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22D YJEAB NO. 6.841.
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For Monday, Jul Tth.
w.Aj pikrOk & 864
itrmuffis te
As If the very sunlight
shone upon our counters,
and as If the piles of goods
were drifts of snow-so they
are melting away under the
rajs of prices that burn
value to the core. Having
so many departments to
cover we must make "day
sales.'' Sacrifices are
like collectionsthey must
be taken up quickly cr not
at all. Neither you nor our
selves have any time to
dally away in useless pro
crastination. Here is one
"day sale" for Monday next,
and, you'll see, it's as full
of saving virtues (for
you) as a blackberry is full
of seeds.
VM. Art.
Cilorctl Gimps II. CO 31s
ilo (I $!,M SOj
Sets In nil colon MOO SI. 00
do ilo SI.33 90a
do ilo 750 Me
Ccrds and Tn.wcls It.oo Jl.OO
do do K.00 Me
Co do tlM Me
Ta.'scls Mi 15e
do doien a )o
fcadcl Capes m.W S1.M
I lain bilk Ornaments, nit col
or? SI. SO lOo
Plush Pall Mo So
Colored lletdwl Ualtr So too
do do do KdR... 40a IV)
Flno rastamenterle Bet, la
black H.0O $1.00
A black nnd Steel Set $4.00 $.
Cc lc red Hall Fringe el.SS 50o
rerslan Trimming $J SI.M
Colored Headed Trimming... tT.ft) II.OO
do do do ... 99.80 J 1. 00
Mack Tape Fringes . Jl.
i'o do do tlM Jl.10
do do do 81.78 fl.W
do Silk do $130 SI.4)
do do do iM J.7S
r- do do do $i M.W
do do do S1.75 SI, 10
do do do S1.60 Sl.SB
do do do 1.W 8Se
do do do ........... sea 6S4
Yamljke Trimming tt.Ti JS.OO
do do jr.eo HAi
da da 81) fS.50
do lie 81.C0 gee
do do Te He
IYarl Button with iUl
banda, par down fl.W Me
Taney Pearl WA1 itte
Colored do J1 4e
Fancy Uattess.. TSe all
do do S) at
do do 34a te
Jet do (1.00 7e
do do fl.W JI.OO
Largo Crepe Stone But tons... Me Me
fmall do do da ... Me We
Bright Jet Buttons Jl. 8e
Fancy do do ate -la
do do da ate Se
Metal do Sl.ee see
d do tee 88s
do do tie JSe
All our Hern Bettea below east,
You Know the Fine Ho
sleiy Davis Carried?
- Vol leached Ba'.teiepui ate ate
do d See at
.lo rfe tie -tee
ri-tuiackcettea ate at
rto do do lis Me
lo do do M ate
t'o do do. 4te ate
do do de tie He
r-Ore lot Ltole Ttoead lie ate
Tt stitch Pat Meek UaVe., Me 4e
Fast Elaek teste LMe Me
1 i-t Black. BHSttek. SMc,
Plaited at We
Blakauu WUteUele SSe
Jo do 4t esettoa tte ate
do Snoot MUc SUfl Jiat
do do da nm UM
r ao do de M Sl.te
-1 ast Black wtjjjmi OBttoB-w 4a ate
do do do ate
ettrasiM,... Me Mo
Miscellanpus Trimmings.
r ,niedsuk sua at
lr. .caded and StriiwH Velvet. . 81 .t
Jv de do 4 .SMI tU
UienUleCeedJ to
Lack aad Cotonad Haai;
B.okU ItHS 6e
t.ioeaaad JwUotroiie Velvet
Bibboa Mff te
t urcd B4e, per ide ajg m
. uimed Cuwte tmt Ttaieah- KHt ate
t oired sdgw a 1iwt. M
(.o'jrcdSfttta. SMft M
ctitoigUkKaU SMI
taucyTtjUl JM- Ml
- do do 4o m s
- a du g)o Te Se
You auy kiftk fer som
further aMftfiJgfwiWit froi
us in Umdiy SvMis
Stat" awi Crit.
W. A. PHtCI ft SO,
At the Reunion of Ex-Confederate
Soldiers in Chattanooga.
Senator Hawley Repties lo Bishop Pot
ter Many Terrible Casualties.
The Day in Washington,
The Kntlonal Capllnl was entirely do
Ecrtctl yeattnlny, and a religious qulo
tudc far moto tcdato lhan Sunday per
vaded tbe entire clly. All the Congress
men who could conveniently get to
lliclr districts had gone homo, xvhtlo the
Western and Southern' men, relieved of
tlulr pfllctal duties, had taken the op
portunity to spend a few days at the
ecu shore or at seme of the near-by In
land resorts.
The President and Mrs. Harrison and
l'ostmastcr-Genornl and Mrs. Wana
maker wero at Capo May Point, as was
also Private Secretary Ilalford. Secre
tary of Stato Dlalno had gono to Uar
Harbor, where ho could think quietly
and peaceably over his pet scheme of
reciprocity. Ho will calculate in his
own sweet way whether he would or
would not remain as Premier tn tlio
President. Secretary Tracy was at Now
London. Conn., and Secretaries WIn
dom and Itusk went on n pleasure trip
down the Chesapeake lliy. They will
nil return on Monday, and the great
Government machine will be again In
The thousands of clerks employed In
the different Departments took advnn
tnce of tliu holiday and many of them
sprnt It out of town.
The small hoy, and for that matter
many of his elders, were in tholr ele
ments. Tho police did not Interfere
with them, and qulotly looked tho
other way when some one sot olf a big
ChlDcsi) Ilrecrnckor.
There were fewer llres than ever oc
curred before, and the day was only
marred by the sad burning of n little
child. Powder stained lingers and faces
are plentiful to-day, hut those whohave
them will have tho powder picked out,
and have tho knowledge that they patri
otically celebrated the day when tho
American englo tcronms Its loudest.
