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Tub Daily Critic
T?t Onl$ Dmotrattt Dailji Paper Pub
huhtdal Wtthinfftn.
HVtRY xanma
WASltUrHTttH OKirlG CtJtt.rAT.
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BT eli Wt r repeM), 1 year. ....... IS 9
" 1 month 80
Canter to tbe eft, lnreetb
WasnlBJitoa. P. 0.
WaskHkitoR. 1). C. Jest $9. 1990.
.tVharem fete At Atalnerm bill jr
cm ( unter In the House tltcre i reason
to helrete that when ft gets Into the
f.nstelt will be kindled wiin latelH
rerrr ami Wisdom.
"We hear a great den! from the newt
rrr advocates of the bill about "grit
ire to the PcnnrrlTanla Railroad la
"Washington only what all other cities
pheto railroads, etc., etc.;" bm ltl it
notorious fuel that every cltr which has
lid'ttnert to urcept a railroad cont
rary's estimate of whet Is
csary for that tlty's welfare
Las been repenting Its haste In sack
i loth and ashes erer since. In matters
f this kitnl, the communities them
selves are mttcli better judges of what
their interests require, and, since in
tLJs caw the city has no direct means of
enforcing Its views, Congress should lie
peculiarly careful to ascertain those
views and to consult them conscien
tiously. It Is the most transparent nonsense to
represent Washington as being stnpidly
blind to its own welfare In this matter
of terminal facilities for the Pennsyl
vania road, and as Wing Inspired by
petty and vicious motives in resisting
the dictation of the railroad and Its ml
vr cites. The members of the Senate
"Plstiict Committee have lived here
tuo long and arc too well acquainted
with our people to accept so disparaging
nn estimate of their motives. What
"Washington wants Is that the railroad
shall receive nil the concessions It re
tjulrss for the most effective transaction
of its business, but tltat these conces
sions shall be made In such a manner
Ois to conserve the public Interest at the
came time.
dor citizens hope ami believe that
((Egress will, in the end, see to the
utilization of this consummation.
It will disturb no man's eonftdecce
in the wisdom ot Mr. Maine's position
to hear the announcement that Presi
dent Harrison strongly favors the Mo
Kit, ley bill. Although Harrison got
the nomination that Itlalue declined,
iitd to came in at the head of govern
n.int, the fact remains that Tllalne so
cvcrtuaeiows him in the Intellectual
upect and confidence of the country
as to make his dissent on such a propo
sition the very lightest and most uneon
fkltred factor in the formation of the
j pilar judgment.
Btrr.ocrsts. of course; will approve
Air. Blaine's attitude In the premises.
Next to opening our ports to the
world's commerce by means of an la
tclligent reform in the tariff, they
vf uld like to have that end achieved by
means of reciprocity treaties with the
particular nations whose trade Is of the
piealest value to the country. Next to
icrlchleg the farmer by removing the
tax from the necessaries of life
mil the Indispensable materials and
Implements of his avocation, they
would ameliorate his now un
Lappy condition by opening new and
remunerative markets for the sale of his
t reduce. The Democratic party seeks
the farmer's prosperity ami bapptaees
by any and every means that may be
But we believe that the beet Judg
nunt of the country, without respect to
ratty, will be with Mr. Blaine la this
controversy, and that, at the first op
rcrtunlty, the country will render a
verdict against the majority wltlcli
Sir, Heed bow manipulates with Insolent
tut shortlived audacity in the Interest
ef He greedy monopolies whleh gave
it birth.
In the eoustt of a very able article e
the proposed Pedes! THertian law, the
rcw York 7m says:
It Mill be mm as a ahteee, la the trrt
I i.if, that th hill coatees aa ia firming
amtost at pairoaaae oa the party hi newer.
I I e Baatbar of appoietaMats for the State
(Iw York a'uaa would ha over BMes
fccvervhwrs sad at Uast half that seiaar
if jepaty aunhala, drawing pay treat the
Federal Treats at the rate 0 boat it to
S14 a oar- A qoartar of a mlikm ot dollars
wiuld be a low eslrwale of the money vaias
i i lii." tetroasfe to the yvj in newer,
irytid thia would be the advaaiaae
be had trass the aoatral ol
tit sute. II a vute Is ittaBM,e4 br
ttcbtateoaV-ars aad ausete4 bf the Ve4
ttdJittcera,! uttal suaUotae bus; tf the
(.bust oltba State eaavaatM itslaali aeea
tiidme aad that at the rederat naevsiseis
.ia blJBhUnaaBuu(to oatha roil and
fc muht baeasM a awaibar o the atatr that
m tu d'a ur eontatt as to his ete-r
i . b w ahaii aot ansee the taireew
t -uib a Ul- It wmxuA latvadedto h4
J.r sd ncBSetr la power will aotrltot
r ttiesae -i asiair But it is an edged
ti.),d uutot iJwaj be it at the
i.uekLij ' - Jt.tahoeld bsoaaas a law, BflS
tc'TWba u i La DtfBxwtat haee aeaaacate
i.. it ttt u. vlvea. bat the nTt of eh a
uiw batd neatly ysosenrs saveb s oheaue.
'lutuji. wobauoncUiaie as to theesse
xi.xLCTvi .o.ahtg it.
