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The Daily Critic
Htkt PnHpr Dmoerattt Tkiilg Ftiper Pub
tohedat WaMngUn.
3tT axarttno
WA4ffiMr"IllM CTTT, 8. P.
ByjWen tj&tilltajas fteeaM), 1 tear...... .$H W
" lwoart si
t&mWSlBtteerty. lflMltll it
l J irn ii i
VtA&fomttm, T. C .tct.t S. 19.
-MJBm-tt- . , t i ni.n ui j iiim
it fe mete Ifea likely that tin Nebr
Jrf ?a pontroTersy hag ranted a grea
t?ftl,f Irritation, etyecfhiiy aimwrg ttrt
CanexftaM who cannot eee why the
"United State should claim rights in
the Pacific whlek tire denied Canada In
tbe AttABlie. Hut that this haa reached
aft? th riolnt m was Indicated In the
tsiecmed Star's scBtaUorml "extra"
yetfcntaT, or m Spears In the World")
watlitsgiAB correspond eirce of to tiny,
la la the Ian degree imrtrrjtmWe. We
note, lmlewl, the cltenrmtauce that
xearly nil the morning papers, except
the New York World, contain reports
of a flat denial of the whole story by
the British Minister.
The World occupies the proud and
lonesome position of having found Sir
Inllan unwilling to talk on the subject.
Jt proceeds, therefore, to reproduce the
ftor's testation with highly florid elab
oration, tjlng a string to It, however,
by adding this final paragraph:
W HJe the HW eerre'pondeet has the bet
antbOfKy for the abme, It Is jalte likely
that there amy be a brums h of the Informa
tion retetlre to the suhjeet whleh wtwkl.lf
irade rMte,eatH It to appear In a Jew serl
ms HphU It the matter were as grave as
let rmlketed, it l not likely that Mr.
Maine would b resllae qnletlr at IMr
The "branch of the Information'
ltferred to must be that vory branolt
which the iirraM, Sun, Tribune ami
other lending papers got hold of, to
wit: the British Minister's sweeping
denial of the whole businoes.
As we say, however, there Is doubt
Hss great Irritation, and this may at
any, time bum out Into a Unme very
t'.StJleiilt to control. It wouldn't be a
bad idea to keep sotne of these prema
turfe HBsatlomln stock ready for ue
lt-r on.
Yesterday's C'Mrric contained the re
I rrntof a ipecial teteeram from Clncln
Kfctl to the New York Timet, giving
hat purported to be the utterances of
South Carolina merchant apropot
f the Federal Elections bill. ThU
Charleston merchant, whoee name Is
baibfutly withheld, undertakes to fore
t ait the policy that will be pursued at
the South in case the Lodge bill should
become a law. He sajs the negro Is to be
boycotted, denied employment, turned
ut to starve, while his place will be filled
by white laborers The Charleston
man declares that the plan is fully or
ganhrod and that It Includes also, a boy
cott against Northern products, meat,
(ornmcal, feedstuff, etc., all of which
are to be raised at home or lraportod
from Europe. He further asserts that
the whole South Is aroused on the sub
ject ami that the application of the em
bargo will be universal and slmultan
Now, weretpectfully, but firmly, pro
claim that this U all bosh of pureat ray
nation. No considerable number of
Southerners are going to do any one of
the thing s mentioned by the Charleston
merchant la Cincinnati, Southern
merchants have not the faintest idea of
buying their goods anywhere except in
tbebacasd cheapest markets, and It
will take a good deal more than the
Lodge Election bill to sevre their
lelatfo&s with the business men of
the greet Northern cities, between
whoa aBd themselves the naort
cardial relations exist. It is quite
posetble that the execution of the Lodge
L1H is the Southern States may lead, to
disorder that will arrest the prosperity
of that section sad thus diminish the
ulwse of Its commerce In every illree
tkii, but that there la any iateattoa to
adopt a paHey evee approximating the
. ce I qoeatioa is widely and extrava
atrj abeurd.
XJitber are th utWru pliuten
j-UiK to dfapewe wish their oalosod
UU lk. The afoee soit tbew ra
Uiely Thej- kaow tUew, art ujmhI to
l( ad they wat ao otimt. No
w hi e labor would ever satisfy the
talk itevt It, aal oeeaeiosallr try the
spertiaRt, but tkey have aever liked
it sad tkey bo loager eves dr of it,
txutpt U thaory. Gaeratk3 mitt
pats away beloee th Souther a piaster
um i ieosMiileti to aekajsg. He bow
baa a. latwser who it skilled up to th
xttL' t hi seatMe of arieultuie,
wkiu- be tkofougkly uanVretaatis. aad
between wboam ad htaaeeU, fas every
tbfe g sivc BoHdca, the wareiMt aad
leosi mtratUcabteaaictioeiexaMS. La4
vur io the SouUwra Stotee do sU-iw-ij
ikMie to sell taeir atvpfaas lad
to - Lt s! urdy yeoaaasry of tkve North,
dci iy lie way, taa stusOy yeo
6(.Li ..oulda't do a busier tkiHg tka
tojfoKutb itod bagr tbeea, but whj
it.ii.u'ouiti tabor o kJa owa piaa
taai l viiit whom kiku cohmi ia
1m ,. y raocal ooateot, aad who U to
m tLt ebarer of bM pMaMf ad We
l u-ditute, Ij waste litf go whoo
a. lu. kluwu ii W Mle asd wko U
-x-d L.i . tri4 iumtiJts la hi
ti 'ill'C
Ai-y lc Uu ulka ah j it the Souis
, l .asters b-iyciiB ud try tan a
u:u lLc Uai.ks uny ditly be at
tl s s 4 jeet.tr or as :uoi aum
J uc iHiuib will figiii the Force bili,
),i.J uk 5..uih will wuip it never tear.
hi tut ul beso -n.pl-1 iui erunal
t i f i.kdos aad starvatkw, be
. . t Lai Nu pbwtier's kitcbea baa I
ii it iku i-loMtd to colored persos
l uac hungry No abidsar has ever
Ikcj, j-.mJ itt buuieleaa, or njjre aJ
n -.. iUJte,d from the akk Nuae
cii uc 1 a wbuee asJ the Uaclu
a.. uiahexe ad tavaw, hftt daay
Jan ua4as Vh siirfant dWufbjascej
tAtlt it a ului regard thai Ultr NjU
em itatcmro have nrvrr undrrfooil
or, in thoir lilindcot and mot prstlfcr
ous meddling been able to Mtlngnlsh.