Tho only public celobratlon of tho
day was by the Association of the Old
est Inhabitants, which body met ai
usual and listened to the reading of the
Declaration tof Independence ami an
MUTED. The Oldest Inhabitants' Association,
as Is their custom on Independence D.iy,
met yesterday morning at the Corcoran
Building. After Hie transaction of
routine business tho following olUcer3
were reelected: President. John Mar
bury, jr., vice-presidents, It. P. Dyer,
J. W. Shlles, .1. II. Thomson, J. M.
"Wright. James Pllllne. J. V. Clarke.
William lierron. 15. M. Drew. J. A.
Tall. O. W. Iknnett, N. I). Iarner. J.
D. Headley. and Anthony Hyde; re
cording secretary. Dr. Joseph T. How
ard; corresponding secretary; Dr. B. O.
Corbln; treasurer, Robert Hall; mar
shal, J. A. WIneberger.
The Declaration of Independence
was read by Mr. D. Wheeler, ami the
orator of the day was General 13 0.
Carrlngtnn, Mr. Iiell sang the "Star
Spangled ltanner," with the association
uniting In the chorus. At night the
members of the association attended a
meeting of the Sons of the Revolution
at Professor Cabell's Norwood Institute.
Engine Company No. 8, oa North
Carolina avenue, between Sixth ami
Seventh streets east, in charge of l'oro
hub Francis Lewis, was beautifully
decorated yesterday with liags of all
nations. Including a larxe tntasrwreacv
in crayon, represeatieg the reseue of a
child from a burning building. The
men had been oa continuous duty for
twenty-four hours and the residents of
the neighborhood supplied them during
the day with ice cream aad lemonade,
in honor of the occasion.
Two colored men, named Wesley
Carroll and George Raymond, engaged
in a fight at the corner of Seventh and
F streets south wet yesterday afternoon,
which attracted a crowd of several hun
dred people. Both wen were arrested
and locked up in the Fourth precinct,
The Fourth of July was celebrated
id Waeninglott Grove by interesting ex
esciies. Tie principal event of the day
wst the reading of the Declaration of
Independence by Miss Martha Berry.
Kev. Dr. Price wade the opening
prayer, and Geoge T. Wood, president
of tke board of trustees, presided at the
exercises. X Has display of fireworks
took place in the evening .
A huge euuiber of the young people
of Metropolitan M. . Church were
present m a wnnts tfturnaaaent yestar-
oWv afternoon nenr the hosne
w Us
and Mn. Lacy on Clifton atreet
Prizes were won by Hisses Riley,
Stoekett and Walker. After the ious
snmesd mfmsjuffysiiti wene served on
the U.wn by alii Lacy, ssairtml by her
afeoe. Mini Bulk Site. A. rJt:iii"tt
evening was dosed with music and lire
wijokeu TauuneftLvu olt o- towk.
The ejkCuaauyas ynaaesday dhl not
crry twey nearly m tuany people as
n&uaL m Mayalnstur tooh 0 nnonlii
to MfniBi Yeraos and Marshall Hal I
tad the Cotcoras took about 400 to the
laiter isort. The Jane MoeT cnrrhl
$0 people to Wlii'kiston IaUna and 1CW
colored people were carried to CoUiug
wood Bench by the Mary Washington.
Ah tpmeate crovd went to Bey fudge
to wiUtk-as the pyrotechnic dispUy and
take a dip In salt water. The Balti
more awl PoIonum: Railroad did a heavy
huslneas, for large crowds v bated ell
the resorts along Iu Use. The JcmioJ
lur Ak'andri llcka pui-uLuly
Law and thnt cts.r wne nrnftr veM
HU4 with eTciindonJws-
The crowd was barge yeaterday ai
Bewdfifk and the tatiug was excellent.
Sly Go won the Axat race la tvo hnaia
in 2:80 and 2:18. The second race was
wonbyKIotn In 2:81 and 2:27L and
the third race, a running race, for a
sweepstake of f 200, was won by Mogul,
with Neptune (second. The fourth race
was won hv Valerian, with Griff Ilewl
second. T"ho meeting was a financial
and sporting success.
The llrst regular mecllne; of the Wash
ington branch of the Sons of the Ameri
can Revolution was held last evening at
Norwood Institute. The members and
invited guests Were received by Mrs.
awl Miss Cabell and the reception com
mittee composed of General Ilrcckln
rldge, Dr. Toner and General II. V.
The meeting was called lo order at
9 o'clock by Senator Sherman, thero
being over sixty persons present, twenty
of whom were ladies.
Professor G. Itrown Goodc, the secre
tary, explained tho object of the society.
The poclely, he said, was purely historic
In Its purposo and Intended to perpet
uate the memory of tho men who
achieved American independence.
Congressman Hemphill of South
Carolina recounted tho deeds of tho
heroes of tho Revolution who had come
from the South.
Representative Ilutterworth, the noxt
speaker, was gratified to find that the
society was exclusively American, and
one that would remain so. Tho trouble
with tho country wos that thero wore
too few American Institutions and too
little effort to liavo them.
Patriotic speeches were delivered by
Representatives Wheolcr of Alabama,
Grosvcnor of Ohio, and J. C. Urcckin
rldgo of Aikansas. Tho meeting ad
journed after enjoying somo flnoly-ex-ccutcd
instrumental music. Among
those present were
Senator Sherman, General M. J. Wrlfilit
anil wife, Colonel T. A. Itoovc, Dr. .X. X.
Toner, Trofessor J. tV. Cabell, Mrs. nml
Miss Cabell, General Oeorgo 1). ttlbbanl,
l'rofcfior J, I), (loode, General J. C. llreck
Inrlilgo and daughter, J. V. Lothron, T.
Dullols, V. T. Itoblnson. John J. IlalJtcail,
Dr. McDonald, It. II. Spencer, Dr. Leo,
wife and daughter, S. T. Abcrt, Charles W.