Aau-ii.f Ut the Ttmu saeeas to
tuy ihbi l i bill coeJerriasrsttck deeposk
kuiboiii v os) eke party ia paver tJBuuJd
tui Lt. ne lew. e vjsl to expeew
.i Li.r appsoveiof a lesjdmaal so
ui.. aji i netrtolfc. Apart frow ajl
i liir ci c-'.iisaMosu), the U4tteFoeU
li.i tbij . i 1 1 drfefd o dhesB ftmmJm
t!l Li.-. J ,- fstaj to the iategjisj of
ifupu-1 - M.nMBBt to set up taw
iiud j :l.l.-i.s arbateery posyet
t itutu i aJ, ami., bes to tte cmam f ay
c!-lighUi. lu. Litby. Solosvwtte
Viut it r ui' uaJ mtitltltff coMlsat
u..'iiy l. u iiumif to carry u
.it-atpJ -,i meat sad refcrai,
ii.c lmuj '- . .".c.y to cohW to BPjr
mi. - - ..i j tk prjr
tl.t.ta. . janril'iuJUt TS
, , .i i.wj aafely be left to appraine
il. i li.ciauits auJ LO dipi.a; their
, . i ii..Ut.u,i.aU' l i.i.'.iJiu'
the merits of the cae. But when the
prlre reaches the pronortlons of
offering perpeMml dontBMlott to any
party willing to make a e-orrnpt stwl un
c mpwlows use of trw power conlMcd to
It. then It seems time for the honest end
patriotic men of all shades ot political
convictions to combine f ot the defeat ot
the messTire thrrmirh which the offer Is
mane, and IM rebuke of the men who
make It,
Tills conttltasjc by Reed, TiOdce an 1
Rowtll hoMs oat jtsst such aa offer as
ire have described. It should dre the
destfc. ifo man who really loves hh
conMty srottM with to we sweh a prrwtt
In the hands of either party.
Baboa KtowiTt! and his trite hsve eons
W the Crty ot Mexico at the most nneom
fortaMe season of the rear. So dMbt the
Baron Wrmld hate enown snother lecll y
for his honeymoon had not rtntv
tBtertered. Re unit know that the
Xetfce cspttsl, tthonh at nearly all
i tmes the most romantic ami twmtlfnl spot
on earth, ts Jnst now, tn the mWdle of the
rainy Mason, one of the most nndestraMe,
From ationt the SOth of May to sbont the
middle of September the City of Mexico
the entire valley, In fet is rutnert upon
three or fonr times (tatty. It is true that
the showers come at practically recnlar
honrs, and can i discounted with almost
nrirafflag certainty, but they are so frequent
and so voluminous, aad the teason during
which they prevail Is so extended
that there Is tittle left of that most attrac
tive feature of the city. Its outdoor life.
There will be no morning lounges In the
Almeda, no afternoon drive on the Paseo
de la Mefotma, no trips to the Sacromonte
and nt ftrttt bretkrastsnndertbeshatiowof
roforstspetl, no bull rights at the Plssa
ltttcsrell with Ponclano In all his glory.
Thlngi wilt be a little dull outdoors for
the happy couple until the Season opens
In October, and they will have
to content thetneelrea with the
thought that, while this part ot the world
It swelterinc in great heat, the city ot their
residence will know no temperaturr greater
than 73 Fahrenheit, and that throughout
the winter they will enjoy very much the
tame delightful climate.
It seems to us that the proper solution
of the Ice problem I the eetabllebment of
more factories. This will put an end to
the annually recurring Fluctuation In price,
rermsnently prevent scarcity ami rentier It
forever Impossible to fleece the community
on any pretext whatsoever. With the ap
pliances now available It is practicable to
make a much tetter quality of Ice than na
ture turns out ami to make It considerably
cheaper than It can be cut. If some more
of our capitalists were to set up tlrst-class
Ice factories they would liml It a bmxlwme
Investment fur themselves, besides render
ing a real service to the public.
I.n its last Sunday edition, the Atlanta
Corutihitioii has an llluntrated article le
tcriptlre of the different methods ly which
women put on their stockings? Of course
the majority ot the dear creatures stlek to
the old style of sitting on the floor, but a
good many, as appears from the wood cuts
with which the article is Interspersed, do It
otherwise. We may remark, en imtmnf,
that the publication would bare been a good
deal more thrilling If the women's faces bad
been prettier.
down to history wearing the blue ribbon
for the number and intensity ot Itf digni
fied sllances." Nothing has been said
stout the charges against Quay, nothing
about the charges of crookedness In the
reneion OfBee, nothing about the gift of the
Cajie May cottage, with furniture, pro
visions, ete. For a really dramatic and
strenuous "silence" this beats the record.
Wr use to kevink various eontempor
i rise that It was Mrs. (inner Cleveland and
not the ex-President who was recently
elected an honorary member of the Ala
bama Press Association.
This is Chukkm' day in New Vora.
rim tU Xtm Vtrl Prt.
The "dollar of the dadelies" is feeling
quite young again, in view of the free
coinage agitation and the vote ia the
rrtm au x rw irasw.
The free silver Republicans are lees
enamored or Speaker Heed's arbitrary
methods than tbey were when It was
only the Democrats, who were denied a
frtmlktXtw YttkMtar.
The negro boy caught wlih the beads
of the stoieR chickens poklBg through
the erowa of bis hat and protesting that
he didn't "know nothing about tuera"
was not a whit more Impertinent than
was Speaker Reed in twittlBg the House
about the mystery of the whereabouts
of the Silver bill.
