otd-Usue Chriatiaa who haf at
teadad taa Beatoa May anniversary tor
taa last forty yean says that nowadays
Usasa Is a suoi das I asoee -" umi
w sj"s ns aaswpsie ajasatasasswajL saaaasa- sa
aad deal aaore saaecaiiylag watte
Umm feafaaddaal isaa praylag ttiaa
taaaa twad to be. Of count, ikista ita
pastaai If trtse, but with taa bast ltaaa-
ttoaw to taa mbU uVate abj Oate Caaav
aftt aot j wayg uuetwortby wU-
to H gum wet t?
It is a liueer JsaaUag atxuuat Uavid
Bam tt the Ufa savar must have
the Htifisirhie j h a
i mwm vvspvwbbrbb) BaaBaavssi asa etaasaar1
uie draw Sates at taa risk of Us
ova. aad a k served two tersas la
pdaoa far taaaliaf- Ha y uf U
Staf, ' I dwB t stnTitnl to " A
" a w apsinsrBsyBas pr aaassnaaa- taj,
tiliatUkm Irj f f ilfcililgll taWafl Ift. ' Hlaf
TPw,apaaw T 'apfsasajaasfliiBSfsasaaa'saai a?e aMtiSjsaaB
awrt does suck, a saaa aaaottat ter"
af e-
JfitMIL aW iaiaBBkak(Cstai Im, .'
" ''ssajaj aiej aBaatataasayaatia' tnpsassiMr
Tbe death f Mawttn auta bum
tatUgaiiy eaata' vortb ii tdaaataatas
aat aatassaitdisi he aroaixisi aa a aadac
ttot) tutmi taa awitn Buj.ua af -
! ' pvar 'spsw aajff 4BasaBsnv asisisfar tass IBBBBaaF
tavvrae AsaanEaa vtaau
udgbt hate died aad be
ettts wtrta of bred
Taa ataa
Jtr. Ornne Tells Something AWont Al
dtenees to n Phnnaefaph.
"Senator" William II. Cratw cling as
fondly to 1 Is prroTtmrraph ami his dog
rete In Pan Frmwdsco as he M In this
city The phonograph has some ad-
-mtage over the ordinary letter which
make It very vanlnable to thrwe who
Tres the wonderful machine and can
n ike It talk It is Illegible to all who
1 1 not bare the machine, and one rnav
rrcrrd therein his most secret thrmhts
with no fear of their being readm?
even body Into whose harms the cylln
der may accidentally fall.
Mr I'rnnc appreciates this fact, and
when he has anything particularly com
ftdtnttsl to comntnntcate to his friends
he open the battery rrl hlsprmnotTapb,
places Pelc In a poMthm where Fte can
ee that the machine works ptoperly,
and pours out his sonl Info minute pin
holes on Ihe wsx n cylinder. One of
thee sonl burdened phonograms has
just reached New York The friend to
whom It was sent Inrautlously left it on
the phonoffraph In his apartments, and
a friend of his who happened In tinting
his absence Matted the machine and
listened lo the Senator's Impressions of
California ami California audiences.
Here Is what fell ttrwn the ear of the
listener In the wsll known cheety rones
of Jlr Crane-
Mt pBAn How are you all We
have leen In California abont two weeks.
lhb we were heme again In the oM Hat,
corner Flfty-firth ttreet ami Broadway.
California Is not what It used to be. We
can't complain ourselves, Imetneea has been
very blg-sll tlie theatre would hold every
nlalit. Very jieciillar audiences' The
plsy goes very well with the audiences
here, but not tbe same ss It did In New
York. Tbe points tliat tire New Yorkers
teemed lo enjoy the most, tbey seem tosllp
over here. e always have the same scene
at the end of the third act, however that
procession before tlie curtain and nliont
tlie same amount of enthusiasm.
Callfornlans are a very peculiar people.
I am not speaking personally, of course;
but as a class they seem to put themselves
up on a little plnnscle or pedestal. They
eeem to think they know a little more than
anytiody else. They do not want to know
anything about New York or Ihe Kast.
