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Tub Daily Critic
Jfle OnJe Dmoentt Ttoilf Pwpvr Pub-
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WAfllltfUTON OKI rlO CO.HfMSt.
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WAtHISWWt ("If"!. 6. C.
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By iMM S$sjvtasta prepaid), t yeee. ....... $S el
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MMnAMa!..,. .
In trr mtmsnent fnr httrher wags
In cohmrt porter on the Pnltma
cm kws imr eirtlw sympathy.
It h not wily that thejr are Inmte
qawtely jwM, fan the wretetal InmfH
crewey of the y compete tkem to rmr
sue a system whfofc operates grunt
ltjstlc to tnetrartllng pnUto. It i
net In Vmman nature to treat with tile
pasetonnle Impartiality thote who five
"lij" ami those who do not. The
potter inevitably comes to regard the
tlp givers m hie re I patrons ami th )
others a so many unjust awl opprea
site burdens on his .time ami tabor.
The color of the porter has nothing to
do with this. White men would have
precisely the same feeling. Ami the
icHtlt now Is that those people who
travel in the Pullman cars, ami who
think that the high prices they pay for
the privilege should secure them every
attention without additional tribute to
the porter, do not receive what they
have paid for, and are consequently
They have a right to be dissatisfied.
The Pullmans have created a system
which necessarily operates Injustice.
They employ porters in laborious ami
responsible positions at wages which
they know the porters cannot subsist
upon. They know that these men. In
order to keep body and soul together,
niHst either rob thorn or tax the travel
ing public, and they know, further, that
the taxing plan can lead to but one re
mit. It let ids to ns that in this the PuP.
rrans do not treat their patrons fairly.
They can well afford to pay porters tie
sunt wages anil In this way do twofold
F ocd. The porters would then be justly
recompensed for arduous and faithful
service, and the traveling public would
he much wore apt to receive tqual and
impartial attention. Under the present
plan the Pullman profit at the expense
of both their employes ami their pa
trout, and the vicious fruits of the
p'an are steadily multiplying as the
rotters grow more discontented and,
therefore, more inattentive ami uncivil
to those who do not tip them. Indeed,
it Is the common sentiment of traveler
that the Pullman service Is conspieu
ously deteriorating, though few stop to
think that this is not the fault of the
potters themselves, but of the mischiev
ous system maintained by the company.
As we say above, our sympathies are
with the porters, and we hope to see
them win.
The era mi of the day among the news
papers Is for operating lotteries la
one eolHtnn they will sotelmnly assure
yn that lotteries are the most evil and
eenupting agencies known to man, and
in the next they will call attention to
the fact that they are running a little
lottery of their own. Of course It Is a
0d Utile lottery, a strk-tly mora and
best Sclent one, but a lottery all the
same. They have various schemes,
iHt let us take, for example, that one
whleh the esteemed Philadelphia Put
has t conducted to a successful eon
cHitien. Several weeks ago the Prtu an
Houcewl a burning desire to seed to
Kwrore seme, deserving school teacher.
It hen wed and esteemed the sehool
trecbete, and the dearest wish of its
hedrt was to give one or two of thaw
a reel Bice trip serosa the Atlas tie and
a ran through England, Germany,
Prenee, ate. The trouble, however,
was that the JVeet could not choose. It
dastVUd lU judffHUMU. The puWIe,
therefore, were appealed to. Frees
thai day fh every smnber of the
JVi eeetaisMtt a Utile blank U be eut
out and isf ibed with the sum of the
teagbfr t be voted for, the oae leealv-.
Jug th largest ntustner of vetae to gat
the JSttsepeaa excursion at the Prm
Of course tit cottteat at osjee bte ms
e9B $tasl tia leafttsjMis of tsve tUJfet esss
teaffhese tafctsMf tls flsski sad jfHffft'Mf
sm for thai Tickets by the tltou
seMl began to roll in upon toe Vw,
tkest by the less of thousands ajtd
iteaJHT by tB Bnswtmii of ihoiiiaavti
Ti. tsjsUal amntair will peris a, pa mw he
Vtw, hut the Pmh, U aaaouaeUg
Uic wipners Use oslsw day, skowe4 tkat
Ut irm krwtiay raadldsiw 54 eah
nct.t.l ismm ttiM aOfi.Ouu votes,
tic assegai for the three ev
cnaicg ijm. It is BAt ssoeesive; U
fa: . a the ueaensy, laahsy too aodteasn.
v snoie that if tjhe lixsl thsee got
su,ui three 4iaxt of a wttiieB votes
Me. ist of iJms list, mwhefhag aatusf
trta ii-iit have cajrrhsd the total 8fus
(.uidciiUy bejosvi ,0it.aw. We
UiieTe we are far witMa hnnaasi la soy
jLjr u.at two tod a half iiiUoo would
i a rtii-.oBtii eaUflmtc
Now ivi us m- whyte Use P'
. . b.t in us this d Tsstsdtsilf
ii.nii.ts of papery two eeats eas-fc
..i.icw iipunt mjm. Wois
:.,.fUiUt-m! lijsaterotw ad
.1. vi iLf icguiwx b. .r uf the paar.
