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,MiTftER WARM nun 0!t THE
tonus of Ik Gwtwf ApptAiaers
Sat to Ik taste,
To Frnstrato the Phut of Thrifty
torfieys Kstrkl Malttrs aid
Other PnQWaisgB,
The House nt rrrornrMly at 11
o'clock to-tl.y stnl reewrned the coatM
tralion of the Federal Section Wll, tire
pending question being on the amend
ment ofTeral by Mr. Tttcktr of Vir
ginia, requiring the jlge of the
Circuit Court (associated with the
judge of the district) to pees upon an
Titrations for supervisors of election.
Mr. Frank of Missouri said that in
was In favor of the bill so far m Its
scope was to extend the operation of the
supervising system, but he opposed Its
scope so far as It proposed to obtain
Ho opposed the amendment because he
thought it sought to weaken the present
The amendment was rejected.
"Jlr. llowoll of Illinois offered an
amendment making It the duty of the
circuit judges in each district within
ore month after the passage
rf this act to open n special
term of the circuit court In
their respective circuits; said judge
to nppolnt for each judicial dis
trict three discreet persons of
pood standing, to bo 'known as
I nlted States juror commissioners.
The duty of these commissioners to be
to organize as a board, and from time
to time mnko from the rmnlMcd voters
a list of persons who, under the laws
of the United States and the State,
shall bo eligible for Jury duty without
respect to race or color. The amend
ment also provides that horuaftor all
panels for jurors shall bo drawn by the
board in the presence of a district and
circuit judge,
Air Springer of Illinois opposed the
amendment, declaring that Its purpxe
was to
rf the country with Itcpubltoin parti
inns. It was the culmination of the
outrage which was contemplated by the
Air Iloutelle of Maine declared that
In his opening speech the gentleman
frcm South Carolina (Mr. Hemphill)
hnd preached the old doctrine of nulll
fifttlon, and ho appealed to young and
eld in tho North to declare that this
tcit of thing should come to an onil.
Mr Taylor of Tennessee said that In
his district there was no need for this
law. Fraud, Intimidation and ballot
box stalling wore unknown there.
Hut ho would not withhold re
lief from his fellow-citizens else
where who needed it. The duty of
the hour was for tho representatives
of the people to invoke by law
and the strong right arm of
tho Federal power, and wield
It until every man In overy city, town,
hnmlct ami precinct In every State,
North, fouth, East and West, should
be free under tho Hag.
At 2 o'clock tho voting began. The
first was on Mr. Sprlncer's motion to
lay the bill on the table. It was lost
by 110 to 153.
Messrs. Coleman and Lehlbaeh voted
with the Democrats. Mr. Ktvart is
paired. Mr, Frank didn't vote.
Mr, Springer changed his vote from
ave to no, and moved to reconsider.
Mr. Howell moved to lay It on the
table. The yeas and nays were de
manded. Other motions will Intervene and a
ilnal vote may not be reached before I.
The bill will pass by at least six
In the Senate.
Among the bllis reported from com
mittees and placed on the calendar In
the Senate were two House bills pro
viding for a bridge across the Missis
sippi at Winona, Minn,, ami Hastings,
Minn , and Senate bill for a $50,000
public building at Joplin, Mo.
Mr. Plumb, from the Committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill to provide
for the delivery of land patents to their
rightful owners and asked for its imme
diate consideration.
Hatemeuts were made by Messrs.
riumb, Paddock and Berry to the effect
tL&t there were some 390,000 laad pat
ents accumulated Is the Geaeral lied
t (lire for which those entitled to
iLcdi had sot applied. It was stated
that a thrifty lira of WaelilBgtM alter
reys had bees permitted to have
lists made of them; that they had
then i oanuusicated with the persons
entitled to thew, notify leg tbetu
that they eould get their patents
fn pay west of a certain fee
I m one case $85 which was tfcea made
$'() It was claimed that this was aa
tn t of colliuioa belwaes the Assist set
I I rrmissloBer of the Qeseral Lssd
('tt.ic (who was thes Actio- Couuui
Monet), the Asstitast Secretary of the
loUruT and this law am. Tata bill.
u was said, was designed to frustrate
tLat job.
liit bill was tkea passed.
it directs the Secretary of ike Interior
seed to the recorder of deeds is eack
. uDiy ia which laad so patented lie
Met i f the land pateats ia that coast y
tbat nave beta la tae Qeawal Land
i rtae uncalled for for twelve isostus.
The Senate, after a brief dtniisatos,
undid trow its atsesdaisst to the
iet utive, Executive, aad Judicial
A; iTopilatloJi bill, iacceaahur the sal
m its uf Senator's clerks to $l.etit) a year
f i DiHi day iuriM Uus aasaioa. Tae
li.i L.jwots to the President.
IHetrlst ia Omemm.
Mr. Hank to day ttdfaiuftl ia the
stnate a Joist ratohUtoa ycosritMsf
- tW tse twwtoiosiof ttta 8tood
Hay ti. im. seise aa settUtstjiBai rate
if interest to ha charged os arreaw of
j-tmrii) and special taxes sow doe Use
lunula of Columbia if paid within a
UU.V keclssd. be and tsar ate hereby
ic tinted usd eatesdad to the scat day
t StiUtnUr. DM." aVsiafxed to tse
1 iLirk t C'ouuuiuae.
ili Ku.biudosof Tessesaes to-day
iLiiudai4.d till is As Botsse to
.iLi.iz.UMi Secretary of tae Treasury
i i urchitse atae for v Bevstm-
i,ai Fristis OaUce asd erect
i ,auii. The UU to ths
u . us ia one seoestly
,l i. Jucul is tse Hsssiie sw Mr. Mas-
. .. u Tae stasis square J. hoMsded
, i , iiu G sUeet os the north, sorts
,r l I MMuu.'UUMiiU avenue on
si, on alley i fitt widvj on the
ul i Noith CsLilol atitct n the
west. TtriT,TiT?(rWatnvnT5?'47lTtt
ft. . ,
Mr. Trmrer of Kinas lntr0aeen a
Mil fn the House to fncrr'ft tire CarRot
police force y font isrMnional police
men, to be appointed by the architect
of trie Capitol. Thit salary Is to b
lltttte Awntt AWente.
Thtre were afire nepnWrcans and sis
DemocTats absent yesterday without
pairs. 9onw were out of town. Others
bad lingered over the wine too late the
nrevfons night. Some were engager! in
dallying wllh the sednctlre "Banta
Cmr. mm punch flaroral with
slfees of pineapple and orange
and embellished with red berries
They were one ami all roasted for their
dereliction of yesterday, and today
were among the earliest to appear on
the scene of action. They will all
hare to be good boys the rest of the
To Widen the Hnrlrm.