They think California Is the greatest Stale
In tbe world, and that tbey know more
than anytiody can tell them, no matter
where thoy como from. I wish that all
first clns s attractions could stay away from
here about oho year. Let tbem have some
thing cheap and not very good, and per
haps tbey would appreciate other things
1 say, and I am not speaking personally,
our bouses are very large, nnd we have
been treated very nicely, but they aecm to
know so much' You can't toll a man any
thing about New York State. He says,
"Ob, bow about California r" They know
It all I
Wc have been down the Ixty three or four
times nnd had very pleasant times. Going
on Monday to Point Ilonlta to see tho llght
houjo Inspected. I shall have a very pleas
ant sail and lunch. Inspect llebtbouses Is
something we did not have to do lately,
esptelally In hew York wo never Inspected
llahtlic ine, as yon know. Home of the
boy a will be doing It here all winter, though.
Je hate been over tn Santa Cruz ami en
M'jl the Sunday trip very much, but I
man ue tieiiaiiied wuen We start for home.
Ob, bow I shall want to start and get Into
New York, and wheu we come we shall be
there for two or three days Hop you will
tome up and see us. Pete l Itrsl rite,
would tend love fnllj If he could Mr.
Irate Joins uie in sending lote. Onod bje.
U. II. Cms
llow the Clirlatlan bclentlst Meets the
Census llnumeriitor.
The only people who can really afford
to laugh about these disease statistics
arc tho Christian Scientists. Having no
bollef In tho existence of disease, they
can conscientiously answer that thoy do
not now sullcr, nnd never havo suffered,
from any dlscaeu whatsoever, acuto or
chronic. You can Imagine a census
taker In tho fever and ague district of
Indiana entiling a house nnd Uniting a
woman yellow nnd shaking with chronic
"Madam,'' says the census taker
(Mr. Porter Instruots these dollar ami
a-half a day enumerators that they
must have all the urbanity of ray Lord
Chesterfield himself), "madam, will
you kindly state whether you are sulTer
log from any acute or chronic disease,
with name of disease and length of
time aflllotcdt"
"N n n-uo-over had n n n-n-brrrr
nothln' the m in m-malter with me I '
says the woman.
"Then may I venture to ask you.
madam," says the polite census taker,
"why you shiver In that appalling man
ner, and why you are as yellow as a
rutabaga r"
"T's all a d d-d d delu u u u.slon,
m m mister I Only a durned b-b bb b
belltsf of ager. I'm a Ch Ch Ch ris-
tlau scientist, mister. Hrrrrr''
Work of the Typos' Convention.
At Atlanta, Ga., yesterday the Inter
national Typographical Union voted
11,080 to the Chattanooga strikers. The
report of tbe committee of the whole on
tbe proposed home was adopted, the
only ehanze being In making the name
Tlie ChTbJs Drexei Home for Union
Printer." The Wade eight hour bill
was indorsed. Permission was given to
grant a charter to a union In New York
of prt Wines, feeders and other tress
room employes. The finance eotsmittee
repotted $28,000 on hand. lieselutloas
looking to a Worhl'a Typographical
Congress at Chicago ia 1SW were
adopted, aad delegates to the American
Federation of Labor were instructed to
forward the idea of a universal pfimarass
of workSagtaea at Chicago ia leaUThe
delegates were given a barbecue yester
day aitacaooa at Stone Mountain
Jiewspaner Mtu and Jury Usty.