Ii TBI: Sew York Trttmnt'i WssblnetO
errepowenrr we AMI tBOfomwtng r-lan-H
rrrtic to oftfrtiy PaW(ai'fg row
Wit- ''Tbe notJM Federal Election Nit ras
dtlfwrtil formally tbtsattenoon to ttieMi
tc, ttit its afMottercmeftt caused scarcely
a rlppl In tee piscM Im of the iwbate
tgatliSt tfm for whtoh Mr Frye's Shipping
Wits Sre eow offerlftg an aeeomnindattng
pfsfest. 3lr. SpouMi eas stfl) atymit
frtrni the t'spltot, and Mr Frye, who Is also
a mnrer of tbe Senate conwaftree on
rrititegea and XlecUons, took the ITcmse
nensnre la eaargv. On his motion the
MH ek efitered to be reprinted and to be
laid nroa the table for the present. The
committee can call It np hereafter whenever
Its place on the order of bnsinws for the
swefcn definitely determined. Mr.
Spooner win be back In the cfty to-morrow,
and win then asame the management of
this highly important and extremely urgent
piece of legislation. A csnens ot Republi
can Senators wilt nndonMedly be called
oon after his retnrn to tleehte what coJMe
tbsll be urtntd In dealing wtth the Elec
tion bill. It Is beewnlng wore awl more
evident that seme Tltoiows plan of cam
paign most be adopted If both the Tariff
Mil and the Kfcetlon bill are to b Hipoed
of swceeHfnWy before the first of Septefa
ber comes around.'
W hat, then, has the old stogsn lost Its
force Will nothing how fire the grand
oM party'i heart, and mttet patriots like
Meed, Lodge, Chandler, Howell ami .lohany
uawnport pine neglecteil at the Senate's
doors r feme, come, Rrotlier BeekemlorH;
cheer wp. Oo to, while the Coney Islaml
wintl plsjs thronh ytmr whtslters and
fans you Into a more hopeful frame of
ml ml!
Baron o.n Zedmt, recently married In
Germany, should be careful, now that he Is
rutting I'arls, to have his name very eore
fnlly announced, as otherwise it might be
tbeeaiweofmltapprchehslon. Some years
ago a dlMlnruWtwl Uerman whose name,
though spelled differently, hail almost the
Mune sound rs Zedllti, prentcl himself at
a very swell iratherlne In the exclusive rnirt
of Paris. The party was small and happened
to becomfortablydistribuledaboutln pairs,
tttt-H-Me, when a Isekcy flung open the door
and called out:
"Montiiur U IJnrm Sthllitx."
"Ahl" exclaimed oue ot tho gentlemen,
In a tone ot dlgust, "toite m firi m ile
rnaffcr fen It morn."
MttrofvlHiiH Edward A. Sahmertx, l'ltta
Iwirg, I.; II. Jlaeltitier, New York; It. 11.
I'arfter, (JlcvttaiKl, Obloi 1). P. Mttililox.
New York.
A'afionid 8. 8. Wierand, Philadelphia!
S. t". Fish, Chicago; W. P. Keller, Xw
Jork; A. P. Snencer ami wife, OikaWia,
Iowa: I. Malheiis ami wife. Lentsbunr,
W, Va.; W. P. Kllpatrlek, nirmtngbatn,
Ala.; W Olsen, Ureeasltoro', N. C.;neoree
II. Ilrown, Statyvllle, .N. C. John W. Fair
fax, Irglnla.
. JamtC. 0. Latham, W. Va ; U
?ej 'w v'k! J- !' Wellenslek, York,
., v. i,. -iinn, j.iuih itncK, .vrK.; t. II.
Hcach, Kochester, N. Y.; P. Dortau,
Imprrittl J. S. Penteb, Xew Altiauy,
lad.: F. L. Blade, Norfolk, Va.: It. 0.
Hanks, Norfolk; 0. A. Martin, Virginia;
Dr. Itlchard N Wise, WlllfanHburg, Va.
ilsnrj- A. WIw, Williamsburg, Va.
UIr,rta. h. Wellington, Cumber
ton. .Mil.; T. llernaril, New York? E.
II. Wells. Pittsburg; P. I Walter, Pitts
burg; Patrick Jleury, Heorleo, Ark.; H.T.
Walker and wife, St. Joseph, Mo.; Misses
ami fflrone,
exiBRton, Ky.,
ana J. II
, Sayre, Iloehe4ter, N. Y
A'aMff II. C. Curtis, New York: K. J.
Gibson, T. W. Lane, Kansas City, Mo.
"WS Handler de Key, New York; A.
II. MaeDade, Chester, Pa.f Cliarlea M.
Thomas, L ti. N.
Shnrthnm Jeff Chawller and wife, St,
.trliitoiOH T. W. llrklley, New YorkiF,
D. KiMel and wife. tit. l.oul; K. C. Welt,
New YofU; II. U. Halfbt. New York; II. K.
Tlepke, Pawtueket, R.J., - Cameron,
New York; W. J. Ulbson, New York; U.
W, ThotBFen, New York? Ilr. D. M. Onr
K4S, HerKlmwr.
Jrttew-F. A. nilmore, Cbtesgo; Samuel
W, atlMore, M. Louis.