.! . U uiUUSt -' llila X.UtS,
X .L JckUr lhastt.- -sUuiiiLv uSSStU)
.. ..(. u!iJuU, bUl 1 ii.t LUial US it
u . .: isu and a l.i xui.itun us the
'..-: stud Bjwi that licl.rutlui.tuf this
.. u....juty a I-ijuw. to be
;Ui however, mi to kk
.(.a atthin twuttda, w dsvUst Dasf aunt
' . u BiAkiug the rwesjgta feots the
v1ul-.ti1l1)lHJj iiS,. With
1 . Aub4aube aUOl i 4Mad, SVSt doe
ii.. t . .o j. jvpew; to do? It proposes to
hu - yvui4 heay tsawfctrs ebcuad
V n lt W ftas a tlaiad a
trt thsn ihr awrapr ex(ur-lrn My If
for Ipis 1hn $'? 000 rmt nppic thp
l're rlf ibis to fil.OOO, what do
. we find as the net result of th
rsntoii' We flwl tltat tle Prm
pwlteti tsa.flW cm t&e deal, or, hs
other onts, ft rnna a strata-tit-out h
ttryfth a 2S.WW scheme sort dt
trflwi'e fc tfoin futtrt per crnt. In
Wkett ike lottrry managers la Xew
OrHMHM ht of tMs Utiei1 srltl fmwr
(TWt tijw their heads id rtenoniwe
thetftseites at foottrasHl huffierii.
riJiitwa CO-STIW to tMret as t the
fat of tfee t enteral ftfeettoh Mil. Tats H
! the Jtew for Ei-tmng fnf ttHnks
"ffyyaltet Reed has forced through the Ted
st at Rtertfcm Mil. as It has been stpecrcrt
that hf obM do ever stnee he hsxt tt mt
a rt iMeasnre. Many RepMt!ns
tr rpcwil to tMs poHry. hnt rmlr thrpe
hurt IndefieliMtnee enongh to arrtv ttwm
tT agnHtsi the Mil on the Itnat tow.
Ihe mpostirs Is one of the most revotntlon
srj In ttseharscter rer pTOposcit, Inssmnch
It tsar the pnnfrot of the Congretonal
elections from the States, which hve al
ways enerelswl It, anO gf ves It to appointee
of the Federal Government In other
worts, of the party In power at Washing
ten. This wonM be the longest step
towitiit cent nvllsitt Ion ever taken since Uw
fonndatlon of the Oovernwent. Happily
all antherltles agree that there is little
doubt the Senate wilt fait rt pses the trill.
7 homes X. Reed Is the Hottse. of Represent
atttes, bnt happily he t not vet the nhole
Unttetl Stales Congress."
Tmiswrrt i.ittlr prattle comes from
the New York 7Vin:
"Inst eat of talking nonsetiee afaont the
'FeOeral hayonets' and the '.Man on Horse
back' smt sneh spectres, why does not the
Dtmocralle presi ileal with this proposi
tion: That the rltlten of Maine Is eheateil
In his rfelite when a ( ontiemn Is fratntn
lentty tleetett In Texas T That Is the
Too trne: and how about the wrong done
to the cltlsen of Texas when a Congress
men Is fraudulently elected In .Maine? It
Is notoftovs that elections In Maine are
carried by open hrltiery-or, perhaps, the
Tribune eemlilers the jmrebase awl sale of
votes a legitimate New Knglaed industry.
lrfllrtrtfs K. It. lloMew, Denver, Col.;
K. A mi Held, Monroe, N. C, M. I. Slpooner
and wife and Miss Speouer, Detroit.
A"fce-tJ. U tlunnlng, Ksw York; V
V. While, U.S. Navy; K. M. Jones, Chicago
111.; 8. T. Hsmlltou, Raltimore.
Kp J. II. tjanders, Chicago: Marcus
A. Smtth, Arliona; J. O. Sojer, New York.
A'oratxiMtie 1. B. Noonan ami wife, St.
Lt'iil. Mo.
.IrKaetvH A. W. Illye, Syraense, N. Y.;
N. .1. WsterlHirr, New York; A. Klcns-
aaiial.Baltlllo, Mexico; W. XV. Vaughan,
Saltllio, Mexico.
Imperial C. 0. Uooatwla, llrldgeort.
Conn.: Chas. Paul, IlriIviorV Conn.;
C. F. New ton, llrooklyn.
Mttro)tn-n. Todd, Haltlmom;
.Vlts a llronks. North Carolina; .1. T.
tutbane, Phlhwlelphla, fa.
Xttffotnil tleorge A. Olney. Naw York;
M. T. WheaUr, Tlalvestva. I'exw; VV. S.
Atchison and V. 11. t'affe, New tort.
St. Jmnti-K. A. Whlttlaebata, t'btla
ilelpbla; II. U Dalley. Ualteil States Nary;
F. It. 1'rentlce, New York.
S)HeIal Kxamlner Webster and Chief
Cleik Helley of the Civil Service Com
mission have returned from their tour
of examination of the postoltlces In the
Xotth uml West.
lr. J. P. Gibson of the Surgeon
General's Oitlce ami wife have gone to
ikrktliy Springs, W. Va., for a sum
mer vacation.
ltiv. Mr. Spurgeon Inherited a large
sum of money recently from an ad
mirer In an English town, but dis
tributed the entire amount among the
testator's poor relations.
William S prague. ex-United States
Senator, ex Governor of Hhode Island,
ex-manufacturer and ex-husband of
Kate Chase Sprague, is now chief of
police at Narragansett Pier.
Count Tolstoi grows more decidedly
a crank every day. During a recent
illness he refused all medical assistance,
declaring his belief that it was Impious
to Interfere with the designs of Provi
dence. Hut suppose the illness had
been caused by cherries and milk?
Mile. Itose Maurv, the daughter of a
stattMiuaster In Prance, makes illus
tratloas for tive of the leading journals
ot Paris, and earns a large amount of
money. She Is the protege of M,
Iurny, minister of nubile Instruction,
who happened to see her sketehfng
when she was but seven years of age.