JfrimUuhtm YtrkUtahiU
It has always baea aa aaotaaiy that
writes for the ptees should be subject
to Jury duty, walk Hualstets, lawyer
aad dacteas wasa eiaaipl
The reaaaas for egtnBtioa ia taa
eat ef taa first Heated have beaa as
eageat as Utoae la taa cant of taa laat-
That aaotaary will now
taa atu tatantrncsal aast preM aa to
ansrtiaant by s wieaidy waa lsadfasd
Ifthilfff baa hsut'Oiwe a law by Ute atv
psovsd of Goveraor Hill. By it aawe-
taea are reaaeed frotu jury
ti hmh eJ Mast iMMt Lim,
tram lis Mus J'w 4 UktuU
The ttjtaal dsauuadtuisa of tnv Wal-
asssFswseaasssw m astnsssaeaa W9 aap
ttw m aa aa bautd gssa at taat Ma of
yaf . Taata is ntsabttag wWaftar i
tkaatr wbkh. baOag ialarpsvted, ateaae
tfct m aaidatt oeciifttkm of atiB Is
To sit oa the edge
eM totae ettut, atatae htdaa.
1 oaiMlk a ly ' the aasaaf aea-
Utoacold. aiud wtatbttttJaMaftt
toeaasoi laaw ta a aH tiat a
Jfibm IMlMIA Jfi
TJW savaawo f Macaco
imm fi
Daeitv suss daiatlkai dawa ta ska
tsf a Heaicaa iiktiaakaa ta hMb aa
lu m? umw a4 auMMkaaa, eas saaaa
tastsaai aast tivtA teaaisaBT asattiHassiBaa ta
tae&wtv aah-li is adajteJte taeir digest.! v
(tradnntlne rtererses at Weft retht
UlittnKHlnhed 1'ersens lrsent.
Settetaty Proctor arrived at We
Prilnt yesterday and was greeted with a
aalnte of wventeen guns. lie l a ftwwt
of General Wilson, superintendent of
the Military Academy Oenetnl Sher
man aTtlvetl this morning. A review
of the eadet corps was given In honor
of the arrival of Secretary Proctor. The
farewell hop to the gt-sdiiates occurred
last night la the grand hall
At 10 o'clock this morning tire grad
uating eterclses took place on the lawn
IIon.E E Ilaleof Boston delivered an
address on behalf of the board of via
llors. General Sherman welcomed the
boys Into the Army, and Secretary
Proctor presented Ihe diplomas Tho
association of graduates held a business
meeting and a banqnet In Grant Hall
The graduating class ami the third
or furlongh class were released frum
duty at noon to day. They will proceed
to Sew York In cltlens' dreas, where
tbey will 1 the guests of the Seventh
Heglment board of officers. To mot
row it is etpected that the remainder of
the corps will vneata lire barracks and
go into shmrner camp.
t'annillnris Itlnir In Virln to Have the
fine Ilnnlcd Down.
On Tnesday, says a dispatch from
Kingston, Ont., Mayor Drennan en
gaged the band of Battery A to go
with an excursion of Canadian For
esters down the river on the steamer 8U
Lawrence, nn American boat owned by
Polgcr Brnsl, a resident here. Colonel
Cotton, the commandant of the battery,
when ho saw the Stars and Stripes fly
ing, ottlered the band not to go on
boatd unless the Yankee Uae was
hauled down and tho Union Jack nlone
run up. About 300 people were on the
boat at the time.
Captain Esles said under no circum
stances would hehalil down tho Ameri
can flag, nnd then ho sleppcd bonoath
It and wrapped Its folds nbout him.
Hence the excitement ran high. Two
thousand people gathered on tho wharf
anil discussed the mattor
Finally, Bontlma?tor Corey asked If
Ihe Hag was to come down. On bo ng
Infoimed In the nogatlvo, he drew his
men Into lino nnd marched thorn back
lo the barracks.
lie AMntttt two r.ono Women
nearly Kills One
Detective Garrioon of Gloucester
County, N, J , Is searching for Chnrlos
Payntcr, a burly nogro living nonr Hod
Bank, who Is charged with a doublo
ctluio. On Tuesday Payntor attacked
Miss Annie Sholt. the 10 year-old
tlsuehter of Prank Sholt, nnd attempted
to drag her upstairs In tho house wltero
she nnd her mother were alono. Tho
girl's screams attracled her mother's
attention, and alio Hew to the rescue.
Hrately attaching the negro, Mrs.
