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22D TBAH jTO. 6,&tn.
E. 0. DA VI.
Explanations are wuxtttythe raw reerarrs
In the "Sothlnr to-8yn earar. But In thll
we they are the ptooeets of a tnlshty vtger
tnscampalirn. It may be that wo were too
contrartedln our early annonBecteents; or,
May be vou haven't nsd off the Reed, sensi
ble thculitiulRwforwblh yHu are dktta
gulshed. But when we stated that we bad
rcdnccd Alt, of the stneK we nght of Mf.
DstIs we meant the wml "llJA tetters as
tall as the monument. 1 1
Our valQcd friends come In every day and
" IT7r ' 1 didn't Irme to-attd-to trsrreHiitff at a
ttduct J prlet ITO-DAY: M And then we may
say; 'Trr, madam. It trstf itimd at Ihi raftwtf
priet EVKnY DAT VW Uli wMotif." Ahdwo
have to say this fifty tlttes dally.
Now let's settle this point onoe tor all.
There Isn't a single article In this house,
advertised cr not, but has beonrcduced; and
It will remain reduced In prleo until It Is
totally wiped out, even It It's nover adver
tised. Come Inlo oar ajorgjust as you tnarkct
eomethlng takes your eye 'tis marked way
down Ivy It! Come again to-morrow. You'll
eccliometlilns that escaped your notios yos
fcrday. Go nbont our slcro with Just as
much freedom as yon would the halls of yon r
own homo. Because we may not know yott
personally (as Mr. Davis did) tho atoro
Knows you, the sales ladles (who have waUed
en you In tho past) will bo clad to see you,
tho goods are for your free Inspection, wo
nrelicre toRlvo you the rroprlotorV atten
tion, nnd every monent of every day Is a
repeated "wolcono,"
The old customers of the houie'may some
cr scrd,as of yoro ami they'll find 'TlereeV
the came familiar, favorlto mart that
"fatly" was for so many years.
Wo hnven't come to Washington to en
deavor to uproot the trading otutoeM of
years. By no means. Don't heed all the
garrulous Koiftp you hearaboutwhafPleree
Is golnjt to do." An earnest, hoaett effort Is
EolsRtobomado to oredltably continue tbe
history of a reputable and sueoessful bouse.
These explanations ought to tuWee for alt
Bueeessors to "
E. O. D.VVI8,
Xt York Blocks,
To-day's ew orK stocK market quota
tVce, 'furnished by C. T. Ilavesner,
KoonuQand 11, Atlantic building, 080 Y
street northwest. Correspondents, il. B.
Jlendham, New York; Chandler, Drown &
Co., Chicago:
STOCKS. OOTlS.SO stocks. Opm 2.30
A.T&SFe 40 101 Omaha .
Can. South.. 501 1 " p'f'd
Chi., II, & Q Ore. Trass.. 471 i
Con. (ias iM.S.H.Co
l,itl.l'ac 0' 0J Heading m tOi
Del, UJs W. HSJ M71 S. Jb W. Ft
Del. & Uud iU l'aul 781 W
Erie S51 -Wj Tex. Vie 90 H
Jersey C'en Tea. C. & I, 3ti Sit
U & N bs SSJ V. I'aa 681 83J
Lake Shore. '.OOJ 10 Vab. p'f'd
Slo. Fae 74 71 V. Untoa .. 811 St)
NYiKE. 50J Mi W&LEp'd :.....
Kift p'fd Vetroleuia .. S81 Ml
N. Y, l'en Am. OO Cts
N, I'ae... .. 3ol 381 O. Gas Trust 561 W
l 'I'd. W4 saj Nat L'd T'st 3)1
Northwest ;ili;:0i S.Ksfiu. Co. Ttlt W
The Clilcueo Markets,
To-day's Ihitjuo grain and iwovUton
maiUt quotatloiM, furulsbad by U. T,
IlavtDtnr, Jtoooia V and 11, Atlantic Build
)i jr, t.l i' strttt Bortbwitat. Corrod
ects. 11. it. Meoduaaa. New York; Chand
ler, Brown & Co., CUeago.
WUE1T. Opm date vous,' Opm Qk4t
Aug,... Ml te) Auk.
brt m m Spl U IS 1'. 18
Uec ... m 911 De.
Aug 331 S &W.,. 5 SB 5 SB
Bcpt 37 m Ufk,.... i 97 i 00
Dec .... m m i r S
Auk . 3S 361
feept,., . 2TJ m
Dtc . .. m 961
Wuihlucton block Bieliane.
Sales Regular Call U o'etoak ja.
lUnk of W athlBgtoa, 5 sX 478. Xekstwte
and Soldier.' Houa Railroad, t) at lis; 98
at 7u. Liucolu Fix InMiranf , 19 a Si.
M sihlngtun tins. 9ft at 4Si; Sat iA. Cstea
jioake and Potouaac TuteptUMW, 10 at 77; 15
at 77 Amerkaa Graphophioiw, Stt at 141,
5o at 14. fueuuiatic Gob Carriag, 909
AlliceUansoiu BosmU U. 8. HUtetrie
Xfghu 1st, 's, 1U, U. S. SUctrie Light
2d, S's, 14b, H'. i 0- R. K lft-W ,
K'bS-'i, U, H'. & e. CoawftUste,
-, Maaoulc Hall ist V, O IS0d, Mi;
Maab. Market Co.. Ut JtfoK.. U, 110;
Wus, Market Co., Inn.. ya, 117; lid'd A
Bvaboard Co.. SV, C WW, : Waefcu JX
litUuity, la. ' 1M. a; Wab- IX I
.iULt), ad,r,Us, 7; Wak. Cka Ukjfct
Co., Scr A, ti'i, 1171: Waak. tlu Urtt Co.,
Skt. B, ', 116, Sjttlule Ic Oottpmiy,Lst
KaUwaal Bank fcock ataak ttE Wasfe
tiiKtoi), 47tt; Bank of Bnrmlittr Mf; Mwtaor
woluaa, &l, Central, JtfltMtewiL 9M(
Fwuurrs Mid afedaaftUV, b; CfcfaiSM',
ITU, ColuatbU. ISO. CailUL Us. Viasi
KatiruAd IstuciLi WaahlitfMM aASl
Gi-orguown, SOU, Xt,ro(ioltf.aii, ; Co
luuibU. TV, CuoitoJ udUirtk7o Mows,
to, i.kiiKtuu VuU SuUUMr'a Hnnti M;
CiorKeiown and Tciuwlltuw,i; Sdgjs
Ttomt .
