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22D YEATC NO. 0,840.
Ex-Senator Wallace Will Not Dtert
the Pennsylvania Democracy,
A. Senatorial Caucus on the Election Bill.
Balloting for MoKinley's Sueeeseor.
Delaware Republicans.
Itni-t nncAN bbnatoiis fail to aoiigb
The Republican Senators from all ap
pearances nrc In n sort of a ramlillc.
For thrco hours nnil a half they wore In
session at the Capitol last night, and
after a great deal of speech-making they
were forced to adjourn without reach
ing a conclusion. It had been given
out that the object of tho caucus was
merely to make out an order of bust
ncss for the future, but It Is known that
the real Intent and purpose of tho con
fidence was to get the requisite number
of Republicans to consent to remain In
cession until the fight on tho Force bill
Is over.
Tho fact that tho caucus adjourned
without reaching any conclusion gives
rcnson.iblo assurnnco that they have not
been successful in obtaining the names
of tho required number of Senators who
will agree to do this. It will now bo
ncccsary to hold another caucus, and
tins will be dono, although the (Into has
not been announced.
ok ma hoss wim
l'nii nni.ri!iA, July 1 1. Tho Wash
ington correspondent of tho lleeortl tele
graphs: Tho arrogant letter to RepublU
can editors written by Reed and signed
bj Pcldeu, with ltd Impudent allusions
to the Republican Senators and the
llcptbllcan editors, was not Intended
for publication. It was to bo sent out
rccrctly to tho Republican odltorson
the theory that the Republican Sena
torial caucus would not bo hold until
Saturday. Eluding yesterday that the
caucus would be held tonight, Reed
told Ikldcn to send It out through tho
Ik was advised by conservative Re
publicans to tone It down a little It It
was going out In such a public way,
but Eud, with his customary cynicism,
let It go, on tho theory that It would
liavc the effect to spur tho Republican
Senators up, whether they resented Its
terms or not. They did resent them
privately to day, but they did not daro
resent them publicly, as Reed foresaw,
nor did they daro to turu their resent
ment Into opposition to the Forco bill.
Reed Is forcing them to support that
against tholr better judgment anyway,
and If they did not feel that they were
powerless against him they would have
jcslsted before this.
Heed predicts that they will not only
take up the Force bill but will change
their rules to pass It. He is very proud
of his victory over the Senate. His
work has been so much more subtle
the ic than in the House and has been
can led on against groator disadvantages.
Tc r the time being he Is master of both
Houses and the most powerful man In
the Government. No wonder Blaine
lias left Washington.
HuunsmiMi, July 10. The WWW
to day prints an interview had with
Senator William A. Wallace just before
the is Senator's departure lu the steamer
Majestic for Europe. On being asked
about the prospects of the Democratic
btate ticket In Pennsylvania Sir. Wal
lace said that the outlook, In hU opln.
Ion. was favorable to the election of the
' I shall be absent from the country
until the latter prt of August or the
1st of September," said he, "and oa my
idum will da my pert toward the sue
cite of the ticket. Mr friends will not
be backward la giving it their sup
port." To the question whether he
was entirely satisfied with the platform
adopted by the convention Mr. Wallace
tee ponded
I regard It as an excellent deliver
ance, though I had hoped that the con
vention would adopt a reeoluUoa de
claring for a Constitutional Conven
tion to remove the marked balkX pro-
iiun from the fundamental law of the
Mate as I do sot see how a secret ballot
can be had so loag as election omcers
are permitted to stark the ballots. A
prospective educational iiualincatioa of
the voter, not disqualifying say who
an. sow voters or who might become
voters for Ave years after the adoption
of sue h a qualification, would also be a
y, Uolesoiae provbdos.
- In 1888 thousands of foreigners
who came here without say Intention
of becoming pcniianenl rcsldente, and
whu tan neither read nor write, were
drives to the polls like so away voting
eaitlc ty their employers, and this sort
of thiug is cortsaaatly growing. This
la optdUtlly the case la the coal and
e oU- regions, isoovetkiag must be done
U i ut a atop to tills infamous degrsda
UuL ul the suffrage, but the Democracy
eauvu apply the remedy by pledging
tU- uoadsees for Use LegWature to
ttuvmc ballot reform. The Itewocraih:
gtate ticket is cumpoeed of worthy
jmti who ait cutitied to the support
ul the Democracy and that fact U quite
fci.iin.itot to seccuse tbuU support by old
iuo. iJeiuocrat Uks myself.
lli Wallace said that te bualueas
v LicU tulLi Uat to Kuiope wit of suth
si.bai4.ter that he cuukl uot aAord to
u.lui it, and lui. eve if he had
Lli. a uuuOiuUed for Governor, he
w, L.1J untv heeo obliged to maia the
lw You;. July 11 Tfce SotiaHats
anl Nil tti riliti batk took steps last
a,ight to wrgaid2 parties aod noniisiif
t'tkiH fur the LoiuLng muuklual elec
l 1 lu inito may puMibly uaue
ult luttUut ittHjluiijus or ut
pathy -with the striking clonk makers
were adopted. The announcement wi8
made at the Socialists' meeting that a
lock out of Hie cloth-cutters was or
dered last night.
a. mcnATiiwjr wim, nr. xvmrh
Doer, Dei,., July 11. The nrst
move of the Republican parly of Dels
vraie to get In shape for next fall's
campaign was made yesterday when
tholr State Central Committee met to
name the day for holdlne the State Con
vention. Eleven members of the com
mittee were present II. C. McLear, W.
II. Picrson, Amos Sharpies, A. 11.
Johnson, George L Townsond and
Pamucl Alricli of New Castle County,
J. C Pennewlll, John II. HofTecker
and J, Colby Smith of Kent County,
J. Frank Racon, Gcoreo E. Smith of
Sussex. The meeting was tame, and
very little enthusiasm was manifested.