Messrs. A. II. Oallahne, Charles Bur
nett and Andrew S. Itlley arrived tn the
city this morning, as a delegation from
the TTorklngmen's He form League of
New York, to urge tipon Congressmen
the Importance of the Harbor Ship
Canal. They bronght with them the
lonowing resolutions, which were
pasted by the League last night and
presented tn the Senate and Honse to
day by Messrs. 'Wolcott ami dimming,
Whereas the people of the city of !few
Yotk ami environ, who are most vitally In
terested tn any enrieavor to Improve the
waterways and harbors of this the com
mercial entrepot ot our Republic, are
slsrmed st the hostile attltmte of certain
men In Congress, who have succeeded In
listing stricken from the House bill the
VS0,CC0 spproprlstton In the Klver and
Harbor 11 II for continuing the work of Im
provement on the Harlem Klver; therefore
lie It
Rtnohrd, That we, sscltltens and friends
ot the Harlem Ship Cansl, do protest
sfsinsi tne unwarranted ami nigrt-nsmicu
eonrie pursued by a corporation wBlch 1ms
received from llie people franchises and
privileges Inestimable In value, and who,
I'lltlirKd iiicvMiiinuiB ill vmuc, mm nou.
in return for this civic msnlflcence. log-roll
and wire-pull In the higher branch of our
National Legislature against the dearest
Interests of the people, ami tlms threaten
the commercial supremacy of the port of
New York.
Silver lllll Conrcronco.
The conference on the Silver bill mot
this morning. After a short discussion,
during which no proposition looking
to an agreement on the issues between
the two Houses was made, the con
fcrrccs adjourned until to-morrow morning-
A liill Vote Will lie folic. I.
Nine Republicans and six Democrats,
who bavn been absent from the House
for tevcral days, arrived this morning
and will vote on the Election bill this
afternoon. A very full vote will le
Aneicttlng scene followed the vote
by tillers upon Mr. Howell's amend
ment directing the appointment by cir
cuit judges of three juror commis
sioners in each Federal district. The
vote was close. As soon as it
was announced a Democrat called for
yeas and nays. The Speaker paid no
attention to it. Finally his attention
was compelled. He declared it was too
late to order tho yeas and nays except
by unanimous consent. "If there Is
objection," ho said, "the yeas and nays
cannot be ordored."
Much to his chagrin no one objected.
Ho was mad all through and wanted
some one to object. Mr. McKlnley said
he hoped no one would object. No
one objected.
Mr. Crisp shouted so he was heard
above the din:
"This Is the House of Representa
tives, Mr. Speaker. We do not ask
unanimous consent to have the yeas
ami navs, we dttiMHtl them I"
The "Speaker yielded and ordered the
roll call to proceed. His weakening
wss greeted with loud ami pro
longed cheers on the Democratic
side. It was some time before order
was sulrlclently restored to allow the
Clerk to proceed.
The vote showed six majority for the
The President to-day sent to the
Senate the following nominations: To
be general appraisers of merchandise
under the provisions of an act of Con
gress approved June 10, 1800:
George C. Tieheaer of the District of
George II. Sharp of New York.
James A. Jewell of New York.
Charles II. Ham of Illinois.
Juii-ph I). Wilkinson, jr., of Louisi
ana. Luuls It. "Walters of Pennsylvania to
he Assistant Treasurer of the United
Slates at Philadelphia.
Charles "YV liner of Iawa to be s uper
vUor of customs for the port of Dm
line ton, Iowa.
Second Lkuteasat Frank P. East
man, Fourteenth Infantry, to be First
Second Lieutenant Janus O. Green,
Twenty fifth Infantry, to be First lieu
tenant. Assistant Engineer Frank W. llart
hrlt, to be Passed Assistant Payanaeter.
iccoad Lieutenant 1 Unity C. Haines,
United States Marias Coins, to be First
Seeosd TWntenant Jaasas E. Ma
sonry, United States Xariae Corps, la
be First Lieutenant
Andrew Paul DUos of ieuih Ds
kota, to he Attest for tse Indians of
the Ciow Creek asd Lower Brule
Agency is South Dakota.
As AtSHsk at EttUleiM-,
A staa sasaed Jaiues French sad aa
epileptic It at Twelfth asd E streets
northwest this afternoon about 9 o'clock,
lie was retttoead to tse Eatergescy
Hospital for treaUswat.
bw WmUv Ui Hnirsn.
ruiisMS buaet stoeslng cars ate now
running through, without cnaage, fouu
Wssfcftftgtott sis Vattauwe to lostou, vis
.TtviL k and the Fuiakeapue Bridge
The trsio runs into tae B. Jk Jf . staUoa at
Beaton, aad passengers fur tae Watte
Mvuutsin rectos, Bar Uatbijr ,uid ati tnsJse
feast retorts avoid Uaunterring aecoss tke
city. The train heaves Wsaluugton stj.SU
). and Bal'kaarn at . p. m- daily.
Ftaat fcwr Kaasurui a atu Has.
Is the Police Court today Judge
MiUer Used Uesry Busk, lk Tentk
stxeet kesf-sottlef. 5 tot mUku os
f lsislsasaaM lets "t fltt sltsst CsaW
"pnpnassiawsv f wv f w
Kti.urttn ucknts to atUntk City wilt
aulasteM ky Bafthswra asd OUio aWu
rusd tor tae teals Utarivg WM&m at
18 o'ciock noon, Thursday, July a, and
t'uday. uty i, at aata of ia fur the sound
trie. Tfc'kita rood fur ceturn passage until
Tutsuay, Julj a, isekiatse.
Wesstss to ska tse atanessu
Jfaqm las LtmUOtn JouimU.
of ais ice
even tkounk 4 too U otftted.
Wi'uidlj'l U euipiiaiiig If -ou.tb'xly jfot
lntitrrttnc UBpubtllit r.etter
frem the Snjje r Montieeiin.
From ITnrrfr'i Vrmmtnt.
MoTrcEM.o, June 1, 1771.
Dbak Str . As It was somewhat doubt
fnl whei! you left the country how far
fny little Invoice delivered yon mlht
be cornplted with till we should know
the fate of the association, I desire yon
to withhold purchasing the things till
von heat farther from me. The day
appointed fot the meeting of the associ
ates Is not vet arrived: however, from
the universal sense of those who ate
likely to attend It, It seems minced to
a certainty that the restrictions will be
taken off everything but the dutted
articles. I will therefore venture to
desire thft liranch of my Invoice may
be comr lied with In which were some
shorn find other prohibited articles-,
slccc contrary to onr expectations the
reft r lotions should Ire continued, I can
lrre, or otherwise dlsrwse of them as
rnt committees please. I must alter
B article In the Invoice. I wrote
toereln for a Clavichord. I have since
seen a Forte-piano and am charmed
with il. fend me this instrument then
instead of the Clavichord; let the case
be of fine mahogany, solid, not veneered,
h e eompass from Double G. to F. in
alt. a plenty of sparo strings; ami the
workmanship of the whole very hand
some ami worthy the acceptance of a
lady for whom 1 intend tt. I must add
also dor. pr India cotton stockings for
myself 10s. sterl pr pair, I dot nr
best white silk d; and a large umbrella
wllh brass ribs, covered with green silk,
ami neatly finished. My this change
of the Clavichord Into a Forte-piano
and addition of the other things, I shall
be brought in debt to you, to discharge
which I will ship you of tho first to
bacco I get to the warehouse In the fall.