Shott foreot her own danger, nnd, so
llerctly did she fight, that Paynter ro
Unfinished his hold upon tho girl and
tinned to the mother. Felling her
with a savage blow In the face, Paynter
kicked her Into Insensibility, lied from
tlioliouFc and escaped.
When help nrrlved It was found that
Mrs. Shott's jaw was broken and she
was painfully Injured nbout the body,
find her daughlor was suffering groatlv
from shock and fright. A warrant wa's
at once sworn out for tho brute's arrest,
but up to a lata hour last night he had
not been captured.
Corner 11th and Psts. n w.
Continuation of Our Great Sale-
Ladies' White Lawn
Wrappers, Waists, k
still continuing
sale of Ladies'
our great
White Lawn Suits,
pers, Waists, &c.
It will
pay you to read these ex
traordinary values:
badbw' Waste laaHa Lawa basts, with
tacked skirt aad waist. aaea,
tasues'Wblte ladta Lawn SutM. with faU
tuctsal skUt aad atst, sank tear yat lea.
ladies' latUa lawa Suits, tbtaralatteil
skirt, waist Baely taeked sad trimirml wtsb
eMibsoMssv. t aaeh.
LaabM' lastta Lawa Suits, fall taakad
sitst, wstb vwtat asu( side sasai taakad aast
trimmiit with ssBtMussteer, I eaah,
Lacks' bulla Lawa Suits, skirt ef aaaat
amiimHisy. lull tasked task aaat aew stfle
tucked waist, W.W iMcJi.
baaast1 btdta lavaa aaaat, ahsia and eaa
btaMated U ilaltad donate skttt, aaw styte
Wttibsa SftaaaaMsh'
Ladiato' Wkit Suiu 4 Yiam YHmm ot
ZaaVaUai' FlaaisS Waatttt RuX ViHitoA aaapwl
TOaaaUd ajaltli. Vltsl AaHlfMlst ffclftt tTitaufjahffnlJf fV
lUMUsaVlaaaae SlsatthlSal
Ieslaaaaa WUtfl Mtif f ifT faW fffflfrfl-f0ft
aaasaaaaasaafaaaaajL aaWsaBaVaaVAtfe aaaaaiattM'a jsjf sWflMWa
iBJiaaS ffUts) ft IU Oi FaaWral Ftlifcl. JIM
aMtaWffcaWsi aaAat tW htlf fhHTl aWtaraafistal& dsaaaalsaaV
skirt. SW saaa.
44 iaMsaaaatMl aaaW 9tf Iktaaallfiat HaatesVaaaW
sTtfltte ilfittstfaa(0BBa1ssl aaMfd aaaaaaaaaaaWsHaaaaC UsaaBlt
tsaW iB IsaaaftisM WbHat aaaWanillaar'SsttL aatt 9MA
m LMfdQtk Q ObbbT MsMsatf ttfisttaLW flat JA-
JaaV aaaVsak aKaaMiH BsaasS aUaJa al
aataaa at
aaaw'apw' aW -jHa Ta flalV
Mya jbjaBj
tmtm 1
t'mm VA a4 F Sta. X. W.
tm fill if ?Aif mum oar ntn
Arc we going to be lelt?
We're flow in the Swim
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Sack Style.
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afford to PAY THEM a
This Price
E. B.
O. .11 1R 11 1P10
wie wteftt only,
ruder the AimtiKw of the
HW Aet. Sew Masks. Spw Feature
A!Wetl by Members of the Unh
ropelat Snitas te the Cohrmbla Athletic
Glee clnb
OrcbeMra snd Orchestra Irt e Jt
Dress CTrcle . v
General Admission n,
Beset ted sHits eaa be obtained st the box
otltceof the theatre. l7Sinn i 1 1
ALSAreirs oawd orgRA nm .
