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wmi tariff iir Tire sktatb.
Federal Hsettih LAW'-OMMtrs 9n-
rtmt Swum in 9MW of Mf.
EnlM's HtthA-'OttMr Mdileft.
In the Semite Mr. JSvnns rate iwtrce
baton acco nt of the ebseww Mr.
nothee the mtogrM cm tin late
r-'amnel P. Cox were again iwipoiw.l
until Tuesday of next wee.
The Semite rwesed Home bill In re
lation to oaths In rmnston aad other
The hill for the admission of Idaho
was then taken up. After the remllng
nf the hill Mr. Morrill awve notice that
he would. At the earl lost possible mo
ment, move to take tip the Tariff
LI 11.
Mr. Plait declined to allow the Tariff
Mil to Interfere with the Idaho hill.
Mr Gorman asked when the Tariff
Mil would come tip.
Mr. Morrill said It was not his pur
pose to Interfere with appropriation
bills or conference report, but he wouM
call up tho Tariff bill nt the earliest
possible moment.
Mr. Teller said the Idaho bill would
likely consume most of tho week, nnd
it was doubtful if the Tariff bill could
bo called up this week.
Mr. Piatt thought the bill ooukl be
disposed of to-morrow.
Tho report was then read and the
bill laid aside temporarily.
Tho Agricultural Approptlatlon bill
WBi taken up.
Tho only nmendment of any lm
portanco repotted from the com
mltteo wns ono striking out $,
OOOforllic tisoof n portion of tho Ar
lington ostatoasan experimental station
ncu farm.
All tho committee's amendments
were acrecd to.
On motion of Mr. Coko $0,500 was
appropriated to lnvostlgato tho natural
history and remedies for the cottol
The bill was passed without further
A further conference was ordered on
tho Legislative, Executive nnd Judicial
Appropriation hill, tho point or (llller-
enco being on tlTo amendment to pay
Senators' clerks $1,800 n yoar, Instead
of f 0 a day during the session.
In llio Homo.
Tho Election bill occupied the atten
tion of tho Houso to-day, and Iteprc
stntatlvcs Waddoll of Virginia, Ilouk
of Tennessee, spoke In support of tho
llll, and Messrs. Horhert of Alabama
Coleman of Louisiana, Outhwalto
of Ohio, Turner of Georgia, vigorously
prosed the measure.
The SIoyIdc Cnma of Sir, I'nloe'i
The real reason why Mr. Knloe of
Tennessee last Saturday made his mo
tion to amend the journal is said to be
bccauio the Democratic managers of
tho debate on tho Federal Election
hill refuted to allow him twenty min
utes. According to this vorslon
ho determined to use up twenty minutes
anyhow, and made his motion for that
purpose. If that was his Intention he
certainly succeeded, for the debate was
delayed a little more than twenty
Fourth at July Adjournment. -
It Is probable tboro will only be four
days' session of tho.IIouso this week.
Tho Fourth comes on Friday and ad
journment will likely be until Monday.
The Speaker favors this douree, ami
most of the members would like a few
days' holiday or. rather one holiday
nnd two days to recover.
If this programme be adopted. It is
thought the Committee on Rules will
report an order setting apart Thursday
for the consideration of the Bank
ruptcy bill. The Election bill will by
that time have gone to the Senate to
plague that body.
Carlisle's Successor,
M. W. W. Dlckerson, the sueeessor
In the House to Senator Carlisle, was
sworn In and took his seat this morning.
He Is a tall, slim man, with blaok hair
and mustache. He has something of a
clerical appearance, and appears to be
about 50 yea. " of age.
Sliver Conference,
Mr. Walker of Massaeh usee's, erne ef
the House conferreee on the silver bill,
is out of the city. Uoaseq, ienlly there
will be no conferesee m diBg before
bis return, probably Wedmaduy,
Favor Ilia Transfer.
Mr. Bpooner presented to the Satiate
resolutions favoring tbe transfer of the
Ittvtuue Marine Service U Ibe Navy
iHpartweat from Rankin Post, No. 18.
(J. A. II. . of Mroaklye, N. Y., and
Ikdge Poet( $p. ii, of B, tinter. Md.
HulUit-llax Farcerle.
Mr. Cogswell of SlaAsatehttsetJs is
absent. Coaseque&Uy there will be mo
meeting of the committee haveatiffaUaf
the Ohio ballot -tax ftwewfles this wank.
It Is expected a report will he agreed m
nest week.
IMsirlet Aitpraprittttatw Bvlended.
The Sesurte aJsJbs aftsnrasiavn
KwilttUo to exit! Um rHHttrt I
priaibaas nAli that aw
Lecotaa availaJbie.
oTAiKMe iuuvtm u.
Democratic leflilnw ia Poseeibw as
advising the calliat of taw mmHatti
throughout tAtfCouatfy toyMaast ajniwit
the passage of Use vUoms, pmHwhi
aad otsftrsEjaotM yiawtiost bats new bEaRsT
discussal U Use House. Tint tee
lapsta between the
of the revolutionary
ure uuoet Conmaaa and the
tahtn- o that vote la no short that in. no
ftthei wew cats the usjuads) Mil the ass
of theni dleeBPtritvsJ ufata, thai hsatv
miyil atlSkaBBSt tO iwfBuukM ba BSaafaSF a
nsesy which wove aui yftsHsJe. fmthls) Ite
...v- ( saejorit? of the vmw, M
csjmmM h4susa4y Tttfaritl d
iswaj oety. TVanwrajfcr laaiittrs
heWtr vhkbmmmm the
m MHlHMtiiMk- The SiDP ttjhVM
I Him forh S senate
eaty vwuvl hue. m the
hwft that mum maflriwi wW he
emery loo la Ihiliatth k
imh-' Ou KUw-ttoe) hjbV
sAVKCfciy U m l(r4M it U
4m tu M sArthiM aw
QgHt shouMi eflaah aaa afiaah
sad ba ao itaaeatatst iataa.
Hew neJTCas RwlmUeit by an Affec
llnnate ltnhnnt
Frrm th fTtw Tort WnrM,
TtMct Justice Pndney. of Passaic,
has a tender heart, and gives a prisoner
CTfty possible ojijiftrttMiHy to ssespe tjs-
to the comity jail when a flw will
sere Mm the humiliation and disgrace.
About a week ago Mrs. Zoare Kinder
of Bergen Conntj rrslted Passaic to do
soiee shopping, she fell In with friends
ami the party clinked glasses in a num
ber of beer gardens, just to show their
ammtttfttion of esch other. Finally as
night came down Mra. Zlmler found
that her female friends had withdrawn
one by one until until there wasn't one
left. She concluded to wend her way
towards her husband's habitation be
yond the river. The way Is seven miles
long and weary, but Mrs. Zlmler didn't
The Jonrney wowld be through lonely
glens awl over barren heaths, but she
bad no fear of being molested, for, al
though she was Jolly, she knew rery
well that she was over 8 and by no
means attractive. Dreeing her spirits
up with these thoughts and another
schooner of beer, she went forth Into
the night with her market basket on
her arm. Before she had traveled one
block her basket slipped from her arm,
and when she stooped over to pick It
up there was a rush of brains to the
head and Mrs, Zlmler fell helpless on
the sidewalk. An officer came along
and carried her into the station-house.