Walt Whitman writes to a friend la
Boston that be is putting in order a little
six or eight page annex to his book, and
that, be says, "will probably be the
finish, ' addiBg: "I get out almost dally
In wy wheel chair. Was out yesterday
down to liver shore, and stayed there
an hour, cloudy weather now, fourth
day, but entirely pleasant. Have a good
nurse, sail a book of-castoaally. get
along better than you night think, any
how. Have some pretty bad Metis,
some talkers, bores, questioner (hate
ful)." Mme. Gerater did not, it seems,
achieve the great suceeae os her racestf
return to Italian opera in Loadoss that
has hawst accorded to her. The Atki
Mum takes this view of bar perform
aee: 't wag without a feellag of
pssy titat the HfiifliMir ted tise d&y of
the artists vocal powers. The perfect
Method wsi as conspicuous as ever, but
the power of Mine. Qerster to reenter
the aauase atKwssHag to haw owa iMUtav
tkko was not fortlsoosnlag She will hat
wise to met conient with the wnntsstest
she gaUuai 1st the paet, wisest saw was
tmsitrpssayd in ligltt sootano ps)rti "
Thu ArtwIataSntSton a Mast.
The ttule asaa of the "Whit Uousat
kb, IsA4 &ttami ft&BsVrthJBjtT amftat SaaattilaW
Thjiffplfl to tfctlilifc tllttl bH lfttiMtit lO (sVO
MHQ$AkMfl IftOfft.? v AM SlUlaimfNsI irf
old ffaBjuiflfig Bui for tbn wi
p9n iis Mol would featiiy kaow
tiMf kd ft rrfwidnt It it m ihti
IiitfiiiA wifl "go o" ii4 utytocju
(MM Of Mif Wtift MMftsI ! Iftai JkaW"
MeSisUey at ssekuig the eatoe of U
isle ha favnr of the gewhuft a agstefti
tike lotexeat of sh poosile. It la Uetiait
for MeXhsisy to T'setf ly tht hWkMswsf
of the me wko fuxmisavei f Uo,saw tw
thl aid jin.
tnm.iM JWirfaan Itmrmi.
Uoa- MepsMtt A Isjwejy. of
afij fi mxlskt tj Ixot em fiiia aWlai ffcJ ssm
a, fill ii IsirfTtsVafaTi ra'fltuuslrsi rta th as i a sat i ilsliHtf
ol Utf vkattS fee rogsdb oi tMi JKJ,jg'iai-
4 ITUsabUHsl M&jfk tfstesal iMaf iSWaff iJMv
SSSBBr aia jpaaBW assaw Taiaap VHsW BgflSapBaBr
PSpsPBaaBsajaBBB SSpp9saaiaaBHBB9 SBpBHBgB
nm AltB 60881? IX TXI SRBAT
lHitrewt May mrM to the t.nlerttilp
In the ItHmie f Unmnmwi Mteitaet
lhltlS Jtew Venewre.
Ispos, 3r X The apathy dfa
Heyed hy the Tories In Parliament l
MftMtwri by the lenders of the narty.
mi due to the fact that nearly one
third of them have no Intenthm of
seekftig re ehrtlon, and are therefore
Indifferent to the needs ot the prty or
the wishes of their constituents. This
is particularly true of many of the
younger member, who. now that the
mrrelTy of their position has worn off,
have become restive under the party
lash ami Ami it irhsome to apply them
selves to the dry ronllne of politics.
1 he retirement of Jlr. William Henry
?mlth from the government readership
In the Hone of Commons ami hts ele
vation to the peerage are no lonrer mat
ters of speculation ami conjecture. It
is announced that the change will lie
made within a verv short time, Mr.
Smith assuming the title of Viscount
Walton. The question of the suc
cession to the leadership In the House
Is still debatable. If linl Salisbury
oan have his own way In the matter Mr.
Balfour will be assigned to the responsi
ble position, but there are others whose
wishes must be consulted In the Interest
of harmony on the government benches,
which is especially desirable, not to say
absolutely essential, just now, and the
distinction may fall upon other
1 he miners' candidate for the scat for
Jllddurham, made vacant by the death
of Jlr. William Crawford'a few days
ago, Is 3lr. Wilson, who is nn nrdent
supporter of Mr, Gladstone. It Is prob
nblc that the socialists will be Induced
to refrain from putting tip a candidate
of their own. in which case they will
support Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Sllchacl Havltt's newspaper, the
Weekly Labor 11'orW, will shortly make
its appearance, it is announced mat
the first number will contain extracts
from the diary of tho forger nnd per
jurer, Plgott, which wore suppressed
during tho trial before the Parnull
Commission, nnd fresh nnd startling
revelations touching the uiothods of tho
7Vmr In Its pursuit or evidence against
the Irish part).
The magistrate sltttne nt tho Thames
' Police Court has before blm a case re
quiring him to Inspect, separately,
11,000 pictures which aro nllogctl to be
Indecent, with the object of rejecting all
that are not strictly classical. The pic
lures are photographs taken from life,
nnd form a collection which was seized
at the Instance of the Society for the
Suppression of Vice.
Mr 1. C. Ilurnaud's new hoik bur
lMoulnir Mr. Stanley's "In D.irkait
Africa" has made an Immonse hit.
Thousands of copies have alrcttly been
sold, and the demand for the work is
It is lwlUved In Madrid that the Con
smnlives have the last elm- ce of suc
cess In the formation of a new Spauish
Cabinet, but uvtm they will htve great
dlltlculty In constructing a ministry. A
short time ago the sum of 13,000 murks
was stolen from live Chinese officers,
who ate studying In Uerlln. livery
elfnrt was made to detect the thluf, but
without success, and tho losers had
about given up hope of recovering the
rooni-y. The matter was brought to the
notice of the Emperor, and ho has
made good the lose to the olllcera from
his personal funds.
Itatlier Ourlnua, llnmlmaatar Houiitl
irwlte C'oiro .V yorl flun.
The leader of tho Marine Hand bos
been instructed to close bis public con
certs with some national air. There
has been some comment that this or
ganlsatlon showed a greater partiality
for the national mulodies of foreign
countries than for compositions dis
tinctively American In their nature.
The weekly concerts at the White
House grounds are very largely, at
tended. The Piesldent baa adonted
the practice of President Arthur and In
vites personal friends to the White
Houso during the Baturday concerts.