Tnm at 8-13 9atnrday Matmce
in the Sew Tork Catno Snccc-
SO and .5o
Mesertea ?i
, Jttaaar,ite ia-nt.A0Tt hussar
ts the Greatest of All Masteal lastraments
tleeaese It performs any mnslc
from a watta or a ballad to an
nvertere er a symphony more
beautifully ami more nearly
perfect than any other stnajte
Tlie Aeolian I? not mechanical, lint th
manipulation of it h so simple that a person
ean let rn to play It with from one to three
tteeas'praettce. Tonr Thlt to see this In
strument will be esteemed a favor at
lole Apent for Stetnway and Other First
I lass Pianos and Organs.
w-v-- Jsr
Naval Academy Band.
Trains leave IJ. A O. Depot, week days, 9 ti
a. m l.SOnnd 1.30 p. m. Sunday, 0 33a m ,
10 and 3.15 p in
Leave Hay nidw, week days, 6 JO snddQ
p.m. bnmlajn, Sands p.m.
Hound Tiip Tickets
- $1.00
General Mum.ir.
Oen'l rAneer Ap '
The Mount Vernon
On ami after JUNE1, 180. the new Iron an 1
steel steamer,
will leavn bor wlarf,foot of SEVENTH st.
IIALI, as follows:
For MOUNT NKIINON-Every day (except
Sunday) at 10a. m and 2 w p. m.. returning
at 2 aad &S0 p in Passengers ean remain at
MOUNT VBHNON until second boat leaves If
desired. Fare, round trip. SI, Inoludlng ad
mission to tho Mansion and flrounds. Ble
Rant eafe on tlie boat. Meals and lunches
served promptly
VKItNON scliedale for week days.
On tiUNDA YH at It a. m , 'i M and 0 p. m.,
returning-at .'.8 JO and 0 p. in.
.On FItlDAYB and SATUHDAYP. 8peolal
Moonlight Kxcurilons down the river to
HALL aolnjf and retunilns, leaving Washing
ton at e,ao p, tn., reaohtng city on return at
lOp. m
Meals and lunches at all limes at MAR
SHALL llALLllestaurant.
Fare to MARSHALL HALL and return, as
cents on any trip; children, between Band U
years, IS cents.
The lotnilar and Tellable steamer W.W.
CORCORAN will make her river landlncs aa
far down as OLYMONT, landing at MAR
SHALL HALL going and retnrnlng. leaving
her wharf dally at JO a, m, returning attp.
m. Iloiind trip, cents.
KiiihIst trips of tbe W W. CORCORAN to
MAItSHALL HALL will be announced
weekly, bee advertisements.
For charters of steamers MACALBSTEft
or MARSHALL HALL apply to L.L. DLAKtJ.
Captata, en steamer. jo9,ti
ft W. HALT Bl & CD:
1107 l'eutuvlvaulu Ate.,
Call attention to their stock
of Watches, comprising all
the most desirable movements
and styles of casing, from the
lowest price for which a re
liable lime-keeper can be
bought to the most expensire.
These watches bear our
firm nana and are fully
American W a It ham
Watches of all grades t
DifgdfQ f Lawyeis ai Law Fkms
Ma 11 attest BrfsfttsiBest,
Waassaaaaa. B. ft
WaassarLaw aaaaatag.
RaaaaaWAMk laatt K MMsAst mWtiTeTsWl
aaHtataaaeiiisssiipiiii 1 1 ij yimqmmmtm-H sum 11 n iiissjapeaasasaa
-vyattitj; WBtMU
ATOitNtY 4J OtWsWilf.TOWJ.
WHsvl! mum.
ViautiiaaAU B gt
Mm WlBPsaar
sataatl aat.si st., t.aagay laiajaw,
low iswns ave.. waaaiocsua. w- v.
Vtactlees ta tae CeaiW el taa Btatetet a4oi
satefeatasy'sCoeaty.Sd. lsaT4g
8. """f B. swtaaa"1
4 tituraaia at Laar.
hatii " laTBmaaat ? ft
nit i ,t;
mm wmwooB m&mnx.
fc sswte
AmMB at fMaitatttJti IftfltaY
Swol lor rr t f juilrff yit
Mask). Mte aaanracttoii tkufoaaaaMP taemta-
Tt sUmmi oiieaaaetit-W.

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