The next morning at 0 o'clock, as
though by Instinct, her husband Isaac,
a youth of 80 summers, appeared In
nuest of his wife. She was arraigned a
little later on the charge of being drunk
and Incapable, ami the Court fixed her
fine at $4 80, or ten days In jail. The
htislmnd seemed sorry, but said that he
was willing that she should spend ten
days In jail as an experiment. He told
the Judge that he had no money to pay
the lino.
"Give mc your watch and chain,"
said tho JudgCi but tho man refused.
He maintained that hlstlmo-keoper was
of moro ecrvtco to him than his wlfo.
The Judge prevailed on him, how
ever, and at last secured the chronom
eter and brass chain attached, whero-
upon he made himself responsible for
the tine, with the promise that Zlmler
would can and redeem his
uoys, and
He promised to do so In two uavs,
when ho and his wlfo left the court
thcro wns a twinkle In his oyc. What
the twinkle meant no one at the time
know, but tho Judge still has the watch,
and a recent examination convinced
him that It, together with tho brass
chain, might bring fifty cents at auction.
Coutil Till Mean Clnrknon?"
Kitnittfnm BMop rttUr't Airrnnl Omtton,
trilh nrnxxnt Us tki Xi 'wi UVrW,
A )Aicy of fatvrUiim tehtth maktt pnr-
timn itrritt the tnManthl iW ormfftt'enf
jirtftrmenl, anil a fn dinUuti for the tic-
mtnt of ptrtmal flnttt, whatever the place
or teak, which exacts only o much com
petency as can reseuo the place-holder from
ntxoluto disgrace; this has coma to lie the
uar-cry which treats every olllce or trust n
to much tiioll, nixl every political contest
li slaiply a scramble for personal einolu
meut. Could thlsjiican Clarkson? Great wns
the wise shaking of heads.but the llUhop
simply clinched the nail:
That such a view of the service of the
(lovemioenl should beheld hy soma Tuscan
bandit, etcaped out of hla transalpine f4t
ncMea to prey upon our unsuspecting Insti
tution, would not be occasion for surprise.
Hut that It has come to be tbe deliberate
conviction of imh In high place among us,
and that tbls new gojl of unscrupulous
self-seeking Is openly proclaimed as the
only spell powerful enough to maintain a
healthy ami active Interest In our political
Institutions that, In other words, there U
no Instinct of patriotism strong enough to
constrain a man to active participation In
tbe political life of tbe nation unless there
dangles before lilm, all the while, tbe pos
sible prise which lie maysnateh out of tbe
sordid and shameless strife thit ttrtmiHyii
u tewAiNtT mhieh May ttfll mate all hontit
jxojilc Jhtth vith ttaiaml itMlitfimiit thauu.
farcer and lllgninlst,
Xuwnvito, N. Y., June 1)0. Edward
M, Doyle Is under arrest charged with
forgery and larceny In Oregon. Doyle,
who Is a carpenter, secured a contract
to build a home for tbe St. Mary's
Catholic Church at Ileaveton, Oreg.
He presented to the llisbop an order for
1 1,000, purporting to come from the
church. After the money had been
paid to Doyle It was found to be a
forgery. He ia said to have received
about $5,000 from various parties
through fraud and misrepresentations.
He Is also said to be a bigamist with
three wivea living.
Tmlnuieu In Convention.
Tehre Haute, Lm, June 30. There
was a union meeting of railway train
men here yesterday, under the auspices
of the Order of Hallway Conductors.
One hundred were present. There were
conductors of both orders, engineers,
firemen, brakemea and switchmen. The
meeting was secret. It was announced
that it was oee of a series held through
out the West, as a part of a geaeral
movement to get trainmen into closer
K-latloM, tbe idea being ultiui itely a
llcalen la Duutti.
Chicago, June SO Daiss J. Mul
len, -IS yeare old, died last evswsag f row
ike effects of a beating he raeaived
Tuesday sight ia Lake Proa Park
from a crowd ef roughs, who. after a
taalMag kiw. robbed hint of a gold
watch sad $99 ia taoaey. The da
tcripsioa of MuUea'a a walla ate eouhl
not be oUaiaed, but the notice ate of
tbe belief that tbe assault was eooi
Bsitted by soaae of tbe attaches of Bar
biuu's cUeua.
Speake KmmJ' C)Btal Ueuiutut.
Bafattiag to the outrage ia Ioitlthan
repotted ia the atoralag papers. Saaafcer
Head said ia his ilryeu tsstas this asora
teg: "These are two esavallaj facts eoe
ceraltMC theaa outlays Thasa aw al
wajei oa ot suoaa aaicsftas htthnl aasl
v!ythiasi is quiet sow.' "
OtTll iirvte HtiimliwUbiii.
Twelve paste ai wets uarlat a civil
serviM etnaiaatina thai nHmmtan as
SMtlaMaBS Sot thai poapsiojai af aaaa
ailarsaasi wrhven ia the Arisatliursl
ysuv h tuning.
KiMisu, K . Y. , J as aa-Tha nrhosa
sale esasslavihjaaaM of SaakesT, hVMs) a
Ory is sow htuaiatj.
THe WMtjt' CtHUUftfean mwiMw.
Stiwsv, K. B. W.. imt .-! th
wullteg Dafh oa the Pataaaaata Wvet
to-4ajf, Stahihujy bssat O'CsMiajBe'.
tmngaiainsijr lajasast ewat Ve.
At 4 o' cluck tjakt aJtaraooa aa u
hsjsjr aaaa. ahosM yean of agsi, wt
thaowa ttoas cahia car at the U
ataast Cfoasaast. aasl daAsMaoiaaly aslsiaaa-
Csiu.4.ao. Jvum . There weaa U
eaajhf aasl aV MostfalattM iaosja ajha
heap hv tMa oiaT saajlassSajr
) aUaSsMt s Mmiiis
iatsa irtfaaat ,
A twraafe artag tg a as hoi Jiaa
lB.s gijft tami sjaaaout Ml;
It pvuds a uuxai ia laagwajai ocsl,
Ae4 UoiUes, adurus a UflL
A StrKriRB Wll.l Animal Thnt Kllleit
63 rersona Within n Months.
Vem fflu Pt lsm VrpvhHr
In Mareh. 171 , frightful creature,
wMch Plefi Tm&m says was a mlt
twr of man, bear, nnd wlW boar, rnnde
Its ftpptftrnnee near Oevaudan.ln France.