iL.uxiOititJMiOckft Jfti'ent'a, 44, ftaaav
Iil, W, Jtuttotulitj. ti; lUtiuual Uulusj,
:.u, Ailmjrtuu, , Cuccorw, ti, Cuiuak
Ua, i. Gerniaa-Ajairkajs. tn aVstanwt,
-' Kikg, M. Fuvle'5f.
liU lumrmue Stock Uml mu
Tttu, U7, Cobwm'WHiWmUmtm
u iwl Wtfe I,lMisynjiMsM
El,cuk Llicnl. US.
TtrlepfeuM iw i rwaHrtTasjaX
CLioaptake SJid j'nUiniat', 77, AiBft
Url Uopboue, 14-
He Has Apparently Finished His
Political Career in Maryland.
Major Martin Saja He Will Oema Back.
Chris. Magca Talks A filoody
Baltlo In Texas.
vitht. coin hack to cosanBes.
Major Martin of Texas, returned from
Texas Just tn Umo to cast hla voto
against the Fcdoral Kleotlon bill. Ho
covered 3,000 rntlcs many of them
wenry miles to qct to deposit that bal
lot, and ho got there, ' This Major
looks greatly Improved by his visit
homo? Thoro's nothing like homo
cooking ntul homo comforts after all.
"Ofcourao I'm going to have oppo
sltlon," remarked tho jrajdr" this morn
ing. "There are five follows already In
tho" field agin' me, but I'm used to
bucking ngln' numbers, and by tho
grace of God I hope to snow 'cm un
der. Tho politicians in my district
don't want mo to conic bick, but the
people do, and if tho people have their
way I'll come."
ilnrtniMCAKs may not attempt to
l-Ass the roncr, im.i..
Tho caucus of tho Republican Son
ntora has not, It is thought, Improved
tlio chances of a Federal election hw.
Tbo failure to arrive at any definite con
clusion Is taken as an cvldcuco that
nothing is likely to bo done.
Tho general opinion among tho
Democrats now Is that the Mil will not
pass the Senate at this Maston, but If
pttm'd atoll by this Congress will be
pasted at llic short session.
Whllo n majority or tho Senators who
facr the bill would llku to see a rule
adopted shutting oil dubato and allow
ing the previous question to be ordered,
the mote conservative members are op
pot cd to it, and have put thomselves on
record as unwilling to make any
changes whatever in thcnilos. If no
Reed rules are pascd or Reed rulings
made tho Senate will not be likely to
attempt to pass tho bill, as It would pre
vent the passage of the Tariff bill, River
and Ilatbor bill, and other Important
Many of tho Republicans think
Speaker Reed made a mistake in pah
ing tho Force hill before the Tariff had
been disposed of by tho Senate. Con
grosemanllarmersays: "ThoSpeaker's
action was not only a mistake, but an
egregious blunder. The bill should
not have even Icon discussed until tho
Tarlll bill was patted. It is of the high
est Importance to the party
to pais It at the earliest pottf.
ble moment in order that the people
may bo given a chance to judje of its
effect on the interests of the country.
So many attacks have been made upon
It that unless it is proved to be a good
measure the public will believe the re
verse and defeat us at the polls next
Kovomber. As it Is, it U not now
likely the Tar lit bill will be passed un
til late In the autumn, If at all."
Dksvbb. Col., July 13. A telegram
from Ybieta, Tex., says that a pitched
battle occurred at that place ystterday
afternoon and last night between two
factions. Ever since the local election
In April both factions have claimed
control of the city government, and
numerous fights have occurred. One
patty, led by an intelligent Mexican,
was called the "Peoples' party," and
tee other, Ud by a Jew muted Taul,
was called the "Republican party."
Several Hunts have resulted and It haa
bcenixpected that the trouble would
culminate in a bloody coaH let, asd these
prophesies came true. A later dispatch
tays that the fight has beea closed but
vtiili both aides holding their grouad,
and it is impossible for any one to ves
ture out to discover the Bunber of dead
sad wound. Tb Wiegraph operator
tkr wires that ho can eouat six daad
bodiea frost hU window.
Kkw Yokk. July 18. The Tim'
IlaajtttkiowK corral poartesit Urieerapks.
Iiepr elative LouU E. MeCotna,who
kae for six years represented Ike only
really KepuUicaa dUUlct ia Maryland
the Sixth will not frow preU Indica
tions be able to return, to CoagrM. lib
speech oa the Force bill uu apparently
tinisked his political career in Maryland.
Advices front every county lu his dis
trict show a pronounced opposition to
bin). His Utter advocacy of the Lodge
bill and his eJCorta towards Federal ia
ii fereace 1st wsctiftna haw nuat witk no
Mir on rtjyt-nsf nt or cow wend stliff Irons
his fostatitisftiits In fact, Usey reputM'
ate his action anil say that if lie 6 re
BowtBati-d an will wk dstfttiltfil at ta
The feeling over Uaif weaaure is
Maryland la iAtonsn. It ia VMnftd ujmms
aa tiBUff sieMiT and iinnnao!s and as
VcCosnaa a& IsaGosnie onn of lie ctsaAt
pious, so ia getllog tfca conilewaatioa
that lti"'fr"i to the Uli and its adker
esMa. JteouMfffaiii as well aa Dsnsto
irata uWnounce both it and. hjurt. Sev
eral nasaea are s&aBtionjnd h iiwinffK'fli
wit ts next nonUoatlon State Sen
ator Edwajsi rttajut ol tb&s plao. tfeye
Ho. Lloyd Lowndes of CuiuUirUuU.
vkohtoiwof Uui World' Fak Cosa
wUlo, ami George L WriMngtoa.