Coombs, General K. A. Corman, W. I.
tVetliercIl of tlio Massachusetts Society,
Dr. Henry E. llobblns, F. It. Itolilnon, K
Douglass King, Captain II. C. Dilllols, A.
Howard C'lnru and wife, Hon. J. J. Ilemp
lilll, Hon. Hen Ilutterworth and lady, Oon
cral II. C. Hoynton, Miss Janiei, Ilcnry
Wise Clarnctt, Hon. Charles II. Qrotvenor
and wife. Dr. (Ionian. Major D.ivU, .Mar
shall McDonald and Gen. Joseph Wheeler.
At noon yesterday Charles Lytllo, nn
11 j oar-old white boy, while playing
with a toy cannon at the corner of Sixth
street and Florida avenue norlhoast,
was seriously burned about tho face.
He had a bottlo of powder in his pocket,
which oecamo ignited, and exploded.
Tho boy was attended by Drs. Hughes
and Frederick and Rlanchard and after
ward sent to tho Rmergency Hospital.
It Is feared that he may lose his eye
sight. A I.IOIIT COl'llT DOCKRT.
Considering that it was the day after
the Fourth of July the docket in the
I'olico Court to-day was very light.
There were only forty-live cises to be
disposed of and they were all closed up
by 12:30. m
Nkw Yoiik, July 5. Tammany Hall
was profusely hung yesterday with
American Hags and was filled with
braves and resonant with patriotic
music. Grand Sachem Tappan opened
the proceedings by arising with his silk
hat on bis head as a token of his rank
and bidding welcome to the braves who
had assembled to join in the celebration
of Independence Day. The reading of
the Declaration of Independence was
entrusted to George 1). McCIellan, son
of the late General George U. McCIellan.
Congressman William D. Rynura of
Indiana, was Introduced as one "whose
chief glory it is that he received the
censure of the Republican Speaker of
the House of Representatives." He
made an address as also did Congress
man Crisp of Georgia. A letter of re
gret was read from ex President Cleve
land as follows:
Mahion, Mass., June 30, 180.
Peak Sik; My absence (root the city of
New York, and plans which 1 have already
wade, prevent my seeentanee or the cour
teous iHYlutlOH wbk-u I have received to
attend the eeiebrattou by the Tjiutnaay
Society of IbetUtb analveMary of Aweri-
ew iufwtuMcv.
The eelebnttoa cooteiupUtwl by your
aiu:ttit asd Uwe-hottored organisUoe, will.
It seems to uie, fall short In the Impressions
ooec to the occasion, l( it does not per
sittetttly iseut ud emphasise the Uees
that the Declaration of imlepamleeee was
Ibe protest of hoaet and sturdy wen
agsU.st ibe wrongs and oppressions at uii
eoverBiHsnt. The ressons and jmtlneatloe
for Ibeir revolt are exhibited iu their recall
of a tots: uWt of grievous iusUaeas of imil
adiuiuisuadou. They conipuiBed that
their ieterasts bad been so neglected ami
their right as lawful subjects so violated
under British rule that they were absolved
row further fealty.
Uur fathers in establishing a new govern
ment upon the will of the people and con
secrated to their care and Juit protection
couM not prescribe Ittiiltatloue which would
ueny to poutksl parties Us conduct sod sd
aiiulstrailon The opportiieities and the
tesptaUons thus neeessartly presented to
partisanship have brought us to a time when
fatty lunttui it far too arrogant ami biiUr,
and when in public place the true interests
of the country are too lightly coneidefed.
In this predicament those who love their
country way well reweudwr wits comfort
ssd satfalactton on Independence Dy the
the dtspesitioB of the American people to
revolt ageliut uul-xlmifllstration still re
mains to them, and is the badge of their
freedom and independence, as well as their
security fur continued prosperity and hap-
Thev will not revolt against their pun of
government for its protei-the) uvi preser
vaUou suoply every Inspiration ol true
Emeries wftfas Suit, brraese they are free
and ffliPf "Htoffll Anieriean rltirens. they
will, se knur as their love and veneration
analnet the eVoesthation of ajtv pohsical
party, which, entrusted Uh power, sordhtty
mi only hs continuenee, snu which stah
lessly violattinM' hs plain and elesom dhstjr to
the peoole, imudts fm with iNtotasannts
ul eisliiMsrratiiil solicitude, white it sets out
their substance
And yet. wtth U this, we should not in
ftnue eecunty eeuy use e-twtance or iisngftf
The nuvMUt ol our souutrytneu are hrt e
end therefore generous, they are stro
T&ev are strowr
end tntfrefvere conhdent bhaj the v ere honeas
tiUd thereeu-ie ut sHsnetirtf Our pedl hea
ie the ease with whsbh titey Muty be deluded
and cajoled by those who would UaJk with
tnetr inivrf sts
Ko occasion Is saore opportune than the
celebration of the lltth ansivsary of
it wwrh an tndapendeuce, to warn the dlsattr-.-)ib
peoole of the present necessity on
thaw part oil a YWmtnt wetchluJtnes4 of
their r&hts (tad a jt JJiITe cUo ol hon
feSt vm UVacliMh pertorut4Uee Of puMic
duty- ti truly,
dd tint nonrliiginti nf ihr mtrlasiiT thiee
henrty chen-ca were flvem foe the writer.
Other letteis were rend ftosu Governor
HJJLl, the Governors of AUbauu. Ken.
lucky, Ivouislana, New Jersey, Oregon,
Montana and Wat Virginia. Sfinators
Cockrell, Blackburn, Turple, Vance.
Gibson, McPherson, Pascoe, Carlisle,
and Representatives Vaux and Breck
inridge. Short speeches were made by Gov
ernor Biggs of Delaware. Congressmen
Springer, Allen, McMIllen, Kerr, Kn
loc, 1 oder and Mnusnr. and a rtitoln
tlon was adoptexl denouncing the Fed
eral Election bill and oppoewg It p-w-sage
by the Senate.