Imrlfjg the snmwrer sevensl pvtrvttrces
were terrorised by the awful deeds of
the uncanny creature, which, notwith
stftttritnt its many depredations, man
aged to keep ont of sight until about
tm middle of the December following,
when a peasant woman claimed to have
met a monstrosity of the most frightful
kind, hating the body of an alligator,
the tall of a -Hon, the claws of a wolf,
and the horrid mocking laugh of a fam
ishing hyena.
According to this woman's story the
beast had the liemt of a man, with the
skin so tightly drawn over It as to give
it the appearance of a death head, the
eyes being so deeply sunk In their sock
ets as to be Invisible, although the
creature stood directly In front of her.
The woman told her story In the village,
but was disbelieved until the following
morning, when It was ascertained thai
two little gltls and a boy, who hail gone
to a pasture with some coats, were miss
ing. In the afternoon of the following
day the head of the boy was foil ml In a
ravine. No other trace of their where
abouts wns ever discovered.
The nconle were now comnlelelr
panic stricken; they would search for
the creature only In squads of twelve or
more, featlng to separate lest the brute
would devour them. The Legislature
of Languedoc offered 8.000 llvres for
the animal's head, actually sending out
a detachment of mounted soldiers In
search of It. In January, 17tW, only
about three weeks after the boy ami the
two little girls were killed by the
thing, It attacked some children who
were herding sheep In the mountains,
but all escaped, perhaps by the brute
taking a feast of mutton Instead.
The day but one following It apjieared
again, this time carrying off one of the
children, it was next hoard of in tho
vicinity of Mcrsl, where it carried off
one woman and several children, be
sides, as an old account says, "taking
tho heads clenne off uv a man." The
Oatttte tte Frante published n full ac
count of tli wo ravages In February,
1703, and the King offered 0,000 llvres
to tho person or persons that would
capture it. Captain Duhamel of the
dragoons organized a general hunt,
dressed his men as women, nnd having
them nttended bv children. The hunt
was a failure, and tho desolnter kopt up
his ravages during tho spring nnd sum
mer of 1700, until Scptomber 30 of that
year, when It was killed by Sleur Ileln
hnnlt. No one wns allowed to sec the creature
except tho mounted guards under the
Duke of Orleans. It is believed even to
this day that It was n creature unknown
nnd unheard of, notwithstanding two
reports, one of which said It was n black
Hon, tlio other that it was a Itusslan
wolf, neither of which seem likely whon
it Is known that It killed and carried oil
not less than sixty-threo men, women
and children from December, 1701, to
September. 1700.
iii ' 9
CiiiIuiis Coliiclilrnrrw In Hie I.lfo or n
Prom tK4 Isieitton Jovrnat.
Apropos In the movement, to furnish
books to tbe prisoners In Auburn Jail,
a Xorwcglnn lady, resident In Auburn,
tells In her picturesque way an episode
which occurred In Charleston, S. C.
Years ago a mother took her 5 year-old
boy Into prison wlmn she went to see
his father, committed for some trilling
offense. The little fellow stepped Into
tho adjacent cell, having over it tbe
number OS. To tease him the warden
shut the door, but quickly opened It at
tbe little fellow's screams. Ills mother
soothed him, saying: "Nobody shan't
ever shut my little boy up In a dark
Years passed. The boy's father and
mother died. His uncle helped him and
gave him money to get to New York.
He fell In with bad company, squan
dered his money, and In sheer despera
tion attempted to commit burglary In
his uncle's bouse. That relative was so
enraged he handed over his nephew to
the authorities. Looking at the num
ber of his cell, to his horror he saw "US."
and knew that It was the self-same cell
that had Inspired his boyish terror.
Then bis mother's words came back.
"Nobodv shan't ever shut my little boy
In a dark cell;" and be wept as be hail
net since her death, for he had loved
that mother.
The warden's wife found him In a
melted condition. He told her his story
and the gave him the utmost sympathy
and kimlnsee durine his long terms
shortened by his good behavior. As ha
left tbe cell and took a last look at
those terrible numbers "88," he deter
mined be would make a man of whom
bis mother should be proud. By bU
trade, learaed in prlaoa, he pursued aa
booeat and lucrative trade, and bit taste
f(r literature, also formed by tbe war
den, provided for leiaure hours. Tea
years afterward be ealled oa tbe war
den's wife, and she eouhl hardly be
lieve that It was ha who had occu
pied &;
lUeurslwu la St. l'uul, Mlua.
The Xatktaal KitucsUosul Asanclattoi
convenes at sit. Paul, Stlim., July H, sad for
this oceastoa Use Haltiatota aad Ohio Katt
road will tell esetwdoa iks.au Iroat Waah
taaSOM to St. Paul aatl return at rata oX
$2. SO tor ike found trio.
Tickets will be sold tor all trains July 1,
a, S, 4. and 5, aad valid lor return uasaaga
until July 17, inclusive. Parties itoslrlag ia
do so eaa have tbatr thihata esisaatart until
slsaitafaSjiM' 3& ay aataadtisux saaat with the
Mat agent at St. Paul.
runtoa tfcfcate to 1st. Faul sad return
at BortssuwaisMaaly low rata will also ha
said hnaa sil other unavipal statloaa oa
stohlasuw aad Ohio KallroJ.
A UacubUul W milling Trip.
trom UU J" Jh-rt Hswiil.
iir. Webster Tracy of Motve has saar
ritd Mias Cania Adams of Carthatje.
This Llaaskal evasU look place at
Wilton, Me. We would su4Kt that
the "happy tatlr" so plan tbatr weuYttag
Jottfwy that they tnay taesvi a day or
two ia JUheaa. Belgrade, Corinth aad
Pevacu, behold the gloria of J&Us,
uaitrl a bit is gyd, ladubjoj la aeati
taenia! reveries at GUaad. HeUroa,
Jeruaakta aad Lebaaoa; visit Kara
11111, tea KapUs. pauae awhile at Pl
svyia, paas through Poland, eat ng t
SsnyrM, aad Injjart the rulaa at Troy
anst other faanottf old Xaaaa towns ?re
thav settle dowa for a o,ulat and uu
eacaaful Ul fat AjsdSy. Frleodahip.
Hertjaotvy, Hanhtad, Lowell, Mode. 4
Uoa, VidMi or Unity.
iniuattaae f Mas tarn ;
Tte siesaihoat, the rsstuer, tit waiu
fstsjaasat as aheht and ta day.
ab-aaas NsStssi bf m. ef haatad ay
The whyraah' -h-fc lake UghtttUitf
Thau tha Waiyhtaw nansis to eactd u.
to tat oa tbs antah, the last, but m
U tee Uawd uulsj VaigsMve PeUat.
Last, but sot least, ia Or. trce'
eean4 Fuga&! Fnltirii, aaaaaas It w
ai atjasaa suAaahja;, adda to the sunt of
anasaa " oaifs'Sf and saahasa the rebesed
tllfuu to eliltiv kll tlui bleosliio bd
I liuuncs vt tbs age we U ui
A PEAtliFU "fF
Nothlne I,lfca Water to Mnhethr Sm
Tnlr and Charmlna'r rresh.