Tuesday, September D, was named as
the date for tho State convention, and
Saturday, September 0, as tho day for
the election of dolegatcs. The sontl
ment of the leaders appoars to be settled
on II. A, Richardson of Dover as tho
Gubernatorial nominee, and Sussex
county claims the Congressman.
llnllotlng for MoKinley's Sucretanr,
Onnui.i.K, Onto, July 11. Tho
Democratic Congressional Convention
In the Sixteenth district reassembled at
!) a. m. Tho fifty-fourth ballot stood:
PUUwell, 47J: Zimmerman, 20; War
wick, (ill; Monnolt, 52, Lewis, 7;
Welty, 7; SherrlCk, 11.
hism waTbad.
Hut Neither Xn tho Jtan lie Jntendoit
to lilt A IToiunn Slliett Vv
In the Cnie.
There was a shooting affair at Bay
llldgc yestorday afternoon which was
riot down on tho regular amusement
bill, and n Washington man ulthhis
llttlo gun figured very conspicuously.
Jack D. Kvnns, who Is well known
as a chicken fancier and baseball en
thusiast, wont to Bay Illdgo yesterday
for a day's outing. llctorts vary ns to
how the trouble camo about, but llvans
becamo Involved In n ctuarrcl with
Samuel Myers, the engineer nt the Ice
Kvruis pulled n 33 calibre revolver
and boean firing nt Myers. Tho first
shot misted Myers and hit a colored
man named Thomas Watklns In the
light hand. Tho second shot struck
another man nnrml James Sloan In tho
I.vans was arrested by n special ofll
ccr and taken to Annapolis and locked
up. Ho will have a hearing before
Justice Oasaway today. Neither of
the wounds Inflicted arc considered
1'rcUous to the shooting Myors and
Kvans had some words about n
woman, who is presumed to lime been
from Washington, but her name
has not been learned, and Kvans does
not seam disposed to give It away.
Watklns says about the shooting af
fair that he was painting a pipe In the
factory, when he saw Mvers nick tin
some fittings and throw them out of the
door at a man. The man stumbled,
though he was not hit. He then began
firing at Myers. The llrst shot went
into Watklns'' hand, the second struck
Mr. Sloan and went through his thigh
Myers lumped on the boiler and hiding
himself behind the flues, went out tUe
back door. A lady then rushed In cry
ing "Where U huf" Watklns said
"Madam, he's not here he's all right."
Kvans was seen in Jail last night. He
made the following statement "Samuel
1). Myers told me If I Interfered with
this woman he would kick me all over
the grounds. I came with a clear In
tentton of telling the manager who thU
woman was and learning what part of
the grounds Myers wanted to kick mo
off, being as ft was a public resort, I
got in convetsation wllh the woman.
When I turned my head I found all the
missiles that were In the machine shop
Hying at my head, I then turned and
commenced flrlue on Myers."
Kvans has had a warrant issued for
Myers, charging him with au assault.
i, .
A 1 linnan Tlirom uu Infant' Hotly
Jntu the Locomotive flre-llux,
SKrsE N. Y, July 11. Fred.
Curtis a fireman oa the Laekawanna
llailroad, was arrested last night,
charged with disposing of the body of
an iafaet by throwing it Into the fire
box of bU locomotive. The ehaige is
made by the engineer for wkout Curtis
was tiring, who says Curtis showed
him the body before throwing it into
the Are, and said that it was hie child
and was stiU bar a, alao that he had dis
posed of other infants' bodies in the
same way. Curtis denies the story,
but it is known that hU wile was de
livered of a still bora child a few days
Shot lluteir in UteblHs Uiu,
BMUkELsv Sfwjso, W. Ya , July
11. Mrs. Vager, wife of ex-iseualor
A. It. I over, residing at luger's Store,
sixteen miles south of here, Killed her
self Wednesday night. She had super
Intended the household work during
the day as usual, and seat the fanst
laborers their dinner. She then re
ared to her roooi, attired herself fas an
evening dntas, and alter uinaing a rote
on her breast, sfcot net sell through the
rtmu the Altar U the MaStcut Hu.
Fsjeuom, July ll.-J. V. Battle, a
member of tke heat known fiunlly fas
this town, has been arretted cWsed
wits the forgery of a note lor f MB.
TUe arrest was made a few ndnutes
after lu. had bees married to Margaret
PiUoA. Bentk dalow he fa) Innocent
asd budatod on going to the Central
Stages- He was too released o few.
lie U well to do and sw wirte Ma coa
kUkraWe tuosey Is her own rfajht.
Vietixt watti t Heews,
Kotajrojjo, III , Jul 11. t "Wef of
Polke Albert W. tbe shot asd
killed hfajueli last sfajfcl The uicJde,
it to naid, was orowfAsd by a desljre to
escape dfcsgiK-e. Wvkb had k tajitwi
a forgery and it sad dees iiacoeesed.
Tht aboutlfiK was done is the eourt
iului and two huLs were tired, the
dispctau mm taking a lekuivn lu each
hand an J t idtutl iirtd .iiuu!uawual,
M,sdiiJ$ to lulltrU Uilu his brain.
The Kx-Aidrrmnn Snld to Have Shad
owed Moloney In Court.
New York, July 11. The astound
ing statement Is made by several at
lathes of the General Sessions Court
that ex Alderman Dempwy, who was
stippcted to be in Montreal, was one of
the most Interested spectators of the
proceedings In the court room Wednes
day by which Billy Moloney and ex
Alderman De Laccy were admitted to
ball. Demrwey, It Is said, entered Judge
Marline's court room shortly before
Moloney's bond was accepted, and fol
lowed him down stairs when Moloney
and ex Judge Ponohue left, lie was
tccognled by several of the court ofll
ccr8, it is said, and his purpos there
was to arrange for his own ball.
Assistant District Attorney Semplc,
while not attempting to speak for Col
onel Fellows as to the manner and lime
of prosecuting the returned and bailed
exiles, said "Colonel Fellows will be
back on Monday, and It will be better
that he should 'state what the course of
the ofllco will bo In respect to them.