THE SBJfATOn m.rt.tB. TO TltR Bisitor's
Putnam, Conn., July 5. In the
course of his speech al tho Fourth of
July celebration at Woodstock, yester
day, Senator Hawley said: "I have read
with amazement the remarks of Bishop
Potter, delivered at tho commencement
exercises at Harvard last week, con
cerning the political condition and tho
political cthlos of tho country. While
wo all welcome criticisms applied in a
firm but loving spirit to tho evils that In
evitably dcvelopo nt times, I deplore to
hear men of eminent position and schol
arly attainments speaking hopelessly of
this great and wonderful nation this
good nation nsl believe it to be picking
up incidental occurrences nnd slight
tendencies among Small fragments of the
Tho General took up tho statements
by Bishop Potter wiatim, claiming that
Bcnatc bill No. 380, for tho relief of
soldiers nnd sailors Incapacitated for
performing labor, amply guarded
ocalnst tho ovll predicted by tho Bishop,
should tho act becomo a law. Contin
uing, ho said. "It is not true, as Bishop
Potter assorts, that under any of tho
proposed legislation can every skulking
camp follower and dosortcr who has the
cf.roi.tcry to demand a pension coma
In. That Is not truo. and It is slander
ous nnd mischievous to mako such a
statement. ApplaUscI I suppose tho
Bishop was thinking of tho bill to give
nrrcars of pensions to soldiers which tho
Senate vory properly dofeated, or ho
might liavo had In mind tho bill to
pension every man who was n prisoner
of war, or of the bill to dccjr.ro n pen
sion payable to every man who served
for thirty or ninety days. But lot mo
nssuru tho Bishop that ttic Congress
which he tnlks nbout being ready lo
givn n pension to every skulking de
serter will not act foolishly. When the
war ended tho Interest on the public
(it-tii was if igu.wii.uuu a year; now mat
interest and tho pensions together only
amounts to $180,000,000, nnd our ooun
try has doubled In population and
wealth. I believe It Is a pretty good
country, ana it is nuout time tuese pes
stndsts stopped. Applause.)
CiiATTANOoaA, July G. Tho Fourth
of July exercises of tho reunion of the
Confederate Veterans took the form of
a monster parade yesterday. Two
thousand veterans were in line, to
gether with tho threo regiments of
Tennesfco Stato Guards encamped
near the city and several military com
panies from other Southern cities. Gen
eral John B. Gordon was commander-in-chief
of the procession, and as he
rode along the line In review ho was
greeted with a continuous round of
cheers. General E. KIrby Smith, at
tired In n suit of Confederate gray,
commanded tho military division, and
lie, too, was vociferously cheered along
the streets.
Fifty thousand people witnessed the
parade. In all the line not a single
Confederate Hag was displayed, but
every command carried the national
colors. The feature of the parade was
several hundred young men, sons of
Confederate veterans, who passed along
singing national airs.
Last night the whole city was illu
minated, and Roman lights and tire
works of various kinds made the night
brilliant. Lookout Mountain and Mis
sionary Ridge wete ablaze with bright
lights, and on the Tennessee Ulrer and
Cameron Hill there were monster pyro
technic displays. It is estimated that
there were 35,000 visitors in the city.
Iu a speech at the tent General Gar
don of Louisiana made the remark that
time bad shown that slavery was wrong
and consequently that the South had
been on the wroag side of the fight.
To-day the veterans go to Cbickamauga
hatileield, the proposed national pur..,
to attend a great picnic.
ALJukY, N. Y., July 5.-WMe
Redwood, a 11 year old boy, was
blasted so badly with powder that he
has lost tke sight of oae eye sad will
lose the sight of the other. He was
leaning over a can of power yesterday,
when somebody threw a cracker in ft,
sad it exploded. The right eye was
tors from the socket awl the left eye so
badly lacerated that the physiciaa
have Utile hope of aaviag it The hoy
raves la tleflrtiuu, but will prohebly
Katie Ittagerbuuler, a 13 year old
girl, died this esoreiag front the effect
of a pistol bell wotted U the aboVmiee.
The child was standi ag oa the aklewalk:
hut sight in froet of her home, wheat
three young saea, at preseat uakaowu,
eaute along. Oae of these drew a re
volver, sjftd, poieiiog it at the child,
said: "Rue, bow." The order was mot
obeyed aad the fellow Bred. The utea
walked oa aad the cklkl, crylag, west
to a puiup ami got a drisk, frooa there
going home. A phyeiciaa was celled
sad found tkat 3S calibre bU kad ea
tered the cttild's shrtosaaa TIhs hall
was probed for, but aot recovered. 71m
little vfctiai Mis' wiiil tsaSM " mora
lag, when, site died.
HOttHIIHIti 8t'i 0 a WJMI IS
AOUiW iUKi.. I
i4ot4V. Mick.. July S. -Yesterday
aitetuoou cry of ire echoed te the
business Gestae of tke Vm SWe of tke
city, bswke wu aoifced evUpiag
the f rwal of the Kiaiwy liotel m W
tefte. veue. The 8xe obUwed gseat
headwey. TUe horror of tfceeituUou
vat wade s.pparet whaa sevecei peopk
hegeu juatplag from tke upper wiu
dows, some of thetuwiU kairkuriMd
of ojt Wktercd nek.
Twavw Luck id Swaii aad JFota
Maim, uef criag mote Usaa tke otkate,
we reeooved to St Majry't HriniHl lor
sare. Tkow4i eltttaav mu nf
the kotal. aul WWtm Itas, i mO.
road brakeaaac. were burned about tke
jt.tiaaed w. ttei e-i
Whieh Secretary Noble Grant!
Frwly to Another Firm,
A State of Affairs That Leeks Shs-
piciou3.-Tho Undaliversd Patents
a Very Big Industry.
The Land Oflicc scandal is assuming
larger proportions the more that Is
found out about the very peculiar con
ditions under which the job was worked.