It Is said that a pious old lady up In a
Vermont hamlet, whose only diversion
was the regular winter lectnre cotitbc,
after listening to two lectures one by
Robert Ingersoll and the other by Mrs.
Jenness MlHer went home In despair,
saying- "No hell and no chemise' what
is anybody going to do?"
How we wonder what the distracted
old lady would say If some latter-day
prophet shontd rise up and tell her that
she htd never crew really waslwd net
fsce In all her life, says the New York
Svn. The majority of people do not,
we are assured over and orer. and the
most deplorable thing about It Is that
there Is more tntth than poetry In the
assertion. RBS
Wonder fnl were the messes com
ponnded, we decoctions brewed to
produce the delicate whiteness of skin
and rare flush of color that made Ninon
de 1' Knclos the famous bennty she has.
Only after the death of his mistress, at
90 years of age, tltd her chemist, the
venerable Maitte d'Onanl, reveal to the
world that It was simple rain water that
had made ami kept her fair and beau
Pattl bathes her face In the dew dis
tilled from the rotes ami a t housa ml Ho w
ers.bu t soft water Is the med htm required
for the face not a teacupful In a lMSIn,
but a great generous bowlful with the
chill taken off: not with a rough, Irritat
ing cloth, but with a wash cloth softer
than the finest silk of Lyons' looms
yourown fair, smooth hands. Itatke It
over and over, drench It with the cool,
fresh water until the very soft towel
you dry It with will be wet through
and through. Dry it thoroughly, but
carefully that Is its morning bath.
At night before yon go to bed, when
all Us pores are full of the dust of the
street and perhaps of tbe dust of the
powder puff as well, which Is almost
worse, bathe It In hot water, as hot as
it will stand, and with a llannel cloth,
upon which good soap has been rubbed.
Itcmcmbor the soap must be pure nnd
must not contain ton much alkali, for
If too much oil be token nut of the skin
it will lose something of Its vitality and
It is the dirt, not tho oil, we wish to
remove. All high-priced soaps are
warranted to be pure, but remember
when n surgeon would cleanse a wound
ho doesn't use any of the fancy brands
Indorsed by fair actresses and slneers
and noted diners, hut plain, old-fashioned
castllc soap, which doesn't need
any indorsement. After you give your
face a thorough, careful wash with the
soap, holding the water aealnst it as
long as you like, rinse it off In cold
water, and the bath Is done for the
Occasionally It Is n good plan to stoam
the face, unless one frequents tho Turk
ish baths, and the simplest mode of pro
cedure Is to fill n large basin with boil
ing water and hold tho face over It,
covering the head and nil with a large
towel. As the water cools add more
that Is boiling, and continue the steam
ing five or ten minutes, rubbing the
face with the hand or a soft w.ishlng
This Is best done at night, as the skin
Is apt to be a little sensitive after a
vapor bath. You will find even with
out the steam that ycur skin will
whiten and your llesh will grow firmer
ami moie beautiful. I know you will
ay you haven't time and that It Is too
much trouble, but that Is what It means
to really wash your face, and, of course,
If you haven't time to keep It clean,
there's nothing more to be said.
A 1'nrliult ol S 1 1 lit Lntely Illinovereil
In Uolognn,
Jfrom tU ruU MM Vault:
A portrait of lleethoven's father has
lately been discovered in Cologne. Tbe
atcrodltcd portrait of tho great master's
mother, now preserved in the Beethoven
houie at Bonn, Is familiar to many by
the photographic copies. It has hitherto
been believed that no portrait of his
father was In existence, and the dis
covery of It Is owing to the photograph
of the mother's portrait. The reputed
portrait of the old Johann, the devotee
of drink, who was so faulty In his or
thography. Is tbe exact counterpart and
fellow of the Boon portrait of tbe
They are to he exhibited tide bv side
at the Beethoven Auetellung in Bonn,
and critics will then have an oppor
tunity of passing judgment upon tbe
claims of the newly-found portrait.
Both pictures are evidently by the same
hand, which the experts declare to be
that of Bcckenkamp, the Bonn court
painter. The sceptics object that the
portrait may possibly be that of the
mother's first husband. She was a
widow when Johanu Beethoven
rUetbof," or "Betthoffen," as he
sometimes wrote) took her home front
Ebrenbreltsteln, and there is just a pos
sibility that these two portraits were
part of her domestic belongings at tbe
time. What etuliese future sneeulatiosi
poi trait painters night prevent if they
v, tuld legibly write aatne of tbe subject
on some part of tbe picture!
I'erjurv and Theft.
t'jttttt him JUsiM Wi.r' Uanatni rjiju,
KiM fmuint h -y ' WorW.
Hist it ka been reserved lor our own day
ludstvstey aaoctriue ef saarals la roaaaf
iUU with the tlosaaia of public aaairs
bjbva tbe iaaeauity of AlUmm te
UgtWii would have found H dlsneult to ex
plain ar exeaaa, for tki mm dogma uf
cvnJvct is, dmfdji aad in mbtUnnct, tlvit
tkttt ure Certain aett 4Uut rtlaliuutkiiJt nt
lilt wkuk ktut utsufviXy u mural yuutfy
u'hutmr, aial in Judglne: of thaw, we am
bind Ul UadetttSBsL an smsm! to tk$ or
tiiuan ttaudbrils of right awl ktowj at umi
tortaOy 'istbi47 auuuf all KiJiiifx-''i
is a'upy u Said ntHM.rkiu.Mi.
Tbakaofuitia aaweaaiiefs had record
ed tha aosalaailoa for Governor of a
rs-at Stats) of a aaaa accused of perjury
a CoaveauM which did the atdatag
aaother man who had state the
uiav of the neoDi while Treasurer
of the CotBsswawalth- Kvary parsou
ia taw swirtrffif1" was aware of the fact.
Evetytwtsoa in the aisdlsave thought
of it be haatd these words,
Mute Ut4Wtr.
from W.
Joha.'' said Mrs. J , "you were
talking all night in our sleep about a
Jack pot What i a-I-iik out.'"
John (.scorn full Y -t knw whit a
JAk r- is. I up.h'ie Well lUc
iuji gri'W m putsniu i tUe '
, rWeWf Substitute tvr Mother's Milk.
1 a cstokiaa inraaTuai .o TctTHiao
A nmMl imiibi .o-J u i. f B VWSEgTtCa.
canuttMaTiVE. convaxescents.
aasjastt af aajtuas. uanc w att itiataiat.
CCtiBlB-GOOCALt co a-.w. .
I k i MKlZ" -KVl
IF not rrmciticd i 5aon, IS liable to
rxwomc babttuB -nl c hrontc. Dras
tic purgatives, by en 'tuning the 1owb18,
ronflrrr, rather than enro, tho evil.