Fim tki JHantapelii JuituU,
The Senate seems to be drifting to
free coinage. The real situation is that
Congress has efforts: 1U Members too
many men who have stocks in silver
lis VrOsatf OitomUm.
Qod eouhi have made a bigger jack
ass or more arrant demagogue than the
average "silver dollar" Cong reseat.
but God never did, because not osdy
creative power, but also justice aad
saercy, are eaumg the divlae attributes.
fruM tin UutU Inltr-llmuUtA.
The people have bo eoamieace in
Secretary Window. Re practiced de
ception (b the lead matter aad he will
be equally Jaaua-faeed ia regard to
stiver. That Pteaidesu should get rid of
Vr. Wiadoem aad put aa hosMntt man ia
his place.
There caa be bo uestfea but that the
seatiaieat of the couatry at large favors
silver, aad If this plan of Beaator
Saewart's should be adopted it would
certainly pave the way to Use adoptfcNe
at bo very diatast day of actual free
fie. Uu B-UU liUa-MinuUiUH.
Tads journal baa hopes that all will
out right, hut it would feel most
certeia of the future of the Kepublicaa
party fat this State if Wladote warn
asked to iceigB from the Cabinet aad
m hoaest ta wese put la his place.
Vw 'It Xtw Ydrk HAr.
Ts poaiiiua aasuBud by pesher
Raed cms Friday was uaworthy of the
occupant of a digadfted aad responsible
oahce. The praraace of btuff good
nature wbkh the Kew Bgld 'Cw"
iiitfTvrfii at need vaaaot sbiehi hias is
his attitude respecting the silver bilL
t M'tu'lseaaas save ineeH.
J-1 am Uut tMLuul !..
Tkeseaeo vhy the leaders of Mm
atoftijrrtt'ea iiiirty failet) to hajfaojaji tae
1 USlrsllsB BaUot Uli as 'k rJaranrm
enB seaasaanBeB' ejppBiawi wpav -aaa wtMSMM BBBJeflpajgapv-ajp
ytstwday caa he stated to lour toads:
Tata? atM'1Tljt Utt SaWltt !
WWItMRirJfitr?H Bi,l,
wntr ppjpmp, pBBBBF
'Writ me sa uk.:' U
Vintery, safer, a&d gtey esVu
"Pasteae, a baitad,'" tirhrimed the kahefct.
"rletBtiss. sivtintHrs. aad saMh Batte,'
'ajs oes to 4saediosaJ she
"Utactj aad
uWriu ate a (.heck." the pvtt Lrlod.
Atd iLc cjlttie, all Wubl, u a tali xj
j f. .if... , j J ,a.
A tnnte of tn Wtet-Twgw Stnfe-
mwn eSNt iim mwtvfew' with
Miiewtti h (ttuau
Frim Attt Skttlt nf UfirrtfKtWi Mntrlnt.
if Infalls' rhlMhood em charncter
ited by nimmst dlffldence, he got
bmtly over It, and at a very early a?e
begun to display a rmfnuclom disposi
tion which grew upon him steadily.
5Ity anecrlotes lllnstratlng this disro
Itf c n have found their way Into print,
such as that wherein he Is described as
baring delivered a scathing review of
the faculty of the college upon his
graduation, taking as his subject
"Mummy Life," and treating It In such
a manner as to horrify his mother, who
had come to see him graduate.
1 he college professors hail revised
his oratory, cutting the heart owt of It.
In speaking It he put in all they had
left out and added his respects to them.
Tbey debated some time as to whether
they should not withhold his diploma
frcm him, but his oration was full of
wit, ami though it cut very deeply a
great part of lt was true. He got his
diploma, and in 1WM Williams College
honored Itself by conferring the tlegree
of LL. I), upon him.
Senator Ingalls is posscsel of a vH
fuml of anecdote gathered from his
own experience and observation, and as
a conversationalist be Is without rival
In the Senate. His account of his first
Interview with Abraham Lincoln is
deeply interesting. He said:
"The next day, which was the day of
the execution of old John Urown In
Virginia, the 3el of December, 18fM), I
think, he camo to Atchison, where I
then llveel and still live, and was re
ceived by a committee of citizens. Ho
stopped at the Massasolt House, and
Was announceel for a speech hi tho
evening at the Methodist church. It
was a blttor cold winter's day, and he
made n speech of extraordinary power.
In which he anticipated very largely
the line of argument he employed a few
months later In his celebrated speech
In Cooper Institute in New York, and
a rHororxn jmi'iikssion
upon the peoplo who weie assembleel to
benr hlin, although his renutntton at
that time had only been derived from a
knowleelgo that had preceded him of
his debate with Stephen A. Douglas In
1SW. Alluding to the threats of tho
South to secede, Lincoln declared that
any attempt nt secession would be trea
sons and none who heard him can for
get the Impressive majesty of his ap
neatance as he drew himself up, and,
loaning forward with his arms extended
until they teemed to reach across the
small auditorium, said: 'If thoy at
tempt to put their threat Into execu
tion, we will hang them as they have
banged old John Urown today.' One
of the leading border rufrhns declined
thst it was the most powerful preeenta
tltn of Kepublican doctrine that he had
ever heard.
"Lincoln remained In Atchison until
the next day about noon, and the com
mittee appointed to entertain him. upon
going down HP the hotel next morning
after breakfatt, found him In the bar
room by a reel-hot box stove, engaged
In telling jokes and yarns and stories
to a crowd of overland stage drivers
and other rough characters of the
frontier, who received his narrations
with the most liolsterous and inextin
guishable laughter.