About three years ago a New Yorker
named Jacobs, understood to be a
banker In that city, and who dealt con
siderably In Western land mortgages,
came hero in an endoavor to secure the
lists of all issued and undelivered ltind
patents, amounting to nearly 300,000,
Various parties were let into the schemo
and n number of nttornoys secured to
get tho desired permission to make
ooi I") of the lists. Just as in tho pres
ent instance, whero parties related to
public ofllclals were involved, so Mr.
Jacob) concluded to mako assurance
doubly turc in his llrst attempted raid
on tb.9 lean pookcts of Western farmers.
Ho secured the services of Mr. W.
II. Lamar, tho nephew of the then Sec
retary of the Interior, In tho hope that
Mr. Lamar's intluonce would be
Tho Commissioner of the General
Land Olllcu tcfused permission on the
ground that there was not a sulllctont
force of clerks to mako the lists, and
that the business of the oillce would be
hampered If outsiders wero permitted
to come In to do the work. An nppjal
was taken to the Secretary ami for
weeks Mr. Lamar was
urging him to grant the request. He
would not yield, however, and refused
the application, giving many addi
tional reasons why It would be bad
Those who had the matter In hand
gave It up, for the time being, but not
entirely, as the story now being ven
tilated shows. They returned to the
charge again Immediately after
TIatrlson's Inauguration, and through
tYio intluonce of Captain McKee the de
slnd icrmlsslon was granted. Mr.
Jacobs figured in this deal, but he kept
Id tic background.
For weeks the clerks employed by
Combs & Co. had the run of the
laud Oltlce. They blocked public
business, and It is openly charged that
two of the clerks belonging to the De
partment were
to assist in the work. And this au
thority to establish their bureau la the
Land OIHce was given in the remarka
ble letter which was published Is
Thursday's CaiTie. and te as follows:
Oexskai. 1,xi Office,
YVtMIuTOJ, I). C, (UO iUU.)
(ijjntlkvkn: You havo Um eoeseat of
the (ieneral I.sa4 Office Ih securing to
present ob of land the patent tbere
lor mMl-b have been from various causes
retalued iu this office, Iwtead of bailor de
livered to tbeat or their grantor.
From inquiry carefully nuule I be
lieve your Dm to be reputable
and responsible, and I regard your
enterprise a legitimate and umUbte. I
recommend jour work a at oaee beneaeUt
to ibe Government In relieving InU ofltee of
such a burden, and at the same time rewler
Ing to owuers at Und a great service in
tlw perfection of their title.
Vrj truly, W. M. Sroe,
AsaUtaut Couuuissiouer
UeaenU Load OlBee.
Mtasr. W. II. Comb, T. . CoMtautine
and T. II. McKee.
That there was a job iu it no oae
doubts, and that it was brought about
by political iatiueaee i shown hy the
eorrespoadeace given below.
To obtain the list of undelivered pat
ents has always been the endeavor of
every attorney who practiced before the
Department, and numerous efforts have
been wade to get thesu under prevloui
administrations, and universally re
fused. When the other attorneys heard that
Messrs. Combe. JIcKee tt of. wete
getting one of tke richest pi uats in the
bueiaati they naturally
Ace3idiagiy Messrs. Baldwia 4k Bald
win, prominent lead attorneys of this
cMy, last eiiftiary adHsseaead nMifoltow
lag letter to tke Coaaaiisiedaar of tke
General Land Office:
f saju-iBT 13, 1SW.
UuaeraUe O muiutumar vf tkt Uttugmi
I awl c'jfc. '
&ut Wn nave the noaor to heMSw fffVff
sppHentioa to e?ake s Met of ail issued and
unfleHveroil pstnnle lor putlff iaad ht tae
Utiles of IlMiMHii la-iisas, QUov love and
We U1 mete said Mete at our own ex
pwff and wk as little iueojnyefiieae as
possihls to the oJnce, and deau to begin
the wort at wan m it may he cooveuhsufto
pMaaee wuh any pU jousaay suggest.
Yaty respectfully,
Bja-.-i 4c Bii-owti.
Ctom bs' clerks wereworkiag cth
lfeifl aji y tfffif aadkad to he wtQ4ftfjtn.iuV
so flu f owiaaiseiiftflftr lefused w apjyi
cnlaatt Mttji lw the Sahiwlaa.
S ffal vu tagM to the ecre
twy, aid tke fvllowijeg letter seat
Fxwtciott, 1SW.
Hum. Juhu W. &Mt, Zhar.tot$ vf Ik b
Si: We SAve Me honor to hasekf esafc
appiletttBa ter perwmaoa w vuaeauHu
JU issued and undelivered patents feet pub
lic SSSitotke SSate of UliuoU, hMRMa,
ohks s and Miuri, and we have slso
w slate Skat we preteated tke taetoted lat
ter est the same subject sad making the
nsa aauueat to the ttuaorahfe toamus
doafj Ttks Ocnersl Land today,
sndk sefuaed to give tke penuUaum uaktts
o QaftfeMd by vou.
if you Utin. the luiouiliuu of Mt.b ,
hsrajrter that U may properly be giveu Ij
' ua, e ui thauk uu to wjA-s tke ordet te
soon ss pomlrite that we may Tvepn the
wot: without delsy. Very rewectftilly,
Secretary Noble was in a qttandsry.
He coukl not consistently refitse lire per
mission, and so he rworted to strata
gem. Inactlvily was his watchword,
ami no attention wot paid to the request
of the Itardwiiw nntll two weeks later,
when they called his attention to their
previous communication:
FlSHHt (RV at, KM.
IHm. John W. A'osfe, Sirretarg nf Ihr n-
Sih: Febrrrary 13 we sililressert yon nn
spplteathwi fr permlsstrtB to mslte a list
of all fatted ami undelivered patents for
pnbllc lands In the Stales of Indians. I1M
nots, Ohio, Inwa and Mlssonrt, ami at tbe
same lime lnrloed a letter on the same
subject and eontslnlna; a similar request
addressed to the Honorable Commissioner
of the (Ieneral Loml Oltlce, who refused to
grant the jiermlMion ssked.