who has been sjUftintyH Sub Treasurer
at BaJtiiirT
It ii sow practically furtajn that
Maryuuad will tend Bve Dtaeaotstats to
the Fifty itcond C'ungre. galniag two.
aiui, )ac4os&na assousdl ha swnont,
inalaul, the TNinireii wsM expjactto
ekct a suiid dcltf gallon The MctUdey
Taruf bill aad the Lodge Ekctioa bill
have had an enormous effect on public
The work of tariff reform gom
steadily on. Next Tuesday ajwnvea
tlon of tariff reform delegalM from the
clubs throughout the Slate will be IteM
In Raltlmore. Within a year these or
aanirations hate been formed In one
third of the counties of Maryland. The
purpoee, as expressed in their pros
pectus, Is "to keep the tariff Issue as
made by President Cleveland before
the people of the Slate until Congress
shall afford sufficient relief from the
oppression and unnecessary taxation
umler which they now labor."
An educational campaign Is being
constantly carried on. The convention
next week will include an address by
Chairman John I)e Witt Warner of
Now York and a mass meeting with
such speakers as Representative Wil
son, Crisp, McAdOo, By num. Rrewkjn
tldge and Hemphill. Senator H. K. Wil
son will preside.
tub rirrsnunu lradrh knows of xo
PiTTsnuno, P.v , July 12. C. L.
Mageo returned frcm Washington yes
terday and was asked concerning re
ports that ho had been plotting with
Congressman Dalzell a scheme to defeat
Delamater. This Was tho dlaloeuo:
"Did Dalzell say to you whether ho
would work for Delamater's election or
not?'' asked the reporter.
"Well, now, you know, that Mr.
Pnbell is a candidate on tho Republican
tlrkct and that ought to be sufuolcnt for
the people to know."
"There Is much talk Just now about
an independent ticket; havo you any
Infotmntion nbout ltT"
"Nono whatever. If such n movo
Is on foot I am Ignorant of It.
You will confer n favor on mo by con
tradicting theso silly stories."
Its Will Succeed Moltlolcr.
Tho deadlock in tho Democratic Con
grcssionol Convention, Sixteenth Ohio
dlstilct, was broken last night, nftor
two days and ono night of balloting, by
tho nomination of ex-LIeutenant-uov-crnor
John O. Warwick of Malllon,
Ohio. Mr. Warwick, who will be tho
opponent of Congressman XIcKInley, Is
a business man, engaged for many
years In extensive milling Interests,
and owner of coal mines. His llrst and
only political olllco was Lieutenant
Governor of Ohio.
Democrats Denounce. Tlltmnn,
CoMMiiiA. 8. C, July 12. The con
vention of Straight Out Democrats yes
terday adopted resolutions denouncing
llio Tillman movement, defendlug the
State administration against the charges
of corruption made by Tillman and
others, and resenting the insult offered
General Wade Hampton at a recent
campaign meeting. An oxecutlve com
mittee, with General J. D. Kennedy ns
chairman, was appointed to prepare an
address to the Democrats of the State.
KuglMi SlBtons Honor nn American.
New Yoiik, July 12. Tho Jhrald't
Kingston, Ont, special says: "It. T.
Walkem, Grand Master of Masons of
Ontario, who has Just returned from
England, sihh he attended the Installa
tion of the Anglo-American Lofgo and
witnessed the ceremony which put
Theodore Tllton. iate of Ilrooklyn, in
tho chair. It was a remarkable oc
casion, an It was the llrst time an Ameri
can was made master of an English
indignant' citizens.
IlIamlDC tlie Cauunluloogra for lie-
rualue to a runt Hie Company I'or-
mlailou to Lay Double Tracks.
An indignation meeting of the resi
dents of Mount Pleasant was held last
evening at the residence of William R.
JIatthews, on Kencesaw avenue. The
meeting was called to take actios on the
streitcar question, and at 8 o'clock a
large number of representative titMos
auembled in Mr. Matthews' parlors.
Mr. Matthew first addressed the meet
ing in plain ami forcible language, sel
ling forth the coraplalnU against the
Washington and Georgetown Railroad
Cunpauy for charging au extra three
cent fare from Boundary to Mount
At the conclusion of Mr. Matthews'
remarks Mr. John J. Judd was unani
mously elected president of the meeting,
and J. It. Ruekalew secretory. Messrs.
Thornton, Jameson, Townsend, Saxtou,
Matthews and Amies were appointed as
commute on resolutions.
Mr. Judd thought that a great part
of the trouble was caused by the Coui
misstoners, who declined to petealt the
company to lay a double track to Mount
Pleasant. The railway company had
offered to lay the track and take it up
again If it did not conform with the
grade, but the Commissioners still de
clined the penult The three cent fare,
he thought, was the greatest obstacle to
perfect service If that is abolished,
through cars will be established.
Emphatic wad enthusiastic reutarhs
were made by Messrs. Atiina, McPher
soa and BonaelL At the conclusion of
the speeches the committee on resolu
tions reccoBUueaded the following,
which was unanimously adopted .
&Wtj, That this committee deem it
la to appoint a committee of fte to wait
on the oBhMt of the Washington and
Ueorgetowa BaUntad Company to ascer
tain Jut what telle is proposal by the com
pany far the resident ol Xvsuh Pleasant
and vicinity, this fowmlttee to urge upon
the oawcara the neediwi car service lor hss
section, without a change at the Isaumlary
or any eatra fate.
Mr. Judjl hft anpoiaioif sjaate.
Jauaeacu, Towasend, A raws j Sixton
ami Judd as a committee to waM hph
that xejlroajl constnuiy- he meeting
ajitourngd, ausje4 to the Gall oi tiaf
a inMtf ihA mtLiauta nrfiatint were
spsP air F,ss'nnBnan n-iaiipw w
the fvUoving-
E W. Yomtruf. Dostaid Mcierson
J. B. Skman, D- & Didwy. J. B.
Bui-kaWw, F. A. E1U, Iaciwr Jameson,
W. E. Brown, B. W. Vaiker. John J.
Judd. George A. BmrthsU. Bev. 0. H.