Miss JIarle llurgy of 1128 Sixth street
northwest returned yesterday from a
pleasant sojourn at Piney Point.
The Princess Louise has more skill
than an Indian in handling o, canoe, and
often lands without assistance a salmon
weighing as much as thirty pounds.
"When she kills a particularly fine fish
she carefully paeks it in ice and sends
it to ber royal mother, the Queen.
Lord Aberdeen is said to b&ve created
a great deal of exeitemenl In London by
driving up tolbedoor of bis club bouse
In a milk wagon. The exeitemeat
was, no doubt, chiefly due to the faet
that "me 1ml" didn't know whether be
was in a milk wagon or a Roman
Francis Iksnocb, whose death is an
nounced in London, waa welt known in
New York aad ISoaton He was a
business man. with literary tastae, ami
was Hawthorne's Intimate frWod. He
was Julian Hawthorne's godfather aad
katw Longfellow, Bryant, lUvard
Taylor and EueraoB.
Dr. Talmage receives $15,000 a year
from bis lironklya coogregatiou, $13.
SiM) fioau a arse, for the advaaee puWl
caitoi of his germoas, fg.&M for bis
coasribmteaa to a religious Journal, be
MB what he earaa on the ieeture plat
forw aad from geaeral literary work.
He would los Btaavey if -ha traded bk
laaawe far that of the l'f eaideat of the
United State.
Colonel Edwaal Bradford, the new
Chief Vwaiiiff ibffr of the Lossas
polke. was oae of (he uaoat fdehn4ejt
sportasuui of the BrVtkb araiy. jjavbae
but osa in, tha uthar having baas
two of by a tigress which he bad at
tached U India. Mr. Husto, Mm lata
chief of the Luadoa polka, was alto
aaljwtd la a hustiag exfaaiatiaa U
lagta. havUg broken thigh Ma by a
faS ooffi bjtboraa during a haar hsst.
A Pitiable UxWbsSMua.
cm Aija beaa
)issfas hi as utlaf fafltita Ha hi
laesliaar iaaavat by the Daaaaaaasy sac
lagpiHai by bit aw aaaly. la tat
Iowa KepuWkan ikaw Coaveatiem taw
Psaaidest'ssasia wss recteal wUi cold
yifqi wblle the hsbici of "irMiT
jaaaa awaJtesas itraaa
What cAuhl bw aaoM aMaUa thir this
rnstaaanluima twratii at nf a aMMsrdiinaa
1 i"d rp m vpBaaaawaqaaBii
PitMat of the Usitoi SsaiaM bv
&ta cosfasMoft of hia ows party
A sjanaahi aaaa, with s wsjarsiPiQsL
i aaaalac Sjmo caAiebB5 fife'bttissi
WwmysSm tor-
'You should aaia
jattr aav
'1 WuuiU I c sweetir
far.'- Aaikl
tot rt twu old oldiefs, paat aad
vVc uktfctl am iMMiiiy Is CX
Wele loo Buteb pride.
ao wwM eiMnaM& out i
4xd be got a dime tgr tua sU-repct.
,. rinnfOte" at AliMtrah.
A goodly atrdrence siMm cut bn lao
watmt wave last night to taft atrother
Mow at that litre old talk, "IT. 1. S,
Plfiarbre." After all ber voyages urn!
adretur the staunch old craft ap
pears nearly as trim and snug as of
tore, and wnen bet new crew get a
little more familiar with the rope awl
steering gear hc will donbtiess m able
to tack, go about ami sail up Into the
wind with all of her old celerity.
It H not so eay to give "Pinafore" an
mlgfft at first Ninth be irmfftrerl. Theft
Is a large number of persons still mttts
wno heard the mott popular opera of
Its day some scorn of times during the
twoorihreeytarsln which it bad Its
afmtist nnprecedentetl run, ami when,
last nttbt. the performers aot all at
sea In their lines, at least half the audi
ence no doubt had to repress an Impulse
to rise up ami prompt them.
CBWerhig the ferocity of the
weather and the antiquity of the work.
the performance. Tor a first nlght'a pre
Jcntatlon, was not so bod as It might
have been. The Sullivan music met
with some rather surprising rontrttempi
here and there at the bands of cast
and clients, and the Gilbert humor
considerable emendation and amplifica
tion from the versatile yntingcometlian.
But, after all, it was In and on the
main the same breer.y. melodious, tie
llgbtful old "Pinafore,' from time Im
memorial so securely anchored In the
snug harbor of our memories and
JHss Lament made a very graceful
and girlfih Jottphins and sang vory
sweetly the pretty songs of the role,
wblle Mabclla llakor amply fulfilled the
rotund requirements of that plump and
pleasing personage, Little Buttercup.
the bum-boat woman of ever blessed
memory. Salutes should be fired or a
Te Deum celebrated for tho return of
hmmn Hanlcy to a blonde wig, and last
night. In n most becorritng costume, she
looked indeed a Jhbe lit to bo cousin to
an Admiral or cup benrer to the gods.
Pretty little Mls Nichols did a horn
pipe in such nn enticing fashion and
ttich a cute llttlo sailor Hi? that llm nn.
dience could well Torglvo the orchestra
for running out of music.
Of tho men the CtipUifo Corcoran of
Mr. 'Wilson, tho Mortmain nf Mr.
Uroderick, and the Dick Dtadeye ot
Mr. Herbert wcro nil very crodltnbly
sung and acted. Mr. De Laneu as Sir
Jettph displayed tho same Intelligent
conception ot bis role, with the sime
occasional tondency to oxaggorntlon
which makes his work always Interest
ing even when not wholly commenda
ble. The Marme of Mr. Clark was a
very amusing bit of grotesque make-up
and pnntomimc, and one of tho small
Congo comedians appeared to Immense
advantage as the Muhhipniile.