You can say that there will certainly be
a trial. Yes, I think that Moloney and
Do Laccy are pretty bold In coming
back." It Is mid on good authority,
however, that Colonel Fellows will, on
Monday, move for a speedy trial of
Moloney and De Laccy.
riilei Started at Monmouth lij- Means
of a Forced Telegram,
!Nuw Youk, July 11. The Sun this
morning, referring to the defeat of Au
gust Bclmon't marc Fides by Tulla
Blackburn nt Monmouth Park on Satur
day last, says Mr. Belmont did not in
tend to permit tho marc to start In tho
race, ns the track was entirely too heavy
for her, but that some ono sent n tele
gram from Now York to Mr. flalway, a
member of tho Monmouth Park execu
cullvc committee, nnd signed "Bel
mont," asking Mr. Qalway to bo sure
that all of "my horses start to day."
This telegram now provos to have
been n forgery. Upon tho strength of
It Fides was started and not only suf.
feted her first defeat of tho year, but
was so worn out by the race that sko
has slnco broken down hopelessly. It
Is believed that the bogus tulogrsm was
tent by some ono Interested In the bet
tlmr, tho object bclne to secure better
odds against Tulla Blackburn than
could have been obtained If Fides had
not started.
A I'luiicor Comm to drier Trylnc
llreak the itookiuakera.
St. Louis', July 11. Charles S. Ca?e
is the name of a young man who has
Involved all his wealthy relatives by
betting on horso races. His father was
a millionaire stovu manufacturer and re
tired from business several years neo.
lie then organized the Cago Mantel
Company, and put young Mr. Cage in as
president. For three years Gage has
been betting from $100 to $800 on every
race and losing heavily.
Saturday the mantel company failed,
and now It is discovered that the old
family homestoad, which had been
placed In young Mr. Gage's hands to
sell, had been lost by him on the races.
Young Gage Is supposed to be $10,000
In the bookmaker's box. Ho ran away
last Saturday.
To KitnulUh an Immense freight
Clearlne-IIoute IN ear Chleaso.
Nrw York. July 11. The TribtiM
has the following special dispatch from
Chicago: The deal has been completed
by which an immense railroad freight
clearing-house Is to be established on
the tract of land southwest of Chicago
owned bv President fctlckuey of the
Chleaso, St. Paul and Kansas City road.
By the arrangement of tracks proposed
any road can exchange freight with any i
other road outside of the city limits, ,
and without any unnecessary sw itching, j
The roads which closed the deal by
subscribing for the stock were the Chi
cago, St. Paul ami Kansas City, the
Alton, the Burlington, YVauasn, fct.
Paul, Pennsylvania, Atchison, North
western, and Wisconsin Central. It Is
understood that the capitalisation was
lor nearly a.uw.wu.
Goteiuor Gordon ra Mlfijuotod,
AxiAvrv, Gv, July 11. Governor
John B. Gordon publishes a card stat
ing that the speech delivered at Chat
lanooga during the reeent Confederate
reunion. In which references were made
to slavery, w as not delivered by hln,
but by another speaker. By some
error the speech has been accredited to
him in various Northern papers. Gov
ernor Gordon was not present at the
the meeting, and his speech In the even
ingthe only one be made contained
no references to slavery.
i mil ii I
iriatrsu Flra la Iowa.
Albia, Iowa, July II This city had
a serious conflagration yesterday , which
nearly resulted in a clean sweep of the
town. As it was nearly oae side of the
bueiseas part fa) in ashea. Tke tfre
started at the southeast corner of the
Buhlk square. A strong breeze was
blowing now the south, and the only
fire engine is tke plate was disabled.
The buildings destroyed uere mostly
frame, and tke low fa) heavy, it being
probably about ne.Wi in all, about
half covered by insurance. Tke are
was anally subdued by hand suwkisee.
A lltttal 1 I'lawutf,
Bits, Yjmt. Ya.. July ll.-Tke
Hotel Buess YiaU was totally de
stroyed by ire last evening. Tke are
wae caused by a defective Hue in Use
kitekea. Tke hotel was crowded with
vMtots. Tke total loa fa) about f0,
QuO, nearly covered by Inauraace.
in ''"' 4 -m
Ksw Yo, July U. (.marie
O 'Cossof Hesseeay. etty editor of tke
pony Xtv. was arrested eesiey in
libri uit brought against tke Af by
UM huajNH) Bsaje rcovusew u
UkstMt injansrr stvsse )s
The second select mooaUgbt exwur
stoa of tke aesaos of lotto will be gives
by tke Watjslsgton Ligbi loiasiry
Corns os ike IStk fasstast. wbsu tke
VySSl SSSP " w ersniPfp in lama -mmw
Mat'skitur wtU leave for Marshall 1111
t m a. at. Tke popcuaxity of tab)
corps sad taste well known assiduity ia
carlsg for tkeix guests os jJI occasloas
will tnsuxe not otuy a uowdsd ateaaisr ,
but should tke weather prove favor
ub r a tuuat esjuyaule slid cveulful
eves j
Smallest of Her
Blow Oat of the Watw
The Stolidity of the British 081er-Mr,
IliH Gathering InfermalioaThe
New Admiral.
Nkw YonK, July 11. The JfemM
to-day prints the following special from
Its correspondent at Ylctotla, B. C.
Whatever may bo the Implted signifi
cance of the advent of many British
war ships In Ksqulmalt Harbor, I can
not shut my eyes to the fact that in
reality the occurrence Is one that can
very reasonably be accounted for by
other toasons than the one of attempted
Intimidation or worse.
A newndmtrnt in tho regular course
of events has been appointed to this
Northern Pacific station, nnd It has
been the custom for many years wlion
such an event has transpired for the
whole squadron to assemble at Ylotorla
to welcome him nnd the now flagship.