Somebody has said that the nearest ap
proach to a national anthem attempted
by the Marine Hand was "Little Annie
Ifooney" and "Down Went McGInty."
UtltJcUliiC the McKtnlay Mill.
,V X'erk JtoMlne fw.
The most ridiculous feature of the
Pennsylvania JUpubllcau platform is
the declaration wbieb follows the in
dorsement of the McKInley bill, that
"we denounce the criticism passed upon
that bill In the English Parliament as
an unwarranted interference by a foreign
nation with the right of the American
people to protect American industries."
Even that loyal supporter of the high
tariff, the Philadelphia Pr, U con
strained to protest against such an ab
surdity. "This is simply silly," it says.
"Our tariff laws are of Interest to others
besides ourselves. Comment upon them
is perfectly legitimate and is not leter
feresee. The platform would have
been Improved If, on the revision, this
petty piece of provineiattsea had been
stricken out"
Jobu lieeouiM Ineuberent,
'r Ik4 PkUaMpkUi Mimtae TUnuA-
The wost important evesU is torchon
laces that has ever occurred is this
store. You need to note that laeaa and
eut broideries f arm Use isubjeete of more
recKMfte aaveraaug tauta say
torts ot ry teoom.
CesUf easMMo, Chestaut street.
laeidsnts hi wawaeVs hosiery.
7h4s is BinAsw daw.
JtSfcUf WAM-UttKB.
tnHMUu MmXmt mm-
fikM flUla fchtsfiiak aaatUBK. Baal LhhsattsV fiaUaatlsUlttr
wsp -sss pnnp f VrPlm &Qlw&
IT' sir na? ariiat -8aMinjEi aSwaatTTTHBut
AH! LMSUnU! taAaugu sotiul aaaaatt naaaiaaaV fasttst
aa ShBL 3"W 'WsllS" WHP w'fWm
VHL ?.
By rushing
SaSataaaaaC Isaiaatlab 1
savefe vise utae
tWfe -ruffcSU aalUf lat
Jjft MrHMisaftJst fllbQsfs$ tA uuu 4 A
IstMPlh "
ww "siist" wsssisssaF nsssaaissssMP W flHflf esBw
WklCS sMOatflsl tlWlir JHBfsflllhlinsl Ssa4 'aUBab
S. " 'wiiv i M ' ' P 'SSsa" PSWPeiaswsjS'aiS 9pnt WSSPSSJWS"
Ku tea Ws Uuough tfec SwtHfjS
lna "'J BBauaaiiaiiat ia
JUtV UUS Wlftat aaA 111
' fcpW
ElkM mssiMiS hsftA ijt MStaMM kv - a i a. II
-aw wwj "eo m eenspppejr- i wsVb1sWS
IB. gltjlil SSt IJilSJiAftO
Ou hMwaaseae stoops luad yottths awl
aaBBBBBHaBaaaBBlal SaSaftNanaW
AfJ MuAf QSaaaaft AlUtUAaW
JJ" ""ar jsaaaajaajf 'Sep msaw pWHsV
JU rosakUw tnwtala j to Com
roastlaar BiortaJa m to Caosw Iain.
ami im acaau 'wnnaas mm a
A mHm that uul4
iuihuugh they OitiS
Ab4 uu rtu-jk wi niamlataal sjksa:
"Tea, ihasa yon. w hoy easnst'las j"
Aaat eac-h ejaaaaa. a aadk oaja ataji4
'twcaBiUhr ' iui h)MMIIM lat :"
lie Kills a Necro In SlMefette to
gnelt a Illot.
Strange to tay the tfowrtfe erf JnVy
peawrl In Washington without a sthfle
mntder be"g repotted, but tt Aletaa
drfctthey wwe not so fortunate, for a
rkmWe hlllint closed np the cerehflttmn
thete. OfBcer TIcer, In order to quell
a row and snfmreta a not, pulled Ms gnn
and kllteil Fretl. Lee and mortally
womnfeil (Jeorge Pine.
The tragedy oecurretl at the H. ft. P.
dtpot aormt 8 o'clock laet night while
the officer was In the discharge of Ida
duty. He bad jirH arrealetl a negro by
tire name of Theodore Smith when Lee
Interfered and attempted to rescue the
prisoner. A lively scuffle between them
entwd, ami Tlcer had his nose broken
ami warn otherwise beaten.
About this time Officer McCnen ar
rlvtd on lite scene and succeeded In
releasing his fellow officer from the
grasp of the brutal negro. A large
crowd of colored people gathered, and
were surrounding the officers. Officer
TIcer demanded that they fall back,
bnt they did not do so, whereupon he
drew his revolver and fired two shots.
The first bullet brought line to the
ground and the second penetrated Lee's
shoulder. The latter died In a very
moments. The shooting had the de
sired effect of scattorlng the crowd.
TIcer was arrested by Lieutenant
Smith, but subsequently released on
$3,000 bands. Ho claims that the
nogroes were on the verge of n riot,
nnd that tho shooting was In self-defense.
He will have a hearing next
Tuesday morning.
In tltii Schnylklll Itrcnttn nt t'lillit
itelphln Vostnrilnr Afternoon.
The Cup and People's Heentta yes
terday at Philadelphia, on tue.Scb.uyi
kill Hlvcr, was nn Interesting event, nnd
was witnessed by several thousand spec
tators. Tho sky was clear nnd the
heavy rain of the preceding day had
swollen the river and the swift-running
current helped the crews to mako fast
In the four-onrcd cle race the Ravens-
wood of Long Islnnd and the Tritons of
Newark broke the Philadelphia record
for n mile In 8:83) nnd 8 30. Tho sonlor
single was won by the Carney Institute
Club of Newark In 0:110, tho nnlt.