Ayer's nils, being ml! I. effective, and
strcngthentnt in their a-tton, are gener
ally recommended hy the facility aa the
bext of aperients.
"ITavIng been snbjert, for years, to
conattpntinn. without being awn to find
mnoh relief, I at last tried Ayer's Pills,
t rteem it both a doty and a ptananre
to testify that t have derived great ben
erlt from thetr ne P over twn years
past I have taken one of these pills
every night before retiring. I wouM net
willingly be without them." G. IT.
Bowman, 38 Seat Main St., Carlisle, jfn.
" I have been raking Ayer's Pills ami
wing them In my family since 1W, and
cheerfnlly recommend them to all in
need ot a safe but effectnal cathartic."
John M. Hoggs, Lonisvilte, Ky.
" Pot eight years I wns nnllcted with
conMlnation, which at last beenme so
bad that the doctors conld do no mow
for me. Then I liegan to take Ayer's
Pills, and soon the bowels recovered
their natnral and rejrnlar action, so that
now I am In excellent health." S. L.
Longhbrtdge, Uryan, Texas.
' ITavIng need Ayer's Pills, with good
renlta, I folly indorso them fov the rmr
ihwi for which they are recommended."
T. Conners, M. v., Centre llrhtge, Pa.
Ayer's Pills,
rmrtnsn bt
Dr. J. G. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mats.
BeM by sit UrsfiMi s4 lsfet Ib MeriM.
or wasihsoto:. d. c.
never contettei! a Ion bt Bre.bt always
mnXes promt t and liberal adjnstments. Dr.
Daniel II. Clarke, tffm't: Oeore B. I.emoti,
vlee-preVts CMrien 8 tlmtlley, treas.il. Ten
wlex feting, seo'y; Will r. Doteler. ass't
fee'y. JnSam
OrrrcB or tub Assawon
rr the Uitrrmcr or Oslcmma,
.It KK 3 IBM.
A list will bo eompleteit by JULY I. IWO.of
all real property which shall then have be-
coma suhleet to tnxatkm fort lie first time,
rtml the valneattlxed thereon nocontlns: to the
rnles for af nerattiR real estate. This aes-
rnent wilt Inclmlo all new stniotnm aixt nil-
dltlonsto or Improvement of otd stntetnrM
which have become tnxahlo since lt ae-
ment. Thh offlce should be not I fled of the
removal or destruction of any lmlMInK since
tlio last assessment. In order that the ramo
may lie ileilucted from the valuation as It now
sinnim on ine lax mi.
t'omplalBts nn to said assessments eaa only
lie heard and determined betweentbe THIRD
lly order of the C"omtnlloner, I), r,
jSS-5t Aseir, C.
1W)1 street n.w.
CAPITAL 11,000,000.
This comjiany lsnes eerllfloates of deposit
bearing Interest as MIows: () all ammiBti
detsfted for ninety days or more, but less
than six month. 3 per cent, per annum: 1)
per cent, on deiMwits for more than six
months, bat less than a rearandt percent,
on deposit of one year or lonirer.
8emred lavestmebts for sale.
Money loantd.
',V. B. MOUieON. Pee. R. II. WARXRK. rres.
Diaries V. Bailey, Oeonce F. Sohafer,
Jantee L. Harbonr, John A. Hamilton,
rieorye K. llartol, Thomas lomrville,
Richard V. Clay, Joim A. Mwope.
Horace 8. Cummlnas, .1. H. HworHMte.lt.
J. .1. Darlington, Hatteraley W. Talbott,
John Joy Rdsort. Ueoriie Trnesdell,
Charles J. Kaulkner, H. II. Warner,
Albert P. Fox, A. A. Wilsoa,
O. (', Orien, L. II Wine.
William I. (larley, X. W. Womlwant,
John U. Lamer, CIuh. lleoj. WlUlnson,
A. H. Wortblaatoa.
(Successor to Henry Lee's Sons),
SW PA. AVK. N. V..
South Hide.
Uraaeh Office, Ito Maryland ave. s. w.
14IS TVana its., oonaslte Wlllsrd's Hotel.
TiMMhtaads f rosa fur aed aear visit Dr. White
for relief frosa and avoidaaee of corns, baa
Ions, diseased Balls and all other foot
trouble. Hours. 8 a. m. to p. in. Sua
days, t WW. Kstabiisbed Mtt. fee.fi.
Tnalaw HelabU presents more desirable
features for aelual residence than any sub
division la tbe District t Colombia.
Tb iasprovefiMBU, bow ta pro-rs, will
laelude all the eoavealeBees of eity life
Oas. Water, rtwe? aa, Bleetrlo Car Service
and I'avvtHts.
Tke siiuatKw Isuarlvaledia natural beaatv
and eomauiBds ia all dlreetioas UBlutariniMed
tlevrsof tbe City of Washington, Maryland
and Vlridnta.
A.T. RRlTTON.lTmttai
C.J.BBLL. Trustees.
UlSQst.B. w.
Lola for sale by
ttST ra. ave.
lass Pa. ave.
atysi.1t Atlaatle Building.
S3 Aswuts ia WasUuloa for
Of HoajlOH
Ovrfhav been pat intotfae bet bulUl-
ia ia W sshlagtisi la the last two year by
trsthaalea prnaipIlT fnrntsbnl AUonaeel
lor lae n oriBiBsosi utm rsswss xuamiu-
ery. Auo lisasral Mr Wnll aad anattu
A lane stock of BsuriBe aad Boilar. PiuatM
aad JSiavators oa aaad
Wssrota frosa R)01 to VX Seventh street
bM. MeOaaarty tithe oaly bat aad
eeaaetvhnuM Baaaafantarer ia the city. Osil
aad sea bar bow ibans. Bteaeataa aad
rrststag. Staaw aad HE hats sitasedto the
lateet style. OrsUw yrasaatjy nltaailai to.
teat a street a. w.
s1' BsadebyuaaoTtbaiaost celebratad
tatters ia Asearlnat Ptclca aasaa a those
tatosUate cutters eharaa- P. T. HALL, S F
I afofasrs.-Oasve of Buiidin for Ubrary
of t'oaarese. tat East Caitltul street. Wasabu
tea. Xf. V . Jaae , list). -asHsuate sealed
ptetswala for rundaUEf aad demerin taa
rolled iroa beams aad plate aad trmssnrt gird
er ruitad fur the Boildin (or Library of
Cnaaseea. la tats city, will be utualvud at tats
i.Sice ualUS u'clwrk p as uuTSPsViDAT,
THE THIRD DAY OP Jl'LY, U3U. aad ooeswd
taiBieatsiely tluir after la preeeaee of bid
data. StiedUU'atluBs. gvaeral uutraxttucu
sad eoaoltWi and btaaa tunas of urotMal
mar he uataiaad ua apeliaaiiMn t this otaoe.
eIbSABD S. GREEN; SueariotewWat aad
Eataaar InaVM .t? J3i
TeWSXhsAXa rua suppus DnPaEr-
J asaat ot Juite. wasatnat"". v. v-
JuaaSS, nae.-ksusled uoooaabj for tarasSb-
soot of Jusut-e wttn taa aaasa-
sary saptiBfcs of taa loUoviaa artw ea.