I cipect by that time and also from
year to year afterwards, I must send
you an Invoice, wllh tobacco, some
what enlarged; as I have It in prospect
to become more regularly a pater
familias. I desired the favor of you to
procure me an architect. I must repeat
the rt fittest earnestly, and Hint you will
send hltn In as soon as you can. I shalt
conclude with one petition that you
send mo the articles contained In my In
voice and written for above as soon ns
you receive this, as I suppose they may
be bought rendy-mndc;nnd particularly
the Forto-plano, for which I shall bo
very Impatient, lly this means I may
get them in Octob., which will prevent
my being obliged to purchase, as I
must do if they do not coma In tlmo.
I am Dr. Sir; Your afftcllonato friend,
Tn. .iKFFBnsON.
To Mr. Thomas Adams,
to be left nt Nando's Coffee House
Fleet Street, London.
Tlio YVny Ilnroe Jtucen Aro Hot On In
tho Antlpnile,
'ram tM Ittr .Ym-.
Louis II, Scharrer, a well-known
bookmaker and sporting man of Aus
tralia, who has been traveling exten
sively through the country, especially
In the Katt. has recently come to this
city, and Is so taken with it that he has
decided to locate here permanently.
Mr. Scharrer enjoys In this country tho
acquaintance of the best class of sport
ing men, especially on the turf. He In
tends to make application to make
books at Overland Park during the
spring and summer meeting, and will
do so on tho Australian plan solely. A
A'cim reporter asked him "If he thought
the Australian plan would take in this
"Well, I don't know. You see, I
have that to learn. I Intend to Inaugu
rate the Australian system or plan, and
1 feel that, as a novelty, It will take,
and as soon as the betters got to under
stand It fairly, 1 believe thoy will pre
fer It to tho American plan. It ts
simple and gives the bettor a chance to
hedge out after the race has started. If
he tecs his horse get left at the post, or
get away bad."
"How can you, undorthat plan, give
a man a chance to bet after tne horses
are off J"
"Just as you would when they go to
the post. In Australia hundreds of
thousands of dollars are bet on a single
race, and I have seen 300,000 sovereigns
bet on a race after the horses have left
the post and have entered the stretch.
Then, they do not use the board that Is
uttd In this country. The book-maker,
with but one clerk, gets a stand. He
advertises himself tn the sporting
papers as being at such and such a
place, or under such a tree, whore he Is
ready to take bets on all events In New
Zealand and Australia.
"Now, he will lay odds that look
fabulous to the better in this country.
He stands on a box with a list of the
starters printed on a sheet of paper
and the odds be is offering. He makes
straight bets and place one, two, three.
Of course, his straight bets are very
short compared to the place odd), anil
in that country the betters prefer to try
and pick the first three horses, and odds
of 840 to 1'S is a very common bet on
three horses. Such bets are also made
on picking the three winners of the day
separately , a sort of combination, as you
call it la this country.
"The bookmaker stands with a
satchel open In front of hint strapped
arcund his neck. Tke tickets he kohls
are numbered consecutively, awl as a
person wakes his bet he is given a
ticket with the horse's name on it in
t-ii'hange for his money. The clerk
takes tke number of tke ticket aad tke
smount it calls for. He adds tkls to
tke last tkket sold on tke horse, there
fore keeping a total amount always in
frost of aim of tke amount to he paid
out on sack korse is tke race. Now.
wken tkey go to tke post ke tails tke
book maker kow kit sheet stands asd
Ikes tke odds are raised or towered os
eack korse.
"As soon as tkey get off the kook
matur notes their nosutos asd imse
dtately gone through tke crowd, calling
out odds os tack asd such a korse. S
muck that tke one is front won't wis,
or so stuck os the favorite. As tkey
enter tke stretch ke keeps up sis betrJsg
until tke horse are sear tke wise, asd
takes ia thousand of soveteigss os tke
dtSereut horses while tkey are rttssisg.
Wken tke race hi over he cashes hi an a
tk-kets as tkey ace pteaestad. briag
kaaded by tke clerk tke numbers of tke
wissisg tkksta."
What UUut Mitajr rauwam Woimw ite
t'MUWt tw .uiimml .
Jfettit (as I Quit) Ult Com w Journal.
Mrs- EHs Dfceu Clymer owe muck of
ssr sestttstsos as tke "hsautitiiF' scesV
dest 1 ittoroals to ker use of her ajsts,
Sks sever forces tsest- If sks dlssosw
herself statussu.uly asaisat ths Nj
back of ber carved essur sjke is contest
with so stuck of Dkiuieauuaaess sa U
coaasatibls wltk the cahjs uolntt of sgoiod
presiding onacer. If omastos ariesi I??
sir to tkxow as active eiywsslws faato
set posture aba gets juat tse sacsiiiatbh?
elect, so sturv, so teas, out of bur
graceful anus. But no woman of tke
stage bat tke actr' opsortusity.
LiUten svjiti'i I aa spfcmdM. ripe,
fuB colossi arms, a Uuhj kssvy, pst
kase, and fcujritfistjiijr tke Tttrklsb. baJm
rstssr UMS tfre sttsabise, btat stcose
throughout and arm, sues arms si
lnk of tke fulness of n-cogakton be
ft ri ibi ii uoIl i f U.i u jj ks f time
yonng arm ; It reminds one of Margaret
Mather's before that yonng woman
quarreled with her manager and began
to grow fleshy. And yet Miss Mather's
arm was always too long. Miss Mar
lowe's Is exquisitely proportioned and
creatly, daintily modeled. It Is a Diana
arm, or rather that of one of Dianas
nymphs more nsefnl than the huntress.
It has about it no mark of passion.
Mrs. Kendal's arm when she Is on
the stage Is like heT face as one sees It
oft the stage, serenely and healthfully
matronly. Her upper arm Is peculiarly
muscular. Her skin has a creamy tint
and the elbow is Irreproachable,
Csrmenclta could not have become
the rate she Is but for her soft, oHve
tlntctir expressive arms, that dance
quite as mvtch as her feet, bnt are even
more graceful, as they He heavily on
her knees after the Impassioned per
formance, than during their music
quickened life as they wave ami circle
above her piquant, dark-eyed face.