Club of Philadelphia second. Tlio
junior single was won by tho Union
Club of New York, the four-oared gig
trco by the llnvenswood of Long Isl
nnd, tho paired onred shells by tho
Nonpareils of New York, the donblo
sculls by Stevens nnd Wels of Now
York Athletic Club, the four-oared
sholl race by tho Tritons of Newark,
the junior olght-oarcd shell race by tho
Fairmounts of Philadelphia and the
senior olcbt oared sholl race for the
Sharpless Cup was won by the College
llont Club, the Fairmounts second nnd
the Columbia of Washington third.
Anil nn Odltor ami l"t n lllnck Km
frniu tho Latter.
Charles Wood, colored, last night ns
saultid Horde Cook, also colored, nnd
cut her with a knife. He was af forward
arrested by Olllcur Sullivan and taken
to the Eighth Precinct.
At the station Wood assaulted Sulll
vnn and the olllcur after bo had hliu
behind the bars struck Wood giving
blm n black eye. In the Police Court
this morning Judge Miller sent Wood
down for Ihreo months for cutting the
woman and fined blm $5 for assaulting
the ofllcer.
Judge Miller reprimanded the ofllcer
for having allowed himself to strike
the prisoner after he had him locked up
at tho station. Woods about a year age
stoic a money-box from n street car and
had to serve a sentence for it,
JiullUIne 1'ermlt Iaed,
Permits to build were issued today
as follows: Hentland Pro., one two
Utry frame, Hrookland, cost 8,000; J,
G. Meyers, two two-itory bilok dwell
lugs, aiO and 3104 Ward Place north
west; F. II. Duehav, one brick dwell
ing. 407 Florida avenue, cost $8,000;
William Hughes, third-story addition
to 008 Thirteenth street northwest, cost
$8,800; S. II. Butler, frame stable. 1504
Gales street northeast, cost $100; Henry
T. Getz, one two-story frame dwelling,
Steuben street, cost $,300.
Two FlreOua Incendiary,
There were two alarms of fire yester
day one from box 357, atruelr on ae
count of a fire In a frame shed at 1380 b
street northwest, owned by Dr. Francis.
The lose was only f 80. The ether was
from box 35-1, turned in on account of a
Are in a two-story frame house at No.
lfcOOT street northwest. The damage
in this instance was $100. The fire
originated In a eloset under the stair
way, and Is supposed to have bees the
work of an ineendlary.
Thief and Itccelyer Arretted.
Deteetive Horse yesterday after
noon srresttd JIary Jones for the
larceny of a quantity of clothing from
Sirs. Kale Stein. No. 83S Vermont
avenue. He also took into custody
Emma Lawsot) for receiving the stolen
Soperly and secreting it In a house In
logden's alky. Wheat the ease was
talkd this Btoroig a eoBtinuaaoe was
aektd for until Monday.
Uxcuriluu to Luray Otterii.
A ueMonaUy conducted excurtou to the
wonwaf tul Cavefftf or Luray Is aoaoiuaeed
by the Batttaaofe and Onto Railroad for
Wsataasday, July The aneeiat tola will
leave Halinnnrs and Ohio jfinifm at :80 a.
m. and reach Wiihtnejtoti om seioro My at
Op. as., allowing four hoars at the Cavern.
Hiaeer ean he procured at the faatoos La
ray last fnr T5 cams. The roujui-tiip fua
wfil be tS.su, sad as the ntuoher of axeur
sioBaats wIS ha limited to ISO, Hum tealrlag
to tai the tripahutUd eatl early at the BaT
Usaore and Onto tkLet oOees, tlW and U6t
FeoAsylvaeia avenue, and saeuxe seats. Ho
extra charge fur rasaVvtog seats la advance.
Bbh for IlUUlut SuppUs.
Polio jog uUs wew opened by the
District f'oanniiiiTfiBfni to-day for cast
iaoa pioes: MaetaJ Pifat aad PouaOry
CosMSy, m 30 and W 80 per ton;
Sfiavstsl casiioss d ceaias Br pound.
fSHiwww ltaiufLturijig Cosupsitv, t
iach two wf gatee, at fit M; W inch
two way gate at $.&, 19 lath two
way gate, at Ul-M.
H&& JataahsaaSaaV aatt JaaaaaaalabsVaft
r"uUsBs tatSet Jseoing eaw are u...
rsMahag throegi) without change, fx"ui
Ifasiiiastnn iiil' VaWniifwt to aVaeton v x
B. ToTsTg- east the PeugMMeoaU Bridge
The train rent 4so she . sUUou
sjw oiiimgaisi for the wtui
nsgion, Ha KaMes and m mi uu
"" er-
ah tmmssmm mial
A at swanr they sat ut- the ivuui t
Sale tMs $-&& and -iie.
loiafis rasjats ssvwimi umr tho ..c
mtrnH at bt uu uc.
mmm uu, auoucu it aar uin ... . i
I'S fn'rnr audited atidlv to thtitk. .i
w uwy ee i
-z-y . - fl . - .,
led on sonte uku
and J
IV haiw, hde uuuavautj
Actor rrMnrts Bntftlcn JMtri
Well Known In Th Olty.
Qforge A PatMmfW, t)m wt.
hsrrwn actor whoa mMm death In
IfBW Yotk orrurred WetlrWSdllr atf
rtdwi, was very well kwswii In Wash
ington fifteen or twenty ywrs ago,
when stock companies hew tl bosnll
at the local theatre
For some time he wise employed In
the City Postofflce here, ahxl Mpt plnyed
in moat all of the theatres In Washing
ton. Jlr. Patkhnrst rmt only ltnd the
credit of being an actor, bnt he was
also a journalist of exeelrefht ability.
He occupied before the public not only
a prominent position as an artist, bnt a
a gcnlsl companion, a man whom all
revered awl ad ml red.