We presenteil the msltcrto Mr. Chsmller,
Asefetsnt Secretary, who also re(iisel the
request, and were informed by him tlmthe
lmd laid the mutter Iicfore you for your
consideration. Tills was aliont two weeks
V, snd we lmve hsd no answer to our In
quiry. This Information, aceordlni to our view
of the mutter, Is not the kind to wlile.lt we,
M attorneys, are entitled, and, as It Is de
sirable only on account of the money we
msy make out of It, we would, of course,
like to possess It, and we would not now
stk It ir tt were riot for the fact tbst It has
been given liyrour order to others for the
very purpose for which we Intend It.
If vou conclude to grant the request, we
liope you will do so at once, as every day
the matter Is deferred Is that much Iu favor
of those who have now the lists ami con
sequently sgnlnst us. We respectfully ask
an early reply. Very respectfully,
They renllred they were not entitled
to the Information, nnd plainly and
bluntly laid so. Hut they called the
Secretary's attention to tlio fact that ho
had previously given orders to another
party to do tho samo work and they
did not believe In discrimination.
It is nsscrlrd on excellent nuthority
that when this letter Was received by
Secretary Noble n personal Intorvlew
was had with the senior member of the
firm of Messrs. Baldwin & Baldwin that
nnd that culminated In the ejectment,
figuratively, of Mr. Baldwin from the
august presence of tho Honorable Secre
tary. At all events Baldwin did not got the
desired permission nor any satisfaction
from Secretnty Noble, but five days
later he received the following:
Vamiim.ton, Mnrch 8. 10
Menrt. fciMwi'i ,( lta'ilvin, Ao. (fit
Strmth ttrttt imithvertt, elljf.
('iKM-i.kmkv Yours of Ibe lth lint, hat
Leeu received making application for a
list of all iMited awl undelivered patent
for public lauds In tbe states of Indiana,
Illinois, Ohio, town ami Missouri.
I have communicated my Instructions to
uie lommiMioiMr oi ine uenerai i.anu
Office and he will Inform you upon the
subject. Yours truly,
Jiihn . N'oei.E, secretary.
The following morning one of the
Baldwins had an Interview with Com
missioner GrafT, who told him that the
Secretary bad not communicated any of
hl4 Instructions to him, and asked to see
the letter the Secretary had sent.
Mr. Baldwin accordlnly transmitted
the letter with the following:
M.iuni t, two.
Jfim. l,nr A. Itraff, CuMuitisitiurr of the
JmiuI Oficr:
Sin: As promised you In my Interview of
this day, I inelo herewith a copy of tbe
letter of tbe Hon, Secretary of the Interior,
iu reply to our request under date of Feb
ruary 13 and 3b, '., In relation to copies
or lists of alt lesued and undelivered
jiatent to public land iu the State of Illi
nois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa and Missouri,
and for your lud iuallou we tlio tend here
with copies o all correspondence In con
nection with the matter.
In view of tbe delay already occasioned
in replying to our request, a time i very
valuable if tbe request is to be granted, we
hope you will find it convenient to give th
matter your immediate consideration.
Yours, very rctiiUly,
Baldwin X H.u.imiv.
It took jut a week for the Com
mis loner of tbe General Laud Oltlce to
JiBd out what the Secretary's instruc
tions were, ami then be seat the fol
low lag:
(iKHIEUAL hXl Off 11 (,
WASHinofOK, I). C, March It, lew.
ilttmt, Haldwia Jt HaiJuiu, 901 &itM
Street Xutthwett, .-
(luiummi: Referring to yaur letter of
tbe 4th instant and ineioeuree ami request
ing immediate eoneiderasiott of
your rtqueai for permiasioB to
make copies of hats of all issued and
undelivered patents to pubtte land in the
MaUorindfaaa,Illluois,Iowaas4 Missouri
1 bate Iu Inform you that no formal Utter
jf introduction from the Secretary of tae
Interior upon the subject ua been received,
but in an Informal eeavereatiou with nim
regarding the matter it ha been eoneluded
inat it u iuexpedheut to comply with your
ttquttt. Yery tmpectfuUy
i.ti jl. uairr,
As say esse eaa see, tbete is a vast
dlffesesvee beiwaejt tide lettaf and ttte
uadaieii oae giving permiaeiou to
0 Kerch 11 he regarded it
"iaexpedieed" to cootply with
the reiiueet of Meaere. Baldwia
garded the eaAargflee as legiaaie
a&d laudable. I seowaseed,1 lie coa
tinued, "your work as at oace beat
Mat to tie tioverajsteai hi
rendering to owners of lead a great ser
vice is te perfection oi their title."
Tbe work that was beaedcial to
the Govereisteat at oae time was
iBexpvdieut at another, hut bos
because, wises he deviated U
iaeapedieat. Messrs. Coube 4 Co .
had completed the copying of the lists.
By eo aaeau. Tke Oepartnaeat awoke
to ie luddea teajbation that nobody
act of pereons had uiade cofdesol ihiesu
it concluded that vo oae eisu sHoMui
Thai was all Ita apataa of virtue came
rethvr Utx, hut to was very eective
bca apfdfed to the Maisn. Babltrist.
The senior mtmkte of the Area,
when sees this awrniag, was
soBKWhat nductanl to dlscui the
matter. but he iaally coa
avaied to sliow cophseof tiMctw,tavi
esce to he tuade. iaAiuiuch as tke maitmt
UA bcwi wade puWk.
A'fcA'i ILAnlAf Gksaat WAgk. 2 &gg
too, who deaerted Us wilt ajsj dying
ttatw, in vaij ftay iiuiiti miliadlM arir wag
PMUm uF WWIF weep "eSW "v"""eW!(Hr P,"w ""
ukaecd out of dae ckr wisk ahntriin
yeatesday m W aatj Iff tfcMMlMW o
t ijhaudoaaw wum.