Admiral Honcagc has served his full
time, anti this month is the correct date
for tho arrival of his successor, Admi
ral Holhain, who, with his ship, the
Warsptltc, will be here In n few days.
But, apart from this explanation, it
cannot be denied that it may be nothing
more than n skilful stroke of general
ship that has planned the arrival of
these vessels of the squadron at this par
ticular crisis.
1 Iilled every vessel In port yosler
day. and after mlnutoly probing the of
fleers and men came to tho conclusion
that not oven one of the commanders
now here knows the least thing about
what they are to do. though when Bshr
Ing Sea Is mentioned tiiey knit their
brows and look portcntuously solemn
and grax c.
niwiATciiEs ron 'run nkw ahmirvi..
If (hero Is one man aware of the In
tentions of the British Government In
the matter It is Sir Julian Pauncefote,
nt Washington, and I have no doubt
that as soon as Admiral Hotham reaches
hero ho will know as much. Indeed,
there Is a big packet of olllclal docu
ments waiting here for him now from
WaililDgton. I ascertained this yester
day. Speaking with United States Consul
Myers a day or two ago he gave me his
opinion of British naval ollkers. Said
"I never heard of or realized before
this what an admirable specimen of
stolidity on all matters ollielal the Brit
lib naval olllcer really is. But for all
that tho discipline of a navy that
teaches Its officers and men before any
thing else to keep their mouths shut is
nothing short of admirable and one
well worthy of Imitation by other
The vessels are Justflnishlae coaling,
and, when the flagship reaches here,
they will do one of two things they
will cither start at once for the South
on a downward cruise, leaving the
Warsprtte and, perhaps, the ChampUm
In harbor, or else three of them will re
main in the harbor ami the other three
proceed slowly North, until they reach
Behtlng Sea.
In that event I khoiild judee that the
three vessels to go North wilt be the
Champion, Ksplegle ami Nymph the
three smallest for any one of the six
would be ample forte to protect our
seaiera, and the smallest of all of them,
the Nymph, could blow the Bear, Alert
and Hush out of the water together
One thing is certain la uo case will
the Warsprite go to sea. It would even
be folly to send the Amphloa. for It
would simply mean a waste of coal,
la Stavely Hill, M. P.. the sealers of
Hi itish Columbia bate a faithful aud
outspoken friend is the Imperial House
of Cuuuaous. Mr. Hill is as Kngliak
teea who is half Canadian. He has
large Interests in and practical knowi
tdee of the Western portion of tke
Ilominlou, and eonseiiuenliv he chain
plana the claim of the sealers to pto
tcetlon and coMuensation for losses
sutfeieU in the past with more viaer
than might be expected from a wiewtier
lees acquainted with tke country, tke
people asd tke subject in dispute.
MR. HILL'S V lalT.
Last evening's Islander brought Mr.
Hill airalB to Victoria. Ufa) present.
like bis past, visit U due to a desire to
lioiKM every fact bearing usos tke
Bearing See dispute. He U specially
is search of lafuruiatlou upon tke
points contradicted by Kusal La refer
ence to tke seizure of tke Auras is
July 1N&. He alao wishes to see what
fa) going os here in regard to tke
seizures by the United Slates is lw.
1&? asd 1$M asd ascertain what course
will be takes by tke sealers durisg tke
present season.
Is pursuit of information Mm. Hill
hut evening conferred with several of
those prominently idfiUlHed with tke
sealing industry asd will spend to-day
and to morrow is Ike city, leaving fur
home Friday, tie will be preaest is
tke House to wing up tke question be
fore tke close of tie seaatoo- The ia
Intents of tke sealers have bees brought
before tke House ul Commons cnU
times tab) sesatos by air BUI. both is
tke fons of questioat addressed to tic-
goverasueat as to cue progress of se
HsjUef and ia s mutton ur gisg tlu
aeceailty of protectisg ftiVjak scaoom?!-'
ftos further seizure sad of cosuaa
sstisg Lbcm for Injuries dose la the
Tke motfajs referred to Still reaudu
oa paper, to asviag bssa adjouruol t
tke tequeat of tke I uder aectetajy fa
Foieigs Affairs, Sir Jsaw Fergus u
wko grounded ab) renueat upoa tke f r
tkst tke diseussloa c tbs nsjtjbsf ts tbt
Bouse udgai daauue the conduct of c.
gotlatioratWiuklagtoB- TkeBekti
So uueatioa kss aot tees forgotten l
tke Couunoa. but it U sot as auut
hewUaed. Tke ComwaasMos Wll tU
Tubes bed ami several other mesauu
wkkkksve crested tke excuiag m
dcsU of Um sosatoa saw tau
civwdid It u uc -a!! altkougk t- '
Mill prominently before tke House.
Mr. IHll hope to be buck In hl seat In J
time to assm In forwantlng an eany an
Jnstment of the caw with th Informa
Hon he Is now collecting.
On LU Way back to Kttgtoird he will
visit Toronto for the purpose of present
ing a library of 9.0TO or I0,(W0 folnmes
to the iinhersttTi to replace, as well as
possible, those destroyed by Are. This
princely donation lias been gathered
from ail nirc, the Queen herself be
lg among the contributors, while much
has been dene by subscriptions obtained
by a committee, of which the Slarqttls
of Tiotne is chairman.
It is safe to say that at the present J
date every sealing schooner that sailed I
from here and the rest of the coast this
year has now entered the sea, the gen
eral dale for entry through the Oorna
nak Pass being the 1th of July. Then
tlte vessels generally proceed along
slowly round the chain of the Aleutian
group, sealing and lmnllne for otter.
Fleets I'ltteil Out to Atit llrltlih V eMpli
In llclitlnjr Sen,
San FntsciTO, July It. A letter
receUed from Yictorla states that the
general opinion prevails there that two
fUels of sailing craft have been fitted
for the Behrlng .Sea, armed and
equipped, to aid the British sailing ves
sols to resist capture by the American
revenue cutters.