JUilph Jtntkttrati) presented n now
accesslnu to the company In the jierson
of Mr. Hose David, a young gentleman
with a treacherous memory and very
ptctty though rather boinccopathlc tenor
voice. The former trouble can doubt
less be remedied by a llltly study, but
for the voice, In this wholly haw and
nearly tenntlesa world, let us bo de
voutly thankful. "PlnHforc" sails
again to night and throughout the
week, and will doubtless make hotter
lime v lib each trip,
A llttllbtrntA Ktrurt to Adamite
itiunc Southern Uenarutlaa,
nittirA'4 WatUfMtton Dltfxtfek to tU Gout-
I was but ft Iwy In 18C0, and most of
the men with whom I then struggled
for the Constitution, the Union and the
enforcement of the laws have gone to
their account. Hut their sous and their
grandsons arc here, and It seems tho
sole purpose of Hepubllcanlsm of
which the President Is tho fanatical
embodiment and Mr. Speaker Heed the
rascally Interpreter to drlvo those out
nf national fellowship. I sec on every
band line and lusty lads, bornslnco tho
close of the war, and fast growing to u
fair manhood.
Instead of seeking to make of theau a
generation of young patriots, the Re
publican loaders arc doing their utmost
to make them a generation of young
vipers. They see iu their Government,
as U i now organized, a foreigner and
an enemy, pot a fellow citizen and a,
frtynd. They feel at the bands of the
party in power the mailed clasp of war,
npt the gentle pressure of poace. They
hear from the oracles of that party
nothing but taunts and cursee, execra
tions and accusations, assailing all that
they bold near and dear,
- .I
Mrs, UarrUan's Peculiar Explanation
or l'eriooal lluuellt,
tim IJU .Yw Yort Thau.
If Mrs, Benjamin Harrison is cor
rectly reported by the interviewer
whom she received last week, her ex
planation of ber own and ber husband's
notions of propriety, as involved In a
recent gift of a summer cottage, Is ex
treujfcly unfortunate. The "scruples"
of a gentleman in Mr. Harrison's po
sltloa as to buying property in Wash
iBgton for fear it might rise in value
ate rendered impertinent, or worse, by
bis allowing bto wife to take property
for nothing elsewhere, aad thea pro
claiming to the pubtte that "if our
presence at Cape May Point will
be a beaeat to aav persons,
they are welcowe to It" If aecaptlatt
the gift of a "beautiful cot tatre, fully
equipped aad ready for ocupitU'
does "not involve the President la aay
joeaey Maklas for hia pereeaal bene
fit," aa Mrs. Ilanssoa k reported to
have said, tba the Harrison Idea of
' uwsaaal beaeat" U peculiar. The
whsbi hualaaw. is exiMaaery patty aad
diaagtaeabie, aaji tiut Was the uaribM U
interest have to say about it the better.
A Maue (or Two.
m ! CAkwo Triton UUp.)
The buildla up of Chin we walls is
a gaiiMt thai two can itfaur at No nut
ter haw high Major yeTfjalay awy
stiair hte tha p&weee of TStioptf caa
build Mill higher. Thja wall-building
auyr Mua that arcbibartav bu where
does it leave the AsMntow fayaaatl If
he hasws hU inter! he will add with
Mr. Blaine.
As iunvl SL'SMaa,
y,am tt Urn framd 4ks.
Misscsou faraaeia wbdi thai biaaWng
tlne ahaJi be eh peoed byhTiag it
ifi"fat;tnrftrt ia the State nefara If
thy wttl hae U ad tham b mm
of the pulltictasi who aaahe itcoativ hy
taiieg the raw natedai, the reforat
will he romjieto
exi tbt uj AnjwttHar Uved.
fimt fi mil giiaiiii fHi"
The eldest of the IMf aapreseat
aStee asteaw us of Peamest Joha
jjaarii la saad to laosat that his as
ctaM ever ejdatai W view of
aathmai farframt osflfci nttebrtjtitS :
of the Four ib ;
A ttsaMaa 4'mm'.
The upisloo of the agap Kapm.b
Hjau organ is lajari to eaajfifap
Cui the vldiasW of loan Qua In
ftaft?ivaeihi m lmmftiW k
a very . .rr apt ituiMmu
The l.eadlnc: Orcftn or the itepnMfeaa
l'arty Proetnlms It,
rrmti xew rork tumdu.
If the entire pvjfmlathm la W.otje.flrjn,
about one pernm In flghtyelght of
the pormlathw rewltes a pension, and
the amount jo approprlatetS Is aotmt
SSM for ewry pwrwn rm the rmlt thta
year. Out of all the money raised by
custom, Internal taSesand miscellane
ous receipts for the benefit of all the
people, nearly half h rmW over to one
eighty eighth of the people, ami little
more then one half Is 6xiewterl for all
other national purposes. Yet there are
fnrtfter Mils proposed, ami eramWmlsly
urged by pension ageott, which would
isae ont or tue i reasury alioitt ra.fm
OW.OOO more.
The Tribune thinks it time to sv
that this Is going too far. The measure
of proper expenditure for this pnrpw
has been reached, if Indeed It lias n.rt
been passed already. While any p irt
of tbote who saved the nation from de
strrrctton wtra subject to want, or their
widows, children or helpless parents,
there was an honorable feeling that
they sbonld be remembered by a pow
erful and prosperous people, even
though Ih the attempt to do so avenues
should unavoidably be opened for ex
tensive frauds.
But the people will certainly stop
somewhere, and then, It appropriations
for thi3 object seem to them excessive
or frauds too numerous, there may be a
flat refusal to continue the appropria
tions already mntlo. He is not the true
frierid Of tbo soldier. In the deliberate
judgment of the 7WeKne who now
asks for further appropriations In his
The youngest of those who served In
the Union Army must to day be aboltt
-17 years of net). Only ono eighth of
those living nf any time exceed that
aec, so that of the 7,000.000 male adults
who were living when the war closed
not more than 900,000 are living now,
and over n third of those nrd Southern
ers, A voting population of 12,000.000
will not long consent to pay more than
half the entire revenues of the Govern
ment to n twentieth of their number.