Robert Puruntf'a Viotia .Jjnwt tmv-
alwaya w the troul.
How Will Tky AM AppwUw
mtnte ami tk Blwioml VoU?
Reed SrmrriRg tke StMte te Aslios m
tbe Ljg Bill Swthirit Repsb-
esns' Seali is DBgr.
l'mnADKUMitA, July 5 X Vashlng
ion dispateli to the ltmml says that Cen
sus Superintendent PorUr 1ms informed
the Republican leaders tint the first
count of the population of the country
may be completed by tho 1st of August
This is what Is termed In the Census
Oillce "the rough count," bulls nil that
is necessary as a basis for a reapportion
ment of Congressmen among the sev
eral Stoles. Should it be completed by
the 1st of August It will bo an unprece
dented achievement. These returns are
comlnc In from tho Supervisors much
more promptly than ever before.
For example, only one return was iu
the Census Oillce on the 1st of July,
1880, whereas on the 1st of July, lHflO.
several thousand had been received.
But it is the adaptation of electricity to
tho tabulation of the returns which
makes the Census Oillce promise such
speedy results. The most expert worker
In the Census Onice In Ihho could tab
ulnto only 3,000 or. -1,000 names a day,
but with the electrical counting ma
chinery now in use the average worker
can count from 0,0H) to 40.000 names
n day, the maximum lieing 53,000.
TAllt'T.ATINO 2.iH)0,000 NAMK A DAY.
By Monday the Census Oltlce will be
tabulating S.COO.OOO names a diiy,
which, allowing for all deltys, recount
and oilier accidents, would'onable the
Census Superintendent to lay tho re
turns of population In-fore Congress on
the 1st of August. WliHllicr the reap
norlionmcnt shall then lie made, or at
least attempted. Is as yet undetermined
In the lieimbllcsn councils. It is largely
a question of expediency.
If the ltepubllcans want the next
House, and ther are not agreed that
they do in view of the Presidential elec
tion, and the census returns, as they
expect, show decreases South and Kit,
and increases In tbe Northwest, they
may decide to try to force a new appor
tionment through. Iteed could do It in
the House, but It is at least doublfui
whether It could lie put through the
Senate in time to lie utilized In the No
vember elections. The Democrat and
conservative Bepubllcans would, of
course, resist any such prematurely
hasty legislation. Should the Bepubll
cans attempt it seriously Congress will
be in session till October at the least.
Chairman Quay and the other lte
publican managers count a great deal
In their calculations for 1M2 upon tbe
new electoral volts f the Xs'orthwest
They count all tbe new States as surely
Republican, Ignoring the fact that Mon
tana is really Democratic. So thev
reckon upon nineteen votes North
Dakota, a; South Dakota, I; Montana,
8; Wyoming, ; !db 3; Washington.
8 as absolutely eertnlu to be added to
the Itepublican column.
Besides this tbt-y count on tbe census
returns to give tue Republicans from
leu to twenty more new electoral votes
thau tbe Democrats. Quay has an
nounced that no Democratic Territory
is to be admitted to the Union under the
present Administration. If a Territory
wants admission to the Uoiou it must
send a Republican delegation to Cob
gfees and promise ita etoctorial votes to
Qy. I
cosoxKaetoxAi. cakohutbs uettiku
I'MiLAiiELfiiiA, July 5. A special
from Trenton to the Tim says: These
ate seven Coujffetooel districts in Xew
Jersey with good, aotid figkiiasj all
along the line a front of the present in
cumbents, who are candidates tx a re
new ai of their two years' lease of power
in the Congreesionid hear garden at
The liveliest, keenest and moat wide
awake member of Congress front the
Middle States is that nimble wilted
IrUbuuta, William McAdoo of Jersey
City, who owes bis four terms in Coa
greas to a brilliant dank movement
made by him ia which he "bested" two
cotporatloaa aad asade hissaelf the idol
of liudaoa C'ounlv. The MachiavelU
of that much voting county has givea
out ia loag ami cautiously worded Wle
grams thai McAdoo means to throw up
the sponge in the Seventh district of
the district in Virginia where McAaoo
fwi'wi M beautiful wife.
The people had just begun to believe
the i anard when Hi Adoo coe out aad
aanotiaces himieif as a taadUate for re
aotuiaatiou in his old district. But this
does not deter ex Senator McDoaald
ersjor Abbett s FUc Achates ia New
Jf aey. McXermott is &&&t$k tlus fiiriBtft
Kew Jersey, and he would win surely if
he could Kaock out McAdoo as readily
as be can ex Senator M.-Donald.
bmat he noHtfBalet and if thie fe its
indepwadent caadidaW from Hurl son he
is !$eiy to he re-elnstyd Mis nagojd la
cteeJS aftd he bas ability, auiaajcHy ajad
tcnuber of Congtces front the SUth di
trkt, fa bciwveu 'the devil aad liw
d ata." He i not afraid ol toeing
Ute witilnattiw. bul hn la de&et alady
ol raid of iMfing beate at the polls, am
ihe fees jpffip te asaaireas ftiianlle teinjr
is uHertsg ajs tmnB'tifiiftit to the Fvid
al SSeewui bill, and tlees loi voyag
liXitPit It. 1 drfalbiaffe . who $ M4 g
wttlionatre of brain, is afraid of Ac
&eer barons ou account of ReffuHfan
Mi TdMiPT- vmut fafttjj V$fc CTeffliJ qaI
ineiS & Vj' l)fagtt &flUW
TUu U a tuiivr, fv,utdca ., :si..
St dlspmch crffltiuwe. tht MrwHrr
Thelps Is tired of rfrinklwg Jotntw
betger and rating pretls Uwwt dt
Llirdn in Iterlln, trHclrtf ilftw
Capf Ivi has knocked btrt IHsflwrek (Wi
der the new Emperor. lhip dow
sigh for the old Jersey fleWi 1 palftt
csl pastures in the Fifth dfstttct.