"Ho exhibited there, as always, an
extraordinary facility for forming per
sonal relations with all classes of men.
Think of him sitting there with one
rubber shoe on and the other unbuckled
on his knee, for probably half an hour,
the carriage waiting outside to take him
about the town, while he entertained
the erowd with his Inexhaustible fua
amid bursts of uproarious laughter.'
The Senator s account of his first
meeting with General Grant, as I once
heard him narrate it. Is wjuallv graphic
awl Interesting. "I never b.ad Men
General Grant he said, "until I eame
to the Senate in lSTJ, ami on the even
ing of the 3d of March, when he came
to the Capitol, as is customary on the
closing night of the session, to sign bills
that might be presented to him, I was
introduced to him In what is known as
the President's room.
"My previous Impreslons bad been
derived from an attentive perusal or all
that had been written about him ia the
preceding ten years, and it is a curious
Illustration of the fact that no matter
how well we may be supposed to be
acquainted with a man by portraiture
and description, that all my previous
impressions were Immediately destroyed
at the first motaept of our first Inter
view. He had bees portrayed by his
enemies as
aad eves his friends had not ivua him
credit for the reflaad aad gracious aad
attractive quaHtus that were iouue
diately preecBted to me upea my ietro
ductioa. Every laspreaahw that I had
derived as to his appearaaee, his stature
aad wsaaer was Immediately dlsslpatfnl
Geaaral Bufus lagalls was oae of
Grant's moat valued aad intimate
friends, aad I have ao doubt that he
had spokea to the President of his rela
tioskskip with me.
"In our coaversatioa. which, was
casual aad brief. Qesveral Great alluded
to General lagalls aad Inquired about
our kiashJp aad appeared In such en
tirely diCereavt aspect from what I had
beea led to aatlcipete, that my feeliaw
were those of delighted surprise. I
found kirn exceediBgly agreeable la
coaversatioa, with a Usadency to houtor,
for which I was entirely unprepared."
Joaut 1. IagaJls to neither a tustid
Mead aor a suspicious foe. Early
schooled agatoat the Influences of that
daajferous system which sought to build
a republic oa the unrequited labor of
helpltki millioas, a system which dU
not bluah walk it clasped the Bible
with hasetruffs aad featooaed the cross
of Caulat with chaiaa, aad stubbornly.
cuatvnacaa us use ueptas or a saua of bo
ordaaary power of the correctness of a
poUateaJ priavLiple eirosuj ia the togk of
cosaaaoa sense, be has adhered with re
lctUkss aad resistless leaaiity. la vic
tory aad ia defeat, to the sa.rd pria
cipks, founded oa reason, rich la eathu
siaatn aad a part of the ekaseatal
fouadatioa of the republic UaeU. Sua
etor Iggf m lfk9 aH aaaa true to Datura
foUesn wWever pdacifte toads, re-
bmm:bb or tufiafcijuesois personal to
fk 0U ImJI mm, ht tg nnntittirtLtat
Yea. but au with the asaMsios that
aoeeat belore power with "batod bceat
aad whterBTitng huaabeestaas.'' & fi
osia party he has always sought to make
poeMs gjfjiftte aad obadienfft Saaaeal, aaa)
he has haca aasbWous it was tor the
sake of a gieat cause aad not for the
sake of hiauadf . Ia Utis ue!at hia
jreUie. Love v! justke, like the af
FeLtlotu, auJo In Uiakixtg up lue uuuuir
'aJ slile cf vul t,'.LuL..U L .O.oj.11; ills
Is the tme spirit of chivalry, ever ready
to lift a lance and enter the lists la de
fne of the .
cnanee or mn at Altmuattft,
At Albaugh's Grand Opera-Howes to
night the Helen Lamont Opera CoapiMiy
Will appear In "Amorlts.." Tms Simple
announcement of a change of Mil at Al
bmtfh's Is qnlte entmgh To attract large
aiidtervcee, for the btrslncss during Mws
Lamont's engagement has been paftren
latly large. The company, It hi saW,
appears To good advantage In "Amo
ilia," and the prodnwtton will be eqMl
to any yet given. The cast of charac
ters Is as follows:
ABWtita, Ctstrnccrs daughter,
Xts Helen limont
Angelo Malanottl, a sculptor,
Miss Kmma ttsnrey
Perpetmt, Castrucci's wife,
Miss Mabella Raker
rrs Bombania. a hermit ami usurper of
Florence Lloyd Wilson
Cssttwrcl, a farrier Louts De Leirge
Ppsraccanl Ale, aat
lxrenri Oeoree Btwlerlek
Ambassador of .Morocco. C.T.. Wrartam
Fortebracclo. S. Porter
Jteppo. arprentlee....MlS8 Blanche Xicholls
Astbelll, Bombarda's page,
Miss Kmma Voree
Qeroalmo Hugh Chatham
Jets an( .Jobn
The ClmtiRe Tnn nncl a Unit Years
Itnre ."Mnilc,
.From tkt A.tH Yrk Ktirtnq nrt.