Further appropriations for pensions
ennhbt bo askctl wllhoul imperiling thu
continuance of all grants for that pur
pose. Tlie MreilBlrtR of tho I'otoratc
Colonel Holns. In his report for
fiscal year ending June 30, 1800,
views the legislation rceardlnc
Potomac ilats. and shows thnt thorn has
been expended up lo the closo of tho
fiscal year f 1,498,701, somewhat mora
than ono half of tho orlelnal estimate
for tho entire work. The Virginia
channel above tho Long Bridge has
been deepened to 20 feet nnd a width
of from 400 to 300 feet, n part of which
has been filled up slnco and
been rcdredged. The channel bo
low ibo bridgo has been dredged to
n depth of 20 feet nnd a width of Ml
feet. The Washington channol has been
dredged to a depth of 20 feet and a
width of ittO feet. From Seventh street
wnari lo Its junction with the main
channel Is a deVth of 12 foet and a
width of from 100 to 2-i0 foet. An Im
inedlutu appropriation of $300,000 Is
asktd lo pioteet llm work already dime
from freshets. The necessity ot a new
bridge lo replace tho present Long
Bridgo, and of a bridge to Arlington, Is
llfitroyluc ln Le Tracy ltcislitouco.
One year ago Secretary of the Navy
Tracy was about to occupy his resi
dence on I street, opposite Farmgut
Square, to which ho bad added another
story. To-day tbo mansion Is In ootme
of demolition, nnd upon the lot nn ubar
building will be erected. People piss
ing by thu spot look at the blackened
walls and tell over again thu tragedy
mm uL-curmi hi iuo secretary a uouse,
which resulted In tho death of Mrs.
Tracy and ber youngest daughter, nnd
from which tho Secretary himself was
rescued only through tho suporbuman
efforts of the firemen. On tho walls of
the building the staircase Is darkly out
lined which led to tbo rooms ot the
Secretary and his wlfo and daughter,
but the front part of the bouse, from
which Mrs. Wilmerdlng made her leap
for life, has been removed forever. In
a short time every indication of the
scene of the tragedy will have passed
Lieut. Mayton Itetignit from the Navy,
The Navy Department yesterday lost
the service of Lieutenant William II.
Slayton, who will Immediately engage
In the practice of Jaw, Lieutenant
Slayton is one of the most uaful ami
active officers in the Navy. His recent
management of the MeCalla court-martial
brought him prominently Into pub
lie notice and at its conclusion be re
ceived several oilers of connections
with well-known law Arms. Secretary
Tracy offered him several places if he
would remain in the service ami Inti
mated that the position held by Judze
Advocate Iteraey will bo vaeant in No
vember The Lieutenant, although ex
ittlng his regret at leaving, stated
that bis laiml was fully made up and
be would in tbe future devote himself
to the practice of law in tbe State of
Uatbetl lotu a liable U4r.
Last evening, as ex Assistant Poet
master Genera! Leo Kaott, accompanied
by hU wife. Mis Kama a of Baltimore,
and liev. Father Clark of St. Aloyeiu
Church, were returning from a drive te
tbe Catholic University, they met wiih
an accident that might have terminated
store disastrously. Near Seventh street
aad the Boundary their teaut took flight
at a pasting cabfa? car asd dashed oaT
down Seventh atreet At the eetaar of
U ttreet Geaeral Kaott, who thought
thai the driver. An hi McDonald, was
kiiiag control of the horse, reached
over asd grabbed use of the reins. ThU
turaad thaw about aad threw the eos
veyaace directly Is frost of a cable ear.
There was a coltltjos. The carriage was
overturned, the oecsitastf throws out,
asd the 'veh&chi seaasMahsd. Pathsr
Clark had, hia hip lajuted. hut the
others eecaped with alight bruises.
in i
ABstbr Thawas Kaatl
Ceaureaaaias Mudd of the Finn
Karylssd Attract i tbe proud father of
a twe-sfcesJtMsd hoy, asd yesterday a
large aether of friends of tbefewiiy
Mahaies at St Joss's Church, ia
Prfsce George Cousty, te witseM the
chttasestsf of the Hate ose. Tbe
wkh the same of Thostaa Bead Mudd
being sasted after the Spenser of tU
House. Afcir.
We have for a tosg tiuae auaseete l
that Tsosms Bead would ssaily ..
Mudk iu Me mud."
Cerreisimtiast KtsasiaVe
Charles & Kiscaid U bow at bb
base is Dasvilht, Ky , be hi ahaence
toau the Capital asd the of the
tfeeflOW doe sot aeeaato lw
e?VMev IMaougb
very ubiu statute viae he left here
swcawssi aaaa
sett s the. shaft he a
ajsr ile to sot ejteaetud to rturo
Usmm takaits ash best, aafc l..
rurtnara vtHina CnUoet 4,-
at ut
A IHk Seal ion Attack hnttrdttf
t;tpre MestensYri
, Kansa-! cm, Ma, itift&-tr&ak
Terry, a Well'. Farfi Cb. s.tt
BretWTbJw. and bh iifNiH had a
trlillBg exptrience on a Suhta Fe train,
near Argentine on Sunday with Mr
wt Hon, which with tmWtlMwig; hwl
been shipped from San Efanelseo to
Jfew York. The animals bfcd been
bmneht down from the seal fslftmls In
the Padtre car by the owner Of a zm
ologlcal garden In New York. They
were taken ftom the ship, where tltey
bad been In water, and shipped lnlhree
large wooden cages, well corMtmeted
and strongly rnmnd bv hemp ropes.
The lntehe heat and absence of waftr
proved disastrous for tbe animals. One
of them died- at Dehver. On the trslh
between that point and Kansas City rtrto
of the males went mad and attacked his
mate, killing her Instantly by biting her
bead nearly off. He then howled most
dismally for several hours, and th6 oc
cupants of the car were considerably
frightened. The animals finally quieted
down and gave no further trouble, until
Argentine was reached.