Ueckwith la willing to surrender to
WtWRMW rrm THB tXJfWg mu r
KKitriiro iw th WAcwoiwri.
Xkw Tork, July 5 Tk WtrU'i
Wnshlftgton corretponrietMie today lw
tbe following: Speaker Itewl, hnving
e.rerctaetl his authority m the antoernt
of the House In putting through the Ma
tronal Klectlon bill, is now trying life
caKlty as a diplomat In behalf of that
messtire in the Senate He Is extremely
anxious that the bill shall become a law,
but he realizes that the difficulties In the
Senate are very great, his own personal
ity as a Presidential candidate I wing a
heavy weight for lite bill to cirry in
that body.
Mr Iteed Is keeping as well m lie can
In the beckflrowod now ami rmttingjiis
rriemis in tbe House lorwarti. rue
Speaker's mamruvre is best explained
by reciting the appeal made by a
Southern Itepublican memlier of the
House, who voted for tbe Klectloa bill,
to a Northern Republican Senator,
whoee name he lmd won aMocinled
with the opposition In the measure.
Said the Southerner to Northerner:
"If the Senate refuses to pass this
Election bill ft will result In the pollll
cal annihilation of every Republican
member from Uie South who supported
Ibe measure in the House. We have
taken our political lives in our hanih.
If the bill becomes a Iaw, we can exe
cute it so as to save ourwives, but
otherwise wo shall be doomed. Tho
measure Is most unpopular in our sec
tion, and the next campaign there will
be fouebt out exclusively on thai
Issue. If It should turn out, there
fore, that over In the House we have
indulged only in a sort of partistn
dress parade, those of us who live in
the South might as well not offer our
selves for re election. Moreover, wc
were assured In advance that the Senate
would puss the bill, and we want that
assurance kept."
The Senator, In rcplv, did not commit
lilniflf He Is a Presidential candi
date, and the man who addressed him
usually controls several votes in Repub
lican national conventions. Moreover,
the Senator saw that he would la the
future, as a Presidential candidate, have
to contend with Mr. Reed for the
Southerner's support.
The announcement that Senator
Spooncr will have charge of the Na
tional Elections bill In tbe Upper
House carries no great significance.
The Senator, it is true, Is a red-hot
partisan and a little man of energy and
capacity, but there Is no reason for
supposing him capable of changing tho
niles of tbe Senate orof putting the bill
thtoogli without such a change. The
simple fact is that unices the rules are
changed the bill cannot be passed at
this session, aad it is very doubtful if
tbe change contemplated U Mr.
Chandler's resolution can be effected.
Mr. Kdmunds, though an extreme
party man iu soiuu things, has Indi
rectly declared against tbe proposltie,
and be never talks idly, ftlmuads
against Spooncr, therefore, would see
to be the way the fight is made up; and
the tesuit ought not to be any mer
doubtful than would be the result if
Tommy Warren were matched agatsMt
John L- Sullivan in the prize-ring.
AVhIIIhc lar th liemwrt.
IsniAXAroM. I mi., July 5. Chair -man
Mtehler has practically derided
not to call the Republican uowlnutlug
convention till after tbe Democrats
have nominated a ticket, and a lata
w ill not occur till late iu August It ia net
probable that the Republican eouvea
Uou will meet till September.
A I'auttiu KtKlMMtan utut l'alittetaa
ut h (11,1 tilMil.
Ruhmomi, July 3. Beverly Tucker
died here last evening at 3 o'clock. He
was Lorn at Winchester, Vs., Juste .
1;$), He was perhaps as well known
personally to leading politician
throughout tbe country as any man of
bis time. Hie brothers were II. St
George. Dr. David. H. Tudor. AHred,
Iendrkige aad John Randolph Tucker.
He was also a nephew of John Ran
dolph of Roanoke.
lie was the editor of the Washington
Stntintl from 15;J to 1S58 and Costaul
to Liverpool under President Bucltaaa.
He visited ughind int Canada dwriag
the war oa a special wkaiosi for the
Confederate Government. Siac ltfW
Washington city. A few weeks ago he
came here for treatment
.B4br Hum War Vrnjimhlu,
Chicago, July 5 ft tttruM tHs
atorulng says that there it a wojgitai of
another Westers rate war. flag tent
Passenger Agent I'berltoa has
Passenger 1 Mocialkia that the Busttng-
loa has atade a rate of li fate fma$ a
suburb of Cttteago to lite Missouri
Kiver and baterutedlate poiats aad re
turn, and announces that the Chicago
and Altos will frogs July 5 sett ticket
to Kansas City aad return for li fare.
pAm,ueii.,, W. Va , Julyj. 'fse
fourth destructive atotaa of the weje.
ftasaed over this part of the c-mmuw?
yeatetday, doing muck daeaaae Is
ssseete. Soodhaei eeilare and euianaeaw
awv crops. The Kan- Yaltey ml
Musktoguw Vliy were delugad- Tkw
iota front tss Suo4s of last wee is ai
mlft f lfiskiBgiiis VaUsv t
iotW.tWt). ' '
? ,m, .. pi "wp
ssMtxCitv, U.July 3. Tsecofsaw
toss d the Kotthweeters luiveseity
was laid ytniterday wi istsceasivs ssr
e mna h Sisbop Bowsiao of As Ugajh-
the reimipiil a-tdyw The usiveMSjey ,
wWnV V Ws ww WS 9 flipS fllfc'UjP? isq 9
HeAtodte iaetitutio.
As A. fausssaNBaT
&sjssx. Iu.., July 5. fss
asd Rroitarted drought tsMMtss, sals
W m&fm BKHMT Mb GlttB ffiHHK
sasw sas so
fur Ik Ihtirv (
J 1 1 iM, , i 'in tfti
tlSSfW aas so HSflsl ag
"-' ' tjairifcin t
- W(t

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