Lili Lehmann has extremely hand
some arms. A sculptor might model
them. You never appreciate their
beanty when she is on the stage, he
cause your attention Is distracted by
her orange-colored wig and the yards
on yards of cashmere with which she
curiously disfigures the goddesses of
Walhalla. If she would only give
Hum half a chance her arms are splen
didly warm-skinned, majestically
strong the very arms of IhunhMt or
Pattt's ntms are like pearl satin In
color and texture. Albanl's are not
well formed. Mrs. Hodgson Uiirnett
treats her arms about the least skilfully,
find Genevieve Stebbins has about the
best aims of contemporaneous fem
ininity. Of society belles, Mabel Wright, now
Mrs. Yznaga, has perhaps the widest
spread reputation for arms.
Miss Kllfabeth llisland has the pret
tiest arms of any writing woman, with
a young and vcrginal delicacy of
The prettiest wrist I ever saw be
longed to a mite of n school-teacher less
than five feet high, who was built
hand and foot likn an Intaglio Venus.
The commonest fault of a womnn'sarm
is too Inrgcnn elbow; there is petulance
and not strength In such nn articula
tion. Kvcrybody rcmembors the Strug
clo of Mrs. James Urown Potters
tcachcis with her irroprcsslblos.
KtiEtno I'letit Telln or n Tlilt to lliin
lilll I'lrlilK, Jlnclnmt.
t'ttm Iht Chicago Ajiw,
Just before leaving Knglnnd for
Germany 1 went down to lltinhlll
Fields to see the graves of four very
great mon Hunyon, Dc Foe, Watts
and Illlson. The cemetery is a curious
spot, as full of Interest ns It Is full of
bones the name was originally Hone
hill. One hundred and twenty-live
persons have been burled here. Hit
son's grave cannot be Identified. The
nntlquary requested that no mound or
slab should be raised above him and
that with has been complied with,
"lie was burled somewhere In this
comer" that Is all the Infoimatlon the
guide has to give. De Foe's grave is
marked by a stanch obelisk, for which
his youthful readers have paid. A
comparatively new monument standi
over Uunyan's crave. The old slab
was fairly hacked to bits and carried
away by relic hunters.
"I fancy," snld I to the guide, "that
many of my countrymen visit this
saintly spot?"
"Oh, vet. sir." said lie: "thevcome
hero In droves during tho season."
Can It be possible." I asked, "that
this cemetery has a season the same as
seaside resorts and water cures have? "
"Oh, no," ho answered; "I mean
that they come here In summer, for In
tho summor mostly Americans oorae to
"I am proud.'' said I, "to know that
my countrymen aro disposed to pay the
tribute of their reverence and affection
to the memories of these saintly dead.
Could you tell me which of these hal
lowed spots they seem to seek out more
particularly 1 Kllher Uunyan or Watts
would be likely to appeal to the aver
age American, I suspect."
"No, sir," replied the guide, "bow
they find out about it I can't say, but
nearly all of 'em come to see the tomb
of that lady over there and they always
make a copy of the epitaph."
I proceeded to the spot designated.
It was the grave pf a worthy but not
noted lady, who "In sixty-eight months
was tapped sixty seven times and "had
200 gallons of water taken front her."
all of which 6he endured "without re
pining at the dispensation of an in
scrutable Providence."
Across the street from IlunUill Fields
Is the chape) behind which John Wes
ley lies buried. Over his grave stands
a simple shaft (erected In 1840, 1 think),
upon which Is inscribed as touching, as
eloquent and as dignified an epitaph as
I ever read. This whole locality has
an Inexpressible charm; here, in the
heart of a populous city and girt about
with vice is a quiet little tract where,
in the presence of the master minds of
our faith, we way commune with the
sweetest of memories.
The unpleasant feature ot It all is
that as you leave the spot you are
swcofKd down upon by a hawk-nosed
ft male, who Inveigles you into a sort of
ledge and worries you until you pay
her two shillings for a series of twenty
four pictures purporting to illustrate
the life of Wesley.
"You'll come down tomorrow asd
attend service, won't you?" asked tke
"Inasmuch as I live about five miles
due west of here," said I, "it is likely
that if I attend service at all I shall at
tend service whew a cab fare of two
and six is sot involved."
"But aren't you a Nonconformist di
vise?" sk asked.
"Madame," said I, seriously, ' I have
bees mistaken at dUfesest times for Sid
Smith ltutaeil, Nat Ooodwis, Harry
DUty and Bill Xve but sever yet nave
1 been told that I looked like a preaeksr.
No, my good sister is Adam, I ats sot
a clergyman I am by vtedsttassdos.
pteowfaartos. ueenasataakm, ueedsiac
asd profession as ungodly sswasaner
"Lor me!" ass eschtistsd, asd a
akadtf of diaassoimaissst cssst ksto her
votes. ' tklskis' you wa a divine I
knocked off sUsssatos tksm pactum'"
life UuUm Www,
Uuabasd Uetdisg) 'ri yifav says
If raise HUi um iMaa
btb ajaaf tkoetiy
Vife-llumnk! U'
srr any nmat.
Where now must we sassy waajtat,
Bast to and from tSUamtU' "oi
buna Gnat Edaia has iifirl.linri
kKw swte sstoklsg is tke ojaajw"
TtwmiA tfeji hilTi mm
Caa we no mure is peace
ui, wu: our cesMon'e st
If we can't smoke is tke
We are eM and poor, and cannot
Mtkcr laaeas seek out wksea
can Mnufca and chat, i-msfestan.
At our Vdaure at totse tajssst.
M b vaaiu our Mk Butt
Gle u mtyniiv ttsucke these.
At.il let us bate Utile ilcasuie
Aa ail! n uig ilk U) '.lie s.mrt
wife "'" '
TVhat She DrinkR anl Why the Conrt
ntjsiemn KeeemmcnvTM tt.
Tho Jondon Hv-rMhas been malt fng sn
investigation of wbst the Queen flrtnks ami
has scertftinetl (teflnftety that, upon the
advice of Sir William .tenner, "he drinks
whiskey dllnted In water. This l for the
pnrpcfc of retslnfnt her vigor, renewing
her strength snd prolonging her life. The
wMVey whtf h she drinks Is nhtsined from
the distillery on her own Bstntoral estate,
snd of ronre Is perfectly pore. Thus the
It wM offers a valuable onggesttrm in this
fact: Fnglsnd's soverMfrn drinks whiskey
under the rerommendstfon of the eonrt
phi lc tsn snd on account of its medicinal
properties, and she drinks It shsolntely
pure, having It distilled npon her own es
tate. Thee fsets prove two things: First,
that sll modern medfrinat telenee demon
ttrattsthc snperlor vatne ot whiskey for
sustaining the health snd profcMigtnjr. the
life; snd etom1, that It mnst he absolutely
pnre. The leading American phjMans
snd chemists have Indorsed these views
constantly and emphsslred the necessity of
havlrg vhltkey that Is shsolntely pnre.