Ills first appearance on the stag was
In 185S at the old National Theatre on
Chatham street. New York. At the
breaking nut of the war he came here
ami went under Instruction at the
Washington Navy-Yard, from which
place he enlisted on the old Connecticut
as n gunner in tne Wavy, lie was mar
ried on the same day of his appointment,
and after serving about one year ho
oame back to Washington and was an
pointed on the police force, ills old
love for the stage came back, and In the
season of 1805 he was employed In the
regular stock company of Ford's Tenth-
Street Thentre. It was only n short
time alter mo opening Hint the Jaura
Keene company cameand the tragedy
so well known was enacted. He then
played with Leonard Grovor's Company
nt the old National Theatre. Ho served
as b reporter on tho ChronifUt and was
appointed In the City Postofflce,
From the Posloflice ho again went to
the stage, and his familiar face and
figure was seen for some time on tho
boards in this city. Having lost his
first wlfo, he married Miss Morell of
this city. Ills last character was that
of Jlebh. the Gnxer, in "Little Lord
Fauntleroy," which has taken with
fit on t success since It flrBt started out.
Jilaven of Tliem Itelnre Jtulco Stiller .
Let Otr With a Caution.
There were eleven professors boforo
Judge- Stiller yestordoy nftcrnoon. They
hnd been arrested by Ofllcers Celnar,
Nelson nnd llallpy, and charged with
vngrancy. They wore piano players In
homes of 111 fame. Judge Miller did
fine n man some days neo for following
this vocation, hut In 'this instance ha
did so becauso themau was In the houso
"Piano plnylnq nlonodoos not con
stitue vagrancy," said Judgo Miller;
"and, what is more. I do not liko to bo
bothered with potty cases like this on
the Fourth of July.1'
The professors nil gave their personal
bonds, after having been advised by
tho Court that they better tlml other
placts ftrtho display of their musical
Sir Knlcht (lulng t Mllwmikf.
Tc-nleht the divisions In this city or
the Uniformed Hank Knights of Pythias
will leave vin Ilaltlmore and Ohio Hall
road In n spiclsl train for Milwaukee,
where they will attend the biennial coi
clave of the order. The division will
comprise about 150 men, and are com
manded by tho following olllcera: Cob
onol G. J. L. Fox well j Washington Di
vision No. 1, Captain II. Croggins and
Lliutenants H, Ho wo and It. llrown;
Nelson Division No. 2, Captain Lemuel
Fugllt nnd Lleutonants J. II. 31111s and
J. 0. Yost; Columbia Division No. J,
Captain J. K. Smith and Lleutants It.
M. Vitnneman and It. Davis. The ex
cursion will bo accompanied by the
famous Glen Hock Hand of twenty
The Trouble In Hie i. I'. .
Public Printer Palmer summoned a
committee from tho Pressman's Union
boforc him on Thursday in reference to
the trouble which tho ofllcers of the
Typographical Union arc stirring up
over the retention of certain employes
of the Government Printing Oince.
whom It Is alleged have conspired
against the Typograh'.cal Union. 3Ir.
Palmer told the committee that their
trouble should be settled outside ot the
ofike without appealing to him, and
that he would not discharge any of the
men against whom the charges were
brought. It Is reported that official
notice will be taken at the Capitol of
Ihe trouble and that a committee will
bo called upon to investigate tho matter.
Kilncatora of Colored Youth.
At the meeting of the board of
muteuof the Colored National Uni
versity the folluwioR officers were
elected: JllssSI. K. Wilson, prineipal
of the primary normal department; J,
II. Uranson, if. D., professor of chem
istry and physiology. President Laws
was elected dean of the theological de
partment, with the following Instruo
tors W. G. Howard, professor of
Christian doctrine and revealed theol
ogy; A. S. Thomas, professor in
Christian literature and instructor In the
norma! depart went; Rev. J. II. Lee,
profr tser in natural theology, and W.
II. Scott, profeesor in natural and
moral philosophy and chureh history.
Hack to Ji.ll Arter a Urlef IlolliUy,
C barka Williams, colored, got out of
the county jail yesterday morning at
8 o'eioek after having served a term of
six months for tehung. Before noon
he had stoleu a pair of shoee from a
shoe store oa New Jersey avenue, and
Judge Miller sent bint down la the van
for three month note this morning.
' ii
OrBd Excutalea K. ar I', to Mllwua-
(kc, H II. i () K. It.
The plena tat Coochtva of she Osder of
Katebta of Fythtas U1 be aetd at Milwau
kee, wis., foa July s to July 13, lata.
it 'TsngtrTipifnts have neen eosnmatejd far a
Special Trste of PeUtea hna'Cw to
leave WashlMrtoii, 1). t ., via Ba HI store
and Onto Kswoad, connecting icb the
Chicago and N'ottawtru Railway, for an
BTf-nrsios) at tiae reduced rata of tMss-ael
fat fur tU ru4amji, good ier return pas
safe, leaving Milwaukee w late as July le.
The tsain will toeve Bslaisaess land "ha?
Depot at M p. in- datuidwr, July 8, gtvlox
psisasneri a daylight view of she AUe
gjhsity and t beat MuuBtaias. Rosa Cht
eeam the eacursianlsts ride along the ahom
utXaXs WrWff. via Cbkago and Korth
n tatsiin Bettwaj, arrtvunt at Milwaukae at
t8 (jetton) Monday, July 7
TaMi iftaft &QmU&$A&Q bttS (laSeUate aaSHsflsakal s$
aeiaUsUaBBBiskUAifiat "" aaM "Y I Battel afsj TlMiF aJ
asaaasBaaeeaaaeeBBawBBaB - m w aeaBaeta vSJSjqp SSaHp
ft fjJBfTWtCl llaftWITBiMaM OK HbV
costfiiur ik wobh vmJL LW lit
fHllHrallaflB ttE LaaattaK BTUdtMaaaa.
WajhUgtoa to'lailssut, 18lo. SeSC
good tise uo all tgu-ir trains of July 5
and .