Then he became furious again ami
raising himself on bis four fins used his
tail with such force that he broke the
cage Into pieces and then made an at
tack on Express Messongor Terry, who
jumped on a pile of express matter, but
was quickly driven from that position.
Tbo men at last made their escape
through tbo side door of tho car and
doted It behind them. The seal raged
for five minutes and then dropped dead.
Tho corraW, welching 518 pounds, was
taken to Armour's packing-house and
skinned. Tbo romninlng soal was wnt
crcd hero and shipped on to New York.
Snl Knit or a Good Snllor nml nn Kn
tertnlnlng Writer.
Nkw Yonu, July 8. It Is now bc
Hovcd by bis family ond frtonds that
Captain John H. Allen of Brooklyn, a
well-known shlpmastor aud an enter
taining and forclblo writer on raarltlma
topics, Is dead. Captain Allen sailed
December 8, 18S0, from Darion, Ga
with tho ship Brldgowatcr for Queens
town, Ireland. Nothing was hoard of
llio Brldgowatcr from tho tlmo ot bor
sailing until on April 5 wreckage,
consisting of pilch pine timber and a
life buoy with tho noma "Brldgownter"
on It. was found on tho shore nt Achlll
Head, County of Mayo, Ireland.
Tho Infcronco was drawn that tho
ship bad been wrecked, but tho sug
gestion was made that tho crew, or n
part of It, might have been picked tip
by n vessel bound to some distant pOrt,
nnd so the hope sprung up that Captain
Allen would In tlmo bo hoard from.
Now at tho ond of tho sovonth month,
dntlng from tha sailing of the Bridge
water, that hopo has been abtnd-med.
flint Mnll llemollnlirfl it fie snt
Cur Nolmily Injilrol
Ciiic.uio, July 8. The fast mall
train from New Orleans, over tho III!
nols Contrnl, duo In this city on t Is
Initial trip at 1 o'clook this miming,
ran Into an empty freight car, near
Monco, III., thirty-live mllee out of Chi
cago. The freight car was totally
wrecked, being distributed for yard
along thu track. Tbo locomotive ot tho
fast mall train, though badly crippled,
did not lenvo the truck, according to
thu meagre reports received by tho dis
patcher at 2 o'clock this morning.
The mall coach and baggage car also
held to the track, tbo occupants of tho
car sustaining no Injuries beyond alight
brulica from contact with thu sides of
tho car.
Uruguayan Financial l)IMIciiltle.i.
London, July 8. The Timet pub
lishes a Buenos Ayros dispatch under
date of July 7, which says that tho
Uruguayan Legislature remained in
seselon until midnight of July 0. It Is
privately stated that a bill was passed
to be promulgated should tho necessity
for a six mouths' suspension o't
specie payments arise. Replying to
a deputation of merchants who waited
upon him the Minister of Finance
assured them that thu government
did not Intend to resort to a forced cur
rency. Tbe government, be said, was
apprehensive that tbe people might re
ject a paper currency, but it desires to
save tbo national bank by an inter
mediate measure. Tbe opinion prevails
that In the absence of government or
foreign aid tho bank must go Into
Ills Mania U l.uEUQn.
FuEDEiucK, Mo., July 8, Dr. Har
rison Wagner, the litigant, who has
been confined in tbo countyjal! here
for three weeks, having been arrested1
under a petition In Junaey, was taken
before tbe Circuit Court yesterday on a
writ of habeat corpus. He admitted
that be Is a lunatic pauper, and it was
ordered . that he be delivered into the
emiouy oi J (assail tyagner, his brother,
of Ohio, to be taken by him to that
State. Hia brother agrees to uaa hie
best endeavors to preveet him from tbe
further mneccution of his suit aiMliur
reikleRtsof Maryland aud the Mum
Kx press Company.
Embraced a Chance (or a Prank.
Culuxsyillb, Tsx., July a The
train which went through Range Creek
bridge, sear here, Sunday, was loaded
with beer aad liquors. The natives
from the surrounding country were sot
long ia learning how aauch goad stulf
waa seiag to watte, aad Is a few hoses
nearly the whole township waa drwsk.
Barrels of liquor that west through the
wreck Intact were bursted own by the
Maudlin crowd, which literally awast
is fetus. Officials tried ts peeat thia
oses essence of the law, but wsae bets.
A IlMkst of Ctold Stales.
Joust, III., July 8. -Ose thousand
ose besdsed dollars Is goad was alsaes
best Mr. Driesnikr of LoehssH Sss
day sight. Dricauillar was afraid te
trust hit mosey to banks asd waa also
afraid la iaweet it for fear of Ionia it
lis kepi his geld coaceated is a tin
Mbwtt busg Is the viatsrs, the
vm vaa lsaue the bouae
uftasuuer toes a Pees y.
isg to aee if the bucket of
ts am paee se w u waa gose
bsrgiara left so trace.
TU HanaMfel Ctiipmk.
as oettortuaU-y
ooiMMtuiUUr hit a OelUbttul
abe ieaaseahe rtar ia affitinhal
ism gEeea eac
osTsinaW, i
tcajs umtm wMCingioo, .
all a. Ui.
Kauvsx, V. S-, July b. -Advice
taw the) cable ikft Weaaoteanh, wsach
lg sa taas oat Kaa8Uiua ass thsA
Wl fousa la Uy lag the
the HaJalas-lecmuU
work baa buss u&floaaaiiltf
i. however, ad by sooo
Bermuda wll have ekatrkal
wttb tbe UvtNsas
caafe Mta
ATearte, K. T.. Has nn RfKltleiete
Mj-sterlotift DlsnppearnneA
Arcade, IT. Y., Jnly 8 Powf men
Mi repotted mining from thft KkMf
MiMJnly4. Oayton Tarbell, hotel
proprtetoT of Hnshford, dreappearwd on
the night of tbe 4th. He is said to be
deeply In debt
Earl Brown, a hardware dealer at
Farrwrtville station, left home the
mornnir of the 4th, leaving a letter
to bis wife that be wmihl not return.