I'rlcMn ttxllcit Under Threats or I'roie
cutlon Tor DcnounclDB Ilnirour,
Kansas City, Mo , July 11. On
June 2 Father James Crcgan, then In
charge of St. Mary's ltoman Catholic
Church, nt Limerick, Iroland, nnd three
other priests participated In n great
Land League meeting, nt which Balfour
and the Tory government were Strongly
denounced. As n result the priests
were given notice that they would have
to cither leave the country nt once or
stand trial forbrenklntrthc Irish Crimes
Two of the priests wont to Dubuque,
a third stopped In New York and
Father Crcgan came to this city, arrlv
Ing live ihys ago. He had expected a
umittance from friends In Ireland, but
It did not come and he was penniless.
Wednesday night he was forced to
sleep In the Central Police Station.
Yesterday he started out to seek assist
ance, but not being acclimated, he was
overcome bv the lieat and made sert
ously 111. lie managed to return to
the station aud lies there In a critical
All Old Wreck Win Nut the l'nnlt of n
IMirlmrcrd Kmnloyct.
r.HM, K , July 11 The Kentucky
Central llailroad managers at this place
state that the New York dispatch rela
tive to the wreck In 1S60 near Lexing
ton, which caused the death of Captain
T. J. Nichols and two or three other,
being the work of a discharged em
ploye Is erroneous. The wreck was
csused by the spreading of the rail.
This was so evident that the Ken
tucky Central llailroad Company paid
the claims of the injured without any
ado, aud the Coroner In the cases has
ueer beard one adverse criticism. The
principal detectlte I not in New
York, but is here discriminating be
tween the guilty and the romancer. If
there is any feeling In Bourbon County
upon the subject, or any desire to
hang the culprit spoken of In the
New York dispatch, the most rigid
search outhe part of lyn eyed report
ers has failed to discover It.
Strikers lieturn tu Work.
Toledo, Ohio, July 11 Yesterday
afternoon about half the striking freight
handlers at the Cincinnati, Hamilton
ami Dajtou freight house west back to
work, and several at the Lake Shore.
A portion of the old men are back at
the Michigan Central and the Toledo,
St. Louis and Kansas City. The indi
cations are that the strike U broken and
the men will all be back to-day.
Death of an Eminent JutUt,
WASHihoTOK, Pa., July 11. Judge
A. W. Aebeeon died shortly after mid
sight last night. He graduated from
Washington and Jefferson College in
Ifcff. Judge Acheson was Deputy
AUorney General of Washington
County, and was president judge of tke
court trottt l&ttrJ to lti?S. For flftv
eight years he had bees employed is
the courts of justice of Washington.
A Cesiiu Enumerator ! Trouble,
a FsAfctiHO, July It. Thomas
PiUpatrk-k, tke census enumerator, for
whose arreat a warrant was issued July
1, was takes into custody by United
fctatee Msrakal Los yesterday after
noon. Dtkcrepsse&e wete found is
Ffczpstrick's returns asd oa re-esuater-alios
his district returned ter (We) ad
K-SBntor MaVuutit
Oss&asoao', Kv , July 11 Taosus
B. HcCreery, ex Vailed States Senator,
died last eight is tke ?tth year of his
age He suffered a stroke of paralyaU
ts , watca was repeaieu os two or
three oteaatous, aadf three years past
he has bees perfectly kripleta. His
death has bees expected for several
days. He leaves a large estate,
Ksw Yoks.JuIj ll.-Tke V&ltkl
morning contain long card boss Wil
liam llukjoos, ia reply to sosae ef tke
reesat utterances of Jobs L. SulMvaa.
Muldooa refers to Sullivan as ss Isgists
cowud asd loafer, asd euaiease a
raBaTand oSa tobetaSaW
?Hiitt,lrJlo8M, te " "
wtusaseas to train KUrtis lor a
IsawutcaaM, Aia, Julj H 4t
Iroadsk WedJscadsy slht ttcv. ik B.
4IBHHftt a wspik" W jaBifslSwpja r'W
Sfiauirl Walker by eutttaf ate bead
eys itk s as. alsaia irasWi
because a yww womss skk wkow ke
W fat hs Meferr Hajker to kUu.
Botk were colored.
-- .
Btillnity as EnnnSjc
Hw Yew. July It.-A $m 4eafe
Hsscjsi to HmMmMm a k
sIcsAs froat warkjo
: Larsdo. sad Ast tke eplderah. is ia
I Dnul. tUe Lutt-rt i'ortoi V u. jj C a 'ltft
Jbssr. ll u j'U t .j1 sUv.t.-aw.
11, 1890.
Two J)frepntnlilo Women jTerrllily
Mntllntctt In Vlrglnln.
O.iAStot-K, V.t , July 11 Two
young women were fonml lying on the
roadside near Locustvllte yesterday
bleeding to death. Thomas Wlllitt
the roter of Bella Archer, one of the
v ictlms, with all the flemHshnes of a
"Jack the Hipper," had flrst "tabbed
the women arm then cut and Mashed
them In all parts of the body.
Peroral months ago three disreputa
ble voting women, one from Philadel
phia and two from Baltimore, opened a
den near Locnslvllle. WHHtts soon
after deserted his family and took up
with the Archer woman. Of late she
has been jealous of his attentions to
one of the other women ami he had
also become jealous of her. Wednes
day night he went walking with Bella
Archer. On the road near the woman's
house they quarreled and he drew a
long knife and plunged It Into her
tight breast. Then he stabbed her In
the neck and lde
Her screams broturhtMatiel Watson, n
companion, who endeavored to drag the
infuriated man off the prostrate woman,
whose flesh he was puncturing with the
point of the knife. He then turned
savagely on the second woman and
Btnbbcd her twice In the breast. When
she had fallen beside his other victim he
continued to cut their legs and arms and
otherwise mutilate them.