While the young Senator from Colo
rado Is not yet a full flwlgedstatesmnn,
he at least shows signs of growth, and
that is always encouraging. We accord
him this much praise after contrasting
the speech which he dellveretl at the
New Kneland dinner lu this city on
December 23, 1SS7, with his speech on
silver In the Senate this week,
In the course of his remarks to tho
New Knglandcrs lie said, speaking of
tho Coloradans: "We are a plain peo
ple and live far away. We find nil the
excitement wo need in the two great
political parlies, and we mther look
upon tho talk of anybody In elthor
party being bctler than his party ns n
soit of cant. The hypercritical faculty
has not reached us yet, and wc leave to
you of the Ihst tho exclusive occu
pancyof tho raised dais upon which It
seems necessary for the Independent
voter to stand while he is counted."
This Is the same party slave who elec
trified tho Senate last Tuesday by say
ing: If tie Wlndom recommendation, rt)
proved by the President, could Iinvo been
announced before tlio olectleti. It ts my
humble opinion that not a single State West
or the Missouri Hirer would have given a
Itcpubllcan majority. Not because the
Urge majority of the cittzensot those Mutes
were not and ore not ami will not always be
true and ttancli and earnest ltepubllcans,
lolng lie traditions of the party, ami true
to Its principles, but beeause they would
overuheliiiluftly rebuke a party that selected
as Its standard-bearer one unmindful of the
Interests of (he couutry, and dlsregardful of
the wlhes of the majority of Its mvmliers.
Heboid the chanj-e! The vasty West,
which two years and a half ago would
have flockeei to the side tent of n circus
which had an Independent voter among
Its curiosities, would have swarmed
with "kickers" In the following autumn
if its Kepublican voters had not thought
that the financial pi Icy of their party
was to bo handed over to them for
moulding. The Kastern Independent
"kicks" In behalf of some great prin
ciple. The Colorado Senator gets up on
his dais to be counted as a party assassin
who Is not even consistent. His "hyper
critical faculty" Is, however, rapidly
Urntlt of .Mrs. Urlinrs.
Mrs. Grimes, the whlow of the lute
Senator Grimes of Iowa, died yesterday
aflcrnoon at her residence, No, 1131
Vermont avenue, aeed (W years. Heir
maiden uatne was Nealy, and she was
the last or a family of flye brothers and
three sisters. The late Mrs. Allison
was her adopted daughter. Short
family services will lie held at the res!
dedce at 0 o'clock thia evening, to be
conducted by the Itev. Dr. Salter of the
Congregational Church at Ilurllngton.
iuwn. miu ujuciauai at lue marriage oi
Mr. and Mrs. Grimes forty-two years
ago. Tue remains will be taken to
Ilurllngton for interment, accompanied
by Senator Allison, the two nieces of
the deceased, Mrs. Hlgby of Ilurllngton
ami .ui. jiuguea en mm, mo.
llutldlUK t'eruilts Issued.
Hulldlng permits were Issued to the
following persons: Great Falls Ice
Company, to erect an icehouse on
south side of Water street, between
Tenth and Eleventh street southwest,
to cost $13,000. J. F. Schold, addition
to house 1115 Fifth street northwest,
to cost J0. Charles A. Langley.
brick addition to 3000 N street north
west, to cost 8.000. James II. Grant,
a two story brick addition to house
corner Tenth and G streets northwest,
to cost $1,000. E. W. Knowles. repair
1525 Seventeenth street northwest, to
cost $M. C. A. Langley, Improve 1308
II street northwest, to cost 1 1,500.
William Ilalley, brick addition to IfcJT
Seventh street northwest, to eot $300.
Grafton, to repair aad Improve
house, to cost f W.
Jus Flaldsii'a llrmery,
Joe Fteldea, a well-known local pugi
list, had a ehaace to dfauiaguiah him
self esterday aad did it. He was ia
bathing near the Loag Bridge, when
soase distance away he saw a uua
throwing up his hands as if suffering
with cramps or la water beyoad hia
depth. Fiebia hauaadiately weat to
the lescue, aad by prevailing upoa the
was to exercise a Utile self poeacaeioa
Le succeeded fas gettisur him to shore,
and undoubtedly saved his life. The
man gave the aaase of William ""snifr
aad said that he had tried toswisa
across the river Ia company with uie
others, but his streagth gave out
1'aultsa utut liar l'aaaias.
Pauline Chiraiy, aa Halls wosaaa,
was found begging oa the street yester
day with a & mouthy old iafaat ia her
anus. Ogjcer Hdler arrested aad locfced
her up. aad her husband cause arouad
afterward aad oaTered $3i ia peonies as
collateral. Judge Miller told her, after
she had poaMvely declined to allow her
child to go to aa faf eats' aosae, that
she would he arretted the at these aha
weat oa tlut street with the bah.
The foMowiBg delegates to the Uai
versal Peace Coagreas k Loadoa wtli
sail July . Kev. 8. D. Boaudmaa. ffev.
T- S. ifaudia, Bev Edward Brajahe. J.
P. aVwadt, See. J. . temmu. W- Y.
Trueblood aad Joa aV Toad.
tUf aVXSam.
the Jewels that taahflUab
JCtwCal tBaaaatf aMaaaat laaataVal kWaAaaaUr! bIIIbH
t''" "isf aaj pbp w Baepasajp aBBawi
ff.ai'h aslftladilir hsUlsmllar antaBBBl aaaBBBBal aaaUhaVA
a 5 wB,s ""JrW WBwr eaBWWBW BBapanaw
Ue. God each tiny has aw aee,
Ilia stibol tuakas Ite pagleaft aaae.