Henry Smith, a stock dealer of ,Ptr
view, left home on tbe 4th, ami the
same nlgUl the comely yung ' wife et
bis lilftd frrkn also dwspprtired.
John Nicholas, an octogenarian
Welshman of Samlnskv, Cattaraugus
County, who was marl'Isd abVmt sltbr
eight weeks ago to a widow of tS. dis
appeared ft few days ago ami l tbtnteht
to nave gone back to Wale.
i '
.Are Ton Oolnc to Tolchcnter?
9pent train tettes StXlh Stft Ststton
on Thursday, July 10, at 0 a. m. Pare for
the round trip only $1.99.
Where Can I Get
In Blue, Brown ot Cream Colon
A $10 Pongee Silk Coatand Vest
A Seersucker Coat and1 Vest
we will
until July 16
all Casslmere
Suits on our
floor for
io. These
in price from
$12.50 to $20. Tnis big re
duction is made to get the
goods out of the way of the
carpenters, plasterers and
painters, who will make the
dust fly for awhile,
On all Thin Goods, Odd
Pants and Wash Vests there
will be a reduction of 20
per cent.
Boys' and Children's Suits,
There is still a good as
sortment. A reduction of
33 JA Per cent will move
them fast.
93 1 Pa. Ave.
As Gold
Sa enthusiastic are thousands of people
pvw tbe bfjUl dwlvwi fryn Heed'n Sarea
parllla that tbey ean barJly Bud wenU to ex
Km their eewUenee Ja and gratitude far
into Bw4farin. "Worth it weteal in t4d"
U a VsTorlie expretttoa of theM warn
If yn are In need of a aeod waJtaina to
purty jour blood, tal!4 up jenr Mteah.
care driva or ereateoa appetite try
IIiMHl'tt Sarsaparlllu
"I abasCTtaaythatttood'Saaaarlta
enthtely cured mm of eatarrh.wtth wjaVajht
naa sees ueuMea ssany ya. i am neyar
wtthentthtauiUstna,a ItMak kh)we
Ma vfoiaht hi aoM.u-M. O. B. Sim, Wi8
iahth Oreet a. w, Wfiihtngf n, V. a
"Omat Uiu4. Hooa' SewipiiHIa aiww
ttftbfaf a ftUSA tft Ua4 iHattMMJaU Dt k fttaaU)
aa wheat aad good aa goW." Hamom i
gtdd. by ali druaakua. si; ax tor J4. tee
aaam only yo.t.aQOBca..LawaV.Miai.
100 Uomw Uue Dollar
I W. BAIT 10. & CO.
4M7 VtHiujlrauiu At.
GUI attention to thmr stock
0 WoAcius, comprising nU
ties utttti dttiitifaft mrMMnaMwr
Umsi pne for wmt 0 w
HaiU HmJt4pr eon aV
ikd&d waif hit hstw tiMf
" waF aaranaa'awilpwr waaaav TK&
$m wmm mtd mm Mty
Amtvicm WalHtm
Watths of ali gradts ,
wtfcAira& Irjf niKW,
AND MOtrnittlN WEAR,
Jlewof t)eeMc Cream
In an the Wrfcf!t ardss :
.,$ ami IS MW
Blaek KmtatlM'J( VjAff 't f
Fin Tk rM m 8hetl Shawls, In
ereem, vwy nobby, $1 ami t M e .
rial a Caeten Crere 9Mts extra leu awl
wMe, ti eweh.
IrafMecl Pauey Jtanvts, In a variety of at-traetrfe-pattirVlawl
arlr,4j5 la 110
TraTirflnir ?bnwli of Camels' Hair and
Eeoteh Wool, JS to IH eaeh.
Fine Cream WaJIf ESfch Sits ShAwls,
kDettetl fringe, 17 eaeb."
rrlMtlej's Sllkwarp Ucmletta Shawls, ST
to S.M well.
Heal Mlfa ClrtW JaEhaw1;ln eream.W to
, TMnt fieor, J ; ,
Indies' G-nutton'Lcngtii Jersey 611k Mitts,
In btaekitaper jValr. "
Ladles' 6-tlntton-T.ciiRtn Jersey Taffeta
Gloves In tans, grays and black, 35c and Wo
per pair.
ladjes' C-Untton-LenRth f!rayCliamol4Sklu
OlStes, embroldcrctl In rcathcr stlleli, Jt per
First floor, centre,
SCO Zjionlle Slffirors, COc each; 600 Zjlonilo
Ilrushes, COo eob; Ml Zylonlto Combs, 8e
low's Wild lloso Soap, IMo, pcr.box of one
doteti eakes. " " ' -' i
Writ fleer, '
Comer lllh anil P Sfs.N. W.
Plain Speech
We believe there is
nothing commends the
assertions of any house
more than "plain
speech.'' While it may
not be necessary to
make confidants oi the
public, it is necessary to
treat the intelligence of
the people with respect.
To be perfectly pla'n,
we have trimmed the
twigs of price in many
departments, because
we wish to employ a
legitimate stimulus at
this a naturally slug
gish season,
We have about ioo
pieces of Vari-Coiored
Renaissance $3 goods
which we will sell at
For about 175 pairs
of Dark Blue Madras
Curtains 31 yards
long and 50 inches wide
Persian patterns,
which were $6,50, we
ask only $3.
In our Axmtnster
Carpeting s 1 i g h t
shades, with borders-
variety of figurlngs we
ask $1,75 for what has
been $2.25.
In our "Morris" Body
Brussels Carpetings
the popular blue enacts
we mark $1.25 and
cross out $2.