Finally Urine of his horrible work, he
proceeded to Lortistvllle, entering the
town flourishing the bloody kntfp and
shouting that ho had killed the women.
It Is believed that he has gone mad.
The women will likely die.
Tho Triio tnwnrilneM or the Wham
and Mlltlmore Cnurt-Mixrtlnl
Their Vindication to Follow.
Army men all over the country, and
especially In this city, arc highly Indig
nant over the court-martial of Major
Joseph W. Wham, iwymaster, and
Captain A. L Mlltlmore, at Tucson,
Atlona, and do not hesitate to char
actcilre the trials as persecution, and
the charges as frivolous.
The story as told by Captain Mill!
more's friends (s as follows: Major
Wham Is quite a prominent olllcer and
a leading candidate for the Paymaster
Generalship to succeed General Itoch
cster. In order to get him out of the
way charges were preferred that he had
conspired with Captain Mlltlmore to
rent the Paymaster a oltlce at an ev
hoibltant rale and had asked him to
execute a lease purporting to lent one
room as an otllce whereas In fact said
lease was extended to cover the tent of
the enlltc house occupied as a
residence and olllce. Hie charge
of cxhorbitant rental having lieen
abandoned by the prosecution. The
evidence showed that It has been cm
ternary during the past twenty five years
for paymasters to occupy o Hires In their
houses at all frontier towns, thus secur
ing additional safely to their funds ami
Increased servke to the Government.
The evidence further showed that It
was the quatterraaeier's duty to rent
the offices and that the accused had
nothlui; whatever to do with the price
or wilh the arrangements for the
lease, having simply exercised his
choice In selecting an ottice by permis
sion of Captain Mlltlmore, who exe
cuted the lease without advice from or
consultation with the accused. More
than two mouths later the accused
rented the rest of the house at $"M per
month. The defease rested Its case
without putting a single w I lues on the
stand, and the court was rive minutes
in reaching a verdict.
THR 111 Mil. h HIUIaSRD.
Wbes the Undines reached the De
partment Commander he very properly
dismissed them. In his testimony for
the prosecution Captain Mtliitoore
stated that Major Wham simply ex
pressed bis desire to occupy the same
quarters which other paymasters had
used, and for which the Government
bad been pa ing $35 a month for l
vests. That was the rent paid. Major
Wham bad nolhiug to do with flK lag
the pi lee paid and never nt or wrote
cue word to blm on the subject. Wham
kiuip! designated the office he pre
ferred, and Milliwore then made all ar
range uresis for resting the same.
Major Wham made a statement, is
the course of which be said
I aw l barged with coiwpiriBg, coufederat
iug, and agreeing with CharTe K. Drake,
receiver of iubik money.. Preatttent of the
Teriitortal Veiiate, an obi aud honored, litl
mu of this Territory, to steal the enormous
hub or k per wonts trots iu e nuea
fcUtt, and this, too, after I bad diburad
to the Osallala Sioux, arule Sioux, North
ern Csefenne and Arrapasoes, about 33,
M Indians, la a little over eeu month,
l,att,uOO is inoae) and aupcUes, and is
tke rave of the additional fact that every
eciit of ttUa, and the udUluea dtaborsM
mm., has beeesatiafaUorU; accounted tor.
The leader of a furioru Uupe uader charge
of cowardice would be eiUaii absurd
Captain Miltfamora was tke assists nt
quartermaster aud be was tried oa pracf
tkally tke unt charge.
Uisamth as tke Judge advocate of
tke court martial was seriously cea
sured by tke department eosuaasdef
for considering uch . barges, be isMoe
dfauely west to work to sustain himself
by formulating sew charge against
Captain Mlltlmore.
Some three ye ago Cantata Milti
a men hast la jucioa sad taade tke
selection, Wkea tke time riroif to
wake tke aceottat Use scfast stgaed
tse voucaer, out sow vtsuui huk ne
tkoujfht be was igftlss for stove, sad
so fcwe-re os cos inn. j
Amy omcers clslai tkst the reattag
of pavmafttti. omens ia tke dweiliag
of tke part aster asd cksrgiag tke
Ooversme-st fn it U eotixely regular, 1
sad as allowauec U made for quarters. '
sad oa the f rustier tke (Mm to placed
ia tke dwclUsf fur saHfasl security
Taste U tut Hi tie doubt but whs wm
iave'Stijjaii-jii will u.ultlaa visdicstivu
ctklMWOeftccra md It U 4ecfaed
tkst Csptaia WiHlawxe would stver
save kes trkia Mssst les st tt
w se-vsjy b.. luitfigte kfe fa Q
esdesvor to defeat aiwWksa la
Iftw- fws H the cases aw at tke
War ftrtt. M"1 as tksxe aot
UtE acted upon
Isuie iS.d Udi asra-u for so svu o
ill L boirt for c. teujw CsUju.1 Bv.
1 UW Uie--ut ou.
Th GppmitifH RxhIUhI Qrtr Ik
Qertroffltflt's Surrwmir.
Smitk Will M Retire--Dlstsirmu Con-
JUgntlian in Kmia-Othir Frign
News ef interwt.
I.oni)r, July 11. The meeting of
the procedure committee yesterday was
very spltlted, the sitting being en
lhened by several lilts between the
leaders ot the opposing parties, fir
William llareoutt and Mr. Chamber
lain Imlnleed In an exchange of vigor
ous language and Mr. Gladstone dis
played considerable temper In his ob
jcctlons to the Government programme.
Inn forcible and somen hat lengthy
speech the Liberal leader protested
aealnst the report prepared by tho com
mittee, basing his objections upon Us
phraseology. As the icport ts framed,
It allows the House to postpone Indefi
nitely not only the pending bills, but
any measures that may be Introduced In
Voder this tule any Home Hole bill
that may lie Introduced at a later ses
sion can'lie shelved at will even liefoio
It has reached tho stage of discussion.