The best medical and chemical talent In
America has shown conclusively thst no
whiskey known In the market la so pnre as
Port) Malt. It Is wholly free from fnsll
oil, II l unlike sll other so-cnlled whiskies
snd It Is doing great things for the health
of the eomrnnntty. So true Is this, that
while many temperance people denounce
whiskies snd ltqnors In general, they ac
knowledge He snperlor merit or Ihiffy's
Malt, and nse It medicinally continually,
(treat esre shonld be exercised, however, to
sernre no other, no matter how hard a
dealer may seek to sell yon something else.
Knew Ills limine.
Fnm ."' H'erWf.
She If we're going to get married
you mnst give up smoking.
She And drinking ami your club.
She Now, doesn't anythlneelse sug
gest Itself to you that you will give up
of your own accord?
He Yes.
She What?
He All Idea of marry Ingymi.
gjgpciuRTKnKD iiY cob isrs.
CAPITAt. AND sunrms, JSSMOO. Has
never contested a loss by Are. but always
Brake prom; t and liberal adjustments. Dr.
Unntel ll. Clarke, pres'ti (toofgo E. Lemon,
vleepres'tj Clarles8 llrsHlley.trww.sI. Fen
wlek Yminjt, seo'y; Will P. Boteler. 't
nc'y. jMttjSm
Omen or th Aioit
.Il'NBin, ISM.
A list will be completed by JUt.Y 1. 1STO. of
all real properly wlilcli shall then have be
come subject to taxation for the first time,
ami the value affixed thereon according to the
rules icr nrsessinar real estate, inn as'tss
inert will Include all new structures and ad
ditions to or Improvement of old strncttires
which have become taxable since last 4
merit. This office should be norlfledof the
removal or destruction of any building since
the last assessment. In order that the samn
may bo deducted from the valuation as It now
stands on the tax list.
Complaints as to said assessments ean only
Ix'liesnl and determined tielweenth rillKU
t)y onler of the Commissioners. I). ('.
Juan M Assensor. I) r
1001 F street n. w.
CAPITAL t,fa,O00.
This company Issues certificates of deposit
tearing Interest as follows: Os all amounts
deposited for ninety days or more, but less
than six months. 3 per cent, per annum;))
per cent, on deposits for more than six
months, but less than a yearatxlt percent,
on deposits of one year or longer.
f eenred lnvestmsLts for sale.
Money loaned.
W. 1). ItOBIiON. See. 11. H. WAXNIK.rres.
Charles II. Palley, George F. Sohafsr,
James L. Harbour, John A Hamilton,
neorge K. Ilarlol, Thomas Somervllle,
Itlcbard W. Clay. Jobn A. Swone.
Horace S. Curemlngs, J. 8. Hwormstedt,
J. J, Darllntrton, Hattersley W. Talbott,
Join Joy Rtlson, neorge Traesdell,
Charles J. Faulkaer. II. II. Warner,
Albert F. Fox, A. A. Wilson,
O. c. Green, L. I. Wise.
William 11. Hurley, 8. W. Weettwanl.
John U. Lamer, Cbae. IleaJ. Wilkinson,
A. 8. Worthlagton.
(thtocesiw to Henry Lee's Sea),
South Side.
Branch Oatee. t8 Marytoad ave. s. w.
2jgr-DR. WHITE,
Hl renoa. ave.. opposite Wltlard's Hotel.
Tboasand from far aad sear visit Dr. White
for relief f row and avoidance at earns, boa
tons, diseased sails and all other foot
troubles. Hours, 8 a. m. to t p. n. Sua
days,ttoW. Betabllsaed Wt. Fee.jl.
33f- FOBSBBHtl i S1UHRW.
-' Ageuts la WasblBgUM for
THEwarrTiBR elevatok
Of BotoB.
Over SO bare been put Into the beet build
Ibcs Is V ashlngton la the laet two year by
Estimate promptly furnlsaed. Alsoageat
for the WortbiugtoB Mean FumplBac Maebia
ery. Also General Machinists aad BsHrhwen.
A Urge stock ot BBgiaee aad BoUere, Puajps
aad Elevators on head.
Wareroouu from 'Ml to 1005 Seveath street
s Mr. UcCaffertr i the oaly bat aad
besset-fnuae maaufaetarer la tae city. OaU
aad see aer sew shape. Weachlng aad
preesiag. Straw aad felt bat altered to the
latest ktyle. Orders promptly attended to.
Me G street a. w.
any saade by one uf the aviet celebrated
eeitera ia Aaertest Price same as IhOM
third-rale cutters uaarge. P. T. BALL. 98 F
MtMct fro a fftmti Uitn
"In wply to yoar reqaeet for ay advise a
sea aesat seaool for yoar sjaagatar, !.
wsife coatdaaee Mooasawadlo. awt Mas
Cabell's Jturwood laatttate, la Wasl&atos.
D. c. Tae staadard of aeaolataajstaaK
hLmmi. the fabisnietkiB - aad
esaas aoesL tH- C. Ua, .
Jasttee U. a. aaseeaw uoaffs."
VS liwl ows SjiS itsyiltji
.rjiistti.siiir wJmr lei tsaa, fur Hum r
itss, usat Jfcr m trto.: 90 usu tm (ares.
X "i awaey ' f of geau Snt
aad-hajuT . k,jh!ni. l.ddre i
idas (Mo
or call at
JraTB'a OLD StlSD. tie B st. a. w.
Atturtittm m f i taUr tats tsast,' Aer UmM tt
(, Steals star am iMsraiaw VHuUifi (arss.
aJaasoMB rviaitsuBa booms. b
satte or sing
W tea awigs'tignass,
Jter&sKMM aisaara-
SIS, ov
jTsattabte tor tent Wmeii Nu.flOSJtslsw.
kssaMSWBU eaevi- fAls tstvt, jmliw
tatatstvssfeMreB.'aOaiAr caret.
TJIM aaiB-s-aFfi'iaL T4B. si-DacB.
laUaatraciV. I uClwl, swatrff pat
ot sJavaWoa. ASdruas or awy tiSAstsa
Oatl'hTttV KttAL SWTATSt.
SALaV-ABOtT if ACIUW ?. J ,i
a extended. m the Uue f uui Bt'tMag-
Kss aad Soldiers' Homo sUUwev. IwUw a nan
SltoMtate uf tas late Cbiel J lutlue okas.
seay caBiM'aMAsuut-" uot o.iport'ouity
Luau- Kcius. ii taur4S0i.
u, -1
lo such opportunity ever offered as
Farm prices for building lot.
7,500 to 80,000 square feet, from
beantlfnlly situated on high ground.