KaasST. fuel. Ue, Matlonery. waabut tow
uAmi iiliana,m fcyr ltd ut duriiuf Qitf S
rear tudlaa Juaa as. lsSL will be received
aaiU U oVhxk at. MOeiDAY JVLY 7. W at
tbe.aioe of ua csief Oar ana ausarta-
tindeut of the building Tbe rigbx to Valve
diftito and tu njw.t injur ill bids U re
terted Blans, lurau aad b)iorBW4oti will
II ihfwuk.1 ui auoiii
w a. h.
Rll-LER. Attorney aaral
itlraa frum a javaats Utur:
"la reply to your raunaat tar atf edvsM
tea aood soauol tor soai daacatar. I
vita 4
iitM cooausiaaa catwaiajeasl aw. ajeja Igi
CabaU'a! Ilurwood tjwUtu
D.C. taa ataudaid U
Hs-a. tto Inatracttoa taur.
daeataeanf4sMaMMall tMastsTaT CdVant aWttannn .afeatf aaVaaattsf
4Mp Mia jNVOHaf iMltffelaV" 9'MVsaf jisVte&taV
IB asUbPsWUt. STaji. si QtOL
siiiinl Eaiibjat. t n"fc- aiksoiusulT net
ftvi toudlt-AiB address ur ;'t,ll SB A si s e.
aiaaassaai ansrbssJH fJ li, a-aawa.ni
Tbe soeool otssa gepi ts. aaSJdJji"isl
Jdl HjICtJij 1 fe5 s
No wb opportunity ever offereil as
Farm rjrtres for building krts.
7,500 to SO.fCJO sonars feet, from
beantlfnlly sflnvrted on high gtrnrnvl,
lints In the lajwaejrnnln ireighlswhiwsl
am selling for mote than twice the
JTowses soon to be steeled all over lire
Don't miss this, but call ami satisfy
yourself of the ontlook for the city of
Carusi. Evans&Carusi.
imi r rvrnr.irr n. vv.
WANTnn iiui.r.
Ait wrfSwrnenW fissVr MM aW , Jfmr Hy or
rse, S6 seals rr rev iiwi Hen M sea fw ssjese.
eral housework In a small family,
men, wife ami boy 8 years old; Oerman pre
ferretl; to the riant party a pteamat home
and iNvod wssres aesnred. Apply at Io. 100S
Ostp w.
drees, washlna and Ironinrtn do at
home! references given. Apply 1819 N H av.
Bnfe, Llahtnlnn-rod- or Hook A tent, or
lisporter. of rrentlMiroIr fairs, for literary
work. Large salary. Write London A Hurt
fordrnb.Co..N. Y.
rfwrHsemenfsiwtfrr MU fiad,fmr Wnsser
tfH, SS renfr for erM iassrMeii,' SO sent for thru.
steam power, good elevator service and first
class Janttorshlp, In the TOST DUILD1NO,
for rent at low rales to Srst-olass tennnts.
Apply to STIL80N HUTCHINM, t4 1'ost
Ilulldlng, or FRANK MA0UIR8, Snperin
tendent. rniLHON.vi..
AJtrrltunvnUHtnUr IMi hunt, fmr ltt or
till, SB ttntifor ok hutrUe: M unit for Uvrii.
"bis; money" for irenti' flrst-elas seo-otHt-baml
olotlilnc. Address or oall at
tUBTH'S OLD STAND. 610 D St. n. w.
AilitrtotmtntiuTHtirtAU ruaJ, fmrUntor
lm, SC etntt for wis tnrtrtton; 50 otnttfor tArie.
once; S-story and basement brink bouse;
' room and bstti; all mod Imps; sltnateit at
No. tstlstnwi prloe JI.KW; terms one-thlnl
easb. balance 1, and 3 years. Aiioly
lo FRANCIS HfFTY. 1801 F St n w. ttiK W
L frame bouse. Just finishing-; nrdrantln
yard ; lot JSi I IB; sn hj home; prloe, $). A p
ply to IIOUBRT J. THOMAS, Rooaa No. 3, SU
lath st.
bos In Washington, log, ion and lie
lltlistne; two-story and basement, brown
stone trlmmlnas; 7 rooms and bath; electrle
bells ami aaa: Klce, l&fiW eaoh, SWO tMh
balance lo suit or trade for good lots.
rOIt ItllNT I1QU3KH.
AJnrHtrmtti KhrmIl, fmrHnor
Uu, St mt for m IhhtHoh: SO omU for tArH,
lreiniavenw.Kn jawra
1411 Mass ave. 17 r and stable Jies
nil Kunw. isrs otu ee
leilConnave, it rs ITS CO
lltbstex.. isrs las oo
UwsHsiaw, lr lit oo
lwoisthstn w.iirs ieo
lrfrijstnw. llrs tooet)
it Pstnw.ttM tee so
WKinstnw.iirs imoo
X Lafarette boaare. IS
Sis Est aw. Are at at
ltfo cbapia st b w. is re 78 eo
SCI lrtbstnw.lt rs at fy
iaitittu w. ters as
scat lliflyer llace, re
lSUOst n w. lira SS
s78stBW.Mrs ta
ass 8 st b w. tS rs te
StlSsta w.Mrs an as
im rtooeatoa st, irs mm
!teSFtoaahtoast.Sr M00
lSIIRtsPbw.9rs afOO
WtSaMstaw.Srs si at
UieHthstnw, wn ttaa
lTWMst, Trs 4S03
HMHtkstB w.7r use
nm ink st a w. W rs 41 ST
StSJPst.Trs e
MWlSthstaw.Sre -if 00
ttt 1Mb st a w. re MOO
ielTQat,7 r Mm
llseWalbiehst.SM 00
ItaS Tlhstnw. strand dw tS 00
iras) fstaw.fr
jscsjatbfciB w.Sr
1'LltlW.fN S 6
mm savk at a w. t n me
l-SHRlavaa w.Tre . W
taniatbstBW.Sre MM
wajiistBw, m mm
MM4iatsw.tr vses
Tae above atwim eaa be stisslBail by net
Btit Iron oar oaVa only.
Mtt P st. a- w.
V rooia fraaw boas as, blah aad dry iooa.
tloa; BW akarrha aad sabtle aehool ia
Cakmlowa. laaatre of A. BEHR8KD, tes
st a w
AMtrtUitrnaiiuaMrtkU luaU, four Hint or
Uu, at omt tor m iuMrtiM.- VttmUfor laess,
suite or miaul, at the Baekjnakaaa. ha)
1Mb tnv, overiookiBsT Mefharson Square.