Mr. Gladstone denounced the arbitrary
spirit of such procedure, and was sup
ported In his criticisms by the other
.11 IlIMNT I.ltlKKM.
The Liberals are c-xultant over the
surrondor of the government, ns ovlm ed
by the statement of Mr. Smith lu the
House last night, and will probably
offer no further olit trurtlon to the min
Isterial programme unless, perhaps, In
the niHtttrof objecting to the proposed
November session, against which a
laiee number of Conservatives are pro
testing. '1 lie government having be
come so completely hemmed in that It
Is afraid to make a fight on any meas
tiro, will probably recede from Its
scheme of a Novemlier session If the
opposition to It promises an even chance
of defeat, which It certainly does from
the present outlook.
Mr. William Henry Smith has written
u letter to a Conservative election
organirer, stating that he has no Inten
tion ot vacating His seat in the House
of Commons, but on the contrary pro
poses to stand for return at the next
election. This Is the first statement on
the subject from Mr. Smith himself,
and rfTectually disposes of the persist
ent rumors of his retirement from the
government leadership and elevation to
the pcerase.
A terrible conflagration has occurred
at W'assllljervo, Bussla, by which 339
dwellings wete destroyed ami seven
persons were burned to death. The
Are was started by a spark from the
pipe of a drunken laborer who was
himself burned to death, Au explosion
of fireworks occurred in a bouse in
Hrunn.Auatria. to day, killing the owner
of the dwelling, his wife, ami two
luHiietua in Ireland.
I.okikin, July 11. Advices from Ice
land are to the effect that Influenza is
epidemic in that country and that a
Urge number of cases have terminated
IVrdlouud mil "ot Ahdleate,
Losook, July H. The Bulgarian
Prime Minister, M. Stawbulotf, is a
dispatch to the Yiessa correspondent ef
the Tif4, denies that Prince Ferdinand
contemplates abdication.
Huailrd f IIoium Il.trjed.
St. I'KTESautKu, July 11. Fire his
destrejed $30 houses ia Makiaa,
go vera went of NljinlNovogorod.
Six mes sad one girl were killed.
(itiwuB InterewiU In Africa.
Besmk, July 11. The A'uftVwrf O'a
uiu says tkst a full explanation of tke
various classes of tke Xaglo-Germaa
convention ia African affairs i beisg
prepared by Chancellor von Caprivt
Tke pspsr slao says tkst tke soutbera
boundary of the German sphere os
Afrks has bees moved a degree further
north. Genasay, acting oa tke ad
vice of rJSTff Wiasstsaa, abandons
Hukuru so tkst tribal unity may be pre
served. t'rut IstaaUsaUnu at l.astUk La.
BESics, July 11 Hsrr N'asae, chief
coussellor of winrSi ass bssa dis
patched by tke Prusaiaa Qoverameat
aHlr ar' WwwWP
SActibkAsW I)iyfcui4sMi Sit Wttmihiirsr
Hambisc. July ll.-Tke builders'
strika is tab) city has e oacludsd by tke
rbjfjtaf of tke yi
.- ..t. nr ftMif affipf. "Tftatlf r,
a wnjasppspn rw wrp "srws r ww
Yisssx, July 1L No cossrssatloa
sPWW "Sww -"ffsp Kf HPW "wjpwWs
; oef
M. Wsmbulog tke Bui-
s --..
gTr ataaar SSaaAax all
Ia-oo, July 11. Mr. Henry If.
bU frkod sad fellow traveler, Uurgeoa
Parke, sad Or Vat- G Hcwtu Miss
liototky Teaaaat, to wkors Mr. fctasiny
b eaptcted to he uutrricd to morrow,
baa bees Isfortaed of ai coadiLioa.
Crowds of callers am couUeil. coa
lag sad feisg fas iiaxwu quet of ia
IfHtoiii to tke m iuas'a coadl
Uus, Or Parke, wake declares tke
fibjeta a iilteh to be of biit Wwporsry
04tfatk, l atill fesrfui tsai tt nwy be
ssctsasrv b piiistioatf tike wriswBiim. o
at Isast'w cia&i tko suooed pr
yraawse of emmeabk-
The President late yaterds site
ui uj approved tke act fer tke wltatsatoa
v Wv u 3jM a MaW.
A rwxtninster Wtie ,wlmUs Ills
Keixhtmrs ami Owmmlttert I"fcnery,
MtDKt.ETowN, N. Y, Jtrty 11.-
Samuel T. Lynch, postmaster aarl f
cral merchant at Centrevltte, SuHtTa
Cminiy, Is missing ami la accused of
forgeries and emherrlemeBt aggregstlfrg
fOT.flW) or more. About flmen years
ago he bought out the store tkete
tain carried on by the late Isc
Knapp. He became popular awl
influential and wnr the unlimited cmil
deuce of all who had business transac
tions with htm. He wa elected super
visor of the town of Fallspur slmmt
without opposition He was appoltaMtt
postmaster of the town about a ywtr
ago. Ills credit stood high at Irftsae
arm In New York city. No ftwpteton of
his Integrity was entertained by say
one ttntlT several days after he had dis
appeared from home
He hail left Centrevllle on the Od In
stant, telling his family that he wis
coming to Mhldletown on business ami
would return that night. He was seen
In New Yotk the net day. since which
time nothing Is known of his meve
ments It is now charged that he his
put afloat spurlrus notes to a larue
amount. The principal names used are
those of Mrs. Ann Knanfi of Montlcetm.
widow of the late Isaac Knapp, asd of
John II. Waldorf, proprietor of a sum
liter hotel at Woodbourne.
The First National Bank of Middle
town holds about f 1,000 of paper
which has passed through his hands,
some of It undoubtedly genuine. The
bank has secured Itselr amply on the
doubtful notes by n levy on Ills prop
erty. The National Bank of Montlcclki
also holds some of the questionable
paiier. some of his neighbors who
trusted him to hold or Invest tholr ssv
ings siidcr seriously. Pootoflioe In
spector Charles L. 'Morris has taken
charge of the postolllcc. There Is but a
small deficiency In the ftfgltlre's ofticisl
accounts with the department.