Small. James C. ChuechlU, &&
rkdt, James iwrratV. 0 T Batart. J. B
filiisiiniiiiiT if . 'firiw KoavWr, W. E.
WHrwffs aV a?i iaflBHWwWw " fpBsTpW .'
L. Sfekatte, W. 8. CU. S. W,
Smith. J EBlImm
-The ttkue mn," is faator X. Hex Svem's
stt-jctt Sunday night at o'clovh.
n i. - i -
Beldcn's Circular Was M Ipired
by Bok Reed.
Senaiirs Anxious to Do the Bidding of
the Man from Maine .Various
Plans Being Diseuseed,
Krw Yonu, July 12 Tho llerattV
Washington correspondent telegraphs:
All political Washington is laughing
nbout tho lleldon circular, which Is
oharactcrlrcd as asinine to tho utter
most degree. Democrats regard It as
tho poorest piece of political play ever
made by a tyro In politics, much less
the chairman of the Congressional
campaign committee. If Mr. ileldon
Is tesponBlblc for this act of political
inmt, then the Democrats have llttlo
to fear from his leadership In tho
coming campaign for control of the
House In tho Fifty second Congress.
Tho original Intention was to put tho
contents of tho circular before tho coun
try In the form of an Intcrvlow with
Mr. Ileldcn, In which tho chairman of
tho Itopubllcan Congressional Commit
tee, under tho direction of lioss Itecd,
would lay down tho law to tho Senate,
This was tho Idea suggested, but some
how there was a change In tho pro
gramme nnd tho circular fealuro was
substituted. Late Wednesday night
Mr. Ueldcn's secretary rushed Into tho
Associated Press olllcc here and banded
in the edict for distribution among Ho
publican "editors."
Tho effect of this manifesto, in the
opinion of tho Democratic side of tho
Senate, Is that It will likely prove n
boomeranir. They rogard It as nn ua
watranltd picco of Impertinence for a
Congressional n.-vlce like Chairman
Ileldcn to attempt to dictate to Senators
the policy they should pursue In mat
ters of legMatlou.
Kecrtholess the surfaco Indicatlans
at tho Capitol to day were that the ma
jotltyof the ltepubllcan Senators are
determined to consider the Klcction bill
and to force It through the Benate, with
rules or without rules. They are en
countering obstacle in the conservative
temper of some of the older Senators,
who still desire to preserve tbe delibera
tive character of tho Senate, but the
radicals are very Influential, and the
probabilities are that they will carry
thi'lr point.
They are very grateful to Congress
man Ileldcn for tho manner In which
ho has strengthened their hands by his
aggressive circular to the ltepubllcan
editors. Of forty ltepubllcan Senators
in town not more than one lis opretl
an opinion adverse "to the action of Mr.
Unfortunately the conservative ml
uoiity can assign no reason for their
conservatism except a desire to preserve
the traditions of the Senate and the
spirit of fair play so dear to the Ameri
can people. The majority have on
their side what seem to be the irresisti
ble arguments of party consistency and
political gain. Some of the minority
express regret that the House has forced
them Into their present position, but
say that if the issue Is to be made
against the party It would be better to
face It with an accomplished result
rather thau half way steps.
two etnas.
The amendment of the rules will be
bitterly contested by men like Ingalls,
Kdmunds, Kvarte, Teller and Morrill,
but already Senators like Dawes and
l'rye ami ifoar have Joined the radical
column and are willing to vote for any
measure or any ruling which will earry
out the orders of Speaker Ueed,
The members of the Finance Com
mittee made an earnest plea last night
tor the consideration of the Tariff bill
before the partisan battle over the Elec
lion bill should begin. They argued
that the taiirf was a business matter
which ought to be settled at this session
end that It was vastly more important to
the parly than to attempt to capture a
few black districts or means of partisan
rt turning boards. '1 his view may poa
silly be adopted, but it witi hardly pre
vent the consideration of the BieetUm
bill. It will only shorten the time for
debate allowed upon each subject.
If the radical programme Is onee en
tered upon It will probably grow more
reckless and illegal as the days go
by. The obstacles which will be inter
posed by the Democratic minority and
by conservative ltepubllcan Senators
will be serious, but. as partisan passions
are heated, the measures adopted to sur
mount the obstacles, promise to ley oins
more awl more revolutionary. There
is a possibility hardly more than that
that the struggle of the minority may
be desperate enough to earry the bill
oter to the next session or secure radi
cal amendments in it.
Several of the Bepublkaa members
of the Committee on Elections are de
cidedly opno&ed to the form of the
Davenport bill, which was fathered by
Mr. Lodge, ami one of them said to day
that he would sever vote tor It in its
present shape. He declared it to be
prolix, radical, disjointed naA aubver
sive of the rights of the States, it if
quite likely thai Mr. Lodge's idea ol
He of Federal soldkrs at thepoUing
place will be dropped from the bid.
tut. KBttikw w-ui-re stxaunicsT.
senator Kim uud s, while opposed to
changing the rules, is in favor ol a bill.
but decidedly opposed to the revolu
tionary provisions of the Davemport
bill. He has promised that he wifldo
his best to have the bill chAoged tad
tome veatige left to the people and the
Sutes ol the control over the election of
ThtlS hi ft Itood .l.'lll at Ixllr ol r..i .
ing the bill la a couiuwious iessioa,
lasting through day ami night, but a
good many BeeuhUeaa SesMtun, whu
have to guard their health, at who have
aofinl futrngiuiirftftii more aMractiTO ihiui
nil ii ''" nnpwnpaw ww nFwBwiBTr eHHnmp
rfiffWsf On el BfiBnmtfi mfmtstt mwa AaawaaJ trt
TT"TB w w bs tsjpmy ssnjpnmannpa an
this plan. They wouMl rarhet amend
theiuks by a Keed au 4tU than
sacrigce their penanaj. coeafutt by aa
emost to sire out the mlttority .