Lots In the Immediate neighborhood
are sailing for more than twice the
Itorws toon to b erected ail over the
Don't mfss this, but call and satisfy
yourself of the outlook for the city of
Cafusi, Evans & Carusi.
i23i i' NTiti:irr n. w.
1VANT131J It 15 1, f.
AetrtrttrrmfnU wnrfff IMt Aserf, iwrHnsser
if, S5 ttnli fir eiM Ineerflen.' SO eyntt far lAree.
V man to tend bar. Address AHttSTT,
this office. Jn-SVIt
eral housework In a small family,
men, wife ami loy 8 years oldt German pre
ferred! to the right party a pleasant home
and good wages assured. Apply at No. 1098
Otto w.
dress, washing and Ironing to do nt
home; references given. Apply 1819 N 11 av.
Pate, Llgbtntng-rod-or Hook Agent, or
lteporter. ot great Isavolr falre, for literary
work. Large salary. Write London A Hart
ford Tub. Co.. N. Y.
WANTiin Mtsont,t,ANnovs.
AdttrtlKitlt tHMtir HU hkt,fmr Hter
ttft, 38 ttnlt par tm Inttrtien! SO ttnit ftr thru.
steam rower, good elevator service and first
class Janltorshlp, tn the TOST BUILDING,
for rent at low rates to first-class tenants.
Apply to STILSON I1UTCH1N8, B Post
Ilalldlng, or FHANK MAGUIHE, Superin
tendent. FOIl HALT llOUSIW.
AdrerUmwfitf tmttr MU Kind, ftnr Uhct
Uit, St etnli tor en irur(ie; SO HHtltr IAr.
. once: 3-st-ry and basement brick house;
r rooms and bath; all moil Imps; situated at
No. 438 1 st n w; price f t.-VO: term one third
cash, balance 1. e and S years. Apply
1? FRANCIS I1UFTY. 1S01 F st n w. fe-J7-B0
: frame house, Just tlnlsblng; nydrantln
yard; lot 16x115; snug home; price, SsOO. Ap-
to iiuusu r j. i jiujias, noom no. , su
I.1 houses In Washington, 106, 108 and lie
ilthstne; two-story and basement, brown
atone trimmings; T room ami bath; eleolrte
bell and gas; price, 13,900 each, $500 eab
balance to suit or trade for good lot.
rent itii.NT iiou.siw.
AthMTttHmmU MffUH hn-1, flnrHntr
Im, St C4nU for WW lassrf ton; SO ntt r ir.
lfOlKIavenw.Krs fcoooo
lllSMassave, IT rs and suble 00
ltilKstnw, isrs mi oo
1011 Conn ave, It rs IIS CO
lttli.tei., 14rs US SO
iMstnw, ltrs iso ea
lIt si n w, it n , lis 00
KXOittbstnw.il rs levee
1TS7 0 st n w, 11 r loo oo
1T l' st nw.lt rs , loeo
TBU51.tDW.llM too CO
Lafayette bquare, It rs.
6itEstn w.ur m m
ltee chapia st n w, it n 7S as
eoi IHhstnw.ll rs , St T
istesptbstnw. ler saw
SUM Hillyer Place, ie js ft 00
lsis o st a w. ll r etas
KTitnw.H seed
tatsstnw. wrs tote
tat s it a w, o r se es
l04ttoughtoat,tH WW
lM&tougHtBM.t r to oo
1611 Hlggs Place, r SO 00
ieiiMstn W.Srs 56 a
HISUthstBW, Mr , 45 to
ITC-tMst, T rs 44 ft)
nit nth stn w.t rs itea
Sissitthstnw. W rs tt ST
iiati'n.Trs tees
lSUlWbstBW.Sre 4t 00
U uth st b w, H rs oo
UlTQst.Trs , JT W
lSSWaliaht,er oo
Hue Tth st a w, str aad 4w tt 00
ises Mh st a w, r sets
set twh t b w. t r teat
saiutbstBw.su sm
UllNYave. 4 rs ft)
11 LstBW.Tr
W14 SStb st B w. t N ,....., Od
14tSKIaveBW.Tr p
141 loth t h w. S rs fits
UetMstBW.fn S 30
JSM41 ataw.tr tees
laeiiutstBw.s r ,.
The above bouse eaa ae aiamteeil bf per
mit trosa oar oaVie oaly.
room ftaau aoases. Ugh aad dry loan
ttoa; aaar etiarotes aad publle school hi
rBloatowa. ISMjalse of A. BBHSSKD, sts B
t'OK tj.ILK AM) UttNT.
Chasse asaae Wednesday aad aataaaaf.
UllDstB w.f h. t M SUM
tsstoetetPaaw. fa.tr t.e
141S ik u w, bh. UOt
w to 411 Heart aBefaw.ha.tr ... SjMS
U'ad USB MadlsMB tliw.ls.ln,
HltolwVBW.'bWts-V.'.'.'..'.'.'.: ijm
WKMsw. f k. t n. aa4 aeaassi star tM
iK to til lttb at aai Xr avafbat i 0
s sad Base 4Jal
Sltiiv, kLTis. SJM
1M XstBw.ba.fr .m
nauhu se. bh-ts tJaS
SU lltb t . b ,. m itafl
4TIHIV, ha. rnk.tr. . .MOB
KllMLslnw.fa.tr 3,tut
liaal ussttawieafesta w.f a.4ts... tm
msas.iT(if ljm
ulMi.bt.ln MM
3ti6ieibt s, I b.5rs 1.509
i.iss i7Efe.f ,trseacs) .... iS
;utstts.ts,(B Ha
Part lot s. K st. bet tftfe sad Cta stss w M.S0
L. MUUasd MUitsaw tat
u t. b 1Mb s Mti rf a v in
kk st. est V asd Bate aw 1 rt
UA-t, WtL a4l( cUbw iaj
iSst.W( sCsts aw im
saisase. MBHnaaaa a-
O t. W lt aM i st a W
Gst. fetsiS.d at-
" ijat BStiT.
"w cf eta MaS.
WJ'.Uj u e. r t99
llM midlWSGaBe.tr setj
autlStbatsw.tr WSJ
liBrtletSf-W US!
wwvtav.tc t
AUertuitaaiidB.tdaad Ithstsse.
te J
WiFUjrldaaveuw.tr S
hu lbi ruM a w. 1 is..... a
Kiifll at . S
8U1-' as w.-'d Boer, i trust souaw - 49 W
ats n ss a w. roots t - tew
rdswllJMItBe.S ?
iua44Bsure w. w- 3):0
MJrssttdsaSitSatBV.Tas- JJ
KoMsSta w u
su Tth st b w. soosas aa & n
ttddul(aAdBouadsrB.4ts UH
abeirtar lSsOnw tut
In suns to autt at (i per cent.