Is bote bm-d bat aUs could tsshlnB tiuia,
Villi rarest touches rival t
'ILc Lucuc of Hia siuffcs w see;
Xl-c eccl rut opt.k uf Lctthfcb
Itevftw of tne DHttlngMfMietl Nntnr-
milt's Werlc Why He Tnlin
rrlvato Kmrloyment,
Wafmofon CnrmiTxmtenfi Xn Tort Kmtof
The depsrtnre of William T. Ilonrn
day, the well-known naturalist, to be
er m a real estate agent in Buffalo, has
bwn the chief theme for sowte ratlrer
frcy er.rnmwit among the scientific
circles here, who regret that the Gov
ernment should have allowed so ex
cellent a man to pass out of Ira service
and low the rewards of years of patient
Mr. Hotnaday Is one of the younger
group of naturalists who have been
drawn together here by the Smithsonian
Institution ami National Museum.
From his earliest youth he has been a
tlevoted student of animal life and
anatomy. He worked his way through
college, it Is said, by taking care of the
natural history collection of his Alma
Mater, ami soon went Into the employ
of Professor Ward, the Ilochester tax
idermist, who prepares n large share of
tho birds, beasts and reptiles which
find their way Into the museums of the
country. Ward sent him uoon several
expeditions In search of fresh material.
11b made one trip to South America,
and others to Asia and Africa, where,
not content with purchasing what na
tive hunters brought him,
ami studied the habits of all sorts of
rnvngo creatures In their own haunts
the knowledge thus acquired giving
him nn Immense advantage In his taxi
dermic work over competitors who had
pickcel up all their acquaintance with
their subjects through books. Ho also
enmo to bo recognized as one of the best
equipped practical naturalists on elthor
side of tho Atlantic; his roports were
quoted as authorities In the proceedings
of learned societies In nil parts of tho
world, and he wns frequently In receipt
of such flnttorlng attentions as when
Alfred IltiMoll Wallace hunted him out
for an Interview on tho fauna of the
Malay Peninsula, where Wallace him
self had made profound researches In
times gone by.
In duo season he was Invited to enter
the Government cmnlov nn tnxtdamUt
for the National Museum. Tho work
which ho did there Is
of which he may woll feel proud. It
Includes, among other things, the mar
voloutly llfollko group of bison which
he went West to procure, and which he
mounted In n stylo pronounced by con
noisseurs to bo without parallel evory
accessory and detail, oven to tho etrtii
and the scant verdure of the plains,
having been reproduced from nature,
jutt as found on the stamping-ground
of this now almost extinct race of cattle
Ills gorilla group has also been much
admired, and the hearty encomiums
patted upon his work generally caused
the authorities of the Institution to Imv
a large cumber of tho specimens which
be had got for hia former employer. In
the Inteivals of his regular duties he
found time for somo literary lalior,
and his "Two Years In n Jungle"
proved so popular that the author's
sharei of the profits enabled him to buy
a pretty home In the suburbs.
.It was always one of Hornadav's
bobbles that wo should havo In Wash
ington, nt the Government cxpenso and
under tho Government control,
To tho furtherance of this scheme ho
devoted all his energies for a lonirtlme,
studying tho methods and appliances
employed In all the great gardens of the
world. When the Idea finally took
shape In a very unpretentious annex to
the t-'inltbsonlun, he became the chief
functionary in cbarce, and on a trifling
allowance of money built up a menag
erie which, though small, was highly
creditable to Us author.
He even volunteered as a messenger
of the Fish Commission, and traveled
throush the West in search of .law nn!.
male, which he was permltteel to bring
home with him In an empty commission
car. It was a most Inconvenient man
ner of procuring his supplies, as lie was
provided with no assistants, ami had to
manage Ills bears and deer anel foxes,
etc., by himself, or with such spas
modic help as his associates on the car
would lend him through good nature,
llut Its hardships were compensated by
the fact that it was cheap, anel in his
enthusiasm his sole thought was how
much be could do with the pittance at
his disposal.
He Interested himself greatly In the
projtct for a permanent park In Hock
Creek Valley, and for about two years
haunted the Capitol dally during the
session of Congress, armed with maps
and diagrams, whkh he used la argu
ing with members who could not see
any advantage to result from the Gov
ernment's speBtilag so much money oa
aa "animal show." It was a tedious
campaign, but he won it, and the nec
essary appropriations for site aad lav
protements Anally were voted.
At this point came the first cheek to
his plans. 1'rofesaor Laagley, secru
tsiy of the femithaoalaa, who had the
aaiter ia eharae. preferred to place at
the head of the Park naanageateat
soaae older aad more celebrated natur
alist, if oae could be found. Mr.
Horaaday was deaigaated to serve as aa
assistant to this chief, still uaaataed.
lie declined the appointment He felt
that he had
if say. Professor LaagWy did not dis
pute his etattB to the Uahest milt tut
tae success of the ' 'Zoo- aroiaot. hut
was firm h the purpose of getting souse
oae who would atake a more coaspseu
cue gfurehead. They parted est the
spot. lit. Horaaday had hi his packet
at that snoaseat a business offer fasetdv
iag a guarantee of twice as large aa aav
Bual iacosae as the salary attacked to
the oaaee of "Acting SuperisUaadeat"
It had been laid before bias twice
already, aad decliaed because ha loved
his work as a eaturallsi. and was usv
wttMsg to give up the hoaore which he
hatievtd awaited bha as the fruit of so
Bunch underpaid aad hardly appsadatasi
labor fas the cause. It baa Utely case
a third tiuie, aad he now arrcptod Id.