Theae vsvtiotts phyu ware btwu talked
o& this afternoon by th committee of
fOtr, composed of Senators Honr,
BflwraCT, Frye and Moody, which was
apSrfrited to confer1 with the Itepttb
Horn members of live Committee on
notes, tat thus far no eonelrtstan hw
been reached which wouhl Indicate
whjt the party policy actually will be.
lcrc is no mystery about the nnn
h which thelleiden circular letter
given nut for publication on
estfay night, i lie letter w.is pre
len davs asm with the purpose
wfglnallv of maklne It confidentlallv to
IhePylepubllcan editors of the country.
Meanwhile Mr. llelden made a hurried
trlrjf to bis summer home on Hound
Wflfid, in the St. Lawrence IUver.
Wlffln It was decided that the Itermb-
llealt Senators would caucus, ostensibly
ine ortter ot uustness, out in reality
me disposition mat stiount ire
of the Federal Election bill. It
rred to Mr. Edward O'Brien, the
secrylarv of the ltepubllcan Congres
sional Committee, that a general pub
lication of the circular a few hours prior
to toe meeting would have nn excellent
moftd effect.
Mr. O'Brien's discretion, however, Is
quite equal to his political acumen, ho
thoreupon telegraphed Mr. llelden for
tho authority necessary to make the
circular public. Owing to the Insuf
ficient telegraph service It was near the
lioutgof midnight before an nliirmativa
rcplffrom tho absent chairman was re
celvoll. Mr. O'Brien Immediately car
ried! tho letter to the ofllcers of tho
various press associations, through
wbldii agoncles It was scattered broad
cast dklthin the next few hours.
J not thsrtrtKD ur Mil. rtBHD.
Trie circular was not Inspired by
Speaker Heed or any other person. It
was Mr Ueldcn's own conception, soys
Sir. O'llrlen, and wns prepared by him
in his usual huslness-llko manner
without any especial thought or
1 ha responses on tho part of tho lte
publlcan press, Mr. O'Brien says, havo
been, general and satisfactory. 'All tho
party papers which have since been ra
eclved at hcadquartors havo glvon tho
uppcal strong editorial indorsements.
The only exception has been In the case
(f the byracuo Jouriuil, whoso editor,
Mr. Carroll Leo Smith, Is personally
unftlrndly to Mr. llelden.
Mr. O'llrlen says that the Idea of tho
circular suggesttd itself to Mr. llelden
becauro he thought tbo Senato needed
just such reminders ns they are getting.
IIu noticed that tho Senators were very
ludlffcrent to the wishes of the people
as cxpreed by legislation of the
House. The fervid response of the
ltepulillcnn present tho Eastern cities
Is the best vindication of Mr. llelden'g
Frightful llnvun Uutiied by Cyclonoi
Cnliiner's JIlHtiarnJith Accmud or
Trenaon Jaimncno l'rrjuillce,
I.o.npok, July 13. Henry M. Stanley
and Dorothy Tennant were married at
Westminster Ablmy at S o'clock, Sir.
Stanley walked up the aisle leaning
heavily on a cane and looked unwell.
The Abbey was densely crowded.
The morning papers unite In ex
lending their best wishes to Stan
ley and heartily congratulate him on
oveicomtng his extremely awkward Ill
ness, the continuance of which would
have necessitated the postponement of
one of the most notable social events
that has taken place In London In many
The number of presents received by
Miss Tennant, and which occupy every
foot of available space in her commo
dious apartments, Is almost beyond
realization. Temporary tables have
been erected for the accommodation of
such articles as may be displayed la
that way, ami the collection of gifts
includes almost every Imaginable article
devoted to the uses of luxury or com
fort. The doners Include the Queen,
the Prince and Princess of Wales, the
Duke of Fife. Mr. Gladstone, Ilarosess
Burdett Coulte, Sir J. K. Mllllas. Lord
IStassey and hundreds of other promi
nent and tilled persons. The oldest of
the gifts is a bottle of water from the
Victoria Kyanza, and the most valuable
is an immense uncut diamond presented
by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie. Mr.
Stanley's needs as a smoker have been
faithfully looked after in the preeea
tailon of innumerable boxes of cigars
of the finest brands. Probably no eoupte
ever received a more varied collection
of useful and unique gifts.
Frightful results have followed the
cyclones which hsve raged la various
places oa the eontinesu within the last
two days. Large tracts of country have
been devastated, thousands of jtofsejs
cattle and other animals have heea
killed, crops have been ruined, build
ings were wrecked and other damage
has heea IntMeted which it will tale
months to repair. A ccosnpanying these
storms, in many cases, wesekrrulc
Hashes of lightning, the etfecte of
which were fatal to human life la
many places.
was struck and live soldiers were killed.
At Pavia. Italy, a boll descended upon
a church during; the performance of di
vine service, killing two priests who
were ottkiallng at the altar, and stun
ning a number of the congregation.
At Sewlckau, Bohemia, lightning
struck a dwelling house, protUraiug the
oficunents and setting fire to the build
inir The hfHiift was totally coiteumed
and the entire family of sU pewoas
weie burned with it.
Tw PfuaainA ortifiali have heea amst
u rsgiaad by the government to study
'he tastrnttt system ia vogue U Ureal
iWltaJa.. wih a view to its entire or par
tial tsjppmon. ta, fjtoraiaay ami sjej to
1 ictjpimV
CAATt ttuXuttKB.
CaaiBji Casati, the itsdiaa Ifrlcw
plufcr, has received a warm wetenate
Najiem, where he has Uvn haywtt
4 cwasented with a noM medal hy the
apsiBsaBnnBRnisnt ' in jnf,-i w"ws r ww
ufmfawal So-h-'ty-
v USTSgUU iait O' TtttCMtnt.
Tmf Maharajah of Caahweaj. w
tai Mt opoaiid bom his throw hf
he gwetaaarat of British IM otj
the cIsMntof misrule ami siwpected
'leajsmx hi ttieorig w obtain a taajt-
ug eg tjhe accusal Kwas agaiaat autt
'.hiough. the iniuciKc of fxietuia Lit
Oremt Itrltnln. The CaWtt has si far
refused to Interfere with the action of
the authorities In Imlm. The Maharajah
Is suspected of having IteM Intercourse
with agents of the Hussinn admlnlstra
tlon In Central Asia
The Urltlsh Government has umler
consideration the question of placing at
the troops In lmlln umler one cmn
msmler In chief, Instead of the three
separate commands that now exist. The
object Is to Insure united ami har
monious action In the event of a war
with Ilnnia. The deposition of the
Maharajah of Cashmere Is said to tie in
tended as a warning to other Imlltn
princes to abstain from communication
with lluseia.
rnjMCmcEi) aoUsst roRKtaximft.