The Uve la utJj portluB of tae proper tj
us U) i-.. its Fcr !l ! ' at LdJl it oJb'-c .i
tu c . V.-ucJ 0 IL '.-t a-d iSlb.
otrofWAts mm mrscEi.i.Aitiors
J rtemv-ofllce of the wtpertntendent of
the Mate. War end Ttavy Depurtmcnt nnid
ing, WaMrsttm, n c.Jniy t. two -Hai't
propnfals. In dntfcate. trill be rcceivp-1 at .
this rc BMII It o'clock norm 5 VTTJUDA V,
.tnly IS, tS, for fnmlblng this oftVe during
(he ftcal rear ending .fnne , ioi. frith
for, rnrsbt. sronge. paint" on, glae.
towel, craj-fi. cocos mati natls, orcw- .
Jte. Pcheonhsa, for of nrorrals and all
necessary rnformatton can be obtained noon
apptrcetioB to TtTOl. WTM.IAJMOS. tWet
tngtw cr tl. 8. w.. ynpcrlntcndent jys,r,is
J Snrwrln'endent cf the tte. War nd
avy Berartmr-rl Fnttding, Washlntron. p.
('. .Inly 1, 18W - neshjd prnpoal. in dnplt
cate. ft Closed and Mdmsed tothenwfer
igned. wiHbemelred atfhlsofBccnntll 1
oilrctm c SA1 1'RDATi-M I.T 1. !,
npt'ly the Hate, War and Navy Department
Bnlfding wRh fnel dnrtng the fiscal yett end
ing .time so, im. as loiiosrs- s,!Wt tone ettra
hard white ash fnrnsre cot st tons white
ah store coal. II -oat mnst ho of the bM
quality, free fn m dnst or Impmltles aid ht
si ectcd by a sworn lopeotor at the c wt of
tee contractor and to he weighed ntwn the
Government rlea in the rourt yard. IT0
cords hickory word, n cords spruce pine
wood. All Wnod tobe i,f the best nallty and
Inspected by a worn lnrcctor at the cost of
the contest for; the hickory wimd to be
savrtd m three pieces and measured after It
Is sawed and delivered. The coal and wimd
to be delivered at the Mate. War and Wavy
Department Bnlldtng and t,red In the
vanlts by the party ir parties to whom the
contract or contracts may bo awarded at
snch times and in snch 'inantttles aa the con
venience of Mm office may require. Beserv
Ing the right to order as n.mh moreota
much leof either coal or wood as may he
required at the enntract price Also the
right to reject any and all bids or to accent any
portion of any bM The successful bidder or
bidders will be required to furnish a bwnd In
the sum of ts.owt as a guarantee of the falth
fnl performance of the contract. THOM.
WlI.LIAMMMt. Chief Engineer U. 9- lf,!u
rtrlntendent. Jyt, V.1I
girders. OfBcc of llnlldlni for Library
of Congress, lift Bast Capitol street, Washing
ton. 1). C, June an, 1SS0. Separate ealod
prorotls for fnrnlshleg and delivering the
rolled Iron beams and plate and tressed gird
ers required for the Hnlldtng for Library of
Congrew, In this city, will be received at this
office nntllS o'clock p. tn on TnURaHAT.
THE THIRD DAY OFJl'LY. two. and opened
Immediately thereafter In presence of bid
ders. PpcolrVatlons. general Instructions
and conditions and blank forms of proposal
may be obtained on application at this office.
1IERNAHD It. UREBN, Superintendent ami
Engineer. Jnsn.in S7,S9,Jy3
ot Justice, Washington, D. C,
inneSH, iseo. Sealed proposals forfnml'h
Ing the tepartment of Justice with the neoea
sary supplies ot the following artlc e.
namely, feel. lie. stationery, washing towel,
miscellaneous, fur Its use during the flseal
year ending June so, IWI. will bo received
until Ko'eiock m. MONDAY. JULY T. lift), at
the office of the Chief Clerk and Superin
tendent of the building The right to waive
defects and to relect any or all bhls Is re
served. Hlnnk forms and Information wilt
,te furnished on application. W. II. It.
MILLER, Attorney (lenernl. JnMw
Lcl, Oi L.s
Incorporated br the tigilaturn for mines
tlonal ami cliaritabte nurixnes, and ltslrn
chisemadeamrt of the treent NUte Con
stitution, in 1879, by an overwhslmikb roru-
INOH take place Jieml Annuallr (June and
December), and Its GRAND 8INGLB NUH
HKR DRAWINGS take place lnea-.'hot the
other ten months In the year, and are all
drawn tn public, at the Academy of .Music
New Orleans, La.
'We do hereby certlfr that we supervise
the arrangements for all the Monthly and
r-eml Annual Drawings of the Louisiana stuto
Lottery Co., and In i-erson manage and con
trol the drawing themMilves. and that the
same are conducted with honesty, lalrne
and In good faith toward all partle. and wo
authorise the company toue till crtltlcle,
with fae simile of our signature attauhed.
In ju advertisement.'
Com mUsloncrs.
We the undersigned Iwnks and haaker
will pay all itsa drawn In tbe tHilslaaa
btate Lotteries wbkb may be presented at
our counters:
K. M. WALM8LBY, !re't La. Nat. Bank.
1. LANAUX, I'res't State Nat. Bank.
A. BALDWIN, rres't N. O. Nat. Bank.
CARL KOIIN, rres't Unlya Nat. Bank.
will take pjaee
l0,CO0TlokeU at ty. Halve. fMt OaartSft,
Jt; Tealh. tt: Twentieth, Jf.
1 FRIZE OF JSrt.ef Is i&ijm
ll'HIZEOF lf).ftl WOjMi
li'RizeoF sojpoou at
si'BiziBOF ) aWee
t'BizBoF i.uui ni
too rmziioF wr sejtd
I'RIZBDOF tMare taVkfle
900 l-RIZESO? Oar HjM
ArraoxiBxvMH raua.
loflPrlwsof teear ttsVMO
Its) Friaea of SMara 1U
leeFrlaeeof seeaM -....... MJM
vsbbuial raiaa.
stePrbHMof ISflare ttgM
SStFriuaiof BSare StMflS
.lt Frlta amoBBtlag to SIJMuo
firrom cub asw or aar fuvtaer Uiorou
UuB desired write lesssiy to the MBrltigail.
elaariy statlsc yoar tesldeaee, with Mats.
Coaaty, StHast aad Nacaber. More rapid re
turn Maul delivery will be aar4 by yoar
IatltxiBg aa eaveiupe beurlag yuur fall ad-
ordtaary Lett cuaUlaiajf
Moaer nse ess fett4 or au
huiaed by all Bxprees
CusBpaate at Baw York BneaaBge.
Xew Orisaa,LA.