Vsaais dosaring itortbs Is iir"iaMw aUosP''
tojt (aMS, OaalS eSf Hf9 saOM httfiirs "fVy .
aaaa. on thii ndAfitole of Asst eonae Bsat
SsaTved, are suggest an early sfurlh-aahwi he
BBUCsflUyiiMeft sSetteW tllfrtfaJi fisltt eM
Ho. 1; J. P. SEE, KeUonTNo.
w. Hiiisiej riri'iM'Mi so. s, or
and Onto ticket oBkas. sU4 and
'tittosylrsfds aenut. and deP'ji
-'My heart' the W..i ioku by ;m40M
eTo Ukk, fair uiaidcti, 1 mremltr,
I&m Ab aaa SijiBtt anil i anaBT maWu an
oattatoielt p'er a tagalu osTsri"
The Best
fs a wn! motto to follow M bnfSwe a nrtdt
etM it well as In sreryiMns; else. JIT the
nntrsml saUsfaetton It has (riven, nrrt by
the many remarkable enres tt has tmwai
pHsfced, Itood's SwrsaparfHa hat tn oven itself
eneqnalett for ImlMlns np ami sttsaathsntns;
tne sysievn, and tor alt diseases arising frotn
or prweoted ny Irntrare Mowl. 0 not ex
perlment with an nnheard of or nntrled aftl
cle whleh yoa are toM Is "as rood as
need V bnt be sre to get only Howl's.
"tart spring I eeined to be nmntwilnwit
In hmlik. mi unk and tlted alt tWs time, t
took nood'n 9srmtrr tla ami It did me a
rest deal of rood. My tttlte daethter, tfl
years old, has snflereit trout Mrrofnht and
ealarrh a rreat deal. Hood's asrsaparltla
did her more mod than anything else we
have ever atven her." Mas. hoetM One, Oan
astota. It. T.
Sold hy alt drnfwtsts. $1; six far t. Tre
parnt only hy C. I. HOOD & CO., Lewetl,Mas.
I0O loci One Dollar.
Where Can I Set
lii Blue, Brown or Cream Colort
JS $10 Pongee Silk Coal and Vd
A Seersucker Coat and Vest
To mahe room for the
Improvements that wo aro
going to make in our store
we will allow this month a
off marked prices on ALL
931 Pa. Ave.
1107 reuuaylvaula Ave.,
Call attention tv tfeir sleek
f Watches, comprising all
the most desirable movements
and styles of casing, from tJte
lowest price for which a re
liable time-keeper can be
bought to the most expesnsire.
These watches bear mtr
firm name nd ere fully
American Wa It ham
Watches of all grades m
"XAMPBM& f i HPMffpflW.
m BapiswsspBBBy
WttkeaattlsT leWMT JtasatisSaW'
Ungma SM H
"iiinainiui vmimmmmmmt
9 WjtWWe
a WatML
MIW '-'" i ,. II- II J II Jl Sip
aOAmd. ttsi 4k Ut AAsaUitaaar JteaWsBla, SaBattsl
iiMKni it 't . TiitMiiWit llf. T
amiiatfsfiM in ftsM fHwrf nf tAs afajBjjj aarf M
js sBS"SeelBff sr mmbmSumS? eeePI!?
fsHf HfM. l.eifilarT MsBJIKKBV.
Plain Speech
We believe there is
nothing commends the
assertions ol any house
more than "plain
speech. ' While it may
not be necessary to
make confidants of the
public, it is necessary to
treat the intelligence of
the people with respect.
To be perfectly pla:n,
we have trimmed the
twigs or price in many
departments, because
we wish to employ a
legitimate stimulus at
this a naturally slug
gish season.
We have about ioo
pieces ol Van-Colored
Renaissance $3 goods
which we will sell at
For about 375 pairs
of Dark Blue Madras
Curtains 3 yaj-ds
long and 50 inches wide
--Persian patterns,
which were $6.50, we
ask only $3.
In our Axminster
Carpeting s 1 i g h t
shades, with borders
variety of figurings we
ask $1.75 ior what has
been $2.25.
In our "Morris" Body
Brussels Carpetings
the popular blue effects
we mark $1.25 and
cross out $2.
In our Wall Paper
t Department we ask you
to look at about 150
patterns of advance
style in English produc
tion of our own im
portation. For Pine-Tar Anti
Moth Paper we ask 5c
a sheet; others get 10c.
If we were, to omit
to speak of our exclu
' sive pattern in $30 An
tique Oak, 3-piece
Chamber Sets we would
fail to "speak plainly"
of a very remarkable
and unusual value.
Ttilrtrriilli nnd 1' Ntrcet.
Corner llth and Fats, n, w.
Brakes Hae ef about SO Ladles' and
Slietes Blouses In Flae Freneh ami Seetob
Flannel and Freaeh Breadetetbs In Card!
sal, White, Navy and Faaey Stripes haye
been redneed latteaeh,
Tbifd fleer.
BBlrSaMrTS jtlMPRtBg.
i.W Wafct Bane Sean, one rterse eakes ta
Wiwd Ifcrs Best We Bx
tsat,iaaM thehwisag Pilars, ilajitassbas
ties. 4 eaafe.
Wenitwial X TnshsenV Meet WK ladia
Bar Bsaa. i asnt e, 1 ajat Mle,
rekesVH-Baaieiarthe tassat aa4 hash.