Advices from Japan stale that there
Is a growing animosity against for
eigners In that country, ami that sev
eral have been attacked In an unjusti
fiable manner In tle streets of Toklo
and Yokohama. The native prws is
aiding tn stirring tip the prejudices of
the people against strangers.
Mr. O'Connor I.rave.i ttin iStr."
London, July 12. Mr. Thomas
Power O'Connor finally severed his
connection with the ,r yesterday and
bado farewell to his co-workers. Tho
occasion was one of pleasant speech
making and hand-shnklng. Mr. Mas
slngham succeeds Mr. O'Connor as
editor-in-chief, and Professor James
Stuart, Qladstonlan member of Parlia
ment for Hoxton, will direct the politi
cal policy of tho paper.
Mysterious Wreck or a Hie freight
Vesoel Willie Tied Up nt Iter
Whnrr nt Chicago,
Chicago, July 12. An oxploslon
occurred last night on the steamer
Tioga, which was unloading at her
wharf nt tho foot of Washington street,
and it Is known that at least nine men
met death In tho lleico Are that fol
lowed; while many others were more or
less seriously Injured.
It appinrs that tho explosion occurred
just after a portor named William
Palmer had gone below with lighted
lamps. He had scarcely reached the
decks again when the fearful shock
come. It was said tliat two hundred
barrels of oil were among the cargo,
and that these had become Ignited.
Othcts Insisted that the explosion must
have been due to a lack of water In the
boilers, and that the second engineer,
who was known to bo missing, was the
man whose duty It would be to start
the pony pumps In such an emergency.
This, it was declared, would kave pro
duced just such an explosion, wrecking
only one compartment of the vessel.
It was some time before the llames
could be checked sutticlently to allow
the tlremen to commence a search for
the dead, but as soon as possible an or
ganized attempt was made to reach the
hold where a gang of stevedores had
been at work.
All of the crew of twenty-five were
aboard at the time, and in addition to
them there must have been twelve to
fifteen other men killed ami a number
wounded The steamer sank soon after
the Are was extinguished, but as the
liver is not deep at her wharf, her
decks are above water.
Until the work of recovering the
bodies Mill in the hold of the vessel Is
completed a full list of the killed can
not be given.
Following is the list of the victims so
far as known to the police
mud, asTifir.n.
0orn Polk, laborer, C'Weago.
AivsxiNPKK &1TK, eotofsd, Ctdeago.
John IIkhtos, eolorsd, Ctdeago.
J. Williams, stevsdore.
MISslliO, t-MUHAHLr lULlB.
C. LEiMLLia, ftugato, loohmtt,
William C. TmeumtT, watebttun.
Kkwahi) Fitz (liaaok, master.
John Nkill, foreman of stevedore.
I,. ALKXANueu, sieved are,
II. Alxanukj, stevedore.
JuHSi Kwis, laborer.
illum Pumthk, laborer,
S. Smith, laborer.
J. I'd ill, laborer.
11. Tuoka, laborer.
J. I ueuKi, laborer.
Jawl Jomes, laborer.
Hbmt WiTMWttfoois entered iaboser,
I'bteage. scalp wwsnd and badly burned
tiom waiat up.
Gaom-s Hah., sisnliiiir, MS rSswy street,
swaaw, it. V.; scalp wmmd, ant oa cam,
hart, injured, and badly hnrmsl.
IUmu Mi X sill, eller, riwldsnee un
known; spine rraetajed.
Thomas Emmstv, lower part ol iaee
Mown away and burned shout body.
scnuH-sLY isjiaeo.
Jon. BiaKK, ImaTsdo, X. V.; eat about
Rost Hollioav, Chicago, laborer;
kit arm bnduea and eat about cheat and
WiLiea Cturraa, eat about smmhiars
and head, badly burned.
William Ml1Vi.;ll. oiler; head
bruised and In vared isaeraally.
Mm. Ilstfltaa a a Vtstt.
Cai-b Max Pvtat, Juiy li. Yester
day afternoon the Harrison carriage,
(.oataiaing Mrs. Harrison, Dr. Soott aad
Benjamin H. McKee, drove up to the
Waaamaker cottage. The occupmts
called upoa Mrs. Wsnswsker ami
family Mr Wsaamaker left the Point
on the wornisur train, but exuects to re
turn uus em
Ttu M) WttluMU 1'.
K Yoa, July ii. The IW'
special from iXuwa. Una , says: The
t.'Y'lff'" Guvcrnmeat received ffHtefaJ
advvce this (Friday) aftewjioa from
Yktuiia that the report ahftul 1 'tinHtli
sesuiug vetaels b'llag up there for de
fensive werJtktt. ia Behriag aea
wuJaout fouadiitwu.'
BTTJlmfirient tn lass htmaasL.
KtAiiAo, a , July ia. Yesterday
uu wit met from the Fourth of
July, but it failed to go off. Ue nhtced
It ia hm ajmaith. vhea aa eggsoajhiat
fitllnwail and the ld' nMMMs, aad
sapwiwifaiaisn vsupt hiw w zqpvavsss pst"i
throat vece hoiabiy lcetajm. He
ill die.
MssaeessuE a WnaadsusftSMl tasauauV
J- "W- ftxewimw of Wajsmagtest waa
e lei ted supreaae outer ituard at the re-
n-.mt . . .auluud .. ftV.Jj , I I I I .11 I M II 1 li(o
1 Jialgbu of PythUi, bell in Mjiwattkev.
;.r wkw mt SHOWINC FOR us.
Spiltawt UtttnuKis of Utt Oickl
OffRfl of BUim.