Tnn Men and a Illrl Arrested for a
Ilorrlhle Crime,
WllKKMNO, W. Va., July 11. A
big sensation was caused here last even
ing by the arrest of Dr. II. II. Baguley.
William Carter, a business man, and
MItsAggio Post, a daughter of F.phrlam
Post of West Alexandria, Pa , os the
charge of murder. The warrants ware
sworn out by Jlis Flossie Grlbble or
this city, who alleges that on February
7 last Lphrlam Pool brought his daugh
ter from West Alexandria to this city
and left her at William Carter's bouso.
The girl was about to become a mother,
and Dr. Baguley was called Is. Oa
February 11 a child was born, whlok
Dr. Baguley killed at the request of the
mother, ami Carter burned the body In
the grate In the room.
Miss Post and Carter were arrested at
Post's house In West Alexander at 0
o'clock last night ami were brought
here on the 10 :K p. m. train, fir.
Baguley was put under arrest about 10
p. in., ami about midnight the Utter
was admitted to ball by Judge Camp
bell of the Circuit Court, who wat got
out of bod for that purpose.
New VorU htocltn,
To-daj's ."Sew tors nocv. market quota
tious, furnished by C. T. lUvaaaer,
Knows 9 and It, Attauttc butttthur, ) V
street ttortattrtt. Correspondent. M. K.
Mendbam, New York, Chandler, Brows A
Co., Chicago.
XTOCkS. Oatn'i'MS STOCK. Ou 9M
A, T A t 01 Omaha ,..,..
Can south " rTd...,
Cbl., .XQ im '09i Ore. Trass.. -17
Con. (las ?. M.S.a. Co H
l. KIAt'ae V.t '41 1 SMdiar
IM. I. A W. 1471 M7l g. Jk W. Pt.
IM. Hud. .. . it. Paul 74
Erie 351 H Tex. IV. .. f
Jersey Cn..l'Jd 19B Ten. V. A I. M
I.. A X 871 SOI y. rae S$i
Ijke Sbora. (W .UO Vab. pfd.. tU
Ho. rae.... 7 mi H'. L'ntos
N Y X K. 4tI aOt H' AI.Rp'd 77j
X A W p'W i-eiroieum .. ta
X. Y. tW As. C O CU 9I
X. fae i 161 '. Oas Trust SS
pTd, sll Wi NatU'dTstisH
Xortbwttt .. UUi ::ti . Kefla. Co. 73
The Chicago 3Iurketi.
Te-dsy's Lhieago gram and provide
Ilaveuser, MooHMUantl II, AtlanUe Ihsiu'
ittg , ItiO aUeet norma erf. CoffiSinenil
utk, H. H. MeodluHa, Xew York; Ckaa.1
ler, Brows A Co., Cnkago,
ssiit. um Cms "oax. vem (9m
Aug ...
July w.
Aug. .... It Si
iSess. , vm
9$Z7. Itt
ST ....
July.... m ....
Aug..... 9m .. .
Sept M , ..
VVabtBteu SKuk rtxcSaaze,
ales Hssalar CaU W aetsek at
Aniertcau Urasburinonc, 1UO at U.
MtsceUaneoas fiosss 0 M. Sleetric
Lights lst,rs. too-, u. 8 KleetfteUfht
8d7 'a, its. W. A G. K. U. KMa,
&&, uttr. W. A 8 Cosvartims, ft,
o; Maaonic KaU Ass's, '. O tsW, MW,
Waak Market Co.. 1st Matt- V 11,
Wash. Market Co., Isw., 's, llTi; laVd A
seaboard Co., i's, C 17, : Wank, U.
Islastrv, 1st, ifa, ttsM. us. Wash. U. Ia
tastry.tt.rs.lMi, '.). Vask tts UsSt
Co., tar. A, . UTi, Weak tias imiW,
ier. ,', tte, Hgumk lea C'lsssasy.bw
Mort., Is, , Aiuertcjji eeuruy sat
Truat, IdH.
kaUonal Bank stocks assk ef Wats-
sennas, ,, Central, ssafs seeeasa, isp
FarsieM asd Mecnasiea', WO: CttJoass',
Ho; ColUHlhU. im CamtsL 119; Weat
Sad, '-i, Tradera', U7. liacuiu, WB.
ecoraisown, -, Metobtas, Mg; C
&M, Ki-kiBSton and trill rrVt llirmg. Sh;
WFfBl,W' W 9fMm fSSlWPJlrerP eRfPW flipr""
SW; ArtogtoB, itO, Corcoras,S. Msst:
bis, t, Uersian-Anjcricau. Us); foftway.
eS, Suggs, i. feopk's 5.
Tiffi'iT Iw'irt t stacks asst Mat
Ttek, :i7, toiwuJTitle.., WsaWaiwn
fitbi, ,
a nJ Wnetric I fiM fltltkl TllhhlS
ton tiss. tel. e,.Hjraus tiss, ; f.
pseub; Ugit, m
Tebkoss Stocas fesssvlyaais, .
ftesspeese aud futowac, bi, 4SMrifsa
, cjrai.noooojj,
bflw'filinntiii- Stoc ka. 'Wfaaktsgtsa Mar-
' Co., . ttiest faJJaCi to, lKa
i L.L;t. -. Wasktses fcisRsaesi.
I WftsWagtos Loan u4 rrastPft,
i liunal TvDoatraWkiv. -
raamssTr wss Caxrisas,
SW snwsw mi km.,
for tke Vwrnt vj tWwwtta. i
AfortJj.J, T j. Airth Cm&
km a
,cfll t '
'. Chtlgfi
1 i?.- J
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m tu
i rat
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