In our Wall Paper
Department we ask you
to look at about 150
patterns of advance
style in English produe
tion of our own im
portation. For Hne-Tar Aatu
Moth Paper we ask $e
a sheet; others fit jet,
If we wt?re te omit
to speak of our exclu
sive pattern in $30 An
tique Oak, 3-piase
Ckajabr Sets we would
tall to "speak plainly"
of a very remarkable
XIuUrluij and T S4.'
Xvenfftri at 8 is
IB (Mfcen mi Sullivan's Opera
Next WWk,
ir t f
f liraiwr MS8 If Afifet
BRi;eMnt Of Waehragteo'a Favorite Ac .1. ,
In imiwer'a Great Tiny,
STftpOTted by
Ami Til own rOieknt corapanjr, nnder tho
mannEementof Mr. FHANK A HARRISON
AdmlMloni Jnelmllcc rwerred scats, a. c,
Stc, TSc and t. sale of seats cpen SATl P
DAY,JUI.Y12.at9 6'lck,at Droops Kx-
iruiKe yemr aumission neneis rorconpors
fVTll ' '-'
Is the Grat of Alt Mnstctit Insttnmcnts
Bceaae It perforrasafi; mnsta
rem k vraltz or a ballad to an
ore'rtore or a symphony more
tienntlffifly and more nearly
rerfttflhArt'any other Hnjjlo
" Tho Aeolian Is not rocehftnlcal, bnt the
manipulation of It Is so simple that a person
canletrn to play It with from ono tothrco
wecka' practice. Your rlslt.to see this In
Btrufflcnt will be osteVmcd a faror at
f ole Agent for Sto'.nway and Other First-'
Class Pianos and Organs,
On tho Atlantic Coast,
J 81 earner' OEOltm; LEARV, Mondare
(dnctilays, and Fridays, at S p.m. from
fcevrnth street wharf: nnd steamer F.X( EI.
HIOR on snturdars at C p m. (returning M a
day mornlnir).
or OCEAN HHORK PA UK, Inclndlnc dinner
at Park Hotel. J4. No.v-Ilonnd trlp.in. tail
Ire or.c da' bonnl. ono tieht n Iu lg!n,
and one extra nienl, J. No 3-ltjmd trip,
Inclndlre one week's board and rem, SIB.
Rctnrnlnir. the Lcary 1ee iiKlk (
TueMlays, Thursdays aad smturlay'i at t U
p tn.
.The No. 2 ticket Is designed jirlnr I ally f
II'Qe solra Fridays on the Leary nnd cumins
back ttindayson the Bxceltlor h -fur'rer
Inloriratlon call at steamer's w-ni.tcr tcio
Call, 750. .lay.: j
Naval Academy Banda
Trains Je aTe B. & O. Depot, week days, 0.13
a.m.. 1.30 and 4.30 p. m. Sundays, 9.t5a.m.,
I JO and 3.13 p. in
Leave Bay Ridge, week days, 6 80 and E 30
p.m. bandars, 6 and 9 p. is,
RounTripTkkels:- - $1.00
General Jllntger,
Gen'l rasseaser Airef
The Mount Vernn i
On ami after JUNE 1. 1600, tbe new In i I
teel steamer,
-will leaTe her wiiarf, roo ot.SBVENTIlf .
HALL as follows:
Jor MOUNT VEBNON-Eyery day (excej
Sunday) at 10 a. m aud 2.30 p. m.,retgrni:t;
at 3 and 5:-li tw m. Pa tef era can remain ar
MOUNT VERNON uuiil second boat leaves iC
desired. Fare, round trlp.fl.Iocludme ad
laiwtonto tbe Mansion and GroamU Ele
sant eafe on tbe boat. MeaU and lur. he
eerred prompUy. Moeat Virion uaWe
lUMti can be proturol ua the boat.
YEbNOK m bedule for week days.
On SUNDAYS at It a.ra..i30 and 8 p.m.,
rtturDlnjrat S.JaOandBp m.
Moonliefat Eicur.lMK dow tbe rtyer to
HA LL aeiag aBd reurlBK, IaTiff Waablng
Uxi at so p. m . rtcbiinj city ou return at
Wp. m.
Meal and luccbaa at all tlmai at MAT?.
bBALL HALL Restaurant.
Fare to MABSBALL BALL aad retnrn, S3
cealaoaasy trip; chHdreo, between tacl U'
Tbe upiialar and reliable steamer W 7
COBCOKAN U1 maka br rtvtr landni u
far down a GLYMOKT, Uadbig at MMt
SftALL BALLfolBg aad returning !m" s
ber w hart dally (axcept Sbo4 at 10 a. u,
IMuruteK at i p. m. Honad trip, .,eni.
Staulay trips of tbe W W. C0R-tHANf.-
MARSHALL HALL wttt be iLUUOun cl
wtwijy. Sea4riMBMsuU.
ForcWurtaM ul aisaJBi MACA1 ESTER
ana COBTOBiN lor eltler JJOCNT VKKSo
Catptaft. an ateauaer. mi (
blilllEU KHdOUTS.
KccuBMafiutai iWauMta. Oceuanti.u
year-, twaiew ua aaawuer tn
rtw I aa
rree te sum- Tm tuest
i ziMata.
siuajuer ii.. t
-wiaavrrxaortoa thaooaat. Bou witbia V)
fe of tbe MM-f. JAiWHo & STBtNEK.
Dlrediff if Lawefs aii Law Fins
SB ateeetaeathweirt.
WniMngton, j C.
aaaaaiBaavai ,aBaj sBBjBBpajapBSF5atw'
mm www,
iy ,iiiiji,ii iw'
BJIWttTu2. D C.
an ai waaj Caaaaoar BuH4tng, sear
Q nUU fagiiiJfMa. iACHKV.
nuutft, stewcr McintiiiaY
aiiMt Wfta1&daafeyat
' ATOQeWtT ar law,
lux i&att X luu suett

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