Or Was Mis Dwtal in a Plckwiekias
Stfe7 Tke MvemBi of tke
British Sqaadroa.
Krw Yoiik. July 12. The H'orW
to day print the following from Its
'Washington correspondent
The work of preparing the lighting
Sea correspondence for transmission to
the House has been completed by the
clerks of the Stale Department, and the
result Is an enormous mass of matter
compiislng over ono hundred and fifty
pages of lypc-wrltten manuscript, equal
to twenty thice columns of the ItWW.
It was the expectation that the cor
respondence would reach the House to
day, but a delay has occurred, caused,
according to rumor, by tho receipt at
the Btntc Department of a telegram
from Secretary Maine ordering the doc
uments to be held until the re oipt of
tho letter of transmittal, which he Is
now sold to bo preparing. 'Whe'.he'
this will be a State paper setting forth
tn further detail tho position of the
United Statos In tho pending contro
vcrsy Is still an open question.
Nothing In tho Ilehrlng Sea affair
since tho U'orW first rcorted the acute
crisis reached In the negotiation has at
traded as much attention In Was'iltut
ton as the publication to day In a New
York liepubllcaii organ of an editorial
entitled "Urltlsh Guns In Western
Waters," and which was evidently re
garded as of so much conHipicnc In
the olllce of the organ that It was fur
nished to the AssoiTatrd Fress and tjle
graphtd alt over Hie rountry.
The fact that the editor la chief and
proprietor of that paper Is a United
States Minister to n foreign court, and
that he Is one of the closest personal and
political frleudsMr. lilalne has ever had,
and the further fact that, with thee.cep
tlon of Sir Julian l'auncafote's diplo
matic denial, the organ has carefully
suppressed every Item of news relating to
till Important cvect until to day, lend
additional interest to the publication.
Fiople here believe that It was Inspired
by Mr. Maine, and that It was done to
show the public that the negotiations
have not been so entirely harmonious
as blr Julian Fauncefole represented to
be the case on Monday morning. Ks
peclally significant Is the statement:
"It Is evident that Mr. Maine and
Lord Salisbury are still a long way
apart In their views. There
Is some reason to lielleve that a certain
quality of menace has been Imparted to
his (ballsbury's) later tones. This, at
least, may be assumed when his argu
ments are looked at In the light of his
If the negotiations are proceeding
amicably it is considered very unlikely
here that Mr. Maine's ottlclal organ
would say that Mr. Maine and Lord
Salisbury are still a long way
apart, ami If Lord Salisbury has not
tkteate&ed retaliation it isdllrlcult to
understand box a certain quality of
me usee has been imparted to the Urltlsh
l'remler's "later toues."
The State Department to day teceived
a long telegraphic report from our con
sul at Victoria, describing the move
ments of the Hritish heet and glvins: aa
opinion as to the reason for the unusual
gathering. The report was furnished
to certain officials of the Navy Depart
ment, but was carefully guarded to pre
vent its contents from reaching the pub
lie. A comparison of the war vessels of
the United States aad Great liriiala now
available for servlee oa the Ferine and
Atlantic roasts doer not result favorably
for the United States.
The Warsprite, flagship of the
British Admiral, is an armored ship,
which was built at the dockyard at
Chatham and aalahed four years ago.
The cost of the hull was nearly
IS.gSu.tiM, aad that of the machinery
added more than tweatv Ave per cent,
to that amount. The Warsprite is aa
armored cruiser of fcvMK) tons dUplate
aieut ami 10,000 toas indicated horse
power, fcfce hi 313 feet long, with a
12 foot beam. Her speed is 13.7 She
carries tea heavy guns, capable of
piercing 19 inch armor, with eight
uukk Bring aad tea maculae guns.
Her crew numbers 514 men.
Near Admiral iiotham, now cxm
macding the Warsprite aad the British.
Facuic stjuadroa, b the same Captain
Hotham whole the year lsoi bom
barded the city or Alexandria. Of the
tea heavy guas carried by the War
agEfjte four have a tL inch hose aad
weigh twenty two toas each, ami six
are of Inch calibre, weighing eight v
nine hundredweight each. Alt are
brswh loading rhte. The other Ive
the KoVth Facile are unarmored cruis
ing ships.
The Amphioa Is a double screw steel
cruiser of the second class, having the
deck protected amjitshipa Mer 4$s
placemeat is i,3 ami her twrfratiiid
hone power 5.53. bb UlSMO feet bag,
with a forty sis foot heam, built at
Fvmhroke in 1N1. Her hull coat a
half million dollars aad the aaachiaery
ubuui fcttw.ow. She tarries tea U-
quurh uriag ami twelve machine guns
ami Mo liKht pieeea, ia artdttiui to
four launching torpedo carnages. Uet
speed i 1? Immms, ami she citrrjef 4
esough to uacl lt.Owo miles.
AU ASS uoou v
The rhampiJA h a steel cruiser of
her indicated horse power 3,$t0, She
was bviil by Elder at Glasgow, ia lW.
at a total co. iadtuMa huM aad
Bjachinery. of about fgDO.OOQ. Her
aseed. m sjicsaa hajifte aa feoa&r. mer
ajasysjsafsft m lour aia hsst erjptv-isM
humkedweight breech hwHag ttfet,
eight ftveis.h 1-Jrty buudrudweight
tiCvt loadwg rules, fwui ufck. sMof
three pouiidetn, sit mcMM gtrsa, l
light gnus, (Wrt two UutrchHii totfWte
The Daphnt Is a sloop with - cRi
pwrtfe hull . Srre ws built at Sfistei
tn 1H, at a total cost of nhwrt f.