Caolee tabbj;
L' suitable for nal lean an, Jta. 3S6 3i at a w.
111 Srstilas seoujrttiM at uaatrataa ol
interest. Ku daiay waata aaswatyl atasd.
jjjoaUfY. u tu ai'abi.
AT t Ai Mat CaWf.
. Baraaias Ta siiaaru of the mt. UU
aad Pice laaaraaoe- Oonanr atb aaa V U
a w. Le Daoit antlalag.
saraaoe aad Trust Uoauasy of PblUdatobls
toadvaaue awaoy oa tmuved ptooartf at
TaahiatctoB up to T5 per oaat of aotual tea
kat value, wii or wltboat Ufe lasuranoa
Loaas paiaale lo amo'hjy or oairteriy la
I't'iflP" ""-'"t M. or int fa
HMTsts w-
yuatataaatubKat uv wstsutsi.
O .a4.aUY,cuROiWslX
U, waras aad TatiitrsTasa, tJatU- ajav. eaa.
W -.-.- Ml
sYusii litftuti 9. V.
f i it i r
ri'i'i M j uu m i - it
liiiMiis --aif ui iwimikd rn r
ERi.nPir, inn -.Ryu oio i.'DT!iKBr
By vlrtne of a ret tain deed of trust dated
May 18. A D. raw, dniy rewwden in lRvsr Ifp.
is. folio W, et sen one of the land rewwws
for the Ti'strlci of ( i.lnmMa, and at the srrtt
ten regnest of frre partv iemrcd trnwetiy, Se
t0, a otr r p, m.. the followtntdescmiw
propertv, fltnate In the city of WasMroTto.
hlMrlet of ColmnMa, to w: The nottJi
twenty o-e fest thtae Inches front hy the,
depth of lot nntnber sixteen In smvre naei
tered flflv font. Innrtived by two ory franw
d weirmt notise, c . .18
Terms of sale: one half cash, nalanee In
one and two years, wnh interest at the rate
of 8 frr eentnm, pnyahre seml-annnaliy, and
seenved by a deed of trnst on property sold,
or all cash at pnrcrmars option. SlfJBne
pnsn at ttnie of sate. All oenveyanctne and
mrorninc at rmrehaFer's coat. Terms tone
eowntled with in ten days or theproerty
will be resold at the risk and cost of defartll
""""r'Afl J l.tTTR1lU.Trnee.
(or. Pa. ave, and snth st.
WALTRRO DtrRa.Ttnstee,
Ctir. Pa. are and mi st.
T) RA1, RRTAT8 BrLT.sTfW '
Chanaes made Wednesdays and Saturdays,
1811 Dstn w, f h, 8 rs....'. ssn
asjajtossstPstn w, fh.Srs .0W
I4snhstnw,bb,tra SjSBS
rio4tt nnar's alley nw,b h. 4rs SM
1SS7 and ISSS Madison st n w. f h, i t
andSbh rear t,M
881 toSsncMsta w. bh. Srs iM
4S8Nstnw.fh.Srs, and S annsea rear MW
SIS to ass ISIh st and Ky are, hat 8 O
are and Rst se IfB
NlLstnw, b h, 7rs 8,898
SSSSRst n w. hh.T rs S,Bl
SntMhst se, hh. 8 n 0&
515 lilhste,bh.s rs sjan
47Lstn w. hh, ml.Srs S.SW
tsttsthstnw. fh, 4rs 8
1818 and 18H l4iwrence st n w. f h, 8 rs. . . ,
IISR st ne.f h.S rs 1.889
448 I sts w.bh. S rs 1,809
SOSlOthstse, f h, 5r 1.S8"
1845 an IS47 R st e. t h, S rs eaoh l.tne
7 Hope ave se, bh, i r S9B
Per foot,
Patt lot 5. K t. bet 18th and lTth stsn w.KW
L st, bet lMhnn.1 lethstnnw 1W)
( st.tret IMhaml ISlhstsn w 1 75
imh st, bet M nnd N stan w 1 TS
Stthst, tret Land M sts n w 1 88
ISi st, bet Canal and C ata n w t on
Mass are. bet Del ave and 1st stn e 100
O st, bet 1st ami 8H stsn w 81
O st, bet d and M n e ,.,. 88
8 wcorWand Lstsn e 88
SStTthstne. Mrs.... ISS
lies and 110IO fine. Srs W f)
4 isth st s w. s m 18 m
ISMrrtlostn e.Trs 17 89
lens u st n w. 8 rs IS so
Alley bet A and tt.Sd and Hhstase,
4 r U09
11 Corcoran Ilnwnw, 4 rs 1 as
set Plorhln are n w, 4 r 9 n
SSI Essex conrt n w, I rs 808
Hear IMS M st a w, 5 rs 8 99
Hall. SdAoor, 419 ttthstnw We OS
9is F stnw.rd floor. front rooms.... ts 69
sis 7th st nw, rooms WOO
Strand dwr lion Ostne, srs SB oe
Sir ami iluic 9)10 t n Srs tow
Sir and iIwkISSI Md avene,S rs T M
StrandilwaSSSKstne, 7 rs a) SO
More K Mas are n w W00
siSTthftn w, rooms lamiS 18 TO
ft r and !w lath and Iknndarynw,3rs IS 0B
!tnrproom49! L st s e 8 80
Shop rear 10 O st n w 5 09
In same to suit st S per cent.
The above ts only a portion of the property
on my books. For fall Hat call at otttoe for
bulletin. Issued on tbe 1st and itta.
13.1 Oi L.i
Incorporated hy tbe Legislature for eduoa
tloual and charitable purpose, and It fran
chise made a part of the present Stale Uoa
stltuUou.la 1ST8, by an ovanwusLaixa roru-
1NOH take place Seml-Anauallr (Jane aad
December), aad Ha UHAND 8INOLR NUM
1IKH HRAWINUH take piaoe in eaoh of the
other ten months In the year, and are all
drawn In public, at tbe Aoademy of Muslo,
New Orleans, La.
"We do hereby certify that wa sapervise
tbe arrangements for ail tbe Monthly and
Semi Annual Drawliursot the Louisiana Sum
Lottery Co., and In person maaaae aad con
trol the drawlna thenwelres, and that the
aaBM are conducted with honesty, iairneee
aad la oood faith towsnl all parties, aad we
authorise tbe company to use thl eertlSeate,
with fee simile of our signatures attached.
la Ra adverthwucats."
We tbe uadenbraed banks and banker
wilt pay all prise drawn in tbe Louisiana
Mate Lotteries which aaay be presented at
our counters:
R. M. WALMbLEY, Prtw't La. Nat. Rank.
P. LANAUX. Pres't State Nat. Raak.
A. BALDWIN. Pras't N. O. Nat. Raak.
CARL KOHN. Pras't Uakn NaL. Daak.
will take p)
Tt'EBDAY.JUtr B, laSS,
CAPITAL PRIZE - - $300,000
MCeMTlekeis at faS; Halves, fhh Qaartar.