The sympathies of the juaior circles
oi working heUatisis of this city ace
largely with biut. The scleaiisk bu
seaus of tLe Goverauicut ao pieces
of ease. To bold a responsible poaUkut
ia oaa of dim tueaaa a great deal of
very baid work, with half the pay to
be take is fame. Mr. Horaaday he
loags to the class woo have Use aUeog
eat saitat fas themselves, gt who, Uiswe
fore, take M. tJaeir coats, roll up tkak
sleeves and attack their tasks with their
own hajpds, utiudadful of aay arftigipiaj
ruks of dignity
It ha Ofrcasioaal ly ueppesad, sad to
say, thai a autn of hie stomp has beea
tasted over ia the 'lue of promotion ia
order to ghe U Ui paid ouJ. tu ji Jm
ttogujbhwt phut. u L'tuus Vu, iWk
ptrhaps tiol uaworthy, have ipeui their
lives in a koasewh&t sexeacr a.uuvpb.-re,
aid tuijubed -ticbrity by iLaUJcitid
'ui.; olid ! Uliii. 1'. U'J aJvtlUatUjlljt a.-, iat.ll
as by downTlaht excTtlon. Mr. Horoa
day's retirement, as has been Intimated,
fa aromed some little bitterness among
the smblrrons yonng members of the
scfentMc coTpe, who feel that there fs no
telling whose turn may come next to be
Mtwd over In the distribution of good
Tlio Veteran rostoffico Department
Offldlnl I'nssee Awny.
Jndge JurlrW iMwrenson dhsd this
morning In Daltlmore, Md., at 6:)
o'clock. He was born March 28, 1800,
ami was therefore over !I0 years old.
He came to this country from
England when he was 8 years
old and finally landed in
Ilaltlmore. Here he was appointed by
Postmaster J. S. Skinner to a clerkship
October 19, 1819. Major IJerry, who
was Postmaster-General under Presi
dent Jackson, appointed him to a clerk
ship in the Postofflce Department in
1834. He served in this Department
fiftytlx years.
Judge Lawrenson swore in every
Postmaster General since the one by
whom he was appointed. It was hit
boast and pride that be did not miss
one since his appointment. He wm
admiral by nil his associates, ami his
death will cause universal grief.
The funeral will take place nt Wesley
Chapel, Fifth and F streets northwest,
on Wednesday next at 2 p. m.
The HlncM ot Commissioner Housings
Cntites n Postponement.
Owing to tho injury which Commis
sioner Douglass lecelvcd on Saturday,
the anticipated Investigation Into the
charges against the various poltco lieu
tenants was not commenced. As n
matter of fact the charges have not
yet been formulated, for Commissioner
Jlobert, who conductetl the Investiga
tion at tho request of tho other Com
missioners, is naturally averse to draft
I tip them himself and Is nnxloti9 that
tho board shall assume that respon
sibility. When Mr. Douglass recovers a board
meeting will be held and the charges
prepared. It Is understood that Lieu
tenant Guy will be tho first to bo tried,
and lt has not yet been dotormlnotl
whelhor tho trial will be an open or
tccrct one.
The probabilities aro. however, that
It will go on wlih closed doors, In jus
tice lo tho accused men, some of whom
inny bo cleared.
Commissioner llcbcrt Is exceedingly
anxious to have the cates decided, and
ho proposes to push them to n speedy
trial and conclusion.
Iloonlcr lMltors In Wnslilncton.
A large excursion party of Republi
can Indiana editors arrived in the city
yesterday on tho steamer Georgo Leary
from Fortress Monroe, and reghteree! at
the Ebbilt House. Tho reception com
mittee, consisting or Attorney-General
Miller. Marshall IUnsdell, and K. W.
Hnlford, the President's private secre
tary, acted as an escort to the hotel.
Among the excursionists are S. J.
Thompson of tho Lebanon Patriot, W.
W. Pcrshlne of the Tipton .duVwi,
M. C. Gather of the Madison CourUr,
A. C. lleesonof tho Winchester Journal,
Charles Dennis of the Indianapolis
Journal. T. C. Mosbaugh of the Cam
bridge City Tribune, W. W. Canada of
the Union City Timt$, E. J. Waldo or
the lilting Sun Jltcortltr, Georue W.
Self of the Corydon Itqwblican, L. A.
Hostler, Warsaw 2'imtt, and president
of the Northern Indiana L'dltorlal Asso
ciation. W. II. Smith, secretary, and
bride, Indianapolis, and others. To
day the visitors went to tho Capitol and
other places of Interest. This evening
tho editors will be given n reception at
Wlllard's Hall by the Indiana Republi
can association, and at 0.30 o'clock tbey
go to the White House.
A Damper un l'utrlotic Voutlis.
Judge Miller put a damper on two
patriotic youths ot Washington this
morning who became over-enthusiastle
in advance or July 4, and were caught
discharging firecrackers in the public
streets, "i want it understood that I
am thorousbly In sympathy with the
patriotic boys of the country? said the
Judge, "but I want to see them mani
fest their patriotism In come other
way than by endangering life ami
property uy the tnellscrlmlnate use of
Chinese firecrackers." He lined the
two boys $10 each, but suspended sen
tence. Good
As Gold
So wtbaslastte are thaasam.la at yaajila
ever the baa eats derived from Hood's Santa
Barilla that they can hardly Bad weed to ex
press their vonBdeBM is aad grattUutv far
tats nwdleiM. "Worth its weight ugeid1
la a favorite expraasioa of these warta
iris ads.