Mtf &NT Wbtsaaak
SsattttlaW .WssBBsbU isBaf Udf ggl sdCAr
4Sa bIlAaJ j aaaaa laUpi KBAjr
e4BlB PBBBBPtBS fsiiy p jpsaas; BBBJBB9
lSaaeaaaBal fi&ttBS&US DaaBl- aaaaal KLS SlfA
llfcaaaiat - -
Bam Uev BBBhli eah
. -.bw 'apaa" o"ta
Bkuv TjlAA laaaaaaaL Ueaaafc aa
flflU IbMUs. M.at iBV. al sjd
'w '"m ixim bw "Wi- b3 ( "358Pt
LHArew rrBAWr rn
limokt (rail mnv
FlntlMMBt tasMasrli H .re
jt WJMeM i-9"--
iAMBsrT js)But m
B. M. B. flNAfORt
nMtK UmOW m Jtmtfn kit
IS the t of All Mwrlmi I. -
Iteeaise It ywrnrasaaey wp
,rrm a watte or a baim.1 tn
etestere or a sywietwaiy svTti
heeetHatty swt ssera a-nr
trfeetthsm aay ether irc'e
The Amttan h not mechanical, h-n 10
wsmpwlatlf n ot It Is so stwpte thai a rrr. 1
eanletrn tenter Kwtth from rr innr 0
weeks'nrnstlce. Tonr rWt It s t'
strnnient wilt be esteemed a faror at
98 TA. AVB
t oie Agent for Stelnway and Other F'fst
class rhinos and Organs.
"A Midsummer Night's Drfnrn
Of Quiet Enjoyment on tne Blue rotom'
The Finest and Fastest ami only NewStoimcr
. . . .on tho Totomao JtlTer.
W attr-Tlirlit Iron Compartments, maklni tho
XIACALKSTEK Absolutely Faro.
1D0 Eleotrlo Unhts-Electrlo fcarch IJeht
Illuminating tho Itlver and Landing.
LcnTlni? ter wharf, foot of 7th St.,
AT 6.30 P. M. SUAItP,
Snliirtlay, July 5. 1890.
1 ho Ever Popular and Hellablo stcnatr
Will also learo tho samo wharf this
(8i-turdaT erenlnx at S:IS p. m. sharp.
Ilicro will bono crowd Idi; on cither boat,
anil on each Friday nnd tutnnUy ercninR
duttntc tho toisoii or ISM, at tho amo hours,
arriving In Washington on her return at 10
o'i look p. rn.
Landing at
Oolng and returning
Elegant Cafe nn the Clmrlos Miioalcs'cr
Meals and Lunches at Marshall Hall Hci
tauraut. KAI1K, HOCND TUIP. SV.
Sunday trips to Marshall Hall at 11 a. m ,
3010. Sao and 00 p. m. sharp.
Host of Order Guaranteed
jTi-U L. L. ULAKB. la.taln.
Naval Academy Band.
Trains learo 11. i. O, Depot, week ilajs, S.js
a. ib l.)nnd J.aop. m. Sundays, 0il&. m ,
1.90 ami 3.1S p in
Leave Day Itldge, week days, S 30 ecd G 30
p. w. fcumlajs, 8aml9p. ib.
Round Trip Tickets - - $1.00
Genera! Msnuter.
Oen'l rawenger Agent.
The Mount Vernon
On and after JUNE 1. 1890, the new Iron and
steel steamer,
wlllleateher wliarr, foot of SBVENTIIst,
HALL as follows:
for MOUNT VEItNON-Erery day (except
Sunday) at to a.m. and 2.30 p. m, returning
at e and n:-ii p. m. Pasaengers can remain at
MOUNT VKRNON until seeond boat leaves It
desired, fare, round trip. SI. Including ad
misejonto the Mansion ami Grounds. Ele
gant eafe on Ihe boat. Meals and lunches
served promptly. Mount Verron OulUe
Hooks can be procured on the boat.
YEHNON ebedule for week dava.
Oa&UNDAYH at 11 a.m-.inO and 6 p.m.,
returning at 8. 5.30 and 8 p. m.
On FlUDAYS and 8ATUKDAY8, Bpec'al
Moonlight Kxeur.locs down the river to
INDIAN HEAD, toiioblug at MAIOH.UL
II ALL going and returning, leaving Washing
ten at e JO p. m-, reavblng city on return at
Wp a.
Meals and luaebea at all-times at MAR
SHALL HALL Ilwtaaraut.
ParetoMAIibHALL HALL and return, as
cent) ob aay trip; eblldreo, between 6 and!.'
yean, IS cenU.
The popular and reliable steamer V W.
COIiCOOAN will make bar river landings as
far down m GLTMONT. lamilng at MAR
SHALL HALL going and returning teavicg
berwbarfdsur (except Stwday) at to a, m.,
returslBg at 4 p. m. tUMiad trip, J' i-ents.
Snaday trlut of tb W. W. COH.'OHaH to
MARSHALL HALL will be announ ed
Weetly. See advertbeBwata.
Forebartan ot ateanet MArM.ESTER
and rORCORAN for either MOUNT V KKNON
rllAlt611ALLUALL apply to L L BLAKE,
Otaptaln. (w tanar. nt
SUalMlSIl UKSOltr.
m-coiaamdalw 189mmn. Openaiktnu
year. ObbUius sad tea water free ba!u
Sh te guei- TLe iaet aumiser au4
wtatar rewrt oa tba ouaat. IIaue within i
feat of tfca Urf. JAMBS & bTEFFNEK,
Ptoortoture. joaiaj
11T K .Street NortbMMt.
Tfc Oaaeat BatnhMaail Pruulng House !n
A tnerail Use of the Laseec Jioveitlo -a
Wistiltaw Oassts and BtsttasaoB Daace Pro'
fSSMsaws. He., wltk BnsvatoRM to MaUn.
Jstsaaai sMOaaatVBBSal
AadBverrkUnd of Book Priming
Kaaentad an at Lowest Bates.
Grand, Upright and Sjare
BpscUl atteuuun vf tiufiuir .t i
u, cur
yioiaaod in Tawlfii . i
"UB8iT tiiCORAT i , X Aiw
Wm. Khabb & Co.,
Btf Murfrrt Bftff
AilthiiwMtU 4wsto(ssV
- C'ttinuiiia (Tfmn 'i
faMldairf 4H XtSh saseat.
SnTs" "PaaalBwaBP lae, BP"aBf

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