; Teatba. ; Twsatttsah. SI.
i PBiiE of $axes u injm
i rsiu ur hms" i-.
i pRiii or mjm u. .
lPSlEiOF as.SSt)as..
FRlSin OP BUWare.
kraiininr umui
90S PRIZES OF t)are
srraoaiMAiisM ratsaa.
lOUPriuauf iUlu
udHriua,j anus trrsst
ICOPrlxesof awara ,
TiaatBAL raua.
m Prize of its are. ... 88,S
iWPrUeaof MSara sajae
3.M Priaas aawaatiaa- to ljsjal
isae-BkiM nsjssi babs or bbs
Uua 4asi wstta lasataif to the
AaaaUlT atiaajtWast vBWkSBs vuMsJatsULai
tarn awlfsVnrrarr will be aasaiad bjrfew
mviutiag aa aavsaota) aaanac year iau as-
jsssi mm sui m
Maw OrisBtaa, La.
Aaaaas Masaktarad Letters oantaiaiac Oar
teaer tu
ataw OrieiBs La.
of ate Orlstajss. aad last ticket ana
bv the TtiSMWisit of aa insrifiirion
eoaru. Taananaw. aawaca ws ait wsv-
or aaonyaaw sstasHajas-
that taa at-rasata vutraye-
OFnrjrrRTTEDSTATaW aas dcI4dtt
the uoiisiaa state utr co. aa a
TttACT aitn tae Mate ti u
est Wissfclnai'ia
AM tssra vaaflss
sKal siiAsskajsa. kstbfdjaJ
BsT4r sBjY,EBt,eBn"BBn"i? asansn"a'
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4 fttee, nw
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en 81. in stnsjL baawesa) R ann f ' aa.
m ltwe, f vo
Mtory briclt rronsa, containing '.I ro
and batn; rise of lot, 18x75; ei' ui' 1 1 l t
street sw,
4ST8 Prl r- ..
8-stnry nd back bnlldlnir Vn-' 1 n ,
enntntninc 10 rooms, ell rn'' - f ,
ments; sttnste on corner of V .. l.. 1 '
strseta sw.
488 lr ., J3
storybrkk hoie r tn-3 ii
annate on i. sirciT. utwe-n ..x
and First streets nw
en i.
8-etnry brick house, Loiij.!rIi
an monern improt imcm. t.i
it street nw. d
4 I'll
ft-storr brick hoii'C, 10 t'lOil
SSxlant situsle N. U.J N rt uw
981 Pi Ice, $1(377
S-story and taHment, trl k t ,i:.ie, "
roomaamt iin;stttisieon rcw iinra, ...... o
avenne, bet. I, and M sts. nw
m ' IV.. i xn m
S-story 8-room brtrk house .f is' '
Cleveland ave., bet. 13th and 1m L V d- .
40 l'rlce, t'.W
Sstry d-room brick bonse, on Wsi't. .
481 rrtce, 4, fl
S-story rVroota brick hsje; '''usIClC
tVallach Place.
448 Wee, IP Ur
S-storv brick honse. eontntatTiir 1 1 -
Rmllwth ami all moilern hnprotip .
eiliiBte .is, lew u s. w
480 Price i
Improved properly on the no cf
(3 st., wltte front.
411 Price. f- T
A larjre stable properly la a d--trn'
cation; now under lease to nood t.. ,
iwvlnc 9 par cent.
817 Prtce $'-V xr
4W Frame ilwelllnc. Grant ave Mint!.
I leess.nl. Price, J7,(XX).
4P0 Four allev bouses, eontsJi
rooms; each rent for f 18 par mouth 11
40 S-roora frame booso, let UOx? on h
st.se. l'ttea, a000.
487 S-story ami cellar brick hntuc, 0
rooms ami tiettr, sitnata oa L'olumMa
HelKhta. 1'rice, $10,000.
Ilonses nt Pnlss Ohnreti, Vs.
A new cottaae, sttnata only S mlnatcs'
walk from Fall Chorea stations. W. A O.
K. K., Vs., contelHiBcO raoau, batb, pan
try, ami trunk roetn; stse of lot, 110HX)
feet, rrtce, 14,100. Tennaeasy.
ALSO A new cottssra, situate only 5
mlentsa' walk from falls Church station,
W. O. K. K., Vs., contalaiac, parlor,
dtnlntr-rootn, kitehaa, t bad-roocae, bath,
iwvanU1 room aad attle. l'rlce, W,500.
Taras easy.
Varum Clroiiiiil orllicasl uuil Miulli
eusl. All of anuare 1WI ST
" 1............. 5U-
' Setith 10W Cjc
i. it , jobs! hoc
" ib c
HaWof Ull '-
41oU " It- ,
5 " law. JO-
S M. ,'i.V
1 1MIT..... 30c
5 lfW.- tV
1 14S7....... ... 371C
4 " MtaJ......... 4fn-
14 lh tdUfi 4'Jf
A JWWtaeaa aaaaeeeese.
X saVreaaeea tXPC
" Itnd... 50c
le3 VJc
11 " WW . - eee
jt !............. Wc
" " M5.M 40c
T taan...M....... ............ n.ic
House la Alesandrla, Va,
S-ttery arssk dwelHae:, IS rooms, with
paste aaasuc aad tetae side lata; situate on
ear. IHtke aad at, Asanh at.; tot TxJ.
S-stssry aad hack buildiac dwelling r
taialag IS nmmbs aad bath; lot 7Ui'jO f '
uata No. til Priaea at.
tm Price, f V
S-stary aad back bulldiaa; brick kr ;-,
ecataralag IS roasai; Mtisaia oa southea't
ear. Piiace aad Patrick sts.
4W Price, $3 V.
4 stary atiek dwalttae; haawa, built tn f vn
saast snaataatsal auaaar, eosasJaiu- j
rosxa; aU of lot atzllE.
SaU Prica, 1A,'y00,
stary aad ha
tantataftar 5 aa
St., aear Prtaea.
S-staty aad hack aaUldiaw arkk bene,
aaoaaa, situnte oa toiumi ad
m Price, 13,400
ti B ilavy brtet dwautasr souse, c.-r
talaiac at raasas aad all aaadera lmpr, v
snanta: larea ahss jaaa; tantata on . r
Wasblaasna aad Oiaifnia sts., opt;., a
Old Cartel Caataca, thunadria, Va. ln.s
ia the hast sitisatsoa ta tlesaadna 1'ri.c,
aea1s. Tassas Oaa thtod cash, t&.r o
oaa aad twa eas.
ejBMl1 fW'Mm !
Us: City.
l9ft Mftte iroker,
tastt t aasstct, naiauaen p. t 3

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