If yea are la aeed of a mod mairhdra to
yartf y year blood, baud ap your straaath,
erne drsfieeeia er create aa SBttatlte try
Ilooil'k SarkUjiarilla
"I am ha pay to say that Mead's SarsaparllU
entirely corad ma ot eatanh. wtth whteh I
had beaa troubled aaay year. I aat aevar
Milium ibis BMdieisa. as I IWak lt is worth
its wabjfct ha gold." Has. e. B. Qtaa. kW
Elchta street - w- WasbMgtea, D. c.
"Oece triad. Hood's Saraaparilw always re
BMUa a friend ia tha hoaaaaold. It is staple
as wbaat aad good as gold." Haux Jc
Tvmi, Ithaca. J. Y.
br all dnicatats. El; ate far Pie
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ltw4ti fru for wkkk
HobU tmJur em W
wWfJC wV WIbW WatTpr ftHtHafwannHlWWia
ikdsd vtiiifktt ido daw
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firm moms tmd w julfy
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Wahhes of all grades
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If so, See Tboe Offered by
Tlilrlcenlli nml r Streets.
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The most extensive and varied asw tment
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vanced teaton we have red used prices on the
entire dock.
M0 rolls White Mattlnr. redtteed toS 10
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skirt, waist taaly taeked aad trsssased with
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UAteav tfcix taia of nm. Vrtjirtt mm
skirt, SW aaea-
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Naval Academy Band.
Trains leave II. & O. Depot, week days, 0 15
a.m., 1.80 ami 4. M p. ra. Sundays, 9.33a. m.,
140 ami 3.15 p m
Leavo Day Ridge, week days, C SO and 8.30
p. m. Sundays, 8 and 9 p. tn.
Hound Trip Tickets
General Mtntrcr.
(icn'l Fastencer A (tent.
The Mount Vernon
On and after JUNK 1, 1800, tlio new Iron and
steel iteamer,
will leave ber wbnrf, foot of SEVENTH Kt.,
HALL ss follows:
JtirSiPl'NT VEHNON-Bveryelay (exept
Sunday) Ht 10 n. m nml S30p, m .returnlnit
at ! and 5-30 p m. l'aeners eaq remain at
MOUNT VKltNON mull socend boat laes It
deslre-d. Fsre, round trip, f 1, Inotudlnrf ml
mlmton lo Die Jlaiiflon ami Orounl I-.le-ifsntonfo
on Hie boat. Meals and lanlies
served promptly.
YEltNON selietlnte for week ilsrs
Un M'MJAYS at 11 a. tu-. ISO and 0 i rn
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HALL koIdk and rettimlne, IrsvInK Vh nj
ton ate.Wp. m., reaching city on reiurnat
10 p tn.
.Meals and lunches kt all times at MAR
SHALL HALL llustaursnt.
FiretoMAItSHAM. HALL and return, OT
cents on say trip; children, between Band U
years, 15 cents
Tho popular and reliable steamer W. Y,
COltCOHAN will make ber river Uniting ns
far ilown as (ILYXONT, Unlit at MA II,
HIA I.I. HAM. boIbk and ret h mine. Ieivlnrf
her w barf dally (except KUHdHj) at 10 a. m,
retumlntr at I p. m. llouml trip, S5 rents.
, bumlay trips of the W. V. COlte-OKAN to
MAHM1.M.L HALL will bo announce I
weekly, fe'ee advertisements.
For charters of steamers MAPALKST"It
and eXHtCOHAN for either MOUNT VEKNOS
orMAIIbllALL HALL upiJy to L. L. 1JLAKB,
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susimku itnsoitT.s.
aceorarsodates SOO guests. Orwnslltlu
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feet of tli sorf. JAMBS Si STEPFN8H,
1'roprWtora. JaJl.tm
Directory of Lawyers and Law Firms
Webster Uw Bnildlmr.
Residence, 1S18 II street nerthwe
tee Fifth Street,
Heery KoBdaU Webb,
John Shi wy Webb.
Hi and MS U St., Chaaaeey UaUd
Leawtesa ave.. Waititagtan, C
I'roetiews la tbe Cowts at the Distrt
Friace tieureM's Oosaty, Md. fe
D. F. D. MeKEKtfEY.
Attorney at Law,
toSt-se iisT5aBMsv
teSf-dJtt " tSSFHth
"" ' V. .11
at s anb ran cayr.
laSasssbaeiS .
ill arstas separates a lowest
Interest. Jh daiar where seoaritr.i
O. C.
a tS tesJki
w. Le Droit Biiiiflliir
nnw aad Trul UeWMf rmm
UlBlUUI tlaffly OB RBBMrla J"
Waakiaatua an to par asat. a7sta
kefvUaa. wl or wttteat NTs
tae pj
SzUtkll Aew e rSs i Uiur:
"ia reply tu yuor reqiwst tor I
W a asus scaiHH iur juaw
faeeeu'i-sor other $aviaf either i
w the nadytiilitni
uf attKtktB k IS t
utatiLf a
tsas and it-
:i :m
m tavktod to addMi
are at aU tunes coadjk
oa Bfieral terms, and

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