ASdnu Begbtaved Lotus ooaitatait car
reaer to
Vmv Osiaass, La.
that tbeMVaaaatol Frie
BaXBS of saw Orleaa. aad is tkiaat us
ttsMd br the Ftwddant of aa lastltutkui
waaaeeaartceed ristbuara leoagal ted lathe
MfSsst'-oart TSettsioM. beware uf ell last
tatioB or aaoaysMMU tcaaaas."
)FTH?l-BtTsU)iTATBS baa decided I bat
iku, I .iuiala.BA Mxtu Lutterr Un. baa a OQH
TaUlTwith tbe Mate ui LuuiaiaB. WbteS
il 1 ant cla aecuritle at iDwesl rate of
Ulureat. Bo ttiy wbara sasMttur ta saeat-
' 'swnKtaw.
ill TtTLX CO.. tr La ave.
UI AM- '.
st t uta rsB curt.
iU c
SaBK W4 SgfaaaabB )f fkaaLBBBBaBUT tataff aBBBVaBaAatBBSTBtaSBtt
luoakJ tl SpBaJ.
VOtttitStAiSSt Of tastM.
Slates Ad Tcrrltuclea, 45c La. Ss JOB-
pisas to aaB
a. a- Btissi via.
ns iFJaacsaee- Quruar eta aad tm
se&M& i
ffWWm SlrWrtt BanWWA Q fGto V tt. .
m Pttes, fMorj.
Biturj frasae hessse, wlUt tarn Jest sltnat o
en Wati street, Betwee B tWOisV
8-story brrett ktwtw, eWsttiM ftwns
snd bate; site of tot, ISirV; ttUMte tm :
street sw,
4t Prlee, ,Wf.
8-stnry and heeH bttnothsr brtelt dweTltntr,
contalnfnsr 10 rowtw; all modern rsvprovo
ments; sttaata ow eoner ot Jtfath aad 0
streets sw.
4a Fries l,ow).
B-stovT brtefc liosiae, ft rtsftiss and bath;
ettnaie on I. street, between erth Oanltol
and First streets sw.
408 rrice, )M0.
n-tor brick mwsse, ermtalntnn IS room,
all modern lmprtrvwttvili tltwata s. 9H
K street nw.
498 Frlca, ftOrlWO.
!t-tory brtck honee, in rooms; site ot lot,
96xl9S; sttsste No, 1498 N st. nw.
SSi Pries, (10,000.
S-stovy ami basement; brtelt boose. 7
rooms and hath; situate oa New Haasrmhtrs
avenne, bat, 1, and M ate. nw.
4"B Pries, A800.
0-etory It-room brick howee; tltnate on
Cleveland ave., bet. 19th aad 1JHB, W and
4RS Price, Jt,Pf").
9-story S-roons. brkk booae, on Wallath
481 Prlee, H,3t0.
itstory rVroom brick bowse; sitnate on
Wallnca Place.
4 IS rrice, 16,100.
3-story Wick bowse, eoolalnlna; 11 rooms
ami tiatb; ami alt nswlern Improvements;
sll Mate No. 1S90 Q st. . w
450 Price, !1S,00.
Improvssl froperty on tbe north sttle of
I! st., whl front.
Ill Price, 8f4,WO.
A large stable property In a deidrahle lo
cation; now under lease to good tenant,
pa I tig U nr cent.
817 Price, fSMOO.
4IH Frame dwelllna, tlraat are., Meant
Pleasant. Price, ROW.
4bFmir alley faoseet, contalntng 4
room; each rent for $1& per wonta. Price,
4SB S-room frame boose, lot SO 74, os U
st.se. Price, 19,000.
407 S-etory ami cellar brtck bfttMS, 9
moms and bath; situate twt Otlssabla
llsLgbt. Price, ilO.000.
Houses at Full llhureh, Va.
A new cottage, situate oaty 5 sahwtea'
walk from Pall Church station. W. A O.
K. K., Va., containing 6 room, bath, pan
try, and trunk room; alse ot lot, 110x130
fcL Price, $3,100. Terms easr.
ALSO A new cottage, situate only S
minute' walk from Falls Church station,
W. A O. K. K., Vs., containing;, parlor,
dining-room, kitchen, 4 bed-rooa, bath,
servants room aad attic. Price, oVHW.
Term sy.
Vueuiit firuiiutl Norllioukt uinl Sotitli
All of square 14ai.M..,.M.M.M.M.MMMM S5c
lew. ...m......bm. ... Vic
' U ttottU lM..a.MM.ass.saa,. &C
MNw....MM..sMMt &0C
" limU.e..a.-a..s.e.aW fOC
HU ot 1111. ......,.......,....., 33e
4 IwW faV'9fwe ess esatas sJOt.
tP vslftBStastt eeeaaeeaaeeeeeesas vU(r
A JB a as MitssMttsssHtsiHt JC
X-e7l aeaee etaeeaesa "
5 ' 10K. ..... e ..e s..?. aiSe
sMWii eaeaaseeeeesatt JJTjC
4 " IWssv. s s eeee eirsessesassi s) 4UC
1 " Wt.raw...,M, 44;
A tffMisM ae a HSHiisH "WC
1 " H Jti6e.....e seM.ees.aMseMt 50C
IWTAi eeae UtiMMU'ttUslt OUC
X VwSeeeeeesaaaaasaesejsi DC
IslfstifN eseeeaeeseasMS WC
W sssesse isaasassass VWS
Ml " lta. .w.w, 40e
7 H !. ..., .aic
ileuses la Alexandria, Va,
S-story btteit awetHaa, 18 resets, with
bSke sssex asd huge side lots; situate on
ear. Dttke sad St. Asaph sts.; lot VsbU.
S-atory aad back htilMtaf dwelBsf, eon
taluieglx rooaas aad oath; lot Wtats, tit
sate So. oH Prises at.
4s l'riea.wW.
S-atory aad back badldiag brick bstue.
eessanuBsj la rnosa, as
ear. Prince sad
a nunc
Frica, U.
4-stety brick dwaUtag bssss, bsfltls tbe
s; site st 1st StoUt.
Pitta. MskM.
S-ststy asd back buildtag brick sosm,
csstamisut ronsas, situatet
M., agar macs.
Pries, ,0.
urn story brick dwainas srwtis, cou-
taiaiss IB
au matwim asssrose-
sassta; lana aMe yasaU snsate
WsaalBftoa asd Casaaros sta., sMottte
Old Christ Csssvs, Aleassdria, VaT Tbia
u the beat sluutaos is tlesssdrts. Prke,
1MM. Term Oss third cash. Imtasie
sss asd two years.
flPsaBSBp aslBm aSffsWlaswsjj sBF -gFd'
Rtfft! fetits SjJw,
14,1 it Ssi-ctl. asittstm B I

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