OtJO. Iter dtsplcemM h 1,1 W, ami
rr Indlrated horse powet 9.WW. !!
cnh?d etght flve-tmh forty hmntreil
w eight breech loading rifles sffld rttrrt
machlnr guns, ami her speed Is fourteen
and a half knots an hour
The Ksplegle to a sioop with a com
posite hull, built at Demnport In 1W&,
at a total cost of a quarter of a million
dollar. HeT displacement Is 1 ,l!W, awd
her Indicated horse power 1,1 fl); spwtl,
llj knots. She carries ten flve-rMh
forty hundredweight breach lowllmr.
rifles, eight machine guns and owe tight
The Xymph Is another sloop of the
eowpoalie hull. She was built at I'orra
motith In 1988 at a total coat of sbrmt
1(100,000. Her displacement Is 1,110
Ions and her Indicated horse-power
9,000. ."he makes fourteeh and a half
knots an hour and carries eight flve
Inch fotty hundretl welehl breech land
ing rifles and eight machine gus.
wnt wk iiamj To orrosa thbm.
Until the Charleston was ordered to
the Pacific a short time ago the United
Stairs Navy bad not a single ship on
the I'aelftr station over third rate. The
United State squadron in the Pacific
now comprises the Charleston, Moll lean,
Adams, Alert, Monongahela, Iroquois,
l'inta, and Nlpsic. The Charleston Is
the flagship of the Pacific squadron.
She arrived at Honolulu at the end of
May. with Artlngltear-Admtral George
Mown and Captain O C. Hemey on
board. Several of the other ships of the
squadron, when last heard from, ware
at Honolulu, and some of them were as
far away as the Samoan Islands.
The Charleston Is a protected cruller,
wlih twin screws and steel hull. Hor
displacement Isil,7:t0 tons and her main
battery consists of eight guns.
The Mohican is a third-rate wooden
cruiser with a displacement of l.lHV)
tons and a main battery of eight guns,
mostly smooth Irare.
The Adams Is a third rate wooden
ctulstr of 1,375 tons and carries alt
guns, mostly smooth bore. The guns
of the Alert, Monongahela, Iroquois.
Plnta and the Ktpslc are nearly all
smooth bore.
The Alert Is a third rate Iran screw
cruiser of 1,030 tons displacement ami
cat lies four guns
The Monongahela, the store ship of
the Pacific squad ron. Is a wooden sail
ing ship Nnd carries only two smooth
bore guns.
The Iroquois Is a wooden screw
ciulscr of 1,975 tons displacement,
seven guns.
rJ lie l'inta Is an iron screw gunboat
of ilQO tons displaeemintaml four guns.
The Nlpsic Is a wooden screw ember
of l,S7Stons displacement ami carries
six guns.
When last heard from the Adams was
at San Francisco,
Tho Iroquois left Mare Islaml for
Samoa June 21 to relieve the Mohican,
which wae to proceed from Samoi to
the west coast of South America, stop
ping at Auckland for supplies. The
Nlptlc was at Honolulu, the Plata nt
Sitka, Alaska, and the Monongahela at
Portsmouth, X. II., undergoing repairs.
A comparison of the Urltlsh squadron
with the United Sutes squadron In the
Noith Pacific seems to be ail lu favor
of the ltritUh so farasflghllag capacity
goes. The three revenue marine cut
ters Bear. Hush and Corwln and this
Fish Commission steamer Albatro,
which are all understood to be now la
the waters of the Northern Pacife.
might be added to our regular naval
squadron there, and the chances are
that the Warsprite. the flagship of the
Itritish squadron, single banded, could
sink the whole lot in one afteraooa.
The Warsprite Is oneof the most power
ful armored cruisers la the modern Brit
ish navy.
A .MnuntulntlT I!etetlve YVha Mat
IUulli In TrualilBS a Urdus,
Ckahlkstok, W. Va . July IS.
When the lifeless body of Dave St rat
ton, one of the famous M:Coy gang of
outlaws, was found near the railroad
track at BrowastowB, several weeks
ago, the public generally supposed that
he bad been run over by a train ami
killed. MHue persons, however, us
peeled the Hatdeld crowd of murderias;
Among these was J. "W. Kapler.
detective, better known as "Kentucky
Bill." who, armed with warrants for the
arrest of certain of the Hstuelds. started
out a few w eeks ago with the declaratioa
that he would not return without them.
since that time his friends have anx
knisly but vainly waited tidings of him.
Not a word has been received from him.
but yesterday word came that has body,
cold ia death, with a bullet hem ia kits
heart, had been found near the home of
the Hatfields. It was impossible lest
wght to verify the report, but it hi be
lieved to be true, aa his friends would
otherwise have beard from him.
Kllttu U it Kalllwaaks,
BsAoutt,, July li. -Heary Kara., a
farmer residing near Slatingtoa, whsW
working la a harvest Held yeiteruVijr
was bttwa ia the leg by a rattleaaake.
lite leg began to swell instantly aad he
ssjMsTcred geat pala. Dr. osjag at
Slatlajfloa cauterized the wound" aad
Mr. Kern wet eoaveyed to hit hossse.
Although his leg Is all spotted and ter-
ribly swollen, no iaimrdlatf danger is
j apprehended. The snake isfiiwo
Csstei l'uvw A
TtaMaa Parti ajtjf at doaed xealaji!
Premier Mmi, la tke Cmtaaher af
Tsffutlilaliili dWtsmt Uafrntt &A UnmaHsmlasV Oi
malataiatog the aeace of foae, aad
favored the submiaaioa of vital dwputos
to arbUrailoa-
wm" ssnrpjsiaps"
lrtaHtalsial laUamUa ICamamnSmmmammT
'psg fl"psn mF"FwBsas-t
atetu-iK, July l. PrUtceM Iseaw.
wife of Frtece Heary of ruaabt. mftlM
rccoertug from btr tU&eas. Sht ma
aMe to take part la the featfvWa ia
boaor or set otnnoy at a.wt jfmmmfg.
vag io-
bilhAma "a jat BX1nwaBJu
awaaBBaBBSBBBBBBiajBt aBp Smaap. naaBnjajismi;
Haxut., S a,. July 1. Mvice
from St. Mha's, K V , y tht dpw
SM deaLhs atace the ottAaaak at aha esnV
"w sp'pwsm' "WP ajF -w is gwpn nssaf wajBar'
detuic. That dfaanv is uov ugaaK $ps
Uol. me '"' "-
JPwsT -sswd JSBsfmwwfiB iff Vflsssfsnslsrsrjslp .v'aBP
HiflUs, uarnu' l .Jy.

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